Wet Towels and Hot Showers

By: clarencefan@netscape.net



Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me they belong to CBS and Norris Productions.  No copyright infringements were meant by this story and unauthorized use of it is prohibited without copyright information intact and permission by the author. 


            The morning was early but already hot and sticky.  Exiting the house in a light pair of sweats and no shirt he carried in one hand a bucket that held bottles, sponges and towels.  Walking down the steps a great sigh was emitted upon reaching the extremely filthy RAM.  Setting the bucket down Walker went to the faucet.

            His biceps pulled and tightened as he unrolled the hose and drug it over to the RAM. Within minutes the RAM was soaked and with the water filled bucket and sponge he began scrubbing his beloved RAM. Each orifice was caked from the chase the day before.

            The chase had taken the Ranger and his partner out in a marshland. Mud had splattered up on his treasured RAM dulling the normal sheen.  When they had returned to Dallas, Walker’s only satisfaction was that the bad guys had been caught. As he returned home late that night he knew the first thing he would have to do upon waking was washing the RAM.  There was no way he would allow Alex to wake and see the RAM this dirty.  He had made the mistake years ago, washing his truck for another.

            Alex’s facial expression when Trivette had mentioned Walker washing his truck for…that one woman.  His mind started searching but for some reason he couldn’t remember her name. Today he couldn’t even remember what she looked like, but it didn’t matter his heart had always belonged to Alex.  Today, many years later, Walker tried to keep the RAM spotless, not just for himself, but for his beautiful wife.



            The gun was aimed directly at him. One shot and the target would be hit directly it was payback.  The shooter was surprised at reaching this far without being detected. After much training and preparation the day for revenge was there.

            He felt the impact square to his back spinning around he searched for the attacker, no one was seen. Walking to the bed of the truck the revenge seeker jumped out and aimed the gun at his chest.  Their eyes locked and the Ranger dared the shooter to strike again.

            “You really don’t want to do this, do you?” He asked standing his ground.

            “Yeah, I think I do.” Came the reply. For several seconds their eyes remained locked and then a giggle erupted from Alex as she pulled the trigger on the gun spraying water all over Walker.  He darted towards her and she dropped the hose on the ground and ran around the truck trying to stay out of his grasps.  Suddenly he came around the other side with the bucket of sudsy water.  Stopping in her tracks her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen.  Before she could react farther Walker threw the entire contents on her.

            Both stood laughing at one another.  They both were soaked and Alex had suds all over her face.  Walking up to her Walker gently brushed them from her nose and smiling down at her he pulled her close. “Well I’m glad I am done…”

            “Hmmm…does that mean you have time to take a shower?” She responded with a devilish grin on her face.

            “Well I think I already had one.”

            “I was thinking more along the lines of a nice hot shower, together…just you and me…inside…behind locked doors.” Walker looked at her and scooped her in his arms.  Running up the stairs the door was opened and shutting it with his foot they left the wet towels and the rest of the mess outside to be tended to later.  Right now they had more important things to contend to.