Baby Scare

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex laid in the bed next to her husband thinking over the last month. Her father had died and his will left one million dollars to any of Alex's and or Walker's children to be given to them on their twenty first birthday. This had brought Merilee Summers out of the woodwork along with her son whom she had named Cordell Walker Summers. Merilee claimed that the boy was Walker's from the one night stand that had had years ago, after the D.N.A. test proved otherwise Merilee left town. Then there was the ten million dollars Alex's father had left to her which bothered Walker because he felt that people didn't respect the value of money if they hadn't earned it. When Alex recently suggested buying some new equipment for the ranch Walker refused saying that he didn't want one cent of Alex's father's money ever spent on the ranch. That he had always taken care of the expenses when it came to the ranching part of their home and that he would always do so. Alex thought that her husband was being his usual stubborn self.

Walker stirred then and noticing his wife deep in thought asked her "What are you thinking about Alex?" She answered "My father's money and what I should do with it."

Walker got out of bed and after putting a pair of jeans on told her "Like I've told you before Alex, I don't care what you do with it as long as you never spend a cent of it on my ranch."

Getting mad at Walker's stubbornness Alex questioned him "Oh, so now it's just your ranch?"

"Alex it was my ranch long before we were married, you know that." Walker informed his wife who asked "What are you saying that this isn't my home, too?"

"Enough Alex, you know that I consider this to be your home too. †It's just that I've always taken care of the expenses concerning the ranching part of it and I don't intend for that to change simply because you're rich now." Walker replied.

Alex said to her husband "You know Walker, you're still too stubborn for your own good at times." Trying to lighten the mood Walker teased "I thought that was one of the reasons you fell in love with me?"

Realizing what he was up to Alex answered "No, it was the way you filled out your jeans. Between the jeans and that cute little smile of yours, you were too much to resist my dear."

"Well since I'm wearing jeans, am I too much to resist?" Walker asked while sporting his cute little smile. Pulling the covers back on his side of the bed Alex told him "Tell you what cowboy, get back in this bed and I'll let you know how resistible you are to me."

Walker quickly got back into bed with Alex who let him know just how irresistible he was to her. When they were done and laying in each other's arms Alex said "I may not agree with you about the money but I will respect the way you feel about paying for the expenses when it comes to the ranch. If you ever change your mind let me know."

Pulling her close again Walker answered "Okay but I won't change my mind." Alex then said "I want to put enough money into Angela and Ray's college fund so that their education will be paid for, are you okay with that?"

"Yes I am because it's a good idea." Walker agreed.

Chapter Two

When Walker got to work there was a newspaper laying on his desk turned back to a page that had the headline 'A.D.A. Cahill rich.' Underneath it was Alex's picture and under that there was a smaller headline that said 'Wonder what Walker thinks?' After reading the article Walker got mad because it's two main points were that one, Alex should quit the D.A.'s office and let someone who needed the money have the job and two, now that she was rich Alex should leave Walker because he was a rough and tumble Ranger with a ranch and nothing else. Tossing the paper on his desk Walker went out into the outer office and demanded "Who left that newspaper on my desk† I want an answer now."

The other Rangers after looking at each other puzzled by Walker's outburst all denied leaving it there and Sydney suggested that one of the cleaning staff may have done it. Realizing that he had over reacted Walker dropped the subject and assigned the waiting Rangers to their cases.

Later on that morning Alex called her husband up and invited him to lunch. As they were entering the restaurant a reporter asked Alex " A.D.A. Cahill, why are you still working for the D.A.'s office? Now that you're rich shouldn't someone that needs the money have the job instead of you who's been playing at it for fifteen years?"† Getting mad Walker started to respond when Alex said "Darling I thought that we agreed to ignore garbage?"

Taking Alex's hand Walker smiled and answered "Yes we did dear but I've been really itching to take out the trash." The reporter scurried away.

After they were seated Walker asked "Now that you are rich, are you going to quit your job?" Stunned Alex replied "No, why should I? I'm very good at what I do and I'm not giving it up just because I have some money. Walker, I thought we had settled this matted of me working? Why have you changed your mind?"

Taking his wife's hand again Walker answered "No Alex, I haven't changed my mind about you working. I'm very proud of you and the work you've done for the D.A.'s office, you know that honey. I just thought that you might be considering it, after all you recently said that you would like to have a set of twins. It would make it easier on you to have them is all."

"No, I'm not considering quitting my job right now. I have too many scum bags to put away, okay? As for those twins, when and if you get me pregnant with them I will quit my job because I will not risk losing them." Alex replied.

"That's fine by me Alex and by the way it's not if I will get you pregnant with twins, it's when." Walker said and then getting serious he added "You know maybe we ought to take a trip somewhere so that we can work on those twins. What do you think?"

Alex said "How about we go somewhere as a family? I don't feel right about leaving Angela and Ray for any length of time." Teasing Walker told her "Tell you what, I'll pick the place and let you pay for it."

"But you said this morning you were opposed to me spending money on you." Alex protested.

"No I said that I didn't want you to spend money on the ranch. Alex please try to understand, I've always paid for the ranch no matter what it took because I promised Uncle Ray that I would so. He started it with the checks that I sent him when I was recovering from injuries that I sustained in Vietnam along with money that he and his wife had put away for the children that they were unable to have. I feel as though I have to honor the both of them by paying for the ranch myself. " Walker explained to Alex who said "Okay honey, I understand and I won't ask again."

Chapter Three

Later on that evening Alex asked her husband "Have you decided where we're going to yet?" Walker answered "You'll know when we get there."

"How am I supposed to pay for the trip when I don't know where we're going to?" Alex questioned Walker who replied "You could give me a blank check."

"Okay, who should I make it out to?" Alex asked Walker who said "Nice try Alex, just sign your name and I'll fill the rest in, okay? Also you need to update your passport and get Angela and Ray one too."

"Okay but I'll have to see a doctor for a medical clearance first." Alex told Walker who asked her "Why do you need to see a doctor first?"

"Because you have to have a physical every so often to keep your passport." Alex replied.

Walker then said "Well I guess that I'd better go see a doctor too. It doesn't take too long, does it? I want us to leave next weekend."

"No, it's just a routine checkup, neither one of us has a medical condition that would prevent us from keeping our passports. I'll have to go see Dr. Bates since Dr. Stine is away and I'll take the children to see Dr. Wagner at the Hope Center." Alex assured her husband who asked her "You mean that there are certain medical conditions that would prevent someone from going out of the country?"

"Yes, AID's, T.B. and a few other conditions but we have nothing to worry about honey, we're both perfectly healthy." Alex assured her husband. Walker was seen by the Ranger doctor, Dr. Halpern while Alex was seen by the new doctor, Dr. Clater in Dr. Bates' practice, since Dr. Bates was on vacation and she took the children to the Hope center.

Alex was packing some clothes for the trip when she got a call from Dr. Clater saying that he wanted to meet with her the first thing in the morning to go over the test results. After hanging the phone up Alex said to Walker "I wonder what that's all about?"

Walker said "He probably just wanted to go over the results with you in person since he hasn't seen you before. I'm sure that it's nothing to worry about. "

The next morning Dr. Clater entered the office and told Alex "Mrs. Walker, I'm afraid that I have some bad news for you, you're H.I.V. positive. There is another problem too, you're pregnant with twins." Stunned Alex said "I want a second opinion."

Dr. Clater replied "I've read your medical history and you were the victim of a sexual assault which may have exposed you to the H.I.V. virus. Given the strong possibility of you passing it onto your unborn children I highly advise you to have an abortion as soon as possible, it is standard procedure in cases like this. It will be hard enough on you to deal with being H.I.V. positive without going through childbirth. I can perform the abortion for you in say, three days? The sooner that it's done the better. Mrs. Walker you will need to start taking some very powerful drugs. You'll need to see Dr. Graham who's a leading doctor in the fight against AIDís, he's read the test results and agreed to see you."

Still stunned Alex questioned him "Okay but what about my husband, has he been exposed to it? What about our son Ray? Should I get them both tested?"

"Yes Dr. Graham can test the both of them for you after you have the abortion and start seeing him." Dr. Clater told Alex and then showed her out of the office. Beyond upset Alex managed to make it back to her office where she collapsed at her desk and began crying.

Her receptionist hearing Alex sobbing called up Walker and told him that his wife had returned from her doctor's appointment looking terrible and was in her office crying. Walker hurried to Alex's office where he took his wife into his arms and asked her "Honey, what's the matter?"

Still crying she answered "I'm pregnant with twins."

"That's great honey but why are you crying?" Walker questioned Alex who managed to stop crying and answer "Dr. Clater said that I was H.I.V. positive and because of that I need to get an abortion. That you and Ray have to be tested† because I may have exposed the both of you to it. He said that I may have been exposed to the virus when I was raped by that animal. Dr. Clater gave me the name of another doctor so that I could get started on some very powerful drugs to deal with my condition. This second doctor, Dr. Graham agrees with Dr. Clater that I'm H.I.V. positive. Oh God Walker, I can't live with myself if I gave either you or Ray a deadly disease."

Pulling her close Walker said "Alex, Dr. Halpern said that I was okay. Look, we'll get you tested again by him before we do what Dr. Clater wants you to do, okay?"

"Why do you want Dr. Halpern to test me? I doubt if Dr. Clater is mistaken about this." Alex questioned her husband who replied "Just to be on the safe side, after that animal hurt you he was tested for AIDís and it was negative. Maybe the lab misread the results or something. It can't hurt anything to get a second opinion, can it?"

"Okay, it would make me feel better if I had a second opinion from Dr. Halpern because I can't stomach the thought of having an abortion either. If I have exposed you and our son to a fatal disease and I have an abortion, I won't feel like living anymore." Alex answered.

"Alex, don't talk like that. If Dr. Halpern says that you're okay you don't have to see this Dr. Graham and you won't be going back to see Dr. Clater either. Now how about we go and see Dr. Halpern to get that test done?" Walker asked Alex who agreed and they went and had her tested by Dr. Halpern who told them that he would put a rush on the test and let them know as soon as possible. Walker then took a still shaken Alex home where he insisted that she lay down while he took care of their children.

Chapter Four

That night Walker entered his bedroom pulled Alex to him and started to kiss her when she pushed him away and told him "Walker, we can't, Remember the things that we learned when Lucas lived here?"

"I remember, I'll be careful." Walker promised as he attempted to kiss her again but Alex moved further away and said "Walker please, I can't take the chance that my love for you could kill you. Until we hear from Dr. Halpern can we not do anything that will put you at risk?"

Hugging his wife Walker replied "Okay but the test results had better come back quickly, it's hard to sleep† next to you and not be able to touch you." Alex said "Walker, believe me I feel the same way."

Two days later Alex and Walker were in Dr. Halpern's office awaiting the test results, he entered the office and quickly got to the point "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, there is in my medical opinion no way that Mrs. Walker is H.I.V. positive, nor is she likely to be so in the future. Several years age the Rangers started a program where they tracked the medical records of married Rangers to head off any potential problems like spousal, drug or alcohol abuse because being a Ranger and a spouse of a Ranger is a stressful situation. Also Dr. Bates has been keeping an eye on Mrs. Walker for any signs of a possible H.I.V. infection given the sexual assault she endured. As for being pregnant, yes you are Mrs. Walker but you would need a sonogram to determine if you're having twins. Any questions?"

"Dr. Clater said that I needed to see a Dr. Graham right away and he agreed that I was H.I.V. positive, why? Also Dr. Clater was pushing really hard for me to have an abortion he said that it was standard procedure, why is that?" Alex asked Dr. Halpern who answered "You don't need to see Dr. Graham or anyone else in that field, as for the abortion I can't understand that one either. Mrs. Walker it is not standard procedure to have an abortion when you're H.I.V. positive. I suggest that you wait to see Dr. Bates when she comes back or find another O.B.-G.Y.N. that you trust."

Walker asked him "Why?"

"Because it is standard practice to take two blood samples when testing for AIDís or H.I.V. and send them to two different labs. In the early days of testing for them there were some false positives and some people committed suicide because of those false positives. In your case Mrs. Walker both of the samples were negative as were all of the other ones that Dr. Bates had tested ever since you were assaulted. Also Mrs. Walker when your assailant died the autopsy showed no signs of him having had anything that could have been passed onto you. So my best advice is for you to stay away from both Dr. Clater and Dr. Graham whom at the very least misdiagnosed you. I put everything that I just told your wife in this report Captain Walker in case it turns out to be more than a simple case of incompetence." Dr. Halpern then handed Walker the report and they left his office.

When they got home that evening Alex said to her husband "After Angela and Ray are sleeping, how about we do what you wanted to do the other night?" Walker teased "But honey, I'm not in the mood anymore."

Teasing right back Alex answered "I bet if I get into bed naked you'll get into the mood real quick."

"I'd rather see you in that lilac nightgown of yours that barely covers you, you know the one that drives me crazy with wanting to see the rest of you." Walker suggested to his wife who smiled and said "You've got it Cowboy, now behave until tonight."

Later on that night after they were done Alex started to cry and Walker questioned "What's the matter Alex? Did I hurt you just now honey?" Wiping her tears away Alex replied "No, you didn't hurt me. I just can't believe that I came so close to having an abortion, Walker if we hadn't gone to Dr. Halpern I would have done so. What I can't understand is why Dr. Clater was pushing me so hard to do that. Just hold me honey."

Pulling his wife closer Walker said "You are not going anywhere near Dr. Clater, ever again. When is Dr. Bates due back?" Alex answered "Two weeks but she said before she left that he was joining her staff."

"We'll find another doctor to do the sonogram after we come back from our family vacation, okay?" Walker questioned Alex who feeling better teased him "Honey if you make love to me again like you just did I'll do anything that you want me to." Not bothering with words Walker let his actions speak for him.

Chapter Five

The next morning Alex was in her office wrapping up some of her cases when she got a phone call from Dr. Clater who asked her "Mrs. Walker, I thought that we had an appointment this morning? You know to have an abortion so that you could then see Dr. Graham and get started on the drugs you'll need for the disease that you have?" Alex informed him "I won't be keeping it."

Dr. Clater then said "Mrs. Walker, I know that you are upset by your condition but you must take care of yourself and in order to do that you have to have an abortion. Tell me have you even called Dr. Graham yet?"

"No, not yet." Alex answered while wondering why he was demanding that she have an abortion.

"Look Mrs. Walker how about we have Dr. Graham test you himself? Would that make you feel better? Then you can see me for that abortion. The sooner you get started on your treatment the better. You don't want your H.I.V. developing into a full blown case of AIDís do you?" Dr. Clater kept pushing Alex who replied "I see your point Dr. Clater I'll call and make an appointment with Dr. Graham and then I can see you Monday morning at ten, is that okay?"

"Okay I'll see you at ten Monday morning." Dr. Clater answered and then hung up. Alex then called up her husband "Hi honey it's me, look Dr. Clater just called me and he was really pushing me to see him so that I can have an abortion. I told him that I would call this Dr. Graham. Walker this really starting to worry me, Dr. Clater is all but demanding that I have an abortion. I told him that I would see him Monday morning at ten to get him off my back."

"There is no way that you are going to see him Monday morning or any other morning for that matter." Walker stated.

"Walker, I know that, I just told him that to get him to think that I was going along with him until we can find out what he's really up to. Besides, aren't we going to be on our trip Monday?" Alex said to her husband who replied "Yes we are. As for Dr. Clater I'll have someone look into him for us while we're on our vacation. have you cleared up your work so that you'll be ready to leave?"

"Yes, I'm more than ready to leave, what about you?" Alex questioned her husband "Yes, I'll get the children and meet you in your office at five then we'll go from there."

After hanging up Walker called Trivette into his office and after closing the door said to him "Trivette, what I'm telling you now I don't want you to tell anyone else until I find out what's going on, okay?" After he nodded okay Walker added "Alex recently went to see Dr. Clater who has joined Dr. Bates' practice for some tests and he called her into his office and told her that she was pregnant with twins."

"That's great Walker but why don't you any anyone knowing?" Trivette questioned Walker who finished his explanation "Dr. Clater also told Alex that she was H.I.V. positive and that she had to have an abortion right away. We went to see Dr. Halpern to get a second opinion and he said that there was no way that Alex was H.I.V. positive. That while it was true Alex is pregnant it was too soon to tell if she's carrying twins without having a sonogram done. Dr. Clater in addition to demanding that Alex have an abortion was also trying to pressure her into seeing a Dr. Graham who agreed that Alex was H.I.V. positive. Anyhow while we're gone can you look into the two of them for us?"

Trivette asked "Is Alex okay?"

"She's fine now but she was pretty upset when she realized that if we hadn't gone to see Dr. Halpern she would have had an abortion for no good reason." Walker answered Trivette who suggested "Maybe the lab misread the results?"

"That's what I thought until we met with Dr. Halpern who said that it was most likely more than a simple mistake. Dr. Clater had the nerve to call Alex up today and again demand that she see him on Monday morning so that he could perform an abortion on her, needless to say she won't be there. Here's Dr. Halpern's report on this." Walker said as he handed Trivette the report.

"Okay I'll do it while you're gone. Now get out of here and have a good time with your family." Trivette told Walker who left.

Chapter Six

The Walkers were attempting to board a cruise ship when they were directed to a dock side office where a woman from the cruise line told them "Mrs. Walker, I'm afraid that we can't let you board the ship at this time."

"Why not Miss?" Walker questioned the woman who replied "Ms. Simon, the reason she can't board the ship is because Mrs. Walker's passport has a hold on it. The rest of you are free to board our ship but Mrs. Walker is not."

Walker objected "A hold for what? My wife is a A.D.A. for god's sake, she hasn't done anything to lose her passport." Ms. Simon then said to Alex "Mrs. Walker, you haven't told your husband about your condition yet? Being a lawyer you must know that your condition would prevent you from re-entering the country if we were to let you board our ship today. But that's not going to happen because we can't risk the other passengers."

Alex picked up Ray while saying "I want a full refund from this cruise line for our tickets, we'll go now." Ms. Simon informed her "There will be no refund in light of your condition."

Stopping at the door Alex questioned "Just how do you know about my 'condition'?"

"Dr. Clater informed I.N.S. as a concerned doctor so that you wouldn't go abroad and spread your disease. They rightfully put a hold on your passport this morning. Really Mrs. Walker you should be ashamed of yourself for risking innocent people's lives just so you could have your fun. Of course that sort of behavior is why you have this disease to begin with, isn't it?" Ms. Simon told Alex who started back towards her when Walker grabbed his wife's hand and told her "No honey, no decking deserving people in front of our children."

They left the office gathered up their luggage which Walker put back into his truck and as they were driving away from the dock Alex said "Now what? We both have two weeks off together and nowhere to spend them and I'm going to kill that man."

"We have a place to spend those two weeks Alex, time for trip 'B'. Just relax, we'll be there in a couple of hours. As for that man I promise you that he will pay for what he's doing to you." Walker answered and then drove to the reservation. As they were unloading the truck Alex became sick and went sprinting to the bathroom. When she came back down Walker asked "Morning sickness?"

"Yes, Walker while we're here I'm going to go to the clinic and get Dr. Storm to do a sonogram. " Alex told Walker who in turn said "I don't think that they have that kind of medical equipment."

"Yes they do, I spent some of my father's money on new equipment for the clinic. Walker, I really want to know how far along I am and if I'm really carrying twins. Having twins has always been a dream of mine." Alex replied and her husband said that he would watch their children while she went to the clinic. Alex went to the clinic while Walker watched the children and Alex was elated to find out through a sonogram that she was indeed pregnant with twins and was about three months along. Returning to the house Alex happily told Walker what Dr. Storm told her then she said "I'd better write that letter of resignation to D.A. Moody."

"Alex maybe you should hold off on writing that letter for awhile." Walker told Alex who said "Walker, Dr. Storm said that in light of my miscarriage the last time I was pregnant with twins that I either have to give up work or give you up. I don't know about you but I'd rather give up working."

"Alex, I'm okay with you resigning your job, it's your choice to make. I don't want Dr. Clater to know where we're at until we find out why he tried to do something so vicious as to make you have an abortion and putting you through the hell of thinking that you had a fatal disease. He called I.N.S. himself and lord knows who else to keep you in the country. I want you to be able to relax these next two weeks on our vacation without having to worry about him and what he's up to. I'll take care of him when we return home myself. You can mail your letter after we get back to the ranch, okay?" Walker told her.

"Okay as long as we can still be together at night." Alex replied.

"Well before we can do that I need to talk to Trivette about this because he's looking into it for us. Plus Angela and Ray have to go to bed first." Walker said but Alex told him "Honey, I hope you don't mind but I don't want anyone knowing about our babies just yet. I want to wait to tell them until I'm further along, is that okay with you?"

"I already told Trivette because he needed to know why I wanted Dr. Clater and Dr. Graham looked into." Walker answered his wife who requested "Okay but nobody else, please?"

"Okay honey." Walker said.

Chapter Seven

Walker called up Trivette who told him "Walker bad news, one of the newspapers had an article in it about Alex. The article stated that she had a unnamed social disease which becomes fatal and when I visited their web site it said that you two had been kicked off a cruise ship earlier this evening. Some of the T.V. stations picked up on it and a few of them are demanding that D.A. Moody fire Alex. Moody wants her to get in touch with him as soon as possible."

"He didn't waste any time did he? Look Trivette we weren't able to board the cruise ship because Dr. Clater personally called I.N.S. and told them that Alex was H.I.V. positive and they put a hold on Alex's passport. The lady there got quite snippy about Alex's 'condition'. As for Moody, do you have his number so that Alex can call him?" Walker said to Trivette who questioned "Walker why don't you and Alex just release Dr, Halpern's finding? That way you wouldn't have to go through this garbage."

"Not yet Trivette, Dr. Clater doesn't know about Alex seeing Dr. Halpern and we want to keep it that way until we can find out why he would do something like that. Also Alex doesn't want anyone knowing about the pregnancy until she's further along." Walker explained.

"Okay, D.A. Moody gave me his private cell phone number." Trivette told Walker then gave him the number and started to say goodbye when Walker asked him "Trivette, are you up to being godfather to twins?"

"You bet I am. I hope that we can solve this fairly quickly so I can tell everyone that I'm going to be godfather to your twins. Tell your wife to hang in there, I'll be in touch." Trivette answered.

Walker explained to Alex what Trivette had told him and then suggested "Perhaps you should call Moody and tell him that you're resigning. That way he can get the press off of his back while we find out why Dr. Clater is doing this to us." Taking the phone Alex called up D.A. Moody "D.A. Moody, this is Alex Cahill-Walker. I'm calling you to tell you that I'm resigning effective this minute. All of my cases have either been wrapped up or can easily be taken over by someone else."

Moody replied "Alex please don't resign over your condition, I'm sure that we can work around it."

"I'm sorry but my mind is made up. After we get back from our vacation I'll come in to clean out my office and we can talk then." Alex said and then hung up the phone. Taking her into his arms Walker told his wife "Alex after the babies are here if you want to return to work I'll do whatever I have to so that you can."

"I want to spend some more time with Angela and Ray too. I want to spend at least the first two years after the twins are born with all of my children. Besides I still have the Hope center to keep me busy." Alex said to her husband.

Hearing a knock on the door Walker answered to find Sam Coyote standing there who told him "Walker, it's all over the reservation about your wife's condition. They are pretty upset that she was seen by Dr. Storm at the clinic and didn't tell him that she was H.I.V. positive. They want her to leave, I'll try to settle them down but with White Eagle on retreat I don't think I'll be able to. They resent her money."

"And my looks. Don't worry Sam, we'll leave." Alex told Sam but Walker protested "I grew up here, we don't have to leave."

"Walker, it's for the best. Sam as soon as Walker can repack the truck we will be on our way." Alex said and then headed upstairs to get Angela and Ray ready to go. Walker repacked the truck and they got back into it. About four hours later they arrived at a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Opening the door Walker showed Alex the bathroom which she hurriedly went into. After she came back out Walker noticed that she looked a little pale so he insisted that Alex get into bed which she did falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. After putting Angela and Ray to bed Walker unloaded the truck and then got into bed with his wife.

Chapter Eight

The next morning Alex was laying in bed remembering the previous days events when Walker came over to the bed and asked her "How are you feeling? Did you get enough rest?" Alex answered her husband "I'm feeling better, where are Angela and Ray?" Pointing to a small alcove covered by a drape Walker replied "They are in there still sleeping."

Alex got out of bed and after using the bathroom asked him "Where are we?"

"This was my parents house the first couple of years that they were married. After they died Uncle Ray bought it and whenever I needed to get away and didn't want to go to the badlands I came here." Walker explained to Alex who asked him "Why didn't they live at the reservation?"

"Because there weren't welcomed there, just about everyone disapproved of them getting married including her family, Uncle Ray and White Eagle. They lived here until my dad was able to afford a better place, I was born here. Later on after I went to live on the reservation Uncle Ray and White Eagle both told me that they had been wrong in their disapproval of my parent's marriage." Walker said.

Changing the subject Alex asked "Are you hungry? Do you want me to fix you something to eat?" Instead of answering her questions Walker instead asked her "Alex do you remember after our rafting trip that I left town without saying anything to you?"

"Yes." Alex replied not wanting to remember how Walker had turned away from her after they had made love for the first time.

"I came here after I found out about Uncle Ray's illness and I wrote you a letter that I never mailed to you because I couldn't. I'd like you to read it now." Walker said as he showed Alex a letter. Not wanting to read it and bring up painful memories she replied "Walker the past is over and done with. I understand why you turned away from me then." Walker placed it into Alex's hand so she read it aloud:

††††††††† † Alex,

My Uncle Ray is dying, how I wish that

I could be held in your arms as I tell you

about Uncle Ray. But I don't have the right

to bring my sorrow to you. I hope that in

the future after you forgive me for shutting

you out that I can bring you here.

I hope to tell you how sorry I am about

doing that and then lie in your arms as I

tell you all about Uncle Ray and the kind†

of man that he was. Alex please know

that when we made love on that rafting

trip it meant the world to me but I can't

bear to lose you like I'm losing my Uncle.

So even though I love you more than I have

ever loved anyone else we must remain

friends. I won't risk your life by making

you a part of mine, even though I had a

vision of you walking towards me in a

wedding gown. I must forget about that

vision so that no harm will come to you

because of me. I want you to have life

safe from danger and if you become

involved with me you won't be safe.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Walker

Wiping her tears away Alex said "Oh honey, I'm glad that you were able to see that your vision about our wedding was meant to be, that no-one will ever stand in the way of our being together." Pulling her close Walker whispered in her ear "Me too honey."

They then spent their vacation just enjoying being a family during the days and at night Walker laid in Alex's arms as he told her stories about Uncle Ray, the reservation and his parents. Some nights Angela stayed up and listened to Walker's story until she fell asleep. With the children within ear shot the Walkers decided that they wouldn't make love until they returned home to the privacy of their bedroom. It was the most peaceful time Alex and Walker could remember spending together.

†Chapter Nine

Walker was driving home to the ranch when his cell phone rang and Alex answered it, it was Trivette who asked "I'm at your ranch, where are you guys at?" Alex replied "On our way home, we should be there in about five minutes."

"Good, I have some very interesting information about Dr. Clater. I'll tell you when you get here." Trivette told them. After arriving at the ranch Alex took Angela and Ray up to bed while Trivette helped Walker unpack the truck. After Alex came back down they went into the living room as Trivette asked them "Hey Walker, where were you guys at? I went to the reservation looking for you but Sam said that you left."

Walker somewhat bitterly answered "We went there but we weren't welcomed there so we left."

"That's why you should release Dr. Halpern's findings. So that everyone will know that Alex isn't H.I.V. positive and you don't have to put up with that sort of thing." Trivette tried to convince Walker but Alex said to him "Walker and I agree that we want to get Dr. Clater first and in order to do that he needs to think we aren't aware that he's been lying to me. Also Trivette, I don't want anyone knowing about my pregnancy just yet."

"I may be able to help you with Dr. Clater, he's Connie Furnell's brother. Do you remember her?" Trivette asked Alex who replied "Yes I remember her, her husband Brad had abused her but the judge only held him on assaulting a police officer. When he made bail he came after Connie on my weekend retreat for battered women and we beat him up."

"Well to make a long story short, after he was convicted of assaulting a police officer Brad went to prison where somehow his cell mate found out that he had been bested by a group of women and you can guess what he did to him then. Anyhow after Brad Furnell was released he and Connie got back together, several years later Brad found out that he was H.I.V. positive [from his prison stay] which quickly developed into a full-blown case of AIDís. It was around then that Connie found out that she was pregnant and terminated the pregnancy because she didn't want to condemn a child of hers to that fate, by then she was also H.I.V. positive. She took care of her husband until he died and then she killed herself. Dr. Clater decided that he was going to put you through the kind of hell his sister went through, at least that's what I think his motive is. As for this Dr. Graham, he is a very highly respected member of the medical community and is a leader in the fight against AIDís. He treats H.I.V. and AIDís patients, prolonging many of their lives." Trivette explained to the Walkers.

"I guess the question now is how do we prove it?" Alex asked. Walker said "I think that the key may be this Dr. Graham. Alex is there anyway to find out if he has accurate medical records for you?"

"Yes, patients are legally entitled to view their medical records but if they want to copy them they have to set up an appointment to do so and pay a fee." Alex answered her husband who then said "Trivette, do you have Dr. Graham's phone number? Alex will call him and set up an appointment to see him and request to view her medical records. After she does that we can go from there."

Trivette objected "Walker, you can't let Alex go see him by herself, what if Dr. Clater contacts him when Alex is there?"

"I'll be there with her Trivette. As for Dr. Clater, if he calls Alex again she'll tell him that she had an abortion while we were on vacation and set up the appointment with Dr. Graham on her own because she couldn't bear the thought of seeing him again after the abortion." Walker explained and that's what they did.

At Dr. Graham's office Alex requested that she be able to look at her records and Dr. Graham handed them to her to look over. After quickly scanning them Alex said "Dr. Graham, these aren't my medical records. I was shot three separate times and none of them are listed here."

Taking the records back Dr. Graham asked her "What do you mean? Dr. Clater sent me them himself and insisted that I see you."

Walker handed him the medical records of Alex that he had Dr. Halpern get for him and told Dr. Graham "These are my wife's medical records and as you can see she isn't H.I.V. positive but she is pregnant. Now do you care to tell us what is going on?"

Puzzled Dr. Graham took the records and after glancing through them he said "Dr. Clater said that she was H.I.V. positive and sent me Mrs. Walker's medical records which show that she is H.I.V. positive. Are you sure that your wife isn't? Because a lot of people are in denial at first."

Walker told him "After Dr. Clater told Alex that she was H.I.V. positive and pregnant he also told her that she had to have an abortion. We went to Dr. Halpern who tested her and found that she is pregnant but that she isn't H.I.V. positive. Dr. Halpern prepared a report on this for me and I have a copy you can look over."

Taking the report and reading it Dr. Graham realized that the Walkers were telling him the truth. He then said "My god, either this man is incompetent or this was a deliberate attempt to harm Mrs. Walker. I knew nothing about it either way, I was just going by what the medical records with her name on them said. I'm sorry that he did that to you Mrs. Walker, please tell me that you didn't have an abortion."

"No we didn't but back to Dr. Clater. We feel as though his actions were deliberate, if he calls you about my visit here today you are only to tell him that I was here." Alex told Dr. Graham who assured her that he would go along with her wishes. As they were leaving his office Alex said to her husband "We're no closer to nailing Dr. Clater."

"I know but we'll think of something because there is no way he's getting away with what he did. I'll see you at home later, okay?" Walker said to Alex who told him "I'm going to my old office cleaning it out then I have a meeting with Moody then I'll go home."

"Alex, you can change your mind and return to work after the babies are born whenever you want to, we can work something out." Walker offered but Alex told him "Cowboy, we've had this discussion already and I'm not changing my mind."

"Okay dear." Walker said. After cleaning out her office Alex met with Moody who pleaded with her not to resign but once he realized that her mind was made up Moody told her that she would be missed and that he hoped Alex would consider doing some consulting work for the D.A.'s office in the future.

Chapter Ten

Walker went into his private office where he filled Trivette in on what had happened in Dr. Graham's office. When he was done Trivette suggested "Look Walker, maybe you should have someone keeping an eye on Alex when you're not around. Just in case Clater tried to hurt her in some other way, just think about it will you?"

Realizing that Trivette had a good point Walker called Sydney into his office. She said to him "Walker, I'm really sorry about Alex, is she okay?"

"My wife is fine. Ranger Cooke, Mrs. Walker isn't H.I.V. positive but she is pregnant with twins. The reason that I called you in here was because I want you to keep an eye on Alex until she makes it home today. A Dr. Clater told her that she was H.I.V. positive when she wasn't. He was lying in an attempt to get revenge on Alex for his sister's death. Trivette has all the particulars in this report, read it over then go find my wife and make sure that she makes it home okay. Also Sydney, I don't want you to tell anyone and I mean anyone including Gage about Alex's medical status until I tell you that you can. Are you clear about that?"

"Yes boss." Sydney answered then read over the report. After she was done with that Sydney called Alex up and asked her to meet her for a talk. Alex agreed saying that she would be on the courthouse steps in a couple of minutes with stuff from her office.

When Sydney got outside she saw Alex being hassled by some people who were holding signs protesting Alex's H.I.V. status and saying that she was getting what she deserved for being a sinner. They were really yelling at Alex who was trying to get to her car while carrying two boxes with her personal effects from her office. Hurrying down the courthouse Sydney said in a commanding voice "Texas Ranger, break it up right now." Still muttering the crowd began to leave and Sydney asked her friend "Alex, are you okay?"

"Sydney I'm feeling a little queasy right now." Alex replied as she put her boxes down on the steps and sat down herself. Concerned Sydney said "How about I drive you home? I'll even drive your car for you and we can stop at the Hope center and get Angela and Ray. Gage can pick me up later, what do you say?"

"Walker told you, didn't he?" Alex questioned Sydney but before she could answer the question Alex said "Never mind, I already know the answer. Did he say anything else about me?"

"No he just said that he wanted me to make sure that you got home okay." Sydney answered Alex picked up the boxes and went to Alex's car where Alex unlocked the trunk. After the boxes were placed inside Alex handed Sydney the car keys and told her. "I don't feel up to driving home so I would appreciate it if you would drive me home. However Sydney I want your word that you won't tell anyone that I'm pregnant."

Sydney questioned her "Alex, why don't you want anyone knowing that you're pregnant. You should be so happy about it, why aren't you?" Holding back her tears Alex replied "I am happy about it Sydney, but I... Sydney I can't go through everyone knowing that I'm pregnant and..." When her voice trailed off Sydney realized that Alex didn't want anyone to know about the pregnancy until she was passed the point where she had miscarried her first set of twins. Sydney told her "Alex, I won't tell a soul and in no time at all you and Walker will be kept up half the night with your babies, I promise."

They got the children and went to the ranch where Sydney asked "Alex, do you want me and Gage to wait here with you until Walker gets home?"

"No, I'll be fine. As soon as Gage gets here you can go." Alex told Sydney who left as soon as Gage came but she called Walker up and told him what had happened on the courthouse steps. Walker decided to call it a day.

Chapter Eleven

Alex was relaxing in her living room while Ray was napping and Angela was upstairs playing with her dolls when the doorbell rang. After checking to make sure that she had the hidden camera aimed at the chair Alex then put her cell phone on record and laid it on the T.V. then she answered the door to find Dr. Clater standing there. After seating him on the chair Alex asked him "Dr. Clater, what are you doing here?"

"I came here to check up you Mrs. Walker." Dr. Clater answered.

"Why do you need to check up on me? I went to see Dr. Graham and we have a follow up appointment for next week. I didn't call you because it was too painful because of the abortion that I had while I was on vacation at your recommendation." Alex said to him stalling for time.

"Because after I realized that your test results had been mixed up with another one of my patient's who is H.I.V. positive I called you and told you about the mistake. You became so distraught about having an needless abortion I was afraid that you would hurt yourself so I came out here to check up on you but I was too late." Dr. Clater said to Alex who questioned him "I'm sorry, what are you talking about? You never told me anything about there being a mistake made in the tests, are you now trying to tell me that they were wrong?"

"Yes you see Mrs. Walker you felt so guilty about needlessly killing your unborn child that you committed suicide." Dr. Clater told Alex as he took a needle of his bag and tried to get near her.

Backing away and still stalling for time Alex asked him "Why are you doing this? What have I ever done to you?" Dr. Clater replied "Because I hold you responsible for the death of my sister Connie."

"Connie, who's Connie?" Alex asked while hoping that her children wouldn't call out for her.

"Connie Clater Furnell, Brad Furnell's wife. You and that women's group of yours beat him up. Sending him to jail wasn't good enough for you, was it? You made sure that his cell mate found out that he let women beat him up and that animal treated him like one. Brad was infected with AIDís because of you and when he was released he and Connie got back together. Several years later they found out that Brad was H.I.V. positive which quickly turned into a case of full-blown AIDís about the same time Connie discovered that she was pregnant and was herself H.I.V. positive. She then had an abortion which of course I performed, because she could not condemn a child of hers to that fate. She then took care of Brad until he died then she killed herself.† So you see Mrs. Walker, not only did you cause my sister's death but also caused the death of her husband and unborn child, therefore you must die." Dr. Clater explained and then tried to get close to Alex.

Avoiding him Alex said "I'm sorry that your sister is dead but it's not my fault. Killing me won't bring her back."

"Maybe not but it sure felt good to make you have an abortion like she had to. Since she's dead you have to die to although I would have liked to make you suffer a little longer but your death right now will have to do. It was just a matter of time until Dr. Graham realized that you weren't H.I.V. positive anyhow. Really Mrs. Walker, I never expected you to have an abortion and go see him so quickly so you hastened your own death. Hey, you know what? I'll kill your two children too because a lot of suicidal mothers kill their children first." Dr. Clater again advanced on Alex who told him "You'll never get away with this."

Smirking he said "Yes I will because you'll be dead and I'll be so upset by your murder-suicide as a result of a lab mistake that I'll have to leave town. I'm home free as soon as your dead, so you might as well stop backing away and just accept your fate."

"Like hell I will, now drop that needle." Alex said to Dr. Clater who asked her "Now why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't I'm going to blow your head off." Walker vowed as he entered the room with his gun drawn. Lowering the needle Clater said "You have nothing on me, it's your word against mine."

As Walker handcuffed him Alex went over and turned on the T.V., hooked up the hidden camera and her cell phone through her computer to the T.V. and said "Not exactly, everything has been recorded." Shortly thereafter Trivette arrived and took away Dr. Clater. Alex then copied everything to a d.v.d. and her computer's hard drive.

Chapter Twelve

Later on that night as they were getting ready for bed Walker asked Alex "How did you do that with the T.V. today?" Alex answered "I knew that there was a possibility of him trying to kill me because sooner or later Dr. Graham would have realized that I wasn't H.I.V. positive. Since I already knew how to record someone with a cell phone it didn't take much to also record them with a hidden camera. †Both of which I'm able to hook up to my computer which can also be hooked up to the T.V. I was ready to go in case he tried something, that's why I had Sydney leave with Gage. I wanted him to get over confident and he did."

By now Walker had gotten mad at the risk that he thought Alex had taken and said to her "He was trying to kill you Alex. If I hadn't shown up when I did he would have. How could you risk our unborn babies and yourself like that?"

Getting a little mad herself Alex replied "First of all, I never risked my life or the lives of our twins that I'm carrying. I would never do something like that and you know that. Second of all, I had my berretta in my blazer pocket and if he had gotten any closer to me I would have shot him right then and there."

Abruptly changing the subject Walker asked his wife "What did Moody say at your meeting today, did it go okay?"

"It went fine, he said that he understood why I was resigning but hoped that I would consult with him in the future. I told him that I would think about it." Alex said and then began to run her hands all over her husband's chest. Grabbing them to stop her Walker said "Alex, honey maybe we should wait until after your next doctor's appointment."

"Dr. Storm said that it would be okay but if it makes you feel better we'll wait until after I see the doctor." Alex told Walker and he said to her "I want you so much right now Alex but I couldn't live with myself if I caused you to have another miscarriage."

"Oh Walker, I thought that you had accepted the fact that you didn't cause my miscarriage?" Alex asked Walker who answered "I still feel guilty about it."

"I do to but between the two of us we will do whatever we have to, to make sure that these babies make it, won't we? I want no more talk about what happened last time, okay?" Alex said.

Pulling her close Walker replied "Yes Mrs. Walker."

"Walker since you named all of our other babies I would like to name these ones." Alex requested and when Walker hesitated she told him "Don't worry, if you don't like any of the names I will pick out other ones."

"That sounds fair to me." Walker said.

Dr. Bates had returned and Alex made an appointment to see her which Walker insisted on going to. After apologizing for Clatterís actions Dr. Bates examined Alex. "Well Mr. and Mrs. Walker you're going to be having twins, any questions?"

Walker asked her "What about a miscarriage? What can we do to make sure that doesn't happen again?"

"The miscarriage happened last time because of the elevated blood pressure, the stress and the fall down the stairs. Her blood pressure was very high last time and even if she hadn't fallen down the steps there was still the possibility of a miscarriage because of that. Mrs. Walker's blood pressure is just fine this time and if everything goes right this should be an easy pregnancy." Dr. Bates answered Walker who after clearing his throat several times tried to ask "Uhm.. Dr. Bates...uhm...what about?"

Taking her husband's hand Alex smiled and said "Dr. Bates what my husband is trying to ask is, can we have relations?" Smiling herself Dr. Bates questioned "Are we talking about having sex?"

"Yes can we? Will it hurt the babies?" Alex questioned and Dr. Bates replied "Yes you can, as often as you want to just so long as you don't get stressed out from work."

"Already taken care of, I resigned my job because Dr. Storm said that in light of my miscarriage either I quit my job or give up my husband at night." Alex said while Walker turned red. Dr. Bates then told Alex she would see her in a month's time to do a sonogram and if they wanted to at that time they could learn the genders of the babies.

That night as they were getting ready for bed Alex told Walker "Well Cowboy, since I gave up my job for you at night I think that you should prove to me that I made a good choice." Pulling her to him Walker answered "For an expectant mother you're very bad, did you know that?"

Undoing his shirt Alex replied "Sure am and about to get badder, interested?"

"Yes." Walker said as they fell into bed where they made love. When they were done Alex said to him "Our babies names will be: Michaela Sydney and Cooper James Walker. Is that okay with you?"

"I like those names but what if we don't have one of each?" Walker questioned Alex who said "We're having one of each. I love you so much Cordell."

"Well Alexandra, how about proving it?" Walker teased and Alex did exactly that.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. This story is not meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show.