By 59 Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex Cahill pulled up to the souvenir on the reservation and after getting her children out of the van led them inside of the shop where she asked the woman standing behind the counter "excuse me Miss but would you happen to know where I can find Ray Firewalker at?" The woman replied as she held out her hand "I'm Sharona Wolf and Ray should be along any minute. He told me to tell you to wait here for him. You are Miss Cahill. Right?" Alex shook Sharona's hand as she took an instant liking to the other woman and answered Sharona "yes my name is Alex Cahill but you can call me Alex since Ray told me that you would be watching my twins during my meeting with the tribal council." Alex then told Sharona the twins' names and Sharona commented on how cute they were. Alex thanked her for that.

Just then a older man came into the shop and Sharona introduced him to Alex by saying "White Eagle this is Alex Cahill, she's here for a tribal council meeting at Ray's request. Alex this is White Eagle. Nothing goes on here that he doesn't know about." Alex held out her hand as she responded "glad to meet you White Eagle. Ray Firewalker has told me a lot about you." White Eagle instead of shaking Alex's hand questioned her "are these your children? Who's their father?"

"A man who's dead now. Bill Dano." Alex replied but White Eagle then asked her "was that his true name?" Alex not knowing how White Eagle knew about Cordell Walker having been Bill Dano to her in Houston carefully answered "I was told between two and a half and three years ago when I called a phone number that he gave me that Bill Dano was dead. And that's what he is to me. I knew him as Bill Dano and that's what name I'll remember him by if I ever choose to remember him again."

White Eagle nodded as though he understood then he requested of her "would you mind telling me their names?" Alex said "my daughter's name is Erin Elizabeth Cahill and my son's name is William Johnathon Cahill but I call them Liza and John. Children say hello to Mr. White Eagle." After her children politely said hello to the tribal elder Alex then asked White Eagle "is there a place that I can stay at while I'm here this weekend?"

Sharona did the answering by saying "Ray arranged for you to stay at one of the guest cabins while you're here. After he gets here he'll show you to it." White Eagle interjected "I will show Miss Cahill there myself. When Firewalker gets here tell him to come and meet with me there. We need to talk." White Eagle led Alex and her children to the guest cabin and as they were getting settled in he went into the living room to wait on Ray Firewalker. Alex took her time unpacking because she was trying to figure out what the tribal elder was up to and how she should handle it if things turned out bad because White Eagle seemed to know more about her and who the father of her children was than he should have.

A short time later there was a knock on the cabin door and White Eagle answered it then showed Ray into the cabin. Alex led her twins into the living room to greet her guest and a stunned Ray said only half under his breath "the boy is the image of John when he was a toddler. The girl has the same red hair that Beth did." Alex who had overheard Ray said to him "who are John and Beth? And don't you dare try to tell me that you are somehow related to that liar Cordell Walker. And from the way you two are acting you are. You're too nice of a man to be any relative to one Cordell Walker."

"Alex, John was my brother John Firewalker and Beth was his wife Elizabeth Clancy Firewalker, they were my nephew Cordell Firewalker's parents. His name was shortened from Firewalker to Walker when he served in Vietnam. Why do you consider Washo to be a liar?" Ray answered Alex who bluntly told him "I consider Ranger Walker to be a liar because he is one. If you don't believe me ask him about Bill Dano and Houston. Although he'll probably lie to you too. My children's father is dead to me just like I was told that he was by a friend of his that he obviously had lie to me. Now if you'll gentlemen will excuse me I'll be on my way back home. I can't work with anyone who will defend that sort of behavior. Ray Firewalker if I had known that you were related to that liar Cordell Walker I would never had agreed to help you."

"Miss Cahill we are not defending Washo's behavior. That's for him to do. We truly have no idea what happened in Houston. It's not our concern. Our concern is whether or not you can help us stop them from trying to grab our land out from under us. I did not know that there was a past history between you and Washo when I asked you to help us with legal matters." Ray answered Alex who then decided to respond in a business like tone "I have several plans that need to be discussed with whoever is in charge of things. When can we do that? As for your nephew I have no wish to ever talk about him again and if you bring the subject up again this weekend I will take my children and leave here. I will also resign as your attorney. Those are my terms, accept them or not. It's your choice."

"I assure you Miss Cahill that I have no desire to discuss my foolish nephew with you. As for discussing things with who's in charge that will take place during the tribal council meeting and that's in an hour Miss Cahill. Sharona will watch the twins for you then. Just take them to Sharona's shop when ever you're ready. White Eagle and I will meet you at the Tribal Hall. It's just down the road from Sharona's shop. You can't miss it, it's the big two story round building." Ray said to Alex who agreed to be there then. After they left the guest cabin White Eagle told Ray "the spirits told Washoo that she was the woman meant for him but he ignored them."

Ray answered "and now it's too late to make things right." White Eagle said "only time will tell but in the meantime Washo is going to have a rough time of it as is Miss Cahill. The spirits have spoken of the trouble ahead for those two. Miss Cahill won't be the only one who knows what betrayal is before this is ended. Washo will feel the sting of betrayal too. His betrayal will come from someone he never expected to betray him. Someone very close to Washo."

Walker and Trivette arrived at the reservation a good two hours after Walker had wanted them to arrive. Walker wanted to arrive earlier because he had wanted to make sure that the attorney his Uncle Ray had hired to help out the tribe was up to the job. Walker was running late because he had been trying to get Ellen to come with him but after trying to sweet talk her way out of the trip Ellen had finally said that she had something else to do and that's all there was to it. Upset with his wife Walker drove all the way to the reservation without saying a word to Trivette who having overheard part of the conversation between Walker and Ellen wisely kept quiet. Walker went into Sharona's shop followed by Trivette. Sharona looked up from the counter where she had the twins coloring in coloring books and asked Walker "Washo who do we have here?"

"This is my partner Trivette. Trivette this is Sharona and this is her shop." After Trivette said hi to Sharona she questioned Walker "so when do I get to meet your wife? She's at your's and Ray's place. Right?"

"Ellen couldn't make it." Walker replied as the boy tried to get down from the stool he was sitting on but he fell off of it. Walker picked up the child to make sure that he hadn't been hurt as he told the child "easy there big guy. Let me make sure that you're okay."

The boy said while trying not to cry "I have a boo boo on my knee. Can you get my Mommy to kiss it all better?" Sharona said "John honey as soon as the tribal council is over with your mommy will come here and kiss it all better sweetheart. Now how about we move the two of you to my desk in the back room to color? That way you won't fall from the stools."

Walker and Trivette assisted Sharona in taking the twins into the back room and when that was done Sharona handed Walker a set of keys and told him "would you mind locking the front door? We can talk in here while I watch the twins." Trivette objected "how can they be twins? The boy looks like Walker's Uncle Ray all the way down to the brown eyes and the girl has bright red hair and blue eyes."

"All I know Ranger Trivette is that Ray asked me to watch Alex Cahill's twins during the tribal council. She's the attorney that Ray found to help us out." Sharona replied causing Trivette to jokingly say to his partner "hey do you think that just as soon as Miss Cahill sees you again she's going to slap you across the face for a second time? She's pretty pissed off at you for something that you did to her in Houston. By the way what does Bill Dano have to do with the reason that she's mad at you?"

"I have no idea Trivette. Why don't you ask her that yourself?" Walker responded causing Trivette to tell him "I don't think so partner. I'll bet that your ears are still ringing from the slap that Miss Cahill gave you and I have no desire to get her mad at me. Not when I'd like to get to know her better. That's why I came up here this weekend with you."

Walker informed his partner "that's going to be kind of hard for you to do since you'll be out in the wilderness with White Eagle, Uncle Ray and me most of this weekend. We'll be getting up at first light to meet them at the kissing tree." Trivette tried to get out of it by saying "hey wait a minute now, I never agreed to doing any of that."

Walker stated "yes you did when you became my partner. And if you want to stay my partner you will do it." Trivette muttered to himself "a beautiful blonde woman is here at the same time that I am and I'm not going to get to talk to her. It's not fair."

Walker clapped him on the shoulder as he said "you can always try your luck back in Dallas." Trivette scoffed back "yeah that will do me a lot of good once she figures out that you're my partner. Hell at the rate I'm going Miss Cahill will probably haul off and slap me across the face because I'm your partner."

A short time later Sharona answered a knock at her back door. It was Alex who was there to pick up her children. As soon as she spotted Walker there Alex told her children that they had to be going.  As John was pointing out his boo-boo to his mother Trivette said to her "Miss Cahill I think that you should know that Walker is my partner."

"I already know that Ranger Trivette." Alex cooly replied as she kissed her son's boo-boo all better. Trivette then added "I didn't want you to hold that against me when I ask you out on a date. So what do you say to me and you going out on a date when we're back in Dallas?"

"I'm sorry Ranger Trivette but I don't go out on dates. My children's father was and will be the only man ever for me. Ever since I was told that Bill Dano had died I've been true to his memory and that will not change." Alex responded causing Trivette to question her "how exactly does my partner know this Bill Dano? Isn't that why you slapped him across the face?"

"That's no longer my story to tell, it's your partner's. But I doubt if he'll ever tell you the truth about Houston because he's too much into lying." Alex replied then left with her children. Trivette turned to his partner who said "I don't remember Houston and I have no idea who Bill Dano is."

"Maybe C.D. might know what's going on. Why don't you ask him when we get back to town?" Trivette suggested to Walker who turned and left Sharona's shop without a word. Trivette followed him while deciding that whatever had happened between his partner, Miss Cahill and Bill Dano was for them to work out, not him. Although he was dying to know what had happened.

Chapter Two

Monday morning Trivette ran into Alex outside of Ranger headquarters and he said to her "even though you've made it clear that you're not interested in dating anyone how about we meet for dinner at C.D.'s? It doesn't even have to be considered a date if you don't want it to be." Alex replied "Ranger Trivette did I or did I not make myself clear when we met at the reservation? I will never date anyone ever again. And before you say another word about me meeting you for dinner at C.D.'s understand that if we ever eat there together it will be as people who sometimes work together, nothing more. But for right now is your partner in? D.A. Clark sent me to fetch the two of you back to his office."

"Walker should be back in a few minutes from dropping off a robbery suspect at the county jail. You can come wait at my desk for Walker or I can call you at your office when he gets back." Trivette told Alex who answered "I'll wait at your desk with you for Ranger Walker to get back." Alex followed Trivette to his desk where he pulled up a spare chair for her. One of the other Rangers called out "hey Trivette if you're trying to charm Cahill into a date you can forget about it. I already tried and man did I ever end up with a case of frostbite. She's as ice cold as they come. A popsicle is warmer than her."

Walker who had just entered Ranger headquarters said to the other Ranger "that's enough Riley." Riley retorted "oh please not you too Walker? What would your wife Ellen think about you showing an interest in Little Miss Frostbite?" Walker headed towards Riley who quickly decided that he had something to do elsewhere.

Trivette said to Alex "sorry about that A.D.A. Cahill. Riley can be a jerk at times." Alex replied "it's not your fault Ranger Trivette. Ranger Walker D.A. Clark is waiting for the  two of you." Walker said "D.A. Clark can wait."

"Ranger Walker, D.A. Clark sent me here to escort the two of you back to his office so will you please come with me? I'm not leaving here without the two of you." Alex said to Walker who muttered "let's get this over with." Trivette followed Walker and Alex out the door to the elevator. As they were waiting for the elevator to arrive Trivette told Alex "my partner here doesn't remember what happened between Bill Dano, you and him in Houston. He was shot in the head between two and a half, three years ago and suffered from partial amnesia which caused him to completely forget four months of his life. None of that time ever came back to him and the doctors don't think it ever will."

Walker told his partner "Trivette I'm sure that Miss Cahill has better things to do than to you listen to you tell her about my life." Alex turned away from them to hide the look of pain that flashed through her eyes but Walker caught it and was puzzled by it. Alex then said as she hit the elevator button several times "Ranger Walker has a point Ranger Trivette." Trivette realized that there was a lot more to the story but he also realized that if Alex wanted him to know anymore about it she would tell him if the time ever became right for her to tell him. It was at that moment that Trivette decided that if Alex truly wasn't interested in dating him that he was okay with them becoming friends. There was something about A.D.A. Cahill that made him want to be a part of her life and it was going to have to be as a friend. He just hoped that whatever happened in Houston didn't keep her from considering him to be a friend of her's someday.

Once they got to D.A. Clark's office his secretary showed them into his private office. Once they were seated Clark said "Boyleston is hiring a new defense attorney and the rumor has it that the man loves booze and beautiful women. So that means Cahill since you're a hot looking blonde you will be the lead prosecutor for the case against Boyleston. Rangers Trivette and Walker are your star witnesses. Any questions?"

Trivette objected to the D.A.'s plans by saying to him "wait a minute Clark. Walker and I put a lot of work into this case and you can't have someone prosecute the case just because the defense attorney might see her as a hot looking blonde. It's wrong to do that to us and it's even wronger for you to do that to Miss Cahill." Clark snidely answered the Ranger "you do what you have to do to get a conviction and it's about time Cahill learned that lesson. Let's just put it this way Ranger Trivette if Cahill loses the case because she doesn't use the assets that god gave her it's back to night court for her. That is if I don't fire her outright. But that doesn't mean that Boyleston won't get convicted some day. A man like him will always be on the wrong side of the law. And the next time he's arrested I'll assign an experienced prosecutor to the case."

When Trivette looked like he wanted to shut Clark's mouth for him Alex told him "it's okay Ranger Trivette, I can fight my own battles." Alex then said to her boss "D.A. Clark if I get a conviction in this case I expect to start handling some of the bigger cases." Clark laughingly answered "hell Cahill if you're able to win this case I'll start giving you the cases that the Texas Rangers bring to my office."

Trivette quickly said "D.A. Clark after A.D.A. Cahill gets a conviction against Boyleston my partner and I will be around to make sure that you keep your word. Won't we partner?" Walker nodded his agreement while glaring at Clark.

Alex got up from the chair she had been sitting in and asked the two Rangers "gentlemen when can the two of you meet with me to go over your testimony?" Walker answered her "your office at one okay?" Alex agreed that it was and they left D.A. Clark's office.

As they were walking down the hallway Trivette said to Alex "I wasn't questioning whether or not you're a good attorney Miss Cahill but my partner and I put a lot of work into the Boyleston case." Alex replied "I understand that you and Ranger Walker put a lot of work into the Boyleston case and I won't let you down. I will do whatever I have to to get a conviction in the case. There is a lot more to me than looks and in time you will understand that. Now if you'll excuse the two of us I need to speak to Ranger Walker in private."

After Trivette walked a few feet away Alex said to Walker "if you truly don't remember what happened in Houston then I'm sorry that I slapped you cross the face and called you a bastard. So if it's okay with you I'd like to start over again." Walker answered "I don't remember the time I spent in Houston. If I did anything that caused harm to either you or your Bill Dano I'm sorry."

Alex responded "what did or didn't happen back then doesn't matter anymore. You're a married man now and Bill Dano the father of my children is gone to me forever. The true bastard in all of this is the man who lied to me on the phone when I called him about Dano. If he hadn't lied to me back then things might have turned out differently but he did lie to me and I have to live with what came after for the rest of my life, as do my children. Also not to get off of the subject but can you please get Ranger Trivette to understand that I don't need another man hitting on me. Bill Dano was the love of my life. I will not betray his memory by having an affair with anyone, ever. All I need in my life is a male friend who could become a role model for my son, nothing more. John is going to need a male role model when he gets older. My father hasn't been a part of my life since he walked out on me and my mother when I was sixteen."

"Miss Cahill my partner would make a good role model for your son and I'm sure that he would do it for you. I'll talk to Trivette for you. Call me Walker from now on." Walker answered Alex then walked away from her.

When Walker caught up to him Trivette questioned his partner "so what did you two talk about? Was it whatever happened between the three of you in Houston?" Walker answered "Trivette if you're interested in being anything other than a friend to A.D.A. Cahill you should forget about it. She told me that Bill Dano was the love of her life and you can see the love she still feels for him in her eyes. So why don't you try being a friend to her? She could use one."

"I got that feeling too. Did she say anything else to you?" Trivette said to Walker who told him "Miss Cahill said that she could use a male friend who would be a good role model for her son. She said that he'll need one when he's older."

Trivette eagerly responded "I've always wanted to have a little brother to show things to and if I'm lucky A.D.A. Cahill will let me act as a big brother to John. And Walker maybe you could help me out with that because you're part native-american and from the looks of John so is he. It's weird though I never saw a set of twins that look nothing like each other. I wonder how that happened?" Walker answered " Trivette if you ask Miss Cahill that question she just might punch you out instead of slapping you across the face. I'm willing to bet that Miss Cahill can punch a lot harder than she can slap and she's very good at slapping."


Chapter Three

During their meeting in Alex's office Trivette groaned when Alex said to him "please tell me exactly what happened when you served the warrants on Boyleston's off track betting site and make sure that you don't leave any details out." Walker objected "A.D.A. Cahill how many times to you need to hear what happened when we served the warrants on Boyleston's off track betting site? We've gone over it for the last two hours."

"I know that Ranger Walker but I do have a reason that I'm asking Ranger Trivette to go over what happened after you served the warrants on Boyleston's off track betting site. If I am right about what I think I'm right about the reason should become clear to the both of you. Now please Ranger Trivette start with when you and Ranger Walker entered the lobby to serve the search, seizure and arrest warrants on Boyleston's operation."

Trivette answered in a monotone because he was tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. When Trivette got to the point where they were leading off of some of Boyleston's men in handcuffs Alex held up her hand wrote down something then motioned for Trivette to continue which he did by saying "as I was saying as we were leading off of some of Boyleston's men the manager hollered out a phone number to a guard and said that the number was to be called, a.s.a.p." Alex again held up her hand to stop him so Trivette muttered "what's so important about a lawyer's phone number anyhow?"

Without answering the question Alex had Trivette tell how the rest of it went then asked them "did either one of you Rangers do any follow up in regards to that phone number?" Walker answered "no we did not A.D.A. Cahill."

"Please give me a minute to set this recorder up then I want one of you to call that number. My phone will be on speaker then so I only want one of you to talk during the phone call. I have not called the phone number myself because you two have to do the follow up for legal reasons. Which one of you is going to make the phone call?" Alex said as she got a recorder ready then placed it by her phone. Walker told Trivette to make the phone call. Alex then turned on the recorder and stated for the record who she was, what time of the day and what day it was and who the two men were. Alex then motioned for Trivette to place the phone call.

Trivette called the number and was stunned to hear a voice say "you have reached the number for Tom Gergley. Leave a message after the beep. If you're calling in regards to the fundraiser that I'm collecting the donations for call Sheila P. at 567-1234 and she'll get in touch with me." Trivette looked at Alex who ended the phone call by pressing the disconnect button. Alex turned off the recorder removed the cassette placed it in a evidence envelope sealed it then had the two Rangers sign and date it as evidence.

After that was done Alex told the Rangers "next time Rangers please leave no stone unturned during an investigation. I needed that phone number followed up on when you made the arrest not right before the trial is due to start. If I try to tie Gergley to Boyleston during the trial Judge Lorne won't allow me to do present any evidence that's related to that phone number. What I'm saying is that if I try to present the phone number in open court Lorne will then rule that I was unduly trying to influence the jury with prejudicial evidence against the defendant without allowing the defense to see the evidence beforehand. I am duty bound to turn over all and any evidence collected during an investigation to the defense once charges are brought against a defendant. Judge Lorne might then rule that all charges stemming from the search, seizure and arrest warrants be thrown out because all the evidence wasn't properly collected and legally entered into evidence beforehand." Trivette asked the question that needed to be ask "so what happens now?"

"Two things Ranger Trivette. One we go forward with the trial without presenting anything in regards to that phone number. Now understand this, if the defense attorney asks you about that number you are to answer him but and this is very important keep the answer truthful. Also if he directly asks you if there was follow up on that phone number admit that you didn't follow up on it right after the arrest. Legally that phone number has no bearing on this trial but if the defense attorney brings it up in an effort to undermine my case I have no grounds for an objection but if he's wise he won't bring that phone number up. It can't really help the defense but it can open a door that might be better for the defense if it were left closed. Two there will be now a follow up investigation by the two of you since it was your case in the first place. Gergley's phone number will be the starting point. If you're asked about any current investigations answer that any investigation you're currently conducting is ongoing and not complete so you're not at liberty to discuss any ongoing investigations because you are prohibited to do so by the Tarrant County D.A.'s office and the law so as not to violate anyone right's. Got that gentlemen?" Alex explained to the two Rangers.

"I don't understand why it needs to be done but I do understand that you want us to do things a certain way and we will do things the way you want us to A.D.A. Cahill. We've been after Boyleston for over a year now." Trivette replied. Then he asked her "I'm not trying to be nosey or anything A.D.A. Cahill but why are you acting like your entire future rides on the outcome of this trial?"

"Because in a way it does Ranger Trivette. I have two children and we're just scraping by on what I'm currently making. If I start handling the cases the Texas Rangers bring to the D.A.'s office I will make more money." Alex responded causing Trivette to point out "you could make a lot more money as a defense attorney."

"I was a public defender after I passed the bar exam because it was mandatory for all new lawyers who didn't already have a job lined up and I didn't have one lined up due to my pregnancy. I learned a lot about the shadier aspects of the legal system then and I've never had a desire to ever get rich off of being a defense attorney. It's not the way I want to live my life. I think people should be held accountable for their actions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to giving someone a break if they truly deserve one but I won't be a party to a criminal getting away with things just because he or she has money." Alex answered. The two Texas Rangers then left A.D.A. Cahill's office taking along the cassette tape to be put into the evidence room.

Later on that day Trivette was sitting in C.D.'s at the bar and telling him all about the newest A.D.A., one Alex Cahill. Trivette after telling C.D. about what had happened in the A.D.A.'s office that afternoon then remarked "man C.D. I'm glad that Alex settled things with Walker and wants to forget what ever happened in Houston between Walker, her and Bill Dano, whoever he was. Hey did I tell you that A.D.A. Cahill slapped my partner across the face after he testified in the case where he arrested all five defendants by himself? And did you know that she called my partner a bastard too? Also Walker's Uncle Ray hired her to help Walker's tribe fend off that syndicate or what ever it is that's trying to take some of their land."

In a state of shock because it was him who had lied to Alex Cahill when she had called his place looking for Bill Dano C.D. asked "how did they settle things?"

"Once I told A.D.A. Cahill about Walker's memory lost they spoke in private and settled the past. I did manage to overhear Alex Cahill tell my partner that the past didn't matter anymore because he was a married man and Bill Dano was gone to her forever. Although what one has to do with the other is beyond me." Trivette told C.D. who decided that while he regretted lying to Alex Cahill back then he had done the right thing because Cordell and Ellen were now married and Alex Cahill knew that Bill Dano was gone to her forever. C.D. did feel guilty about betraying Cordell back then but he was convinced that he had done it for the right reason and that was to make sure that Cordell realized Ellen was the woman who was meant for him. And that he C.D. had been right because Cordell never remembered Alex and was happy being married to Ellen.

Alex was going over a brief that she was going to file in the Boyleston case when her secretary informed her that a Ranger Walker wanted to see her so Alex told her secretary to send Ranger Walker in. Walker came into Alex's private office seated himself then asked her "Miss Cahill will you be able to help my tribe or did you just take the job because you need money to take care of your children?" Alex replied as she pulled out a bracelet from her desk drawer "I don't think that I'm going to be able to feed my children with this Mr. Walker. It's the only payment that I'm going to receive because the tribal council and I agreed that their money would be better spent on having someone trace who's behind the group that's trying to use the 'for the good of the community' law to seize the property that runs near that airstrip that hasn't been used in years. I feel and the tribal council agrees that there's more to it than someone wanting to open a casino on the reservation because they wouldn't need all the land by that airstrip to do so. As a up and running private airstrip it wouldn't be regulated like the county and international airports are. Anyone who has a private airstrip can use it to ship just about anything anywhere with no one being the wiser. And just so you know Mr. Walker I didn't want to accept this from Ray Firewalker but he insisted that I take it and consider it something that I could hand down to my daughter."

"Like you would even consider handing something like that down to your daughter. It belonged to my Aunt Ruth." Walker informed Alex who told him "after I told Ray that it was beautiful and I would be honored to keep it for my daughter Liza until she got older he told me that the bracelet had been his wife's. I swear to you Mr. Walker I tried to get him to take it back because you should be the one passing it down to your daughter but he said things were as they should be and that I shouldn't question what the spirits decide. If you want me to I'll hang on to it until you have a daughter then give it to you so that you can pass it on to your child."

Walker answered "I have always respected Uncle Ray and the choices that he makes. He wants you to pass it on to your daughter and you will Alex. I mean A.D.A. Cahill."

Alex responded "you call me Alex and I'll call you Walker like you want me to. Should I call Ranger Trivette by his given name James or should I call him by his last name Trivette? Like you." Walker said "ask him but he'd probably like being called Jimmy. That's what C.D. calls him." Walker then winked at Alex and left her office.

After replacing the bracelet in her desk drawer Alex sadly said to herself 'I'd rather call you my children's father but since you're never going to remember me I'll settle for calling you Walker.'


Chapter Four

Several days later Walker and Trivette entered Alex's office because she had asked them to come there to go over a few things before the trial started. After they were seated Alex turned on a T.V. as she told them "I hope you don't mind if I have this on during our meeting but from what I understand this station has an interview with Boyleston's new attorney. I don't know who he is yet because all of the pre trial hearings and briefs have been handled by members of the Golden and Brazos law firm. Boyleston's new attorney was just hired by them and the first time I'll see him in action is in court unless I know him from somewhere else. I'm hoping that I do know him so that I can prepare for what he'll try in court ahead of time. It really does help to know who you're oppenent is in a court case. So if you two will bear with me?" Trivette answered "we'd like to know ourselves who'd stoop low enough to represent Boyleston."

Alex then turned their attention to the paperwork that they had filled out after the raid on Boyleston's off track betting parlor and told them "I'd like the two of you to read these over and make sure that they match up with what you remember from that day. And yes I do know you think I'm nit picking and maybe I am but I do believe in being prepared for just about anything to happen during a trial because it sometimes does. I like to be thorough." Walker and Trivette both picked up their reports and read them without saying a word of protest. As they were reading the reports the T.V. station ran a promo for their six o'clock news while showing a picture of a defense lawyer sitting for an interview with their news anchor. The voice over then said "the Boyleston case is now a family affair. Watch the news at six to learn more."

Alex snapped off the T.V. as she said to herself "oh my God. Can things get any worse?" Walker hearing the way Alex was talking asked her "is there something the matter Alex?" Alex replied "Boyleston's new defense attorney is my father Gordon Cahill. That's all."

Trivette questioned her "your father didn't tell you that he was Boyleston's new defense attorney? But I thought Clark assigned you the case because the defense attorney was in to booze and pretty women? I mean if your father is the opposing attorney how could Clark think you could use your looks to win the case? Not that I'm saying that you would do such a thing. You wouldn't, right?"

"No I would not use my looks to win a case. I use my brains and my determination to win cases. And no my father did not tell me that he was Boyleston's new defense attorney because I haven't spoken to him since I was sixteen and he walked out on me and my mother after telling me that it was time for me to grow up and to have a nice life. It was then that I realized that booze meant more to Gordon Cahill than his family, that and the fame he got for getting criminals off." Alex bitterly answered.

"You never heard from him again? I mean didn't you talk to him when you asked him to help you pay for college and law school." Trivette asked her not quite believing that a father would turn his back on his daughter so completely. Alex snapped "my father didn't spend one cent on my education. I literally worked my way through college and law school without any help from anyone. Hell after my mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer he didn't so much as answer my phone calls to the law firm he was working at. And when I showed up there to try and get him to help my mother afford better treatement than what I could afford to pay for her I was escorted out by security and told quite forcibly that if I ever called there or showed up there again I would be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. So no my father and I never talked after he turned his back on his family. He's the main reason that I don't let anyone get close to me. It took so much for me to let Bill Dano get close to me and I lost him. Getting involved with a man other than being his friend is just not worth the pain when you lose him."

Walker told her "Alex why don't you see if Clark will assign another A.D.A. to the case if it's going to be a problem for you? We'd understand if you did that." Alex firmly stated "I will not have Clark assign another A.D.A. to the case. It's my case and I will see that justice is done in it. Jimmy, Walker please understand that I have to see this through not only for myself but for my children. I want them to have a mother who knows right from wrong and isn't afraid to do the right thing no matter the cost. I will raise them to understand right from wrong and to be able to stand their ground. I have to be an example for them."

Trivette replied "we understand Alex and speaking of children how about I take John fishing some weekend? After the trial is over with of course." Alex told him "I used to love fishing and I'm sure that John will love it too when he's a little older. He and Liza are only going to be two in a week."

"Hey is it okay if I get them something for their birthday? I mean since we're friends it's only right that I should buy them something for their birthday. So what day are you having the party? And where are you having it at?" Trivette excitedly said causing Alex to tell him as she wrote her address down on a peice of paper "Jimmy I'm going to have cake and ice cream for them at our house a week from tomorrow around four in the afternoon. If you want to you can stop by there then. I think they'd like a birthday present from someone other than their mother. Here's my address."

Trivette took the paper then shook his head no as he informed Alex "no way Alex, your children are going to have a proper birthday party if I have anything to say about it and I will have something to say about it. I'll let you know when and where it's at after I get it set up. You can count on me to do things right for your children." Alex questioned him with a hint of hope in her eyes "are you sure about this Jimmy? Can you truly give my babies a birthday party?"

Walker assured her "if my partner says that he'll do something he will. You have my word Alex." Alex glanced away from Walker to hide the pain his words ignited in her soul because Walker would never remember vowing his word to her when he had vowed to return for her before he had been shot and forgot her. Alex then put a bright smile on her face and said "thank you both."

During the trial Gordon Cahill did his best to tear the prosecution case to shreds with the way he cross examined the witnesses but Alex was able to minimize the damage. When Walker was testifying Gordon employed a favorite tactic of his and that was to act like Walker had been coached in his testimony by A.D.A. Cahill. He did that by asking Walker "Ranger Walker how many times did you meet with A.D.A. Cahill so that she could tell you how you to tell the court what the prosecutor's office thinks happened?"

Walker replied "my partner and I met with A.D.A. Cahill twice. During the first meeting she had us go over what happened when the warrants were served. A.D.A. Cahill told us that we were to tell exactly what happened that day." Gordon then snidely asked "so it was during the second meeting between the three of you that Cahill coached you on what to say here today?"

"During the second meeting my partner and I looked over our reports from that day to make sure that they were accurate. There was no discussion of our testimony during that meeting." Walker answered Gordon who questioned the Texas Ranger further "so if A.D.A. wasn't telling you what to say in court today what did you talk about? Was it the weather? Or was it how the cowboys are doing?"

"Miss Cahill talked about how she had paid her way through college and law school without any help from her father and about her mother dying from cancer at the time. After that my partner and A.D.A. Cahill talked about a few other things." Walker answered Gordon who said that he had no more questions for the witness.

When Trivette testified Gordon went after him hard in cross examination trying to shake his testimony but Trivette stood his ground and answered each question truthfully and as briefly as was possible. After asking Trivette about the first meeting with A.D.A. Cahill and getting the same answers that Walker had given him Gordon then suggested "at the second meeting did you and A.D.A. Cahill arrange to meet somewhere later on know?" Trivette laughed then said "no way. Alex is like a sister to me and as a matter of fact at the second meeting I asked if I could take her son John fishing but she pointed out to me that he was only going to be two. Then she told me that I could stop by when John and Liza were having their cake and ice cream to celebrate their second birthday but I told A.D.A. Cahill that I was going to arrange a proper birthday party for her twins and I'm going to or my name isn't James Trivette, Texas Ranger." Stunned by the fact that his daughter had children Gordon asked a few more meaningless questions then Trivette was dismissed from the stand.

A few days later Boyleston testified in his own defense and when being questioned by Gordon he refuted everything. After Gordon was done questioning his client he turned to Alex and told her "it's your turn pumpkin. Oops I mean A.D.A. Cahill."

Alex carefully began her cross examination of Boyleston who answered the questions as though he was an adult forced to answer a child's questions. At one point during the cross exam Boyleston brought up his manager calling out a phone number and that someone should call it a.s.a.p. He then smirked at Alex waiting for her to take the bait and fall into a trap. Alex knowing what Boyleston was up to ignored the part about the phone number and instead asked him "Mr. Boyleston are you telling this court that you have no knowledge of any illegal activities at your off track betting site? Therefor you have no foreign bank accounts in your name anywhere with monies obtained in a manner that isn't listed in your accounting books that are kept for tax and payroll purposes?"

Boyleston replied "I just said that sweet thing. Didn't I? Where do they get their A.D.A.'s from nowadays?" Alex cooly responded "in light of that how do you explain the swiss bank accounts that were listed as being your assets and your assets alone when you divorced your second wife Jessica Herr? In your sworn testimony during the divorce proceedings you stated that you had two swiss bank account in your name before you married your second wife Jessica Herr therefor they weren't community property and she wasn't entitled to any of the monies in said accounts. That all monies in those accounts were from your off track betting parlor. I'm sure that the I.R.S. would be interested in hearing your answer too since none of those monies were ever taxed by the United States of America."

Gordon jumped to his feet and all but yelled "objection your honor. On the grounds that the prosecutor failed to advise my client that they were examining his foreign bank accounts." Judge Lorne looked at Alex who responded while bringing a stack of papers to the judge "your honor the people have followed the law in obtaining this information and they have also informed the defendant's council of that. Here are all the documents relating to this matter. As you can see they are signed by members of the law firm Golden and Brazos that is on record as being the law firm that is defending Mr. Boyleston. As Mr. Cahill is now the lead attorney of record in this case the Tarrant County D.A.'s office have given him copies of all of these documents in the manner proscribed by law."

Judge Lorne ruled that he was going to look over the papers in his chambers then rule on the matter then left the bench. A short time later court was called to order and Judge Lorne announced his ruling by stating "it is quite clear from these documents that the Tarrant County D.A.'s office have legally obtained the records for the Swiss bank accounts. Furthermore they informed the defendant's legal representatives of what they were doing, when they were doing it and what the results were. The swiss bank account records can be admitted as evidence for the prosecution. Cahill if you have any further objections out them in writing. A.D.A. Cahill you may proceed with your cross examination."

Alex resumed her cross examination. Boyleston got angrier and angrier as Alex drove home to the jury that Boyleston had money in two foreign bank accounts that weren't listed anywhere on legitmate record keeping books. By the time Alex was done with her cross examination Boyleston had unwittingly admitted to taking illegal bets among other things.  When it was his turn for redirect Gordon tried to get Boyleston to say that he didn't know what was happening with his own business but a very irate Botleston snapped at him "don't you try and tell me that I didn't know what was going on. Who in the hell do you think set up those double set of books in the first place? It was me because there's no way in hell I was going to let the feds get their hands on my profit from bookmaking. No way in hell."

Gordon snapped back "Mr. Boyleston I strongly advise you to keep quiet." Then he addressed the judge "your honor I have no more questions for my client at this time." Judge Lorne looked at Alex who said "I have no questions Judge Lorne." Court was then dismissed for the day. Three days later after deliberating for five hours the jury found the defendant guilty of all charges. Boyleston was able however to stay out on bail until his sentencing hearing, which Alex strongly opposed as he was a flight risk but Gordon convinced Judge Lorne that without his passport Boyleston wasn't going to flee the state.

Chapter Five

James Trivette walked into C.D.'s and asked him "are they here yet C.D.?" C.D. answered "are who here yet?" Trivette explained "A.D.A. Cahill although I'm allowed to call her Alex." C.D. questioned the younger Ranger "why are meeting with A.D.A. Cahill here and not ar her office? And who else were you expecting to meet here?"

"C.D. I told Alex to meet me here because when I told her that I was going to host her twins' second birthday party here she said that she had to make sure that you were okay with it. I was expecting Alex, her children John and Liza Cahill to be here already. I wonder why she's late?" Trivette explained to C.D. who blanched so Trivette hurried around the bar and led C.D. to a stool while telling him "hang in there C.D., I'll call an ambulance for you."

C.D. got up from the stool as he said "I'm fine Jimmy. There's no need to call an ambulance for me. I over did things before you came in and I was might bit peaked. It's nothing to worry about. Now why don't you tell me all about A.D.A. Cahill's children and why you're hosting their second birthday party for them. Why isn't their father doing it?" Trivette wondering why C.D. was acting like he knew nothing about Alex Cahill replied "C.D., I've told you all this before. Bill Dano, that's the man who's the father of Alex's twins is dead. You know from what I told you that there's a past between Walker, Bill Dano and Alex that my partner doesn't remember. I've also told you that Alex isn't about to discuss what happened then with me or anyone else either because the past is over and done with, according to her. Now will you or will you not help me with the birthday party?"

"I'm sorry Jimmy but it's out of the question for me to help you with a birthday party for Cahill's twins." C.D. answered Trivette who angrily questioned him "what do you mean it's out of the question for you to help me? Why on earth won't you help me? Since when do you turn your back on innocent children? Walker and Alex have settled the past so why are you holding it against her when if anything my partner somehow had something to do with the death of Bill Dano?"

"I can't and I won't help you with setting up a birthday party for that woman's children and she is not welcomed in here. Her children may be innocent but I assure you that she is not. If she loved this Bill Dano so much why are the children's last name Cahill and not Dano?" C.D. responded further upsetting Trivette who turned away from C.D. disgusted with him because C.D. was acting in a spiteful manner that wasn't at all like him.

A few minutes later Alex came hurrying in with her twins, spotting Trivette she said to him "I'm sorry we're late Jimmy but I got caught up in traffic. So did you ask C.D. if he was okay with what we talked about?" Trivette answered as C.D. stood behind the bar glaring at Alex "C.D. said that he didn't want me hosting what we talked about in here. I'm really sorry Alex and I promise you that I will keep my word to you. But for now we'd better leave."

Alex realizing that C.D. didn't want her or her children in his place of business told the twins that they had to leave but John said that he had to go to the bathroom. Alex requested that Jimmy take her son to the men's room and he did so. While waiting for Jimmy to bring her son back from the men's room Alex went to the bar and bluntly asked C.D. "do you have some sort of problem with me Mr. Parker?"

"Yes I do Miss Cahill and just as soon as Jimmy brings your son back from the men's room I want you to take your children and leave here. You are not welcomed here. Is that clear enough for someone like you?" C.D. was telling Alex when Walker and Ray came into the bar. Ray told C.D. "if Miss Cahill is not welcomed here I will go elsewhere."

C.D. snapped at him "that's your choice to make Firewalker." Walker spoke up "C.D., Alex is a friend of Trivette's and she is an A.D.A. that I respect." Alex stepped in to say "it's okay gentlemen. I do not go where I'm not welcomed so Ray if you would please ask Jimmy to give you my address we'll conduct our business at my house. Liza and I will wait outside for Jimmy to bring me John." Before they could say anything else to her Alex went outside.

After glaring at his old partner Walker went outside where he found a drunken Gordon Cahill yelling at his daughter "how dare you have your friends and I use that term very loosely as you probably are embarrass me in the courtroom by having them tell everyone that I turned my back on a woman who was dying of cancer? And who was my wife, no less? Do you have any idea how much you damaged my reputation? What were you thinking to air your dirty laundry in public anyhow? Where's your sense of decorum?"

Alex attempted to defend herself by pointing out what had actually happened in the courtroom but Gordon was having none of it. Walker seeing how scared Liza looked and also spotting his partner coming out of the bar with John said to Gordon " Take it easy Mr. Cahill." Trivette quickly assessed the situation and added "hey Mr. Cahill how about you come with my partner and I to get some coffee at the deli around the corner? My treat."

Gordon snarled at him "I don't need to get some coffee and how dare you imply that I'm some sort of drunk?" Alex then quietly told her father " Dad please listen to them. My friends are trying to help you."

"By calling me a drunk?" Gordon asked his daughter who laid her hand on his arm as she told him "Dad please you need to..." That was as far as Alex got because Gordon backhanded her across the face. As Alex stood there in shock Gordon dropped to his knees in shame. The children who were scared began to cry so Trivette stepped forward to confront Gordon about what he had just done but Walker shook his head no as a tearful Gordon still on his knees pleaded with his daughter to forgive him. As Alex helped him to his feet she told her father "what I will do dad is let you come to my house tonight in an effort to get you sober, at least for one night. As for my forgiving you for striking me only you can do that. You need to admit that you have a drinking problem and you also need to get yourself some help before it's too late. If you do that then we'll see what happens. I want my children to know a grandfather's love but if you remain a drunk you will not be a part of my babies' life. Jimmy here and Ray Firewalker will be the only male role models for my son if you don't give up the booze. Mother's death should have been enough to wake you up but it wasn't so I do have to wonder if you will ever realize what you've thrown away and what you will throw away in the future. Just because you need to drink. Now go get in the passenger seat while I put the twins into their booster seats. Come on you guys."

Trivette said "wait a minute Alex what if he gets mad and hits you again? Who will be there to help you and protect your children if he gets out of control?" Walker shocked his partner by replying "I'll be there to make sure that it doesn't happen. Come on Gordon I'll ride you to Alex's house in my truck. Alex why don't you put the children into your van then I'll follow you to your house." Alex started to object when a car flew around the corner with the windows rolled down. As shots rang out Walker and Trivette quickly got Alex, Gordon and the children down then returned fire. The car crashed at the end of the block then burst into flames. No one from the car got out of it before it was consumed by the flames. A shaky Gordon uttered "that bastard said that he was going after the A.D.A. in charge of the case and what do I do? Get drunk even though I should have told someone. My God, I am a drunk and it's about time I faced that fact."

Alex told him "you've taken the first step dad and that took a lot of courage. Please help me put my children into my van so that I can get them home. I don't want them exposed to any more danger." Walker stated "I'll take Gordon in my truck and follow you there Alex while Trivette takes care of things here."

Alex said "I'd feel safer that way but won't your wife object to you helping me out?" Walker replied "Miss Cahill my wife Ellen does understand that I have to help women out. It's my job. Besides she's out of town on some sort of extended lecturing program. Alex we need to get going before any other shooters show up." Alex put her children into her van and drove off followed by Walker with a still shaken Gordon Cahill in his truck.

As Trivette was explaining to C.D. what had happened Ray asked C.D. "You know about Bill Dano, don't you?" C.D. replied "Bill Dano is dead and gone. You know that Ray." Ray retorted "what I know is that friends betray friends and try to convince themselves that they did the right thing. But what they really are doing is betraying their friend over and over again."

As Ray walked away C.D. yelled at his retreating back "if anyone did the betraying it's her and you know that Firewalker." Ray turned around to say "C.D. the past has a habit on biting you in the backside when you least expect it." Before C.D. could say anything else Ray turned around and kept on walking away. Trivette then asked "C.D. what is going on?"

"What's going on is that if you remain a friend to that Cahill you will be the one betraying Cordell, not me. That's all I will ever tell you on the subject Jimmy. Bring it up again and we will no longer be friends." C.D. snapped even though he was feeling as guilty as he had ever felt in his life. Trivette was left at a lost for words because he couldn't begin to understand why C.D. was being so hateful to Alex Cahill. None of it was making any sense to him. Trivette was feeling frustrated because he knew that none of the parties involved were likely to tell him what was really going on. He wanted Alex and C.D. to get along because he considered the both of them to be his friends.

The twins' second birthday party ended up being at Alex's house. Trivette and Ray were the only guests. After the twins unwrapped their presents Alex served the cake and ice cream. Trivette vowed to himself that he would make sure that next year the twins had a proper birthday party then took his leave. Ray then told Alex "Washo needs to know about them." Alex replied "I know you think that but I'm not sure that I do." Ray nodded his understanding then he too left Alex's house.

Chapter Six

 It was now three weeks later and against Alex's wishes her father Gordon Cahill had risked his life to get taped evidence against Boyleston who had ordered the attempted hit on Alex. Alex's father was able to get the evidence because Boyleston had fired Gordon after his conviction and anything he told Gordon after the conviction wasn't covered by attorney-client privilege, just so long as he wasn't talking about the trial and the things he had told Gordon as his attorney. Gordon had been very careful in how he had gone about getting Boyleston to admit that he had hired the hit men who had attempted to kill A.D.A. Cahill. Boyleston had said that since the first set hadn't succeeded he would be bringing in a group of better hit men from out of town. Walker and Trivette were the Texas Rangers who arrested Boyleston for hiring hit men to kill an A.D.A. After they arrested him  Boyleston told the Rangers "I'll be out of jail in no time because my lawyer can't tell the court anything that I tell him in confidence. So tell Cahill her days are numbered."

Trivette replied "that only applies if he's still your attorney when you tell him those things and you fired Gordon Cahill before you bragged to him about hiring hit men to try and kill his daughter." Boyleston got mad and yelled as he was being placed in a police car "that bitch will be dead by the end of the year along with her drunk of a father. Then her little bastards will be orphans if they don't get caught in the cross fire."

After that was taken care of Walker drove Gordon Cahill to a center where he was going to dry out and learn how not to give into temptation and drink. Alex who was grateful for how Walker was helping her father out realized that even if Walker never remembered being Bill Dano he did have the right to know he was the twins' biological father. Alex arranged for Trivette and Ray to take the twins out to the park while she talked with Walker.

After Walker was seated on her couch a very nervous Alex told him "I know you may never forgive me for what I'm about to tell you but you need to know this. Those four months that you don't remember you spent in Houston on a undercover assignment." When she paused to gather her thoughts Walker said "I know that I was undercover in Houston then Alex. And I also know that something I did or didn't do led to the death of Bill Dano. What more is there to know?"

Alex replied "a lot because Bill Dano was the name the undercover cop used that I fell in love with. He started coming into the Corner Diner where I worked and helped me out by getting a really obnoxious customer who was the friend of the owner to stop bothering me. After that Bill and I went out to dinner once a week. I introduced him to my mother who at the time was dying from breast cancer. And well one thing led to another. Bill Dano and I made love three times." Walker broke in to ask with a reddening face "Alex what does this have to do with me?"

Alex said "I'm getting to that point. Near the end of his assignment Bill Dano told me that after he went back to where he came from to take care of a few things he would come back for me and we would plan our future together. I took him at his word but he never came back for me. When I discovered that I was pregnant I called a phone number that he said belonged to a friend of his and that the friend would give him a message from me. Well like I said I called that number and the man who answered the phone told me that he couldn't give Bill Dano a message from me because he had died. So I gave birth to the twins thinking that their father was dead. Then when the job opening came up here I jumped at it because Bill Dano had told me that he was from Dallas. Imagine my surprise when I looked up from my notes that day in the courtroom to discover that the man that I had been told was dead was sitting on the witness stand acting like he didn't know me. It turns out that he didn't know me because he suffered a bullet wound to the skull which resulted in him having partial amnesia." Walker angrily got up from where he was sitting and demanded of her "what exactly are you trying to pull A.D.A. Cahill?"

Alex held out two peices of paper as she told him "I'm not trying to pull anything Cordell Walker. One of these is a note written to me from Bill Dano, the other one is the phone number he wrote down for me to call if ever I needed to get in touch with him. I know that I should have told you all of this sooner Walker but I couldn't think of a way to tell you that you had fathered my children when you were on a undercover assignment as Bill Dano." Walker took the peices of paper and saw that they looked like his handwriting but couldn't bring himself to accept the fact that Alex's twins were also his so he all but threw them at Alex while telling her "these do not prove that your twins were fathered by me. All it proves is that I wrote those notes to you while posing as Bill Dano. I never would have betrayed Ellen by having an affair with you or anyone else for that matter. I am not their father."

Alex who had gotten pretty upset herself retorted "well Mister Walker since you don't remember what happened in Houston you don't know that you didn't father my twins. You fathered them and if don't want to admit that it's your choice to make. I told you because you had a right to know that you have children. If you don't want to be their father there's nothing that I can or will do about it. I can and I will raise them by myself. As for you saying that you would never have betrayed Ellen by sleeping with me let me point out to you that I made love with you three times. I have no idea what you thought we were doing and frankly I don't really care at this point what you think. As far as I'm concerned you are just another Texas Ranger to me. Ray and Jimmy are my only two friends and I'm going to keep it that way. I've told you what you needed to know now please leave."

Walker angrily responded "no what you've done is lied to me about your twins. For the last time I am not their father." Alex showed Walker the door as she told him "for the last time I don't give a damn what you think Ranger Walker. You were Bill Dano in Houston and you are my babies' father. Now get the hell out of my place." After Walker slammed the door behind himself Alex sat down on her couch and cried because she knew that she loved Cordell Walker every bit as much as she had loved Bill Dano. But Cordell Walker was a married man who wanted nothing to do with her and was most likely never going to be a father to his twins.

When Ray and Trivette brought the twins back Ray stayed a while after Trivette left to tell John all about a bow and arrow set that he was going to give to him. Then Liza asked what about her and Ray told her that she was going to be getting a special dream catcher. Alex then asked Ray if he could stay until after the twins were in bed because she needed to talk to him, Ray agreed.

After the twins were asleep Alex said "I told Walker all about Houston and him having been Bill Dano and his being the biological father of the twins. Needless to say it didn't go well because he doesn't believe me. Ray do you think I should try harder to get Walker to accept the fact that he fathered them or should I just accept the fact that he wants nothing to do with me and my babies?" Ray told her "Alex it was the right thing for you to do to tell him about Houston, Bill Dano and the twins. Washo is their father and he needed to know that but he is also very hardheaded so my best advice to you is to let him decide what to do next. You've done all you can do. Okay?" Alex nodded her agreement so Ray left her place thinking that his foolish nephew was being a jackass by refusing to admit what the truth was. What man wouldn't want to admit to being the father of two children who were the spitting images of his own mother and father. But then again his nephew was a very stubborn man who didn't back down from a position he took no matter the odds against him.