A Divorce

 By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker was awaken by the sound of his wife crying out for help in her sleep so he reached out and lightly shook her shoulder as he told her "Alex wake up. Your home, I'm here and you're okay." Alex then woke up and after looking around to get her bearings asked him "I'm really home with you? I'm not just dreaming that I'm home, am I?"

Walker pulled Alex into his arms and assured her "No honey you're not dreaming. You're in our house in our bed and in my arms, where you'll always be." Alex then suggested "How about you proving to me that this isn't a dream? We do have some time before we have to get up." Walker as usual didn't bother with words he simply proved to Alex that she was in his arms. When they were done Walker asked his wife "Do you want to talk about what happened? If you want to you can wait until after you give your statement."

"No I don't want to talk about it but I will because you should know what happened before I give my statement. After my father came to take us shopping, then on our trip he noticed that I wasn't feeling good so he insisted that I lie down on the couch and get some rest. That I could join him and the twins when I was feeling better. Walker, I know that I should have gone with my father but I was feeling so queasy then that I didn't feel like moving. The next thing that I remember is being told by a man 'To get up and get moving blondie.' I tried to defend myself but I think I fainted, after that I remember coming to in a room. I looked around the room to see if I could escape but I didn't see a way out. A man then opened the door followed by a woman he called 'Carlita' who had a tray of food with her and he told me that he was dropping me off to be sold by his friend. That she would be staying in the room with me. After he left the room I went to say something but 'Carlita' motioned that the room was bugged. Later on when I sick in the bathroom I said that I should tell them that I was pregnant with twins, that maybe they would let me go. 'Carlita' shook her head no right before the man who took me there entered the bathroom and told us that if we tried to escape that his friend would cut his losses and kill us both. Last night Ranger Gage showed up and convinced this other man that he wanted to buy me and 'Carlita' for his boss. When the two of them left the room to arrange the payment 'Carlita' told me to follow her lead and no matter what happened not to stop or look back. That's pretty much it, now can you tell me what became of Miss Summers?" Alex finished her explanation with a question for her husband.

"Miss Summers arranged her kidnapping as a publicity stunt for her latest CD and told her kidnappers to take you and hide you somewhere for a couple of days then release you where you could be found. Captain Halston wants her to be arrested for it but with Miss Summers being a close friend of the governor I don't see that happening." Walker replied as the phone rang. He reached over and picked it up to find that it was his father-in-law on the phone who demanded "Put my daughter on the phone right now." Without a word Walker handed the phone to his wife and got out of bed as Alex said "It's me Dad."

"Alex listen I know a really good divorce attorney who'll represent you in your divorce." Gordon Cahill told his daughter who was stunned into silence so he added "Alex you and my grandchildren have been placed into danger too often because of your husband, don't you know that by now?"

Recovering her wits Alex answered "Dad we can talk about this some other time, right now I want to talk to my children." But her father said "No Alex I will protect you and my grandchildren if it's the last thing that I do."

"Dad I am not up to having this conversation with you right now, just put them on the phone will you?" Alex asked her father who replied "We'll be there in about twenty minutes and we will have that talk Alexandra Cahill." Gordon then hung up on his daughter.

Walker came back into the bedroom and questioned "Alex is everything okay?" Alex answered "No it's not but I don't feel like talking about it right now. I'm going to get a shower and then start breakfast for our guests."

Walker said "You go ahead and get your shower, I'll start breakfast." Alex kissed her husband on the cheek and then teased him "A man who can cook. I think that I'll hang on to you, maybe." Walker teased back "Very funny lady. Maybe I'll hang on to you instead."

Chapter Two

Walker went downstairs to find C.D. in the kitchen already cooking breakfast for everyone. C.D. told him "I just got here; Alex doesn't need to worry about cooking for everyone after what she went through. Jimmy said that he was going to bring Halston here this morning and that you can plan what to do next. Trivette told Halston everything last night and Halston said that he would speak with Gage's Captain on his and Officer Cooke's behalf. Why don't you go see if Gage and Cooke are up and about?" Walker left the kitchen to find both Gage and Cooke sitting on the couch. Walker told them "I want to thank the both of you for what you did for my wife."

Gage answered for them "You're welcome but I think that we'd better head back to Houston." Walker told them "My Captain will be coming out here in a little while and we can worry about what happens next then. Captain Halston said that he would talk to your Captain for the two of you. C.D. is cooking breakfast and he'd be offended if you two didn't stay and eat with us."

Cooke replied "We'll stay because I want to see how your wife is doing, it seemed like she was getting pretty sick, pretty often." Alex who had just come into the room said "I was and still am but that's normal. Officer Cooke and Ranger Gage I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone that I'm pregnant. We haven't announced it to our friends yet."

Cooke answered "Okay we won't, I'm just glad that you're okay." Alex said "I am now how about we go to the dining room and eat breakfast?" They went and sat down at the table and Walker insisted on serving his wife who didn't object. Walker was placing a plate of food in front of Alex when she paled and said "Walker I just realized that I was given an injection of something. My god what if they gave me something that would hurt the babies. I'll have to make an appointment with Dr. Bates so that she can run tests to make sure."

C.D. questioned "Alex honey are you pregnant?" Alex replied "Yes I am C.D., twins again. And speaking of twins I think that's my father here with our first set. Don't say anything to him about what I just told you because he's already worked up about my safety." Gordie and Liz came running into the house and started to excitedly tell their parents what all they had done. After they had told what all they had done on their trip Alex said to her children "Okay you guys settle down and eat some breakfast." Then she said to them "This is Ranger Gage and Officer Cooke, Mommy met them while you were on that trip with your grandfather."

Liz asked "Officer Cooke, are you going to be a Ranger too like my Daddy?" Cooke answered "I hope to, some day." C.D. started to say something when Alex stopped him by saying "C.D. by the time Officer Cooke becomes a Ranger you'll warm up to the idea. After all you now think that women can be A.D.A.'s, don't you?"

"I must admit that you've changed my point of view on that one honey and I guess that when Officer Cooke becomes a Ranger she'll change my mind on that one too." C.D. answered.

Gordon requested "Alexandra, can I talk to you in the other room?" Alex told her father "No you may not." A puzzled Walker asked “Is there something the matter Gordon?"

"Yes there's something the matter, you are always placing my daughter and my grandchildren in danger and I'm not going to let you do that anymore." Gordon stated. Walker very quietly answered his father-in-law "Is that so?"

Alex quickly intervened "I told you on the phone Dad that I was not going to have that conversation with you and I meant it. Now can you stay for breakfast or leave, it's your choice." Gordon sat down and said "I'm worried about you honey, you're my only child."

"I know that you are Dad and we can talk about things later, okay? But for right now I would like you to meet Officer Cooke and Ranger Gage, they helped me out last night." Alex replied and her father replied "Nice to meet the two of you but if my daughter would just come to her senses and..."

That was as far as Gordon got because Alex told him "Dad I just told you that we weren't having this conversation." Gordon then got up from the table and headed to the door as he said "When you come to your senses Alexandra Cahill you know where to find me." Wide eyed the twins looked at their father who motioned for them to finish eating their breakfast.

Chapter Three

A concerned C.D. said "Alex, honey why don't you eat some more breakfast? You need to keep your strength up." Alex however said "I don't feel like eating anymore. Walker when the children are done eating will you let me know, I'm going to call Dr. Bates." Walker nodded okay and Alex went upstairs where she called Dr. Bates and explained what had happened to her. Dr. Bates told Alex that she would be able to see her later on that day. Alex came back downstairs about the same time that Josie arrived to watch the twins. Alex told her that there was going to be a meeting at the ranch and that Josie should keep the twins upstairs during it.

A couple of hours later Captain Halston arrived with Trivette and they held a meeting to discuss what they were going to do next. Halston started it off by saying "Ranger Gage, I've talked to your Captain and I'm sorry to say that he's talking about dismissing you from the Rangers. However I told him that I would be willing to take you on if you're willing to transfer to Dallas, A.S.A.P. What do you say?"

Gage questioned Halston "What about Officer Cooke? It was my idea to blow the undercover operation, not hers." Halston answered "Her case isn't as clear cut as yours. Officer Cooke's Captain said that in his opinion that Officer Cooke wasn't cut out to be an Officer and that she should resign from the police force for the good of the department."

Gage objected "Officer Cooke is a good cop and her department was lucky to have her on its force."

Alex then questioned "If it wasn't for the both of them I would have been sold to lord knows who. If Ranger Gage can transfer to Dallas, why can't Officer Cooke become a police Officer here until she becomes a Ranger?"

Halston replied "If she's willing to relocate to Dallas Officer Cooke would then have to apply for the Dallas police department on her own because you can't transfer from one police department to the other like you can the Rangers." Cooke looked at Gage who told her "Officer Cooke I am so sorry that I got you into this but maybe it would be better if you take your chances in Dallas."

Noticing that she looked undecided Alex said "Listen I know the man in charge of the training academy for the Dallas police department and if you want me to I might be able to get you in the next class, interested?" Officer Cooke answered "I want more than anything to be a Ranger some day but right now I want to be a police Officer. Yes, I would like it if you were to put a word in for me. But in the meantime where will I stay? I don't have very much money saved up, at least not enough to go get a place just like that."

"I have an idea about that, Walker has a cabin about ten minutes from here and you can live in it while you're waiting to become a police Officer here." Alex offered and Cooke replied "Okay, I'll go back to Houston and pack my things and come back here."

Alex smiled and said "That's settled then. Walker, walk me to my car. I have to go see Dr. Bates then meet with Moody about what went on." Walker walked his wife to her car and asked "Do you want me to come with you? Trivette can fill me in later."

"I think that you and Captain Halston have to settle things between the two of you and then you and Trivette have to see to it that Gage has a place to stay until he finds a permanent place to live." Alex told her husband who asked "Why can't he stay with Officer Cooke?"

"If they stay with each other you will be the one in charge of holding the shotgun when they have to get married because they both have feelings for each other but they don't know yet if it's love or lust. They're both young and they don't need to get into things that neither one of them are ready for yet, unlike us." Alex explained then got in her car and drove away.

When Walker headed back to the house he noticed that Halston was standing on the porch. Walker asked him "Did you want something Captain?" Halston answered "For you not to kill me. Seriously Walker, is your wife all right?"

"We don't know, they injected her with something and she's going to have Dr. Bates see if it was something that could have harmed her or our unborn twins." Walker told his boss who backed up and said "I'm sorry Walker about what happened but the governor insisted that you protect Miss Summers. I promise you that he will be hearing from me about what his friend; Miss Summers did to your wife."

"Okay for now, but if it turns out that Alex was injected with something that harms the twins that she is carrying I will talk to the governor myself." Walker informed the captain who told him "If you do that Walker you'll lose your badge."

Walker growled "If my unborn children are harmed because of the governor and Miss Summers they can have my badge. Now what's going to happen to Miss Summers?"

"Probably nothing, even though she knew that they were kidnapping your wife. She'll claim that she knew nothing about the plans to sell Mrs. Walker, which she didn't as far as I know. Her plan was for them to hide your wife for a few days while you found Miss Summers, it was a publicity stunt for her new CD which by the way is called 'Stolen Love' and it's dedicated to you, as you already know. Also it's Charlie Bessemer word against hers because his partner Al supposedly hung himself at the county jail a few hours ago." Halston replied as they went back into the house.

Chapter Four

At Dr. Bates' office Alex explained that she had been given an injection of something but didn't know what it was and was worried that it could have affected her unborn babies. Dr. Bates said "There's never a dull moment for you is there? I'll have them test your blood to be sure but from what you told me whatever you were given wore off pretty quickly so most likely it won't have a long term effect. But to be on the safe side we should make your appointments every two weeks instead of monthly as they would normally be at this stage of the pregnancy. Other then your concern about the injection that you received everything appears to be fine. Your morning sickness should begin to ease up and I don't think that you should have any restrictions on the way you work. If however you start to feel anything that you didn't feel when you were carrying your oldest set of twins I want you to come see me as soon as possible."

Alex asked "What about sex? I mean I can still have it right?" Dr. Bates answered "Yes you can as long as you continue to feel okay. Mrs. Walker I really don't see you having any problems this time other than being worried about the injection that you received. I'll call you as soon as I get the results of the tests back; in the meantime try to relax."

Alex left her office and headed to her meeting with D.A. Moody and gave her statement on what had happened. Moody then asked "A.D.A Cahill-Walker, how are you feeling?"

"Okay, Dr. Bates said that my morning sickness should begin to ease up and that I could resume my normal routine." Alex answered her boss who then said "I'm glad that you're feeling okay and I need a big favor from you. Now hear me out before you answer. I need you to take over the Bayonne case from Jeff Actkins. For whatever reason he doesn't seem to want to put his best effort into prosecuting this case, he all but asked to be taken off of it. Have you've been following the case at all?"

"Yes I have, it's a tricky case but with some good hard effort it should result in a conviction. After what that man did he deserves to be in prison and not let go because he has some people feeling sorry for him." Alex replied.

"Does that mean you'll take the case? We really need to get him for what he did not just this time but for the three other times he walked because his attorney sold the jury a sob story. Alex in light of your pregnancy I wouldn't ask you to do this but with your track record I like my chances of getting a conviction a lot better than I would with any other A.D.A." Moody pleaded with Alex who asked him "What about my other cases? I don't think that I can devote enough effort to the Bayonne case and to the other cases at the same time."

Moody answered "I'll have the newest A.D.A. take them. They should be pretty easy cases for him to win and I want to see how he handles cases without any help. So A.D.A. Cahill-Walker what's your answer?"

"I want to but my children are starting school and Josie who has been taking care of them wants to wants to start going to college herself. However that's my problem and I'll find a way to work around it, so yes D.A. Moody I'd be happy to take on the Bayonne case for you." Alex told him.

"That's great and the child day care center will be up and running next week and you can simply drop your children off in the morning and they'll be taken to school from there and then returned to there each day and you can simply pick them up after work." Moody assured Alex who said "Okay that's settled then, I'll go see Jeff Actkins and get his notes and see where I'll go from there." Alex then left his office went to her office where she called up the man who was in charge of who got into the police academy and told him about Officer Cooke. He told Alex that there was an opening in the next class but that he had to meet with Cooke before he would agree to it. Alex told him that she would have Cooke meet with him as soon as she got back from Houston.

            At the ranch Halston told Walker "You bring Ranger Gage with you when you come to work so that he can sign his paper work for his transfer, which I'm going to start in motion as soon as I get back to headquarters. Now Ranger Gage after your paper work is done, you'll have a week to clear up your personal business in Houston then I'll expect you in my office ready to go to work." Halston then left the ranch as Gage said "Man your life can change so quickly."

Trivette told him "Yes it can Gage but would you'd rather be a Ranger here than not be one in Houston?" Gage answered "Here but I'm going to need a place to stay until I rent an apartment or something. Ranger Walker, is that cabin of yours big enough for two people to share?"

Walker answered "Yes it is but my wife won't allow you to stay there so I'm sure that Trivette here will let you bunk at his place." Trivette teased "Since when do you let Alex tell you what to do Walker?"

"Ever since I taught her how to shoot a gun, aren't you forgetting that she has a temper Trivette?" Walker asked his partner who replied "Well with her temper I don't know why you insisted that Alex learn how to shoot a gun, after all she already had a pretty mean right hook, not to mention the black belt that you also insisted that she earn."

"The black belt was her idea, as for the temper and the mean right hook, yes she does. So that's why Gage will be bunking with you." Walker told Trivette who sighed and said "Okay come on Gage I'll take you to my place then we'd better go to Ranger headquarters so that you can sign your transfer papers." They left the ranch and after telling Josie that he was leaving Walker headed out the door too.

Chapter Five

When Walker got to work he found a message on his desk from Alex for him to call her as soon as he got a chance, instead Walker decided to go see her while Trivette and Gage were meeting with Captain Halston going over Gage's paperwork and getting his statement on what had happened.

Walker after finding out that Alex was alone in her office entered it without a sound walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist as he asked "Come here often?" Alex startled then she told him "I swear one of these days I'm going to put some chimes or something on you so that I'll know when you're sneaking up on me."

Her husband said "Then I couldn't sneak up on you. Seriously, are you okay? What about the babies?" Turning around in her husband's arm Alex replied "I'm okay, as for the babies Dr. Bates thinks that since the injection they gave me wore off so quickly that it shouldn't have any lasting effect on them but she's running blood tests to be sure. She'll call me when she gets the results of the tests back. Just to be on the safe side my appointments will be every two weeks instead of monthly."

"What about work? Are you taking a maternity leave?" Walker questioned his wife who answered him "I'm not planning on it, at least not quite yet. Walker Dr. Bates said that I was doing well and that there was no reason why I couldn't keep on working as long as I wanted to. As a matter of fact I was assigned a new case by Moody, the Bayonne case."

"I thought you said that now the twins were going to school Josie was going to start college and look for another job? So who's going to be watching them while you work?" Walker asked her.

"The D.A.'s office is going to have a day care center right here in the building, I'll drop them off in the morning and they'll be taken to school from there and then returned.  I can pick them up after I'm done working on the days that I have to work. Any other questions Cordell?" Alex questioned her husband who wisely refrained from asking anymore. Instead Walker pulled her close kissed her then said "I'd better get back to work, see you later." Then he winked at his wife before leaving her office.

Later on that day Alex received a call from Dr. Bates who told her "Mrs. Walker, the tests showed a very slight trace of a sedative and while I can't be certain until after the babies are born I think that they weren't harmed by it." Alex replied “Okay thanks for getting back to me so quickly."

When she got home from work Alex told Walker what Dr. Bates had told her and Walker told Alex "Alex, I'm sure that they are going to be fine because this set is going to be as stubborn as their mother is and look at how stubborn you are." Alex replied "Maybe a little bit, but I still think that you are a lot more stubborn than I could ever be dear." Then she headed to the kitchen to cook dinner. After they had the children in bed Alex said "I guess that I'd better tell you what happened this morning with my father." Walker replied "Alex, he'll get over it."

"I don't think so. My father has decided that I should divorce you and he even went so far as to find me a good divorce attorney. He thinks that I'm in danger because I'm married to you." Alex was explaining when Walker told her "Your father does have a point about me endangering you. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have been kidnapped and almost sold."

Alex firmly told her husband "My being kidnapped was little Miss Summers' fault and as for me almost being sold, it didn't happen so why worry about it?" Walker however responded as he moved away from her "What about the other times you've been hurt because of me?"

"Walker, LaRue was not your fault. I was the one who brought him into our lives to begin with by being in the wrong place at the wrong time." Alex tried to assure him but Walker said "I've failed to protect you like I should have, Alex you were kidnapped because my former lover wanted me to rescue her as a publicity stunt for her new CD 'Stolen Love' which by the way is dedicated to me. How can you say that it's not my fault? Maybe your father is right and you should divorce me for your safety and the safety of the twins, both sets."

"That's not going to happen because there is no way that I'm raising your children by myself so you can get that idea out of your head. Besides the first set of twins are so stubborn that I need a hard-headed cowboy to help me out with them and I don't want to think about how stubborn this second set is going to be. No cowboy you helped make them so you are going to help raise them, end of subject." Alex informed her husband who pulled her close and teased "They didn't get any of their stubbornness from you?"

"Of course not dear, not to change the subject but Dr. Bates said that I could have sex whenever I wanted to, interested?" Alex teased Walker who replied "Did she tell you that on her own or did you ask her?"

Starting to unbutton Walker's shirt Alex said "I asked her, you know how I am when I'm pregnant. I can't get enough of you." Walker started doing his own unbuttoning as he told her "You're like that whether or not you're pregnant but I like you that way." When they were done Alex told him "That's another reason we're never getting divorced, because you are the only man who's ever pleased me like that." Walker said nothing as he picked his wife up and carried her to bed where he pleased her some more.

Chapter Six

It was now about a month later, Officer Cooke was attending the police academy and Ranger Gage had found himself a place to live. Alex however was still estranged from her father and Walker sent Gordon an invitation to dinner in Alex's name in the hopes that they could work things out because he felt that it was important that his children have a grandparent in their lives. When Gordon knocked on the door at the ranch it was opened by Walker and Gordon started to leave when his namesake spotted him and said "Grandpa, where have you been? Liz and I missed you."

Walker told the twins "Your grandfather has been very busy but he stopped by to eat dinner with us tonight." Liz then said as she took her grandfather's hand to lead him to the dinning room "Come on Grandpa, I'll show you where to sit."

After they were seated Gordon asked "Where is my daughter at by the way? The invitation had her name on it." Walker answered "In court, the Bayonne case was supposed to go to the jury today."

"The Bayonne case? Why on earth would you allow my daughter to take on that case? He's been known to make threats against A.D.A.'s" Gordon questioned his son-in-law who told him "It was her idea to take on the Bayonne case and I'd prefer not to talk about it in front of the children."

Liz then asked "Daddy, what's a Bayonne case? Why shouldn't Mommy take it on?" Walker answered his daughter "No reason honey, now you and your brother should tell your Grandpa all about kindergarten."

The twins then spent the rest of the dinner telling their grandfather about how much they liked going to the big kid school, although they still went to where the little kids were after school when their Mommy worked. After dinner was over Walker had the twins take their grandfather into the living room while he cleaned up the kitchen. Shortly after that Alex came home to see her father playing with her twins and she told him "They've really missed you Dad. So have I."

Gordon said "Thanks for inviting me out here today, does that mean you are ready to come to your senses and get a divorce?"

"I didn't invite you here today; I thought that you were here because you finally understand that Walker and I will always be together." Alex told her father.

Gordon stunned Alex by saying "The invitation had your name on it and I thought you were going to be sensible about your safety but I guess not. Furthermore the only reason Walker ever married you was because he had to. If you hadn't been in the family way back then you wouldn't be married now and you know that. Alex, honey I don't understand why you would stay with a man who places you and these children in so much danger when you don't have to be with him. Furthermore Alex how could you endanger them yourself by taking on the Bayonne case? What were you thinking? The man is known to be dangerous. Don't you care about your children at all?"

"Yes Dad, I care about my children. These two and the ones that I'm going to have but it's quite clear that you don't care about me, your daughter so I suggest that you leave and don't come back until you understand that my happiness lies with Walker and our children, present and future." Alex said as she went and held the door open.

"Future children? Are you pregnant to him again? How can you ever expect to become the D.A. if you have more children?" Gordon question his daughter who answered "Yes I am expecting, another set of twins. As for being a D.A., I have no interest in being one. I want to be what I am, a prosecuting attorney who also has a family and thanks to my husband I have that."

Heading out the door Gordon told Alex "Until someone kills you because of him, after all he let you get assaulted, didn't he? Alex please come to your senses before it's too late." Alex then slammed the door shut. When Walker entered the living room Alex said to him "Don't ever invite my father to come out here again. I don't need him telling me that I had to get married and that we would have never gotten married if it weren't for these two."

"Alex I know how much you've missed your father and I thought that the children would like to see their grandfather again. I thought that he missed you too." Walker replied as he tried to hug his wife who backed away as she told her husband "He's made his choice and he's going to have to live with it because I won't have him dismissing my love for you. If there's going to be a relationship that ends it will be the one between my father and me, not me and you. I will not have him say those sort of things to me." Alex then left the room as Liz asked "Daddy, what is assaulted and why did you let it happen to Mommy?"

Walker changed the subject by asking what the twins had done in school that day.

Chapter Seven

Alex came back downstairs and told her husband "Walker, I know that you were trying to help me and I'm sorry for the way that I jumped on you but I do not want my father coming out here until he's ready to admit that he's wrong about my safety." Walker replied "Okay, I have to go take care of the horses and clean the barn."

Alex asked "Do you want the twins and I to help you?" Walker answered "Not this time because after I've cleaned the barn up I'm going to take a ride. I'll probably be gone awhile so you'll have to put them to bed by yourself, okay?"

"Okay but there's a slight chance that I'll have to go back to court if the jury comes in with a verdict." Alex said. "Well if that happens and I'm not back yet you'll have to take them with you." Walker replied and started to leave when Alex questioned him "Honey, are you upset with me?"

Walker kissed Alex on the cheek and said "No, I'm not. I'll see you later." Then he left before Alex could say another word. Shortly after that Sydney Cooke showed up and after they were seated in the living room Alex asked her "So Officer Cooke, how do you like the police academy so far? Aren't you almost done with it?"

She answered "Please call me Sydney and yes I'm just about done. That's why I'm here, I can have a guest come see me graduate and I would like it to be you. If it wasn't for the word that you put in for me with the commander I might not have been accepted at the police academy."

"Okay Sydney and you call me Alex. I would be honored to be your guest at your graduation from the police academy. Sydney you made it into the academy on your own merits. What you and Gage did that night any self-respecting police Officer would have done, I owe the both of you. I'm just sorry that you both had to relocate because of it." Alex replied.

"I've been thinking about that and while it was upsetting at the time I now realize that I most likely would have had to prove myself all the time to my former Captain. Even though there have been female police Officers for years I think that if he could have things his way that there wouldn't be anymore females on the police force. Have you ever had that kind of trouble or was I just lucky?" Sydney said.

"Yes, a lot. There are times when I still have to prove myself to the judges although I must say that I've never had that problem with D.A. Moody. He runs the D.A.'s office so much differently than our former D.A. Clark ever did. Clark thinks the same way your former Captains does and had no problem telling me that if it wasn't for my looks I would never have won a single case in his opinion. Sydney there isn't too much you can do about people who think that way about you because no matter how good you are they will never give you the credit that you deserve. Listen to your family and friends and what you know to be true in your heart and you'll be all right." Alex answered as the phone rang.

Alex left the room to answer the phone and after she returned to the living room she said "Sydney I hate to cut this short but the jury came back and I have to go to court. Come on Liz and Gordie we have to leave."

The twins protested that they wanted to wait for their Daddy to get back from his ride and Sydney offered "Alex I don't have to be back at the academy until tomorrow morning, I can watch them here until Mr. Walker returns." Alex answered her new friend "I'd like that as long as you're sure about it." Sydney said "I'm sure; you go ahead and go to the courthouse."

"Okay, thank you but when my husband gets home please call him Walker, he goes by his last name and he doesn't like to be called Mr. Walker." Alex told Sydney who replied "Okay, I'll call him Walker then." Alex kissed her children and then left the ranch.

About an hour later Walker entered the house and said "Alex honey come here for a minute." Sydney entered the foyer and told him "Alex had to go back to court, the verdict came in. Since you weren't here I offered to watch the children for her."

"Thank you Officer Cooke." Walker told her so Sydney told him "You're welcomed Walker. Well since you're here I'd better be going." Sydney left the ranch house and Walker put the twins to bed. When Alex came home Walker was in the living room with the only the lamp on and a fire in the fireplace, Alex came into the living room and asked him "Are you okay now?"

Patting the couch so that Alex would sit down besides him Walker replied "How did the verdict go?" Alex sighed and said "Convicted on all counts." Walker pulled her into a hug while he suggested "How about we lay by the fire for awhile?"

Alex got up and turned on the overhead light as she told her husband "Walker, after the verdict was read Bayonne lunged at me before the bailiff could stop him. He started choking me while threatening me. The bailiff pulled him off of me but as they were dragging him away Bayonne screamed at me that if it was the last thing he did he would kill me." Walker got up and pulled his wife close as he told her "That will never happen, I promise you."

"But maybe my dad does have a point about me endangering my children all by myself." Alex said. Walker replied "Honey right now your father isn't thinking straight for whatever reason. You are not the one who has placed his family in danger, I have. After all I let you be hurt by LaRue, didn't I?"

Alex looked her husband in the eyes as she answered "No you didn't. Walker did my father blame you for that earlier this evening? Because if he did I'm going to set him straight in no uncertain terms."

"Alex you can't go fighting with your father about me in your condition." Walker objected so Alex told him "Oh, all right but I do think that it's time for me to consider a maternity leave from my job or at the very least reducing the hours that I'm working. That way I'll be with Gordon and Elizabeth more and won't have to worry about them being at day care so much."

"That's your call to make Alex." Walker replied as he led her to the couch so that they could sit down. After they were seated Alex took her husband's hand and placed it on her stomach as she asked "Can you feel the babies move?"

Smiling Walker held his hand there for a few minutes until the babies settled down then he suggested "Now that I've felt my babies move, can I feel their mother move?" Alex said "You are so very bad Cordell but even so the answer is yes." No more words were spoken for quite some time.

Chapter Eight

The next morning Alex mentioned to Walker that she was going to Sydney's graduation ceremony from the police academy and Walker said that he was going to go also because a former Ranger's son was graduating and that he wanted Walker to be there because Walker had helped straighten him out when he was a teenager after the death of his father. Alex said to her husband "I don't want to miss Sydney's graduation, if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have had to move to Dallas."

"Alex it wasn't your fault and from what Gage told me Sydney's old Captain is a sexist jerk and that she's better off here. However since we're both going to be going to that ceremony maybe I can talk C.D. and Trivette into watching your stubborn off-spring that night." Walker answered his wife who told him "How about I call Josie and see if she's busy first? You know Trivette has been kind of busy lately with his social life, as it were and C.D. does have his bar to run."

"Okay that might be better yet, that way we can make a night of it." Walker replied. Alex called up Josie who said that she would be happy to baby sit the twins because she had really missed them. Later on that day Alex was in her office when Walker dropped in and told her "Alex, the main speaker has been changed at the police academy graduation ceremony."

"I take it that it's now my father? Otherwise you would have waited until we were home to tell me." Alex questioned her husband who answered "Yes it is, Alex if you don't feel up to seeing your father I'm sure that Officer Cooke will understand if you can't make it."

"I want to see Sydney graduate and I will. As for my father being the main speaker, I rather doubt that he would cause a scene. Most likely he'll just act as though everything is normal while at the ceremony but once it's over he'll still feel the same way about the two of us. However like I've already said, he's made the choice not me. When he's ready to admit that he's wrong about you he can be our children's grandfather again, not until then."

Alex was able to get Josie to watch the twins that evening. As they were leaving Alex told her "We'll be back no later then eleven, is that okay?" Josie answered "That's fine, that way I can get in some studying after Liz and Gordie go to sleep. Now go have some fun."

At the ceremony Gordon Cahill made no reference to his daughter at all. After it was over Gordon made a point of avoiding Alex who tried not to let Walker know that she was upset by her father's behavior but Walker saw through it and decided that he was going to confront his father-in-law about the way he was treating his only child. As they were getting ready to leave Alex said that she had to go to the ladies room so Walker decided that he would use the men's room at the same time.

Alex was standing at the mirror trying to compose herself when Sydney entered the ladies' room and said "Alex, I'm glad that you could make it and that your father was the main speaker. Wasn't that great?"

Alex replied "I was happy to come and as to my father being the main speaker, they had to invite someone to give the speech." Sydney winced and said "He hasn't changed his mind?"

"No. I'd better be going Walker is waiting for me." Alex replied and left the ladies' room. Meanwhile in the men's room Walker spotted Gordon Cahill there and he said to him "Mr. Cahill, you can dislike me as much as you want to but I will not put up with you hurting my wife and children by not having anything to do with them."

Gordon said "I don't dislike you, what I want is for them to be safe and as long as you're in their lives they won't be. When Alex comes to her senses then I will be glad to be part of their lives again and not before then. I happen to care a great deal about them."

Walker told him "You are a very stubborn foolish man Gordon Cahill. You are throwing away the best thing that ever happened to you because you're too stubborn to admit that you were wrong. When you care about someone the way I care about my family you don't try to destroy their home. You have some nerve to say that you care for them."

Walker then left the men's room and met his wife. Gordon who had gotten mad followed Walker out and said "Tell me Walker, if you care so much about them why do you insist on placing them in so much danger? Alex has to worry about someone killing her because of you." Alex answered her father "That's quite enough, I do not have to worry about anyone killing me because of Walker, as a matter of fact I've never felt safer in my entire live." Alex then softened her tone and said "Dad for the last time please try to understand this, I love Walker and if I were to die tomorrow I would die happy because I am married to my soul mate. Walker knows me better than anyone else ever has and he feels the same way about me. Please Dad I love you but if you persist in telling me to divorce my husband you will no longer be my father. Walker is my life for however long I live."

Gordon didn't answer so Alex started to walk away when Gordon grabbed at her arm and said "Alex don't leave like this. You're my only daughter and I'm worried sick about your safety." Alex turned back to him and replied "Try not to Dad. I'll be fine as long as I have Walker by my side. I will not live a life that doesn't include him."

Just then Walker spotted someone on Alex's other side raising a gun and he shoved her to the floor as he flung himself in front of the barrel of the gun while trying to knock the gun out of the man's hand. There was the sound of a single shot and Walker dropped to the floor as Alex screamed in disbelief "Walker, no. Walker." Walker didn't move and a pool of blood formed beneath him which Alex saw right before she turned white and passed out.

Chapter Nine

At the hospital Gordon was waiting outside the room that Alex was in when Trivette and C.D. came hurrying down the hallway. Spotting them Gordon Cahill bitterly said to them "My daughter was almost shot tonight because of that man. When will she come to her senses?" Trivette started to reply when C.D. placed a hand on his arm and told him "Jimmy will you please see if you can find out how Cordell's doing?" Trivette agreed and left.

C.D. asked Gordon "Have you heard anything about Alex yet?" Gordon shook his head no as Sydney came down the corridor. She said "Mr. Parker, the Rangers have taken over the investigation and they have the shooter in custody. How's Alex?"

"We don't know yet. Please call me C.D. Have they said why the man was trying to shoot Alex?" C.D. questioned Sydney who answered "Not yet but Ranger Gage said that he would come to the hospital as soon as he could to fill Ranger Trivette in. What about Walker, have you've heard about him yet?"

C.D. replied "Jimmy just went to see if he could find anything out about Cordell." Right after he said that Gordon said "My daughter would be better off without him in her life. She was almost shot tonight because of him." As C.D. got mad Sydney answered first by saying "Mr. Cahill, I haven't known your daughter very long but I do know this; if Walker were to die a major part of Alex would die with him. Walker is everything to Alex and you had better accept that and stop trying to destroy your daughter's love for you by demanding that she divorce her husband to make her father happy because she's not going to do that. You will be the one Alex says goodbye to, not her husband."

C.D. then told Gordon "I've known Walker and Alex a lot longer than Officer Cooke has but she is right about the two of them. Alex will never leave her husband for two reasons. One, she vowed never to let her children lose their father like she did when you walked out on her and her mother. Two, and the most important reason, Alex loves Walker more than anything else in her life and that includes you and her career. Gordon you must stop this nonsense before you lose your daughter forever."

Dr. Bates came out of the room that she was treating Alex in and said "Alex will be okay, the shock of her husband's shooting was too much for her and she passed out from it. Now I want to keep her overnight for observation but Alex wants to go to her husband's bedside and wait there until he wakes up."

Sydney replied "Dr. Bates, if it's okay with you I'll go talk to Alex until she agrees to stay put. That way C.D. can find out how her husband is doing." Dr. Bates agreed and led Sydney to Alex's room where she found Alex trying to get out of bed. Sydney asked "So Alex how much you want those babies that you are carrying? Because from the way that you're trying to leave this room I wonder."

Alex glared at her and said "You know damn well that I want these babies but I have to know how Walker is doing." Sydney went to Alex and told her "I know that you do Alex but right now you can do nothing for your husband but you can protect those babies by getting back into that bed and getting some rest."

Alex got back into bed and said "I can't live without him. Oh Sydney what if?'' Alex then started crying so Sydney tried to assure her "Alex, you know how tough that husband of yours is. He'll be okay because he has to help raise your stubborn off-spring, isn't that what you've told him?"

"Yes but he's the stubborn one, not me. That man is so darn mule-headed at times." Alex replied then changed the subject "Sydney I can't stay here tonight, Josie is expecting us back at eleven. I have to go home to my children; she can't stay because she has classes in the morning."

"No you don't have to go home tonight, Alex I'll go to your house and watch them myself. Now you lie back down and get some rest. C.D. and Trivette are here and they'll let you know what they find out about Walker, okay?" Sydney asked Alex who laid back and said "Okay but they had better tell me as soon as they find anything out about my husband. If Dr. Bates doesn't release me first thing in the morning I'll simply walk out that door."

"Okay, I'll go tell C.D. and Trivette that you're staying put and to let you know as soon as they do how your husband is doing, then I'll head to your ranch to watch the twins tonight." Sydney told Alex and then left her room.

Sydney went back into the hallway and told C.D. that she was going to the ranch to watch the twins for him to call her as soon as he heard anything about Walker. That Alex had agreed to stay the night as long as they let her know about Walker as soon as they found anything out. After Sydney left Ranger Gage arrived and said to Trivette who had just returned "Can we talk somewhere else?"

C.D. told him "Just say what you have to say." Gage then said "The shooter is a Barney Millstone." Trivette said “Who’s Barney Millstone and why would he want to shoot Walker?"

Gage answered "He wasn't aiming at Walker or Mrs. Walker for that matter. He's the brother of Millicent Millstone." C.D. questioned "Who's Millicent Millstone?"

"Her full name was Millicent Millstone Makinnon until she died, her husband Mitchell Makinnon was arrested and tried for her death but was found not guilty. Barney blamed the defense attorney for his former brother-in-law getting away with his sister's murder. The defense attorney was a Gordon Cahill." Gage was explaining when Gordon said "My god he was trying to kill me." Trivette and C.D. looked at Gage who said "If it wasn't for Walker jumping in front of that gun you would be a dead man."

Chapter Ten

C.D. then asked "Did you find out how Cordell is doing?" Trivette replied "He's in surgery to repair the damage. The bullet entered his chest broke a rib and then nicked a vein causing Walker to lose a lot of blood. They were also thinking that the bullet may have ended up in his lung. The nurse said that they got to him in time and that Walker should heal from it but that they couldn't be certain until after the surgery was over. How's Alex doing?"

C.D. answered "Officer Cooke managed to talk her into spending the night; Dr. Bates said she passed out from the shock of seeing Cordell shot in front of her. Jimmy, I'll go tell Alex how her husband is so that she'll be able to get some rest. You know that she won't go to sleep until she hears about Cordell." Gordon objected "Should you tell my daughter that her husband's in surgery? That would only upset her in her condition. No I think that she should be told once she's home from the hospital."

C.D. told him “Gordon, Alex doesn't need to be lying in a hospital bed wondering if her husband is dying. Once she knows Cordell is in surgery and that he'll be okay then and only then Alex will be able to get some rest. Right now the only thing on Alex's mind is Cordell. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go tell Alex to set her mind at ease." Gordon said "Alex is my daughter, I'll tell her."

Trivette then asked Gordon "Since when? C.D. will tell Alex because Walker would want him to do that. If you want to be helpful, why don't you go get us some coffee? It's going to be a long night. Or don't you care to wait around to find out about the condition of the man who saved your life? Who just happens to be your son-in-law?"

After looking at both C.D. and Trivette Gordon answered "Yes I care about the condition of my son-in-law. I'll go get us some coffee. Ranger Gage would you mind coming with me?" Gage agreed and they left to get the coffee.

Alex looked up as C.D. and Trivette entered her room and asked "How bad?" C.D. answered "Cordell is in surgery, the bullet broke a rib and nicked a vein and they think that it ended up in a lung. The doctors think that he should be okay but most likely he's going to have to spend a few days here."

"Thank god. My husband almost died tonight because of me. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I were responsible for Walker's death." Alex said to them. Trivette told her "If it was anyone's fault it was your father's."

"What do you mean by that?" Alex questioned Trivette who told her "The shooter was trying to kill your father. His name is Barney Millstone and his sister Millicent was murdered by her husband Mitchell Makinnon. Your father got Makinnon off on the murder charges and Millstone decided to kill him for it."

"So my father who has been not speaking to me because he's decided that my husband puts me in danger is the reason my husband is in surgery to remove a bullet?" Alex questioned. C.D. answered "Alex honey, I'm sure that Gordon didn't know that someone would come after him because he got a murderer off. He did what he was paid to do."

"Whatever C.D. Thank you for telling me about Walker, now if you don't mind I would like to get some sleep." Alex told C.D. who nodded okay and then left the room with Trivette. Gordon and Gage came back with the coffee and Gordon asked "How's Alex? Do you think that she's up to a visitor? I want to tell her how sorry I am about everything."

C.D. replied “She’s okay but told us that she wanted to get some sleep. Gordon why don't you try to talk to Alex tomorrow? Tonight she's still too upset to think straight." Gordon sighed and said "I'll leave now; I know when I'm not wanted. If anything changes with my son-in-law please call me."

"We will. Gordon Alex is going to need a ride home in the morning and we'll be busy, so could you take her home?" C.D. requested.

"I will, assuming that I can get her into the car with me because I got her husband shot." Gordon said and C.D. told him "Bring Elizabeth and Gordon and she will." Gordon Cahill nodded okay and left.

Several hours later the surgeon came out of the operating room and told them that Walker would be fine but that he would have to spend the next week or so in the hospital and after that he would have a least a month or two of recovery time at home because not only had the bullet ended up in his lung but the vein that they thought had just been nicked was damaged more than they thought and had to be sutured. They he had lost a lot more blood than they had thought. The doctor told them that he wasn't sure how Walker had managed to stay alive until he was operated on. They thanked him and C.D. snuck into Alex's room and told her "Honey, Cordell is out of surgery and should recover completely but there was more damage than they originally thought so he has to spend the next week in the hospital and then take some time off work to recover at home."

Wiping a tear away Alex said "Thank god." C.D. patted her on the shoulder and then left her room as she closed her eyes.

Chapter Eleven

Alex woke up early and paged the nurse who came to her room and asked her "Is there something wrong Mrs. Walker?" Alex said "My husband Cordell Walker is in this hospital recovering from surgery last night, is there any way that you can get me an update on his condition?"

The nurse answered " Dr. Bates left instructions that if your tests came back fine, which they did we could take you to see him." Alex smiled and got into a wheelchair for the trip to her husband's room. Alex's nurse took her into Walker's room and then told her "He should be coming around soon, I'll be back in an half an hour for you." The nurse left and Alex picked up Walker's hand as she said "Cordell Honey, I'm here and I love you so much."

About ten minutes later Walker woke up and noticing Alex at his bedside asked as he winced in pain "Alex are you okay? What about the babies?" Alex answered "I'm fine, the babies are fine but you Mr. Walker will be spending the next week here. The bullet did a fair amount of damage and you're going to need some time to heal."

Walker then asked "What about the shooter, was he after me?" Alex shook her head no and told him "He was after my father and he's been arrested. Right now I want you to get some rest. I'll bring the twins by to see you later."

Gordon arrived with his grandchildren to take his daughter home from the hospital. After the twins greeted their mother Alex asked her father "What are you doing here?" Gordon answered "I'm here to take you home Alex. How's your husband doing?"

Liz asked "Mommy is there something the matter with Daddy? Miss Cooke said that you were spending the night at the hospital and that Daddy was with you." Alex glared at her father then told her children "You're Daddy was hurt last night protecting a man."

Gordie said "My Daddy is hurt? My Daddy isn't going to die, is he?" Alex replied "No sweetheart your Daddy isn't going to die but he will be spending the next week in the hospital and after he gets home you children will have to be careful how you play with Daddy. How about I take you two to see Daddy?"

Gordon started to object "Alex, are you sure that's a good idea?" Alex replied "They need to see that their father is going to be okay and I've cleared it with his doctor. After they see him for a little bit we'll go home. In a cab."

Gordon informed his daughter "I have a car and you'll ride home with me so that I can tell you how sorry I am about everything." Alex answered "I'll ride home with you but I don't want to hear a word from you about what you tried to do to my family, understand?" Gordon nodded okay and drove Alex and the twin’s home after they had visited with Walker. After seeing them into the house Gordon left because he knew that Alex wasn't ready to forgive him yet.

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