White Eagle's Destiny


Chapter I

            Walker watches as the old man caresses his daughter. The old man is gentle, though his hands are rough from the many harsh winters and summers that he has endured. Still the man 's eyes look only at Angela, seeing now a blur of the child's face, the auburn hair and those piercing blue eyes.
            The old man hums a soft chant, the child watches him, her eyes watching his every move. She tries to reach out to the braided hair that holds feathers; she touches them, pulling her hand back quickly like she's not too sure she wants to feel them after all. The old man smiles at her, and touches her face gently, speaking in Cherokee with a voice so low that Walker can't understand all the words. The child is not afraid of him as she reaches up with a little hand and touches his face too. The child giggles softly, and continues to stare at him.
            Walker's eyes get misty as he watches the scene before him, he knows that it's only a matter of time, maybe days that his beloved friend and mentor will be "crossing the river" to be with their ancestors. The man is ready to go, he has waited for as long as he could, the spirits are beckoning him, its time to go. Several times "they" have come for him, but he has resisted, saying he will wait till she comes to see him---one last time. He knew she would come, she had promised him----many, many moons ago, when the summers were young----they were both young.
            Walker feels a slight movement at his side, he turns to see his wife standing there, smiling back at him softly. "Honey-----maybe Angela's being here is too much for White Eagle------maybe---we should go?"
            The bearded Ranger reaches down and takes his wife's hand, "No------he's not ready to say goodbye yet----Angela will know when it's time to tell her "Shopaw" goodbye-----and White Eagle will cross the river in peace."
            Alex looks back at her husband, in all the years she has known him, his Cherokee heritage has always amazed her.  She has seen his belief in the ways of the Cherokee never fail him, believing in the spirits of a better world. He relies strongly on his heritage and intuition; she has learned to never question it. Now she is seeing the same determination in their daughter, the eyes taking on the look of someone so much wiser than a six-month-old child. Sometimes when Alex is looking deep into her daughters' eyes, she can almost feel another presence. A warm and content presence of someone else there with them, someone that is guiding them. She felt that presence when Angela was fighting for her life. Walker said he felt it, too, as he stood there in the nursery when his daughter was born. The visions around her, and the Angel that came forth, the warm feeling that he felt when he knew his daughter was out of danger.
            Then Walkers knew their daughter was "special", but all new parents felt that way about their children. When they held her for the first time, they felt it even more. After everyone had been notified of their daughter's birth, Alex looked at her husband and said softly.
            "Honey---you need to call White Eagle and let him know that we have a little girl."
            Walker just smiled back at his wife and replied, "He already knows---he was in the nursery with her."
            Alex stares back at her husband, "In the nursery? Honey---no one was allowed in there---except for us---how did White Eagle get in there?"
            Walker says nothing as he cradles his daughter, and smiles back at Alex. She looks at him and then to their daughter, that "presence" surrounding her.
            Alex remembers the first time they took Angela to see White Eagle, she was barely a week old, but Walker insisted they take her as soon as possible. White Eagle had been told that the white man's cancer was in his body, he was weak, but he insisted on seeing "Washo" and to hold the little life that he and Alex had brought into the world. His eyes filled with tears when Walker lay Angela in his arms. Never had Alex seen White Eagle cry, but the tears streamed down his face, as he chanted to himself. Walker nudged Alex gently and they stepped outside the lodge.
            Alex felt uneasy as she kept looking back at the lodge, everyone else had been asked to leave. "Walker?"
            Walker gave her a gentle squeeze, "It's okay, honey----it has to be this way."
            "What do you mean?"
            Walker hesitates, "Honey---you know White Eagle would never hurt our daughter----this is his time to "bond" with Angela----he and the spirits will gather with the wind and the sun to protect her. It's like a "christening" something like the way the white man does in promising to bring up a child in a certain religion. This is the Cherokee way of promising to keep her safe, White Eagle will take this time to "christen" her, to give her a Cherokee name."
            Alex continues to look back to the lodge, "Honey, there is something I have to ask you."
            Walker puts his arm around her and they walk slowly away from the lodge, "What's that?"
            Alex stops and looks at her husband, "You said that White Eagle was there---in the nursery---did you mean in the spirit form or----was he really there?"
            "Alex----there are some things we don't question---White Eagle has always been in the right place at the right time, I can't count the times that he just "appears" when he has felt I needed him." Walker takes a deep breath; he can see the concern on Alex's face. "Hon, can't we just accept that he's here---there is no explaining his "being"-----he's here in the wind, the sun, and all that surrounds us---he will always be here---even when he crosses the river."
            When they return to his lodge, White Eagle is still holding a sleeping Angela, the old man smiles weakly and hands her to Alex. He chants softly, "Sky Eyes" is blessed, she will walk with the angels, they will protect her, and the wisdom of her ancestors will help her to fight the wrong upon her people."
            Alex looks to her husband, he smiles. Alex reaches down and kisses White Eagle's cheek, "Thank you, White Eagle."
            The old man smiles, touching his cheek. "You have made "Washo" a happy man Alex, may the spirits be with you always."
            The Walkers decide to spend the night at the reservation, and while Walker stays to visit with his dear friend, Alex prepares to put her daughter to bed. She recalls how calm Angela was when she was placed in White Eagle's arms, she never whimpered. She then recalled how Angela had reacted when placed in someone else's arms; even with her Father Angela had been fussy. Alex shakes her head, "Well, even one week olds have their good days and their bad, with my Dad she was having an "off day"
            Alex is nursing Angela as Walker returns. She watches her husband as he walks towards them the pain in his eyes is almost too much for her. She knows that Walker loves that old man, more than he's ever wanted to admit, even to himself. She thought she had seen her husband's worse pain in losing his Uncle Ray, the man that raised him after his parents were killed. At that time, Walker went off to himself for almost two weeks, not telling anyone where he was going, just saying he had to be alone in his grief. Alex was angry and hurt that he wouldn't come to her at such a grieving time, but she knew it was "his way" and he didn't want her to see the tears. Later with C.D.'s death, he learned to lean on her, and wasn't embarrassed when the tears came. They cried together, falling asleep in each other’s arms.
            "How is he?"
            Walker reaches down and kisses her, then his sleeping daughter, "He's still holding on, like he's waiting for something---or someone."
            Angela begins to stir, whimpering. Alex moves her to her right breast and Angela begins to suckle gently.
            "Someone?  Walker---who are you talking about?"
            Walker rubs the back of his neck; he's tired after the long drive from Dallas. The concern for his friend, not wanting to accept that the time is getting closer when he will have to say goodbye to the man that has been like a "father figure" to him. There is no blood relation, but Walker has always seen White Eagle as the nearest to kin that he has left. There are cousins at the reservation, but there never has been the closeness with them as he has felt for White Eagle. When he lost his Uncle Ray, he saw his world collapsing, and if it hadn't been for Alex, he didn't know how he could go on. He knew that she loved him, he could see it in her eyes, the way she touched him. The day he finally admitted to himself and to her that he loved her, his whole life changed. He learned to tell her his deepest thoughts; things he never told anyone else, or never cared to tell them.
            He rubs his beard, "I don't know hon----I just have the feeling that White Eagle knows it's not quite time to let go----like he's waiting for a sign----from someone.”
            It's been almost 6 months and Alex still has a shiver go up her spine every time she thinks of what her husband was trying to relate to her that night. That "presence" was there as she listened to her husband's sad voice. She knew he was ready to break down, and she knew to give him his "space". She finished nursing Angela and told Walker she had to go to the little diner and get rolls for their breakfast. He knew it was a pretense, she knew his feelings--all too well.
                    She walked down to the little riverbed and sat down on the rocks, watching the water cascade gently down the stream. Her eyes were starting to mist, she had learned to love White Eagle, too. He was always there for them, she couldn't understand how he always knew when Walker needed him, he always just seemed to "appear". Sometimes she thought he was an apparition, she laughs softly---he was real, he was flesh and bone.
                     Alex had been sitting for almost half an hour when she heard the voice, softly chanting. She looks around and she catches sight of a figure kneeling on the ground about 50 ft away from her. She rises slowly and inches herself towards the voice, she starts to speak and then sees the figure rise, it's White Eagle! She watches as he raises his arms to the sky, chanting. Alex gasps, she knows she should leave; this is private, between White Eagle and the spirits. She tries to leave, but her feet will not move, White Eagle chants louder and Alex hears a second voice.
            "I have come back for you, my love----just as I said I would---many moons ago, I will see you three times in your life as you know it---I was there with you while she slept----you will see me twice more and then it will be time for you to cross the river and we will be together ---as it was intended."
            White Eagle goes down on his knees, taking a feather from his headdress and laying it gently on the ground. Alex can't believe what she is hearing, "whose voice is that?” she says to herself. She can't move she's in a trance as she observes White Eagle, rocking back and forth and chanting slowly.
            "Yes-----it has been a long time---many moons have come and gone, I think of you each day, each time that I look into his eyes. He has overcome the demons, the spirits watch over him. When the last feather is here on the ground, I will soar with the eagles, our flight will become one----and I will weep no more. ----But our quests are not over----she will need us again----we do not forsake her."
            "Yes, my love---- we will walk beside them---our wings will never touch the ground, but will be forever wrapped around their souls.  It is time for me to leave you again----but you know I will be there when you need me, when the noise becomes unbearable and the ground shakes------that will be the second time I come to you----goodbye---my love."
            "Alex----honey, are you okay?  I've been worried about you."
            Alex jumps up from the riverbank and sees Walker standing there with Angela asleep in his arms. "Walker! Did you see them---did you hear what she said?"
            Walker smiles softly, and caresses his daughter, "Honey----you fell asleep----you were dreaming---there is no one here, but us!"
            Alex turns around and looks back at the river, and then to Walker. "I saw White Eagle, and then I heard a woman's voice, and she was saying something about seeing White Eagle three times, and that "they" had to be protected, and ---- and -----"
            Walker shifts Angela to his right arm and reaches out for his wife's hand, "Hon----you're just tired---it has been a long day, let's get some sleep—We’ve got to drive back to Dallas in the morning."
            Alex squeezes her husband's hand, "What about White Eagle?"
            “Well---I just talked to him and he's feeling just fine, he says he will come to visit us at the ranch, maybe even stay a few days.  I thought maybe during that time we could decide on Angela's christening, so he could be there----is that okay with you hon?"
            Alex takes one look back at the river and shakes her head. "That's fine sweetheart----that will be fine."
            The Walkers turn to walk back to their lodging, a light wind sweeps across the little riverbed and a lone feather floats softly in the same direction that the bearded Ranger and his family has taken. 


            In the next 4 months Alex would think about that incident down by the riverbed very little. Each time she had tried to talk to Walker about it, he would listen but he had such a look in his eyes that would tell her that she needed to put it behind her, not to pursue it.
            "You fell asleep Alex---it was just a dream," he would always say.
            White Eagle had kept his promise to come to Dallas to see a specialist, and to stay at the Walker ranch. Each day that he was there, Alex would observe the way he would look at Angela. Sometimes his eyes were sad, but most of the time he would be laughing and the tears would be those of joy.
            Angela's christening was just short of her turning three weeks old, and there was a big celebration at the Walker ranch. Trivette and Erika were getting close to their wedding date and soon another celebration would be taking place at the ranch.
            The christening was held outside, as tents were put up to ward off the June sun. Angela was wearing a white christening gown, trimmed in lavender with a matching headband. Walker was wearing a suit, and he didn't even complain about dressing up in a 'monkey suit'. Alex was breathtaking in her lavender pink sundress with a wide brimmed hat, with lilacs at the side.
            As Trivette and Erika held their goddaughter, Sydney sang a soft ballad called ‘I BELIEVE IN ANGELS’. Everyone turned to Sydney, the song seemed to be written especially for Angela. They were all listening to the words and softly singing along to the chorus. Alex and Walker had their arms around each other and looking at their daughter, asleep in her Uncle Jimmy's embrace. Alex smiled and looked in White Eagle's direction, he was listening intently to the words and nodding his head to the music. Alex continued to watch him, that memory down at the riverbed, rushing back to her. She watched him as he began to mouth the words softly.

                          I HAVE A DREAM, A SONG TO SING
                          TO HELP ME COPE WITH ANYTHING.
                          IF YOU SEE THE WONDER, OF THE FAIRYTALE
                          YOU CAN TAKE THE FUTURE, EVEN IF YOU FAIL.
chorus                I BELIEVE IN ANGELS,
                           SOMETHING GOOD IN EVERYTHING I SEE.
                           I BELIEVE IN ANGELS,
                           WHEN I KNOW THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR ME.
                           I’ll CROSS THE STREAM,
                           I HAVE A DREAM.

            As the celebration starts to wind down, Alex is surprised at the way White Eagle and Sydney are deep in conversation. Sydney is smiling and looking at the old Indian with a soft look in her eyes, nodding her head gently. Soon, the guests have started to depart and more congratulations are being bestowed upon the beaming parents.  Walker is walking around holding his daughter up and waving her little hand to the guests. Alex smiles at him and then turns to see Sydney staring back at her with a blank look.
            "Syd----what's wrong---are you okay?"
            As Sydney starts to answer, Walker walks up to them, "Hey hon, I'm going to drive White Eagle back to the reservation now----I'll be back later tonight."
            Alex takes Angela from her husband and kisses him goodbye, then she walks over to White Eagle and kisses him goodbye too. She watches as the old man climbs up into the cab of the Ram, they wave goodbye.
            After the rest of the guests have left, Alex and Sydney sit down to a nice cup of hot tea. Alex watches the look on her friend's face, "Sydney----what is it? What were you and White Eagle so engrossed about?"
            "That's what I've been trying to tell you, Alex----he was asking me about that song---he wanted to know all the words."

            Alex smiles, "What's wrong with that, it's a beautiful song and you sing it so beautifully?"
            "But----there's more. Alex----White Eagle asked me if I would sing that song at his funeral!"
            Alex stares back at Sydney and says slowly "What?  He wants you to sing at his funeral?"
            Sydney nods her head, "I didn't know what to say Alex----I just said ---I would be honored---he took me by total surprise, I didn't know what he was leading up to when he asked about the words----I didn't know how to answer------''
            Alex reaches over and pats Syd's shoulder, "It's okay, Sydney---- it's alright."
            Sydney breathes a sigh of relief, "I didn't know if you would be offended or not, since that song was meant for Angela's christening----are you sure you're okay with it?"
            Alex smiles, "That song is much too beautiful to be limited to one person, or one occasion----if White Eagle wants you to sing at his funeral----then please ---do so."
            Sydney is the last one to leave, as Alex sits in the nursery and watches her daughter sleep. She starts to remember the night down on the riverbed and the conversation that she insists was no dream. She could hear White Eagle's voice so clear, and the woman's voice was soft, and full of love. Who was she? Was she a past love, she called him "my love". She had to be someone very dear to him, he said when they were together, and he would weep no more. She tries to remember all the times that Walker had talked about White Eagle; there had to be someone. Walker said that White Eagle had never married, and as far as he knew, White Eagle had never "fathered" any children. White Eagle had a couple of siblings, but was never close to them or their children.  Walker said he had never heard White Eagle talk about any of his ancestors, except the ones that were wiped out by General Custer!
            General George Armstrong Custer---now there was a name that could get an argument started---real quick. The history books first told of him being a hero, wiping out entire villages of the Sioux, Crow, Choctaw, Comanche and the Cherokee. Pushing them from the hills of the Dakotas to reservations in the Oklahoma badlands. Their dignity stripped from them by promises of the white government for their own land, only to be laughed at and put in stockades. Then some 100 years later, some historian finally reveals Custer for what he was, a murdering scumbag that hid behind the uniform of the 7th Calvary.---Only proving what the Redman already knew, as their villages were being burned, their women raped and murdered, children left without parents, and knowing only the confinements of walls around them. Their heritage taken away, and the white man's law were made.
            Alex groans as she recalls the day her history class had to trace their family tree, and she found out she was distantly related to Custer. Her classmates teased her, but she never thought too much about the man and his  'history" of being a Indian killer. That all started to change when she met Cordell Walker, who was half Cherokee and half Irish. In the months that followed, she learned to listen to what the other side of the history pages had failed to print.  She listened quietly as he and his Uncle Ray would swap stories about their ancestors. It was many years before she confessed to Walker that she was related to Custer. He teased her un-mercifully, having her almost in tears before he would admit it didn't matter, taking her in his arms and wiping the tears away.
            Alex shakes her head, she still can't figure out who the woman was that White Eagle was talking to---dream or no dream---she had to have a name. She wishes she could have seen the woman, the vision, or whatever.
            That night after her husband had returned home, she watched him sleep.  She touches his powerful shoulders, rubbing his back softly, her thoughts going back to the riverbed. "What did the voice mean, when the noise is unbearable and the ground shakes, you will see me again?"
            “What did you say hon?"
            Walker turns over to see his wife staring at the ceiling with a far away look in her eyes.  She's startled to see him awake.
            "I'm sorry sweetheart---I didn't mean to wake you---I was just thinking out loud---I guess."
            He pulls her closer to him and starts kissing her neck, "I heard you saying something about the ground shaking----we can still make the ground shake and the rooms spin when we make love, can't we?"
            She puts her arms around his neck and returns his kisses, "The ground was shaking the first time we ever made love, in that sleeping bag on that rafting trip---remember?"
            "How could I forget, I had scratches all up and down my back from your fingernails, you sure got carried away---you shameless little hussy," he teases, nibbling on her shoulders and going to her neck.
            Alex giggles, "Shameless? Hussy? You weren't exactly gentle, Cowboy---my butt was sore for a week and I couldn't walk straight for days!"
            They both laugh, "And, you were on top most of the time," he teases.
            Alex pouts, "That ground was hard, I have you know---I was never so glad to get in a bed, and I thought we had already tried every position possible----but I was sure wrong about that, wasn't I, Cowboy?"
            Walker's eyelids go up and down, "Oh, I'm sure we can come up with even more positions to try before the morning comes, and our blue eyed alarm clock goes off."
            She kisses him long and sensuous, the thoughts of White Eagle and the  "voice" going completely out of her mind.  She starts to shed the sheer nightgown as her husband's lips have found her breasts and begin to suckle gently.
            "I will sure be glad when I can re-claim my territory, our daughter has had more than her share, I'm getting jealous."
            Alex purrs, "You just remember that we're rushing the Doctor's preferred "waiting period," so be gentle---I'm still tender from earlier tonight."
            Walker smiles back at her, his lips going softly over her nipples, "I will make you think you are in a cocoon, with butterflies kissing every inch of your body softly and ever so gently, but on the outside you will feel like you are in a raging volcano, and you will beg me to stop---what do you say?"
            "I say---if you don't start making love to me now----I'm going to scream," she replies quietly.
            He says nothing as he kisses her long and tender, pulling her down further in the bed, and soon only their soft murmurs can be heard. Outside a gentle rain begins to fall, and the hot June day is being washed away.


            The following week has Alex returning to work and Trivette and Walker are investigating a baby swapping in a Denton hospital.  As the days unfold, Walker and Alex find out that the wrath of LaRue has returned. His brother, wife, and sister-in-law have vowed to take up where LaRue has left off. They have vowed to kill both Walker and Alex and to take Angela, to make up for the baby that LaRue's wife lost after learning of her husbands' death at the hand of Walker.
            They have devised a plan, to entrap Alex and to take Angela.  Mona and Carlito have followed Alex for days, learning her route home to the ranch, knowing she will have to cross the railroad track in Reno, a small town on the north side of Springtown, and the Walker ranch.
            The sister-in-law has gone ahead of the other couple, and she will approach the tracks from the east side, Mona and Carlito will come from the west, and they will pin Alex's SUV  in the middle. The 3:17 freight train is bearing down on the unsuspecting Alex and her daughter.
            Alex sighs as she pulls up to the tracks and the warning gates go down, the lights flashing. "Oh darn----if I had been just five minutes earlier, we could have missed all this." She looks down at her daughter in the little carrier, she knows that the law says that all infants have to ride in the back, facing the windshield and safely strapped in.  For some reason at the last minute she had put Angela in the front seat, turning her towards her and talking to her since leaving the Dr's office.  Angela had been sleeping peacefully till they approached the tracks, the noise from the warning gate woke her and she started to cry.
            Alex was reaching for her when her cell phone rings, it's Trivette and his voice is scared, "Alex----where are you?"
            Now Angela is screaming as the train's whistle is getting louder, the little SUV is starting to feel the vibration as the 20 tons of steel is getting closer. Alex is surprised to hear Trivette's voice and she immediately thinks that her husband has been hurt.
            "Jimmy," she yells over Angela's screams," What's wrong, is Walker okay?"
            Angela is screaming louder as Alex puts the cell phone to her other ear, Walker's voice yells back. "Alex, are you and Angela okay? Where are you?"
            "We're at the railroad tracks in Reno----sweetheart I will call you back when we get to the other side---I can hardly hear you."
            "Don't hang up Alex---don't break contact!"
            Alex hears the fear in her husband's voice; she starts to answer when she feels the truck behind her ram into her. She presses down harder on the brake pedal; the bigger truck hits her again, pushing her straight towards the track and the oncoming train. She turns around and screams at the driver----"What is your problem, don't you see the train coming?"
            Walker hears his wife's screams, "Alex! Alex, what' wrong?"
            "Walker!!! Oh my God, someone is trying to push us onto the track----Walkerrrr!!!!
            Walker and Trivette are coming as fast as they can, heading south towards Springtown, they can see the train to the east, as Walker yells at Trivette to call the engineer. His partner is screaming into the phone, "STOP!!! There's a vehicle on the tracks less than two miles from you."
            The engineer starts applying the brakes, the squealing of the steel against steel is deafening, the sound racing through the rails like a siren.
            Alex has pulled the emergency brake as she reaches for her door and attempts to get out. She sees a man run up to her door and slams it back, then reaches in for Angela. Alex's reflexes tell her the man is not there to help them, she hits the power button on the windows and the man has to draw his head and arms out fast, Alex reaches up and bites the hand that is still inside the window.   Another figure is reaching for Angela from the other side, and Alex reaches out with the cell phone and hits the woman as hard as she can.
            Walker and Trivette can now see the SUV in the center of the tracks, and in a last attempt to slow the train, Walker flies across the track in front of it. Trivette's negro face goes white, as he can see the petrified look on the engineer's face, Walker slams on the brakes and starts running to the track, screaming his wife's name.
            Alex sees him running towards her, "WALKER!"
            The two assailants run to the auto across the tracks and the three of them burn rubber out of there.
            It's a race against time to get Alex and the baby out of the car before the train hits them. The engineer is yelling to the man upstairs to help him stop the train.  For just a second everything stops, a lone feather floats down in front of the engineer's face, and then floats gently away, landing on top of Angela's little gown that she is wearing.  Alex sees the feather for just a split second, and then all hell breaks loose as she hears Walker screaming at Trivette to take Angela.
            Trivette hands Angela to a lady motorist that has stopped to help. Alex is screaming at her husband to hurry, the noise is so loud, and the ground is shaking, as the train gets closer. Walker is pulling on the door to get Alex out; it's stuck! He screams at her to climb through the window, when she attempts to crawl through, her foot gets caught under the brake pedal. Walker flies through the window and cuts the strap on her shoe. Trivette pulls her through the broken window. As Walker tries to climb out his gun belt gets caught, he starts cutting at the gun belt with his knife. Trivette and another motorist pull Walker out as the SUV is swallowed up like an accordion. The lady motorist hands Angela to Alex. The feather floats away from Angela's gown, lifting higher and higher.


 White Eagle's Destiny Part2

            It's now the end of June, almost 2 wks since the incident at the railroad track. The Walkers were all safe; their assailants had escaped and made it to DFW airport, flying back to Paris. The French police would be notified, and soon arrested. Walker was chomping at the bit to fly to Paris and personally escort the three fugitives back to Texas. He was secretly wishing that they would try and get away from him, so he could have his "revenge" and the fact that two of the assailants were women did not matter to Walker's anger! He dreamed of getting his revenge, he would wake up in cold sweat, cursing them. The terrible memory coming back to him over and over at how they had tried to hurt his family. The dreams would cause him to walk the floor; his temper was getting short, even with Alex.
            Every time he mentioned flying to Paris to bring them back, she would beg him not to go. Her nerves were on edge and she too was having a hard time sleeping, but there was something else she was having nightmares about, the feather!
             Many times she had attempted to talk to Walker about it, but he was so wound up in his hatred for LaRue's followers, he was in no mood to listen. So, each of them was deep into their own thoughts, and the tension was starting to wear on both of them. Alex has decided to go back to work, and Walker was not happy about it.
            Alex is standing by the kitchen counter, cutting up potatoes for supper, she can not shake the memory of that feather being on Angela's gown and White Eagle's words keep coming back to her.
            "When the last feather is here on the ground, I will soar with the eagles, our flight will be one, and I will weep no more."
            Alex is so deep in thought; she does not hear her husband walk up behind her and reach over to kiss the back of her neck. She screams, turning around with the knife in her hand.
            "WALKER-----don't ever come up behind me like that again----you scared me to death!"
            Walker puts his hands up, staring back at his wife, "Easy hon-----I didn't mean to scare you."
            Alex stands there shaking, "Well---you did! Can't you make some noise when you come into a room?"
            "Okay, honey---next time I'll slam the front door on my way in, then I'll wake up Angela and you'll be yelling at me again----does that meet with your approval?"
            They continue to stare at each other; the loss of sleep is taking its toll on both of them.  Alex says nothing as she turns around and starts cutting the potatoes again. Walker sighs and heads for his coffee pot, he watches her taking out her anger on the chopping board.
            "Careful with that knife hon-------"
            Walker doesn't get to finish his sentence as Alex screams and grabs her left hand, "Walker!"
            The blood is dripping from Alex's left thumb as Walker grabs a rag and presses down hard on the cut, he lifts the rag up gently and softly answers, "It's okay, baby---it's not serious----the bleeding will soon stop----hold the rag down while I go get some medicine to put on it and some bandages."
            Later after Walker has bandaged Alex's thumb, he tries to talk her into going out for their meal.
            "Walker----I've already got supper started, the roast is almost done and the bread is in the oven---I got to finish the potatoes and make the gravy."
            Walker refuses to let her up from the chair, "I'll finish the spuds----and you can tell me how to make the gravy---alright?"
            Alex giggles and Walker looks back at her suspiciously.
            "To make the gravy----you just open the package and add water."
            Walker nods his head and shakes his finger at her, "Out of the package, huh---are you taking shortcuts again?"
            She returns his gesture, and says slowly, "Yesss---and if I hadn't told you---you wouldn't have known the difference."
            Walker shakes his head and mutters to himself, "Oh, yes, I did notice the difference---I can tell when she doesn't make roast gravy the old fashion way."
            "What are you mumbling about?"
            "Nothing hon-----got the spuds ready---now what?"
            She walks up behind him, putting her arms around his waist and reaching for the potatoes, "Now, you put them in the boiling water, and in 10 minutes you can whip them."
            Walker grabs one of the raw potatoes and chomps down on it, then whispers back to her, "I would rather ‘whip' you---or rather your behind!"
            Alex giggles and starts to kiss him when Angela's cries are overheard on the baby monitor, "Go get your daughter-----while I finish getting supper on the table."
            Walker turns her around, "No----you go get our daughter---I don't want you lifting up hot pots and pans with that cut thumb----you take care of Angela---I will get supper ready---and make the gravy---the old fashion way---and not out of a package!"
            Alex makes a face, "Okay-----if you say so."
            As Alex goes to get their crying daughter, Walker is looking around the kitchen, mumbling, "Now---where does she keep the flour?"
            A few minutes later Alex has Angela on the couch, changing her. A voice calls out from the kitchen.
            "Alex----where's the flour?"
            Without breaking her stride she yells back, "In the cabinet to the left of the stove, second shelf, largest canister!"
            She looks down at Angela, staring back at her mother, her big blue eyes glowing. "Now, why does your daddy need flour, I always use cornstarch, when I make it from scratch."
            A few seconds later the voice from the kitchen yells back, "Alex, should I use grease or butter?"
            Alex has Angela's pamper almost off of her, and she's reaching for the talcum, she murmurs to herself, ‘grease or butter?’ “You don't use either one honey---you use water to make the base---then add the drippings from the roast."
            Walker comes from the kitchen, a kitchen towel is across his shoulder and he has spots of flour all over his shirt and on his beard. "I'm not talking about the gravy----I mean in the potatoes ----do I use grease or butter"?
            Alex giggles at the sight of her husband as he's trying to wipe the flour from his beard.  She answers quietly, "I always use butter in the potatoes," She grimaces, " I never use grease."
            Walker turns and goes back to the kitchen, then yells out again, "Honey---how much milk do I use?"
            Alex hesitates about answering, she yells back, "If you're referring to the potatoes, you use a little at a time, until they whip up to the thickness, you want them."
            "I'm talking about the gravy!"
            "You don't use milk in making the gravy!  Honey----use the corn starch."
            "THE WHAT?"
            Alex sighs, getting their daughter changed is becoming impossible. She shakes her head and looks towards the kitchen and then to Angela, "What is he doing in there? Come on Angela, let's go see what Daddy is doing before he burns up the kitchen!"
            Alex walks into the kitchen and her mouth drops open at the sight that her kitchen is in! Walker has every pot and pan in use, and he's still looking through the cabinets in search of something, almost every cabinet door is wide open and the pot of potatoes is boiling over!  He's trying to get the roast out of the oven, and the drippings are spilling out. She stands there looking at her husband and then at the mess, he turns around to see her staring back at him in total shock!!!
            "Alex----go sit down---I got everything almost ready."
            Alex has to bite her bottom lip, as she starts counting to ten----very slowly. She forces a smile as she walks towards him, "Honey---I will finish up---okay?"
            "Don't be silly hon, I got everything done but the potatoes, and I'm starting on them next----now---where is the potato masher?"
            Again, Alex is forced to bite her bottom lip. She points to the mixer---"There---on the wall---where it's always been."
            Walker sees Angela in Alex's arms, her pamper still not changed, "What's the matter my angel, Mommy hasn't got you changed yet?"
            Alex turns around and heads back to the living room, cursing under her breath, "My kitchen----my poor kitchen-----and he's only been in there less than 15 minutes---how can one man mess up so much?"
            Supper is finally on the table, but Alex can't enjoy the meal, she keeps looking back at the mess. She looks to her husband, but he's having no trouble at all shoveling the food in. She reaches for the gravy; it has more lumps in it than the potatoes.  Walker sees the look on his wife's face as he nods towards the gravy, "I guess I used too much flour, huh?"
            "Walker---honey, why didn't you use the corn starch---it's easier to get mixed, and there's less lumps?"
            "Corn starch? To make gravy?"
            Alex tries to force a smile, "Yes, honey----you mix up the corn starch with water, you "whisk" it till it's smooth and then you add the drippings from the meat---and you have gravy."
            Walker stares back at her, "Well, if it's that easy to do, why do you use packaged gravy?"
            "To save time, and after I go back to work, I'm going to have to rely on even quicker ways to prepare meals, and probably we’ll have to go back to more fast food, and…”
            Walker slams his fork down on the table, "Why do we have a kitchen at all----since you don't plan to use it?"
            "Excuse me?"
            "You heard me, Alex, why are you in such a damn hurry to get back to work again? You know what happened the last time when you tried to go back too soon----you got your back to hurting again."
            Alex's bottom lip starts to quiver, "Maybe---I want to go back to work to get out of some of this tension you're putting on me?"
            "What tension?"
            Alex throws her napkin down on the table and heads to the kitchen and starts throwing the dirty pots and pans into the sink to be rinsed and then into the dish washer. "This tension---Walker---look at my kitchen---it's a mess!!! It's like a pig sty!"
            Walker jumps up from the table, "Well excuse me---I was only trying to help you!"
            Alex puts her hands up, "Walker, just go and finish eating----you have helped me enough."
            He stands there with his hands on his hips, glaring at her.  He says slowly, "Alex-----why do you want to go back to work, I mean the "REAL" reason?"
            She stares back at him, "Well, for one thing---there's a little matter called---money?  Bills still come in Walker, and if I don't work, I don't get paid!"
            "BULL!!! So now----I'm not making enough money to support my family, is that what you're trying to say?"
            Alex takes a deep breath, "Walker-------it's not just the money----I need to feel that I'm contributing too, I miss my work, and I need to have my space too."
            Walker's temper is flaring, "Well, you know what Alex, I wish that I had put my foot down about you keeping that job after Angela was born, and what about our daughter---she needs to see more of you and not some damn care center!"
            Alex is steaming, "Let me get this straight-----YOU wish you had put your foot down, and forbid me to go back to my career----since when do you tell me what I can and can't do?"
            "Since we have a child to consider, that's when," Walker yells back at her.
            Alex starts pacing the floor, "Don't you dare insinuate that I am neglecting our daughter----what about you----what about the long hours that you work----you don't spend enough time with her?"
            "Well, it's not because I don't want to----in case you've forgotten I am the ‘head of the house---the bread winner,’ I have to work long hours---that's my job!"
            "It's not your job24/7, and in the last couple of weeks you have wanted to fly off to Paris to be the one to "Personally" escort La Rue's cohorts back to Dallas---like the French police can't take care of it----no----you have to be right in the middle of it----you have to be the one taking charge----Cordell Walker---the big man in charge!”
            "Why don't you just admit the real reason that you want to go back to work----that you're bored with married life and you're not so keen on the Motherhood part of it either?"
            Alex's mouth drops open, she slaps Walker as hard as she can, "How dare you say that to me?"
            Walker just stands there, his face turning red from her hand. "Maybe I'm just saying, what you're afraid to admit, Alex."
            Alex's eyes start to tear up, "Why are you saying these things to me----I love you, I love our marriage, and our daughter----why are you saying these things?"
            "If you loved me and what we share, you wouldn't be wanting to spend time away from us----I want you home Alex, I want a full time wife and Mother to my kid!"
            The tears are streaming down Alex's face, "I have always been a full time "wife" to you, I have never let you go "without" and you damn well know it! I am a good Mother to our daughter---what is wrong with me having a career too?"
            "I’m not referring to sex, I have never have complained about that, I am saying I want you home more than just a few hours a day. We see each other for a while in the morning, we may get a glimpse of each other at work, we get home----then it's time to get our daughter taken care of, we eat supper, and then luckily we might be able to spend time alone in bed---that is if you're not on that damn computer!"
            Alex nods her head smirking, "Yeah----or you get called out on a case----because no one else can handle them---you're out the door so quick----I sometimes wonder if--------"
            Walker stares back at her, "You wonder what, Alex?"
            Walker crosses the floor and grabs Alex's arm, "What, Alex? What is it you're implying----you think ----you think I'm seeing someone---is that it?"
            "Well---are you?"
            He steps back from her, "I can't believe you're asking me that---unless--you're seeing…"
            "No," Alex yells back at him.
            "Then where the hell is this all going? You know I love you, I would never cheat on you----hell---I don't even look at other women!"
            Alex starts to answer, their arguing has waken Angela again. Alex runs from the kitchen into the front room. She picks Angela up and starts talking softly to her. Walker stands in the doorway, watching them. He walks up to his wife slowly.
            "I know you love Angela----but there is something I have to ask you."
            Alex swallows, "What?"
            Walker hesitates, "You've always talked about having a family, you couldn't wait to get pregnant, a baby is all you talked about----but now you want to put your career ahead of her."
            "Many women have careers and motherhood, too, Walker----we talked about that before we got married, before we decided to start our family, and you backed me all the way---and now you want me to throw away my career, the years that I have spent trying to establish myself as a good lawyer----my job is important to me, I thought you understood that?"
            Walker takes a deep breath, "All I know is that Angela and I are coming in second next to your damn career, and I don't like it!----And, I will tell you something else, I refuse to bring another child into this world  that will end up spending more time at the HOPE center and not with it's Mother-----so you remember that Alex, the next time you start talking about wanting another baby---you got that?"
            Alex stares back at him, replying quietly, "I hear you John Cordell Walker, I hear you loud and clear. You don't have to worry about my coming to your side of the bed----because as far as I'm concerned----I don't care to share your bed at all----have you got that?"
            Alex takes Angela and they start upstairs, Walker glares at her. He reaches out and kicks the end table, shattering it. He turns and heads to the basement and to the liquor cabinet.


            The next couple of days is spent with the Walkers avoiding each other. Alex has returned to work, and Walker stays as busy as he can away from headquarters. At home, they seldom speak and Walker sleeps in the guestroom. He wakes up when Angela does, goes to the nursery and sees that she's changed, and then takes her to Alex to nurse her. They say nothing to each other, and then he's off to work. Sometimes he's the one to drop Angela off at the HOPE center.
            His co-workers feel the tension, and they walk softly around him. Alex's office is feeling the tension too, and if any paperwork has to be sent to Ranger Headquarters, Alex sends her law clerk.
            Alex has decided to walk down to the cafeteria to get a sandwich, she sees their friend, Trivette sitting all alone, munching on a bowl of grapes.
            He sees her approaching him and he rises to pull her chair out. "Hi Alex---want some grapes?"
            Alex smiles, "No, I'm just going to have a sandwich and then go back to my office---you can buy me a cup of coffee, if you like?"
            The black Ranger grins, "You got it counselor----be right back."
            Trivette returns with Alex's coffee, and they sit for the longest without saying anything. Finally Alex starts the conversation.
            "So?  How are the wedding plans coming along, have you two set the date yet?"
            "Yep-----we've decided on the 25th of July-----and-----"
            Alex sees the hesitation, "And what, Jimmy?"
            "Erika and I have decided to get married at the country club," Trivette blurts it out.
            "I though it was settled that you would be married at the ranch?"
            Again Trivette hesitates, "With all that's happened lately, Erika and I have decided that it's probably better if we have the ceremony somewhere else."
            Alex sighs, "I see------because of the argument between Walker and me---right?"
            Trivette nods, "I think it's better this way----but we still want you two to stand up for us---please say you will."
            "I can speak only for myself Jimmy---I will be there---as for Walker---you will have to clear that with him."
            "That figures, he said the same thing about clearing it with you, I never did get a yes or no out of him, guess I'll have to ask him again when he gets back."
            Alex starts to take a bite of her sandwich, "Back-----back from where?"
            Trivette's eyes grow big, "He didn't tell you?"
            "Tell me what, did he go out of town?"
            Trivette stops eating his grapes, "I thought he would at least talk to you to tell you---that he was going------to Paris."
            "Paris? France?"
            "I thought you knew Alex----I didn't mean to spring it on you like this-----"
            Alex's bottom lip starts to quiver, "No----he didn't tell me, I can't believe that he would go off----to another country----without even telling me!"
            "I'm sorry Alex."
            "When did he leave?"
            Trivette is wishing that he could find a hole to crawl into, "Gage took him to the airport----about an hour ago-------I think his flight was leaving around 1pm."
            Alex looks at her watch, it's 12:27, "Jimmy---would you please drive me to the airport?"
            Trivette jumps up, grabbing his jacket---"Sure----let's go."
            It's less than a twenty-minute drive to DFW, but Trivette and Alex are hitting all the noon traffic, a pileup is reported on I-20. Trivette turns his flashers on, siren blaring. They reach the airport at exactly 1 pm, Alex jumps from Jimmy's car and runs to the information desk.
            "Has the 1pm flight to Paris, France left yet," Alex asks through tears.
            "Yes ma'am----flight 198 left on time----it's in the air now."
            Trivette comes running up behind Alex, "We can call him, Alex."
            Alex closes her eyes, "No------no---he made the decision to leave without telling me---which proves----he doesn't care."
            "Alex----don't say that."
            "Well---what else am I suppose to think---he has been so 'gung ho' about flying to Paris----he knew I didn't want him to go----but he goes anyway----and doesn't even tell me------just take me back to my office-please?"
            Alex has been back at her office for almost an hour, she hears a tap on her door. Through tears she says, "Come in."
            A man in his mid 60's or so, hat in hand, walks slowly in.
            "Mrs. Walker?"
            Alex wipes the tears away, "Yes----do we have an appointment---can I help you?"
            The old man stops and looks at her, "I need to talk to you, Mrs. Walker----I promise I won't take up too much of your time---I know you're busy and all."
            Alex starts to tell him to leave, but there is something about the old man that causes her to change her mind. "Please---sit down."
            The old man looks back at her and sees her tears, "Maybe, this a bad time---I'll come back later."
            "No---please----how can I help you?"
            The old man sits down meekly, "My name is George Miller---I was the engineer on old 99---the 3:18 run through Reno---I was at the controls the day of your horrible incident."
            Alex's face goes pale, and then she smiles. "You were responsible for saving me and my family---you stopped the train in time for us all to get out safely----how can I ever thank you?"
            The old man starts to cry, "It wasn't me that stopped the train Mrs. Walker----I had help---from the man upstairs."
            Alex gets up from her desk and goes to comfort the old man, "Still, I can't find the words to thank you----I've thanked the man upstairs many times in my prayers----"
            "You don't understand Mrs. Walker---there's more that I have to tell you---I hope you don't think I'm crazy----but I saw you and your husband in the interview with the press---and I heard what you said about------"
            "About what, Mr. Miller?"
            The man asks for a glass of water and Alex gets it for him.
            The old man's hands are shaking so bad, he can hardly hold the glass, and Alex reaches out and puts her hands over his. "Please----what were you going to say?"
            The old man looks straight into Alex's eyes, "I heard you say that the Angels were on your shoulder that day----guiding you."
            "Yes----I said that. Both my husband and I agreed that the angels were looking out for us----they helped to slow the train---so we could get to safety."
            "Then----you believe in angels---you truly do? That they come to us in all shapes and forms---they come to us in other ways---like a sign? You believe that, don't you, Mrs. Walker?"
            Alex nods her head slowly, "I believe that we all have guardian angels----if I never believed in them before, I believed in them that day and the day my daughter was born.  My husband saw visions around our daughter's crib, he said a angel was looking down on her, to guide her through, to give us the gift from God."
            Alex watches the old man, "Is there something else---you're not telling me?"
            "I've never been a believer Mrs. Walker----I have had many arguments about there even being a God, much less angels----but what I saw that day in the cab of old 99---made a believer out of me!"
            A chill runs down Alex's arm, she asks softly, "What did you see Mr. Miller?"
            "I was pushing on that brake handle as hard as I could, I was screaming for God to help me stop that monster-----he heard me. All of a sudden a feather floated down in front of my face, landing on my hand that was pushing on that brake handle. -----For just a second---everything came to a stop---it was like time was standing still and then I saw ------my son's face."
            Alex is shaking, "A feather----what kind of feather?"
            George Miller describes the same feather that landed on Angela's gown. They stare at each other, Alex's legs begin to shake, and she has to sit down. She takes a deep breath, "You said---you saw your son's face---what do you mean?"
            "Mrs. Walker----my son has been a MIA since 1969---in Viet Nam. For some 30 years, my wife and I never knew if he was still alive or dead, we never knew. Right before George Jr. left to go to Nam, we had words and I said some pretty bad things to him. I wrote him a letter, asking him to forgive me------I never knew if he got that letter or not. I've spent the last 30 years a very bitter man, wondering if my son had a chance to read my letter before he became missing. My wife died ten yrs ago, I remember her saying that George Jr. got the letter---but she was just saying that to make me feel better, to spare all the hurt and anger I felt---at least I thought she was saying that-----but Mrs. Walker----when the time stood still---I saw my son---he was smiling--and he had my letter in his hands, and he said "I love you Dad."
            Alex continues to stare at the man, the tears falling down her cheek.
            "After the accident on the tracks, my supervisor sent me home----there was message on the answering machine----from the Dept of Defense-----saying my son's remains were found and identified in Hanoi----and they were sending his remains home to be buried. Last week, I finally buried my son next to my beloved Vealla. I can finally rest at night now, I no longer wake up in tears---my son is home."
            "I don't know what all this means, Mrs. Walker----I just know that I am at peace with myself, and the man upstairs."
            Alex says nothing as she rises from her desk and walks around it to the old man, they embrace as the tears flow.
            After the old man leaves, Alex sits at her desk-----going over and over the man's words. He saw the feather too, which proves she wasn't dreaming that evening at the riverbed. What did it mean, why was all of this reflecting around Angela, why was that woman's voice saying she would come back three times in White Eagle's life?  It had to be her, there in the nursery when Angela was clinging to life, Walker said he saw a vision, and he said White Eagle was there too. That had to be what the woman's voice meant when she said, "I was there with you, while she slept,"---she was referring to Angela! The second time had to be at the railroad track, she said, "When the noise is unbearable and the ground shakes, I will be there beside you."
            Alex gets up from her desk and starts pacing, she's shaking so hard she can hardly stand.  Alex starts to cry, "She was there at the tracks beside White Eagle----but we never saw White Eagle, so how can that be? Was he there in the form of the feather?"
            "I am going crazy! I can't think straight," Alex sobs. "She said she would come back a 3rd time and White Eagle would leave with her----oh my God, does this mean that Angela will be going with them, will my daughter die? Do they plan to take her with them-----oh God---Walker I need you! How can you do this to me? How can you be half way around the world when your daughter and I need you here?"
            Alex sees the picture of Walker and Angela sitting on her desk, she picks it up and throws it across the room, then she sits back down at her desk and cries uncontrollably.
            "WHAT?  What do you want," Alex yells back.
            "Alex----it's me Sydney, are you okay?"
            Alex continues to cry and Syd walks over to her, stepping over the broken picture lying in the floor. Alex can't stop the tears as she falls into her friend's arms.
            Suddenly Alex jerks back, and looks at Syd----"Syd---are you free for the rest of the day, I need you to go somewhere with me?"
            Syd nods her head, "I don't have anything planned----where do you want to go?"
            Alex swallows, "I need to know the truth and there's only one person that can tell me that truth-----Syd---will you go the reservation with me----now?"
            Syd looks at Alex in confusion, "Reservation? Why do you want to go up there?"
            Alex crosses to the other side and grabs her purse and then picks up her phone and starts dialing the HOPE center. "I'm going to see White Eagle----and I'm going to demand that he tell me the truth---if they intend to take my daughter with them!"
            Syd stares back at Alex, "THEM, who is them?"





White Eagle's Destiny Part 3

            Alex and Sydney have been on the road for a couple of hours now,. Sydney has listened intently to the story that Alex has told her about the events surrounding Angela, and the engineer's story.
            Sydney's dark eyes look back at Alex is disbelief, "I don't know what to say----and you believe that this woman is coming back for White Eagle---when he dies---and that ----and Angela is going to die-----and somehow she's leaving with them?  Alex---this is crazy----things don't happen---like that."
            "Then how would you explain it?  Why does all of this center around my daughter?"
            Sydney shakes her head, "There's got to be a logical explanation for all of this----what does Walker say about all this?"
            Alex is still fighting the tears, her anger is showing. "My husband has chose not to listen----he said I was dreaming---that I didn't actually hear or see those things down on the river bed, that I fell asleep----I wasn't dreaming Syd----I heard White Eagle refer to the feathers----I saw a feather on Angela's gown----George Miller saw the same feather in the cab of his train---was he just dreaming too?"
            Sydney tries to calm Alex, because the little Durango is weaving from her driving. "Slow down Alex-----It's not going to do any good if we're involved in a traffic accident."
            Alex wipes the tears from her cheeks, "I am so scared Syd----I can't lose my baby girl----I would die without her."
            "Pull over Alex---I'm driving and I don't want to hear any arguing."
            They change positions and Alex again breaks down as she starts hitting the dashboard. "Walker----damn you!  You should be here with me---not halfway around the world. If anything happens to Angela -----I will never forgive you!"
            Sydney drives for a good half hour; she keeps looking at Alex who has become very quiet. She hesitates about what she is saying, "Alex------I think you're wrong----in blaming Walker for not being here."
            Alex stares at her friend in disbelief----"How can you say that? I have been trying to tell him about all of this, but he wouldn't listen-----He's been so wrapped up in going to France and escorting those murdering scum-bags back to the states, he hasn't had time to want to think about anything or anyone else!"
            Sydney slams on the brakes and pulls over to the side of the road. "You're the one that's not  listening, Alex! Every since that accident on the tracks, Walker has become like a zombie---the man has been completely "rattled" since that day. I've never seen Walker so out of control and scared!"
            Alex stares back sobbing, "Scared?"
            "YES---Alex----scared!! Every time there was anything mentioned about that day and those murderers, Walker was about to snap. Trivette said it was all he could talk about was getting them back to stand trial for what they tried to do to you and Angela----Walker wants revenge, but he's also trying to make up to you for all those times that LaRue hurt you----and tried to rape you?  If he hadn't gone by the book to let the courts decide on justice---he would have killed LaRue a long time ago and none of this would have happened.  But, he did let the courts handle it---and they messed up, not once----but twice! That's your precious judicial system Alex----blame them---not your husband!"
            Alex shakes her head, "But---he wouldn't listen to me Syd----he wouldn't listen!"
            "Alex----that man loves you more than life itself----a blind man can see it in his eyes and the way they light up when your name is mentioned----Walker would lay his life down for you and you know it---he's certainly proved that enough times. I have heard him brag about you as being the strongest  person he's ever known, being strong on the inside and always right there at his side. As for him not listening this one time---maybe he felt that you could handle anything that was thrown your way--like you've always done---that's one of the reasons he loves you so much."
            Alex looks back at her friend, trying to sort it all out, the anger, the hurt. Sydney reaches out and takes Alex's hand, "Look---I know that we haven't known each other very long and you and Walker try to keep your personal matters private, but in the short time I have known the two of you, I have never seen two people that were meant to be together. You are soul mates, everything that the two of you do and think are done as "one"---but that doesn't mean that you two aren't going to disagree about what is more important."
            "What do you mean? Are you saying that our daughter is not our first concern------bringing LaRue' followers to justice is more important----is that what you're saying?"
            "I'm saying, Alex, that Walker is afraid of letting you down again. If these murderers are brought to trial and something goes wrong with the outcome and they don't get what is coming to them because of some 'screw-up' in the system, how do you think that is going to affect Walker? He's going to feel like he's let you down, because he didn't blow that piece of "shit" away---years ago and none of this would be happening today---there wouldn't have been that terrible day on the railroad tracks Alex----and this crap about the feathers---wouldn't be an issue!  And, I will say something else---I know you Alex,  and I know that if Walker had taken the law into his hands and done away with LaRue---I think things might have changed between you two---I'm not sure that the two of you would have stayed together----and Angela might not be here at all!"
            The two women sit without saying anything for the longest time. Finally, through tears, Alex says softly, "Know what I think? I think the two of us could use a nice hot cup of tea?"
            Sydney smiles, "I'll go for that, and maybe a little 'touch-up' in the makeup department?"
            Alex looks at herself in the rearview mirror, "Are you saying that I look bad?"
            "Well-----You are starting to favor a raccoon around the eyes---just a little bit."
            Alex smiles, "Thanks Syd----now let's go get that tea."



            Four pm: Ranger Trivette is sitting at his desk, working on a case, his phone rings.
            "Yeah---Trivette---speak to me," he answers joyfully.
            "Trivette----it's me."
            "Walker!!!! Where the hell are you, man?”
            "I'm at JFK airport----I've been trying to get a hold of Alex---have you seen her?"
            Trivette's face tightens up, "Yeah---I saw her earlier, and you Walkman---you are on both of our "shit" lists----how could you do that to her---to your own wife, and what about me?---I'm sitting there with egg on my face---looking like a damn fool because I thought, or rather "assumed" that you would tell your own wife you were going out of the country! How could you do that?"
            Walker has to take the phone away from his ear, Trivette is yelling so loud. "Would you calm down, Trivette?"
            The whole office is staring at Trivette, his voice is getting louder as he gets up from his desk and paces back and forth, "Calm down?  You're telling me to 'calm down'----I swear Walker---if you were here right now---I'd show you just how calm I can get."
            "Trivette---would you please just tell me where Alex is?"
            Trivette stops pacing and grits his teeth, "How the hell would I know where your wife is----maybe if you ever took the time to confide in her--like telling her you're going out of the country---maybe ---you would know where she's at? Remembering how hurt and angry she was at the airport, I'm surprised she hasn't taken off for tim-buck-two---or what ever the name of that damn place is!"
            Walker's voice softens, "Alex was at the airport, when?"
            "Just in time to see your plane take off---and believe me----you wouldn't have wanted to see that look of abandonment on her face!"
            "Why didn't she try to contact me by phone?"
            "She was hurt Walker, she thought you didn't care about her, since you took off without telling her!"
            "I know," Walker says softly, "She must really be upset with me----I should have told her---but every time I mentioned it, she begged me not to go."
            Trivette sighs, and sits down at his desk---"You should have told her, Walker---this isn't like you, Alex has always been your first concern, she deserved to be told."
            Walker nods his head in agreement, "You're right, I've been trying to call her, I've tried her office, and then I called Josie at the HOPE center, she said Alex had told her she would be picking Angela up late, do you know what that is all about?"
            "No, I have no idea----I'll go down to Alex's office and see what I can find out---how soon does your flight leave for Paris?"
            Walker clears his throat, "It's already left----left about 20 minutes ago.---I'm not going on to Paris---I knew as soon as that plane left DFW, I was making a big mistake, I just didn't know what I would say to Alex----or if she would even talk to me---that's why I haven't called sooner."
            "Are you flying back to Dallas?"
            "Yeah, my flight is 386, I'll be getting in at 7:36 Texas time, will you pick me up?"
            Trivette smirks, "I should make you get a taxi back to headquarters-----yeah yeah---I'll be there---just can't guarantee what state of mind I'll be in---and I know you can mop the floor up with me, but right now I feel like giving you swift kick to the butt!"
            Walker tries to smile, "I know Trivette---you're not saying anything to me that I haven't already said to myself---and if it was physically possible I would kick my own butt."


            Alex and Sydney have arrived at the reservation, Alex is shocked at how many people are there. They get out of the Durango slowly and Alex motions for them to stop. Alex's face gets rigid as the two men pass about 20 feet away. She takes a deep sigh, "Oh nooo----not them!"
            Sydney looks at the two men and back to Alex. The men stop and stare at the two women, the taller man makes a snide remark and they walk on. "Alex----who are those men?"
            Alex grits her teeth and replies, "Trouble."
            The dark haired lady Ranger looks at Alex and frowns, "Care to elaborate----what kind of trouble?"
            "They are the grand nephews of White Eagle-----the only time they ever come around is when they think it's time for White Eagle to cross over-----oh my God---Syd we have to get to White Eagle now----before it's too late."
            The two men are walking towards White Eagle's lodge, when they stop and say something to some other men, and nodding back towards Alex and Sydney.  
            The two women approach White Eagle's lodge, a huge teepee with all the markings of the Cherokee symbols. The crude paintings are of braves on horseback going after buffalo, and pictures of the eagle and the wolf.  His is the most decorative of all the teepees, he could have chosen to stay in the more modern accommodations, but White Eagle refused, saying he had wanted to be nearer his ancestors and to be closer to the spirits. The entrance flap had been up, letting everyone know that he was accepting visitors, but since his grand nephews had approached the other men, the flap came down.
            Alex stops, observing the closed flap---"Now---we can't get in".
            The other men approach Alex and her friend, "White Eagle is receiving no more visitors----you must leave."
            Alex takes a deep breath, "I have to see White Eagle ----now! Would you please tell him I am here?"
            The other man pushes forward, "You were told to leave, white woman------now go!"
            Alex stares back at the man, she's angry and she's frightened, "I am not leaving till I have talked to White Eagle!" Alex moves forward and the man pushes her back. Again Alex moves forward, "Leave me alone---tell White Eagle that ‘Alex’ is here---this is important!"
            Now the men are getting angry as they start towards Alex, Sydney gets in between them and pushes one of them back, "Back off buster----and keep your hands to yourself!"
            The two men look at each other and then to Sydney's diminutive frame, they laugh and one of them reaches out to push her back also, she slaps his hand away, "Don't do that----you don’t want to get me mad!"
            The men break out laughing, "Mad?  Crazy George---we don't want to make her mmmmmaaadddd," the man mocks her.
            Alex watches the scene before her as she inches her way around them, and towards the entrance.
            The man continues to mock Sydney and reaches out to shove her back, and she grabs his left hand, pushing the thumb all the way down, and forcing the man to the ground. The other man rushes her and gets Sydney's left foot to the face. The man goes down screaming and Sydney brings up her right knee to the groin of the man's hand she is forcing back. The second man curses and rushes her again, Sydney spins on her left foot and catches the man's face again with her right foot, before the man hits the ground, she hits him with her left foot, she hears a bone snap!"
            She looks at the two men, and takes a deep sigh, then wipes her hands together, "Told you not to make me mad."
            Sydney looks around for Alex and sees her disappearing inside the tent; she follows.
            Alex takes a second for her eyes to adjust to the dark, and the tiny little light from a small fire at the far end of the lodge. She sees the two men standing over White Eagle's bedding on the ground. She hears voices, they are angry.
            "White Eagle?  It's me, Alex----I need to talk to you."
            The voices come out of the shadows and the two men walk angrily towards the blonde. She starts backing up as one of them grabs her arm, "You were told to leave----you are not welcome here white woman."
            Sydney comes through the entrance and hits the man holding Alex, "Leave her alone---you scum bag."
            The taller one swings out at Sydney, and the other two men from the earlier fight come stumbling in to help. The four of them are ganging up on Sydney and Alex jumps up on the back of one of White Eagles' nephews, and tries to pull him away. The fight is on as another man rushes in and tries to break it up.  Finally, the man pulls out his gun and fires up into the air, everyone stops.
            Everyone starts talking at once and Alex can see that the man with the gun is Walker's cousin, Sam Coyote, and the reservation's sheriff...
            Sam is trying to get some order when the grand nephews start yelling at him and pointing to Alex and that the flap to White Eagle's teepee was down.
            Sam makes two of the men leave and he walks towards Alex. "Alex----what are you doing here? You know our rules---when the flap is closed----no one is allowed in here."
            "Sam, please----I have to talk to White Eagle---it's important---it concerns Angela."
            Sam is a short but muscular man and he's the only relative left on the reservation that Walker is close to. He looks at Alex with concern in his eyes, "What is wrong with my little cousin---is she sick?"
            "No," Alex replies, "but it's important that I see White Eagle."
            The grand nephews start talking to Sam at the same time, most of it is in Cherokee and Alex can't understand it. They keep pointing back at their uncle laying on the floor and then to the flap on the teepee, their voices getting angrier.
            Sam Coyote sighs and looks to Alex, "I'm sorry Alex----but as next of kin---they have the right to tell you to leave---maybe you can see White Eagle tomorrow."
            Alex grabs Sam's arm, "No------that might be too late---would you tell White Eagle I am here---tell him please!"
            Sam looks over to the bedding on the floor, White Eagle is trying to sit up. He starts towards the tribal chief and the nephews push him back. They have words and Sam pushes forward, going on his knees to talk to White Eagle. The nephews are again trying to stop Sam, he points towards his badge and yells back at them in their language. The nephews back off, glaring at Alex.
            Alex and Sydney watch as Sam and White Eagle exchange words. White Eagle can barely speak above a whisper and Sam has to listen closely to his words, then he rises slowly.
            Sam shakes his head, "I’m sorry, Alex, but White Eagle is very weak, he wishes to be alone---he says he will talk to you tomorrow."
            Alex starts to object and Sydney pulls her away, "Come on Alex-----maybe we should leave and come back tomorrow?"
            The blonde stares back at the nephews, "I am not leaving till I have talked to White Eagle."
            Sam motions for them to walk outside, "Your friend is right Alex---maybe tomorrow---okay?"
            As they walk out of the huge teepee, the flap goes down again and the two nephews stay inside. Alex shakes her head, "I'm not leaving till I get some answers---I'm staying the night."
            Alex and Syd get a room at the visitors' lodge and Alex calls Josie to check on Angela,. Josie tells Alex that Walker called to find out where she is.
            "Walker called?"
            "Yes, and he was really worried that he couldn't get a hold of you, Alex----where are you?"
            "I'm at the reservation, so----my husband finally decides he wants to talk to me, huh? Too bad he didn't want to talk to me to tell me he was going out of the country----is Angela okay?"
            "Your daughter is fine Alex, do you have any doubt that her "Auntie Josie" can't take care of her?"
            "Of course not----I know she's in good hands.  Josie---what else did Walker say?"

            "His main concern was wanting to know where you were, and of course to know Angela was okay.  I didn't know what else to tell him, since you didn't tell me where you were going, I guess he was calling from the plane."
            Alex nods her head slowly, "I suppose----I'll be home early in the morning, kiss my baby goodnight for me, and thank you Josie."
            Sydney has gone out to get them something to eat, she returns with sandwiches and milk. She looks at Alex and smiles, "I just came by the little school and I had to stop and listen to the little choir----their voices are beautiful."
            Alex nods her head in approval, "Yes---they are. They are made up of all the surrounding tribes, most of them are orphans. Walker has brought me up here several times to hear them sing, Their voices are like 'song birds' and when they first started to sing the more modern of songs, like rock and roll, the elders were fit to be tied. But, the younger ones finally won out and soon 'rock and roll' came to the reservation! Now, they are getting very popular and they've been asked to entertain in the bigger cities."
            Syd smiles, "I just stood there and listened to their voices----they just blew me away----Hey---let's go back and listen to them again, what do you say?"
            Alex takes a deep breath, "You go ahead Syd----I think I will take a walk."


            Walker’s plane has landed and he's coming down the walkway, he sees Trivette and Gage walking towards him and Gage has a ticket in his hand.
            Walker nods to him, "Sorry I bailed out----but under the circumstances------I might not have a marriage if I had continued on."
            Trivette smirks, "You can say that again---you know Walkman---as my best man---you're setting a fine example!"
            "Don't start in on me again Trivette----just tell me you know where Alex is?"
            "Alex is at the reservation, and Gage is driving your Ram---because I knew as soon as I told you---you'd be heading up there and wouldn't have or want to take time to drive me back to headquarters, so I just followed him here".
            Gage flips the keys to Walker, "Got to run you guys, my plane to PARIS takes off in 9 minutes."
            "Thanks for going in my place Gage-----I owe you one."
            Gage is all smiles, "No thanks needed, I've never been to France, I'm looking forward to all that great cuisine, ----and girls, the beautiful scenery and the girls, the "follies"-----and the girls----hey I'm in heaven!"
            Walker frowns, "I'm out of here----I'll see you guys later."
            Trivette gives another smirk, "Thank you Trivette, I appreciate your help Trivette, thanks for letting me know where my wife is Trivette----yeah---you're welcome Walker!"
            Walker turns around and gives Trivette a ‘thumbs up’.”


White Eagle’s Destiny Part 4

            The grand nephews are watching their Uncle sleep, the tall one is called "Snake Eyes", the other is "Crowman." Walker has despised both of them, saying their names are very becoming of them, for the way they treat White Eagle.  They have nothing to do with him his health is good, but when White Eagle is feeling poorly, they are there---like buzzards!
            Walker has had words with them many times when the nephews have even tried to stop him from seeing the spiritual chief! Always White Eagle has overrun the nephew’s interference, and has beckoned Walker to him. White Eagle would smile softly and say, "It is better to agree to see you, just to keep my nephews from returning home with broken bones---The spirits like a good battle, but for you it is not a fair fight----there are only two of them."
            The nephews are speaking in hushed tone, Snake Eyes speaks, "She can not know the truth------she must leave before that husband of hers comes here too."
            "We dare not touch her----not only would "Washo" send us to the great hunting ground---"Uncle" would scalp our hides as well."
            They walk further away from their Uncle's bed, "I am not afraid of our dear Uncle-----soon he will cross over and the secret will die with him----but if the white woman should find out the truth-----our spirits will never rest. We will not be accepted, our bodies will rot from the shame and forever be laughed at!"
            Crowman nods his head and grunts, "She has to go----tonight----but her memory will have to go too------she can not remember any of this."
            The nephews step outside their Uncle's lodge, they see Alex walking towards the river. They exchange looks and start in her direction, then they see Sam Coyote approaching her. They watch as the two speak, the woman nods her head slowly and continues on. As Sam watches Alex, he turns and sees the nephews watching them. His face tightens as he walks to them, they start to walk away, he tells them to stop.
            "What do you want Sam Coyote, we have work to do?"             
            Sam eyes them suspiciously and then nods in the direction that Alex took, "It better be just work that you two are up to----leave my cousin's wife alone!"
            Snake Eyes glares back at him, "We know nothing of what you're talking about."
            Sam nods his head, "I'm going to be keeping my eyes on you two----and if you go near Alex, I won't wait for my cousin to break your heads open----I'll do it for him----you got that?"
            Sam walks away and the nephews sneer at him, "He is a disgrace to our people---see how he bows to the bearded one----everyone is afraid of "Washo!"
            Crowman looks at his brother, "And---you're not, brother?  I recall how he's busted your butt several times------and mine too," Crowman adds.
            The nephews go back inside the lodge.
            Alex has been walking near the river for almost an hour, the water is warm as she pulls her shoes and ankle stockings off, rolling her pant legs up. There's a big rock in the middle of the river, she wades over to it and sits down, letting her feet dangle in the warm water. She thinks back to the argument between her and Walker. Never had they argued like that, saying things to each other, she knows they didn't mean. But, they were both too stubborn to be the one to apologize first. She starts to cry softly, "Oh Walker-----I hate it when we argue----I hate it!"
            A voice softly replies, "So do I, Alex."
            Alex spins around on the rock, almost falling off---"WALKER!! What are you doing here?"

She never even heard him wade out to the big rock, but he stands there, in the knee deep water----just looking at her.
            "I changed my mind about going, and when the plane left JFW, I got the next flight back to Dallas-------I'm sorry Alex-----about everything!"
            She looks back at him, she wants to just fall into his arms, but her anger will not let her. Her bottom lip quivers, "Well----you should be!!----How could you even think of going out of the country and not tell me?"
            Walker nods his head and motions for her to move over so he can sit down beside her. "I'm sorry Alex----I take the blame---I was wrong---and if we continue this part of the conversation---we're never going to stop arguing."
            Alex moves over to the far side of the rock, "What makes you think we're through arguing? ----You said some pretty cruel things to me!"
            "What about you, Alex? You said some cruel things to me too----you accused me of seeing someone else-----and we both know that's ridiculous!"
            They both sit there, just looking at each other. Walker speaks first.
            "Can we call a truce?  Alex, I just talked to Sydney and she told me about that man that came to see you, something about the feathers----and what is this gibberish that our daughter is going to die, and White Eagle will take her spirit with him?"
            "That man was the engineer that was driving the train, Walker----he saw the feather too---was he dreaming also?   I WAS NOT DREAMING!!!! I tried to tell you that but you wouldn't listen to me----you had other things on your mind, Walker-----I am scared and I am confused, all of this is surrounding our daughter in some way, and death is too!"
            Walker starts to say something, and then he sighs. "Honey---can we get back to the river bank and discuss this on dry land?"
            Alex is not giving in, "I'm perfectly happy right where I'm at----if this is your way of avoiding to talk about this----you can just go back to Dallas, I'm staying here to talk to White Eagle and try to get some sense out of all of this."
            "Fine!  We'll talk here----does that make you happy?"
            Alex looks at her husband and makes a face, "So? Are you willing to listen to me now----you don't think I'm crazy?"
            Walker's temper is rising, "I never said you were crazy Alex, it's just that in all of the folk lore that I have heard about the Cherokee people, I have never heard anything about feathers!" He shakes his head and looks at her softly, "Alex----bear with me on this----this is just as confusing to me as it is to you."
            She grabs his arm, "Then---demand to talk to White Eagle----they won't let me talk to him, Walker---this is scaring me to death, I can't eat, I can't sleep, my nerves are shot…"
            He puts his arm around her, "Okay, hon----I will--I'll get to the bottom of this, we'll go see White Eagle now!"
            They slide off the rock and Walker sweeps Alex up in his arms and carries her to the bank. She watches as he pulls his wet socks off and throws them on the ground.  She pulls her shoes on, putting the stockings in her pant pockets. Walker is grimacing as he pulls his boots on with no socks.
            "Walker----why didn't you pull your socks off before wading out?"
            He stands up and reaches his hand out for hers, "You know I can't stand mud between my toes----you ready?"
            She stands up slowly, taking his hand. They stand there looking at each other and she goes slowly into his arms. He stands there holding her, rubbing his right hand up and down her back, kissing the side of her head.
            "Alex----I have been so miserable the last few days---I'm sorry for all those things I said and…”
            She puts her forefinger up to his lips, "Shhh----you're right---we both said things we didn't mean to say, and I'm sorry too."
            "I don't want to ever feel like this again-----can we get past this? I was wrong in wanting you to give up your career, I've done a lot of thinking and if you want to continue with your career, then we will work it out and I-----"
            Alex reaches up and kisses him tenderly, "We both have to work things out----and we will talk about this when we get home----but right now----can we please talk to White Eagle?"
            Walker nods his head, keeping his right arm around her waist as they walk back to White Eagle's lodge. Sam and Sydney see them coming, and Syd smiles, seeing their arms wrapped around each other.
            "Washo-----it is good to see you."
            Walker nods to his cousin, keeping his arm around Alex's waist. "Hey Sam, thanks for keeping a watchful eye out for Alex and Sydney."
            Sam looks back at Syd, remembering the fight. "His eyebrows raise up, "No problem, cousin."
            The nephews have seen Walker's arrival; they stand at the entrance to White Eagle's lodge, shifting back and forth nervously. Walker and Alex start walking towards them, and Sam gives out a sigh. He knows it's going to be a long night.
            As Walker and Alex reach the entrance, Walker's arm drops from Alex's waist and she takes his hand with both of hers. The three men are in a staring match.
            "I want to see White Eagle---now."
            Snake Eyes spits on the ground at Walker's feet, "No----our Uncle is sleeping----he is receiving no visitors, and that includes you Washo."
            Crowman nods his head, "Our Uncle is weak, we are taking him to see a doctor---and he will be one of ours---not the white man's doctor."
            Walker edges closer, "If you don't get of my way----you're going to be the one in need of a doctor!!”
            The nephews start yelling at Sam in Cherokee. Alex watches the look on Walker's face as he listens. "What are they saying, Walker?"
            "They're saying that as next of kin, they have the say so about who sees their Uncle."
            Sam shakes his head and tries to quiet the angry men, "I'm sorry "Washo"----you know the rules."
            "I know the rules Sam----you tell White Eagle that I am here----it's most important I talk to him-----with or without "THEIR" permission!"
            Sam nods his head back and forth, he knows the determination of his cousin. "I will ask White Eagle if he is up to seeing you----wait here."
            The nephews start to argue, and Sam pushes them back, "I said ---wait here!"
            Walker keeps eyeing the two men, in all the years that he has known them, he's never liked them! They were a few years older than him, and before he learned to take care of himself, they would beat him senseless----mocking him ---calling him HALF BREED."
            But, that wasn't the main reason he despised them. They used to talk down to their Uncle, making fun of him, and soon they started abusing him. With his Uncle Ray's help, Walker was learning to fight back and soon he was taking both of them on, and usually losing. All of that changed once Walker joined the Marines and learned the martial arts. The first time home on leave was a drastic lesson to be learned by the nephews. They mocked his uniform, and G.I. haircut, but Walker kept his temper. Then they made their biggest mistake, hitting White Eagle. All hell broke loose as Walker challenged them. They never got in a punch, he had them eating dirt with what little teeth they had left! Then he further embarrassed them by 'literally" kicking their butts across the dirt road that wound through the village. The kids laughed at them, the adults turned their heads.




White Eagle's Destiny Part 5


Sam returns from seeing White Eagle, the nephews look to him.
            "What does our Uncle say, he wishes to be alone---to rest---right?"
            Sam sighs and then turns to his cousin, "White Eagle is very weak, but he has agreed to see you----but only for a few minutes."
            The nephews start to argue and stand in front of the lodge's opening, "Go away, "Washo"---you are not welcome here---our Uncle is weak."
            Walker edges forward, Alex can feel his body tensing up. She moves forward with him.
            "You have exactly five seconds to get away from that entrance, or I will send you both flying and you will be making another opening on the other side----do I make myself clear?"
            The nephews look to Sam Coyote, pleading.
            Sam shrugs, "White Eagle has spoken, now step aside and let my cousins through, or I will not be responsible for what happens next."
            The nephews step aside, and Walker gently pulls Alex in front of him. He stops and stares at the nephews, stating very quietly. "White Eagle will see the doctor of "HIS" choice, not yours!"
            Walker and Alex move towards the center of the lodge, where the blankets are piled high, and a huge pillow is tucked snugly behind the great chief's head.  Walker recognizes the pillow as the one that Alex bought for White Eagle, the year before. The old man had scoffed at the idea of using the white man's luxury of sleeping comfort, and pretended that it would make the spirits angry if he had accepted. But, Walker knew better, and soon the old chief was using the pillow just as he had the other luxuries that Alex had bought him. The electric blanket felt good on his aching bones when the temperature would drop into the teens, and when White Eagle and the other Chiefs would go deep into the badlands on retreat, the old man would sneak the battery operated socks into his moccasins. The old man started looking to Alex's visits very eagerly, especially when she would bring him homemade macaroni and cheese.
            Walker and Alex squint their eyes till they can adjust to the darkness. A small fire burns in the middle of the lodge and an old woman tends to White Eagle's needs. The Walkers sit down on the floor, and say their greetings to the old man. Walker takes White Eagle's hand.
            "I am here, my friend----and Alex is here with me----we are very troubled----and very confused over what is happening surrounding our daughter."
            The old man looks to the bearded man and then to the blond sitting next to him. His eyes do not see their faces as clearly anymore, but he can hear the worry in Walker's voice. The old man reaches up and touches Walkers' face, "Is "Sky Eyes" sick, is she not here with you?"
            Walker shakes his head slowly, "Angela is not sick---and "no" she is not here with us----White Eagle, things have been happening----and Alex and I feel that you can shed some light on what is happening."
            Before Walker can continue, Alex reaches out and takes White Eagle's hand, "White Eagle----you have to tell us---who is that woman----is our daughter going to die----are you going to take Angela with you when you 'cross the river’?"
            White Eagle looks to Walker in confusion, "I do not understand-----what is she talking about?"
            Again Alex interrupts, "There is no time to waste, White Eagle---please tell us-----" Alex starts to cry, "is our daughter dying?"
            Walker reaches out and embraces his wife, "Hon----please---we have to let White Eagle tell us---in his own way."
            Alex jumps up and starts pacing around, folding and unfolding her arms, pushing her hair back and wiping at her eyes. "I can't stand this, Walker------PLEASE---get White Eagle to tell us the truth----I have to know!!!" Alex starts to cry harder and Walker stands up and puts his arms around her. She falls against his chest, crying  and trying to talk.
            "I can not---lose my daughter---God----I will die if they take her---oh God---please don't let them take my baby!"
            Walker is trying to console his wife, and White Eagle is trying to sit up, the old woman is talking Cherokee and forcing him back down. White Eagle starts to cough, pushing back at the old woman and trying to talk.
            The noise has reached outside the lodge. The nephews come running in and see that their Uncle is trying to sit up, his cough is getting worse, and White Eagle grabs his chest. The nephews start shouting at Sam Coyote to make the Walkers leave.
            Sam is trying to get everyone settled down, as he calls to Syd to come in and try to get Alex back to the lodging. Alex is refusing to leave, as she's holding onto Walkers' shirt and screaming at him to make White Eagle tell who the woman is and why she is coming back.
            Walker is trying to talk over the voices of the nephews and Sam, "Honey, please, go back to the lodge with Syd---- I promise I will get to the bottom of this."
            Syd is pulling Alex away from Walker, "Come on Alex, let's go back to the lodge---and get some tea----you'll feel better."
            Alex is not moving, "NO!!! ---I am staying." She turns to White Eagle and screams at him, "You have got to tell us----who is that woman, what does she mean that she will see you three times in your life as you know it, and then the third time she will come back for you----why is she talking about our daughter?"
            The nephews stare back at Alex and then to each other, they again start yelling at Sam to make Walker and Alex leave.
            "You see, Sam Coyote----they upset our Uncle, his cough is getting worse----make them leave---NOW!"
            White Eagle is coughing harder and trying to call Walker to him. "Washo------come here."
            Walker pulls away from his wife and starts back to his friend, the nephews step in front of him and Walker shoves them back. "Get out of my way-------or I will bust your heads open!"
            The nephews are yelling at Sam to stop Walker, Sam throws his hands up in the air, "SILENCE----all of you----be quiet----you are giving me a headache!" Sam walks over to White Eagle and the old man whispers in their native tongue.
            Sam stands up and motions for the nephews to leave, "You too, Alex----White Eagle wants only to talk to "Washo"----Syd----please get her out of here!"
            Alex is still refusing to leave and Walker walks back to her. "Alex----please----let me handle this----I will find out who the woman is, and I will find out what this all has to do with our daughter----I promise you."
            Alex walks reluctantly out with Syd and the nephews are ushered out by Sam. Walker walks slowly over to the blankets on the floor and sits down. The old woman is trying to give White Eagle a liquid, but he pushes it away. He flails the air, whispering Walker's name. The bearded ranger takes his hands, and gently pushes him down on the blankets.
            "I'm right here, White Eagle----calm down-----here take some water, is there anything else I can get you?"
            The old man shakes his head and squeezes his friends' hand, "Washo-----why is Alex so angry with me----who is this woman she keeps asking about?"
            Walker continues to speak softly, "We don't know who the woman is, White Eagle---we were hoping you could tell us."
            White Eagle is silent for a long time, Walker takes the wet rag away from the old woman and wipes the old man's brow. The old woman looks at Walker and smiles faintly and then moves away. She continues to watch the compassion between the old spiritual chief and the bearded one. She moves to the far end of the lodge and starts to chant quietly.
            The old man speaks, "It has been many moons since you came to the village, Washo------and so many things have happened. The spirits have looked out for you----through good times and sad times."
            “Yes----that is true, my friend---and you have always been there for me, through all those times."
            White Eagle smiles faintly, "Not always, Washo----in the beginning I "shunned' you----not wanting the Cherokee to mix with the white man's blood."
            Yes, I remember those times. But, everyone else "shunned" me too, even my Uncle Ray. But, after my parents were killed, Uncle Ray changed his attitude towards me and raised me as his son. When he introduced me to you so many moons ago, I thought I would literally die of fright, you scared me so."
            White Eagle nods and laughs quietly, the old woman looks back at the two men, and she smiles. She nods her head in approval, reaching up to her silver gray hair and retrieves a feather. She chants slowly and moves her hands in a circular motion over the lone feather, it begins to rise slowly and then lightly floats away.  She goes back to her chanting.
            "Yes, you were a very scared young man, Washo. That is because you didn't understand the ways of your Father’s people----strange ways are sometimes very scary and confusing."
            Walker reflects back over his childhood, the troubled times when he was not only "shunned" by his Father's people, but his Mother's as well.  The Redman called him "half-breed", the white man called him a "bastard", not recognizing the vows that his parents had exchanged before a scared little judge in the small town of Whee-Chita-Falls, on the banks of the Red River.
            "Yes, but in my later years you took me under your wing and guided me, giving me wisdom, and my Uncle Ray gave me strength. I had to learn to be a Cherokee on the inside as well as outside. I am grateful to you, White Eagle, I learned to respect you, and my heritage, and how proud I am to be half Cherokee.   But, mostly----besides my Uncle Ray---I have never loved another man as I have you."
            White Eagle's eyes become misty as he tries to joke, "Even when I busted your backside with that old tree limb,---for disobeying your teacher?"
            Walker smiles, "Yes----even then--White Eagle". Walker reaches down to his lower back, "And I still carry that scar to this day."
            The two men become silent, the old woman continues to watch them.
            "White Eagle----there are some things I have to ask you-----things that are becoming very confusing and scary to Alex and me."
            "Is that why Alex is angry with me?"
            "Alex is not angry---she's scared, White Eagle---and so am I------we are afraid for our daughters' life."
            "The spirits will not hurt "Sky Eyes", Washo---why do you question this?"
            Walker begins to tell White Eagle what has happened in the last few months. The old man listens quietly, the old woman has moved closer to them and she too, listens.
            "What does all this mean, White Eagle---the feathers---I have never heard the lore concerning feathers---can you explain this to me? Alex said she heard you talking to this woman, and she told you that she would come back for you, and the third time you would cross the river together as it was intended---who is this woman, White Eagle?  When were the times that she was here?"
            White Eagle closes his eyes and starts to chant quietly, without opening his eyes, he replies. "The woman that you have married has made you very happy, has she not, Washo?"
            "Of course----Alex is my life---I never knew I could love another woman as much as I love Alex. When I lost Ellen---I thought my world had ended, but I never really started living till Alex came into my life.  And now, that love has doubled with the birth of our daughter."
            White Eagle continues to talk with his eyes closed, "Some men go through their lives never knowing one love, to know two true loves is almost unimaginable. To go through life never knowing a woman's love is very sad, the spirits can only weep in silence when that true love is not accepted, and sometimes the spirits become angry and a lifetime of silence is in the wind, the sun, and the water. A veil of shame will follow, and many moons will pass."
            "I don't understand, my friend, are you talking about my past---or yours?"
            White Eagle opens his eyes and tries to focus in on Walker's face. He can only make out the beard and when he touches it, his hand shakes. Walker takes his hand, "What is it, White Eagle----do you need something----can I get the old woman to bring you some water ----are you okay?"
            The old man shakes his head, "She wouldn't be able to hear you, Washo----she hears only the wind."
            Walker turns to look at the old woman, who is sitting by the lone fire and chanting quietly. Walker continues to look at the old woman, she raises her head and stares back at him, her face takes on the look of a small child----Angela's!!
            Walker gasps, and looks back to White Eagle, the old man's face is turning younger. Walker stares back as he can vision White Eagle as a young warrior, racing across the plains of South Dakota, hunting buffalo.  The vision before Walker takes on many faces, painted faces of warriors going into battle against the white man, A lone figure sits upon the back of a beautiful white stallion, the man has long golden blond hair, a long knife at his side. The gold stripe going down the leg of his blue uniform, his chest is held taut against the blue tunic of the 7th Calvary. CUSTER!!!
            Walker shakes his head back and forth, he turns to look at the old woman, she is gone! He turns back to White Eagle, the old man's face is staring back at him. "You have taken the wings of the spirits and returned to the hunting grounds of your ancestors, Washo-----what did you see?"
            Walker is still finding it hard to talk, he stammers. "I saw you as a young warrior---a scout for the 7th Calvary---and I saw the devil himself, Custer!----But, I saw my daughter---on the face of that old woman, she was smiling back at me---a soft and gentle smile, like the first time I saw her in the nursery after I knew that my daughter was going to make it."
            The old man nods, "Yes---and we were standing there---beside your daughter----protecting her."
            "WE?" Walker questions, "Who is, WE?”
            "Angela's namesake----her name was ----------"
            The old man grabs his chest and starts coughing harder, and his face is turning pale. Walker jumps up and runs to the entrance, hollering for Sam to bring his truck around.
            Sam and the nephews come running in, and the nephews start yelling at Walker that they will take him to a doctor of their people.
            Walker is shoving them back and trying to pick White Eagle up. "I am taking him to the doctor in Lone Grove, and from there they can airlift him to the cancer center in Oklahoma City-----now get out of my way!"
            The nephews are trying to stop the Ranger, and Sam is trying to pull them away so Walker can get to his truck.
            "You have gone too far "Washo"----you have interfered with our people's ways for the last time," shouts Crowman.
            Walker is refusing to stop as he hurries to his Ram, and yelling back to Sam. "Have Alex and Syd meet us in Lone Grove----hurry---Sam!"
            As Sam runs to the guest lodging, the nephews are still trying to get White Eagle away from Walker. Walker gets the door open and sits the old chief down and then he turns and slams a fist into Crowman's face. Snake Eyes gets a foot to the head.
            "I don't have time to give you two a real ass-whipping----but I swear you two better not be around when I get back-----or I'll make up for the one you're missing out on," shouts Walker. "Now get the hell of my way or I'll run you over!"
            The Ram starts towards the town of Lone Grove, Walker is on the radio, telling of the emergency and have a medical helicopter ready for takeoff. Walker looks to his dear friend and touches his shoulder.
            "Hang in there, old friend---I'm getting you to the hospital."
            White Eagle smiles, a lone feather floats down on the seat and a vision of the old woman looks back at him. Her hand reaches out and touches his. White Eagle takes a deep breath, his head falling to his chest. Walker pulls his hand back as a chill goes through him. He watches as a vision of the old woman and White Eagle swirl gently together and seem to float out the window of the Ram. Walker pulls over to the side of the road and watches as the visions materialize together as one.  A young man and a young woman join hands, and they "float away".
            The tears come into Walker's eyes, as he whispers, "Goodbye, my friend, I'll see you on the other side of the river.

Walker steps out of his truck as Alex and Syd come driving up. Alex is running to him.
            "Walker----are you okay?  What happened?"
            Syd walks over to the passenger side of the Ram, "Where is White Eagle?"
            Walker says nothing as he takes a deep breath and puts his arm around Alex.  His wife stares back at him, "He's dead?  Oh my God, Angela!"
            Alex starts reaching for her cell phone and dialing the HOPE center. Walker goes to lean on the cab of his truck. Syd stares at him and then to Alex.
            Walker walks over to Alex and whispers, "Our daughter is fine------she's just fine."
            Alex is screaming into the phone and asking about Angela. She turns and faces her husband, "Josie says that our daughter is sleeping peacefully----Walker she's okay----our baby is fine."
            Walker and Alex embrace, Alex can feel her husband's body shaking. "Walker----I am so sorry-----I know how much you loved him."
            Walker dabs at his eyes, "It was "his" time to cross the river, I will see him soon---when it's my time to cross over."
            Syd watches her friends and then she sees the objects laying on the front seat, two feathers. She picks them up and walks over to Walker and Alex.
            She looks at Alex and recalls the stories that her friend had told her about, "There's 2 of them, one for White Eagle and one for the woman------- what does it mean?"
            Walker reaches out for the feathers, "I'm not sure, there should be 3 feathers-------the last one being for the third time that the woman comes to White Eagle, and they cross the river together."
            "I don't understand, honey----how is Angela connected to White Eagle and that woman? Did you find out who she was?"
            Walker says nothing as he reaches out and takes his wife's hand, "We'll talk about it in the morning----let's go home---let's go get our daughter."


            The clouds swirl softly together, as the heavens beckon them home. In the distance a thunderstorm is brewing and lighting bolts are flashing across the sky, a soft gentle rain begins to fall. The rain increases, and a chanting is heard across the heavens.
            A woman's voice speaks softly, "We are going home, my love----to that great hunting ground of our ancestors, where the water is pure and will wash away all of the pain that has been bestowed upon us for so many moons. We will walk beside the great beast that has fallen under the white man's rule and has forsaken our right to keep our families bellies full from hunger. The fire will rage when we have had our final revenge, and she will walk in fear----no more."
            A voice replies, "Yes---our destinies will soon be over and it will be up to him, to chase the demons away. He is a great warrior, I feel so proud, my heart is pounding heavy against my chest, did you not feel his strength when he touched you?"
            The old woman smiles, as her face takes on a softer look, the years fading away.  A young woman of about 14 summers is looking back at him, she speaks softly," Yes, my love----I felt his hand touch mine as he took the rag to wipe your brow----he was so gentle with you, the same way he caresses his child."
            The young man hesitates, then he starts to chant. The young woman sees the concern in his eyes.
            "What is it, my love----what troubles you?"
            "Our destiny is not over---the spirits are uneasy----danger is near----do you feel it?"
            They say nothing as they both begin to chant, as the young woman reaches to her hair and brings forth a third feather. They lift the feather skyward, it floats upward and then spirals downward, gently twisting and turning.


            The tall ranger is very uncomfortable in his 'general seating', the seats are entirely too close together, and his 6’ 4" is feeling every cramp. He frowns as he looks to the three federal marshals that are seated across the aisle and to the one seated next to him. He shakes his head slowly and mumbles quietly.
            "The first time I ever get to go to Paris and I don't even get to enjoy it. I was hoping to at least see some of the nightlife----maybe go to the follies----see the 'can-can' girls-----taste the cuisine---fat chance of that!"
            "What's the matter, Ranger-Tex-----getting a little 'flight crazy?"
            Ranger Gage smirks back at the marshal, "Yeah-----I hate flying----and this is like flying in a sardine can----they could have least given us first class seating!"
            The marshal laughs, "The state of Texas doesn't care about our comfort---besides----get used to it---it will be even worse on the return flight when we have your three notorious fugitives to look out for."
            Gage stares back at the man, "Just don't take all this so lightly----La Rue's followers are not to be taken for granted. They are all killers, and they enjoy their work."
            Another marshal comments, "Yeah----we're familiar with their rap sheet, 9 counts of murder, sexual assault, kidnapping----not to mention the murder of two little babies----that we know of."
            The ranger sighs, "Yeah, and one of the babies was killed by it's own Mother!"
            All of the men are silent. Gage sits back in his window seat, thinking about the day that Walker and Alex almost lost their lives on that railroad track, when La Rue's followers were trying to kidnap Angela. He and Syd had been on another case in Brownsville, but they saw the whole scenario on the evening news.  He had never seen Walker so 'rattled' at not being able to catch La Rue's followers. Alex was hysterical as well she should be at the possibility of them losing their only child. Each time Walker wanted to fly to Paris to bring them back, Alex was begging him not to go.
            Gage's eyes are getting heavy as he stares out the window, watching the clouds. He blinks his eyes and sits up. The marshal beside him asks if he's okay.
            The Ranger rubs his eyes, "Did you see that?"
            "Did I see what?"
            Gage points to the wing, "There----out there----don't you see them?"
            The marshal sits up and looks out towards the wing, he sighs and sits back. "I don't see anything, but clouds------what did you think you saw----ghosts riding the wings of our airplane?"
            The ranger starts to speak, and then he shakes his head. "Nothing-----I guess I'm just tired-----we've been flying for over 13hours----my mind is playing tricks on me."
            The ranger sits back in his seat, he looks around at all of the passengers. He reaches for the pillow and puts it behind his head and folds his arms across his chest. Soon he is fast asleep, and he's dreaming. He's dreaming of a beach, with beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis, and then he sees the face of his partner, Ranger Sydney Cook, and her long dark hair hanging down her back over a fluorescent orange and yellow bikini. She's walking up to him slowly, her hands are going to her backside as the top is starting to fall away. She gets closer, he can see her breasts rising up and down, the nipples are erect against the bikini halter, she steps away from him and the halter falls away.
            When wind turbulence wakes the ranger, he quickly jumps up in his seat, shouting expletives. The marshals all start laughing, and a very embarrassed ranger sits back in his seat.
            "Damn it----even my dreams are against me."


            The Walkers have picked up their daughter and are home getting her changed and fed, and she soon falls back asleep. Walker is watching Alex as she holds their daughter close to her and singing softly. Angela stirs, pushing her bottom lip out, in a characteristic manner that has become one of her trademarks. Walker smiles and looks to his wife.
            "Our daughter has your same little habit of sticking out that bottom lip in a pouting manner------and just like you----no man will be able to resist it."
            Alex just smiles and continues to rock Angela. She watches her husband, as he has been very quiet on the ride back from the reservation. Losing White Eagle was very sad for him, even though they both knew that it was just a matter of time before he would cross the river to be with all of his ancestors. The cancer had been spreading and Walker had tried in vain to get the old man to come to live at the ranch in his final days. The old chief had refused, saying that the spirits wouldn't be able to find him if he was under the white man's roof, preferring to be under the stars when it was time.  Alex smiles faintly, White Eagle could be comical at times with the way he would express his ancestor’s belief. Then she remembers Walker's Uncle Ray---he could make her laugh when no one else could. Walker was so much like them, strong, but very passionate to those he cared about.
            "Honey---are you hungry, do you want me to fix you something to eat, it's almost morning?"
            Walker shakes his head slowly, "No, hon----I'm not hungry---What about you, shouldn't you be getting some sleep?"
            Alex motions for him to take their daughter, "No---I'm not going in today---I wouldn't be able to do any work---Walker----arrangements have to be made----for services."
            Walker kisses his daughter and places her in her crib, "Yeah---I know."
            "What kind of services------Walker---there's no body?  What happened to it?"
            Walker sighs, "I can't explain it-----I know it's hard for the non-believer that is not familiar with the ways of the Native Americans---but the spirits just took him away. I saw it, Alex---with my own eyes----they just----‘floated’ away---together."
            Alex looks at her husband, puzzled. "Who is "they"---did the woman in my so called 'dream' come back for him, what are you talking about?"
            "The old woman---didn't you see her? She was there ---in the lodge, tending to White Eagle?"                                  

Alex shakes her head, "I didn't see an old woman in the lodge, there was no one there but the nephews, Sam and Syd."
            "But, you did see the feathers that Syd found in the Ram?"
            Alex nods, "Yes---but there were only two---in my dream "the woman" said there would be three feathers on the ground, and with the last one, she and White Eagle would leave together. ----Walker----- please say that this is all over, I don't know how much more I can take?"
            Walker crosses the room and takes his wife into his arms, "I don't know what to say, hon-------I didn't expect White Eagle to cross over this way---I'm totally confused."
            Alex pulls away from her husband, "There's something else you're not telling me---isn't there?"
            Walker stares back at her, shaking his head---"Something---that White Eagle said----didn't make any sense to me."
            "What? What did he say?"
            "When he was telling me of the day of Angela's birth, and she was so sick, and we were afraid that she wasn't going to survive---remember I told you I saw an angel in that room?"
            "Yes-----and you also said that White Eagle was there-------in spirit or a vision or whatever---yes---I remember."
            Walker rubs his beard, "Well----he also said "they" were there to protect her."
            Alex nods her head slowly, "You mean---White Eagle and this woman that I saw in "my dream," right?”
            "And, the second time was 'when the earth trembles and the noise is unbearable'---on the railroad tracks, right, hon?"
            Alex rubs her back and goes to sit back down in her rocker. "But sweetheart------we never saw a feather that first time---but the engineer and I both saw the second one."
            "Maybe it wasn't meant for us to see the first one."

To be continued…


White Eagle's Destiny Part 6

            Alex stares back at her husband, the tears begin to come.
            "Walker----are you saying--this is not over? I'm sorry for White Eagle's death and I feel your hurt and your pain---but honey, I can't take anymore of this.  I'm a nervous wreck; I can't  sleep, I can't eat----my whole body is tied up in knots and I-----"
            Walker goes over to kneel in front of the rocker, taking his wife's hand, "I know hon,----I know that this is taking it's toll on you---it's upsetting to me too.----Maybe you should take Angela and fly to Boston to see your Dad for a few days?"
            "I'll do no such thing!" Alex shouts back at him, "and, be separated from you again----I don't think so!"
            Walker pulls her gently up to him, "I was only thinking of getting you away from all of this----I don't want to be away from you and Angela either-----just say you'll think about it, okay, hon?"
            Alex looks to her sleeping daughter and then wipes her eyes, replying softly, "I'll think about it----it's just that everything is so ‘spooky’----nothing is making any sense."
            Walker takes a deep breath, holding his wife close to him, "I know everything seems to be very confusing right now----but there is one thing that I'm sure of and that is that White Eagle has never had any intentions of hurting you and me, by taking Angela."
            "Alex can hardly speak, "But----what about that woman?"
            Walker brushes his wife's blond hair back out of her eyes and kisses the tip of her nose, letting his right forefinger caress her cheek, "I don't believe that she would hurt Angela either, not after what White Eagle said."
            "What?  What did he say?"
            Walker's get a very sad look, and became misty. His words are broken, "When I asked him who the woman was----he said----he said that Angela was her namesake."
            "Namesake?  We didn't name Angela after anyone that we knew----you named her that because of the
Angel that------was---there in the nursery."
            Walker nods his head slowly, and Alex gasps, "The angel, Angela----how could the angel be a namesake----angels are not---- I mean they are not of flesh and blood, they are apparitions---ghosts that we see in our minds----and of our faith----guardians."
            "Guardian-angels, Alex------performing miracles that "we" can't understand.  Or question."
            "But, you said that the Native American belief didn't mention Angels, in all their folk lore, angels weren't mentioned?"
            The Ranger pulls gently away from his wife and goes to stand by his daughter's crib, he touches her face tenderly. He smiles at his daughter, saying very quietly. "Maybe they don't believe in Angels the way the mere mortal believes---they have other words for them---spirits. Alex, so many different religions describe their Gods differently---but the belief is still there. Angels or spirits---whatever I saw, whatever you saw down on the river, that vision in the nursery----it all means the same------our daughter was being protected."
            "I suppose you're right----but we still don't know who the woman was and why she came to Angela in whatever form you want to call it, not once, but twice----she was our daughter's ---guardian Angel!"
            "There's only one logical explanation, this woman had to be someone from White Eagle's past---someone that cared for him deeply, that she would be coming back for him. When spirits are called to someone's death bed, they're either angry or compassionate, and believe me---the old woman was very attentive to the spiritual chief."
            "She referred to him as "My love----she had to be his 'lover'----but you said never in all of the years that you knew White Eagle, he never mentioned a woman?"
            Walker pulls the little blanket up snug around his daughter, "Just because he never mention a woman, didn't mean ---there was never one in his life. He was a brave warrior and many young women had to have thought he was handsome and a fine catch of a man."
            "But, he became the spiritual chief---forsaking the temptations ----like a priest?"
            Walker smiles, "Alex, White Eagle wasn't born a spiritual chief----at some time of his early life, he must have been with 'someone'. Young warriors lose their virginity in their 13th summer----to prepare them for manhood, and you read everyday in the headlines about some man of the cloth---crossing that line of celibacy. White Eagle was only human, no matter what magical powers he seem to possess!"
            Alex smiles faintly, "Only human, huh? I can't count the times that White Eagle just seemed to appear out of no where when he thought you were in danger. I could almost swear that man was a ghost at times---a spirit or whatever."
            Walker nods his head, "Yep---he was always there for me and I'm going to miss him---terribly---there's a big hole in my heart, but I am grateful for one very important thing, and that is that he lived long enough to see our daughter."
            Alex watches her husband face, she knows the pain all too well. They had both expressed many times how they wish Uncle Ray and C.D. could have lived to share their daughter's birth. She reaches out to him and takes his hand.
            "I think we've both had a very tiring day, I want to take a shower---I could use a backrub, from a certain Cowboy."
            Walker's eyelids go up and down and he teases, "Just a backrub?"
            Alex starts pulling him gently towards their bedroom, smiling at him, "What do you think, Cowboy----are you tired?"
            "I'll show you how tired I am, woman----you're not going to be walking too straight, come morning."
            "Sweetheart---it is morning."
            Walker sweeps her up in his arms and heads for their bed, laying her down gently, "In that case, skip the backrub and let's get down to business."
            Alex giggles, "You got it, Cowboy."


The Walkers, Trivette, Erika and Syd are attending the services for White Eagle.
            The entire village has turned out to pay respect for their chief, the nephews are dressed out in their traditional dress, complete with headdress of colorful feathers. Walker is wearing white buckskin; he has the traditional black markings under his eyes, showing grief. There is no body, only the personal belongings of White Eagle spread out on a blanket. The service will have all the villagers chanting, and then the blanket will be rolled up and placed on a "travois" that will be pulled behind by a lone horse.  The "travois" will be pulled slowly for the three-mile trek to the burial ground, hoisted up to the timbers that cross, forming a resting place. The "remains" will be viewed and chants will be heard throughout the rest of the day. In the evening, a lone fire will be built under the timbers, and soon the spirit of White Eagle will rise towards the heavens.
            Alex turns to Syd, the woman is shaking.
            "Are you ready, Syd"?
            "I don't know if I can do this---I've never sung at a funeral service before."
            "You'll do fine, Syd" Walker reaches out and takes the hand of the young Ranger and gently walks with her to the ‘travois’. The nephews are walking towards them, speaking in Cherokee.
            "This is shameful----our spirits will not accept this."
            Walker stares back at them, getting up in their faces, "This was White Eagle's request----have some respect for your Uncle's last wishes."
            Sam Coyote walks up to the nephews, "Come on guys----this is not the place or time-------it's White Eagles' wishes that Syd sing the song."
            Snake Eyes spits at Walker's feet, "It is a white man's song----we have our ways of sending the spirit of our Uncle to the great hunting ground."
            Walker's temper is rising, "You're going to be going to that great hunting ground in the sky---sooner than you think-----get out of the way-----now!"
            Sam moves the nephews away and Walker looks at Syd. "Try not to think about anything else, this was White Eagle's request."
            "I don't know if I can, Walker----my knees are shaking so bad----I don't know if I --- can remember all the words-----"
            Walker nods his head, "Just do the best you can----okay?"
            Syd takes a deep breath and walks over to the "travois". The children from the village that Syd had seen earlier have agreed to back Syd on the chorus.
            Syd's voice begins to choke, as she stops to take another deep breath. She looks back at Walker, who has gone to stand by his wife, he gives her a comforting nod. Syd closes her eyes, as she feels a warm breeze swirl around her. She smiles and the words come to her as easily as the day she sung this very song at Angela's christening. The children's voices fill the air as everyone sways gently to the music.
            Walker's eyes are drawn to a lone figure standing about 75 ft away under an Elm tree. The figure is old and slumped, staring back at Walker. Alex can feel her husband's uneasiness, she brushes her hand across his and whispers softly, "Honey, who is that old man?"
            Walker's eyes narrow and he speaks in contempt, "It's been years since I've seen him---that's Four Toes."
            Alex looks towards the figure, the figure turns to leave, limping.


            After Syd's song has ended, the nephews continue to stare at Walker, mumbling under their breath. Sam walks over to Walker.
            "I'm sorry, cousin---for your grief. White Eagle was a good man, a good chief, he will be missed."
            Walker nods his head, the village people start to disperse and head back to their lodges. Walker turns to Alex and says softly, "Alex---do you mind-----I've got to have some time alone. Will it be okay if you ride back with Trivette and Erika?"
            Alex takes his hand, "Of course, sweetheart----I knew you would want to have some time to say your goodbyes----take as long as you like."
            "I knew you would understand----I'll be home in a couple of days---okay?" He kisses her lightly and then he starts walking to the horse that’s pulling the "travois". He mounts and rides away.

            The passengers are starting to load as Ranger Gage and the four federal marshals walk their prisoners to the front of the line. They are boarded first and are guided to the back of the plane. The prisoners, two women and one man are all wearing shackles and handcuffs, the stewardess tells Gage the handcuffs will have to be removed.
            "No way, ma'am---the cuffs and the shackles stay on."
            "It's against federal aviation laws, Ranger---"
One of the women prisoners mock the stewardess, "Yeah, Ranger----it's against the law."
            Gage shoves the women into her seat, "So is murder-----now sit down and shut up or I will gag you!"
            The stewardess again starts to object, Gage hands her papers, "These are special papers from your government, giving us complete responsibility on transferring these prisoners back to the states----if you have anymore questions---take them up with your government---is that clear?"
            The young woman looks back at the prisoners, they all stare back at her, a cold chill runs up her spine. The man sticks his tongue out in a lewd gesture, "You can come back later, honey----and I'll let you sit on my face!"
            The women prisoners sneer, and Gage gets down in the man's face. "If I hear one more word out of you, I will gag you----with my sock, but first I will use it for toilet paper----you got that, scum-bag?"
            One of the marshals pull on Gage's arm, "Come on, Ranger Tex----it's going to be a long flight. The other marshals take their seating in back of the prisoners, Gage is on the outside seat on one aisle, the forth marshal takes his seat on the opposite side.
                                   The plane has been in flight for about an hour, the woman called Monique keeps looking at Gage, her eyes are going up and down his tall, muscular frame. "You know, Ranger---things don't have to be so complicated----I could make things very nice for you."
            Gage looks back at her. She's the more beautiful of the two, being tall with long dark hair and eyes, and a body that would make any man sit up and take notice.  "Is that right----I'll bet you say that to all your arresting officers."
            The woman sneers, "Joke all you want to, Ranger-----we will never get to trial, and we will finish what we started out to do. Ranger Walker and that cute little wife of his will pay the price, and there's always that kid of theirs!"
            The plane hits turbulence, and the woman screams out. The man beside her hisses at her," It's just an air pocket, Monique----quit making a fool of yourself."
            The woman takes a deep breath, "I hate flying----it scares me."
            Gage smiles, "Well, that's one thing we have in common----I hate it, too."
            Monique holds her cuffed hands up and looks at the Ranger, pleading. "Please---take the cuffs off----where am I going to be going at 30,000 ft?"
            "The cuffs stay on----and you better learn how to maneuver them when your meal comes----because they're staying on."
            "What if I have to go to the ladies' room, I can't do anything with these on."
            "Sounds like a personal problem, doesn't it, Ranger Tex?"
            The other marshals laugh, "Guess you'll have to help her, huh, Ranger----I'll be more than glad to volunteer to help you."
            Gage tries to see the humor in it, 'what will he do when they have to go to the ladies' room'?
            The stewardess tells them that lunch will soon be served. Carlito has not learned his lesson. "Are you on the menu, miss?"
            "Shut up, Carlito---I'm not telling you again," warns Gage.
            Carlito laughs, "I'm just trying to find out what there is to eat----nice long legs----nice boobs, too and then there's always that little nest right between-----"
            The man doesn't finish his sentence as Gage sticks a rag in his mouth. The man starts spitting and shaking his head back and forth.
            "Oh, I forgot----that's my snot rag----I had a nasty cold this morning----my nose kept running, you know----couldn't quite get all the buggers out of my nose---sorry about that!" Gage slaps Carlito's face lightly and smiles "Maybe----you would rather have my sock----instead?"
            The man shakes his head vigorously, the woman called Mona swears back at the Ranger. "This is wrong----you can't treat us this way----we have rights----what about the Geneva Convention or whatever that is?"
            "The Geneva Convention is referring to prisoners in wartime---you idiot!" Monique snaps back at her.
            "We're still prisoners---we still have our rights," Mona yells.
            The stewardess has delivered their food and sets their trays down before them. Monique stares at the tray of food, "What is this crap?"
            Gage looks over at her tray, "Looks like some kind of stew meat to me----stop your griping and eat."
            "I can't eat this crap----I'm a vegetarian!"
            Gage sighs, 'Another Trivette----geez!!’
Mona reaches for Monique's tray and in doing so, she spills the meal into Carlito's lap. He tries to scream through the muffled rag, the hot liquid going down onto the front of his pants.
            Gage and the marshal’s laugh, Monique stares back at Gage, "I'm going to enjoy slitting your throat----from ear to ear."
            The Ranger meets her stare, "The same way you slit the throats of those little babies?"
            Monique laughs and says slowly, "Yeah----the very same way----and the same way that I'm going to slit the throat of that Walker kid."
            Suddenly the tray flies out of Mona's lap and hits Monique square in the face, the meat and juice dripping down her face. She reaches across Carlito and grabs  her sister's hair, "What did you do that for, you  imbecile?"
            "I didn't do anything---the tray just went flying out of my lap!"
            The sisters scream at each other and Gage and the Marshal pull them apart.
            "One more word out of either of you and I'll handcuff you to the seat, and neither of you will get anything to eat!"
            "Tell that stupid stewardess to bring me something dietary----and get me something to clean up with---this stuff stinks!"
            "It's an improvement----I didn't do anything, I tell you!"
            Finally everything has calmed down and Gage has time to reflect on what just happened. He turns to the marshal, "Did you see what happened?"
            "Can't be sure what I saw---the tray just went flying into her face."
            Gage nods, "There's no way that Mona could have thrown that tray at her sister---the cuffs won't allow her to raise her hands up that high, and that quickly."
            "Then----what happened? Another 'air pocket'?”
            Gage shakes his head in confusion, "You got me---I can't explain it."
            Gage hears a soft laugh at the back of the plane. He turns around quickly, but he sees no one. The three marshals are all eating their meals. The marshal across from Gage again asks him, if he's okay.
            "Lawson, did you hear someone laughing?"
            The marshal stares at him, "No----you're hearing things Ranger Tex----eat your dinner----it's a long flight."


            Walker has watched the figure out of the corner of his eye, he sighs. "Come on out, Trivette----you make more noise than an elephant."
            The black Ranger walks meekly up to the campfire, "How did you know it was me, and not one of your ancestors?"
            Walker smiles and hands his partner his coffee cup, "My ancestors don't wear boots---they wear moccasins, and they're quiet--like the wind."
            Trivette mocks him, "It's pretty hard being quiet when there are tree roots all over the ground and you keep tripping over them---one would have to have night vision."
            Walker smiles faintly, "Yeah, that too."
            "I hope you're not upset with me, following you out here, I told the girls to go on back to Dallas, I just thought---you might need someone to talk to."
            "In other words, Alex was worried about me and you said you would keep an eye on me?"
            Trivette takes a long swallow of the coffee, making a face. "Actually----I think it was that old man that was watching the services that scared Alex----you called him Four Toes?"
            Walker nods, "Yep---that's him----and he's watching us---right now."
            Trivette spins around, "Where?  Where is he?"
            "Over there about 20 feet----behind those bushes----he's been following me all day. So, I decided I would set up camp and let him catch up to me-----he doesn't move as quickly as you-----but a hell of a lot quieter."
            The Ranger smirks, "So---why is he following you?"
            Walker reaches for his cup and fills it up again, his eyes going towards the bushes. "I'll probably never know now----Four Toes doesn't like an audience, and you sure fixed that."
            "Should I leave?"
            "No----it's too late now---he's seen you, he won't come any closer now.----Besides----if you left now---you'd probably get lost and end up in Tim Buck Two!"
            Trivette smirks, "Is there such a place as Tim Buck Two---or is that like the "snipe story" that you and C.D. tried to pull on me?"
            "Never mind, partner----I'm glad you're here."
            Trivette's face lights up, "You are? I thought you would be upset with me, I know how you like your space and all---and how you wanted to say your goodbyes to White Eagle. You're really glad that I'm here----really?"
            Walker frowns, "Would you calm down?  Yes----I need to run something by you, get your opinion on some things."
            Trivette squats down on the ground, "Shoot, I'm all ears."
            Walker takes a deep breath, "Well, some things have been bothering me. Things that White Eagle said to me---right before---he passed on. I told you what he said about Angela being the woman's namesake, his being there in the nursery, and later the incident at the railroad tracks?"
            "Yeah----and the things about the feathers?"
            "Yeah---but Trivette----there was suppose to be 3 feathers----at least ---in Alex's vision or dream---3 feathers and then the woman would come for him and they would cross the river---together.  There was only two feathers, the one Alex saw at the tracks and the one left behind in my truck."
            Trivette stares at his partner," But, White Eagle has passed, maybe it was only suppose to be just two feathers?"
            Walker stares into his cup, "Or maybe----this isn't over---and the third feather has yet to be left behind?"
            "Walker----there is something I've always wondered about----this relationship with White Eagle-----I know you have always looked up to the man and he's always been there for you. I can't count the times that man has come to your aid, and most of the time---he just "appears." But---why you?"
            Walker is silent for the longest time, "I don't know---I do know that when I first came to the village after my parents were killed, that everyone "shunned" me, including my Uncle Ray----but----he soon changed."
            "Yeah, I remember you saying that---they called you a "half-breed"---I've seen the prejudice first hand, Walkman---I know how you must have felt. Not only from the Cherokee, but your Mother's parents didn't want you either. I guess I was lucky---I only got it from one side---the white man's!"
            Walker continues to watch the bushes. Four toes has made himself comfortable, laying down a blanket and sitting erect with his legs crossed. The old man takes out a pipe and lights it up, watching the two Rangers quietly.
            Trivette follows Walker's eyes back to the old man, "So, what happened to make Uncle Ray and White Eagle change towards you?"
            "In my 13th summer, everything starting changing---I was to become a man, in  many ways. I had this teacher that was very cruel, we clashed on many occasions and I got 'whopped' many times."
            "I thought Uncle Ray was your teacher, teaching you to hunt and all that Indian stuff?"
            "Yeah, he was---but my main teacher was a warrior called Red Hawk. He didn't believe in wasting arrows and we could use only one to bring the deer down, I was still learning to use the weapon, it took me three to take my 'first kill'. Red Hawk was not happy and he let me know about it with a fist to my stomach. We had words and he started to hit me again. I had seen White Eagle standing in the shadows, just watching. He was always there, just looking. When I challenged Red Hawk, he started to hit me again, that's when White Eagle intervened for the first time. He stared Red Hawk down and then he just looked at me, his eyes were so cold, they bore right through me.  He started shouting in Cherokee to Uncle Ray, my Uncle did nothing, he just lowered his head and backed away. I couldn't understand everything that was being said, I just know that my Uncle and all of the braves were afraid of White Eagle."
            "He walked up to me and got right in my face, I didn't have to understand the language to know that I was in deep trouble! I was shaking like a leaf. I thought I would die from fright.  White Eagle raised his hand to me and I stood up to him, saying that if he hit me---I would hit back. This irritated him even more and he picked up an old tree limb and swung it at me. I ducked and it caught me on the backside. I swung out at White Eagle and Uncle Ray and the other braves pulled me away. I got a tongue lashing from my Uncle saying that I was never to raise my hand against the spiritual chief. I was furious and I challenged him again. I could hear my Father's words telling me to never back down when I believed myself to be right.  I was yelling all of this to White Eagle, and I didn't care if he was the spiritual chief or whoever, I was not going to stand there and not hit back.  White Eagle stared at me for the longest and then he just walked away."
            "Later, when we were in war games, White Eagle would be there watching, I know he was telling my teachers to make it rough on me, and believe me----they did!  But, I took everything they threw at me; I didn't give up. Finally, White Eagle and my Uncle started having talks, and soon all of my training was in my Uncle's hands. White Eagle started changing towards me, he would send for me to join him in the sweat lodge."
            "He would just sit here, staring at me-----like he was trying to read my thoughts. I'm telling you, Trivette---I was very scared and confused.  Finally on the fourth night, he started asking me questions about my Father's people and what I had been told. There wasn't too much I could tell him, my Father didn't talk about his people too much, except to say they were a proud people and to be respected. He said he had crossed the "barrier" when he married a white woman, like several others had done also. The others were soon banished from the village for one reason or another. After my Mother and me were treated so coldly that last time, my Father swore he would never return to the village. He would visit with Uncle Ray at mutual locations, but as far as I know, he never returned to the village. Then less than a year later, he and my Mother were killed at that carnival."
            Trivette nods his head slowly, "By skinheads."
            Walker finishes the last of his coffee. "Things started to change for the better after that----White Eagle was always around during the war games, and I could see him in the distance, watching. When I would win my matches, I could see him nodding towards my Uncle. Then when he would send for me to join him in the sweat lodge, he asked more questions about my knowledge of my ancestors.  He soon started talking more freely towards me, and he would tell of how he was a young boy, his days as a guide for Custer’s army. He filled my head with stories of the buffalo hunts, and his childhood. But, most of all---he used his wisdom to teach my inner soul. I could listen to him for hours, everything he said was staying deep within me, he taught me how to read another man's thoughts ... the ‘eyes are like mirrors, Washo----you can see deep inside another man--- just by watching his eyes’."
            Trivette yawns, "I'm getting tired----but I have to ask---who is this Four Toes?"
            Walker leans back against a tree, and sighs, "He and White Eagle were boyhood friends----they were like brothers.  Where one went, the other followed, they were inseparable----and then the fight."
            "What fight?"
            "For some reason that is only known to White Eagle and Four Toes---they got into a fight. It's like I told you, Trivette, at one time White Eagle was a fierce fighter, and had one hell of a temper.  The two of them fought, and the result was the loss of four toes on his opponent's right foot."
            Trivette stares back at the old chief that is still watching from the bushes,  "What happened?"
            "Tomahawk----White Eagle chopped his foot---cutting off four toes!"
            Trivette grimaces, "I would never have dreamed that White Eagle was----ever---that mean. Did he do it on purpose?"
            Walker smiles, remembering the story that his Uncle Ray had relayed to him. "No, not really----White Eagle was aiming for the left foot."
            Trivette asks, "What started it?"
            "No one knows and "HE" is not talking about it."




White Eagle's Destiny Part 7

            The old chief has watched the Rangers all night. He studies the face of the bearded one, his thoughts going back to many moons before. He remembers his friend/enemy very well. He reaches down to his foot and rubs the stubs. He curses under his breath, and then starts to chant quietly.
            Walker listens to the old man's chants, his own eyes are becoming heavy, sleep soon overcomes him. His thoughts, too, go back to his childhood and he will see himself riding beside White Eagle, they are chasing the big beast.


            Alex has picked up Angela from the HOPE center and has arrived home. She checks the answering machine while balancing her daughter in one arm.  She knows that it's almost unthinkable that there would be a message from her husband so soon.
            "Nothing yet, sweetheart----maybe Daddy will call in the morning."
            Alex takes her daughter upstairs and starts getting her ready for bed. Angela is starting to get fussy, and fighting Alex all the way.
            Alex coos, "I know, I know honey----it's been a long day and you're getting tired of playing musical beds-----but we have to get your pamper changed and get "all smelly-good" again.”
            Angela was not co-operating and the Walker temper has erupted! It's a good half hour before Alex gets her quieted down. Angela is taking her bottle as Alex rocks her back and forth, trying to get all of the day's events out of her mind. She doesn't see the figure moving by the window, it passed quickly. Angela's eyes are looking towards the window, as she suckles her bottle. Finally, she too gives into the 'sandman'.
            An hour later finds Alex coming out of the shower, combing her damp hair out. She sits down at her dresser and commences to apply lotion to her freshly 'waxed' legs. She hears a light noise coming from the nursery, she reaches over for the baby monitor and listens more intensely. She hears the noise again and jumps up, running to the nursery. She stops and stares at the sight.

                       "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?  GET OUT OF HERE!!"


            The Rangers have awakened early as they share a cup of coffee.
            "Next time, you decide to come out to the badlands, bring your own coffee cup.”
            Trivette smirks, "I'll bring my own coffee too---decaf."
            Walker looks over to the bushes, the old chief left sometime during the night. The Ranger shakes his head slowly, muttering. "After all of these years----he finally shows himself---why?"
            "Did you say something, Walkman?"
            Walker sighs, "Just mumbling----are you heading back this morning?"
            Trivette stands up and stretches, "Yeah----guess I'd better----your friend is not going to come forward as long as I'm hanging around."
            "He's no friend of mine," quips Walker,  "but, you're right---Four Toes won't come forward if there's someone else around. And something has happened that after all these years, he shows himself."
            Trivette starts putting his gear together, Walker helps to saddle his horse. "You sure you can find your way back?"
            Trivette scoffs, "Will you give me some credit? Of course I can find my way back---" Trivette points his finger, "I go that way----south!”
            Walker shakes his head, "Trivette----if you go that way----you're going to end up in Kansas----that's north."
            Trivette mumbles, "I knew that----I was just seeing if you were paying attention."
            "Yeah---right," Walker nods.
            The black Ranger mounts up and points his horse in the direction Walker has pointed, he's still mumbling, "Well, at least I've heard of Kansas----it's not like that Tim Buck Two place that you and C.D. have always teased me about."
            Walker sighs, "Just tell my wife "when and if " you ever get back to civilization, that I'm okay, and not to worry about me.  I'll call her soon, as soon as I find out what this deal is with Four Toes."
            The Rangers say their goodbyes, and Walker goes back to his coffee pot.


            Alex and Angela have a visitor, Trivette's fiancé has stopped by for a visit. Erika looks at Alex in disbelief.
            "You were doing 'what' last night? Chasing a bird out of the nursery?"
            Alex pours her friend a cup of coffee and sits down with her daughter in her lap. "You heard right---- it took me a good twenty minutes to get it out of the house."
            "How did it get in?"
            "Beats me, unless it flew in while I was trying to get Angela in the door. I had my hands pretty full and I was checking the answering machine, too. Guess it flew in then."
            "Weird," replies Erika, her dark eyes looking back at Alex in confusion. She shivers, "I'm not too fond of anything that flutters----and wild birds carry diseases."
            Alex is trying to get Angela settled with a bottle, Angela is looking all around. "Yes-----and not to mention they can hurt if they peck you hard enough. I was afraid it would scratch Angela----but she slept right through the whole thing."
            Erika nods her head,  "Well, aside from your run-in with the bird---how you feeling?"
            Alex smiles, "I'm doing okay---I just wish Walker would call."
            "I told you, Alex----Jimmy said that Walker said to tell you that he was okay and not to worry about him, and he would try and call you himself as soon as he can."
            "I know---it's just that it was so weird that old chief showed up---after all of these years."
            "What's so strange about it, he was paying his respects to White Eagle."
            Alex starts to answer when the phone rings, she 's trying to get up out of her seat, and shifting her daughter to her other arm.
            "No, Alex, it's me---it's Gage----I take it, Walker isn't home?"
            Alex tries to hide her disappointment, "No, Gage----he's up in the badlands. White Eagle died a couple of days ago---Walker had to have some time alone."
            There's a silence on the other end, "Gage-----are you okay?"
            "Yeah----I'm okay --I just needed to talk to Walker about something."
            "Where are you?"
            Gage turns around and looks back at his prisoners, "JFW, we got a layover---one of my "guests" is complaining of food poisoning, waiting on a physician to check her out."
            A chill goes up Alex's spine as she hands Angela to Erika. "Gage, you be careful-----those three are cold bloodied killers."
            "Yeah, I know Alex---I'm on my toes.  It's just that----some weird things have happened on this trip---guess I'm getting paranoid."
            "Listen to your instincts, Gage---please be careful."
            Gage hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath, "Easier said than done, Alex."
            He walks back to the marshals and nods towards the room where they've taken Mona. "That doctor was checked out, wasn't he?"
            "Would you relax, Ranger Tex---I checked him out myself. Now we have several other passengers on the same flight we were on---having the same symptoms as Mona."
            Gage swears, "Great----I was almost sure that Mona was just trying to pull a fast one."
            The marshal looks back at Gage and makes a sour face, "Actually----I haven't been feeling too good myself--I've been to the latrine three times already."
            Gage starts to reply when he sees the Doctor coming towards them; he asks to talk to the law officer in charge.
            "Sorry, guys, but your prisoner has all the symptoms of food poisoning, along with several other passengers----they will have to be taken to the hospital---as soon as possible."
            Gage takes a deep sigh, then he and the marshals start making the arrangements to transport them.  "You may as well check out the other two also and make sure they're ready for travel----I don't want anymore setbacks on the final flight home. Get them ready for travel, the state of Texas will take care of them, when we get home."


            It's now late evening and Walker has set up camp again. He knows that Four Toes is still trailing him. He prepares his coffee and sits back to wait. The wait is not long as the old chief comes limping into camp.
            The old man stops and stares at Walker, and without a word, he sits down on the hard ground, crosses his legs, and the two stare at each other.
            The chief is very old, his age is unknown, as was White Eagle's. No one could ever tell Walker how old White Eagle was, from the first time he met the spiritual chief----he looked ancient.
            "It's been a long time, Four Toes---it's been many years since I've seen you."
            The old man nods, "There has been no reason for you to see me----there is no friendship between us."
            Walker can't hide the contempt in his voice as he sips his coffee. "So why now?  Why are you following me?"
            The old man is getting angry too, "You do not own this land, white man, no matter what your ancestors have told you!   This is our land, the Redman!"
            Walker takes a deep breath, "I'm not going to sit here and fight the war all over again between your people and the white man---if you got something to say---say it---other than that, you can get the hell out of my camp."
            The old chief grumbles, "Big white man---still trying to push us around----you have always gotten your way! White Eagle 'coddled you, like a squaw suckling her young."
            "Careful, Four Toes---or I might just forget you're an old man----don't talk ill of White Eagle. He was a good man, he would make ten of you!"
            The old chief spits on the ground, "You know nothing about this man!"
            Walker stares back, "I know he kicked your butt several times, and if he were alive today---he would kick it again."
            Walker is deliberately trying to rile the old man, remembering that White Eagle had told him that the man could 'dance' around the issue all day, if you let him. The old chief starts rubbing his foot, and chanting slowly.
            Walker throws the remainder of his coffee into the fire and stands up, "I got no time for this----I have other things more important to do."
            The chief stares up at Walker and motions for him to sit back down, "Do you have time for the truth---‘Washo’?”
            "Only if you promise not to bore me to death."
            "SIT DOWN, Washo----you will learn the truth about this man called White Eagle and how he has lied to you."
            Walker eyes the man suspiciously, "White Eagle has never lied to me----and why should I believe anything you tell me? You've hated White Eagle for years----ever since he chopped off your toes!"
            Four Toes grits his teeth and stares back at Walker, his eyes are cold and full of hatred for this 'half-breed'. "I will be crossing the river soon, I am the last person that can set your truth free. White Eagle has lied to you since the day you came to our village, if you are man enough----you will listen to the truth."
            Walker sits down on the ground and reaches to fill his coffee cup again, "I'm man enough to accept the truth----but no matter what you say about White Eagle, I will never change my opinion of him. "IF" he lied to me, he must have had good reason.  Now talk---I don't have all day."
            The night was closing in as Walker listened to the old chief, they will talk well into the early morning. At times, Walker is angry---most of the time, he's listening--in disbelief.


            The figure has again found the Walker ranch, it is now the wee hours, the house sleeps. It goes up the stairs quickly, it knows where it is going. It finds the room where the blond headed woman sleeps; it enters slowly, staying in the shadows. It watches the woman sleep; she is across the center of the bed, her arms clutching a pillow, a small smile upon her face. The figure looks around the room, cocking its head back and forth, it's talons keeping a steady hold. It moves forward.
            The woman stirs, the figure goes back into the shadows. The woman turns over in her sleep, taking the pillow with her. She sleeps in a man's shirt; she holds the pillow closer. The figure again moves towards the bed, looking around. It sees lances crossing over the bed, a small buckskin pouch underneath. A picture of a couple and a small boy hangs on one side of the pouch. Another picture of a bearded man and the blond headed woman in wedding attire, hang on the other side. On the night table is another picture, of a small infant----just hours old. The figure moves to the picture for a better look, it raises its head, it smells innocence.
            It crosses to the room directly across the hall, it stays in the shadows---watching. Eventually, it moves closer to the baby's crib, it stops and stares, cocking it's head back and forth. The baby is sleeping sound, pushing her bottom lip out, almost in a suckling matter. It looks at the baby very closely, taking every little inch of her into its memory. The baby has the fair skin of her Mother, a soft delicate look. The baby's hair color is like the bearded man's in the picture, but a lighter auburn with golden highlights. The lashes are long against the closed lids. The figure is more daring as now it sits only inches away from the baby. It touches the baby's hair lightly, taking in the smell of  'baby fragrance'. Suddenly, it hears a noise and goes back to the other side of the room.
            The blond headed woman is half asleep as she comes into the room and goes to the crib, saying the child's name and making 'cooing' sounds. The figure watches the woman and her devotion to her child, it nods its head up and down, moving slowly back and forth, it's talons steady. It watches the woman as she continues to stand by the baby's crib, and talking in soft tones.
            Alex feels uneasiness in the room, like she's being watched.


            Mercy Hospital, New York City:
            Gage and the marshals have been waiting for hours to get news on Mona's condition. Monique and Carlito have been checked out. Monique has been cleared completely, since she didn't eat any of the beef stew. Carlito had very little of the stew since his appetite had dwindled immensely since having Gage's snot rag shoved into his mouth. Lawson was feeling better since his stomach had been pumped and he was given the clear signal. Gage and the other marshals said they had no effects from the meal.
            Mona is on medication, still feeling nauseated. The doctors have given them all clearance to continue their flight. Gage has finally got the flights re-scheduled; they are due to arrive at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport at 7:05 am. The Ranger breathes a sigh of relief.
            "Thank God, this will soon be over with-----and I can get back to a normal routine of just chasing bad guys and arguing with Syd."
            Lawson smiles, "When are you going to stop arguing with that pretty little ranger lady and get down to the 'nitty gritty' of rolling in the sheets with her?"
            Gage shrugs, "Well, I'm willing to take our relationship into a different direction---but Syd is reluctant to start anything.----Looks like it's going to be a long, drawn out relationship----just like another couple we both know."
            "You mean Walker and that pretty wife of his?"
            "Yeah, they knew each other for seven years, dated for four years before they got engaged, and then almost a two year engagement."
            Lawson nods his head, "Yep----well, they must have done something right--- they seem to mighty happy, got a beautiful little baby girl---how old is she now, about 5 months?"
            "About that old----Here come our "guests", are you ready for the pleasure of finishing this trip with the terrible threesome?"
            Lawson rubs his stomach, "Yeah, I'm actually anxious to get home to the wife and kids----that should tell you something."
            The prisoners are again re-shackled and the cuffs are checked, they head to the boarding area. One of the marshals is hanging back, like he's looking for someone. Gage eyes him suspiciously, "Come on Randall---what's the holdup?"
            Suddenly the man goes down to the floor, clutching his stomach. Gage takes a quick look to Lawson, grabbing his gun as a precaution. Lawson runs to the marshal, going down on his knee to help his partner. A knife is drawn and is repeatedly shoved into Lawson's stomach. The passengers are screaming and trying to get out of the way. The other two marshals are bringing their guns out as Monique and Carlito rush them, hitting them with their fists, and knocking them into Gage. Gage's gun gets off a shot and Mona is hit.
            Both Carlito and Monique have knives and are slashing out at the marshals. The blood is flying. Monique grabs one of the marshals and moves the knife across his throat. Gage has charged Carlito, and Carlito shoves his knife into Gage's shoulder. As Gage goes to the floor, the man starts kicking him, and Monique goes down on her knees, grabbing Gage and pulling his head back, exposing the jugular.
            The security police are shouting at Monique to put the knife down, she takes Gage's gun and shoots the first officer, yelling for them to back off. Reluctantly they do so, as Carlito grabs a terrified passenger and holds the knife up to her throat. He yells at Monique.
            "Get the damn keys and get these cuffs off."
            Monique grabs the keys from Gage's pocket and tosses them to Carlito, the keys stop in midair! Carlito stares back, "What the hell-----?"
            In this split second, Gage is able to get out of Monique's grasp, and shoves his fist into her face! Carlito is still staring at the keys, tangling in midair, as his hostage manages to get away from him and she goes screaming for shelter!
            Gage kicks out with his foot and catches Carlito at the side of the head; he falls backwards over Mona's still body. Carlito is trying to stand up, his feet are knocked out from under him, but there is no one near him! Gage's eyes stare back in confusion, every time Carlito tries to stand, the shackles are yanked, and Carlito goes head first into Monique.
            Monique is screaming at Carlito to get off of her, the security police charge them and over take them. Gage is shouting orders at the guards as he runs to Lawson. The marshal is barely alive as whispers to Gage.
            "What happened, Ranger Tex---where did they get the knives? Looks like I won't be going home----after all----damn it!  I hate New York-----I don't want to die here, can you get me back to Texas?"
            The blood is gushing out of Lawson's stomach, as Gage is wanting to know where the damn ambulance is.
            "Hold on, Lawson---old buddy----you're not going to die!"
            Lawson is grabbing at Gage's shirt, “Randall was in on this?  Why would he help them----I don't understand-------Gage-----tell my wife and kids------I love-----them."
            The marshal takes his last breath, dying in Gage's arms. Gage looks around and sees Randall being handcuffed by the remaining marshal. Gage grits his teeth and charges at them, grabbing Randall and slamming him to the floor, cursing him.
            "How did they get the knives, you piece of crap---- what's in it for you-----you murdering son of a bitch----------"
            The security officers are pulling Gage off of Randall.   Monique and Carlito are grinning from ear to ear as they stand in between the arresting officers.  Suddenly their shackles are yanked hard and they both fall forward, landing on their faces! Monique is trying to get up, and screaming curses. She suddenly stops and looks over at her sister who is still lying in the floor, not moving.
            "Mona----Mona," she screams!
            One of the officers has his finger on Mona's throat, searching for a pulse. He looks back at Gage and shakes his head, slowly.
            Monique turns to face Gage, "You killed her-----you killed my sister----you bastard!"
            Gage shoves Randall towards the police officers, "Hold him, I'm not through questioning him yet. And, you two are still going to keep your appointment with Texas justice----and when they sentence your murdering hides----I'll be laughing----all the way!"
            Monique spits at Gage, "You're not going to live long enough----I'll slit your throat first---then I'm going after the Walker kid----you and that damn Walker family will curse the day you ever heard of Victor LaRue----I'll make you pay---you hear me?"


            Alex is rubbing her eyes and looking around the nursery slowly. She pulls the shirt tighter around her, as she feels a chill. Then she sees 'it', about halfway across the room, it's staring back at her.


            It's now morning as Walker arrived back at the reservation. Sam Coyote sees him coming up on horseback, Sam sees the confusion on his cousin's face.
            "Washo---you're just in time to join me for breakfast."
            Walker barely acknowledges Sam; his cousin walks up to him slowly.
            "Washo----what's wrong?"
            Walker shakes his head slowly, "I really don't want to get into it just yet-----I'll talk to you later.  I want to call Alex."
            Sam nods his head, "Okay, cousin----I'll be over at the diner----when you want to talk about it."


 Alex is lying across the bed, and has Angela in bed with her. Angela is staring back at the figure; her little eyes are inquisitive.
            The phone rings and Alex grabs it on the first ring.
            "Walker?   Is that you?"
            Walker is shocked that she answered the phone so quickly. "Alex----are you okay, is Angela alright?"
            Alex takes a deep breath and answers slowly, "I guess, as good as can be expected----under the circumstances."
            "What do you mean, what's wrong?"
            "Walker---Angela and I are laying in bed--staring at a bird."
            "A bird?  What's a bird doing in the house?"
            Alex shakes her head, the bird cocks it's head and looks at her questionly. "I have no idea----how he keeps getting in---I've checked all the windows, the doors, the chimney, ---I don't know."
            Walker sighs, "Well, if it's a mama bird----she's just protecting her babies---what kind of bird is it?"
            The bird moves closer to the bed, and stares at Angela. Alex smiles faintly, "It's a blue-jay, a beautiful and very curious ---blue-jay that is completely mesmerized with our daughter."
            "Be careful hon, blue jays can get very aggressive, remember how they acted last year when their young'uns were learning to fly---they were attacking everything that moved."
            "Yes, I remember----but there aren't any nests in the house---at least---there better not be. -----And, if she wants to protect her young, shouldn't she be outside?"
            "You would think so, what is Angela doing?"
            "Laying here on your pillow, and staring at the bird---and laughing."
            Walker smiles, "That's my girl----not afraid of anything."
            Alex continues to watch the bird, the bird continues to watch Angela, and Angela is trying to reach her little hand out to it. Alex sighs, "Walker----are you on your way home?"
            "Not quite yet----there's something I got to check out."
            "What about that man---Four Toes---did he talk to you, why did he show up after all these years?"
            "I guess in his way, he was paying his respects to White Eagle---they were friends at one time."
            "Honey----you sound pre-occupied about something---is there something wrong?"
            Walker doesn't want to tell Alex over the phone what Four Toes has told him. He rubs his beard, hesitating.
            "Walker---are you there?"
            "Yeah, hon----there are some things I need to tell you---but not over the phone---I'll start home in the morning, I'm on my way to Lawton, to check some records."
            Alex is confused, "Lawton?  To the record dept of Native Indian Affairs---why?"
            "I'm not really sure----I just have to compare some dates, if what Four Toes told me is true----my whole life has changed."
            "Walker---you're scaring me---what did that man say to you----something about your past----what?"
            "Alex----I'll explain everything to you when I get home, I just got to have a little more time to get things straight in my head.----You and Angela are my whole life----and now this has been laid on me. I'm angry----and yet I'm not----does that make any sense?"
            "Nothing has made any sense in the last few months, and now you're saying that you've been told something that has changed your life---and your daughter and I are laying here staring at a bird that refuses to leave---- why should I feel confused about anything making any sense?"
            Walker smiles as he pictures the confused look on his wife's face; her eyes always take on a deeper shade of blue. "Hon, I promise I will start home first thing in the morning, and I will try to explain everything that I've been told. In the meantime, kiss my daughter for me---and try to get that darn bird out of the house---they can get pretty messy."
            "Okay Cowboy---one more day---and if you're not home---your daughter and I are coming to look for you---how's that?----As for the bird being messy---actually I haven't seen any mess. It just stares at Angela, cocking its head back and forth---staring."


            The plane has left JFW, Gage has his prisoners seated in the center aisle, with a vacant seat between them. They are shackled to the seats, and the leg shackles have been checked and rechecked. The stewardess stares at Gage, she doesn't like the way the prisoners are being treated, saying it's in humane to transport them in this manner.
            Gage stared at the young woman for the longest time, he replies slowly, "Miss---you weren't around when these ‘so called humans’ were killing and mutilating people, and slitting the throats of young babies----and you weren't in the airport when they killed my best friend, and shot another officer---so back off!  If I had my way, I wouldn't bother taking them back to Texas to stand trial---I would find a tree in this cement jungle, and hang them from it---very slowly."
            The remaining marshal pulls gently on Gage's arm, forcing him to sit down. "Take it easy, Gage---the stewardess didn't mean anything---she's not familiar with their background---"
            Gage grabs his bandaged shoulder, the pain pills still haven't taken affect yet, "All the more reason that she should keep her opinions to herself about things---she doesn't know anything about."
            Monique hisses at the Ranger, "You killed my sister, and you will pay after I take care of the Walker kid, maybe I will let Carlito have her first---get my drift?"




White Eagle's Destiny 8

            Gage stares back at Monique, the bile in his stomach giving him a sour taste in his mouth.
            "If you try and touch one hair on Angela Walker's head----there will be no place for you to hide. Walker will chase you down, and just because you are of the female gender---won't matter to him, when he's beating you senseless! LaRue found out his mistakes by going after Alex, and twice Walker beat the crap out of him. The only regret Walker ever had towards that man was not blowing him away the first time that he tried to hurt Alex. No one messes with Walker---or his family---LaRue got what was coming to him, when Walker put two slugs into him in that courtroom. Not only do you have to worry about Walker's temper---there's also Alex. I've seen that woman fight, she would turn you every way but loose, if you tried to hurt her daughter."
            Monique sneers back at the Ranger, "Mighty big words, Ranger----why didn't Walker come after us to bring us back himself, if he's so ‘gung ho’ about his precious family?"
            Gage leans into the woman, "You better be glad he's not here----or that little massacre in the airport would have been your final act. Walker has been chomping at the bit to come after you three----alone---so there wouldn't be any witnesses, when you would try and 'make your getaway'!"
            "You make this Walker out to be some kind of God---I'm not afraid of him---he's just a man, and I have ways of making men fall at my feet."
            Gage nods his head, "Sure-----you just keep believing that---it didn't work on me, and it damn sure wouldn't have worked on Walker! There's been others that have tried that were more 'woman' than you will ever be, they're doing time at Huntsville-------or six feet under."
            "You sorry bastard," Monique hisses, She turns to look at Carlito, who has been rather silent since his shackled feet kept getting knocked out from under him. "What do you say, Carlito, would you like to have the Walker kid to ‘play with’?”
            Before Carlito can answer, Monique is lifted straight up in the air, she starts reaching for her throat and trying to speak. Higher and higher she is being lifted till her shackled feet will not allow her to be lifted any higher. Gage and the marshal just stare at the woman who is suspended about 6 ft into the air. The stewardess sees it and comes running back, yelling at Gage to leave her be.
            "I'm not even touching her!” The Ranger yells back. The nearest passengers are staring in disbelief, and screaming.
            Gage is trying to stand on another seat and reaching out for Monique, her face is turning blue, her eyes are bulging out. Carlito is screaming and trying to get out of his seat, at the same time 'blessing himself’ and hollering ‘HOLY JESUS’!!!!”
            The other marshal is climbing up in the seat behind Monique and pulling down on Monique's body. Gage is trying to pull Monique's hands away from her throat, he can see that her hands are not completely against her throat, like there is another pair of hands in between. Gage is punching the air and yelling "Let her go----let her go!"
            The stewardess is screaming at Gage that he's killing his prisoner, he continues to feel around the air, for what---he's not sure. Then just as suddenly as she was lifted, she's dropped back into her seat. Monique is gasping for air and Gage is trying to ask her what happened. The woman stares back at Gage, her eyes are terrified as she's trying to get out of her seat, the shackles keep her confined.
            "Let me off this plane----it's haunted----let me off!"
            The stewardess is trying to calm her, "We can't land the plane---our next stop is Atlanta." She turns to Gage, fuming.
            "What just happened here, Ranger------what did you do to her?"
            Gage grabs his shoulder finding it bleeding again. "I didn't do anything!!!  You saw her---there----there was no one else around her----she was just pulled up into the air, my partner saw it too, didn't you?"
            The marshal is trying to force Carlito back into his seat, he's mumbling and continuing to bless himself.
            "I don't know what I saw-----I saw it----but I don't believe ---what I saw---she was just hanging there!"
            The stewardess shakes her head, "I've got passengers to calm down----but the pilot is going to hear about this!  And, if there is anyway he can land earlier---you and your prisoners are getting off this plane!"
            Gage keeps staring at the space of air where Monique was suspended, moving his hands back and forth. He looks to Monique's neck and sees the redness. He tries to examine her neck, but she pushes him away, shaking.
            "This plane is haunted---please get them to land---I want off!"
            Gage shakes his head, "You're not wanting off anymore than I am----what's the matter, Monique----the ghosts of your victims coming back to haunt you?"
            The stewardess brings the prisoners something to drink, and Monique downs hers and wants another. Carlito is still shaking, and now citing the bible, the best he knows how.
            A half hour has passed and Gage is still trying to put everything together. His partner is now on his forth cup of coffee, as his hands continue to shake.
            "I don't understand what is happening, Gage----that tray just seemed to fly out of Mona's lap, hitting Monique and now this----- ghosts?"
            Gage is biting the nail on his thumb, his shoulder is hurting more, he takes another pain pill. "I don't know what is going on---but if there is such a thing as ghosts----this one is taking it very personally!"
            The man swallows, "Personally?  What do you mean?"
            "I’m saying----that every time something has happened to Monique--------it's been just seconds after she's said something about the-----about the Walker child, Angela!"


            Walker has gone to the diner and joined his cousin for breakfast. Sam sips his coffee slowly, watching the look on his cousin's face.
            "Want to talk about it now, Washo?"
            Walker takes a deep sigh and looks around, "Are the grand nephews still hanging around?"
            "Yeah----they're around somewhere---probably under a rock ------I've got all day Washo-----I'm a good listener-----what's troubling you?"
            "I don't know where to begin----I was going to Lawton to check some dates at the Native Indian Affairs----but I'm wondering if I would find the truth there. Their dates go only so far back, and I remember the last time I tried to find information on my Father's people, it wasn't very informative."
            Sam studies Walker's face. "This Four Toes must have really laid something on you---concerning your ancestors."
            Walker takes a long sip of his coffee, "Are you ready for this, Sam-----Four Toes said that White Eagle was my great, great, grandfather!"
            "How can that be, your great, great, grandfather was called Red Fox?"
            "That's what I've always believed-----and he was married to White Dove, right?"
            Sam nods, "That's the information I was always told by my ancestors, and his son was called Stone Bear, his son was Grey Wolf, and then your Father was Firewalker."
            "Well----that's not what I was told.  Four Toes said that White Dove had a sister, she was not as beautiful as White Dove, and she was also pursued by Red Fox. But, the sister was interested in someone else."
            "White Eagle?"
            "Yes-----they became lovers---but like I said Red Fox was after her too, and he had his way with her, she became with child. Red Fox believed the child to be his and he moved the woman in with him and White Dove, which infuriated her. White Dove became with child too, but she lost her baby. This angered Red Fox and more and more he was convinced that the child this woman was carrying was his. The woman kept denying it to be his and wanted to leave their lodge, Red Fox forbid it. The woman sneaked away during the night and Red Fox caught her---with White Eagle! White Eagle was a young brave, barely in his 14th summer, the woman was not much older.
            Red Fox fought with White Eagle and of course being the stronger, he beat White Eagle bad, forcing him to leave their village. Red Fox took the young woman back to his lodging and forced White Dove to care for her. When the child was born, Red Fox claimed him and named him Stone Bear. When the boy was still an infant, the young Mother took off with him, to look for White Eagle. She found him and they began to make plans to run away together. Red Fox caught them and the woman swore that White Eagle had "fathered" her baby and Stone Bear was 'HIS' son. Red Fox refused to listen and he fought White Eagle again. This time, White Eagle put up more of a fight and the woman tried to help him. Red Fox struck her, causing her to hit her head on a rock, and she was killed immediately. Red Fox swore that he would tell everyone in the village that White Eagle had killed her, and being the son of the chief, everyone would believe Red Fox.
            Being just a boy, White Eagle was scared, so he left the village---but not before he buried the woman. The years passed and White Eagle would sneak back into the village and observe the little boy, he was now convinced the boy was his son. But, he knew he could never go against Red Fox and he could see that Stone Bear was being well taken care of, White Dove accepted him as her own. Soon there were other brothers and sisters to join Stone Bear, he was happy and becoming a fine warrior."
            Sam shakes his head, "No wonder you are confused and angry----but what about Four Toes---how does he fit in?"
            "Four Toes knew about the fight that Red Fox and White Eagle had, he was hiding in the bushes, listening. He also heard the woman say that the baby was White Eagle's.  Four Toes threatened to tell the whole village and this angered White Eagle, he didn't want the woman's name to be drug through the dirt! He told Four Toes to be silent---the man wouldn't listen----so they fought!  And, you know what happened after that White Eagle took four of his toes off with a tomahawk. He threatened to come back and finish the job if Four Toes ever told what happened. White Eagle left the village and stayed gone for many years, returning only to watch his son from a safe distance. Soon Stone Bear 'fathered' a son, and so forth.”
            White Eagle was the spiritual chief of a neighboring tribe, many people admired and respected him, so when Red Fox was killed in a raid, his village accepted White Eagle to be their chief, too. In return, he took a vow of silence to never reveal the truth about who the real Father was of Stone Bear. He kept his distance from both White Dove and Stone Bear. In the years to follow, he watched silently as the sons were born. Four Toes said he never spoke of his son, not even to him. As the generations began to change and mixed marriages were coming to the Cherokee people, White Eagle was furious when Gray Wolf's son-married a white woman!"
            Sam orders more coffee for himself and Walker, "So----how does this make you feel, "Washo"---why are you angry to know that White Eagle might be related to you? ---You've always admired and loved that old man?"
            "I don't know how I feel, Sam. Yes---I'm angry to know that he could have told me all of this himself, and why he didn't tell me!"
            "Did Four Toes tell you why White Eagle never told you the truth?"
            "I'm not even sure that Four Toes even knows, am I wrong in feeling anger, Sam? Was White Eagle ashamed of me----what?"
            Sam shakes his head, "I don't know what to tell you, cousin, but I do know one thing---White Eagle was never ashamed of you."
            The two men sit for the longest; Sam speaks first. "I know he wasn't ashamed of you, Washo----even when we were going through our war games and I could see the old man standing off in the shadows, when you beat us older braves, White Eagle was pleased. The old man never showed much feeling on the outside----but at that tender age, even I knew that the old man was pleased in the way you were becoming a Cherokee."
            Walker takes a deep breath, and says "He must have known how I felt about him---why couldn't he have told me the truth then?"
            "Maybe he was afraid that if you knew the truth, your feelings towards him would change.  I don't know 'Washo,' what about your Uncle Ray------do you think that he knew, did he ever tell you anything about White Eagle's past?"
            Walker shakes his head, "There wasn't much that my Uncle Ray didn't know, but he could be very silent about a lot of things. After being told all of this by Four Toes, now I'm wondering if my Uncle did know----and now that angers me too!"
            "Maybe that's why White Eagle decided not to tell you----he was afraid that the truth might not set you free.  Or maybe----he never had any intentions of ever getting close enough to you that the truth would matter."
            "Now what do I do, Sam?  My whole life has changed---I'm not even a Firewalker---I don't know my last name."
            Sam reaches out and touches Walker's shoulder, "You are still your father's son, and you know that he loved you--you were his life! Both your parents loved you very much, that hasn't changed. Your Father's name was John Firewalker----his blood runs through you, just as much now as when you first started learning the truth about your past. Don't ever forget that---you are still a Firewalker!!!!”
            Walker nods, "I would never forsake my father's name or his love for me, and you're right, this doesn't change things---it doesn't change my feelings for White Eagle!  I guess secretly I always wished he was my grandfather----and now---that could well be."
            Sam smiles, "Good---- now what about this woman----your great, great, grandmother----who was she---what was her name"?
            Walker smiles, "Her name was Bluebird-----Four Toes said she wasn't as beautiful as White Dove, but when she smiled---her whole face would light up---she had eyes the color of the night sky, a deep, deep blue that was almost black. -----Night sky---blue-----sky blue---sky eyes-----Sky Eyes----that's what he meant!"
            Sam chokes on his coffee as Walker hits the table with his palm, "What are you talking about?"
            "Don't you see, Sam-----Sky Eyes---that's the name White Eagle gave Angela for her Cherokee name----and that's what he meant by Angela being her name sake!"
            Sam looks at Walker; confused, answering slowly, "Yeah----that would make this Bluebird----Angela's great, great, great, grandmother---we established that, Washo."
            "----And, that also explains the bird in our house."
            "Bird?   What bird? What are you talking about, Washo?"
            Walker smiles and motions for the waitress to bring them more coffee. "I'm saying that we have a bird in our house-----and that bird is a re-incarnation of Angela's namesake and she's there to protect my daughter!"
            Sam shakes his head, "I know that our ancestors supposedly return in the spirit of the animal, fowl, or reptile of which they were named----protect Angela from what? I thought all of that stuff with the feathers and such was over with---when White Eagle died?"
            Walker orders his breakfast, "Right----that's what Alex and I thought---but Sam---there were two feathers---there is suppose to be three feathers before White Eagle and this Bluebird's spirits can rest.  It's not over yet, Sam---Bluebird is that Blue Jay that is in our house----she's there to protect Alex and Angela!"


     H.O.P.E. Center:
            A very confused Josie is relaying the events that just unfolded to Alex.
            "I'm telling you, Alex---the bird just ‘appeared’, I tried everything in the world to get it out of here----it just kept coming back. It would go everywhere that I took Angela, and it would just sit there and stare at her!"
            Alex sighs as she watches the bird, sitting on the side of the crib. The bird looks back at Alex, to Josie, and then to Angela. It moves closer to the crib, cocking its head back and forth, the eyes so intense.
            "I can't explain it, Josie. I've tried everything to get it out of the house, I've tried 'luring' it out with bread and small berries---nothing worked. That's why I decided to go to the office for a couple of hours and bring Angela here. I thought maybe if we left the house---it would too."
            Josie looks at her friend, "Alex, your ranch is over an hour's drive from here, how did the bird find this place?"
            Alex continues to shake her head and watches her daughter. Angela is trying to reach out to the bird, it moves closer and Angela giggles.
            "I guess it's time to go home, so I will take my daughter----and the bird----and go home," Alex says, trying to make light of it.
            Alex gets Angela into the SUV and buckles her in, the bird lands on the windshield, watching.
            Alex looks at the bird, "Well?   Are you going to fly home---or do you ride?"
            The bird flies away.


DFW airport:

The plane has landed and more Texas Rangers are there to escort Monique and Carlito to the Tarrant county jail. A tired and exhausted Ranger Gage is sitting in the coffee room, waiting for his ride. The other marshal has joined him.
            "A lot of things have come down today, we lost a very good friend, and we've seen a friend go bad----not to mention the weird things. Are we losing our minds, Gage, did we really see Monique being suspended in mid-air----or were we just imagining it?"
            Gage nods, his shoulder is hurting more, he reaches for another pain pill. "We saw what we saw, there's no getting around it. The stewardess saw it too, and many of the passengers. We didn't imagine it."
            The marshal stands, "I'm going home---to see my family, what about you, are you going to get that arm seen to?"
            "He most certainly is!" A voice bellows.
            Gage looks up to see Syd standing there, staring back at him. "Hi, Syd."
            "Don't 'hi Syd' me---why haven't you had that arm looked at?"
            The marshal walks away, as he still hears Ranger Cook giving Ranger Gage a tongue thrashing. Gage agrees to see the doctor and they start walking out of the airport.
            "You won't believe what I'm about to tell you, Syd---not in a million years."
            The dark haired Ranger smirks, "Oh great---if I'm going to have to listen to your tall tales----you're taking me to dinner after we get out of the hospital---and I'm talking dinner at Red Lobster---lobster and steak---to be exact."
            Gage nods his head, "Whatever you say, Syd---just don't say I'm crazy after you've heard what I got to say."
            "Why?   It wouldn't be the first time I've said you were crazy.”
            Gage stops and stares at her, speaking quietly, "I'm serious Syd----dead serious!"
            "Okay, I promise---I won't laugh."
            They start to walk off when Gage pulls out his wallet, "Oh by the way, I'm a little short on dough, can I get a loan?"
            Syd puts her hands on her hips and stares up at the tall ranger, "A loan----to pay for my own dinner----never mind---I'll treat you to a Big Mac at Mc Donald's."
            "Wait a minute, what happened to the steak and lobster?"

            Alex is looking around the house, but she doesn't see the bird anywhere.
            "Well, maybe it got lost," she says to herself, "whatever---I'm exhausted and I know Angela is too---time to call it a night."
            Alex yawns and starts upstairs with her sleepy daughter. She checks the answering machine in the hall and she hears her husband's voice.
            "Hi Hon---I'm on my way home, should be there by midnight---don't wait up---love you."


The small bird is being watched as it lands on the corral fence, looking towards the front door of the Walker home. It moves cautiously back and forth on the fence, it can sense danger in the air. It moves it's little head back and forth, searching for the signs. It feels something off to the right, it becomes very still as it watches the brush. An ear piercing scream and then it's on the small fowl, with it's claws and beak going straight for the neck.
            The bird screeches as loud as it can and fights back at it's bitter enemy---the hawk! The bird and the hawk are on the ground, as the small bird is fighting back with all of it's small frame, the hawk has drawn blood, he is getting more fierce as he holds the bird down with one talon and starts going in for the kill. A shadow flies overhead, its eyes narrow as it 'dive bombs' into the hawk, knocking him away from the blue jay.  The hawk turns and goes after the intruder, screeching and stretching it's talon out. The hawk stops and looks back at the intruder, before him is an eagle----a solid white--eagle!! The hawk knows he is no match for the bigger bird and tries to retreat, the eagle is upon him, and the evening air is filled with the birds' screeching. The blue jay limps away and hides behind the water trough. It watches as the eagle is pulling at the hawk's damaged wing, the blood is flying. The eagle continues to rip and tear at the hawk in a furious attack, he refuses to let up, as the hawk lays unmoving on the ground. It continues to peck at the hawk's face and neck. Finally, he backs up and sticks out his chest in a glorious stature, spreading his wings out, and fills the air with a loud victory cry. The eagle stops and looks around him, then he sees the small bird behind the trough, shivering and trying to stand up. The eagle approaches the bird, and the small one backs up in retreat. They stare at each other for the longest; the eagle's eyes narrow as it walks closer. The small blue bird limps out from behind the water trough, its wing is bleeding. The eagle cocks his head, and lifts himself up with his majestic wings, he circles the barnyard, and then he lowers himself, talons outstretched. The eagle lifts the bird gently and heads for the Walker house.


            Gage is looking around for his partner, and then asks the nurse where she has gone.
            "She had a phone call, said she would take it at the desk. You're lucky, Ranger, that you didn't get your arm infected, that's a pretty deep cut, took almost 50 stitches to close it."
            The Ranger looks down at his arm, "It's okay, I've been hurt worse, when can I get out of here?"
            "The doctor wants to keep you overnight for observation, he gave you a heavy sedative---you'll be feeling the affects of it any minute now.”
            "No way----I'm not staying here-----I got to check-----on-----my pris-----."
            The Ranger doesn't finish his sentence as Syd walks back in. "Is he out?"
            The nurse nods, "Yep----he's fading in and out, but soon---he will be off in  'la la land"----and he certainly needs the rest."
            Syd nods her head, "He's not going to like it when I tell him what has just happened."
            The nurse looks at the young pretty ranger in confusion, "He was saying something about checking on his prisoners?"
            Syd takes a deep breath, reaching for her cell phone, "His prisoners just escaped."  Syd dials Trivette's home number and relays the story to him.


            Alex is awakened to some screeching, she yawns and tries to adjust her eyes to the room's darkness. She sits up in bed, looking around.
            "Okay, bird---so you found your way back, where are you?"
            Something moves at the foot of her bed, and Alex screams. She jumps out of bed and backs up, looking at the bed very cautiously, and then she sees the small bird, trying to limp towards her.
            Alex's mouth is wide open, and then she sees the blood.
            "Oh, my God----you're hurt---what happened to you?"
            The bird stays still as Alex reaches out slowly and touches its bleeding wing. Alex's voice is soft as she talks to the bird, "Oh, my God------I don't know anything about how to treat a bird------what do I do?"
            In the corner of the darkened room, the eagle moves quietly, observing the scene between the human and the bird. He watches as she goes to the phone and starts dialing.
            "Dr. Max------this Alex Walker-----please, can you help me?"
            "What is it, Mrs. Walker----is it "Amigo?"
            Alex starts shaking her head, "No----I know your are a veterinarian for Walkers' animals----but do you know anything about treating birds?"
            "Birds?  What kind of bird?"
            "A blue jay-----please, Dr. Max---he's hurt, his little wing is bleeding."
            "Can you tell if its wing is broken?"
            Alex gently touches the wing, and the bird remains calm. "I don't think it is-----it let me touch it-----there are some spots of blood around the neck too----like something was attacking it."
            "Maybe a cat?"
            "I don't know-----please just tell me what to do!"
            "Okay, Mrs. Walker---just calm down, if the wing is not broken, that's good. If it was broke, I'm afraid there wouldn't be much hope for it.  Okay, try to clean it as best you can and then put some antiseptic cream on it.----I'm afraid I haven't had too much practice with our feathered friends.  Also---if the bird will let you, try taping it's wing down to his body----to keep it from injuring itself even more."
            Alex runs to the medicine cabinet, mumbling. "I can't believe this-----I'm trying to help a injured bird----when earlier this evening I was ready to get rid of it---anyway I could-----oh God---Walker---where are you?  You would know what to do----I've seen you set broken wings before."
            Alex goes running back to the phone, "Okay, I've got the medicine and a warm wet cloth to wipe the blood off."
            "Okay, Mrs. Walker---I'll stay on the line till you feel you got everything under control."
            About five minutes later, Alex is back on the phone. "I think I got everything under control now----the bird squawked when I tried to put the tape on----but you know Dr. Max----I believe the bird understood that I was trying to help it?"
            "Well, even birds need helping hands, they're like all living creatures. They can sense when a human is trying to help. I'm not even going to ask you what a blue jay is doing in your house----I've learned never to question Cordell Walker on the strange things that I have witnessed ever since I've known that man, so why should his wife---be any different?"
            Alex smiles, "Thank you doctor, and thanks for not asking----I don't think I could explain it either!"
            Alex looks back at the bird, it's laying there looking back at her, it's little eyes starting to droop. "Now, I got to get you off of my bed, and put you somewhere safe."
            A half hour later finds a tired Alex cleaning out a shoebox and putting an old towel down in the bottom. She picks up the bird gently and places it into the box. The bird is trying to get out of the box; it's little eyes looking across the hallway, into the nursery.
            Alex sighs, "Okay, bird---you win---as soon as I get my bedclothes changed, I will bring Angela in here to sleep. Then I will scoot you closer to the bed-----so you can watch her, while she sleeps---will that satisfy you?"
            The eagle watches quietly as Alex places a sleepy Angela on her daddy's pillow.
            'All is well," whispers the eagle.




White Eagle's Destiny Part9

            Rangers Trivette and Cooke are talking to the Rangers that were escorting Monique and Carlito to jail.
            Trivette is trying to hide his anger, not only because the arresting Rangers let the prisoners escape but for interrupting his romantic liaison with Erika.
            "How could you idiots let this happen, there were four of you, and two of them?"
            "Just take it easy, Trivette----Rangers Plain and Blancett are dead---have you forgotten that?"
            Trivette takes a deep breath, "No, I haven't forgotten that----now what happened?"
            The two Rangers try to explain what happened, Syd looks to them and back to her friend.
            "Everything was going smooth, the prisoners were very cooperative, hell----all that one guy was doing was praying, holding his crucifix and muttering to himself! The woman seemed pre-occupied about something, she acted like she was in some kind of trance, talking about "ghosts"---coming back to haunt her."
            Syd looks to Trivette and then she thinks of the conversation she had earlier with Gage. He didn't get to tell her everything that happened on the plane, but he mentioned Monique being suspended in mid-air and her talking about "ghosts".
            "Go on, Ranger Bond---how did they get loose? They were supposed to be cuffed and shackled."
            "They were cuffed----but the man was complaining that his ankles were bruised---so Ranger Blancett took the shackles off."
            Trivette throws his hands up in the air and comes out with a string of curse words, "He had no authority for taking those shackles off----they are cold blooded killers---those shackles were to stay on----Geez----I don't believe this!"
            Syd tries to get Trivette calmed down, "So, then what happened?"
            The Ranger hesitates as he watches the black Ranger stare at him. "We put them in the 'wagon', Ranger Plain was driving, I was riding shotgun, and Rangers Blancett  and Waggoner were in the back with the prisoners. The woman said she had to go to the ladies' room, so Blancett told us to stop. He escorted the woman to the ladies' restroom at a service station that we stopped at."
            Trivette is still steaming, "She had to go to the ladies' room? What a crock-------You were less than half an hour from the Tarrant county jail, why didn't you tell her to hold it?"
            Syd stares back at Trivette, she has never seen her friend so angry.
            Ranger Bond continues, "Look, Blancett was the senior officer, he said to let her go, so we did!  Somehow, she overpowered him, and choked him to death with her hands still cuffed. She got the keys and his gun, shot Ranger Plain and they took a woman hostage, along with her car!"
           Trivette stares back at the young Ranger, "You and Waggoner have a lot of explaining to do---this was negligence---plain and simple! I'm writing you both up on my report and when I get through with you------"
            Syd pulls Trivette away, "Calm down, Trivette-----we have to notify Walker about this. Do you know where he is?"
            Trivette is still glaring at the two Rangers, "Somewhere up in the badlands, last I heard."
            "Then we better notify Alex, tell her to be on the lookout and use extra precaution."
            "You're right, you call Alex and I'll get in touch with Walker."


            Alex has returned from the kitchen, with a hot cup of tea. She walks up to her bed slowly and makes sure that Angela is sleeping peacefully. The baby has turned slightly to the right, her little hand is raised upward on her Daddy's pillow, sleeping sound. Alex smiles and then she looks to the shoebox, the bird is starting to move around more and has started pecking at its bandaged wing.
            Sitting her cup of tea down, Alex speaks softly. "Okay, bird-----do you want the bandage off now?"
            Alex takes the tweezers and gently pulls the tape off; the bird is completely still. Once the bandage is off, the bird flutters, trying to raise it's wings, and then it's up and out of the shoebox. It circles the room a couple of times, then lands on the pillow, next to Angela. It inches itself up closer to the baby, touching her auburn hair with her beak. It pulls back and stares at Alex and then back to Angela.
            "No way, bird----you are not sleeping on my bed---I do not want bird droppings or discarded feathers all over my bed---Back in the shoebox!"
            The bird lets Alex pick it up, and put it back in the shoebox. Again it gets out of the box, circles and lands back on the pillow. When Alex tries to pick it up, the bird retreats. It pecks lightly at Alex's hand.
            Alex sighs, "Well, that's gratitude for you----I doctor you up and you reward me, by pecking at me."
            The bird continues to peck at Alex's hand every time she tries to pick it up, getting closer to Angela each time. The phone rings. Alex points her finger at the bird, "In the morning----you are out of here----don't you have some babies to care for?"
            Alex answers the phone a little "miffed".
            "Hi hon, did I wake you?"
            Alex sighs, "No----you didn't wake me---Walker---it's almost midnight----I thought you would be home by now?"
            "Well, I would have been, but I must have gotten a bad tank of gasoline when I filled up, the Ram has been sputtering and dying on me every since I left the reservation---and this damn phone keeps fading out on me----can you hear me?"
            Alex groans, "Yes, I can hear you----just barely---what else is going to happen?-----And, the radio in the Ram is still messed up?"
            "Afraid so, I'll get it fixed when I get home.  I'm in Denton, I know a mechanic that lives here, he's working on the Ram now, trying to get the tank dried out, and together we'll get the points and plugs cleaned and dried. It's going to take awhile, but I should be on the road in two hours—tops."
            Alex stares back at the bird, it has lowered it's body down on it's legs in a sleeping gesture, as close to Angela as it can possibly get. Its eyes start to close.
            "Alex?  Are you there?"
            Alex takes a deep breath, "Yes, sweetheart, I'm here---wherever "here" is---sometimes I think I'm in the ‘Twilight Zone’ with all that's going on!"
            "What do you mean?"
            "Never mind---Walker, would you please just get home as quick as you can?"
            Walker's voice turns to worry, as the phone keeps cracking, "Alex---what's wrong?"
            "Walker-----you are not going to believe what has happened-----it's that darn bird----right now he's sleeping on our bed----on your pillow, curled up next to our daughter!"
            A slight smile crosses Walker's face, "Alex-----are you sitting down?"
            "Then I'd suggest you sit down, because what I'm about to tell you is going to 'floor' you."
            Alex takes the phone away from her ear and stares at it, she can't believe what her husband is telling her. She puts the phone back to her ear and stares straight ahead. She's silent for a long time as she keeps hearing her husband's voice asking if she's okay.
            "Alex---did you hear what I said?"
            Alex tries to talk, her voice squeaks, "You're trying to tell me that ----that bird is Angela's protector-----and that bird is a reincarnation of that woman, that woman that I heard talking to White Eagle?"
            It's now Walker's turn to take a deep breath, "You heard me right, hon---that bird is there to protect Angela."
            Alex shakes her head in disbelief, "Walker----honey-----I know that every since the first day I met you, I have been---completely dumfounded about the events that happen in your life. I have seen some pretty weird things since knowing you----I've listen to you tell me about your native Indian beliefs, in the spirits---and such?   Things----that I have seen, but don't believe---but yet---I've still stood beside you, and I still love you----but this---Walker--I find this very hard to swallow."
            "Alex--think about what all has happened in the last few days since White Eagle's passing.  All of a sudden, this bird appears, and its captivated by our daughter.  Think too, about how that bird has been getting into the house----you said you checked the house over completely and can't find a way that it keeps getting in."
            "That's true but------"
            "Also---hon---think about how that bird ended up on our bed, coming to you---for help? It's suppose to be a wild bird, but it has let 'you' touch it, to doctor it, and it continues to stay close to Angela."
            "Walker----I am so confused----you're saying that it's a reincarnation of that woman, but why is that woman or bird--- so protective of our daughter?"
            Walker begins to tell his wife of the conversation between him and Four Toes. Alex asks very quietly, "White Eagle is your great, great, grandfather, and that woman is your grandmother?"
            Walker starts to reply, when his friend calls out to him about the Ram.  "Honey---I know all of this is hard for you comprehend---and I will explain more in detail when I get home. Right now, my friend needs my help. I’ve got to go, I'll be home as soon as I can---love you."
            Alex continues to hold the phone in her hand long after Walker has hung up. She replaces the receiver, not hearing the dial tone, indicating that she has not hung it up properly. She walks around in a daze looking at the bird and shaking her head.
            She mumbles to herself, "I need something to drink----something stronger than tea---that's for sure. I can't believe what my husband has just told me----a bird---a bird is my daughter's--great, great, great, grandmother----and this ----tiny, little bird----is here to protect us----protect us-----from what?"

            Syd is still trying to reach Alex, the phone continues with a busy signal. She calls the operator and the operator tells her there is no conversation, only a  signal indicating that the phone must be off the hook.
            "I still can't get a hold of Alex, have you located Walker yet?"
            Trivette is still dialing, "I just talked to Sam Coyote, he said Walker left the reservation about two hours ago, I can't get through to him in the Ram. He must be out of his truck."
            "I'm going out to Walker's ranch---to check on Alex---she wouldn't have the phone off the hook with Walker out of town----I'll keep in touch."
            Trivette nods, "Okay, I'll keep trying to get in touch with Walker----you call me---if you need any help---got that, Syd?"


            Carlito looks down at the body of the woman that he and Monique had taken hostage. She put up a real good fight, until Monique slit her throat, and took her clothes. There was an man's old shirt in the back of the car, and Carlito quickly changed into it. He gets behind the wheel of the old Chevy, Monique tells him to move over that she is driving. Monique turns the car around and heads back west, reaching for the woman's purse.
            "What are you doing, are you crazy---let's keep heading south?"
            "We have a job to complete, Carlito----revenge for my sister's death and the death of her baby------because of that Ranger Walker and his wife. My sister lost her baby because of that Walker, and that pretty little wife will pay the price too, for enticing Victor, for turning his head."
            "I say, we forget all of that and head for Mexico."
            Monique slaps Carlito as hard as she can, "Do you not want revenge for your brother's death?"
            Carlito rubs his left cheek, "Too many things have been happening, Monique---weird things---what about the "thing" on the plane----you were almost strangled by "something"----it lifted you up, clear out of your seat. Have you forgotten that?"
            Monique goes through the dead woman's purse and finds her cigarettes, "No, I haven't forgotten---that's all over with---we're off that damn plane----we have to have revenge, Carlito----"an eye for an eye"----that's what the bible says!"
            Carlito sneers and grabs the cigarettes from Monique, taking one and throwing the pack back to her, "Since when---do you start quoting the bible---I'm surprised you even know that's in the bible."
            Monique lights up and then hands her cigarette to Carlito to light his, "I think I heard it somewhere----must have been the one time that I did attend church."
            Carlito laughs, "Yeah----right! Come on honey, let's just keep heading south----I got no desire to face that Ranger Walker."
            "What about the Walker kid?"
            "She's just a baby, Monique----I do have standards."
            Monique bursts out laughing, "Standards? That never stopped you before!  No, the Walker kid is going to die, and Walker and his wife 's world will fall apart as they watch me slitting their babies' throat-----from ear to ear! Viva Victor LaRue!"


            Alex is sipping her drink of scotch and water. She makes a face, "Whew----I made it a little strong, oh well---I have to get my nerves calmed down, and get all of this out of my head."
            She walks towards the bed and looks at the bird, it stares back at her.
            Alex walks to her side of the bed, still oblivious to the phone's dial tone beeping.
            "I can't believe any of this----I can not believe what my husband has just laid on me. I love that man---but sometimes---he can sure stretch my love for him. What am I saying? I would trust that man with my life, and I've certainly had to do that in the many years I've known him!"
            Alex is now taking bigger sips of her drink, she raises the glass to the bird, "Soooo----you're my daughter's ---great-great-great-great ----no, that's too many 'greats'---Let's try that again.  Oh hell---forget it---you are my daughter's grandmother------and never mind the fact that you are a ---bird!! No offense."  Alex starts to giggle, and takes a long drink, "This is so funny, here I am talking to a bird, and what's weird is---that it acts like it understands every word I'm saying!"
            Alex downs the rest of her drink, "Boy----that was pretty good---think I'll have another----now don't go away 'bird'---we got lots to talk about."
            The bird watches as Alex leaves the bedroom, it flies over to the window, pacing back and forth. It screeches and scratches at the window, it hears Alex returning, and it flies back to the bed.
            Alex has a small saucer in her hand, "I'm----going to get you some water, so you can have your drink---while I'm having mine---How's that?"
            She places the saucer down on Walker's nightstand, the bird just stares at it. Alex groans, "Oh, I forgot---you're suppose to be a "ghost or an angel" and you're like Michael Landon on "Highway To Heaven"---you don't eat or drink-----right?"
            The bird walks over to the saucer and pecks at it, throwing its head back and letting the water trickle down its throat. It goes back for another drink and then stares at Alex again.
            "Well------excuse me---I was wrong---you do drink. What about food? Are ----you hungry----I'm not going to be digging up any worms----so you can just forget that!----I will get you some bread---if you want it?"
            Alex continues to down her drink; her eyes are getting heavy. "Geez----I sure can't handle my liquor anymore---one and half drinks----and I'm -----tipsy----I can remember the very-----first time I got drunk-----with Walker!   I was so silly."
            Alex is waving her hand around in the air, trying to talk and  gesture at the same time. She points her finger at the bird, "But----your--great, great-------oh whatever Walker---is to you-!!  He was a complete gentleman---he never once tried to ----take----advantage---of the situation." Alex frowns, "not that I would have wanted to stop him-----even----if I could----actually I would ------"
            The bird flies over and lands on Alex's finger and Alex stops muttering. They stare at each other. "In other words----you want me to shut up---before I embarrass myself----even further----right?"
            The bird flies back to the bed and Alex stands there with her finger---still extended. She takes a deep breath and starts wobbling towards the bed and crawls in, sitting with her legs crossed, sipping her drink, and still jabbering away at the bird. She giggles again, "You know, bird, I'm having this drink, not only to calm my nerves, but---it doesn't make me feel quite so silly that I'm talking to you, I can blame the liquor ----you know----for having this conversation.
            “You know my life with that----grandson of yours, has been really-------really--weird at times? I think I fell in love with that cowboy the very-----first day I saw ----him in court.   I'm a lawyer you know----of course----you know that. Anyways-------it took me awhile to get him to notice me, and not as just another guy that hangs out at C.D.'s---you know.  But, let me tell you-----when I did get him to sit up----and notice me----I made quite an impression, I have you know!"
            Alex stops talking and fans the air, "Gosh, it's hot in here, is it hot for you, bird?  Now, where was I, what was I talking about?"
            The bird is still staring back at her, Alex finishes her drink in one long swallow. "That grandson of yours-----has had me doing a lot of wild and crazy things! ----Did you know he's had me eat worms before?  That's right--------grub worms, and snails----yuk-------Walker and I have been through a lot of trying times-----some good, some bad, and some just darn right scary." Alex stops and rubs her eyes, trying to get her train of thought back.
            She starts pointing her finger at the bird again, "There's been times I was scared half way out of my mind-----being in love with your grandson has taken it's toll on me at times-----we have had so many adventures together--------being with Cordell Walker-----is not boring----let me tell you!!  We've been shot at--shot the rapids-----and even-----even fought a BIGFOOT---and the bears-------oh, don't get me started on those bears!"
            "But, you know, bird----" Alex starts to sob as she reaches over and touches her daughter's cheek, then brushes her hair back.---"-I was never so scared as the day I went into early labor----and,"  Alex starts to cry harder, "and, Walker and I thought we might lose our baby----our precious ----little girl.-----Then when-----I woke up and saw my husband sitting there  beside my bed, holding my hand-----that look on his face, when he said our little girl was going to be just fine.  He said the angels were looking out for her, and he saw that angel in the nursery, and she was smiling back at him-----Of course now we know that angel was you----and Walker said White Eagle was there too-----in some shape or form."
            Alex is still crying as she lays down beside her daughter and wraps her arm around her, "Isn't she beautiful-----I see so much of her Daddy in her----the way she holds that little hand up, look at her hair, bird------it's turning the same color as Walkers', and it's so thick.----Walker says that's her Cherokee coming  through-----She has my fair skin and my eyes---Walker says she has my temper---I don't have a temper, do I, bird?   I'm just stubborn, that's all. When I want something, I don't stop----till I get it.  Look how long it took me to "land" that grandson of yours.  White Eagle always said that if something was worth fighting for, then it's -- worth the wait----or something like that.  But, I don't have to explain that to you, do I?  Look how long you've waited to come back for the love of your life?"
            Alex sits up quickly in her bed and looks at the bird, " I think, I'm finally starting to understand some things.  Angela is the last child---of Walker's that White Eagle will actually be able to touch----but does this mean----Walker and I will not have anymore children?"
            The bird is starting to pace back and forth, looking at Alex, Alex is crying harder, "Please----don't let that be----Walker and I were both an only child, and we both agreed that Angela would not be. We want her to have brothers and sisters-----is that how this will end?  Is that why you and White Eagle have been so protective of her?"
            Alex stops as a bolt of lighting flashes across the sky, she pulls her little gown tighter around her and looks back to the bird, "Speaking of White Eagle----he's nearby, isn't he?" Another bolt of lighting flashes and the rain starts coming down harder. Alex looks to the window and nods her head, mumbling----"great----just what I need--a storm coming----now I know I'm not going to be getting any sleep."
            She sighs as she pulls her daughter in closer to her, the bird moves closer to Angela, puts her head up under her wing and they all give into the sounds of the rain hitting the window. Alex mumbles, "Goodnight bird----I mean BLUEBIRD."


            A flat tire with no spare finds Ranger Sydney Cooke at the side of the highway, about 45 minutes from the Walker ranch. She dials Alex's number again, still a beeping dial tone. She calls Trivette to relay her news to him.
            "Okay, Syd, I'm still trying to get hold of Walker, his cell phone is ringing, but there's so much static, I can't get through."
            "What about his radio in the Ram?"
            "That damn thing was messing up on him last week, he was going to get it fixed and then this thing with White Eagle came up, guess it's still broke. I'm going to notify the HPD and have them keep an eye out for the truck.  In the meantime, want me to send a tow truck out to you, where are you?"
            "I'm just off I-30 and Beltline drive, exit 18---hey, could you hurry it up, I think a storm is trying to move in?"
            "I'm on it, I'll get someone there, ASAP!"


            The old Chevy is pulling back on I-30, going west. Carlito is still begging Monique to turn back south.
            "Would you just shut up----you're making me nervous."
            "The police are going to be looking for this car, you're the stupid one! We have to get rid of it!"
            "Yeah, you're right---there's a service station off to the right, we'll swipe another means of transportation---besides this damn thing is almost out of gas, and I could use some beer. What about you?"
            "Just pull in there----I'll take care of everything."
            Twenty minutes later, the twosome is in a late model truck, a terrified teenager behind the wheel. Carlito takes the teen's money and while Monique and the young boy watch from the truck, Carlito robs a liquor store. The teen watches through the truck's window as Carlito puts the gun to the clerk's head and fires. The teen screams and tries to scramble out of his truck, Monique pulls him back, and moves the knife slowly across his throat. Carlito is running back to the truck and hollers for Monique to ‘burn rubber’!”
            Monique pushes the young boys' body out and into a ditch. "Did you get any cash?" She asks.
            Carlito holds up a wad, "Must be about $400 here----and I got the beer---heads up"----as he throws her a can.
            The two are laughing as they head the truck towards highway 199.


            It is now 3am, as the truck pulls into the small town of Springtown; population 1,755.
            "Okay, now we're here---now, how do we find the Walker place?"
            Monique smiles, "It's a ranch-----and a pretty good size one as I remember Josie at the HOPE center saying. It can't be too hard to find, there's an all night convenience store---we ask them."
            Monique walks into the store and buys a pack of cigarettes. "Excuse me, but I'm looking for my friend, Alex Walker---I know she lives on a ranch nearby, but I've lost the directions that she sent me---could you help me?"
            The clerk eyes her suspiciously. "The only Walkers that I know of in Springtown live about 5 miles down the road. You take the "Y" cutoff and go left about a quarter of a mile, you'll see the mailbox, it has a TEXAS star on it---he's a Texas Ranger---you know?"
            Monique grits her teeth, "Yes, that's what my friend told me----I'm so anxious to see her again----all of them, including their darling little girl."
            The clerk smiles, "Yeah----she's a real cutie----the apple of her Daddy's eye----let me tell you, yes sirree, Bob!"
            Monique is getting restless, "So, after the mailbox---how far is it?"
            "You'll cross over a cattle guard, just keep going---it's about five miles down a long gravel road-----can't miss it."
            Monique stares back at the man and says quietly, "Thank you------could I ask you just one more question?"
            The old man smiles, "Of course, always anxious to answer a pretty woman's question."
            Monique smiles and leans over the counter, "Could I have all of your money, please?"
            The old man doesn't get to answer as Monique plunges the knife into his chest. She reaches over and bangs on the cash register, takes the money and walks out: putting the CLOSED sign upon the door. She's walking slowly back to the stolen truck, as lighting flashes across the sky, and the rain comes pouring down.
            Carlito looks up at the sky, "Damn----where did all this come from?"
            Monique crawls into the cab, wiping the blade of her knife, "This is Texas, you idiot---this is what they call a "gully washer"---- the skies can be clear one minute, the next you're in a flash flood.  Let's go!"

            Walker has been back on the road for about 30 minutes, he tries to call Alex, he gets a busy signal. He tries to call again, the phone crackles and then goes dead.
             The ranger looks up at the storm moving in, "Damn it-----looks like a bad one coming in, Alex must be scared to death with all of this lighting, she won't be able to sleep at all.!! Thank goodness, Angela is not afraid of the storms,  I'll stop at the next rest stop and try to call again".



The truck pulls slowly up the long drive, the headlights go off, but the windshield wipers are still going. They stare up at the house.
            The beer is getting to Carlito, "What are we waiting for------let's get it over with!"
            "Hold your horses-----I only see the one auto---I don't see that Ranger's truck."
         "Maybe, it's in the garage----why are we just sitting here. Let's get closer to the house and get inside."
            Carlito gets the truck out of sight as Monique steps up on the Walker porch, breaking the porch light with her gun butt.



White Eagle's Destiny Part 10



Monique and Carlito are inspecting the front door, looking for wires to indicate a alarm system. Carlito is shifting back and forth and trying to keep from getting even more drenched from the rain.

"Would you hurry up, ---I don't see any signs saying there's a alarm system---and I don't see any wires!"

She hisses back at him, "There's got to be some kind of alarm, he's a law officer for Christ's sake, and living out in the country---with a small kid!"

Carlito goes down on his knees and looks closer to the door, "I GOT IT!"

Monique slaps him, "Would you just scream it to the whole world, what are you trying to do, wake up the whole neighborhood?"

A flash of lighting crosses the sky, followed by a roll of thunder, "They couldn't hear a cannon go off in all of this noise," Carlito hisses back at her.

 "Okay, okay, cut the wire and let's get inside."

 Carlito snips the wire, "Careful, there could be a "tripper", a back up system that will set the alarm off once the wire is cut."

They wait a few seconds, "All clear," whispers Monique.

They move inside the door and Carlito locates the alarm box, he yanks all the wires out. They look around the hallway slowly, they see the staircase off to the right, and the phone on the hall table. Monique reaches down and yanks the cord out. She motions towards the kitchen.

 "Check it out," as she walks towards the front room. Something squeaks under her foot, she swears and reaches down and picks up a small toy. She looks at the stuffed Raggedy Ann doll, and then she twists the head off. "Only a small token of what I intend to do to you, “Alex-----and that kid of yours!"

She walks further into the room and looks around, everything is neat and in it's place. There are toys in a toy box, pushed back out of the middle of the floor and a 6ft giraffe stands in one corner, like a "sentry". Monique looks towards the fireplace, a wedding picture sits on the mantle. Next to it are pictures of the wedding guests, one in particular catches Monique's eye. It's a picture of Walker, standing next to an old Indian, complete in native attire. The two men have their arms around each other's shoulder, and smiling. The old man is looking back at Walker, a huge smile across his face. Monique stares at the picture and at the old Indian, all of a sudden she steps back, feeling a cold wisp of air. Carlito comes back from the kitchen, with a huge helping of meatloaf in his hand, shoving it into his mouth. "Damn---that was good----that Ranger's wife is a good cook."

 He stares back at Monique, "What's the matter with you---you act like you seen a ghost?"

 Monique starts rubbing her arms and looking back at the picture, "I'm okay-----let's look upstairs."

 The two intruders walk towards the stairs, Monique feels the cold air again and she spins around.

 "What was that?" She whispers.

 Carlito looks back at her and around the room, he sees the 6ft giraffe, bobbing gently back and forth. "It was nothing----come on---let's get this over with."


   "Bluebird" is getting very restless as she starts pacing back and forth on the bed, her head is cocked as she listens.

She goes up into flight and circles the room, landing back on the pillow. She starts her screeching, Alex moves her hand in the air, and mumbles.

 "Go away---it's not time to ----to get up yet----five more minutes, honey-----please?"

 Bluebird starts crawling on Alex's arm and pulling at her gown, Alex is still 'too much out of it" to heed the bird's warning. The bird is getting even more restless; it's screeching is getting louder. It circles the room again and goes to the window, like it's looking for something, or someone. It looks back towards the bed, if she can't wake Alex, she'll wake Angela. She flies back to the bed and pecks gently at Angela's arm, the baby starts to stir. The bird then goes to her hair and pulls gently, Angela is awake and staring at the bird-----and smiling.



Ranger Cooke watches for the second time as the toll truck goes past the exit. She lets out a swear word and calls Trivette. "It's pouring so damn hard, those idiots have passed the exit twice---I can't raise them on their phone, must be a transformer down somewhere. What about you, has the HPD located Walker yet?"

 Trivette shouts back, "I can hardly hear you----no---Walker hasn't been located yet. A cruiser said they thought they seen the Ram heading west on I-30 about 30 minutes ago---they tried to radio him---I keep telling them, his radio is on the blink----anyways---the HPD have a six car pile-up in the East lane---a 18 wheeler has overturned with some livestock, troopers are playing "cowboy"----cows running all over the place!"

 "Okay, I'll give these clowns 15 more minutes to find me---if not----I'm going to start shooting off flares----maybe they can see them!  Any news on our escaped prisoners?"

 "They were reported going south---wait a minute-----Syd, they just found the body of a teenage boy in a ditch, throat slashed---all the makings of Monique's handiwork.  DPS is running the boy's license and insurance, so we can get a make on his transportation, I have a feeling they're not heading south anymore. Just stay put, I'm coming to pick you up and we'll head to Walker's to warn Alex.


             Walker has arrived in Springtown and most of the lights are out all over the small little town. He glances over to the convenience store and sees the CLOSED sign upon the door.  The rain is coming down in sheets now, Walker can barely see the road, the wipers are doing overtime! He shakes his head, "Got to be some serious storm warnings out for Cookie to close up and go home.  Can't blame him---that's where I want to be---home---a hot shower and then crawl into my nice, warm bed, ---with my wife."

 The Ranger takes the "Y" cut off, he's less than five minutes from home.


 Monique and Carlito are walking very slowly up the stairs, they see a light go past the living room window, and hurry back down the stairs. Carlito pulls the curtain back, "It's a light colored truck with lights up on the roll bar----it's that damn Ranger!"

"Get back behind the door, grab that poker from the fireplace---and remember---we got to get him the first time---that ranger has eyes in the back of his head!  Make it count."

Walker jumps out of his truck and runs to the porch, he stops, when he sees the security lights are not on. Cautiously, he looks around, the security lights would have stayed on, regardless of a power failure, as he had them wired to an emergency generator. He walks slowly to the door, he feels the glass breaking under his boots; he stops. He sees that the alarm system's wires have been cut and draws out his gun, and turns the doorknob slowly. As he turns the knob, he jumps back and Monique lunges at him with her knife. He kicks out and connects to the side of her head. Walker does not see Carlito coming at him with the poker. Walker is struck in the back of the head and as he's going to the floor, Carlito hits him again, and then starts kicking him. Monique pulls him away, "Don't kill him---I want him to watch what we do to that little girl of his----and his pretty little wife."

They drag Walker into the hallway, Monique yells at Carlito to get something and tie him up. Carlito grabs the Venetian blinds, and pulls the cords off to bind him. Monique looks up the stairs and sneers,

"Sooooo---little miss Alex and her baby are all alone---this is going to be so easy---like taking candy from a baby."

Both of them laugh and Monique calls out in a Jack Nicholson voice, "OH, ALEX----I"M HERE---------COME OUT, COME OUT-WHEREVER YOU ARE!"

 Alex is trying to sit up, rubbing her eyes, "What----what's that noise----Walker----is that you?"

Bluebird is screeching louder and flying back and forth over the bed, Angela is smiling back at her, and reaching her little hand out to it. Alex shakes her head, "Sssh---'bird' calm down" and then she hears the voices coming up the stairs. "Oh, Alexandra---where are you?  We know you're here---all alone---your husband is unable to help you----he's going to be nursing a very bad headache!"

 The voices laugh louder, and Alex grabs her baby and jumps up from the bed. Bluebird is flying in circles, her screeching is getting louder as she keeps flying to the window, pacing back and forth. Alex holds her daughter closer, "I know that voice----no----it can't be them---oh God---what have they done to Walker?"

 Alex is backing up against the wall, when she remembers that the little handgun is on Walker's side of the bed, in the nightstand. She can hear the footsteps getting closer and bedroom doors being opened and slammed, a noise is heard on the walls as someone is pounding against them with some heavy object.

The voices continue to taunt, as Alex runs to Walker's side of the bed, and grabs the gun. She has to lay Angela down in order to use both hands to push the lever back on the .25. She aims it at the door as she puts herself in front of her daughter, who is now starting to whimper. The footsteps stop outside of the master bedroom, Alex takes a deep breath, and Angela starts to cry louder.

 Monique hears Angela's cries as she and Carlito grin back and forth. They reach out and throw the door open, a shot rings out and Carlito is rushing Alex, knocking her back into Angela. Monique walks slowly into the room and watches as Carlito yanks Alex up and starts slapping her---Angela is screaming. Bluebird "dive bombs" at Monique's head, pecking as hard as she can. The woman is screaming and spinning around as the bird goes straight for the eyes, it's little talons stretched and reaching for bare skin. Monique screams again as the bird rakes her talon across the woman's face. Carlito stops hitting Alex and grabs a pillow to slap out at the bird.

 Both Carlito and Monique are staring back at the bird in sheer shock, as again ---Bluebird goes for the eyes.

Carlito can't believe his own eyes, as he swings out with the pillow and hits Bluebird, she's knocked into the wall, stunning her.

 The intruders stop and look at each other, "What the hell was that all about---a bird was attacking us----what kind of people are these Walkers?"

 Monique is dabbing at her bleeding face, Alex has grabbed Angela and is running across the hall, into the nursery. She grabs a chair and shoves it up under the doorknob, and then she and Angela are trying to find a place to hide.

 "Get that bitch-----oh, I'm going to enjoy this---so much," hisses Monique.

They start hitting the door with their shoulders, and Monique is screaming back at Alex.

 "You and that kid are going to die a slow death---do you hear me, bitch?  And, that husband is going to watch while the life of both of you---trickles out as I'm cutting your throats!"

 Bluebird is up and flying again as she again hits the back of Monique’s head. Carlito is staring at the sight, as he grabs his crucifix, and starts whispering, "Holy Mother----Mother of


"Would you stop that damn praying----and get this damn bird off of me," Monique screams.

 Carlito grabs the gun that he took from Alex, " I'll blow its damn head off," and he starts to aim the gun at Bluebird. The bird makes a hasty retreat and heads downstairs.

Walker is slowly gaining consciousness, as he starts moving around, trying to break the cords. He screams out, "Alex---Alex!!"

 Bluebird is flying straight to Walker; he stares back at her. "Help me---Bluebird----get my knife---it's in my boot."

 Walker motions to his left boot as he keeps staring up the stairs, "Hurry----Bluebird---get the knife---hurry!"

Bluebird goes to Walker's boot and starts pulling out the knife, a small bowie knife. She begins pulling on it, but it's too heavy for her to lift. Walker scoots around on the floor and gets the knife between his hands and starts cutting. Finally, he is loose and trying to stand, the blood is gushing from the back of his head, he feels like he's going to pass out.

"I'm coming----Alex------hold on----I'm coming" as he stumbles towards the stairs, trying to climb them.

The bird flies past him.

 Monique and Carlito have gotten the door to the nursery knocked open, they step inside. Alex is backing up against the far wall, shaking her head.

"You are not getting my baby----you'll have to kill me first!"

Carlito laughs and Monique "toys" with her knife, "Oh, I'm planning on that, Alexandra-----you will regret the day you ever met Victor LaRue---I will make you pay for causing my sister to lose her child."

Angela is still screaming as Alex tries to comfort her, "I did not cause your sister to lose her child----------that was all LaRue's doings."

 "You're a liar!  You teased him, you wanted him, he tried to resist your charms----you're a whore!"

 "You're the one that's crazy----I was never interested in your brother-in-law---he tried to rape me---not once but twice.  He was sick---and a cold bloodied killer---your sister had to be sick----to carry his child."

 Carlito is getting closer to Alex, "Watch what you say, you little bitch----that's my brother you're talking about!"

 Alex is trying to back up more, "Then you're sick too---to believe all of this crap that he's shoved at all of you through the years!"

 Carlito makes a grab for Angela and wrestles her away from Alex. Monique grabs Alex and shoves her down on the floor. The woman stands over Alex, taunting her. Alex takes a deep breath, her temper is flaring as she kicks up and hits Monique in the crotch. Monique screams and grabs her private parts, and Alex kicks her again, causing Monique to fall on top of her. The fight has begun as both women are screaming and clawing at each other. Carlito backs up to the window, and is watching the two women "duke" it out.

 Alex's gown is being torn off of her body and Carlito is enjoying the "peep show".  He snickers, and Angela is still crying, he screams at her to shut up.

Alex takes her elbow and shoves it into Monique's already bloodied face, Monique grabs her, and down they go again, kicking and scratching.

Walker is half crawling and half stumbling towards the nursery, Bluebird is screeching louder, encouraging the Ranger to move quicker. Walker has made it to the doorway as he sees his wife and Monique slugging it out. Carlito sees Walker and tightens his hold on Angela, backing up. Walker takes a running dive towards Carlito and hits him in the stomach, knocking him back into the window. The window shatters and both he and Angela fall backwards out the window, the rain is pouring in.

 Walker grabs Carlito's legs as the man is hanging backwards out the window, and still holding onto Angela.

 Alex screams as she scrambles out of Monique's grasp, and she runs to the window. "ANGELA----oh my God---oh my God---Walker---help her!"

 Walker screams down to Carlito, "Don't you dare drop my daughter---please hold her---please!"

 Monique is trying to stand as Bluebird attacks her again, the woman is screaming as the bird is scratching at her eyes again. Monique has decided she's had enough and starts to retreat---the door suddenly slams shut----she tries to open it---she can't!

She starts banging on the door, and looking back at the Walkers trying to pull Carlito back through the window.

 Alex is screaming to Carlito not to drop her baby. The blood is pouring into Walker's eyes, as he tries to keep from passing out, "Alex----I can't hold----him much longer," he pleads.

Alex starts crawling out the window, the broken glass cutting her knees open, she's crying and pleading for Walker to hold on as she tries to grab Carlito's belt buckle. Carlito is screaming to whatever God he prays to, the crucifix slides down around his neck and slips over his head. He screams louder and Angela is hanging upside down, the rain drenching her.

 Walker is stumbling and trying to get a better grip on Carlito's legs, his grip starts to slip. Walker is pulling as hard as he can, and Alex has gotten hold of Carlito's belt, she screams at him to hand her baby to her, he refuses.

 "No---pull me up first---or I will drop the kid!"

 Alex is screaming and begging him to hold onto their daughter. Walker gives a final tug and Carlito is back halfway into the window, a bolt of lighting hits a tree nearby, scaring him, he drops Angela! Angela is falling head first out the second floor window.

 Both Alex and Walker scream, "NO!"

Bluebird flies out the window and everything goes into slow motion. Walker and Alex are hanging out the window: their arms reaching for their daughter, their faces are white. Bluebird flies under Angela and then she starts changing shape, a vision appears of an angel, and Angela falls gently into her waiting arms. Walker and Alex stare at the sight as the angel floats slowly up to them, placing their daughter into Alex's arms.

 Alex stares back at the vision, both she and Walker are moving in slow motion, their voices barely audible.

Monique and Carlito are staring; their mouths drop open. Monique turns back to the door and starts banging on it harder, Carlito is searching for his crucifix and crying. He's scooting across the floor trying to get as far away from the apparition as possible. The angel stares down at Angela, the baby has stopped crying and staring back at her. Alex is shaking; her gown is drenched and half torn off of her. Walker glares at Carlito, grabbing him by the throat and squeezing.

"You son of a bitch----you have tried to hurt my family for the last time-----I'm going to kill you," and the Ranger starts slamming his fist into the man's face. Walker's strength is fading as he continues to hit Carlito until his hands are as bloody as the back of his head. The Ranger stops and turns towards Monique. She tries to get out the door again, and begging Walker to stay away.

She's petrified as Walker stumbles to her, the woman starts to cry, "It wasn't my idea----I had no part of this-----you wouldn't hit a lady----would you?"

 Walker shakes his head, and doubles his fist up----"You----are no lady!"  His fist hits the side of her cheek, he can hear the bones crack. Monique falls to the floor, grabbing her bloodied face as Walker starts towards her again. Alex screams at her husband to not hit her again, Walker is not listening as he reaches down and pulls her up with one hand and draws his hand back.

 Suddenly a bright light fills the room, and a flapping noise is heard. Everyone stops, putting their hands up to shield their eyes. A huge eagle lands in the middle of the room, and it's shape is changing. The vision of a man is taking shape, he's in buckskins and braids----White Eagle has made his appearance!

 Carlito is coming to, just in time to witness another miracle----he starts crying again. Monique is sputtering to speak as her eyes are about to pop out of her head as she watches the old Indian materialize. She starts scooting away, mumbling "ghosts".

 White Eagle raises his hand slowly and moves towards Walker. "It is time for you to go, Washo-------the final battle is mine---and Bluebird's-----this is the way it shall be---this is the way---it was intended."

Walker is still weak as he tries to speak. White Eagle goes to Alex and looks down at Angela, and smiles. "She is safe now---Alex----the spirits walk with her ---they will always walk beside her."

White Eagle touches Angela's cheek, she stares back at him and then up to the angel. The old chief looks to Walker and smiles, "You are a fine warrior---you have proved your strength through the years---you make my heart proud. But now, we will cross the river in peace---you will not see us again in this life, as you know it---but we will be beside you always---in the wind, the sun, and the water around you----This is not goodbye my son---only a hesitation till we meet on the other side.  It is time, my son--- go."

Walker shakes his head stubbornly as he stumbles towards Monique again, "No---this is my battle, White Eagle-----I must continue-----"

 "No," replies White Eagle softly, he reaches out and touches Walker's shoulder, "this is the battle that Bluebird and I started many moons ago, this is "my destiny" to make things right again. You have fought well, my son----but in order for our spirits to go to the final resting ground----we must finish what we started ----many, many, moons ago------Until we meet on the other side of the river, walk in peace---my son, and the spirits be with you and your family."

Walker is weaving back and forth as Alex reaches out and takes his hand, cradling their daughter with the other. The angel moves forward, smiling, and takes Alex's hand away from Walkers', she places two seeds in her palm.

 White Eagle nods his head, "Go, my son---go now."

Walker and Alex turn towards the door, it opens slowly. They start to step out into the hallway, Walker turns and looks at White Eagle and Bluebird---"Till we meet again---Grandfather----and to you Grandmother----I love you."

 The Walkers step out into the hallway, Monique runs to the open door, it slams shut again. She starts pounding on the door.

 "Let us out of here----you can't do this to us!!!  Please don't leave us in here with these-------things!"

 The Walkers stare at the closed door, Walker tries to open it, the doorknob will not turn. He backs up, listening to the screams of Monique and Carlito, he hears the flapping noise, and then silence!

 The door opens slowly and Walker and Alex walk slowly inside. They can't believe the sight before them. The room is immaculate, the window is no longer broken, there is no trace of any water---anywhere. Walker walks over to the window and looks out, his hand tracing the outline of the window. He walks to Angela's crib and reaches down. He walks back to his wife and child, holding three feathers. "It's over hon."




It is now hours later and the Walkers have relayed their story to Trivette and Syd. They stare back in shock.

Syd shakes her head, "How-----how do we write this up in our report---there are no bodies?"

Trivette looks back at his friends; Alex is doctoring the back of Walker's head, while he is holding their daughter.

"We don't!" Answers Trivette, "cause as far as anyone else is concerned, Monique and Carlito are still heading south-----straight to the gates of hell."

Trivette and Syd say their goodbyes, Trivette goes home to Erika, Syd goes to the hospital to visit Gage.

A tired and exhausted Ranger and his wife go to bed, with their daughter in between them. Angela is wide-awake and demanding attention from both her parents. She's laughing and kicking her feet out, her blue eyes---sparkling.

Alex touches her daughter's face and looks to her husband saying softly.

"I wonder how much of this, she will remember?"

"I don't know, hon---but I do know one thing----we have to be very careful how we explain----when she does start asking questions!"

"Explain? Sweetheart---how do we explain to her---when "WE" are not even sure ourselves on what happened here?"

Walker smiles and reaches over to kiss his wife, then kisses his daughter, "I don't know hon---we'll cross that river when we get to it!"

 Minutes later, Walker and Angela are sound asleep. Alex is tossing and turning, then she remembers the "gift" that the angel placed in her hand.

"Could it be?" She whispers to herself.


Sam Coyote was witnessing a sight to behold. The grand nephews being chased out of the village by an Eagle and Blue Jay. The whole village is laughing as the two men are running down the long dirt road, and swatting their hats at their attackers.

Sam can't stop laughing, this was more than he ever dared hoped for, seeing Snake Eyes and Crowman get what is coming to them! Sam whispers to himself, "Wait till "Washo" hears about this---this will make his day! White Eagle is finally home!!!

The End