A Rebirth

By Katie 59



Chapter One


Alex followed her twins into the house and called out "Walker, are you here?" Coming out of the downstairs bedroom Walker answered his wife by asking her "Where else would I be in my condition? Out riding bulls?" Alex bit back a smart answer because she knew that her husband needed her to be understanding right now. However Walker was making it hard on her to be understanding with his moody, almost childlike behavior ever since he had come home from the hospital. For some reason Walker was having a very hard time recovering from the shooting that had almost taken his life due to complications that had set in two days after the surgery to remove the bullet that had lodged in his chest. The doctors had told Alex that he was fit as a fiddle but Walker was still acting as though he was an invalid. The twins were so excited to see their father up and about for a change that they jumped on him causing Walker to fall to the floor. A stunned Alex tried to take the children off of their father but it wasn't easy considering she was now about seven months along with another set of twins. Walker finally got himself up from the floor and headed back into the downstairs bedroom leaving Liz and Gordie just standing there looking at their mother while they were trying not to cry.

"Daddy will be okay. How about we make some dinner now?" Alex suggested to take the twins minds of the fact that their father didn't seem to want to have anything to do with them lately. Liz questioned "Mommy, doesn't Daddy love us anymore?" Before Alex could answer her daughter her son Gordon asked "Mommy, is Daddy going to leave us?"

"Daddy still loves you guys very much and no he's not leaving us but Daddy isn't himself right now. Now come on, let's go make dinner and then after we've eaten we can go see the horses in the barn." Alex told them and they went into the kitchen and watched as she made dinner. When it was done and they were eating Gordie questioned his father "Daddy, why aren't yourself right now?"

"What are you talking about?" Walker asked and Liz said "Mommy told us that you weren't yourself right now Daddy when we asked her if you were going to leave us. Are you leaving us Daddy?"

Walker looked at his wife who said "I told them that you weren't leaving them but that you weren't yourself right now." Walker told Alex "For the last time there isn't anything wrong with me and you had better stop saying that there is."

Forgetting that the twins were listening Alex snapped "Yes there is and it's about time you did something about it. Walker the way that you've been behaving ever since got home from the hospital isn't anything like the way that the man I married would behave. Walker please get some help for yourself before it's too late."

Walker got up from the table and said "I'm tired and this discussion is over, goodnight." He started to leave the room when Liz told her brother Gordie "See I told you that Daddy doesn't want us anymore." Walker hesitated for a minute and Alex waited for him to say something to his children but he left the room without another word.

Really upset with her husband Alex assured her children "I promise you guys that your father does love you and he won't leave you, ever. Daddy has to go see someone and after that Daddy will be the way he was before he got hurt."

Liz questioned her mother "Is Daddy going to have a timeout? Does he have to sit in the corner until he loves us again?" Alex replied "Yes your Daddy is going to have a timeout but he won't be sitting in a corner. Daddy might have to go to the reservation for awhile but then he'll be okay. Now you two finish eating and then we'll go see the horses."

After she had the twins bathed and ready for bed Alex went into the downstairs bedroom turned the light on and informed her husband "We are going to have a talk about the way you've been behaving." Walker asked "Is that so?"

Sitting down on the bed besides him Alex replied "Yes it is. Walker I don't know what's wrong with you anymore but how could you walk away from Liz and Gordie without letting them know that you do want them around unless you don't want to be their father anymore? If that's the way you feel about them right now, you will go see someone about it because I will not let you hurt my children. Walker please they are young children who can't understand that their father is going through a very difficult time and doesn't mean to take it out on them. All they know right now is that you don't seem to want to be their father anymore."

"I want to be their father and I will make sure that they know that. As for the rest of it, I am not going through a difficult time. I'm asking you Alex to just please let it go." Walker replied so Alex told him "Walker about the children, you can start by reading them a goodnight story to make up for your lack of interest in them. They are waiting in our bedroom for you." Walker got up and headed upstairs.


Chapter Two


Walker returned back downstairs and told his wife "I read them their story now you have to put them to bed. Goodnight." Alex tried again by saying "Walker we need to talk about whatever is bothering you."

He informed her "No we don't because there isn't anything bothering me except for you nagging me all the time anymore." Alex got upset and replied "Fine I won't nag you anymore, as a matter of fact right now I could care less what you do. If you want to wallow in self pity instead of working on making yourself better that's your business. The doctors said that you are perfectly fine but for whatever reason you prefer to be an invalid. I'm going to bed because I have to get up early and get my children fed then dressed and ready to go because I have to be at work bright and early tomorrow."

Walker then snapped at her "I know that you're supporting us, how can I help but know that when you go to work everyday and I don't? What ever happened to you taking a maternity leave?" Alex replied "I don't want to work right now but I have to since my husband won't return to his job."

A furious Walker then said "You've finally admitted the truth, that I can't support my own family. Why don't you just take the children and leave me if I'm that lousy of a husband? Isn't that what your father wants anyhow?" Alex answered her husband "Walker I never said that you couldn't support your family but right now you aren't working even though the doctors said you could and you just ran out of vacation time so you're not going to be getting paid any longer. Walker there are still bills that have to be paid. Honey if we don't pay the bills we could lose the ranch and I can't stand by and watch that happen. What do you think Uncle Ray would say if we lost this ranch?"

Walker replied "Okay, Alex I'll call Halston tomorrow and see about returning to work if it means that much to you. Then you can quit your job and stay home with the children." Alex just nodded okay and left the room. Walker followed her out into the hallway and watched as she tiredly walked up the steps to her bedroom where she shut the door. Walker then returned to his bedroom picked up the phone and called Trivette "Trivette is Halston going to be around tomorrow morning?"

"Yes, why?" Trivette questioned back and Walker told him "I'm going to talk with him about returning to work."

"It's about time; I thought that you had quit the Rangers." Trivette replied causing Walker to ask "What's that supposed to mean? I almost died Trivette."

"See that's what I mean, the Walker that I knew before the shooting would not have taken so long to recover. Right now you are acting as though you're scared of something and that's not the Walker that I know. I don't know what's wrong with you right now but maybe you ought to go see someone about it before it's too late to fix it." Trivette replied.

"I will not go and talk to someone about almost dying. That's something that my wife would do, not me." Walker all but growled at Trivette who told him "That's the old Walker talking, but I suggest that you don't tell your wife what you just told me. She just might kill you for that remark. Seriously Walker we really need you back the way that you were before you got shot. Are you up to it?"

"I will be as soon as I talk to Halston." Walker vowed and then hung up the phone. After he hung up the phone Walker went upstairs went into Alex's bedroom where he found her standing there naked. Alex while holding herself back from jumping on her husband and dragging him into their bed asked "Is there something the matter darling?"

Walker answered "No nothing, goodnight." Walker then left the bedroom as Alex pulled back the covers and got into bed while thinking to herself 'He doesn't want me anymore, that's what's bothering Walker. That and the fact that he doesn't really want to be a father again.' Walker stood in the hallway thinking to himself 'God I want Alex so much but she needs her rest in her condition. She's been through too much lately because of me.' Walker went back downstairs as Alex laid in their bed by herself as a few tears slid down her face.


Chapter Three


The next day when Walker entered Ranger headquarters Captain Halston tossed his badge to him and said "About time Walker, Trivette has the warrant for the Dixon arrest. I suggest that you two go arrest him, he's rumored to hang out at the 'cell block' just outside of town." Walker turned to Trivette saying "Let's go Trivette." Trivette followed Walker out of the office to go get on the elevator.

In the hallway they ran into Alex who noticed that Walker had his badge and gun so she asked him "Are you back on active duty Ranger Walker?" Walker answered as he punched the button for the elevator "Why else would I be wearing my badge, A.D.A. Cahill?" Trivette stood there in shock as the elevator door opened. Walker growled at him "Let's go Trivette, I don't have all day." Still stunned by the way Walker had talked to Alex Trivette got on the elevator without a word.

In the truck Trivette questioned "What was that about?" Walker asked "What was what about?"

"You know what, the way you just treated your wife. You called her A.D.A. Cahill. Walker, are you and Alex fighting or something?" Trivette replied. Walker snapped "That's her title, isn't it?" Trivette started to say something else but decided he would be better off keeping his mouth shut because Walker looked like he wanted to kill someone and Trivette didn't want that someone to be him.

            Alex went back to her office where she sat down on her chair wondering how she could have lost her husband's love. Then she began to wonder if he had ever truly loved her the way she loved him because after all he had been forced to get married to her when he got her pregnant with Elizabeth and Gordon. After about ten minutes Alex decided that she wasn't doing herself any good by wondering whether or not Walker loved her anymore, that she had to be more understanding with him right now. That in no time Walker would return to his old self now that he had returned to the Rangers, she hoped.

At lunchtime Alex went to C.D.'s where she saw her father standing at the bar talking to C.D., he was telling him "C.D, how can I ever get Alex to forgive me? It's been months and she lets me see the twins but Alex won't talk to me about anything else." Spotting Alex standing there C.D. suggested "Why don't you ask her yourself?"

Alex said "Dad can we go to a booth and talk? I mean really talk about everything." Gordon answered "I'd like that Alexandra." They went to a booth where Gordon started off by saying "I'm sorry for trying to get you to leave Walker but more than that I'm sorry that I turned my back on you over it. I have no excuse for the way I behaved; after all I got your husband shot."

Alex replied "Dad you didn't get Walker shot, a man out for revenge did. You were not responsible for his actions. As for trying to get me to leave my husband for my and the children's safety I do understand that you were worried about us but you did go too far. However I shouldn't have refused to hear you out when you tried to tell me how sorry you were."

"It's okay honey, we're both more than a little bit on the stubborn side. Speaking of stubborn how's that husband of yours? Did he ever return to work?" Gordon said to his daughter who told him "Yes he returned to work today."

"That's good, isn't it?" Gordon questioned his daughter because she seemed pretty upset to him. When Alex didn't answer Gordon said "Honey what the matter?"

"Walker doesn't love me anymore; he wants nothing to do with me." Alex sobbed to her father who said "Alex, are you sure about that? You know that man loves you more than anything."

"I used to be sure about his love for me but right now I'm not so sure about anything, after all we had to get married because of Gordon and Elizabeth. He doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in this set of twins either. He's been sleeping downstairs too." Alex answered her father who sat there at a lost for words. After calming down Alex said "Dad please don't tell anyone that I told you this, he's been through enough. Walker and I agreed that we weren't going to talk to other people about how our marriage is doing, ever. I never should have said a word about to you, I'll be fine."

Gordon nodded okay but he decided that if things weren't different when he returned from his vacation in Europe that he was going to talk to his son-in-law about his marriage, whether or not Walker liked it. That Alex needed a husband who wanted her, not one who was starting to resent being married to her.

Back at the 'cell block' Walker and Trivette quickly subdued the gang of men who had tried to interfere when they arrested Dixon. As they were getting into Walker's truck Trivette said "You haven't lost your touch when it comes to the bad guys." Trivette could have sworn that he heard Walker mutter under his breath 'Just my touch with my wife.' Trivette looked over at Walker who had his eyes on the road so Trivette decided that he hadn't heard Walker say anything about Alex because Walker would never ever discuss the details of his marriage. Trivette knew this because he used to ask Walker questions about the private details of his marriage just to see if Walker would answer them, that was until the day Walker told him straight out that if Trivette asked him another question that concerned the privacy of his marriage to Alex that he Trivette could find another partner because he Walker would never betray the privacy of his marriage by discussing it with anyone. That what he and Alex shared was between the two of them and it would remain that way. Trivette had nodded okay and had never again questioned Walker about private details in his marriage to Alex.


Chapter Four


Back at her office D.A. Moody entered it and asked Alex "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker are you fit enough to handle the Bayonne appeal? If you're not up to it let me know now but it would be better if you were able to do it since you were the prosecuting attorney. It shouldn't take more than a week at the most. Alex I would have to bring a different attorney up to speed on the case if you weren't able to do it and Bayonne might walk then."

Alex replied "I'd like to take a maternity leave now that my husband has returned to work but I can handle the Bayonne appeal first. However as soon as that's finished I am going on maternity leave, no ifs, ands or buts about it." Moody told her "That's fine by me A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. However I'll assign Tom Keller to be your co-counsel just in case anything comes up." He then left her office. Alex finished up her paperwork on her other cases then gathered up the trail transcripts for the Bayonne case and put them in her briefcase. Alex then went to Ranger headquarters where she spotted her husband filling out some paperwork so she teased him "Hey Cowboy, how about I rescue you from all the paperwork by treating you to dinner?"

"Can't you see that I'm busy right now?" A distracted Walker answered his wife who turned and left Ranger headquarters without another word. Alex picked up her children and then headed home to cook dinner. Walker got home about seven and the twins ran to him. Walker picked them both up at the same time and asked them "How were you two today?"

Liz answered "I was good Daddy." Gordie said "So was I Daddy." Walker then told them "Since you two were so good today how about we take a ride after we eat?" Gordie questioned "What about Mommy?"

Walker answered "Mommy will stay here because of the babies, won't you Mommy?" Alex just nodded okay.

After the returned from their ride Walker insisted that Alex go put her feet up while he got the twins into bed for the night. Alex agreed and went into the living room where she started a fire in the fireplace and then turned off all the lights because she had decided that she was going to seduce her husband. When Walker entered the living room he turned the lights back on and told her "Alex now that I've returned to work I want you to take a maternity leave, you don't need to work anymore in your condition."

"I will as soon as the Bayonne appeal is finished. It shouldn't take more than a week." Alex replied as she laid her head on Walker's chest and starting running her hands all over him but Walker moved away as he told her "You will not be handling the Bayonne appeal, someone else can do it."

Alex got mad and asked "Is that so Cordell?" Not backing down he said "That's so. Alex I know that you worked longer than you wanted to with your pregnancy but its past time you took a maternity leave." Emotional Alex questioned him "So it's just my pregnancy? You had nothing to do with it? You really didn't want these two do you?"

Walker then asked "Alex are you starting to have trouble with your emotions like you did when you were carrying Gordon and Elizabeth?" Alex stood up and said in disbelief "I point the truth out to you and you say that I'm being emotional?"

Walker got up and tried to take his wife in his arms but she moved away and told him "I should have known by the way you've been behaving lately that you truly don't want these babies or me for that matter. It wasn't your injury that kept you sleeping down here it was the fact that you don't desire me anymore."

Walker who then decided to humor his pregnant wife said to Alex in a soothing tone "Honey why don't you head up to bed? The rest will do you a lot of good, you'll be able to think better in the morning and stop having such crazy thoughts." Alex was now pretty upset with her clueless husband and snapped "Now you've decided that I'm acting like a crazy lady, just great. Well I got news for you Cordell John Walker if anyone has been acting like they were off their rocker lately, it's been you." Alex then stormed upstairs where she slammed the bedroom door shut.

The next morning Walker said "Alex about last night, I'm sorry if I upset you but you really need to think of the twins that you're carrying and take a maternity leave right now." Alex replied "I told you last night that I will take one after the Bayonne appeals is finished and not a minute before then. End of subject."

Walker changed the subject then told the twins "Gordon and Elizabeth if you two are good today I'll take you both for another ride tonight while Mommy gets some rest." They both answered at the same time "We will be good today Daddy." Walker went to kiss Alex on her cheek but she glared at him so he left for work. Walker took the twins for a ride that night and after he had them in bed he tried talking to his wife again "Alex honey, I do want you and those babies. How can you think otherwise?"

"Because you refuse to sleep in the same bed with me, that's why. Walker if you want me prove it by making love with me right now." Alex told her husband as she moved closer to him. Walker said "Alex I know that I've put you through a lot lately with the way I've acted but I do want you, more than ever. You're pretty far along and I don't want to hurt you or the babies."

"You won't me or the babies. We made love during my last pregnancy when I was further along than I am now and this time is no different." Alex assured her husband as she reached for his zipper. Walker took her hand kissed it and told her "Wait your turn lady. I'm the husband, I do the undressing first."

Alex smiled and said "Is that so cowboy?"

Walker answered "It is this time lady." He then undressed his wife and when he was done Alex undressed her husband to discover that he truly wanted her. After they were done Alex asked "Are you okay now?"

"That's my line and yes I'm okay. As a matter of fact I think that I'll take my wife upstairs and really make love to her." Walker said as he picked Alex up and headed to their bedroom where he did exactly that. When they were done Alex laid her head on her husband's chest and told him "I've missed you so much Cordell."

Walker answered "I know honey and if I'm ever hurt like that again you will be sleeping downstairs in the same bed as me, not up here by yourself. I'm sorry that I did that to you." Alex lifted her head up to look Walker in the eyes and told him "I know that now, but I thought that you had stopped loving me because you wouldn't share my bed even after you were healed. Why I don't know. Walker I will never sleep in a separate bed from you ever again. If you ever tell me to go sleep upstairs by myself I'll ignore you and get into bed with you no matter what. Have you got that my stubborn cowboy?"

"Yes I got that and it will never happen again, you have my word on that. I'm sorry that I did that to you. Alex, I love you." Walker said as they settled down and went to sleep.


Chapter Five


It was now three and a half weeks later and the Bayonne appeal was still going on mainly because Judge Vincent was seemingly giving the defense attorney anything and everything that it wanted and Alex had to fight them every step of the way to keep Bayonne's conviction intact. Walker was growing more concerned that the handling of Bayonne's appeal was becoming too stressful for Alex and their unborn twins. Night after night Alex came home completely exhausted and could do little more than sit on the couch with her feet up while she listened to Gordon and Elizabeth tell her how their day went. Walker who had taken over most of the chores around the house decided that he was going to talk to D.A. Moody to see if the co-counsel Tom Keller could take over the case from his wife.

After returning from her doctor's appointment Alex was in her office getting ready to go home for the day when D.A. Moody entered it and asked "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker do you want me to remove you from the Bayonne appeal today and have your co-counsel Tom Keller take over tomorrow?" Alex answered her boss "No I don't, it should wrap up tomorrow unless Judge Vincent is in Bayonne's pocket. But I have to tell you from some of the rulings that he's made I'm beginning to wonder if he is. D.A. Moody, where did you get the idea that I wanted off the case this minute?"

Moody replied "I just had a visit from your husband who all but told me that you should be taken off of the case today because of your pregnancy." Alex stood up snapped her briefcase closed and said "My husband doesn't speak for me. Good day D.A. Moody." Alex then left her office and headed to Ranger headquarters where she spotted Trivette and asked him "Where's that husband of mine?"

"He just stepped out for awhile; if you wait he should be back in a minute or two." Trivette answered Alex who replied "I'll just deal with Cordell when he gets home." Alex then left Ranger headquarters went to the daycare center picked up her children and headed home.

When Walker came back into Ranger headquarters Trivette told him "Walker you just missed your wife and she looked pretty upset with you. Alex called you Cordell. What did you do this time?" Walker snapped "I've told you before Trivette to stay out of my marriage." Trivette said "Okay, are you ready to serve that arrest warrant on Dixon's accomplice, Newley? Or do you want to wait until tomorrow? That guy isn't going anywhere."

Walker answered "Today." Trivette got up and followed Walker out of Ranger headquarters to go arrest Newley. After they had arrested Newley Trivette suggested "Hey Walker how about you go home? I'll take care of the paperwork this time."

Walker agreed and went home for the day. Back at Ranger headquarters Gordon Cahill showed up and asked Walker's partner "Ranger Trivette can I talk to you?" Trivette answered "About what?"

"Walker and my daughter. Are things still the same as they were when I left?" Cahill replied. Trivette shrugged his shoulders and said "I guess but I don't know because Walker does not talk about his marriage to Alex."

"What about Alex, has she told you anything about how things are going? I mean before she went on maternity leave?" Cahill again questioned Trivette who told him "She hasn't gone on maternity leave yet. Alex is still handling the Bayonne appeal as far as I know."

Gordon Cahill objected "Why on earth is Walker allowing his wife to still work at this stage of her pregnancy unless..." When he trailed off Trivette asked "Unless what Gordon?"

"Never mind, I'm going to talk to that so-called son-in-law of mine and set him straight. I will not have him treat my daughter this way." Gordon answered Trivette who said "Walker will not like you trying to tell him about his marriage to your daughter. Neither one of them will discuss the private details of their marriage. Gordon remember what happened the last time you decided to interfere in Alex's marriage to Walker?"

Gordon answered "This time is different." Then he left Ranger headquarters.

At home Walker was surprised to find that Alex already had the twins in bed for the night so he asked her "Alex honey I thought that we agreed that I would take care of putting Gordon and Elizabeth to bed until after the babies are born?"

"I am not an invalid Cordell Walker, I'm pregnant." Alex answered her husband who then questioned "How's that Bayonne appeal going?"

"It will be over with tomorrow. If it isn't I had already decided that my co-counsel Tom Keller will take over handling it. However Cordell I do not like the fact that you went behind my back and told my boss to take me off of it today." Alex replied.

"I just want to make sure that you're okay, that's all. You and those babies mean so much to me. I never thought that I would ever have a family of my own and you've given that to me and so much more. I would do anything to make sure that you and our children are okay." Walker explained to his wife who got a few tears in her eyes and said "I'm okay honey and so are these babies. I had an appointment today with Dr. Bates and she said that I was doing good. Walker honey I had her do another sonogram just to be sure and I have a picture of it. Here it is, it looks like you're going to get your daughter named Angela and your son named after Uncle Ray."

Walker took the picture looked at it and then told her "I love you Mrs. Walker." Alex said "I love you more Mr. Walker." Walker then pulled his wife into a deep kiss but she broke away from him and said "Walker, Dr. Bates also said that maybe we shouldn't make love anymore until after the babies get here."

Walker took a deep breath and then answered "Okay honey let's get you into bed." He took Alex upstairs tucked her into bed then went and took a cold shower. When he was done Walker returned to the bedroom and got into bed with his wife.


Chapter Six


The next day Alex was in the courtroom awaiting Judge Vincent's ruling on Bayonne's appeal when she felt a slight pain in her side. Alex decided that it was minor and didn't say anything to Keller who asked her "Alex do you think it will be over with today?"

Alex replied "It had better be Tom or you're going to be handling this case by yourself tomorrow." Keller became concerned and questioned "Should I call an ambulance for you? What about your doctor?"

Alex told him "Relax Tom. I'm not in labor quite yet but I do have to take a maternity leave and I've decided that it's going to start tomorrow no matter what. Tom you are more than capable of handling yourself in a courtroom if Vincent doesn't end this farce today and uphold Bayonne's conviction. The man really doesn't have any reasonable grounds for an appeal and why Vincent has let the defense attorney drag out a simple appeal for close to a month is beyond me."

Judge Vincent entered the courtroom rapped his gavel and announced "In the matter of the State of Texas versus Bayonne, the appeal is denied. Court dismissed." The defense attorney objected "Your honor my client was denied his rights in this case by the state of Texas." Vincent replied "Your client was afforded every opportunity by this court to prove that and he has failed to do so. The prisoner is remanded back to the state prison at Huntsville."

Alex left the courtroom with Tom who told her "Well it looks like you can start your maternity leave now." Alex said "Yes I can."

Back at Ranger headquarters Walker was doing some paperwork when Gordon entered the office walked over to his desk and stated "I think that you had better start treating my daughter better." Walker asked "What are you talking about? Alex and I are just fine."

With Walker's co-workers starting to stare at them Gordon replied "If that's the case why was my daughter crying to me about how you don't want her anymore? That you never did love her? That you only married her because you had to?" Walker told his father-in-law "My marriage does not concern you, so stay out of it."

Gordon said "It concerns me when my daughter who's pregnant tells me that her husband won't even share the same bed as her anymore." Walker stood up and left Ranger headquarters without responding what to his father-in-law had just said to him. Trivette glared at the other Rangers until they turned their attention back to their desks then he said "What you just did Gordon was the worst thing you could have done. Walker does not talk about his marriage and you just announced to all of his co-workers that he's not sleeping with his wife. Whatever Alex told you a month ago when she was troubled may not be the case right now. Did that ever occur to you? In your effort to help your daughter you may have done her more harm than good because Walker won't forget that she violated the privacy of their marriage by saying that to you and Walker is a very private man. Gordon all I know is that Walker loves Alex and she loves him, anything else is between them."

Walker entered Alex's office and barked at his wife "Why did you tell your father that we weren't sharing the same bed?" Alex questioned "What are you talking about?"

"Just now your father came into Ranger headquarters and told everyone that we weren't sharing the same bed. He also said that I had better start treating you better and that I didn't want you anymore. That I only married you because I had to. Care to explain that Alexandra?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "I'm so sorry Walker, I did say those things to my father but I asked him not to say anything about it because we had both agreed that we wouldn't discuss the details of our marriage with anyone."

"When was this?" Walker demanded of Alex who told him "It was right before we started sleeping in the same bed again. Walker at the time I didn't think that you wanted me anymore. I never meant to tell him about our sleeping apart, I swear. It just came out when I was talking to him; I know how you value your privacy. Forgive me?"

            "Alex, it's just not my privacy, it's our privacy. Honey I feel that what we share is something that should remain between the two of us. You can understand that, can't you?" Walker asked his wife as he pulled her close. Alex laid her head on his chest and said "I can understand that because I feel the same way and it won't happen again."

"How did the Bayonne appeal go today?" Walker changed the subject. Alex replied "Judge Vincent upheld the conviction and Bayonne is on his way back to Huntsville as we speak. How about you treat me to dinner to celebrate the fact that I'm now on maternity leave?"

"How about we get the children and I take my family to eat at C.D.'s?" Walker suggested instead and Alex asked "What are we waiting for Cowboy?"


Chapter Seven


Alex and Walker were sitting at a table at C.D.'s eating when Alex said to her husband "Walker since you picked out the first names for this set of twins I want to pick out their middle names. Is that okay with you?" Walker teased his wife by saying "I don't know Alex, what if the names you picked out don't go with the names I picked out? I think that I should choose the middle names just to be sure that they go together. You know how they have to sound right together; at least that's what you told me."

Alex replied "Now Walker you know you have to be fair and let me choose the middle names, after all I let you pick out Elizabeth's and Gordon's first and middle names. Besides they do have to sound right together, so there." Walker said "Okay but if I don't like them will you change them?"

"No because you're going to like them." Alex informed Walker who asked "Is that so lady?"

"Yes it is. Honey for our son I want his name to be Raymond James Walker. Now as to our daughter's name, I picked one out but I want you to listen to why I choose the name before you object, okay?" Alex said to her husband who replied "Okay honey."

Alex said "I want our daughter to be named Angela Ellen Walker for two reasons; one she was a very important part of your life and I want our children to be named after people who have meant something to us. Two, I really like the way the name sounds." Walker looked away for a minute then he looked back at Alex and told her "Well it looks like we've named them."

Alex smiled and said "I love you so much Cordell but right now would you mind seeing to our oldest set of twins? I think that C.D. just might have a stroke if he saw them messing with his chili." Walker looked over to where Gordon and Elizabeth standing by the stove on chairs and were about to put something in C.D.'s chili. Getting up Walker went over to them and said "That's enough you two. You don't go near a stove, haven't your mother and I told the both of you that?"

They got down from the chairs they were on and Liz said "Yes Daddy but." Walker told his daughter "No buts about it young lady." Gordie then said "Daddy it smells bad and we were going to make it smell better with some cookies and ice cream." Walker just shook his head and pointed for the twins to go to their mother. C.D. came out of the backroom and asked "Cordell why are you standing by my stove?"

Walker answered "No reason C.D." Then he went back to the table to be with his family but Trivette came in and said "Walker, there's a botched armed robbery that led to a hostage taking in the next block." Walker got up kissed Alex on the cheek and told her "You be careful driving home."

After Walker left Alex felt another pinch in her side but again decided to ignore it. As she was getting ready to leave her father came in sat down at the table and told her "I talked to your husband about the way he has been treating you."

Alex replied "I know that Dad. How could you have done that to me?" Gordon questioned "Done what to you Alex? You told me that your marriage was troubled and I made sure that your husband knows that he had to start being a better husband to my only daughter."

"By announcing to his co-workers that we were sleeping in different beds? Which by the way isn't the case anymore. Dad did it ever occur to you that things had changed between Walker and me after I said those things to you? You promised me that you wouldn't say anything about what I told you when I was troubled about Walker and then you go and blurt it out in front of everyone." Alex berated her father who replied "I'm sorry honey I was just trying to help you."

"By airing things in public that should remain between my husband and me? Thanks a lot Dad." Alex replied as she felt another pain, this time a lot more painful. Grabbing her side Alex said "Dad can you please take the twins home and watch them for me?"

"Why where are you going?' Gordon asked his daughter who answered "To the hospital, I think I'm in labor." Gordon panicked and yelled "I need an ambulance here, my daughter is in labor."

C.D. picked up the phone called an ambulance then came over to the table and said "Gordon since Cordell is out on a call you go to the hospital with Alex. I'll have my head waitress take over and I'll take the children to the ranch."

Gordon asked as he was getting ready to get in the ambulance with Alex "How will Walker know that Alex is in labor?" C.D. replied "I'll call Ranger headquarters and have dispatch tell him, now you go with your daughter."

Gordon and Alex left for the hospital. After calling Ranger headquarters C.D. went into the back room where the twins were playing and told them "Come on you guys, how about I take you home?" Liz asked "Why isn't Mommy?"

"Well Mommy had to go to the hospital." C.D. answered and Gordie said "Is my Mommy going to have the babies now?" C.D. replied "Yes she is."

Walker and Trivette finished taking care of the hostage takers and then one of the police officers told him "Ranger Walker dispatch called and said that you were to go to the hospital because your wife was taken there by ambulance."

Walker went to his truck followed by Trivette who got in the passenger's side and told Walker "I'm coming with you, Alex is my friend." Walker didn't say anything he just drove to the hospital. When they got there Walker ran into the emergency room and asked the nurse "Where's my wife?"

The nurse asked him "What's the name?" Walker answered "Walker Texas Ranger...no I mean Alex Walker. She's having...uhm giving birth to my twins." Trivette stood there with a grin on his face as the nurse smiled and said "Maternity ward is on the fifth floor, ask the nurse in charge."

When they got to the fifth floor Trivette teased "Hey Walker want me to ask the nurse where Alex is so that the right name will be given this time?" Walker answered "No because my wife is in that room." Walker started into the room followed by Trivette who objected "Walker ask the nurse you can't just walk in on a stranger when she's in labor. Women have been known to be really grouchy then."

Alex looked up and said "Walker honey you made it." Walker sat on a chair and said "Yes I did, what did Dr. Bates say about you going into labor early?"

Alex replied "Walker I'm worried, what if I went into labor early because of that injection that I was given when I was kidnapped? What if there's something wrong with them?" Walker picked his wife's hand up and said "They are the children of the most hard-headed woman that I know so they will be just fine. Alex didn't Dr. Bates say that there was a chance of early labor because you were expecting twins again? That it might not mean anything?"

"Yes but." Alex answered her husband who told her "No buts about it lady. Now you lay back and relax until your next contraction, I'll be back in a minute." Alex laid back and Walker left the room with Trivette where they ran into Gordon in the hallway who said "Walker I'm sorry about what I said to you at Ranger headquarters, I was out of line."

Instead of replying to that Walker asked his father-in-law "Where are my older children?" Gordon answered "C.D. took them home, he said that he can watch them tonight."

"Okay." Then Walker went back into the room with Alex while Trivette asked Alex's father "Well Gordon how about we go find some coffee? I have a feeling it's going to be a long night." Gordon answered "You and me both but at least this time Alex is in the hospital, not at home like she was when the first set was born. Nothing could possibly go wrong with her being in a hospital."


Chapter Eight


Back in the labor room Alex started to wince and Walker hurriedly removed his hand from hers. Alex asked him "Why did you do that? I need something to hold on to while I'm having a contraction." Walker answered "I moved my hand because I didn't want you breaking it, Alex when you're having a contraction you can squeeze my hand pretty good. Not to mention that the last time you gave birth you scratched my arm so deeply that it took a couple of weeks for the scratches to heal."

By now in the middle of a contraction Alex told her husband "Well that was what you deserved anyway." A puzzled Walker questioned "That was what I deserved? How do you figure that it was all right for you to scratch me like that?"

Alex glared at Walker while she concentrated on her breathing during the contraction. When it was over she answered "Because you got all of the pleasure and I get to go through all the pain, so the way I figure it is that you should feel some pain too." Walker raised his eyebrow and asked "I got all the pleasure and you get all the pain? Like you don't get any pleasure when we make love."

"Don't argue with me, I'm right and you're wrong. If you're not going to be helpful by letting me hold your hand during a contraction why don't you just leave? I can do this by myself anyway." A terse Alex replied causing Walker to reply "No since I helped make them I will help you deliver them. Here honey take my hand and when you feel another contraction coming on squeeze it as hard as you want to, I can take it."

"Okay if you insist cowboy but you don't know what you're letting yourself in for." Alex answered as she took a hold of his hand. Walker said "Yes I do..." He stopped talking because Alex who was having another contraction squeezed his hand really hard and Walker barely managed to bite back a yelp of pain. When the contraction was over Alex told him "Walker please go find Dr. Bates for me, my water just broke but something doesn't feel right."

Walker rushed out into the hallway looking for Dr. Bates but before he could find her a monitor went off in Alex's room. Walker quickly re-entered Alex's room to find her in the middle of another contraction. He held out his other hand so that she could squeeze it but a nurse came rushing in and after looking at the fetal monitor paged for Dr. Bates, then she removed Walker from the room. Walker went out into the hallway as Dr. Bates rushed into Alex's room closing the door behind her.  Walker sat down in a chair as Trivette and Gordon arrived with coffee. Trivette asked him "What are you doing in the hallway when your wife is giving birth? Are you too chicken to watch Walker?"

Walker looked up and said "There's something wrong Trivette, Alex's water broke and when I went to look for Dr. Bates a monitor went off so I went back in to be with my wife but the nurse paged Dr. Bates and removed me from the labor room." Trivette sat down besides Walker and told him "Walker, Alex will be okay. You know how stubborn she is, after all Alex has managed to stay married to you for five years and that takes a lot of stubbornness."

"I can't lose Alex, she's my life." Walker replied. Gordon sat down on the other side of Walker and said "You won't, my daughter is the toughest person that I know." Walker didn't respond instead he got up and started pacing the hallway. Awhile later Dr. Bates came out and told him "Mr. Walker, we are going to have to take the babies now. The placenta has ruptured and if we don't operate quickly they may suffer brain damage from the lack of oxygen. However the operation might present a risk to your wife's health. We need your answer as to who to save first, the babies or your wife. Do we have your permission to operate and save the babies?"

"Do whatever you have to save the babies, Alex would want that." A torn Walker answered as Gordon walked away to compose himself. Trivette lowered his head and tried to collect himself. Walker resumed his pacing of the hallway, worried sick about the fate of his wife and their babies.


Chapter Nine


Hours later Dr. Bates came out of the room where she had operated on Alex and told Walker "Mr. Walker, as you know you have a boy and a girl. They appear to be okay but we'll know more after we run some tests on them. After they've been cleaned up you can see them." Walker asked her "What about Alex? Is she okay?"

Dr. Bates answered "Right now it doesn't look good, Mrs. Walker lost a lot of blood during the surgery and she's unresponsive" Walker said "Can I see my wife?"

Dr. Bates shook her head no and told him "Right now we are trying to stabilize her. Mr. Walker why don't you go see the babies and then after that we'll see where we're at with your wife." Walker replied "I want to see Alex before I see the babies."

Trivette said "Walker, why don't you go see the babies first? That way you can tell Alex what they look like." Walker shook his head no. Gordon then said "Dr. Bates, would it be possible for me to see my newest grandchildren? I'm Alex's father."

Dr. Bates told him "They will be in the nursery in about fifteen minutes. I have to go back in now." She went back into the surgery room as Gordon asked "Walker, why don't you come with me?"

Walker glared at his father-in-law and answered "I will see my wife first." Gordon then asked "How about you Trivette, care to see my grandchildren?" Trivette replied "I think that I'm going to call C.D. and tell him what's happening. By the way Walker, what are their names?"

"Raymond James Walker and Angela Ellen Walker." Walker said and then walked away. When Gordon went to follow Walker Trivette told him "Let him go, Walker needs to be alone right now. Listen you go see those babies, okay?"

Gordon went to the nursery to see the babies while Trivette called up C.D. "It's me Trivette, Alex had the babies but she lost a lot of blood and they're not sure she's going to make it."

C.D. asked "What went wrong? Alex was in a hospital this time." Trivette answered "Her placenta ruptured and they had to take the babies. C.D. Dr. Bates told Walker that he had to tell her who to save first, Alex or the babies. Walker told her to worry about saving the babies first because that was what Alex would have wanted."

After a moment C. D. said "Cordell has gone through so much, losing so many loved ones but I know that Alex will not leave him. You mark my words that lady is as stubborn as her husband is and she will recover from this little set back."

"I hope you're right about that." Trivette told C.D. who questioned "Well what are their names?"

"Raymond James Walker and Angela Ellen Walker. I know who Raymond is named for, Uncle Ray and me but do you have any idea about who Angela Ellen is named for?" Trivette answered.

"Angela is for Angel; after they first met Walker told me that while Alex had the face of an angel she also had the tenacity of a pit bull. Ellen was the name of Walker's fiancée who was gunned down right along with him after they had just gotten engaged, she died." C.D. answered Trivette who said "Wow Alex must really love Walker to agree to name their daughter after his old fiancée."

"You know she does Jimmy, call me back if anything changes." C.D. told him.

Gordon came back and said "My grandchildren are the best looking babies in the nursery. I asked the nurse how they were doing and she said that they were doing real good. Why don't you come with me to see them Walker?" Walker replied "After I've seen my wife." Gordon started to say something else but Trivette shook his head no. About an hour later Dr. Bates came out and said "Mr. Walker, we were able to stabilize Mrs. Walker but she's in a coma. You can see her very briefly before we move her to intensive care."

Walker went to his wife's bedside and told her "Honey the babies are doing fine. I'm going to go see them now and then I'm going home to our other set of twins. Now you get some rest and I'll be back here to see you tomorrow." Walker then leaned over and gently kissed his wife on the cheek. Back in the hallway Walker acted as though nothing was wrong “Trivette would you like to see your namesake?" Trivette agreed and they headed to the nursery.

On the way there Trivette said "Thanks for naming Raymond James after me too." Walker replied "Alex picked their middle names, not me." Trivette questioned his partner "Alex named her daughter after your former fiancée?"

            "Yes Alex did Trivette." Walker answered as they reached the nursery where they looked at the twins and Trivette joked "Thank god they got their looks from their mother."

"Hopefully they don't have her stubbornness though, the first set are a little too mule-headed at times, just like my wife." Walker was saying when Trivette asked "Walker what if?"

Walker replied "Alex will be just fine Trivette and I don't want to hear you or anyone else say otherwise, got that?" Trivette nodded yes.


Chapter Ten


It was now several days later and Alex showed no signs of improvement. Walker as usual was visiting Alex and talking to her as though she was listening to him when Gordon entered the room and asked "Walker, may I talk to you?"

Walker answered "About what?" Gordon snapped "You know about what, son you need to face the facts. Alex is in a coma that she may never come out of. You also need to start thinking about your babies, Walker they will need someone to watch them when they come home from the hospital."

            Walker replied "I know that the babies will need someone to watch them when they get home from the hospital, at least until Alex is able to come home herself and take over their care." Gordon then questioned "Walker would you object if I hired a nanny to watch the children?"

"What kind of nanny?" Walker asked back. Gordon answered "Don't worry, I know that you would never put up with a proper English nanny in your home so I've contacted some nanny services and arranged to interview some of the women for the position of your nanny. Now I was thinking that at first the nanny would have to live in your house until the babies slept through the night then maybe she could move into that cabin of yours. Is that okay with you?"

Lowering his head Walker replied "I don't make enough money to pay a nanny." Gordon patted him on the shoulder and replied "I know that son; I'll pay for the nanny. Walker I know that you've had a problem with me in the past spending too much on my grandchildren but in this case I think that you should accept my help for the sake of my daughter's children."

In barely a whisper Walker answered "Okay but just until Alex comes home." Gordon nodded in agreement then left the room as Walker picked up his wife's hand and told her "Honey, your father is going to hire a nanny to watch our children until you return home."

Walker went out into the hallway where Trivette and Gordon were talking; Gordon was saying "I don't think that Walker understands that Alex may never come home from the hospital." Trivette answered "You never know Gordon, Alex is pretty stubborn. She might surprise us all by waking up tomorrow."

Walker said to them "I'm done visiting with Alex if you would like to visit with her for awhile." Gordon went into the room as Trivette asked "Walker what happens if Alex doesn't wake up from her coma? You are going to have to make more permanent arrangements for her, have you consider what to do then?"

"No because my wife will awaken from her coma and I don't want to hear you say that she's not going to. Have you got that Trivette?" Walker growled at his partner who replied "Yes."

Walker went to C.D.'s to collect his oldest set of twins. C.D. asked "Any change?" Walker answered "I don't want to hear you tell me that my wife won't awaken from her coma just like everyone else is doing."

C.D. said "I wasn't going to Cordell because I know that Alex will never leave you with four children to raise by yourself anymore than you would leave her with four children to raise by herself." Walker told him "When I told Alex about Ellen she told me that she wouldn't leave me and Alex doesn't lie to me. My wife will be home with our children, soon."

C.D. patted him on the shoulder and said "Just keep the faith and before you know it Alex will be home with those four kids of yours. But in the meantime you are going to need someone to watch them when you're at work. How about I move into your ranch to help you out?" Walker smiled and told him "Thanks C.D. for the offer but Gordon is going to hire a nanny to watch them when I'm at work."

"Okay Cordell, your oldest set is in my back room coloring, I'll go get them for you." C.D. got them and Walker took Gordie and Liz home.


Chapter Eleven


Gordon did indeed hire a nanny for the Walker children, her name was Debra Vanderbeck. She settled into the ranch and took over the child care as Gordon had hired her to do. One evening while Walker was visiting Alex at the hospital Trivette dropped by to see how things were going. Trivette then took it upon himself to ask the nanny out on a date "Debra, would you like to have dinner with me some evening?" Debra answered "No I like to eat my dinner here with Walker and the children. By the way, does Walker have any brothers?"

Puzzled Trivette answered "No why?" Debra replied "He is one good looking man; it's a shame that he's a married man."

"Yes he is married." Trivette replied as Debra sighed wistfully then she asked "Is it true that his wife isn't going to wake up from her coma? That Walker is going to be raising four young children by himself? A man like that shouldn't be alone; he's too hot looking to go without."

Getting a little mad by what Debra was leading up to Trivette snapped "No it's not true that his wife isn't going to wake up. Alex will awaken and she will raise her children with her husband Walker by her side for the rest of their lives." Then calming down he added "I'd better be going, I promised Walker that I would stop by and see the children before I visited with Alex."

Debra said "Why bother visiting with her? It's not like she's going to wake up and answer you. She's in a coma and likely to stay that way." Trivette left the ranch and headed to the hospital where Walker was still with Alex. Entering the room Trivette asked him "Hey Walker did Gordon hire your nanny based on looks alone?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Walker questioned Trivette who told him "Your nanny is really pretty, don't you think so?" Walker answered "Trivette are you interested in her?"

"Yes I am but she only has eyes for you Walker." Trivette replied causing Walker to say "Trivette I don't know where you got such a crazy idea. The only woman who wants me is my beautiful wife."

"Walker, Debra asked me if you had a brother then she said it was a shame that you were taken and was it true that you were going to be raising four children by yourself. I hate to break it to you Walker but Debra wants you the way a woman wants a man, for sex." Trivette informed Walker who replied "Trivette I am not interested in anyone but Alex, there will never be another woman for me."

"Walker think about it, there's a woman in your house who wants you and your wife is in a coma. Aren't you afraid that something might happen between the two of you? I don't think that Debra cares that you're married." Trivette asked him.

"Walker's mine." Alex stunned them by saying. Walker picked his wife's hand up kissed it and said "For the rest of our lives honey." Then Walker told Trivette "Go get a doctor for Alex will you?"

Trivette left the room as Walker sat on the bed besides Alex gave her a sip of water and told her "I love you lady. Our newest twins are as beautiful as our oldest set." Still very weak Alex said "I love you Cordell." The doctors entered the room and examined Alex. Where they were done they told Walker that as far as they could tell Alex was going to be fine and that they would be releasing her in a couple of days after she built her strength back up.


I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show nothing more.