A Kidnapping

  By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex rolled over in bed to reach for her husband but found out that he wasn't there. So Alex got up and went looking for Walker until she found him downstairs asleep on the couch. Alex shook Walker's shoulder until he woke up then she asked him "Cordell honey what are you doing sleeping down here?" Walker answered as he sat up “I know that you're mad at me because I didn't take you to the opera earlier tonight like I promised you that I would do for our fifth anniversary. So I decided to sleep on the couch and save myself the trouble of having a fight with you about it." Alex sat down beside Walker on the couch and said to him "Listen, I know that you couldn't help breaking your promise to me and I wasn't planning on fighting with you about it. You must know by now that I understand that there will be times that you're busy on a breaking case and we have to change our plans because of it. We can go to the opera some other night or we can celebrate our fifth anniversary another way and I'm sure that you can figure out what I mean. Walker there was no reason for you to have slept on the couch instead of in bed with me unless.."

"Unless what Alex?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "Unless there's more to it than what you told me when you called me earlier today to cancel our plans. Is there Walker?"       

"There is and you're not going to be too happy about it, believe me." Walker answered his wife who then said "Do I have to hear the bad news tonight? Or can it wait until tomorrow?"

"Why do you want to wait until tomorrow to hear the bad news?" Walker asked Alex who kissed her husband then teased him "Can't you guess?" Walker kissed his wife back then teased her "Do you want to wait until tomorrow because you only want to think about our making love right here and now?"

Alex started removing her husband's shirt as she answered him "I don't want to think about making love with you, I want to make love to you. Interested my darling cowboy?" Walker slipped Alex's nightgown over her head as he replied "Sure am lady. What are you waiting for?"

"Nothing Cordell." Alex said and then set about making love to her husband. When they were done and lying in each other's arms on the floor Walker asked Alex "Want to do that again?"

Alex replied "No." Then she got up and quickly left the room leaving a totally puzzled Walker behind. After a few minutes when Alex didn't return Walker went looking for his wife and found her lying on the bed in the downstairs bedroom with her eyes closed. Walker shook her shoulder and then said to her "Alex honey, are you okay? Did I hurt you just now?" Alex opened her eyes and answered "No my darling, I was tired so I laid down for a minute. Was there something that you needed?"

Walker then held out his hand to her and asked "No I didn't need anything. How about we sleep in our own bed tonight?" Taking her husband's hand Alex got up from the bed and asked him as they headed upstairs "Walker, do you still want to make love again?"

Walker replied "I do if you do." Alex kissed him soundly then said "Yes." Walker shook his head still puzzled by Alex's behavior but since he could never resist making love with his beautiful wife he made love to her this time in their bed. When they were done Alex promptly fell asleep, it took Walker awhile longer to fall asleep because he was worried about the way Alex would react to his bad news.

Chapter Two

In the morning Walker reached for his wife but didn't find her there so he went looking for Alex and found her sitting on the couch deep in thought. Walker said "Hey beautiful why don't you come back to bed before the twins wake up?" Alex answered "I don't think we have enough time to do what you have in mind."

"We can make it quick." Walker told his wife who replied "No we can't, neither one of us likes it quick. Besides I really need to get ready to leave. I have to meet with the new D.A. and then I need to see about signing our children up for regular school. I can't believe that they are going to kindergarten this year."

"They'll be okay, they did pretty good at pre-school and they really like Miss Terry. By the way, when did they get a new D.A.?" Walker asked.

"You're probably right about the twins. As for the new D.A., remember I told you that the last one was just temporary until they had an election to fill the position that was held by Clark?" Alex asked her husband who answered "Well what's his name?"

"Moody, from what I heard about him he seems to be okay. What are your plans for the day?" Alex said.

"When will you be home? Don't forget that I still have to tell you my bad news." Walker asked Alex who replied "That's right I forgot about that, must have something to do with the fact that you were so good last night. I should be home about five, I guess you can tell me it then."

"Okay, uhm Alex I've been thinking that since the twins are getting ready to go to school we should talk about when we're going to have more children. What do you think?" Walker questioned his wife who smiled and told him "Maybe that's a discussion we can have after I talk to my new boss and you tell me your bad news or maybe not, we'll see."

Walker asked "What's that supposed to mean?" Instead of answering her husband Alex got up kissed him and then said "I love you dear but right now I have to get ready to leave. Can you get Gordie and Liz ready for the day?" Alex then left the room before he could answer so Walker did as she asked him to.

At her meeting Alex was impressed by D.A. Moody's knowledge of the D.A.'s office and the personnel that worked there. Moody himself was impressed by Alex's conviction rate and said to her " A.D.A. Cahill, I would like you to take on more cases if you don't mind. You have the best conviction rate of anyone that works for this office. Now before you say anything I want to start a daycare program for the staff here. We will be able to watch the children in this building before they go to school and after school if need be. So will you take on more cases?"

Alex replied "I prefer to be called Cahill-Walker when I'm at work and I was hoping to talk to you about me taking on fewer cases. I haven't been feeling well lately." Moody said "Then make a doctor's appointment and get yourself better because I really do need you to be able to handle more cases for me, mainly the higher profile ones."

"If I'm right about what I think is wrong with me I'll have to take a maternity leave not take on more cases." Alex answered Moody.

"Maybe you just have the flu or something else wrong with you." Moody told Alex who said "I have a doctor's appointment for later on today and I'll let you know after I've told Walker."

"Walker? Who's this Walker? Is he related to you?" Moody questioned Alex who answered "Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, he's my husband but please don't say anything to him about what I told you because I want to be sure that I'm pregnant before I say anything to him."

"Okay A.D.A Cahill-Walker." Moody said dismissing Alex so she left his office.

Chapter Three

When Walker got home from work the twins were upstairs playing and Josie told him "They have been a real handful today, fighting with each other all day long. I think that I need to get a different job. Bye Walker." After Josie left Walker checked on the twins and they were playing quietly in their own rooms so he went back downstairs. Walker was sitting in his living room waiting for his wife to get home when the twins came downstairs. Seeing his father Gordie asked him "Daddy, where's my Mommy?" Liz then questioned "Dad where is my mother at?" Walker answered his twins "She will be here shortly, now were you two good for 'Aunt' Josie?"

Liz beat her brother to the punch and answered "I was good but Gordie was bad, real bad. He's a bad boy." Gordie objected "Daddy I was good but sissy was being bad, she's a bad girl." Walker then questioned the twins "Okay what is bad, real bad? And what is being bad? Gordon you go first."

Gordon answered "Sissy said that I was a baby when I fell and hurt my knee, that's bad. Daddy it hurt so I cried, I'm not a baby." Liz then told her father "He was chasing me and trying to pull my hair when he fell Daddy, that's bad real bad."

"Okay you two, first Gordon you are not to pull your sister's hair, understand? Elizabeth you will not tell your brother that he's a baby, do you understand? I do not want either one of you calling the other one bad, ever. I also do not want the two of you fighting with each other anymore and upsetting Miss Josie, okay?" They both said okay so Walker told them to go to their rooms until it was time to eat dinner. Walker then told himself ' Just this morning I wanted to talk to my wife about having more children, what was I thinking?'

Alex came home a little while later and before she could tell him anything Walker stunned her by saying "Alex remember this morning when I told you that I wanted us to talk with about having more children? Well forget that I said that." Alex asked her husband "What do you mean forget that you said that? Walker, don't you want anymore children?"

Walker answered "Not right now, I think that its best we put off having any more for a few years then we can decide whether or not to have anymore children in the future." Alex then questioned her husband "Walker what did they do that was so bad you decided that you didn't want anymore any time soon?"

"Nothing really, I just think that two children are enough for now. Alex thinks about it, we already have a boy and a girl. Do we really need any more than that right now?" Walker replied causing his wife to ask him "What about the son that you wanted named for Uncle Ray and the daughter that you wanted to name Angela?"

"I do want them, just not right now. Honey can't we wait a few years before we have more?" Walker said. Alex got upset with him and snapped "No we can't." Then she went upstairs and slammed the bedroom door shut. Walker decided that since Alex was mad at him that he had better start dinner so he went into the kitchen and made dinner. As they were eating dinner Alex picked at her food so Walker told her "I'm sorry if I upset you earlier, if you want we can talk about it after the twins are sleeping."

"I don't want to talk about it later, what I want is to hear your bad news. So you might as well tell me and get it over with." Alex suggested but Walker said "I don't think so, you're pretty mad at me as it is. I tell you tomorrow."

Alex put her fork down and questioned him "What's her name? How long will you be gone? Where will you be at?" Walker answered "It's for a week and I won't be going anywhere, she’ll be staying here."

"What's her name Cordell?" Alex snapped and her husband replied "Merilee Summers, Alex I have to do this."

"Over my dead body or better yet hers. There is no way that I'll have that... that... you know what in my house." Alex responded while glaring at her husband who stated "Yes she will be staying here for a week, I've been assigned by the Governor to protect her. No one will think to look for Miss Summers here. However I want you to take the twins and go somewhere for that week."

By now furious Alex told him "I will not take my babies and leave my house so that you can protect your former lover for a week. So you had better come up with another plan." Alex then left the table leaving the children staring at their father.

Walker took care of the twins the rest of the evening and after he had put them to bed went to his bedroom hoping to talk to Alex but he found her sleeping so he went to bed himself.

Chapter Four

The next morning when Walker woke up Alex was running her hands all over his chest so he asked his wife "Alex I thought that you were mad at me?" Alex replied still running her hands over his chest "I am mad at you about that...you know what but right now I want you." Removing his wife's hands Walker informed her "We are not making love until we get this straightened out. Alex believe me when I tell you this, I have no choice in this matter. Miss Summers is a close personal friend of the Governor and he said that I had to be the one to protect her. I tried to get out of it but Captain Halston stood his ground, so it's either I protect her or I quit the Rangers. The only person that I will ever quit the Rangers for is you. Alex do you want me to quit the Rangers over this assignment?"

Alex sighed and then answered "No I don't. I guess this means that Miss Summers will be spending the week here. However let me make this very clear to you Cordell, I will not be taking my children and leaving my house because your former lover is trying to get her hands on you." Walker then asked "Don't you trust me around her Alex?"

"Yes I trust you around her but I do not trust Miss Summers around you. She hates me for taking you from her and she will do just about anything to pay me back for it. Now does she really have someone threatening her or is she lying?" Alex said.

Pulling his wife close Walker answered "I don't know if anyone is threatening Miss Summers but I can't take the chance Miss Summers is lying about being in danger. I think that it's better to be safe than sorry." Alex snuggled closer and said "Okay but I don't like it one bit."      

"I know that honey. Now I believe that you wanted to make love?" Walker teased as he began to kiss Alex but she shoved him away and bolted for the bathroom. When Alex returned looking really pale Walker said as he sat her on the bed "Here you sit down, I'll call the doctor and get you an appointment."

"I saw the doctor yesterday." Alex told her husband who then questioned her "Well what's the matter with you? Do you have the flu? If you don't have the flu what do you have? How long will you be sick?"

Alex grinned and said "About six months my darling." Stunned Walker sat down on the bed as he asked in disbelief "You're pregnant? How did that happen?"

By now laughing Alex said "Yes I'm pregnant and I think that you should know by now how it happened." Still stunned Walker said without thinking "But I'm not ready for more children. Are you sure?"

Getting upset Alex replied "Yes I'm sure and it doesn't matter whether or not you're ready to be a father again because I am having these babies." Walker could only ask his wife " Babies? How many babies?"

"Two, and I'm hoping that it's a boy and a girl again so that we can name the boy Ray like you wanted to and the girl Angela also like you wanted to." Alex replied but Walker didn't say anything so she went to the bathroom where she slammed the door shut and took a shower. As Alex was shampooing her hair Walker slipped into the shower with his wife and told her "Honey, I can't wait to be a father again."

"But last night you said that you wanted to wait for a few years and just now you said you weren't ready for more children." Alex pointed out to her husband who replied "What I said last night and a little while ago isn't how I feel anymore now that you're pregnant. What does matter right now is that my beautiful wife is going to have my babies again and I couldn't be happier about it, I swear. I don't say it nearly enough but I love you Alex. I want these babies."

Throwing her arms around her husband Alex said "I love you so much Cordell." Walker pulled his wife closer as they steamed up the bathroom. When they were back in their bedroom Alex asked "Can we hold off telling anyone until I'm a little further along?" Walker questioned "How long?"

"Just two or three weeks, I want to be sure that..." Alex was saying when she stopped talking so Walker assured his wife "Alex nothing is going to go wrong this time, I promise. However since you're the one who's pregnant, whenever you want to tell our friends is fine with me."

Chapter Five

As they were eating breakfast Alex asked "Walker what about Ranger Smiley? Why can't she be the one watching over Miss Summers?" Walker answered "Ranger Smiley transferred to Waco and the Governor told Halston that I was to personally see to Miss Summers' safety. It was undoubtedly her idea. The original plan was for as you know me to watch her here while you took the twins elsewhere. Since the plans have been changed I have to tell Captain Halston that you're not going away. Maybe once Miss Summers knows that you're not leaving her alone with me for a week she'll change her mind about being in danger."

Alex replied "I hope so but I doubt it. Miss Summers has one thing on her mind and we both know what that is. But enough about that, as you know I signed the twins up for kindergarten and I requested that they be put in different classrooms."

"Why do you want them put into different classrooms?" Walker asked Alex as Liz stuck her tongue out at her brother who then tried to pull her braids. Alex answered "That's why. Walker, what am I doing wrong? All they seem to want to do anymore is to fight with each other. Why can't they get along like they used to?"

Walker said "Honey they don't fight all the time and you aren't doing anything wrong." Then he turned his attention to the twins and sternly questioned them "Did I or did I not tell you two about fighting with each other? You two are to stop it, understand?" The twins replied at the same time "Yes Daddy."

Then Gordon said "I don't want to go to school." Elizabeth then said "I don't want to go to school either." Walker asked them "Why not?" The twins looked at each other and then Liz said "We don't want to be sent away to school, we want to live here. Daddy why do you want us to go away to school and never come back?"

Alex asked "Do you two think that your father and I are going to send you to school and never let you come back home?" Gordon answered this time "Yes Mommy at the little school Miss Terry's son Timmy told us that you were sending us away to kindergarten and that we wouldn't be allowed home until we were all grown up."

Alex assured her children "That's not the way it goes. Gordon and Elizabeth you will go to kindergarten each morning but you will also come back home each afternoon, I promise." Elizabeth then said "Then we can be good now?"

Walker questioned "Why were you being bad to begin with?" Liz replied "We thought if we were bad enough you wouldn't send us away. That you would have to keep us home with you Daddy. Timmy said that only bad kids stay home with their parents, not good kids like us." Walker just shook his head as Alex told them "Your Daddy and I will never send the two of you away so you can stop being bad, okay?"

The twins both said okay and the Walkers finished their breakfast and got ready to go to work. When Josie arrived Liz and Gordie told her that they would be good again because their parents weren't going to send them away. Josie looked at Alex who quickly explained why the twins had been bad and Josie told Alex to go ahead to work that she would be okay with the twins now that they were being good again.

At work Trivette asked Walker "So have you told Alex that she has to take her children and go away so that Miss Summers can spend the week at your ranch?" Walker answered "Yes I did but Alex refuses to take the twins and go away for a week."

"What's the matter doesn't your wife trust you with Miss Summers? Shouldn't you insist that Alex take the twins away for a week just to be on the safe side in case Merilee isn't lying?" Trivette questioned Walker who replied "Yes my wife trusts me but she doesn't trust Miss Summers and I'm not going to insist that my wife go anywhere in her condition."

Trivette asked "What condition? What's wrong with Alex?" Walker smiled and said "Nothing that six months won't take care of, twice." Trivette puzzled that over and then realized what Walker meant so he told him "I'm happy for the both of you. I can't wait to tell C.D."

Walker told him "Trivette if you tell C.D. before my wife does she'll never forgive you. She wants to wait awhile to tell our friends so you had better not say anything to C.D. or anyone else. Got that?" Trivette replied "Okay but she'd announce that you guys are having twins again soon. "

Chapter Six

Alex answered the phone to find her father on the other end "Alex, I was thinking that if you're not busy I would like to take the four of you on a little trip." Alex questioned him "When were you planning on doing this Dad?"

"How about tomorrow? Is that too soon? You told me that you didn't have any trials coming up in the next couple of weeks. Just tell that husband of yours to take some time off for a change, the Rangers can survive for a couple of days without him." Gordon Cahill replied.

"That does sound good but Walker might not be able to go because of an assignment he has coming up. However if you still you want to you can take just me and the twins on a trip. Dad let me tell Walker about it and then I'll get back to you and then we can go over your plans." Alex told her father who then said "If it's okay with you I would like to take the twins on a little shopping trip tomorrow then after that we can leave for the trip. Now Alex before you object I just want to get them a few things for school, nothing major. Believe me I know by now not to buy them expensive things, okay?"

"Okay, I'll call you back after I talk to my husband." Alex said. Entering Ranger headquarters Alex went to her husband's desk and asked him "Got a minute for me? There's something that I want to talk with you about." Trivette excused himself and went to his desk.

Alex said "My Dad wants to take us on a little trip and I think that it would be good for the twins. Now when does your assignment start?"

Walker replied "Tomorrow, when does your Dad want to take us on the trip?" Alex answered "Well he wants to take the twins shopping for a few things tomorrow and then leave for the trip right after that. Walker, I know that you don't like it when my father buys them expensive things and he promised me that he wouldn't do that this time but what's the harm in him buying his grandchildren a few things for school?"

"Okay about your dad buying them a few things for school but I won't be able to go on the trip with you and our children. As a matter of fact I have to go get Miss Summers in a little bit. I'll see you at home, okay?" Walker said to his wife who replied "Okay, I'll see you then."

After Alex left Trivette came over to Walker's desk and asked him "Are you going to tell Captain Halston that your wife refuses to leave you alone with Merilee?" Walker said "No I'm not because my wife is taking the twins and going on a trip with her father starting tomorrow. Now if you don't mind Trivette I have to go get Miss Summers." Walker then left Ranger headquarters.

Back in her office Alex called up her father and told him "Walker's okay with you buying the twins a few things for school but he can't go on the trip with us. Walker has an assignment that he can't get out of." Gordon Cahill questioned his daughter "What's so important that my son-in-law can't go on a trip with his family?"

Alex said "The Governor is insisting that Walker protect Miss Summers at the ranch starting tomorrow." Gordon asked "Your husband is going to be protecting his former lover at your home? Alex if you want I can cancel the reservations and we can go another time."

"It's okay Dad, I know that I can trust my husband and if that tramp tries anything I will break her neck when I get back home." Alex told Gordon who questioned his daughter "How will you know if she tries anything?"

"Walker will tell me. Dad, I'll see you tomorrow." Alex then hung up the phone cleared up some of her paperwork then headed home where she told the twins that their grandfather was taking them shopping and then on a trip. Alex started dinner while Liz and Gordie played in the living room.

Walker came home right before dinner was done and Liz said "Daddy, you're home." Picking his daughter up Walker kissed her on the cheek as Gordie stood shyly behind Alex's legs. Alex took her son from behind her and said "Children I would like you to meet Miss Summers, she will be staying here for a few days." Liz asked "Will Miss Summers be coming on the trip?"

Walker answered his daughter "No honey and Daddy can't go either." Gordie then asked "Why not Daddy?" Alex told her son "Because your Daddy has to do something very important for the Rangers. Now I want you two to wash up for dinner." The twins went and washed up as Walker showed Merilee the downstairs guest bedroom.

Chapter Seven

The next morning Walker explained that he was going to work at the usual time because no one knew that Merilee had left the hotel she had been staying at and he didn't want to anyone to know that he had a house guest. Walker then said to Merilee "Now Alex is going shopping with her father and the twins then they are leaving on a trip so you'll be here by yourself for several hours Miss Summers. You are not to go outside or call anyone for any reason what-so-ever, your safety depends on no one knowing that you are here. Do you understand that?"

Merilee answered "Yes Cordell I understand and I promise you that I won't go outside or call anyone." Alex just sighed and rolled her eyes. Walker then said to his wife "Alex when you leave with your father make sure that you lock the doors behind you. If anyone is watching the ranch; which I doubt I want them to think that no one is here."

Alex replied "Okay honey." Then she went bolting for a bathroom leading Liz to ask "Is Mommy sick Daddy?" Walker answered "Just a little bit honey but don't worry Mommy will feel better in no time."

When it was time for Walker to leave Alex saw him to his truck and kissed him on the cheek. Walker said as he got into his truck "I'll see you in a few days honey. I want you to enjoy yourself and not worry about what's going on here."

"I'll try but this morning sickness is going to make it hard if the trip includes an amusement park. Walker I don't want you worrying about the twins and me, we'll be fine." Alex said then backed away from the truck as Walker winked at his wife and drove away. A little while later Gordon arrived to pick Alex and the twins up. As he was telling them that he was taking them shopping and then to a amusement park Alex turned white and went running for a bathroom yet again.

When his daughter came out of the bathroom Gordon told her "Honey you don't look too good. How about I just cancel the trip?" Before she could answer the twins protested so Alex told her father "I can't do that to them Dad. Give me a few minutes and then I'll be ready to go."

Gordon suggested as he sat his daughter down on the couch. "How about you lay down here for awhile and get some rest while I take the twins shopping and then to the amusement park hotel? Now before you say anything Alex if you're feeling better tomorrow afternoon you can meet us at the hotel that we'll be staying at. I can take care of my grandchildren the rest of the day and overnight. My lady friend will be with me so she can help with them, what do you say?"

Alex still feeling queasy replied "Okay Dad but I will join you tomorrow no matter how I feel." Gordon answered "You are so stubborn. Alex, I'll understand if you can't make it. If you don't show up I'll just assume that you still aren't feeling good and that we'll see you when you feel better in a couple of days, okay?"

"Okay Dad and I believe that I got my stubbornness from my father." Alex said to Gordon who laughed and told his daughter "No you got it from that husband of yours. Here's the places we'll be at and when we'll be there, see you when you're feeling better Alex." Gordon then left with the twins.

Alex locked the door and then lay down on the couch. After Alex dozed off Merilee called someone and said to them "I'm at my lover's ranch, you know what I want you to do but there's a problem, the wife is still here. However her husband thinks she's on a trip with her father and her twins. Her father thinks she's going to join them in a couple of days if is she feels better so he won't know if she turns up missing for awhile." There was a pause then Merilee said "Okay but I don't like the idea of you kidnapping her too. My kidnapping is just intended to get me publicity for my new C.D.' Stolen love' not turn into a search for that woman." There was another pause and then Merilee replied "Okay just make sure that she's dropped off some where unharmed before her father gets back with her brats and her husbands finds out that she's missing because I want him to rescue me, not go running after his wife. If she really gets hurt and he finds out that we were involved he'll hunt us to the ends of the earth. I just want her out of the way for a few days while my Cordell finds me, then she can show up wherever."

Awhile later Alex awoke to several armed men yelling at her "Get up blondie and get moving." Merilee was saying "Please don't hurt me." One of the men motioned to the door with his gun as another man moved behind Alex who went to attack him but she fainted before she could. The man then picked Alex up and took her to the van that Merilee and the other man had gotten into. Alex was then given an injection of something and blindfolded. A couple of hours later the van was stopped and Merilee got out with the first man who told the second man "Al make sure that you keep blondie hidden at your hide out for a couple of days and then release her where she'll be found, okay?"

The second man replied "Okay Charlie."  After the first man drove away with Merilee he laughed and said to a still blindfolded Alex "Bet I can get a lot of money by having a friend of mine sell you to the highest bidder." Still groggy from the injection Alex didn't respond.

Chapter Eight

Walker returned home and found Merilee missing so he started the search for her by calling Ranger headquarters and getting Captain Halston to send Trivette to his ranch with a crime scene team. After they got there the crime scene team went over the house and the lead technician told Walker "Ranger whoever did this either entered through an unlocked door or was let in by someone. There is no sign of forced entry and the alarm was off. We found several sets of fingerprints and we'll need to compare them to you and your wife's then find out if there are anyone else's fingerprints here. We'll let you know if we find any that shouldn't be here."

"Okay keep in touch." Walker said and the crime scene team left. Trivette came out of the house and told him "Walker can I pull your phone records to see if anyone made any unusual phone calls?"

Walker replied "You mean like Merilee telling someone that I was gone and that they should come kidnap her now for publicity?" Trivette said "Something like that. Thank god that Alex went on that trip with her father otherwise she may have been kidnapped for real."

"I'll have to thank Gordon for getting Alex out of the house when they return but right now we'd better get back to headquarters and treat this like it is a real kidnapping just in case it really is." Walker told Trivette and they went to Ranger headquarters. After four hours later Walker was informed by the lead technician that a set of prints belonging to a Charlie Bessemer were found near the front door by the light switch and on the railing going down the porch steps. Trivette got on his computer and found out why Bessemer prints were in the system to begin with and to see if he could get an address for him.

Arriving at the address they were greeted by a woman who told them that her soon to be ex-husband Charlie wasn't there but that she knew where he was going to be tomorrow morning along with some tramp he was seeing at a flea bag motel. Walker and Trivette took the address that she gave them and then left her house but they did assign someone to keep an eye on her place in case Bessemer turned up there.

The next morning they went to where Charlie Bessemer were supposed to be at and after talking a hooker that plied her trade there found out that Charlie Bessemer was indeed there. Walker knocked on the door and said "Texas Rangers, open the door now." Without waiting Walker then kicked the door in and found Merilee lying on the bed appearing to be in a stupor with Charlie Bessemer heading for the window. Walker said to Charlie "You're under arrest for kidnapping." However Bessemer tried to get out the window and fell to the alley below where Trivette checked his pulse and said "He's still alive for now but he hit his head pretty good on the way down."

Walker arranged for an ambulance to take Merilee to the hospital and a separate one to take Charlie Bessemer to another hospital where he would be guarded until he came too, if he came too.

Walker and Trivette entered Merilee's room to find her with several members of the media and she told them "This is the man who saved me, my hero Ranger Cordell Walker." One of the members of the media shoved a camera in Walker's face and asked him "Are you the Cordell Walker that Miss Summers' C.D. 'Stolen Love' is dedicated to?" Merilee answered "Yes he is, he was the love of my life until she stole him away from me."

The media asked "Who's she?" Walker growled at them "No one, now leave this room now before I have security remove you. If you refuse to leave you will be arrested for hindering an investigation." After they left Walker said "Miss Summers I know that you did this as a publicity stunt and if I can prove it you will be arrested."

Merilee replied "I was kidnapped for real Cordell, hasn't my kidnapper told you that yet?" Walker answered "No because he's in a coma, lucky for you. Now since you were supposedly kidnapped from my house Dallas P.D. will be taking over your security, good bye Miss Summers."

"Cordell please don't leave me, I love you. Honey I know that the only thing keeping us apart is Cahill and those brats of hers. Please say that you want me too." Merilee begged Walker who just walked out of the room without another word while Trivette told her "Walker loves Alex as much as she loves him and you're just lucky that her father took her and the twins on a trip because if Alex had been kidnapped along with you Walker would have killed you if it caused Alex to lose the set of twins that she's carrying."

"Alex is pregnant again? What won't she do to keep my Cordell?" Merilee questioned Trivette who told her "He's Alex's Walker and you need to get a grip on reality lady. Stop chasing a man who will never be interested in you."

Chapter Nine

Walker and Trivette were in Ranger headquarters when Trivette told him "Walker your phone records show that a call was placed from your house to the flea bag motel we found Miss Summers in." Getting his hat Walker replied "I think that we'd better go ask Miss Summers why she called the motel of the man who supposedly kidnapped her."

As they were heading out the door they were stopped by Ranger Captain Halston who told them to please go into his office that he needed to talk to them off the record. A reluctant Walker went into the Halston's office followed by Trivette. After they were seated Halston told them "Ranger Walker and Ranger Trivette, we all know that Miss Summers planned her kidnapping for publicity but since she's a close friend of the Governor we can't even hint at that. At least not until we have proof of her complicity in her own kidnapping. Now here's what we are going to do about it, Ranger Trivette Bessemer has come to and I want you to interview him and see what he has to say but not quite yet. As to you Walker, I think that it's best if you have nothing further to do with the investigation. Now you two hear me out before you say anything. I want Miss Summers to think that she has gotten away with her little stunt. If you keep investigating her she'll know that we are on to her and go running to the Governor to shut down the investigation before we get enough proof to arrest her. Miss Summers is leaving town the day after tomorrow and once she's gone Trivette will interview Bessemer who should hopefully be able to tell us exactly what happened at your ranch that day.  Any questions?"

Walker asked "Well can I go join my family now?" Halston however replied "I need you to take over the Dawson case from Stark, he has a family crisis. Go meet with him and get his notes then take over the case. Now Trivette write your report on Miss Summers' kidnapping and make it appear that you think Bessemer acted by himself, okay?"

Both Walker and Trivette left Halston's office and went their separate ways although Walker wasn't too happy about being assigned to another case instead of being able to go be with his family.

Alex woke up to find herself in a small room with a bathroom opening off of it, containing only a toilet and sink. After looking around to see if she could escape and finding out that she couldn't Alex sat back down on the bed. The door opened and a young Hispanic looking woman entered the room with a tray of food. The woman was followed by a man who had a gun and motioned for Alex to step back which she did. Alex questioned him "Who are you? What do you intend to do with me?"

"Lady my name doesn't matter. As for what I intend to do with you, why sell you to the highest bidder." The man answered Alex who then said "My husband will hunt you down."

He told her "Your husband, the Ranger who doesn't even know that you are missing thanks to Miss Summers will hunt me down? I don't think so. You see we were just supposed to kidnap Summers for publicity for her new C.D. but since you didn't go on the family trip like you were supposed we took you too. Now good old Charlie my partner thinks that I'll be releasing you in a couple of days but I decided to make some more money by selling you. My friend Big J will be the one actually selling you but I get a cut of it. Now Carlita here will be seeing to it that you're okay until you're paid for. Now since Carlita needs to keep a close eye on you she will be sharing this room with you and don't bother begging her to help you, she's not exactly legal and doesn't speak English." The man then left the room locking the door behind him. Alex started to say something but Carlita quickly shook her head no while she made a motion of something crawling with her fingers. Figuring out that the room was bugged Alex sat back down on the bed. After eating Alex went into the bathroom where she became ill. Noticing this Carlita followed her in and wet a wash cloth to put on Alex's forehead, leaving the water running. Alex said "I can't believe that I'm being sold to the highest bidder, maybe I should tell them that I'm pregnant with twins and they'll let me go."

Carlita shook her head no as the bedroom door opened and the man entered the bathroom and asked them "What are you two doing in the bathroom together?" Alex replied "I was sick because of that garbage you call food. Carlita was just doing what she's supposed to do by making sure that I feel better."

The man snapped "That had better been all that she was doing because if you two think you can escape together forget it because Big J will simply cut his loses and kill the both of you." Alex answered him "Then I suggest you get me better food if you don't want me getting sick again."

"I'll be sure and tell Big J that Blondie on my way out of the door because I'm just dropping you off here to be sold." Then he left the room.

Chapter Ten

Trivette was now interviewing Charlie Bessemer and he told him "Well Charlie I think that you're going to prison for kidnapping. You do know that carries a nice long sentence, right?" Bessemer replied "It was her idea."

Trivette questioned him "The kidnapping was who's idea?" Bessemer answered "Hers, Miss Summers wanted it to be done for publicity for her new C.D. She called me to come get her after that Ranger who was supposed to be protecting her left the house."

Trivette asked "Do you have any proof? Because right now it's your word against hers and let's face most people would think that you're lying about it to get yourself out of trouble." Bessemer said "No we planned her kidnapping over dinner in a bar just outside of town, the bar's name is 'cell block'. I was sitting there minding my own business when she came in and asked how would I like to make some real money. Summers then showed me a pile of cash and told me that there was more where that came from. After I agreed to 'kidnap' her Summers then told me that she would be staying at some Ranger's ranch and that after he left for work she would call me to come and get her."

Trivette said "That's not proof, sorry Charlie it looks like you're taking the fall for this by yourself." Trivette started to leave the room when Bessemer asked "What about the Ranger's wife? If I tell you where my partner Al is hiding her at until after Summers leaves town will you make a deal with me?"

"What wife? The Ranger's wife went on a trip with her father and children. Try again." Trivette questioned Bessemer who told him "No she didn't and I'm not saying anything more until we have a deal."

"Okay I'll go talk to my Captain and see what he says." Trivette told Charlie Bessemer and then hurried to Ranger headquarters where he explained to Captain Halston what Charlie Bessemer had told him. Deciding that they couldn't take the chance that Bessemer was lying to save his skin the two of them went to D.A. Moody and explained to him what was going on.

Trivette entered Bessemer's hospital room with D. A. Moody who said "My name is D.A. Moody and I'm willing to let you plea to lesser charges if you can lead us to Alex Cahill-Walker; that is if she's really missing. If however we don't find her where you claim that your partner has her you will be charged with kidnapping. Now start talking."

"When Summers called me up she told me to come get her but there was a problem because the wife was still there instead of leaving on the trip like she was supposed to. Miss Summers then told me that the Ranger thought his wife was with her father and that the father thought his daughter would join then in a couple of days, that no-one would know that she was missing for awhile. I agreed to kidnapping the woman but only because my partner Al said that he had the perfect place for her until it was safe to let her go where she would be found, he has this hide-out. Miss Summers said that was okay because she wanted the Ranger to come looking for her not be worried about finding his wife. Now according to our plans Al should be letting the Ranger's wife go either today or tomorrow." Bessemer explained.

"We need the place where Al is hiding out with Mrs. Walker and she had better not have been hurt." Trivette told Charlie Bessemer as he handed him a pad to write the place down on. Leaving the hospital room Trivette met Halston in the hallway with the address and asked the captain "Are you going to tell Walker about this?"

"Let's just go there and see if Walker's wife is there first. If we don't find her there we know that Bessemer was lying." Halston told Trivette and they went to where Bessemer had told them that Al was hiding out with Alex. Kicking in the door they found Al there all right but no Alex so Trivette asked "Where is she at?"

Al laughed and told them "Why I imagine that Big J has sold her by now. Good luck finding her." He was hauled off to headquarters but refused to say anything more. Trivette told his boss "Captain Halston, you have to let me tell Walker this."

Halston replied "I assigned Walker to protect Miss Summers even though he wanted no parts of it. I have to tell Walker that his wife is missing and may have been sold because of my insistence that he protect Miss Summers at his ranch."

"Captain no one is supposed to know this yet but Alex is pregnant with a set of twins. Please let me tell Walker about what happened to his wife because if you tell him he might do something to you that he'll regret. I'll go out to the ranch with C.D. and we'll tell him together. Then we can hopefully trace Al's movements and see where he may have taken Walker's wife to." Trivette told Captain Halston who after thinking it over replied "Okay, Walker might hit me first and think later because it is my fault that his wife is missing. You and Parker go out to the ranch and tell Walker what is going on. In the meantime everyone here will be working this case. I'll have Dallas P. D. issue a warrant for Miss Summers' arrest because there is no way that I'll allow her to get away with this." Trivette nodded and left Ranger headquarters went to C.D.'s and explained to him what had happened. After getting over the shock C.D. agreed to go to Walker's ranch to help Trivette when he explained to Walker that Alex was missing.

Chapter Eleven

Trivette got out of his car at the ranch and asked "Are you ready to do this?" C.D. answered "No but the sooner we tell Cordell the better." They then went into the house where they found Walker cleaning up. Walker asked them " Don't you two know how to knock? Were you both born in a barn?" C.D. took a deep breath and then said "Cordell we need you to sit down while we explain something to you."

Not liking the way C.D. was acting Walker went into the living room where he sat down on a chair while C.D. and Trivette sat on the couch. Trivette then said to his partner "Walker, I don't know how to tell you this but Alex didn't go on that trip with her father and the twins." Walker replied "You're wrong Trivette, Alex went on that trip otherwise she would have been here when Miss Summers had herself kidnapped."

Trivette told him "She was, Walker Miss Summers told her kidnappers that they should take Alex and hold her for a couple of days and then release her where she would be found." Walker broke in to ask "Trivette that can't be right, Gordon would have called me by now to ask about his daughter."

"If he knew that she was missing which he didn't. Listen Bessemer said that Merilee told them that no one would notice that Alex was missing for several days because Gordon thought she was here with you and you thought that she was on the trip with him and the twins." Trivette explained to Walker who said "I'm going to call Gordon and prove you wrong."

"Walker think about it, if Alex was with her father do you really think that she wouldn't have called you at least once to see how you were doing?" Trivette asked.

Walker didn't answer instead he called the hotel that Gordon was at and told his father-in-law " Gordon it's me Walker put Alex on."

Gordon replied "Walker isn't she there with you? I told Alex that she could join us in a couple of days if she felt better, that if she didn't join us I would know that she still wasn't feeling good." Walker didn't say anything so C.D. took the phone from him and said "Gordon we think that Alex may have been kidnapped."

"What do you mean kidnapped? Where is my daughter at?" Gordon demanded to know but C.D. could only say "We don't know, now Gordon we don't think that the children should know what is going on so could you please not let them know anything?"

Gordon said " Okay we'll finish out the trip and by the time I bring my grandchildren back home Walker had better have found my daughter. How could he protect his former lover at his home risking my daughter's life? If my daughter has been hurt in any way I will hold Walker responsible and see to it that Alex leaves him for her's and the twins' sakes. I will not have them placed in danger all the time because of him." Before C.D. could answer that Gordon hung up the phone.

Back where Alex was being held the door of the room opened and a man entered with another man who after looking Alex and Carlita over asked the first man "How much for the both of them? My boss likes variety."

"Five million for the blonde but the other one is just an illegal, why would you want her for your boss?" The first man asked the other who answered "Because he likes to treat some of them very rough if you know what I mean but the blonde one he'll want to keep around for awhile, that way he gets pleasure both ways."

"Okay but since you want to add the maid and it's going to take me awhile to replace her make it six million and we have a deal." The second man agreed by saying "Okay six million it is, now let's step into the other room while I pay you." Before he left the room the second man nodded to Carlita who whispered to Alex "Follow my lead and no matter what happens don't stop or look back." Alex nodded okay.

About a minute later Carlita opened the door and motioned for Alex to follow her which she did. In the main room the first man said "This isn't real money," The second man said "I know it's not Big J but I'm not here to pay you, I'm here to take your ladies." Then he kicked Big J in the stomach as Carlita raced for the door followed by Alex. Just outside the door a car pulled up with three men in it and they got out. Carlita yelled to Alex "Get in the car while I hold them off."

Alex got in the car and found a gun laying there so she got out of the car and fired it into the air while saying "On the ground now." One of the men laughed so Alex shot him in the leg and the other two got on the ground about the same time the second man came running out of the house. Alex got in the back seat while Carlita got into the driver's seat as she told the man "Get in the car before more of his goons get here."

They then flew down the highway while Carlita told the man "Gage, this is some Ranger's wife, lady this is Ranger Gage." Alex replied "My name is Alex Cahill-Walker and I'm the wife of Ranger Walker of Company B. based in Dallas. Who are you Carlita?"

"My name is Sydney Cooke and I'm currently with the Houston police department but I hope to be a Ranger some day. How are you doing? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Cooke answered Alex who said "No I'm okay but I need to call up my husband and tell him that I'm on my way home. Hand me a phone will you?"

Gage asked "Sydney, why do you want to take her to the hospital? Did they hurt you Mrs. Walker?" Alex replied "No they didn't hurt me but officer Cooke is worried because I'm pregnant with twins. Please just take me home, I live outside of Dallas on a ranch."

Gage said "Okay we'll do that. Here Mrs. Walker take my cell phone so that you can call your husband." Alex took the cell phone and called Walker "Walker, it's me Alex. I was rescued by some people and I'm on my way home."

"Where are you at Alex?" Walker asked and not knowing the answer Alex handed the phone back to Ranger Gage who said where they were at and that maybe Walker could come meet them at the rest stop on the highway because they were low on gas and might not be able to get Alex home safely. Walker hung up and told the others "Alex has been rescued and I'm going to meet the people who rescued her at the highway rest stop, they're running low on gas."

Trivette said "I'm going with you Walker." They left C.D. there to call Gordon and explain that Alex had been found and was on her way home.

Chapter Twelve

Sydney looked in the rear view mirror then stomped on the pedal as Gage asked her "Cooke, what's the matter?" Sydney answered "I think that's them gaining on us and we're almost completely out of gas."

"Okay try to make it to the rest stop just ahead and if no one is there to help us we can hold up in one of the rest rooms and hope that either her husband arrives or help does." Gage said as the car started making noises because by now it was running on fumes. When they got to the rest stop it was deserted so Ranger Gage told Alex "Mrs. Walker, I want you to go into the ladies room and stay there, understand?"

"I will not go hide out in a ladies room while you risk your lives trying to save mine." Alex replied but Sydney pointed out "Mrs. Walker you can't risk your unborn twins. Gage and I will hold them off until your husband gets here. Now please go into the ladies' room."

Alex headed to the ladies room as the other car pulled in and Big J got out with two other men. The three men pointed their weapons at Alex and her rescuers as Big J yelled "Hold it right there before I shoot Blondie."

Alex looked at him and said "You even think about shooting me and my husband take you out in a heartbeat." Big J laughed as he reached for her "Yeah right lady, there isn't anyone here but us." Before he knew what was happening Big J was laying face first on the ground with a gun held to the back of his head while someone told him "Make a move and I'll blow your head off." Meanwhile Trivette, Gage and Sydney were subduing the others. After they were all secured behind one of the building Walker took Alex to his truck and then said to his wife's rescuers who had followed him to the truck "Thank you?"

"I'm Gage out of the Houston Ranger office and this is officer Cooke from the Houston police department. Do you mind if we go to your ranch right now?" Gage answered and Trivette questioned him "What about them? Shouldn't we call the cops for them?"

"We will after I talk to my captain but for now can we please go to your ranch? I need to figure out what to do next." Gage again asked so Walker replied "Okay but you two will have to share the backseat with Trivette unless you want to ride in truck bed."

"Walker, I owe my life to officer Cooke. She can ride in the front with me and you instead of being crammed in the back seat between Trivette and Ranger Gage." Alex told her husband who opened the truck doors and they got in and drove off.

At the ranch they were getting out of the truck when C.D. came hurrying out of the house holding a cordless phone and saying to the person on the other end "She's right here." Then he handed the phone to Alex and told her "It's your father."

Alex took the phone and said "Yes Dad, I'm fine." Gordon then informed his daughter "Alex I'm cutting the trip short and bringing the twins home tomorrow and when I get there we are going to have a long talk about the safety of my grandchildren and my daughter." Then he hung up before Alex could say anything else. C. D. told her "You go ahead in the house honey and sit down, I made you something to eat."

They went into the house where they sat at the table as Walker introduced Gage and Cooke to C.D. who told them "Thank you for bringing Alex back to us."

Cooke replied "We were just doing our jobs." Gage then said "I don't want Big J or any of his men knowing that I'm a Ranger and that Cooke is a police officer, it will blow the undercover operation that we were a part of."

Trivette questioned him "But didn't you blow it by rescuing Alex?" Gage answered "Maybe not because I let Big J think that I was stealing them not buying them. We know that he's involved in the disappearance of several women and that he's also involved in smuggling illegals across the border. My captain will probably be mad at me but once I knew that it was a Ranger's wife that was to be sold I have to do something to get her out of there and quickly. So I'd better head back and explain things to him in person."

Walker told him "That can wait until tomorrow, tonight get some rest. Gage If your captain gives you any problems put him in touch with me and I'll straighten him out." Alex then said "Ranger Gage and officer Cooke if you need a place to stay tonight we have two guest bedrooms, Walker can show them to you."

Alex got up from the table and started to the steps as C.D. said "I'll show them the rooms Cordell, you see to it that Alex gets some rest." Walker agreed and went upstairs with his wife. Walker and Alex went into their bedroom and closed the door behind them.

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