by Londa Pfeffer
(Inspired by SONS OF THUNDER)

The good Lord never blessed me
With a son of my own.
I suppose bein 'a Ranger
That was for the best.

I can't say I've regretted it
But there were times
I'd sit and wonder
What it might have been like.

Until I met you, Jimmy
An angry, scared man
Whose future was ripped away
At the most promising moment.

You turned to me for help
And in helping you
I found a part of myself
I didn't know existed.

We 're from two different worlds
Two different backgrounds
But where compassion is concerned
Love is color-blind.

As you chose a fresh path
And settled in your new career
I figured you'd move on
And find new friends.

But you never left the old behind
And somewhere along the way
I began to realize
You'd become part of my family..

Now as I sit watching you
And sharing your struggle to live
I think I know a little bit
Of how a father would feel.

Knowing your hold on Life
Can be snapped at any moment
Hurts beyond any pain
I've ever experienced.

Don't you die on me
Please, Jimmy.
A father's not supposed
To outlive his son.

Don't you leave me!