This is one scene I conjured up for the episode, "The Wedding II"

A Small Part of Agony

By Pam G

"Heís back!"


The three nurses automatically looked down the empty corridor and turned back to each other.

"A few minutes ago." Forty-five year old, Senior Nurse, Helen Storren, replaced the key to the drug cabinet and turned to face her two colleagues.

Pretty brunette, Janice White, briefly looked up from updating her charts. "Heís real late tonight." She checked her watch. It was just after midnight. Third of the trio, Betty Albright, updated them.

"He was on the news earlier. Something about some kind of raids on arms dealers all over the city."

"Ah!" This tied in with Helenís observations.

Janice and Betty looked over.

"He looked completely exhausted," Helen explained. They nodded their understanding.

"Itís a shame, isnít it?" ventured Janice. "Itís my turn to make the coffee tonight, Iíll take him some when we have ours."

Walkerís fingers lightly, almost reverently, touched the top of Alexís brow, and after a few minutes or so, he placed his forehead against hers.

"Alex." He whispered, and giving a deep sigh, he willed what energy he had left into her body.

Can my love change the outcome for you, honey? He urged his very being to support her. Do you know Iím here? Can my strength sustain you? The emotional kick to his gut had never left his stomach since he saw her gunned down before his eyes. A tragedy beyond words. So beautiful. She was so beautiful. He chided himself. IS so beautiful.

The Ranger picked up Alexís hand and drawing up a chair, sat down heavily, as close as he could get. C.D. had gone shortly before midnight, with Walker in the shadows watching him go. Heíd kept quiet about his nighttime vigil, but suspected the old man knew. Why canít I talk to them about it? Why do I need to keep it covert? But he couldnít answer his own question. Walker separately kissed each finger, warming her hand with both of his.

"Alex. I love you."

Good timing. Walker felt queasy. A lot of good it does telling her now. You left it too late, didnít you! The Ranger froze in his chair. He hated it when his mind stubbornly refused to alter its way of thinking, but sometimes it was difficult to stop, as if determined to punish himself.

Heíd made up his mind to ask Alex to marry him some weekís back. In all that time there had only been one right moment to pop the question, but for reasons he still couldnít explain, he hadnít asked her. Her expression at Phil and Kimís wedding rehearsal had shocked him, and stopped him in his tracks. As the happy couple came forward there was a peculiar look about her heíd never seen before. A kind of deep regret crossed her face, as if Alex thought she would never be a bride.

Oh God! Why did I leave it? If she has to die, she could have at least gone knowing I wanted to marry her. But surely you really knew, Alex? Youíd know that wouldnít you? Youíre everything to me! Dear God, you have to know that! Emotional pain overwhelmed him, and Walker fought back the tears. He rested his head against her side and closed his eyes.

What was it you wanted to ask me? What was it you wanted to ask me? What was it Ö.

 Janice quietly opened the door and stopped in her tracks. He was asleep, his hands wrapped around hers. She viewed the couple and listened to the ventilated, rasping breaths of the still comatose woman. Dear God, Janice prayed, please make it all right for them. And with that she left as silently as she came.