"In A Winter Wonderland"

By Eucalyp


"Hey pard, what are you up to?" Trivette asked as he walked past Walkerís desk. "Not much, Trivette just putting these last touches on this paperwork then Iím out of here." "You sound awfully happy for some odd reason." "I am happy Trivette. This is going to be Alexís and my first Christmas together being married. I guess, I'm just so happy about being with Alex, finally." "You two doing anything special for the holidays?" "Oh yeah, that reminds me, Alex and I wanted to invite you out to the ranch for Christmas Eve. Weíre inviting Sydney and Gage too. You think you can make it?" "Sounds great! Is there anything that you want me to bring?" "You can bring anything you want."

"Hey guys, we just got back from the trial. Alex was fantastic. She convicted Albertís. He didnít stand a chance with her prosecuting." Sydney stated. "Heíll be spending Christmas in Huntsville for the next twenty-five years." Gage said as he and Sydney walked through the office doors. "Thatís my girl." Walker stated with a huge smile.

Walker beamed with pride at this statement about how great Alex was in court. He has always known she was the best lawyer around, and he had the privilege of being married to her.

"Oh guys, Alex and I want to invite you to come out to the ranch for Christmas Eve. Can you come?" Walker asked. "This will be our first Christmas as a couple." " Do we have any other plans, Gage?" "No sweetheart we donít. Can we go?" Gage said smiling hoping that they could go. "Yes! Weíll be there." Sydney said.

"Great, Iíll tell Alex. Weíre going to C.D.ís before we head home. Do you guys want to tag along?" "No, we have to get home and wrap presents." Gage stated. "See ya later." Sydney said as she and Gage walked out the door. "And I really donít want to be the third wheel, so Iím heading back to my apartment to finish wrapping gifts too." Trivette stated as he put on his hat.

"See ya later Trivette. Iím going to go get Alex." "Bye Walker. Tell Alex congratulations for me. Will ya?" Trivette said as he packed up some papers off of his desk to take home with him. "Iíll tell her."

Walker walked down to Alexís office to see if she was ready to go. When he opened the door he saw that she was putting a file away in the cabinet and her back was turned to the door. In typical Walker fashion he didnít make a sound, so it was easy to sneak up on her.

When he got up to her he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and gave her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi there beautiful, how was court?" Walker said as he gave Alex a gentle kiss on the neck. "It was great, but you had better get out of here before my husband comes in and catches us." Alex joked. "Alex!" Walker said as he pulled away from her. "I'm just kidding sweetheart. Come here." Alex said as she turned to Walker with open arms; beckoning for a hug from her husband.

Walker obliged and wrapped his arms around Alex and rubbed her back with his hand. Being this close together, Walker couldnít resist the chance to steal a kiss.

"How was your day, darling?" Alex asked as she held onto Walker. "It was one of the most boring days of my life. Nothing happened today. Only paper-work. The worst part was you were in court all day, and I didnít get to see you." Walker said with a slight pout in his voice as he backed away and held Alex's hands. "I'm sorry honey. I promise Iíll make it up to you." Alex said with a wink. "Oh. How?" "Howís this?" Alex said just before she pulled Walker into a passionate kiss. "Not bad; maybe we can try that again later." Walker said raising his brow suggestively.

"Speaking of later, Sydney, Gage and Trivette can make it for Christmas Eve." "Thatís great! Do you think we should tell Jimmy to bring some one, so he wonít be alone?" "What do you mean be alone. Weíll all be there." "Do you remember our trip to Colorado? You and I were together, and Sydney and Gage were together. Jimmy was all by himself." "Heíll be fine. Anyway, I invited another person to come." "Who?" "Itís a surprise." "Come on, sweetie tell me, please." "Alex if I told you it wouldnít be a surprise then, now would it. Youíll find out tomorrow night." "Tomorrow night! I have to wait until tomorrow night? This will kill me."

"Are you ready to go get something to eat sweetheart? You havenít had anything all day." Walker said as he led Alex toward the door. "Yes, I am, but donít change the subject. I want to know who is coming." "Youíll never get it out of me." "Iíll tickle you. I do know where you are most ticklish ya know." "Thatís just a plus for me. I still won't tell. "Oh, alright I give up! For now anyway. Come on I'm starved."

"Here, sweetheart. Iíll carry that for you." Walker said taking Alexís briefcase for her. "Why thank you. Have I told you lately that you are the sweetest man I have ever met?" "No." "Well, you are." "I just happen to think youíre pretty sweet yourself." Walker said taking Alexís hand in his free one and bringing it up to his lips for a kiss.

Walker and Alex took the elevator to the first floor, so they could get to the parking lot where the Ram was parked easily. As they walked down the stairs of the courthouse they both notice how cold it had gotten and that the skies were gray and cloudy.

"Looks like it might snow, tonight." Walker stated as he put his arm around his shivering wife. "Wouldnít that be great!? Do you know how long itís been since Iíve seen a white Christmas?" Alex said as she and Walker got in the Ram, and Walker opened and shut the door for her.

At C.D.ís Walker and Alex took their usual booth in the back corner, so they could have a little privacy. Walker sat down in the booth and moved close to the wall. He held an arm out inviting Alex to sit close. Alex sat down next to him and scooted close. She leaned against Walker with her head on his shoulder. Walker held Alex close with his left hand and with his right he simply held hers.

"This is wonderful." Alex said as she snuggled closer to Walker. "It sure is sweetheart. I missed you today." Walker said placing a light kiss on Alexís forehead. "I missed you too. What do you want to do tonight, darling?" "Oh, I donít know. How does a moonlit ride sound?" "It sounds great, but it sure is cold out there. It will be even colder tonight. Weíll freeze out on the horses." "I know how we can fix that." "How smarty?" "All we have to do is ride double, and Iíll keep you warm." Walker said nuzzling his nose against Alexís temple. "I like the sound of that."

Alex and Walker sat there for a little while longer; just enjoying each otherís company. While they ate they talked about what they were going to do Christmas Eve. Alex was still prodding Walker to try and find out who the mystery guest was going to be. Walker held true to his word and did not tell her who was coming; although he was pretty close to slipping when Alex ran her hand up and down his leg and squeezed his thigh.

After they were finished, they paid the bill and were just about ready to head home when their favorite song came on the jukebox. Walker turned to Alex, tipped his hat, and said, "May I have this dance?" "You certainly may." Alex replied taking Walker's hand. As the song started out Walker led Alex onto the dance floor.

The first time I looked in your eyes I knew

That I would do anything for you

The first time you touched my face I felt

What I never felt with anyone else

I wanna give back what youíve given to me

I wanna witness all of your dreams

Now that youíve shown me

Who I really am

I wanna be more than just your man.

I wanna be the wind that fills your sail

Be the hand that lifts your veil,

Be the moon that moves your tide,

The sun comin up in your eyes,

Be the wheel that never rusts,

Be the spark that lights you up

All that youíve been dreamin of and more

So much more

I wanna be you're everything

With every word of the song Walker held Alex closer and closer; softly singing to her in his sweet sexy voice. No one knew it, but her Cowboy was one of the best singers that she had ever heard. The truly sweet thing was that he only sang to her. That was their special little secret.

When you wake up

Iíll be the first thing you see

When it gets dark

You can reach out to me

Iíll cherish your words and

Iíll finish your thoughts

Iíll be your compass baby

When you get lost

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails,

Be the hand that lifts your veil,

Be moon that moves your tide,

Be the sun comin up in your eyes,

Be the wheel that never rusts,

Be the spark that lights you up

All that youíve been dreamin of and more

So much more

I wanna be your everything

Iíll be the wheel that never rusts,

Be the spark that lights you up

All that youíve been dreamin of and more

So much more

I wanna be your everything

I wanna be your everything

I wanna be your everything

The music faded into the background and the happy couple still swayed to the music; even though they just happened to be locked in a love filled kiss. When the kiss ended Walker rested his forehead against Alex's.

"You have the most beautiful voice that Iíve ever heard. Why do you keep that hidden from everyone, but me?" Alex whispered softly. "Because, you are the only person who has ever brought out the feelings in me that makes me sing."

"I love you so much." Alex said as she rubbed noses with Walker. "And I love you. What do you say we head home and go for that ride?" Walker said as he and Alex walked off of the dance floor. "That sounds wonderful. Letís go." Alex said as they both turned to go out the door. "Oh honey, look! Itís snowing! Itís really snowing!" Alex stated in an excited voice. "Wow, I can't believe it. Weíre actually going to have a white Christmas." "This is going to be the perfect Christmas. Weíre finally married and weíre expecting our baby, Gage and Sydney got together, and itís snowing. I just wish that daddy wasnít stuck in New York and couldnít be here with us, to help us share our first Christmas being married." Alex said with her excitement fading and a hint of disappointment showing through as she finished her sentence.

"I wish he could be here too, sweetheart. We can give him a call and talk to him. See how heís doing." Walker said pulling Alex close trying to ease her disappointment, and yet not let on that Gordon was the mystery Christmas guest. "Okay."

As they drove home to the ranch, Walker would occasionally sneak glances at Alex; who was looking at the snow outside like a child does with awe and amazement in her eyes. He was so happy that Alex was going to have the perfect holiday. Even if she didnít know about a part of it yet.

When they got to they ranch they went to their room to change into some clothes that would be suitable for a cold winter ride. Walker changed rather quickly, while Alex on the other hand took a little while longer.

While Alex changed Walker went downstairs to their office to call Gordon and make sure everything was set.

"Hello." "Hello, Mr. Cahill. Itís Walker." "Walker, son, weíre family. Call me Gordon or dad." Gordon said to his son-in-law. "Sorry Gordon. Iím just calling to check and make sure everything is going smoothly." "Everything is perfect. My flight will be in at 5:00PM on the 23rd." "Thatís great! Thatís the night that Alex and I are going out to find a tree. I want this to be a surprise for her, so would you mind taking a cab out to the ranch. I want you to be here when Alex and I get back. When you get here, we won't be here. Just let yourself in with the key we gave you and make yourself at home. By the time we get there you should be pretty well settled in." Walker said quietly so Alex wouldnít here.

"Thatís perfect son! I can't wait to see her face." "I know, you should see how excited she got when she saw it had started snowing here. I just love seeing her so happy." Walker told Gordon. "Well Walker, Iíve never seen my little girl happier than when sheís with you." Gordon stated. "I love her so much Gordon. I want this Christmas to be perfect for Alex." "I know, son. I do too, and I know it will be because she finally has what she has always wanted and needed." "What's that, Gordon?" Walker asked slightly confused. "YOU! Son, my little girl has been in love with you from the first time she laid eyes on you. I remember when I first met you all she did was talk about how wonderful you are. I knew you two were meant to be together." Gordon said. "Gordon, I feel the exact same way she does. I love her so much. Sheís everything to me. I donít know what Iíd ever do without her." Walker said getting a warm feeling over himself as he talked about the love of his life.

"Gordon, I'm sorry, but I have got to run. I hear Alex coming down the stairs. I donít want her to hear us talking. I donít want to ruin the surprise that weíve worked on for so long." "Okay, see you later, son." "Bye."

Gordon set the phone down and went back into the living room. He sat down in his favorite chair and picked up the book he was reading before Walker called. He thought to himself.

"Am I ever lucky. My daughter and I have never been closer, her husband is like the son I have never had, and I get to spend the holidays with them. My family. Walker, what a great boy he is. He loves Alex so much. Heís going through all of this trouble just to make her happy. Thank god they found each other."

Gordon just smiled to himself. His life had gotten better and better every day since he had quit drinking. Now he was getting ready to spend Christmas with his family.

Back at the ranch Alex came down the steps and found Walker standing in the office with little grin on his face.

"What are you smiling at, handsome?" Alex said as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Just the fact that I'm the luckiest man in the world." "Oh, you are, are you? Why are you the luckiest man in the world?" Alex said as she gave Walker a quick kiss. "Because of you." Walker said returning the show of affection. "You make me the luckiest man on earth." "Well, you make me pretty lucky Cowboy." Alex said as she took Walker's face in both of her hands and pulled him closer to place a long lingering kiss on his lips. "If we keep this up weíll never get to go on that ride." Alex said as she looked into Walker's eyes. "Would that really be a problem?" "No, but if we go on a ride and itís cold, that just gives you an excuse to have to warm me up." Alex said as she took her index finger and traced it along his chest. "I like your thinking, darling." "Letís go."

Walker and Alex left the house and walked out to the barn hand-in-hand. When they got inside the barn they went over to Angel and got her ready for a ride. They put on the saddle that Walker had given Alex with Angel. It was beautiful. Walker had one of the metal plates on the side of the saddle engraved. It read "To Alex my angel. I love you."

"Alex are you going to stand there and stare at that saddle or are we going to go for a ride?" Walker said as he came up behind Alex and put his arms around her waist. "Huh?" Alex said in a startled voice. "Are we gonna go for a ride or not?" "Oh, I was just thinking about the day you surprised me with Angel." "Well, I never did ask you; how do you like her?" "I love her, but nowhere near as much as I love you." Alex said as she settled into Walker's arms.

"Come on, hon. Saddle up." "Okay, Iím up now get your cute little butt up here with me." Alex said to Walker in a mock commanding voice. "Yes maíam." Walker said as he gave Alex a salute.

As they rode Walker kept his arms snuggly around Alex; holding her as close as possible, while Alex held the reins. Every so often Walker would lean down and kiss Alexís neck or tell her ĎI love youí.

Thanks to the light of a full moon they could see fairly well, so they rode for hours. Just enjoying being out together at this beautiful time of year.

The snow had started to fall harder and Walker could tell Alex was getting tired. He decided it was about time for them to turn back to the ranch.

"Honey, itís getting colder. Do you think itís about time we head home?" Walker asked softly in his wifeís ear. "Yeah, I'm getting a little chilly." "Well, as soon as we get back, Iíll build a fire and weíll warm up a little."

When they got back to the barn Walker put Angel in her stall, while Alex sat down to rest on a bale of hay. Little did Walker know, but while he was putting angel away Alex had dozed off.

Walker turned to find his wife asleep on the bale. He didnít want to wake her up, since she had such a long day and needed the rest. He gently picked her up and carried her back to the house.

"Come on sleeping beauty. You canít sleep out here." Walker said softly as he picked Alex up. "Iíd get lonely." He added with a smile.

Once inside the house Walker took Alexís coat off of her and placed her on the couch and started a fire to warm the place up. He got the fire started and went upstairs to change into more comfortable clothes.

After he changed he went back downstairs to find that Alex was still off in dreamland, but not for much longer. Alex woke up minutes later calling Walkerís name.

It was the strangest thing that had happened since they got married. They could not sleep peacefully unless the other was with them.

"Cordell, honey, where are you?" Alex said in a drowsy voice. "I'm right her sweetie." Walker said as he knelt down to Alexís level next to the couch. "What happened? How did we get in here?" "You fell asleep on a hay bale in the barn. I carried you in here, so I didnít have to wake you, and you could get some sleep." Walker said as he took Alexís hand in his and ran his thumb back and forth across her fingers. "You know I can't sleep without you." She said sleepily. "I know, but you just looked so beautiful sleeping there. I didnít have the heart to wake you, but since you're awake now, would you mind if I steal a little kiss." Walker said as he leaned in to kiss Alex.

"Ya know Cowboy there is room enough for two on this couch." Alex said as she patted the place next to her outstretched body. "Come here you!" Walker said softly as he laid down on the couch next to his wife and wrapped his arms around her.

"This is where Iíve wanted to be all day long." Alex said as she cuddled closer to Walker. "Me too. I missed you so much today. But weíre together now, and no one can take us away from each other." Walker said as he stroked Alexís soft hair.

"This is going to be the perfect Christmas. Everything is just wonderful. I still canít believe how itís snowing out there." "Well, believe it. I promise you this will be a Christmas that you will never forget." Walker said with a smile. "Oh, it will be, huh? Why would that be? Could it have something to do with our mystery guest?" Alex asked slyly as she threw her leg possessively over Walkerís and pressed her body closer, trying to entice him into telling her who the guest was going to be.

"Nice try, but I'm still not going to tell you." "Drat!" "But you did do one thing." "Whatís that?" Alex said in a defeated voice. "You really turned me on." Walker said as he pulled Alex onto his chest. "Who cares whoís coming!" Alex said as she kissed Walker deeply.

As the kiss continued Walker started to help his lovely wife off with her clothes. First it was off with her sweater then the rest of their clothing followed quickly.

Alex was the first to make a move. She lowered her head to his well-muscled chest and began to kiss every inch of bare skin. As she kissed him Walker started to feel himself come alive, as did Alex whose body was pressed close to him.

Alex blazed a trail of hot fiery kisses down his body until she reached his throbbing manhood. She took him in her mouth; gently massaging him with her tongue. She loved the feel of him in her mouth.

Walker could barely sustain control over himself as Alex pleasured him. He had to do something. He couldnít let go yet. He had to let Alex feel the sheer pleasure that he was feeling at that moment.

"AlexÖ" Walker groaned as she continued to hold him in her mouth. "Alex, come up here. PleaseÖ" Walker begged knowing he couldnít hold back much longer.

Alex let Walker go and moved back up his body. She finally reached the point where she was able to look him straight in the eyes.

"Is there something wrong, love?" Alex asked wondering why Walker had stopped her. "Of course not." Walker said breathlessly. "Then why did you want me to stop?" "Because, itís your turn." Walker said with a devilish grin that Alex knew all too well.

Walker started his game by placing kissed all over Alexís neck and shoulders. Alex moved her head to allow Walker to pay equal attention to every part of her neck as well as the rest of her longing body. He moved slowly down; stopping at her breast to arouse the nipples into sensitive peaks.

Walker could hear Alex sigh and moan with every move he made. He could feel her body jolt with ecstasy as he ran his tongue down her abdomen. When he reached the juncture of her thighs he place a long lingering kiss on the patch of dark curls. He allowed his tongue to do a little exploring.

As he did so Alex was going out of her mind. She pressed her hips up harder against Walker's mouth; urging him to continue. Her hands were digging into the couch cushions.

Walker couldnít take this torture any longer he needed to feel Alex tightly around him. He pulled up from Alex and moved his body over hers, thrusting deeply into her. He started to set the pace, and soon Alex was pushing her hips against his and screaming his name in ecstasy. Walker soon followed suit as his body shuddered and he released into her.

"Alex, how do you do that to me every time we make love?" Walker asked as he and Alex moved to the floor to lay in front of the fire. "Do what?" Alex asked innocently. "Make me lose complete and total control." "You seemed pretty in control to me." Alex said as she wrapped her body around Walker.

"I could do this forever." Walker said as he held Alex close. "Whatís that, darling?" "Hold you." "I wish you could. If you could we would live in a perfect world." "That would be the only way my life could get any better. Alex since you and I have been together my life has been perfect. You have brought so much happiness into my life. You take away all the bad in the world. I love you with all my heart."

"I love you so much." Alex said with tears streaming down her face. "You are the best part of my life. I never want to live one second without you." She said as she clung tightly to her husbandís body. "I never want to be without you either, Alex. I couldnít stand it." Walker said as he placed a kiss on Alex's head.

As Alex and Walker cuddled close in front of the fire Alex slowly drifted off to sleep. While she slept in Walker's arms, he would gently nuzzle her with his nose.

"If I could hold you forever I would. I love you so much." Walker whispered to her as she slept. "I love you too." Alex whispered to him sleepily. "Hey you sneak; I thought you were asleep." "I was just resting my eyes. "Do you want to go up to bed, so you can get some sleep?" Walker asked as he brushed a stray hair from her face. "Iím too comfy to get up." "Well, how about if I carry you up? That would just give me another excuse to hold you in my arms." Walker said with a warm smile. "

While Walker was talking he had noticed that Alexís eye were getting heavy. He decided to just pick her up and carry her to bed.

"Hey, where are you taking me Cowboy?" Alex asked as Walker stood up gathering her in his arms. "Alex, first you fell asleep in the barn, and now you're about to fall asleep on the living room floor. You are going to bed and getting some rest. You had a long day in court and you deserve it." Walker said softly as he stood with her lifted up in his arms. "But I want to spend a little more time just cuddling with you." "Hey, donít think you're going to be in that bed alone." Walker said playfully, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

As he walked up the stairs to their room he noticed that Alex had rested her head on his shoulder and had fallen asleep.

When he reached their room, he gently placed her on the bed and covered her with their favorite quilt. He then hurried around the bed and got under the quilt himself, wrapping his arms around Alex.

Alex immediately molded her body to Walker's. Her head rested on Walker's chest, her hand was placed around his abs, and her leg was thrown possessively over his thigh.

"Good-night, darling. Sweet dreams." Walker whispered as he placed a soft kiss on the top of Alexís head.

The next morning Walker woke early. He was excited about Gordon coming later that night. He decided that he would have a little fun with Alex, considering the two of them wouldnít usually be awake for another hour anyway.

She still had her body wrapped around Walker and it looked like she would never let go. Walker shifted position, so he could look Alex directly in the face. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her deeply.

Alex thought she was having some kind of wonderful dream, but she realized that it wasnít a dream and that she really was kissing her husband. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down on her closer. She ran her hands through his hair to let him know she was enjoying herself.

When the two of them came up for a breath they still held each other close.

"Good-morning my love." Walker said as he bent to give Alex another good-morning kiss "Did you sleep well?" "Yes, I did, but I like the way I woke up better." Alex said as she kissed Walker again.

"What would you like for breakfast? Iíll fix you anything you want." He said touching a finger to her nose. "I want whatís in bed with me right now."

With those words Alex pulled Walker down on top of her and they resumed their little early morning game of seduction. Both of them joining in a passionate love. Moving together to reach the heights of ecstasy.

"What a way to wake up!" Alex said breathlessly. "How about we wake up like this every morning." "That sounds like a wonderful idea." "Darling, I hate to say this, but we have to get out of bed and get ready for work or weíll be late." "Do we have to go in to work today? I would love to just stay here in bed with you." "Iíd love that too, but if we donít we donít get Christmas Eve and Day off." "Well, off to work we go." Alex said sarcastically.

"Why donít you go get a shower. Iíll fix us breakfast. What would you like?" Walker asked as he and Alex got out of bed still holding on to one and other. "I donít know. How about cinnamon raisin oatmeal?" "Your wish is my command my lady." Walker said bowing in front of Alex. "You're goofy. Ya know that." Alex said as she started to laugh at Walker's actions. "I know, but you love me anyway." "That I do Cowboy, that I do." Alex said as she walked into the bathroom.

Walker went downstairs and fixed breakfast for Alex and himself. While he was doing that Alex showered and got ready for the day. When breakfast was ready Walker went to the downstairs bathroom and took a shower. He came out and was dressed in his usual attire.

"Something smells good in here." She said as she walked in to the kitchen. "I do seem to know my way around in here pretty well. Donít I?" Walker said proudly. "Yes you do, darling." "Alex, you look gorgeous!" Walker said giving Alex a kiss. "Why thank you. You look mighty handsome yourself." Alex said returning the affection.

They sat down and had breakfast together and discussed what they were going to do that day. Walker told Alex that he would probably not be in the office much today, because he and Trivette had to go bust Carl Linch, one of the biggest cocaine dealers in Dallas.

Alex said that since her court case was over she would just be looking over and prepping files all day.

"Darling, breakfast was delicious." Alex said as she and Walker finished the morning dishes. "Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it." Walker said as he hung up the towel he was using. "Ooh, honey, weíre late! We have to get going." Alex said as she glanced at her watch. "Oh, you're right. Lets get going." "I'm right behind you. Nice view might I add." Alex said considering she was right behind him.

Walker and Alex drove to the courthouse in the Ram as they usually do. They talked along the way about what they were going to do Christmas Eve. They also talked about where they would go look for their tree tonight.

"Where would you like to go get our tree, sweetheart?" Walker asked. "I donít know. I saw a beautiful one, one day when we where out on a ride." Alex replied. "Well, letís go look at it tonight, when we get home." "I can't wait." "Me too." Walker smiled.

When they got to the courthouse Walker walked Alex to her office as he usually does. When they got there Walker sat Alexís briefcase down on her desk and went over to her to give her a warm hug that turned into a loving kiss. When the kiss broke off they just simply held each other.

"Good-luck today, darling. Please, be careful." Alex said, tightening her hold on Walker. "Aren't I always careful?" "Yes, I guess you are, most of the times." "I love you." "I love you too." Alex said giving him a kiss. "Have a nice day, sweetie." "I will. You'd better get going; itís getting late." "Oh right. Bye hon." "Bye."

Walker went down the hallway to the Ranger office and met Trivette, Sydney, and Gage. They worked over the days plan and got ready to go after Linch.

They got to the building where they knew Linch was running his operation out of and prepared to take Linch and his gang down. They set up around the building in strategic positions. Walker and Trivette were at the front door, Gage and Sydney were at the back, and DPD was covering them from the sides. On Walker's command they all burst into the building.

Once they were in everyone tried to make a run for it. A few brave stragglers decided they might have a better chance if they stayed and fought; they were wrong. Walker was taking on two of Linchís best men when a third man came from behind at Walker. Trivette saw what was about to happen and yelled for Walker to lookout.

Walker got out of the way of serious damage, but the knife caught him across his right bicep. With one swift kick the attacker with the knife was out and the other two soon followed.

Sydney and Gage caught the guys trying to run out the back and Trivette took care of a few of them in the front with Walker, but no one saw Linch. What they didnít know was that he was in one of the upper offices of the warehouse with a pistol pointed directly at one of them. "BANG"

A loud shot rang out. It hit Trivette directly in the right shoulder. Lucky for him Linch wasnít just stupid, he was a bad shot too. In quick response to the shot, Walker turned around, returning fire and hitting Linch squarely in the chest. The shot didnít kill him, it merely put him in a lot of pain. Albeit less pain than heíll feel when Alex gets him in the courtroom.

"Somebody call 911!" Gage yelled to the DPD officers that were now filling the building. "Trivette, sit down. We got to stop that bleeding." Walker said as he helped Trivette to the floor. "I could say the same thing to you partner." Trivette said pointing out Walker's arm that was bleeding severely. "Itís not that bad guys." Trivette reassured them.

A few minutes later Walker and Trivette were in an ambulance getting patched up. The EMS attendants that were on duty recommended Walker come to the hospital to get his arm stitched, while Trivette got his shoulder taken care of.

For once in his life Walker agreed to go along. He didnít want Alex to find out that heíd been hurt after she told him to be careful. The one condition was that he took his truck, so he could leave after his arm was taken care of.

"Sydney, Gage, you have to swear to me that you won't tell Alex what happened." Walker said as he got into the Ram. "Are you kidding? If she finds out that you were hurt and we didnít tell her, she would personally ring both of our necks." Sydney said empathetically. "Walker, sheíll find out anyway. You know DPD always calls into her office to report an officer down. Not to mention you're her husband and would probably get suspicious of why you are wearing that bandage on your arm." Gage said. "Okay, if she asks, tell her what happened and where I am, but if she doesnít ask you two have to keep your mouths shut. Understood?" Walker said sternly. "We understand." They said together.

"Mrs. Walker, DPD just called in, to report two officers down at the bust that Ranger Walker went on this morning." Alexís secretary said over the intercom. "Did they name anyone?" Alex asked in a shaky voice. "No maíam, they did not." "Tell me as soon as you hear anything. Better yet just transfer the call to my office." "Yes, Mrs. Walker." "Thank you."

"Oh Cordell, please be alright." Alex said nearly crying. "I'm going over to the Ranger office. I canít do anything waiting here." Alex said to herself. "Carolyn, I'm heading over to the Ranger office if you hear anything, could you please transfer it to Ranger Walker's desk?" "Of course I can." Carolyn replied. "Thank you." Alex said and walked swiftly out the door to Company B.

Sydney and Gage walked into the Ranger office and found Alex sitting at Walker's desk. She was staring at the phone waiting for it to ring. She didnít even see Sydney and Gage walk in.

"Alex, what are you doing here?" Sydney asked setting some paperwork on the bust on her desk. "Whereís Cordell? Is he alright? Where is he?" Alex said quickly. "Slow down Alex. Walker and Trivette are at Methodist." Gage said answering Alex's question. "Is he alright?" Alex said still in a shaky voice. "Heíll be fine. He just needed some stitches in his right bicep. He got slashed with a knife. Trivette needed to get his shoulder patched up. He took a bullet. They should both be out in a little while." Sydney stated.

"I have to see him. I have to know heís okay." "Okay Alex, Iíll drive you over." Sydney said. "Iíll go too." Gage said. "Letís go." Sydney said grabbing her keys off of the desk.

At the hospital Walker and Trivette were in the same room waiting for the doctor to come in and check up on their injuries. Trivette was a little bit disoriented from the pain medication they had given him for his shoulder. Walker just sat on the bed and started wondering if Alex had found out yet about his arm. He hated to worry her.

Immediately after arriving at the hospital Alex found out where Walker was and ran to see him. She was going so fast that she had lost Sydney and Gage somewhere in the process. She reached the floor Walker was on and went to the room she was told he was in.

"My god, are you alright!?!" Alex said as she ran into Walker's room. "I'm fine sweetheart. Alex, what are you doing here?" Walker asked. "I had to make sure that you were alright." She said almost in tears. "Honey, come here." Walker said standing up with his arms open for Alex. "Honey, donít cry. Itís okay. I'm fine, really. See." Walker said in a soft voice, holding Alex close. "I know, I was just so scared when I heard there were officers injured at the bust, and when I found out it was you I had to see you." Alex said holding Walker tight. "I'm sorry I worried you." "I just so glad you're alright." "Thank Trivette. He saved me; then I saved him." Walker said pointing at Trivette who was starting to come around. "Thatís what partners are for, man." Trivette said in a slurred voice and then fell asleep again.

"I'm glad you came to see me." Walker said, placing a kiss on Alex's head.

Gage and Sydney finally made their way to the room and entered finding Alex and Walker standing near the bed holding each other close. They didnít want to interrupt, so they just stood there and waited.

After a few minutes the doctor came in talked to the group. He even managed to wake Trivette up and talk to him too.

"Ranger Walker, there was very little muscle damage done to your arm. I want you just to watch it until those stitches come out. Make sure that you donít do anything that will pop them." The doctor said. "Donít worry Doctor. I will personally keep an eye on him." Alex said as she grinned at Walker. "Thank you for your help Mrs. Walker. Ranger Walker has been notorious around here for not completely following doctors orders." "No problem there Doc. Alex has a way of making me do anything she wants." Walker said looking at Alex with love in his eyes.

"Great, now all you have to do is sign these release forms and Iíll let you go under your wifeís supervision." The doctor stated. "Ranger Trivette, here are your release forms to sign." "Okay, anyone got a pen?" Trivette said finally coming around fully. "Ranger, the only thing we need to get you is a sling for that arm. It will be just a few minutes." He said to Trivette just before exiting the room.

"We have to get back to headquarters. See you guys later." Sydney said. "Oh, I have to get back too." Alex stated. "Oops, that reminds me, the DA got me on my cell phone earlier. He said that Captain Price wanted you to take Walker home, because if you didnít, Walker would just come to work and hurt his arm worse. He said that you were the only one who can make him follow doctors orders." Gage stated. "She is." Walker laughed. "I almost forgot. Are you still coming out to the ranch tonight to decorate the tree with us?" Walker finished. "Yeah, weíll be there." Gage said. "What time should we show up?" Sydney asked. "I donít know. Alex, what time do you think?" "Umm, how about around 7:00?" "Okay." Sydney said.

"Can you guys come pick me up? I donít think I can drive too well with this on top of this pain medication." Trivette said motioning toward the new sling that he was sporting. "Sure, weíll pick you up around 6:30." Gage said. "Weíll see you later." Walker said.

"Hey guys, can I grab a ride with you two? I have to get back to my apartment." Trivette asked Gage. "Yeah, sure. Headquarters is right in that direction." Gage replied. "Letís go boys." Sydney stated.

"Alright handsome, ready to go home?" Alex asked. "I'm more than ready." Walker said grabbing his jacket. "What do you want to do when we get home?" "I donít know. This just lets us get a head start on our Christmas vacation." Walker smiled.

Alex and Walker left the hospital and headed for the ranch. The entire ride home Walker kept catching Alex sneaking glances at him. Considering it was usually him doing that to her he started to wonder if there was something wrong. She was probably still worried from earlier.

"Honey, is there something wrong?" Walker asked in a concerned tone. "No thereís nothing wrong. Why?" Alex asked knowing she was caught. "You keep looking over here like Iím not real." Walker stated softly. "Caught me huh?" "Yep." "I just can't help it. I'm so excited about spending our first Christmas married. Now we get to start our vacation early." Alex said happily. "I'm glad. What time tonight do you want to go out and get the tree." Walker asked so he could plan around Gordonís arrival. "Oh, I donít know. What time is it now?" "Itís 4:10." Walker said glancing at his watch. "How about we go as soon as we get home. So it will still be light out." Alex said. "That sounds perfect." Walker said with a smile.

"I can't believe it is snowing this much." Walker said as they got out of the Ram. "I know. It sure is chilly." Alex said rubbing her arms to keep warm. "Well then, I have a quick remedy for that." Walker said as he slipped an arm around Alexís shoulders. "Got anymore of these home remedies, Cowboy?" Alex asked as she huddled close to Walker, while they walked to the door. "Wouldnít you like to know?" Walker said, as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Once they got inside the house they took off their coats and hung them up. As soon as Walker took his hat off he turned around and Alex was instantly in his arms.

"Well, hello there." Walker said surprised. "I have an idea. Why donít we start this holiday vacation off right?" Alex said, as she planted a passionate kiss on Walker's lips.

Walker instantly returned the affection and deepened the kiss. With his arms wrapped tightly around Alex, he ran one hand up her back and combed his fingers through her soft golden hair. Alex started to pull Walker toward the living room. While kissing Alex he remembered Gordon would be at the ranch soon.

Walker didnít know what to do. He didnít want to make Alex feel bad by stopping what was about to happen, but they had to get out of the house. Walker reluctantly broke off the kiss and held Alex out at arms length.

"Whatís wrong?" Alex asked in a surprised tone. "Alex, if we donít put a damper on this fire, weíll never get the tree in time for the others to get here." Walker said rubbing Alex's arms. "I guess you're right, but that doesnít mean this is over. Iíll still get my hands on you later." Alex said with a grin. "I'm looking forward to it." Walker said with a wink. "We had better go change. Weíll freeze out there." Alex said as she took Walker's hand and led him to their bedroom to change.

They went upstairs and changed and were on their way. They got in the Ram and left to go to the spot where Alex saw the tree she thought was perfect for the ranch. As they rode it started snowing once again. They didnít realize it, but there was a fair amount of snow on the ground by now. This was highly unusual for Dallas.

Not long after Alex and Walker left Gordonís cab arrived at the ranch. Gordon got out and paid the driver. The cab driver was a nice young man and helped Gordon with his bags. They put the bags on the porch, and Gordon tipped the driver. The man thanked him and was on his way.

Gordon let himself into the house with the key that Walker and Alex gave him. He got all of his bags inside, took off his coat, and hung it up.

"Well, now what should I do till those two kids get back?" Gordon thought to himself. "I know, Iíll build a fire to warm this place up.

He built the fire and decided to make some hot-cocoa. He figured that Walker and Alex would be cold when they came back with the tree and this would be the perfect thing to warm them up. After the cocoa was on the stove warming, he took his bags to the downstairs spare bedroom. He put his things away then went to the living room and sat down in the chair by the fire with a book and waited for Walker and Alex to return.

"Alex, you were right. This is the perfect tree. Itís not too big, itís not too small. Itís just right." Walker said as he loaded the tree in the Ram. "I canít wait till the others get to the ranch so we can start to decorate it." Alex said happily. "Well then, lets get home, so the others donít beat us there." Walker said as he closed the bed of the truck.

Walker and Alex were on their way back to the ranch, and once again it was snowing. When they got to the house Walker backed the Ram up, so it would be easy to unload the tree. Walker dragged the tree up onto the porch so it would be easy for him and Gage to get into the house and set up. Walker and Alex then went into the house to get things ready for later. Both of them were so busy they didnít notice the coat and scarf that were hanging on the coat rack.

Gordon heard them at the door and moved into another room so he could surprise Alex. The only thing he forgot was the fire that he had built.

Walker and Alex got out some of the decorations. Walker saw the fire and knew Gordon was there. A little while later Alex notice the fire and couldnít figure out how it had gotten there.

"Honey, did we build a fire before we left?" Alex asked with a little uncertainty in her voice. "No sweetheart, we didnít." Walker said with a grin. "You didnít build a fire, but I did." Gordon said as he stepped into the room. "Daddy!" Alex yelled as she ran to give her father a hug.

Walker just stood back and watched as father and daughter embraced. He couldnít have been happier. To Walker seeing Alex happy was his number one priority.

"Daddy, when did you get here?" Alex asked as she let go of her father. "Oh, I've been here since about 5:30. There is some hot cocoa in the kitchen if you two kids are cold. I donít think it even snows this much in New York." Gordon remarked about the unusual weather.

It finally hit Alex that this was the mystery guest that Walker had told her about. She couldnít believe it. This was truly going to be the perfect holiday. She had her new husband; they were expecting their first child, her friends, and now her father too.

"You! You were behind this whole thing, weren't you?" Alex said as she moved toward Walker. "Guilty as charged, counselor." Walker said with a warm smile. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart." He finished.

Alex couldnít speak. She was married to the sweetest man in the world. She just had to kiss him. She moved close to Walker and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. Just before she kissed him she whispered, "I love you."

Gordon watched his family for a moment and then decided to give them a little privacy. He went into the kitchen and poured three mugs of cocoa and brought them into the living room. When he enter he noticed that Alex was holding onto Walker. Her head was resting on his chest and they both looked so content just holding each other.

"Hot cocoa, anyone?" Gordon said nonchalantly trying to get their attention. "Iíll have some." Alex said as she and Walker went to sit on the couch. "Me too. Thanks Mr. Cahill." Walker said sitting down. "Son when are going to start calling me Gordon?" "Sorry, force of habit." Walker said realizing his mistake.

"So you two. How long have you had this little plan worked out?" Alex asked. "Walker asked me some time ago. What was that, around September?" Gordon stated. "I think thatís when I called you first." Walker said trying to think of when he first asked Gordon to come spend Christmas with them. "Why did you keep it a secret?" Alex asked. "I wanted this to be the perfect holiday, and I wanted you to be surprised. I love to see that look on your face when something surprises you. Itís so cute." Walker said as he kissed his wifeís forehead.

"What are you kids planning on doing tonight?" Gordon asked as he sat his mug down. "Well, Gage, Sydney and Trivette are going to be here in a little while to help us decorate the tree." Walker answered as he and Alex sat down on the couch with Walker's right arm around her shoulders. "That sounds like it will be fun. Wait a minute. Isn't Gage the one that blew up your tuxedos before your wedding." "Thatís him." Alex stated.

"Well, kids what have you two been up to?" Gordon asked not knowing what he was getting himself into. "Well, for about the past month or so weíve been working on catching a man name the Chairman. He was blowing the cover of all the agents and officers that had infiltrated big crime organizations." Alex told her father. "What happened? Did he get put in prison?" Gordon asked. "No not exactly." Walker said. "What do you mean?" "He made one fatal mistake when he was dealing with me. He kidnapped Alex." Walker said. "Oh my god! Alex how did he do it?"

"When Cordell was out on a bust, and I got a call that said he had been hurt and was taken to Methodist. I didnít wait for my bodyguards to come with me. I just ran down to the parking garage to get in the DAís city car and go see if he was all right. It was a trap. I should have seen it, but I was just too worried about you." Alex said to Walker drifting from telling her father about the story to trying to make an unnecessary apology to her husband.

"Alex it wasnít your fault. I know that. You were just scared for me. I would have done the same thing if the situation were reversed." Walker soothed. "Then what happened?" Gordon asked becoming more and more interested in what had happened to his family.

"What else? My knight in shining armor came and saved me from being blown up. The Chairman told Cordell that he wanted to see what kind of man he was. He said he wanted to test and see how much he really loved me. He was going to detonate a bomb in two minutes, ten seconds before it went off he was leaving. Cordell could have followed and caught him or stayed there with me and died."

"I bashed him over the head, untied Alex, then we ran like hell. We got out just as the building blew." Walker stated. "Were either of you hurt?" Gordon asked. "No Cordell covered me with his body to protect me from the blast. After we got up we just fell into each other's arms." Alex said resting her head on Walker's shoulder.

Walker held Alex closer and leaned his head down to kiss the top of hers. He had told her right after it happened, but wondered if she really knew that he never would have left her.

"Alex, I would have never left you there. If we couldnít get out I would have stayed right there holding you in my arms until our time was up." Walker said resting his head on hers. "I know you wouldnít have left me. You love me, and I love you." Alex said snuggling closer to Walker.

"It sure sounds like you two have been busy! When do you think the others will be getting here?" Gordon asked. "Oh they should be getting here soon. Wait I just heard a car door slam outside. That should be Sydney, Gage, and Trivette now."

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!!! Walker and Alex stood up and walked over to the door to let their friends in. Gordon watched them and smiled as he noticed that they never left each otherís arms.

"Hey guys, come on in. Itís cold out there." Alex said opening up the door. "You got that right counselor!" Trivette said coming in the door quickly. "Burr! Itís cold out there!" Gage said coming in the door with Sydney right behind. "I donít think Iíve ever felt it this cold in Texas." Sydney said shivering as she went up to Gage and wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey guys hang up your coats and come on in by the fire and warm up. Thereís hot cocoa in the kitchen if you want some." Walker said as he and Alex walked to the living room. "Hot cocoa, Iím all for that." Trivette said veering toward the kitchen.

"Hey Walker, the tree you guys picked looks really great. Why donít we move some things out of the way and we can bring it in here and set it up." Gage stated. "Good idea Gage. "Hey, Mr. Cahill, what a surprise. Itís great to see you again." Sydney said when she saw Gordon sitting in the recliner. "Itís sure is, darliní. How have things been going with you?" Gordon asked. "Couldnít be better. Gage and I have started dating and itís wonderful." "Well now, thatís just great! I knew the first time I saw the two of you that you were going to turn out like Alex and Walker." "Well weíre not exactly engaged or anything, but he does mean a lot to me."

Walker and Gage moved some things around inside the house and finally brought the tree in and set it up. When they finished they decided to sit down in the living room and talk while they sorted out decorations for the tree.

Alex and Walker were sitting on the couch together, Gordon was in the chair near the fire place, Trivette was on the other side of the couch with Alex and Walker, and Sydney and Gage were on the floor.

Everyone in the group brought a few ornaments that held a special place in their hearts to add to the tree. Each decoration that was brought out seemed to bring special memories to the surface. Many of the memories were tied to C.D. and how much they missed him.

As they sat and talked about times passed and memories shared the emotions seemed to get to Alex. She quickly stood up and walked out to the porch. Everyone started to move to get up and check on her but Walker stopped them.

"Itís alright guys. Iíll go check on her." Walker said as he got up and went to check on Alex.

Walker moved out to the porch quickly and found Alex sitting on the steps with her head in her hands crying her eyes out. He went to her side and gathered her in his arms and held her tight.

"Shh, Alex itís alright." Walker said as he held her tight. "Come on hon, letís sit down on the swing. Okay?" Walker said softly as he led her to the porch swing.

Walker sat down first, and then he pulled Alex to sit on his lap so he could cuddle her. He held her close and rocked her back and forth to try and soothe her tears. A lone tear rolled down her cheek and Walker pressed a soft loving kiss to it as it streamed down her face. Keeping the closeness he rested his head against her.

Alex was beginning to calm down and she leaned closer to nuzzle Walkerís cheek. It was still snowing out and was bitterly cold, so Walker wrapped his arms tightly around Alex to help keep her warm.

"Alex, honey, tell me what's wrong." Walker said softly. "Its just not fair." She replied meekly. "Whatís not fair darling?" Walker asked trying to draw her out a little more. "C.D. dying." "I know darling, but heís still with us." "But I wish he could be here in person. I wish he could see how happy we are. He was the one who knew even before we did that we were meant for each other." "I know, remember all the little schemes he would cook up to get us to be alone together." Walker said as he reached a hand up to Alexís face to make her look at him. "Yeah I remember. They worked pretty well didnít they." She said cracking a small smile. "Yes they did." Walker said as her gently traced his fingers around her cheek.

"I just wish that he could be here to see how our lives have turned out. I mean look at us. I have never been happier than I am now. Youíre my best friend, my lover, my co-worker, and now youíre the father of our baby." Alex said resting her hand on her stomach. "I feel the same way Alex. Youíve made me happier than Iíve ever imagined possible. Youíre the best part of my life, and now youíre having our child."

"Hon, do you want me to go ask the others to head home? Theyíre probably finished with the decorations anyway." Walker asked softly as Alex rested her head on his shoulder. "I donít want to be rude, but I am a bit tired from the long week in court, and look at me I have tears streaking down my face and my eyes are puffy from crying so much, maybe we should ask them to come back tomorrow night." Alex said quietly. "Okay honey. Tell you what, you go upstairs and get in a nice warm bath and relax, and Iíll go talk to the others, and then Iíll be up to give you a nice massage to help you relax. "But what about daddy?" "You know youíre dad he goes to his room early and reads a book, then he goes to sleep. If you want, once he goes to bed we can come back down to the living room and Iíll build us a fire. Howís that sound sweetie?" Walker asked softly. "It sounds great. Have I told you lately how much I love you?" "Yes, but I never get tired of hearing it. Have I told you lately?" "Yes." "Well, Iíll tell you again. I love you." He said as he kissed her softly on the lips.

"Come on sweetie." He said as he stood up with Alex still in his arms. "Honey, what are you doing; the others are still in there." Alex asked. "Iím picking up my sleepy wife and carrying her upstairs to the bathroom, so she can take a relaxing bath. I donít care if the others are in there theyíve seen me pick you up before, and now they're going to see it again." Walker said as her walked into the house with Alex in his arms.

Walker walked into the house and went past the others and carried a now sleeping Alex upstairs. He gently lay her on the bed then went downstairs to talk to the others.

"Walker, is Alex alright?" Gordon asked as soon as Walker came back. "Yeah, sheís fine. She has just had a long week and needs her rest. Thatís why she wanted to go up and go to bed. She hopes you understand." Walker said trying to approach the subject of how to get the others to leave. "Thatís alright Walker. We just finished up here and were just about to head out." Sydney said. "Are we all still on for tomorrow night?" Gage asked. "You bet!" Walker stated. "Okay, weíll see ya then." Sydney said as she, Gage, and Trivette went out the door.

With the others gone Walker was left alone with Gordon in the living room. They cleared away some of the boxes the decorations were in while they had the time. While they were cleaning Gordon told Walker something thatís heís been meaning to tell him for some time.

"WalkerÖ." "Yes Mr. Cahill. Sorry I mean Gordon." Walker said correcting himself. "Walker, I wanted to thank you." "For what?" Walker asked just slightly puzzled. "For a lot of things. Like helping me quit drinking and bringing my daughter back into my life and making her so happy. She really loves you Walker, and so do I. Walker, I'm proud to call you my son-in-law." Gordon said getting emotional. "I really love her. I can't live without her in my life, Gordon. Sheís the best part of me, she makes each day of my life exciting and new. With Alex in my life I finally know what happiness is." Walker said to his father-in-law. "Goodnight son, I better be heading to bed." "Goodnight Gordon."

Just before Walker went to bed he put out the fire and checked to see if the house was locked up. He then stepped into the kitchen and grabbed the special gift he had for Alex. Walker finally made it upstairs to his bedroom and discovered that Alex had woken up and had gone to take her bath. He tiptoed to the bathroom door and opened it to see his wife soaking in a bubble bath with her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

Walker quietly walked into the room and stepped close to Alex. He leaned down and gently pressed a kiss to her forehead. Alex opened her eyes to see her husband standing close.

"Hi." He said to her when she looked at him. "Hi." Alex said with a warm smile that told Walker she was feeling better. "How are you feeling, sweetie?" Walker asked as her knelt down beside the tub. "Much better, especially now that youíre back." Alex said with a sweet smile. "Well, Iíll let you finish your bath. Iíll be in the bed room when youíre finished." Walker said as he stood up. "No sweetheart, stay. Please?" Alex said looking at Walker with a little pout on her face that made him fall apart. "Alright darling. You know Iíve never been that great at saying no to you." Walker said, moving to stand behind Alex.

While Alex still sat in the warm water relaxing, Walker moved to stand behind her, so he could massage her shoulders. Walker let his hand roam over her shoulders to release the tension he found there. He knew his gentle touch was working as he notice Alexís head move from side to side with pleasure. Also a soft ĎMmmmí escaped her lips as Walker move his hands expertly over her shoulders and back.

The feeling of touching Alex became too much for Walker. He knew he had to kiss her and feel his lips against her, so he leaned down and brushed her hair to the side. He placed small feather light kissed on the spots where his hands once were.

After placing a kiss on her neck Walker stated. "You amaze me Alex." "Howís that, Cowboy?" Alex asked as Walker continued to shower her with kisses. "Every time that youíre near me you drive me absolutely crazy. I can't just be near you or see you; I have to touch you and hold you. When I'm around you I lose all sense of control." "Well if I have this kind of effect on you why aren't you in this bathtub with me?" She asked with a voice full of desire. "Because as tempting as that sounds I have other plans." Walker said nuzzling her neck. "And these plans would be?" "To shower you with love, and make love to you long into the hours of the night." "You are too good to me Cordell. Letís go, but first how about you help me dry off." Alex said as she stood to get out of the bath. "It would be my pleasure, my love, and nothing is to good for you." Walker said as he grabbed a warm fluffy bath towel and wrapped it around Alex and pulled her near him. "Itís just another one of my many excuses to hold you." Walker said with a smile just before he placed a small kiss on her waiting lips. "You never need and excuse to hold me, honey. All you have to do is love me."

"That is something that will never change. My love for you will last for all eternity." "As will mine. I love you so much darling. No one has ever meant to me what you do and no one ever will." Alex said as she wrapped her arms tight around Walker and held on for dear life. "What do you say we take this into the bedroom? Let me show you how much I love you." Walker said as he reached down and scooped Alex up in his arms.

As Walker carried Alex into the bedroom she was already working on the buttons of his shirt. She wanted her husband in that bed as soon as possible. The attentions he was showing her earlier were driving her wild. She knew that she was going to go crazy if he didnít hurry up and get them into bed.

Walker set Alex gently on the bed and took a step back to look at her. She was so beautiful. He couldnít figure out what had ever made a beautiful angel like her fall in love with a rugged Cowboy like him, but he thanked the heavens everyday for the fact that she did. Walker couldnít help but smile at her. She made his heart overflow with love and happiness every time they were near.

"What's got you smiling like the Cheshire Cat, Cowboy?" Alex asked as she sat up in bed, propping herself up on one arm. "Just the fact that I'm married to an angel." Walker said as he stripped his shirt and began to undo his jeans. "Well you know, this angel can be quite the little devil, too?" Alex said as she moved to the edge of the bed closer to Walker. "OhÖreally?" Walker said as he moved up to her and she began to trace the muscles on his torso with her finger. "Prove it." Walker whispered as he leaned in closer to claim his belovedís lips. Wrapping their arms around each other they fell back onto their bed.

As the kiss grew more and more passionate Alex could feel Walker's steel hard member pressing against her. She thought to herself as she continued the kiss with Walker, "So he wants me to prove it to him huh? Just wait till I get done with him." As this little thought crept across Alexís mind she reached down to his jeans to finish undoing them for him. Once his zipper was down Alex reached into his boxers and began to gently stroke him.

A startled breath caught in Walker's throat when he felt Alex touch him. Walker thought to himself, "She really is a little devil, isn't she." Alex, thoroughly enjoying herself, continued to fondle her husband. As Alex massaged Walker's manhood he slipped his jeans the rest of the way off.

"You are quite the little devil now aren't you." Walker said in a ragged breath. "You ainít seen nothiní yet Cowboy." Alex said seductively as she rolled and took Walker with her so that he was now underneath her. "Time to see what youíre really made of Cowboy." Alex said as she ran her hands over Walkerís well-muscled torso.

Walker's skin began to tingle everywhere Alex touched him. Alexís lips soon followed suit of where her hands once where. Slowly she worked her way up his body. She stopped to pay special attention to his neck, for she knew when she kissed or nuzzled him there she could drive him absolutely wild.

As Alex's kisses roamed Walker's body he began to moan in pleasure. He couldnít believe that just her kisses could do this to him.

Alex knew the effect she was having on him, so she gradually moved up to his face kissing every inch of it, except his lips. She knew that if their lips came in contact she would lose what little control she had at the moment, and she would no longer be able to continue to tease her husband.

Walker's hands roamed over Alex's body as she kissed him. He began to return the gestures of seduction she was showing him by massaging the inside of her thighs. With one hand still massaging he moved the other to find her warm center. He inserted one finger and then two. His fingers worked their magic driving Alex into moans of pleasure.

"Mmm, come on Cowboy tell me what you want." Alex said as she began to pull back and move down to pay a little more attention to Walker in another sensitive area. "Uhh . . . . Alex. . . . you know. . . what I want." Walker said breathlessly. "I have an idea, but tell me." Alex said as she dropped her head down to kiss the inside of his muscular thigh. "Uuhhh. . . please Alex I need you around me. Oh please, AlexÖI need to be a part of you." Walker moaned needing to feel Alex around him. "Whatever you say, Cowboy." Alex said as she moved up so her body was even with his.

Slowly Alex lowered herself down onto Walkerís shaft. She began to rock back and forth on top of him, slow and seductively.

Walker reached up and pulled Alex down into a hot passionate kiss, as he did so he flipped them over so he was now on top of Alex. He lowered his lips from hers and moved down to her shapely breasts. He began to lavish Alex with soft kisses all across her breasts. He lingered on the nipple of her breast to erotically suckle.

By now Alex was writhing with pleasure. Her hips thrust up to press against Walker harder.

The two lovers began to move together as one. Slowly and seductively reaching the heights of ecstasy.

After their energy was entirely spent they lay together in each other's arms cuddling and just enjoying the bliss of their love.

"I thought you said you were tired, Alex?" Walker said as he lay there gently stroking Alexís hair, this was a habit that he had picked up a long time ago that she just loves. "That was just a clever little ploy of mine to get rid of the others and have you all to myself." Alex said as she snuggled a little closer to Walker. "Well, my sneaky beauty, it certainly worked well." Walker said as he kissed the top of Alexís head. "But now darling after that workout we had I am beat. I just wish I could keep my eyes open so I could cuddle with you more." Alex said with a yawn. "Well my angel, close your eyes and get some sleep. Iíll still be here holding you while you sleep and when you wake my arms will still be holding you close." Walker whispered sweetly. "I love you Cordell." "And I love you Alex." Walker said as he gently rubbed Alexís back. "With all my heart." He added softly.

Alex quickly fell into a peaceful sleep with a smile on her face. Walker on the other hand stayed awake for a while longer to watch her sleep. This was one of the many habits he had picked up from being with Alex. He got such joy from just watching her. She looked like a perfect angel snuggled close in his arms.

After sitting and watching Alex sleep peacefully for a few minutes Walker noticed that in the heat of their love making neither one acknowledged the rose he had place on the bed earlier. He picked the flower up off the floor where it had tumbled to and placed it in a glass of water next to the bed to keep it fresh. He would give her this little expression of love in the morning, for now his angel needed her rest.

The next morning Alex woke to the feeling of something soft and silky tracing her face. She opened her eyes and found herself being held in the arms of her loving husband. He was gently tracing the features of her face with a single red rose.

Once Walker notice Alex was awake he drew the flower over her lips and then followed the path of the flower with his lips.

"Good-morning, sleepyhead." Walker said as they parted from their kiss. "Mmm, good-morning yourself, Cowboy." Alex said shifting positions and giving Walker a long passionate good-morning kiss. "How long have you been awake sweetie?" Alex asked after the kiss broke. "Not long hon. I've just been sitting here admiring the view." Walker said giving Alex a playful kiss on the tip of her nose. "Not a bad view from where I'm sitting either." Alex giggled.

"So sweetheart, what do you want for breakfast?" Walker asked. "I donít know hon why donít we head down and see what we can find. Then we can fix breakfast together." "That sounds like a great idea letís go." Walker said as he flipped back the sheets.

As Walker got out of bed he offered his hand to Alex to help her out of bed. Once out of bed Walker pulled her into a long hot kiss. When they finally broke off the kiss they started to head toward the door, but Alex stopped them as soon as Walker reached for the doorknob.

"Whatís wrong hon?" Walker asked wondering why she stopped them. "Umm, honey, take a look at how weíre dressed." Alex said with a slight laugh. "Oh my god! I can't believe we almost went downstairs totally naked." Walker said as he slapped himself on the forehead. "Can you just imagine if daddy would have seen us!" Alex giggled. "I donít think Iíd ever be able to look at him again." "You! What about me? Son-In-Laws have a hard enough time getting their wifeís father to accept them. If that would have happen. . . I donít want to even think about it." Walker said as he looked for some clothes. "Accept you! Honey, Daddy loves you. He thinks of you as the son he never had. You remember how happy he was when we told him we were getting married; I thought he was going to dance around the room." Alex said as she slipped on a pair of boxer shorts and one of Walker's shirts. "I guess youíre right Alex. Itís just that you're his little girl, and no one is ever good enough for a dadís little girl." Walker said as he threw on his workout pants and a tank top. "Till now hon, he thinks the world of you."

"Well now that we have the clothing thing settled how about we go see what we can find for breakfast." Walker said as he walked up behind Alex and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Letís go. Although I really wouldnít mind you holding me like this a while longer."

Walker's only response to Alexís statement was to kiss her neck and shoulders. He knew how much she loved when he did this, so he made a point to do it every day and now seemed to be the perfect time.

The couple walked downstairs and into the kitchen hand in hand. Upon entering the kitchen they found that Gordon was already awake and was fixing breakfast.

"Pancakes anyone?" Gordon asked as he turned from the stove with spatula in hand. "Wow Gordon, this looks fantastic, but you really didnít have to get up and do this." Walker said. "Thank you son! I'm always up early and I thought to myself since I'm up I might as well do something to keep myself busy, so I raided the refrigerator and found the ingredients for buttermilk pancakes." Gordon said as he flipped a few onto a plate and set them on the table.

"So how did you sleep, Dad?" Alex asked as she sat down on the chair that Walker pulled out for her. "Like a log. Itís so darn peaceful out here. Not an ounce of noise to disturb my sleep like in the city." "I know what you mean Gordon this is like a piece of heaven out here, and now that I have my Angel here with me I guess it really is heaven." Walker said as he leaned down to kiss Alex on the cheek. "Angel? You donít mean Alex's horse do you?" Gordon asked. "No daddy thatís a little pet name Walker gave me a long time ago. Its just a coincidence my horses name is Angel." "A pet name. You two kids sure are cute together." "Well Gordon, she is my angel. She makes me feel like I'm always in heaven." Walker said as he kneeled down next to Alex and looked into her eyes.

Gordon let Walker and Alex have their private moment and turned his attentions back to his pancakes. He began flipping a few out onto a plate. Gordon turned off the stove and brought the plate of pancakes out to the dining room and sat them down in the middle of the table.

"Dig in kids!" He said as he sat down across from Walker and Alex. "Wow Gordon these are really great!" Walker said. "Yeah Dad these are delicious." "Why thank you both. I'm just glad you like them." Gordon said as he took his first bite. "Hey these are pretty good, if I do say so myself."

About halfway through breakfast Alex's morning sickness decided to make its presence known. Alex ran out of the room headed for the bathroom and Walker was right behind her.

When they both came back Gordon was concerned for Alex and asked her if she was all right. She made the excuse of probably getting a touch of the stomach flu that was going around. She didnít want to reveal hers and Walkerís secret yet.

"So what are you two going to be getting yourselves into today?" Gordon asked. "Well I have to go out and take care of the horses and put some extra hay in their stalls and put a few nice warm blankets over their backs. This weather was really unexpected, and theyíre not used to it. Then I have to go out and check some fence line to make sure the snow hasnít done any damage." Walker said. "Well I'm going to help Walker out in the barn putting out the horses hay and blankets. Then I'm going to come in here and do some work on the computer; I have a huge case coming up when we go back to work. There is a certain cocaine dealer that I especially want to put away for good." "Who is it Alex, and why do you want him put away so bad, besides the obvious reasons?" "Itís Carl Linch the biggest slime ball in Dallas, and I want him put away so bad because he shot Jimmy and one of his cohorts slashed my husbands arm." "Oh, good enough reason for me." "And NO ONE messes with Alex Walkerís husband or thereís hell to pay!" Alex said as she gave Walker a loving smile. "Thatís my girl!" Walker and Gordon said simultaneously.

Walker and Gordon laughed at their statement. They began to clear the table and wash the dishes so they could get to their days work.

"What are you going to do today Gordon?" Walker asked. "I donít know son. I might just sit and relax with a good book." "Tell you what, since Alex is gonna be working in our office later, why donít you come out riding with me while I check on the fence lines. Itíll be fun. Iíll show you the layout of the whole ranch. Not to mention we can talk about Alex without her knowing." Walker said in a softer tone. "What was that Cowboy?" Alex said as she snapped a towel at Walkerís butt. "Nothing dear!" "Thatís what I thought." Alex retorted. "So what do you say Gordon?" "I dunno Walker. Iíve never done much riding." "Oh go on daddy; youíll have fun. Just no talking about me!" "Now darling, you know I only have good things to say about you." Walker said as he walked over to Alex and put his hands on her waist. "I know, I just donít want you two conspiring together." "Who us?" Gordon and Walker asked. "Yes you!" Alex said as she leaned up to kiss Walker.

Walker and Alex went upstairs to get dressed to go out and take care of some chores in the barn, while Gordon went to figure out what to wear while he and Walker went out riding.

Walker was getting a sweatshirt out of the closet when he heard Alex call him.

"What is it honey?" Walker said as he walked over to were she was standing next to the full length mirror. "Darling come look!" Alex said excitedly. "Look at what sweetie?" Walker said as he noticed Alex was standing there with nothing on. "Look at my stomach hon."

Walker walked up behind Alex and wrapped his arms around her waist. As he did so, he ran his hand over her tummy. There was a slight raise there. Walker knew what Alex was so excited about now. He placed his head on her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

"Our baby." He whispered softly. "Oh honey, isnít it wonderful. Our child is growing right here inside me!" "I know darling. It just amazes me. Right now there is a little piece of you and a little piece of me growing right here." Walker said as he ran his hand over her little bit of a tummy and kissed her on the cheek. "Looks like we may be doing some clothes shopping sometime soon to accommodate this baby." Alex said excitedly. "Do I get to come in the dressing room with you?" Walker asked hopefully. "As much fun as that could be, I donít think the store owners would approve." "Youíre no fun!" Walker said with a pout. "Letís see how much fun I am when I let you unwrap your special Christmas present tonight." Alex said as she nuzzled Walker.

After they were both dressed Walker and Alex went out to the barn to get the horses stalls fixed up for the snowy weather.

"Alex hon, do you think you should be doing this work with the baby?" Walker said as he looked to see Alex sweeping out a stall. "Honey you were with me at the doctors; she said that I can go along with my regular life. I just have to make sure not to strain myself." Alex said as she walked over to her husband. "I know, but I just donít want anything to happen to you or our baby." Walker said as he put one arm around her waist and on hand on her abdomen. "Our baby." Alex said softly as she put her hand over Walkerís. "I love the sound of those words Alex." "So do I darling, so do I."

Walker and Alex worked together to finish their work in record time. They put the hay out in the stall, put grain in the feed bins, and draped a nice warm blanket over each horse. They stood at the barn door with their arms around each other looking at their work to see if they missed anything.

"Well darling, I think we make a pretty good team." Alex said resting her head on Walkerís shoulder. "Oh contraire my love; I know we make the best team." Walker said as he rubbed her back. "Well that looks like all the work out here is done. Why donít we go inside and relax for a while before your dad and I go out and check on the fences." Walker said. "Alrighty! Itís getting chilly out here anyways." Alex said brightly.

Walker and Alex left the barn and walked back to the house with their arms still wrapped around each other. As they walked back to the house talking and laughing Gordon looked out the window at his family.

"Look at those two. There has never been a more perfect pair on earth." Gordon said as he looked out the window at the happy couple.

Once Walker and Alex got back inside the house they went up to their room so Alex could change into something comfortable to wear while she worked in their office. Walker wasnít going to change since he would be going back out in the cold to check the fence lines.

"Well since the only thing I'm doing today is going over files in the office I'm just going to put on an old shirt of yours and a pair of your boxers." Alex said as she stripped off her clothes. "Sounds good to me." Walker said happily. "Well you're awfully cheery for some reason." Alex said as she finished buttoning the shirt of Walker's that she was wearing. "Itís just turning out to be a great day. Not to mention that fact that a really sexy blonde just totally stripped down in front of me, but thatís just an extra plus to today." "Oh really?" "Yeah! So how about that sexy blonde and I go downstairs and relax on the couch for a while before I have to go back out in the cold?" "Sounds good to me handsome." Alex said as she took Walkerís hand and led him out of their bedroom.

When they got downstairs they found that Gordon had changed into clothes suitable for riding in this weather and was waiting in the living room for Walker.

"Well son I'm ready." Gordon said as he stood up. "Alright Mr. CahÖ I mean Gordon letís go." Walker said. "What time to you two think youíll be done checking the fencing?" Alex asked. "Well you and I put up some pretty sturdy fences not too long ago, so this shouldnít take more than two hours at the most to check it all." "Great I should be done with all of the files by then." Alex stated. "You sure you donít need my help with any of them hon? We can go out a little later if you want me to stick around to go over them with you." Walker asked. "No, as much as Iíd love to have my husband with me, Iíll be fine. The sooner you guys finish the sooner we get to start getting ready for tonight." Alex said happily as she leaned up to place a light kiss on Walker's lips. "Weíll be back a little later hon. I love you." Walker said as he and Gordon walked toward the door. "Love you too. Be careful." Alex said as she waved to her husband. "Now on to these files. What fun!" Alex said to herself sarcastically.

Gordon and Walker walked out to the barn to get the horses saddled up and get equipment the for patching fencing into the saddlebags

"Alright Gordon, Iíll be riding Ranger, and youíll be on Blaze." Walker said as he pointed to Gordonís horse. "Blaze? The name doesnít match the demeanor does it?" Gordon asked nervously. "Not at all. Sheís one of the most docile horses we have. She belongs to Trivette, so you know she has to be gentle. Heís such a big baby sometimes any other horse would probably scare him." Walker told Gordon. "Thanks I'm really not that avid of a rider, so I donít want to be sent flying through the air and into a snow bank by a disgruntled horse." Gordon joked. "No worries, all of Alex's and my horses are as gentle as newborn kittens, but before Alex and I were married I had a horse that only liked Alex and me riding him, everyone else he would have knocked for a loop." "What happened to him?" Gordon inquired. "He died. He had colic. He was a good horse." "What was his name?" "Amigo. I taught him all kinds of tricks. Alex used to sit of the coral fence and weíd do them for her." Walker recalled.

"Well we have everything in the saddlebags; you ready to head out?" Walker asked Gordon as he hopped up onto Rangerís saddle. "Yeah I guess so." Gordon said nervously. "You're really uneasy about this arenít you?" "If you call being terrified uneasy, yeah I guess so." Gordon said as he finally got up onto Blazeís saddle. "Come on Gordon, thereís nothing to worry about. Alex rides her all the time, and would I do anything that would put Alex in danger?" "No. I guess you're right Walker. Letís get going; I want to see what the whole ranch looks like. Alex is constantly raving about how beautiful some of the spots are out here. I guess I'm finally gonna get to see them for myself." Gordon said. "Thatís the spirit! Iíll take you to some of Alex's and my favorite spots."

Gordon and Walker rode along the fences and didnít find any damage due to the snow. Walker took Gordon out to the lake and down to the river. They rode for a good two hours and decided to head back to the house to see how Alex was doing with the files she was working on.

Back at the house Alex looked up from her desk and saw that it was going on two and a half hours that Walker and her dad were gone. She was finished with her files, so she decided to just sit and play a game of Solitaire on her computer while she waited for her husband and father to get back.

Not long after she started to play Walker walked in the front door. Her dad was right behind him. Gordon immediately went to the downstairs bathroom to take a hot shower to help him warm up from the cold. Walker went looking for his wife, and he found her sitting at the computer playing a game.

"Working hard on those cases I see." Walker said as he came up behind her. "Ahh! Walker donít you ever make any noise when you walk?" "Not when I want to sneak up on my wife." "Oh you!" Alex said as she stood up and gave Walker a hug and a kiss. "I just finished all of my work on that case. Linch will never see the light of day for what he did to you." "He stands no chance. He has the best attorney in Texas after him. Heck he has the best attorney anywhere after him." "Thank you dear. How did the ride with daddy go? Where there any fences down that needed fixed?" "The ride went great! I took your dad to the lake and down to the river. There wasnít a single line out of place. I told you we made the perfect team. The fences we put up didnít budge." "Thatís great! Where is dad?" "Oh heís using the downstairs bathroom and taking a shower to help warm up. Itís pretty cold out there." "Hmm, well how about I help you warm up darling." Alex said just as she pulled Walker into a deep kiss. "I feel warmer already." Walker whispered after their kiss broke. "I'm a little chilly myself; I'm gonna take your dadís idea and go upstairs and take a shower." "Alright love, while youíre up there how about I get something together for lunch." "Mmm, sounds great, Iíll be back in a few minutes." Walker said as he kissed Alex again and then headed for the shower upstairs.

While Walker was upstairs taking a shower and her father was downstairs doing the same, Alex went into the kitchen to heat up some vegetable soup and make some sandwiches for their lunch.

The soup was ready, and the sandwiches were made. Alex was brewing some tea to go with their lunch when a pair of arms slipped around her waist.

"Mmm, what smells so good in here?" Walker asked as he bent down to kiss Alex's neck. "Its nothing special, just soup and sandwiches for lunch dear." Alex said thoroughly enjoying the attentions of her loving husband. "I know that hon, but what is that intoxicating scent? Oh its you!" Walker said nuzzling Alex. "Me?" "Yes you! Your hair, your perfume; itís just you! Mmm, you're driving me wild." Walker said as he continued his loving assault on her neck. "You, Cowboy, are amazing." Alex said as she turned in Walker's arms to kiss him.

"Hey you two what do ya got cooking in here?" Gordon said as he came around the corner dressed in casual clothes. "More than you know." Walker whispered in Alex's ear. "Whatís that?" Gordon asked not hearing Walker totally. "Uh he said soup Daddy, yeah thatís what he said." Alex giggled.

Walker, Alex, and Gordon all sat down for lunch. They talked about the ride that Walker and Gordon took. Gordon raved about how much fun he had and how beautiful the ranch is. Alex filled Walker in about the files she was going over while they were gone and how she planned to annihilate Linch in court. After lunch was finished and the dishes were washed and dried, the three of them went into the living room to relax.

"Alex, hon, do you want me to build a fire?" Walker asked. "That would be wonderful." "Alex lunch was great. Just the right thing to help me warm up after Walkerís and my ride earlier." "Glad you liked it dad." "There we go; a nice warm fire to heat the room up a little." Walker said as he came back to Alex's side. " Great now I can finally relax for a little while today." Alex said as she and Walker sat down on the couch.

Gordon sat in the chair that was next to the fire, so he would stay nice and warm. Walker sat on one end of the couch, and Alex laid down and put her head in Walkerís lap. Walker ran his fingers through her hair with his left hand and with his right just simply held hers.

"Now that I have you back here, honey, I can finally take a little nap." Alex said as she cuddled closer to Walker. "Good honey you need your rest. How about after you wake up you and I make our famous holiday cookies for tonight when the others get here. You know how much Trivette loves those things. Not to mention Gage eats his fair share of them." Walker said laughed. "Thatís a great idea sweetie! Last year he almost ate all of them by himself. He probably would have to if Gage wasnít wrestling him for them." Alex said enthusiastically. "Now, get some sleep. Youíve been working yourself to death on this last trial of yours, and now youíre on vacation and still working on a case. You need to get some sleep." "I know darling, but now that you're here with me I can go to sleep." Alex said as she drifted off to dreamland.

Walker sat and held Alex as she slept. He would caress her face and run his fingers through her hair. God he loved this woman! When his hand would touch her face, Alex would instinctively cuddle closer to it.

Gordon sat and watched his family. He was in total awe of how gentle this rough, tough Texas Ranger was whenever it came to Alex. He had seen this man fight four men at once and come out the only one alive, but when he was with Alex he was loving and gentle.

"Walker, Alex said something that struck me as funny." "What was that Gordon?" Walker asked. "She said, ĎNow that you're here with me I can go to sleep.í Has she been having sleeping problems because of her heavy case load?" Gordon asked. "No not at all. Actually the reason she said that is kind of funny." "Funny?" "Yeah well Trivette has a fun time teasing me about it. You see, before Alex and I were married we lived together most of the time. She would either stay here, or I would stay with her in her old apartment. The only time we were away from each other is when one of us was out of town, and the other one couldnít go too. When that happened we spent every available minute on the phone with each other. What I'm trying to say is, Alex and I are extremely attached to each other. We canít fall asleep when the other isnít there." Walker said as he looked down at Alex with so much love in his eyes. "Wow, I knew you two kids were attached, but I never knew that much." Gordon said with an amazed tone of voice. "Yeah Trivette has a great time needling me about it when we go on stakeouts or when we go on undercover missions, and Alex canít come. He says that I'm no fun anymore on them because all I do is talk about Alex and how much I miss her." "You take Alex on undercover missions with you?!" Gordon asked. "Only the less dangerous ones where I need a wife, and who better to play my wife than my actual wife?" Walker said brushing some stray hair out of Alex's eyes as she slept.

Walker and Gordon continued talking quietly while Alex caught up on some much needed sleep. Walker filled Gordon in on more details of what had been happening in their lives since they had been married. As they were talking Walker would glance down at Alex just to make sure she was still sleeping peacefully and their talking hadnít woken her up. She was still off in dreamland, and she must have been dreaming because she had a smile on her face.

"I love you so much." Alex mumbled in her sleep. "She had better be dreaming about me and not some other guy." Walker whispered to Gordon. "Mmm, hi honey." Alex said sleepily as her eyes fluttered open. "Hi sleepyhead. Having a nice dream were we?" "Yeah, I was dreaming about our trip up to Colorado." "You had better have!" Walker said. "What are you talking about?" "You mumbled ĎI love you so much.í in your sleep, and that had better have been meant for me." "Oh honey, you know youíre the only man I love." Alex said as she sat up and kissed Walker. "Gee thanks Alex!" Gordon said from across the room. "I didnít mean it like that daddy. I mean that Cordell Walker is the only man that holds my heart." She said kissing Walker again. "I know hon; I'm just kidding." Gordon chuckled.

"How do you feel after your nap hon?" Walker asked as he stroked back Alex's hair. "Wonderful! How about we go in and get started on our cookies? You know we usually have to make two batches because Jimmy makes a pig of himself." "Yeah you're right and since Gage will be here it could get ugly if we run out of cookies." "What kind of cookies do you make that these guys love so much?" Gordon inquired. "Theyíre chocolate chip spice cookies. Jimmy and Gage go nuts over the things." Alex stated. "You should have seen them last year; they fought over the last one." "Who won?" Gordon asked. "Sydney, she tricked them into letting her hold it while they fought over it. While they fought she ate." Alex giggled.

"Well my darling, are we going to get started with those cookies?" Alex asked. "On one condition." Walker said. "And that condition would be?" "You give me another kiss." "That can be arranged." Alex said as she wrapped her arms around Walker and kissed him passionately. "Time to do some baking!" Walker said breathlessly.

Walker and Alex went into the kitchen to start their baking. Walker heated the oven while Alex got out the utensils that they would need for the cookie dough. When they got all of the ingredients out Alex told Walker to measure out two cups of flour. He ended up getting more on the counter than in the measuring cup and Alex felt the need to inform him.

"Honey isn't the object of this to try and get the flour into the cup?" "Ha Ha Alex, you're so funny!" Walker said sarcastically. "Why donít you take a shot at this?" Walker said holding out the half full measuring cup out to his wife. "Fine, I will." She said taking the cup and filling it without spilling an ounce. "Show off!" Walker said tossing some flour at her. "That was an act of war Cowboy!" Alex said picking up some flour and taking aim at her husband. "You wouldnít." "Wouldnít I?" Alex said heaving the flour at him. "I guess you would." Walker said as he and Alex burst into laughter and began to wage war on the other with flour.

"What in Godís name is going on in there you two? It sounds like a war in here not baking cookies!" Gordon said walking into the kitchen. "IÖ" Gordon started but was interrupted by flour in the face. "Oh Daddy! I'm sorry!!" Alex said.

Gordon just started to laugh to himself as he wiped the flour from his face, and then he turned to walk back to the living room. Alex and Walker could hear him muttering something to himself about ĎCrazy kidsí as he was walking out which caused them to burst into fits of laughter once again.

The two finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the cookies baking. They were washing the dishes together when the buzzer went off for the second batch to come out of the oven. When they were taking the cookies off of the trays and putting them out to cool there was a knock at the door.

"Dad, could you get the door?" "Sure darlin!" Gordon yelled back toward the kitchen. "We took so much time cleaning up from your little flour battle the others are here already." Alex said as she took the final cookie off of the pan. "My battle? You were the one being a show off." Walker said as he took the empty pan and washed it. "Oh be quiet." Alex said stuffing a partially cooled cookie into Walker's mouth. "Mmm these are good!" Walker said with his mouth full; Alex just rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Hey guys! Merry Christmas!" Sydney and Gage said coming into the kitchen. "Merry Christmas guys!" Alex said and Walker mumbled as his mouth still had a partially chewed cookie in it. "Do I smell what I think I smell?" "Yes Gage we made cookies." Alex laughed. "Gage I think you missed your calling; you should be assigned to the drug detection department. You have a nose a bloodhound would be jealous of!" Walker stated. "Hey Alex is my nose fooling me, or do I smell my favorite cookies?" Jimmy yelled from the living room. "Yes Trivette, Alex and I made your cookies!" Walker said back. "Where are they?!?" Trivette said as he instantly appeared in the kitchen. "On the table cooling, we just took them out of the oven. You have to wait a while or youíll burn your mouth." Alex said. "Do we have to?" Gage and Trivette whined. "Yes you have to! I feel like I'm talking to a couple of six year olds here." Alex quipped.

The whole group left the cookies to cool in the kitchen and went into the living room. They all sat down in different spots around the room. Trivette was sitting of one end of the couch with Sydney and Gage on the other end. Gordon was in the same chair he was in earlier, and Alex and Walker were in the other chair on the opposite side of the fireplace. Walker was sitting in the chair with Alex on his lap.

"Could someone answer me a question?" Sydney asked. "Sure Sydney, what is it?" Alex asked. "Well I understand how you two have flour on you, you were baking Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dumber their cookies, but Gordon how did you manage to get flour in your hair?" "That would be Alex's doing. I heard all of this racket coming from the kitchen, so I went in to investigate. When I walked through the door I got ambushed by flour." "She was aiming for me, but I ducked and Gordon got the brunt of it." Walker said. "We got into a little flour battle." Alex said with a giggle. "A flour battle? You two are as bad as a couple of kids." Trivette laughed. "We know." Walker and Alex said together as they tilted their heads to touch foreheads. "Hey guys, its been twenty minutes, your cookies should be cooled by now." Sydney announced.

Gage and Trivette jumped up from where they were sitting and ran to the kitchen. Alex, Walker, Gordon, and Sydney all just sat back and laughed at them.

Gage and Trivette both came back to the living room a few minutes later with two plates piled with cookies and two glasses of milk. As Gage and Trivette dug into their cookies the others looked on in amazement.

"Did you two by any chance save some for the rest of us?" Alex asked. "Of course we did. Thereís still a few in there isn't there Gage?" Trivette mumbled with his mouth full of cookies. "Yeah man thereís a few." Gage said with his mouth equally full. "You two act like youíve never had a cookie before in your lives." Gordon stated. "Well they only make these cookies certain times during the year. We have to get them when we can." Trivette stated then took a drink of milk.

The group sat around in the living room talking for hours. Everyone caught Gordon up on what was happening in their lives, and he told them how everything in New York was going. The group sat and enjoyed each otherís company until Gage noticed that Sydney had drifted off to sleep.

"Hey guys, looks like Syd is a little sleepy, so we should probably be heading home." Gage said. "And since they're my ride, I guess I'm out too." Trivette said as he rousted himself from the couch. "Okay guys, weíll see you in the morning, so we can exchange gifts." Walker said. "Yeah what time should we show up?" Trivette asked. "How about around 10:00am by then we should all be conscious and suitable people to be around." Walker said. "Sounds good to me." Gage said. "Me too." Trivette agreed.

Gage woke up Sydney and the whole group moved over to the door to say their good-byeís. They all agreed on the time to meet at the ranch to exchange gifts. Gage, Sydney, and Trivette all left and got into their car. Walker, Alex, and Gordon turned back into the house and locked the door for the night.

"Kids today has been a long day for me, so I'm going to turn in a little early. Before I turn in though I'm going to clean up the mess Gage and Trivette made with those cookies. They have crumbs all over the coffee table." Gordon said and went into the kitchen to grab a rag to clean up their mess. When Gordon left the room, Walker said to Alex, "Geez, and I thought you were a clean freak. Your dad has you beat by leaps and bounds." Alex's only reply was to playfully smack Walker.

While Walker and Alex were playfully bantering back and forth a knock came to the door.

"Who on earth would that be?" Alex asked. "I dunno. Stay here while I go look." Walker said as he walked over to the window thatís next to the door. "Its Sydney, Gage, and Trivette." "I wonder whatís wrong?"

Walker opened up the door, and the three Rangers ran in the door. They were all covered from head to toe with snow.

"What happened to you three?" Alex asked. "Snow!" They all said in unison. "Well apparently, but what made you guys have to turn around and come back?" Alex said. "The snow is coming down so hard out there, you can see your hand in front of your face. I canít see the road to drive." Gage stated. "Yeah man all the snow weíre covered in is just from us going out to the car and coming back." Trivette said brushing some of the snow off of himself. "I have never seen this much snow in Texas. As a matter of fact Iíve never seen this much snow anywhere!" Sydney stated. "Thatís what Gordon said when he got here." Walker said.

"Hey kids who was knocking of the door at this time of night?" Gordon asked as he came from the kitchen with a rag to clean up Gage and Trivetteís mess. "Its Trivette, Sydney, and Gage Dad. They canít get home in the snow." Alex said.

"It looks like you guys are stranded here for the night." Alex said. "Thereís only one slight problem." Walker said. "Whatís that hon?" Alex asked. "Well your dad is in one of the guestrooms upstairs, and we turned the downstairs guestroom into our office. Looks like Trivette is getting the couch tonight." Walker said trying not to laugh. "You mean I actually get a bed this time?" Gage asked. "Hey you could have had one the last time, but you were the one who had to ski "The Devilís Revenge" and break your leg." Sydney said. "You're never going to let me forget that are you." "Of course not!" Sydney laughed.

"Hey Syd, Iíll go out and get our spare gym clothes out of the car so we donít have to sleep in these clothes." "All right hon, thanks." Sydney said to Gage as he went back out into the cold. "Hey Walker can I borrow a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to sleep in?" "Sure Trivette. Hold on Iíll run up and get them."

Walker ran upstairs and grabbed a shirt and a pair of gym shorts for Trivette to sleep in. While he was up there, Alex went into the kitchen to grab some hot tea that was left from earlier for Sydney, Gage, and Trivette.

When Walker came back down Gage was back with his and Sydneyís clothes, and Alex was handing the three frosty Rangers hot tea to warm them up.

"Thanks Alex. I was beginning to feel like Frosty The Snowman." Trivette said as he gratefully took the hot tea." "Come in and sit down by the fire guys." Walker said. "Trivette, I put your clothes on the table in the hallway." "Thanks Walker." "Here kids give me your coats, and Iíll hang them up in the hallway." Gordon said as he came into the living room.

The Rangers warmed up by the fire for a while and sipped their tea. They continued to chat about the unusual weather outside and what they had planned for the following day.

Alex got up from the group and took the empty glasses into the kitchen to wash them. When she came back she stopped by the window to look outside at the snow. Walker noticed that she had been gone a while and decided to go check on her. He found her staring out the window at the snow.

"What ya looking at gorgeous?" Walker asked as he came up behind her and put his arms around her waist. "I'm just watching it snow. I havenít seen it snow this much since I moved to Texas." "Its really beautiful isn't it." "Yes it is. Itís just the right touch that makes this the best Christmas Iíve ever had." "I'm glad you're happy sweetheart." Walker said softly as he nuzzled Alex's cheek. "I'm happy because of you darling." "Me?" "Yes you! Look at my life darling. Everything good that has ever happened to me has been because of you. I love you darling." Alex said as she turned around and snuggled close in Walker's arms. "I feel exactly the same way sweetie. You're my whole world. I love you so much." Walker said placing a kiss on top of Alex's head.

When Walker and Alex returned to the living room the only ones left were Sydney and Gage. They were sitting on the couch quietly talking and staring into the fire.

"Hey guys where did Gordon and Trivette go?" Walker asked as he and Alex walked back into the room hand in hand. "Gordon went up to go to bed, and Trivette went to change into the clothes you lent him." Gage said. "Weíre heading to bed too. I am so tired." Gage said. "Me too this has been one long week, but at least we have tomorrow off." Sydney said as she and Gage stood to leave the room. "Thanks again for letting us stay the night guys." Gage said to Alex and Walker. "You donít have to thank us; you're two of our best friends." Alex said. "Yeah weíre glad to have you guys." Walker finished. "Goodnight guys." Sydney said as she and Gage went up to their room.

"Well love, everyone is off to bed, and itís just you and me. What should we do about this?" Alex said seductively as she traced her index finger across her husbandís chest. "Hmm, I have a few ideas, and they all involve you naked in our bed." Walker said as he ran his hands up and down her back. "I like your thinking darling." Alex said as she started to pull Walker toward the stairs.

Walker and Alex made sure everything was locked up and taken care of downstairs then headed up to their bedroom. Walker went into the bathroom to turn on the water for a nice hot shower while Alex got out of her clothes.

Alex went into the bathroom and found it filled with steam. She looked around, but she didnít see her husband. She moved over to the sink and saw ĎI love you!í drawn on the mirror in the steam. While she was standing there Walker snuck up behind her and put his arms around her.

"Mmm, I have the most beautiful wife." Walker said as he began kissing Alex's neck.

Alex turned in his arms and kissed him passionately. Walker started to pull Alex back ward to the shower. Before they got to the shower Alex jumped up into Walkerís arms. Walker caught her and held her tight. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he held her bottom with his hands. Walker continued to walk to the shower with his wife wrapped around him.

Walker stepped into the shower and sat Alex down. He began to kiss her neck and her collar-bone. With every kiss Walker worked his way lower down her body. He knelt down in front of her and kissed her stomach, and then he continued lower still. Walker kissed her hot womanhood slowly, letting his tongue reach within her.

Alex was going wild. She grasped Walker's head and pressed him harder against her. Walker obliged with Alex's actions and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against his mouth. He explored her with his tongue, tasting every inch over and over.

Alex's body began to convulse with pleasure as Walker ran his tongue over her. Her world spun out of control, and she cried out his name. As Alex rode the waves of pleasure her husband had created for her, she held onto his shoulders now for balance, for her legs had gone completely weak. As Alex tried to slow her breathing and come back to earth, Walker kept making it more difficult for her to get everything under control.

Walker began kissing her inner thigh and nuzzling her gently with his nose, meanwhile he still had his arms wrapped around her with his hands strategically placed on her backside. He pulled Alex's hips forward and pressed his mouth tight to the patch of dark blonde curls at the juncture of her thighs. He kissed and explored her. Walker drove his tongue long and hard into the recesses of her body as he felt her body begin to shudder as another climax hit her like a ton of bricks.

Alex screamed out Walker's name in pleasure. She braced herself against the back wall of the shower, for Walker was causing her world to spin.

As the climax washed over Alex, Walker stood and drove himself deep within her. The action caused Alex to scream out Walkerís name again. Walker held onto Alex and pumped his hips against her. Driving deeper and deeper each time. With one final drive Walker exploded within Alex. He let a groan and yelled his wifeís name all at the same time.

While still intimately joined together Walker leaned against the back wall of the shower. Both clung to each other as if their lives depended on the contact. They were breathing heavily desperately trying to calm their heart rates.

"My God, Cordell Walker! What were you trying to do kill me? That was amazing!" Alex said breathlessly as she rested her head on Walker's chest. "I jus canít help myself when I'm around you. I have to taste you." Walker said as he slid his hand down to caress Alex's womanhood. "Ahh!" Alex moaned as Walker touched her. "Feel good?" Walker said inserting one finger and then another. "Oh yes! More!" Alex moaned. "How about we continue this in our bedroom?" "Anywhere as long as you keep doing that." Alex said pushing her hips harder against his hand.

Walker led Alex into the bedroom and sat her down on the bed. He looked at her and saw the longing in her eyes that she had for him. Walker moved over to Alex as she held her arms out for him. He leaned down to her, and they wrapped their arms around each other. They kissed and caressed each other long into the night. Their loving was long and slow. Walker and Alex showed each other that night the true depths of their love.

After their lovemaking was through they lay contentedly in each otherís arms. Alex was curled up against Walker with her head on his shoulder, and he had his arms wrapped around her and his head rested against hers. Every so often Walker would place soft kisses on her head.

"Walker?" "Hmm?" "I love you." "And I love you, darling." Walker said as he cuddled Alex closer. "Sweet dreams darling." Walker whispered as he and Alex drifted off to a peaceful nights sleep.

The next morning Gordon was again the first one awaked, so he went downstairs to get breakfast ready for the crew of sleeping people ready. He decided to make scrambled eggs and sausage with toast. He got breakfast ready while the others started to wake up.

Alex was the next one awake. When she woke up she laughed at the position she was in. Somehow during the night she shifted position and ended up sleeping on top of Walker with her head on his chest and his arms wrapped around her.

"Well how the heck did I manage to do this?" Alex softly asked herself. "Oh well might as well make the best of this." She said as she rubbed her cheek against Walker's chest and tightened her hold on him.

Walker woke up when he felt his wife move. He responded to her motions my rubbing his hands up and down her back.

"Mmm, good morning sunshine." Walker said softly. "You know I could really get used to waking up with you on top of me like this." Walker said. "Good morning sweetheart; believe me that would suit me just fine if I could wake up on top of you every morning." "Alex?" "Yeah hon." "Merry Christmas." Walker said softly. "Oh my God! Its Christmas Day! I almost forgot." Alex said excitedly as she rolled next to Walker and sat up. "Well my darling, shall we go find out if you where naughty or nice, and see if Santa brought you anything?" Walker suggested. "Although I already know that you are definitely naughty." "I havenít heard any complaints from you Cowboy." Alex said as she got out of bed. "And you never will!" "Come on, hurry up and put you clothes on, so we can go see if the others are up yet." Alex said as she pulled one of Walker's shirts and a pair of his boxers. "Ya know Alex, I think this is the first time you have ever told me to put my clothes on." Walker said as he pulled on a pair of shorts. "It will probably be the last time too Cowboy! Come on lets get downstairs." Alex said as she grabbed Walker's hand and practically pulled him out the door.

Once they got downstairs they found Gordon busy in the kitchen and Jimmy was still asleep on the couch. Well he was half on and half off of the couch. Alex was laughing pretty hard at Trivette when Sydney and Gage walked into the room.

"What is so funny?" Sydney asked. "Look at Trivette. His back is going to hurt for a month if he slept in that position all night." Alex said. "Ahh, hey guys." Trivette yawned. "Have a nice nights sleep Trivette?" Gage asked. "No! This has to be the most uncomfortable thing on earth to sleep on." Trivette grumbled. "Nah, Trivette I got ya beat with that couch from our cabin up in Colorado and a broken leg." "I still say that thing was pretty comfy when I was asleep on it." Walker added. "Same here I was just fine." Alex said. "That was just because you two are always in a dreamland when you're together. You both could have slept on a bed of nails and would have been perfectly happy as long as you're together." Trivette said. "Yeah I guess you got us there Jimmy." Alex said.

"Great you kids are up! Breakfast is ready. Thereís scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast." Gordon said cheerfully. "Wow Gordon that sounds great!" Gage said. "Are you sure you donít want to fix your ĎEggs a la Gageí again?" Trivette asked. "Funny Trivette. You didnít even try them they're really good." Gage defended. "Sure they are. You just keep believing that." Sydney said.

The group all went in to the kitchen to get their plates and then headed out to sit at the dining room table. Everyone was just about to sit down at the table when Alex ran out of the room headed for the bathroom. Morning sickness strikes again! As soon as Alex left the room Walker was right behind her. He was always so sweet to Alex. He never let her go through it by herself. He was always there holding her hair back and rubbing her back. After Alex was feeling better they came back to the kitchen, and Alex again made the excuse of having the stomach flu.

After the dishes from breakfast were all cleaned up the group all went to change out of the clothes that they slept in. Walker and Alex changed quickly and went out to the barn to take care of the horses.

The chores out in the barn took barely any time with Walker and Alex's teamwork, although they did get sidetracked a few times when one or the other was bending over and there was a nice view of the rear.

They came back into the house and found the group was sitting in the living room with a nice warm fire. They were all waiting for Walker and Alex, so they could start opening their presents.

"Come on guys hurry up." Trivette yelled out to Alex and Walker. "Heís worse than a little kid." Alex said. "Alright, alright already weíre here." Walker said as he and Alex walked into the room and sat down on the couch together. "Alright guys who goes first?" Trivette asked. "Here Trivette we all know youíre dying to open your present, so you might as well go first." Walker said as he handed Trivette the box. "Its from all of us Jimmy." Alex said. "Oh my God! Thank you so much you guys this is great!" Trivette said as he took his new 9mm Tactical Compact pistol out of its case. "I take it you like the pistol Trivette." Sydney said. "Like it guys, guys I love it! I canít wait to go to the range to try it out! Okay now how about Gage and Sydneyís gifts." "Sydney, Gage, your presents are a little big to give you right here, but we can tell you what they are." Alex said. "Big?" Sydney and Gage looked at each other and said. "Yeah, you see a few months ago two of our mares gave birth. We would like you to have the colts." Alex said. "And I bought you both saddles for them when they're full grown." Trivette said. "You're kidding, really!? This is amazing!" Sydney said. "Thank you so much." Gage added. "What are they're names?" Sydney asked. "Well Syd, your horse is named Sundance, and Gage yours is Nitro." Walker said. "Can we go out and see them after all of the presents are opened?" Gage asked. "Of course, they're yours. They're in the stalls right next to Trivetteís horse."

"Do you all go riding together?" Gordon asked. "Sometimes we all head out on the trails or go on picnics." Trivette answered. "Yeah we have so much room in the barn why not share it with our friends. Trivette helps me take care of the horses and buy supplies for them." Walker said. "Weíll show you everything you need know about how to take care of the horses." Alex said to Gage and Sydney.

"Syd, this is my gift to you." Gage said handing Sydney a larger package. "Oh Gage its beautiful!" Sydney said pulling out a leather coat. "This is just like my old one that got ruined. Where on earth did you find one like it?" "It took a little searching, but I found it." Gage said with a smile. "Thank you; I love it!" Sydney said as she threw her arms around Gage. "Here open mine." Sydney said handing him a small box. "Sydney how did you know about this?" Gage asked when he looked into the package and saw an antique pocket watch. "Julie told me that your dad had one just like it. She showed me pictures of it and told me what kind it was. It took a lot of searching, but I finally found a man in Maine that had one." "Syd this is more special to me than youíll ever know. When I was little I used to sit on my dadís lap, and he would show me what time it was on his pocket watch. I loved that watch. Thank you so much." Gage said and hugged Sydney.

"Okay kids its your turn now." Gordon said. "Oh dad I almost forgot to ask you, did you get the Christmas present that we sent you?" Alex asked. "I sure did. That has to be the nicest CD player I've ever seen. Sure does come in handy; my old one kind of keeled over. I guess I used it so much it just died on me." Gordon said. "Weíre glad you like it Gordon." Walker said. "Now I get to give my wife her gifts." "Gifts?" Alex said. "Yes there is more than one. One of them is more practical, and I knew that you needed it, and the second is a special gift." Walker said as he handed Alex her first gift. "Honey, a scanner. You just made my life so much easier. I have needed one of these for the longest time for my files at work. Thank you!" Alex said as she gave Walker a long kiss. "And this is my second gift to you." Walker said as he walked over to the CD player and pushed play. Soft strains of music began to play, and then the surprise came when the singer on the CD turned out to be Walker.

I can hear the neighbors
They're arguin' again
And there hasn't been peace on our street
Since who knows when
I don't mean to listen in
But the shoutin' is so loud
I turn up the radio to drown it out
And silently I say a little prayer

But for the grace of God go I
I must've been born a lucky guy
Heaven only knows how I've been blessed
With the gift of you love
And I look around and all I see
Is your happiness embracing me
Oh Lord I'd be lost
But for the grace of God

I can see that old man
He's walking past our door
And I've been told that he's rich
But he seems so poor
'Cause no one comes to call on him
And his phone it never rings
He wanders through his empty home
Surrounded by his things
And silently I say a little prayer, yes I do

But for the grace of God go I
I must've been born a lucky guy
Heaven only knows how I've been blessed
With the gift of you love
And I look around and all I see
Is your happiness embracing me
Oh Lord I'd be lost
But for the grace of God

I look around and all I see
Is your happiness embracing me
Oh Lord I'd be lost
But for the grace of God
Oh Lord I'd be lost

Oh Lord I'd be lost
But for the grace of God
Oh Lord I'd be lost
But for the grace of God

Walker hit the stop button and looked back to Alex to see that she had tears in her eyes. He went over to her and kneeled down in front of her. Walker wiped away the tears running down her cheeks.

"Merry Christmas sweetheart." Walker said taking both of her hands in his and kissing them. "That was the most amazing gift I could have ever been given. Thank you so much darling." Alex said as she threw her arms around Walker and hugged him for all she was worth.

A long while passed before either one let go of the other. All of the other occupants of the room sat there totally stunned. None of them thought Walker could carry a tune in a bucket let alone have a better voice than most professional singers.

"Walker that was amazing! I never knew you could sing like that." Trivette said. "No one did, because I have only performed for one person in my entire life. The one person in my life who has ever brought out the feelings in me that made me sing. My angel." Walker said and once again Alex was in his arms crying her tears of happiness.

After Alex got her emotions under control the questions started. "How did you do make that CD?" "A good friend of mine owns a recording studio in Austin. I arranged to go down there and record all of your favorite songs with the house band. There are two CDís that we made. There are 38 of your favorite songs." Walker said. "So thatís why you went to Austin so much last month!" Trivette said. "Yes thatís why I was in Austin so much. There where so many songs that I couldnít do them all at the same time, or Iíd lose my voice completely. We did five every day until we got them all finished." Walker told everyone. "Does the CD have a title?" Alex asked. "Yeah it actually does. Its called, ĎA Dream Come Trueí because thatís what you are to me Alex, ĎA Dream Come Trueí" "I love you so much Cowboy." "I love you too honey." Walker said and kissed his wife.

"Now its my turn to give you your gift." Alex said. "I thought you were my gift." Walker said to her. "If you donít stop acting so romantic I'm never going to be able to stop crying." Alex said as she wiped her eyes. "Now for your present. Gage will you bring it in here." "Sure will."

Gage came back into the room carrying a beautiful black leather saddle. Walker's old saddle was on its last leg, so Alex decided it was time for a new one. Alex took Walkerís idea that he used on the saddle he put on Angel, and she inscribed one of the metal plates on the saddle. She wrote on it: My love is yours forever! Love Alex.

"Alex its fantastic! I love it, and I love you! Thank you darling." Walker said as he leaned over to kiss her. "How did you do this without me finding out?" "Very carefully Cowboy, very carefully."

"Alright guys now our gifts to you." Gage said. "We couldnít decide what to get you, so we got you these." Sydney said as she handed Walker and Alex a thin box. "They're something youíll both like, but the other will probably hate." Gage said. "How is that possible?" Walker asked. "Oh believe me Walker it is!" Sydney said.

Alex opened the box and found season tickets to the opera. She was elated. Alex had always loved going to the opera, but Walker hated it.

Underneath the season opera tickets were season home tickets to the Dallas Stars hockey games. Walker loved going to hockey games, but Alex hated hockey.

"Now I understand how this is a gift that weíll both love, but the other will hate." Walker said as he look at Sydney and Gage. "I canít wait to get you to the opera. You know how good you look in a tux. All of the other women there are always jealous of me." Alex said grinning from ear to ear. "Just remember you have to come with me to the hockey games." Walker said in return. "Oh yeah I forgot about that." Alex said as her smile disappeared.

"Now kids this is my gift to you." Gordon said handing a package to Alex and Walker. "Wow dad this is great! A video camera." "Now whenever you guys have some special event happen here you came remember the occasion. Or if you just feel like making a video to send to your dad in New York. Hint, hint." Gordon said.

Walker and Alex were happy about the camera because of the baby. Now they could video tape stages of the pregnancy as well as their child growing up.

"Dad you couldnít have given us a more perfect gift." Alex said as she looked to Walker to show she was going to tell them that she was pregnant. "What do you mean hon?" Gordon asked. "Well you know how I said I had the stomach flu, and thatís why Iíve been getting sick?" "Yeah." Gordon said still not catching on. "Well dad, I'm about two and a half months pregnant!" Alex said and she and Walker broke out into the biggest grins. "Really?!? You mean I'm going to be a grandpa? This is fantastic!" Gordon said as he went over to hug his daughter and son-in-law.

"How long have you guys known?" Trivette asked Walker. "About two weeks." "You mean you have been keeping this from us for two weeks?" "Yep, we just wanted to wait for a special occasion."

"Congratulations you guys!" Gage said. "This is so amazing!" Sydney said and came to hug Walker and Alex.

"Well now its time for my gift to you, and with the news that your going to be parents, I think this is just the right gift." Trivette said handing the couple two boxes. "Jimmy these are beautiful. When did you make these." Alex said as she and Walker pulled photo albums out of the boxes. "Actually those where supposed to be your wedding presents from me and C.D., but since he wasnít here for the wedding I got you something else. The right time never came up for us to give them to you, and since he passed away I think heíd want me to give them to you now. They're your history. We searched back through pictures that we had that go back to the day you two met in that courtroom. That picture was actually a newspaper heading that read, ĎADA and Ranger at each others throats in courtí. There are pictures and headlines that are from every highlight in your relationship, and there are just some pictures in there that were recently taken. We put pictures in there from camping trips, rodeos that Walker was in and Alex was biting her nails over, that time we did a bachelorette auction and Walker outbid everyone to take you out even though you were already a couple. We found pictures of you right after Walker proposed to you. You two were in a lip lock on Alex's hospital bed. I recently added pictures from your wedding and some of the pictures of you two in Paris from your honeymoon. I even put pictures of our trip to Colorado in there. I hope you enjoy them." Trivette said getting emotional because these were gifts he and C.D. made for them.

"Trivette these are great! Thank you. I canít wait to have our son or daughter sitting on my lap as Alex and I show them pictures of how mommy and daddy met." "Thank you so much Jimmy. These are very special gifts, and weíll cherish them always." Alex said as she stood and went to hug Trivette.

The group all sat and looked through the albums and shared stories of their past. Alex got teary eyed every now and then, but the rest of the group did too. They all missed C.D. and thanks to the albums that Trivette had given Alex and Walker it seemed like he was right there sharing the holiday with them.

After they were finished with the pictures Alex and Walker went to change their clothes, so they could go get ready for the Christmas celebration the HOPE Center was holding. Hopefully the snow would have died down some so they could all leave the ranch.

Upstairs in Walker and Alex's bedroom, Alex had finished changing and was staring out their window. Walker had just finished changing his clothes and came up behind her and stood beside her. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

"It looks like weíre in a winter wonderland here doesnít it?" He said softly. "I feel like I'm in a winter wonderland. Today has been wonderful, and it just keeps getting better." Alex said putting her head on Walker's shoulder. "I know. Come on lets go see if we can all get out of here and to the HOPE Center. We donít want to miss a party that weíre supposed to be throwing." Walker said kissing her forehead. "Should we tell everyone else that weíre having a baby, or should we leave them in the dark a while longer?" "I think we should tell them Alex. If we donít they're going to find out anyway. Both of us canít stop smiling." Walker said. "Oh theyíd never know the difference; they all say we havenít stopped smiling since we got married." Alex said as she and Walker walked out of the room still holding on to each other.

"Well guys we can all make it out of here." Gage said. "Weíre heading home to get ready for the party, and then weíll see you at the HOPE Center to set up the party." Sydney said. "Alright weíll see you there." Alex said as she waved goodbye to Sydney, Gage, and Trivette as they got in the car.

"Well what do you say we all head over to the HOPE Center to help Josie set up?" Walker said to Gordon and Alex. "Sounds great!" Gordon said with a smile beaming from ear to ear. "Dad if you donít stop smiling so much you going to get a cramp in you face." Alex laughed. "I just canít help it. My family has made me the happiest man on earth. I'm going to be a grandpa!" "You think you're excited Gordon; I'm gonna be a daddy!" Walker said placing a hand on Alex's stomach.

"Well letís head out boys. Thereís a lot of work to be done at the center." Alex said. "I'm going to head out and put these boxes in the Ram." Gordon said. "Thanks Gordon." Walker said.

Alex turned to get her coat and head out to the Ram when Walker caught her arm and stopped her.

"Wait a second hon." Walker said. "What is it darling?" Alex asked. "Look." Walker said pointing up. "Mistletoe." Alex whispered. "Merry Christmas darling." Walker said softly before he pulled Alex into a passionate kiss.




All of the usual disclaimers apply. Both of the songs used in the story are by Keith Urban. I mean no infringement on copyrights. I just thought that they were gorgeous songs that express how Walker and Alex feel about each other.