Walker looked up at the sky as he closed the doors to thebarn. He had just finished taking care of the horses for the morning.†† Though there was a chill in the air, the sun was shining brightly.Clad in his Leviís, thermal shirt, and flannel shirt, Walker found the cold air invigorating.But then, life for the past 7 months had been invigorating. He and Alex were married in May, in a beautiful ceremony at the ranch. Alex wanted to marry the man she loved in the one place she loved above all else, the place that had felt like ďhomeĒ to her long before they were even married.


Looking at his watch, Walker noted that it was 10:00. He smiled as he remembered the reason he was late tending to the horses this morning.He woke at the normal time, but found the warm, soft skin of Alexís nude body too tempting, and gently caressed her skin to awaken her, finding her an eager participant. After their loving, Alex sighed contentedly and rolled over to go back to sleep as he left their bed, a smile on her face.After showering and dressing, he exited the bathroom and began to head downstairs when he noted Alex was still in bed. He threw back the covers, and smacking her lightly on her bare bottom, he said loudly,ďCome on Alex suns up and its time to start the day!ĒShe stirred and mumbledsomething unintelligible.He leaned over her to kiss her cheek, then left the bedroom saying ďCome on AlexĒ. Alex merely sighed and after covering herself back up, continued sleeping.


Walker bounded up the front steps in anticipation of the breakfast he was sure would be waiting him. Opening the door, he was mildly surprised that he didnít smell the aroma of breakfast.Quickly hanging his hat by the door, he bounded just as quickly up the steps, stopping inside the doorway to their bedroom. Concern beginning to etch on his face, he stared at the still sleeping form of his wife. He walked quietly over to the bed and bent to feel her forehead with the back of his hand. Deciding that her skin temperature felt normal, he sat down on the bed and lightly kissed her on the lips.


Alexís eyes fluttered open. Smiling as she focused in on Walkerís face, she said huskily,I thought you were going to go take care of the horses, she continued as she reached out to caress his thigh, or did you decide not to go so soon?


Raising his eyebrows, his eyes twinkling, Walker realized she was unaware of the time.Alex Iíve already taken care of the horses.


Alexís eyes popped open wide.What! What time is it?

Its a little after 10.


Ohmigosh youíre kidding!She exclaimed as she whipped back the covers and jumped out of bed, Walker scooting out of her way. As she stood up, the room started to spin, and she quickly sat back down on the bed, her head in her hands.


Noticing her actions and the pale countenance of her face, Walker quickly kneeled down in front of her, placing his hands on either side of her head.Tilting her head back up sothat he could look into her eyes, Alex? You okay?


Iím fine Darling just got up too quickly she replied as she took a deep breath and shook her head before standing back up.


Smiling, and then tenderly kissing her, Walker saidGo shower and get dressed while I fix us some breakfast.


Yes sir, Ranger Walker, sir!, Alex playfully intoned before heading off in the direction of the bathroom, Walkerís palm lightly meeting with her bare bottom as she walked past.


Walker was putting the finishing touches onbreakfast as Alex bounded into the dining room, clad in her Leviís and a blue shirt that matched the color of her eyes. Once again Walker was struck by her beauty and stood there momentarily, staring at her as he held a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast.


After Alex slid into her chair, Walker placed her plate in front of her and headed back into the kitchen, reminding her of the dayís plans.Donít forget weíre meeting C.D. and Trivette later to go over the plans for the Kick Drugs benefit. Do you know yet ifJosie will be able to help out?


As his back was turned, Walker didnít see Alex stare blankly at her breakfast. As soon as she laid eyes on the eggs and bacon, her stomach lurched and she visibly blanched. She whispered Oh God before clamping her hand over her mouth and quickly running from the room.


Still in the kitchen getting his breakfast onto a plate, Walker asked again, Alex do you know yet?


Walking back to the dining room, plate in hand, Alex he stopped, seeing Alex wasnít there.He placed his plate on the table and went in search of Alex. As he crossed through the living room, he heard her throwing up in the downstairs bathroom.His eyebrows once again drawn in concern for his wife, he walked toward the bathroom, thinking about how her forehead felt fine earlier.He found her bent over the toilet, groaning as she threw up again. He moved to wet a cloth. Kneeling down beside her, he handed her the cold wet cloth as he rubbed her back.


Alex moved to flush the toilet and stood up, wiping her face. Walker felt her forehead with the back of his hand and frowned, findingher body temperature normal, again. You okay, honey? he asked, looking into her eyes, the concern written plainly on his face.


Iím okay, then seeing the doubt in his eyes, ..really Walker, Iím okay, probably something I ate yesterday. Shouldíve known better than to eat in the courtroom cafeteria.


If you say so. Lets go eat breakfast, Iím starving.


Um no, honey, I donít feel much like eating.Seeing her husband begin to protest, she quickly added Walker, Iím fine Iím just not hungry. Iíll eat later at C.D.ís.


Satisfied, Walker turned to get Alex some water from the bathroom tap.

An hour later Walker and Alex hurried into C.D.ís, anxious to get out of the cold.Trivette, Josie, and C.D. were waiting at their favorite booth.Spying the three of them, they quickly made their way over to the booth. C.D. slid out of one side of the booth to make room for Alex and Walker, exclaiming as he did, Youíre late!


Donít look at me! Its her fault!Walker retorted, pointing an accusing finger at Alex as he helped her take her coat off.She slept late.


As everyone stared at her, Alex replied sheepishly, sorry I was tired as she slid into the booth.


Donít you worry none, honey.C.D. said, Weíve got plenty of time to plan the benefit.

Now how about some of my chili for lunch warm you up real fast?


Thatíd be great C.D., Walker answered, and bring a sandwich too for Alex, she hasnít eaten yet today. No C.D., just the chili please.Then at seeing the look on Walkerís face as he slid into the booth next to her.Darling I don't need a sandwich too. The chili will be filling enough.Ok a big bowl then C.D., Walker called to C.D.ís retreating back.


Half an hour later they had finished their chili and the talk of the benefit began.First we need to think about what we want to do, and where to do it. This is going to be an event for the kids, and something they can do to raise money for the homeless Walker stated.


Well its going to take several months to plan and that would put us right around Easter.Why donít we center this around Easter.. something Easter themed.Trivette volunteered.

Thatís a great idea!Josie exclaimed,Why donít we do an Easter Egg Hunt. What do you think, Alex?Alex didnít hear her, any of the conversation. She was busy checking the other bowls on the table, seeing if there was any chili left.Alex?Walker, Trivette, Josie, and C.D. said in unison.WhatÖ oh um what did you ask?Alex stammered. I was um Josie, are you going to finish that? She asked, pointing to Josieís half full bowl of chili. No Josie replied with a surprised look on her face.Do you want it?Smiling sheepishly at the eyes of the others, staring at her, she stammered again.Iím um well Iím hungry!She eagerly accepted the bowl Josie slid across the table.Chuckling, Walker kissed her cheek and admonished, thatís what you get for not eating breakfast.


Now what did you think of Josieís idea of having an Easter Egg Hunt for the Kick Drugs benefit?Thinking for a minute as she chewed and swallowed, she replied, I think thatís a great idea. Why donít we have it at the HOPE House and involve the children there as well.Thatís an excellent idea!Josie exclaimed.Turning to Walker, you could have your Kick Drugs kids put on a demonstration as well.


Youíre just full of good ideas today.Trivette said as he planted a kiss on Josieís cheek, unable to help himself causing her to blush at his impulsive action.Walker turned to look at Alex, to see if she noticed Trivette kissed Josie, but found her with her hand covering her face, and taking deep breaths.Alex?he called as he grabbed both of her arms with his hands, and pulled her hands from her face. He gasped at the paleness of her face.Whatís the matter, Hon?Alex was feeling ill again, breathing deep to keep the nausea at bay. Suddenly she felt hot, and knew she would be sick. Grimacing, she looked up at Walker, whispering, Oh God not again before clamping her hand over her mouth and giving Walker an urgentlook. He quickly got up out of the booth, and Alex scrambled out, running toward the bathroom. He made to follow her until Josie grabbed him by the arm.†† Let me she said, then quickly made her way to the bathroom after Alex.Josie found her bent over the toilet in the last stall, throwing up the chili she had eaten for lunch. She wet a paper towel in the sink and handed it to Alex.After flushing the toilet, Alex sat back against the stall, placing the cool wet towel on her face. Thanks, Josie.No problem, Alex. Whatís the matter?Alex peered up at Josie. I think its something I ate yesterday. Got sick this morning, too.She racked her brain to think of what it was she may have eaten to make herself sick.Maybe it was the chicken I ate in the courthouse cafeteria.Have you run a fever?Josie inquired. No just got sick.How do you feel now?Alex looked at Josie, then looked around the bathroom.Well I feel a lot better now she replied.Smiling Josie helped her from the floor.Alex, I donít think its something you ate.Alex looked at her quizzically.What do you mean?You think its a virus?No Josie laughed.Think about it Alex she said before turning to leave the bathroom, leaving Alex wondering what she meant.


Josie went back to the booth. Walker and Trivette looked up at her expectantly. She smiled and said, sheís going to be fine.


Alex went to the mirror and hurriedly smoothed her hair, noticing with a grimace that she still looked pale, knowing full well that it would worry Walker. Sighing, she too left the bathroom.Walker jumped to his feet as Alex approached the booth.Iím sorry Trivette, Josie Iím taking Alex home.Weíll have to plan the benefit later.No we came here toÖ Alex began to protest, but seeing the look on Walkerís face, she knew she wouldnít win. When it came to her health, he could not be swayed. In a way it irritated her, but she knew that it was out of his deep love for her that he became so concerned when her health was in question.


Its okay Alex we can do this later.Trivette smiled at her.We can do this after work tomorrow.How about that? If sheís feeling better tomorrow.Walker replied.I feel fine now.Alex muttered.You may feel fine, and you may look beautiful but youíre too pale and we are going home!Walker finished in a tone that said he was not to be argued with.


Trivette, Josie, and C.D. watched Walker and Alexís retreat from C.D.ís, Walkerís arm around Alexís waist.Hope she gets to feeling better C.D. lamented, she sure donít look too good.She will C.D. Josie said with a knowing smile.Sheís going to be fine.Trivette stared at Josie, wondering what it was that she knew, then forgot all about Alex as he continued to stare at Josieís face.


As they arrived back at the ranch and headed toward the front door, Walker grabbed Alexís hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss, then gently pulled her toward him so that he could plant a tender kiss on her lips.Why donít you go inside and lie down while I go take care of the horses. Walker, I told you, I feel fine.Why donít I help you in the barn she whispered as she put her arms around his neck and molded herself to him.Giving her a lingering kiss, he declined, as much as Iíd love to have you with me, not this time Alex. I donít want you getting sick again.Then, seeing her begin to pout, honey, I worry about you but its only because I love you so much.He framed her face with his hands and spoke softly. I just canít stand to see you ill, or feeling any pain it makes my heart hurt.Tears sprung to Alexís eyes. Before her stood the man she loved more than anything else in the world, a man of such few words but he could reduce her to tears with those loving words.Oh Walker, I love you sooooo much.They shared another lingering kiss, then Alex broke away.If it will make you happy, Iíll go do something less taxing like maybe a load of laundry.Sounds good. Iíll see you inside soon.He replied, smacking her on the bottom again.Alex looked back at him with a smile upon feeling his hand meet with her backside. He grinned back at her. Secretly he loved smacking her backside, loved reaching out to touch that part of her that molded so well to his hand, fit so well there.


An hour later he walked into the house through the back door, expecting to find Alex in the laundry room doing the laundry. Well he found her there alright but she wasnít doing laundry.Walker almost laughed out loud at the sight of Alex sound asleep on the floor of the laundry room, stretched out on a pile of clothes. He bent down and gently picked her up in his arms.Alex instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and burrowed her face into his chest. She woke up disoriented as Walker was making his way up the stairs. Wh Walker! Where am I? What time is it? she said sleepily.Shhh honey, its okay. You fell asleep in the laundry room.He replied, chuckling. go back to sleep, Iím just taking you upstairs to our bed.His heart swelled as he said that, for as long as he lived he would never tire of calling the bed in what had formerly been his room ours.His wife meant everything to him, and he loved her more than he ever thought possible.No sooner had he said that than she closed her eyes and was again slumbering peacefully in his arms. He gently laid her on the bed, removed her jeans and shoes, then covered her with a quilt. Brushing the hair back from her face, he leaned down to kiss her lovingly. Straightening back up, he stood there for several minutes, just watching her sleep another activity he knew heíd never tire of.


Alex slept for two hours, and when she woke up she found Walker working out in the basement. Still wearing the shirt and socks she slept in, she crept silently down the basement stairs, pausing when she saw that he was wearing only a pair of nylon shorts, and noted that he must have been at it for a while, as his body glistened with perspiration. She sat down on the stairs to watch him as he practiced his moves.She loved to watch him work out, loved to watch his muscles as they worked. Watching the powerful arms that held her tenderly and the powerful legs that brought him to her side whenever she needed him always aroused her and made her heart swell with the love she felt for him.


Half an hour later Walker finished and made his way to the stairs as he wiped his face with a towel. It wasnít until he got to the bottom of the stairs that he saw Alex and saw the desire in her eyes.Hi, beautiful. How long have you been sitting there? He questioned as he bent to give her a lingering kiss.Savoring the kiss for a moment, Alex replied huskily, donít really know, kind of lost track of time.Her eyes were glazed over with passion, and she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, bringing him closer so she could return the lingering kiss heíd given to her. He moved his head slightly to deepen the kiss, delighting in the soft moan from Alex then drew in his breath when he felt Alexís hands move down his back toward the waistband of his shorts. The fire within that burned whenever he was near her, was now building to a fever pitch, his arousal building just as fast.Alex was overcome with passion for her Cowboy, a passion that built with each minute she sat watching him work out. Her breathing was shallow as she caressed his back, then unable to help herself, she slipped her hands under the waistband of his shorts to cup his muscular buttocks, running her hands over the cheeks and down the back of his thighs.Walker choked when the tips of her fingers brushed the soft flesh below his manhood, now straining against the soft material of his shorts. Breaking off the kiss, he quickly slipped Alexís shirt over her head and immediately began devouring her breasts with his mouth. The feel of his mouth on her lace covered breasts illicited more soft moans.Thankful that she was wearing a bra that clasped in the front, he unhooked it, immediately taking one into his mouth, as his hand softly cupped the other.This was almost more than Alex could take and she slipped his shorts down, freeing his manhood for her enjoyment. She immediately took it into her hands and explored every inch with butterfly touches. When he let go of her breasts, she reverently kissed the tip of his manhood. Walker thought heíd lose it then, and it took every ounce of self control he had in him not to take her right then and there on the steps. Instead he picked her up and carried her over to the mat, her legs around his waist. He could feel the heat of her womanhood through the thin fabric of her lace panties, and thought he would die from the intense raw desire if he couldnít engulf himself in that warmth soon. Collapsing gently onto the mat, with her still in his arms, he quickly stripped her panties off with his right hand, and in the next instant, he entered her.


Walker moaned with the sheer delight of being enveloped in her heat as Alex cried out, her head thrown back. He savored the feeling for several moments before beginning to move within her.He started out slowly, moving completely out before entering again, causing Alex to cry out each time he did, mindless with the pleasure hitting her senses.The cries from Alex kept Walker going at the same pace, wanting her to get as much pleasure out of this coupling as she could.Her hands caressed his muscular back, buttocks, and thighs, coming around to run her hands through the hair on his chest.When she could take this slow passion no longer, Alex pleaded Walker!!With a swift smooth motion, Walker gripped her around the waist and rolled them over, placing Alex on top.He was going to let her control the tempo of their loving.


Straightening up, Alex looked down at Walker, all the love and passion she felt for him shining in her eyes.Bracing herself by placing her hands on his chest, she began to move slowly at first, then quickly picking up the tempo.Walkerís hands reached up to cup and caress her breasts, eliciting more soft moans from Alex, her head thrown back. Walker didnít know how much longer he could last, he was beginning to lose all control.All of a sudden the motion began to make Alex feel nauseous. Not wanting this to end, she brought her head back up and lay down on Walkerís chest, unfolding her legs along his lengthWalker understood her signal that she wanted him back on top, unaware of the reason.Quickly turning them again, he slipped his hands underneath her to cup her buttocks, pulling that part of her up to meet his thrusts and she cried out at the sheer pleasure of it.He thrust in hard quick movements, bringing them closer to the peak of their passion.Alex arched her back as she came, calling out his name. Walker felt her shudder, felt the contractions around his manhood.He miraculously held onto his self control a little longer, wanting to feel her contract around him again, so he continued to move in and out, driving deeper and harder each time.She rose up and closed her mouth around his nipple and instantly their mutual explosive releases came, both crying out for each other.He collapsed on top of her, utterly exhausted and completely sated. Her hands caressed his back as their heartbeats returned to something akin to normal, delighting in the feel of his weight on her, their bodies still joined.He moved to roll to the side, but stopped when Alex gripped him tighter.No, Darling she whispered, not yet.Walker brought his face up to gaze into her beautiful blue eyes.Smiling impishly, she whispered again I love lying with you, like this.Walker knew heíd never be able to get enough of her, never tire of looking at her, never tire of listening to her he loved her with all his heart, she filled him and made him whole.Overwhelmed with his love for Alex, he bent his head and captured her lips in a kiss that conveyed that love.When he heard Alex's stomach rumble with hunger, he chuckled and rolled to the side, propping himself up on his elbow so he could gaze down at her."Hungry?"Smiling sheepishly, "Well, I haven't had anything to eat since the chili at C.D.'s and...""You didn't keep that down" Walker interrupted.Caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers, he said softly, "You look much better, seems that nap did you a world of good. You feel better?""Mmmmm, much better!" she said huskily, blushing as she thought back over the last hour.She began to move sensuously underneath him.ďUh uh...I'll have none of that, my dear!" Walker said as he gave her a quick kiss to the lips. "We need to get some food in you!" He got up off the mat, pulling her with him.Smiling ruefully at not being able to join with him, but acknowledging the hunger she was feeling, she stepped into his embrace and wrapped her arms around his waist."Why don't we take a shower, then go fix dinner."With his arms already around her waist, he picked her up so that her feet no longer touched the floor, and walked with her up the stairs, kissing her lips as he did so.


Walker and Alex spent a leisurely evening cooking pork chops and eating them in front of the fire he'd set in the fireplace. Later they grabbed a big Indian blanket and cuddled on the porch swing with some wine. Walker sat sideways with Alex between his legs, his left leg bent against the back of the seat, Alex's arm resting on that leg as she leaned back against his chest. Walker's right leg was on the floor, keeping the swing moving gently back and forth. Not much was said, they were just enjoying the time together, enjoying the closeness.Shortly after the sun went down, Walker noticed the even breathing coming from Alex, saw the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, her empty wine glass dangling from her hand. Thinking that it must be later than he thought, he glanced at his watch, noticing that it was only 7:00. Concern showing on his face, he turned his head slightly to gaze at his wife as he ran his fingers through her soft golden tresses. He thought back over the day, thinking about how tired she had been...having slept in that day, taken a nap, and was now sleeping again. He also thought about how she had been ill that morning, and then later again at C.D.'s.ďWhat's making you so tired, honey?" he softly murmured as he continued to run his fingers through her hair, brushing it back from her face,"Your case load hasn't been heavy this week."Even in her sleep Alex was enjoying the tender attentions from her husband and she moaned softly and moved her head closer to the hand that was softly stroking her hair. Smiling at her, Walker softly murmured "you worry me when you're not feeling well" as he softly kissed her cheek. He then took her wine glass and placed it on the floor, gathered her in his arms, carrying her inside and up to their bedroom, where he gently laid her down on the bed, removed her shoes and jeans, and tucked her in for the night, kissing her again before turning to leave the room.


Monday morning dawned bright and clear, and unseasonably warm.When the alarm clock rang, Walker turned it off, then turned toward his still slumbering wife."Alex" he softly called, kissing her cheek. When she didn't stir he moved over to her other side to face her, then kissed her soundly in order to awaken her.As much as she loved Walker's kisses, she wasn't ready to wake up."Ohhhh, Walker...its still night!" she moaned, eyes still closed."No its not. Its morning and time to get up" he said as he ripped the covers from her body."But I just went to bed!""Alex...its 7 a.m., you've been sleeping for 12 hours." he said as his hand wandered under the shirt she had been wearing last night when she fell asleep on the porch.Slapping at the hand that was creeping up her body, Alex moaned "Ok, ok...go fix breakfast and I'll get up." When the hand continued its trek up her body she opened her eyes. "I swear I'll get up!"Chuckling, Walker gently squeezed the breast he had come in contact with, kissed her soundly again, donned a pair of sweatpants, then left to go make breakfast. Alex merely closed her eyes and was immediately slumbering again.Half an hour later when he hadn't heard the shower running, and breakfast was finished he went back upstairs to check on her. Finding her still asleep in the bed, he crept over to her and ripped the covers off her body again."Come on Alex...we need to leave here in 30 minutes if you don't want to be late for work." he said as he scooped her up in his arms. "I know, I know...I'm just tired!""Nothing that a good hot shower won't cure for now" he said as he carried her to the bathroom, "we'll take one together since there isn't much time left...that is, if you think you can keep your hands off me" he teased as he put her down in the bathroom."Oh Walker" she exclaimed as she playfully punched his arm."If you'll remember, it was you who just a minute ago was fondling my br...". He silenced her with a kiss, then reached to turn the water on as she smiled at him coquettishly.Forty-five minutes later they both ran out of the house to their respective vehicles, late for work.


The morning passed rather uneventfully for Alex, she spent it going through her current cases, making notes. She had to go to a meeting at 1:00 with the DA and the other counselors and paralegals. Walker and Trivette were spending the morning on surveillance for a company that suspected they were being routinely robbed by local thugs and wouldn't be available to eat lunch with her, and she was darned if she was going to eat in the courthouse cafeteria again!She was glad sheíd grabbed breakfast on her way out the door that morning.By 12:30 however, she was tired again.She grabbed a soda from the vending machine down the hall, hoping it would help wake her up...which didn't work.Five minutes into the meeting, Alex knew she was in trouble. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes open, and had already stifled two yawns. She kept shifting in her seat, and writing on her notepad to help stay alert, but it wasn't working. Then, things got worse when her stomach started to lurch. She took deep breaths in order to quell the nausea, but when her mouth started to salivate she knew she was going to be sick. Jumping up from her chair, the notepad falling to the floor, she ran out of the conference room to the ladies room down the hall, where she promptly got sick.Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, Alex groaned at her appearance. She noticed her pale countenance, the circles under her eyes. She looked and felt bone tired. "What is coming over me!" she said aloud to no one. She left the bathroom and headed back down the hall to the conference room, wishing she could just take a nap instead.Hesitating outside the conference room door, she again yawned, not suppressing it this time, and feeling nauseous again, she leaned against the wall and slid down to a squat, placing her head in her hands, taking deep breaths.


Unbeknownst to Alex, Trivette was coming down the hall and saw her yawn, and then slump down. He and Walker had finished their surveillance and he was headed to obtain search warrants with which to search the homes of a few suspects.When he saw her slump to the floor he ran the last few feet to her side."Counselor!" Trivette exclaimed as he reached her side. Placing a hand on her back he asked,"You feeling okay?"Alex looked up at him then and tried to paste a smile on her face. "Hi, Jimmy...no I don't exactly feel good. I canít seem to keep my eyes open in thereshe finished, gesturing with her head toward the conference room.Well, no wonder nothing but a bunch of boring lawyers in there!he teased.Alex gave him a half-hearted smile, too tired to retaliate.You look exhausted." he said, concern in his voice.Why donít you go home and rest.Maybe later, Jimmy. I want to finish making notes on my cases. Iím not going back in there though she said wearily as she stood up, Jimmy reaching out to help her.She headed off down the hall toward her office, with Jimmy staring after her until she rounded the corner. Shaking his head, he continued on his way to obtain the warrants.


Ten minutes later Trivette entered the Rangers office and walked over to Walkerís desk, handing him the warrants.Well, hereís four of the warrants, weíll be able to pick the rest up later.How much later?I was hoping to take Alex to dinner tonight.By 4:00 and Walker .you oughta let that girl get some rest at night!he teased with a suggestive wink of his eyebrows.Trivette! For your information, not that its any of your business, sheís been going to bed early lately and taking naps! Just yesterday I found her asleep in the laundry room! he retorted in reply.Well, then you must be wearing her out in the morning!Just what the heck are you talking about?Walker inquired impatiently.Alex, man she looks completely worn out.When did you see her?His voice now full of concern, last time heíd left her she seemed fine, although just slightly tired.Just a few minutes ago, outside the conference room.†† Looked like she hadnít slept in days, and come to think of it she was quite pale!Worry now furrowing his brow, Walker put down the coffee cup he had been holding and practically ran from the room.After retreating back to her office, Alex sat down at her desk and picked up her pen. Not a minute passed before she yawned again. Sighing heavily, she put her head down on her desk, falling asleep almost instantly.Walker knocked softly on the door to Alexís office, and not hearing her reply to enter, quietly opened the door, finding her asleep at her desk. He crept over to her side and knelt down by her chair.Alex?he called, reaching up to softly rub her back.Alex was startled out of her slumber.Oh Walkershe murmured as she looked up.Alex whatís the matter?Iím just tired, Darling Iíll be okay she said, trying to manage a small smile to put her husband at ease.Did you get sick again?He inquired, knowing what the answer was going to be, judging from how pale her face was.Alex knew he would be overly worried about her, but she couldnít, and wouldnít, fib. Looking down, she whispered, yes.That does it, Iím taking you to the doctor he said as he stood up, grabbing her arm and pulling her up with him.No she moaned, then seeing the look in his eyes,Please Walker, Iím just tired. Take me home and I swear Iíll rest there.She turned into his arms, pressing herself against his chest.. knowing full well he wouldnít be able to say no when he was holding her in his arms.His arms reluctantly went around her, for he himself knew he wouldnít be able to decline her. Sighing deeply, he relented, Ok Alex you win again.I love you she said weakly, then allowed herself to be escorted from her office as Walker turned to grab her purse and briefcase.


The ride home in the Ram began okay, but half an hour later Alex had a headache, and was beginning to feel sick again. She and Walker had been enjoying a companionable silence, listening to country music on the radio. Out of the blue, Alex reached to turn off the music. Walker figured she turned if off because she wanted to talk, and when he heard nothing from her, glanced at her and quietly asked "Alex?"Grimacing at the pain of her headache, Alex whispered "What?"."Did you want to talk about something?" he questioned, as he motioned toward the radio."No.. sorry honey, its just that my head hurts and the music was making it worse.""Thereís aspirin is in the glove box, why don't you take some" he said softly as he handed her the bottle of water that he usually kept in the truck.Grimacing again, Alex took the water and after retrieving the aspirin, took two, then leaned her head back against the headrest, closing her eyes."Hard day at work, Alex?" ďNo, not really. Not quite sure why my head hurts...its not like I had a rough day..didn't even have to go to court today. Even the Hope House isn't busy. Probably just from being tired" she sighed.ďYou lie down when we get home. I'll fix dinner tonight." Looking over at her handsome cowboy, Alex managed a smile in spite of the pain, and softly said "I love you.", eliciting a big smile from him.As they turned off the highway onto a country road Walker heard a soft moan coming from Alex. He turned to glance at her and noticed her breathing deeply.Walker reached out and touched her arm. "Alex...you okay?", his face the picture of worry again.Alex quickly nodded her head, then after a moment moaned again. "Oh my God, not again! I hate this" she moaned, before clamping her hand over her mouth.She turned toward Walker, her eyes huge. "Walker...stop the truck.""Alex...whatís the matter?" alarm in his tone. "Are you going to be sick?""Oh God...stop the truck!" Alex pleaded, her left arm reaching out to hit Walker's leg.He immediately steered the Ram to the side of the road, not coming to a complete stop before Alex yanked open the door and stumbled out.Stumbling into the brush, Alex bent over and brought up all she had eaten that day. After pausing to make sure she wasn't going to throw up any more, she turned and stumbled back to the truck, squatting down beside it, her head in her hands. Meanwhile, Walker wet his bandana with the water bottle that was in the truck, then bent down at Alex's side, rubbing her back as he handed her the bandana.Alex placed the bandana over her face, breathing in the male scent emanating from the cloth that was all Walker. After a few moments she uncovered her face slowly, knowing as she did so that she'd see the concerned face of her husband staring at her...which is exactly what she saw.


Walker brought his right hand up to caress the side of her face, then felt her forehead. It always made him uneasy when she felt ill, or felt any pain...and she was feeling both right now.His face hard and set, but showing nothing but his love for Alex, he tilted her face up with his finger, "I'm putting you to bed as soon as we get home, then I'm calling the doctor in the morning."Walker, I..." "Uh uh...no arguments Alex. You've been sick two days in a row now. I'm taking you to the doctor whether you like it or not."Not feeling up to arguing, Alex nodded her head in agreement. Walker stood and helped Alex stand up, helping her into the truck and leaning over her body to fasten her seatbelt for her. He stopped to gaze at her face, quickly kissing her before closing the door and going around to the drivers side.When they arrived back at the ranch, Alex got out of the truck gingerly, rubbing her temples at the same time. In consideration for her headache, Walker closed his car door quietly and was at her side by the time she exited the truck, closing her door quietly for her. He wrapped his right arm around her as they walked into the house and up the stairs.Once in their bedroom, he walked with her toward the bed, then as she laid back on it alternately rubbing her temples and covering her eyes to block out the light, he lifted up her legs, one at a time, and removed her shoes.He was about to help her out of her pantyhose and skirt when she all of a sudden bolted off of the bed and ran for the bathroom. He heard her get sick and the toilet flush, but when she didn't reappear in their bedroom shortly after, he became concerned. He found her lying on the floor of the bathroom, her face against the cool floor tile.Becoming alarmed he was at her side in a second. "Alex!" he cried, as he knelt down beside her. He touched her face and found it clammy, the hair around her head wet from perspiration."Alex?" "S'okay Walker...my head hurts and I'm hot...the tile feels good." Alex mumbled in reply."That does it, Alex. I'm putting you to bed and calling the doctor, now!"Alex moaned, "No Walker, I just want to go to bed and sleep. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow...I swear."Walker gathered her gently in his arms and carried her back to the bedroom, laying her on the bed. He proceeded to help her out of her pantyhose, skirt, and blouse. When he turnedin the direction of her dresser to retrieve a nightgown for her, Alex spoke up, saying "No". "What?" "No" she said again as she got up and walked to him. She reached out and began to unbutton the shirt he had on.Walker gave her a questioning look. "Alex...this isn't a good time if you're not feeling well."Alex didn't answer, but proceeded to finish unbuttoning his shirt. Once done, she slid it off his shoulders, and then began to put it on her own body, causing Walker to smile. He leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss to her lips. He then reached around her back to unhook her bra, removed it and tossed it aside, then buttoned up the shirt for her. He understood that being able to smell him and feel as if he were in the bed with her would help her to feel just a little bit better. He had to admit, he loved the way she looked wearing only one of his shirts and a pair of ankle length socks.Kissing her tenderly again, he again swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. He gently placed her on the bed and covered her with the quilt, and watched as she then reached for a pillow and placed it over her head to block out all light.


Several hours later when Walker went to bed, he was relieved to see that Alex was sound asleep, the pillow still covering her head. After undressing, he climbed into bed and gathered her into his arms, removing the pillow from her head. She stirred then, and instinctively burrowed deeper into his embrace, but didn't wake up.When Walker woke the next morning, he and Alex were in the same position they were in when he fell asleep Alex had slept like a rock. Not wanting to wake her, wanting her to sleep as long as she could, he kissed her lightly on the forehead, then slipped quietly out of bed to call Alexís office and then tend the horses.He didnít want her going to work today besides, she was going to call the doctor even if he had to do it himself.


Alex woke late that morning feeling refreshed, headache gone. She slowly and cautiously got out of bed, making sure the headache and nausea didn't return. Feeling much better than she had in days, Alex walked over to the bedroom window, finding that Walker was outside with the horses in the paddock. Smiling and breathing deeply of a fresh new day, she turned and headed toward the shower.Thirty minutes later Alex emerged from the house dressed in her robe, her hair still slightly damp, carrying one cup of steaming hot coffee.Exiting the back porch she squinted at the bright sun, marveling at how warm it was on this bright December day. Hard to believe that Christmas was only weeks away. She walked in the direction of the barn and found a shirtless Walker at the back fence, hanging wet blankets over the top railing.Walker had sensed Alex's approach as she got near, could smell the scent of the powder she used after her shower.Turning to look at her, he was, as usual, struck by her beauty, rendering him unable to breathe for a few moments. He caught his breath as she reached him. Taking the cup of coffee she held out to him, he kissed her soft, warm lips."Mmmm, good morning, beautiful." he murmured.Wrapping her arms around her cowboy, Alex smiled. "Good morning yourself, handsome.""You're looking especially bright today. Feel better?" he asked as he sipped the coffee."Ummmhmmm" she murmured as she leaned in to kiss him again.Wrapping his free arm around her waist, he sought to deepen the kiss.Alex moaned softly in response, pressing her body to Walker's as his hand caressed her back and moved down over her firm round buttocks. Walker froze mid-kiss when his caressing hand did not feel the waistband of Alex's panties, and he realized that she wasn't wearing anything underneath the robe.Alex whimpered impatiently when Walker stopped the kiss, but immediately felt his growing desire for her pressing into her stomach. Walker turned to place the coffee cup on the fence post, and turned back to Alex as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She herself was rendered breathless when she saw the stark naked desire for her in his eyes.He placed both hands on either side of her face and whispered "I love you" as he claimed her lips in a passion filled kiss, she in turn hugged him tightly and pressed her body even closer to his as she sensuously moved against his hardened manhood.Walker groaned as he fought for control, his heated desire for his wife stretching the confines of his jeans, rendering it almost painful.His hands moved to the belt on her robe, quickly untying it and slipping inside to caress the soft skin of her back and buttocks.As Walker's hands made contact with her bare skin, Alex moaned and brought her own hands to the button on his jeans, making quick work of it and the zipper. She slipped his jeans off his waist, cupped his buttocks as they slipped down around his ankles, and pressed him closer, their bodies touching intimately.That was enough for Walker. He gently, but quickly, lowered them to the ground and slipped easily inside her moist warmth, growling with unrestrained passion as he did so, hearing Alex cry out. This time the movements were hurried as they strove toward the release they both sought, clinging to each other as Walker moved within her. Alex wrapped her legs around him as he slipped a hand under her buttocks, their movements becoming more and more frenzied.It was when Walker dipped his head and took one of her breasts in his mouth that Alex climaxed, the pleasure hitting her senses like an explosion. Walker felt her heated contractions around his manhood and joined in her cries as he climaxed just as explosively.Walker collapsed on top of Alex as they struggled to catch their breaths. Supporting himself on his forearms, Walker rose up to gaze into Alex's eyes. Slowly he dipped his head to hers to plant a lingering kiss on her lips."I love you, too, cowboy" Alex whispered in reply to his earlier declaration, as the kiss ended."Oh, what you do to me, Alexandra Cahill Walker!" he exclaimed as he began to laugh.Alex looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What's so funny?" she questioned with a smile."Look at us." he replied.Alex looked down their length and saw him between her legs, almost naked, his jeans around his ankles. She was wearing her robe, but it was completely open, baring what he wasn't covering to the outside world. She began to giggle when she noticed Amigo and Angel on the other side of the fence, watching them."Walker, we have an audience!" she exclaimed.Walker turned to look behind himself, and chuckling, disengaged himself from Alex's arms, and stood up. He pulled up his jeans and reached to help her up, gazing at her nude form as he did.As Alex stood, she began to feel hot, and a feeling of dizziness came over. She grabbed onto Walker's arm to steady herself."Alex?" Walker said with worry in his tone.She blew out a breath and shook her head in an effort to clear it. "I'm okay, darling...just got a little dizzy, thatís all." She was feeling warmer and reached to wipe the perspiration from her forehead as he tied the belt on her robe for her."What time is your doctor's appointment?""I haven't made one. I was going to stop by the HOPE House today, get some work done with Josie and discuss the benefit with her she said as she fanned herself with the lapels of her robe.Alex.Walker warned.Walker Iím feeling better today and Iíve got a lot of work to do at the HOPE House.Alex stated hesitantly, knowing full well Walker would object.Ok Iíll call the doctor myself.Walker said as he turned and headed toward the house.Alex turned to follow him, calling out his name as she wondered why in the heck it was so warm in December.Come on, Walker! she called out. Dizziness began to come over her again and she stopped. The world began to spin and she felt lightheaded, and it scared.Walker! she cried before fainting.Walker heard her call for him and noticed the difference in her tone than when she had called out to him a minute before, he turned as she fell to the ground.Alex! he cried as he ran to her side. He kneeled down next to her, cradling her head in his lap. Alex he whispered as he lightly patted her face.Alexís eyes fluttered open and focused on Walkerís face, ripe with worry.Walker what happened?She questioned as she slowly sat up with his help.You fainted, honey now will you please go in and call your doctor he pleaded as he took her in his arms.It worries me to no end when you arenít feeling well especially when you wonít see a doctor when you need to.He drew back and looked into her blue eyes, eyes now shimmering with tears.Not trusting herself to speak, she simply nodded and let him help her up. Walker wrapped his arms around her as they walked to the house.


Three hours later Alex walked through the front door of the HOPE House, almost colliding with Josie as she came through the door.Well, hello there, Alex. I was beginning to wonder if you were coming in today.Josie said as she closed the door behind her.Sorry Iím late, Josie. I had to make a doctorís appointment for this morning. Walker wouldnít let me out of the house until I called them. Heís really worried I fainted this morning.They walked down the hall toward the kitchen.Fainted?Josie inquired. I see youíre still getting sick.Yes. That and Iíve been feeling so tired lately.Yesterday I almost fell asleep in a conference. It was so embarrassing.She reached for two coffee cups in one of the cabinets and proceeded to make coffee for herself and Josie.I had one heck of a headache yesterday. Thought my head would explode.You probably shouldnít be drinking coffee,Alex.Josie stated as she eyed Alex.How about some juice it would be better for you.Now why shouldnít I drink coffee, Josie?Alex questioned as she gave her a look of confusion.What did the doctor tell you?Nothing much.Ran some tests. Heís going to call me here with the results.Alex donít tell me you donít realize why youíve been getting sick, and why youíve been so tired!She watched as Alex shook her head slowly.Alex! Youíve been nauseous and tired, you fainted...and the day before yesterday you ate not only your lunch, but mine as well!Well I was hungry!Alex stated weakly.Alex Walker! Come on nauseous, tired, lightheaded hello, morning sickness!


Alexís eyes grew huge as she finally saw the light.She began to giggle and dropped her head to the table in defeat.Oh Josie I canít believe I didnít see it!Bringing her head up to look at Josie, she giggled louder.Oh my! Walkerís going to be so surprised! Walker oh, Iíve got to tell him she said as she jumped out of her chair, then thinking about it, she sat back down.No, I better wait until the doctor calls.Besides, if I really am pregnant, I want to make it special when I tell him.Her eyes glowed as she thought about how sheíd tell him and she was startled out of her reverie when the phone rang.A young volunteer peered into the kitchen from around the corner.Mrs. Walker, the phone is for you a Dr. McFarlin.Alex looked at Josie, her eyes bright and her smile wide.She then turned to the young woman,Thank you, Maria as she got up from the table.


Alex left the HOPE House earlier than planned, she had work to do at the office and wanted to get it done as soon as possible so she could start work onthe special dinner she had planned for Walker, during which she would tell him about the baby. Josie was happy that Alex needed to leave early, for it gave her the opportunity to call Jimmy and enlist his help in planning the benefit...and promised not to breathe a word of Alex's pregnancy to him.


Alex finally got home at 5:00 after going to the grocery store and the book store to pick up the book "What To Expect When You're Expecting".She spent the next couple hours preparing a meal of Filet Mignon, twice-baked potatoes, and vegetables simmered in garlic butter. At 7:30 when the food was warming in the oven and the dining room table set with a romantic air, the phone rang.HelloAlex answered.Hi Alex,Walker started, regret clearly in his tone.Iím going to be late. It took a little longer than planned to conduct the searches of the homes. We just got started cataloging the evidence we found Iím not sure how long this is going to take us.Alex blew out a breath, then caught herself, she didnít want Walker to know she was disappointed she never wanted him to think that she hated him having to do his job.Its okay, Darling. I was just um reading a magazine.Are you sure its okay? You sound disappointed.Alex mentally cursed, she was never able to hide her feelings from him.Yes, Iím sure.Hurry home when you can okay I miss you.Walker smiled and then turned his back to Trivette.Iíll be home as soon as I can I love you, Alex he whispered into the receiver, hoping Trivette wouldnít hear.I love you too, Darling .Alex hung up the phone and turned toward the dining room, a frown on her face.Great she said out loud to no one in particular, another plannedmeal down the tubes .but did it have to be tonight!She slowly made her way to the dining room to turn off the oven, hoping that heíd be home in time to at least be able to enjoy the food tonight.


Sometime later Alex changed into one of Walkerís shirts to get more comfortable and stretched out on their bed, and began to read the book she purchased earlier. It was while she was reading the book that she remembered back to the time when she and Walker went undercover at Quiet Rest, and she pretended she was Walkerís pregnant wife. She scrambled off the bed and stood at the foot, looking around the room and thinking wondering where she had put the maternity outfit she wore that day. A smile lit up her face as she remembered putting it into a box of mementos of her relationship with Walker and that box was now in the attic.


She practically ran to the attic and bounded up the steps, excited.She spent a good half hour rummaging around in the attic before finding the box, and spent the next hour lifting out each item, evoking memories of the times she shared with her beloved cowboy. Finishing up, she put everything back in the box except for the white skirt and yellow blouse intending to try it on again in front of a mirror, imagining how sheíd look in it now that she really was having his baby of course, sheíd need a pillow for effect since she was only about a month and a half along.Alex took the outfit into their room and tried it on, placing a pillow underneath, and stood in front of her full length mirror, looking at herself from every angle until fatigue set in. She took off the outfit and placing it over a chair, then donned Walkerís shirt again and stretched out once more on the bed to read what it would be like in her second month of pregnancy sleep quickly coming over her.Walker finally came home shortly before 10:30 and was immediately brought up short by the lingering aromas emanating from the kitchen. He made his way to the kitchen to see what had been cooking, noting the tablecloth and candlesticks on the dining room table as he walked by, and found the steaks, potatoes, and vegetable dish still in the oven.Walkerís brow creased as he wondered why Alex would make such an elaborate meal, he quickly racked his brain to figure out if he had missed an important occasion in their lives and thought of none. It wasnít their anniversary, or the anniversary of when they met, or when they first went out as more than just friends, or even the anniversary of when they first made love. Not seeing Alex downstairs, he headed toward their room hoping she wasnít mad at him for forgetting whatever it was he forgot.


He walked into their bedroom and saw her on the bed, asleep with a book laying open on her stomach. Taking off his gun belt, he turned to place it on the chair. As he put it down he noticed the outfit lying on the back of the chair.Odd, he thought to himself, Alex never leaves her clothes lying around. Must have been too tired to put them up.He picked them up and took them to the closet, intending to hang them up for her. Placing the yellow shirt over his arm, he picked up the skirt to place it on a hanger and noticed the elastic panel on it.Placing the skirt over his arm, he then held the shirt in front of him and suddenly a light went on in his head as he realized it was the outfit Alex wore when they went undercover at Quiet Rest.Wonder why she took this out he softly said aloud, as he hung both articles up.


As he made his way over to their bed, unbuttoning his shirt as he did, he gazed at his wife, thinking again how beautiful she looked in his shirts, her shapely legs extending below the hem, ankle socks on her feet.As he reached her side, he bent to kiss her and stopped just before reaching her lips.He pulled back a little to look again at the book she was reading perhaps he had seen it wrong. Nope. He stared at the cover of the book, his mouth moving as he silently read the title ďWhat To Expect When Youíre ExpectingĒ . His heart began to beat rapidly as he slowly turned his head and looked toward the closet, thinking back to the maternity outfit he hung up not minutes before. Breathing hard, he turned slowly back to Alex, a new tenderness in his eyes, his heart bursting with his love for her.Iíll bet thatís what the special dinner was for he thought to himself. He gazed at her for a few more moments before he bent to lightly brush away a lock of her golden tresses that fell onto her face. Sitting on the bed, he then reached for the book and cautiously picked it up, not wanting to wake her.


Alex woke as she felt Walkerís weight on the bed, and felt him pick the book up off her stomach. She opened her eyes to find Walker looking in wonder at the book, and sensing her loving gaze, he turned his eyes to hers.She smiled at him, that special smile that she reserved only for him, the one that told him just how much she loved him.He gazed at her with a question in his eyes, one eyebrow cocked.Alex? he whispered.She continued to smile at him for another moment before answering.Iím pregnant, Darling she replied, tears of joy filling her blue eyes.She could see the windmills of his mind spinning, his eyes darting over her.So thatís why youíve been tired and sick? he whispered, still unable to fully use his voice, he was so overcome with emotion. Alex merely nodded her reply.


Walker put down the book and placed his right hand on the other side of Alex as he slowly bent his head toward hers to tenderly kiss her. As the kiss deepened and continued, Walker shifted so that he lay next to Alex. Slipping one arm under her, and encircling her waist with the other, he pulled her close. Their hands roamed each other's body as the passion overtook them and the outside world faded into insignificance.


Walker broke off the kiss and held her gaze as his fingers worked the buttons on his shirt that she was wearing. When finished, he reverently brushed aside the material with his hands, and cupped each breast in his hands as he buried his face between them. Her fingers wound themselves in his hair as she pulled his head even closer, moaning softly as the burning desire for him spread through her. Within minutes, both lovers were nude, their bodies pressed intimately together. As they kissed passionately, Alex moved so that she lay atop Walker, and as the kiss ended she slowly sat up, straddling him, his hardened arousal pulsing beneath her, against her own damp warmth. Her fingers caressed the soft hair on his chest, stroked his muscles, as she gazed at him with unadulterated love shining in her eyes. He reached out and brushed her belly with the back of his fingers as he spoke softly.I want to be with you...every minute of your pregnancy that I can. I want...to watch the shape of your beautiful body change as our baby grows within you". He continued as he reached up to wipe away a tear that had escaped her eyes, "and I want to be there to help you when you bring our baby into the world.Tears now fell unchecked down Alex's face. She didn't think she could love this man any more than she did at this moment. She had often daydreamed about what it would be like to be married to this cowboy and what it would be like to have his children...but she had never dreamed it would be as loving as this.Walker took both her arms in his hands and brought her to him, and softly whispered against her lips, "I love you more than I ever thought possible, so much so that its impossible to put it into words" before he claimed her lips in a kiss that spoke of his love, and gently rolled so that she lay underneath him.He settled himself between her legs, his arms on either side of her head, holding him up as he once again gazed into her beautiful blue eyes, marveling at just how blue they were when they were filled with passion. Softly he whispered, "Is...is this okay?"In reply, Alex wrapped her legs around his waist as she lifted her hips to him in silent invitation. Walker smiled down at her as he slowly lowered his upper body to hers, and entered her as he drew her close. Their love making this time held none of the urgency of that morning, instead it was slow and passionate, as they gave and took of each other, expressing their soul-deep love for each other in this most intimate expression of love.


When their mutually sought after release could no longer be denied, Walker's movements increased. Alex lifted her hips to meet each thrust, her arms holding him tightly as the passion consumed them. Alex felt her release start with a tingle in her toes, progressing up her legs until it burst forth explosively as Walker bent to take her breast in his mouth. She arched her back, moaning his name as he felt her release contract around his pulsing manhood. His mouth left her breast as he thrust one last time, holding himself buried deep inside her as he cried out with a fierce growl, his release matching hers in intensity.Instead of collapsing onto her body as he usually would, he withdrew and rolled to the side, cradling her in his arms as he reached to pull the sheet over them.They lay in the lazy afterglow of their passion as their breathing returned to normal. Walker lay on his back with Alex tucked into his left side, her right hand softly stroking the soft hair on his chest, her left leg in between his own. His left arm traced lazy patterns on her bare back and his right arm wrapped around her waist as he sighed contentedly."I agree" Alex murmured huskily.Walker kissed her forehead as he tightened his grip on her.After a few minutes of contented silence, Alex softly called out, "Walker?""Hmmm?""When do you suppose we conceived our baby?"Walker thought back in time for a few moments. "Well...about how far along are you?" he asked he shifted down so that his face was level with hers."I'm not sure...maybe 6 weeks or so."Walker thought some more, then a smile formed on his face and he began to chuckle."What?" she inquired, smiling happily at him.

"Alex...do you remember that weekend...after I came back from the 2 week undercover operation in Galveston?" He smiled broadly at her.A blush creeped up Alex's neck to stain her cheeks as she giggled, burying her face in Walker's chest. "Yes...I remember" came the giggled, muffled reply."I'll bet it happened sometime that weekend" he grinned at her. "Sometime....that weekend!" she giggled as he pulled the sheet over their heads, and gathered her in his arms as his lips descended on hers once again.


The End...but, to be continued in a prelude!