What Made You Say That

By Vonnie (sissy@svs.net)


When she comes in the door, his eyes are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Her walk is one of a woman who is very sure of herself, and her look is one that says she's in control, of her career and her life. She is beautiful. A dream, a blonde haired, blue eyed dream. A dream that has invaded his mind and his heart for so long now, it seems that it has always been there. A dream that could be his, all he has to do is ask. And the asking has been uppermost in his mind for quite a while. Is he ready?

When Alex comes through the door, she knows he is there. Sometime in their relationship, a bond has formed between them, a joining of their souls, and being able to sense the nearness of the other has transpired from that joining. She senses him near now, and her eyes scan the room for him. Her eyes stop when they find him, drinking in his essence, the love from his heart finding its way to hers, sending a warm glow through her.

Her step never falters, and her eyes never leave his, as she makes her way across the room. The noise in the room, the words spoken to her from acquaintances are non-existent, as her eyes, her thoughts are attuned only to the man whose eyes are drawing her like a magnet to where he is sitting.

As she nears him, he stands and his heart is bursting with pride, that she has chosen him over all others. A choice that has always been a puzzle to him. She's beautiful, sophisticated, articulate, and well educated. He, on the other hand, is just a cowboy, who is definitely not sophisticated, and has a tendency to stumble over words when expressing his feelings.

She stops in front of him, murmurs softly, "Hi cowboy," places a hand on his chest and leans into him as he touches his lips to hers. He stands aside to let her sit down, then he slides in next to her.

"Walker, you look like you got a load on your mind. Want to share?" She smiles at him and his heart races.

"Just trying to dump everything that's happened today. How about you, how was your day?"

"Busy, but I don't want to think of work, I left that at the office." She sways slightly toward him and he takes her hand in his. Her eyes expressing her feelings better than any words could.

"You ready to order?" She nods and waving a waitress over, he orders their meal. Before and during the meal, their conversation consists of small talk but the underlying current of desire is there and they both feel it.

After finishing their coffee, his eyes ask the question, and she nods. They stand, leaving C.D.'s behind to a noisy, boisterous crowd. Taking her arm he guides her to her car, gives her a light kiss on the mouth, waits till she's settled in the seat than closes the door. A dip of his head and she drives off. He gets into his truck and follows her to her apartment. He parks at the curb, then waits while she parks in the carport, then meets her at the door, takes the key she hands him and opens the door, lets her enter, he follows then shuts and locks the door.

He's been there so many times, he feels right at home. She drops her purse and briefcase on a chair, then slipping her jacket off, and holding it with her finger hooked in the collar she lets it drag on the floor as she heads for the bedroom. "I going to change into something a little more comfortable, be back in a minute."

He watches as she disappears into her bedroom then goes into the kitchen to make coffee. The coffeepot shuts off just as she joins him in the kitchen. She's wearing pale green lounging pajamas, billowing loosely after her as she walks. He catches her with his arm pulling her close, whispering in her ear, "Ah ... you look beautiful. Very sexy." His lips moving softly over her skin, his tongue tracing the intricacies of her ear, before moving down her neck.

A breathless murmur, "Thank you," as she turns in his arms, facing him. Her lips search for his, finds them and feasts on his mouth, her tongue, teasing his, drawing it into her mouth where she sucks on it feverishly.

"Honey, we're playing with fire again." His voice ragged with desire. "Come on, let's go sit on the patio, enjoy the stars when the come out." She lets him guide her out onto the patio and sits down beside him on the swing. His arms slips around her pulling her against him, "Are you cold?"

"No. I'm fine," she whispers as she lays her hand on his chest, feeling the runaway beating of his heart. Unbuttoning his shirt she slips her hand inside, brushing her fingers through the soft mat of hair that covers his chest. She feels his warm breath on her face as his lips seek hers, playfully nibbling, then drawing her lower lip into his mouth, sucking, her taste filling his senses.

His hand cups her breast through the light fabric, squeezing, caressing, his thumb rubbing over the nipple bringing it to a hard peak. His kisses become deeper, his mouth moving sensuously over hers, letting her go only to come back again with the same urgency as before. He finally pulls back, bringing her head into his neck, holding her possessively, and in a voice clear and forceful, "Alex, I love you."

His heart is pounding as he lifts her face to see her reaction. "Walker?" she whispers. Then as a smiles spreads across her face, "Oh, darling, I don't know what made you finally say them, but I've been waiting to hear you say those words for a long time."

"Alex, I..."

"No ... no, I won't let you take them back, I know you love me, but I've waited forever for you to say how you feel."

"Alex, I don't intend to take them back. I love you." He presses her head into his chest, "I've loved you for a long time. I ... just could never get the words out."

"What made you say them tonight."

"I've finally decided to listen to my heart, and it was saying what I was feeling and tonight ... it felt right."

"Oh, darling I love you so much." Their lips meet in a kiss that says it all. "Walker?"


"Say it again."

"I love you Alex, I love you very much."

The End