By 59 Katie 59

Chapter One

Trivette knocked on the door to Alex's private office and without waiting for her to answer entered the office. Alex was sitting at her desk staring at a letter that she had been trying to write to Trivette's partner Cordell Walker. Trivette seeing the way Alex looked asked her "Alex what's the matter with you? You look like hell. Did my partner do something to upset you last night when the two of you had your talk? You didn't say anything to Ray or I last night about how it had gone. But you did seem kind of upset to me and as your friend I should have asked you about it. I'm sorry now that I didn't but Jeanie was waiting for me to pick her up for our date." Alex replied "Jimmy since you and Walker are partners I think that you need to know what's going on. Ray already knows most of it, he figured it out on his own. So if you have the time now to listen to me explain things take a seat and I'll explain what's going on to you."

Trivette quickly sat in a chair because he knew he was finally going to find out what had happened between Alex, Walker and Bill Dano in Houston. And why what ever had happened caused C.D. to start being so mean to Alex over it. Alex explained "when I was in my last year of law school I was working in the Corner Diner where I was being bothered by a friend of the owner on a regular basis. Any how one night a man who was on a undercover assignment while using the name Bill Dano came into the diner. The obnoxious customer who's name is Mac started in on me yet again but this Bill Dano got him to stop. After that Bill made it a point to stop in every so often to make sure that Mac behaved himself. Bill and I then began to out to dinner once a week. For the first time in a long time I felt that there was a man in my life that I could trust in. At the same time my mother was nearing the end of her fight against the breast cancer that would kill her. Bill Dano and I...well you know. He told me that after I passed the bar exam he would come back for me and we would then plan our future together. He wrote down a phone number and told me that if I should ever need to get in touch with him to call that number and his friend would pass on a message to him from me. After my mother died Bill left me a handwritten note in which he vowed to return for me because I was the woman who was meant for him. He never came back for me so when I discovered that I was pregnant I called that phone number. The man who answered the phone number told me that he couldn't give Bill Dano a message from me because Dano was dead.

Anyhow when the job opening came up here I took it because I wanted to raise my children in the area their father had been from. That day I had to replace another A.D.A. in the courtroom and Walker was my witness I got the shock of my life. There on the witness stand was none other than my Bill Dano and he acted like he didn't even know me. That was why I slapped Walker across the face and called him a bastard. It wasn't until you told me that he was suffering from partial amnesia that I realized that Cordell Walker honestly didn't know me, that he hadn't led me on in Houston. I told all of this to Walker last night because he did have a right to know that he fathered my twins but he didn't take it well. Jimmy I know that Walker is in love with his wife and I'm not interested in coming between them. I just wanted him to know about the twins in case something happens to me. If I should die when they're still young they will need their father to raise them."

A stunned Trivette asked her "are you saying that some one that my partner trusts lied to you and told you that the father of your children was dead when he wasn't?" Alex replied as she handed Trivette a copy of the phone number Walker had written down for her when he was Bill Dano "I didn't tell him that I was pregnant. I called the phone number hoping that he would pass on a message to Bill Dano and that Bill Dano would then call me back so that I could tell him I was carrying his babies."

Trivette looked at the phone number then said "Walker giving you this phone number to get in touch with him when he was undercover as Bill Dano does explain a few things." Alex questioned him "what do you mean by that Jimmy? Do you know who that phone number belongs to? I don't know who's number that is but why do I have the feeling that I've heard that man's voice since I relocated here?"

Trivette answered "this phone number is that of the man who betrayed my partner by lying to you. The man who has done everything that he could to see to it that Walker and Ellen Garrett ended up as husband and wife, never mind the fact that she seemed too sweet for Walker. She still does seem way too sweet for a man like Walker but it's his life to live. The man that I thought had such high morals, none other than C.D. Parker." Alex replied "you're right that does explain a few things. Like why he doesn't want me anywhere near his place of his business because he considers me to be some sort of tramp for sleeping with Walker when he was undercover. I swear to you Jimmy that I never knew my Bill Dano was Cordell Walker until that day in the courtroom. He was the first and will be the only man that I'm ever with. I really thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together but it didn't turn out that way. I will understand if you decide it's best that we end our friendship so as not to cause problems given that Walker is your partner and C.D. who's your friend detests me."

Trivette informed her "if C.D. detests anyone it should be himself for the way he's behaved. If C.D. and my partner's wife can't accept the fact that I'm going to remain friends with you that's their problem not mine. Alex before you object and tell me to stop being your friend for my sake answer me this. Where else am I going to find another female friend like you who can advise me on how to dress to impress the ladies? A woman who will listen to me moan about my love life then strongly advise me on how to treat women with respect? But one who won't turn their back on me when I don't always follow her advice because I'm not ready to settle down. So what do you say Alex? Are we going to remain friends?"

Alex with a hint of a smile on her face answered "yes Jimmy we will stay friends." Jimmy happily said "good because you can help me shop for my newest lady Jeanie at the mall on Saturday. Okay?" Alex agreed to meet Trivette at the mall on Saturday.

After he left Alex's office Trivette went straight to C.D.'s where he confronted the former Texas Ranger. "Well C.D. are you proud of yourself for the way you betrayed my partner back then?" C.D. asked "what are you talking about Jimmy?"

"C.D. you know very well what I'm talking about. When Alex called here to get a message to Bill Dano you lied to her and told her that he was dead when he wasn't. Alex was calling here because she was pregnant with a set of twins and wanted to tell their father about them. But no you had to lie to her and to top that off when Alex came to town with her twins you acted like she was some sort of tramp when all she really was was a woman who was still in love with the father of her children. How could you look Walker in the face day after day knowing that he had children and that you were the reason his children didn't have a father?" Trivette berated C.D. who replied "Jimmy you have to understand that the day she called here Ellen and Cordell were sitting right here at the bar and for the first time in months Ellen looked happy. If I told Walker about that woman calling here looking for Bill Dano he would have called her back and who knows what might have happened then. I told Cahill that Dano was dead because Ellen was the woman for Cordell. There's no way that Cordell should have ended up married to a woman that he had a cheap affair with. And that's what would have happened if I hadn't done what I had to do that day. Look I really am sorry that Cahill got hurt by my actions but it was for the best. Hell Cordell still doesn't remember her and he's never going to."

"If Ellen was truly the woman for Walker he wouldn't have had an affair with anyone and you know that. God C. D. you told me that Cahill wasn't allowed in here and then you tried to make it seem like she was loose with her morals. And for your information Bill Dano was the only man that Alex was ever with. So don't you dare stand there and tell me about Alex's morals. If there was anyone in all of this that didn't have much in the way of morals it was you pal." Trivette then spun around and left C.D.'s in disgust.

A short time later Walker came in and before he could say anything C.D. explained "Cordell son you have to understand that when Cahill called here that day looking for Bill Dano I was looking out for Ellen's best interest when I told Cahill that Dano was dead. How was I to know that she was calling here looking for the father of her children? You didn't remember her nor did you remember betraying Ellen by having a cheap affair with another woman when you two were on the outs. No the only person who did anything wrong here was Cahill by jumping into bed with you when you were undercover then acting like you were the love of her life. Hell Cordell, Ellen's the love of your life and that is all that matters. Isn't that right Cordell?"

"So you decided that I wasn't able to take care of things for myself and were just making sure things worked out the way you thought they should." Walker responded with a bite in his voice. C.D. questioned his former partner "well now that you know Cahill gave birth to your twins what are you going to do about it? You're not going to toss Ellen aside, are you?"

"When I married Ellen my vows were for life. As to the twins I refuse to believe that I'm their father until someone shows me proof. I would not have betrayed Ellen in that manner." Walker stubbornly answered causing C.D. to breathe a sigh of relief because Cordell wasn't about to throw away his marriage just because a woman told him that her twins was also his.

Chapter Two

Several days later Walker received a letter from Alex Cahill in which she included a copy of the piece of paper he had written C.D.'s phone number on. The other copy she included was the note Bill Dano had left on Alex's bedside stand after spending the night with her. Walker read the letter which was to the point:

Ranger Walker,
I know that you don't believe me so I've included copies of the note you wrote me and the paper in which you wrote down a contact number for you as Bill Dano. Like I told you the other night what you choose to do with this information is your business, not mine. I know that you love your wife and would never leave her. Nor do I want you to do so. I DO NOT WANT YOU. As for my children all I want is for you to take them in and raise them should I die.
Alex Cahill

Walker then read the note he had left for Alex when he was undercover as Bill Dano
Alex, I Love you and I will return for you. When I return you and I will plan our future together. You and I were meant to be.

Walker took everything that he had just read and was tossing the papers in the fireplace when Ellen came into the living room. Seeing her husband about to burn what looked to be a letter Ellen teased him "why Cord are you burning love letters from another woman?" Walker answered her as he watched the papers burn in the fire. "Ellen we need to talk about what happened when I was undercover in Houston."

Seeing that her husband was as upset as she had ever seen him Ellen tried to keep her Cord from telling her what ever it was that he wanted to tell her by saying "how about we go take a ride on the horses? What with me being out of town so much recently they haven't been ridden much. You wait here while I get changed then we'll go riding."

Walker led her to the couch and motioned for Ellen to seat herself which she reluctantly did. Walker then told her "I met with A.D.A. Cahill a few days ago and she told me that my undercover name when I was in Houston was Bill Dano and that I had fathered her twins then."

Ellen asked him "what did you tell her about her claim that you cheated on me?" Walker replied "I told Cahill that I would never have betrayed you in that manner. Ellen I did not believe Cahill when she told me that nor will I ever believe her."

Ellen then questioned her Cord while a few tears rolled down her face "but what if you did cheat on me and you are the father? Will you leave me for her because she has your children? What if I don't have your children in a couple of years like we agreed on? Will you end our marriage then?" Walker pulled Ellen to him and assured her " Ellen I love you and we're never getting a divorce. You know that honey."

Wiping away her tears Ellen put on a brave face and said "I do know that we're soul mates and that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together my darling Cord." Walker pulled his wife into a kiss then suggested to her "how about we go upstairs?"

Starting to cry again Ellen told him "Cord I'm trying to be a good wife to you...I really am just...well sometimes it hurts you know." Walker asked her "Ellen if it was still hurting you why did you let me be with you?"

"Because I'm your wife and it's my duty to see to your needs as your wife. I love you so much that I can't bear the thought of disappointing you in any way. I really do want to make love with you but I don't know how we can without it hurting me. I'm still sore from the last time we had sex. You must think I'm a total failure as a woman and as your wife. I'm so sorry Cord." Ellen sobbed her way through her answer causing Walker to tell her "honey it will be okay. I can wait until you're able to be with me know. You are not a failure and I never want to hear you say that again. You're my wife. Got that?"

Ellen threw her arms around her husband's neck as she exclaimed "I knew that I could count on you to understand why we needed to start sleeping in separate bedrooms until we're ready to try for children." When Walker looked like he was going to object Ellen added "Cord you're not going to insist on your rights as my husband. Are you? Because if you are then you can go right ahead and move in with that Cahill woman. After all you've been with her before. Haven't you?"

"Ellen I would never do that to you and you know it." Walker replied. Ellen then quickly told him "then you'll start sleeping down here until we decide when we're going to start our family. Thank you so much Cord for being such a gentlemen and putting me first. So many other men would have just gone ahead and forced me to be with them but not my Cord. I love you so much." Ellen then went upstairs and closed the bedroom door.

When Walker went to go to bed for the night he found that the bedroom door was locked so he went back downstairs and went to sleep in the guest bedroom.

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Ellen suggested "Cord maybe you should have a blood test done to see if there's a chance that woman told you some of the truth. That way if the children turn out to be your's and I don't end up having any of our own you will still have children. Who knows maybe once Cahill realizes that you're not leaving me for her she'll give us custody of them. I want us to raise children and if they are your's we should raise them here together. Will you at least think about it?" Walker answered his wife "Ellen there is no way that Cahill would ever give her twins to us even if I turned out to have fathered them when I was undercover as Bill Dano. Honey we will have our own children someday so there's no need for you to worry about Cahill and her children. Okay?"

Ellen replied "you're right Cord, just like you always are. There's no need for me to be so worried about that woman and her kids. You and I will have children when god see fits to give them to us but that won't be for a couple of years yet. I love you Cord." Walker answered that he loved her too.

When Walker got to work he informed his partner "I know that you are friends with Cahill. So that's why I'm telling you this. Ellen knows that Cahill is claiming that I fathered her children." Trivette asked "what does your wife plan to do about it?"

"Ellen said that if they turned out to be mine that she wanted us to raise them at the ranch..." Walker was answering his partner when he broke in to say "there is no way in hell that Alex would ever hand her children over to your wife while she was still alive. Alex told me that the only reason she told you about the twins was because she was worried that if something happened to her they wouldn't have a parent to take care of them. I won't stand by and let Ellen steal Alex's children from her."

Walker snapped at Trivette "that's enough. Ellen has no intention of stealing Cahill's children from her. Why would she when we're going to have children of our own some day?" Trivette retorted "so you say partner but we're not here to talk about your private life. We're here to catch criminals. You think you can still do that with me? Or do you want Harland to assign you another partner?"

"Well then Trivette let's go catch some criminals." Walker answered his partner letting Trivette know that he still wanted him as a partner. After they were seated in Walker's truck Trivette said to him "I'm going to remain friends with Alex but as your partner I'll do my best to respect the fact that you're married to Ellen. So that means I don't tell you about Alex and you don't have to talk about married life with me. Because partner while you may enjoy being a married man the very thought of my getting hog-tied by a woman gives me nightmares." When Walker didn't answer him Trivette knew that his partner was okay with the way he wanted to handle things.

Ellen found C.D. in his back room at the bar and told him "oh C.D. I don't know what I'm going to do about that woman and her twins." C.D. pulled Ellen into a bear hug then said to her "honey you know that woman means nothing to Cordell. If she had meant anything to him at all he never would have forgotten her. As for her twins, why worry about them? I know that it sounds cold hearted to talk about children that way but sometimes you have to do what's best for yourself and not worry about anyone else."

Ellen replied "it's just that I love Cord so much that I'm willing to take them in if they turn out to be his. If they are Cord's children and as much as I hate to admit it I think they are his twins. I do want them raised properly, even if that woman is their mother. I mean Cord is going to be a great father some day so why not now with them? But he told me that there's no way Cahill would ever hand the children over to us to raise. I really think that if someone has a nice long talk with her she'll see that it's the right thing to do. But I know that Cahill will never listen to me if I try to tell her it would be in her children's best interest for Cord and I to raise them in a loving home.

C.D. is there anything you can think of that I can do to assure that Cord's children have a loving home?" C.D. answered as Ellen wanted him to by saying to her "I can talk to Miss Cahill and explain to her that the children would be better off being raised by a set of parents than a single woman who has to work long hours leaving her children in some sort of daycare." Ellen kissed C.D. on the cheek then told "you're a lifesaver C.D., Cord will be so glad that you're going to help us out by talking to her."

Chapter Three

When Walker and Trivette arrived back at Ranger headquarters the receptionist called out as they went by her desk "Ranger Trivette and Ranger Walker A.D.A. Cahill stopped in here while you were gone with the search warrant that you wanted A.D.A. Brighton to give you for the Cell Block bar. She left a note on your desk Ranger Trivette for one of you to call her back." Trivette told his partner "I'll call A.D.A. Cahill and see what she wants then we can go serve that warrant on the Cell Block bar." Walker nodded okay and sat down at his desk while Trivette called Alex "Alex it's me. What did you want?"

Alex replied "I need to know if you've gotten any further along in your follow up investigation of that phone number you obtained during the Boyleston investigation." Trivette answered her "we haven't gotten around to that. We've been kind of busy with that drug turf war. Why did you want to know?"

"Boyleston's latest attorney contacted D.A. Clark and wants immunity for Boyleston in return for testimony against Sheila P. who it turns out is none other than Sheila Perez. I've been trying to get D.A. Clark to hold off on granting Boyleston immunity because I think there's a lot more to the story than just Sheila Perez using her job as Gergley's assistant to make sure that some of her friends' charges were reduced to lesser charges or outright dropped. That's what Boyleston is claiming and he's also claiming that after he paid Sheila P. $50,000. charges were dropped against him by the previous D.A. Chris Crosby. I got D.A. Clark to give me another week but after that Boyleston will be given a get out of jail free card by Clark." Alex explained to Trivette who told her "Clark is an idiot. Although I'd better check into why Crosby dropped the charges against Boyleston."

"That may be Ranger Trivette but he is the D.A. so that means he can and will offer immunity to whoever he chooses to. As for the previous dropped charges against Boyleston, I investigated them and it turns out that they were dropped by Crosby when the accountant who was supposed to testify in the case died in a three car wreck. At the time there was nothing suspicious about that car wreck but now who knows. Without the accountant there really wasn't a case worth going to court with. So when do you think Ranger Walker and yourself will be able to resume that follow up investigation?" Alex responded so Trivette said to her "let me talk to Walker then I'll get back to you."

After hanging up the phone Trivette explained what was going on to Walker who decided that after the raid on the Cell Block bar was over with they'd return to Ranger headquarters and Trivette would get on his computer to see what he could find out about Boyleston, Sheila Perez and Gergley. Trivette said that he would do that just so long as Walker did the paperwork for the Cell Block bar bust then turned it in.

After they returned from the raid Trivette got on his computer and Walker filled out the paperwork then headed to the D.A.'s office. Once he got there Marge who more or less ran the D.A.'s office told him that D.A. Clark had just reassigned the case to A.D.A. Cahill and that Walker should take the paperwork to her office.

Alex was in her office going over some paperwork when her secretary buzzed her to tell her that a Texas Ranger was in the outer office and wanted to see her. Alex thinking that it was Trivette told the secretary to tell him to come right in. Alex then put her paperwork aside and got up from her desk to greet her friend but it was C.D. Parker who came into her private office. Alex frostily asked him "what do you want Mr. Parker?"

C.D. took a seat without being invited to then launched into the speech he had prepared in his mind on the way to see Cahill "well now Miss Cahill I know that your twins are most likely Cordell's twins also and his wife knows that too. Now the question is where to go from here. I have the answer to that if you're willing to listen to reason." When Alex looked like she was going to say something C.D. kept on talking "now as I was telling you Cordell's wife Ellen knows about the twins and she is willing to be an adult about the situation. Are you Miss Cahill? And what I mean by that is, are you willing to see to it that your children have a stable and love filled home? Now before you answer me consider this, Cordell and Ellen as a very happily married couple can provide the twins with a better home than you can ever hope to. So what do you say Miss Cahill? Are you going to think of your children instead of yourself for a change?"

C.D.'s little speech made Alex's blood boil but she made sure that C.D. didn't know that as she coolly responded "let me get this straight. You think that I should hand my children over to another woman. That she and the children's father would provide a better home for my babies than I could ever hope to? Am I right so far?" C.D. not understanding that Alex was furious and was about ready to rip his head off told her "see now you're being reasonable. I truly didn't expect that from you Miss Cahill. When I tell Ellen that you're going to be decent about giving her and Cordell the twins to raise properly she'll make sure that you never regret doing the right thing. Just think once you turn them over to Cordell and Ellen you can then concentrate on your career. After you're a successful lawyer then you can find yourself a husband and have children in your own loving home. It's the right thing to do for Cordell, Ellen and of course yourself."

Alex blasted C.D. then "the right thing to do? How can you sit there and dare suggest that I give my babies away? How in the hell can it be the right thing to do when the biological father refuses to admit that they're his? Did you honestly think you could come in here and tell me to hand over my children? And that I would do it? Just like that? There's nothing right in what you've just suggested." C.D. realizing that he might not have thought over what to do if Alex wasn't going to just go along with what Ellen wanted tried to reason with Alex by saying "well now Miss Cahill I do realize now that you love your children and what I've had to say to you would upset any mother but and this is very important, the twins are what matters here. Not your pride. You can see that. Can't you?"

Alex lost her cool then and yelled at C.D. "get out of my office now before I call security and have you removed." Before C.D. could leave the door opened and Walker came in. Seeing C.D. there Walker asked him "C.D. What are you doing here?"

It was Alex who answered the question "doing your dirty work. How dare you send someone here to tell me that I should hand over my babies to you and your wife? You've got some nerve Ranger Walker. You told me that you didn't believe me when I told you that you had fathered the twins then just a few days later you decide that you and your wife should raise them. As far as I'm concerned you can go to hell. Now take him and get the hell out of my office."

Walker took's C.D. by the arm and led him out of Alex's private office. CD. said to him "now Cordell I was just trying to make Miss Cahill see that it was the right thing for her to do. You know that they should be raised by you and Ellen together." Walker snapped at his former partner angrier than he had ever been in his life "leave now." C.D. seeing just how mad Cordell was left without another word.

After C.D. left Walker went into Alex's private office where she was staring out the window while wiping a few tears away. Walker told her "Miss Cahill I'm sorry about that." Alex turned around to look Walker in the eyes as she answered him with fire in her voice "I'll just bet you are. Like I said you've got some nerve, calling me a liar when I told you that they were your's. Hell all you had to do was to take a simple blood test to know whether or not I was telling the truth but no you're too good to do that. But you have no problem trying to take my children away from me because the wife wants babies without having to go through the bother of having them herself. And by the way just so you know, you'll get them over my dead body and that I mean with every fiber of my being. As long as I'm alive my babies will be with me. Now leave my office before I strangle you like you truly deserve at this moment."

"Miss Cahill I did not know that C.D. would come here today and tell you that I want your children because I do not want to take them away from their mother, ever. If you want me to I'll swear to that under oath even if they turn out to be my children." Walker tried to assure Alex but she wasn't buying it "sure you will. I'll tell you what Cordell Walker put your money where your mouth is and have a blood test done. After the results are in we'll see if you learned how to keep your word to me. Because let's face it so far you have a very bad track record when it comes to keeping your word to me."

"Just tell me where and when and I'll be there for the blood test." Walker stated so Alex told him "after I arrange for it to be done I'll tell Jimmy and he'll let you know. Now get out." Walker nodded okay then left Alex's office while vowing to himself that no matter what the blood test showed he would never try to take Alex's children from her.

Chapter Four

When Walker returned to Ranger headquarters Trivette asked him "so is Brighton going to try for jail time this time?" Walker replied "Clark reassigned the case to A.D.A. Cahill and I didn't get around to asking her that."

"Then what took you so long?" Trivette pointedly asked his partner who answered him "when I got there C.D. was there and he had gone there to ask Alex to turn the children over to Ellen and me."

Trivette exploded "what the hell do you mean by that? Why did you have C.D. ask Alex to hand over her twins to you like they were sacks of groceries? What the hell are you thinking?" Walker quietly responded "Trivette I had nothing to do with it. C.D. must have thought he was doing the right thing but he wasn't. I would never try to take the twins away from Miss Cahill even if the blood tests show that I fathered them. I tried to tell Miss Cahill that but she was more interested in strangling me than listening to me. Can you talk to her later and let her I know that I have no intention of taking her children away from her?"

Trivette then said to his partner "and what if Ellen asked C.D. to go there? Because I don't think that C.D. would have done something like that without Ellen suggesting it to him first. You know how he's always thought Ellen was the woman for you and how he'd do anything to keep the two of you together. That was why he never told you that Alex called his place looking for the love of her life Bill Dano. C.D. has a lot to answer for in all of this."

Walker told Trivette "that he does Trivette and he's not the only one." Trivette then changed the subject by telling his partner "I've made some progress in linking Boyleston to Sheila Perez but nothing that links Gergley to Boyleston. I found a dummy corporation that Boyleston owns and which Sheila Perez is listed as one of the minority owners but I don't see how it helps us because it's listed as being incorporated in Oklahoma. As a matter of fact the city listed as the headquarters for the dummy corporation is a little town called Twyler Oklahoma which is about two miles from your reservation. It's called the Shining Star Corporation. I'll have to do some more research on it before we can go to Clark and get him to hold off on that immunity for Boyleston. What do you think?"

"I think we need to go talk to A.D.A. Cahill and see what she suggests." Walker answered so Trivette called Alex's office to see if she could meet with them. Alex replied that she could meet with them if they could be there in ten minutes. Trivette told her that they would be there.

After they were seated in Alex's office Trivette did the talking by explaining to Alex what the paper trail showed so far. As Alex was looking over the papers that Trivette had handed her she said "I've seen this Shining Star Corporation listed somewhere before but right now for the life of me I can't remember where. Let me look the rest of these papers over further then maybe I'll remember where I've seen that corporation listed at." Trivette told her "why don't you just read all of the papers over while we wait?" Alex agreed to that and started reading through the papers. After she was done reading the papers Alex put them down on her desk then went and got a briefcase and took some papers out of it. After reading those paper she told them "Rangers we have a problem here."

Walker asked her "what problem is that A.D.A. Cahill?" Alex replied "for starters the Shining Star Corporation as you already know is incorporated in Twyler Oklahoma. But is it also the parent company of the group that's trying to seize that reservation land."

"So why is that a problem?" Trivette wanted to know so Alex responded "because I'm the attorney of record for the tribal council that's fighting the land seizure. Which means that I can't also be the attorney that brings charges against them in criminal court. It could be considered a conflict of interest for me to do both. There are judges that would find that as a prosecutor if I were to be criminal charges that I would only be doing so to help my civil case and at the very least the criminal charges would be thrown out and then the judge could also rule that the civil case be thrown out too and with prejudice which would mean the land grabbers would get everything that they wanted in court."

Walker then questioned her "so what do you plan to do about it? You're not going to abandon the tribe, are you?" Alex told him "Ranger Walker will you stop being such a stubborn mule headed jerk? What I'm planning on doing about it is to prosecute the case should Clark assign it to me and I think that I can get him to do that. As for your tribe Ranger Walker I will have an attorney that I know take over the case." "And how much will that cost?" Walker asked Alex who replied " Nothing and as a matter of fact this other attorney and I already talked this over just to be on the safe side. But we really shouldn't discuss this here. I'm going to be going to the reservation this weekend to introduce the new attorney to the tribal council so if you have any further questions Ranger Walker ask me them at the reservation this weekend if you're there then. Now Rangers as to the criminal investigation please continue looking for any and all connections between Perez, Boyleston and Gergley the State Attorney General. Jimmy, Ranger Walker you two might want to know that our former D.A. Crosby is now employed by Golden and Brazos, whatever that means. Please keep me advised on your progress."

Walker and Trivette stood up to leave but Alex requested "Ranger Walker do you have a minute?" Trivette said as he looked at his partner in warning to behave himself "I'll be in your outer office if you need anything Alex." After Trivette left her private office Alex told Walker "there are several things we need to discuss so I'll go first. Ray has told me that White Eagle wants me to bring the twins with me this weekend and of course I'm going to. If you're going to be there yourself along with your wife I would appreciate it if you two treated my children in a civil manner. They had nothing to do with the circumstances of their birth. Also I think the blood tests should be done discreetly and once the results are in I can have my attorney prepare papers that you've already agreed to sign stating that you won't go after custody of them. I will also have my attorney prepare papers that I'll sign giving you and your wife custody of John and Liza in the event of my death. Would you be willing to at least take them in should I die before they are adults? I do need to know that there's someone who would take them in should I die."

Walker answered "yes I would be willing to take them in but only if you die before they are adults. Miss Cahill I know that you don't believe a word that I say but I did not ask C.D. to bother you earlier today. I will not try to take the twins off of you. As long as there is breath in my body the children will remain with you, just so long as you're still breathing." Alex retorted "so you say but only time will tell. Now about the blood tests, I know that the Texas Rangers Company B. have a doctor on call. I was thinking that maybe he could do the tests that way no one will know you had a paternity test done. Of course I would pay him so the taxpayers aren't paying for the blood tests. Do you want to call him and ask about it or should I?"

Walker told her "Dr. Halpern should still be in his office. If you want to we can go there right now and get the tests done. I will pay for them because I'm the one who wants them done." Alex agreed to that and they went to Dr. Halpern's office where the blood was drawn for the paternity tests. After that was done he told Walker that he would put a rush on it and that he would have the results by the weekend. Dr. Halpern then wrote up a bill for Walker and he gave Dr. Halpern a check to cover the paternity test.

That evening when Walker got home Ellen said to him "I know that you're upset with me Cord but can't you see that I was only concerned about the twins? C.D. told me how mad you got at him at that A.D.A.'s office and well I must say you shouldn't have gotten mad at your old partner. Not when he was just trying to help us out. Cord I love you so much that I would do anything for you and that includes me taking in another woman's children. So how about we go to C.D.'s and thank him for trying to help us?"

Walker answered "we are not going to try and take Miss Cahill's children from her. As for C.D., what he did today was wrong and if you thought it was a good idea you were just as wrong as he was. As long as Miss Cahill is alive the twins will stay with her. Is that clear?" Not understanding that her husband was putting his foot down Ellen tried to get her way by kissing her Cord several times while telling him that she was concerned about his children was all and couldn't he change his mind. When that didn't seem to sway Walker to her point of view a now tearful Ellen told him "but Cord my darling you know it's the right thing to do. Why are you being so mean to me when I'm just trying to help you get your children away from that woman? Don't you love me anymore?"

For the first time in their relationship Walker ignored Ellen's tears as he said to her "that's enough Ellen. I told you that we weren't going to try to take Miss Cahill's children away from her and we're not. Drop it now." Ellen then sobbed "you really don't love me anymore. You want that tramp instead of me." When her husband didn't respond to that Ellen started really crying and ran upstairs to her bedroom slamming the door shut behind herself. Walker remained downstairs thinking over the fact that Ellen had tried to manipulate him with her tears then he wondered how many other times he had let her do it because she was his wife.

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Walker told Ellen that they were going to the reservation that weekend. Ellen told him that he could go there but that she wasn't because she was going to have lunch on Saturday with a fellow professor who was going to be in town for the weekend. Ellen then suggested that Cord go to the reservation another weekend and go to lunch on Saturday with her and her colleague. Walker stated that he was going to the reservation and that was final. Ellen said that she was going to lunch and that was final. The Walkers didn't speak to each other the rest of the week.

Over the next several days Trivette was able to find a few more ties between Boyleston and Perez but wasn't able to tie Gergley to Boyleston other than the fact that Gergley's uncle was one of the founding members of the firm Golden and Brazos, Titus Agustus Golden. Trivette began to wonder if somehow things were being run by someone who worked at Golden and Brazos. The more he thought about it the more convinced Trivette became that Golden and Brazos were involved in illegal activity but the question was how they were going to prove it.

Chapter Five

Alex entered Sharona's Souvenir Shop with her children then asked her "Sharona do you know where either Ray or White Eagle are at?" Sharona answered her "Ray asked that I show you to the guest cabin so that you could get settled in there. He also told me to tell you that he would visit you there in a little while. So if you can wait until I lock up my shop we'll be on our way." Alex assured Sharona that she could wait until she locked up her shop. After they were outside Sharona spotted a man sitting in the front seat of Alex's van and asked her "who's that?"

Alex motioned for the man to get out of the van and after he did so she proudly told Sharona "this is my father Gordon Cahill, Dad meet Sharona Wolf." After they shook hands Alex added "he's going to spend the weekend here with me." Sharona replied that it was always good to spend time with family then they went to the guest cabin where she handed Alex a set of keys then told her that she would see her later.

After they had unpacked Gordon said to his daughter "thanks for giving me another chance honey. I'm still not sure I deserve it." Alex answered her father "it was mother's dying wish that we make our peace with each other and more than anything I want to keep my word to her." Gordon pulled Alex into a hug as he vowed "I will never make you regret giving me another chance. I intend to make you and more importantly your mother proud of me."

Shortly after that there was a knock on the door and Alex opened it. Ray, White Eagle, Trivette and Walker were standing there so Alex invited them in then asked Walker "well are you ready to admit the truth now?"

Walker handed her the results of the paternity test as he answered "yes I am. Would you mind telling me their full names?" Alex said as she slipped the paternity test results into her blazer pocket "our son John is William Jonathon Cahill, William is of course what I thought your first name was. As to why I call him John it just seems right. As to our daughter, her full name is Erin Elizabeth Cahill but I call her Liza."

Gordon broke in at that point by asking his daughter "are you telling us that this fellow got you in the family way then didn't marry you?" Alex responded "Dad there is a lot more to the story but right now is not the time for me to tell you about Walker, Bill Dano and myself. I will tell you some time this weekend, okay?" Gordon not wishing to make a scene nodded his consent.

Alex then told Ray and White Eagle "Ray Firewalker and White Eagle meet Gordon Cahill your new attorney. Dad meet your new clients." The men said hello to each other. White Eagle then told Walker "Washoo it is time."

Walker turned to Alex and asked her "is it okay with you if White Eagle, Ray and I took the children with us to the council meeting?"

Seeing that Alex wasn't sure about it Trivette told her "trust me Alex. Walker isn't up to something. For some reason White Eagle, Ray and Walker need to appear in front of the council with your children before you and Gordon go in front of it. Don't worry you will be in the room at the same time your children are but please let them go first." Alex replied "okay but we will be right behind you."

Walker, White Eagle and Ray Firewalker entered the tribal council chambers with Alex's children. One of the tribal elders said "the child is John Firewalker come back to us. And you girl, what's your name?" Liza shyly answered "Erin Elizabeth." The tribal elder then told White Eagle "they are as you said." Then she looked around at her fellow council members who nodded in agreement so she formally stated "we are ready to welcome the newest members of the tribe."

By then Alex, Trivette and her father were in the council chambers, at the back of the room. Trivette laid a hand on Alex's arm and very quietly told her "just go along with it. It's very important to Ray." Alex nodded okay. At the front of the room White Eagle took John by the hand and declared "this one will be known as Raven, Eagle's son." He then placed his hand on Liza's shoulder as he stated "she will be forever known as Sunrise, Firewalker's granddaughter."

The tribal council's leader avowed "Raven and Sunrise are and were and always will be members of the people. Let it be noted." After that people either shook Walker's hand or slapped him on the back to congratulate him on the twins. A man who had been sitting there said as he stood up "now that quaint little custom is out of the way can we get down to business?"

White Eagle replied "state your business." The man was all but smirking as he answered "well for starters I suggest that you accept my offer before I pull it off the table and by the way the minute I leave here the offer is rescinded." Gordon asked him "and why should they do that Crosby?"

Crosby waved a legal document then stated "because they don't have legally valid representation. As a matter of fact anything the previous lawyer did on their behalf will be tossed out by the judge as will anything the new lawyer does. Would you like to know why Cahill?" Gordon kept quiet because he wanted to see what Crosby would say. Crosby went on "I've studied the bylaws for this reservation and according to them only someone who is a direct relative of a tribe member can represent the tribe. Here instead of me passing the document back to you I'll read the part that applies to this situation. It's very interesting, Section 2: In the event the people need help in the white man's court only a blood relative of a tribe member may represent the people in court. This relative must be either a sibling, parent or a grandparent of a tribe member. So that means even if you take over for daughter it's a moot point. Neither one of you are in any way shape or form related to anyone that's a current member of this tribe. Tough luck Cahill's. Now are you people going to step aside for my clients or do we have to go through the hassle of going to court even though we all know you're going to lose."

Alex moved to the front of the chambers along with her father then she stated "those two children that were just given their names by White Eagle are my children." Crosby sneered "so what? They have to be a blood relative to you, your father and a member of this tribe. That farce that just occurred doesn't change the fact that your children aren't really blood relatives to anyone from here."

With a half smile on his face Walker replied "they are my children and my name here is Washoo I am the son of John Firewalker and his wife Elizabeth. The man standing beside White Eagle is my uncle Ray Firewalker who raised me after the death of my parents. Alex's children are my children and we have the blood tests to prove it. Her father is my children's grandfather." Alex added in case the point had been missed by anyone "that means when I was the attorney of record for the people I was and still am related to members of this tribe. Gordon Cahill who's now the attorney of record is the proud grandfather to Raven and Sunrise. And as the attorney for the people Gordon Cahill will do whatever it takes to help them."

Crosby then sniped "even crawl into a bottle." Gordon retorted "not anymore. Not when I have two beautiful grandchildren who's heritage I will fight tooth and nail to preserve." Crosby gathered up his things and headed to the door but stopped just short of it and said "you can't fight tooth and nail if something happens to you." When Walker started towards him Crosby took off.

Saturday morning over breakfast Alex explained what had happened in Houston between her and Walker and the reason why he hadn't known about the children. After she was done Gordon asked his daughter "now that he's admitted to being the father do you think he'll go after custody of them?" Alex replied "even though his wife had a friend of her's by the name of C.D. Parker come to my office and ask me to hand my babies over to her Walker swears that the only way he'll take them in is if I were dead. I want to have papers drawn up stating that and also have papers drawn up that give custody of the twins to Walker in the event of my death. Will you do it for me? I need to know that if anything happens to me my babies will have a parent to look after them." Gordon told Alex that he would get started on that Monday morning.

That afternoon as they were walking around they ran into Trivette who was with Walker. Walker asked Alex "Miss Cahill can I talk to you?" Gordon suggested "how about I take them back to the cabin for you?" Alex said "Jimmy could go with you to help you. Isn't that right?" Trivette muttered "I guess so."

After they had left Alex looked at Walker who seemed at a lost for words so she questioned him "that ceremony where the twins were given tribal names, was that for legal purposes? Or were you really admitting in front of everyone that they are your children?" Walker replied "I know now that I am their father and I should have admitted it sooner. As for the legal reasons I did not know there was that bylaw in the charter."

"Okay so where do we go from here? I know that I told you that I wasn't going to hand my babies over to you and your wife but my children do have a right to have a father. I'm not sure how you would feel about this but in the future would you consider bringing them here on your own and as your children? After I feel that I can trust you not to run away with them of course." Alex told Walker who pulled a pouch from his pants pocket then answered her "if you're willing to let me bring them here then yes I want to. Uhm Miss Cahill I know that this ring isn't much to look at but I would like John to have it. Someday when he's older and meets a girl that he wants to marry he could give it to her as an engagement ring. It was given to my mother by my father when they got engaged. Would that be all right with you?"

Alex looked at the ring then exclaimed "who on earth told you this wasn't much to look at? It's beautiful and John would be honored to give it to a lady that he asked to marry him. And if she's worthy of him she will be honored to wear it. But Walker why isn't your wife wearing it? Shouldn't you have given it to her when you proposed to her?" Walker tonelessly replied "Ellen wanted her engagement ring to match her wedding band."

Alex then suggested "how about we slowly let you become a part of their life if you're interested. At first you can take them to the park on a nice day. After that we can go from there. I'll understand if you're not interested in truly becoming their father." Walker answered her "I'd like to get to know them. They are my children and I will be a good father to them."

"Okay then. I'll let you know when you can take them out." Alex told Walker then started to walk away. He lightly placed his hand on Alex's arm to stop her then said "Alex I wish that I could remember what happened between us in Houston. I am sorry that I hurt you."

"It really doesn't matter anymore. Does it? You have a wife now and all I have are memories that will have to last me a lifetime. That and two beautiful children whom I treasure each and every day." Alex honestly answered him then walked away from Walker who realized that Alex Cahill was the one who had been meant for him but that he would never know what it would be like to be with her because he had married Ellen.

Sunday evening Walker told Ellen that the blood tests proved that the children were his and they had been given their names by White Eagle. Ellen answered "Cord I really don't care what they are called. What I did care about was us raising them but you don't agree with me about that so whatever happens to them is no concern of mine." Walker then said to her "Ellen they are my children and I'd like to get to know them."

Ellen coldly replied "I just told you Cord that I no longer care. If you want to betray me and play Daddy to that tramp's children go right ahead. Just leave me out of it." Walker started to respond to that but choose not to because of how mad he was at his wife for being so cold about the twins. Walker then left his house to go for a horse ride. After he was gone Ellen called the man she had lunch with on Saturday and arranged to meet with him again.

Chapter Six

Monday morning on his way to work Walker stopped in C.D.'s and informed him "C.D., I'm only going to say this to you one time. Alex's children are my children. I am going to become their father. That means that you will treat their mother with respect. Alex was not responsible for anything that happened. Understand?" C.D. replied "I understand Cordell and I am sorry that I took it upon myself to go to Miss Cahill's office and suggest that she hand the children over to you and Ellen. It's just that Ellen was so worried about them having a proper home and I wanted to ease her fears about the children. I really thought I was helping the two of you out by doing what I did." Walker stated "Ellen is no longer interested in the welfare of my children."

He then left C.D.'s without another word. C.D. not quite believing what Cordell had told him about Ellen no longer being worried about the twins called her up and asked her. C.D. was stunned when Ellen bluntly told him "C.D. as far as I'm concerned that tramp and her illegitimate children can disappear off the face of this earth. It's not as if anyone would miss those brats either. Certainly not me. If Cord wants to play Daddy to that pair he's welcomed to. I want nothing to so with them, Cord's biological children or not." When C.D. tried to gently suggest that once Ellen got to know the twins she would feel differently about them she hung up on him. It was then C.D. began to realize that maybe Ellen wasn't as sweet as he thought she was and that Miss Cahill wasn't the bad person he thought her to be.

Later on that afternoon Alex was in her office going over the immunity papers for Boyleston when her secretary showed C.D. into her private office. Before Alex could say anything C.D. told her "Miss Cahill I am here to tell you that I'm sorry for the way that I talked to you last week. I was out of line and it won't happen again. Cordell told me that the children are his. Miss Cahill I want you to understand that I've always felt that Cordell and Ellen should be a couple and when you told Cordell about your twins I was worried that they would split up because of you. However that doesn't excuse the fact that I didn't let Cordell know you had called my place looking for Bill Dano. That is truly the one thing that I regret the most, if I had told Cordell about you calling there he would have called you back and would have been able to be their father from the beginning."

Alex responded "I want you to know Mr. Parker that I am not interested in coming between Ranger Walker and his wife. I have accepted the fact that Bill Dano is dead to me. But my children deserve to have a father so I will allow Walker to get to know them. Whatever kind of father he chooses to become is his choice, not mine." C.D. then said " Nor mine. Miss Cahill I also came here today to tell you that you and your children are welcomed in my place any time you want to come there."

After C.D. left Alex finished the paperwork then took it to D.A. Clark for his final approval. After reading it over he pointed to a paragraph then asked her "do you think it wise to word this paragraph like this?" Alex replied "if they object D.A. Clark I'll remove it but if they don't object once it's signed it's legally binding."

Clark snapped at her "I do know my law A.D.A. Cahill." Alex bit back a sharp retort and instead said that she would make copies for whoever had to sign them then set up the meeting. Clark dismissed her so Alex left his office and went to Ranger headquarters where she spoke to Walker and Trivette to inform them that Boyleston was going to be getting immunity and would soon be released from prison. Neither Ranger was very happy about it but they both realized that Alex couldn't stop the deal from going through because they still hadn't found the evidence that she needed. Before leaving Alex told them to continue the investigation. That if they turned up anything new she wanted to hear about it. The two Rangers agreed but they didn't think it would do any good at this point.

Two weeks later the meeting took place at D.A. Clark's office where all the forms were signed. After that was done the charges were formally dropped against Boyleston. After that Walker and Trivette along with Alex as a representative of the D.A.'s office interviewed him in a conference room at length about Sheila Perez, Gergley and the law firm of Golden and Brazos. Alex waited until after Walker and Trivette had interviewed Boyleston then told him to repeat everything that he had just told them. However when Boyleston was repeating what he had told the Rangers Alex stopped him several times to clarify aspects of his statement. When he was finally done giving his sworn statement to the Texas Rangers Boyleston said "God I thought I'd never be done with the way Blondie had me repeating things over and over again. But that's okay because I have the rest of my life to do with as I please. I'm a free man and none of you can ever arrest me again."

As soon as Boyleston was gone Alex looked at the clock and moaned "I didn't realize how late it was. I have to get my children from daycare then get them something to eat and I really need to finish this tonight." Walker suggested "how about Trivette and I go with you to get the twins then we can take them to C.D.'s to get something to eat? Then we'll bring them back here to you."

Alex replied "I'd like that just so long as you promise to bring them back to me." Trivette told her "we will bring them back to you Alex."

When Alex was picking her children up from the daycare center she introduced the staff to Walker and told them that he was the twins' father and could be an emergency contact for the children. They handed Walker a form to fill out which he did. As they were headed to Walker's truck Alex told her children "John and Liza you two know Uncle Jimmy is a Texas Ranger, right?" They said that they did so Alex added "well Uncle Jimmy's partner here is also your father Cordell Walker. Now he and Uncle Jimmy are going to take the two of you out for dinner while Mommy works awhile longer. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Both of the children said that they would like that.

When they got to C.D.'s with the children he made it a point to come out from behind the bar and greet the twins himself. Walker told the pair "this is C.D. Parker, he's a friend of mine and Uncle Jimmy." John asked "Mommy's too?" C.D. replied "I hope to be a friend of your mother's too son. Now how about we go over to that booth? After you two are seated I'll bring you some coloring books and crayons out for you to color in while I'm getting you something to eat." As they were eating Ellen came into C.D.'s and saw that her husband was there with the twins. She went to the bar and asked "C.D. how could you let them in here?"

C.D. replied "Ellen honey they are just young children. You have to keep that in mind." Ellen sniffed "I thought you were my friend C.D.?" C.D. answered while handing her a tissue "I am Ellen and you know that. Honey if you want to stay married to Cordell you are going to have to accept that he's going to be a part of their lives. You can do that much for him. Can't you?"

"Right now it's just too much for me to deal with C.D., in time I'm sure that I'll be able to handle the fact that he betrayed me with that tramp." Ellen replied then went over to the booth where she told Walker "Cord I just stopped by here to tell you that I'm going to be out of town for awhile."

Walker got up and led Ellen aside to question her "how long will you be gone? Where will you be staying at?" Ellen answered "I'm not sure, two or three weeks if not longer. I'll be staying with my friend like always. See you when I get back Cord."

Three weeks later Trivette was doing some research on his computer when he found a paper trail between Sheila Perez, Gergley, Boyleston and to his surprise former D.A. Crosby. Shining Star was listed as the parent company for a company that was also incorporated in Twyler Oklahoma and none other than former D.A. Crosby was listed as the principal owner. The minority owners were Boyleston, Sheila Perez and State Attorney Gergley who was prohibited by law from owning any business that was incorporated in another state. After showing the paper trail to Walker Trivette lamented "Damn it partner we discovered this information just a little too late."

Walker replied "why don't you show that to A.D.A. Cahill and see what she thinks?" Trivette did just that. When he returned an half an hour later Walker asked "well what did she say?"

A smiling Trivette answered "that we could pick up the arrest warrants for Perez and Boyleston in about ten minutes from now. Man Walker it looks like we'll be able to get at least Boyleston and Perez but it would have been nice to get Gergley and Crosby too." Walker agreed that would have been nice. As they were picking the arrests warrants up Alex told them "gentlemen the F.B.I. will be arresting Gergley and Crosby on racketeering charges. Joe Thomas whom you two knows runs the local F.B.I. office has been doing his own investigation of Gergley and Crosby got in touch with Clark's office a few weeks ago. Clark passed him on to me and after we met Thomas insisted that I not tell anyone about his investigation and that he wouldn't tell anyone about your's. Apparently there's been a leak in the F.B. I. field office that Thomas was also investigating. The leak turned out to be a secretary who is the sister of one of the secretaries for Augustus Golden, the founding member of Golden and Brazos. Joe Thomas said that he would brief the two of you after everything was wrapped up on his end. But right now you two will just be arresting Boyleston for perjury and Perez for aiding and abetting. That's just so we have them in jail while Thomas finishes his investigation. I want to assure the two of you by the time this is over with all four of them will be facing serious jail time in a federal prison."

After they arrested Boyleston and Perez the two Rangers decided to stop by A.D.A.'s Cahill's office. Once they got there they heard a man telling Alex that he was going to kill her for ruining his life. Walker kicked open the locked door while at the same second a gun shot was heard. Entering Alex's private office they found a man standing over a fallen Alex who had blood flowing from a chest wound. As Trivette slapped a set of cuffs on the man Walker dropped to his knees beside Alex and pleaded with her "don't leave me lady."

Half out of because of the pain of being shot Alex mumbled "you came back for me Bill...Walker I love you." Her eyes then closed as Trivette yelled for someone to call an ambulance. Walker still kneeling besides Alex looked at his partner with stricken eyes as he told him "I can't lose the mother of my children. I just can't." Trivette tried to assure his partner and himself at the same time by saying "she's tough. Alex will get through this. You'll see that I'm right Walker. I have to be right."