Walker and Alex

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex picked up her phone and called Walker at Ranger headquarters “Walker, it's me Alex. Is there anyway that you can pick J.C. up from daycare? I have a legal brief that I need to file with Judge Jaylon before six o'clock today." Walker answered her “I thought that Judge Jaylon was going to give you a delay in the Young trial? You'll need a delay to deal with the so-called evidence that the defense attorney claims to have discovered just this morning."

“Do I ever need a delay but I'm not going to get it. Instead of being sensible Judge Jaylon ruled that I had until six o'clock this evening to state my objections concerning each and every piece of evidence in writing to his law clerk. That if I failed to do so before then he would allow the defense to present everything before the court. I have to tell you Walker that without seeing all the so-called evidence ahead of time I don't stand much of a chance of winning this case. While we both know that the evidence is most likely a complete fabrication there's a good chance that the jury will believe it when Judge Jaylon allows it to be admitted." Alex explained to Walker who assured her "Listen I'll go and get J.C. from the daycare center then we'll go to C.D.'s and get something to eat. After you file that brief why don't you join us there? Maybe we can talk Trivette and C.D. into watching their mutual namesake and then we can go watch a movie or something."

“That sounds good to me but make sure you point out to C.D. that while J.C. is my son he can't eat chili just yet, I just started him on solid foods. The other day I caught C.D.  trying to feed some chili to our son and he's way too young for spicy foods." Alex told him.

“I will Alex, see you later." Walker replied then hung up the phone.

Alex entered C.D.'s and spotted Walker sitting in a booth holding their son while a striking redhead was practically glued to Walker's side while fussing over J.C. and flirting with Walker. Alex waited at the side of the booth for Walker to notice her but he didn't so she loudly cleared her throat causing Walker to finally notice her. Walker said “Alex, you're here."

Sitting in the other side of the booth from Walker Alex took J.C. from him as she replied “Yes I am. So what have you and my young son been up to?" The redhead leaned closer to Walker causing Walker to shift away from the redhead as he said to her “Mindy, this is my wife A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, Alex this is Mindy."

Mindy said “You have a very handsome son and your husband isn't too bad looking either. Do you ever let him out by himself? Because if you do I'm interested." Alex smiled sweetly at Mindy then told her “He’s taken goodbye." Mindy left.

Alex asked “How long was she hitting on you and did you let her hold my son?" Walker answered “I didn't let her hold J.C. because I know how you are about letting strangers near him. As for her hitting on me, are you jealous?"

“Walker how are we going to see to it that our son has a loving home if you constantly let other women flirt with you?" Alex was telling Walker when he broke in to say “Alex I'm not interested in her, okay? I wouldn't do anything to break up our son's happy home. Now how did your brief go?"

“Okay but I still don't want that Mindy anywhere near our son, something about her rubs me the wrong way. About the trial; Walker there was so much fake evidence that I had to object to and while I think I covered it all there's a chance that I didn't. Now thanks to Judge Jaylon's ruling there's a chance that I'm going to lose this case. I know how much work you and your fellow Rangers put it into and I'm sorry that I'm going to be letting them and you down. After Young ran into that family's car killing the parents while drunk driving he needs to face justice. Then to top that off he got rid of the lone witness against him." Alex said.

Taking her hand Walker changed the subject “Trivette will be here in a little while to help C.D. take our son home in your car. Then they'll watch him while we catch a movie." Alex kissed her son on the head while she nodded okay.

At the movie theater Walker let Alex picked the movie and she picked a rather steamy romantic one. All during it Walker kept shifting in his seat so Alex finally hissed at him “Will you please sit still?" Walker answered as he shifted again “Listen I'm going to go to the men's room and when the movie is over I'll be waiting in the lobby for you."

As Walker was getting up to leave Alex tried to grab his arm but missed that and touched him below the belt causing Walker to quickly sit back down. Alex who was now well aware of the fact that Walker was turned on kept her eyes glued to the screen as she told him “You know what, I have to use the ladies' room myself. Since this movie isn't as interesting as I thought it would be how about we meet in the lobby after that and go home?" Not having the voice to say anything Walker got up and headed for the men's room as quickly as he could. Alex followed him out at a slower pace because she knew that Walker would need time to get himself under control.

When they arrived at the ranch Trivette questioned them “Why are you guys back so soon?" Alex replied “The movie was terrible and I have a rough day in court ahead of me so I had Walker bring me home. Thanks for watching him you guys but if you don't mind I'm going to turn in now. Walker could you put J.C. to bed when it's time?" Without waiting for an answer Alex left the room. C.D. asked “So how's it going Cordell? Are you and Alex falling for each other yet?"

Walker replied “C.D. thank you for watching my son but right now I should get him to bed." Trivette told C.D. “I think that means Walker wants to be alone with his family. Come on C.D. we'd better go before Walker tosses us out the front door." They left and Walker headed to the nursery with J.C. to find Alex there so he said “I think that he's ready to go to sleep." Alex took their son and placed him in the crib but he started fussing so she undid her blouse to breastfeed him. Walker said “I’d better go now."

Alex told him “Walker you don't have to leave, you've seen it all before." Walker then watched as Alex fed their son and when she was done he took J.C. and held him until he fell asleep. Walker then placed him in the crib and walked to the door with Alex who turned out the light and shut the door. In the hallway Alex said to him “Walker I'm sorry for touching you where I did in the movie theater, it was an accident."

“I know that it was but still you can make it up to me but letting me pick out the next movie we go see." Walker responded causing Alex to tell him “It’s a deal cowboy."

Chapter Two

Alex was going over yet another brief that she had to file in the Young case when her secretary Sabrina buzzed her and told her that there was a man waiting in the outer office to see her so Alex told Sabrina to send him in. Alex then closed her file, got up to greet her visitor and was more than a little surprised to see Dalton Reed standing there. He asked her “So Cahill what have you've been up to since the last time I saw you?"

Walker having finished up the paperwork on his and Trivette's latest bust decided to go to the daycare center get his son and take him to see Alex to ask her what time she would be heading home for the day. Walker entered Alex's outer office and seeing that Sabrina wasn't there went into Alex's private office without knocking. As the door opened Alex turned away from Dalton Reed to see who was entering her private office. Seeing that it was Walker with their son Alex told Dalton “Here’s someone that I think you need to meet Dalton."

Dalton said “I believe that Walker and I have already met Cahill." Then he questioned Walker “Who’s the baby belong to? Surely not you Walker?" Walker answered “He’s my son. What brings you to town Reed?"

“I told Cahill to give me a year to finish the circuit then I would be back for her and here I am." Dalton said to Walker who asked “Wasn’t that more than a year ago?"

“More like a year and a half but I know that Cahill will forgive me for taking longer to come back and claim her than I told her I would. Who's the lucky lady in your case? Maybe the two of you can double date with Cahill and I." Dalton answered Walker as Alex took the baby from him. Alex then told Dalton "I would like you to meet James Charles David Walker, my and Walker's son, I'm the lucky lady."

“You married Walker and you have a son together? I find that hard to believe because like I told you during the DeMarco case Walker isn't the marrying kind. Seriously who are the mother and the father for that matter?" Dalton asked them so Walker answered this time “My son's mother is Alex Cahill-Walker, now if you don't mind we have things to do."

Holding J.C. close to her Alex said “I told you then Dalton that Walker would make a great father and it turns out that I was right. My son has a great father and his name is Cordell Walker. It was nice seeing you again Dalton but like my husband just told you we have things to do, goodbye." Dalton Reed took the hint “Goodbye Cahill." Then he said to Walker as he held out his hand “Take good care of them, she's something special."

Walker shook Dalton's hand as he replied “I will, my family means everything to me." Dalton nodded and left Alex's private office. After he had gone Walker questioned Alex "Were you really going to wait for Reed to finish the circuit and come back to claim you as he put it?" Handing their son to Walker Alex explained “No I wasn't waiting for him to come back and claim me. Walker when I told Dalton that he said that you would never be interested in me so I might as well wait for him to finish the circuit. I again told Dalton that I wasn't going to wait a year for him but he kissed me and told me that he would see me in a year then he walked away before I could say anything else."

“Would you rather Reed be the father of J.C. than me?" Walker asked as Alex closed up her private office for the day, shutting the door behind them Alex took J.C. back from Walker as she said “No, you were meant to be the father of J.C. What about you Walker, do you regret being our son's father?"

Walker said “Alex you and J.C. are my family now and my family means everything to me. Not to change the subject but I just decided that instead of going out to the movies tonight I would stop by a movie rental place on the way home and pick up a couple of movies for us to watch. That way after junior's asleep we can relax at home while we watch the movies. Okay by you?"

“Okay by me but you have to make the popcorn and I want it to taste just like the kind we get at the theater." Alex teased Walker who told her “You’ve got it lady." That's what they did but in one of the movies that Walker picked out the leading man could have been his twin brother and by the end of the movie he was bare-chested and all Alex could think of was how she wished that Walker was bare-chested and that she could run her hands all over his chest. Walker took the movie out of the D.V.D. player as he asked her “Well what did you think of my choice in movies?"

"The first one was okay but in this second one that man who looks just like you was bare-chested by the time that the movie was over with and those might as well have been naked woman were doing nothing more than screaming while throwing themselves at him. It wasn't least bit believable and the lead female, please. No self-respecting female lawyer would prance around half-naked and pant over a man just because he ran around without a shirt on." Alex told Walker.

Walker decided to tease her by asking “Alex if I ran around with without my shirt on would you be tempted by to run your hands over it like that blonde lawyer in the movie did?" Alex shot him down “I wouldn't be tempted to run my hands all over your chest. Instead I would want to cover you up with a shirt before you caught a chest cold. My son doesn't need his father getting sick. And speaking of son's I think that I'll check on ours before I turn in."

As he watched Alex walk up the steps Walker realized that Alex was flushed from excitement and that it wasn't all due to the movie. That he stood a chance to be Alex's husband in every sense of the word. Alex after checking on J.C. went to her room and wondered if she could seduce Walker because right now she wanted him as her husband in every sense of the word. Then Alex decided that it would be better to wait until Walker was ready to commit himself to her for the rest of his life before sleeping with him again. Because she wanted Walker and Walker only for the rest of her life.

Chapter Three

Several days later Alex was getting ready to leave her office when she received a call from Judge Jaylon's law clerk informing her that the jury had reached a verdict in the Young case. Alex called up Walker “Walker this is Alex, is there anyway that you can pick J.C. up from daycare? I wouldn't ask you to since you're busy with the Coleman case but the verdict's in for the Young case and I have to be in court when it's announced."

“I can't make it but I'm sure that C.D. can stop by there and pick him up. I'll call him you go ahead to court for the verdict." Walker told Alex who said “Thank you, after the verdict is read I'll go to C.D.'s and pick J.C. up then head home for the day. Since I'll most likely be there before you do you want me to cook you anything special for dinner?"

“Make whatever you want to eat because Trivette and I are going to be on a stakeout at one of Coleman's properties." Walker answered Alex who told him goodbye then hung up the phone and hurried to Judge Jaylon's courtroom.

After Judge Jaylon told everyone to be seated he formally announced “The jury has reached a verdict in the case of the State of Texas versus Young. Madame Foreman if you would stand and announce the verdict."

The foremen stood and she said "On the two counts of attempted murder while under the influence; guilty. On the two counts of second degree murder with a vehicle while under the influence; guilty. On the count of conspiracy to commit first degree murder; guilty." The judge the polled all of the jurors and every one of them said that was the verdict that they had reached. The judge dismissed them then told the defendant “Mr. Young you have been found guilty on all counts, therefore I am revoking your bail and sending you straight to Huntsville."

Mr. Young quickly jumped up and before the lone bailiff could stop him grabbed a hold of Alex and started choking her. Alex clawed and scratched Young anywhere that she could causing him to release her. More security arrived and they were able to secure Young, as he was being led away Young yelled at her “I will get you Miss A.D.A., you and that newborn baby of yours. That Texas Ranger husband of yours won't stop me either, my friends will see to that."

Alex went back to her office where she filed her report then headed to C.D.'s to pick up her son. When Alex got there she found the redhead Mindy fussing over J.C. and C.D. looking on amused. Spotting Alex C.D. told her “Alex there you are, Mindy here was keeping an eye on J.C. for me. I'm short-handed tonight, Liza called off."

Alex took her son from Mindy as she told her “Thanks for watching J.C. for me." Mindy replied "You have such a good looking boy, I can tell that he's going to be a real hunk when he gets older, just like that oh so good looking father of his. By the way does your husband have any brothers? Because if he does I sure would like to meet them."

"No my husband doesn't have any brothers, thank you again for watching my son J.C. but I'd better be getting him home now." Alex told her and was headed to the door when C.D. stopped her by asking “Alex how did the verdict go? Did you get him on anything?"

“Convicted on all counts C.D., see you tomorrow." Alex replied then left.

Walker went into C.D.'s awhile later looking for Alex but found Mindy there instead and she started flirting with him by saying “Hi want to buy a lady a drink?” Walker shook his head no but Trivette told her “I’d like to buy a drink for a lady as pretty as you."

“How about I get us a booth while you get me my drink? Then we can talk for awhile and see where that leads, game?" Mindy suggested to Trivette answered “I sure am lady." Trivette watched Mindy stroll to the booth then turned to Walker and told him “That’s how you romance a lady into being with you. Why don't you try that with Alex sometimes?"

“First of all Trivette you're talking about getting her to sleep with you which has nothing to do with romance." Walker was saying to Trivette who broke in “But it does Walker. If you want to sleep with a woman you have to give her a little romance first, after that most of them will sleep with you. Romance first, sex second. How about I give you some pointers on how to get a woman to sleep with you tomorrow at work? I'll be busy tonight."

“Not interested, see you tomorrow Trivette." Walker told him then asked “C.D., did Alex say anything about the Young verdict?" C.D. boasted “Alex got him convicted on all counts, that lady is something special."

“That she is C.D." Walker answered before leaving the bar.

When Walker got home he found Alex curled up on the couch sleeping so he quietly locked up then lightly placed a hand on Alex's shoulder to wake her up but Alex bolted awake and jumped from the couch. Walker stepped back as he told her “Take it easy Alex. It’s me Walker. Are you okay?"

“Yes I'm okay; you just startled me is all. I put a plate of food for you in the fridge; all you have to do is to heat it up." Alex replied as she started to leave the room but Walker suggested “Why don't you have a cup of coffee while I eat and that way you can tell me all about the Young case."

As Walker was eating his dinner Alex said “After he was convicted on all counts Young threatened to get me and J.C. He said that you wouldn't stop him from doing it either because his friends would see to that. Walker what if he has someone come after our son? How are we going to protect J.C.?"

Putting his fork down Walker looked Alex in the eyes as he vowed “No one will hurt our son, you have my word. Alex I know that you're worried about J.C. just like I am but we can't and won't let people get away with trying to scare us."

Alex got up from the table as she said “Okay, not to change the subject but would you like some desert?" Walker couldn't resist asking “Does that desert include you? Because if it does the answer is yes."

Turning around to face Walker Alex told him “I want you right now more than I have ever wanted any other man on the face of this earth but I can't go through you turning your back on me again after we have sex. Two times was more than enough for me." Walker got up from the table as he said to her “Alex I'm sorry that I hurt you by leaving your bed the second time but I can't tell you why I did what I did then because I still don't remember that night."

“I know that but what about you turning away from me after that white-water rafting trip? Why did you do that then? Was I that bad of a lover?" Alex asked Walker the pain still fresh to her.

“No. Alex I promise you that some day you will understand why I did that but know this; it had nothing to do with you. But for now why don't you go ahead to bed while I do the dishes?" Walker told Alex who agreed and left the room.

The next morning as Alex was cooking them breakfast Walker noticed the marks on Alex's throat and questioned her “When did that happen?" Alex replied " After the verdict was read Young grabbed me and started choking me, I scratched and clawed him just enough to get him to release then more security arrived. It's no big deal, criminals have threatened me before."

Walker objected “It is a big deal Alex; I won't stand by and let anyone hurt my wife. Mr. Young and I are going to have a talk." Realizing that Walker was going to tell Young to back off Alex said “Okay cowboy."

Chapter Four

Trivette was bragging to Walker all about he had gotten Mindy to sleep with him after only two dates “Mindy was so hot for me by the time we got to my place. Let me tell you Walker all I had to do was to tell how pretty that she was. That she was the most beautiful woman that I have ever met, it works every single time. Walker like I told you, if you want a woman to sleep with you just romance them a little. On the first date you tell her how pretty she is but you don't suggest having sex and then on the second date you hand her a rose while telling her how beautiful she is, she'll sleep with you then. Take Alex for instance if you want to get her into bed with you just tell Alex how beautiful that she is to you and before you know it she'll be begging you for some action. I'll bet that Alex's a wild woman in the bedroom, all the woman that I know who look like her are."

Walker snapped at him “Trivette don't ever talk about my wife Alex like that again. Not if you want to keep on breathing, understand?" Backing away from Walker Trivette said “I’m sorry and it won't happen again. Walker if you only married Alex to give LaRue's son a name why are you so upset by what I said about her? I've said the same thing about other women before and it's never bothered you."

“Trivette, as far as you're concerned I am the father of J.C., not LaRue. As for what you say about other women that's your business but you will not say things like that about the woman that I married." Walker answered Trivette who then asked him “If that's the case, why aren't the two of you acting like a real married couple? I mean you're still sleeping in separate bedrooms, aren't you?"

Walker growled “Trivette stay out of my marriage." Trivette instead of listening to Walker said “Alex is a friend of mine and I know for a fact that she's crazy about the opera and you too. I just happen to have a pair of tickets to tonight's performance. Since I'm not going why don't you take Alex? Now before you answer me Walker think about how happy it will make Alex, that you took her there."

“If I take Alex to the opera who's going to watch J.C.? Alex won't let just anybody watch him." Walker asked as Alex entered Ranger headquarters. Overhearing that last part Alex questioned them “What’s this about me not letting just anyone watch J.C.?"

Walker replied “Trivette offered me a pair of tickets to tonight's opera but I told him that we needed someone that we could trust to watch our son while we were there."

“You’re willing to go to the opera with me?" Alex asked Walker in disbelief. Walker replied “Yes I am if I can find someone to watch our son tonight."

Trivette volunteered “I’ll watch him at my place. I can come by and get him after work, that way Alex will have enough time to get ready." Alex kissed Trivette on the cheek as she told him “I’ll go pick up J.C. now and have him ready to go in an hour. Thanks Jimmy, you're the best." Then she told her husband “Walker you'll have to be home by six so that you'll have enough time to get ready."

“Why do I need that much time to get ready? I mean the opera doesn't start until eight, right?" Walker questioned Alex who stepped closer to him and said “Because you'll need time to get dressed in a tuxedo." Before Walker could object Alex kissed him on the lips then said “Thank you so much for agreeing to take me to the opera Walker, I haven't been to one in ages."

As Alex walked away Trivette teased "Just think you have to wear a monkey suit tonight Walker. But maybe that's not such a bad thing because Alex once told Bonnie down in the records department that you looked good enough to eat when she saw you wearing one."

Still bothered by the idea of wearing a tux Walker told him “Just make sure that when you're watching J.C. tonight you don't let Mindy anywhere near him. Alex doesn't want her near our son." Trivette answered “Walker I'll watch J.C. all by myself, okay? Now you go and have fun at the opera."

After Trivette left with J.C. Alex hurried upstairs to get ready for her night out. Walker came home and reluctantly dressed up in his tuxedo but couldn't manage the tie so he went downstairs to wait on Alex.

When Alex came into the living room Walker's eyes almost fell out of his head so Alex asked him "Do you like what I'm wearing cowboy?" Walker answered as he held out his tie for Alex to do up “You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever met, inside and out. Alex why would you want to go to the opera with a cowboy like me when you could have your pick of any man out there?"

Doing up Walker's tie Alex replied “Walker don't sell yourself short, you are without a doubt the most desirable man that I know. You have more character in your little finger than most men have in their entire body. There are so many women out there who would give anything to spend the night with a man like you. I'm so lucky that you're mine." Walker then semi-teased “If that's the case why don't we skip the opera and stay here?"

Alex seriously answered "I want to share your bed for the rest of my life Walker but only if you want me the same way. I'm not asking you to declare that you'll love me until you die. I know that you won't do that but I want to be sure that if I sleep with you, you won't turn away from me again. If we stay home tonight it has to be about us building a future together not just having sex."

Walker pulled Alex into a long deep kiss then told her “I will never turn my back on you again Alex. I want you to be in my bed tonight and every other night. But that lovemaking that you want to do will have to wait until we get back from the opera." Alex wrapped her arms around Walker's neck as she said “You can take me to the opera some other night. Right now I want you to take me to your bed and make love with me. I want you so much Cordell Walker, make me your wife."

Walker picked Alex up and headed up the stairs to his bedroom with her. When they were done making love Alex fell asleep and Walker got out of bed. A short time later Alex woke up alone in the bed and became upset because she thought Walker was rejecting her for a third time. Alex wrapped the sheets around herself and started to leave the bedroom when Walker called from the bathroom. “Alex come in here for a minute, will you?"

Alex went into the bathroom where a naked Walker asked her “Did I clear enough room for your things or will you need more room in here? We can start on the bedroom tomorrow, if that's okay with you?"

Alex replied “That’s enough room for my things. Speaking of the bedroom, how about we go back into it?" Walker turned on the shower as he asked “How about we take a shower together?" Without a word Alex dropped the sheets took Walker's hand and pulled him into the shower where they stayed for quite awhile. After they returned to the bedroom Alex fell asleep snuggled to Walker's side. Awhile later the phone rang, it was Trivette who said “Thank god you're home; I've been looking all over for you. Walker I don't know how to tell you this but J.C. is gone. It's all my fault too."

Walker barked “What do you mean J.C. is gone and that it's your fault Trivette? What happened to my son?" This woke Alex up and she watched as Walker listened for a few more minutes then slammed the phone down. Walker turned to Alex and told her “J.C. is missing and Trivette thinks Mindy took him. I'm going over there and see if there are any leads, you wait here."

Alex got up from the bed as she told him" He's my son too and I'm going with you Walker. Just give me a couple of minutes to get dressed. Have the police been called yet?" Walker answered as he put his boots on “Yes and Trivette's called in the Texas Rangers, you go get dressed while I get a picture of J.C. to give to the police and the Rangers."  Alex quickly got dressed and they left the ranch to go to Trivette's place worried sick about their young son.

Chapter Five

Walker and Alex arrived at Trivette's place to find Captain Harland there who was directing Walker's fellow Rangers and the police. Spotting Walker and Alex Harland asked “Ranger Walker is there any truth to the rumor that A.D.A. Cahill's son J.C. is in fact Victor Larue's son? I need an honest answer from the both of you before we go any further on this."

Walker barked at his boss “What kind of question is that? Get out there and find our son and do it now." Alex placed her hand on Walker's arm as she suggested “Walker why don't I talk to Captain Harland in the kitchen while you go over with Trivette exactly how J.C. was taken from here?"

Walker nodded okay and Alex led the Ranger captain into Trivette's kitchen where she sat down at the table and told him “When I was hiding out at Walker's ranch Victor LaRue did in fact rape me."

            Harland questioned her “Did you file a report? Is there anyway that LaRue could have found out that your son is his son? I'm assuming that Walker married you to give the baby a name."

“No I never filed a report because I just wanted to forget that it had ever happened. After I found out that I was pregnant Walker married me to give the baby a name because he felt guilty about LaRue hurting me at his ranch. However Captain Harland I have to tell you this, Walker is James Charles David Walker's biological father. “Alex answered Harland who tried not to blush as he asked her “If Walker is J.C.'s real father why does everyone think that Walker only married you to give your son a decent last name? Trivette said that was why the two of you ran off to Las Vegas and got married without telling anyone ahead of time."

“Because when Walker was fighting with LaRue he received several blows to the head which resulted in him forgetting what had happened between us the night before I was assaulted by LaRue. After the baby was born we discovered that J.C. has the same exact birthmark that Walker does and in the same exact place. It is true that when we got married Walker thought that he was marrying me to give my unborn baby a decent last name. Now if you don't have any other questions I would like to get started on finding my son." Alex replied.

Getting up from the table Harland said “Just one, why didn't the two of you go to the opera tonight like Trivette said that you were going to do?" Alex replied “We decided to stay home and that's all you need to know about it."

In the living room Trivette explained to Walker that while he was watching J.C. Mindy arrived and that he had let her in. Mindy then told him that she would be glad to help him with the baby. After they had J.C. asleep Mindy suggested that they go have some fun in the bedroom. Trivette told her that wouldn't be right because J.C. was sleeping in a bassinet in there so Mindy then suggested that they have something to drink and Trivette got them a couple of beers. While they were drinking the beers Mindy started kissing Trivette passionately but then J.C. started fussing so Trivette went into the bedroom and changed his diaper then got him back asleep. Trivette then returned to the living room and finished his beer while Mindy started removing her clothing. That was the last thing that he remembered until awakening a short time later and finding Mindy and J.C. gone.

A furious Walker questioned “You decided that having sex was more important than watching my son? What were you thinking? You know that Alex doesn't want Mindy anywhere near our son but you let her near him." Really upset about letting J.C. be taken from him Trivette answered “I’m sorry Walker that I let her take J.C. and you have every right to kill me but there's more to it."

Alex re-entered the room with Captain Harland and told him "Tell us the rest of it Ranger Trivette and leave nothing out." Trivette walked over to the coffee table where J.C.'s diaper bag was sitting and told them “Mindy left a note in J.C.'s diaper bag. It's addressed to you Alex."

Taking the note out Alex carefully opened it and read it aloud “Cahill if you ever want to see your son again, or should I say Victor LaRue's son again you will see to it that all charges are dropped against Young and that he's released from Huntsville by Friday at six o'clock. That gives you about three days to make that happen and if you fail your son will die for your failure."

Walker took Alex into his arms as Captain Harland carefully put the note into an evidence bag.

Trivette spoke up “Alex, I'm sorry. I will see to it that you get your son back, if it's the last thing that I do. Victor LaRue's son or not." Alex still being held by Walker replied “For the last time Walker is the biological father of my son, not that animal LaRue." Then Alex addressed Harland “Captain Harland, I've only just begun to start J.C. on solid foods. Also he's still being breastfed so if they try to give him formula it might not agree with him and make him sick."

Harland said “We’ll notify emergency rooms and doctors to be on the lookout for a baby who's having trouble with his formula. Now you said that J.C. has a birthmark, we need to know what it looks like and where it's at so that we can include that information on the report we send to the hospitals and clinics."

Alex answered him “J.C. has a star shaped birthmark on his... well his privates; it looks the Texas Ranger star on Walker's badge." Harland said “Okay we'll get started on this right away. Walker perhaps you should take your wife back home in case Mindy decides to call and see if Alex is working on freeing Young. Trivette you go with them so that you can set up a tap on their phones."

Walker objected “Can’t someone else do it?" Trivette pleaded with him “Walker I know that I screwed up big time but give me a chance to help catch her, I'm begging you." It was Alex who answered him “Walker, let Trivette come out to the ranch and tap our phones in case she calls. We're going to need all the help that we can get, please?"

Walker said as he handed Harland a picture of their son “He can come to the ranch. Harland here's a picture of J.C., Alex took it last week." Harland took the picture and gave it to a police officer telling him to make copies of it and pass them out. Harland then said “Walker we will get your son back for you."

Walker didn't answer as he led Alex out of the apartment followed by Trivette.

Chapter Six 

When they got to the ranch Alex and Walker entered their house followed by Trivette who got to work on tapping their home phone then he asked them “Where are your cell phones at? I need to see if I can put a trace on them too."

“I’ll go get mine, Walker doesn't have one." Alex replied then left the room. Walker followed Alex up the stairs leaving Trivette standing in the living room. Trivette decided that he should call C.D. "C.D., it's me Trivette. I just called to tell you that J.C. was taken from my place by Mindy while I was watching him."

“Is Alex okay? What about Cordell?" C.D. questioned Trivette who answered "C.D. I just let a woman steal their son, how do you think they feel? I have to find him and I have to do it soon. C.D. man I let them down so badly, Alex is never going to speak to me again and Walker... well Walker is most likely going to kill me. How could I have been so stupid? Alex didn't want Mindy around J.C. and I go and let her steal Alex's son."

C.D. replied “Now calm down Jimmy, Walker is not going to kill you and when we bring J.C. back home where he belongs Alex will speak to you again. Do me a favor and call them to let them know that I'm coming out to the ranch to help them will you? Once I get there you can come over and between the three of us we can figure out where our mutual namesake has been taken to."

“I’m at the ranch right now, Captain Harland had me tap Walker's phone in case Mindy called Alex to see if she was getting Young freed. Mindy left Alex a note in J.C.'s diaper bag saying that if Alex ever wanted to see her son again she would get Young released from Huntsville by Friday otherwise Alex's son would die for her failure. C.D. I won't be able to live with myself if I cost J.C. his life." Trivette said to C.D. who told him “None of that kind of talk Jimmy, we will get him back."

After hanging up the phone Trivette went to Walker's bedroom and asked as he opened the door "Walker you in here?" When there was no answer Trivette entered the room to find that it was empty and as he started to leave the bedroom Trivette saw that Walker's tux was on the floor along with Alex's gown. Trivette left the room realizing the reason they had stayed home from the opera. Going out into the hallway Trivette called out "Alex where are you? I need to see your cell phone." Walker answered “In here." Trivette entered the bedroom to find Walker holding a tearful Alex who had a baby blanket clutched to her chest. Walker held out his hand with Alex's cell phone in it. Trivette took it then told them "C.D. said that he was on his way out here to help us find J.C., Walker and Alex I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that I let Mindy take your son."

Alex looked up him as she replied “Will you just go and see if you can put a trace on my cell phone? After you're done doing that I want to call my father, he needs to know that his grandson is missing." Trivette nodded and left the room. After Trivette was done putting a trace on the cell phone Alex called her father to tell him that his grandson had been kidnapped but couldn't get the words to come out so Walker told Gordon who said that he would be there the first thing in the morning.

C.D. showed up at the ranch and told Walker “Cordell, Jimmy's pretty upset with himself." Walker snapped “He should be, he let my son be taken. I'm telling you right now C.D. that if anything happens to J.C. Mindy won't be the only person that will pay for it."

Trivette who had come into the room spoke up “If J.C. is hurt in anyway I'll pay for it the rest of my life in my dreams, if you don't kill me like I deserve."

“Trivette that's quite enough, if you feel so guilty about J.C. being kidnapped I suggest that you do your job and help Walker find him before it's too late." Alex told Trivette then all but begged her husband “Walker please tell me that I'll get to see our son again? I need to hold my baby again; please you have to find him." By the time Alex had finished speaking she was in tears so Walker said “Come on honey, how about you go upstairs and lay down?"

Alex nodded okay and Walker took her upstairs. Alex entered their bedroom and starting picking their clothes up. Holding Walker's jacket Alex broke down “Just a few hours ago I thought that my life couldn't get any better, you and I had just consummated our marriage then our son gets taken from us. Walker why did it have to be this way? Why couldn't we have a real marriage and still have our son? Is it too much to ask that we're able to enjoy being a family?"

Walker took the jacket out of Alex's hand as he vowed “Alex we will raise our son together as a family, our marriage will always be a real one. You have my word on that. Now try to get some sleep." Alex started to undress when she stopped and said “I need to get some nightclothes to sleep in."

Walker took a t-shirt of his out of his dresser handed it to Alex as he told her “Here wear this for now, I'll make some room in here for your clothes while you're resting." Alex got dressed in the t-shirt and got into bed where she started sobbing; Walker pulled her into his arms and vowed again “Alex I will return our son to you."

Alex replied “I know that you will Walker but I miss him so much. What if they're being mean to him? What if they give him the wrong formula and it makes him sick? I'm still breast feeding him. He needs his mother." Walker tightened his grip on Alex as he told her “I know honey, I know." Alex fell asleep in Walker's arms.

Walker got up and headed back downstairs where C.D. and Trivette were talking about the kidnapping Walker said to them "C.D., can you please stay here with Alex? Trivette and I are going back to his place to see if anything was overlooked." C.D. answered “I will Cordell." Walker left with Trivette but after a thorough search of Trivette's apartment all they turned up was a library card with the name Missy La Roache on it. Trivette called up Captain Harland and told him about it, the captain told Trivette to be at the library as soon as it opened in the morning to check it out. Walker then started to leave Trivette there but he pleaded “Walker please give me a chance to make this right. Let me go back to the ranch with you tonight so that I can help you and Alex out." Walker nodded okay and they headed back to the ranch. After checking in with C.D. Walker headed upstairs to his bedroom and began to make room for Alex's things in his room.

Trivette came upstairs while Walker was trying to move a full dresser into his bedroom. Trivette helped Walker and after they had put the dresser in the room said “If it's all right with you C.D. and I are going to stay here tonight in case Alex needs us or something. C.D. said that he would sleep in the downstairs guest bedroom so that means I get the couch."

Walker replied “You can sleep in the bedroom that used to be Alex's. If anyone calls I'll let you know. Goodnight Trivette."  Trivette replied “Walker I promise you that I will be at that library as soon as it opens tomorrow morning."

“So will I Trivette." Walker answered his partner.

Chapter Seven

When Alex got up the next morning she went into the nursery and sat in the rocking chair while reliving the fact that her baby was missing. Walker awoke a while later and found her there. Kneeling besides the rocker Walker asked Alex “Do you want me to get you something to eat?" Alex changed the subject “Are there any new leads?"

“When we went back to Trivette's place and searched it again we found a library card with the name Missy La Roache on it, Trivette and I are going to the library as soon as it opens to see if we can find anything out about her." Walker told Alex.

Getting up from the rocker Alex said “I’ve heard that name before, I think in connection with a prostitution case that I handled about a year and half ago. I have copies of some of my case files with my stuff in that cabin. I'll go there and get them and see if I can find out where she's living at. She probably has nothing to do with this but it can't hurt to check it out."

“Alex why don't you let us go through your files? You need to stay here and get some rest; you were tossing and turning all night." Walker suggested to Alex who would have none of it “No I have to do something to try and find our son. Walker I can't just sit here wondering if he's okay or if they're hurting him or if they..."

“Alex our son is still alive, you would know if he wasn't wouldn't you?" Walker asked Alex who replied “You’re right our son is still alive and we will find him and bring him back home, no matter what we have to do. Now I'm going to get dressed then I'm going to that cabin and start sorting through my files until I find the case that she was involved in."

Walker said “Okay but I want you to eat first; you need to be healthy for when we bring J.C. back home." Alex responded “As do you Cordell Walker." They went downstairs where they found C.D. cooking them breakfast which he insisted that they eat before leaving the house.

Trivette and Walker got into Walker's truck and drove off. Alex told C.D. “I need your help in bringing some of my case files back here to look through them." C.D. assured her "I'll be glad to help you with that Alex." They went to the cabin and got Alex's case files which they took back to the ranch.

Walker and Trivette were trying to get the librarian to tell them where Missy La Roache lived but she refused to do so. Trivette pleaded with her “Look Miss Thomas, Missy La Roache may know where a kidnapped baby is at. Just give us her address so that we can go there and talk to her."

Miss Thomas replied “Show me a search warrant and I'll release her address to you, not a minute sooner." Having lost his patience Walker snapped “Give me that address and give it to me now." Miss Thomas stood her ground "I will not, now leave before I have you arrested for disorderly conduct in a public place."

“I’ll show you disorderly conduct." Walker threatened causing Trivette to grab a hold of him as he said "Walker, we'll go outside and get Captain Harland to get us a search warrant then we'll tear this place apart." Miss Thomas sniffed “You can't scare me young man, I know my rights and you can't search here without a warrant; nor can you tear it apart with one. Save all of us some trouble and leave."

Walker started to reach over the counter for the register but Trivette pointed out to him “Walker I know that this is killing you but we have to do this by the book, if we get her address without a search warrant she could walk. You don't want that happening do you? I'll go call Captain Harland while you call Alex and see if she's heard anything, okay?"

After they went outside Trivette used his cell phone and explained the situation to Captain Harland who assured Trivette that he would have a search warrant in no time at all and to stay there until it got there. Walker got dispatch to put him in touch with Alex "Alex, it's Walker, the librarian is stone-walling us. We're waiting for a warrant, how are you coming on your search?"

“Hold on a minute until I read the case file." Alex told him then after a minute she said “I’ve got an address for her, hopefully she's still living there. It's in the Hazel Street Trailer Park, lot #16. Walker at the time she was busted for being a hooker Missy La Roache claimed that she was only doing that to support her baby but when the police searched her trailer there was no evidence that there had ever been a baby there. Also Walker in the plea deal that was reached by Clark without my consent her sister Mindy Brandon said that she would see to it that her sister would get counseling that if she did so the charges would then be dropped. There's no picture of her sister in the case file but Missy La Roache is a redhead. Do you think that the Mindy who took our son is her sister Mindy Brandon?"

“I’m about to find out. Alex I'll call you just as soon as I know anything." Walker answered hung up the phone then told Trivette to get into the truck that he would explain on the way. After being told what was going on Trivette suggested that they go to the trailer park and that he ask Missy if that was her library card that her sister Mindy left at his place the other night, Walker agreed.

Trivette knocked on the door which was opened by a redheaded woman who kept the chain on it as she asked him “Who are you and what do you want?" Trivette turned on his charm “Hi my name is James Trivette and I think that your sister Mindy left your library card at my place the other night. I was returning it, if that's okay with you?"

“Just slide it under the door, my son is finally asleep and I don't want to wake him up. It took me most of the night to get him to go to sleep." Missy told Trivette who turned his charm up a notch as he asked “Can I see him? Just for a minute, being your son he must be a beautiful baby."

Unable to resist showing the baby off Missy undid the chain and let Trivette into the trailer and showed him the dresser drawer on the end table that she had the baby in. Seeing that it was J.C. Trivette questioned her “Can I hold him for just a minute? Please as a thank you. I'll put him right back, I promise. He's so good looking. He must get his looks from you." Missy reluctantly said "Okay but just for a minute then you have to leave before my sister gets back, she says that I shouldn't show him off so much now that he's home from the hospital."

Trivette gently picked up J.C. then went out the door before Missy could stop him, Missy followed behind him screaming “Stop him, he stole my baby." One of her neighbors was grabbing Trivette when Walker flashed his badge as he took J.C. from Trivette “Texas Rangers, this woman had her sister kidnap this baby. Do any of you know where her sister is at?"

A woman in the crowd spoke up “Her sister left about an hour ago in a light blue mini van with Texas vanity plates which said 'baby3c'. I have to tell you Ranger I thought there was something wrong with their story about him being a preemie and just now being allowed to go home with them. When I told them to take the baby to the hospital because of the way he was crying all night they told me to mind my own business. I was going to call the police on them but my old man said that I would mind my own business if I knew what was good for me."

Walker still holding his son watched as Trivette cuffed Missy and read her her rights, Trivette then told him "Walker why don't you take J.C. to the hospital to be checked out? I'll wait here until the police arrive." Walker agreed and took J.C. to the hospital where he called Alex "Honey it's me, I've got J.C. and he's at the hospital. The doctors are checking him out right now to be on the safe side. Why don't you get C.D. to bring you here?"

“We’re on our way." Alex answered then hung up the phone and said “That was Walker, he found J.C. and they're at the hospital. C.D. can you drive my dad and I there?" C.D. replied “You bet I will."

Chapter Eight

Alex went racing down the hospital corridor followed by C.D. and her dad Gordon Cahill. Seeing her husband pacing outside a room Alex asked him “Walker, have you heard anything yet? Is he okay?" Walker shook his head no and tiredly ran his hands through his hair. Alex realizing how upset Walker was said to him “Walker, our son will be just fine." Walker pulled Alex close as he whispered “Alex I couldn't take it if we were to lose him."

Alex pulled back a little as she told him “Walker, our son is not going to die. And you know why?" Walker didn't respond so Alex continued “I know that he will make it because James Charles David Walker is just like his father and his father is the most hard-headed man that I have ever met."

Gordon who had just arrived with C.D. starting questioning “Why was my grandson kidnapped? Did it have anything to do with your line of work Walker? Are the people responsible for this in jail? Is he going to be okay?" Alex answered “Dad enough, Walker's been through enough without having to put up with you badgering him at a time like this. Walker hasn't heard from the doctors yet. As to why our son was kidnapped, the police and the Rangers are still working on that."

“Alex honey I'm just concerned about my grandson's well being, I didn't mean to upset you." Gordon replied trying to make amends with his daughter.

“I know that you are Dad but Walker and I are worried sick about our son. Dad we don't know if he's going to be okay or if they did something to him that will result in lasting harm." Alex replied becoming upset so Walker tightened his grip on her as he said “Alex, our son will be just fine, after all he has the most mule-headed woman that I have ever met for a mother."

C.D. entered the conversation for the first time “I think that my namesake has the two most stubborn people of the face of the earth for parents so he'll be okay. Gordon, how about we go find some coffee?" Without waiting for an answer C.D. all but dragged Gordon off.

About an hour later the doctor came out and told them "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, your son had a severe allergic reaction to the baby formula that he was fed. We were able to stabilize him but he will have to stay here for a few days until we find a baby formula that he isn't allergic to. For now we're giving him I.V.'s  until we can start testing formulas, any questions?"

“I was just starting him on solid foods. I can still do that, can't I?" Alex asked the doctor who told her “We’ll have to check and make sure that his stomach can tolerate them first. Mrs. Walker if you were breast-feeding him then most likely you will have to stop it because he needs to stay on the formula that works for him and not be switched back to breast-feeding. It might upset his stomach too much. But you can talk this entire over with the specialist that will be here tomorrow to see your son and to let you know what his course of treatment needs to be."

“Okay, can we see him?" Alex asked the doctor who took them into their son's room where he laid in a crib surrounded by machinery. Alex started choking up but the doctor told her “You can pick him up and hold him; I think he would like that." Walker carefully helped Alex pick up their son as the doctor left the room.

Gordon and C.D. were in the hallway when Walker came out and told them “J.C. had a severe allergic reaction to the formula that he was given and has to stay here for a couple of days. There's going to be a specialist coming in tomorrow who can tell us more but in the meantime if the two of you want to you can see him for a minute." They went into the room where Alex was holding J.C. Gordon asked her “Do you need me to do anything for you?" Alex answered “If you don't mind could you go to the ranch and get me some of his clothes and the blanket in his crib? The doctor said that it was okay."

“Okay and I'll bring you a change of clothes too." Gordon answered his daughter as C.D. asked “Cordell do you need me to get you anything?" Walker replied “If you could would you ask Trivette to come by here as soon as he can to let us know what's going on? We need to stay here."

“I’ll take Gordon to the ranch to get the clothes then we'll swing by Ranger headquarters and see what's happening then we'll come back here and let you know." C.D. told Walker then he and Gordon left.

Chapter Nine

Later on that day Gordon, C.D. and Trivette went to the hospital. Trivette told Walker “Missy said that it was her sister's idea to kidnap J.C. According to the statement that Missy gave Mindy told her that she would find her a baby to raise. Missy claims that her sister Mindy Brandon told her that she knew the parents and that they had decided that taking care of a small baby was too much for them and were looking for someone to take him off of their hands. As for Mindy Brandon she was arrested at a grocery store just outside of town for shoplifting baby formula and diapers. When she was brought to Ranger headquarters for questioning Mindy denied having any knowledge of J.C.'s kidnapping and is insisting that when she left my place I was asleep and J.C. was also asleep in his bassinet in the bedroom. When I told her that her sister Missy told us that she had kidnapped J.C. Mindy started yelling for an attorney. Captain Harland has the Rangers looking for any connection between Missy Brandon and Young but so far they haven't found one. Walker is he going to be okay?"

Walker replied "They think so but the specialist will let us know more tomorrow. Trivette maybe the connection between Brandon and Young is that she's his girlfriend. Her taking our son would like killing two birds with one stone; she gets her sister a baby and hurts Alex for Young. Why don't you try questioning Mindy again but this time tell her that you know for a fact that Young is cheating on her, after all he does have a wife."

Trivette said “I think that I'll do exactly that but can I see J.C. first? I'll understand if you say no." Walker nodded okay and Trivette entered J.C.'s room where Alex looked up at him and said “Jimmy, he's going to be okay."  

“Alex I want you to know that I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure that Mindy and her sister Missy face justice for what they've done to you and Walker." Trivette vowed.

“Have they said why they did what they did?" Alex questioned him and Trivette explained “Missy said that Mindy got the baby for her to raise because its parents didn't want it. As for Mindy she's denying any involvement but I'm going to question her again to see if she's Young's girlfriend and if she is I'm going to tell her that Young is cheating on her, after all he is a married man."

“With a baby on the way, or at least that what his wife said when she testified that he couldn't have been drunk driving that night because he had sworn off drinking when she told him that she was pregnant. Tell Mindy that and see what her reaction is, then go from there." Alex told Trivette.

“I’ll go and do that right now, if you need anything else let me know." Trivette said.

“Do me a favor and make sure that Walker gets something to eat, I'm going to be spending the night here and I won't be able to see to it that he eats." Alex asked of Trivette who agreed and left the room. In the hallway C.D. handed Walker a bag with a change of clothes in and told him “Here’s a change of clothes for you and Gordon has one for Alex. Now after the two of you change your clothes you are going to go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. Gordon and I will watch over J.C. while you do that."

Walker entered the room and said “Alex, your father and C.D. are going to watch over J.C. while we change our clothes and get something to eat. I don't want to hear any objections from you either, got that Mrs. Walker?" Getting up from the rocker Alex replied “I’ve got that Mr. Walker." Then she laid her son in the crib went into the hallway and told the others “We won't be long."

Chapter Ten

The next day Walker and Alex met with the specialist Dr. Volpe who said to them "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, good news, the tests indicate that your son was given a soy based baby formula." Not understanding why the doctor thought that was good news Alex asked her "Dr. Volpe, why is that good news?"

“Because it means that he's allergic to soy based foods and not dairy based foods, so when the time comes your son will be able to switch to cow's milk. Now I understand that you were breast-feeding him but just as a pre-caution I think you should stop. He's doing very well on the formula that we've given him and there's no sense in upsetting his stomach by switching him back to breast-feeding. Now as to him eating solid food, you can continue that but make sure that you watch out for any adverse reactions. If there are any stop giving him that particular food and contact a pediatrician. Do you have any questions?" Dr. Volpe said to them.

Walker asked “When can we take him home?" Dr. Volpe replied “If all goes well with his tests this afternoon you can take him home either today or tomorrow. I'll let you know more later."

After the doctor left the room Alex turned to Walker and told him “If you want to go to Ranger headquarters and see what's going on I'll understand." When Walker hesitated to leave Alex assured him “Honey, our son is fine and you need to be at Ranger headquarters right now. Maybe when you come back later we'll be able to take our son home where he belongs."

Walker said “Okay." He then kissed his son on the head and left his room.

At Ranger headquarters Trivette flopped in his chair and closed his eyes. Walker entered the room then and questioned him “What’s going on with Missy and Mindy? What charges have been filed against them?"

Trivette replied “Nothing so far. Missy is now claiming that she never said her sister Mindy stole your son and Mindy won't speak to us." Walker then suggested “How about we put them in the same room while we talk to them?"

About an hour later Missy and Mindy were sitting in a conference room where Trivette and Walker sat across from them. Mindy stated “We are not going to say anything to you."

Walker replied "No you're not, what you are going to do is to listen to me while I tell you a story. It's the story of a woman who kidnapped a baby for her sister who wanted one to raise. Now this woman's boyfriend just happened to have been convicted of drunk driving by the kidnapped baby's mother."

Missy broke in “You’re lying; the parents didn't want the baby." Trivette took over “No, that's the story that your sister told you. The baby's parents love their baby and would never give him away. Missy do you really think that you would be sitting here in jail if they didn't want him? Don't answer that because I'm not done, while your sister claimed that she was getting a child for you what she was really doing was hurting the lead prosecutor by stealing her baby from my place. Now Mindy, as we all know Young is your boyfriend and you did this for him. Now last night I tried to tell you that his wife was expecting a baby but you wouldn't believe me so I brought some proof with me."

Mindy asked "What proof would that be, a faked doctor's report?" Walker took back over “No at the county jail we record all conversations between the inmates and their visitors. There's a very interesting one between Young and his wife, care to see it?"

Without waiting for an answer the tape was played and it showed Young telling his wife that he would be out by the time their baby was born. Then when his wife asked how that was possible he told her that he had this dumb redhead who kidnapped the A.D.A.'s kid and that the A.D.A. would release him in order to get her kid back. When the wife asked how he had got the redhead to do that Young told her that the redhead was stupid enough to believe that he loved her. That it was all a ruse to get her to go along with his scheme to get out of jail.

Mindy realizing that Young had never cared for her turned on him “It was all his idea; he told me that if I did it when he got out he would dump his wife and run away with me because he loves me. I'll tell you everything that I know about Young including things that you don't know about but I want a deal first."

Walker asked “What kind of deal are we talking about?" Mindy replied “My sister isn't charged with anything because I gave the baby to her and I don't serve more than six months. Take it or leave it."

Captain Harland who had been monitoring the conversation room entered the room and said “Okay, I'll take it from here." Trivette got up “Come on Walker, maybe Alex has some news about J.C." Walker left the room but not before vowing “If I ever see you two anywhere near my family again you will regret it. Badge or no badge."

Walker and Alex were allowed to take J.C. home the next afternoon. C.D., Gordon and Trivette stopped by the ranch to see him. Gordon asked his daughter while they were in the nursery “Alex, are you okay? If you want out of this arrangement I can help you. Now before you say anything an old friend of mine told me that there was a rumor going around that Walker married you because he let a man by the name of LaRue hurt you when he was supposed to have been protecting you. That the baby is a result of that."

“Dad, Walker is the biological father of J.C., we are going to stay married and hopefully one day have more children. But for now we would like to enjoy being the parents of this beautiful baby boy." Alex told her father as Walker entered the nursery “Alex, my son is handsome, when we have girls you can call them beautiful, okay?"

Alex smiled as she answered “Oh all right, my sons will be as handsome as their father is." Walker pulled Alex to him as he said “And my daughters will be as beautiful as their mother is." Gordon wisely left the nursery then.

After everyone had left Walker and Alex retired to their bedroom where Alex questioned him “So cowboy do you have any energy left?" Removing his clothes Walker replied “For my wife, I sure do." When they were done Walker pulled Alex close as he told her “One day lady I will tell you how much you mean to me but in the meantime know that I do care for you."

Alex kissed her husband then said “I love you Cordell Walker and right now I would like to show you how much."

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