Since ‘The Answering Machine’ was released on Patty’s list, we have been asked to do one on Walker being jealous. We start the stories with that intention, but we are having a hard time depicting Walker as a jealous man. A tad bit concerned, maybe but not really jealous. The words just don’t want to run that way.


 Jealous?  No Way

By Sissy (

& Chris (



After dinner, they sit close, holding hands and relaxing as they listen to the band and watch the dancers.  They had danced to a couple of slow songs but then opted to sit and listen since Walker was still feeling the effects of a brutal fight that morning that had put Trivette in the hospital and given him very sore ribs.


As the song ends and a faster one begins, a young man comes up to Alex, touches her shoulder, and when she looks up at him, “Would you care to dance?”


“No … thank you.” When he turns and walks away, she looks at Walker and sees a slight smile, “What?  … What?”


His smile gets larger, “Just enjoying the fact that I’m with the prettiest lady in the place, and am the envy of every man here.” Leans over and kisses her softly on the lips.


She murmurs, “Honey, any time you want to leave, I’m ready.  I know you must be hurting.”


“I’m fine, Alex.  Besides, we need a little relaxation after the week we’ve had. Tomorrow is Saturday, no work, so let’s enjoy the evening.” He brings her hand to his lips, kisses the palm then holds it against his chest.


Another song with a quick pace ends and when a slow romantic song starts, “Miss, would you like to dance?”


Alex turns to see the same young man who had earlier asked her to dance standing at her elbow, “I’m sorry, but the answer is still no.” She smiles at him and his eyes light up as he walks away.


Alex looks back at Walker, “Persistent, isn’t he?”


“Well, let’s hope he got the message this time. Unless you want to dance with him?” He looks at her with a mischievous grin on his face.


“Walker, don’t be silly.  The only one I want to dance with is you and since you’re not up to dancing here, we’ll just save our dancing for when we get home.” She gives him an impish grin right back.


“Darling, I need to go freshen up.  Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.” He stands as she rises, pulls the chair back, gives her hand a squeeze, then sits back down and watches as she makes her way through the crowd to the restroom.  As his eyes follow her, he sees the same young man stop her.  Alex shakes her head then, as she starts to walk away, the young man stops her again with a hand on her arm.  His action brings Walker to his feet. As he takes a step toward her, Alex lifts his hand from her arm and continues on her way. The persistent young man turns back to the bar and Walker sits down thankful that it had ended quietly.  He watches the entrance for her return but when the waiter comes to the table to see if they want another round, he misses her return to the room. Walker orders coffee then turns back to look for Alex.  He sees her standing next to the young man talking quietly, but when he sees her laugh, he feels the hair rising on the back of his neck and a feeling like none he has ever felt before takes hold of him. What’s she doing? Flirting with him? He stands and starts through the crowd then suddenly stops. What’s the matter with me? I’m acting like a jealous boyfriend.  He feels the heat rise into his face and goes back to his chair.  He turns, looking for Alex and sees her coming through the crowd toward him. He stands and helps her with the chair.


Alex had seen Walker start toward the bar, stop, and then return to his chair. Now, as she looks at him, at his flushed face, “Walker, are you all right?” When he doesn’t look at her, she touches his cheek and as he turns, she sees the uncertainty in his eyes.


“I’m not sure, Alex, but I think I was feeling the pangs of jealousy and I’m a little ashamed of myself.”


“Oh, honey, don’t be. A man showing a little jealousy for the woman he loves is natural. How you handle it is what’s important.” She leans in and kisses him softly on the cheek. “Besides, it makes the woman feel pretty good, too.”


He slides his arm around her shoulders, pulls her close, and with his head against hers,  “What kind of an earful did you give that young man, anyway?”


She turns and with her lips to his ear, whispers softly for several seconds.


He pulls back sharply, “Alex, you didn’t!”  As he looks at her, he sees the impish twinkle in her eye.


“No, darling,” she murmurs, “I save that for you.” Then as she snuggles back up to him, “I just informed the young man that I was a happily married woman who saved all her dances for the man she loved and … he told me I had one lucky husband.”


Kisses her softly, and murmurs,  “Oh, the lady does have one lucky husband and he knows it.”


She snuggles closer, and kisses him softly, “He isn’t near as lucky as his wife.”





Worry, Not Jealousy



Saturday night at C.D.’s—standing room only—like every Saturday night.  C.D. is busy at the bar, Trivette, having a date with a pretty lady, is noticeably absent, and Walker and Alex are sitting in their favorite booth.  Alex is leaning back against his chest, his arms around her waist and their heads nestled close together as they enjoy the music and watch the dancers. The lights are low and as a slow country love song starts, Walker brings up one hand, pulls her hair back and begins kissing her ear.  He slips his fingers into the gap between the buttons of her shirt, rubbing them gently over the bare skin of her stomach.


A murmur, “Walker, stop it.” She turns her face and catches his lips in a kiss. Leaning back and looking into his eyes, “Is this your way of hinting that you’re ready to go?”


A soft whispered, “Hmmm ... Yeah, I guess I am.  Besides, I’m getting tired of that guy at the bar staring at you.”


“What guy at the bar, darling?”


“Come on, Alex. You’ve been looking in his direction for the last 30 minutes”


“Darling, I haven’t been looking at him and I sure don’t have any control over who he looks at, now do I?”


“Maybe he thinks you’re giving him the come on, Alex.”


“Walker, what is wrong with you? This isn’t like you. Do you know that man?”


“No, Alex, I don’t know that man. Do you?”


She straightens up and turns to look at him, “No, Walker, I don’t.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous.  I never knew it bothered you when men looked at me.”


“It doesn’t unless they make it a full time job. That not only bothers me, it scares me.”


“Why in the world should that scare you?” She gives him an exasperated glare and sits up out of his arms.


“Alex, after all that we’ve been through together, I would think you’d know why.”


She stares at him for several quiet minutes, her eyes softening, “Oh … I see what you mean.”


She leans back into his arms, “I’m sorry, honey, things have been so quiet lately, I guess I’ve become a little complacent.”


“When anyone gets too interested in you, I guess I kinda go off the deep end. My life would be over if anything were to take you from me.  Not now, not when everything seems to be coming together for us.” He pulls her back against his chest, kisses her softly, “Baby, did you say something a few minutes ago about going home?”


She murmurs softly, “Sure did. Then maybe the woman that’s been staring at you all evening will get together with the man that’s been staring at me.”


Walker quickly starts scanning the room, “There’s been a woman staring at me? Where?”


Alex elbows him in the ribs, giggles, and then drops her hand down below the table to his lap. “Alex, for God’s sake, stop it.”


She giggles some more, “Come on, honey, let’s go home.” She slides out of the booth, taking Walker’s hand and pulling him up with her. He slides his arm around her waist, guiding her through the crowd.


Two pair of eyes sadly watches their departure.





One more time!


                     An Amorous Co-worker



Walker enters C.D.’s and walks through the crowd up to the bar where Trivette is standing.  His eyes scan the room looking for Alex.


Walker, I thought you would be here an hour ago. Something come up at home?”


“Yeah, Trivette.  When I got home, I saw some buzzards circling not far from the house.  I saddled up Amigo and started in the direction of the buzzards.  I found a calf stuck in a mud hole and the buzzards were getting read to move in.  By the time I took care of him and got cleaned up, well, it kinda threw me behind.  Have you seen Alex, yet?” His eyes begin searching the room again for her.


“She’s here somewhere; I just saw her a minute ago. She was dancing with that new guy in the DA’s office. I think his name is Jeff Mitchell, isn’t it?


“I don’t know, Trivette.  I heard they had a new guy but I haven’t met him.”


“Well, you’d better be careful, partner; this guy’s quite a handsome dude.”

“What do you mean by that, Trivette?”


“Oh, nothing. Except that Alex has been dancing with him a couple of times this evening.” He watches as Walker’s face darkens, then glances out over the crowd. “There she is, standing over there.”


As Walker looks where Trivette is pointing, he sees Alex standing with a group from the DA’s office. He watches as she laughs at something someone said, and just seeing the smile on her face warms his heart. He starts to move toward her when a tall dark haired man blocks her from his view.  He stops as he sees them move to the dance floor and begin dancing. He waits a few minutes then makes his way through the dancers and taps lightly on the guy’s shoulder. “Mind if I cut in?”


“Yes … I do mind.” He turns to dance away from Walker but Alex recognizes Walker’s voice and turns instantly toward him, letting go of her dance partner, “Darling, I’m glad you’re here.”  She moves quickly into his arms, leaving her dance partner looking surprised. “Jeff, I’d like you to meet my fiancé, Ranger Cordell Walker.  Darling, this is Jeff Mitchell, the new law clerk hired in the DA’s office.”


“Oh, Mr. Walker, I didn’t know who you were. Glad to meet you.  I’ve heard a great deal about you.” His eyes turn to Alex, “Thanks for the dance, Alex. Nice to meet you Mister Walker.” Without looking at Walker, he turns and walks off the dance floor.


“I don’t think he wanted to give you up, Alex and I don’t think he was glad to meet me at all.” He takes Alex into his arms and they begin dancing to the slow love song playing on the jukebox. “As a matter of fact, I get the feeling he wishes that I didn’t even exist.”


“What ever gives you that idea, darling. He was nice enough, wasn’t he?”


“Oh, he was nice alright but his eyes were cold. I think he wishes you were more than a friend, honey.” He pulls her close, resting his head against hers, and murmurs, “Can’t say as I blame him, but … he’s too late.” After the song ends, they move over to where Trivette is standing at the bar drinking his milk and eating Oreo cookies. They all move over to a booth when it empties and sit down. As they enjoy friendly conversation, Walker happens to glance up and sees Jeff Mitchell staring in their direction. Knowing it is Alex he’s looking at doesn’t bother Walker until he sees Jeff staring at her every time he looks up. That bothers him.


As the evening winds down and customers start leaving, Walker and Alex are dancing the last dance of the evening. Dancing cheek to cheek, Walker notices Jeff Mitchell leaving with the group from the DA’s office but not before he gives a long look at the two of them.  Walker shrugs it off and they finish their dance.  They tell C.D. and Trivette goodnight then they too, walk out the door.


He stops at Alex’s car, turns her around, pulls her close and lowers his lips to hers in a soft, gentle kiss. “I love you.”


“I love you, too, darling. I missed you earlier at C.D.’s. Was there a problem at the ranch?”


“Yeah, a calf was becoming buzzard bait and it kinda delayed me.” He just barely touches his lips to hers again, “Looked like Jeff was keeping you entertained when I got here.”


Alex leans back to look into his eyes, “Walker, are you jealous?”


“Who, me? No way. But I think he is.  He kept staring at you all evening. How long has he been with the DA’s office, anyway?”


“About two weeks, why?”


“He sure got a thing for you pretty fast. Didn’t you tell him you were engaged?”


“Hmmm … Come to think of it, I didn’t. I just take it for granted that everyone knows and he has never asked me out so it had never come up.” She smiles at him, “But he knows now, darling.” She leans in and kisses him, then straightens up, “I think we need to take this off the street, honey.”


“You’re right. I’ll get my truck and follow you home. Okay?”


“Okay. By the way, where is your truck, I don’t see it?”


“I had to park in back.  The street was full by the time I got here. You stay here until I bring it around, okay?” He opens her door and, after she gets in, he shuts it and goes after his truck.


Alex sits in her car, a smile on her face, wondering if Walker will spend the night or want her to go out to the ranch. She hears a noise at her door and, thinking it’s Walker, she turns as the door opens, “What did you forget, dar ….” As she is yanked out of the car, she pushes against the man pulling on her, “Who are you? What do you want?”


“Ah … Alex, you know who I am.  You lead me on, making me think there’s something between us when all the time you’re engaged. You made me look like a fool.”


“I’m sorry, Jeff, but I didn’t lead you on.  If you thought I had any feelings for you outside of friendship, that was your mistake. Now, let go of me. Walker will be back any minute.”


“I doubt it.  I saw all the goodnight kissing.  I thought I was your date for tonight, so how about a goodnight kiss for me!” He tries to pull Alex against him and she keeps pushing him away.


“Take your hands off of her, Mitchell.”


Mitchell turns to see Walker standing off to his right. “And if I don’t?”


“You don’t want to know, friend. She told you she was engaged, now drop it.”


“I’m not afraid of you Walker. I know all about your karate skills. Big deal. I’m a black belt, too, so you drop it.” He feels Alex pull back and, as she puts her hands on his shoulders, he turns to look at her.


Alex brings her knee up into his groin, and when he bends over, she brings her knee up again into his chin. He drops like a ton of bricks.


“Damn, Alex, who showed you that move?  That’s the second time I’ve seen you do that.” He moves up to her, putting an arm around her and staring down at Mitchell, “Remind me never to get you mad at me.”


“That’s one Jimmy showed us at my women’s group defense class. Remember, you couldn’t be there that time.”


“Well, it certainly works well.  So, what do you want to do with him?”  Jeff starts groaning and trying to get up.


“Jeff, I won’t say anything about this but Monday morning I want you to hand in your resignation to the DA.  Make up what ever excuse you want but I want you out of there. We don’t need your kind working for Tarrant County.”


Jeff looks up at Alex, “I’m sorry.  I guess I’ve had too much to drink.” He turns and disappears into the darkness.


As he stumbles away, Alex turns to Walker, slides her arms around his waist, “What made you come back, darling?”


“Just before I turned the corner, I saw him move up to your car.  I figured it was Jeff by the way he had been watching you all evening. I should have known you could handle him but … well, I didn’t want to take any chances.”


“I’m glad you came back. It’s always nice to know you’re there if I need you.” She kisses him softly, “Now, where were we? Oh … yes. We were going home, weren’t we?”


“That we were, honey, that we were.”


The End


If Walker has a jealous button, no one has really pushed it yet. But if anyone does, I’m sure he will handle it with great finesse.