It was Friday, May 26, 2000.   Tomorrow, Saturday at 2:00 pm, Alex and Cordell Walker would be joined in Holy Matrimony as husband and wife.  It had been a long, busy, sometimes hairy last couple of weeks.  In the aftermath of her father’s death, Alex found her brother, who she had thought died 15 years before.  She found a new sister-in-law, and a niece and nephew, whom she was beginning to really love.  Alex and/or Cordell had parties every afternoon and every evening this past week except for Monday.  Monday, Cordell and Ted were in conference most of the day with Cordell’s boss to try and get Ted off the Witness Protection program and back to a life of normal day-to-day living.

Thursday had been the wedding rehearsal, which was very successful and the dinner that followed. Friday evening was the party at CD’s, Alex was exhausted by early evening.  She and Cordell were on the dance floor, Alex laid her head on his shoulder and let him hold her up, as they danced a slow dance.

“Alex, come on let me take you home.  You are exhausted and tomorrow is going to be a very long day.”

“I don’t wanna go home.  I wanna stay right here in your arms and dance the night away.”

“Maybe we can dance the night away tomorrow.”


“I promise if you’re not too tired.”

“Not too tired.”

“Come on sweetheart, let’s get you to your apartment, so you can go to bed.”  He then kissed her on her forehead and led her off the dance floor and back to their booth.  Still sitting at the booth were Sandy, Ted, Allie, Jacob, Jimmy, and Josie.  “I’m taking Alex home to her apartment, as she is exhausted and so she can get to bed.”

“We’ll be there in a little while,” added Ted.  He wanted to give the couple some time to be alone, as they really hadn’t been by themselves for the last couple of weeks now.  Sandy and Allie were going to spend the night with Alex to help her get ready for the wedding tomorrow afternoon. 

“Good night all,” muttered Alex, as she stood beside Walker with his arms around her half way holding her up.

“Have a good night’s rest, because tomorrow is going to be long and tiring.”  Jimmy suggested.

“And tomorrow night.  I probably won’t get any sleep at all.”

Everyone laughed as Walker’s face turned red.  Walker just placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.  “You might be in for a very wonderful surprise,” he whispered only for her ears.  He then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Come on ’Cowboy’, let’s go home.”  She pulled him towards the door and soon they were in the truck.

“That sure sounds good, doesn’t it?”  Alex asked him as she scooted herself as close as she could to Cordell.

“What’s that?”

“Let’s go home.”  He put his arm around Alex’s shoulder, pulled her close and gave her a long passionate kiss.  He finally pulled away, sat and stared at his soon-to-be wife.

“Yes, it does.  I love you so very much.”

          Her arm went around his neck, as she played with his hair on the back of his head.  She then gave him a kiss of her own.  She breathed deeply when she released him and added,  “And I love you.”

          “Come on let’s go.  And I meant that about tomorrow night. ”

They drove in silence to Alex’s apartment and by the time Walker pulled up in front of her apartment building, Alex was asleep with her head on his shoulder.

“Honey, we’re home,” He shook Alex lightly and she immediately woke up, but was rather groggy.    

“Come on.”

“Will you stay with me for awhile, at least until I go to sleep.”

“Yes,” with no hesitation.

They both finally got out of the truck and headed toward the apartment building.  Cordell opened the door and allowed Alex to go through the door first, then they headed to the elevator.  Alex gave Cordell her keys, so that he could unlock the apartment door.  In Alex’s apartment, Alex turned and went into Cordell’s arms, then laid her head on his shoulder.

“It doesn’t seem possible, am I dreaming?”

“What doesn’t seem possible?”

“That we are actually getting married tomorrow and there will be no more separations, where I have to go to my home and you to yours.”

“Yes, tomorrow is the big day.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Me nervous, never.”

“Yeh, right.”  She smiled, as she turned from him and headed back to her bedroom.  She turned to where she left him standing. “Are you coming?”

Cordell glanced at her, shrugged his shoulders and followed her to her bedroom.  “Besides I think we need to talk.”

Cordell sat down on the bed while Alex took her stuff into the bathroom to get ready for bed.  She was tired, but very happy and wasn’t even sure she could fall asleep.  Fifteen minutes later she came out of the bathroom, she found Cordell lying on her bed with his boots off, but still fully clothed and with his eyes closed.  She just stood staring at her husband-to-be and noticed how handsome he looked and thought how she much she loved him.  Alex was wearing a full-length nightie under her bathrobe.  She wanted to wait until tomorrow night before they consummated their marriage.

She sat down on the opposite side of the bed, then pulled her legs up onto the bed and sat Indian style as close to Cordell as she could get.  She just sat looking at him for several seconds before he finally opened his eyes and looked up at her.

          “You weren’t asleep were you?”

Cordell shook his head.  “Just waiting for you to come out.”  He reached out his hand to take hers into his, then drew her toward him, until she was lying beside him.  He turned onto his side, so that they were facing each other. 

“Now what did you want to talk about?”

“I want to tell you how much I love you.  I want to tell you how much I am thankful you are in my life.”  She reached her hand to the back of his head to play with his hair, then she kissed him.

“Just think how things would be different if I had not kissed you on that New Year’s Eve.”

Alex grinned as she stared at him.  “You felt something even back then, didn’t you.”

“That night I kissed you, I thought you were the most beautiful lady I had met in along time.  I couldn’t help myself.”

“Then why did you wait all these years to make your move?”

Cordell shrugged his shoulders.  “I’m not sure.  Self-protection and to protect you.”

“You know we’ve wasted a number of years.”

“I know, but we’ve got our whole future ahead of us.  I love you, so very much.”

Alex was silent for a few moments, then she nestled her head against his chest and her arm across his back. Her eyes started misting as she began thinking that her dad would not be at her wedding, something that they had talked about on many of their fishing trips beginning at age 10. 

Her silent crying made Cordell put his arms around her and pull her closer.  He wasn’t sure why she was crying and all he could do was lay there and hold her.  After several minutes he finally pulled away from her to look at her.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

Between sobs, Alex was able to mumble, “My dad will not be at my wedding.”

“Yes, he will, Alex, in spirit.  He’ll be there at your side as your brother walks you down the aisle and I’m sure your mother will also be in the front row crying.”

That made Alex cry even harder and he pulled her to him even harder.  She soon settled into a fitful sleep, as she lay in Cordell’s arms.  He decided to let her sleep rather than move and wake her, as she really needed her sleep.  Soon he, too, was asleep.  He would have to get up early in the morning, go out to the ranch and get ready for the wedding.

Several times during the night, Alex would stir, Cordell would also awaken and talk quietly to her and soothe her back to sleep.  Finally at 6:00 am, he awoke, slowly unfolded himself from Alex’s arms without disturbing her, kissed her on her forehead and rose from the bed.  “I love you,” he whispered.  He slipped on his boots, rose from the bed and quietly exited the room.  In the kitchen, he turned on the coffee maker and loaded it with coffee and water.  At least he could do this before he left.  He soon discovered that Ted had been sleeping on the couch in the living room, when Ted slowly rose and joined Cordell in the kitchen.

“Morning,” Ted announced.  “Did you get any sleep last night?”

“A little.  Alex was pretty upset, so I just decided to stay.”

“What was she upset about?”

“About your dad not being at our wedding.”

Ted thought for a moment then accepted a cup of coffee from Cordell.  “Yes, he was very much looking forward to your wedding.  He made me promise in the end that I would be here to walk Alex down the aisle.”

“Well, I’m really glad you were able to be here.”

The two of them looked at each other.  “I’m really happy to have this chance to meet you and get to know you, Cordell, and I’m glad you are marrying my sister.”

“It has been along time in coming.  We’ve known each other about 9 years, but I just took my time about even dating her.  Part of it has to do with our jobs and part of the reason has to do with trying to protect her from the bad guys.”

“She also told me, she makes her own enemies.”

Cordell smiled and added, “Yes, she has made a number of enemies over the years.  She has been kidnapped about 8 times and all those times I came to her rescue.”  He then looked dreamily into space for a few minutes as he remembered the times that he had rescued her from the Religious Fanatic, LaRue (3 times), and Brooks, then returned to the present.

“What are yours and Sandy’s plans?”

“I’ve already started looking for a job, even here in Dallas.  When you return from your honeymoon and we all get settled in, I want to make up a will.  Sandy and I would like you and Alex to be the godparents to Allie and Jacob, just in case something happens to us, we know that they will be well taken care of.”

“What about Sandy’s brothers and sisters?”

“I don’t want my kids anywhere near their grandmother, as she is an absolute witch.  Sherry is alright, but I will never trust Mrs. Bryer.”

“Sure if that’s what you want, but hopefully nothing will happen.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“While you and Alex are away, Sandy and I will look for a house, probably in Springfield and start a new life, then we’ll arrange to go pick up our stuff in Illinois.”

“Maybe we can arrange to send some Rangers up there to get your stuff packed into a moving van and pickup your van.”

“You would do that?”

“Yes, as your new brother-in-law, you betcha.”

At that moment Sandy came into the kitchen. “Boy, something smells good,” as she walked over to the coffeepot, reached into the cabinet for a cup, then poured herself a cup of coffee.  She brought it over and sat down next to her husband.

“Did you two even get to bed or did you two not go home last night?”

“I didn’t leave last night.  Alex was too upset, so she asked me to stay until she fell asleep, then I also fell asleep.  She was pretty keyed up during the night.”

“I don’t know how she has kept going all week.”

“Keep an eye on her will you, Sandy.  If she continues to be upset, call me and I’ll return early, otherwise we’ll just meet you at Mark’s mansion.  Try to let her sleep as late as possible.”

“You want me to leave Jacob here or take him with us?”

“His clothes are out to the ranch, right?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Go ahead and take him.  Wait until you see him in his Tux – he looks so handsome.”

“Well, I guess we’d better be getting.  I still have to pack for our honeymoon.”

“Where are you two going, so I can help Alex get packed?”

“Just tell her to pack for normal May weather, maybe a light jacket.  If we find we need anything, we can always buy it on the road.”

“So, you aren’t going to tell me, am I right?”

Cordell just shook his head.  “I don’t want Alex finding out where we are going until we’re on our way.  Well, we’d better be on our way.”

“OK.”  Ted kissed Sandy then went to the bedroom to pickup a sleeping Jacob and soon they were out the door, heading toward the ranch.

Josie arrived at about 8:00 am.  She was going to fix Alex’s hair, so she arrived with an armful of beautiful white and purple baby’s and breath lilacs and all her hair paraphernalia.  Sydney and Susan arrived about 8:15, she was going to help Alex get dressed and help her pack for her honeymoon.  Several of the girls at Hope House had gone together and gotten her beautiful lingerie, nightgowns, robes, panties, bras, everything for the honeymoon.  Alex had been thrilled at the gifts and blushed at the thought of what Cordell’s reaction would be. 

At 8:30, Alex was still asleep.  “Should we go wake her up?”

“Probably, we’ve still got a lot to do.  Who wants to go wake sleeping beauty.”  Each girl looked from to the other, none of them really wanted to wake her, but they knew they had to, because there was still a lot to do.

“I’ll go,” volunteered Sandy, who knew Alex less than the others.

She went down the hall, to Alex’s bedroom, opened the door and quietly went into the room.  Alex was lying on her stomach with the pillow over her head.  Sandy went to the edge of the bed.  “Alex,” she said quietly.  “It’s time to get up.”  She received no response, so she walked over to the other side of the bed and gently touched Alex.  “Come on Alex, it’s your wedding day, you need to get up and get ready.”  Still there was no response.

All of a sudden, the other girls came into the bedroom, Sydney being the smallest jumped into the middle of the bed soon followed by Allie, yelling, “Come on, sleepy head it’s time to get up.  It’s your wedding day.”  The others were carrying a variety of pots pans, lids, spoons, anything to make a racket and that they did.  Alex woke with a start, turned over, sat straight up and stared at the girls surrounding her.  Allie huddled up close to Alex.

“What is all this racket?”  she cried.

“Alex, we are your waking up committee,” announced Allie.

“Come on, Alex, you’re getting married in less than 6 hours.  It’s time to get up and its up to us to get you ready and to the mansion on time.  We are going to pamper you, my dear lady.”

Sydney grabbed Alex on the shoulders and shook her a little.  “Come on, Alex, wake up.  We’ve got your life arranged for the next 6 hours.  First off is a nice, long, hot bubble bath, which Susan is preparing for you now.  Then Josie is going to fix your hair.  We’re even going to feed you.  So are you ready?”

Alex looked from one girl to the other a couple of times.  She just shook her head and smiled, thinking of what great friends she had.  “I don’t believe you guys.”

“Come on.  We have a lot to do.”  Sydney grabbed her and pulled her off her bed and to her feet.  She pulled Alex towards the bathroom, where Susan took over from there and pulled Alex into the bathroom.

Alex sunk down into the bubble bath and sighed, as it had been a long time since she had let herself indulge in a bubble bath.  Her friends had thought of everything. When she found herself falling asleep, she decided she had better get out and of course that was almost the same time, there was a knock on the door.   

“Come on, Alex, it’s been half an hour, time to move forward.”  A voice belonging to Susan announced on the other side of the door.

“OK, I’ve just got to wash my hair,” she called.

When she appeared from the shower with her hair in a towel and dressed in her Terry Cloth Robe, she found all four girls and Allie sitting on her bed, smiling at her.

“Josie is now taking over to do your hair and Sandy is in charge of making sure you get something to eat,” announced Sydney.

“What is your job, Sydney?”

“To make sure you get to the mansion on time and to make sure you’re packed for your honeymoon.”  They were getting married at Mark Cuban’s North Dallas Mansion. “When is the photographer due there?”

“He’s supposed to take pictures between 1 and 2 of the wedding party and the bride and groom, then throughout the ceremony and afterwards.  He figures on taking around 1,000 pictures.  There is also someone to video tape the wedding and the reception.”

“Boy you guys went all out.  That’s going to be a lot of proofs to have to go through.  I don’t envy you.”

“The photographer was Cordell’s idea.  He wanted to make sure we had plenty of memories of this wedding, since it’s going to be our only wedding,” Alex announced smiling.

Josie sat Alex in the chair and removed the towel from her head, started combing out her hair and using the blow dryer to blow it. 

“Aunt Alex, you want to know what my job is?”  Allie asked.

“What’s your job, Allie?”

“My job is to help everyone help you and to help Sydney get you packed for your honeymoon.”
She then went to the closet and drug out Alex’s suitcase, hauled it to the bed and put it on the bed vacated by her mother.  There she opened it and opened the suitcase, so that they could start putting stuff in it.

Susan brought the package of all the lingerie that had been given to Alex by the people of HOPE House to the bed, which was specifically for her honeymoon.  She carefully opened the box and they oohed and aahed at the beautiful things that had been picked out.  Most everything was in a sea green color and there were a negligee and robe, several bras and panties, nylons and even a garter belt.  Included in this package was also the bride’s garter, the one the groom traditionally removes from her leg.

Alex started giggling at the thought of Cordell having to remove the garter from her upper leg, as she could see him blushing to a bright red, especially if there was going to be an audience.

At that moment the phone rang, Sandy reached down to pick it up off the nightstand beside the bed.  “Hello,”

“This is Cordell, is Alex available?” 

“I don’t know, let me ask.” 

“Alex, are you available to talk with the person on the other end of this line.”

“Depends on who it is.  If it’s Cordell, yes, if anyone else, I really don’t want to talk to them at this time unless it’s really important.”

Sandy smiled, walked over to where Alex was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and handed Alex the phone.

Before she spoke into the phone, she looked pleadingly at Susan and Sandy, “Guys, please.”

“Come on, everyone, let’s let the two lovebirds talk for a few minutes, while we go find something to eat.”  They all exited the bedroom before Alex turned back to the phone.

“Hi, honey.”

“Chased everyone out of your bedroom?”  Cordell asked.

“Yes, where are you at?”

“Outside on the porch.  I’ve got as many watchers as you do.  Trivette is driving me nuts, trying to give me some last minute advice.  Gage is making sure I have everything like the rings, hotel reservations, and flight tickets and asks me every half an hour.  Your brother is running around threatening me that if anything happens to his big sister, I will have him to answer to.  Even Jacob is offering advice, as to what to take with me.”

Alex started giggling.  “Allie is helping me pack.”  Alex laughed.

“For someone who didn’t talk for three years, Jacob is sure making up for lost time.”

“He’s a little sweetheart though.”

“So, how are you doing?”

“I’m okay, much better than I was this morning.  Thank you very much for staying with me last night.  I’m looking forward to and thinking about tonight.  After tonight we will not have to spend any nights apart, unless you have to go undercover.”

“I hope I don’t have too many of those days.”

“I hope you don’t either.  Are you telling me you might be handing some of those undercover assignments to someone else.”

“I might.”

“That would be so nice.”

“I agree.  I get you all to myself for two whole weeks.”

“By the way, where are you taking me on our honeymoon?”

“Sorry, Alex, you’ll just have to wait until Monday morning to find out.”

“Cordell,” she cried, frustrated.

“Sorry, Alex.  I want it to be a very nice surprise.” 

“You’re very frustrating, you know.”

“I know I am, but wait until tonight.”

“I love you so very much,” Alex whispered.

“I love you, too, Alex, now I’ll let you go, so you can get back to doing what you were doing.”

“Josie was doing my hair.  Before that I had the luxury bubble bath.  Then I guess they will feed me.”

“Gee, I had to fix my own meal.”

“I guess we have a lot to look forward to tonight and many nights to come.  Oh, don’t forget the photographer is going to start taking photographs between 1 and 2.”

“I hadn’t forgotten.  So, I’ll see you at Mark’s about 12:30, then.”

“Yes, bye.”  She slowly pushed the disconnect button on the phone and sat there and stared at it.

Suddenly the door opened and in rushed Sydney, with Josie, Sandy, and Allie behind her.  “Are you off the phone with that fiancé of yours yet, so we can get finished?”

“Yes, I am, so let’s get to it.”

At 10:00 the doorbell rang.  Josie was just putting the final touches on Alex’s hair, lots of curls and the baby’s breath intertwined throughout her hair.  Josie stood back to admire her handiwork, then she handed Alex a mirror, so she could look at herself.

“It’s beautiful,” Alex exclaimed.  “Thank you.”  She rose from her chair, turned to her friend and hugged her.

At the door, Allie opened the door.  Standing in the doorway was a little old lady with a large gaily-wrapped package in her arms.

“Hi, is Miss Alex here.”

“Yes, mam, she is,” replied Allie.

“May I speak with her.  Tell her its Mrs. Martin?”  the lady asked.

“Sure, come on in and I’ll go get her.”  The lady came inside the room, so that Allie could shut the door.  “Would you like me to take that for you?”

“Yes, dear, that would be nice.”  She carefully handed the package to Allie. “Please be careful with it.”

Allie took the package to the dining room table, where several other unwrapped packages had also been placed.  People had been dropping off packages at either Alex’s office or Cordell’s office and Alex’s apartment all week.

“I’ll go get my aunt for you.  In the meantime go ahead and have a seat on the couch.”  Allie then ran to the bedroom, where Susan and Sydney were lying on the bed, Sandy was sitting in the chair under the window and Josie was still fixing Alex’s hair. 

“Aunt Alex, there is a Mrs. Martin waiting for you in the living room.”

“Mrs. Martin, oh my gosh, I forgot about her,” cried Alex, as she quickly rose and headed toward the living room.

“Mrs. Martin,” cried Alex as she found her sitting on her couch.  Mrs. Martin rose and went into Alex’s awaiting arms.

“Dear, I brought your gift over.  This sweet little girl took it from me and placed it on the dining room table.  It’s the silver package.”

“Thank you very much.  Mrs. Martin, I would like to introduce you to my friends and family.”  She turned to her three friends and sister-in-law.  “Ladies, this is my sweet next door neighbor who has been like a grandmother to me.  This is Mrs. Adele Martin.  Mrs. Martin, this is my sister-in-law, Sandy Wilson, my friends, Susan Lee, and Josie Hoffman, and one of Cordell’s fellow rangers, Sydney Cook and this little one is my niece, Alexandra.”

“Glad to meet you all.”

“Mrs. Martin, it’s nice meeting you,” announced Josie, as she moved forward and shook her hand.

Sydney, Susan and Sandy all came forward to hug and shook hands with the dear lady.

“Mrs. Martin, you are joining us for the wedding?”  Alex asked.

“Oh, no.  I don’t have any way there.”

“Mrs. Martin, I can find someone to take you and bring you home.”

“Alex, dear, I would love to attend your wedding, but I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

“You will not be any problem.”  Alex promised.

 Mrs. Martin had the largest smile on her face, which brought a big grin to Alex’s face.  She loved Mrs. Martin like a grandmother and Mrs. Martin loved Cordell Walker to death, as she thought he was top notch in her book.

“Well, I need to go back to my apartment to get ready.  What time will you be leaving?”

“Mrs. Martin, can you make it back here by 11:15?”

“Yes, I can,” replied Mrs. Martin.  Alex accompanied her to the door, opened it, let her out and closed the door behind her.

“What a sweet little old lady!”  exclaimed Sydney.

“And she’s very sweet on Cordell,” Alex added. “And I think he loves the attention she gives him.  She seems to have a radar where he is concerned, as it seems like she knows every time he comes over.  She’s here within just a few after he arrives.”  Alex just smiled and shook her head.

By 11:00, they had all eaten some breakfast.  Alex was a little nervous and didn’t want to eat anything, but Sydney made sure she ate her breakfast.  Sydney just laughed and shook her head.

They had her all packed and ready for her honeymoon, her suitcases were sitting beside the door waiting to be taken to the limo when it showed up.  Her beautiful wedding dress was in a garment bag hanging on her bedroom door.  She was not putting it on until after she arrived at Mark’s mansion.  Her going away outfit was in another garment bag.

They were all sitting around waiting for the limo to arrive and for Mrs. Martin to come over.

“Well, Alex, are you getting nervous?”  asked Susan.  They knew she was nervous, because she hadn’t been able to sit still all morning long.

“Oh, a little.”

“I talked with Gage a little while ago and he said Walker was especially nervous, pacing back and forth, and staring off into space,” announced Sydney.

Alex had to laugh.  “Yes, I can just picture him being that way.”

“Do you know where you are going on your honeymoon?”  Sandy asked.

Not smiling, she shook her head.  “No, Cordell won’t tell me, wants it to be a surprise.”

“I don’t think he’s told anyone,” added Sydney.

“Maybe he doesn’t want any phone calls during your honeymoon.”

“We better not get any phone calls.  In fact I’ve already left my cell phone in my office desk drawer.”

“Boy, are you living dangerously?” suggested Susan.

They all had to laugh, because each one knew how much Alex depended on her cell phone and how it ran her life.

“I’m not taking it this time.  In fact, Walker is not even to take his gun and I really didn’t want him taking his badge, but that was a compromise.”

Just then the phone rang and almost at the same time, the doorbell rang.  “I’ll get the door,” suggested Alex.

“I’ll get the phone,” announced Susan, who was closest to the phone.

Alex opened the door to find Mrs. Martin standing there, dressed in a beautiful silver dress.  “Wow,” announced Alex.  “You look beautiful.  Do come in.”  Alex took her arm and led her into

 the living room where the rest stopped what they were doing and stared at Mrs. Martin.

“You look wonderful, Mrs. Martin,” exclaimed Sandy, who walked toward her and gave her a hug.

“Everyone,” announced Susan.  “The limo is downstairs and Gage is on his way up to help us with luggage and stuff.”

“Why did Gage come with the limo?”  Alex asked, wonderingly.

Susan just shrugged her shoulders.  All of a sudden bedlam took over, as Alex had remembered she had forgotten to put her makeup kit into her bag, so she rushed to the bathroom to retrieve it.  Gage rang the doorbell, Sandy and Allie both rushed for it at once.  They opened the door and Gage walked through the doorway to a bunch of women grabbing luggage and garment bags and running around.

“What happened?  Everything was calm and quiet before you got here, Gage,” suggested Sydney.

“Don’t ask me, I just arrived.  Now what goes to the limo for the trunk?”

“Those cases by the door,” announced Sydney.  Gage grabbed the four suitcases, two under his arms and two in his hands, Sandy opened the door and he disappeared out of the apartment. 

Each girl had her own garment bag and had her own makeup bag to gather up, but they found out they were going to have to make two trips down to the limo.  Josie had gathered up Alex’s paraphernalia that she would need to get ready for the wedding at the mansion.  Sandy grabbed the garment bag with Alex’s wedding dress in it, Susan grabbed the other garment bag, Allie grabbed Mrs. Martin’s arm, and Sydney grabbed Alex to make sure she had her purse, her keys, etc.  “Ok, gang, let’s go,” announced Sydney as she guided Alex to the door.

They all made the first trip to the limo, where the driver put everything, but the garment bags into the trunk.  Sydney and Sandy made a second trip back up stairs to retrieve the rest of the garment bags and to make sure everything was locked up.  The garment bags, the driver laid in the third seat not occupied by everyone else.  Finally, everyone had everything and they were ready to head to the mansion.  Gage sat up front with the limo driver while the seven females sat in the back to seats and soon they were on their way to Mark Cuban’s mansion.

The closer they got to the mansion, the more nervous Alex was getting.  Sydney was sitting on one side of her and Sandy was on her other side, so they each grabbed a hand and held it to calm her a little.  They were soon at the mansion where the limo parked in front of the door and later it would be moved to the side of the mansion.  It would also be used to carry the bride and groom to their hotel for the night and to the airport early Monday morning for the beginning of their honeymoon.

Mark had made arrangements for three rooms be set aside for the bride and her entourage to use to get ready and two rooms set aside for the groom and his entourage to ready for the wedding.  From Gage, they learned that Walker, Jimmy, and Ted were already at the mansion and that Gage had volunteered to accompany the limo driver to go get the girls.

Several ladies dressed in black and white uniforms were there to help the girls carry their stuff to the rooms and help them get ready met them at the door.  The luggage was left in the trunk of the limo, as it wasn’t needed until Alex and Walker was ready to head to the hotel.

It was now 11:30 and Alex and her entourage had an hour to get ready before the photographer started taking photos.  Alex had hired a wedding coordinator who took care of all the details of the wedding setup, the gifts, the caterers, the flowers, etc.  Alex and the girls were led to their rooms upstairs, where everything had been laid out.  Alex took a few deep breaths and went to the window to see what was outside.

They had decided on an outdoor wedding, even though Kim and Phil’s wedding two years before had turned into a major disaster.  A couple months ago, Mark Cuban had offered Walker and Alex his mansion to get married in after Walker had arrested one of his players from his basketball team for drugs.  He was very grateful to get the player off his team, so that he wouldn’t influence anyone else.

Not long after the girls had arrived in the rooms, a knock came to the door.  Sandy went to answer it, found a man and a woman standing in the doorway. 

“Hi, is Alex here.”

“Sure come on in.”  Alex still had her street clothes on when she came out of one of the other rooms to see who was here.

“Mark, it’s so nice of you to let us use your mansion for our wedding.  Thank you very much.”

“It’s my pleasure, Alex.  I hope you have found your surroundings in order and that you have everything that you need.  My personnel are at your service for anything that you need.”  Mark announced.

“Thank you, Mark.  Let me introduce you to my friends who are helping me with my wedding. This is my sister-in-law, Sandy Wilson, my niece Alexandra.  You’ve already met Sydney Cook.  Susan Lee is a friend of both Walker’s and mine, Josie Hoffman helps me with the HOPE house, by being there day-to-day.  And this dear lady,” walking over to where Mrs. Martin was sitting on a couch. “Is my lovely next door lady who is acting in my mother’s place.”

“Nice to meet you all.  That nephew of yours is really a great little guy.  He has followed me everywhere and has asked me a million questions.  Please let my personnel know if you need anything.”

“He is a little sweetheart.  How did you lose him to come up here?”

“His Uncle Cordell kept him busy while I came to find you.”

Alex glanced at Sandy who was standing near by and found she had tears in her eyes.  “Up until a week ago, he wouldn’t say a word.”

“He sure talks a lot now.”

“We will let someone know if we need anything. Mark, and again thank you very much.”

“See you later, then,” announced Mark, as he took his leave out the door.

“Ms. Cahill,” announced Valerie Swenson, the Wedding Coordinator.

“Oh, please, call me Alex,” Alex told her.

“OK, Alex.”  She held a clipboard to her chest.  “Everything is going very well, but there seems to be a lot of security, a lot of extra people around before the guests are even arriving.  Is there a reason for that?”

Sydney approached Alex and Valerie.  “Yes, security will be very heavy and tight.  We do not want a repeat of what happened two years ago at the wedding of Phil and Kim Holland.”

“That was one wedding I wish to forget.”  Alex and Valerie discussed some more subjects that needed more than Valerie’s attention or items she needed some advice on.  She briefed Alex on everything that was going on and then left the room.  One of the subjects was who would be responsible for making sure that the gifts got to the proper place.  Alex had assigned Jimmy, Gage, and Sydney that challenge and they would take everything to her apartment, where

A few moments after Valerie left another knock sounded at the door, Sandy again went to see whom it was.

On the other side of the doorway, stood a very pregnant Kim Holland.  “Come in.”

“Alex,” cried Kim as she headed toward her.  Kim already had tears in her eyes, which also caused Alex to start crying.

“Kim, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Alex, believe me, I almost didn’t come.  I sure didn’t want to jinks your wedding.”

“Oh, Kim,” cried Alex, as she hugged her again, tears flowing from her eyes.  “I am so happy that you came.  Did Phil come also?”

“Of course he did, I wasn’t going to allow him to stay home.  He was also hesitant to come, but the more we talked about it, the more we decided that we had to come.  Phil is down there with the boys.”

“How much longer?” glancing down at her protruding stomach.

“Another three weeks, June 15, hopefully he will arrive on Father’s Day.”

“You know it’s a boy?”

“Yes, we didn’t want to find out at first, but the doctor slipped and kept calling the baby a he.”

“Alex, it’s 12:00 and if you’re going to be sitting in front of the photographer in half an hour, we’ve got to get you dressed,” suggested Sydney.

Quickly, everyone started scurrying around and helping Alex get into her wedding dress.  It took three people to help her with it.  Alex had spent months trying to locate the perfect dress, she tossed a few ideas around with Sydney, Josie, and Susan, but finally she decided alone at which one she finally chose.  It took several fittings, before the seamstress got the gown to a perfect fit. 

Alex’s accessories were something new – a beautiful diamond pendant necklace that Cordell had given to her as a wedding gift the night before.   The something old – a ring that had belonged to her mother and she borrowed a handkerchief from Mrs. Martin and the something blue was the blue garter she wore on her thigh.  She had presented to each of her bridesmaids, Sandy, Susan, Josie, and Sydney a beautiful necklace, all of them wore theirs for the wedding.  Cordell had bought tie tacks for Jimmy, Gage, CD, and Ted.

The photographer was scheduled to come into the dressing room to take some pictures of them getting ready and finally at 12:20, he arrived.  He took about 36 pictures of Alex and her group getting ready.  He had already taken pictures of Cordell and the rest of the men.

At 1:00, everyone was ready to go downstairs to have group photos shot of the whole wedding party.  It would be the first time Alex would see her intended in his tuxedo and he would see her in her wedding dress.  The others proceeded Alex out of the room and down the stairs where the men were waiting in another room just to the left of the stairs.

But to Alex’s surprise, just as she was starting down the stairs, her intended waited at the bottom of the stairs.  He looked up at her, as she descended down the stairs, their eyes locked together and each smiled at the other.  At the bottom of the stairs, he took her hand and led her to wherever the photographer wanted them.  For almost an hour, the photographer snapped lots of photos of Alex and Walker, the whole group, the couples that appeared as ushers and bride’s attendants.   He also took a photograph of Cordell, Alex and Mrs. Martin, a photograph that Alex planned on putting into a frame and giving to Mrs. Martin on her birthday next month.  The photographer took photos of Ted, Sandy, the two kids, and the two kids by themselves, Ted and Sandy by themselves.  He took photos of all the men together, and all the ladies together, Cordell with all the men, and Alex with all the ladies, both inside the house and outside on the lawn.  There would be more pictures taken during the afternoon and into the evening of the reception.

By then a lot of the guests were also beginning to arrive and the gift table was also beginning to fill up.

About 1:45 the photographer finished this round of photos, so that they could get ready for the actual ceremony.  Alex and her party went back upstairs to wait for the wedding march to begin.  There were still guests arriving and they had to be sat before the wedding actually started.  At 2:00, Ted came up the stairs to escort Alex down the stairs and down the aisle.  Trivette stood at Walker’s side at the altar, the others at various places to escort the ladies down the aisle. 

Gage had seated Mrs. Martin on the very front row on the very edge on the left-hand aisle of chairs after she had been allowed a few moments alone with Cordell to talk with him and give him a hug.

First down the aisle was Jacob, the ring bearer, next was Allie as the flower girl, followed by Sydney, Susan was behind her, Josie was next and Sandy was last.

At the top of the stairs, Ted had a hold of Alex’s arm, as they got ready to descend the stairs.

“Well, Alex, dear, are you ready for this moment?”

“I’ve been ready for this moment for eight years now.”

Then she turned to her brother and gave him a hug. “I love you Theodore and I’m so happy that we found you and that you are able to walk me down the aisle.”

“I am thankful that I have been given this opportunity and I’m sorry Dad didn’t make it this far.  He was so looking forward to this day.”

Alex felt the tears well up in her eyes. “Come on, Theodore, let’s get going before I start bawling.”

“Go ahead and cry, Alex.”

She put her hand on the banister, “Come on, kiddo, let’s get this show on the road.”  She was smiling but crying real tears, as she walked down the stairs with her brother on her arm.  They would turn left, through a large room, out patio doors, down some more stairs, down a red carpeted aisle to the arms of her true and only love, Cordell Walker. 

Just as they reached the bottom of the stairs, someone else came rushing through the front door.  Alex looked up and saw CD approaching her and Ted.

“CD,” cried Alex, as she held out her arms out to him.

“Alex, darling, I’m glad I made it here in time.” 

Now Alex was crying in earnest.  CD took his kerchief out of his pocket to offer it to her.  First he wiped the tears from her face, then handed it to her.

“Oh, this is so neat.  Now I’ve got two of my favorite men to walk me down the aisle.  CD, this is my brother Ted Cahill.  I’m so glad you could make it.”  The two men shook hands.

“I didn’t know you had a brother,” CD announced.

“It’s a long story, CD.  We’ll explain later.”

“Yes, we will.  But your most favorite person is waiting for you at end of this aisle.  If we don’t get going, he’s going to think you deserted him, “ suggested Ted. 

Soon the wedding march began playing on the organ that had been placed outside.  Jacob with pillow in hands and rings attached to it, walked proudly down the aisle first, he went to stand beside Cordell and Jimmy.  Cordell and Jimmy turned so that they could see everyone coming down the aisle, but Alex was not in view yet.  Next came the flower girl, Allie, and she tossed rose petals out of a basket she was carrying to the right then to the left, as she walked down the aisle, she would stand beside Alex, Sandy, and Sydney. 

At that moment Sandy appeared in the doorway and was surprised to see yet another person with Ted and Alex.  “Are you guys coming?  They are already playing the wedding march a second time.”  She could tell that Alex had been crying.

“Well, darlin, are you ready for this?”  CD asked her, as he held out his arm for her to take, while Ted held the other arm.

“I am ready.”  She took a deep breath and faced forward ready to walk down the aisle to meet her beloved and best friend. 

At the front, Cordell was getting anxious, wondering what was happening to Alex and Ted, he was hoping that nothing had happened.  He kept looking towards the back, waiting for Alex and Ted to appear.  The music began again and soon the bridesmaids began walking down the aisle again.  Jacob and Allie were already seated, Sydney finally appeared, Susan was right behind, Josie appeared and a little behind her was Sandy.

A few short moments later, Alex appeared with both Ted and CD one on either side of her.  Cordell broke out into a wide grin as he saw his oldest friend at his bride’s side.  Cordell had talked with CD several days before and CD talked like he was going to try and make the wedding, but wasn’t sure.

At his side, he heard Jimmy mutter, ”Big Dog” and he too broke into a wide grin.

But Cordell only had eyes for his beautiful bride, as she continued down the aisle toward him.  Their eyes locked on one another and they only saw one another, everything and everyone else ceased to exist.  Slowly Alex with Ted on one side and CD on the other side made their way down the aisle.  It seemed to both of them that the walk was taking forever, but soon she was close enough he could tell she had been crying, more from pure joy and happiness.

Finally, they appeared within hand reach of each other.  He reached for her hand and took it from CD’s arm and then he pulled her toward him, still staring into her eyes.  He pulled her into his arms, then kissed her, and even whispered, “You are so beautiful and I love you.”  He ended up reaching up and wiping some tears with the back of his hand from her cheeks.  The gesture almost made her want to cry even more.

Some of the guests, who were close and could see what was going on started to laugh a little, then started clapping, as they stood.  Most of them finally saw a side of Cordell Walker that they had never seen.  Finally the judge who was standing in front cleared his throat to get the two lovebirds’ attention and when that didn’t work, he touched Cordell on the shoulder with one hand and Alex on the shoulder with his other and physically turned them around to face him.

He whispered to them, “You’ll have plenty of time for these matters later.”  Jimmy and Ted who were the closest giggled when the Judge said that to Cordell and Alex, then both their faces turned red.  Cordell finally took Alex’s hand and the two of them faced the judge.  The judge looked up at all the guests to make sure everyone was once again seated.

Judge Richardson finally caught their attention and the attention of all the family and guests.

“My dear friends, family, and honored guests of Cordell and Alex, we are gathered here today to join this lovely couple in holy matrimony.  Cordell and Alex have known each other for around nine years, their friendship and relationship was very slow to mature, ever since their very first New Year’s Eve.  Who will give this bride away to her beloved.”

“I, Theodore Cahill, Alex’s brother will,” Ted announced.

“And I, CD Parker, a very close friend.”  Alex and Cordell had discussed this matter with CD a couple months before, if Alex’s Dad could not make it.

          Alex and Cordell looked at each other and smiled and wondered from whom that statement about New Year’s Eve came from. 

“Cordell and Alex have had their share of experiences together, some bad, such as Alex being kidnapped eight times in nine years and her prince charming coming to her rescue each time.  But they’ve also had some wonderful times together and over the years, they have learned to love one another, trust each other, and enjoy their budding relationship.  Two years ago this month, Cordell decided he could not live without Alex, so he asked her to marry him.”

Alex and Cordell looked at each other again, wondering who wrote this speech.  He squeezed her hand, because what the Judge was saying was the truth.

“In the two years that it’s taken for Cordell and Alex to come together at this alter, they have become even closer in their relationship and their love for one another has grown by leaps and bounds.  Cordell has vowed to protect Alex and love her forever and Alex has vowed to love Cordell forever and to protect Cordell.”

“Cordell John Walker will you take Alexandra Dawn Cahill to be your lawful wedded wife to honor, cherish, and to love forever in sickness and in health till death due you part.”

Cordell turned to Alex and stared into her smiling tear streaked face.  “I do,” he said quietly.

Still looking at one another, the Judge continued. “Alexandra Dawn Cahill do you take Cordell John Walker to be your lawful wedded husband to honor, cherish, to love forever in sickness and in health till death due you part.”

Choking back a tear, Alex whispered, “I do.”

“May I please have the rings?”

Nervously Jimmy found the pillow in his pocket removed the smaller of the two rings and handed it to the judge who in turn handed it to Cordell.  He took Alex’s left hand, shaking somewhat and slowly placed the ring on her finger, as he repeated the words he had practiced, “Alex, my true love and best friend, with this ring I thee wed till death due us part.  I will always love you through our many future years to come together, even more than I have loved you for the last eight years, but I will be more open to you by telling you that I love you and showing you that I love you in many ways.  I want you to be the mother of our children and share my life with me for all our future.  Alexandra Dawn Cahill, I love you so very much, will you take my name and become Alexandra Dawn Walker.”

Alex smiled and was very surprised at Cordell’s speech, as tears crept into her eyes once again.  Jimmy handed the second larger ring to the Judge who in turn handed it to Alex.  Her voice was very shaky and very close to tears.  “Cordell, my best friend, my love, my protector and my shining knight, with this ring I thee wed till death due us part.  I have loved you so very much in these past eight years most of the time from afar.  I knew that you were the man I wanted in my life forever to be the father of our children and to love forever.  I love you, Cordell John Walker and yes I will be more than happy to take on your name.”

“Now that Cordell and Alex have pledged themselves to one another in front of God, and their honored family and friends, I now pronounce them Husband and Wife.  Cordell you may kiss your bride.” 

Cordell turned to Alex, put his hands on her shoulders and drew her to him and gave her a nice long drawn out kiss.  Her arms went around his shoulders while his went around her.  When he let her go.  “I love you.”

“I love you, Cordell.”  Then she turned and kissed him.  Finally, the judge turned them toward the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, family, and friends, it is my pleasure to FINALLY present Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Walker.”

           The look on Cordell’s face was priceless, as Alex broke out in laughter after the judge pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Walker.  He turned to Alex and asked, “Who told him to say that.”  She had only to hope that either the person running the video camera or the photographer had caught his look.

           “Honey, you are a gem, you know that.  I love you so very much.”

The next step was for them to walk back down the aisle as man and wife, their long journey finally ended.   They walked back down the aisle hand in hand.  There they would stand in the line with the rest of the bridal party and shake hands with all their guests.

After the shaking many hands and hugs and kisses of congratulations, everyone started to eat from the massive buffet.  Alex didn’t really feel like eating much, as she had so many butterflies in her stomach.  She led Cordell over to the gift table to take a look at the tables of gifts that had been given to them. 

The girl, who was one of the wedding coordinator’s employees, at the gift table walked up to them, as they walked up to the tables.

“Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Walker.  My name is Cassandra Phillips.  As you can see you have received many nice gifts.”

“What are we going to do with all these gifts?  I haven’t seen this much stuff in one place since we went shopping.”

“Don’t worry, darling, we’ll find a place for everything,” as Alex faced him and touched his cheek with her hand and gave him a slight kiss.

“Oh, these envelopes contain either checks or gift certificates, so you might want to hang onto them,” Cassandra announced, as she handed a stack to Cordell.  He took them, tried to count the handful and then stuck them inside his jacket pocket.  They almost didn’t fit.

“What we’ve done here, is identify each package and each envelope with a number, which is written on each.  We then place each number in a book with a short description of what the item is or what color of package if it left wrapped.  Therefore everything is identified and who the gift is from and it makes your job much easier when you go to write out your Thank you notes.  Then we package everything up in boxes that we provide and give them to your designated persons, which I believe is Jimmy Trivette, Francis Gage, and Sydney Cook.  Believe me you will need all three people to get all this stuff to your house.”

“Thank you, very much for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome.”

They then turned and walked down the table and looked at the rows and rows of gifts – containing pots and pans, glass dishes, glasses, silverware, sheets & pillow cases, blankets, pillows, toasters, rice cookers, cookbooks, towels, almost anything one would need to set up housekeeping.

“Alex, we don’t even have enough space in our house for all this stuff.”

“Honey, I’ve already made plans.  What we can’t use or have one too many of, will be donated to the HOPE House.  If either of us has some old stuff, we can get rid of that stuff and use the new stuff.”

He just stared at her, then smiled.  “We’ve got enough stuff here to set up two households again.”

She put both arms around his neck, then he put his arms around her back and down to her waist and pulled her close to him.  They at first just touched forehead to forehead, just staring into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, Mrs. Walker.  Now are you going to continue calling me Walker?”

“What would you like me to call you?”  She asked smiling.  “Calling you Walker has been so much of a habit, but I would be very happy to start calling you Cordell if you wish.”

“It might be nice, if you called me Cordell at least in private.”

“I would love to.  I love you, Cordell Walker with all my heart and soul.  She then sealed their talking with a kiss. “Just wait until tonight.”

“This is where you two disappeared to,” Ted announced, as he walked up behind them. 

 “Yep, we got caught.”

“The photographer wants to take some more pictures, then some people are wondering when you are going to cut the cake.  You guys don’t want to hang around here all evening do you?”

“Oh, we thought we would stick around until about 8 or so, then take off.”  Cordell’s arm was around Alex’s waist as they walked along with Ted back to the festivities.  They returned to the crowd where they just mingled among the guests, neither one leaving one another’s side for very long.

The rest of the evening passed by with a lot of hugging, kissing, congratulations, eating and everyone seeming to really having a wonderful time. 

The wedding coordinator did a good job of keeping people entertained and kept things going.  The band began playing and people were starting to dance.  They finally decided on the cake cutting ceremony.  The cake was a large four-layer cake each layer separated by pillars, frosted in white with roses in Alex’s wedding colors pastel colors of pink, blue, light green.  Each of the bridesmaids had worn their dresses in the same colors.   Alex and Cordell stood in front of the cake and posed for the photographer.  Cordell had his hand over Alex’s on the knife as they made the first cut of the cake.  Alex cut a piece of cake and put it onto a plate, then reached for a fork.

Then came the feeding of the cake to one another.  Alex turned to Cordell, eyes sparking with some mischievousness in them.  “Don’t even think about it,” Cordell warned her.

“Think of what, Darling,” Alex whispered.

“Thinking of shoving that piece of cake in my mouth.”

“Now, why would you think that I would do something like that?”

She cut a piece of cake, then picked it up with the fork and aimed it at Cordell’s mouth.  He took it and ate it, then it was his turn to feed Alex her piece.  He picked the rest of the piece of cake up with his fingers and headed to Alex’s mouth and quickly shoved it into her mouth almost before she got it open.  She had frosting all over her mouth and she ended up glaring at her new husband. “You rat, you just wait, payback time.  She then grabbed another piece of cake and shoved it into his mouth, which he opened just in time.  They ended up laughing and giggling over the mess they had made, as they both ended up with cake down the front of Alex’s dress and Cordell’s Tux.  Everyone was laughing as the loving couple poked fun at one another.

After everyone enjoyed the cake cutting episode and the cake feeding, Alex and Cordell went to get cleaned up a little and went to a spacious bathroom off the main room.  But before they cleaned each other up, there shared a very sweet kiss tasting each other using the cake as bait. 

After several minutes there was a knock on the door. “Come on you two, that’s enough smooching,” came the voice from the other side of the door, which belonged to Sydney.

Alex collapsed into Cordell’s arms laughing, then they took a wash cloth and cleaned the cake off each other.  Cordell had it in his beard and down the front of his tux and Alex had it her hair and down the front of her dress.  When they were finished, they just stood staring at each other, then Cordell touched her face with his hand, then with his he pulled her chin up to him, so that he could kiss her again.

“Come on wife, we’d better get back out there before they send out another search party for us,” Cordell suggested, as he put his arm around her shoulders and led her out of the bathroom after opening the door.

Mrs. Pearson who approached them met them in the hall, “That’s where you two have been hiding.  We thought we were going to have to send out a search party.”

Cordell and Alex both glanced at each other smiled and walked away, Cordell’s arm still around Alex’s shoulder and her arm was around his waist.  They were smiling when they walked back into the hall.  People came up to them and congratulated them, hugged and/or kissed Alex.  For awhile, they went their separate ways and mingled with their guests, but they were never far from each other.  Alex finally found herself something to eat and was sitting down at a table eating, when Cordell found her and joined her.  She began feeding him some of her fruit, when an idea hit upon her for later – strawberries and whipped cream sounded delicious and hopefully the hotel had them on their menu.

Finally, the music started up, Cordell glanced over at Alex, “Come on, Mrs. Walker, time for us to dance our first dance as a married couple.”  He took her hand and led her to the dance floor, where he took her into his arms and they danced.  They danced for several dances before they decided to sit down as they were so wrapped up in each other and Cordell started kissing Alex on the dance floor so they decided to sit it our for awhile and leave the dance floor. 

Alex ended up dancing with her brother, Jimmy, CD, Gage, and several of the other male guests.  Cordell had his first non-Alex dance with Mrs. Martin, Sandy, Sydney, and Josie, and Cordell and Alex ended up dancing together again.

About an hour later, going on 8:00 pm., people were beginning to leave, so Cordell and Alex’s friends thought it was time that they toast the newlyweds, so they could get to their hotel room.  A waiter began passing out champagne glasses full of champagne to the guests that were still there.  Jimmy got up in front of the group and tapped his glass to get everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast to the newlyweds, so that they can get away from here and get to their hotel.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Cordell and Alex for many years and knew right away that they belonged together, they just didn’t know it.”

Everyone laughed, as they glanced over at the couple, sitting at the table at the edge of the crowd. 

“I’d like to propose a toast to the happy couple, to a long life together, and that they may be blessed with many little ones soon.  To Cordell and Alex, may you have a long prosperous life together.”  Jimmy held up his glass as did everyone else, “Here’s to Alex and Cordell, “ everyone cheered.

CD then got up to propose his toast. “Cordell, I have known you since you were quite young and you have suffered through so much, but when Alex came into your life, I knew she was the one for you from that first New Year’s Eve party in my bar.  It just took you Cordell all this time to find out that you had a jewel right at your elbow.  To Alex and Cordell, my best wishes, my love goes out to two of my children.  May you have a long and wonderful life together and may you have as many little ones as God may grant you.  I love you Alex and Cordell.”  He also held up his glass and announced, “Here’s to you Cordell and Alex.”

The Ted got up in front of the group and was already in tears.  “Alex, my dear big sister.  I’m so glad I found you.  Sandy and I wish you the best of luck and a long future in front of you.  I love you.  To you Cordell, take good care of my sister and to both of you, may you have many happy years together and have little ones just like you.”  Jacob and Allie both came up to their aunt and uncle and gave them hugs and kisses.

Alex was in tears as she listened to the toasts given to them as a married couple by their friends.

Judge Richardson was next to get up and makes a toast.  He had an interesting story to tell about the first time Alex and Cordell met in the courtroom for the first time.  The way he told it, he had most everyone in stitches.  In the end, he added, “Alex and Cordell, I wish you all the happiness, because you two deserve it.  Take care of one another, love on another and be happy.”

Several other people got up and toasted the couple and slowly things began to wind down.  Valerie came up to Alex to make an appointment for a future meeting to take care of some final matters.  Alex finally made it to the dressing room to change out of her wedding dress into her travel suit.  Sandy and Sydney went with her to help her.  Sandy told Alex that she would make sure her dress and other articles got to her apartment.

Alex, Sandy, and Sydney finally came out of the changing room and went back down the stairs, where she finally found Cordell and joined him.  The only matter of business to attend to was the tossing of the bride’s bouquet, then they could leave to get to the hotel.  Several single women to include Sydney and even Allie joined the group at the foot of the stairs.  Alex with her bouquet in her hands stood on the stairs with her back to the group, then she tossed the bouquet over her shoulder for some lucky girl in the crowd to catch.  Sydney ended up to be the lucky individual to catch the bouquet, she and Alex exchanged glances and smiled at one another.

By the time every one was gathered around the limo that was to take Cordell and Alex to their hotel, it was almost 9:00 and they were both ready to take off.  Cordell and Alex hand in hand came out of the house, made their way through the crowd amongst cheering people who were throwing rice at the couple.  Once they were in the Limo they had been covered with the grains of rice.  The chauffeur closed the door on them and they settled in the back seat.

Cordell put his arm around Alex and hugged her closely.  “Well, Mrs. Walker, I finally have you to myself for almost a whole day.  What are we going to do?”

Alex smiled devishly, put her hand on husband’s face and turned it so she could kiss him on the lips.  “Don’t worry, Darling, we’ll think of something.”

Within half an hour they were at the hotel, the driver opened the door for them, the bellhop removed their luggage from the trunk of the car.  Cordell glanced at Alex’s four pieces of luggage compared to his one piece.

“Alex, we’re only going to be gone two weeks, it looks as if you’ve packed for a month.”

“I know, darling, but since you wouldn’t tell me where we were going, I had to pack for all types of weather, mountain, seashore, etc.”  He led her into the hotel where they went straight to the registration desk, the bellhop followed with their luggage.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Walker,” Cordell announced to the desk clerk.

He looked up at them and said, “Ah ha, the newlyweds.  The Honeymoon Suite is ready for you and we are at your disposal.  If there is anything you need, please let us know, we’re at your service.”  The clerk handed Cordell a form to fill out

“I think we’ll be fine,” Cordell replied, turning a little red.

Alex had to giggle at her husband and his sensitivity to certain things.  Cordell filled out the form handed the clerk the paper and his credit card, but the clerk handed the credit card back to him.  “Sorry, this is not necessary the room bill has already been paid for.”

“Who paid for our room, because we didn’t tell anyone where we were staying.”

“I don’t know and I have no way of telling who paid for it.  I do believe it was done anonymously.”  Cordell and Alex just looked at one another and shook their heads.  The clerk handed the key to the bellhop and announced, “Room 2060”. 

          “This way folks,” announced the bellhop.  Alex and Cordell hand in hand followed the bellhop to the elevator.

In the elevator, Cordell just stood with his arm around Alex and she nuzzled against him.  Alex turned so that she was more or less facing him and wrapped her arms around him and let her head to his shoulder.  The bellhop was used to newlyweds and the way they acted, so he didn’t pay any attention to this newlywed couple.  When the elevator stopped, the bellhop allowed Alex and Cordell to exit the elevator first, then he followed with their luggage on the cart.

At the room, the bellhop opened the door for them, started taking in their luggage, checking the curtains and the heater to make sure everything was working.  Cordell in the meantime picked Alex up in his arms and carried her across the threshold and kissed her before he sat her on her feet again.  The bellhop then appeared in front of the couple at the door again on his way out.

Cordell handed him a tip, he bowed to them and said ‘Thank you,’ and took his leave.  Alex began exploring the room and was amazed at what she found.  Cordell removed his tux jacket and put it onto a chair that sat near the bed.  Alex had also removed her jacket and threw it across one of the chairs in the living room, as she had been exploring the rooms.  They also removed their shoes in the middle of the floor.

“Come here, wife,” he announced.  She slowly walked over to him, acting seductively as she wrapped her wrap around his neck and pulled him toward her, where she wrapped her arms around his neck and commenced to kiss him.  He just finally gave in and wrapped his arms around her and continued kissing her.  Finally they broke with Alex laughing.

“What’s so funny?”  Cordell asked her. 

“Sweetheart, the look on your face when Judge Richardson introduced us to everyone, finally as Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Walker.  I loved it,” cried Alex laughing even harder.  He pulled her over to the round bed, adorned in red velvet, he fell onto the bed, then pulled her down onto the top of the cover beside him. 

“I’ll teach you to laugh at me,” he announced, as he began tickling her.  They were laughing so hard by then that the tears were soon to follow.  “I love you so much, Mrs. Walker.”

Alex just stared at Cordell and smiled.  “I love you, Mr. Walker,” she started crying, then began kissing Cordell.  Slowly he began unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt then his hands began wandering over her bare skin, slowly along her rib cage to her back, and then to her abdomen which began causing Alex to moan a little.  Then slowly his hand began undoing her bra in the back and as he removed it, his hand came to her front where his hand moved to her breast, which made Alex suck in her breath.  All this time they had been kissing, but they finally had to finally break away to breath.  Cordell then finished removing her blouse and bra and tossed them aside.

“You’re more beautiful than I dreamed,” he whispered, as he began kissing her again starting with her lips, down her throat, chest, to her breasts, which he began to suck on her nipples.  Alex in the meantime started to unbutton Cordell’s shirt, but was finding it rather difficult to concentrate on the job at hand as he sucked on one breast then the other.  She managed one button, then two, before she started withering under his kisses.

“You’re not playing fair,” she whispered, as she tried to unbutton his shirt.

“Why do you say that.”  He pulled himself up to face her again and started kissing her lips again.  His tongue entered her mouth while his hands worked her breasts, ribcage, and abdomen.  She finally unbutton his shirt, pulled it out of his slacks and reached his bare chest and her hands finally worked wonders on his chest and back.  They felt of each other, kissed each other’s bodies, and just enjoyed the foreplay that took place.

All of a sudden Cordell stopped and rose upon his hands and stared at Alex, “Come on we’ve got to get rid of the rest of these clothes.  He rose while still staring at her and pulled Alex to her feet.  “God, you’re lovely.”  He touched her breasts, massaged them, then began kissing Alex again on the mouth.  In the meantime, his hands began unbuttoning her skirt and finally it dropped to the floor.  He also removed his shirt and just let it drop to the floor.  He pulled Alex to him, so that she could feel how swollen his manhood was.

She decided to start unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks, she slid her hands inside his slacks and slid them down off his hips and running her hands to his muscular buttocks, then slid her hands inside his boxer shorts to feel his buttocks.  He soon was shed of his slacks and boxer shorts and then he pushed Alex’s underwear down her legs so she could step out of them and then they were both standing naked.  They were kissing, feeling, hands everywhere. 

Cordell pulled the covers down on the bed then picked Alex up and laid her on the bed, then he was lying on top of her.  He was kissing her from her mouth to her breasts, she was withering under him.  “Oh, please Cordell, take me now.”  He entered her quickly and they were soon feverishly making love each calling out the other’s name.  Once they were finished, they lay wrapped up in each other’s arms.  “I love you, Cordell Walker.”

“And I love you, Alex Walker.”  He kissed her as she faced him, then he pulled her closer to him and held her.  “Why don’t you go to sleep for a little while.”  She snuggled into his arms, her head went to her chest as she kissed him and settled in this position.  They both fell asleep, but Alex later woke up in the middle of the night and began kissing him to wake him and then they started the love making all over again, but this time it lasted long into the early morning.  Just before dawn, they again fell asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms. 

Several hours later, Cordell awoke, rose to his elbow and stared down at his loving bride, “Gosh, Alex you are amazing, as well as beautiful.”  He leaned down and kissed her on her forehead.  She awoke and found her husband awake and staring down at her.

          “Wow, what a night,” Alex whispered.  “You are so handsome, yourself.  You were right when you told me just wait until our wedding night.”

“This is probably only the beginning of a long life together one of lots of love making.”

“You’re wonderful.”  She reached up and grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down to her and gave him a nice long good morning kiss.  “It’s going to be so nice waking up with you every morning.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Mrs. Walker,” as he leaned down and started kissing her all over again.

“Come on let’s go try the shower,” as she rose off the bed, still naked, turned back to her husband and pulled him up off the bed.  They walked hand in hand into the bathroom and found the largest shower they could imagine in a hotel room.  Their shower turned into another love making session, as they soaped each other down and ended up making love in the shower.

An hour after they finished their shower and another lovemaking session, after they had returned to the bed and then they finally got dressed.

“I am starved,” announced Cordell, as he hugged his bride.  “What should we do go out for breakfast/brunch or order in room service?”

“Since, we’re dressed, we might as well go out for breakfast.”  They kissed, as they hugged each other.  “What are you starved for?”  She gave him a devilish smile, as she kissed him again.

“Lady, you’re going to wear me out,” Cordell whispered.
“Oh, but I’m having so much fun doing it.”

“Yes, we are.”

They went downstairs for the brunch and only had eyes for one another.  After eating they went back upstairs, where Alex decided to tackle the congratulation cards that they had brought with them.  She sat at the desk and started opening them and was surprised at what they contained.  After she was finished, she was shocked at what had been given them as wedding gifts.

“Cordell,” Alex called him almost in a whisper.  He had been watching her from the chair across the room.

“What?”  He came up behind her and put his arms around her, as she sat.

“You won’t believe what these are.”  She had the cards spread on the desk according to whether they had checks or gift certificates in them.

“We have $500 worth of gift certificates to restaurants or different stores.  There are checks in here for HOPE House to the tune of $5,000 and to Kick Drugs out of America for $5,000,” she announced in surprise.

Cordell looked at her in surprise.  “Why would people give us that much for wedding presents!”  He was also surprised. 

She stood up and put her arms around her husband. “Because our friends love us.”  She kissed him and went into his arms.  Later they decided to take the envelopes over to Alex’s apartment where they would be safe, so they had to call the Limo to take them.  While at her apartment, they looked through some of the other wedding gifts that were given to them – almost everything they could ever dream of.   There were lots of cards, too many of them to go through today.  Alex really had her job cut out for her when they returned from their honeymoon to write out all those Thank you cards, but she was determined to even if it took her a couple of months.

They also checked the answering machine for any messages, listened to some more congratulations and other messages.  They returned to the hotel where they got ready to leave in the morning for their honeymoon.  They spent another blissful night of lovemaking and falling asleep in each other’s arms and expressing their love for one another.

The End of Part II

Part III, The Honeymoon Coming Soon