By 59 Katie 59

Chapter One

Wednesday morning Walker came into Rangers headquarters to find his partner James Trivette on the phone telling someone “I ordered two cakes, not one.”The other person said something so Trivette replied “No I won't take a birthday cake for a boy that has dancing princesses on it.”There was another pause then Trivette added “I can't give a little girl a birthday cake with racing cars on it either. Listen why can't you just make up both of the cakes like you promised me that you would? I already paid you for them.”After another pause Trivette stated “Fine I'll pay the difference when I pick them up Saturday afternoon. Just make sure that you have the cakes ready by then and they'd better be exactly the way that I ordered them."

Walker asked “Why are you ordering birthday cakes?”Trivette answered “For John and Liza's 3rd birthday party. Alex has already agreed that I could be in charge of the birthday cakes since I wasn't able to give them a proper birthday party last year like I had promised her that I would. But this year partner your children are going to have a birthday party to remember or my name isn't James Trivette."

Walker teased him “You forgot Texas Ranger.”Trivette responded “Man someone is in a good mood. Why are you so happy this morning?” Walker just smiled so Trivette knowing that Walker was thinking about his wife Alex told him “If you can get your head out of the clouds for a minute I want to show you this paper trail that I discovered. I was able to trace ownership of that coffee import business we busted during a drug raid Monday back to Hoddy. As in Howard D. Dyan the owner of that new night club Starfire over on Elmhearst that we think is more involved in those assaults on college coeds than just being the night club that they happened to be at before they were attacked. So do we go talk to him? Or should we ask the D.A.'s office for a search warrant?"

Walker answered “Why don't you call Alex and see what she thinks? She'll know if we have enough for a search warrant.”Trivette did just that. When he got off of the phone Trivette told Walker “Alex says that we don't have enough evidence. What she really needs is for someone to go undercover in the club and gather evidence. You and I are a little too old to pass for college kids. Maybe we should involve the police department in this one. They have to have detectives that could pass for college students."

“I'll call Captain Grear and set up a meeting. He's now in charge of the police detectives and he should be able to think of someone to go undercover at Starfire.” Walker said so Trivette replied that he would do some more follow up on his computer.


Walker went to Alex's office where her secretary Renee told him to go ahead in that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker was by herself. Walker entered his wife's office to find her standing by the window deep in thought. He walked up behind her and asked “What's the matter lady?” Alex pointed to a pasted together letter that was laying on her desk as she answered “I found that laying on my desk when I got back from filing a brief in the Herron case. I asked Renee if she knew who put it there but she said that she didn't. I've had threats from criminals that I was prosecuting before but this one seems more serious than some of the other ones. If you'll read it you'll see what I mean."

Walker leaned over Alex's desk and read the note which said


watch as they die


Walker hen saw two crude drawings of a boy and a girl with the initials of his two children listed below them on tombstones. Walker picked up the desk phone and called Ranger headquarters. When Trivette answered he told him to come to A.D.A. Cahill-Walker's office and to bring a crime scene team with him. After that was done Walker took his wife into his arms and vowed to her “Nothing will happen to our children."

Alex laid her head on his shoulder as she replied “I know that you will protect them but I just can't bear the thought of someone hurting them because of my job. When I was pregnant with them and that cretin Mac attacked me I came so close to losing them. After I knew that they would make it I vowed that I would protect them with my dying breath. I would give my life for theirs in a heartbeat.” Walker tightened his arms around Alex as he told her “I will keep my family safe from harm. No one is ever going to hurt a member of my family. You, John and Liza are everything to me and I'm not about to let anything happen to any of you. Got that lady?"

Alex looked up into her husband's eyes and told him “I love you too cowboy." Shortly after that Trivette arrived and Walker pointed to the desk. Trivette leaned over the desk and read the letter also. When he was done Trivette said “the C.S.I. team is on their way here. Does anyone know how that got there?"

Alex replied as she moved away from Walker “I found it laying on my desk when I got back here from filing a brief in the Herron case. I don't have any idea who betrayer is either and why this person is threatening my children. The biggest case that I have coming up is that D.U.I. manslaughter case against Donna Herron and that's pretty open and shut. As for my past cases, the only major one that I handled since I joined the D.A.'s office was the one involving Boyleston and he's backed off from his threats to have me killed. What about you and Walker? Is there anyone that you can think of who would threaten my children?"

Trivette said “no one that I can think of. Alex I hate to tell you this but this betrayer sent that letter to you as Cahill and the last initials of the children is a C. for Cahill instead of a W. for Walker on the tombstones. What I'm saying could this be someone from when you were a public defender in Houston?” Alex replied “most of the cases that I handled as a public defender were in night court. And that consists mostly of drunk and disorderly, prostitution and burglaries where the stuff that was stolen wasn't that much. In other words misdemeanors. Most of my clients paid a fine and were released that very night. I was never involved in any case that was a felony. Although there was this one case where the guy was accused of using his car to run over a neighbor. Yancey was his name and he asked for me to represent him but the head of the public defenders assigned someone else to the case and it was held for court on felony charges. I don't know what the outcome of the case was because I relocated here shortly after that."

“It gives us a starting point.” Trivette told her then left Alex's office. Walker stayed there until after the C.S.I. team had left. Later on that day Walker and Trivette were given a preliminary report by Alvarez who was the head of the C.S.I. team that had gone over Alex's office. Alvarez told the two Rangers that there had been no fingerprints on the letter and that the letters used to compose the letter most likely came from magazines and he doubted that they could be traced. And the glue used to attach the letters to the paper was a common brand that could be purchased just about anywhere. The paper was cheap printer paper that also could be bought at just about any store. As for the crude drawing all they could figure out about it was that it might have been drawn by a right handed person. But they weren't completely sure about that either. Alvarez also told the Rangers that if A.D.A. Cahill got any more letters like that to let him know in case who ever sent that letter got careless and left a clue the next time if there was a next time.

When it was time for Alex to get the twins Walker met her at her van and told her that he would take her to the daycare center. That she could leave her van there and he'd drive her back to work in the morning. As they were leaving the day care center Walker said that they were going to C.D.'s to eat then home. Since that meant she didn't have to cook Alex was fine with that. C.D. as usual fussed over the children. As the Walkers were leaving C.D. said to Trivette “I'm really starting to think that Alex is never going to treat me as a friend and really given what I did back then who could blame her?” Trivette told him "C.D. give it time. From what I know about Alex she doesn't trust easily and let's face it you did cause her some harm when you were trying to assure that Ellen and Walker ended up together. Yes I know that Walker and Alex are married to each other now but you're going to have to earn Alex's trust. You've made a good start on that by the way you now treat her children. Keep that up and Alex will become your friend in no time at all."

Later on after John and Liza were asleep for the night Walker and Alex were sitting on the porch swing watching as the stars came out. Walker brought up what Alex had said in her office earlier about almost losing the twins by asking her "just how close did you come to losing them?” Alex said as she got up and went over to the railing "very close. Walker after the beating I took while fending off that cretin Mac the doctor told me that most likely I would have a miscarriage in the next 24 hours. I had never been so scared in my life nor have I ever prayed so much. The next evening when I was still pregnant the doctor told me that I was one lucky lady and that he thought I was out of the woods but he kept me in the hospital for two more days to be on the safe side. After that I reduced the hours that I worked. When they were born I knew just how lucky I was that they made it."

Walker moved to stand behind Alex to say to his wife “what about the way that they look? There must have been some people who said things to you about the way they look so different. John looks just like my father did at that age according to my uncle Ray and Liza has my mother's red hair and your blue eyes. They don't look like twins at all.” Alex turned around to look at her husband then responded by saying "Cordell Walker I am proud that my son looks like his grandfather John Firewalker and I am also proud that my daughter has my eyes and your mother's red hair. I'm just hoping that they're not nearly as stubborn as their father is."

Walker kissed Alex then teased her “well I'm hoping that my children aren't nearly as hard headed as their mother is. So there.” Alex laughed and kissed her husband back then said to him "how about we turn in for the night? I want to show you something.” Walker thought that was a very good idea. When they were done Alex told her husband “now that I have a set of twins my next dream is to give birth to a red haired little boy that looks like his Daddy."

Walker replied “I'm hoping for a little blue eyed blonde girl that looks like her Momma.” Alex snuggled closer as she suggested “well you know cowboy we can always work on either one of our dreams whenever we want to. What do you say? Are you up to it?” Walker proved that he was up to it and then some.

Chapter Two

Thursday morning Walker and Trivette met with Captain Grear at police headquarters. Grear told them “I'm under as much pressure as the Texas Rangers are to solve those assault cases that seemed to be tied to Starfire. All we've been able to find out so far is that Starfire is owned by Howard H. Dyan, better known on the street as Hoddy. Have the two of you gotten any further along in your investigation that that?” Trivette answered “that coffee import business we raided for drugs on Monday is owned by Hoddy. I don't know if that's important or not at this point. The drugs that we found there were the usual, heroin, cocaine and of course marijuana. Nothing like what's being slipped into those coed's drinks. We don't have anyone who could go undercover there as a coed. Do you have any detectives that could go undercover at Starfire?"

Grear replied “I already have one as a server and another one working in the kitchen but both of them are men. Neither one of them have been able to find out who's slipping something into those coed's drinks. Hell we don't even know for sure that the victims are being drugged at Starfire. For all we know they're getting drugged after they leave Starfire. All I know is that we have to put a stop to it and soon. Any suggestions?” Walker suggested “what about a uniformed police officer? Can't you have one of them go undercover? We can be her backup."

“I contacted the chief of police about it and he said I could ask the uniforms if one of them would be willing to do it but he also said that he wouldn't force one of them to do it because of the risk involved. It's just a matter of time until one of the victims is killed. As it is the last two were worked over pretty good." Grear responded causing Trivette to say "how about we see what uniformed officers fit our needs for an undercover assignment at Starfire? Then we ask them do it. If they all turn us down we'll have to start over again but maybe one of them wants to be a detective someday and wouldn't mind getting a head start on that by helping us out with this."

Grear said “you know for a Texas Ranger you're not that bad at police work. I spent most of last night going over personal files to get us some preliminary candidates for the assignment. Here are their jackets, let me know what you think about them by this afternoon. After we've narrowed them down we can talk to these ladies and see if any of them would like to help us out.” Walker and Trivette each took some of the folders and started looking through them. Walker paused while reading a folder then tossed the folder to Grear as he said to him "she's what we need." Grear placed that folder aside with several he had then looked at Trivette who was still looking through his stack of folders. Trivette looked up as he told Grear “there are at least three in my stack that fit the requirements."

Grear told him “well then give me their jackets so that I can arrange for them to meet us say tomorrow morning at ten?” Walker said as Trivette gave Grear the three folders "here at ten is fine.” As the two Texas Rangers were standing up to leave Grear questioned them "by the way how is A.D.A. Cahill doing these days? Have things settled down for her?"

Trivette curtly replied “why do you want to know all that about Alex?" Grear answered as he held his hands up in surrender "sorry Trivette I didn't know you were interested in her like that. But I must say Miss Cahill is one fine looking woman. I sure wouldn't mind going out with her sometime."

Trivette told Grear “I'm not interested in Alex like that but you might want to watch what you say about Alex in front of my partner here. Alex is his wife and her name is now A.D.A. Cahill-Walker." Grear said "can't blame a guy for being interested. I will remember that she's married to Walker in the future. See you tomorrow morning Rangers."

Out in the hallway Trivette questioned his partner "does it bother you when guys talk about the way Alex looks in front of you? When the same guys act like they can get her or something like that?” Walker replied “Trivette I do know that my wife is beautiful. I also know that she will never be interested in any other man. Alex believes in keeping her promises."

To lighten up the mood Trivette then teased Walker “I still can't figure out how a cowboy like you was able to charm a lady like Alex into marrying you. What do you have that I don't? And don't tell me to ask Alex that one because I have and she had the nerve to tell me that you were it for her in the looks department. Although I will say that was when I understood the love is blind saying.” Walker just smiled so Trivette asked him “are you going to stop by Alex's office on the way back to headquarters?"

“No. Alex is in court most of today. After that she said something about meeting her dad at C.D.'s. Alex wants to ask C.D. something.” Walker answered his partner who then said “I know that C.D. did Alex wrong back then but he's really hoping that Alex will become his friend. Why don't you talk to her about it?” Walker changed the subject so Trivette dropped the matter.

Alex, her father Gordon Cahill and her two twins John and Liza entered C.D.'s and the server Stacey told Alex "C.D. said for me to tell you that he'd like to talk with you in the back room." Gordon assured his daughter that he could watch the twins while she spoke to Parker in the back room.

Alex went into the backroom and before C.D. could say anything she told him as she handed him an invitation “Walker and I want you to come to the twins' 3rd birthday party on Saturday at 3 in the afternoon." C.D. answered “I'll be there Miss Cahill."

“My last name is Walker now.” Alex pointed out to C.D. who then asked her “You took on Cordell's last name?"

"Of course I did after we were married. You were there when we exchanged our vows and I told everyone that from then on I would be Mrs. Walker while at home but that at work my title would be A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. When I'm home with my family I am very happy to be known as Alex Walker.” Alex responded then started to leave C.D.'s backroom when he said to her “I want to tell you again how sorry I am for what I did when you called here that time."

Alex replied “as far as I'm concerned the past is over and done with. Walker and I are happily married to each other and I'd like to think that Ellen is also happy with her George. I never wanted her to be hurt. You have to believe me when I tell you that." C.D. said “I do believe you and yes Ellen is happy being with George Yokum. I ran into them the other day and they are getting married soon."

Alex then held out her hand to C.D. as she told him “I trust you with my children's lives so is it all right with you if I call you C.D.? You can call me Alex." C.D. shook Alex's hand as he replied “it will be my pleasure to call you Alex. Now when you see that husband of yours tell him that I found his children the best birthday presents ever."

Alex said to him "C.D. I swear that you're just as bad as my father is when it comes to buying John and Liza things." C.D. replied “what else do you expect from two very proud grandfathers?"

A short time later Alex, her father and the twins were eating in their booth when Walker and Trivette came in and pulled up chairs by the booth. Walker snuck some of Alex's fries so she told him to get his own. Trivette got up and went over to the bar to order their lunch. After he placed the order Trivette asked "so C.D. what did you and Alex talk about?"

C.D replied “if you must know names Jimmy.” Trivette took that remark the wrong way and hurried back to the booth where he excitedly asked "so when is it due?"

Having no idea what Trivette was talking about Alex questioned him “what on earth are you talking about Jimmy? When is what due?” Trivette answered "come on Alex you know what I'm talking about, the little Walker that you guys are having. So to ask again, when is the baby due?"

After choking on her tea Alex told him "Jimmy I am not pregnant, at least as far as I know. Where did you get the idea that I was?” A disappointed Trivette answered “when I asked C.D. what the two of you talked about he told me names so I assumed he meant baby names."

"Jimmy, we were talking about what names to call each other and we decided that I would call him C.D. and he could call me Alex.” Alex explained to Jimmy said to her “I was really hoping to be a uncle again."

A smiling Walker wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders causing her to say "Jimmy you will be an uncle again before you know it. Walker is a great father and we plan to have more children. As a matter of fact we're working on that. Isn't that right honey?"

A blushing Walker answered “Alex did you have to say that to Trivette?” Alex kissed her husband on the cheek then told him "okay cowboy I'll keep quiet about the subject from now on. How's that?” This time is was Walker who did the kissing.

As they watched Walker take his family outside Gordon held his hand out to C.D. as he told him “if my daughter can let the past go so can I." C.D. shook Gordon’s hand relieved that they had finally been able to put the past behind them. After Gordon left Trivette said “I'm glad that you and Alex were able to work things out." C.D. replied “me too Jimmy. Alex said that she trusts me with her babies and the best compliment that I've ever been given." Jimmy said that he agreed with that then went outside and got in Walker's truck for the ride back to Ranger headquarters.

That night in their bedroom Walker brought up the way Alex had answered Trivette about her not being pregnant by asking her “Alex what did you mean when you told Trivette that you weren't pregnant as far as you knew?" Starting to undress Alex replied “my monthly is late but that's happened before so it doesn't mean that I'm pregnant. I do have a doctor's appointment coming up soon and I'll have her do a pregnancy test but most likely it will show that I'm not pregnant."

Walker told her “if you are pregnant, that's great. If you're not we can keep working on a baby or two.” Alex kissed him soundly then said “well then let's get busy on that right now."

Chapter Three

Friday morning at ten Walker and Trivette met with Grear in his office at police headquarters. After they sat down he told them as he pressed a button on his phone “I'll have them sent in now. After we talk to them maybe we can get started on that undercover operation." Grear then instructed his secretary to send in the five police officers. After the five entered the office Grear thanked them for coming then explained the situation to the women. As soon as he was done three of them told Grear that they were sorry but they weren't interested in going undercover anywhere. Grear dismissed those three then the men turned their attention to the two remaining officers. One of the officers said "Captain Grear I understand the situation and I'd be willing to go undercover at the Starfire nightclub but wouldn't it be better if two of us were to go undercover together? We could watch each other's back and at the same time we could also point out to someone who we think the perpetrator might be."

“Are you both willing to do that Officer?" Grear asked the officer who answered him “the name is Swanson, sir. Nicholette Swanson. Officer Cooke here and I discussed this on our way here. From department scuttle butt we know that we both fit the description of two different victims. We are both willing to do this. I want to be a detective someday and the way I figure it is this will give me a leg up when it comes to a promotion to detective."

Grear looked at Cooke who said “my name is Sydney Cooke sir. I want to be a Texas Ranger someday and this could only help me out with that. So when do we start?" Grear looked at the two Rangers so Walker told him “we can get started tonight. Trivette and I will be on stakeout outside of Starfire and you already have two detectives in position inside of Starfire." Grear said that sounded good to him so the five of them spent the next several hours finalizing the details of the stakeout and the undercover assignment. After that Swanson and Cooke went with the two Rangers to Ranger headquarters to get the paperwork done that temporarily assigned then to the Texas Rangers, Company B. Once that was done Trivette suggested that they all go get something to eat then asked Walker if they should stop and get Alex. Walker told him no so the foursome headed to the corner diner.

Alex came out of the bathroom that was attached to her office to find another letter on her desk. Alex went into the outer office and asked Renee if she had seen anyone go into Alex's private office but Renee told her that she had gone to the break room to grab herself sometime to eat. Alex then called Ranger headquarters, the receptionist told her that Rangers Walker and Trivette were at the corner diner with some police officer who had been temporarily assigned to Ranger headquarters. The receptionist asked Alex if she wanted her to call Ranger Walker at the corner diner but Alex told her not to. Alex then called the C.S.I. headquarters and asked to speak to Alvarez. Once he got on the phone Alex explained that she had gotten another letter from betrayer. Alvarez told her not to touch anything and that he'd be there in ten minutes with a unit.

When the foursome returned to Ranger headquarters the receptionist said to Walker "Ranger Walker, A.D.A. Cahill-Walker called here looking for you while you were out. She didn't say what she called for.” As Walker went to his desk to call Alex Trivette explained to the two officers that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker was Walker's wife.

Alex picked up the ringing phone in her outer office, it was her husband on the phone so she told him about the latest letter. Walker said that he and Trivette would be there in a couple of minutes. Wanting to talk to the two police officers a little more about their assignment Trivette told them to come with him and Walker.

Walker and the other three entered Alex's outer office. Alex was there and Alvarez was telling her “it looks pretty much the same as the first letter ma'am. I'll let you know if we find anything else out later. Ranger Walker I left a copy of the latest letter on the desk in case you wanted to see it."

After Alvarez left Walker followed Alex into her private office and picked up the letter to read it.


I’ll make you suffer

first just like $ @ $


As with the last letter there were two crude drawings of a boy and a girl on it and there were also two tombstones but instead of the children's initials the names they were known by were on the tombstones. Walker called Trivette in and he looked at it. After he was done Trivette asked “what are you going to do partner? We have that stakeout tonight but it's not a good time for you to leave Alex home at the ranch by herself. Do you want me to have Harland assign someone else to help me with the stakeout?"

Alex said “if you're staking out Starfire tonight you have to be there Walker. That rapist needs caught and soon. It's just a matter of time until one of his victims ends up dead. I can't have that on my hands and neither can you. I'll have the captain assign me some security for tonight.” Walker told his wife “Alex you and the children are what matters here."

Trivette interjected "how about we have C.D. spend the night at the ranch house? That way your family will be protected and we can still be on that stakeout. First thing Monday morning I'll start researching all of our old cases and Alex's old cases too. Then I'll see if either betrayer or that $@$ is tied to anything. It's kind of strange but betrayer must think it means something.” Alex looked at her husband as if to say 'it's your choice.' Walker reluctantly answered his partner "C.D. can stay at the ranch until I get there."

Trivette went back into the outer office while Walker called C.D. and explained what was going on. C.D. said that he could either meet Alex at the ranch or the daycare center. Walker said for C.D. to meet Alex at the daycare center then follow her home. After he hung up the phone Walker asked his wife “are you sure about this?” Alex replied “I'm very sure about this. I trust C.D. with my children and you know you need to be at that stakeout tonight. You have to catch that rapist as soon as you can and as much as I hate to admit I think betrayer intends to toy with me for a while and play on my fears. What I'm saying is that it's probably going to take us some time to figure out who this person is. I don't even have a clue where to start and I don't think you and Trivette know where to start either. So you go catch that rapist then you'll be able to concentrate of finding betrayer. Okay?” Walker pulled Alex to him kissed her then left her office.

During the stakeout Trivette asked his partner "do you have any idea what betrayer meant when he included $@$ in the latest letter?” Walker answered “no I don't Trivette but I do know one thing and that is when we find betrayer he will regret the day he was born."

“You know Walker it has to be someone that we know. Just think about it, John's legal name is William Johnathon Walker and Liza's legal name is Erin Elizabeth Walker. How many people would know that we call them John and Liza and that their last name used to be Cahill?” Trivette added but Walker didn't answer him because he was thinking the same thing himself.

Hours later at around two o'clock in the morning Walker elbowed Trivette awake as the night club began emptying out. Walker had already seen the two undercover cops leave the nightclub. Trivette sat up and tried looking through the crowd for both Cooke and Swanson. They spotted Cooke who was headed towards Walker's truck. Trivette rolled down the window to ask her “Where's Swanson at?" Cooke looked back as she answered "she was right behind me. Damn it Swanson did say something about getting sick to her stomach. Maybe she's still in the ladies' room. I'll go back in there and check." Cooke took off running back to the front of Starfire.

Walker and Trivette got out of the truck and followed her to the front door of the nightclub. The bouncer was there and he blocked Cooke's way as he told her "sorry club's closed." Cooke said “I think that my friend from college is still in the ladies' room. Can I please go in there to see if she's still there?"

The bouncer answered “no can do lady. There's no one in Starfire right now except for the manager and he gets pissed if anyone bothers him after the club is closed. Besides your friend probably left by another exit. Why don't you head home yourself? It's not safe for you to be out by yourself at this time of night.” Walker and Trivette who had caught up to Cooke flashed their badges and told the bouncer to step aside. Instead of stepping aside the bouncer took up a fighting stance. Walker kicked him in the stomach then the head dropping him. Inside of the nightclub they heard the sound of a man telling a woman "scream all you want to honey. There's no one here to hear you yell except for me and well I love it when you coeds scream. It turns me on big time."

The three of them hurried to the back room where they had heard the sound coming from. The door was locked but Walker kicked it open. Swanson was standing over a male in his mid to late twenties who was laying on the ground in a fetal position holding himself while moaning in pain. Swanson told him “you're under arrest.” Trivette cuffed the man as Cooke went to Swanson and asked her “are you okay?"

Swanson sat down on a crate as she answered “I think that someone better get me to the hospital. I feel like passing out.” Walker called an ambulance then Grear who said that he would meet them at the hospital and that a squad car would be arriving shortly to haul the suspect off to the county jail. Once Grear got to the hospital he checked on Swanson's condition then met with the other three in the hospital's E.R. waiting room. Grear said to them “the doctor said that Swanson should be okay since the drug appears to be wearing off. They're keeping her overnight to be sure. They don't know what drug was used yet. I'll know more tomorrow. Cooke I'll see to it that you're given a ride home. Rangers why don't you two call it a night? We can meet tomorrow at say 3 in the afternoon at my office to wrap this up."

Trivette told the police captain “make it Monday, tomorrow is Walker's three year old twins' birthday party and the both of us are going to be there." Grear replied “Monday at ten in my office is okay."

When Walker got to his house C.D. was asleep on the couch so Walker woke him up long enough to lead C.D. to the downstairs guest bedroom to sleep in. After making sure that the house was locked up Walker then headed upstairs. After checking on his children Walker went into his bedroom and got undressed in the dark then he slipped into bed with his wife who moved into his arms as she sleepily asked him "how did it go?” Walker answered “we got him. Go back to sleep lady.” Walker pulled Alex closer causing her to fall asleep again then he joined her knowing that his family was okay.

Chapter Four

Saturday morning Alex came down the steps at her ranch house and headed to the kitchen to get the coffee started. C.D. was already in the kitchen and he told her “the coffee is already done.” Alex got herself a cup of coffee then said to him "C.D. I'd like to thank you for staying over here last night. If you hadn't stayed over here I don't think Walker would have gone out on that stakeout. Walker and Trivette really needed to be on that stakeout too. As a matter of fact they got him last night."

“Well that's good then. Now all the two of you have to worry about is the twins' birthday party." C.D. replied but Alex told him "didn't Walker tell you about my stalker?" C.D. shook his head no so Alex added “I've gotten two threatening letters. In both of there are tombstones under crude drawings of a boy and a girl. Both of them are addressed to me as Cahill and they are both signed betrayer. The first letter said watch as they die and had my children's old initials on the tombstones. The second one said I'll make you suffer first just like $@$ then it had the nicknames for the children. I have no idea who this betrayer could be and the $@$ thing puzzles me even more. Do you have any ideas who it could be?"

C.D. answered “I have no idea who it could be Alex. I don't ever remember Cordell and I working a case that involved that $@$ thing. Is there any chance it could be one of yours?” Alex replied “I don't think so but I don't really know. Listen C.D. if you can and Walker will let you please help him with this. He might not see things clearly because our children are being threatened."

“I'll be glad to do that Alex. You just rest easy Cordell will catch that betrayer in no time at all." C.D. told Alex who said to him “why don't you stay for a while? I can at least make you breakfast to thank you for helping Walker and I out last night."

C.D. who had been looking out the kitchen window turned around to face Alex then answered her. “no need to thank me Mrs. Walker. I have to be going right now. Tell Cordell that I'll see him later at the little ones third birthday party." C.D. then rather quickly left the ranch house. Alex who thought C.D. had left the house rather quickly wondered to herself if maybe C.D. did know something about betrayer but then she thought that over and decided that maybe she had over reacted to the manner in which C.D. had left the ranch house. After all he had spent the night at the ranch instead of at his bar and that maybe he was just in a hurry to get back to it to see if things had gone okay at his place of business.

When she mentioned that to Walker later he told her that most likely C.D. was just in a hurry to get back to his bar and get started on another batch of chili. Alex laughingly agreed with her husband about C.D. and his obsession with cooking chili.

During the birthday party everyone but C.D. seemed to be enjoying themselves so Alex asked him "C.D. is there something the matter?" C.D. replied “I always thought that it would be Cordell's and Ellen's children’s who's birthday parties I would be attending is all."

Alex looked at Walker who had overheard C.D. but Walker didn't respond to what he had said so Alex changed the subject by saying “I think that it's time for them to open their birthday presents.” As John and Liza were opening their presents C.D. turned away from them. Not wishing to make a scene Alex did her best to ignore C.D.'s change in attitude towards her children. After the presents had been opened Alex said that she would go get the cake and ice cream ready to serve but Trivette objected “wait a minute C.D. hasn't given them their presents yet. What did you do C.D., forget to bring them?"

“I didn't forget to bring them because I didn't buy them anything for their birthdays. I would have if they were Ellen's children but they're not so no presents from me." C.D. coldly answered Trivette upsetting everyone. An angry Alex questioned him “what ever happened to you wanting to become my friend? I thought that you wanted to be their grandfather? Isn't that what you've been saying to me? C.D. what did they ever do to you that makes you treat them this way?"

“They didn't do a thing. It's just that they aren't Ellen's children and that's not right. I'm sorry Mrs. Walker but that's the way that I feel. I just can't be a party to what's been going on here. Cordell, you and Ellen were happy until Cahill came to town with those two. Now the two of you are divorced and you've married that woman. Hell even Ellen has convinced herself that she belongs with that Yokum fellow. Everything is just so wrong and there's no way to make it right ever again." C.D. explained stunning everyone who was there. Walker told him “if that's the way you feel C.D. leave now and don't come back."

C.D. went and got into his car and was leaving the ranch when he slammed on his brakes got out of the car and handed Cal the ranch foreman who was by the barn an envelope. After getting back into his car C.D. floored it away from the ranch. Cal then brought the envelope to where everyone was at and handed it to Alex as he told her "C.D. said for me to give you this Miss.” Alex knowing that he was leaving something out asked him “who exactly did he tell you to give this to Cal?"

Cal reluctantly answered "he said for me to give it to that betrayer Cahill. I'm sorry Mrs. Walker but that is what C.D. told me.” Alex nodded okay so Cal went back to the barn where he had been tending the horses. Alex opened the envelope, inside of it was another letter again addressed to Cahill with two crude drawings of a boy and a girl and it was signed betrayer. The letter said


the time for games is

over it's time for you

to pay through them.

they will die and you

will know my pain


p s


A shaken Alex handed the letter to Walker who read it over then handed it to Trivette. Gordon asked as Trivette went into the house to call Alvarez “Why on earth is C.D. threatening Alex and my grandchildren?” Walker answered “I have no idea Gordon. But I intend to put a stop to it, one way or the other. Alex and my children will never be hurt by anyone. As long as I'm breathing I will protect my family."

Gordon then said "do you want to hire security for them while you're at work? It won't be a problem for me to do that.” Alex answered her father "Dad for now Walker and Jimmy will handle it. If things change you will be the first to know. Isn't that right Cordell Walker?"

Walker replied “Yes it is Mrs. Walker. Now how about that cake and ice cream?” Alex went and got the cake and ice cream ready for their guests to eat. A short time later Alvarez showed up and took the letter off to be examined. Trivette who stayed behind after Gordon left made a point in telling Alex "something is very wrong here Alex. C.D. would never ever threaten you or Walker's children. There has to be something going on that we don't know about."

Alex told him “I really hope that you're right Jimmy because I was really starting to trust C.D. and I thought he was sincere about wanting to be like a grandfather to my babies. But I just don't know now what's going on with him.” Trivette said that he understood the way she felt then he too left the ranch.

Trivette as soon as he left the Walker's ranch headed to C.D.'s bar to confront him but C.D. told him "don't bother saying anything to me Trivette. I feel the way that I feel and that is all there is to it. Got that?” When Trivette hesitated to answer Riley a former Texas Ranger called out "hey Trivette don't tell me that Cahill has charmed you too? What does that broad have that causes you and your partner to act like love struck fools?"

C.D. snorted "one guess Riley and it starts with a b.” Then both men starting laughing so Trivette told them “you're disgusting, the both of you. I can understand you being that way Riley because you've always been a sexist jerk. But you C.D., what's the matter with you?" C.D. replied “I saw the light Ranger Trivette.” Trivette thinking that C.D. was just playing along with Riley for some as yet unknown reason told the both of them off then left the bar.

Hours later after the children were asleep Walker started his shower and Alex joined him in it. Alex grabbed a wash cloth and lathered it with soap and motioned for her husband to turn around. As she was washing Walker's back Alex asked him “What's going on with C.D.?” Walker answered her “I don't think C.D. means them harm. I think there's a reason he's acting like he is that we don't know about yet. Alex trust me on this one. C.D. would rather die than hurt my children. We will find out what's going on and whoever is behind it will pay for it.” Alex replied “I trust you Cordell and I do want to believe in C.D. and I know you will find out whoever is behind it and make them pay dearly. In the meantime would you mind turning around? I need to do the front of you too."

Walker turned around took the wash cloth out of his wife's hand threw it over his shoulder then pulled Alex into a deep kiss. When they were done Alex suggested "how about we head to bed?” Walker agreed with his actions.

Chapter Five

Monday morning at ten Walker and Trivette met with Grear, Swanson and Cooke in Grear's office. After everyone was seated Grear said to the others “the man who drugged Swanson and then tried to attack her at Starfire is the nephew of Hoddy's wife. His name is Wesley E. Nielsen and he became the manager of Starfire about a month ago. That's around the same time that the assaults started taking place. When we contacted Hoddy about his wife's nephew and what we suspected he had been doing at Starfire Hoddy stated that he knew nothing about it and that as far as he was concerned his nephew by marriage was no longer employed as the manager of Starfire and that his lawyer would be in contact with me shortly. After that Hoddy's lawyer called my office to inform me as the man in charge of the Dallas Police Department Detectives that they would fully cooperate in the investigation of the assaults that had been committed by one Wesley E. Nielsen and that no one from their firm would be representing Nielsen as he was no longer employed by Starfire. That in fact Nielsen had only been given the job because Hoddy's sister in law had bugged his wife who was her sister until her son was given the job of managing Starfire. I had some of my detectives go to Starfire yesterday morning and do the follow up investigation. When they came back my detectives told me that everyone at Starfire had gone out of their way to cooperate with the investigation. They even gave the detectives copies of payroll records that showed what nights Nielsen was at work and they were able to place Nielsen through the payroll records at Starfire when each of the assaults occurred. After interviewing all the staff who were at Starfire on their morning off by the way, the detectives concluded that most likely Nielsen had been the only person involved in the assaults. We don't have the D.N.A. results back yet but when we do I'll let you know if he's not a match. As for the bouncer who tried to stop you from going back into the club he signed a sworn statement saying that Neilsen paid him an extra $500 in cash that night to keep anyone from going back into the club after it was closed. To a person the staff considered Nielsen to be a weenie and most of them thought he had only gotten the job because he was related through marriage to the owner. Most of them said that they called Nielsen weenie boy behind his back. As for the drug that was used on Officer Swanson it was a prescription drug that's meant to be a quick acting sedative and Nielsen had a prescription for it. I'm sorry Rangers as much as I hate to say it there's nothing that ties the assaults to Hoddy so we can't get him on this one. Nielsen hasn't made bail yet and without Hoddy's money to bail him out he's most likely not going to. Maybe after a few days in the county jail he'll confess to his crimes. Ranger Trivette my office will forward to Ranger headquarters copies of everything that we have in this case. Any questions?"

Trivette answered “none that I can think of right now other than are you okay Officer Swanson?" Swanson answered him “I'm fine Ranger Trivette.” Then she addressed her boss by asking "Captain Grear can I go back on duty now?"

Grear replied “Yes you can Officer Swanson, you too Officer Cooke.” The two police officers left Grear's office. After they were gone Grear said to Walker "Ranger Walker if I offended you the other day with the way I talked about A.D.A. Cahill, I'm sorry. I didn't know that she was now your wife."

Walker answered "speaking of my wife, if you have the manpower I would like you to assign someone to keep an eye on her while she's at work. Alex has gotten three threatening letters so far and the last one said that she was going to be killed. I'll take care of her when we're at home but when we're at work I'll need somebody to watch out for her without being obvious about it. Any of my fellow< Texas Ranger would stick out like a sore thumb around her." Grear without asking any questions pressed the button for his secretary and when she was on the phone told her to go and catch both Office Swanson and Officer Cooke and have them return to his office. After that was done the copies of the threatening letters were given to Grear who looked them over.

Cooke and Swanson returned to Grear's office where he explained to the pair that they would now be watching over A.D.A. Cahill-Walker while she was at work due to threatening letters she had received but that they had to do it discreetly. Swanson said to her boss "Captain I usually fill out the reports for my partner and myself so I could be undercover in A.D.A. Cahill-Walker's office as a staffer with no one being the wiser."

Cooke spoke up to say “I took several courses in college on how to be a law clerk. I could probably do that for A.D.A. Cahill-Walker during the duration of the assignment." Grear looked at Walker who told him “that's fine. Trivette will work on your covers then bring you to meet A.D.A. Cahill-Walker in her office."

Walker went to his wife's office where the secretary told him to go straight in. Walker seeing that Alex was working on a brief told her “you're going to be getting some security assigned to you until I catch betrayer. Trivette is setting up their covers then he'll bring them here.” Alex got up from her desk and went to her husband as she said "okay because this thing has gotten me a little on edge. I know that you still have a job to do and so do I but I can now put my mind at ease knowing that there will be someone watching out for me when I'm at work and when I'm home I'll have my very own Texas Ranger watching out for me.” Walker pulled Alex into a brief hug then kissed her before stepping away causing Alex to teasingly tell him “mister you will do a lot more than that when we're at home later on. Got that?"

Walker’s only answer was that little half smile he gave to only his wife. He then explained to her what Trivette had told him about the way C.D. had acted when he had confronted C.D. at his bar after the birthday party. Alex replied “I hope that you and Jimmy are right when you say that C.D. is just playing some sort of role in an effort to help us out. But I have to tell you Walker that if he's hanging out with Riley that's not a good thing for C.D. to be doing. Riley is a very dangerous man to be paling around with."

“Alex everyone knows that Riley was tossed out of the Texas Rangers because of what he did during the Harris investigation.” Walker was telling his wife when she shook her head no then informed him “that was the official reason given but it wasn't the real reason that Riley was thrown out of the Texas Rangers and why no police department would ever take him on again. Clark made a deal with Riley that let him get bounced from the Rangers but also allowed Riley to keep his pension and his medical benefits, Riley's estranged wife is battling ovarian cancer and if the whole truth about what Riley had done were revealed he would most likely be up on some very serious charges and his wife would lose her medical coverage."

Walker asked her “what are you talking about Alex?” Alex replied "Riley during the Harris investigation did a lot more than compromise it by engaging in a relationship with Harris while he was investigating her. He destroyed a lot of the evidence against her then when things soured between the two of them Riley confronted Harris in an empty parking lot and attempted to kidnap her at gunpoint but luckily for her a patrol car drove by at that point so he took off. Riley did get to Harris a few days later in an alley and well he gave her a beating among the other things he did to her. Harris' life was only saved because a bar owner happened outside then and came upon Riley as he was getting ready to finish her off. The bar owner was C.D. Parker and I was assigned to the case, I pushed hard to try Riley on everything that I could think of to charge him on but once Clark agreed to the deal because of the estranged wife's needing medical coverage I had no choice but to go along with it. Walker, she's dying from the ovarian cancer but she does need her medical coverage. Without medical coverage the poor woman will be in agony until she dies. As it is she's not going to live more than a month or two. After that if Riley steps out of line again D.A. Clark has agreed to throw the book at him. Harris as soon as she was out of the hospital left town. Riley at one time swore vengeance on C.D. but since they are hanging out together I guess that's no longer the case. As for me Riley was always telling anyone who would listen that he would have me, one way or the other. That was until we got married, after that Riley kept his mouth shut about me. Riley as you know became a Texas Ranger in San Antonio but he shouldn't have, not with his record of police brutality. Although none of the victims ever testified against him, they all said off the record that if they did he would kill them. I found all that out when I received a sealed file on him from the justice department, off the record of course. D. A. Clark knows about it but I'm not sure that Harland knows about anything that happened in San Antonio and I can't tell him without blowing my source. You can't either for the same reason."

Walker answered "C.D. and I are going to have a talk about what's going on. As for Riley, he's never going to get near you.” Alex nodded okay and returned to her brief. Shortly after that Trivette came in with Cooke and Swanson who had changed into street clothes and explained to Alex what their undercover roles would be while they were assigned to protect her. Both of them said they could do the jobs their undercover assignment required them to do so Alex got them started on that. Trivette went back to Ranger headquarters while Walker went to C.D.'s where Riley was hanging out. During their brief conversation C.D. was able to let Walker know that he was just going along with Riley in the hopes of getting something on him. Walker in an effort to boost C.D.'s cover growled at him "say anything about my wife again Parker and you're a dead man, same goes for you Riley."

That evening in their bedroom Walker told Alex about C.D. just leading Riley on in the hopes of getting something on him but Alex replied that she hoped it didn't cost C.D. his life because Riley didn't have anything to lose now that his wife had left him and he was no longer a Texas Ranger. Walker changed the subject by asking "so what were you telling me in your office that I had to do a lot more of when we were home?” Alex wrapped her arms around her husband's neck as she answered "kiss me with everything you've got cowboy.” Walker did that and then some. After they were done a very happy Alex told him “you are one hell of a man Cordell Walker."

Walker responded “and you Mrs. Walker are one hell of a woman. I love you lady, more than you'll ever know.” Alex soundly kissed her husband then told him "let me show you how much I love you Cordell.” Walker let his wife show him how much she loved him.

Chapter Six

Friday afternoon as she was working on a brief Alex answered her ringing phone. Swanson who was in Alex's private office with her heard Alex say to the caller “I understand what you're saying but you need to give me a few minutes so that I can do what you want me to do Judge Ireland.” There was a pause then Alex replied “I'm trying to get that to you as quick as I can. My file clerk is going to have to get that information for me before I can bring it to you. Can you give me ten more minutes to do that?” After another minute Alex said “I'll see that it's done in the next ten minutes.” Alex hung up the phone then told Swanson “I need you to go to Madge and see who Clark has assigned the B. Birde case and the Brighter Horizon case. I wouldn't ask you to do this with Cooke out of the office filing that brief for me in the Heron case but Ireland is very insistent that those two items be taken care of right away and I have to finish this brief. I got behind on it because of my doctor's appointment. If you're worried about me being here by myself, don't be. I'm going to lock the door just as soon as you leave. I won't unlock the door until either Cooke or you return. I swear that on my father's grave."

Swanson reluctantly answered that she would go see Madge for Alex after getting Alex to promise yet again that she wouldn't leave her private office until either Cooke or herself returned. As soon as Swanson left her private office Alex called up the daycare center to check on her children but they weren't there. Alex wasted no more time and quickly left her office to meet the person who had just called her saying that he had her children with him.

At Ranger headquarters the receptionist told Walker that someone from the child care center was on the phone so Walker took the phone call. The woman said to him "Ranger Walker, I don't know if my supervisor did the right thing when she let that former Ranger C.D. Parker pick up your children. It didn't seem right to me so I called Ranger headquarters to talk to you because I couldn't get a hold of the children's mother. Please Ranger tell me that the children are with Mr. Parker and that I'm making something out of nothing.” Walker told her “I'll be there in a couple of minutes.” After hanging up Walker explained to Trivette what was going on and they went to the child care center. Once they got there the shift supervisor said to Walker "really Ranger Walker Tracey here shouldn't have called you to check up on who you had pick up your children."

Walker asked her “where are my children at?” The supervisor answered “I would guess with C.D. Parker since you had him pick your children up."

Trivette questioned her “what did this C.D. Parker look like? Was there anyone with him?” The supervisor getting the idea that something was wrong answered "he was by himself. As to what he looks like, we have a hidden camera that snaps a picture every time someone opens the door to the room where we release the children to an approved pickup person. If you'll come with me to my office Ranger Walker I can show you who picked up your children."

They went into the supervisor's office where she scrolled through the pictures then pointed to one as she told them “there that's C.D. Parker who picked up your children.” Trivette said to his partner “I'll use another phone to call Harland. You can use this one to call Alex.” As Walker was picking up her phone to call his wife the supervisor asked them “If that isn't Mr. Parker then who is it?"

"Riley, the man who just kidnapped my partner's children from your daycare center.” Trivette told her then went looking for another phone. Walker called his wife's office and asked to speak to her but Renee said that she wasn't there but that both Swanson and Cooke told her that if Ranger Walker called they needed to speak with him because A.D.A. Cahill-Walker had given them the slip. Walker told her to put one of them on now.

Swanson took the phone and explained to Ranger Walker that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker had convinced her that she needed to go to Madge and see who D.A. Clark had assigned both the B. Birde and the Brighter Horizon cases to because Judge Ireland was insisting that she get that information to him. Swanson also told Walker that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker had sworn to stay in her office on her father's grave. Walker stated that neither one of them were to leave A.D.A. Cahill-Walker's office until they had given their statements to the Texas Rangers. That most likely his wife had gone on her own to meet the man who had kidnapped their children from the daycare center, a former Texas Ranger named Riley.

Hours later C.D. Parker came into Ranger headquarters with the twins. Walker grabbed him by the shirt collar and demanded “why did you help Riley take my children from the daycare center?" C.D. answered “I didn't Cordell. Riley brought them to rear door of my bar about an hour ago and asked me to hide them out in my back room until the heat was off of him for kidnapping them. As soon as the coast was clear I brought them here. Look if you don't believe me I have the entire conversation on tape. Cordell I let Riley think that I agreed with him about Alex because I wanted to get enough on him so that he could be arrested for threatening Alex and your children. He's betrayer and I now have the proof for you to arrest him."

Trivette asked "do you know what he did with Alex?" C.D. replied “what do you mean, what did he with Alex? She's in her office waiting for you to return the children to her. Isn't she?"

"C.D. we think Riley called Alex and she went somewhere to meet him because he had her children.” Trivette told the former Ranger stunning him. C.D. then vowed “I will find her for you Cordell, if it's the last thing that I do. I swear."

Trivette told him "C.D. just explain to us why you decided to play along with Riley instead of coming to either one of us." C.D. explained “when I was in the kitchen with Alex that morning after I stayed at the ranch to keep an eye on her she was telling me about the letters she had gotten from betrayer as I was looking out the window. Riley was standing by the barn with a high powered rifle. I quickly went outside to confront him but once he started talking I knew that I had to be very careful how I handled things. Riley was talking about how he could kill Cahill anytime he wanted to with his rifle. Then he told me that he was having so much fun sending her the threatening letters that he didn't quite want the fun to stop yet. So I told him that I knew what he meant because it was a hoot to watch her suffer like that and it would be nice if he didn't end things too soon. Cordell I only said that because I was trying to think of a way to get Riley to back off from his plans to kill Alex during the twins' third birthday party. He told me that if I helped him send her another letter he would let her live awhile longer. After that it seemed like Riley was testing me to make sure that I wasn't on your side Cordell, which of course I was. Riley let something slip one time about how Alex had cost him some money but that it was okay because he knew how to get that money back since money was always at money, whatever that means. Riley also thought that it was clever of him to call himself betrayer when in fact you were the one who was a betrayer. In his words Cordell first you betrayed your Ellen for that tramp Cahill then you betrayed him during the Harris investigation. I'm sorry Cordell."

Trivette then asked "do you have any idea at all where he could have taken Alex to?" C.D. answered “I have no idea where he's got her at and I wish that I did." Swanson and Cooke who had just entered Ranger headquarters came over to them as Cooke said “we might have an idea or two about that. The two of us went through that sealed file A.D.A. Cahill-Walker had on Riley and while most of the things he did were in San Antonio Riley was arrested in Dallas for backhanding the mayor's son at a strip club he was working security for. The strip club was called Gentlemen's Grotto. It's now closed but Riley is one of the guards assigned to patrol it. As for the other idea, Riley's estranged wife is now in hospice and he's been living in her house. Neighbors were complaining about him doing some kind of work in the basement late at night a couple of days ago. We have both addresses with us."

Walker said "C.D. you take my children to the ranch and don't leave there until I bring their mother home. Trivette you take the strip club and I'll take the estranged wife's house.” Trivette answered okay. Swanson then suggested "Ranger Walker you and Ranger Trivette might both need a female police officer with you if...well if Mrs. Walker has been hurt."

Cooke went with Trivette and Swanson went with Walker. At the estranged wife's house Walker went to the rear of the house and took out a glass cutter which he used to cut a hole in the locked basement window. He then reached in and unlocked the window. After that Walker slid into the basement followed by Swanson. Just then they heard the sound of footsteps coming down the basement steps and a man's voice calling out "sweet thing you'd better be feeling better because it's time for the game to end and for me to collect my reward for outsmarting that husband of yours and that idiot Parker. And even if you try throwing up again to stop me from getting my reward I'll just shove something in your mouth and still do what I want to you."

Walker motioned towards what looked to be a storage room with padlock attached to the door frame so Swanson nodded okay that she understood and would head to the locked storage room. Walker reached though the open steps and yanked on Riley's foot causing him to fall down the last two steps. Riley righted himself and took up a fighting stance as he told Walker “I had your wife and just as soon as I kick your ass I'll have her again.” The fight lasted less than a minute. As Walker was cuffing Riley Swanson led a very pale looking Alex towards her husband then she said as she started up the stairs “I'll call it in."

Walker sat Alex on the steps as he questioned her “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Fighting off a queasy feeling in her stomach Alex answered “no he didn't hurt me but he was trying to when I threw up all over him. He got mad because I ruined his plans and threw me in that storage room then locked the door while telling me that one way or the other he would do what he wanted to me. And no I'm not feeling okay but it has nothing to do with him. Please take me home to my children. The paperwork can wait for tomorrow. Can't it?"

"Lady if there's something wrong with you I need to take you to the hospital.” Walker objected but his wife firmly stated “I am not going to the hospital Cordell Walker." Seeing the concerned look on her husband's face Alex softened her tone and added “I know what's wrong with me. I saw Dr. Stine earlier today and I promise to tell you what it is just as soon as we're home."

Walker took Alex outside to his truck sat her in it then went back into the house and told Swanson to handle things there that he was taking his wife home and for her to tell Ranger Trivette that Alex hadn't been hurt.

At the ranch house Alex thanked C.D. for watching her children then showed him the door saying that she and Walker would stop by his place tomorrow evening with the children and they could talk about things then. C.D. replied that was okay with him and left. Walker settled Alex on the couch then asked her "so why were you sick?"

Alex with a huge grin on her face told Walker "get used to my being sick because I'm having morning sickness. As you know I asked Dr. Stein to do a pregnancy test and it came back positive. So that means one of our dreams will be coming true in another six months or so.” Walker kissed Alex soundly then said "how about both of them coming true? If there's only one right now I can plant another one in there."

Alex chastised him "behave dear.” Walker answered “I will until they are asleep.” After the children were asleep Alex informed her husband “I'm going to be bad tonight, tomorrow night is your turn.” Walker after being assured by Alex that they could still do that went along with her plans for them. After they were done Walker asked her “why did you leave Swanson and Cooke behind when you met Riley?"

Alex sat up turned on her bedside light then explained “I gave them the slip because Riley told me that I brought anyone with him he would kill my babies. Somehow Riley knew about Cooke and Swanson being assigned to protect me while I was at work. Cordell he also told me that he would know if I called you to let you know what was happening. When I got to where he was at Riley dragged our daughter out of his car by her hair as he told me that if I didn't do exactly what he said he would slit her throat. Walker I was so scared for their safety I told him that I would do whatever he wanted me to do if he would let them go. Riley opened his trunk and told me to get into it. The twins by this point were crying so I told them that Mommy was playing a game with him and that he would be dropping them off at C.D.'s. Riley then said he would drop them off at C.D.'s because he didn't want them around while he was having his fun with me, plus he thought you would find the children there and kill C.D. for kidnapping them. I'm so sorry Cordell I should have found a way to get in touch with you."

Walker pulled Alex into his arms to question her "did you really get sick at that house? Or did Riley hurt you before I got there?” Alex pulled back a little so that she could look into Walker's eyes as she replied “Yes I was sick at that house. No Riley didn't hurt me. He did try to but when I threw up on him it ruined things for him. Riley yelled at me that I was a pig then he threw me in that basement storage room. You arrived in time to stop him from hurting me."

Walker responded “thank God. Alex you need to know that for the first time since my parents died I know what it's like to be loved unconditionally. You have always loved me for who and what I am. You are the only person that has ever loved all of me. You lady show me over and over again that you will always be there for me no matter how stubborn I get about things. I love you Alexandra.” After wiping a few tears away Alex said “you Cordell have also shown me what it's like to be loved unconditionally. I love you more each day."

Walker then gently laid back down in the bed with his wife secured in his arms. Alex laid her head on her husband's chest as she thought to herself 'you are truly a lucky woman to find a man like him to love for the rest of your life.' Walker was thinking to himself about how lucky he was that Alex loved him as much as he loved her.' The couple drifted off to sleep both knowing they were with the person that was meant for them. All the pain and betrayal was behind them and they had a bright future together.