Beautiful Noise

By Vonnie (

Alex feels like she’s drifting on a soft cloud, in absolute silence, silence so magnified, it fills her with panic. She finally manages to open her eyes to just a slit. Darkness! Silence! She clamps her eyelids down tight, not wanting to face the frightening thoughts that are racing through her mind. She feels the tears seeping out from under her eyelashes, feels the wetness on her cheek.  Then a gentle touch, a touch she knows so well. She turns her face into the touch, feeling the callused hand, her panicked feeling subsides, and her mind fills with thoughts of the man she loves, calming her. She snuggles her face into the hand, relaxing and finally drifting off to sleep.


Walker stands at the window in the darkened room looking out into the night when he hears a soft stirring from the bed. He turns and moves quickly to the bedside. Her lips are moving, but she’s making no sound. Her eyes moving rapidly behind eyelids that flutter. Then her movements stop, her body tenses, and he watches as she tries to open her eyes. But only a small gap, then she quickly shuts them. When he sees the tears sliding down her cheeks his heart fills with her pain. Wanting her to know he is there, he lays his hand against her cheek, wiping the tears away with his thumb. When she turns her face into his hand, he smiles as he feels the tension leave her, and the tears cease as he hears a sigh as she relaxes and knows that she’s giving in to sleep.

When she wakes again, the first thing Alex notices, when she opens her eyes, is the light, the bright light of sunshine, filling the room. Turning her head slightly, she finds Walker looking at her very intently. When he smiles at her, she answers with a smile, but it quickly fades when she sees his mouth moving but hears no sound coming from him. Her eyes fill with panic as she cries out but hears no sound.

Walker yells for a doctor, then quickly gathers her up into his arms holding her close to his chest. “It’s okay, Alex … it’s okay. Shh … it’s all right, honey.”

Alex calms down as he holds her close, then she leans back and places her fingers on his lips, feeling as well as seeing them move. Tears fill her eyes as she lets herself sink into his embrace, not wanting to let the fear consume her again.  When he starts to lay her back on the pillow, she grabs at him, not wanting him to let her go. When she sees the doctor, she reluctantly lets go of him, but hangs on to his hand as she lets herself be lowered to the bed.

“What’s wrong with her, Dr. Anson? She cried, ‘I can’t hear you’.  Doctor, you said she wasn’t hurt?” He watches as the doctor checks her over again, her eyes, her throat, and her ears. He spends several minutes checking her ears, asking her questions but she just stares at him with frightened eyes.

“I was afraid of this.” He turns to face Walker with his back to Alex. “She’s not hurt, she’s in excellent health, but that explosion has damaged her eardrums.  Your wife’s lost her hearing.  It may improve with time, she could regain partial hearing and … if she’s lucky … it may all return, or … she may never get it back, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“How long are we talking about doctor? A month, six months, what?”

“I don’t know Walker. I just don’t know. The eardrum is a very delicate instrument. The damage could heal itself or it could be permanent. We’re lucky her eyes weren’t burnt. If she had made it around the corner … well, she was shielded from the flash but the blast did its damage.” He turned to glance at Alex, took a notepad from his pocket and wrote on it then handed it to her.

When Alex read the note, her eyes grew wide and she began to ask a question, then stopped when she couldn’t hear the words.

The doctor wrote another note, ‘You can talk, so ask your questions, okay?’

She began slowly to form her words and the doctor answered by writing on the notepad. When she quieted, the doctor wrote, “Would you like to go home?” She quickly nodded her head and looked at Walker.

The doctor turned to Walker, “I see no reason she can’t go home. As soon as she feels up to it she can leave, but she shouldn’t be left alone for awhile until she learns to cope with this.”

“She won’t be alone.”

“I’ll send the nurse in with some papers for you to sign then she’s free to leave. I’m going to set up an appointment with a specialist to check her out. I’ll call and let you know when.”

“Thank you.” When the doctor leaves the room, he moves back up to the bed, pulling her up close to his chest.  With a soft whisper, “We’ll get through this Alex. You’ll be all right.”

When they finally leave the hospital, it’s nearly noon. Walker had been there since Alex had been brought in, the day before.  He had never been so scared in his life when he had been told that Alex had just left the plant when the explosion went off.  When he saw her lying in the hospital bed, she looked like she was sleeping. She had some bruises and scratches on her hands, arms and legs from being thrown to the ground, but nothing was broken. As a matter of fact, he was told that she was just knocked out from the force of the blast. The real damage wasn’t found till she woke, almost 12 hours later.


The ride to the ranch is mostly silent, Alex asks if he has any problems understanding her, and he shakes his head, smiles and says, “No.” She then asks if anyone else had gotten hurt in the blast, and she knows, by the time it takes him to look at her, what his answer will be. He holds up two fingers, and murmurs, “Two killed.”  She can’t hear him but she reads his lips. She turns to look out the side window, seeing the same scenery that she’s seen countless times before, but today it is different. It is almost like a whole new world. A new world with no sound in it. No birds singing, or the sound of the wind swishing past the window, not even the sound of the truck’s engine. Turning to look at Walker, tears fill her eyes, ‘And I miss the sound of your voice most of all.’

Sensing a change in her, he turns to look at her and when he sees the tears flowing down her cheeks, he reaches out to place his arm around her shoulders and pulls her up close to his side. He rests his cheek against her head, and slowly she relaxes against him. Feeling his love flow into her, the tears quiet and a sense of peace fills her. Thinking back to when Walker had been blinded and how he had handled it, the way he had learned to rely on his instincts, she felt like she could do no less. At least she could see him, so she would only have to rely on her instincts to ‘hear’ him. Pulling herself together, and determined to work her way through this, she sits up, leans into him and kisses him softly on the cheek. He turns to look at her and she says, “I love you.”

She watches his lips as he repeats the phrase to her.  Understanding what he has said, she smiles and snuggles back into his side.


Taking her arm, they walk up the steps to the porch, she gestures toward the swing and moves to sit down. Walker feels like she should go inside and rest but knows it would do no good to push her. Sitting down next to her, he starts to pull her back against his chest. She stiffens and turns to face him, saying, “Walker, I need to see your face when you talk to me, I want to try and read your lips.”

He smiles at her, drops his arms down to take her hands in his, and murmurs, “Okay, just let me know how I can help.”

“Talk slow and distinctly, at least till I get the hang of this, okay?”

“Okay.” He can hear the anxiety in her voice and feel the tenseness in her body, “Would you like something to drink?” He says it slow and when she smiles and shakes her head, he comes back with, “Or something to eat?” Again she shakes her head.

“Walker, I don’t know if this will be forever or not, but I have to try and cope with this. If my hearing never returns,” she chokes up on the last few words, and tears threaten to spill, but she takes a deep breath and continues, “my life and yours, too, will change, a lot of adjustments will have to be made, especially by me.” Not knowing how her voice is sounding, whether it’s loud or a whisper, the tone fluctuates between normal and a whisper.

He feels the panic rising in her voice, and he quickly leans over and gives her a soft lingering kiss, drawing it out till he feels her responding. When he releases her, he slowly says, “Whatever it takes, Alex, we’ll handle it together.  I love you, we’ll get pass this, honey, we always do.” He pulls his shirt out of his pants and proceeds to wipe her eyes with the tail of it.

Alex takes the end of the shirt in her hands, pulls it up to her nose, and seeing the look in Walker’s eyes, she giggles.

“I know what you’re thinking of, that commercial.” He chuckles and says softly, “Be my guest.”

But instead, she slowly unbuttons his shirt and slips it back off his shoulders.  Pulling the shirt around in front of him, she then brings it to her nose and grinning at him, she blows very heartily into it, wipes her eyes again and lets it fall to the floor, then begins rubbing her hands over his chest.

His eyes crinkle with laughter at her antic, only to darken when she begins caressing his chest. He pulls her up close and slowly lowers his lips to hers; his eyes watching hers mist over with desire. Brushing his lips gently over hers, she moans and sinks into him, moving her hands up behind his neck, applying just enough pressure to bring his lips back to hers. She moves her lips under his then plunges her tongue deep into his mouth, drawing his into a dance of pleasure.

He feels her giving into him as passion builds, leaning back against the arm of the swing, he grips her under her arms pulling her on top of him, then sliding his hands down to cup her bottom pressing her into his rapidly growing arousal. When she begins moving her hips against him, he groans and tries to shift his body to better accommodate hers.

Suddenly the swing tilts, dumping both out on to the floor. Between trying to untangle arms and legs, and the laughter and giggles, they finally manage to sit up. Walker takes her face between his hands, “Are you hurt?”

“No. Just glad no one was around to see it.” Still laughing, they manage to get off the floor and sit back down on the swing.

Walker notices that when she’s relaxed her talking is normal, a soft even, tone. “I guess that’s one for the swing.” He smiles at her, kisses her lightly and asks, “Why don’t we go in and fix up some lunch? I think it’s about that time.”

She shakes her head, “Too fast, say it again, slower.” He does and this time she grins, nods her head in agreement and they get up and move into the house, heading for the kitchen. Working together they manage to fix up a light lunch of sandwiches and soup, with just a minimum of problems. After they clean up the kitchen, Walker talks her into taking a nap while he takes care of the outside chores.

Alex stretches out on the couch, closes her eyes, but finds it hard to fall asleep in such absolute silence. After tossing and turning for almost an hour, she gives it up, stands and decides to go upstairs and take a leisurely bubble bath.

After getting the bath ready, she removes her clothes and starts to slide down into the water, when she feels a very slight vibration through her feet. She grabs her robe and slips it on moving out into the hallway. Just as she reaches the top of the stairs she sees Walker walk through the living room into the dining room, probably looking for her. She smiles and moves back into the bathroom to resume her bath. Hanging her robe on the hook on the back of the door, she slips down into the tub, sighing softly at the luxurious feel of the very warm bubbly water. Thinking about the vibration that she felt, she clears the bubbles from the water in front of her and lies very still. Watching the water very carefully, she sees a very tiny, almost imperceptible, ripple forming, disappearing almost immediately, before she sees another one. Watching the ripples in the water she realizes that it is coming from in the house. As she looks at them eagerly, they stop for a few seconds before resuming. Then she notices that each one is getting just a little larger than the one before. Then they stop. She smiles, knowing that Walker is just on the other side of the door. “Darling, are you going to stand out there all day? Why don’t you join me before the water gets cold?”

He pushes open the door with a very perplexed look on his face. “How did…?”

“Join me and I’ll tell you.” She watches as he strips his clothes off and slips into the tub, facing her.

“Now, tell me how you knew I had come in.” He feels around under the water till he finds her hands, then holds them in his.

“Walker, look at me when you talk, please.”

“I’m sorry, honey, I’ll try harder to remember. Now, will you tell me?”

“I felt the vibrations through the house, of you walking.” She smiles at him, wondering if he understands.

“Vibrations? Lord, I thought this house was more solid than that! Vibrations?”

“Yes, honey, they were very, very slight, but I did feel them. I don’t understand it. I was sitting here in the water and could tell when you got closer, because the ripples got larger.”

He stares at her for a few minutes, digesting her explanation, then smiles and says, “They say that when one sense is lost another one becomes sharper. Evidently your sense of touch is the one compensating.”

Alex shakes her head, “Say that again, you said it to fast.” She watches his lips closely as he repeats what he had said, then nods her head, “That’s probably it.”

She began pulling her hands from his, only to grab his, pulling him to her as her eyes lock on his. He slides his legs under hers, bringing her up onto his lap. He covers her lips, they’re warm and sweet and taste a little like the lavender bubble bath. His kiss is soft and tender, and desire builds as the kiss deepens. She slides her arms around his waist, and he cups her breasts, caressing them softly, gently. She feels his throbbing member pressing against her, teasing, and probing. She moans and reaches down into the water, gripping him, guiding him into her. When he enters her, a shiver courses through him as she constricts around him and he touches heaven as he always does when he’s in her arms.

Alex begins rocking slowly, moving with him, and as passion builds, the pace increases, their bellies slap together, causing the water to slosh from one end of the tub to the other, which seems to enhance the sensations that the lovers are experiencing. Alex cries out as a shock of burning pleasure explodes within her. His body begins shuddering, he clings to her, moans, and when she feels his orgasm, she comes again, sobbing his name and collapsing against his chest. Lost in the most intense pleasure he’s ever experienced in his life he buries his face in her hair, sucking in air, feeling as week as a newborn kitten. 

They hold on to each other tightly as their breathing eases and hearts slow to a more normal pace. Walker begins telling her how much he loves her, how beautiful she is and how he could never survive without her, when he suddenly stops, realizing that she can’t hear him.

He leans back, takes her face in his hands, and slowly tells her again, “I love you, my beautiful wife. That was incredible.” As he watches her tears begin sliding down her face, he murmurs, “Alex, honey, what’s wrong?” When she just shakes her head, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” He stands and grabs a towel, wraps it around her then helps her step out of the tub. As she goes into the bedroom he yanks another towel off the rack and wraps it around his torso and follows her.

Alex sits down on the side of the bed, and Walker kneels down in front of her. “Honey…” he tilts her head up where she can see his face, “what’s wrong?”

Taking her hand, she wipes the tears away, and starts to turn away. “No,” turns her face toward him, “tell me.”

“I … couldn’t hear … I couldn’t hear you. I … always loved to hear to you when we’re … we’re … making love. But I couldn’t … couldn’t hear you.”  Her breath hitches as she speaks to him.

He smiles gently, and making sure she’s looking at him, “But you could feel me couldn’t you? Could you feel my runaway heart? Feel the tremors run through my body?” She nods, “That’s what you do to me, you set my soul on fire, could you feel the heat?” He sits beside her then and pulls her into his arms holding her tight against him. He feels her tears on his skin, realizing that the full impact of not being able to hear has finally hit her. He lets her cry until he feels her sobbing quiet then he pushes her back so she can see his lips as he speaks to her. “Honey, we’ll get through this … together. It’s gonna be hard adjusting, but you can do it. I’ll help you all I can, you know that, don’t you?”

She nods, “I know, but I’ll never hear you say ‘I love you’ to me again.”

“You’ll see it when I say it … you’ll see it when I look at you … you’ll feel it when I make love to you.”

She drops her head to his chest, “Oh, Walker. I love you so much.”

He picks up her hand and places her fingers against his lips, and whispers, “I love you, too, and I need you, now.” She raises her head and looks up into his eyes, seeing the desire there, as he lowers her hand to rest on his rock hard erection.

He removes the towel from around her and gently lays her back down on the bed. His mouth covering hers, tasting the saltiness of her tears, his tongue licking at the moisture than plunging inside to tangle with hers, tasting each other. A moan drifts up from her throat, and her arms slide up around his neck.

He slides one hand under the small of her back, pulling her hips tighter against his, bringing her feminine mound up against his hardness. He moves his other hand across her breasts, brushing against the nipples, feeling them harden at his touch.  Releasing her mouth, he moves down to suckle her, drawing her tight nipples into his mouth, nipping at them with his teeth then laving them with his tongue.

She rubs her hands up and down his back, and then sliding lower she feels the towel, pulls it away and continues with her caressing down over his buttocks. Bringing one hand around between them, she encounters his erection, and begins to slowly massage it. Sliding her hand along the length of it, and feeling the rumble in his chest, she smiles, then brushes her thumb across the velvet flesh drawing another groan from him.

When she feels his hand sliding down over her belly, her body tenses, and when his finger slides into her warm, moist center, a fire explodes within her, and she begins to move with his touch.

She pitches against the bed, barely able to hold off an orgasm. “Please,” she cries, “I want to wait for you.”

When he slides deep into her, his eyes lock with hers, the gaze being nearly as erotic as the thickness of him inside of her. And then his thrusts begin, a slow withdrawal, then a swift surge forward, again and again, the pace increasing as desire brings them closer to the pinnacle of release.

When pleasure suddenly shoots through her like a cannon Alex feels him tighten every muscle. He wraps his arms around her and holds her to him as his body shakes from the passion.  She whispers his name as he brings her back down to earth. They lay there in a mound of sated bodies until Walker finally regains enough strength to roll to her side. She snuggles up against him, with her hand resting on his chest, and feeling his heart beating against it, she gives a soft sigh, shuts her eyes and lets herself give into sleep.


After seeing the specialist, who tells her the same thing that Dr. Anson did, Alex decides it time to get on with her life.  The next few weeks are filled with frustration, doubt and sometimes panic. But working together, they manage to build a workable solution to Alex’s hearing problem. Walker has an electrician come out to the house, to hook the telephone and doorbell to the lights. He also installs a machine to the phone that allows Alex to read what callers are saying to her on the phone. Overall it works just fine after they both got use to the lights flashing.  Alex’s skill at lip reading is improving rapidly, and Walker no longer has to speak slow and distinctly. She is doing so well that she can read lips of people that are several feet away from her.  At times, though, she still has to remind Walker to look at her when he speaks.

After her office is set up like the ranch house, she goes back to work. She hasn’t gotten brave enough to work the courtroom yet, but knows it’s just a matter of time. She still has crying jags but they are getting fewer and farther between. She is starting to fill comfortable with her hearing problem, but still has hopes that her hearing will return.


Six weeks after the accident, Alex feels like her life is finally coming back together. She had just finished her first day in court since the accident, and is very pleased with the way it is going. The day has gone well, and she knows that after a relaxing weekend, Monday will be even better.  She leaves the building, and walks to the park to meet with her husband who has promised her an ice cream cone after work. She finds a bench and sits down to watch some small children playing together, while she waits for him.

She relaxes contentedly as the children chase each other, playing on the swings and slides and in the sandboxes. Looking into their smiling faces, knowing they’re laughing, watching little girls playing with their dolls, and little boys pushing small trucks and cars in the sand. When she sees a little girl fall to the ground, her little face scrunches up with pain, tears sliding down her cheeks, Alex starts to rise but stops when the little girls mother rushes over to pick her up, hugging her, trying to soothe the hurt.

Walker sees Alex watching the children and moves up to stand behind her, watching them as well. Maybe it’s time we began thinking about starting a family. He smiles as he conjures up a picture in his mind of them with a baby of their own. He reaches out to lay a hand on Alex’s shoulder, startling her. He quickly sits down beside her, turning her around to look at him so he can apologize and the smile leaves his face when he sees the tears in her eyes.  It unnerves him because it has been a long time since she has given in to any crying.

Brushing the tears away, he murmurs, “Alex, what’s wrong.”

She shakes her head and says, “Let’s go home.”

“Alex…” She stands and starts walking away from him. He stands there puzzled, wondering what had upset her. By the time he catches up with her, she’s all ready sitting in the Ram waiting on him. He gets in on the driver’s side and shuts the door, but doesn’t start the engine. He picks up her hand and places her fingers against his lips. “Alex, I’m not moving till you tell me what’s wrong.”

Knowing he wants to talk she looks at him, watches his lips, then her eyes move back to his, and seeing the worry in them, she haltingly tries to explain how she felt.

“I … was watching the children. Watching them playing … seeing the smiles on their faces, I knew they were laughing.  A … little girl fell … and began crying.” She hesitates, takes a deep breath, “And … I couldn’t hear her, Walker. And I realized …I’ll never hear … our children laugh … or cry.” Her eyes fill with tears, threatening to spill, “I’ll … never be able to hear them playing, their … squeals of excitement or … hear them … call me Mom.”  The tears came then, in a flood. Leaning into him, she feels his arm come around her, holding her close.

He pulls her into his side, tucking her head under his chin, begins rubbing his hand up and down her back, letting her cry the pain out.  When the tears slow, he raises her chin, so she can read his lips.  “You’ll see their laughter, honey, when you look at their happy faces. And feel their love when they throw their arms around you and hug your neck. And you’ll hear their cries when you see the tears on their face.  Honey, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble knowing they love you.”

She sniffs, wipes her eyes, “I know … and I’m sorry, it just … snuck up on my, I guess.”

He leans over and kisses her softly, “I … guess you’re entitled, honey.” Kisses her again, “Ready to go home?”

“Yes … I’m ready, let’s go.”

The weekend proved to be more work than rest.

Pulling up in front of the house, Walker looks out to the south at the dark rolling clouds and says, “Alex, looks like we have a storm coming, we’d better get everything battened down.” He helps Alex from the truck, and with his arm around her waist, starts for the house. On the porch he stops and turns her around to face him. “I’ll bring in some wood, you get a bottle of wine and we’ll spend the storm in front of the fireplace making love.” He touches his lips to hers, “You game?”

“Oh, darling, I think that’s a perfect way to ride out the storm.” A gust of wind interrupts the lovers, “Walker, hurry and get the wood, it’s starting to rain. I’ll check the windows and get the wine and meet you by the fire.” She touches his lips with hers and makes a dash inside as he heads for the back of the house to the woodpile.

While Alex is upstairs she slips into a comfortable pair of old jeans and picks up the shirt Walker had left on the back of a chair. Bringing it to her nose she inhales the masculine musky odor that is definitely her husband and slips it on. After checking the windows she goes downstairs to get the bottle of wine. Halfway down the stairs, she stops, cocks her head, and clasps her hand to her mouth, as a tear edges from the corner of her eye.  THERE! … There it is again! She hears her first sound in two months, it’s very faint but it’s there just the same. Thunder, just a very light pop, but it was beautiful. “Oh, God … I’ve got to tell Walker.”

Just then the front door swings open with Walker rushing through, “Alex, come on, its Angel, she foaling.” He grabs her hand and both of them rush out to the barn. He stops inside, turns Alex to face him, “Get lanterns, some of those feed sacks out of the tack room and bring them to her stall.”  She rushes to get what is needed and he swings the doors shut against blowing wind and rain. He grabs a couple of old army blankets from the tack room and follows Alex down to where Angel is nervously moving around her stall. “This may take a while, but I think we need to stay out here with her.”

“I think so, too.” She moves into the stall up to Angel’s head and begins crooning softly and scratching her neck. Angel stands still enjoying the attention, then suddenly grunts and begins pace nervously around the stall, swishing her tail swiftly from side to side, gradually coming back to Alex. This happens several times then everything seems to stop. Alex moves over to sit with Walker on a bale of straw, “At least she can rest a little before it gets worse.” She shudders when an especially loud blast of thunder and a bolt of lightning flashes, seemingly right overhead. She burrows into his arms, feeling his warmth, “I guess we put our romantic evening on hold, huh.” She touches his face with her hands, stroking his beard then raises her lips to his as he lowers his head. The kiss is soft, lingering, stirring up the embers to a fire that never completely go out. Always smoldering just below the surface waiting for a spark to set it ablaze. His hand slips inside her shirt, to cup her breast, rubbing his thumb lazily over the point, feeling it harden as her heartbeat goes from steady to erratic.

She flips the buttons on his shirt, and runs her fingers through the soft mat of fur on his chest. When she finds his nipples, she rolls them under the palm of her hand. Feeling a tremor run through him, she slides her hand down through the soft hair on his belly, letting her fingers slip under the waistband of his jeans. Gently caressing his belly, her fingers brush across his erection, feels him throbbing at her touch, feels his body quiver, hears his soft moan as her fingers tenderly stroke him.                                                                                         

A loud grunt, rapid movement in the straw, and the thud of a large body dropping down to the ground brings both of them quickly back to the task at hand. Jumping up, Alex goes to sit beside Angel’s head, soothing her, stroking her neck, offering comfort.

Walker kneels behind her, “It’s coming,” he says as he sees the front legs protruding from the mare. He takes the small legs in his hands and when a contraction starts he pulls gently, and the foal slips out a little more. Several seconds pass, then with another hard contraction the head of the foal is pushed free. Walker pulls the membrane surrounding the nostrils away, peeling it back off the head. The mare half rolls, “Alex, be careful. Come back here with me.” Feeling her at his side, not realizing that she couldn’t have seen his lips, he pulls her close as he stands.

Angel groans loudly, and the next contraction pushes the baby clear of the birth canal. Walker takes one of the grain sacks and begins rubbing the baby dry. The mare grunts loudly, dispelling the afterbirth, then she stands, snorts and turns to look at her offspring, who is gallantly trying to stand. With wobbly legs, he makes it on the second try, and Momma moves close smelling her baby from one end to the other. Seeming to be satisfied that it is definitely hers, she gently nudges it toward his first meal.  Smelling the milk dripping from his momma’s teats, he pokes around until he latches on to one and eagerly begins nursing.

Alex smiles, laughs and puts her arms around her husband pulling him in a tight embrace, “Oh, Walker, she’s beautiful, just like her momma.”

“That she is, baby, that she is. Course she could look like her father, too, since her father and mother are almost exact copies.”

“I know, but I’d like to think she’s like her momma, who has a very sweet disposition.”

“Well, her father is a real gentleman so maybe she’ll take the best of both…” It suddenly dawns on him that Alex has not been watching his lips. But she has answered his questions as he had asked them. He turns her around to face him. “Alex … you can … hear? When … how?

“Yes … it started returning earlier … when I was changing … I was coming to tell you when you … came in about Angel. It just got forgotten with taking care of Angel.”

He pulls her close and just holds her tight against his chest, his eyes filling with tears for her, “Oh, honey, I’m so glad for you.”  Thinking that their actions might frighten the new baby and her momma, he pulls her outside the stall and shuts the door. “Has it all returned?” 

“Most of it, I think. I’ll call Monday for a checkup to be sure.” She slides her arms around his neck, holding him tight against her. “Honey,” she murmurs, “I think the storm has stopped, lets go up and start our night in front of the fireplace.”

“We can do that, although the night is almost over.” He puts out the lanterns, and taking her hand, they leave the barn and make a dash for the house. The worst of the storm is over but the rain is still coming down pretty hard so they are soaked by the time the get to the house.

They stand on the porch, dripping wet, laughing like loons. Walker, feeling Alex shiver, says, “Come on, you’re cold, we need a warm shower.”

After the shower they never make it to the fireplace, the bed is as far as they get. Falling tangled together, onto the sheets, kissing, and caressing each other till their bodies are stretched taut with desire.

He moves over her, drives into her hard, deep, both moving quickly for release, to leave them both breathing hard as they float back down to earth.

Several minutes pass before either one move, then Alex relaxes her hold around him and he draws his arms up to take his weight off of her, slips to her side and draws her back against him, spoon fashion. With all that’s happened it doesn’t take long for them to fall into a deep sleep.

Alex opens her eyes slowly to bright sunshine streaming in the windows. She lies quietly in her husband’s arms, feeling his soft breath on her cheek. Then she smiles because she can ‘hear’ his soft snoring and thinks it’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

Walker feels the excitement building in the beautiful woman in his arms, kisses her softly on the cheek and murmurs, “Good morning, beautiful. I love you.”

Finally hearing the treasured words, she rolls over and takes his face in her hands, gently touching her fingers to his lips, and with tears in her eyes, “I love you, too, Cowboy, with all my heart.” She brushes the tears away, and her face lights up with a smile, “Oh, darling, I’m so happy.”

She jumps up out of bed, goes to the window and opens it, “Walker, isn’t it wonderful?”

“What, honey?” He murmurs, coming up to stand behind her, his arms sliding around her waist.


The End