Baby Girl

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Trivette got a phone call from Alex late at night “Trivette, it's me Alex. Do you know where Walker is at?”

“No, he left work at the usual time. He didn't say anything about going anywhere else to me.” Trivette was telling Alex when her husband walked through the front door “Never mind Jimmy, he just walked in. I'm sorry that I woke you up.” Trivette answered “It’s okay Alex, I just got in from my date so I wasn't sleeping. Tell Walker that I'll see him tomorrow.” After hanging the phone up Alex turned to Walker and asked him “Are you all right? Did something happen?”

“I’m fine. I just had to do some thinking, sorry to have worried you Alex.” Walker told his wife who questioned him “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not now, it's late. How about we get some sleep?” Walker asked Alex who told him “Okay, I'll lock up. You look beat; you go ahead and turn in.” Kissing her on the cheek Walker went upstairs. Alex locked up and checked on the children before going into her into her bedroom. When she entered the bedroom Walker was asleep so Alex quietly got into bed with him.

The next morning Alex was brushing Angela's hair in the living room when Walker came in Angela spotted him and said “Daddy, you didn't read me my story last night.”

“I’m sorry honey, Daddy was busy last night. I'll read you one tonight.” Walker assured his daughter who smiled and said “Okay Daddy.” Then she left the room to go play with her dollies as Alex told her husband “Mr. Walker, your daughter adores you.”

With a sad look on his face he answered “Yeah, my daughter.” Then he left to go to work. Later on that day Alex was glancing through the previous day's newspaper when she saw a headline that said 'Loving Alex'. Interested Alex read the article and very quickly got mad because it was the reported account of a Carl Greaves who said that he had paid sex with a hooker named 'Lady D. A.' and that this hooker was really Alex Walker. He then said in the article that Angela was really his child and that he had proof of it. At first Alex thought it was someone that she had put in prison but she couldn't remember ever meeting anyone by that name. Alex then called up the newspaper and demanded a retraction but they refused saying that they had only printed the story after verifying the facts. Alex then sat there wondering if Walker had read the same article and that was the reason for his behavior but Alex dismissed the idea because she knew that Walker wouldn't fall for lies. That her husband trusted her and believed in her.

Chapter Two

After Walker read Angela and Ray their bedtime stories Alex took her husband by the arm and led him downstairs to the living room. Sitting down on the couch she motioned for him to sit down next to her and when he did Alex questioned Walker “Honey, did you read that article in yesterday's paper? You know the one lead lined 'Loving Alex'?”

“Yes I did, do you want to tell me about it?” Walker questioned Alex back. Alex asked her husband “Tell you what? That the newspaper printed an article by a man that as far as I know I've never met, who said that he paid me for sex? That he fathered Angela? What exactly do you want me to tell you? That it isn't true?”

“For starters a denial would be nice.” Walker replied stunning Alex who got mad and told him “You want me to deny a lie? Walker, you know damn well that Angela is your daughter. What is wrong with you?”

Walker questioned his wife “So you don't know this Carl Greaves?”

“Like I just told you, I don't ever remember meeting him. Walker if you are accusing me of lying to you let alone being a prostitute. Well if you're doing that you had better walk out that door right now and never come back. I will not sit here while you accuse me of being a whore. Cordell tell me exactly what you are trying to say and do it now.” Alex told her husband.

“No that wasn't what I was trying to say. I would never accuse you of being a hooker. Alex two mornings ago I got a visit from this Carl Greaves and he told me that he had proof that you met him in a hotel room. He showed me a receipt and it was dated for the day before we went to Sage. He then told me that Angela wasn't mine that she was his. That he had only recently realized that you were the hooker he knew as ' Lady D.A.', the one he paid for sex. He said that he had left town shortly after that and had only recently returned. When I asked him what made him think that he had fathered Angela he told me that she has his mother's eyes. Greaves also told me that if you didn't admit that he had fathered Angela and let him see her he would make you regret it by releasing proof of his fathering of Angela to the media. I told him that he was lying; that there was no way that Angela was anybody else's but mine. I then told him to leave my office while he still could. As he was leaving he threw this at me. Greaves told me that he was now unable to father children and felt that he had a right to see his only child, no matter what he had to do or who he had to hurt.” Walker finished his explanation and handed Alex a picture.

Alex looked over the picture; it seemed to be a picture of her with another man. Alex said “I assume that this is a picture of Carl Greaves and me but I still don't remember meeting him. As for this picture, nowadays anyone with a computer can make it seem like two people are in the same picture when they weren't to begin with. Walker sweetheart, I am only going to tell you this one time. Angela is yours, I never have and I never will cheat on you. I was most certainly never a hooker either. You believe me, don't you?”

“Yes I do Alex; I guess that I just had to hear you say it. I'm sorry that it seemed like I was doubting you, I wasn't.” Walker said as he pulled his wife close. Alex answered “Okay but tomorrow I suggest that we find out all we can about this Carl Greaves and what he is really up to. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.”

“Yeah me too. Alex I'll tell you right now if Angela gets hurt because of him I will make him pay.” Walker vowed. Alex agreed “I’ll be right besides you when you do.”

Pulling her up from the couch he said “I’d rather you'd be in front of me. I like the view.” Heading to the stairs Alex teased “How about admiring the view as I walk upstairs to our bedroom? Once there I'm sure that you can come up with something to do, can't you?”

Following his wife up the steps Walker whistled and said “Nice view but when we get to our bedroom I want it unobstructed.”

“As long as you're willing to do the unobstructing I'm game.” Alex teased as they entered their bedroom where Walker quickly removed Alex's clothes while she was doing the same to him. They fell into bed where they made love.

Chapter Three

Alex answered the phone “The Walkers.”

“Alex this is Sharon, there was a break in at my office last night.” Sharon told Alex who asked her friend and sometimes therapist “Do you want to talk to Walker?”

“No, the Dallas Police Department has already been here. The reason that I called you was because the only things that were taken were the tapes of our sessions together. I thought that you should know in case you turn up online or something.” Sharon explained.

“Okay, thanks for calling.” Alex said and then hung up the phone. Turning to Walker Alex said “That was Sharon; there was a break in at her office last night. The tapes of our sessions together were the only things missing. Walker, there are times on those tapes where I'm questioning your love for me among other things. Also after that last miscarriage I told Sharon that I blamed you for it and that I would never forgive you for killing my baby.”

“It’s okay Alex. I know that at the time you blamed me and I understood why you blamed me with good reason to but you forgave me and we got through it.” Walker assured his wife. Then he questioned “Honey, when did you question my love for you?”

“Mainly after the second encounter with LaRue. Walker after he chained me to that bed at your ranch LaRue told me that he was going to kill the man that I loved, you. He said that he could see it in my eyes. After he left I laid there wondering how a psychopath like him could see that I loved you but that you couldn't and probably never would see it. I told Sharon that was because deep down inside you didn't even really care for me and I doubted if you ever would. I wondered in those sessions if I should move on to someone who would care about me but I loved you so much that I couldn't.” Alex explained.

Walker then asked “Is there anything else that I should know before those tapes are made public? I have no doubt that they will be.”

“Walker we talked about a lot of things during my sessions. One time I told her about my first miscarriage and she asked if you were the father and I remember saying 'Somebody other than Walker fathered my first baby?' but I said that in denial and then I said no way. Walker, do you think that Greaves had a hand in those tapes being stolen? They deal with some of the worst times of my life; I told Sharon things that I didn't tell you. Getting you to love me was so hard at times. All of my insecurities about us I talked about with Sharon. She helped me to see that you did care for me, which I knew deep down inside of me but that you had some trouble admitting it because of things that had happened to you in your past.” Alex replied.

“I don't know about Greaves' role in the theft but I'll just bet that part about somebody other than me fathering your first baby makes its way into the media.” Walker said to his wife.

“Great, just great. How far do you think that he'll go? You don't think that he'll sue for custody do you?” Alex questioned her husband who answered her “Alex how can he? I'm the father, remember?”

“He’s already claiming that he has proof that he fathered Angela. What's to stop him from suing for custody, especially if he can get the D.N.A. tests doctored? Walker, I'm really worried about this, its one thing for people to go after us but when they go after our children it's too much. I can't take losing another child of ours.” Alex said.

Walker pulled her into a hug and told her “Neither can I Alex. Listen if it gets that far which I doubt because he's just probably trying to upset us, we'll have Kay Hutchinson at the Ranger lab do the tests. That way we know that there's no funny business involved, okay?”

“Okay if it comes to that we'll have her do them and we'll have to pay a fee because she can't do private business without a fee being paid to the lab. You're probably right about him just trying to upset us for whatever reason. Now we need to find out if he's related to anybody that we've put in prison.” Alex replied.

Walker told her “That’s a lot of people.” Alex said “I know, I'll get started on it while you're at work because you're not really supposed to use official time on a personal matter. I have the time providing the children co-operate and I know how to research things on the internet.”

Chapter Four

When Walker went down his private driveway to go to work there was a swarm of media there waiting for him. As he was trying to drive through them without hitting one of them some of them yelled out “Walker, is it true that Carl Greaves fathered your first baby and not you? What do you have to say about Carl Greaves allegations that he's really Angela's father?  That your wife was a hooker known as 'Lady D.A.' when he paid her for sex in a hotel room?”

The sheriff's deputies shoved them back and Walker drove on ignoring them. When he got to work he went into his private office where Gage said “Hey Walker, thanks for letting me have this last week off to spend with Sydney and our son Matthew.”

“No problem Gage.” Walker answered him and Gage asked “Hey Sydney was talking about taking Matthew to see Alex. That won't be a problem, will it?”

“It’s probably not a good time for her to visit right now.” Walker replied. Unsure of why Walker said that Gage questioned him “Why not? Is there something wrong?”

“You haven't heard what that scumbag is claiming?” Walker asked.

“No, what scumbag?” Gage questioned back so Walker explained what was going on and Gage told him “If you or Alex need me to do anything let me know.” Walker nodded okay so Gage said “So what case am I working on?”

“You and Cooper are handling the Fenton case, have fun.” Walker replied and Gage got Cooper and left Ranger headquarters. Trivette entered the office and asked “So, how's Alex?”

            Walker snapped “She’s fine and Greaves didn't father Angela, I did.” Holding up his hands Trivette said “I know that man. Alex has been gaga over you the entire time that I've known her; I have yet to figure out why though. There's no way that she was in a hotel room with another man and as a hooker no less. Not after how long she waited for you to come to your senses and marry her. Say Walker, how about I do some digging on my computer and see what I can come up with on this Carl Greaves?”

“Thanks for the offer Trivette but Alex is planning on doing that today. In the meantime we'd better attend to Ranger business.” Walker answered.

At the ranch Sydney having gotten through the media horde asked Alex “What was that all about?” Alex looked at Betty who took Angela and Ray to the kitchen to help the nanny then she explained to Sydney about Carl Greaves and his claims about Angela and herself. Sydney told Alex that if she needed anything to let her know that she would be glad to help. After visiting for awhile Sydney left and as Alex was seeing her off she was served with legal papers. Alex read them and saw that they were a custody suit brought by Carl Greaves wanting visitation with Angela. Alex called up her husband “Walker when will you be home? I need you at home.”

“I can't leave right now honey. What's the matter? Is there something wrong with one of the children?” Walker asked his wife who answered “No the children are fine, I'm the one with a problem. It's just that he's suing for visitation rights to Angela. I'll be fine, you just stay at work. Good bye.” Alex then hung up on him.

When Walker got home he found Alex in the kitchen. Pulling her into a hug he assured her “Honey, I'm here. I promise you that everything will be okay. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Walker I can't remember what I was doing that day so I can't prove that I was busy elsewhere.” Alex answered Walker who told her “Alex it doesn't matter if you can't remember where you were that day. What matters is that he won't get away with this.”

Before Alex could say anything Angela entered the kitchen and asked her father “Daddy, what are you doing home early?” Walker winked at Alex and told Angela “I’m home early to see my little angel.”

Angela said “Daddy, I'm not little; I'm a big girl now.” Picking her up and leaving the kitchen Walker replied “Yes you are honey.”

Chapter Five

Walker explained to Kay Hutchinson what was going on and she agreed to do the D.N.A. tests for the Walkers. In the meantime the tapes of Alex's sessions with Sharon were released by someone to the media but they had been edited to make it seem like Alex was saying someone other than Walker had fathered her first baby. The judge for the visitation rights hearing ordered Walker, Alex, Angela and Carl Greaves to have D.N.A. tests done. The Walkers didn't trust Greaves' doctor and he didn't trust the Walkers' doctor so Judge Hernandez ordered them done by a neutral doctor.

After Angela had her blood drawn for the test she asked her mother “Mommy, why are they taking our blood?”

“To make sure that we're okay sweetheart.” Alex replied as Carl Greaves walked into the room. He told Angela “You’re so pretty.”

Angela said “ My Daddy says that's because I get my looks from my mother, Daddy always says that Mommy's beautiful.” Looking at Alex Greaves replied “Yes she is and you're just as beautiful.”

Alex then snapped at him “Leave this room now. You have no business coming in here and if my daughter wasn't here I would tell you exactly what I think about your lies.” Greaves said “They are not lies and you know that 'Lady D.A.'.”

Walker entered the room to find Alex glaring at Greaves so he took his daughter's hand and said “Come on honey.” Greaves went to grab Angela's hand but when Walker glared at him Greaves thought better of it and said “I’ll be seeing you again honey, real soon.” Then he left the room.

Gathering her things up Alex told Walker “He just walked in the room and I told him to leave right before you came in.” Angela said to her father “Daddy that man said that I was pretty and I told him that you said that I look just like Mommy and that you say she's beautiful.”

            Walker answered his daughter “That Mommy is, just like her daughter.” Angela then questioned him “Daddy do you know that man? Mommy said that if I wasn't there she would tell him what she thought about his lies. What lies Daddy?”

“No, we don't know him. Now Angela we are going to see Ranger Kay and she's going to take some more of yours and Mommy's blood.” Walker said.

“Why Daddy?” Angela asked Walker who told her “She’s going to test it just like the other doctor is doing. Now if you're a big girl and don't cry when they take your blood we'll stop and get ice cream on the way home. Would you like that?”

“Yes I'd like that Daddy.” Angela answered her father. Kay Hutchinson drew their blood for testing and Alex wrote her a check for the lab work fees. As Alex was handing Kay the check a tear slid down her face and Angela told her mother “Mommy, if Daddy sees you crying he won't let you have ice cream.”

Walker wiped away the tear and said “One tear doesn't count so Mommy can have ice cream too.” They left Kay's office and stopped at an ice cream stand. As Angela was playing on a swing set there Alex said to her husband “I’m sorry Walker. If I could just remember what I was doing that day you wouldn't have to go though this.”

“Alex this isn't your fault, it's Greaves' fault. Have you gotten anywhere on that computer search besides finding out that he works at the county jail as a corrections officer?” Walker asked Alex who shook her head no.

Chapter Six

At the hearing the attorney for Carl Greaves; Brain McCallister told the judge “Your honor the D.N.A. tests that you ordered were accidentally destroyed by the lab which did them. Judge Hernandez I have no doubt that the Walkers through their connections had a hand in it because they don't want the truth to come out. That my client Carl Greaves is really Angela Walker's biological father not Cordell Walker.”

The Walker's attorney Karen Shuster replied “Your honor if anyone had a hand in destroying those tests it was Carl Greaves because he doesn't want the truth to come out. That his allegation of fathering Angela Walker is simply a figment of his imagination. Alex Walker never met him a hotel room or anywhere else for that matter. However my clients were aware of the possibility that the tests might be tampered with so they had additional tests done by Kay Hutchinson. If your honor would permit it I would like to call Miss Hutchinson to the stand and let her give the results of her tests.”

McCallister objected “Your honor, Kay Hutchinson works for the Texas Rangers running their lab. Might I remind the court that Cordell Walker is a Captain in those same Rangers?”

Hernandez ruled “I will allow Miss Hutchinson to tell the court the results of her tests but I will also order another set of test to be performed on the parties involved. Call Miss Hutchinson in.”

When Kay entered the courtroom she avoided looking at the Walkers and Alex began to get a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. Kay was sworn in and Shuster asked her “Miss Hutchinson what were the results of the D.N.A. tests that you performed on Cordell, Alex and Angela Walker? Who is Angela Walker's father? Cordell Walker or Carl Greaves?”

Kay answered “The results of the D.N.A. tests that my lab did show that there is zero probability that Cordell Walker is the father of Angela Walker. As I didn't test Carl Greaves I don't know what the probability of him being the father is.” A stunned Walker sat there as Alex jumped up and said “Why are you lying about this? How did they get you to lie? Walker is Angela's father.”

            Judge Hernandez banged his gavel until there was silence in the courtroom and Alex had sat back down besides Walker who glared at her. McCallister then said “Your honor since the Walker's own tests prove that my client is the father he wants immediate visitation with his daughter Angela.”

Shuster rebutted “The tests did not show that Carl Greaves fathered Angela Walker just that Cordell Walker didn't. To subject a six year old to visitation with a man that she doesn't know will harm her. Your honor Angela Walker knows that Cordell Walker is her father and that she has four younger siblings whom no one disputes that Cordell Walker is the father of. She is part of a close knit family and until it is proven that Carl Greaves is her father it would be very upsetting to her to tell her otherwise. What I am saying your honor why hurt her until it's a proven fact? Miss Hutchinson said that she didn't test Carl Greaves so there is no proof to back up his claim of fatherhood. All he has is his word that he met Mrs. Walker in a hotel room and paid her for sex a claim which Mrs. Walker denies. To base paternity and visitation on his word alone would be questionable at best.”

Judge Hernandez asked Alex “Mrs. Walker do you have any proof of where you were the day in question?”

“No your honor but it was not in any hotel room with anyone other than my husband.” Alex answered as she attempted to take Walker's hand but he moved away from her.

After looking at a still stunned Walker Hernandez ruled “I agree that the child should not be harmed needlessly, therefore it is the ruling of this court that until the results from the second set of tests are in and they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Carl Greaves fathered Angela Walker there will be no visitation. In the eyes of the law since Cordell Walker is listed on the birth certificate as the father he shall remain so until there is proof that Carl Greaves is the father. Until such a time Mr. Greaves you are to have no contact with Angela Walker.”

Greaves said “I have a right to see my daughter and I will.”

Slamming his gavel down Hernandez replied “She hasn't been proven to be your daughter, now stay away from her unless you want to end up in jail for contempt of court. If she's proven to be your daughter then and only then will this court allow visitation.” Hernandez left the courtroom as Alex told Walker “The test results are wrong. Either she's helping them to take our daughter or someone tampered with the tests. I know that as surely as I'm standing here.”

Getting up Walker snapped “Shut up Alex. You're sitting not standing in case you've haven't noticed. To let me believe for all of these years that she was mine, how could you cause me that kind of pain? “Walker then left Alex still sitting there while trying not to cry.

In the hallway he ran into Kay who said to him “I’m sorry Captain Walker but I'm not lying about the tests results. I honestly thought that the tests would show that you were the father.”

“All I know is that I consider Angela my daughter and that will never change, no matter what happens from now on.” Walker replied as Alex came out into the hallway. Seeing Alex Walker glared at his wife and then turned and walked away without a word to her.

Alex said to Kay “I know that the test results you presented in court were wrong and I will prove it. No matter what I have to do because I will not let Walker lose another child.” Alex then went and called a cab to get home in because she had ridden in with Walker who had just walked away from her.

When Alex got home she went into the kitchen to make some tea to calm herself down, Walker was waiting there for her. Unsure of what he would do Alex started to leave the kitchen but Walker pulled her into his arms while saying “Alex, I'm sorry about how mean I was to you in the courtroom but we need them to”

“Walker, I swear that they are lies. I have never slept with anyone other than you since that Whitewater rafting trip. We conceived Angela in Sage after you hit that grand slam. I don't understand why Kay appears to be helping them take our daughter.” Alex answered. Walker pulled her even closer and said “I know honey, I know. As for Kay I don't understand either unless the tests were messed up somehow.” Walker said.

“I love you Cordell.” Alex told Walker who kissed her.

Chapter Seven

Trivette ran into Kay in the hallway and said to her “Hey Kay, how did it go? The case has been dropped, right? Thanks to you.”

“Not good Trivette, the tests showed that Walker didn't father Angela.” Kay answered. “There is no way that those tests results are right. I know that Alex would never betray Walker, it took her so long to get him.” Trivette told her.

“That’s what I thought too but the tests did show otherwise.” Kay replied.

“Is there anyway that someone could have tampered with the results? Did you do the tests from start to finish by yourself?” Trivette questioned Kay who answered “I was swamped so Rudy helped me out with them. You know Rudy Barnes; he's been with the lab for about a year now. I doubt if he would tamper with them, I mean what reason would he have to do so?”

“Well someone did because Angela is Walker's daughter in every sense of the word. Kay, I'm not accusing anyone here but I want to know who would do something like that. Help Greaves take Angela from Walker.” Trivette told her.

“All I know is that after I gave the results Alex jumped up and accused me of lying and then asked how they got me to lie. Alex said that Walker was Angela's father. Walker well Walker looked like he had just lost a child. Then he snapped at her for letting him believe that Angela was his, and then he just left Alex sitting there. In the hallway he told me that Angela was his and that was never going to change. Then when Alex came out into the hallway he glared at her and left without a word. Alex told me that the tests results were wrong and that she was going to prove it because she would not let Walker lose another child. Trivette, I've never had a reason not to trust Rudy but Alex and Walker were so stunned by the results that I'm beginning to think that something happened. I really can't see Alex meeting a man in a hotel room and charging him for sex. I've seen the way they are with each other when they think no one is looking, the only man Alex would meet in a hotel room would be Walker.” Kay said to Trivette.

Trivette replied “You and me both believe that about them. Kay just how sure are you about Rudy? Do you think he would tamper with the tests or was it possible a mistake was made?”

“Alex was so sure that her husband fathered her daughter and Walker was sure of it to. If that wasn't the case why would they even have tests done by me or anyone else? No it must have been either a mistake or Rudy tampered with them.” Kay told Trivette who asked her “Is there anyway that you can do another set of tests without Rudy knowing? Just to be sure.”

“I know the head of the D.N.A. lab for the Houston F.B.I., a Dr. Bay. He's a renowned expert in the field of D.N.A, testing, I can call him to see if he'll do the tests. But to make the results unquestionable he'll have to draw the blood himself. I can't be involved beyond setting it up. The Walkers will need to fly to Houston for him to do it. How does that sound?” Kay said.

“That sounds great and I can have them on the first plane to Houston.” Trivette replied. Kay Hutchinson then told him “You go call the Walkers and I'll call Dr. Bay.”

Trivette called up Walker “Hey Walker, I think those tests were tampered with and since it wasn't Kay it may have been Rudy Barnes who helped her with the tests who did it. Anyhow Kay knows this Dr. Bay who's a D.N.A expert for the F.B.I. in Houston and she's going to get him to do the tests but you have to fly to Houston as soon as possible. When can the three of you go there?”

“The first flight in the morning and thanks Trivette.” Walker answered. The next morning they flew to Houston where Dr. Bay drew the blood himself. When he was done he told them “I will conduct the tests and give the results to Judge Hernandez myself. We will have no further contact, good day.”

Chapter Eight

At the next hearing Judge Hernandez called the court to session and said “I have two sets of D.N.A. tests that were done to determine paternity of Angela Walker. The court ordered set of tests will be presented first. Mr. Dysard the lab technician who performed those tests will inform the court of the results. Mr. Dysard if you please.”

Dysard took the stand and said “Your honor the tests show that there is a 60% probability that Carl Greaves is the father.” Judge Hernandez then questioned Dysard  “What about Cordell Walker? Did the tests show that he didn't father Angela Walker?”

“The tests show that there is a 10% probability that Cordell Walker fathered Angela Walker.” Dysard replied and Hernandez asked “So who fathered the child? Greaves or Walker?”

“Your honor I can't tell you that for sure without more in depth tests than what was ordered by the court.” Dysard answered and was dismissed.

Hernandez said “As I previously stated there was another set of tests being performed to determine paternity by a Dr. Bay who is the D.N.A. expert for the F.B.I.'s Houston lab. Dr. Bay would you please take the stand and tell the court the results of the tests that you did.”

Dr. Bay was sworn in and he said “I tested Alex, Angela and Cordell Walker at my lab in Houston. The results of my tests are that Angela Walker received most of her D.N.A. from her mother and very little from her father. A child doesn't get 50% of their D.N.A. from one parent and an equal amount from the other parent, it can be anywhere from 5% to 95% from one parent or the other. My tests showed that Angela Walker's D.N.A. matched Alex's Walker D.N.A. at 90%. Cordell Walker's D.N.A. matched Angela Walker's D.N.A. at 10%. Therefore it is my scientific conclusion that Cordell Walker is the biological father of Angela Walker.”

McCallister objected “Your honor my client wasn't tested by this man so his conclusion is flawed.”

Hernandez said “The Walkers through their attorney Miss Shuster informed the court of Dr. Bay doing these tests and I ordered Mr. Dysard's lab to send a sample of Mr. Greaves' D.N.A. to Dr. Bay to test and he did so. Dr. Bay will you tell the court what those results were?”

“When I tested Mr. Greaves' D.N.A. with Angela Walker's D.N.A. it was a 50% match so I tested Mr. Greaves D.N.A. with Alex's Walker D.N.A. and it was a 60% match. The reason I did that was because Angela Walker's D.N.A. has unique markers like Cordell Walker's D.N.A. does. It's quite simple your honor. Mr. Greaves is a relative of Mrs. Walker's. That's why it appears that he fathered the child when he didn't, Cordell Walker did. I would say that Mr. Greaves is a first or second cousin to Mrs. Walker.” Dr. Bay explained to the court.

After Bay was dismissed Hernandez banged his gavel and started to say something when Greaves jumped up and said “It was her in that hotel room that day and no one else. After I paid her for her services she told me to call her 'Lady D.A.' because that was the real way she made her living. I can prove it your honor; the hooker had a birthmark on the back of her right shoulder just below the joint. It's shaped like a butterfly with its wings closed, it's roughly two inches by three inches. ‘Lady D.A.' said that it was a 'hairy nebus' and since Mrs. Walker and 'Lady D.A.' are one and the same there will be that birthmark on the back of Mrs. Walker's right shoulder. Please your honor, I deserve a chance to know my child. I can't have any more.”

Walker stood up and said “Judge Hernandez my wife does not have a 'hairy nebus' on the back of her right shoulder and I show know.”

“Mrs. Walker, I know that this may seem unusual and quite possibly embarrassing but would you please show the court the back of your right shoulder? I can of course have a court appointed doctor look at your shoulder but I think that it's best that we settle this matter as soon as possible.” Alex looked at Walker and he helped her to carefully expose the back of her right shoulder to the judge.

After looking at the back of Alex's right shoulder Hernandez stated “Mr. Greaves I don't know who you met in that hotel room that day but it wasn't Mrs. Walker. She doesn't have a 'hairy nebus' and furthermore.” Greaves again broke in “She obviously had it removed.”

Hernandez banged his gavel until Greaves sat back down and said “There was no scar on Mrs. Walker and there would have been if she had a birthmark removed of that size. Now as I was saying it is the ruling of this court based on the D.N.A. evidence that Cordell Walker is the father of Angela Walker. This case is hereby dismissed. Mr. McCallister impress upon your client that he is to stay away from the Walkers, all of them.”

Greaves vowed “Angela’s mine and I'm going to get her if it's the last thing that I do.” Walker looked at Greaves and promised him “If you come near my daughter it will be the last thing that you ever do.”

Chapter Nine

As they were leaving the courtroom Alex told Walker “I’ve got to tell Kay that I'm sorry for questioning her ethics.”

“Alex, I sure that she understands that you were upset that day.” Walker assured Alex but she replied “Still I want to say that I'm sorry then I'll go home to our children.”

“I’ll make the apology, you go ahead home. I have no doubt that by now our children have led Betty to question why she wanted to stay on as our nanny.” Walker said to Alex who teased back “They are not that bad. Angela is just interested in things and Ray well Ray is just like his father, so bull-headed at times. Now my triplets are sweet little angels.” Walker kissed his wife on the cheek and she left.

When Walker entered her office Kay spotted him and said “I can see by the look on your face that the hearing went well.”

“Yes it did. Thanks for calling Dr. Bay and arranging for him to do the tests.” Walker answered Kay who said “It was the least that I could do after Rudy tampered with the original tests.”

“Alex and I would like to tell you how sorry we are for questioning your ethics and doubting your integrity. Please accept our apology. “Walker told her.

“If you'll accept mine for what Rudy did.” Kay told Walker who asked her “Do you have any idea why he tampered with the tests? What did he have to gain by doing something like that?”

“I don't know why he did it because when I asked him about it Rudy said that he was overworked and simply mixed things up.” Kay was answering when Rudy came into the lab. Walker glared at him and said to Rudy “You may have gotten away with what you tried to do, at least for now but you will regret doing it. See you around Kay.”

After Walker left the lab Rudy said “I told you that I was overworked and mixed things up. Where does he get off threatening me like that?”

“Relax Rudy, I told Walker that it was just a simple mistake because of how swamped we were but Walker just had to make sure that you knew he wouldn't tolerate almost losing his daughter because of it. You can understand him being upset because of that, can't you?” Kay told Rudy who nodded okay.

Alex had no sooner gotten home when Carl Greaves rang the doorbell and when Alex answered it demanded “Let me in to see my daughter. Angela is my daughter and you can't stop me from seeing her.”

“Mr. Greaves you have a minute to leave this property.” Alex told him through the crack in the door because she had kept the chain on the door when she answered it. Greaves tried shoving his way in as he said “I want to see my daughter.”

“She is not your daughter as you well know. Now leave before I call the sheriff who's right up the road and have you removed.” Alex told Greaves who began kicking at the door when the sheriff came unto the porch and asked “You okay Mrs. Walker?”

Alex replied “Mr. Greaves was just leaving.” Carl Greaves started away from the house but stopped and yelled at her “I’ll bring my mother here and you'll see that Angela has my mother's eyes because she's my daughter and not your husband's.”

Alex yelled back at him “Angela has my eyes because she's mine and Walker's daughter. Don't come back here again because we will defend what's ours.” Alex then slammed the door shut to find a wide-eyed Angela standing there. Angela asked her mother “Mommy what did that man mean when he said that I was his daughter? That I had his mother's eyes? Isn't Daddy my father anymore?”

“Yes Cordell Walker is your father. Sweetheart that man is mistaken and is too mad to admit it. Angela honey you know that you belong to your Daddy and me, don't you?” Alex told her daughter.

“I know Mommy Daddy always says that I'm as pretty as you and you always say that I'm as stubborn as my Daddy.” Angela said to her mother.

Chapter Ten

When Walker arrived home from work Angela said to him “Daddy there was a man here who was yelling at Mommy. He said that I was his daughter but Mommy told him that I was your daughter. Mommy told me that the man was too mad to admit it. Daddy, am I your daughter?”

Walker answered “ Yes you are Angela, you are my daughter just like Michaela is my daughter and Ray, Cooper and Sam are my sons.”

“That man who was yelling at Mommy tried to get in the door but she wouldn't let him in and the sheriff made him leave. Then that man said that he was bringing his Mommy here and that my Mommy would see that he was right about me being his daughter. He said that I have his Mommy's eyes. Mommy told me that I was yours and Mommy's because you always say that I'm as pretty as Mommy and have her eyes and that I'm yours because I'm as stubborn as you. Daddy, don't I have my Mommy's eyes anymore? Will you let him take me because of that? Aren't you my Daddy anymore because my eyes changed?”  A tearful Angela questioned her father who picked his daughter up and assured her “Angela, your eyes haven't changed. I am your father and I will always be your father. Honey you have always had your mother's eyes and you are just as pretty as she is. Angela you will always be our daughter and no one will ever take you from us.”

“Forever and forever Daddy?” Angela asked. Kissing her on the cheek Walker vowed “Forever and forever Angela Walker, I promise.” Jumping down Angela said “Okay Daddy.” Then she went to play with her dollies.

Walker turned to his wife who explained “As soon as I got home he tried to force his way in here still claiming that Angela was his. The sheriff showed up and he left but not before yelling that he would bring his mother back here and prove that Angela had her eyes. Walker, I didn't realize that Angela had been listening until she asked me about what Greaves had said. I assured her that you were her father and would always be her father. He just won't accept the fact that he had sex with a blue-eyed blonde hooker and that it wasn't me. That he's not our daughter's father. Walker, what am I going to do? I can't have Angela hearing that someone else is claiming to be her father.”

“Alex, it's what we are going to do and I think that I have an answer. Now before you say anything listen to all of what I'm saying before you give me your answer, okay?” Walker asked Alex who nodded yes so he added “First we're going to see if we can dig that hooker up he was with, it shouldn't be that hard. I mean how many hookers are slim blue-eyed blondes with a 'hairy nebus' on the back of their right shoulder who call themselves 'Lady D.A.'? Second you are going to research your family and see if he's related to you. Third we meet with him and his mother after we have the answers to the first two things. What do you think?”

“Okay, you'll find the hooker; I'll find out if he's a relative and then when we meet with him and his mother we'll lay the facts in front of him. Then he'll have no choice but to finally accept the truth and leave us alone.” Alex answered her husband and then teased Walker “You know for a cowboy, you're getting pretty good at detective work.”

             “Maybe but I still think that I'm a lot better at 'ride-em-cowboy'. Interested in me showing you later?”  Walker asked Alex who answered “You sure can just so long as I can show you how good I am at 'ride-the-cowboy' later.”

“Later Mrs. Walker, later.” Walker promised his wife and they did exactly that after the children were sleeping.

Chapter Eleven

Cooper entered Walker's private office and placed an envelope on Walker's desk and told him “Here’s that information that you requested.” Walker picked it up and said “Okay thanks Cooper, you and Gage had better go arrest Fenton.”

“Gage is getting the arrest warrant as we speak.” Cooper answered and then left. Opening the envelope Walker went through it but none of the blue-eyed blonde hookers in it had a 'hairy nebus' and none of them used 'Lady D.A.' when they were working. Walker called up his wife and told her “Alex, it's me. I went through the files of blue-eyed blonde hookers and none of them have a 'hairy nebus' or go by the name of 'Lady D.A.' when they are working. I guess that's a dead end, how are you coming on your end?”

“Do you remember on the plane on our way to Paris that I told you that twins ran in my family?” Alex questioned her husband who answered “Yes, why?”

“I told you that my mother was a twin but I don't think that I ever told you that my father was also a twin.” Alex told Walker who asked her “Alex, are you sure about that? Gordon told me that he was an only child who was raised by his father.”

“That’s because he didn't really remember his twin sister or his mother for that matter. His parents divorced when he was two and his mother took his sister with her when she left. My father was left behind because his father demanded it. My dad told me about it one night when he was drunk, this was shortly before he left my mother and me. After my mother's death I was going through her things and I found a family picture of my father with his parents and his twin sister in it. It had their names on the back of it, later after my father stopped drinking I asked him about it. He told me that he was never allowed to ask about his mother and that he didn't really remember his sister, that one time a maid said something about his mother and was fired on the spot. Maybe Carl Greaves is related to my father's twin sister. I think that the picture is in the attic with some of my things. I'll get it out later and research my family tree after the triplets are napping.” Alex said.

“Why don't you do it now?” Walker asked Alex who told him “Because your triplets are crawling everywhere and they need watched all the time, that's why. Not to mention that Angela has been pouting all day and Ray is just being his father's son.”

Walker replied “Oh okay, see you later.”

“Walker, don't hang up yet. There's something that I want to tell you.” Alex requested. Walker teasingly said “Alex don't say anything naughty when I'm at work and can't do anything about it.”

“No darling, what I was going to say was that I remembered that Alexia Cabot had a 'hairy nebus' when we went to law school together. It was on the back of one of her shoulders but I can't remember which one.” Alex told him.

“Alex, I rather doubt that Cabot was a hooker in Dallas calling herself 'Lady D.A.’, although she really does look like you in a plain jane sort of way.” Walker answered his wife who told him “That’s my point, not that Cabot was the one he met in a hotel room just that he met someone who looked like me. Walker, I want him to pick the woman he paid for sex out of a lineup. We'll put pictures together of women who look like me including Cabot and me. Then when we meet with Greaves and his mother we'll have him pick one. Walker we will probably never know who he slept with that day but we should be able to make him see that it wasn't me, just some blue-eyed blonde hooker. I want this over with. Honey I have to go, your children are getting into things.”

Walker was thinking over what Alex had just told him when A.D.A. Holland came in and said to him “Walker, I heard that you pulled files of blue-eyed blonde hookers?  Well I want you to see this.” He handed Walker some trial transcripts as he added “This isn't public knowledge yet but I have no doubt that it will be soon. It makes for some interesting reading. After you've read it you'll know what I mean.” Phil left as Walker read the transcripts.

Chapter Twelve

Walker entered his house to find the hallway a mess. Getting concerned because he thought that something had happened Walker drew his gun and called out “Alex, where are you? Is everything okay?” Entering the hallway Alex answered “Yes, put your gun away and stop shouting because if you wake the triplets up you are a dead man.” Walker then questioned “Why is the house so messy? It looks like it was hit by a tornado.”

Before she could answer the nanny headed to the door and told Alex “I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe.” Walker then asked “So what's for dinner?”

Alex said to her husband “What did you just ask me?” Walker replied “What’s for dinner? Also why is the house so messy? It's not like you to make such a mess, didn't you do anything today?”

“Cordell John Walker, the house is a mess because your children, all five of them I might add have been impossible today. As for what's for dinner, if you're hungry fix yourself something because I'm going to take a nice long hot bath before I lose my mind.” Alex informed her husband as she headed to the stairs. At that moment Ray slid down the banister as Angela came into the hallway crying but Alex kept on heading upstairs. Removing Ray from the banister and picking up his daughter Walker asked his two oldest “Were you two good today?”

Ray answered “I good, babies bad and Momma yelled at me.” Angela then told her father “The babies were real bad and so was Ray but Mommy was mean to me.” Ray piped in “She mean to me too Daddy.”

Walker questioned them “Okay you guys, why was Mommy mean?” After they looked at each other without answering Walker asked “Okay, Ray what did you do today?” Ray said “I didn't do anything but the toilet broke.”

“How did the toilet break?” Walker asked his oldest son who answered “Mommy said that I put too much toilet paper in it but Daddy I only put a roll in it. Mommy fixed it and then made me go to my room, when I said that I didn't want to she yelled at me to go to my room now.”

“Ray you know that's too much toilet paper to put in the toilet because Mommy's told you about it before. Now when your mother comes back down you will tell her that you're sorry. Now go sit on the couch while I talk to Angela.” Ray went into the living room while Walker asked Angela “Why do you think that your mother is mean?”

“Mommy wouldn't stop feeding the babies to play dollies with me when I wanted her to.” Angela answered her father who told her “Angela you know that the babies have to be fed, don't you?”

“Yes Daddy but Mommy waited too long to play dollies with me. Mommy took care of the babies first and I had to wait until they were sleeping for Mommy to play with me.” Angela told her father.

Walker sighed and said “Young lady your mother wanted to make sure that she would be able to play dollies with you without the babies interrupting, that’s why you had to wait until they were sleeping. Now you will tell Mommy that you are sorry too. Go and join your brother on the couch.”

When Alex came back downstairs both Angela and Ray told her that they were sorry. After hugging them both Alex was heading to the kitchen when Walker stopped his wife and asked her “You okay hon?”

Kissing her husband on his cheek Alex replied “Yes, I'm sorry for jumping on you about the children as soon as you get home; they weren't really all that bad.” Kissing her back Walker said “It sounds like you had a rough day, how about I go get some pizza?”

“That would be great; you can take Angela and Ray with you. They need to spend some time with their Daddy and away from the babies. I'll clean up the house while you're gone.” Alex said.

“Alex, we'll clean it up together after we've eaten, Angela and Ray can help too.” Walker told her and then handing his wife the trial transcripts said to her “Phil gave these to me earlier, I think that you should read them while we're out getting the pizza. They explain some things.” Walker then collected Ray and Angela and they left to get the pizza.

Chapter Thirteen

Several days later the Walkers met with Carl Greaves and his mother and both of the attorneys. As Carl entered the room with his mother Walker looked from the woman to Alex. Noticing this Carl Greaves asked “Now do you admit that I fathered Angela and that you didn't?”

Walker didn't say anything however Alex said “I arranged this meeting today to settle this for once and for all. Now Mr. Greaves you claimed that you slept with me in a hotel room and that I was a hooker calling myself 'Lady D.A.' years ago. I want you to pick out the picture of the woman you slept with that day from these pictures. Yes my picture is among them.”

“What would that prove? I'm going to pick your picture out because I slept with you that day and you know it.” Greaves told Alex but he looked through the pictures twice before he picked one and said as he handed it to Alex  “Here's the picture of the woman that I paid for sex in that hotel room, it's you when you still had your 'hairy nebus'.”

Taking the picture Alex showed it to both of the attorneys then she turned it over and placed it in front of Greaves who questioned her “Why did you put the name Alexia Cabot on the back of your picture? Are you trying to pull something?”

Alex replied “Her name is on the back of that picture because that's the name of the woman you paid for sex. You slept with her and not me.” Becoming enraged he jumped up and yelled “You’re a lying little tramp. You just don't want to admit that I'm Angela's father. My D.N.A. matched her's at 60% in one test and 50% in the other and that's a fact that you can't deny.”

Walker stood up and told Greaves in a deadly voice “Shut your mouth up and sit back down until my wife is finished. Then and only then will you speak.” Alex took a picture out of her briefcase and asked Carl's mother “Was your maiden name Allison Dowd?”

The woman answered “Yes.”

Placing the picture in front of her Alex questioned “Shouldn’t it have really been Allison Cahill?” Picking the picture up Allison asked “Where did you get this picture? I have the only copy.”

“It was with my mother's things that I went through after her death. It's a picture of my father Gordon Cahill as a toddler. Please turn it over and read the names on the back.” Alex requested and Allison turned it over and after reading the names that were on the back said “My stepfather said that my twin brother and my father died in a car accident. He told me that after I found my mother's copy of this picture. Her picture doesn't have any of the names on it, they were scratched out. My stepfather told me that I was adopted by him when I was young and that my name was changed to Dowd then. Are you really the daughter of my twin brother?”

“Yes I found out that my father had a twin sister when he got drunk one night and blurted it out. After my father stopped drinking I asked him about his mother and twin sister but he told me that his father forbid anyone to talk about them so he forgot about them.” Alex answered.

Taking the picture from his mother Greaves told her “We’re leaving. Come on mother they are just using that picture so that they can deny the truth. That I'm Angela's father; this is just another trick on their part. We are not falling for it because she has your eyes mother.”

Wiping a tear away Allison said to her son “Angela has her great grandmother eyes, my mother because I'm the aunt of her mother Alex Cahill. Carl Please accept the fact that you are not her father, Cordell Walker is.”

Getting mad Greaves said to Allison “Why are you doing this to me mother?”

Picking up the picture that Carl picked out as the woman that he slept with Allison replied “Carl I know that you desperately want to be a father but you can not do that by trying to take another man's child away from him. Carl, this is the woman you slept with that day not Alex Walker who happens to be your cousin.”

Greaves snapped “You’re all lying to me.”

“Mr. Greaves we are not lying to you, here read the transcripts from Cabot's trial and I think that you'll finally understand that you didn't sleep with me.” Alex told him as she handed him the transcripts. Carl Greaves reluctantly read the transcripts and when he was done asked “I don't understand why would she sleep with me and tell me to call her 'Lady D.A.'?”

“She has an irrational hatred of me that stems back to when we attended law school together. There was a time when her legal career wasn't going anywhere and she became a hooker to make ends meet. She thought that it was a kick to call herself 'Lady D.A.' when she was turning ticks in Dallas because I was an A.D.A. here then. Now Mr. Greaves will you finally accept the fact that you aren't Angela's father? That Walker is?”

Carl Greaves nodded yes and left the room. Allison told Alex “I’m really sorry about this but Carl read an article about you in the paper and thought that you were the hooker that he had slept with. When he told his buddies at work about it they laughed at him and he got mad about it. Then someone called and told him that he was really Angela's father not your husband. Carl wants to be a father so bad and he's now unable to father children. I guess he thought that he had a right to know the only child that he had been told was his. I should have tried harder to talk sense into him about it but I too wanted him to have a child because I wanted to be a grandmother, Carl is an only child. I'm truly sorry Mr. and Mrs. Walker for the trouble that we caused you.”

Alex replied “Cabot was the one who called and told him that he was Angela's father. She had overheard the other guards talking about it and decided to cause me some more trouble. Now that this is settled I have to get home to my children, goodbye.”

Allison asked “I know that this may be too much to ask for but could you tell me about your father someday? It doesn't have to be face to face, you can write me a letter.” Alex answered “I’ll think about it.”

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show nothing more.