Walker Texas Ranger Movie




Fade In


Title Card: The Spring of 1983


Outside at the turf of Martin Tuscany in the day time. There are men working for Martin Tuscany present. They have shipments of cocaine. They enter the building.


Inside of Martin Tuscany’s office. There is Martin Tuscany sitting at his desk. One of the Tuscany under bosses shows up. Tuscany Under Boss:I have the shipments here.Martin Tuscany:Good. Bring it to me. We’ll soon be dealing. The Texas Ranger Captain Bernard Rodgers is on us. I want him dead.” He goes over to Martin Tuscany.


At Texas Ranger headquarters in the day time somewhere in the building. There is Texas Ranger CD Parker present. There is also the Texas Ranger captain Bernard Rodgers present. Captain Rodgers:I recruited a new ranger. He served in the Marines in the Viet Nam war.CD Parker:I also found out where Martin Tuscany is.Captain Rodgers:Your new partner is a black belt in martial arts.” CD Parker goes over to Captain Rodgers. They go off to the office.


In an office of the Texas Rangers. There is Cordell Walker present. Captain Rodgers and CD Parker show up in the place. Captain Rodgers:This is Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. He’s joining Company B.CD Parker:I am your new partner CD Parker. I worked as a cop for 5 years.” CD goes over to Ranger Walker. They shake hands. Ranger Walker:I just got recruited.CD Parker:There’s the Mafia boss Martin Tuscany. We found his place. I’ll direct you to it. He’s in a drug deal too.Captain Rodgers:Let’s go get them. We’ll take down the Tuscany gang.” They depart with their captain and other rangers of Company B after mob boss Martin Tuscany.


Outside of Texas Ranger headquarters. There is Walker’s pickup truck present. The Texas Rangers with their captain show up. Ranger Walker:Here’s my vehicle. You navigate me.” Walker gets into his vehicle with CD Parker riding aboard. The other rangers get into their vehicles. They all depart for Martin Tuscany’s turf.


At the turf of Martin Tuscany outside. There are drug smugglers present. The Texas Rangers show up as does the Dallas police force. They get out of vehicles. Captain Rodgers:You rangers take down the wise guys. We’ll deal with them.” Captain Rodgers and the local police get into a gun fight with drug smugglers. They are shooting at each other. Walker with CD and some other rangers get into the building.


Inside of the building of Martin Tuscany. There is Martin Tuscany and his whole gang present. Martin Tuscany:There’s a local cop named CD Parker who joined the Texas Rangers. Let’s kill him and Captain Rodgers.” Walker with the rangers of Company B show up along with CD. Ranger Walker:Texas Ranger.CD Parker:We are taking all this stuff. You are all under arrest.Martin Tuscany:Get them!” They get into hand to hand fights with Tuscany’s thugs. Walker throws kicks and punches onto some thugs. CD gets into battle with under bosses. Ranger Walker:You must be Martin Tuscany. You are under arrest.Martin Tuscany:You aren’t arresting me Texas Ranger. I’ll waste you with my hands.” Walker takes on Martin Tuscany in a hand to hand fight. The other rangers fight with wise guys and under bosses. Martin Tuscany throws a punch at Ranger Cordell Walker. Cordell Walker sends a round house kick onto Martin Tuscany knocking him down to the ground. Ranger Walker pulls out his gun. He aims it at mob boss Martin Tuscany. Ranger Walker:Hold it right there. You and your gang are under arrest.CD Parker:Got them. This is your first arrest Cordell.” Those Texas Ranger along with CD Parker aim their guns at the other mob guys.


Later on outside. There are smugglers shot down dead. Also present are Rangers CD Parker, Captain Rodgers and Cordell Walker. Captain Rodgers:I am retiring now. We locked up the Tuscany gang. You rangers Walker and Parker will go on other assignments if there are any.” There are cops and rangers of Company B loading those mobsters into cars along with the boss Martin Tuscany and surviving smugglers as well. CD goes over to Walker. Ranger Walker:Let’s go CD. We’ll head home now.” They are talking just as the cars depart with arrested mob guys. Walker and CD go off to Walker’s truck.


Opening credits and song called The Eyes Of a Ranger by Chuck Norris.


Title Card: 28 Years Later


In Texas at night time there’s 6 men going to mini mart. They are armed with guns. They get into the store. They threaten a man there with a gun demanding the money. Robber #1: "Give me the money or I will blow your head off and it will splatter all over the place." The clerk hands them to the money. They take the money in bags. Robber #2: "Thank you for your cooperation." The robbers leave. The clerk calls up the police. He picks up his phone and dials. Store Clerk: "Hello police. I have been robbed by 6 men. I have the descriptions for you."


On the road there’s a van with 6 men in it. Police cars show up. The cops go after the van. The crooks get away.


The next day in the morning at the house of the Walkers. There’s Cordell Walker with his wife and daughter. Alex: "You might be gone when I get back. If I don't see you when I get back have a good day." Alex is going out to take Angela to school. Alex leaves to her car. The phone rings and Cordell Walker answers it. Walker: "This is Ranger Walker here." Ranger Walker is listening to information about a mini mart robbery. Ranger Walker is informed of the arms dealing going on. Walker: "How many? Do we have any suspects?


Later on at a warehouse Texas Ranger Walker with Rangers Trivette, Cook and Cage with a team of Rangers and ATF agents raid it. The rangers see what is going on. Walker: "Al right lets’ do it." There are several men there in supplying and distributing. Trivette: "Texas Rangers." Cook: "You are under arrest." Gage: "Don't move." The Texas Rangers get into a gun fight with the gun dealers. Texas Ranger Walker suspects that those 6 men hanging out there are the robbers. Walker: "You men are under arrest for robbing the mini mart last night."


Texas Ranger Walker runs after those 6 in helping distribute the guns with the street hoodlums. The same men who robbed the connivance store the night before.


Texas Ranger Walker gets into a gun fight with those 6 men. Walker kills a thug.


Over to the other rangers and ATF agents. The dealers not killed get down on the floor with hands behind their heads. Gage: "Take them away." They are taken away by ATF.


Back to Ranger Walker vs. 6 thugs. Walker kills another one who opens fire. Some other thugs try to kill Ranger Walker. Walker shoots the rest dead. The rangers come over to Walker. Walker: "Those were the men who robbed the connivance store last night."


Later on At Ranger Headquarters. In the office of Walker and Trivette they are on a computer screen and get identification of the 6 men that Walker killed in the warehouse raid. Ranger Walker gets pictures of those men. Trivette: "They are most definitely the men who robbed the store. Those 6 men who you killed."


On the streets of Texas later in the day. There are 2 young women walking down the street. 7 male hoodlums in their 30’s come up and attack them. Hoodlum #1: "Hey pretty lady. You are so attracting." These 7 men grab them. Young woman #1: "Get off of us. Please." Hoodlum #2: "Oh come on. You women are so pretty." Young woman #2: "You are trying to victimize us."


Ranger Cordell Walker in his pick up truck is driving down the street. He sees 7 men attack 2 young women. He somewhere parks his truck and gets out. Walker: "Texas Ranger. Leave them alone." Hoodlum #3: "Are you looking for trouble?" Walker: "No. If you rape these women I will arrest you." Hoodlum #4: "I'm going to kick your butt." Those 7 men come up and attack Ranger Walker with their hands. Walker kicks 2 men. Another one throws a punch on Ranger Walker. Walker punches back. Walker beats up 2 more men with his hands and feet. Walker is beating the hoods. They are all down. Walker: "All you men better get out of here and I rethink your lives before I arrest you all." The 7 hoodlums get back up. Hoodlum #5: "I think that you better do what this Texas Ranger says." They all run away. Young woman #1: "Thank you Ranger." Walker: "The name is Ranger Walker." Those 2 women walk on and Ranger Walker gets back into his truck and drives off.


At a tall building later at night. On the 8th floor there’s a tall man named Jerry Moss. At his table are his council members and person in charge named Mark Ling. Jerry Moss is setting a meeting with his council. Moss: "There’s the famous Texas Ranger Cordell Walker who is the best. He just recently got inducted into the Ranger’s Hall Of Fame. I own 3 gang leaders. They could pillage the Dallas area." Moss has pictures of the street gangs. Jerry points out to his council 3 gang leaders named Maria, Spike and Antonio. He points out to street hoodlums with faces painted like skeletons. They have glowing hair with the colors of blue, green and orange. Some of the girl gang members have pink hair and purple hair. Even neon blonde. Their faces too glow. Moss: "Only the leaders of the gangs don't have faces painted like skeletons. Just all the followers do. The many gang members look like Marilyn Manson."


On the streets of Dallas in the night there are several gang members throwing things through windows and spray painting. They are people various races. There are a bunch of men and women with white faces painted like skeletons who are black, white, Hispanic and Asian. They are spray painting ‘Hail Moss’. The leaders are there too. 3 gangs in league with each other. One leader’s name is Antonio. Antonio is an Italian leader with various tattoos. Another leader is named Spike. Spike is a man with a goatee. Another is a young attractive woman named Maria. Jerry Moss shows up to them. Moss: "You are all partners in crime. We'll bring Dallas to it’s knees in terror. Are we partners?" Antonio: "Partners." Maria: "Partners." Spike: "Partners." They show hands.


The Song Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio is playing in the background. There are the 3 gang leaders with their thugs going all over Dallas spray painting on buildings. They are even spray painting and vandalizing the HOPE Center ran by Alex Cahill-Walker. Alex in the background gets on the telephone and calls the local law enforcements.


The next day at Ranger Headquarters. There is Texas Rangers Walker and Trivette in the office. The phone rings and Walker answers it. Walker: "Ranger Walker speaking here." He talks on the phone with an old woman from Dallas. Walker: "Yeah. I'll be there." They hang up. Ranger Trivette is at the computer. Walker: "There’s been gang activity in the Dallas area. Let’s go." Walker and Trivette leave.


At the Dallas area vandalized. Texas Rangers working for Walker are talking to some men and women in the background. They haven't gotten much description of this gang. They do talk about something that they suspect. Company B Ranger #1: "Ranger Walker. Does a name Jerry Moss sound familiar to you? He’s a criminal warlord." Walker: "Never heard of him." Company B Ranger #2: "Ranger Walker. Ranger Trivette. Jerry Moss is paying gang leaders to have their followers spray paint on buildings." The Texas Rangers head back to Ranger headquarters.


At Ranger Headquarters later in the day at almost noon. Ranger Trivette is on the computer with Rangers Cook and Gage watching them. Walker is there too by his desk. Trivette does a search on Jerry Moss. He finds that this man is an industrialist. They find no criminal record of this man. Trivette: "Walker check it out. Jerry Moss is a Texan industrialist. He has no criminal history." Walker: "I'll have DPS investigate this Jerry Moss."


Later on at Moss Industries. There are cops there who look for Jerry Moss. The cops show him a search warrant for seeking evidence. DPS officer #1: "Jerry Moss. I have a search warrant to find the gangs whereabouts. Do you know anything?" Moss: "I'm just a business man. I don't hang around with gangs." DPS officer #2: "If you are lying you will be charged with perjury." Moss: "You are not arresting me I hope." DPS officers #3: "I will if the Rangers and us have enough evidence."


At the house of the Walkers at night time. Ranger Trivette with Erica Carter-Trivette are there with their kids. Alex is there with Angela Walker. Gordon Cahill is there too. Gordon: "Ranger Walker. Did you get the gangs yet?" Walker: "No. Jerry Moss says that he has no connection." Ranger Walker also has over Rangers Gage and Cook. Many others are there too. There’s a football party with the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Los Angeles Raiders game on television. Trivette: "touchdown Cowboys." The Dallas Cowboys just scored a touchdown. Trivette: "Mr. Cahill you have met my kids Luther and Simone." Erica: "I'm Ranger Trivette’s wife." Gordon: "I knew. You got back together with Ranger Trivette at the time my grand daughter was born." Walker is in the house too. They have the football game on in the family room. There is yelling going on.


The next day at the office of Jerry Moss. Jerry Moss is talking to gang leader Antonio and his men and women in his gang group. 5 are females (4 white and 1 Latina) and 8 males. They have their faces painted like skeleton except for the leader. The Hispanic woman has neon blonde hair. 3 of the girls have pink hair. 1 of the girls has blood red hair as does 1 of the males. 2 of the males have blue hair. 3 other males have orange hair. 1 male has purple hair. The 8th male has green hair. 1 other female has dark blonde hair. They are all dressed in black and blue clothing. Moss: "Texas Ranger Walker might find me out in league with you people. Go kick his butt. He is at Ranger headquarters. He could bring us down." Antonio: "Ranger Walker is just one of our victims." Moss: "Go now." They depart with their leader. They go off to Ranger headquarters.


Outside Ranger Headquarters in the day time. Walker is walking outside with Trivette, Gage, Cook, Alex and Angela Walker. Out of a car there comes Antonio with 13 thugs. It’s those same 5 females and 8 males. Walker sees something suspicious about this. Gage: "I see one gang leader with his followers." Walker: "I see them too." Alex: "Their tattoos are so stupid looking." The gang members come up to the Rangers and Alex. They take clubs and baseball bats. They attack. Ranger Walker kicks a thug. Ranger Cook jump fights 3 of the females. One male attacks Ranger Gage and Ranger Gage throws a punch on that thug. Trivette battles the Latino male and they punch each other. An Asian member does karate on Ranger Walker and Walker kicks him a few times. Alex fights 2 of the females (1 of the 2 that Alex fights is the Hispanic female). Angela is watching the fighting. Cook: "You are all under arrest." Walker now faces the leader Antonio. Walker: "You are under arrest Antonio." Antonio: "You are another victim." Walker and Antonio beat each other up. Antonio throws punches as Walker high kicks Antonio. Antonio then runs up to Walker and Walker 3 times kicks him. Walker puts handcuffs on Antonio. Walker rounds up those thugs. Walker: "Who has hired you guys? We suspect that Jerry Moss is your employer." Antonio: "We are not telling you."


Later on at the office of Jerry Moss. Jerry Moss is standing up by his desk. Mark Ling comes into the office. Moss: "What is it Mr. Ling?" Ling: "The Texas Rangers arrested Antonio and his followers." Moss: "Man. I hope that Antonio goes free and doesn't cooperate with the Texas Rangers. Go ask Maria and her followers to bring us Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter. They live on a ranch." Moss has Ling send Maria and her thugs to the house of the Walkers to bring Alex and Angela Walker to him.


In the lobby of Moss Industries. Ling: "I'll need you to bring us Alex Cahill-Walker and Angela Walker who are the wife and daughter of the Texas Ranger who leads Company B. The Rangers of Company B are after you. Ranger Walker won't be home." He has 15 people with her. 3 females (1 is black with black hair and a skeleton painted face, another is white with purple hair and another has light green hair) and 12 are males (2 of the males are black, 5 are Hispanic, 3 Asian, 2 white) with blue or orange hair. They depart in cars.


At night at the house of the Walkers. The gang members park their vehicles outside by the ranch. Outside there is the female gang leader with 15 thugs. They break into the house of the Walkers sometime before Cordell Walker comes home. Alex sees trouble. Alex punches Maria as she attempts to grab Alex. She fights with some martial arts with the 15 thugs and Maria. Maria: "I know that you are Alex Cahill-Walker. You are the former DA. Jerry Moss wants to see you." Alex: "My husband and his rangers will be after you and your followers. You will all be in prison." They beat her up. They also take away Angela. They take Cordell Walker’s wife and daughter out of the house and into a van.


On the roads of Dallas there is Walker in his pick up truck. Walker is heading home. Walker goes to his house. Walkers sees that there has been a break in. Walker pulls out his gun and goes into the house. Walker picks up his phone and calls Ranger Trivette. Walker: "Trivette. It’s Walker. I think that my wife and daughter have been kidnapped."


The next day at Ranger headquarters. Texas Rangers Walker, Trivette, Gage and Cook are in Walker’s office. There’s a man who is resigning Moss. This man’s name is Gary who is the witness. Gary is testifying against him. Gary: "Ranger Walker. I am Gary who works for Jerry Moss. I know that Gang Leader Antonio won't talk. Jerry Moss is connected to the gangs. He hired the leaders." He testifies against his gang connections. Walker: "Gage. Cook. Trivette. Issue a warrant for Jerry Moss." Gage: "I'll be right on it." Walker: "Cook. You notify DPS and have us called by anyone who spots Jerry Moss." They issue an arrest warrant for Jerry Moss.


At CD’s Bar and Grill there are several people hanging out there. There is Jerry Moss inside the place. The bartender calls the Texas Rangers. Jerry Moss is going around the bar. Bartender: "It’s Brian from CD’s Bar and Grill who bought the bar. I have spotted Jerry Moss there."


Later on the Texas Rangers come and attempt to arrest Moss. Texas Ranger #1: "Jerry Moss. We have a warrant for your arrest." Moss fights the rangers and gang unit officers with some martial arts moves. He beats them up. Jerry Moss manages to elude the Texas Rangers and the anti gang team. Moss gets into his car and gets away. Texas Ranger #2: "He got away. He beat us up."


At Ranger headquarters Rangers Walker and Trivette with Gage and Cook head to Moss’s building. Trivette: "Jerry Moss just beat up the Rangers of Company B and got away." Gary: "He is going back to his building. I know. I didn't even want to participate in Jerry Moss’s scheme to bring terror to Dallas." Walker: "Gary. You'll ride with Trivette and I and will leader Gang and Cook to Moss’s place." Walker leaves with Gary and Trivette in his truck. Gage and Cook in their car. They head to the Moss Industries building.


Outside Moss Industries there are the street hoodlums. 15 are the same that broke into Ranger Walker’s house. 16 with Spike (2 of them are females). Spike’s thugs are various races. They have various whacky hair colors. Texas Ranger Walker shows up with Rangers Trivette, Gage and Cook as they exit their vehicles. Cook: "Texas Rangers." Gage: "You are all under arrest." The hoodlums start beating up on the rangers. One of the thugs suspects Gary’s betrayal and the thugs with a skeleton like painted face threatens him with a chain. Spike: "You'll pay for your betrayal Gary." Walker does a jump kick on that thug that attempts to beat up on Gary. The Rangers and the skeleton painted face thugs beat each other up with the Texas Rangers using martial arts moves. Walker knocks down 5 males with martial arts kicks. Trivette back hands 2 other thugs. Cook sweep kicks 3 of the females. She jump kicks another female and throws a hard punch on another female. Gage throws punches and kicks on some other thugs. Walker and his company beat up on those thugs. They are all defeated. A gang unit team from DPS takes them away. Walker: "Take them away."


Ranger Walker spots Jerry Moss and goes after him. Walker (to Moss): "Jerry Moss. Texas Ranger. You are under arrest." There’s Mark Ling with gang leads Maria and Spike. They attack. It’s Ranger Trivette vs. Mark Ling. Ranger Sydney Cook vs. Maria. Ranger Francis Gage vs. Spike.


Somewhere else there’s a helicopter with the ranger team. The rangers get out and go to apprehend the council members also connected to the gang. Texas Ranger #1: "All of you don't move." The rangers and SWAT officers aim their guns at them as they try to go for their guns. SWAT officer #1: "Don't even try it or we will kill you." They listen to what SWAT tells them.


On the rooftop Walker catches Jerry Moss. They fight each other with martial arts fighting. They are kicking and punching each other. Moss: "You will die Ranger Walker along with your wife and daughter." Walker: "My rangers are coming to rescue them and I am arresting you for destruction of Dallas."


Somewhere else in the building the team of Texas Rangers rescue Alex Cahill-Walker and Angela Walker. Angela: "Mommy. There’s someone here." Alex: "It’s us. Alex and Angela Walker." They take them outside.


In the lobby Mark Ling jump kicks Ranger Trivette. Trivette punches back. The 3 Texas Rangers and their enemies are beating each other up kicks and punches. Trivette throws Ling to the ground and puts handcuffs on him. Trivette: "You are under arrest for conspiring with gang members." Ling: "You'll be sorry Rangers one day when we get out." Spike charges at Ranger Cage and then kicks him 3 times and knocks him down. Gage: "Spike. You are under arrest for vandalism in Dallas." Cook and Maria punch each other. Maria: "I took Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter." As Maria throws another punch on Ranger Cook Ranger Cook throws a hard punch on Maria. Maria and Spike are handcuffed by Rangers Gage and Cook.


Back on the rooftop Ranger Walker is fighting with Jerry Moss. Walker throws a kick and Moss blocks the kick with his knee. Moss throws a punch on Walker. Walker is being dragged by Jerry Moss to the end of the roof. Moss is beating up on Walker. Moss: "Now Ranger Walker. You will die. I tried to kill your wife and almost did so in the court room. I knew that you are in the hall of fame on your 20 years as a Texas Ranger." Walker gets back onto the roof as Moss attempts to throw him off. Walker throws a jump kick on Moss knocking him off the roof. Moss grabs onto the end of the roof. Ranger Walker:Give me your hand. I am arresting you on attempted murder of my wife. I don’t want to kill you.Moss:I would rather just die as you have defeated me.Walker puts his hand on Moss’s hand. Moss hits Walker’s hand. Moss falls off the roof. Ranger Walker:Have it your way.” Moss lands on the ground dead.


Later on Cordell Walker is back together with his wife and daughter. Alex: "Where’s Jerry Moss?" Walker: "He got killed trying to kill me but he dropped himself as I tried to save him." Cook: "Maria’s tongue is pierced. Did you see it? Yuck." Alex: "I can't stand looking at their tattoos and piercings on the bellybutton or the nose." Gage: "Neither the tongue or the nipples. Yuck." Walker: "I don't like tattoos or body piercings. I couldn't stand them either. Let’s all go home now." Ranger Walker with his wife and daughter get into the pick up truck as Rangers Cook and Gage get into their car with Cook driving this time. The leaders of the gang with the co owner of the industry are taken away to prison by the Rangers.


Walker drives out onto the streets of Dallas.