By 59 Katie 59

Chapter One

As the medics were loading Alex onto the stretcher one of them asked the two Texas Rangers "which one of you want to ride with her?" Walker answered "I will." Trivette pulled his partner aside to tell him "Walker somebody is going to have to get the twins then take care of them until Alex is able to. I can't get them from the daycare center because I'm not authorized to pick them up but she named you as an emergency contact. So that means you'll have to get them. I'll ride with Alex. Okay?" Even though he wanted to go with Alex who was the mother of his twins Walker told the medic "he'll ride with you."

After the medics and Trivette left with Alex the police sergeant in charge of the crime scene asked Walker "when can you and your partner give your statements Ranger Walker?" Walker answered "tomorrow morning at police headquarters." The sergeant agreed to that then told Walker that he would send someone to the hospital later on to let the Rangers know what the investigation revealed. Walker thanked the sergeant got Alex's purse and briefcase because he thought he should take them with him so that they were secured and left her private office.

Walker went to the daycare center where after showing them some I.D. he was allowed to get the children. Walker then decided that he would see if C.D. could keep an eye on them while he went to the hospital to see how Alex was doing. C.D. said that he could watch the twins for awhile. He then asked his former partner "Cordell what about Miss Cahill's father? Have you told him about his daughter?" Walker "not yet C.D. Why don't you take them into the back room while I call him?"

Walker called Gordon Cahill "Mr. Cahill this is Walker. Alex was shot in her office and was taken to Methodist Hospital by ambulance." A shocked Gordon questioned him "what do you mean my daughter was shot? Who did it? Have they been arrested? Where are my grandchildren at?"

Walker told him "Mac that's the man who shot Alex has been arrested. As for John and Liza, C.D. said that he could keep an eye on them for me while I found out how Alex is doing. Do you need me to send someone to where you're at to ride you to the hospital?"

Gordon answered "could you? I'm not sure that I'd make it there in one piece were I to drive myself there." Walker asked where Gordon was at and Gordon told him so Walker said that he was only two blocks away and that he would pick him up shortly. Walker was getting ready to leave the bar when C.D. questioned him "Cordell should I call Ellen and see if she'll watch them for you at your ranch house? Or do you want me to watch them here until you can get back here for them?"

Walker replied "watch them here if you can C.D., if you can't call me at the hospital and I'll come get them then take them to their house. Ellen has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with them." C.D. responded that he would watch the twins until Walker could return for them. After Walker left C.D. thought to himself that Cordell's wife wasn't  being decent to the twins and was even going so far as to turn her back on her husband's children even if they weren't her's. That was after she had made a big deal about how she wanted to raise them with her Cord even go so far as to talk C.D. into going to Alex to ask her to give the twins to Cordell and Ellen, which of course Alex had refused to do. But when Ellen had realized that Alex wasn't going to hand over her children then disappear Ellen had declared that she didn't care what happened to the twins. C.D. thought to himself that he had truly never known that Ellen whom he had also thought to be a sweet lady had such a cold and uncaring side to her.

At the hospital they were shown to a waiting rom where Trivette was at. Walker asked him "have you've heard anything yet?" Trivette answered "Alex is in surgery, the bullet lodged in her upper left ... well you know what I mean. They are removing it now as we speak. That's all I know. Walker I'm telling you right now just as soon as we know Alex is okay we're going to go after who ever hired that guy to shoot Alex. Although I think we should start with Boyleston, he did threaten to kill Alex."

Walker replied "the man who shot Alex was Mac. He was an customer at the diner where she worked at while in law school." Trivette wondering how Walker knew that asked him "did the police tell you that?"

"No they didn't Trivette." Walker answered very briefly because he had just realized that he had remembered some of what had happened in Houston when he was undercover. [ Walker a few years ago been shot in the head resulting in him forgetting a couple months of his life. That time period had included the relationship he and Alex Cahill had had resulting in the twins' birth.] Trivette pressed on by saying "like I just said partner, how do you know that? Did you get your memory back from that time?"

"It really doesn't matter now, does it?" Walker responded with no emotion in his voice so Trivette realizing that if his partner was remembering Alex there was nothing he could do about it as he Walker was a married man so he offered "I'll go get us some coffee."

Gordon after Trivette left questioned Walker "what was that all about? Are you saying now that you remember my daughter after all? Don't you think it's a little too late for you to do that? After all you married another woman instead of returning for Alex like you promised her you would." Walker as upset as he had ever been in his life answered "I know that it's too late. Believe me I know that more than anything right now." Gordon seeing the look of pain in Walker's eyes dropped the subject.

A few hours later a nurse came into the waiting room and told them "Miss Cahill made it through surgery and she in recovery. Dr. Franks told me to tell you that Miss Cahill is on life support as we speak and that he doesn't know when or if she'll be taken off of it. Any questions?" Walker managed to ask the nurse "are you telling us that Miss Cahill may not make it?"

The nurse answered "I'm afraid so gentlemen. The bullet entered her chest cavity near Miss Cahill's heart and then fragmented. Several of the fragments lodged in her left lung and at least one of them knicked an artery which caused a major loss of blood. Now after Miss Cahill is moved to her room in intenstive care only one of you may see her but just for a short time. Which one of you will it be?" Walker again did the answering by stating "Miss Cahil's father will be the one to see her."

After Gordon had been led off by the nurse a police officer approached the Rangers and told them "the shooter was a man named Mackinaugh Mackenzie. A few years back he was sentenced to jail for attempted assault on a officer of the court. He got out recently for good behavior. Captain Grear who's now in charge of the investigation said that he would tell you more tomorrow when the two of you met with him in his office at ten in the morning. He also wants to know how Miss Cahill is doing so that the D.A.'s office can get started on the charges against Mackenzie." Trivette told the officer "A.D.A. Cahill may not make it. The bullet fragmented on impact and did a lot of damage."

The officer responded "I'm sorry to hear that about A.D.A. Cahill. She was an easy A.D.A. to work with from what I heard. I'll let Grear know what you've just told me." Trivette then told Walker "I'll go catch a cab and then go to Ranger headquarters to get started on researching Mackenzie and see exactly what kind of attempted assault charges were brought against him and who the victim was." Walker told him "after Gordon comes back from seeing Alex I'll drive him home then stop at C.D.'s and get the twins then take them to where Alex's van is at and take them home and get them settled down for the night. I can drop you off at Ranger headquarters then so that you can get your car. The computer research can wait until tromorrow." Trivette agreed to that.

After they dropped Gordon off at his place they went to C.D.'s where they also found out that Ellen was there. Spotting her husband coming into C.D.'s with his partner Ellen loudly stated "Trivette can watch them. I mean he's such a friend to that woman it won't be a problem for him. Will it James?" Trivette looked at his partner not sure how to respond to that but Walker had no problem responding and he said "I'm going to take my children to where their mother's van is at them take them to their house. If you want to Ellen you can come with me."

"I don't want to." Ellen coldly replied causing C.D. to admonish her "Ellen honey, you don't mean that." Ellen told him "C.D. I do mean it. Like I've said before if Cord wants to play Daddy to that woman's brats he can but I will never have anything to do with them. I will never be a part time fill in mother. It's full time or not at all. Cord understands that. Don't you darling?"

Upset with his wife and her attitude over his children Walker took their hands and said to them "come on you guys. I'm going to drive you in my truck to where Mommy has her van then I'll take you home in it." Ellen asked him "Cord where is that woman at that she can't watch her own children?"

C.D. told her "Ellen honey I told you that Miss Cahill had been taken to you know where." Ellen replied "oh yes you did say that she had been shot and was on her way to the hospital. I'm sure that Cahill is just using the situation to make my Cord come running to her side. Just like she's using those..." Trivette angrily told her "for your information Alex may not live. And furthermore Alex has made it quite clear that she wouldn't have Walker if he were the last man on the face of this earth. She has far too many morals to even think about doing something like that. Morals that seem to be missing from a few people in this place of business."

Ellen retorted "well then since Cahill is such a saint maybe she'll soon end up in heaven with all the other saints. It would be the perfect ending." As C.D. gasped in shock a very angry Walker took his children to his truck followed by an irate Trivette. C.D. then rebuked Ellen by telling her "you've gone too far." Ellen dismissed the rebuke with a wave of her hand then left C.D.'s feeling sorry for herself.

As she watched her husband place his children into his truck Ellen decided that instead of going home to an empty house she would look up her old friend George Yokum who always seemed to have the time for her, unlike her husband.

Chapter Two

After finally getting John and Liza asleep for the night Walker went and looked around the small house while thinking to himself that just as soon as Alex was home from the hospital he was going to insist that she accept child support from him. Walker flipped on the light for what he thought was a small storage room off of the kitchen and entered it thinking he could find a blanket and some pillows so that he could sleep on the couch. Walker quickly realized that what he thought was a small storage room was in fact Alex's bedroom. It was at that moment that Walker truly realized the hardships that Alex had gone through to make sure that the twins had a decent home to live in. As Walker went to leave the bedroom a memory of Alex and him making love flashed through his mind. Wearily Walker went and sat on Alex's bed knowing that they would never be able to do that again because he had married Ellen and he intended to keep his wedding vow for the rest of his life. Even though Walker now remembered being in love with Alex when he was undercover in Hoston he decided that he was never going to betray Ellen by admitting to his love for another woman. As the memories of his brief relationship with Alex ran through his mind Walker lay down on the bed and fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning he was having a difficult time with getting the children ready to go when the doorbell rang. Walker answered it to find Trivette standing there. After being shown in by Walker, Trivette told him as he dropped a bag on the floor "I've got this. Why don't you go get ready for work? There's a change of clothes in there for you." Walker picked up the bag and headed upstairs to get ready for work while Trivette told the twins to sit down and eat their breakfast. The twins sat down and ate their breakfast. After that Trivette took the dishes to the kitchen where he put them in the sink. When he returned to the living room Liza was crying so he picked her up and asked "what's the matter?"

Still sobbing she answered "I want my Mommy." This caused John to start crying for his mother. Trivette was at a lost for what to do because he had no idea how to explain to a set of two year olds that their mother had been shot and may not be coming back home to them. Just then the phone rang so Trivette answered it. It was Gordon Cahill on the phone. Gordon said to him "Ranger Trivette do you know where your partner is at? We're going to have to make some sort of arrangements in regards to the children." Trivette asnswered him "right now Walker is taking a shower, after that we're going to drop John and Liza off at daycare then go to Ranger headquarters. Why don't you call Walker there later? That way Walker will be able to update you about the criminal investigation."

"How about this instead? I'm going to see Alex just as soon as visiting hours start then I'm filing a brief in court. After that I was going to go to C.D.'s to explain a few things to him. I should be there around noon. Can you and Walker meet me there then?" Gordon suggested to Trivette who replied "we'll be there but in the meantime can you talk to John and Liza? They're crying for their mother."

Trivette held the phone so that both of the twins could hear their grandfather at the same time time. He told them that they're Mommy was going to be the hospital for a little while and that he and their Daddy would take care of them until then. Then he promised to take them out for ice cream, that calmed the pair down. When Walker came back downstairs Liza asked him "you my Daddy?" Walker picked Liza and John up as he answered her "I'm your Daddy sweetheart, your's and John's. Forever."

At Ranger headquarters they found Captain Grear of the police department along with Captain Harland of the Texas Rangers waiting for them. The Ranger captain showed the pair into his private office where Grear informed them "Mackinaugh Mackenzie was convicted of assault, attempted assault and attempted battery on a officer of the court. He was sentenced to three to ten years but got out last month on good behvior." Trivette asked "why did he shoot A.D.A. Cahill?" Grear answered "A.D.A. Cahill was the victim in the case. It seems that when Miss Cahill worked at the Corner Diner owned by T.G. he let his good friend Mac get away with a lot when he came in the diner to eat. It was mostly the way he talked to the staff in a sexual manner, in particular Miss Cahill. From the testimomy that T.G. gave in court Mac found out that Miss Cahill was pregnant to a man named Bill Dano who seemed to have disapppeared. Mac then decided to rape Miss Cahill as a act of revenge when she turned him down in front of the entire diner. He followed her home from court one evening and broke down her front door and tried to rape her. She fought him off but just barely. From the  pictures that were introduced at trial Miss Cahill took quite a beating while fending him off. The police were called by a concerned neighbor who heard Miss Cahill calling for help and Mackenzie was arrested while running from the scene."

Trivette asked "I don't understand if he attempted to rape her why wasn't Mackenie charged with attempted rape?" Grear replied "according to the A.D.A. that I talked to last night the D.A. decided that a attempted rape charge wouldn't hold up in court due to the fact that Miss Cahill was a unmarried pregnant woman. Now Rangers I'm going to need your statements and I'd like you to start with why you were at A.D.A. Cahill's office to begin with."

Walker answered "we decided to stop at Alex's office to make sure that she was okay. Boyleston had treatened to kill her several times and had even hired hitmen who tried to kill Alex. My partner and I were able to stop them and they fled the scene. They were killed when their car wrecked and exploded into flames. We were checking on her safety yesterday." Grear picking up on the fact that Walker had called the A.D.A. by her first name asked him "do you always call A.D.A.'s by their first names and check on their safety personally?"

"Just Alex, she's the mother of my twins. It was my children that she was carrying when Mac attacked her. I had been on a undercover assignment in Houston and met her then." Walker stated and Trivette said "I call Alex by her first name too as she's a good friend of mine. As a matter of fact the twins call me Uncle Jimmy. Any other questions?"

Grear then said "where are the children at now? If A.D.A. Cahill is in the hospital for any length of time social services will have to be called in to find a foster home for them." Walker told him "my children are at the daycare center and no one is going to call in social services and try to place John and Liza in foster care. Alex's father and I will be taking care of them until their mother is able to do so."

Grear replied "I was just asking in case no one thought about the welfare of A.D.A. Cahill's children. Don't kill me. Rangers can you please send me your signed statements today? The D.A. wants to make sure that everything is done by the book in this one." Trivette said that he would get the statements by the end of the day so Grear left Captain Harland's private office followed by Trivette.

Captain Harland gently asked "how can you be sure that the children are your's Walker if you don't remember being Bill Dano?" Walker answered "we had a blood test done after Alex told me that I had fathered the twins when I was Bill Dano. The blood tests proved that they are mine." After Walker left his office Harland thought to himself what a tragedy it was that Walker hadn't remembered Miss Cahill and had instead married Ellen Garrett who was a nice enough woman but wasn't the one he would have picked for Walker.

When they went into C.D.'s Gordon was already there and he was telling C.D. "my daughter is not a tramp and I had better never hear you imply that again. Are we clear about that Mr. Parker?" C.D. answered "I never said that she was a tramp. Nor will I ever say that about the mother of Cordell's children. It was wrong of me to go to her office and ask her to hand her babies over to Ellen. I can't tell you how much I regret doing that. I know now that Miss Cahill is a very good mother. I am truly sorry that she was shot. When she gets out of the hospital I will do my best to make up for the damage I've done."

"You can't change what you did in the past and that is what caused so much harm to my baby girl. Why did you lie to her then? She has to raise them by herself because of your actions. Do you at least understand that?" Gordon said to C.D. who answered him "that was the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life. I'm sorry about that. I will regret it until my dying day."

Trivette broke into the conversation by asking "Gordon how is Alex doing?" Gordon replied "the same. Dr. Franks told me that she might be like that for several days or months or she might..." When Gordon's voice trailed off Walker realizing that Dr. Franks had told Gordon that Alex might still die firmly stated "Gordon there is no way on the face of this earth that Alex is going to leave her babies. You know that. Don't you?"

Gordon collected himself and said "my daughter is as tough as they come. She will make it back home to her babies. She's a Cahill after all." Trivette then told him as he led Gordon to a booth "Grear told us that a man named Mackinaugh Mackenzie was arrested for Alex's shooting. Apparently he had been convicted of asault, attempted assault and attempted batttery on a officer of the court. This man was a friend of a man named T.G. who owned the diner in Houston that Alex worked at when she met Bill Dano. After Mac found out that Alex was pregnant to Dano he followed her home one evening kicked in the front door and tried to rape her. Alex managed to fight him off but she received a beating in the process. Mackenzie got three to ten years but got out recently on good behavior. He somehow found out that Alex was an A.D.A. here and went to her office where he shot her."

Gordon muttered "what my Alex had to go through while being all alone. First I turn my back on her then the love of her life forgets she even exists. Then some jerk decided to attack her. No wonder she wants nothing more to do with a man." Walker vowed "Mr. Cahill I will be there for your daughter. You have my word."

"So you say but you're the one who never went back for her. Why couldn't you have just kept your word to my daughter?" A very upset Gordon asked Walker but C.D. did the answering "Mr. Cahill the fault here lies with me and me alone. I never told Cordell that Alex called here looking for Bill Dano. I thought he belonged with Ellen and now I know that I may have been wrong about that. I want you to know that if ever you or Cordell need a break with watching John and Liza until Miss Cahill comes home from the hospital I will be glad to watch them either here or at her place."

Gordon then said to Walker "we need to figure out who's going to watch the children and when. Will you be taking them to your place? I don't think that's a good idea given that your wife had her friend here ask my daughter to give her away her children like they meant nothing to her. I want them watched at their house as much as possible. I can hire someone to watch them when I need to work if you decide that you don't want to be bothered with them after all." Walker snapped "I will watch my children at their home whenever I can. I have no intentions of taking them to the ranch. Right now they are in day care and when I'm done working today I'll get them and take them home where I'll spend the night. Any other questions?"

"Son I had to ask you that. They are my grandchildren and I am concerned about them. Woud it be okay with you if I stopped at Alex's place this evening? That way if you wanted to you could go to the hospital yourself and check on Alex." Gordon told Walker who said that would be okay. As Gordon and Trivette talked about other matters C.D. asked Walker who had followed him over to the bar "Cordell what's the matter? I mean that I know you're concerned about Alex since she's the mother of your children but it seems to me that there's more on your mind that that."

Walker bitterly replied "I remember being Bill Dano. I remember Alex and the way we feel about each other for all the good it does me now. I'm married to Ellen and I will keep my wedding vows to her." As Walker turned away from him C.D. felt heart sick because he knew now that Cordell loved Alex with everything inside of him but that he would never act on his feelings because he would never betray his wife. It was not in Cordell Walker's nature to betray anyone.

Chapter Three

Walker was getting ready to cook dinner for the children when the doorbell rang so he answered it. Trivette and C.D. were standing there holding bags that contained take out from C.D.'s. Walker showed them in and the two of them placed the food on the table. C.D. then suggested to Walker "we can keep an eye on them for awhile if you want to go see Alex in the hospital. You know just to see how the mother of your childern is doing so that you can tell them about her." Walker answered "maybe later C.D., Gordon is going to come by here in a little while to take them out for ice cream. When he does I'll go to the ranch to get some of my clothes. After that I'll go see Alex in the hospital."

C.D. questioned him "are you moving in here Cordell? What about Ellen?" Walker snapped "no C. D. I am not moving in here. I will stay here to take care of my children until Alex comes home from the hospital. As for Ellen, she's my wife and nothing is going to change that." When C.D. looked like he was going to say something else Trivette told him "hey C.D. how about we go with Gordon when he takes them for ice cream? I've been dying for a banana split."

C.D. replied "Jimmy I don't think that Gordon wants me going any where with him. So when you two take them for ice cream I'll straighten up in here." Gordon arrived a short time later and he reluctantly agreed to their plans. So after Gordon and Trivette left with the children Walker headed to his ranch to get a change of clothing while C.D. set about cleaning the house up.

At the ranch house Walker got himself several changes of clothing together and packed them in a duffel bag which he tossed in the back of his truck. After that he took care of the horses then went to see his ranch foreman Cal. Walker explained to Cal that he was going to be staying overnight somewhere else for awhile and that Cal needed to take care of the horses until he got back. Cal assured him that wouldn't be a problem for him. As Walker left the barn Ellen arrived home so Walker waited on the porch steps for her.

Ellen seeing her husband home went to him and threw her arms around his neck as she said "you're home Cord. I knew that you wouldn't leave me for them. Look I know that I sounded cold when I told you that I wasn't going to be a part time fill in mother but that is the way that I feel. I only want to be a full time mother to the children we have together. And I am sorry that I said that stuff about Cahill being a saint and going to join the other saints. I shouldn't have said that to you when she was in the hospital. But since you're here now she must be doing better. So that means Cahill can take care of her children from now on and you don't need to worry about them ever again. When we have some of our own children then you can worry about being a good father to them. Cahill doesn't need or want you being a father to her children. You know that I'm right. Don't you my darling Cord?"

Walker replied "Ellen my wedding vows to you were for life. I will never leave you for anyone. But understand this,  John and Liza are my children and I will take care of them while their mother Alex is in the hospital. Her father is going to help me with that when he has the time to. I came here to get some clothes and to tell Cal that I would be gone a while and for him to take care of the horses while I was gone." Ellen then tried to get Walker to stay there with her by rubbing her body aganst his in a very suggestive manner. For the first time in their relationship that had no effect on Walker. Ellen then sobbed "I knew it. You don't love me anymore. You love that woman you cheated on me with."

Walker answered "Ellen when I was undercover as Bill Dano you and I weren't involved with each other because you told me that you didn't know if you could have a future with a man like me. You said that we were finished as a couple then you left town and I took that undercover assignment in Houston. I did not betray you with Alex." Ellen still standing close to Walker asked him "Cord are you trying to tell me that you now remember the time you lost?"

Walker nodded that he did so Ellen who started crying harder tearfully said "you should have stayed in Houston with her instead of marrying me. You want her, not me. Admit it." Walker answered his wife "whether or not I want her doesn't matter anymore. You are my wife and it will stay that way."

Ellen bitterly asked her husband "Cord do you still love that woman?" When Walker didn't answer his wife because he didn't want to upset her by being honest Ellen backed away from Walker as she told him "you've hurt me for the last time Cordell Walker. I can't bear to look at you for a minute longer. Go away." Walker left the ranch. After her husband was gone Ellen called up her friend George Yokum and arranged to meet him for lunch the next day.

Her friend asked her "Ellen are you finally ready for the two of us?" Ellen replied "you'll find out the answer to that tomorrow George."

At the hospital Walker flashed his badge and was shown into Alex's room in I.C.U. Walker pulled up a chair besides Alex's bed and picked up her hand. Walker sat there not saying anything to her but held Alex's hand because he wanted her to know that he was there for her. Walker did that for the next three evenings. On the fourth evening Walker after picking Alex hand up squeezed it then said to her "lady I remember Houston. I am sorry that I didn't return for you. Alex you need to know that I meant everything that I said to you then. I did love you, I still do but I'm a married man now. I can't change what happened but I promise you that I will be there for our children. Alex please don't leave John and Liza, they need you so much. I need you to come back for them and for me. Don't leave me."

As Walker started to lay Alex's hand down she squeezed his hand. Walker looked up at Alex's eyes and they were trying to open so he paged the nurse who came in and looked at the monitors then said "well what do you know. It looks like she's trying to wake up. Dr. Franks is on call, I'll let him know. In the meantime if you could let her father know I'm sure that he'd like to be here when she wakes up."

Walker went and called Gordon to tell him about Alex trying to wake up and that he was on his way to Alex's house so that Gordon could be there when she woke up. Gordon told him that he would be there just as soon as he could. That Trivette and C.D. who had stopped by to see if the children needed anything could watch the twins until Walker got to the house.

Walker went into Alex's house where Trivette told him "we just got them to sleep. I'll be going now, Jeanie is waiting for me to pick her up for our date. C.D. said that he wants to talk to you. He's in the kitchen." After checking on the children Walker returned downstairs and went into the kitchen where C.D. was placing food into storage bowls. Seeing Walker standing there C.D. said to him "there you are Cordell. I've prepared some food for you guys. I have everything labeled, and there's a list of what containers you should heat up together. All you have to do for the next couple of nights is to heat up the ones in the fridge. The ones in the freezer will have to be defrosted first. Son can I talk to you about Alex?"

"What about Alex?" Walker asked C.D. back. causing him to say "look son I know that I messed things up real bad for you and Alex when I lied to her when she called my place looking for Bill Dano. But it's not too late for it to be fixed. Is it? I know that you're not happy and I also don't think Ellen is happy either. What I'm saying is that maybe the two of you should rethink being married to each other. You deserve to be happy, as does Ellen and Alex for that matter."

"It doesn't matter if I'm happy. I gave my word and I will keep it." Walker stated leaving C.D. to ponder the fact that Cordell was going to sacrifice his happiness so that he didn't break his word. C.D. just shook his head but didn't say another word on the subject because he knew it would be a waste of time. Instead he said "call me tomorrow and let me know how Miss Cahill is doing. Will you?" Walker answered that he would so C.D. cleaned up the kitchen then left Alex's house. After locking up Walker went into Alex's bedroom and went to sleep in her bed like he had done every night he had stayed over there to watch the twins.

Around two in the morning the phone rang so Walker answered it. Gordon Cahill was on the phone, he said "my baby girl is going to make it. Dr. Franks checked her over real good and he told me that if nothing changes Alex would be moved out of I.C.U. in a couple of days. I just called to let you know that she's awake and looking forward to seeing her children again. I'll call you back tomorrow and let you know more." After Gordon hung up Walker whispered to himself "thank God."

Chapter Four

The next day C.D. Parker decided that he would stop by Ellen's office to see how she was doing but was told by the two grad assistants who interned for her that she was out to lunch. C.D. then asked the grad assistants if they knew where Ellen was eating lunch at and the male grad assistant told him while smirking "probably at the no tell motel." The female grad assistant smacked the male grad assistant on the arm while she told C.D. "Miss Garret is having lunch with Professor Yokum at the LaRoque. They should still be there. They usually take a very long lunch." C.D. thanked them then went to the LaRoque where he asked the hostess if Ellen Garret was there. The hostess said that Miss Garret was in the Pearl room with Professor Yokum. C.D. then asked if the hostess if she could point out where the Pearl Room was. The hostess told him to follow her which he did. They stopped outside of the Pearl Room so C.D. said that he would take it from there. C.D. opened the door and was getting ready to say something to Ellen but didn't because he was shocked by what he was seeing. C.D. quietly closed the door and then quickly left the LaRoque not sure what he should do about what he had just seen.

C.D. then thought he should wait in the parking lot for Ellen so that he could talk to her. About twenty minutes later Ellen came out of the LaRoque but she wasn't alone. The man whom C.D. assumed was professor Yokum was with her. Yokum who C.D. had just seen Ellen kissing in the Pearl Room had an arm wrapped around Ellen's shoulder. Yokum led Ellen to his car where they kissed before he assisted Ellen into the passenger seat. Still somewhat in shock C.D. waited awhile to leave the parking lot himself.

Walker dropped the twins off at daycare then went to Ranger headquarters. Trivette who was already there asked him "did you hear anything more from Gordon about Alex?" Walker replied "Gordon called and told me that Alex woke up and if all goes well she'll be moved out of intensive care in a few days. I'll take John and Liza to see her then." Trivette told him "let me know when you're going because I want to see Alex myself." Walker then asked if Trivette had gotten any leads on their latest case and Trivette told him no so Walker decided that they would hit the streets.

As they were out driving around the two Rangers got a call for a armed robbery in progress so they responded. Once they got to the bank the armed robbers were getting into a get away car so Walker blocked it with his truck. There was then a shoot out between the two Rangers and the three armed robbers. During the shootout Trivette was wounded. Walker took him to the hospital in his truck instead of waiting for an ambulance since the wound appeared to be minor. While his partner was getting stitched up Walker went to visit Alex.

As soon as she saw Walker Alex asked him "how are my children doing?" Walker told her "they're fine. I've been staying overnight at your place to watch them and your father took them out and treated them to ice cream. During the day when I've been working they were in daycare. I've been dropping them off there on my way to work. John and Liza have missed you a lot. When they move you to another room I'll bring them by to see you. By the way C.D. made a bunch of food for us and put some of it in your fridge. The rest he put in the freezer. Everything is labeled and believe it or not he left me a list saying which containers I should heat up together.

Alex then said "I'm sorry that you had to be stuck taking care of them." Walker responded "Alex they are my children and I'm going to take care of them whenever you need me to. I'm just glad that you're better and can go home to John and Liza soon. They've asked me every day when they were going to see you again."

"I can't wait to see them again either. Not to change the subject but what are you doing here during the day? You've been visiting me in the evenings." Alex said to Walker who then asked her "how do you know that?"

"It just seemed like to me that you were dropping by to see me after work. I remember you holding my hand a couple of times. Walker I need to say this to you right now. After I say this to you we never have to talk about it again but I know that you now remember Houston and what we had. Right before I woke up you held my hand like you've been doing each evening then you told me that you remembered us. You also told me that you were a married man. What I'm saying is that I truly understand now that you did intend to keep your word to me but you couldn't because of your amnesia. I also understand and will always respect the fact that you're married to Ellen now. I would have loved to have had a life with you but that's not possible now. I will always love you Cordell Walker but we're never going to anything more to each other than two people who have a set of twins in common. We will also be people who sometimes work cases together but I'm sure that we can do that in a professional manner. As to the children do you want me to have my father draw up papers saying who gets them when? Or would you'd rather play it by ear?" Alex informed Walker who replied "I am sorry about what happened Alex. If I could change what happened I would but I can't. I think that when it comes to John and Liza I'll take them out sometimes to give you a break then we'll go from there. I want to be their father for the rest of my life. Is that okay with you?"

Alex agreed to that then questioned him "what about their last names? Do you want them changed from Cahill to Walker?" Walker answered "I'd like it to be Walker as long as you're okay with that." Alex then said "as soon as I get out of the hospital I'll start the paperwork to legally change their last name to Walker. Now not to change the subject but will you please tell Jimmy when you see him that I'd like a visit from him."

Walker told her "Trivette is getting patched up in the E.R., he got a bullet wound when we were arresting armed bank robbers. It was more of a graze than anything. Trivette said for me to tell you that he'll stop by here after he's stitched up." Alex said "I'm glad that Jimmy is going to be okay. He's been a good friend to me."

Trivette came into Alex's hospital room a few minutes later and told her "Alex I'm glad that you're going to be okay. Although it was fun watching my partner try to take care of a set of two year old twins. You wouldn't believe the things they did while Walker was watching them."

Getting alarmed Alex asked the pair "my house is still standing, isn't it?" Trivette replied "yes it is and it's as neat as a pin too. C.D. cleaned up after them every evening. You know Alex he's truly sorry for what he did back then."

Alex stated "he can't make up for what he's done in the past but C.D. can do things right for my children in the future. And that's all I can ask for now." Trivette seeing that Alex was about to cry changed the subject by relaying how Walker had gotten more of a bath than John the first time he had tried to bathe the child.

After listening to his partner regal Alex with the things that happened while he was taking care of the twins Walker told Trivette that he would be waiting in the truck and that he should visit with Alex a little longer. After Walker left Alex's room Trivette said to her "I think that he might be remembering Houston. So that means there's hope for the two of you yet." Alex very sadly answered "Walker does remember everything about Houston but it's too late for us. He'd never betray his wife and I couldn't live with myself if he betrayed her. Walker keeps his word come hell or high water. I love him and I know that he loves me but we can't be anything to each other, ever again. You know Jimmy some times life really sucks. Bill Dano truly was and Cordell Walker is still the love of my life."

As he handed Alex a tissue to wipe her tears with Trivette said "I'm sorry Alex, for you and for Walker." After making sure that Alex had calmed down Trivette took his leave.

A short time later the nurse stuck her head into the room and asked Alex if she was up to another visitor. Alex told the nurse that she could send another visitor in. She was surprised to see that it was C.D. Parker. C.D. told her "I know that we may never be friends but you are the mother of Cordell's children and I will do my best in the future to do right by you and your children. Miss Cahill I know that it's a lot for me to ask of you but would you mind in time if I acted like another grandfather to them? I've always wanted to be a grandfather to Cordell's children."

Alex replied "I know now that you regret the past and I do understand what you mean to Walker so I won't have a problem with you acting like a grandfather to my babies. As to our ever being friends only time will see to that. However I do want to thank you for taking food to my house for the twins to eat." C.D. responded "well now Miss Cahill I have known Cordell a long time and all he can cook is breakfast. I was just making sure that Cordell's twins were going to eat some decent food while their mother was in the hospital. Miss Cahill before I go I need to tell you that I do regret with everything inside of me the damage I did to you and Cordell when I lied to you."

"I do know that. It's just that it hurt me so much when I came to town and my Bill Dano didn't remember me. I never thought anything could hurt me more than that did." Alex said to C.D. getting misty eyed. C.D. thinking that maybe something else had happened to Alex asked her "what can hurt you more than that Miss Cahill?"

"The fact that Walker remembers Houston and me and there is nothing we can do about it. Walker is married to Ellen and it's going to stay that way even though... Never mind Mr. Parker you don't need to hear me cry about my life. Thanks for coming by to see me but now if you don't mind I'd like to get some rest." C.D. took the hint and left Alex's hospital room even more upset with himself because he knew that Cordell and Alex were in love and most likely would be for the rest of their lives. C.D. then thought that maybe he should confront Ellen about what he had seen earlier in the day.

Chapter Five

It was now two days later and C.D. who hadn't been able to talk to Ellen about what he had seen her doing at the LaRoque because she never returned his phone calls. So C.D. stopped by the university to see if he could catch her there but he wasn't able to. C.D. then called both the university and the ranch house and left messages for Ellen that he wanted her to call him back. That he needed to talk with her about something very important.

Walker pulled up to Alex's house with the twins in the back seat of his truck. Trivette who was in the front seat questioned him "why are we here? Didn't you say that you wanted to take them to see Alex? Don't you think she should know what's going on?" Walker answered as he spotted Gordon's car pulling into the curb "if you must know Trivette I'm going to get them into clean clothes before I take them to see their mother. Keep them here in the truck for a minute while I talk to Gordon will you? He needs to know what's going on. I'll tell Alex what's going on when Gordon takes them for ice cream."

After Trivette ageed to watch John and Liza in the truck Walker headed to the house where Gordon had just unlocked the front door. Walker said to Gordon as he started opening the door "Gordon we need to talk about Alex's last case." As Gordon stepped away from the door and back onto the front porch the front door swung all the way open. There was a explosion at that moment that kocked Gordon off of his feet. As Walker went to Gordon to see if he was all right Trivette called dispatch to call in the explosion then got out of the truck locking it behind himself to keep the twins in it and safe from flying debris.

Walker helped Gordon to his feet and moved him away from the now burning house as he asked him if he was okay. Gordon said "just give me a minute to catch my breath. I'll be fine. Thank god it wasn't one of the twins that opened the door." Walker then led Gordon over to his truck where he had him sit in the truck with the twins who were staring at the fire not understanding what was going on.

Trivette said "I called it in. Walker I can deal with everything here. Why don't you take them to see Alex? That way you can explain to Gordon on the way there what's going on. After I get a report I'll stop by the hospital to let you know what they find. Okay?" Walker replied "I'll take them to see Alex but know this if Boyleston had anything to do with this he will regret it. Nobody goes after my family."

As the firetrucks pulled up Walker drove away from the scene furious with whoever had bombed Alex Cahill's house. After Walker explained about Boyleston getting out of jail unexpectedly and his renewed threats against Alex Gordon said to Walker "just make sure that my baby girl is protected until you catch whoever did this. Will you at least do that for her?"

Walker replied "Alex will be protected and I won't rest until I get them." Gordon then changed the subject to the welfare of the twins by saying to Walker "after they've visited with their mother where do you intend for them to spend the night? My place only has one bedroom. If you need me to I can rent a hotel suite so that they can stay with me until Alex gets home from the hospital. By then hopefully I will have found them a place for them to live in."

Walker replied "my ranch house has three extra bedrooms, they'll stay there. They are my children and I will see to their needs. After Alex gets out of the hospital I will start paying her child support." Gordon then said "well would you have a problem with me buying them things that they're going to need like clothes, furniture and all kind of other stuff for their new place when I find Alex another house to live in?" Walker said that would be okay so Gordon didn't voice his objection to John and Liza being near Walker's wife Ellen who had made no secret about her dislike for the twins.

C.D. was tending his bar when Ellen came in and asked him "C.D. what is so important that you've been going to the university to see me? And leaving me all kind of phone calls that made it sound like it was a life or death issue you wanted to talk to me about." C.D. answered as he led her to his back room "Ellen I know that you and Yokum are more than colleagues."

"Please C.D. what are you talking about? George and I are nothing more than good friends. So what are you acting like I'm having an affair or something like that? For God's sake my Cord has a set of twins to another woman and everyone thinks that's perfectly fine. So George and I ate a few lunches together. What's the big deal?" Ellen angrily told C.D. who said to her "Ellen I saw you and that Yokum fellow kissing during one of those lunches."

Ellen snapped "so what now, you're checking up on me? What gives you the right to do that?" C.D. answered "Ellen honey I wan't checking up on you. I went looking for you a couple of days ago because I was worried about you. Well I was directed to the LaRoque and I saw you kissing that fellow in the Pearl Room and again in the parking lot. Ellen if you're no longer in love with Cordell don't you think you ought to let him know that? I don't think either one of you are happy being married to the other one."

Ellen cried "I love Cord, I really do but you don't know what it's like for me. I'm trying to be a good wife to him but... Cord... well he can be... a little rough... when we. I know that he doesn't mean to be like that but it does happens, every time. George and I only did that the one time. I never meant to betray Cord like that but George is so gentle and understanding with me. Oh C.D. please promise me that you won't tell Cord. I don't want to lose him to that woman."

C.D. who was somewhat embarrassed by what Ellen had just told him stuttered through his answer "now Ellen Honey... you know that I've always thought you and Cordell should be together...but with what you've just told me...well I think I was wrong about that. Ellen if you...well... if it...well you know what I mean, maybe that's a sign that you and Cordell shouldn't be married to each other." Ellen then stated "what you are really trying to say C.D. is that you think my Cord should toss me aside like a peice of trash and take up housekeeping with that tramp and her little... you know what's."

As C.D. went to rebuke Ellen Stacey one of the servers stuck her head into the back room and told him "Walker's on the phone, said that he needs you at the hospital. Miss Cahill's house was just blown up." C.D. replied "I'll be there in a minute." Ellen said "C.D. if you tell Cord what you saw we will no longer be friends. Got that?"

C.D. went out to the bar followed by Ellen. He told her "Ellen you don't mean that." Ellen retorted "Yes I do. I will not lose my Cord to her. What Cord doesn't know won't hurt him. And if you tell him about George I'll never speak to you again."

As he watched Ellen walk out of his bar C.D. picked up the phone to say "I'll be there in a little while Cordell. Is everyone okay?" Walker answered "yes. I'll tell you more when you get here." Once C.D. got to the hospital Walker explained to him what had happened then asked him "C.D. will you be able to keep an eye on Alex until she gets out of the hospital?"

"Of course I can Cordell, that is if Miss Cahill will let me." C.D. replied causing Walker to tell him "she will." C.D. glanced at Alex who told him "as long as I know my babies will be safe I'll be okay with what you want Walker. Just promise me that you have a safe place for them to go to."

Walker picked up Alex's hand looked into her eyes and vowed "they are going to be safe Alex. Trust me. I'll take them with me to my house when I leave here. If you worried about how they will be treated there your father can stay there with them." Alex responded "I know that you won't let anything happen to your children as long as you're breathing. My father would be too uncomfortable at your ranch house so he won't be spending any time there. Listen why don't you do this, go out to your ranch and get things ready for them to stay over. Then you can come back here and pick them up to take them to your place. Hopefully by the time you're back Jimmy will be here to let us know who blew up my house. And before you object to my idea understand this Cordell Walker you will do as I say. Besides I need to talk with my father about a few things. Okay?" Walker agreed because of the set look in Alex's eyes.

Walker opened the front door to his ranch house and was surprised to hear what sounded like moans of pain to him so he quickly headed upstairs to where they were coming from. Walker soon found out that they weren't moans of pain but were instead Ellen enjoying herself with another man. The man saw Walker there and demanded of him "what the hell are you doing in here? Get out now." With ice in his voice Walker stated "I want you gone by the time I come back here with my children."

Ellen got up from the bed with a sheet wrapped around herself and said "please don't throw me out Cord. I swear that this is the first time I've done anything like this. You know that it's you that I love. Don't you?" George Yokum who was hurriedly getting dressed told Walker "she said that you weren't going to be home tonight and that she loved me. Please don't kill me. It was her idea for us to have sex in your bed."

Walker coldly responded "get out of my house while you can still walk." Yokum hastened to obey Walker but he did pause at the door to question her "Ellen are you going to be okay? He won't hurt you? Will he?"

Walker did the answering "I would never hurt a woman, not even one who would betray her wedding vows." After Yokum left Ellen tried pleading again with her Cord but he didn't want to hear a word that she said. When Ellen realized that Cord would never forgive her for her betraying him she said to him "it's all your fault. You were the one who was so rough with me that I had to find comfort in another man's arms. Hell I bet that you even hurt that witch Cahill when you made the twins with her when you betrayed me in Houston."

Walker replied with no feeling what so ever in his voice "what happened between Alex and I is not your concern. You are to be out of here when I come back with my children." Ellen knowing that she had lost her Cord questioned him "just like that? Didn't you ever have any feelings for me?"

Walker told her "when I married you I was in love with you and there will always be a part of me that loves you but it's over and you know that." Ellen then snapped at him "sure there's a part of you that will always love me. Hell you'll probably move Cahill and those kids of her's in  here before the ink is even dried on our divorce papers." Walker sadly responded "goodbye." As Walker headed to his truck he thought to himself ' I never should have forgotten Alex, she is the woman that I love and want, not Ellen. I won't stay married to a woman who betrayed me.'

When Walker got back to the hospital C.D. who was in the hallway saw the look on Walker's face and asked him "what happened son?" When Walker didn't reply C.D. told him "Cordell neither you or Ellen are happy being married to each other. I think it's time the both of you faced that fact. You won't betray your wedding vows if you get a divorce. I didn't want to tell this earlier but I think I should tell you now. Ellen...well Cordell I found Ellen kissing this Yokum fellow. I'm sorry, I should have told you sooner that your wife was betraying you but I didn't know how you'd take it. Most likely you wouldn't believe me unless you saw it with your own two eyes." Walker looked away from his former partner as he replied "I did C.D. at the ranch. My marriage is over." C.D. again told Cordell how sorry he was then went back into Alex's room to give Walker some time alone.

Chapter Six

A short time later Trivette showed up so Gordon said that he was going to be taking the children out for ice cream. C.D. insisted on going with him. After they left Trivette explained "as you know Alex's house was blown up in an explosion caused by a bomb. According to the arson squad Gordon was a very lucky man. The bomb was set to go off when the front door was opened 3/4 of the way. The detective in charge said that he thinks it was set that way because the bomber wanted to kill whoever opened the front door and went through it because most people as soon as they unlock a door open it most of the way and go through it. They don't know who did it yet but once they find out whose's body was in the house they might have a better idea of who did it. And if you're thinking that the body is Boyleston's, it's not. He goes at least 6'4" and probably weighs at least 250. The body was that of a medium height man and from the preliminary coroner's report he went about 160. You know anybody that fits that general description?"

Walker said no but Alex replied "what about that cretin Mac? Is he still in jail? Because he was a medium height man and his weight was probably around 150 to 170 from what I remember. His height and weight were listed on the court documents when he was arrested for attacking me. But I wouldn't think he'd know how to set a bomb to blow up my house. He's more the type to go after me when he thinks I'm by myself."

Trivette responded "I hadn't thought about that but I will check into it when I get back to Ranger headquarters. I just stopped by to make sure that you were okay Alex." Alex and Walker both thanked him for that so Trivette left.

Alex looked at Walker who seemed deep in thought so she said to him "Walker if you're worried about causing trouble in your marraige by taking John and Liza to your home my father can get a hotel suite for them to stay in with him. I don't want to cause any problems between you and Ellen." Walker answered "Ellen won't be there when they're there. My children staying at my house until their mother gets out of the hospital is not going to cause a problem in my marriage."

Sensing that there was more to the story Alex informed him "if you change your mind let me know and I'll have my father find them somewhere to stay. But for now please tell Ellen that I appreciate her allowing my children to stay in her house." Walker tonelessly replied "Ellen no longer lives in my house."

Alex then said "I'm sorry Walker. Truly I am. I never wanted to come between the two of you. Do you want me to talk to Ellen and assure her that just as soon as I'm out of the hospital the children will no longer be living at your ranch house? Just tell me how to help you and I will do it." Walker decided to tell Alex the truth because he didn't want her thinking she had caused the breakup. "Alex you had nothing to do with Ellen leaving the ranch. She made the choice to betray her wedding vows. Please drop the subject."

Alex changed the subject by asking him if he could go by her house as soon as he could to see if there was anything that could be salvaged. Walker said that he would. After Gordon and C.D. came back with the children Walker took them home and Gordon went home too. C.D. told Alex "Miss Cahill I'll just take up a post outside of your door. If that's all right with you." Alex pointed out that he would be more comfortable sitting in the chair that was in the room so C.D. agreed to that. After awhile of not saying anything to each other Alex told him "Mr. Parker I want you to know that I never wanted to come between Walker and Ellen. There was a large part of me that didn't want to tell Walker that the twins were his for that very reason. But there was also a part of me that wanted to be sure that my children would have someone in their life should I pass on before they were adults. That's why I told Walker about them."

"I know that Miss Cahill. You didn't come between Cordell and Ellen, a man by the name of George Yokum did. I saw them kissing and I think that Cordell caught them together in his house earlier this evening. The breakup was going to happen sooner or later because they weren't happy being married to each other. The only thing that could have kept them married was Cordell's stubborn nature. So there is a part of me that's glad Cordell saw what he did because it opened his eyes. If you care about Cordell at all you'll let him deal with it by himself. He needs to do things by himself." C.D. explained to Alex who said that she understood.

In the middle of the night C.D. heard what he thought was someone opening the patient's doors and looking in them so he quietly took up a position where the person opening doors wouldn't see him if they opened the door to Alex's room. A minute later the door to Alex's room opened and a man dressed in scrubs and wearing a surgeon's mask came into the room. He grabbed a pillow and went to smother Alex with it but she starting clawing at his arms in an attempt to get him to stop. C. D. called out "stop right there before I shoot you."

The man placed a scapel at Alex's neck and said "you shoot me she dies. Now drop your gun and kick it over to me real nice and easy like." C.D. dropped the gun to the floor and kicked it near the person who had a scapel on Alex's throat. When the man was distracted by trying to use his foot to get the gun closer to himself Alex punched him in a sensitive area then grabbed a bedpan and whacked him in the head with it. C.D. then quickly jumped on the man as Alex just as quickly got out of the bed and grabbed the gun. Pointing it at the man she told him "on your knees now."

"You ain't got the guts to shoot me and you know that." The man sneered at Alex so she shot him in his arm then calmly said "the next one is between your eyes. Knees now." The man quickly got onto his knees and C.D. cuffed him then removed his surgeon's mask to reveal none other than Boyleston. As he was being led away by the police Boyleston said to Alex "one way or the other I will see that you pay for what you did to me." C.D. told him "you go after her again and Walker will make you regret the day you were born. Got that?"

The next morning when Walker arrived C.D. explained about what had happened then suggested that Cordell never get Alex mad at him because she knew how to take care of herself. Walker said that he would keep that in mind.

The investigation showed that the dead man in Alex's house was Crosby who had been arrested on racketeering charges in connection to a scheme that he had been involved with Boyleston, Gergley and Perez. Boyleston's bail was revoked and both Gerley and Perez agreed to testify against him. Walker got to Boyleston in jail and threatened his life if he were to ever try to hurt Alex again. Boyleston must have believed Walker because there were no more attempts on Alex's life.

Alex's father bought Alex a house as soon as she was out of the hospital and furnished it. Walker, C.D. and Trivette pitched in and bought the twins a playset for the backyard. When the twins saw it for the first time they spent the next several hours playing on it. Walker started paying child support for his children and insisted on paying back child support. Alex took that money and bought John and Liza new clothes because most of their's had been destroyed when their house had been bombed.

Three months later Walker got divorce papers in the mail from Ellen. She included a note in which she explained that Walker had never really proposed to her. That she had thought he was going to when the shots had rung out. And that when her Cord had awaken and didn't remember the time he had spent in Houston she had taken it as a sign that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. Ellen went on to say that while she had loved her Cord what she had with her George was so much more than that. Ellen ended her letter wishing Walker happiness with Alex. Walker signed the divorce papers then mailed them back to her.

C.D. and Trivette once they knew Walker's divorce was final began trying to figure out how to get Alex and Walker together. They weren't having an easy time of it because Alex thought that Walker still loved Ellen and Walker thought Alex loved the Bill Dano she remembered and not him. In the meantime Alex and Walker had begun to go out on family outings, mainly to parks and things like that.

One evening Alex who was reluctantly staying over at Walker's ranch house because of a early morning trip to the reservation asked him "Walker why did you let my father take them out for ice cream? You know that it's going to take me hours to get them to sleep. We have to get up pretty early to leave for the reservation." Walker answered "when they get back we'll let them stay up a little later so that they'll be ready to go asleep when we are. I can always carry them to the truck in the morning if they're still sleepy."

Alex then eased him "when we're ready to go to sleep cowboy? What are you up to?" Walker seriously replied "Alex I wasn't talking about that. There's no way that I'm ever going to hurt a woman again that I care about know."

"What are you talking about? If you're thinking you hurt me that way or any other way when we were making the twins let me assure you that you didn't. It was so great when we did that. Even the first time." Alex said to Walker who told her "you don't need to lie to me. I know that I hurt you in Houston when we were... you know together."

Alex placed her hands on Walker's shoulders and looked into his eyes as she stated "I was not lying to you Cordell Walker. Those three times we made love I enjoyed it. And you know my great grandmother was right. She once told my mother that if ever a woman was with the right man she would know what heaven was like. I found heaven in your arms Walker. At the time I thought you felt the same way. Was I wrong?" Walker pulled her closer as he said "You weren't wrong." Walker then pulled Alex into a kiss which left her breathless. Walker then tried to step back from her but Alex tightened her arms around Walker and implored him "please make love with me Cordell. I fell in love with Bill Dano but now I love Cordell Walker even more if that's possible. I need you so much."

Walker gave in to both of their needs. When they were done Walker said to her " Alex I remember what you meant to me in Houston. You mean so much more to me now. I love you. Will you marry me?" Alex replied "yes I will Cordell Walker. I love you more now than I did in Houston." When Alex's father came back with the twins he noticed that his daughter looked happier than he could ever remember her looking so after the twins were put into bed he asked her "what has you so happy?"

Alex replied "just the fact that Walker and I are engaged to be married." Gordon questioned Walker "are you sure that it's Alex you want as your wife? You're not using her as some sort of replacement for Ellen. Are you?"

Walker answered "I know that you had to ask me that but understand this, Alex will never be a replacement for Ellen or anyone else. She is the woman who was meant for me. It just took me a little while to see that." Alex retorted "he is kind of hard headed dad."

"That's good then because my son in law needs to be hard headed if he's man enough for my stubborn daughter." Gordon replied letting Walker and Alex know that he was happy about them getting married.

Both C.D. and Trivette were Walker's best men and Gordon walked Alex down the aisle to Walker who truly looked happy for the first time in months. After their guests left Walker and Alex went into the house where Walker picked up his new wife and headed upstairs with her. When they were done Alex said to her husband "about birth control, I know that I should have mentioned sooner that I'm not on any but I'd like to have another child of your's. How do you feel about that?" Walker answered "I'd like that too lady but in the meantime we can try to make a baby as much as you want us to." Alex thought that was a very good idea.