Whispers of Love

By Sissy and Jennifer



The night is quiet, except for the crickets, maybe an owl making its presence known in a distant tree, and possibly the chatter of a family of raccoons looking for their nightly meal and of course the blinking lights of fireflies.


But the lone figure sitting quietly in the swing is oblivious to the sounds that usually have a calming effect on the stresses of his body. The solitary existence that he has imposed on himself has somehow lost its appeal and lately it has gotten harder to bare.  He knows exactly why, because his mind and his body won’t let him forget the reason.


Looking to the star-filled heavens, the ‘reason’ behind these feelings fills his mind. And now he’s wondering what he can or should do to either get the ‘reason’ out of his mind or bring the ‘reason’ out into the open and admit to feelings that he has tried hard to ignore.


Tonight for instance, he should be relishing the solitude after the trying day he’s had.  Stopping an armed robber, pulling a child out of the path of a car, testifying against a man who was bent on killing another, just some of the events that filled his hours at work. 


Even this morning, he couldn’t wait to finish his chores and drive to Dallas to start another day. A partner, who, he finally admits to being his best friend, makes the days easier to face with his dry wit and humor and his penchant for always talking. Sometimes it’s nonsense, but more oft than not, it makes him think about things that he has buried away and forgotten, and with the bringing to light, he faces and feels better because of it. He thoroughly enjoys working with Trivette. But he is not the ‘reason’.


The ‘reason’ just happens to be the blonde blue eyed Alex Cahill, the ADA. She has slowly, over the years, taken over his thoughts, to the point that other matters have been shoved back into the recesses of his mind.


It’s always nice to look at a pretty woman and she is definitely a pretty … no, beautiful, woman. He doesn’t seem to be able to voice these compliments, but his eyes have no problem appreciating that beauty. And when she looks at you with those blue eyes of hers, you just get swallowed up in them. Even now, he has no trouble conjuring up her image in his mind.


She’s left her mark on him as though she has branded him. She has crept into his mind little by little, day by day, until she’s the first thing he thinks of when he wakes and she’s definitely on his mind when he crawls in between the sheets at night. She’s manages to stay in his thoughts through the day without even trying. By entering a room where he is, smiling at him like he’s the only one there and leaving the faint scent of her perfume, that seems to linger long after she’s walked out. When he looks up and she’s watching him. Or when she looks up to find him watching her and giving him that soft smile of hers. All of these instances have left a lasting impression on his senses.


He has always stopped at C.D.’s before coming home at the end of the day to check in with him, making sure is former partner is all right. But now that nightly ritual has lengthened into a longer visit, especially if the beautiful Alex Cahill is there.


When did he first notice these … little whispers in the back of his mind?  Probably the first time he saw her. Seems like they became slightly louder around the time of … the New Year’s Eve kiss! But that’s been ages ago. I wonder whatever possessed me … to kiss her?  Was that maybe the first whisper of love?


He leans back in the swing and shuts his eyes, his mind picking up bits and pieces about this woman that has taken over his mind.


She sure is independent, and she doesn’t let you forget it. Found that out the time Dewey Baker came back to town, intent on revenge. That was a bad time for her.


That date she had with ‘Timmy’, the guy who thought a green belt was big stuff. It would have been if he had had the backbone to back it up.  Dewey Baker, Walker had known he was going to be trouble. When she got that call informing her that, Amber, her horse had been killed, it just about sucked the life right out of her.


He wanted to take her in my arms because she was really hurtin’, Timmy sure wasn’t helpin’ her. But she didn’t need someone to coddle her; she would have fallen apart. She had to vent her anger and she did do that.


After Baker was caught and later at the barn when she saw that little filly … he never thought she’d kiss him. She called him Cordell, first time he’d heard her say his given name.


“Cordell … Cordell, sometimes you just amaze me.”


“Well, Alexandra, you’re pretty amazing yourself.” And he stands there with a grin on his face glad that she liked the filly.


She moves up to him, bracing her hands on his chest, and slowly leans in and places her lips lightly against his. A soft whisper of a kiss really, but then sliding one arm behind his neck, she deepens the kiss. Without even thinking, he slides his arms around her waist, pulling her just a little closer.


Then the filly snorted and stomped her foot, pulling them apart, ending the moment. Walker drops his arms, and she backs away. “Thank you, Walker, … you didn’t have to...”


“I know, I wanted to. Come on, C.D.’s ribs aren’t going to wait forever.


Was that another whisper of love?


But that kiss was just a kiss of gratitude, wasn’t it? It didn’t mean anything, did it? She always sits with him at C.D.’s, and she sure is nice to have close by. Their arms or legs touching, and when she leans against him, letting her breast brush across his arm, its all he can do not to take her in his arms and kiss her. He likes her softness. Maybe that’s why the ritual at C.D.’s every night, the chance to spend some extra time around her.


Remembering her birthday, he had kissed her, but they’d had an audience, and getting kidnapped by that cult leader, she kissed him then, too. He never could figure that one out, but he wasn’t going to pass up the chance to kiss her. That one took his breath away. Another whisper of love, maybe?


One thing he knows for sure, at one time the only one he called a close friend was C.D., but now he calls James Trivette a friend and the pretty Alex Cahill, too. But something inside of him wants her to be more than just a friend. The whispers are getting louder.           


He’s had to start wearing trousers rather than his tight jeans, because of the effect she has on him just by looking at him.  He can’t remember the number of times he has come home with a hard on the size of which would make Goliath envious. His electric bill has taken a drastic drop what with all the cold showers.  Cold showers are a norm when he gets home now.


He wonders how long he can take being around her before he takes her in his arms and kisses her, kisses her the way his body wants him to.  But that could blow their friendship right out of the water. He shakes his head, stands and makes his way inside to take his nightly cold shower.




When Alex gets home from C.D.’s she changes into jeans, discards her bra, and puts on a loose baggy shirt, buttons it half way down then ties the tails beneath her breasts.  After getting a soda from the refrigerator, she sits on the couch, curling her legs underneath her, her mind instantly filling with the image of the man that she has just left at C.D.’s.


That man has caused her more frustration than anyone she has ever met. She leans her head back against the couch, remembering the first time she had met him. In the courtroom, she hadn’t made a very good impression on him. But he definitely made one on her. And after that New Year’s eve kiss, that impression had changed considerably. A first whisper!


She had thought him an arrogant, egotistical know-it-all, delighting in causing her a great deal of embarrassment.  But after the kiss, she began paying closer attention to him, listening to people talk about him, and watching him. She found it wasn’t arrogance or ego that drove this man, but self-assurance and pride. Then her feelings for him began to change from indifference to friendship. Another whisper.


But now that’s not enough. She wants something more than just friendship, she wants a relationship. He turns her on with his voice. A voice that has a seductive tone to it, at least it sounds that way when he talks to her. By his laughter, which turns her insides to jelly and one look into his eyes sends her heart racing. Combined they’re a lethal weapon against her senses. She has taken advantage of every opportunity to show him how she feels. A kiss whenever the slightest opening presents itself.  Like the cult incident, that was completely unplanned but she had been so glad to see him and … she really thought he acted like he definitely enjoyed it. The meetings at C.D., making it a point to sit with him, subtle touches with the knee or hand and even brazenly brushing his arm with her breast. At times she has caught him watching her, and at different times he has caught her watching him. So maybe something is building.  When he looks at her the way he sometimes does, she just wants to pull him into a dark corner and kiss him like there’s no tomorrow.  All whispers of love maybe?


She glances at the papers scattered on the coffee table, and realizes that she is about to have Walker on the witness stand again. But this time he will be on the opposite side. “I need to talk to him about this. Wonder if he knows?”  Looking up at the clock on the wall, on sudden impulse she jumps up, grabs her car keys, and takes off out of her apartment, barely taking the time to lock the door.




Alex had wanted to talk to Walker earlier but she could never find the time when he wasn’t busy and vice versa.  And C.D.’s didn’t seem like the proper place.  It isn’t real late so he should still be up. If the house is dark, well … she’ll just come back home and wait till morning.


Seeing a dim light on in his house, she pulls up beside the Ram, and sits quietly for a few minutes, trying to get her thoughts together. Then, afraid he may go to bed if she waits too much longer, she opens the door and as she steps out on the gravel driveway, she realizes that she left home without her shoes. Once she had made up her mind to see Walker, she had left in such a hurry that she had forgotten to put them on. Walking gingerly, she makes her way across the drive and quietly walks up the steps to the porch. Peering in the screen door, she instantly freezes and stares, her mouth dropping open.


He is walking out of the kitchen into the foyer, as naked as the day he was born. His eyes scanning the newspaper that he holds in his hand.


Alex can’t move. She can only stand there and stare. Her heart is beating like a trip hammer. Even as he moves toward her, she remains still. Alex’s eyes takes in every curve of his body, his broad chest, covered in a thick mat of hair that tapers down his flat hard, stomach before widening into a dark nest around his flaccid manhood.


Still unable to move, she feels the sweat trickling down between her breasts, feels it oozing from every pore in her body. She keeps telling herself to move, to back away from the door, because she knows that any minute he’s going to see her, her mind tells her to turn and run, but still she stands there.




That’s what she feels, pure unadulterated lust.


Walker had showered and come downstairs to get the newspaper that he’d brought home with him. Leaving the kitchen to return to his bedroom, he’s looking at that same paper when he senses he’s not alone. Looking toward the door he sees nothing except a dark silhouette but he knows whom it belongs to.


She hears him catch his breath, and a stunned expression crosses his face the same time the flesh between his legs begins to grow. She tries to turn her head away and run but it seems like she is frozen in place.


Alex’s breathing is so fast she’s half-afraid she’s going to pass out. She hears him muttering something, then her name, “ Alex!” She clasps her hands together in front of her, digging her nails into the palms of her hands, hearing more muttering, “What … what are you doing here?”


Her mouth dry, she whispers, “Walker … I’m sorry.”


He moves up in front of her, with only the screen door between them he repeats the question. “Alex, what are you doing here?”


She looks at him with wide rounded eyes, her mouth opens but no words come out.


In a strangled voice, “Dammit, Alex!” He pushes open the screen door and pulls her into the house.


Standing still just inside the door, next to him still naked, she closes her eyes and takes a deep shuddering breath. Which doesn’t help. She just inhales his clean musky, masculine scent into her lungs. Lord, she must have lost her mind to come out here like this.


“Alex look at me,” his voice thick as if he’s been drinking a lot.


She whispers, “I’m … looking,” and as another shudder passes through her, she feels a sudden gush of wetness in her panties.


A soft murmur, “Alex … you should go.”


“I know.” But her legs refuse to comply.


He pulls her into his arms, his lips close to hers, “You know what’s going to happen … if you stay … don’t you?”


Her blood is boiling inside of her, her throat dry, “Yes.” Then his mouth is grinding into hers, hard, but she feels nothing but pleasure, as his lips probe, thrust, and suck until she thinks the top of her head is going to come off.


Alex has never been kissed with such intensity, not even by her ex-husband. She isn’t frightened, although maybe she should be, but instead finds herself returning his passion with a fire of her own. When he pulls back from her, his eyes are ablaze with desire. He doesn’t say a word, he just scoops her up in his arms and carries her up the stairs to the bedroom.


She whimpers when he lays her on the bed, than leans over and covers her lips again with the same intensity as before. Her arms curl around his neck at the same time his hand unties the knot of her shirttails. Then pushing it up, her breasts are right there, in his face. His eyes feast on her rounded flesh then his hand involuntarily covers one, caressing gently.


She moans softly, “Walker…”


“Tell me to stop, Alex … tell me to stop … and I will.” Her answer is to pull his head back down to hers in a long searching kiss. Walker finishes unbuttoning the few remaining buttons and pulls the shirt off, then reaches for the snap on her jeans, shoving them down along with her panties at the same time. Alex hadn’t realized how bad she wanted him until she’d seen him naked.  Now there’s no turning back.


His mouth sought out hers again, her arms come around his shoulders pulling him close, wanting him as close to her as possible, her body aching to feel all of him against her. He willingly moves closer, feeling her breasts pressing into his chest.


His mouth moves to her breast, sucking on a nipple while his hand kneads the other. She cries softly when his mouth moves away, she arches up wanting more. But his mouth moves lower.


She clings to him as he leaves a fiery trail between her breasts, down over her belly stopping at her belly button.


“Walker,” she cries as his tongue spears into that tiny indention, time and time again, as his hand inches lower, to cover the soft nest of curls at the apex of her thighs.  She moans as the hand stops, her hips become restless, twisting. His hand slowly begins rubbing ever so lightly, up and down, then around, the fire inside her becoming like a roaring furnace.


“Please … Walker.” Begging him to put the fire out that is running rampant inside her. She can feel him lying against her leg, hot, throbbing but he still holds back. She wants him inside her to fill the emptiness that his touch has created. But he still continues only to touch, to kiss, to nibble till she thinks she going to die.


Then his fingers touch her there, finding her already wet for him.


Her hips arch up, her eyes open, focusing on him, their gazes lock, then he looks away and lowers his head and dips his tongue into her hot moistness.  “Oh … God…” she cries, burying her fingers in his hair as he carries her to delicious highs, highs she never even knew existed.


Then he moves over her, spreading her thighs, she arches up and when she does, he plunges into her, taking her breath away. He is so big, so hard, but so tender as he moves inside of her, filling her. But as desire rises, the pace increases, the strokes become deeper, harder, giving her the ride of her life.


Their cries of ecstasy mingle as simultaneously, their body’s stiffen, they clutch at each other, riding the wave over the crest together then slowly drifting back to earth.


Finally, he moves off of her, but keeps her in his arms. “Alex,” he whispers.


“Shh … don’t say anything. Not yet.”


He touches her lips with his fingers, “Alex…”


“Walker if you say you’re sorry, I’ll never speak to you again.” She says as she buries her face in his neck.


He tightens his arms and murmurs in her ear, “Never, I have been through hell, wanting this to happen so there is no way I'm sorry.”  Brushing his lips against hers, he continues, “Alex, you saw me ... at the door … um … excited ... at seeing you...” he looks into her eyes, seeing that she understands what he's getting at. “When I touched you...here...” his hand reaches down to cup her again, “...you were ready for me … already wet, wanting me too...”


“Yes,” she says shyly. “When I … saw you … at the door. I … knew I couldn’t leave.”


“I’m glad.  But … I didn’t use anything, what if…”


“Oh … ah … I’m sure it’s all right.”


“But … if…?”


“Wrong time of the month. I’m sure it’s okay.”  Feeling his hands caressing her neck, her cheek, she lifts her head, his lips just inches from hers. Her fingers touch his lips just before they close over hers. As his mouth works over hers, his tongue slips between her lips, touching hers, wrapping around hers, stirring up sparks of desire. She arches up, pressing her breasts into his chest. His body sizzles when he feels her nipples jabbing into him. She moans softly against his lips as she feels his hands parting her thighs. She circles his hips with her legs as he pushes into her heated flesh.


She opens her eyes, and he sees himself reflected in their depths, and his pace increases until with a shuddering sigh, he empties into her. Feeling the spasms claim her body, he folds himself around her, holding her like he’s never going to let her go.


Later, their bodies lying entwined on the sweat dampened sheets, she murmurs softly, “I need to get back.”


“Why?”  Not wanting to let go of the delicious feeling of having her in is arms, naked.


“It wouldn’t do for me to be seen stumbling in to my apartment in the wee hours of the morning.”


“You could wait and stumble in after the sun comes up.” Nuzzling his face into her hair. Then as a thought crosses his mind, “Why did you come out here, Alex? Surely not … for this?”


“No, not really. But unconsciously I think I was hoping.” She pushes back from him and sits up, drawing the sheet up to cover her breasts.  “I wanted to find out if you knew about the court case coming up next week. Wanted to make sure you knew we were going to be on different sides this time.”


He scoots up till he’s sitting with his back propped against the headboard of the bed, “Yes, I knew. Will this … make a difference to you?”


“I hope not. You will tell the truth won’t you?”


“Always. And you won’t pull any punches?”


“You know better.” She smiles softly, “Good, I’m glad that’s settled.”


“I may look at you with desire in my eyes but I’ll answer all questions truthfully.”


She lays her head on his stomach, hiding her eyes, “Walker, please don’t do that to me. I’ll never be able to concentrate if you do that.”


“I’ll behave myself, if you will.” Lifting her head, she gives him a questioning look. “Don’t run your tongue around your lips, it gives me … ideas.”


She lies her head back down on his belly and stares down the length of him, at his manhood, lying soft in a nest of curls, at his muscled thighs, the firm calves, even his feet look sexy. But her eyes are drawn back to that part of him that makes him male. Tentatively, she reaches out her hand, touching him with her finger. Fascinated, she watches as it slowly wakes. She touches him again, and right before her eyes, it continues to become larger, thicker, longer. Looking at it now in all its glory, she wonders how she was ever able to accept it inside her without pain. Remembering him deep inside her, she reaches out and wraps her tiny hand around it. It jerks, throbbing with life, she rubs her thumb across the end of it, then rising over him she lowers her head, and licks away the pearly drop that has oozed out. Hearing a ragged groan from Walker, she continues to seduce him, letting her tongue lick down the length of him before sheathing him with her mouth.  She lowers her head slowly then pulls back only to repeat the action.


Walker’s control is on a tight rein, not wanting to end this delicious torment. When she lowers her head again, his hips rise up off the bed, his control slipping fast. When she cups the soft sac that nests between his legs, he groans, as she softly squeezes, at the same time her mouth is taking him to heaven. He reaches down to touch her head, wanting her to stay but wanting her to leave, his body is in a turmoil. He slides his hand down her body to touch her, and finds her moist, dripping. He draws back, slides down in the bed and pulls her up beside him, lifting her leg over his hip, he slides into her easily.


Her body begins moving against him, her hips thrusting, joining his rhythm as they move together, feeling the growing need to find release. The pace becomes frenzied as desire builds to an intolerable level.  He feels Alex trembling as intense spasms rack her body, then unable to hold back any longer, he shudders against her convulsively, his breathing harsh gasps, his heart hammering against her own as he spills his seed inside her.


Several long minutes later, she becomes aware of his warm body beside her, his arms wrapped protectively around her. She snuggles closer wishing this time would never end, but knows she needs to leave, to return home. She struggles to a sitting position, leans over and kisses his cheek.  He grabs her arm, preventing her from standing. “Please, Walker, I really do need to go.” He draws her toward him, kisses her softly, and whispers “When will I see you again?”


She replies, “I don’t know … soon.” He then releases her arm.  She stands and quickly dresses. Then giving him one last look and a soft smile, she leaves the room.


Just before she gets into her car she looks up and sees his silhouette in the window. She lifts her hand in answer to his small wave, then gets in her car and drives away.




The next morning when Alex returns to work, her step is lighter and her heart is full, wanting to see Walker again, though it’s only been a few hours since she’s left him. But as she sits down at her desk and picks up the file on the upcoming trial, it’s then she realizes that she can’t see Walker again, at least not till after the trial. She doesn’t want anything to happen that would give the judge or the defense attorney reason to call for a mistrial.


She stands and moves to the window, staring out over the city. ‘We can’t get together again, providing he wants to, till after this trial is over, one weeks, two weeks at the most.  First chance I get I’ll have to tell him.’


She didn’t even see him, let alone talk to him until she goes to C.D.’s on her lunch break. And she almost misses him then, as she is starting out the door when he and Trivette come in.


“Counselor, how’s it going?”


“Fine, Jimmy.”  He leaves Walker and Alex at the door and goes up to the bar.


“Alex … how are you?”


“I’m fine. You?”


Two men come in the door and tip their hats to her, and Walker waits till they out of earshot before answering. “I’m okay.”


“Walker, I’ve got to go, I’ve got a meeting.”


He lays his hand on her arm, stopping her, his voice a soft whisper, “When can I see you again?”


Her eyes lock on his, “I need to talk to you about that. Later this afternoon, at my office?” She pauses, sees his reaction, knowing she was short with him. She’d explain to him later. “Please … later.” She turns and walks out the door.


He stands there, looking after her. “What the hell was that?”


That afternoon is miserable for both of them. Walker, because he couldn’t understand her terse message, coming up with all kinds of reasons for it, and all of them bad. And Alex, because she knew that she had been in such a hurry, fear of being seen whispering together, that her cryptic words left him wondering.


As soon as he knows she is back from the meeting, he storms into her office, makes sure no one is with her, then shoves her office door open and goes in, demanding an explanation.


Alex jumps when the door slams open, and seeing the anger in his eyes, she smiles and comes around the desk to close the door. “Well … you coming in here like that, is exactly what I wanted.”


The rage that has been building all afternoon is losing some of its fire at seeing her smiling at him.


“Alex, would you please tell me what’s going…”


“Please, I know I didn’t exactly give you a clear message but I didn’t want anyone to see us whispering together like…”


He pulls her into his arms and murmurs, “Like lovers?”


A whisper, “Yes.” Her eyes close at his penetrating gaze.


“Alex … are we?”


Here head comes up, eyes soft, listening to her heartbeat thumping loudly in her ears as the implication of his words. “No … once doesn’t make … us lovers.”


“Not once Alex ... three times.” he murmurs.


“Three times, but one night.”


“Is this why you wanted to see me?”


She looks at him, puzzled, then shakes her head and says, “No … I wanted to tell you that from now till after the trial at least, we … shouldn’t see each other.”


“Because we’re on opposite sides of the fence, so to speak.”


“Yes … so there’s no chance of the judge or the defense attorney claiming conflict of interests.” She watches him as he digests the information and can tell he isn’t happy about it. “By rights, I should back away from this case, but I think I can still do my job without any bias.  Do you understand why it has to be this way?”


“Not really. You know I’m not going to lie, Alex.”


“I know that, Walker. But not everyone knows you like … I do.” The last two words come out in a whisper.


He tightens his arms around her, brings his lips close to hers, “And I’d like for you to get to know me better.” He drops his lips over hers in a soft tender kiss. He steps back from her and says, “I take it our staying apart … starts now.”


“Yes … I’m afraid so.” He kisses her lightly and with a soft smile on his lips he walks out the door.




Leaving her office, he makes his way back into Ranger Headquarters and to his desk back in the corner. Sitting down he picks up a folder, his eyes look at the words but his mind is else where. It finally happened. Alex has come into his life big time, and he can’t even see her.  His thoughts are playing havoc with his body. Wanting her, but knowing he couldn’t have her. Remembering the night they’d had together, he couldn’t get the image out of his mind, of her lying naked beneath him, or the way she had responded to him, her mouth on him, her kisses, and the way she felt in his arms. He wasn’t sure he could wait two days let alone a week. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could at least see her, talk to her, but even that could be misconstrued. So it is best to go cold turkey.




After Walker leaves her office, Alex is wondering if all of this is really necessary. But this is an important case.  A man was murdered during a robbery. And three witnesses at the scene have identified Roger Harding, as the man responsible. An APB was issued and he was picked up as he walked out of C.D.’s just 30 minutes later.


He also had the best alibi any one could want. It was none other, then Texas Ranger Cordell Walker.


When Alex found out that Walker was going to be the alibi for the suspected murderer, she was flabbergasted.  She knows Walker wouldn’t lie and but the three witnesses that saw the murder are very adamant about the identity of the killer. And the bad part; she can’t ask Walker to help her straighten this out.




Trivette is sitting in front of his computer but he is watching his partner.  When his phone rings, he notices that Walker doesn’t even react. Picking it up, “Trivette,”


(“Jimmy, Alex … I need to talk to you.”)


“Hello Alex,” he automatically turns toward Walker, “Oh, okay.” When he says her name, he has Walker’s undivided attention. “Ah … What can I do for you.”


(“I take it you’ve heard about Walker being a witness for the defense of Roger Harding, my murder suspect?”)


“Yes, that’s wild ain’t it?” His eye is on Walker, who seems to be very interested in his call.


(“You don’t know the half of it.”)


“Oh! What’s the other half that I need to know?”


(“Jimmy, I need someone to check out this Roger Harding from the time he was born, till now. And I can’t ask Walker. Do you … think you could run a check on Harding for me without running everything through  … Walker first?”)


He swivels his chair around with his back to Walker, his voice lowers, “Alex, you know that Walker won’t lie on the stand.”


(“I know that Jimmy, but in this case Walker is a civilian, not a Texas Ranger. I cannot have him work on a case where he is the star witness for the other side.”)


“Yeah, you’re right.  Well, sure, I guess I can do it Alex, I’ll get started right away.”


(“I know this puts you in an awkward position. But I know Walker doesn’t lie, and I have three very reliable witnesses that say he is. So there is only one other possibility”)


“Ah … I got you. Okay, I’ll see what I can dig up. As soon as I find out anything, I’ll get back to you.”


(“Thanks Jimmy. And Jimmy, would you work on this as fast as possible? This is … very important to me.”)


He hangs up the phone and swivels around to look at Walker, who shifts his eyes back to the file in his hand. Jimmy stands and walks over to his desk, propping his hip up on the corner.


“Walker, I’ve never done anything behind your back and I won’t now. I … want you to know that Alex has asked me to help with the investigation on the Harding case.”


“That’s all right, Trivette. Since I can’t, I’d rather it be you. Do your best for her.  And uh, Trivette...you should probably get it done as soon as possible.”  At Trivette's raised eyebrow, “I'm sure Alex would want you to.”


“Oh … well … I will and I’ll start right away.”


With less than a week before the trial starts, Trivette spends as much time as he can, digging into Roger Harding’s life. Whenever he finds anything he takes it to Alex. With every new lead he follows it till it either ends or branches off in a different direction.


On Friday night Alex is working late going over everything she has, making sure she hasn’t overlooked any thing. With exhaustion setting in, she takes a file over to the couch and sits down.  Kicking her shoes off she pull her feet up under her, then opens the file, only to throw it down on the floor.


Restless, she stands and moves to the window, looking out over the twinkling lights of Dallas at night. As she stares out into the dark, she suddenly feels him. Turning slowly, she sees him standing just inside the door. “Walker,” she says softly, “you shouldn’t be here.”


“I know, but I had to see you. I knew you were still here, and I was … worried about you.” He doesn’t move closer.


“I’m all right, just going over my files.”


“Well … since you’re all right … I’ll go…”


She takes a step closer, her hand reaching out, “Please … don’t go. I mean … I haven’t seen you all week. Not even at C.D.’s. I hope you haven’t been sick.”


“No, just figured it would be better for both of us if I just stayed out of sight.” He inhales deeply, her essence filling his senses, his soul.


She smiles softly. “Is it working?”


He takes a step closer, “No, not one bit.”


The longing they have for one another is showing in their eyes. Desire is evident between them, sizzling like water popping on hot oil. He reaches out for her, then drops his hands to his side. She takes another step then stops, what is it about this man that makes her heart pound and her palms sweat. No other man has ever affected her in such a strong sexual way. She knows she should insist that he go, but she doesn’t want him to. Meeting like this was forbidden, by her own decree, she said they should not get together until after the trial.


“I … should go.” But he doesn’t move.


“Yes … I know.” But she steps closer. Her voice breathy, “I wish you wouldn’t look at me like that?”


“Like how.” His voice ragged.


“Like … you know.”


“Like I want to kiss you? Like I want to make love to you?” He slips his arms around her waist pulling her closer. His hand lifts, letting his knuckles graze down the side of her cheek. His voice lowers, “I want you.” Unconsciously, her gaze drifts below his belt line, when her head comes back up faster then it went down, he murmurs softly, “See what you do to me?”


“You’re awful,” she mutters.


“I know.” He pulls her closer and lowers his head, covering her lips in a sweet, tender kiss. But before he can pull back, Alex circles his neck with her arms, deepening the kiss. He pulls her arms from her around his neck, and steps back, holding on to her hands. “I better go, there’s a DA that prowls this building just looking for people … like us.” He raises her hands to his lips, kisses them softly than releasing them, he opens the door and backs out of the room.


As the door swings shut, Alex is jarred back to the present. One word sums it all. “Damn!”




After a miserable weekend, Monday morning arrives and the trial of Roger Harding begins. Spreading her papers out on the table, she takes a quick glance around the room but doesn’t see Walker. Relieved, she sits down, smiles weakly at her assistant, and waits for the judge to enter the courtroom.


After the preliminaries are out of the way, and it has been established that a murder was committed during an attempted robbery, Alex brings her fist witness to the stand. After he is sworn in, “Mr. Lansing, can you tell me where you were at 10:00 on the morning of May 14th of this year?”


“Yes, I was at the Scanlon jewelry store to buy my wife an anniversary gift.”


“Can you tell us what happened while you were there?’


“I was looking at a bracelet when a man came into the store, waving a gun around. When the manager reached for the phone, this … this thug … shot him. He forced all of us back into a corner, and proceeded to smash the glass cases and take the jewelry. He told us not to open the door for twenty minutes or we’d get our head blown off.”


“Did you get a good look at this man?”


“Yes, ma’am, I sure did. At one time he was as close to me as you are right now.” 


“Do you see that man in this courtroom, Mr. Lansing, and if you do would you point him out.”


“Yes, ma’am. I sure do.” And pointing at the defendant, “That’s him right there.”


“Let the records show that Mr. Lansing is pointing at Roger Harding, the man accused of murdering the manager of Scanlon Jewelry Store.”


She turns to the defense attorney, “Your witness.” Then as she turns to sit down she notices Walker sitting in the back of the courtroom. Her heartbeat accelerates.


“Mr. Lansing, are you positive that this is the man you saw shoot the manager and rob the jewelry store.”


“I am!”


“No more questions.” Stunned that the defense attorney only asked the one question, Alex brings up the next two witnesses who testify with the same intensity that the first had.  The defense had no questions of these two witnesses, either.


She then called the police officer to the stand that had arrested Harding as he was leaving C.D.’s. The officer stated that Harding offered no resistance and he was not armed.


When the defense attorney said he had no questions, Alex stood, saying, “The prosecution rests, Your Honor.” And he in turn, called for the noon recess. Court would resume at 2:00p.m.


She takes her time gathering her papers, wanting to make sure Walker is gone before she leaves. She definitely isn’t looking forward to cross-examining him on the stand. The trial is going faster than she had anticipated. The defense attorney wasn’t helping by letting everything go so easy. She had expected him to try and discredit her witnesses but he hadn’t. Which means he must be awfully sure of his case. And why not?  Cordell Walker is his main witness. If you lived anywhere in Texas you knew of him, of his reputation. If worse comes to worse, she will get a locked jury. But more than likely the jury will believe Walker over her witnesses, but she really believes Harding is guilty. But proving it isn’t going to be easy.


When Alex enters C.D.’s she sees Walker and Trivette sitting at the bar. Not wanting to have a confrontation with him now, she picks out an empty booth in the back to be by herself. Ordering a lunch she knew she could not eat, she sips on the coffee that C.D. had sent over for her. Sitting quietly, she keeps her eyes on the table not wanting to meet Walker’s gaze. She feels like she is strung up between two forces. One pulling her toward her responsibility to the state and the law, and the other pulling her toward the man that has finally opened up to her.


Sensing someone sitting down across from her, she raises her head and opens her eyes. Seeing Trivette, she lets out a long breath. “Jimmy.”


“Counselor, how are you? Don’t mean to be disrespectful … but you look like hell.”


“Thanks, Jimmy. That’s what I really needed to hear.”


“I’m sorry, Alex. The trial’s not going so good, huh?”


“That’s stating it mildly. It isn’t going at all. It looks like I’m going to be cross-examining Walker this afternoon.”


“Oh ho…”


“Yeah, exactly.”


“Alex, I didn’t want to say anything until I had something definitely to tell you, but I think you need something positive to think about.”

“What, Jimmy, have you found something? Is it what I suspected?”


“We’ll know soon. I’m waiting on a fax to come in that might be an answer to your dilemma.”


“Will you bring it to me in the courtroom as soon as possible?”


“You can count on it.”


“Well, I’ve got to get back.” She stands and lays her hand on Jimmy’s, squeezing it slightly. “Thanks, Jimmy.” Then, with one quick glance at Walker, she leaves the bar and grill.


When court adjourns, Alex is sitting at the prosecutor’s table, supposedly reading the file in front of her on the table but she is trying to block out her feelings for Walker, she needs to concentrate on this trial and what she has to do.


“Are you ready to proceed with the defense Mr. Ross?”


“We’re ready your honor. We call Ranger Cordell Walker to the stand.”  Alex takes a deep breath and watches as he moves up to the bench and is sworn in and sits down.


“Ranger Walker, can you tell the court where you were on the morning of May 14 of this year.”


“I was at C.D.’s Bar and Grill next to the stockyards.”


“What time did you arrive?”


“Around 9:30.”


“When you came in did you see Mr. Roger Harding there also?”


“I did. He was sitting in a booth by himself.”


“Can you tell me when Mr. Harding left the bar?”


“He left about 10:30. I noticed at that time two patrolmen took him into custody.”


“All yours, Ms Cahill.” Ross gives her a slick smile and sits down next to his client.


Alex looks up at Walker, seated in the witness chair, and the look he gives her is all business. No sign that he is thinking of anything but the matter at hand. Standing, she walks up to within six feet in front of him.


“Ranger Walker, you say Roger Harding was in the Bar and Grill when you arrived?”


“Yes, he was.”


“What was there about this man that drew your attention?  What made you notice him?”


“The fact that he was the only one there besides C.D.”


“C.D. being the owner of the establishment, right?”




“And you sat and watched this man, say from 9:30 when you arrived till he left at 10:30.”


“I wasn’t watching him. He was in my line of vision, if he had moved I would have noticed.”


“You sat in the same spot the whole time you were there?”


“I was having a late breakfast and talking to C.D. I don’t make a habit of walking around while I’m eating.”


“Mr. Harding never got up once, not even to go to the restroom, the whole time he was there?”


“No, he never left the booth for any reason while I was there.”


She turns back to the table, and thumbs through the papers there, stalling for time.


“Ms Cahill?”


“Ah … yes, your honor.” She straightens up and turns back to face Walker when the courtroom doors open. She swings around, and seeing Trivette, looks up at the judge, “May I have a moment, Your Honor?”


“Make it fast, Ms Cahill.”


Alex meets Trivette at her table where he hands her a single sheet of paper which she scans quickly.  Inside she is turning cartwheels but outside her expression never changes. She breathes, “Thank God.” Looks up in to Jimmy’s face, “Thank you, Jimmy, I owe you big time.”


“Ms Cahill, are you finished with this witness?”


“Ah … No, Your Honor. I do have a few more questions.” She turns to face her friend, and most recently, her lover, “Ranger Walker, how long have you been a Texas Ranger?”


His eyes jerk up to hers, he sits up straighter in the chair. “Around fifteen years.” He looks at her like ‘What’s this got to do with anything?’


“And you’ve built up a reputation for yourself haven’t you. A reputation of honesty, fairness, and trust?” She can see the lines around his eyes harden.


“I don’t lie, if that’s what you’re getting at.”


“That’s exactly what I’m getting at. You’re a man of integrity, Ranger Walker, so not many people would accuse you of lying, am I right?”


“No, I suppose not.” His eyes were steely, lines showing around his hard-set lips, anger building.


“I take it, you frequent C.D.’s fairly often, am I right?”


“Yes … I…”


“And to the best of your recollection have you ever seen this man in there before?”


“No, but I don’t see everyone that come into C.D.’s. I don’t know this man at all, but I do know that he was in C.D.’s until 10:30.  I do not lie!”


“I’m sure of that, but what better place to go if you wanted to have Ranger Cordell Walker as you’re alibi. A man that would not lie on the stand for any reason.”


“I do not lie!”


“I’m sure you don’t, Ranger Walker,” her eyes soften, catching him off guard. “But I’m positive that my witnesses didn’t either.”


“Then … there’s only one other … explanation!”


“Exactly!” She turns her back to him, “Jimmy…”


Jimmy signals the officer at the door and he opens it … and, except for the clothes, an exact copy of Roger Harding is escorted into the courtroom.


Pandemonium breaks loose in the courtroom and it takes the judge several minutes to bring order back to the proceedings.


Finally, Alex turns back to face Walker. Her voice softer, “Ranger Walker, you weren’t lying and neither were my witnesses. This was an elaborate set up to provide an alibi for the twin of Roger Harding, in case he was seen pulling off this robbery.  He just didn’t count on the diligence of the state to ferret out the real truth.”


Alex looks up at the judge who is watching her with something akin to admiration. “Your Honor, I would like have the charges dropped against Roger Harding and refile charges against Roger Harding and his twin David Harding for their duplicity in the crime of robbery and murder.”


He pounds his gavel down hard, and says. “Any objections by the defense?” Without waiting to hear any, “I thought not. Officer, lock these two up until a new court date is set.” Pounds his gavel once more, “Case dismissed.”  He comes out from behind the bench to leave the courtroom and pauses, looks back at Alex and says, “Good job. Damn good job.” He does leave the room then.


With everyone crowding around her, Walker makes his way to the doors. Standing at the back of the room he watches her, proud of the way she had pulled this off. ‘It was a damn good job.’ Then he frowns, ‘But did she have to make me look like a fool?’


Alex glances up looking for Walker, wanting to share her victory with him. She finally spots him at the door. His face hard, angry and her victory becomes trivial as she watches him stalk out of the courtroom. 


Hurriedly stuffing her papers into her briefcase, she excuses herself from the crowd surrounding her and quickly makes her way out of the courtroom.  Exiting the courtroom doors she looks up and down the hallway, looking for Walker.  Spying him heading for the stairway, she runs after him calling, “Walker! .... Walker!”


 She knows he had to have heard her, but he doesn't turn around.   Instead, he jerks the stairway door open and she hears it slamming against the wall as he disappears into the stairwell.  By the time she makes it to the stairway he is at the door at the bottom.  She calls out to him again as she runs down the stairs, her voice echoing, bouncing off the concrete walls.  Still he doesn't stop, but barges out the door at the bottom. When Alex finally runs out the same door, she is relieved to see that Captain Price has stopped Walker.  She slows to a walk as she waits for him to finish his conversation, reaching his side as Price turns to head into the courthouse.  Nodding hello to the Captain, she lays her hand on Walker's arm, “Walker, we need to talk,” she says softly.


He fixes her with his hard steely gaze. “No, we don't,” he says evenly before stalking to his truck, parked at the curb.


Undaunted by the anger in his tone and eyes, Alex goes after him, right on his heels. “Damn it, Walker, yes we do!” she exclaims, her voice rising.


Walker moves around to the driver’s side of his truck. Knowing he will get in and drive off without talking to her, Alex runs to the passenger door as he moves around to the drivers side, getting in and sitting down before he has opened his own door.  He glances at her as he gets in, his eyes dark with simmering anger. “Alex! Please get out!”


Holding her ground, Alex fixes him with a cold blue eyed frosty gaze, her mouth set ... challenging him.  She isn't leaving him until he talks to her.  Her response to him is to reach for the seatbelt, fastening it as he stares hard at her.


“Fine.” he mutters, starting the truck and peeling away from the curb.


For several minutes neither speak.  The air is so thick with tension that it could have been cut with a knife.  Walker stares straight ahead, his mind going over the cross examination bit by bit, Alex stares out the passenger side window, fuming over Walker's attitude, but reluctant to speak to him until he calms down.  Noticing they are driving out of town, toward his ranch, she thinks over her cross examination of him and can find nothing out of the ordinary in what she had asked him, or her tone, though she had known he was getting upset answering the questions.  She thought how her gut twisted, her heart constricting, when he had looked at her with anger

in his eyes, shouting, ‘I don't lie!’  Finally, unable to stand the stony silence, she turns in his direction.  “Walker...”


“How could you do that to me?!” Walker shouted, causing Alex to startle.


“Do what?” she asks, starting to seethe, “I was doing my job!” she shouts back.


“When did it become your job to call me a liar?!”


Taken back by his accusation that she had called him a liar, she sits there stunned.  Not saying anything, she turns back to the window, staring out, mouth still open in shock.  She knows he is angry that he had been fooled, and that she had brought that out in open court, but she had had no choice.  She also knows that it is his foolish stubborn pride that is getting in the way of him being sensible...but that doesn't give him the right to accuse her of calling him a liar!  She would NEVER do such a thing and he knows that.


Breathing deeply to keep herself calm, she turns to him again. “Walker, I didn’t accuse you of lying...”


Walker opens his mouth and begins to hotly object, “You...” but is interrupted by Alex.


“NO! You know darn well that I would NEVER accuse you of lying! And if you think back in that hardheaded skull of yours you’d know I’m right!”


“Alex...” his voice still has an edge to it.


“Stop!” Then softening her voice, “Before you say another word I want you to think back on what happened ... what was said ... in the courtroom.”  She is breathing heavily now, out of breath from her own anger and trying to reason with the stubborn cowboy she has fallen in love with.


Turning his head, he glances at Alex. Mistake. Big mistake! Big Huge Mistake! The first thing his eyes catch are her legs … and wouldn’t you know she’d be wearing a short skirt that day. Immediately his body begins to respond. He quickly turns back to the road, taking his mind off her legs by thinking back to Roger and David Harding.


They rode the rest of the way to the ranch in silence, Walker gripping the steering wheel tightly, thinking back to all the questions she had asked him. He knows she hadn’t accused him of lying, and also knows she never would ... but when he thinks about the punch she pulled ... bringing in Roger Harding’s twin, and it makes him even more angry.


By the time Walker pulls the Ram into the driveway, his anger is back. He gets out of the truck and stalks toward the house without looking back at Alex.


“Damn it,” Alex mutters as she quickly gets out of the truck and runs after him.  She catches up with him in the foyer, grabbing his arm with both hands to stop him. “Walker!” He turns finally to look at her. “Talk to me, please.”


“You said you wouldn’t pull any punches!” he says, still obviously angry.


“And I didn’t!” She steps back from him, moving away from him in frustration.  Turning back around she throws up her arms. “I promised you I wouldn’t pull any punches, and I meant it.”  Seeing that he is listening, she continues in a softer tone. “What I had suspected about Roger Harding wasn’t confirmed until Jimmy brought that paper to me in the courtroom.”


“Why didn’t you tell me what you suspected?!”


“Walker! I couldn’t talk to you about the case ahead of time! You know that!”


“Of course I know it!” he shouts, angrier with himself now than at her. He is acting like a heel and he knows it. Not only has he wrongly accused her of calling him a liar, but he has also accused her of throwing a curve at him while he was on the witness stand.


“Then why are you still yelling at me?!” Her shout matching his.


“I’m not!” He paused, realizing his mistake immediately, “Okay, so I am!”


She glares at him, angry that he is still yelling at her yet knowing that he isn’t mad at her anymore ... she can see it in his eyes. The electric sparks flying off her frosty blue eyes are making the hair on the back of his neck stand up.


“Well...I’m sorry!” his voice dropping a degree lower, his eyes softening.


“I know you are!” Her voice softening, more sparks flying.


“And I love you!” His words take both of them by surprise. They were on the tip of his tongue for so long, unable to come out ... until now.  Might have been the anger, heck … might have been the sparks flying.


Alex stands rooted to the spot, eyes still blazing wide, but now a deep shade of blue. His words begin to sink in, and her eyes began to water. “Well, I love you, too!” she exclaims before they came together in a heated rush.


His mouth comes down over hers, hard, forceful, grinding into hers. Her ardor matching his, then just as suddenly, his lips soften, his touch gentles. Then she feels the wet velvet thrust of his tongue parting her lips, wider, until it is nestled deep inside her mouth, where it explores hungrily.


She can feel his kiss all over her body, in her breasts, which tighten and tingle, in her womanhood where hot sensations are building to an explosive level.


When he presses his hard arousal against her middle, she realizes that she is moist and aching with a need for him. Moaning softly, she melts against him, as her arms move up his chest, her hands clasp behind his neck.


Leaving her lips he trails kisses down her neck to the vee of her blouse, his hand cups her breast, kneading, his fingers rub over the hidden nipples then his mouth covers it and he sucks first one then the other, leaving damp circles on her shirt. 


Passion is riding high in both of them, brought on by the forced separation or maybe even the shifting from anger to desire. Whatever it is, they feel the tide of release carrying them to the edge.  Walker fumbles with her skirt drawing it up to her waist and as he slides her pantyhose down, Alex is working on his pants, pulling the zipper down then pushing his jeans and his shorts down over his hips.  Breathlessly whispering, “Hurry … hurry.”


He lifts her up, walking her back up against the wall, as she wraps her legs around him, he lowers her down onto his throbbing shaft.  With his hands gripping her bottom, she begins grinding her hips against him as he drives up into her. With the wave of ecstasy carrying them over the edge, Walker drives hard as Alex’s legs tighten around him. Burying his head against her breast, he tightens his arms around her waist as his legs give and they slide down to the floor.


As their senses slowly return, “Are you … alright? I … didn’t hurt you?”


She slides her hands down his cheeks, kisses him softly, and murmurs, “No … you didn’t hurt me.”


He brushes his fingers across the whisker burn next to her mouth, “I was to rough … I’m sorry.”


“Walker, stop saying you’re sorry. I’m fine.” She lays her head next to his, “but we’d better get up before your legs get cramped.”


“I’m fine.” He says as he lifts her off and stands pulling her into a tight embrace. “I didn’t want it to be like this. I am sorry about that.”


“Darling, if you say, ‘I’m sorry’ one more time, I’m gonna…”


“Gonna what,” he brushed several light kisses across her lips, then parts them gently with his tongue, moving it in and out of her mouth until she arches her body into his, her hands gripping his shoulders for support.


Whispering softly into her hair, “Alex, this time we’ll do it right … in bed.” Sliding his arm around her waist he guides her up the stairs and into his bedroom.


Coming in behind her, he whispers in her ear, “I want to undress you.” His lips leave a trail of fire across her neck as he slips her jacket back off her shoulders, tossing it onto a chair. The blouse is the next to go.


His fingers lightly skim across her soft skin, the touches sending shuddering bolts of electricity through her body. He nibbles at her ear while his fingers seek and find the zipper to her skirt, it falls to the floor at her feet.  With his lips dusting lightly across her shoulders, he slowly turns her around.


He looks into her glazed filled eyes, and lowers his lips to hers, touching lightly, then the passion he feels flows from his lips to hers. The kiss deepens, his tongue explores her mouth, then she is naked, her slip in a pool at her feet, her bra and panties on the floor.


In a soft whisper, “You are so beautiful.” His eyes caressing every inch of her, from the tip of her toes to the top of her head.  Following his eyes, she looks down at herself, his hand resting on her hip. Her breasts are already full, swollen with passion, they swell even more with him just looking at her. In all her years, she never thought she could want a man so much. The site of his body, broad shoulders, his chest covered in a soft curly mat of hair that tapers down over his stomach to join the thatch around his manhood is so erotic to her. The sight of him is so erotic that it leaves a raging heat between her legs. Looking at his hands  … wanting him to touch her there.


Still starring at her breasts, he lifts his hand and touches her nipple with his finger. The sensation that shoots through her is unbelievable. She moans softly, but when his finger moves to the other nipple, barely touching, she cries out. Touch me, her body cries, kiss me, make love to me. She reaches up, takes his hand in hers and slides it down over her stomach, placing it over the pulsating ache between her legs.


His finger touches her, she feels a gush of wetness, jerking violently, her knees give and she starts to fall. He catches her and carries her to the bed, falling across it with her.  His mouth covers hers as his hand slides down to cover the light triangle of hair between her legs. Her hips moving slowly under his hand, wanting more. When he touches her, she cries out as his fingers slide into her, and her body shudders as an orgasm races through her.


As she returns to a calmer state, she feels his soft caresses down her back. His voice ragged, “Touch me, Alex.”


Her hands move up, letting her fingers glide over his face, his chest, letting her fingers comb through the hair, rolling his nipples between her thumb and forefinger, feels them harden.  Sliding her fingers lower, following the tapering hair down to the nest surrounding his manhood. She softly strokes the velvet length before closing her hand around him.


Walker yells.


Alex screams.


Walker bolts upright in bed, his face contorted in agony.


“Oh, God!” She cries out as she pulls her hand away from him. “What did I do, Walker? Walker? What’s wrong?”


“My … leg.” He falls back against the pillow, rolling from side to side, grabbing at his leg.


“Your … leg?”


“I’ve … got a … cramp … in the calf of my leg.  Agh! Damn that hurts.”


Sympathizing with him but relieved to know she hadn’t caused his agonizing injury she moves over and begins massage the offending muscle.


“Ahh … it’s loosening up. God that hurt.” He says as he begins moving his foot, flexing the muscle that tightened on him at the most inopportune time.


He pulls her back into his arms, “What a time for that to happen…”


“I know.  When you hollered like that, I nearly had a heart attack.  I thought I’d hurt your…”


“Alex, you thought you…” He erupted into a fit of laughter as he tightened his arm around her. Finally the laughter subsides and he wipes the tears from his eyes, “I’m sorry Alex, but if you had hurt my … my agony would have been a lot worse than what you just saw.”  After another fit of laughter, “I guess our …ah ... previous encounter … downstairs, was the reason, for my leg cramping.”


“Are you alright now?”


Flexing his foot, “Yes, it’s fine.” His mouth close to her ear, “Alex, can you ever forgive me for acting like a total ass?”


“Walker … please don’t…”

“No, let me finish. I’m really sorry for my behavior. You didn’t make me look like a fool. I did that all on my own by … raining on your beautiful victory. For not knowing till the last minute you pulled it off beautifully. And I was then and I am now … very proud of you.”  He tilts her head up and softly kisses her.


Breathlessly she murmurs, “Thank you, darling. I just glad it’s over.”


“Me, too. I don’t think I could have taken being away from you much longer.”


“Really?” She rolls over on top of him. “Then why don’t we finish … what your screams of agony interrupted.” She lowers her mouth to his in a deep sensuous kiss.


A breathless murmurs against her lips, “Let’s turn them … into screams of … ecstasy.”


“Umm …”


A soft whisper, “Alex, does this mean … that we’re lovers now?”




The End



(Is it better with or without the “Ahhhhh…………..” Jen)