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As you can tell from my stories about the Walker children I never age Alex and Cordell. They’ll always look the same to me so I leave it to your imagination for their aging. This is the second in the Saga of the Walker children. This is Chrissy’s story.

Young Love
By Sissy (
& Jennifer G.

The night is quiet, and very warm. But August is always hot in Texas. The heat isn’t what’s keeping Chrissy awake, though. She’s thinking about her birthday coming up in just three days. She hears a hoot owl off in the trees and the chattering of the night creatures that do their hunting after dark but otherwise the night is very quiet. She’s sitting on the swing, in one of her Dad’s t-shirts, in the middle of the night. The silence and the surrounding darkness gives her an eerie feeling of being the only one in the universe. Her parents and brothers had gone to bed a long time ago, and with the house dark, for all practical purposes, she is alone.

I bet this old swing has been used a lot over the years. Mom and Dad probably sat here when they were courting, even after they married and many times more over the years when all of us kids were growing up. Jessie has sat here with Wade, and so have John and Melissa. In all probability so will Jimmy and his girlfriend, Hannah.

And now I’m sitting here, in the dark and …alone. And what’s worse is the fact that I’m going to be seventeen and I haven’t ever been kissed! I thought sixteen was suppose to be the magic year. Well, I waited and waited and here I’m almost seventeen and I’m still waiting. Oh, I’ve been kissed … by my family, but that’s not a real kiss. And Josh’s little hit or miss towards my mouth once a year can’t be construed as a kiss either. ‘A kiss isn’t a kiss until you can feel it clear down to your toes.’ That’s what my best friend Stacey says. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I think I’m pretty, people have told me I am. People have told me I look like Mom … and she’s beautiful. I can’t help it if I don’t like all those frilly doo-dads. I’d rather be in jeans and t-shirt working with my horses then all dressed up going to the fancy clubs in town, playing tennis or what ever it is they do at them places. I don’t care. If a boy doesn’t like me for who I am, then I’m better off without him. Chrissy shuts her eyes, pulls her knees up under the t-shirt, crosses her arms over then and lays her head down. Hmm … I wonder why Josh still comes around once a year, anyway? Ha … my love of the century. He’s either slower than molasses on a winter morning or it’s just a habit. Well, if he comes over to claim a kiss this year, I’m going to put a stop to this … habit of his. He can take it out on someone else. If he wants to continue then he’s going to have to kiss me like … like I’ve seen on TV or the way Dad kisses Mom. Whoa! Nope, can’t do that. That’s a marriage kiss and there is no way I want that. But maybe something in between…

Chrissy finally stands having made her decision and slips silently into the house.

The day of her birthday is warm, and partly cloudy, like a little shower could pop up on a moment’s notice. She had gotten up early that morning to work her horses before the heat of the day made it impractical. It’s close to noon by the time she finishes cooling off and brushing the last horse. She slaps him on the rump sending him into the stall to relax through the heat of the day, when her Dad enters the barn. “Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, sweetheart, are you about done? It’s awfully hot for you to be working like this.” She nods and he helps her curl up the water hose, and after tossing her brushes into the bucket hanging on the wall she turns to him, “Dad, can I ask you a question?“

“Um … sure.” He has heard of Chrissy’s very blunt questions and he’s not sure he’s ready for them.

“What does a man want?” She looks at him with total seriousness in her eyes.

“You mean out of life? Well … ah a good woman to share his life, I suppose … a job where he can feel like he’s giving something back to society….” he begins, moving toward the corral.

“The good woman, what does a man want from a woman?”

Walker begins to panic, he feels his insides coming unhinged, “I’ll get your Mother,” and he turns toward the house as his face starts to turn a light shade of pink.

“Mom’s a woman. I want to hear the man’s side of things,” grabbing at his arm before he can escape. “I want to know from a man what he looks for in a woman.”

She has a tight grip on his arm and outside of tossing her to the ground, he is caught. He turns and places his arms over the top rail, looking away from her, “Ah … patience, that’s always a good thing to have, and common sense helps, yeah, and … ah … a … ah … a companion, someone who’ll stand by his side throughout their life together.”

“Dad, you know I’m not talking about patience, or common sense, or a companion.”

“Chrissy, if you want to talk about … about … well, you’re just going to have to talk to your mother.”

“But, Dad, I know you know what it’s all about or I wouldn’t be here.”

Walker’s face turns white then pink, as he tries to pull away. “Talk to your mother.”

Chrissy stares at her Father, seeing how flustered he is and decides to try a different tactic. “Okay, would you tell me this. Hypothetical question, okay? If there was something you wanted, had wanted it for a long time, what would you do about it?”

“Well, why don’t I have it?”

“Because, before you haven’t made any real effort to get it”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Maybe it didn’t seem that important … till now.”

Glad that the subject has changed, he warms up to her questions now. “We’ll if it was something I wanted real bad, I’d set me a goal, and then I’d make plans on how to get to that goal as soon as possible.” Walker watches his daughter and can almost see the wheels churning behind those deep blue eyes. This youngest of his children. She looks so much like her mother, Chrissy is slender built like her Mom, with blonde hair and blue eyes, but that’s where the similarities end. The girl has a strong tendency toward being a tomboy and very outspoken. If she thinks it, more then likely she will say it. Her blue eyes are glazed over, lost in thought. Then they turn and focus on him again.

“But what if you’re nervous or not quite sure of your skill in this area?”

Walker turns and pulls her into his arms and tells her, “Honey, you’ll never know until you try.” He leans back and lets his eyes link with hers, and softly murmurs, “Chrissy, I’ve got a feeling that you can do what ever you set your mind to.” He turns, and with his arm around her waist they begin walking toward the house.

“Are Jessie and Wade coming by this evening?”

“Yes, you know they wouldn’t miss your birthday. Melissa will be here, too, and I don’t know if Jimmy is bringing Hannah or not.”

“I figure he will. He doesn’t do much without her being there too.”

“What’s the matter Chrissy, don’t you like Hannah?”

“Of course, I like her. (he’s got someone, too, now) Is … Uncle Jimmy gonna be here with his family?”

“The last I heard, why?”

“Just wondering who was … all gonna be here.”

“That’s it as far as I know.”

Josh, doesn’t usually tell ahead of time if he’s coming. Maybe he’ll break his habit and not show today. Maybe he’s found someone else and started a new habit with her. Good … let him, I don’t care … darn him!


Everyone is sitting around the large table in the dining room, Jessie, Wade, John, Melissa, Jimmy, Hannah, and Uncle Jimmy and his family plus Chrissy and her parents. Thirteen people really fill up the room. The cake is brought in and the age-old ditty of Happy Birthday is heard throughout the house, a wonderful blending of the different octaves of voices, tenor, bass, alto, and soprano. With the room filled with lots of laughter Chrissy blows the candles out seconds after closing her eyes and making a wish. Every candle goes out with Jimmy helping with the last one. Gifts are brought out and Chrissy, among a lot of oohs and aahs as each one is unwrapped, turns and gives the giver a sweet kiss and a heartfelt thank you. As the noise of family and friends can be heard around the table, the clinking of a fork against a glass brings a total silence to the room.

At the end of the table Chrissy is standing holding the glass and fork in her hands, “We have another announcement to be brought before the family.” She looks toward Jessie and grins, “The floor is all yours, Sis.” Then she sits down as Jessie stands.

“I … we discussed this with Chrissy earlier because we didn’t want to upstage her party, but she insisted that we do it. So … here goes,” she grabs Wade’s hand and pulls him up to stand beside her. “We wish to officially announce that I … that we are expecting an addition to our family sometime in January.”

There are smiles and congratulations all around and as everyone rises to move toward the happy couple, “Wait … there’s … more.” She waits till everyone sits down, “The doctor told us … we’re having twins!” This time there are stunned looks on all the faces. Except for Alex, her face lights up and tears flow, as she goes to Jessie and wraps her arms around her first born. “Oh, I’m so happy for you Jessie. It missed us and got you.” Another hug, “Is it … will you still keep working?”

“For awhile, then it will be desk duty until I take maternity leave. Which is alright, I don’t mind, It’ll give me a chance to work in the finger print section and there is a class I’ve been wanting to take on investigating, so I won’t be bored.”

Later, as everyone leaves the table and moves into the living room Chrissy and Jessie begin to help their Mom clear the table.

“Huh uh, Chrissy, you’re the star tonight, go sit or whatever, I’ll help Mom.” As Chrissy starts out of the dining room Melissa and Hannah are coming in. “And we’ll help, too. Happy Birthday, Chrissy,” receiving a kiss on each cheek.

Standing in the door way, “Dad, I’m going out to check on Little John’s leg, he hurt his leg this morning, I need to put more liniment on it, to try and keep the swelling down.”

He nods at her and turns back to his conversation with Wade. She looks around the room thinking, Wade has Jessie, John is engaged to Melissa, and Jimmy is going steady with Hannah and me … I have no one, she sighs deeply, then makes her way out to the front door and down off the porch.

Chrissy takes the horse out of the stall, and cross ties him in the aisle. She’s bending over rubbing the healing ointment on the front left foreleg when, “Chrissy?” comes out of nowhere, startling her, and losing her balance, she falls back on her bottom. “For crying out loud, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” she bellows out at him.

Josh moves to her side and reaches down for her hand to help her up. “Sorry.”

“What are you doing here, anyway,” she says not to gently, either, as she brushes the straw and dirt off her jeans.

“Well, it’s your birthday isn’t it? Your Father said you were down here.” He brushes at some straw on the back of her shirt, and she moves away from him. “What are you so upset about? Somebody put a burr under your saddle?”

“No, and I’m not upset.”

“Well, you sure coulda fooled me!”

“It’s awful late for you to be out, isn’t it?”

“I … meant to come earlier but, Bonny, the little roan filly I got last week, smacked her leg up and I had to take care of her first.” He moves toward her, “I’ll just get my kiss and … go.”

“Whoa!” She puts her hand on his chest, holding him back. “There’s going to be some changes made on this birthday kiss thing.”

“Really.” He looks at her with trepidation; not sure he wants to hear this. “What … what kind of changes.”

She steps back and takes a deep breath, “Well, for one, these little hit and miss dabs in the general direction of my mouth are gonna stop.”


“Let me finish before you start putting up objections.”

His hands drop to his sides with a sigh of resignation, “Okay, go on.”

“If you’re going to kiss me, I want a real kiss. I think I’m old enough now to handle it. Then … if we don’t like it … well, either way the phony kisses are a thing of the past. You can go your way and I’ll go mine. But we’ll still be friends, okay? I don’t want this to interfere with our friendship.”

“One question … what if I like it and you don’t or you like it and I don’t?”

“Well … now … I … guess it will be up to the one that doesn’t like it to decide if he wants keep trying.”

Josh takes a step toward her, and softly asks, “Can I kiss you now?” She nods and he puts his hands on her shoulders and brings her into him. She raises her hands to his chest and looks up to meet his eyes. Chrissy comes up on her toes and Josh leans down, their noses get in the way at first then a shifting of heads and lips touch lips, gently, then eyes close, for a long sweet minute.

Breathless, “Well … Josh?”

“I’m not sure, can we … try again?” Giving an almost imperceptible nod she raises her lips to his once more, and she feels his breath whispering gently over her lips and parts them slightly then his mouth opens over hers and she feels him take her bottom lip into his mouth.

At that moment, for the first time, Chrissy feels every bit a woman. When the kiss ends she lays her head against his chest and lowers her feet back to the floor. “Josh?” she says softly.

He cleared his throat, trying to find his voice. “I like it, Chrissy,” he says hoarsely.

“Me, too.”

“Does this mean I don’t have to wait just for your birthday to kiss you?”

“Well, now, how … often … would you want to kiss me?”

“Oh … I don’t know more than once a year, anyway. Maybe … as often as you’ll let me.”

Chrissy looks up into his pale green eyes and murmurs, “That often? Really!”

“Really.” He whispers as she tucks her head under his chin, “Chrissy?”


“Would you … I mean … can we … would you be my girl? That is … if you want to.”

“Your girl … you want me to be … your girl?”

“Yes … I do.”


“Because I … I like you. Why do you think I kept coming back every year.” He tilts her head up and lowers his lips to hers again. A shiver runs through Chrissy, Now this is a kiss … a real kiss. But the kiss is hastily stopped as Chrissy hears her Dad calling her name.

They step apart immediately and thinking quickly Chrissy busies herself with the horse’s leg.

When Walker first steps into the barn, he sees Little John, the horse, and Chrissy in Josh’s arms. He stiffens and opens his mouth to protest what he sees happening before his eyes. She's just a baby, she's not old enough for this, she’s only ... his shoulder’s sag and the air seems to evaporate from his lungs ... she's 17 years old. He steps back out of the barn, takes a deep breath, realizes his baby is stretching her wings. Wiping the lone tear from his eye he calls out, “Chrissy?”

He waits a few minutes then steps inside the barn, “Hi, Josh. How’s Little John, Chrissy, is he alright?”

Chrissy stands up, “Um … yes, he’s fine. Everything … is fine.”

He sees Chrissy’s flushed face and realizes to what his daughter’s hypothetical question was referring to. Somehow she wanted Josh to notice her and was asking him how to make Josh look her way.

“Well, I’ll leave you to put him away, then. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t run into any problems.” He turns to look at the young man that his daughter is interested in, “How’s your folks doing, Josh?”

“They’re fine, sir.”

“I heard how pleased Harley was with the job you did on his filly.”

“That was a sweet little lady, and she’ll make a great cutting horse, she has the feel for it.”

“Well, I know he was pleased with the way she turned out” He turns to leave, “Tell your folks hi for me Josh. Good night.”

“Good night, sir.”

Walker leaves the barn and after several minutes Chrissy turns to Josh, “He knows.”

“No he doesn’t. Does he?”

“Yes, he does, I could see it in his face.” She hurriedly puts Little John in his stall then grabbing Josh’s hand moves toward the door and shuts out the lights. But before moving out of the darkness of the interior of the barn into the moonlight, she stops him with a hand on his arm. “Josh, please … one more time.”

He can just barely make out her face in the darkness, but he can see the brightness in her eyes. He takes her into his arms and presses her soft young body against his hard one and lowers his lips to hers sipping her taste into his mouth. He feels a shiver run through her and pulls back. Taking her hand they walk back up to the house. They arrive to find that John and Jimmy have left to take their respective dates home and Jessie and Wade just leaving.

“Hi kids. Get your horse all taken care of Chrissy?”

“Yeah, Jessie, he’s all right.” She stands on the porch watching as her sister and her husband walk to their car. She suddenly runs after Jessie, stopping and speaking quietly, “Jessie, when’s your next day off?”

“Saturday, why?”

“Well, can I come over and maybe we can have a … visit?”

“Sure, anytime. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” As their car drives away, Chrissy turns and walks back to the porch where Josh is chatting with her parents. She stands at the bottom of the steps and not wanting to interrupt, she studies this man that has given her, her first real kiss. His hair is black as midnight and he has light green eyes. About 6 feet tall, at least, maybe 175 pounds, his body hard, well muscled, probably from working with horses. The one time Chrissy had seen him without a shirt he was as furry as her Dad, and she has been dying to run her fingers through it, ever since.

Hearing a lull in conversation she moves up on the porch. “Did Mom and Dad tell you, they’re going to be grandparents?”

“Yes, they did. I think it’s wonderful, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess. I haven’t been around babies enough to know anything about them.” She hears a giggle from her Mom and as her parents move inside the house, she hears from her Dad, “Don’t stay out to late, Chrissy, you know you have that early trip to Dawson’s.”

“Okay, Dad.”

“Well … I guess … I’d better go.” He takes a step off the porch but Chrissy stops him with a touch of her hand.

“Do you have to leave so soon?”

“Ah … no … I don’t guess so. We could sit and talk a little while if you want.”

She sits down on the swing and Josh sits down beside her. And talk they did, about everything. She hadn’t realized it but Josh has been out of high school for two years, has one year of business school under his belt for farm management and has an option to buy the small farm abutting the Walker ranch. “Josh that’s great. But you do realize that in a couple of years we’ll be competing against each other.”

“I know. Maybe, we could form a partnership. I’ve seen how well you can train a horse.”

“Really, where?”

“At the rodeo last year in Fort Worth, you took first place in almost all the events. Chance left everyone eating his dust.”

Chrissy smiles when she remembers that. Chance had surprised everyone, even her Dad, at how good a cow pony he turned out to be. Her Dad had had qualms about getting him for her seventh birthday but she’d had a good eye for horseflesh even back then, and had convinced him the yearling was worth taking a chance on. Hence the name ‘Chance.’

“How many horses are you working now, Chrissy?”

“Just three right now, Dad’s going with me tomorrow to look at the one Dawson wants me to train.” She turns sideways beside him, drawing one knee up and tucking her foot under her. “I know you have a full stable, is that why you want the Wainwright’s place next door?”

“That’s one of the reason, but I need the extra room if I’m going to stand Sir Luke at stud. He looks real good, got an impressive background and I’ve had a lot of inquiries. Besides, there’s plenty of water and a lot of good pasture there, too.”

With her elbow propped on the back of the swing and her head resting on her hand, listening to his deep baritone she is almost in a trance. Realizing she is staring, she smiles, drops her eyes and says, “We’ll be neighbors.”

His voice drops into a soft murmur, “I know, only about a quarter mile, that way.” His eyes moves from her eyes to feast on her mouth, he slowly leans toward her. Unable to stop himself, he lowers his head to hers, and when her lips part he touches her lightly then when he hears a soft moan, he shifts his lips over hers, deepening the kiss before reluctantly pulling away.

He sits back, and seeing her glazed eyes, he reminds himself, that she’s inexperienced and he isn’t. Ever since that first kiss ten years ago he’s been drawn to her, and the last two years of waiting for her to grow up, had been hard on him. And with the waiting he had lost his virginity to a wonderful lady that had taught him how to please a woman. He may have lost his virginity but his heart belonged to Chrissy and now she wanted him. He would take his time with her, let her grow up. He would make Chrissy his, but only when she was ready. “Chrissy,” he whispers, “I need to go, before your Dad comes out here and tosses me out.”

She giggles, “He might, too, seein’ as I’m the youngest. Don’t be surprised if John and Jimmy take you aside for a long talk, too. I’d tell them to leave you alone, but you look like you can take care of yourself.”

“I can and I can take care of you, too, Chrissy.” He kisses her again then stand and starts down the steps. “No, Chrissy,” when she starts to follow, “stay here, it’s getting late.”

She wraps her arms around his neck and since she’s standing on the step above, she’s eye level with him. “Do I get another kiss before you leave?” He doesn’t answer, just leans forward until his lips touch hers. When her body melts against him he pulls back. Scared of how fast she is getting to him, of him losing control, he pushes her back and holds her until he’s sure her legs are steady, then giving a quick kiss to her nose, he backs down the steps, telling her, “I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”

Chrissy nods, “Okay.” Not real sure if he will or not as the whole evening seems like a dream. She had no idea a kiss would change everything the way it has.

As Josh drives home, he keeps telling himself that she’s only seventeen. Right now she’s enjoying the kisses but that will change and she will want more. He got a feeling that inside that girl is a very hot-blooded woman. He doesn’t want to disillusion her and he doesn’t want to scare her off. He’s got to make sure she doesn’t taste too much, too fast.


The house is quiet and Walker is lying next to the woman he loves, but his mind is still tossing around what he had seen in the barn. His baby girl being kissed by a man! A young man, only two years older than Chrissy, but still, I’m not ready to lose her yet.

Alex nestled in close to his side, feels the tremor run through his body and knows he’s upset about something. She lies still for a few minutes then softly says, “Wanna talk about it?”

That brings a smile to his lips, wondering at the way she always knows when something is bothering him. “You remember when I went down to the barn to see how Chrissy’s Little John was doing?” He feels her nod against his chest. “Well … I saw her and Josh … kissing.”

Alex giggles, “Well, he probably came by to collect his yearly kiss.”

“This kiss was different.”


“No, Alex, he was giving her a real kiss. And I think I’m to blame.”

“Now what makes you say that?”

He tells Alex the questions that Chrissy was asking him earlier in the day and told her the hypothetical one that he feels was just leading up to what happened in the barn.

“Well, what did you tell her?”

“I told her if there was something she really wanted, to set her goal and makes plans to accomplish her goal as soon as possible. I think that goal was to get Josh to kiss her.”

“But he’s already kissed her on her birthday, every year!”

“I know but have you seen any of those kisses? They didn’t amount to anything, more like a kiss he’d give his sister. What I saw in the barn was definitely more than that.”

“Honey, I think you’re over reacting. She’s seventeen, she’s bound to kiss a boy now and then. I’ve got a feeling this will be a big year for Chrissy.”

She doesn’t know how true those words are.


The horses have had their workout, cooled, brushed, feed and watered. Chrissy has had her shower and is on her way to visit with Jessie before 10:00. A much needed visit with Jessie. Ever since her birthday three days ago, she has been feeling … different. And she just has to talk to someone about it. This thing about kissing has her all mixed up.

She finds Jessie in the kitchen baking cookies when she comes in the back door. “Hi Sis. Hmm … is that cookies I smell?”

“Yes, sit down, I’ll get you a glass of milk.” She looks up at her sister, “Or … would you rather have a cup of coffee?”

“No, milk is fine.”

Chrissy moves up beside Jessie and lays her hand on her sister’s belly. “Starting to show already!”

“Yes, with two it won’t take long and I’ll as big as a blimp.” She giggles and gestures for Chrissy to sit down.

As she sits at the table, Jessie moves to the refrigerator to get the milk. Piling several cookies on a small plate she glances at her sister and seeing a difference in her mood, a sparkle in her eyes, she knows that she is in for some more of Chrissy’s blunt questions. She pours two glasses of milk, since coffee, for her, is out of the question for a while.

She sits down across from Chrissy so she can watch her sister’s eyes and face change as she speaks, and change they will, she is sure of it. “Well, sister of mine. What brings you out on this bright morning? And if you’re going to ask questions that burn the ears, you’d better not linger, Wade will be back before you know it.”

“Where is Wade this morning? Tending to a lame horse or a sick cow?” Eager to ask the questions but how to phrase them is the problem.

“Well as a matter of fact, it is a horse he’s looking after, he left early this morning, Shawn Everett’s mare Dark Fire is foaling and he went over just in case she needed help.” Jessie meets her sister’s eyes and sees the questions swirling around, her voice softens, “Come on, Chrissy, what is it?”

“Did you know that up until the night of my birthday I had never been kissed?” She sees the ‘I don’t believe you’ look in Jessie’s eyes, “It’s true. Just family kisses on the cheek and those little sisterly kisses that Josh gives me once a year.”

Jessie waits, knowing there is more, unsure if she is ready to hear more, especially the kind of questions that her sister asks.

“I … made Josh kiss me that night. Oh, he didn’t have to be bribed but I … did the instigating.”

“Chrissy, I don’t believe you. What ever possessed you to do such a thing.”

“Because I wanted to know what it was to kiss a man. It’s that simple. All my friends have been kissing boys for years, probably doing more. And until lately, it didn’t bother me. So … when it bothered me I did something about it. I did what Dad said, I set a goal and made plans to achieve that goal as soon as possible.”

Jessie’s eyes widen and her mouth gapes open, “You,” her voice shrill, she swallows trying to bring her voice back to normal, “you … talked to Dad about kissing Josh?”

“Well, no, not straight out, but I got my point across.”

“You were in the barn with Josh, I take it that’s were you got him to kiss you?”

“Yes.” The word leaves her mouth in a sigh, soft and whispery. “Yes … it was.”

“Chrissy you’re only seventeen, you’ve got lots of time. Don’t go rushing into anything. You’re…”

“I bet at seventeen you and Wade were doing a lot more than kissing!” Chrissy jumps up from the table and storms over to stand by the open back door, looking out towards the barn. “Just because I’m only seventeen doesn’t mean I’m stupid, I know where kissing can lead, Jessie.”

Jessie stands and moves over behind her sister, her arms circling her waist, holding her tight. “I didn’t mean to imply that, Chrissy. I’m sorry. You just took me by surprise, I guess. Come on sit down. I know you want some questions answered so lets get to them before Wade gets back.” She guides her back to the table and both sit down again.

“So what was the big deal about getting Josh to kiss you, anyway?”

“I … I just wanted to know what it was like, that’s all. And Josh was the logical choice.”

“Oh … why?”

“Because he’s a friend. And … I figured he’d come for his yearly kiss.”


“And … what?”

“Did you like it, hate it, was it everything you thought it would be or … was it … silly?”

Chrissy’s eyes glaze over, then blinking her eyes, “It was … okay.” But Jessie just stares at her. “Okay … so it was real nice.” The staring continues, “What do you want me to say, Sis? It was beautiful, okay? It was mind boggling, toe tingling magic.” Chrissy stands then, too excited to sit, and pulls Jessie up and begins dancing around the kitchen with her. “Oh, Jessie it was beautiful.”

Jessie begins laughing and pulls away leaving Chrissy starring out the back door again.

“Jess, tell me what having sex is like. I’ve heard so many different stories of it being pure heaven to it hurts like hell and only men get any enjoyment from it.” She turns around to see Jessie’s mouth gaping open.

“Chrissy you sure know how to get to the heart of the matter real quick, don’t you?”

“Well, I figured you’ve been married three years you would know all there was to know. Do you?”

“Jessie you took health in school, you know how babies get here, right?”

“Of course, I know that. I know the mechanics of sex … making love … or whatever they call it, I want to hear the finer … points.”

Jessie looks at her sister, “Chris you aren’t thinking of going to bed with Josh are you? I mean … aren’t you kinda rushing things.”

“No … I’m not thinking about going to bed with Josh. We’re just getting to know each other for crying out loud. But … who knows, where it may lead. Besides if … and when the time comes and I think I’m ready, I want to be prepared.”

“Oh, God, Chrissy, think long and hard before you do. Sex is just that, lust. Impersonal, frivolous, love doesn’t enter into it. It’s just a way to gratify an itch and that’s all. Making love is when two people love each other and want to express those feelings.” Her voices lowers to soft whisper, “It’s glorious and beautiful.” Jessie grins, and sits back down at the table. “How many of those toe tingling kisses did you get?”

“Hmm … three I think, then Dad came in the barn.”

“Dad … caught you kissing Josh? What did he do?”

“Well … I don’t think he actually saw it but he definitely knew it. You could see it in his face.” Chrissy sits back down, “Jessie why won’t he let me grow up. I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m a woman with a woman’s feelings.”

“Dad has a real tender spot where you’re concerned, Chrissy. You almost never were.”

“What are you talking about? What kind of mumbo-jumbo is that?”

“You don’t know, do you?” Not understanding why she didn’t know, she knew the boys did.

“Know what? Tell me Jessie, what don’t I know. I know I belong to this family, I’m not adopted, I look too much like Mom.”

Jessie sees the panic starting to rise in her sibling, and takes her sisters hands in hers, and tells her the story of their Mom being shot during a gang rumble when she was almost eight months pregnant with Chrissy. How their Dad thought he was going to lose both of them but miraculously they both survive without any bad after effects. “And I think that’s why he is so protective of you.”

“Oh, God, I didn’t know.” Chrissy is quiet for a long time then she turns to meet Jessie’s eyes, “They must have the most profound love of each other, you know, for them to survive everything that they’ve been through.”

“I think so, too. I think it all has made their love stronger.”

“Jessie, thank you. I appreciate these talks that we have. You are the best sister.”

“I’ll always be here for you, Chrissy.”

Young Love Part 2
by Sissy & Jennifer


Josh does call, and they go out on dates, getting to know each other. Sometimes, he helps her with her horses and sometimes she goes over to his spread and helps him. All Chrissy wants is to be with him. Once the goal of getting him to kiss her was reached she finds that she likes his company as well as his kisses. When school starts back up the dating is only on weekends but Chrissy seems to accept the change with little fuss. They talk and laugh and he even takes her dancing a time or two. They thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and at the end of each date he keeps the kisses light, and after each date Chrissy falls more and more under his spell.
The biggest challenge comes on Christmas Eve. Josh takes her out to dinner and dancing, the evening is perfect. He brings her home and standing on the porch, saying goodnight, he nonchalantly slips a small square box into her hand.

“Oh, what’s this. Josh we agreed on no gifts. You promised.”

“I had every intention to keeping that vow until noon today. I went past this jewelry story and this just … jumped … into my pocket.” He watches as she unties the colored string and pulls off the paper.

She lifts the lid and pulls out a delicate necklace that has two hearts nestled side by side. One is engraved ‘Mine’ and the other ‘Yours’. She shrieks as she pulls the necklace out of the box then turns as he offers to fasten it around her neck. “Oh, Josh, it’s so beautiful!” She goes up on tiptoes, circles his neck with her arms then feels herself hoisted up until her face is eye level with his. He covers her mouth with his and without thinking slips his tongue between her lips. At the first hot touch of his tongue she trembles and makes a sound deep in her throat. Her arms tighten and her lips open further as she tries to blend her mouth completely with his. When she moves her tongue over his, he tears his mouth away and lets her slide down his hard body.

“What … what’s wrong Josh?”

His breath catches and he looks down at her, his green eyes dark with arousal. He rubs his hand down her back, and murmurs softly, “Nothing, sweetheart … it’s just … it’s getting late, you should get to bed.” Josh tightens his arms and kisses her softly. “I’ll … see you tomorrow, baby. Goodnight.”

She watches him get in his car and drive away. Not sure how to take his rapid departure. She has no doubt that Josh wants her. She may be inexperienced but she’s not ignorant. She knows exactly what causes the changes that come over him when he holds her, kisses her gently, hugs her and kisses her again and again at the end of each evening before he leaves her to go home.

And at the end of each date Chrissy wants more.

Josh knows that on Christmas Eve they’d had a close call. He knows he is in love with Chrissy but he’s not sure if she is in love with him. He can see the desire growing in her and he’d have to be careful to keep things from exploding. As the weather warms they spend their evenings on the porch in the swing, talking about the future and making plans for the coming summer.


The sun isn’t up yet when Chrissy goes into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. While waiting for it to finish perking, she leans over and looks out the window while running her fingers through her still wet hair. The shrill ring of the phone in the quiet of the morning startles Chrissy, knowing that phone calls this early usually means bad new. She mumbles a soft “Darn,” and reaches for the phone quickly so as not to wake her parents.


“Wade, hi, you’re up early aren’t you?”

“WHAT? Is everything all right? How’s Jessie? Is she … yes … yes, I’ll tell them right away. We’ll be there as soon as possible.” She hangs up the phone and rushes up stairs. She knocks on her parent’s bedroom door then pushes it open. “Mom … Dad … its Jessie … she’s at the hospital.”

They both sit up immediately, Alex reaches for her robe and Walker grabs the jogging pants off the foot of the bed. We’ll be ready to leave in 20 minutes.” Chrissy backs out of the room, and seeing her brothers standing in the hall, she tells them the news, too. She grabs her coat and heads downstairs, and without thinking calls Josh and tells him the news.

The waiting room is full of Walkers when Josh walks in the room. He immediately goes to Chrissy and slides an arm around her waist. “How is she, heard anything yet? She’s early isn’t she?”

“Yes, about a month. She’ll be alright, she’s strong.” Just then Wade comes rushing into the waiting room. He announces that Jessie is fine, the babies are a little on the small side but healthy.”

John rushes up and shakes his hand, “Well, tell us Wade, what did you get?”

Wade is highly excited and slightly flustered, “Oh … ah … a boy and a girl. Come on, I’ll take you to see them.” He leads the way down to the viewing room and points through the glass, “There … there they are.” He gestures to the two incubators, one has a baby dressed in pink, and one in blue. “That’s Amy Alexandra and he’s Nathan Cordell.”

Alex is beaming as she walks up to Wade and puts her arms around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him on the cheek. “That’s so sweet, Wade, I can’t wait to hold them.”

Standing off by themselves, Josh poses a question to Chrissy, “Ah … twins … run in your family?

“Hmmm…” she smiles up at him, “does that bother you?”

“Come on, they said we could go see Jessie, now.”

Josh, thankful for the interruption, thinks he would love for her to have his babies, twins or singles, he didn’t care.


One week before Chrissy’s graduation, Josh is invited over on a Sunday, for the first barbecue of the spring. When Josh arrives he sees the whole Walker clan gathered on the front porch. When Chrissy sees him she runs out to greet him then giving him a quick kiss on his cheek, she takes his hand and walks back with him to the porch. Later that evening when the appetites are sated, and they adjourn to the porch, conversation turns to Chrissy’s graduation and what her plans are for the summer.

She looks at Josh for a long minute, then letting her eyes go to her Dad and Mom, “Well, I’ve decided against college, per se, I’m just going to take a course on business and farm management because with what I want to do that’s all I’ll need.”

John, having already got his life on the right track asks, “And what do you want to do, Chris?”

“I’ve already talked it over with Mom and Dad; what I want to do is train horses, which I’m already doing, but I want to set up a breeding program for quarter horses as well. I’ve got a colt in the barn right now that who, without any unforeseen problems, will be a top stud when he reaches his prime. And to make this a legitimate business, I’ll continue to rent the barn and the pasture at the going rate.”

“Continue? You mean you’re renting them now.” This from Jessie and she looks to her Dad for confirmation.

Walker smiles, “Chrissy has been renting space since she started training horses, almost two years ago.”

John looks from her Dad to Chrissy, “Do you have any left over after all the expenses Chrissy?”

Chrissy smiles like a cat that caught the canary, “Well, I haven’t done to bad. I bought and paid for my car, my clothes and any fancy do-dads I want. And I have a savings account, small but it’ll grow.”

Jessie looks at her baby sister in awe, “You … you bought your own car? I thought Dad and Mom bought it for you. Well … I’ll be d….”


“Sorry, Mom.”

Jimmy who has been sitting quietly finally speaks up, “I’d say Chrissy has done all right, seems to have a very level head on her shoulders.” Comments on agreement and looks of admiration come from everyone on the porch.


One evening not long after her graduation, Chrissy takes a stroll down to watch the newborns frolicking in the pasture. She stands at the fence, one foot on the bottom rail and her arms over the top one, feeling a little lost because Josh is in her thoughts but not there in person. He is out of town at a horse auction.

She is lost in thought, trying to sort out her feeling for this man, this man who has given her, her first kiss, as a boy then again as a man. And she has the feeling that she’s done gone and fell in love with him. I’m seventeen, well almost eighteen, and I think I’m in love. She smiles as two of the foals begin racing across the grassy field. Am I ready for love and marriage and the baby carriage? Maybe not the baby carriage yet, but I know I want to be with him, and it’s getting harder and harder to let him go at night. Does he love me? I know he wants me, but is that love? He has never said how he feels about me. When I’m trying to get to sleep at night, I think about him touching me, kissing me all over, loving me, and I get this funny feeling deep inside me. She lowers her hand to press it against her jeans over the part of her that feels the fire. Oh, God, Josh, I do love you, I want you, I want to be your wife. She feels a hand on her shoulder and jumps, her head snaps around and her Mom’s face comes into focus.

Alex watches as Chrissy makes her way down to the corral, leaning over the fence watching the youngsters enjoying the coolness of the evening. She had noticed the almost sad look on her face when she went out the front door. I’ve got a feeling it won’t be long before she makes the biggest decision of her life. Maybe this would be a good time for a little talk. When she walks up behind Chrissy she can tell that her daughter is in deep thought. And as she watches Chrissy’s hand drift down over her stomach, she knows that her youngest child is feeling the pangs of love.


“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean to startle you.” She lifts her hand and brushes away a tear that is clinging to Chrissy’s eyelash. “Doing some heavy thinking?”

Chrissy’s eyes look out over the field, “Extremely heavy.”

“It’s a big decision isn’t it?”

“The biggest.” Then Chrissy’s head snaps around wondering how her Mom can read her mind.

“I’ve seen all the signs, honey. And I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew when you fell it would be hard.”

Chrissy turns then and wraps her arms around her mother, holding her close. “Oh, Mom, I think I’m in love with him. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, so it must be love. I get this knot in my stomach whenever he kisses me. And when I think about him I just get warm all over.”

“Is he in love with you?”

“I think so, Mom. I know he wants me, the way his body changes, although he hasn’t said anything yet.” She lifts her head from her Mom’s shoulder and looks her straight in the eye. “If he asks me Mom, I’m gonna say yes.” And Alex knew exactly what she was referring to and it wasn’t a proposal.

For a moment Alex wonders if she should say what she is about to say. Is she ready to have that talk with Chrissy? Is Chrissy ready? Then it comes to her, ‘she's so much more mature than many young women her age ... knows what she wants and goes for it ... yes, she's definitely ready ... oh my baby!'

“You’re so young, Chrissy, be careful. There’s several … ways … to be sure…”

“I know, Mom … I’ve already made a doctor’s appointment. I … I’m not planning on … sleeping with him, but if he … I don’t think I could push him away.” She lets out a nervous giggle, “It may never happen, whenever we get close he runs like a rabbit.”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to push you.”

“Maybe.” Then turning around she follows her mother back to the house, she mutters softly, “but if he doesn’t start pushing soon, I will.”


“Chrissy, maybe you should come with me. If that storm hits while I’m gone, you’d be out here all by yourself.”

“I’m a big girl, Jimmy. Besides Lady is going into labor, I don’t want to leave her alone.”

“Well, I don’t like leaving you alone? I wish John was here, then one of us could stay.”

“Well, John isn’t here, you have to pick him up, too. I’ll be all right. If the storm comes in … well, I’ve been through storms before. I just hope their plane can land.”

With the wind blowing like gales from hell, the thunder and lightning doing a fierce battle in the dark ominous sky where the clouds are rolling and tumbling like frolicking puppies, he shouldn’t have been able to hear anything, but he is sure that he heard Chrissy screaming. She wouldn’t be out on a night like this, would she? He steps inside the barn and picks up the high powered flashlight, and takes off on the path at the side of the barn that has been beaten bare by the many visits between the Gallagher and Walker Ranch. This little undeveloped strip of land that lies between the two properties is jungle like in its wildness with gnarly trees with vines dangling and bushes so thick you almost have to cut your way through. Chrissy had started this path right after he had attained title to the land and in the center they had forged out a small grassy area where they talk and wile away the hours dreaming.

Maybe she’s hurt or in trouble, with the electricity and phone service out, she couldn’t call for help. But surely her family would be there to help her. A short lull in the raging storm stops him in his tracks. There! He heard it again, she’s screaming his name. ‘Oh, God, in heaven, let me get to her in time.’ The lull is short and winds pick up even harder than before. He’s thankful it’s summer or the rain would be freezing, as it is it will still chill a body pretty fast.

Finally breaking through to the Walker ranch, he sees a dim light in the barn but the house is dark. Must be a lantern, he thinks as he pushes against the wind, making his way across the yard. He didn’t see any other vehicle except Chrissy’s and the Ram.

When he pushes his way through the door, he hears Chrissy’s heart wrenching sobs. Moving down the aisle of the barn to where the lantern is hanging, he sees her down on her knees next to the head of a mare, trying to soothe her as she labors mightily to bring her baby into the world.

“Chrissy,” he whispers. She hears him and jumps to her feet, pulling him against her with a grip of steel.

“Oh, thank God! Josh, you have to help her, I’ve done everything I know how but it isn’t enough. The baby needs to be turned but I’m not strong enough.”

“Let me look.” He pulls away from her and squats down at the rear of the mare. “Hold her head, Chris, keep talking to her.”

With Chrissy’s soothing words and gentle hands keeping the mare calm, he finally gets the baby turned and then the labor begins in earnest and soon there is a new addition to Chrissy’s stable.
A sweet little filly the color of sunshine, finally gets to her feet and immediately begins hunting for the dinner table. Chrissy moves to Josh’s side as he wipes his hands on a gunnysack. “Josh… how did you know I needed you?”

“I heard you, you did scream for me didn’t you?”

She looks at him funny, “No, I cried out your name to help me, but I didn’t scream. It would have scared Lady if I had, so I just cried and prayed. But for whatever reason I’m grateful you came.”

His mind is dazed by thoughts that are running through his head He would have sworn that he heard Chrissy calling for him. Must have been one of those little sprites of Ireland that his grandmother was always telling him about. He looks at Chrissy watching the actions of the tiny horse and pulls her back to sit beside him on a bale of straw. “Well, Chris, have you thought of a name for this pretty lady?”

She stares at the little foal nursing at her mother’s teat, looks back at Josh and says, “Well, her sire’s name is Country Squire and her mother’s name is Lady so I was thinking of Country Lady. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a fine name.” He slides his arm around her shoulders, “Where are you’re folks, Chrissy. Why did they leave you here alone, with a storm coming in?”

“I imagine they got hung up in Dallas. Jimmy went to pick up John then Mom and Dad at the airport, but with this storm it probably got delayed. Before the radio went out, they were telling about trees down, and power lines across the roads so … they probably couldn’t get home.”

“Chrissy will you be all right here alone?”

“You … you can’t stay?”

“No … I’ve got to get back, I’ve … I’ve got a mare foaling too, you know how they always pick the worst night, well … this is it.”

Chrissy jumps up, “I’ll go with you.”

“No … I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“What … what if you parents come home and find you gone, they’ll be worried.”

“I’ll leave them a note telling where I am.”

He turns and looks at the light of love sparkling in her eyes, and he knows he’s in trouble. He groans softly and pulls her into his arms. “Chris, if I take you home with me, I’m not going to want to let you go.”

Her voice comes out in a breathless murmur, “Then don’t”

“Oh, baby, we’ve done so well, and your birthday is just a month away, please honey, lets try to hold on just a little longer.”

“What difference will a month make? I’ll be the same then as I am now.”

“But you’ll be your own person, then, and I … I can ask you to marry me.”

She pulls back and looks into his eyes. Her voice a whisper, “Josh…”

“Chrissy will … will you marry me?”

“Oh, yes … yes. I love you with all my heart”

Hearing the magic words fills her heart overflowing with love for him but did nothing to stop the heat pounding through her body. “Josh, I want you now, I have this burning deep down inside me that just won’t go away and it’s getting worse every day.” She pulls his head down, and breathes softly against his lips, "help me, Josh, please help me.”

He pulls her arms from around his neck and takes a step back, “Chrissy, please, … I don’t want to hurt you and … I’m afraid I will, I’m not…” his voice breaking, “I’m not a virgin, Chris, I know what can happen between us, you don’t…”

“Then teach me, Josh, show me. I … may not know what to expect or what to do but I know what I feel for you is real. I love you, Josh.”

He sees the love in her eyes and the pleading in her voice and he knows if he doesn’t leave, he’ll take her and then he’ll hate himself. He shoves away from her and runs out the door, out into the rain, heading for the path. Running blindly, he stumbles and falls. When he gets up he looks back and in a flash of lightening, he sees that she isn’t following him. He turns and slowly continues down the path to his house, the rain covering the anguish on his face. He should have explained it better. It wasn’t right to leave her like that. When he comes to their grassy haven, he falls to his knees, screaming out his frustrations, venting his emotions to the wind and rain. Then he turns his face up to the sky. “Please God, I love her so much and I … I don’t want to hurt her.”

Suddenly he feels hands on his shoulders pulling him to his feet, and hears a soft silky voice in his ear. “You won’t hurt me. You could never hurt me Josh.”

He buries his head in her rain soaked hair, pulling her into his arms while warm rain falls over them. “Oh, Chris, do you know what your doing to me?”

Chrissy giggles, “I’ve got two brothers, Josh, I’m not completely dumb to the workings of the male species.” She lowers her hand to cup the bulge pressing against his pants. His body flinches at her touch than his hips push forward into her hand. She chokes on the last of the giggles and murmurs softly, “It’s been hard on you too, hasn’t it.”

He frames her face between his hands and takes a deep look into her eyes. Then he brings his mouth down hard over hers, moving over her lips as the hunger for her begins to consume him. His tongue spears into the warm darkness of her mouth searching, touching with such intimacy that she begins to tremble and feels him trembling, too.

Taking his mouth from hers he kisses away the rain dripping from her nose, her eyes, then pulls her tight against his chest. He feels her body trembling as hard as his is, and knows he needs to pace himself, doesn’t want her first time to be a quick roll in the grass. “Chrissy do you trust me, really trust me.”

Her heart is beating so hard it feels like it could jump right out of her chest. Barely able to think, she nods and breathes out the words, “Yes, with my life.”

The love between them is sizzling and he needs to slow it down for her sake. He lowers her to the soft grass soggy with rain and begins to kiss her again, with slow teasing caresses. Then little by little he takes the kisses deeper, at the same time his fingers begin to undo the buttons on her shirt. Parting the soaked fabric, he slips his hand inside pushing her bra up around her neck, then as his fingers brush lightly over the swollen nipples, he groans into her mouth. He pulls back to inhale deeply then covers her mouth again before slowly kissing his way down her throat.

When his hands touch her breasts, she feels tiny bolts of fire sizzling through her. Her body is going crazy, she feels like she’s on fire, and his mouth is burning a path down her neck, her legs won’t lie still, and her body arches up trying to find a release from the hunger that is gnawing at her insides. When his mouth closes over her nipple, she cries out, as intense pleasure shoots straight to her femininity. She arches up and he draws her deeper into his mouth, his hand kneading and loving the other soft globe of flesh at the same time. She moans, “Josh, please … help me … help me.”

“Soon baby, soon.” He croons softly as he moves to the other breast, pulling the neglected nipple into his mouth. As he loves her tender flesh, his fingers quickly release the button on her jeans, then as her hips lift he slides then down her legs. Moving back up her body, he finds her mouth and as the warm rain bathes their bodies, his tongue moves lovingly over hers. Letting his hand move lightly down over her stomach, he slips it under the band of her panties, cupping around the soft mound of curls. She presses her hips up against his hand, then as his fingers move between her legs she stiffens and clamps her thighs together. He stills his fingers, waiting, and she slowly relaxes her legs.

When his fingers part the soft flesh she cries out, the sensation that ripples through her surprising her. But somehow she knows she doesn’t want him to stop. And when his hand begins to withdraw, she moans, “Noooo,” but then she feels her panties being whisked down and his hand returns. Her mouth twists under his, her emotions running the gauntlet between pain and pleasure. She sinks her fingers into his hair, gripping his head, pressing his mouth harder against hers. When his finger slips inside her, she screams into his mouth, her body arching up violently and then stiffens as sensations of pleasure run wildly through her body.

He withdraws his finger, lays his hand possessively over her then pulls her into his arms as her first climax runs rampant through her body. As her arms begin to relax around him, he brushes the rain from her face and kisses her softly.

“Josh,” she murmurs when she finds the strength, “that was … but you didn’t … why?”

“Because now I’m going to take you to the house and make love to you the proper way. In bed.” She smiles then and brings his mouth down to hers, feeling his love flowing into her.

He helps her to sit up, and watches as she tries to straighten the bra that’s up around her neck. Being wet, it’s hard to get back where it belongs. She finally accomplishes the task and pulls her shirt together and tries to poke the slippery little buttons back into the tiny holes. Josh attempts to help but his fingers keep brushing against her breasts, sending little spears of fire through her body.

“Josh…” she whispers, their eyes meet, and she sees his desire glaring back at her.

He drops his hands, murmuring, “You’d better finish … or we’ll never get back to the house.”

She finally gets one or two buttoned, then takes his hand to pull herself up to her feet. She grabs her jeans trying to work them up her rain-slicked skin. Josh watches as she wriggles and gyrates her hips as she yanks on them.

He laughs and says, “You could just … kick them off.”

She looks at him with a devilish glint in her eye, a breathless whisper, “I will … if you will.” She reaches over and starts to undo his belt buckle. With his eyes locked to hers, he reaches down as her warm wet hand lowers his zipper, but he doesn’t try to stop her. She goes up on her toes and whispers his name then licking the raindrops off his chin and the line of his jaw, she slips her hand inside his pants. When her fingers closes around the hard ridge of him, he clamps his hand around her wrist, stopping her teasing.

“Chrissy,” he groans, pulling her hand away, then hanging on to it he begins to run down the path to his house.

Inside the back door she steps out of her shoes, and he pulls off his boots then scoops her up into his arms, carrying her up the stairs to his bedroom, glad that he had stripped the bed and put on clean sheets.

Josh catches her mouth with fierce hunger as he walks into the bedroom. He releases her legs as he stops by the bed, water dripping from their bodies forming a huge puddle around their feet. His need for her brings Chrissy’s hunger for him closer to exploding. She cries softly and begins moving her body sinuously against Josh, slowly stroking his body with her own, making the sweet fire in both of them blaze higher. Josh’s fingers raked down the backs of her thigh, parting them as he lifts her, pressing her against the hard ridge of his erection. His hips move once, hard, as though he is plunging into her and then he moves more slowly against her, shaking, hearing her shattered breaths, feeling her tremble as she tries to get even closer to him.

When Josh realizes she wants him as much as he wants her, he feels more in control. He whispers her name and words of love between deep, hard kisses, wanting all of her, wanting to be sheathed within her satin body, until she is burning out of control with a heavenly release.
Reluctantly Josh lets her slide down his body until she is standing on the floor. When she sways against him barely able to stand, she clings to him for support not understanding why he let her go.

“Josh?” barely at a whisper. “Don’t you want—“

Her question ends in a husky cry when Josh’s hands moves over Chrissy’s rain-slicked shirt, caressing the nipples that have hardened into hard nubs beneath the wet clinging fabric.

“Oh, yes, I want,” his voice deep and rough. “I want you so bad I’m almost crazy,” he says, shuddering as he fights to control the passion burning deep within him.

Slowly he lifts Chrissy, bringing her breast level with his mouth, with gentle care he bites the tip on first one breast then the other, before returning to the first and drawing it deep into his mouth. Wave after wave of sensation begins to flow through her, until she feels as if her whole body is melting from the fire that is burning through her.

Hearing Chrissy’s soft moan, it has to be the sweetest sound he’s ever heard. His fingers caress the other breast bringing more soft cries from Chrissy’s lips. He lowers her to the floor again, and begins to release the few buttons that are still holding her shirt together. Slowly he spread his fingers wide and peels the sodden shirt away from her body, and finding the clasp of her bra, releases it and lets them both fall to the floor. He has never seen anything so beautiful. He brings his trembling hands up to take the warm weight of her in his palms. With a soft murmur, “so beautiful…” he lowers his head and licks the moisture from her naked breast.

Chrissy sees Josh’s lips part, sees the flash of his teeth, then feels the piercing sweetness of his mouth on her. Wave after wave of pleasure washes through her, making her sway, instinctively she braces herself against Josh’s strong hard body, holding his head to her breast savoring the sweet pleasure.

Josh’s hands caress Chrissy’s back, her hips, her thighs, before stripping away the rest of her clothes. She opens her mouth to say something, but her breath and her thoughts, scatter as one of Josh’s hands slide up between her legs until he can go no higher.

“Open for me, baby,” he whispers softly as he bites gently at Chrissy’s breasts, caressing her with his tongue, his touches, warm and gentle.

With a soft cry she kicks the clothes away that had pooled at her feet. She stands trembling, open to the man in front of her, open to the man she loves. Gently, Josh’s fingertips comb though the thick triangle of dark blonde hair, parting the soft folds, his fingers seeking the sweetness hidden within. She moans what might have been his name, but the word is lost as Josh slowly penetrates the hot secrets of her body, already moist for him. When he can go no deeper he withdraws, leaving her empty and wanting.

“Josh,” she whispers, “Josh, I…”

Chrissy’s words become a low moan as his finger enters her again. She shivers at each movement of his hand, each tender penetration and slow withdrawal. Tension, gathers within her, until it bursts sweetly, surprising her as it drenches her in pleasure. Her legs begin to quiver and she leans against him, bracing herself on his shoulders. She kisses the wetness from his lips as he moves his finger into her body once more, caressing her, savoring her softness, absorbing her intimate shivers as her body changes in anticipation of the sharing that is to come.

Chrissy clings to Josh as warmth washes through her to him. He wants her so bad he is in agony not to take her. He wants to tear off his clothes and sheath himself inside her with a single hot thrust but despite his soft penetration she is still so tight to his touch he’s afraid she isn’t ready to accept him.

And he wants to be certain of her pleasure. He wants to hear cries of ecstasy from her, not pain. Josh’s hand moves until he finds the small nub hidden in Chrissy’s softness. Her eyes close and her head tilts back helplessly as pleasure splinters through her in shivering waves of heat. Her fingers dig into his shoulders, her body arches toward him telling him of her need for him to take her, now.

He continues caressing her with his fingers until she cries out with the pleasure that is suddenly released. He swallows her cries and holds her as the climax takes away her ability to stand. He kisses her softly, repeatedly until her body relaxes. She sighs at the pleasant taste of him and slowly her hands begin exploring his broad shoulders, and the strong arms that had held her when her body was being consumed by fire.

She brings her hands up on either side of Josh’s face, her lips brushing over his mouth again and again, whispering, “You’re so … mine.” Then the moist tip of Chrissy’s tongue traces the outline of his lips before dipping hotly into his mouth and withdrawing before he can react. Her teeth close lovingly on his lower lip, holding it while she caresses it with her tongue. He groans her name and tightens his arms around her as he kisses her with a desperate need, consuming her with deep, hot strokes of his tongue feeling her instant response. Her fingers pull at the buttons on his shirt till it pulls apart then her fingers tangle hungrily in the thick mat of hair on his chest feeling as if she can’t touch him enough.

Josh’s breath catches in his throat, as she slowly and tenderly devours him. The feel of Chrissy’s lips and hot tongue nuzzling down his neck, her teeth nipping, her breath caressing him in soft bursts of heat. Her open enjoyment of his body has set Josh on fire. When her tongue finds the tight small nipple beneath his chest hair, he shudders and sucks for air as his body reacts to the currents of pleasure and hunger coursing through his body.

“Chrissy,” his voice hoarse, his body trembling as her hands continue to cruise over his bare torso moving down, down, until she touches his pants, Chrissy’s fingers hesitate, then dip down inside the waistband.

Josh sucks in a harsh breath of air, as she pulls down the zipper. Her right hand slides inside his pants, finding him quickly, rubbing her palm over his rigid flesh, loving the knowledge that she was the one who has made him so swollen and hard.

Chrissy moans along with him as she caresses him until finally he catches her hand, trying to stop her. But he couldn’t bring himself to remove her hand from his throbbing erection. He moves his hip once to let her feel his full length, then as her fingernails rake over his still covered flesh, he hoarsely cries out, “Chrissy stop … please stop,” but he continues to move his hips under her hand. “Please, baby … stop.”

“I can’t,” she cries with her voice trembling, “I want … I want to touch you.”

Chrissy’s hand eases out of his pants and slides into his briefs and the instant she touches him, Josh stiffens and shudders as if a bolt of lightning is coursing hotly through him. Unable to stop, his hips slowly press up against her hand.

“Chrissy,” Josh whispers, holding her hand tightly against him, trying not to move but the urge is so strong. “Please, I need you so much I can’t…” His words become a groan as her fingers curl around him, holding him captive, learning of him the same way he had learned of her, by touching.

Chrissy finally murmurs, “Then take me Josh. If you want me, take me, now.” Her words slice like a heated knife as her lips suck lightly on his arm, his shoulder, his neck, then his lip.

“Undress me.” He moans softly as he bites her lip, making her moan. He feels her hands on his skin, sliding beneath his briefs, beginning to uncover him. Then his still wet jeans fall to the floor followed by his briefs.

He watches her eyes widen, and the parting of her lips, then her trembling fingers are reaching for him. Then she stops and looks up into his eyes. “It’s alright baby, I touched you, you can touch me.” Then he takes her hand in his own and wraps them around him.

“You’re so hot,” Chrissy whispers, feeling his throbbing heat through her fingers. Shuddering with pleasure he frees himself from her hands then lifts her up and lies her down on the bed moving down beside her. As he kisses her softly his hand finds the soft mound of her femininity, penetrating her with his fingers again, then as he withdraws, she whimpers deep in her throat.

“Did that hurt?”

“No,” she murmurs, “Only when you stopped.”

“The first time will hurt, baby, but just for a little while.” He nibbles at her ear, and down across her cheek.

“I know, I don’t care, I want you, Josh, I love you.” As he moves over her, he lowers himself slowly letting her feel him against her soft entrance. He kisses her again letting his tongue thrust between her lips, his chest slowly moving back and forth across her breasts sending sensations of pleasure twisting through her. She moans into his mouth, tasting him, wanting, and shaking with that wanting. When his hand slides in between their bodies, taking one nipple, rolling it, tugging on it, she feels the fire radiate out from the pit of her stomach. Her hips begin moving instinctively against him, searching for a way to ease the hungry aching between her legs.

Knowing what she wants and wanting the same thing, he lets his hands slide down over her hips and down the backs of her long legs. His fingers move sensually over the soft flesh high on the inside of her thighs, easing them farther and farther apart while his mouth makes love to hers promising her pleasures she has never imagined. With his fingertips he caresses and teases, arousing her till she is almost blind with desire.

When Chrissy feels the first probing of his flesh, she gasps. Josh caresses her slowly, tracing her opening, letting her know that for as hard as he is he can be deliciously smooth too. For long minutes he teases her, preparing her with tiny penetrations and withdrawals until she moans and moves her hips, trying to take in more of him.

“Easy, baby,” Josh whispers through clinched teeth, his body aching with the agony of restraint. He eases into her once again, parting her delicately, withdrawing, and returning. “We’ll … take … it slow. I don’t want to hurt you.

“Josh,” Chrissy cries raggedly, shivering, wanting more of him but not experienced enough to know how to manage it.

“You’re so tight,” groaning against her lips. “So beautiful. I don’t want to hurt you,” he groans in agony, pressing deeper, feeling her trembling response. “Am I … hurting you?”

Chrissy is unable to answer as the slow consummation is taking her breath away, her voice, her mind, her soul. She wants to tell him how exquisite it feels to be filled so tenderly, so carefully, so completely, but she’s unable to form any words.

When he hits the barrier that he knew was coming, he pauses, and without giving her time to tense up, he gives a quick deep thrust breaking through. Chrissy cries out at the sharp pain, then as she relaxes in Josh’s arms, it gradually dissipates.

“Does it hurt, Chrissy? Want me to stop?”

“No, no it’s almost gone. Don’t stop.” And with that she begins to raise her hips to him, and as he continues with his penetration, she feels the quick return of the hunger deep within her.

When Josh is fully buried within her, he pauses, savoring the tightness of her around him. Chrissy feels the shudder that shakes Josh as he begins to move within her, withdrawing then plunging back. She feels the exquisite sensations radiating through her, overwhelming her. She moans and moves instinctively with him, crying softly as ecstasy shoots through her again and again, the flames climbing higher and higher until she cries out as the fires threaten to consume her.

“Josh … please … I can’t stand it … help me.”

“It’s all right, Chrissy … go with it, baby … go with me, sweetheart …move with me, baby … yes like that … come with me, baby. I need you … with me.” Josh words and his hands dissolve all of her fears. Heat wells up within her once more, a shimmering need that can’t be denied any longer. Josh thrusts deeply into her once more taking everything she has to give and giving her everything he has in return.

Chrissy cries out as rapture gently convulses her, sweeping through her body again and again, consuming her. Josh hears the broken cries of her climax even as he feels the sweet contractions rippling through her. His own release explodes from him then, ecstasy pouring through him until he thinks there can be no more … yet the pulsation’s continue until he is arching like a drawn bow, and he cries out hoarsely, giving himself to her, totally and completely.

Chrissy stirs against the strong hard body next to her, feelings of love for this man wash over her, a feeling so strong it overwhelms her. He has been there all this time right under her eyes and she never knew. She looks up and sees him looking at her and her heart swells to almost bursting. “I love you,” she murmurs.

He pulls her up in his arms, his arms enclosing her against him, and kisses her so softly, so sweetly that tears fill her eyes. “I love you too, baby.” He tucks her face in against his neck, and murmurs softly, “I need to get you home, your folks will be worried about you.”

“I left them a note, telling them where I went.”

He chuckles deep in his throat, “Ha, I can see it now. Father shoots man for taking advantage of his daughter, but he dies with a smile on his face.”

Chrissy giggles, “Silly, he wouldn’t do that. Beside, I was the one who instigated this almost a year ago.”

“Did you, now.”

She watches his face crinkle up with laughter, “Didn’t I?” She pushes up and kisses him deeply, “But I think you’re right, I should get home. I hope their plane managed to land.” She slips out of bed and finding her clothes, starts to put them on. “Hey,” looking over at Josh. “I thought you had a mare that was in labor?”

“She ah… had it before I came over.” Looking sheepishly at her as he searches for a dry shirt and jeans in the closet.

“Why did you say … you ran to keep from…”

“I’m sorry, baby, I thought it was to soon for you,” he says as he slips on his jeans.

“Well … you were wrong.” She stops and looks intently into his face, “Are … you sorry?”

Pulling his shirt on, he takes her into his arms. “I will never be sorry, Chris, I love you. Now, come on, let’s get you home. I’m not looking forward to facing your Father.”

“Dad’s not so bad. He’s just … protective of us.”

It had quit raining by the time they leave Josh’s house so the walk was leisurely and quiet. Chrissy thinking about the life she will have with Josh, and Josh? Well he’s thinking about what he will say to her Father when he delivers her home. He’d heard many stories about the formidable Texas Ranger, and has no desire to get on his bad side. Especially since he is hoping to be his son-in-law.

When they move out of the strip of trees, the Walker house is ablaze with lights, the electricity is back on, and the same vehicles are there as before. Josh lets out a sigh of relief and follows Chrissy up on the porch.

“Josh, I’m going to change out of these wet things, I’ll be right back down. There should be coffee in the kitchen if you want some.” She dashes upstairs and he wanders out to the kitchen, locates cups in the overhead cabinet and fills two with coffee that looks strong enough to walk out the door. He’s starting into the living room when Chrissy comes down the stairs.

“Let’s go sit on the porch. The rain’s cooled things down, it’ll be nice.” He hands her a cup and follows her out the door, to the swing when he sits down beside her.

She snuggles into his side and he puts his arm around her shoulders, holding her warmly against him. They sit in silence for several minutes, sipping the coffee, savoring the closeness. Josh breaks the silence, “Chrissy, let’s not say anything to your folks just yet about getting married, okay?”

“Any special reason?”

“Let’s wait till your birthday to announce it. When everyone will be together, okay?”

“That’s fine, I guess, but why?”

He pulls her legs over across his lap as he tightens his embrace, bringing her head to his chest. “You’ll be eighteen, you’ll come into your own, you’ll be of consenting age. I don’t know, I’ve been waiting for you for what seems like a lifetime, I don’t want to blow it now.”

“You won’t lose me, Josh. I’ll always be there for you.” She hears him let out a deep sigh and she relaxes against him.

The next thing she hears is Josh calling her name. “Chris … Chrissy, your parents are home.” She drops her feet to the floor and stands beside Josh as her Mom and Dad and brothers walk toward the house.

“Chrissy, is … everything all right?”

“Yes, Mom … Lady had some problems and Josh came over to help, I … couldn’t get the baby turned, but their doing fine now. Both of them.”

“You say their fine now?”

“Yes, Dad. But if it hadn’t of been for Josh I might have lost both of them.”

“Why didn’t you call Wade?”

“The electricity and the phones were out.”

Jimmy, moves up to stand by his Dad, “How did Josh know you needed help then, Chris?”

“I don’t know Jimmy, he was … just there when I needed him.”

“I thought … I thought I heard her screaming for me, but it … must have been the wind.”

Walker looks from Chrissy to Josh in a whole new light and then glances at Alex. Her look is telling him she knows, too. These two kids have a connection, a spiritual connection, much like he and Alex have. His attitude toward Josh warms considerably. His baby girl will be in good hands with this man.

Walker moves up in front of Josh, and takes his hand, “I guess I owe you, Josh, thanks for helping Chrissy out tonight.”

“I’m … just glad I was able to help. I had a delivery tonight, too. So … we both made out good.” He winces when those words slip out but it’s to late now. “I’d … ah … better get on home, now.” He turns to Chrissy and kisses her softly on the lips then starts off the porch.

“Wait, Josh, I’ll drive you home.”

“No, Chris, I can be home before you get your car turned around. Goodnight, I’ll … call you tomorrow.” He wanted to say, ‘I love you’ so bad but instead just sent it to her on a whisper. Then suddenly he feels warm all over, and knows she had done the same.

As Josh walks away, Alex notices a difference about Chrissy, something about the way she’s carrying herself, the way she looked at Josh when he kissed her goodnight. The boys go inside and Walker holds the door, “Alex?”

“I’ll be there in a minute, honey.” As the door closes softly behind her she moves up to Chrissy. “Are you all right? You’re not still upset about Lady are you?” Then Chrissy lifts her eyes to meet her mothers and Alex knew then what the difference was in her daughter.

“No, Mom, I’m not upset at all. I’m fine. I’m … fine.” Then Chrissy suddenly leans close and gives her Mom a quick hug then opens the door and waits for her mother to enter the house, before following after her. Chrissy tells her family goodnight and goes upstairs to her room. To dream about her future husband.

Young Love Part 3
By Sissy & Jennifer

When Josh stops his truck, he sees Walker standing at the corral, watching Lady and her new foal enjoying the sunshine. He knew Chrissy wasn't there and hopefully he would be alone with her Dad.

When he hears the truck stop in front of the house, Walker turns and sees Josh getting out and coming toward him. He studies him as he approaches and sees a good looking man, tall, well muscled, has good manners, seems intelligent and knows exactly what he wants out of life and is not afraid to work for it. Which surprisingly seems to border on the same thing that Chrissy wants.

“Hello Josh. I'm afraid you've missed Chrissy, she's gone to town with her Mother.”

“I … didn't really come to see Chris, I ... ah ... I'd like to talk to you.”

“Oh, what about?”

“I know what I'm about to ask you is ah ...sorta old fashioned, but I need to ask anyway.” He takes a deep breath and blurts out, “I'd like to ask for your permission for your daughter's hand in marriage.”

Josh watches the Ranger's face turn from congenial to dark then sad, “What if I don't give it?”

“I'm ... hoping you won't do that, sir. Chrissy loves you very much and your approval would mean a great deal to her. But let me say this before you give an answer ... I love Chrissy, have for a long time and she loves me. I've got my own spread, I work hard and I know I can take good care of her. We have the same ideas on a life's career and we feel we can make it work together. I ... love her, Ranger Walker...she's my life.”

“She's awful young ... another year...”

“Wouldn’t change anything. She knows her own mind and is capable of making her own decisions. She doesn't ... we don't want to wait any longer. She'll finish her schooling whether she marries me or not.” He watches the emotions waging war in the Ranger, and if it were his daughter he would have difficulty deciding, too.

“Ranger Walker, what would you have done if Mrs. Walker's Father had turned you down?”

“We didn't need his permission...”

“We don't need yours either ... but I'm asking because Chrissy needs your approval.”

Walker looks at Josh, his stance determined yet his eyes are soft as he speaks of his daughter, the girl he wants to marry. Walker knows that he is young too, but also knows he is a man, he's proven it with what he has accomplished so far at his young age. He already has his own ranch and a thriving business at the young age of twenty. He may be young but he knows where he's going and he's definitely not afraid of the work. Yes, Chrissy will be safe and well cared for with this man, and he knows there is a deep bond between them, a spiritual connection, much like he and Alex have. He gives a resigned sigh “You have my permission, Josh. To be honest, Alex saw this coming ... although she didn't think it would be this soon.” He takes a step toward Josh, his hand out. “You have our blessing. I know you'll take good care of her.”

Josh smiles and the tension leaves his body as he takes the offered hand. Matching his grip but not exceeding it. Just a firm pressure acknowledging the pleasure of his acceptance. "Thank you, sir, I'll cherish her forever."


“Yes, sir?”

“I would have married Alex with or without her Father’s permission.”


A week before Chrissy’s 18th birthday, Josh tells her he wants to take her some place special for her birthday. Not sure if her parents have anything planned for her, she approaches her mother one afternoon after returning from registering for a Farm Management class at the local community college. She finds her mother sitting on the swing in her garden.

Walking quietly to the garden, she stands next to the swing, admiring the beauty of the flowers Alex had lovingly planted that spring. “They’re beautiful, Mom.”

“Thank you, honey.” Alex responds, looking up into her mirror image … well, her younger mirror image. “Come sit down,” she says as she pats the swing beside her.

Chrissy moves to sit next to her mother, setting the swing to a gentle movement. She sits with her back to the arm of the swing, one leg on the seat, the other on the ground, keeping the swing moving. There’s a dreamy look on her face as she rests her chin in her hand, her arm lying along the back of the swing.

Alex smiles at the look of love on her youngest daughter’s face. “You and Josh have plans for tonight?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Chrissy murmurs in reply. “We’re going to his parent’s house for dinner. Speaking of dinner, Mom … Josh wants to take me somewhere for my birthday. I … I didn’t know if you and Dad…had anything planned.”

“Oh, that’s fine, honey, if Josh wants to take you out for your birthday, I understand you wanting to be with him on your special day.”

Chrissy smiles at her mother, thankful she understands wanting to be with him on her birthday. “Thanks Mom, we’ll have the morning and afternoon of my birthday to spend together.” Leaning over she kisses Alex’s cheek, then smiling, walks back to the house to prepare for her evening at Josh’s parent’s house, a bounce in her step.

The morning of her birthday is spent doing an activity she does every morning, and loves to do … taking care of her horses. After a “birthday breakfast” prepared by her Father, and lunch with birthday cake and presents, Chrissy thanks her parents, Jimmy, John and Melissa, and Jessie and Wade, and excuses herself to get ready for her birthday date with Josh. She soaks in the bathtub using her Mother’s lavender scented bath bubbles for a long while, dreaming of the life she and Josh will one day share. Then moving into her bedroom she stands looking at the dress she had lain out earlier, but then reaches for the dress her Mother had given her for her birthday. Opening the box, she takes out the beautiful lavender colored dress. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, she holds the dress in front of her, admiring her reflection, knowing Josh will love how it looks on her. It is sleeveless with a scooped neckline, perfect for the pearls her Father had given her for her birthday. It is fitted through the waist, accenting her slim waistline and hips, a figure much like her mother’s. The hem of her dress comes to a couple inches above her knees, and she knows the light beige heels she has will complement it well. Smiling again at her reflection, she places the dress down on her bed, then sits down at her dressing table to fix her hair and apply her makeup.

Josh arrives just as Chrissy is descending the staircase. She moves into his arms for a kiss, and then a hug. As he hugs her, he winks at his future in-laws over her shoulder, then taking Chrissy’s hand, leads her to his truck. When the door closes behind them, everyone exchanges glances, then Jimmy moves to stand by the front window, watching Josh and Chrissy leave. As they drive out of sight, Jimmy turns, exclaiming, “They’re gone!” All at once there is a mad dash…Wade and Jessie leave to take the twin babies to his parent’s house, John and Melissa leave in his truck to take care of the final preparations, while Jimmy, Walker and Alex run upstairs to get changed. Minutes later they are running back down the stairs, outside to Walker’s truck.

Josh takes the long way into town, turning needlessly down a few country roads, before heading into downtown Dallas, turning down street after street.

Finally after circling the downtown area, going down what seems like every street there, Chrissy turns to Josh, “Where ARE we going?”

He flashes a devilish smile at her. “Keeping you guessing, aren’t I!”

“Josh!” she cries, laughing. “Come on, where are we going?”

“I’m not telling.”

She gives him a superlative pout, one he knows he’s seen his future mother-in-law give Walker. ‘Uh oh’ he thinks to himself, ‘I’m in trouble!’ “Okay,” he drawls aloud, heading finally in the direction of the restaurant.

He pulls up to the Hyatt Regency, grinning at the beautiful smile of happiness on Chrissy’s face, slips the valet a tip, then taking Chrissy’s hand, leads her through the lobby to the escalator down to the Reunion Tower entrance. They enter the elevator and Josh presses the button for the Observation Deck, then they stand in front of the window opposite the door, watching the city of Dallas unfold beneath them as the elevator rises.

Chrissy stares in awe at the beautiful city lights below them, loving being wrapped in Josh’s arms. When the elevator door opens, Josh takes her hand and leads her into the enclosed area, then outside to the deck. A breeze blows Chrissy’s hair back as she stands at the railing, Josh’s arms once again around her, looking at the vast lights below them. Shifting, Josh moves, gazing at Chrissy’s profile, marveling at her beauty, at the look of utter contentment and happiness on her face. She is the most beautiful thing in the world to him, has been since he first laid eyes on her.

“Chrissy?” he whispers, reaching into his jacket pocket.

She turns to him, still smiling, with a look of love in her eyes. “Hmmmm?”

“I have loved you for as long as I can remember Chrissy. You are…so…beautiful,” he breathes. He takes her lips in a sweet and tender love filled kiss, a kiss that takes her breath away. Breaking off the kiss, he looks deep into her eyes as he takes her left hand in his. “Chris…would you…will you marry me?” he whispers, slipping a diamond solitaire ring on her finger.

Chrissy stares dumbfounded at the ring glittering on her shaking hand, surprised beyond words. She knew they would marry some day, she just wasn’t expecting it today, and she wasn’t expecting a ring. Coming out of her stupor, Chrissy squeals as she throws her arms around Josh’s neck, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I’ll marry you!” She kisses him with enthusiasm, then staring at her ring it suddenly dawns on her that he couldn’t have afforded such a beautiful ring. “Josh,” she murmurs, “this is so beautiful…so big…you shouldn’t…”

Her words are cut off with a kiss, then a murmur. “I’ve been saving for this since I had my first summer job at the stables.” Her eyes are wide at the implication of his words. “I knew back then that one day…one day you would be my wife.” Wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his body, he kisses her deeply, passionately, tenderly, the kiss growing out of control until they hear a voice nearby, a family of tourists exclaiming at the beautiful sight below them.

Chrissy suddenly thinks of her Father. “I’m not sure Dad’s going to like this.”

Josh smiles at her. “He’s okay with it.” At her questioning look, he continues, “I um…a few weeks ago I asked your Father for his permission to marry you.”

Chrissy’s eyes are wide. “He agreed?!”

“Yes, he did!” he exclaims, picking her up in his arms and swinging her around. Checking his watch, he places her back on her feet, then with his hand on the small of her back, guides her toward the door. “Come on, let’s go down to dinner.”

He guides her back to the elevator, then pushes the button for the restaurant below them. Walking up to the hostess, Josh gives them his name. The hostess then leads them around the circular restaurant to their reserved table. They had walk almost half way around when Chrissy spots her entire family at a table, all standing and singing Happy Birthday as she comes into sight. Smiling, with tears in her eyes, she hugs first her Mother, then her Father, then in turn Jessie, Wade, John, Melissa, and Jimmy. With a quick kiss for Josh, she settles down in the chair he has pulled out for her.

Suddenly conscious of the diamond ring on her finger, and wanting to wait for the right moment to tell them, Chrissy keeps one hand in her lap, the other held Josh’s hand under the table. The conversation is lively, and by the time dinner arrives, Chrissy forgets about hiding her hand for the time being. Sitting next to Chrissy, Jessie is talking to Jimmy, who is seated across from her. As she talks to him, a glittering spot on the wall behind his head catches her attention. The bright glittery spot moves around on the wall and ceiling, her eyes following it as it moves. ‘Funny,’ she thinks to herself, ‘that looks like the sparkle from a diamond’. Looking down at her left hand she determines that it isn’t from her rings. Her eyes wide, she looks over at Chrissy’s hand, grabbing her hand as she gasps loudly.

Everyone around Jessie jumps at her loud gasp, most especially Chrissy, who isn’t expecting her hand to be grabbed. All action stops … Alex’s hand holding a glass stills at her lips, Jimmy’s hand holding a fork, stills half inside, half outside his mouth. Melissa’s eyes stare at Chrissy’s hand, while Wade and Walker stare at Jessie.

Seeing what Jessie has gasped at, Josh looks at Chrissy. Chrissy looks at Josh, then at Jessie.

“Oh Chrissy!” Jessie exclaims, kissing her sister’s cheek enthusiastically.

Taking Chrissy’s elbow, Josh stands up, bringing her up with him. Blushing, Chrissy speaks for both of them. “I…we, that is Josh and I…” Glancing shyly at each other, getting the unspoken ‘okay’ from the other, they both exclaim in unison, “We’re engaged!”

With tears in her eyes, Alex comes around the table to hug first her youngest daughter, then her son-in-law to be. “Welcome to the family, Josh,” she murmurs, tears still stinging her eyes. Walker shakes Josh’s hand, winking at him as he’d known this was coming. After a kiss for his daughter, Walker moves so his other children could congratulate Josh and Chrissy. Taking Alex in his arms, Walker hugs her tightly, kissing her lightly on the lips, knowing she will be feeling both happiness for Chrissy and sadness at losing her baby so soon.

After dinner is over, after Chrissy thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday surprise, they all go their separate ways…Wade and Jessie to pick up their babies, John to take Melissa home, and Walker, Alex, and Jimmy back home to the ranch. Josh and Chrissy arrive at the ranch shortly after Walker, Alex, and Jimmy. Not wanting the evening to end yet, Chrissy and Josh sit on the porch swing, enjoying the cooler evening air, talking about their future life together. Their quiet time together is soon interrupted by noise coming from the direction of the barn.

“Do you think Chance is begging for some attention?” Chrissy giggles.

Getting up from the swing, Josh moves to stand at the side railing, leaning so that he can see the barn. “I think so!” Chrissy comes to stand beside him. “Why don’t you get Chance saddled up, I’ll go home and get mine saddled, then we can meet at our special place and take a ride.”

Chrissy looks up at the moon. “Mmmmm, yes. A moonlight ride. I’d like that,” she murmurs. With a quick kiss to Josh’s lips, she bounds inside and up the stairs to change her clothes. Coming back downstairs, she enters the family room where her parents are cuddled on the couch, drinking coffee.

Walker looks up as Chrissy enters the room, noticing she’s changed clothes. “Where are you headed, Chris?”

“Josh and I are going to take a little ride. I think Chance is looking for some exercise.” She sits down on the edge of the coffee table in front of Walker and Alex. “Mom, Dad…thank you for a wonderful birthday surprise,” she smiles.

Alex smiles at her, “Was it really a surprise? You didn't smell ... something?”

“No, Mom, I had no idea. I just can’t believe everyone knew about it, except me, and no one … NO ONE spilled the beans!”

“Well we’re glad you enjoyed yourself.” Walker tells her. “Happy Birthday Honey.”

She moves over and kisses first her Dad then her Mother, “Thanks, I love it when we all get together.”

“You’re welcome honey. Don’t stay out too late,” Alex calls out as Chrissy reaches the door.

“I won’t!” calling back as the door closes.

Chrissy saddles Chance, then heads for Josh’s barn. Unknown to her, Josh had run home and quickly changed clothes, then prepared a special surprise for Chrissy in their little haven between the ranches. Running fast, he makes his way back to the barn in the hopes he’d get there before Chrissy arrives. He goes straight to his horse and begins saddling him. In less than a minute, he hears a horse approaching. Still out of breath from the running, he takes deep breaths to quell his still racing heart. He’s smiling as he turns around when she and Chance enter the barn.

“Hi beautiful. You ready?”

“Yep…lets get going!” She watches him mount his horse. “The moon is out and there’s a slight breeze blowing … perfect night for riding!” she exclaims, moving alongside him.

With the reins in one hand, Josh reaches out to hold her hand as they set the horses to a slow walk through the pasture. As they ride, they alternate between talking quietly and not talking at all, just enjoying the closeness, all the while still holding hands.

They stop on a slight rise when they see two deer, a buck and a doe, nuzzling each other, obviously a mated pair, silhouetted in the moonlight on the ridge. Josh and Chrissy turn to each other simultaneously, smiling. Chrissy leans over, bracing herself with her hand on his thigh and whispers, "They're in love."

"You think so?" he breathes in return, nuzzling her neck.

"Oh yeah," she murmurs before he touches his lips to hers in a light brushing. He reaches out with his tongue, slowly tracing the lush contours of her lips, and when she whimpers at the sensations, he slips between her lips to mingle with her tongue in an intimate dance.

As the kiss grows in intensity, Josh slides his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, pulling her completely off of Chance. As she lays across his lap, her arms around his neck, he cups the back of her head with one hand, the other arm holding her close to his body, further deepening the kiss, seemingly devouring her with his passion.

Her heart is pounding and his erection is pressing into her hip when he groans and slides off his horse, Chrissy still in his arms, and sinks to the ground. He lays her gently back into the grass, coming down on top of her. Grasping her head between his hands, he resumes the kiss, moving his leg between hers, bringing his knee up to the apex of her thighs. Instantly he feels the intense moist heat of her arousal and breaks off the kiss, moving hungrily down her neck to her chest. His hands move down to the hem of her shirt, and without bothering to unbutton it, he slides it up and over her head, discarding it in the grass beside him. His mouth traces its way down her neck, nibbling and sucking and licking at the soft column. Finally he reaches the warm hollow; his mouth rests there for a moment as if to count her frenzied pulse.

She can feel the moist heat of his mouth as he nuzzles her throat. Then one hand cups her breast. The nipple hardens instantly, butting into his palm through her bra. She feels the hardening as an exquisite little pleasure-pain that makes her catch her breath. Josh takes that bud between his thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it. To Chrissy’s surprise, the pleasure is so intense that she almost climaxes. Reaching behind her, he unfastens the clasp and pulls the lacy material from her breasts.

Chrissy feels her insides twist, and the wetness pool between her legs as his gaze feasts on the creamy, strawberry-tipped bounty of her breasts. Josh’s eyes darken, the lids droop languidly, as he stares. Dark color washes up to stain his cheekbones. “You take my breath away,” he breathes.

He leans closer. Chrissy’s breath stops as he places his open mouth against her breast. The heat and wetness of it is thrilling. It makes her melt inside. She looks down at the hard masculine mouth attached to the creamy whiteness of her breast. And she moans aloud. Her eyes close helplessly as she feels him sliding her jeans and panties down her legs.

Once he has her naked, his mouth returns to torment her defenseless nipples. She gasps as his hand strokes down her flesh to delve into her trembling navel, then continues across the silky flesh of her stomach to cover the triangle of curls between her thighs. Writhing as he touches her, she pushes upward against his warm palm, desperate to end his torture.

“Sweet God in heaven.” It’s a ragged murmur, accompanied by the complete withdrawal of his hands and mouth. Chrissy whimpers a protest, and her lids flutter up. She discovers that he is standing now, towering above her, his eyes a glittering green as they roam over her.

As if she were looking down at herself through his eyes, Chrissy knows what he must see: a slim, pale-skinned woman, utterly naked. The soft white mounds of her breasts topped with rosy peaks already hardened by his mouth. The gentle curve of her abdomen punctuated by a triangle of dark blonde curls that weep for him, slim thighs parting in restless longing, hands grabbing fistfuls of grass as she lay, waiting with shameless eagerness for him to return to her.

Suddenly he begins stripping, quickly removing his clothes. Then he’s naked, coming down on top of her, straddling her waiting body while remaining on hands and knees. “Soon baby, soon you’ll be mine,” he tells her and the combination of the exultant look in his eyes and the hugeness of his erection make her throat go dry.

His hands grip her thighs, parting them, and his knees slide between hers. She feels the rasp of his hard, hairy thighs against the softness of her own, feels his turgid flesh burning against the throbbing entrance to her body, and gasps. She reaches for him, meaning to guide him into the place where she most needed him to be, but he is already upon her, his body crushing her into the hard earth as his hands find her breasts and his mouth captures one quivering nipple.

“Now, Josh, please…now,” she moans, her arms clutching his shoulders and her legs twining around his hips in a shameless effort to force the penetration she craves.

As if her plea tears the lid off the iron control he’s been exercising over himself, he thrusts into her urgently, his hardness impaling her soft flesh. She gasps and moans, crying out his name. Her fingers burrow desperately in the curls that cluster at his nape.

His arms clasp her to him with a fierce strength, his groans mingle with her soft cries as he takes her with him to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. Chrissy’s nails dig into the hard flesh of his back, her body moves with his in a driving dance of passion.

“Yes, oh, yes!” she cries when at last he is coming into her with the force and speed of a jackhammer. He groans an answer, his hands closing over her hips as he gives one last, mighty thrust. He buries his face in the sweet-smelling softness of her hair, his body shuddering and throbbing as it spews its seed deep inside her. Chrissy surges against him, holding him tightly, moaning.

Then, with a wonderful melting sensation more pleasurable than anything she has ever known, she finds her own release.

Several minutes later, when heartbeats slow to a more normal rhythm, Josh lifts himself off her, bracing himself on his hands. His lips lift into a smile at the look of utter love and devotion in her eyes. “I didn’t mean for this to happen here. I had this whole seduction planned for our special place between our homes … but…” he grinned, “…see what you do to me, Chris? One kiss from you and its all she wrote!”


Chrissy walks back into the kitchen after helping Jessie get the twins down for their naps, refills her coffee cup with the hot black liquid then sits down at the table. “Those two are growing so fast. I can’t believe they’re already six months old.”

“Well, almost, got two more weeks but then my maternity leave ends then, too. I’m eager to get back to work but I’m going to hate to leave my babies.”

“I know, that must be an awful feeling. But you are going to leave them at the Hope Center, aren’t you?”

Jessie gives her a look of surprise. “Of course! They have the best childcare in Dallas. I wouldn’t dream of leaving them anywhere else.”

Chrissy smiles, then with her elbows on the table she sips slowly from her cup, a pensive look on her face.

Jessie watches her for a few minutes, then quietly asks, “What are you thinking about, Sis?”

Chrissy never moves her head but her eyes swing around to look at her big sister. Never being one to lie or mince words, “Josh. I miss him.”

“He’s … gone somewhere?”

“He left this morning for Waco, to a horse sale. Be gone for two days.”

“Chrissy, you can surely…” her words fade as she thinks about what her life would be like if Wade left for two days. Miserable, lonely and cold in that big bed by herself.

Thinking of that big bed she wonders if Chrissy is missing Josh that way, too. Her voice a soft, murmur, “You love him very much, don’t you?”

Chrissy’s voice an answering whisper, “Yes, more than I ever thought possible.” Seeing the look on her face, Jessie knew that if Chrissy loved him that much she wouldn’t wait. That was one thing about Chrissy, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. If she felt the time was right she wouldn’t let convention stand in her way.

“Where … ah … where are you two going for your honeymoon?”

“Tahiti.” Seeing the look of pure joy on Jessie’s face, she finishes with, “around the first of the year.”

“Oh … why then and not now?”

“Because neither one of us can get away. Josh and I both have horses to finish putting the final touches on, so it will be impossible to get away now.” Seeing the disappointment in Jessie’s eyes for her, she smiles broadly and says, “But we’re going to hole up in a hotel room for two days until neither one of us can walk.”

Jessie begins laughing and looks at Chrissy with twinkling eyes, “I see you’re still as blunt as always.”

“Well, isn’t that what you and Wade did for a weekend at wherever you went?”

“Chrissy, honey, don’t you ever change. I love you like you are, you’re like a refreshing breath of fresh air.” She stands and moves around behind her sibling’s chair and put her arms around her neck. “You know, that’s where you and Josh should go. Your wedding is when … the last part of September? Well, it’ll still be pretty warm then I think you’d love Little Eden.”

“What’s … Little Eden?”

“It’s a dream of a place, very private, on the part of Dad’s ranch that borders the badlands.” Jessie’s eyes turn dreamy as she continues, “it’s like Eden, with a pond, a waterfall, and a little one room cabin. You lose all you inhibitions there … it is so beautiful and so … romantic.” Her eyes close as she remembers the time she and Wade had spent there, making love in the cabin, on the grass, behind the waterfall.

“Jessie? Jessie?”

“Hmmm … Oh … sorry.”

“How come I never heard of Little Eden?”

“I didn’t know of it either until that time that Dad and Mom took me and John on that Badlands trip. And then I found it by accident. I ran across it while following a turkey and saw Mom there. Do you remember when they would leave us kids with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Josie to go on vacation?”

“Vaguely, is that where they went?”

“I think so.”

“Why do they call it Little Eden.”

“Well, stop and think. What was Eden like in the Bible?”
“Well … it was fresh, clean, animal and man lived in harmony, no evil, and … no one…” she looks at Jessie and sees a grin spreading from ear to ear. “No one wore clothes,” she says almost in a whisper.

Jessie just continues to smile at her. “Well, can you give me directions to that place? Sounds like the ideal place to go on our honeymoon.”

“Talk to Mom, I’m sure she would tell you how to get there.”

Chrissy stands, “Okay … I will.” She pulls Jessie into a warm embrace, “Thanks Sis, I owe you one.”

“Oh, Chris? One thing, check out behind the waterfall while you’re there.”



This is the final chapter. Enjoy

Young Love Final Chapter
By Sissy & Jennifer

Having spent the night tossing and turning, from not having seen Josh for two days, she wakes with a desire for him that she just can’t ignore. After showering quickly and quietly, she dresses and leaves the house with a distinct purpose in mind. Knowing that Josh had gotten in very late last night, and he will still be in bed, she makes her way down the path to his place taking her time, not wanting to use up her energy before she gets to him. Leaning against the back door, she takes a deep breath, takes her shoes off then gets the key that Josh keeps hidden in a flowerpot.

Her heartbeat quickens as she climbs the stairs and just knowing that he is close has desire racing through her and just the thought of being with Josh brings a sudden gush of wetness in her panties. She begins to unbutton her shirt then as she pushes open his bedroom door she sees him sprawled on his back with just a sheet covering him. Stripping the rest of her clothes off, she watches him sleep for just a moment, then naked, she moves up to the side of the bed. Excitement builds as she pulls the sheet back and straddles him, and takes his mouth in hers.

Josh is deep in a dream as a pleasant sensation begins to weave into it. The warm taste of the woman who stirs his blood and warms his mind, infiltrates his senses. His next breath inhales the scent of her, and he lifts his hand, losing it in a wild tangle of hair.

As he murmurs her name she’s shifting over him, surrounding him, taking him in. A burst of lust explodes inside him while he is still half-asleep. He thrusts up into her, helpless, still locked into the dream. Losing his control to the vision that has taken over his body.

When he opens his eyes, she’s rising over him in the soft light of morning, her hair bright as sunshine, her blue eyes dark with desire as she begins to ride him. Taking him deep, lifting only to sink down completely on him again. His hands wrap around her hips, bracing her, guiding her, pulling her down even as he thrusts up into her. Her eyes close, her head tilts back, her breathing is quick and harsh as her body moves toward completion. Suddenly she feels his finger touching her and she brings her glazed eyes to his, then to his hand, watching it move through the soft curls seeking the small swollen nub that is the essence of her. As he caresses it, her stride falters for just a second, then resumes at a faster pace. As she begins to feel the tingling of the pleasurable sensations tighten she begins a soft wailing cry. She screams when a wave of pure bliss courses through her, lifting her into the realm of ecstasy, exploding on her senses in a pulsating crescendo, draining her to repletion.

When Josh feels her orgasm rippling through her, tightening around him, he thrusts up sharply once, twice then explodes into her with such force that her eyes fly open as she feels his hot seed spurt deep inside her.

She collapses against his chest, her heart thumping loudly against his, their lungs gulping for air. He wraps his arms around her and hers slide under his shoulders, holding on to each other, letting their bodies return too normal

She finally pushes herself up, kisses him softly and murmurs, “Good morning.”

He smiles and kisses her deeply, “What brought this on?” He knows but he wants to hear her say it.

“I missed you and I wanted to see you, I … wanted … you.”

He pulls her down against his chest, kisses her gently, “I missed you too.” Enjoying the soft feel of her, “Do your parents know you’re here?”

“They left for Houston early this morning, besides I think Mom knows about us.”

That brings his eyes open and he all but tries to dislodge Chrissy but she pushes him back down. “It’s all right, Josh. Daddy’s not going to come after you with a shotgun.”

“I know that but it seems … different with them knowing.”

“Oh, I don’t think Dad knows, and Mom only suspects. Besides they’re in Houston and I’m … not … through … with … you … yet.” Her words divided with teasing kisses to his face and a slow roll of her hips.

Tightening his arms around her, he rolls her beneath him, never loosing the intimate contact. He’s fully awake now and he intends to enjoy to the fullest this sweet body nestled under him. The make love again. But this time there is less urgency and more gentleness in their union, but to Chrissy it is the same shattering experience.


The day of her wedding, Chrissy, wearing one of her dad’s t-shirts, is standing at her bedroom window looking out over the ranch, in the still grayish light of early morning, the sun just barely edging over the horizon. But the birds are already softly trilling in anticipation of the dawn. Chrissy sees a movement in the tall grass at the edge of the barn, and smiles when she sees one of Pop Tarts progeny skulking through the brush after what, she can’t see.

Hearing a slight swoosh of rustling fabric, she turns to see her mother come into the room. Chrissy smiles at her as she shuts the door and then Alex is moving around the bed to join her at the window.

“I knew you’d be up. Jessie was up early like this on her wedding day.” She comes up behind Chrissy and wraps her arms around her, “And I think I was up most of the night before my wedding.”

“Was Daddy nervous?”

“You know your Dad. He looked as stoic and solemn as he usually does, but when he held my hand, I could feel little tremors running through him. And his eyes gave away how he felt too.”

“Any … regrets, Mom?”

“Regrets? No … no regrets. I’d do it all over the exact same way. From the beginning when I first met your father, the risks, to the danger and the threats that transpired to keep us apart. No, I would do it all over again as long as your father was at my side.”

“Sounds like a fairy tale romance.”

“Fairy tale? Well, maybe … but with a lot of frustrations and exasperating circumstances tossed in.”

The door opens and Jessie comes bustling in the room, “Well, we ready to get this show on the road?” She moves up to stand with her mom behind Chrissy. “What are we doing, reminiscing?”

“No … well, yes … remembering your wedding day and Mom’s.”

“Ah, yes … the jitters. Not sleeping the night before and wondering if the groom will get cold feet and not show, or you will. And hoping you’ll get down the aisle without your legs giving out.”

Chrissy turns around and looks at Jessie with a raised eyebrow. “I’m kidding, Sis. You’ll do fine.”

“For that Jessie, you can fix me breakfast.”

“You’re on, come on.”

After breakfast, Chrissy returns upstairs and takes a leisurely bath, getting more nervous by the minute. “Come on, Chrissy, its time we started for the church.” She hears the summons from downstairs and hurriedly gets out of the tub and dries off. She walks into her bedroom to see Jessie with her wedding dress, “Come on, Sis, get dressed and get your bag. We’ll meet you downstairs.” Chrissy slips on a pair of shorts and a soft cotton shirt, grabs the bag and opens the door. Then she stops half out the door, and looks back into her room. For as long as she can remember this had been her sanctuary, her refuge in time of trouble, a place where her heart had found peace, a place where she had dreamt of the future. Her eyes scan the room, at the posters on the wall, the trophies of her success in the world of horses, all the pictures of her friends, mementos that she had collected through the years and then she sees Josh’s picture on the dresser. A smile brightens her face and she winks at the image, and quietly closes the door.

When Jessie and her mother leave the dressing room, Walker is waiting just outside the door. Jessie touches his arm as she walks by, but Alex stops in front of him, kisses him lightly, and looks at him with tears glistening in her eyes, before she follows Jessie.

Chrissy realizes that the time is at hand. She takes a deep breath and opens the door. Walker is standing there waiting for her. He takes her hands in his, smiles at her with misty eyes and murmurs softly, “You’re beautiful, Chrissy.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” He leans over and kisses her lightly on the lips then offers her his arm.

When the walk down the aisle on her daddy’s arm begins, the forty feet looks like forty miles. But then she sees Josh waiting for her at the other end and she straightens her shoulders, and with a smile on her face, knows she would walk a million miles to be with him.

Then her dad is saying, “Her mother and I” and places her hand in Josh’s. She turns to face him and then before she knows it, the vows have been exchanged and the preacher is saying, “You may now kiss the bride.”

Josh takes her into his arms and kisses her, and her heart feels full to bursting, and she thinks, now I have someone. Then both of them turn to face her family and friends and the words that it seems like she has been waiting forever to hear are ringing out in the small church.

“May I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gallagher.”


It’s dark when they arrive at Little Eden, but the moon gives the night the soft look of day. The peace and quiet of the place makes you definitely think of heaven. They see deer drinking at the small pond, rabbits, raccoons, and opossum roaming around the area free from fear of the human beings.

“Oh, Josh,” Chrissy whispers, “this is so … so magical.”

“Yes … an ideal place for our honeymoon.” He leans over in the saddle and kisses her softly, “Why don’t you take our gear inside while I take care of the horses.”

“Okay,” she gives him another quick kiss then helps him unload the gear from the horses. She begins to pack it inside as he walks off with the horses.

Josh finally gets the horses fed and rubbed down and turns to start for the cabin when Chrissy comes out of the shadows, jumping up in his arms, sliding her legs around his waist. Caught off guard Josh stumbles backward, hanging on to Chrissy he goes down to his knees. “Chrissy … what…”

“I got tired of waiting for you to come in.” She giggles and with soft kisses, her lips graze his chin, his cheeks, his brow, every part of his face except his lips.

“You did, did you.” He stops her wandering mouth by placing his hands on either sides of her face, then holding her still he covers her mouth with his. He groans helplessly as her mouth softens beneath his.

Chrissy’s legs release their hold on Josh’s waist and drop to her knees in front of him. Her body is quivering with need, his kisses igniting a fire deep within her. When his tongue plunges deep into her mouth, the flames leap higher.

He’s fully aroused, she can feel him, hard and urgent against her belly as she presses closer against him. She feels his fingers at the buttons on her shirt and she moves to help him. As it falls open, he unsnaps the front catch of her bra with deft fingers then his hand cups her breast, lifting and reshaping it, and the feel of her nipple hardening as he brushes his thumb over it sets a fire to burning inside him. The need to taste her brings a groan from deep in his throat and he lowers his head to touch the tender nipple with his tongue.

Chrissy cries out at the touch of his tongue and arches into the heat of his mouth. As he draws her deep into his mouth, sizzling waves of pleasure spread out across her body pooling in her womanhood. When he lifts his head she opens her mouth to protest but silences the words as his lips close over her other nipple. As he bestows the same attention to this one his hand caresses the one he’s just left. Her fingers grip handfuls of hair, pressing him hard against her breast not wanting the exquisite torture to stop.

Her body demanding more, she begins to pull at his shirt wanting to feel her flesh against his. Then somehow the barrier is removed and her hands are on his chest, combing her fingers through the thick mat of soft curling hair. Finding his soft button of a nipple she tugs on it, then wanting to give him the same pleasure that he had given her, she takes it between her lips, her teeth closing gently over it, nibbling lightly until she feels it harden then she begins to suck on it.

“Chrissy,” he utters hoarsely, as she leaves the one to locate the other, delighting him again with the tender use of her mouth. His hands comb through her golden silky hair, as his body is jolted with tiny volts of electricity spreading through him as her mouth continues to pleasure him. He brings her head back up to his, covering her mouth with a deep penetrating kiss. His hands begin a slow wandering down over her breasts to the soft skin of her belly, until he reaches the waistband of her jeans. He quickly releases the button and lowers the zipper. With hands at her hips he begins to slowly work her jeans down to her knees. He plunders her mouth with his tongue as his hand slides sensuously back up over her panties, pausing to cup her possessively. Feeling the moisture as his fingers slip between her legs, sets the blood coursing through him like liquid fire and he quickly moves the last barrier down her legs.

When Chrissy feels her panties sliding down her legs, she begins to work on his buckle. The button is stubborn though and in frustration at wanting to touch him, she lowers the zipper and plunges her hand inside the fly of his trousers, gripping him, then caressing him through the fabric of his briefs.

Josh, jerks as her hand closes around him, then thrusts his hips against her hand. Feeling her fingers fighting the button he reaches down and quickly releases it. Finding the obstacle taken care of she pushes his jeans and briefs down to pool around his knees. When his throbbing arousal is released she takes him into her hand, stroking him.

Feeling desire rising sharply, he pulls her hand away and sensuously caresses her soft skin form her shoulders to her buttocks. “You’re so beautiful,” Josh mutters hoarsely before pulling her back into his arms and capturing her mouth with his in a deep searing kiss that seems to suck the air from Chrissy’s lungs. She sways and Josh lowers her to the ground, covering her halfway with his body, their lips still locked in a passionate kiss. When their feverish bodies touch, skin to skin, both gasps, feeling as if a bolt of lightening has flashed through them. Their bodies on fire, they kick their clothes away as desire rages through them.

Josh rains fiery kisses over her while Chrissy runs her hands over his shoulders and broad back, loving the feel of his powerful muscles. Then feeling his fingertips softly brushing her thighs, inching higher and higher, she starts to tremble with anticipation. An eternity seems to pass, then a soft caress on the small throbbing nub and she cries out as a flame of fire leaps through her.

At her cry, Josh looks into her face, watching her as his thumb tantalizes the swollen bud. Then his fingers dip deeply inside sending shudders of pleasure coursing through her. The ripples become powerful undulations as she climaxes in a sweet rush of heat that burns all the way down to her toes. Her eyes fly open at the intensity of it.

She watches with dazed eyes as Josh lowers his head and his mouth captures hers again in a deep intoxicating kiss. He rises over her, and nudges her legs apart, kneeling between them. He slips his hands below her bottom, lifting her, then slides slowly into her. Chrissy arches up to meet him as he slides deeper filling her completely, his slow sensuous thrusts awaken every nerve ending in her body. She tightens her arms as she wraps her legs around him, moving with him, thrust for thrust.

She catches his mouth in a deep kiss that turns their passion into a blazing inferno. As Josh moves more rapidly, his strokes deeper, stronger, Chrissy feels herself spiraling higher and higher. Her senses sharpen, her heart is pounding, and her breathing is coming in short gasps as an unbearable pressure builds within her. She writhes beneath him, her fingers digging into his shoulders, as the tension grows to a frenzied pitch then bursts into a million flashes of light as her body convulses as wave after wave of ecstasy rushes through her. She’s still shuddering with the powerful waves when Josh follows her with his own shattering release, exploding inside of her, then collapsing on top of her.

For a long time they lie in each other’s arms, still trembling with aftershocks, the sweat on their bodies glistening in the moonlight. Josh slowly raises his head and looks down at Chrissy, smiles softly then kisses her with tenderness, conveying to her all the love that fills his heart.
He rolls to her side, pulls her in close and whispers, “We’d better get inside before the mosquitoes being taking bites out of your soft, tender derrière.”

Chrissy giggles, and murmurs, “They wouldn’t dare.”

A kiss then another, before gathering their clothes and moving into the cabin.

They were in each other’s arms all night long, enjoying their newfound freedom to make love whenever and wherever the mood struck them. Which was often. Sometimes it was slow, leisurely, and incredibly sensuous; sometimes achingly sweet and tender; and sometimes like now, fiery and tumultuous, leaving them both shaken and spent, tangled in the sheets on the bed.

When Chrissy finally opens her eyes the cabin is warm and bright from the sunrays filtering in through the windows. Neither one having gotten much sleep during the night, wonder at the exhilaration they feel instead of exhaustion after the numerous forays into love they have indulged in.

Josh rolls over half on her and murmurs into the side of her neck, “Wanna go take a swim with me?” He nuzzles on her ear, his tongue darting inside the small cavity.

Her body feeling like melted wax, she breathes, “Give me a minute, I’m still floatin’.”

“Okay,” he says, then kissing her swollen lips, he eases away from her, and gets out of bed. Pulling the sheet up around her neck, “I’ll be waiting.”

Chrissy lies there for a few minutes, indulging in the masculine scent that her husband has left on the pillow, then missing his warmth, his nearness, she throws the sheet back, stretches, then sits up. Slipping on the jeans and shirt she wore the day before and goes to the door.

She opens the cabin door just as Josh wades out into the water, then jumping slightly he dives out into the deeper part, then his swift strokes carry him quickly to the far side. The water looks so clear and inviting, she grabs a towel and a bar of soap and decides to join him.

She stands on the bank and strips, aware of Josh’s eyes on her but she’s not in the least embarrassed. She knows that Josh thinks she’s beautiful and desirable. That excites her even more.

Stepping out into the water she gasps and looks out at Josh swimming leisurely on the far side, unable to comprehend his ability to swim in such cold water. She quickly lathers her body with the soap then wades out until she is hip deep, before dipping down to rinse off.

Shivering, she hurries out and as she reaches for the towel, Josh emerges from the water. She stares at him, thinking what a magnificent specimen of manhood he is, with his rugged good looks, his wet skin glistening in the sunlight, and his sleek muscles rippling as he walks toward her. Then her breath catches in her throat as she sees that he is fully aroused. Her eyes dart to his face and sees the bold, hot look in his eyes.

Her eyes darken with desire and she smiles softly, letting the towel slip from her fingers as she moves slowly toward him. Then his arms are around her, his embrace crushing the breath from her as his mouth comes down on hers in a fierce, possessive kiss, his tongue invading and ravishing the sweetness of her mouth. Chrissy’s knees buckle and she sinks to the ground, Josh following her to the soft grass.

He straddles her legs and sits back on his heels, his eye never leaving the rise and fall of her breasts. Then spying a small drop of water trailing down the side of her breast, he bends and licks it away, his tongue tracing lazy circles around the soft mound before his mouth closes over the hardened, throbbing peak. A low moan escapes Chrissy’s throat as a bolt of fire shoots through her.

His head lowers, his tongue seeking other rivulets of water, across her ribs and down her flat abdomen. He dallies at her navel before dipping his head to kiss the sensitive skin on the insides of her thighs.

Chrissy looks up and sees him sitting back on his heels, his pale green eyes boring into hers. He smiles as his hand cups her, then his finger is slipping inside her, sweetly probing, as his thumb circles the small bud. All the heat in her body seems to converge where Josh’s fingers are, leaving her aching and throbbing for him.

She cries out, “Please … Josh … now.”

“If you want me, take me, Chrissy,” Josh says in a husky voice.

She reaches for him, and Josh groans as her hand closes around him. A feeling of power surges through Chrissy as she strokes him knowing that it’s her touch that does this to him. She listens as his breathing becomes ragged, sees his eyes darkening, and feels the tremors coursing through his body.

When Josh feels as if he is about to burst from need, he catches Chrissy’s hips and plunges deeply into her warmth. Chrissy’s breath catches at the electric sensation of his hard forceful entry. Then to her surprise, he rolls to his back taking her with him.

“Ride me, Chrissy,” Josh utters.

Chrissy doesn’t need any urging. The feel of him deep inside her is driving her wild. Her movements are slow and sensuous at first, but then feeling the beginnings of the heat coiling deep inside her, they become more urgent, more demanding. Josh watches her astride him, his eyes drinking in her beauty, his hands stroking her thighs, her hips, her breasts. He nibbles at her shoulder, then at her breasts, feeling that unbearable pressure building in him. And then a low groan escapes his throat as he flips her on to her back, his mouth taking fierce possession of hers, as he drives them over the edge with several powerful thrusts, until he explodes inside of her and their universe shatters into millions of tiny pieces.

They lie still, holding on to each other, not wanting to move, not wanting to break the closeness, taking joy in each other’s joy. Josh lifts his head and looks down into his wife’s light blue eyes, feeling more love for her then is possible for him to show. “I love you,” he mutters softly before softly kissing her swollen mouth, then her eyelids. His mouth covers her and Chrissy feels him stir inside her, then harden.

She cups his head, kissing him back, feverishly as he carries them both to the peak of exquisite rapture once more.

Chrissy moves languidly in Josh’s arms, content and totally sated. Hearing a low rumble, she snickers, then an answering rumble brings giggles but then full bodied laughter erupts, as their bodies let them know that they have neglected to take nourishment.

Chrissy stands and yanks on Josh’s hand, “Come on, lets see if we can find those berries that Jessie was telling me about that are suppose to be as big as your thumb.” Holding hands they race off naked toward the brush at the side of the cabin.

Giggling like two kids playing hooky from school, they find the berry bushes laden with big delicious berries. Having nothing to put them in, they eat them as fast as they can pick them. Chrissy looks down at her hands and seeing the juice stains on them, looks at Josh. His hands are covered with the same red juice as hers are and glancing up, sees that his face is smeared as well, and she imagines that hers looks the same. They both begin laughing at the mess they are in from the berry juice, then seeing his once limpid manhood starting to rise, she cries out, “Josh … no … no you don’t.” and begins running back to the pond. Knowing that Josh is right behind her she takes a flying leap up and out over the water. Knowing it’s going to be cold, she sucks in her breath just as she cuts the water, diving deep. Coming to the surface, she looks around for Josh but he’s nowhere in sight.

Josh dives into the pond a second after Chrissy, but waits till she surfaces then seconds later, comes up below her. Wrapping his arms around her legs he brings her up out of the water.

Chrissy screams when she feels the binding around her legs, and when she’s pushed up out of the water she screams again. Instead of tossing her into the deep water, Josh let’s her slide down his body until her eyes are level with his. Then he crushes her against him and covers her mouth in a deep penetrating kiss. As the kiss begins to drug her senses, she wraps her arms around his neck in a grip that sends desire racing through him. He wades out of the water, still clenching her against him and walks straight into the cabin, kicking the door shut after him.

They spend the rest of the day and all of the night, in the cabin making love, eating whenever the growling of their stomachs gets too loud, then making love again.

Waking up, sore, stiff but delightfully content, Chrissy knows their stay is about over. Both having to be back and ready for work Monday morning means they have to leave Little Eden no later then noon. Turning her head, she looks to the window, glad that the sun isn’t up yet, but in her line of vision, she notices the small jar of salve that Jessie had given her for soreness and aches. Smiling, she reminds herself to make use of it before they start back. Jessie had told her the salve, given to her by their mother, works wonders.

Chrissy, closing her eyes and snuggling her backside into Josh arms, feels a stirring against her bottom. A stirring, that is getting longer and harder, by the second. She turns over onto her back and looks up into Josh’s eyes as his hand covers her breast in a soft gentle caress. Leaning over her Josh does not brush her hair to the side, but instead makes love to her breasts through the fine strands. The sheer eroticism of the act sparks a blaze in the heart of her desire. An incoherent murmur is forced from her throat with the first pull of his suckling lips. For long minutes Chrissy feels totally loved as Josh’s hands and mouth searches out every sensitive spot on her body. As her body responds to the sensual stimuli she feels the desire to reciprocate, by stroking his arms, shoulders, back and chest, then his hips and buttocks. When she feels a shiver wrench through him, she takes him into her soft hands.

“Oh, God, baby, yes,” Josh groans hoarsely, settling his length between her legs. “Bring me to you!”

Eager to follow his command, she guides him to her opening, gasping with pleasure as he thrusts urgently into her body. “Oh, Josh … harder … faster.” She cries as she wraps her legs around his, “I … want … to fly … again, Josh. Make … me fly … Josh.” Then her cries are lost as he devours her mouth as he complies too her wishes. Not once, but three times before they fall asleep in exhaustion.

The next time she wakes it’s to the urgent pleading of her husband, “Come on Chrissy, we need to get packed. We have to leave soon.”

Chrissy moans and stretches her arms over her head and opens her eyes to Josh’s drinking her in. “I want to wake every morning like this,” she murmurs.

“How’s that, baby?”

“With you looking at me like that.”

He leans over and kisses her softly, “I … might be able to do that.” He kisses her again, “Now come on, get a move on.”

She sits up and then the last thing that Jessie at told her at their last talk stands out in her mind like a red flag. “Josh, wait,” stopping him as he starts to dress, “we have one more thing to do before we leave.” She jumps up out of bed and grabs his hand, pulling him toward the door.”


“No … come on, it won’t take long.”

Outside she races for the waterfall at the end of the pond, and Josh, puzzled, is following close behind her. As she starts through the mist of the water cascading down the cliff, he grabs her hand, not sure of what they will find.

Letting their eyes adjust to the darkness of the small cavern, empty except for a ragged old bearskin lying on the floor. She moves over and stares down at the scraggly piece of fur.

When she kneels down on the bearskin, a strange feeling washes over her. She looks up at Josh, then takes his hand and pulls him down beside her. “Josh … this is wild.”

“What, honey, what’s wrong?”

Her voice soft, filled with awe, “I … feel …Mom and Dad, here. I … they’ve lain here. I can feel their spirit.” She sits down and pulls Josh down with her, “Josh … can … you feel it or is it just me?

He kisses her, “Maybe it’s the Irish in me, but … I … I feel … their spirit, too.” Then taking her in his arms he lays her back on the ratty old fur, their spirits joining with the spirits of the past.
The ride back seems to take less time then the trip out but the warmth of their love and bonding of their souls is deeper, stronger. The sun is hanging low in the west when Josh finally maneuvers the horse trailer into it’s spot at the side of the barn. With the precision that comes from handling horses over many years, the two occupants of the trailer are soon settled into stalls.

But when Chrissy turns to leave the barn Chance lets loose a shrill cry at being left in a strange place. Returning to stand in front of his stall door, Chrissy begins to comfort him. “Chance,” her voice soft, melodious, “this is our new home, baby. My life is beginning a new phase and I want you here with me.” She presses her face to his soft nose, “you’ll see, before long, you’ll be lord and master here, too.” She removes the scrunchy from her ponytail and loops it over the latch of the door. Gives him a quick kiss on the nose then turns to join Josh, waiting for her by the door.

He loops his arm around Chrissy’s waist and they walk towards the house. “I can’t believe how much has happened since that night you demanded a change in your yearly birthday kiss.”

“I know. You’ll never know how scared I was that night. I wanted you to kiss me so bad, but I was so afraid you would laugh at me and walk out of my life.” She turns to face him as they stopped in front of the back door. “Even then, I think I was in love with you.”

He pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply, thoroughly. “I glad you did, because I went over to your house with the intention of kissing you the way I’ve wanted to since … forever, it seems like.” He presses his lips to hers again in a soft sweet kiss, then before she can protest he scoops her up into his arms.

“Mrs. Gallagher, I love you.” Then he pushes the door open and steps into the wonderful world of marriage.

A mumbled, “I love you, too, Mr. Gallagher,” can be heard as the door swings shut.