Alex's Abduction

By Katie 59

Walker entered Alex's office and asked his wife "You got a minute?"

For a handsome cowboy, sure do. What do you want?" Alex answered her husband.

"Well I wondering tonight after Angela's asleep, what you would think about a late night dinner and then us spending some quiet time together?"  Walker asked Alex who smiled and answered him "sounds good to me."

"Okay, I'll see you later."  Walker told her and then left her office.

After putting Angela to bed Alex looked at the clock which read ten o'clock at night and wondered aloud "Where are you Walker?" Alex knew that he wasn't still at work because she had called there earlier in the evening looking for him. Alex then went up to her bedroom to wait for her husband because she knew that when he had asked her about spending some quiet time together he was really talking about a lovemaking session, something that he was pretty good at.

Pulling back the covers Alex looked at the clock one last time to see that it was now going on midnight and got into bed where she fell asleep after tossing and turning for awhile. About One o’clock in the morning Walker entered the bedroom and tried to get quietly into bed with his wife but he woke her up. Alex turned on the her bedside lamp and asked him "Walker, what time is it?"

"About one in the morning. Alex, did Angela go to sleep okay?" Walker asked Alex.

"Where were you at?  Why didn't you call me?  Why did you come home so late when we had made plans?" Alex demanded of Walker because she was upset with him for messing their evening up.

Leaning over her and turning off the lamp Walker said "I'll tell you tomorrow." Protesting Alex said "I want to know now, not tomorrow." Quieting his wife with a long deep kiss Walker asked "How about we get some sleep?" pulling him closer Alex said "Much, much later." Smiling Walker said "Okay." Then they made love.

Chapter Two

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Alex said to her husband "Walker, you said that you would tell me where you were last night and why you were so late."

"I ran into someone that I once knew and they needed my help so I helped them." Walker answered her.

Alex then asked him "Who was it?"

After taking a deep breath Walker answered his wife by saying "Do you remember Merilee Summers, the singer who's ex-husband had been stalking her?"

Quickly getting mad Alex snapped at him "Yes the one you fell for."

Realizing that he had just upset Alex, Walker said "That was a long time ago honey. You know that Alex."

"What kind of help does she need from my husband that she couldn't get from anyone else?" Alex questioned him.

Not liking the tone of her question Walker snapped back "The kind that she needs my help with, okay?"

"You still haven't answered me Walker." Alex pointed out. Walker quickly changed the subject by saying "Aren't you supposed to be going to the airport to pick up your father so that he can see his only granddaughter?"

"Fine Walker, don't answer me. Come on Angela, how about we go pick up grandpa?" Alex said as she got up from the table and picked Angela up.  As they were leaving the room Alex stopped and asked him "Will you still be here when we get back?"

"Yes,  I’ll be here.  There's something that I want to talk with you about. Now Angela be a good girl for mommy." Walker said as he went over and kissed Angela on her cheek. They then left the house.

Chapter Three

Several hours later Alex returned home with her father Gordon Cahill. After Gordon greeted his son-in-law Alex told her daughter "How about we go show Grandpa his room?"

Interrupting her Walker said to his daughter "Angela you go show Granpa his room, okay?"  Realizing that Walker wanted to talk to Alex, Gordon took Angela's hand and they left the room.

After they had left the room Walker turned to Alex and told her "Merilee has been receiving some threatening letters and I’ve agreed to go on a couple of tour stops with her until I can figure out who is threatening her."

A stunned Alex objected "Why you. Can't anyone else go?"

"Alex I gave her my word that I would get to the bottom of it for her.  She needs my help." Walker responded.

"Fine keep your word to your old flame but not to me. Since you'll be busy with your Merilee, I'll take our daughter to the amusement park with my father." Alex snapped at her husband.

"Alex, please don't be like that. I’m just doing my job, nothing else. You have to know that by now." Walker said to Alex.

Swallowing her objections because she trusted her husband to be faithful to her Alex asked him "Well, when are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow afternoon. Alex, you know that she doesn't mean anything to me, don't you?" Walker said to her.

"She'd better not. Not if you know what's good for you cowboy." Alex told Walker who kissed her on the cheek and went to tell Angela that he had to go away for a few days.

The next day while they were going through the amusement park Gordon noticed how dejected Alex looked and told her "Honey, I can take care of my granddaughter by myself. Why don't you go home and see that husband of yours off ?"

Hesitating Alex asked her father " How will you and Angela back home to the ranch?"

"Jimmie is right here with Erica and their son, I'm sure that they will ride us home later." Gordon answered his daughter.

Trivette said to Alex "We'll see them home safely, go on now." After giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek Alex left the park.

Chapter Four

The next morning Gordon awoke to his granddaughter crying for her mother. Wondering why Alex wasn't seeing to Angela, Gordon got up and went looking for his daughter. When he couldn't find Alex he fed Angela some breakfast and then called Trivette to see if Alex had been called into work. Trivette told Gordon that Alex hadn't been called into work and that he, Trivette would come out to the ranch.

On the way there Trivette spotted Alex's car by the side of the road, the driver's door was opened but there was no sign of Alex. Once Trivette got to the ranch he took Gordon aside and told him what he had found on the way to the ranch. Then Trivette asked him " Do you think that Alex went off with Walker?"

"And leave her daughter here without telling me? No way." Gordon replied.

"That's what I thought too, but I was hoping that the answer was that easy. I know that Alex wouldn't do something like that. By the way, do you know where Walker's at? Alex didn't say yesterday." Trivette asked and Gordon answered him " Off protecting some singer that Alex doesn't like. A Merilee Summers I believe. Alex wasn't very happy about it. That's why I had her leave yesterday so that she could make things right with her husband."

Trivette whistled and then said "Walker's crazy. If I even thought about protecting an old flame of mine Erica would have my head on a platter. I'll make some phone calls, can you watch Angela?"

After Gordon agreed Trivette called Sydney and Gage out to the ranch. Then he had the crime scene team go over Alex's car. They said that it looked like someone had been dragged away from the car. Trivette told Sydney and Gage to put on hold for now the serial rapist investigation and instead look into Alex's disappearance. That he was going to personally go and get Walker from where ever he was with Miss Summers.

Chapter Five

It took Trivette several days to locate Walker because Marilee’s publicist at first refused to divulge where she was at, claiming that she was worried about Marilee’s safety. Sydney and Gage had come up with no leads what-so-ever on Alex's disappearance so Trivette told then go back to work on the serial rapist case. Trivette went to where Walker was to get him to come back to Dallas so that he could lead the search for his wife Alex.

Sydney and Gage were leading away the main suspect in the serial rapist case when Sydney heard a muffled cry from the back bedroom and entered it. Gage asked "Sydney, what is it?"

A very shaken Sydney called back to him "Gage, stay out there but toss me your jacket."

Gage asked "Who is it Sydney?"

"Gage, please just stay out there, it's Alex. She's been hurt by that animal. Call for an ambulance, okay?" Gage quickly tossed his jacket in the room and Sydney said to Alex who was moaning in pain and only half-awake "Just hang in there Alex, help is on the way." Then Sydney untied Alex from the bed while she threw Gage's jacket over Alex's lower half. A still out of it Alex then began asking for Walker "Walker, where are you? Help me please, he's hurting me."

Sydney said to Alex "An ambulance is coming to take you to the hospital."  The ambulance came and they took Alex to the hospital.  Gage called Gordon and told him to get to the hospital because they had found Alex and she was on her way there. Having no one to watch Angela, Gordon took her to the hospital.

Trivette in the meantime had finally gotten ahold of Walker. Wasting no time Trivette said to him "Walker, you have to come back to Dallas with me right now."

"Why?" Walker asked but before Trivette could answer his phone rang "Trivette, what's up?"

"Oh god no. I'll tell him." Trivette said and Walker realizing that something serious was wrong let Trivette lead him aside. Trivette said to Walker. "That was Sydney, she and Gage just found Alex."

"What do you mean, they just found Alex?"  Walker asked Trivette who said to him "Alex has been missing ever since you left town and Sydney and Gage found her while working on another case. Just get in my car and I'll explain on the way to Dallas. "As they were getting into the car Merilee asked "But what about me Walker?  You promised to protect me."

Walker answered "I’ll assign one of my best men to the case, I was going to do that as soon as we reached Waco anyway."  They got into the car and drove off. Trivette explained "The last time Alex was seen was at the amusement park when Gordon insisted that she go back to the ranch to make things right with you."

"Trivette, what happened to my wife?" Walker snapped.

"Sydney didn't say much, only that Alex had been hurt and they were taking her to the hospital and that you should get there right away. "Trivette answered and the rest of the trip was spent in silence because there was no way that Trivette was going to tell Walker that Alex had been raped and Walker wasn't about to ask exactly how  his wife had been hurt.

Chapter Six

They finally arrived at the hospital and Gordon was holding a very fussy Angela in his arms. Spotting her father Angela yelled "daddy, daddy." Taking his daughter from his father-in-law Walker asked the others "where's Alex?  Is she okay. What's happened to my wife?"

After they looked at each other for awhile Gordon looked at Walker and said "the doctor hasn't said anything yet, she said that she had to wait for Alex's husband to get here and that's you I believe.  As to what's happened to my daughter, you were the last one to see her, weren't you?"

Just then Dr. Bates came out into the hallway and said "I see that her husband is finally here. If you would please follow me Mr. Walker."  After Walker handed Angela to Gordon, Dr. Bates led him into the room Alex was in and said to him "your wife has some cuts and bruises but that's not unexpected in cases like this. She also has a possible concussion and that's also not unexpected. Now Mr. Walker, we were unable to give your wife a morning after pill because you weren't here to consent to it. Any questions?"

Walker blurted out "a morning after pill, for what?"

"Mr. Walker, your wife was the victim of a prolonged sexual assault. Her cuts and bruises will heal in time as for the rest of it she will need some time to recover from it, preferably at home. If all goes well I'll release her in the morning. You may stay with her for awhile." Dr. Bates told Walker and then left the room. A sickened Walker sat beside Alex's bed while silently vowing to do whatever he had to help her recover from being attacked in that manner.

Alex awoke and removing her hand from Walker's and said to him "you can stop pretending that you care for me. I know the truth now. That it's Merilee that you really want."

Stunned Walker asked her "what are you talking about Alex?  You know that it's you that I want and no one else."

Looking her husband straight in the eyes because they never lied to her Alex answered somewhat bitterly "I was fool enough to leave the park early to come home and see you off. To tell you that I believed in you and that I knew that you were only doing your job and what do I see?  You on our couch with your shirt undone and your little Miss Summers on top of you kissing you on the chest. Damn you Walker, I thought that you loved me."

" Oh god no. Alex, listen that isn't what happened. Yes, she was kissing me but I thought that it was you, I was remembering our late night together. Merilee surprised me asleep and at first I thought that it was you. When I realized that it wasn't I set her straight. I told her that I was a very happily married man, that I was completely in love with you. It’s you that I love Alex. It will always be you." Walker explained to his wife who questioned him "are you telling me the truth?"

Looking into her eyes Walker answered "I would never lie to you. You are my wife and my life." Then changing the subject Walker asked her "now our daughter is waiting with your father, are you up to seeing them? Your father won't ask about what's happened and Angela has been asking for you."

"Okay, but just for a little while." Alex agreed so Walker brought them in.

Chapter Seven

Alex was released from the hospital the next morning and Walker took her home. Several days later Walker was driving Gordon to the airport and Gordon said to him "Walker, if there's ever a time that Alex needs me call. I'll drop whatever I'm doing and get on the next plane."

Walker answered his father-in-law "if ever Alex needs you I will call you. Gordon, I'll will never let Alex be hurt like that again. You have my word on it." Walker dropped Gordon off at the airport and returned home. When he got there he found Alex and Angela taking a nap in the master bedroom. Walker took his daughter and placed her into her bed, then he returned to the master bedroom.  Alex was having a nightmare and she was calling out for him in it "Walker, where are you? Why aren't you helping me?  Please help me, he's hurting me. Walker I need you." Alex then woke up and got up from the bed as a sickened Walker stood there as he realized that Alex had been calling out for his help while he was off helping Merilee. Walker blamed himself for the attack on his wife. Alex left the bedroom and went downstairs. Walker followed her and said "Alex I have to know what happened to you."

Alex answered him "You know what happened to me."

"Please tell me, I'm your husband." Walker pleaded.

Going into the living room Alex agreed by saying " Okay, it'll come out at the trial anyway." When Walker went to sit on the couch next to his wife she told him " No, sit over there on the chair so that I can see your eyes while I tell you." Walker sat on the chair and Alex took a deep breath and said "that day when I came home and found Merilee on top of you kissing your chest I fled the house not paying attention to anything because I was afraid that I was losing you to her again. It was more than I could bear. As I was driving away from the house I had a flat tire, after I had changed the tire and put the jack back into the trunk was when he grabbed me. I hadn't even noticed that he was there because I was so upset by what I had seen in our house. He knocked me out. When I came to, he was already assaulting me. I fought back but he knocked me out again. When I came to again I was tied to the bed and my skirt and panties were gone and my blouse had been ripped open. He raped me at least once more that I can remember but I don't know if he raped me anymore than that. My head hurt so bad and everything was so hazy. The next thing that I remember is Sydney telling me to hang in there. After that I remember coming to at the hospital with you sitting by my bed holding my hand. So, do you still want to be my husband or would you prefer Merilee as your wife?"

Taking her hand Walker kissed it and said "no Alex, I will always want to be your husband. I love you. I've never loved her the way that I love you. I'm so sorry about what happened with Merilee. I didn't realized that you had seen that and I hope that someday you can forgive me for not being there when you needed me the most."

"I love you Walker, there's nothing to forgive. I'm just going to need some time, okay?" Alex answered him.

"Alex, if it would make you more comfortable I can sleep down here." Walker said to her and she asked him "do you want to sleep down here because of what's happened? Do you blame me?"

Walker quickly said "no honey, I do not blame you but Dr. Bates said that you might need to sleep in a separate bed from me for awhile. I just want to make sure that you're okay with us sharing a bed."

Walker, I need to know that you still care about me and that you still want to share a bed with me even though I'm not ready for anything else." Alex explained to Walker.

Walker answered "I love you Alex, that will never change."

It was now a month and a half later. The rapist had pled guilty because Walker had gotten to him and told him that if he ever saw him on the streets that he would be a dead man because Walker would kill him.  The rapist Michael Rappaport had also been tested for AIDS and it was negative. Alex was beginning to desire Walker who wanted her but didn't want to rush her. One night after Angela was asleep Alex asked him "Walker, how about we spend some quiet time together?"

Walker asked her trying not to appear too eager "Are you sure?  I can wait until you're ready."

Pulling him close Alex said "I'm sure and I can't wait any longer." then they made love.

Two months later Alex was having a checkup and Dr. Bates told her "well Mrs. Walker, you're pregnant."

"How far along am I?" Alex asked her.

"About three and a half months. You're too far along for an abortion if it isn't your husband's" Dr. Bates told Alex who said "no, I would never do something like that. There's a chance that the baby is Walker's."

Later on that night after Angela was asleep and they were in bed Alex took Walker's hand and said to him "In a little under six months Angela is going to have a baby brother or sister."

A stunned Walker blurted out "Am I the father?"

"I don't know but I hope so because I am going to have this baby." Alex answered her husband who removed his hand and said to Alex "I hope that I'm the father too. We'll talk about this tomorrow, good night." then he rolled onto his side away from her and went to sleep.

They never talked the next day about the baby so Alex gave Walker some time. When Alex noticed that Walker showed no interest in the baby what-so-ever she confronted him "Walker, I'm hoping that in time you can bring yourself to love this baby like I already do. I know that this is hurting you but I love this child as much as I loved Angela when I was carrying her. Walker, this is an innocent little baby who could be yours; just think about that will you?"

"Alex, after the baby is born I want a blood test taken so that I will know whether or not the child is mine." Walker informed his wife who agreed praying that Walker would come to love the baby, no matter who had fathered it because it was her baby and she loved it. Alex did everything to get the baby's room ready by herself. Walker showed no interest in the pregnancy. He stopped making love with her once she started showing. Finally one night unable to take his dis-interest anymore Alex asked her husband "Walker, do you want me to go away with my unborn baby?  Do you want a divorce?"

Grabbing her to him Walker answered "God no. Alex I love you. I just need some more time is all." Then he kissed her on the cheek and said "don't worry, it's not good for you in your condition.  Everything will be okay after the baby is here, I promise."

Chapter Eight

After Alex asked him if he wanted a divorce Walker made an effort to be nicer to her but he still showed no interest in the baby. One day about a week before Alex's due date the Walkers along with Trivette was who visiting with them for the day were out walking in a field near the edge of the Walker ranch when a fog bank appeared out of nowhere and swallowed them. After they exited the fog bank Alex, Angela and Walker were in front of a little cabin, Trivette was nowhere to be found. Alex told Walker that she was feeling tired so all three of them entered the cabin and Alex sat down on a cot that was in there. A woman came in and without thinking Walker grabbed her and the woman yelled out "Sully."  Walker quickly released her and said "I'm sorry ma'am." Just then a man wearing only buckskin pants entered the cabin and went to the woman and asked her if she was all right, after she nodded yes the man turned to Walker and asked "Who are you?  What did you do that caused my wife to cry out?"

"I'm sorry about that. My name is Walker and this is my wife Alex and our daughter Angela." Walker answered him as Alex grabbed her stomach and said "Walker,  I think that I'm in labor." The woman went to Alex while the man said to Walker "That's my wife Dr. Quinn. I'm Sully. She'll take good care of your wife, don't worry."

"Sully please go and make me a litter to take her back to the homestead on." Dr. Quinn asked her husband who left the cabin. Walker picked up Angela and held her while Dr. Quinn attended to Alex.

Sully came back fully dressed and Dr. Quinn took charge by having Walker place Alex on the litter and then had Sully and Walker carry it back to the homestead. She picked Angela up and Walker asked her "look, why don't you just call an ambulance?"  Not knowing what he was talking about they went to the homestead and Walker noticed that they were dressed in clothes that were in style about a hundred years ago.

Once they got to the homestead Alex's water broke and Dr Quinn had Walker carry Alex up to a bedroom. When Walker came back downstairs Sully said "I can watch your daughter for you if you want to be with your wife as the baby is born."

Walker declined saying " No, I'll stay down here with my daughter."

Several hours later Dr. Quinn came back down and taking Walker aside said to him "Mr. Walker, you have a healthy baby boy. Both your wife and son are doing fine. Now, I don't think that your wife should be moved tonight so you can stay here. Your daughter can bunk in with my daughter Katie. You can go see your wife and son now, if you want."

"I want to make sure that Angela goes to sleep okay first" Walker answered Dr. Quinn.  After Angela was sleeping Walker went into the room Alex was in. Just then the baby began choking and Alex said "Walker, there's something wrong with the baby. Get Dr. Quinn, please." Walker hurried to Dr. Quinn's room and opened the door without knocking and said "Dr. Quinn, there's something wrong with the..." Then he quickly turned his back as his voice trailed off because Sully was naked and massaging Dr. Quinn's feet.

After looking at the baby Dr. Quinn assured Alex "he's fine, he just swallowed some air." Then she left the room and Alex said to her husband "Oh Walker, isn't he cute?"

Walker replied "Yes."

"Why can't you even look at him? He could be yours, you know. The entire time Dr. Quinn was in here you avoided looking at us." A upset  Alex  questioned her husband who answered "I couldn't look at Dr. Quinn because I interrupted her and Sully."

"Doing what?" Alex asked.

"Let's just put it this way, Sully was naked and massaging his wife's feet." Walker said as he kissed her on the cheek. "Oh." Alex said and then drifted off to sleep. Walker after looking at the baby for awhile got into the other side of the bed and went to sleep.

Chapter Nine

The next morning Walker went into town with Sully when he dropped Katie and her brother Joey off at school. After that they went to an outdoor cafe and Walker asked Sully "What would you say if I told you that when I woke up yesterday morning it was the year 2004?"

Not batting an eye Sully said to him "I thought that there was something off about you. Wait here until I see if I can find Cloud Dancing." Then Sully got up and left the table. Another man sat down uninvited and said "My name is Preston A. Lodge the 3rd and you are?"

"Walker." Was the answer.

"Well Walker, do yourself a favor and stay away from Sully. He recently split a man's head open with that tomahawk of his. Yes good old Saint Sully got away with murder because he took on his wife's bastard son. Of course she cried rape at the time."

A lady came up then and after placing tea on the table said "watch your mouth around this pretty little girl. Preston you know that Sully considers Chris his son too, just like the rest of his children." Just then Sully arrived with a Native-American and Preston hurried away. Sully introduced them "Walker, this is Cloud Dancing."

Looking into Walker's eyes Cloud Dancing asked him "Cheyenne, you?"

"Half Cherokee." Walker answered him and then Cloud dancing said to Sully "I must think about this. I'll come out to dinner at your house tonight." Then he left and Sully, Angela and Walker got into the wagon and headed back to the homestead. Walker asked Sully "Sully, do you really love Chris as much as you love your other children?"

Sully stopped the wagon and they got out and a upset Sully asked "Why are you asking me that?"

"Preston told me that he was the result of Dr. Quinn being hurt. When you look at him does he remind you of that?" Walker asked Sully who didn't answer but got madder instead. Walker then said "look, the baby that Alex just had may not be mine. She was hurt and we don't know who the father is."

"Walker, when I look at him I see my wife's son and my son. I don't think about how she had been hurt. When I held him for the first time, it felt just like when I held all of my children for the first time. Does that answer your question?" Sully questioned Walker who then asked "do you think that your friend can help us return home?"

"He helped me when I was a lost soul after my first wife died along with our baby during childbirth.  Please don't tell Michaela what Preston said, it would only upset her.  Also the next time you need help, please knock first" Sully said and Walker answered "believe me, I will." They got back into the wagon and resumed the trip to the homestead.

Chapter Ten

Alex woke up to Dr. Quinn entering the room carrying a tray of food. After setting the tray down Dr. Quinn asked Alex "were you able to get any sleep last night?"

"Some, I'm sorry that I had my husband bother you for nothing last night." Alex answered her.

Dr. Quinn picked the baby up and said "I was happy to help you with adorable little boy. By the way your husband and daughter went to town with Sully. You go ahead and finish eating while I hold him. So, what did the two of you name your son?"

Alex finished eating first and then answered with tears in her eyes "Dr. Quinn, this cute little baby may not be my husband's. I was assaulted and we don't know who the father is."

"That doesn't matter, all that matters is that he's your baby and if your Walker is anything like my Sully this baby will have a very loving father."  Dr. Quinn tried to reassure her.

"You can't know that for sure." Alex said to her.

"I can and I do know that for sure. About a year and a half ago I was taken and held at a cabin. Everyone was told that I had been mauled to death by a mountain lion. You can guess what happened to me at that cabin. Sully refused to believe that I was dead and searched for me until he found me. After we found out that I was pregnant Sully vowed to love the baby as much as he loves our other children. When Chris was born Sully delivered him, he also named him Christopher Byron Sully, Byron is Sully's first name. There is no chance that Sully fathered him. So yes, I do know that a husband can love his wife's child that was conceived that way. The baby is a innocent child. Now, how about we go downstairs ? My nanny has her hands full with my youngest children." Dr. Quinn said and after cleaning up some Alex went downstairs with her. Later on Sully and Walker came back and Dr. Quinn went to work.

Later on that afternoon when Dr. Quinn returned home she had Trivette with her (he had ended up restrained at her hospital because the attending doctor thought that he was insane.)

Walker went outside to greet Trivette who asked him "Okay Walker, where are we and don't go getting all Cherokee on me."

Walker replied "believe it or not Trivette, we're in the past. A man by the name of Cloud Dancing is coming out here tonight to see if he can help us return home. Any questions?"

"Just one man, where are we sleeping at?" Trivette asked and Sully who was returning from the barn said "you can bunk in Joey's room."

Cloud Dancing came out for dinner and after talking to the Sully’s' had Walker come outside with him. Once there he asked Walker "are you the child's father?"

"I don't know but I hope so." Walker answered him and then Cloud Dancing said to him "the answer to that lies in your heart, as you should already know. As for returning home, the spirits say that a sweat lodge ceremony will right things. It will take place two mornings from now."

Later on that evening after everybody was settled down Alex and Walker were in the bedroom they were staying in and Alex said to him "Sully didn't father Chris but he loves him just as much as his other children."

"Yeah, I know. A man came up to me in town and told me all about it. Now you try to get some sleep." Walker told Alex and then left the room. He returned pretty quickly and Alex asked "Walker, is there something wrong?"

"No, I just hope that Cloud Dancing can get us back home before Sully kills me."  Walker answered and a puzzled Alex asked "why would he want to kill you?"

"Because I just interrupted them again, that's why." Walker answered.

"Well, they do have a lot of kids." Alex said to Walker who kissed her on the cheek and then got into bed with his wife.

Chapter Eleven

The next morning when Walker went downstairs Sully and all of his children were down there and Sully was trying to keep his children quiet so that their mother could get some rest. Katie Sully asked Walker "Mr. Walker, what did you name your baby?"  Unable to answer because they hadn't named the baby Walker said nothing but the Sully children went ahead and told him how they all had been named for someone. Just then Dr. Quinn came down the steps helping Alex bring the baby down and they all sat down to breakfast where Sully mentioned that he was going hunting and Trivette offered to go along with him. When they were done eating Walker stood up and said "Dr. Quinn, my wife and I would like to thank you for you help in delivering our son Raymond John Walker. He carries as his middle name, my Father's name and his first name honors my Uncle Ray who raised me after my parents died and the tribe asked it of him. Again thank you Dr. Quinn."  Then he sat down as Dr. Quinn said "please call me Dr. Mike, everybody else does.

Later on after Trivette and Sully went hunting the Walkers retired to their bedroom and Walker picked up the baby so that Alex could get ready to nurse him and he said to his wife "he is so cute. You really do make good looking babies."

A tearful Alex said "yes, he is so cute. Oh Walker you are so incredible." After the baby was done nursing Walker took him and said to her "I'll burp him, and put him to sleep. You get some rest."

The return was successful and after they had exited the fog bank Walker turned to it and said "thank you Dr. Mike and Sully. " He then took Alex to the hospital so that she and Ray could get a checkup. While they were there Alex asked her husband "since, we're here, do you want a blood test taken to determine paternity ? "

"No, I don't need a blood test to know that Ray's my son. Now after we get home, how about we call your father up and tell him about our son?"  Walker asked Alex and when they were home they did exactly that. Gordon was relieved that Alex and the baby were okay, he was very happy to hear that Walker had named the child himself because it meant that Walker had accepted the child as his no matter who had fathered him.

Several months later as they were getting ready for bed Walker asked Alex "well Mrs. Walker, what do you think about our spending some quiet time together?"  Smiling because she knew exactly what he meant Alex answered "why Mr. Walker, whatever do you have in mind?"

Pulling her close Walker said "making love to the most beautiful woman that I have ever known because I have a lot of making up to do" they then made love.

I don't own either Walker Texas Ranger or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, they are owned by CBS and other entities. Neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to two very good shows, nothing more.