Betrays Again

By 59Katie59

Chapter One

Alex rolled over in bed and reached for her husband Cordell Walker but he wasn't there. Alex then went into the bathroom in search of him but had no luck there. After getting dressed Alex went downstairs to the kitchen and started the coffee then headed outside looking for her husband. Walker was in the barn going over with Cal some of the things that needed done around the ranch. After they were done talking Walker went to his wife and suggested "how about we go back upstairs?" Alex kissed him then answered "we don't have enough time to do what you have in mind. The children will be getting up soon and there's no way I want to be doing that when they are awake. But tonight cowboy you and I can do whatever you want us to do."

As they were eating breakfast they heard the front door open so Walker said that he would see who was there and went into the front hallway. A few minutes later he came into the dining room with C.D. Parker who started to say he was sorry but Alex cut him off by telling him "C.D. Walker explained everything last night. While I would have preferred that you had told Walker or Jimmy what you were doing I can understand why you went about things the way that you did. Now about my children's birthday presents do you still have them? Because if you do I'm sure that they would like a birthday present from their grandpa C.D." C.D. replied "I sure do have their presents darling. They're out in my car, I was hoping that you would let me give them to John and Liza today." Alex agreed to that so C.D. went and got the birthday presents he had gotten for the twins but hadn't given to them because he had at the time been acting like he was hostile towards Alex in an effort to help catch the man who had been sending Alex threatening letters.

After the twins opened their birthday presents C.D. asked that Walker go outside to talk with him so Walker did so. After they were outside C.D. said to Walker "Cordell as you know Ellen [Walker's ex-wife] is engaged to be married to that Yokum fellow. They are going to be married next Saturday and I've agreed to give Ellen away at her wedding. I thought that you should know that so you could explain to Alex that while I hope to become a friend of hers I will always be a friend of Ellen's." Walker answered "C.D. my wife has no problem with you still being a friend of Ellen's. Alex has always understood that you will always be concerned about Ellen. Alex told me that as far as she's concerned the past is over and done with."

C.D. then said "just checking with you first Cordell. I'll talk with Alex myself before the wedding to let her know that I want to be a friend of hers too. But for now I'd better be getting back to my place, I'm working on the perfect idea for my chili." Walker just shook his head over C.D. and his constant tinkering with his according to him world famous chili. When Walker went back into the house Alex asked him "is everything okay with C.D.?"

Walker replied "C.D. said that he was giving Ellen away at her wedding to Yokum." Alex then told her husband "I know that C.D. will be honored to do that. I do understand that he's a good friend of hers and I wouldn't want that to change. What happened back then doesn't matter anymore now that we're married and Ellen is getting married to a man that she loves."

 Walker uncomfortable with the subject matter changed it by saying "we'd better get them ready to go so that we can give our statements." Alex pointed out "the daycare center is closed today so we'll have to take them with us when we give our statements. I was thinking that we should give our statements at different times so one of us will be with them when the other one is giving their statement. Is that okay with you?" Walker told her that was okay with him.

When it was Alex's turn to give her statement in the Riley case Walker took the twins to Ranger headquarters to watch them there. Trivette was also there said to Walker "so how is Alex doing? Cooke told me that she thought Alex looked sick most of the day. Cooke also told me that when Alex returned from her doctor's appointment she looked even sicker if that was possible. Alex being so pale was the reason Cooke had agreed to go file that brief for Alex in the Heron case." Walker answered his partner "Alex is doing okay. As her looking sick from what I understand morning sickness can do that to a woman."

After processing what Walker had said an excited Trivette told him "man I can't wait to be a uncle again. So what are you two having? A boy or a girl, or both again?" Walker replied "we don't know yet."

 When Alex came into Ranger headquarters Trivette wasted no time in telling Alex how happy he was "Alex I'm so glad that I'm going to be a uncle again. Walker said you guys didn't know what you're having yet or how many for that fact. So when will you know what you're having?" Alex feeling queasy grabbed a chair and seated herself in it before glaring at her husband. Trivette who had caught the look Alex was giving her husband took the twins to his desk and showed them how his computer worked. Walker kneeled by the chair that a very pale Alex was sitting on and asked her "what's the matter?"

"I wanted to wait awhile to tell anyone. I haven't even had my first appointment with my maternity doctor and I wanted to be sure that everything was as it should be before we said anything. Why couldn't you have waited a few weeks until you told Jimmy?" Alex replied causing Walker to tell her "Trivette was worried that you had something wrong with you so I told him that you're looking sick is normal for a woman who is having morning sickness."

"Okay but can you please not tell anyone else until after I see Dr. Bates? She's my maternity doctor. I have an appointment next week with her. After I see her I was planning on us telling our friends and my father that there was going to be another little Walker or two running around." Alex said to her husband who agreed with that then suggested that they go to C.D.'s and get something to eat. Trivette decided to go with them since in his words it was Saturday and he was supposed to be off duty anyhow.

As they were eating Ellen came in with the man she was to marry George Yokum. George came over to the booth and held out his hand to Walker as he said "I hope there's no hard feelings between the two of us. I'm sorry that you caught us together in your bed but things did work out for the best. Didn't they? You married her and I'm going to become Ellen's husband." Walker ignored him so George withdrew his hand then stated "let me make this clear, Ellen is with me now. And if you're thinking that you can get her back you can't, she loves me more than she ever loved you. Got that?" This time Walker did respond by saying "get lost."

After George went back to where Ellen was at Alex asked her husband "would you like us to leave?" Walker answered her by offering his hand as he said "how about a dance lady of mine? Trivette will keep an eye on John and Liza. Won't you Trivette?" Trivette said that he would watch the twins so Walker led Alex to the jukebox selected a slow country ballad then pulled her close to him as they danced to the song. Alex snuggled closer as she told him "I love dancing with you." Walker kissed her soundly then replied "we can do some more of it in our bedroom after the children are asleep."

 Alex pulled back to look her husband in the eyes as she questioned him "okay what's with this public display of affection? Does the fact that Ellen is here with Yokum have anything to do with it? Do you regret losing her to him?" Walker pulled her closer then answered "I was just trying to show you how I feel about you lady but if you don't want me doing that I guess that I can stop doing it."

"Oh no cowboy, you're not stopping quite yet. I want to dance a little longer with you. As for tonight and dancing in our bedroom that's a very good idea." Alex replied. As she watched Alex slow dance with her husband Ellen began to get jealous so she dragged George onto the dance floor and made it a point to dance as close to Walker and Alex as she could but the couple didn't even notice them as they were whispering things to each other. When Walker and Alex headed to the booth to collect their children Ellen thought to herself 'he must know how to be gentle with a woman now. A gentle Cord is worth giving up George for. I want my Cord back.'

 As soon as the Walkers left with their children Ellen shooed George into the back room to talk to C.D. then she went to Trivette and questioned him "so how is my Cord doing? What with him now being married to that Cahill he must have had to change the way that he acts. Don't you think it's a shame that a woman like her feels the need to change a man like Cord?"

Trivette answered with a hint of anger in his voice "my partner is doing just fine married to Alex. She has never tried to change Walker either because Alex loves him the way that he is. As far as I'm concerned Walker for the first time in years is being himself. One thing you should understand Ellen is that you never truly knew all of Cordell Walker. Alex knows all of Cordell Walker and loves him, just like Walker knows all of Alexandra Cahill-Walker and loves her. What I'm saying is that it's the two of them who were meant to be together for the rest of their lives. If Walker hadn't had amnesia a few years ago he would have returned to Houston for Alex and married her, not you. I'm not trying to hurt you but that is the truth. And why do you care anyhow? You're getting married to Yokum. Aren't you?"

Ellen replied "of course I am getting married next weekend because it's George and I who were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. I was just asking about Cord because I still care about him as a friend. I don't want anyone hurting him is all. I think before we know it that woman will hurt Cord just to do it." Trivette answered "that's quite enough Ellen. Alex is a very good friend of mine. Now change the subject or go find someone else to talk to."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that about her when she's your friend. I was just worried about Cord but since you think otherwise who am I to disagree?" Trivette didn't buy what Ellen had just told him but let the subject drop and instead steered the conversation to general things. When George came out of the backroom Ellen went to him and laid a big kiss on him leading George to happily say see I told you C.D. that Ellen loves more than she ever loved that want to be cowboy."

Ellen grabbed George by the arm and practically dragged him out of C.D.'s before he could say anything else about Walker to Trivette. Trivette got up to leave also but C.D. said to him "Jimmy something is wrong with Ellen. What do you think it could be? Her and Yokum are getting married so why isn't she happier?" Trivette answered "what is wrong with Ellen is that she is jealous of Alex. C.D. as Ellen's friend you need to explain to her that she never knew all of Walker. That Alex is the only woman who has ever known all there is to my partner. Ellen thinks Alex has made Walker change the way he acts but that's not the case. Hell C.D. I've seen the both of them tell each other how wrong the other one was about something but and this is important, both Walker and Alex know they can be completely honest with the other one without having to worry about it hurting their relationship. I believe that Walker never let Ellen see his complete stubbornness because she wanted her Cord to be gentle. And let's face it C.D. my partner is not a cuddly teddy bear. He's more like a grizzly bear."

"I know what you mean Jimmy about Cordell and Alex.  When I wanted Ellen and Cordell to be together I thought that he had to be gentle and not show Ellen his stubbornness in order not to lose her. But with Alex Cordell can be as stubborn as he wants to be because if there's anyone who can match him in that department it's Alex." C.D. responded then changed the subject to whether or not they were going to be able to finally get Hoddy for the things he had done. Trivette answered that they would be getting started on that first thing Monday morning.

Chapter Two

Monday morning Walker and Trivette were in Ranger headquarters going over what they knew so far about Howard H. Dyan, better known as Hoddy. Trivette pointed to something on his computer screen as he said "I think that Wesley E. Nielsen who we arrested for the assaults that were linked to Starfire might be willing to tell us what he knows about what Hoddy and his operation. What do you think?" Walker answered his partner "why don't we see what he has to say."

As they were starting to question Nielsen his attorney Linda Nystrom who was sitting in on the questioning said to them "my client is willing to be helpful in this matter but only if he's given immunity in exchange for his testimony against his uncle Howard D. Dylan." Trivette responded "if you think we're going to arrange immunity on those assault charges you're crazy."

Nystrom then stated "my client can hand you Hoddy on a silver platter and you two know that. So to put it bluntly unless he's given complete immunity on everything my client won't tell you what he knows. So Rangers until you can come up with that immunity you are not to have any further contact with my client. If I find out that you contacted my client without notifying me first I will see to it that any charges they you brought against him are dropped. If you don't think I can do that I suggest that you go talk to the D.A. and see what trying to get around my client's rights will cost the D.A.'s office and the two of you. This meeting is over with."

As they were going back to Ranger headquarters Trivette asked Walker "are we going to stop by Alex's office and see if Nystrom is right?" Walker answered "you go ahead back to Ranger headquarters, I'll go see A.D.A. Cahill-Walker." Trivette nodded okay and headed to Ranger headquarters as he thought to himself that his partner was being a little too rigid when he insisted on referring to his wife as A.D.A. Cahill-Walker whenever they were at work.

Walker entered his wife's office and asked Miss Renee "is A.D.A. Cahill-Walker in?" Renee replied that Alex was in and that he could go ahead into her private office. Alex looked up from her notes on the Nielsen arrest to see her husband entering her private office. Getting up from her desk Alex asked Walker as she went to hug him "what brings you by handsome?"

Walker stepped away from the attempted hug as he  answered "Nystrom said that she wants immunity for Nielsen in return for his testimony against Hoddy." Alex realizing that her husband was being all business quickly said "D.A. Clark just assigned me the Nielsen case and there's no way that I'm going stand by and allow Clark to offer immunity to Nielsen in return for his testimony against Hoddy. Why would you even think that I would? Are you forgetting all those assaults that Nielsen committed?"

Walker retorted "no A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I have not forgotten what Nielsen did to those women. I didn't offer him immunity, neither did Clark. Nystrom was the one who brought it up. She also said that if we attempted to contact Nielsen behind her back she would see to it that all the charges against him were dropped. Can Nystrom do that?" Alex replied "if you contact Nielsen without his attorney's permission you will be violating his rights. And as much as I hate to say it all Nystrom would then have to do is to get a judge to issue an order stating that Nielsen had been denied his rights by the Tarrant County D.A.'s office and or the Texas Rangers Company B. and due to that any charges that were brought against Nielsen by them would then be thrown out. If that were to happen it would also mean that Nielsen would never face charges for those assaults he committed while he was managing Stafire for his uncle Hoddy. Look Walker I know that you and Jimmy want to get Hoddy for what he's doing as do I but you can't even think of trying to talk to Nielsen again without Nystrom present. You'll have to find some other way to nail Hoddy. Okay?"

Walker answered "okay for now." As she watched her husband leave her office Alex thought to herself 'I hope Walker's need to get Hoddy doesn't cost me the case against Nielsen. Because keeping Nielsen off of the streets is a lot more important to me right now than nailing Hoddy is.'

Walker returned to Ranger headquarters and told Trivette what Alex had told him. Trivette then said "well getting Nielsen to testify against Hoddy is now out of the question. So that means we need to get evidence against Hoddy another way.  Any ideas?" Walker replied "one way or the other I'll get Hoddy." Trivette knowing that Walker was fixated on getting Hoddy brought up another case they were also working on involving upscale jewelry shop heists and suggested that they go talk to some of the witnesses in the upscale jewelry shop heists. Walker agreed to that so they went to talk to the witnesses in the heists.

As they were interviewing a manager at the last jewelry shop that was hit Walker got a feeling that something was wrong and walked away from the manager to see if he could pinpoint where the problem was. Trivette who was used to his partner sensing things led the manager away from where Walker was headed to. The manager Ballen who realized that Walker was headed to his backroom called out "hey you don't need to go in there. There's nothing in there that has anything to do with my shop being robbed." Walker stopped at the door to the backroom to say "I thought I heard someone in there. Didn't you say that we were the only ones here?"

A nervous Ballen answered "we are. What you heard was my wife's cat Minsky. She had me bring her to work today because we're getting new rugs installed in our house and she didn't want Minsky bothered by the men installing the rugs." Walker shocked Trivette by walking away from the back room door as he said "okay. If you have anything further to add to what you've told please contact either my partner or myself at Ranger headquarters. Let's go Trivette."

Trivette who had followed Walker out to the truck without saying anything waited until they were in the truck then asked "what's going on Walker?" Walker replied "that wasn't a cat in his back room."

"That's what I thought too. So tell me partner why didn't you just into the back room and see who was there?" Trivette said to Walker who told him as they drove around the corner to park the truck "because I can find out who was in that back room by watching that back door." Trivette not able to see the back door to the upscale jewelry shop was getting ready to ask his partner how he could see the back door when Walker pointed to a round traffic mirror that allowed drivers to see a blind spot, it also showed the back door to the upscale jewelry store. A few minutes later Ballen came out of the shop but he wasn't alone, there was a striking redhead with him. Trivette said "I wonder who she is and why Ballen didn't want us to know she was there. Although I'm willing to bet she's not his wife."

Walker watched as the pair locked the door then he pulled away from where he had parked the truck as he said "we'd better go back to Ranger headquarters and get started on finding out who she is." Trivette then joked "no what you mean is that we're going back to Ranger headquarters so that I can get on my computer and find out who that woman is. Tell me partner while I'm on my computer what will you be doing? And before you say nothing I'll remind you that the D.A.'s office still needs the paperwork finished on the Orsen arrest." Walker agreed to fill out the paperwork for the Orsen arrest while Trivette researched Ballen and the redhead.

After dropping off the paperwork on the Orsen arrest Walker went to his wife's office to see her. Alex was standing at the window just looking out it so Walker asked her "what's the matter?" Alex turned around to face Walker as she answered "I just heard from Clark about Nielsen and as he put it you and Trivette and your blatant attempt to skirt the law. Walker please understand that I have to tell you this as a A.D.A., I was ordered to do so by D.A. Clark. You and Ranger Trivette are not to go anywhere near Nielsen without Nystrom's permission. Should you do so all charges against Nielsen will be dropped by D.A. Clark. Now as an A.D.A that you work with, Walker I can't have my case against Nielsen thrown out because you want to get Hoddy. Yes I know that Hoddy needs to pay for what he's doing but right now my only concern is seeing to it that Nielsen goes to jail for a very long time. So please promise me that you won't do anything that will hurt my case."

Walker vowed "I will get Hoddy." Alex then said "you are without a doubt the most stubborn person that I have ever met. Don't you ever give in?"

Walker pulled Alex to him as he said to her "no I don't give in and you know that. My stubbornness is why you love me lady." Alex replied "Oh no my cowboy, I love you because of that cute little half smile of yours. Not to mention what you can do with that body of yours."

Walker kissed his wife then told her "I'll see you later." Alex always getting the last word in said "I hope to see what else you can do with that body of yours my cowboy after I try an idea that I've been thinking of doing to you. That is after our children are asleep. Interested?" Walker just winked at Alex then left her office.

Chapter Three

By the time that Walker returned to Ranger headquarters Trivette found out who the striking redhead that had been spotted coming out of the back door of the jewelry shop with Ballen. Pointing to his computer screen he told his partner "the redhead is none other than the current owner of Pleasure's Paradise, Katelynn Mannors. She was an exotic dancer at that gentlemen's club on White Oak before it was closed down for prostitution. Her stage name if you can call it that was Kitty Meow. When the club was closed Mannors moved over to Pleasure's Paradise and within six months she became the owner. How she was able to come up with the money to buy out the previous owner I have no idea. Although from what I found out she didn't pay as much as she should have for the club. So how do you want to play this?" Walker answered "you keep researching her while I go talk to some of my contacts."

 As Walker was talking with some of his contacts he realized that there had to have been some sort threat used against the previous owner of Pleasure's Paradise in order to get him to sell the club so cheaply to Mannors. Walker returned to Ranger headquarters and told Trivette that then suggested that they should have someone go undercover in Pleasure's Paradise to see what was really going on there. Trivette asked "what about those officers that we worked with during the Riley Case? I sure that either Cooke or Swanson would be glad to help us out on that. I'll call Grear and set it up."

Walker responded "for now we can have that Ranger trainee Gage go in undercover. Harland said that he'll be working with us starting tomorrow. Once he's in place then we'll see about having a female go undercover." Trivette answered "okay but for now I'll keep on seeing what else I can find out about Mannors. Do you want me to see if Thorpe and Cullens can take over the Hoddy investigation?" When Walker glared at him Trivette held up his hands in mock surrender then said "okay it was a dumb question. Don't shoot me for it though. You need me to handle this computer since you refuse to go near it."

Walker retorted "I can always have Alex teach me what I need to know about a computer." Trivette scoffed "not even my favorite lawyer can teach someone like you something that you really aren't interested in learning and you know that I'm right. You're too hardheaded to listen when you think you don't need to."

Walker didn't answer his partner because the phone on his desk rang so he went and answered it. After the phone call was over with Walker told Trivette that he had to meet with someone and that if Alex called to tell her to meet him in C.D.'s with the children after work.

That evening as Walker was sitting in a booth waiting for his wife to arrive with his children Ellen sat down across from him then asked him "Cord can we please talk?" Walker nodded okay so Ellen said "first of all I have to tell you how sorry I am that you caught me in our bed with George. It was so wrong of me to have done that to you, to us. All I can say in my defense was that I wanted to know if it was possible for me to be with someone without it.. you know. But still I was wrong and I now admit it. You my darling Cord were everything to me and I threw our love away because I was foolish. Things have changed however, I now know that I can be with a man, with you know. That you now know how to be... you know. So what do you say?" Not quite understanding that Ellen was really telling him that she wanted him back Walker told her "Ellen I did care for you when I married you..."

Walker got no further because Alex came in then with their children left them at the bar and stormed over to the booth to say to Walker in a very angry voice "are you happy with yourself Ranger Walker?" Walker answered "what are you talking about A.D.A. Cahill-Walker?"

Alex snapped "you and your disregard for the law. How could you have just ignored what I told you earlier today? Do you know what your behavior has done to my case?" Without waiting for an answer Alex spun around and went over to the bar where John and Liza were still at. Walker followed her there then he said to his former partner "C.D. watch them, will you? A.D.A. Cahill and I will be in your back room."

Alex answered "you can go in the back room by yourself. I just stopped in here to drop our children off for you to take home. I have to go back to the D.A.'s office and get all of my files ready to turn over to A.D.A. Holland." Then Alex turned her attention to the children and told them "you two behave for your Daddy. Mommy has to go back to work." Alex then kissed her children goodbye and headed for the door. Walker followed his wife out the door.

Ellen who had seen the exchange and then watched as the Walkers went outside thought to herself 'my Cord still loves me, I know that he does. There's no way he'll stay with her the way she treats him. He's too much of a gentle person to have to go through being spoken to like that. I will get him back from her and I'm going to just as soon as I decide when or if I should tell George that it's over.' Ellen then sat there for a while trying to decide how soon she should show up at the ranch to console her Cord over the end of his marriage and whether or not she should go through with getting married to her George in case her Cord was resistant to getting back together with her. Ellen knew that now her Cord had seen Cahill for what she was he would be ending things with her. The only question in her mind was whether or not a now gentle Cord was worth losing a steady George over. Ellen knew that she had more in common with George but having lost her Cord to that woman she really was entitled to get him back if she wanted him back. As for her George she had until the wedding on Saturday to decide if not longer if she went through with the marriage.

Outside of C.D's Walker looked at his wife who was still quite mad at him. Alex took a picture out of her briefcase and handed it to him as she questioned him "why on earth would you even think about meeting with Nielsen when I asked you not to? Do you understand that he's going to get away with those assaults now?" Walker looked at the picture to see that it was a photograph of his meeting with Nielsen then answered "he called me and told me that Nystrom wasn't his attorney anymore and that he was willing to tell all he knew about Hoddy's operation."

"Didn't it ever occur to you that he was setting you up? Or were you so determined to nail Hoddy that you didn't think things through?" Alex asked her husband who told her "we need to get Hoddy off of the streets and Nielsen is going to help us do that. Alex I know you think that I should have checked with the D.A.'s office before agreeing to a deal with Nielsen but I didn't have the time to call up you or Clark."

Alex stated "there is not going to be a deal with Nielsen in exchange for his testimony against Hoddy because once it was made known to Clark that you met with Nielsen the charges were dropped. That means that a rapist is now free to walk the streets. Nystrom showed Clark that picture and demanded that the charges be dropped which he did without even asking me what I thought about it. I was then called into D.A. Clark's office and raked over the coals for allowing your meeting with Nielsen to happen. Clark didn't want to hear it when I told him that I knew nothing about the meeting. God Walker couldn't you have just called me first so that I could have talked you out of that meeting? I might have been able to given some time come up with a way for you to meet with Nielsen while still being able to keep my case against him. As it is I'm going to have to research the law to see if Nielsen can still be charged with those assaults. It all depends on how Clark dropped the charges." Walker pulled her to him as he said "Alex I promise you that Nielsen will pay for what he did. Next time I'll try to let you know what is going on."

Alex stepped back as she replied "you calling me next time to let me know what is going on isn't going to do me any good because D.A. Clark also told me that I would no longer be handling the cases that the Texas Rangers bring to his office. As it was I'm going back to night court duty for at least the next two weeks. After that Clark said that I could go back to day court if nothing else happens. If something else happens and I end up being assigned to night court full time I will be very upset with you because that will mean I'll miss tucking my babies in at night. Not to mention being too tired when I got home late at night to do anything with you." Walker took her into his arms again then said "I'm sorry that Clark took it out on you Alex and I will tell him about it."

"Cordell you can't tell my boss off about the way he treats me. I'm a big girl now and I will handle my own problems. As A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I'm more than a little mad at you right now Ranger Walker but as Mrs. Walker I do understand that you are without a doubt the most stubborn person that I have ever met. I could tell you something until I'm blue in the face but if you don't want to go along with what I'm telling you the law is you won't. I'm quite sure that we'll be having this discussion many more times in our future, given our jobs and your hard headedness. By for right now you need to come up with a way to prevent Nielsen from hurting anymore women until I find a way for those charges to be brought against him, again." Alex told Walker who vowed "I will make sure of that."

Alex then said "not to change the subject but as I said I have an idea about what I can do to you after the children are sleeping. That is if I get home early enough. Still interested?" Walker soundly kissed his wife in response.

That night in their bedroom Alex started peeling off her clothes as she said to her husband who had been sitting in a chair reading while waiting for her to come home "thank god we're together now. The last time I was pregnant all I wanted to do was to make love with my babies' father over and over again and I couldn't do that. But this time I can do that as much as I want to." Walker then asked her as he started removing his own clothes "is that why you got over being mad at me so quickly?"

"Cordell Walker, yes I was mad at you for meeting with Nielsen when I asked you not to but my getting over it so quickly as you put it has nothing to do with my desire to make love with you. As a A.D.A. I am still a little mad that you ignored my advice but as your wife I have accepted the fact that you are relentless when it comes to getting justice. So that means while your stubbornness might bother me at times it is also what makes you the man that I love. Just like you have to accept the fact that I can be just as stubborn as you can be when it comes to getting justice." Alex replied causing a now naked Walker to say "yes you are stubborn lady of mine. Now what was this idea that you wanted to do to me?" Alex showed him her idea.

When she was done a gasping Walker questioned her "where did you learn to do that? Didn't you tell me that I was the only man you had ever been with?" Alex sat up in bed before answering "yes you are the only man that I ever been with and no I didn't learn to do that with another man. Back in Houston I worked as a public defender in night court and...several of the call girls were quite open about how they did that to their clients. I thought you might like it if I did that to you. If you didn't like what I just did to you tell me now and I'll never do it again. I was just trying to please you."

Walker sat up also as he quickly assured her "you can do that to me any time you want too just so long as you understand that I get to return the favor. Okay?" Alex replied "how about you returning the favor right now?" Walker answered with his actions.

Chapter Four

Gage who was the trainee was going over his paperwork at Walker's desk when he and Trivette arrived at Ranger headquarters the next morning. Walker went over to his desk and placed his hat on the corner of it causing Gage to tell him "hey buddy, can't you see that I'm using this desk? Why don't you go find yourself another desk to lay down your cowboy hat? What's your name by the way?" Walker replied "name's Walker, that's my desk."

Gage got up from Walker's desk as he said to him "sorry I didn't know that this was your desk Ranger Walker. I'll just take this paperwork over to that empty desk over there to finish filling it out." Trivette who had come over to Walker's desk said to Gage "I'm Trivette and you can use my desk to finish your paperwork." Gage went over to Trivette's desk to finish the paperwork.

Trivette then asked Walker "what's this that I hear about Alex being assigned to night court?" Walker replied "Clark assigned Alex to night court for the next two weeks because I met with Nielsen."

"So does that mean that my best friend is interested in strangling my partner?" Trivette teasingly questioned Walker who told him in all seriousness "what happens between my wife and I is our business, no one else's. Got that?"

"I've got that Walker but I was just teasing you. I know that there's no way Alex would ever really try to strangle you. She's too crazy about you for some unknown reason. Alex is my friend and I do care about what is happening to her. So from now on I'll just call her up and ask her what's going on. Unless you object to me doing that too." Trivette responded so Walker told him "as my wife told me last night, she's a big girl now. I don't tell Alex what to do, so if you want to talk to her go right ahead." Trivette nodded okay. After he had filled out his paperwork Gage came back over to Walker's desk where he was briefed on his undercover assignment in Pleasure's Paradise.

Gage who was a little nervous and who was also trying to impress both Walker and Trivette so that they would give him a good report boasted that he would make a very good bouncer at Pleasure's Paradise and that he doubted that if either Walker or Trivette would have made a better bouncer, no offense intended. Trivette then looked at Walker who told Gage that he could show them in the Ranger gym just how he could handle himself when he was undercover as a bouncer.

Gage as he was stepping into the ring to spar with Walker told him "I'll pull my punches so that I don't hurt you Ranger Walker." As Trivette turned away to hide his smirk Walker calmly answered "I'll keep that in mind." Gage then went to throw a punch at Walker but he quickly avoided it then just as quickly put Gage on his back. Walker then stepped back and motioned for Gage to get back up which he did. As soon as Gage was on his feet Walker dropped him again. This made Gage mad and instead of keeping a level head he charged at Walker who got him in a headlock and told him to settle down. Gage nodded okay so Walker released him and they sparred for a while longer. Whenever Gage tried something in order to land a blow on Walker he would fend it off then show Gage the proper way to do it. After a while Walker told Gage that was enough for now and left the ring to work out on a punching bag.

As his partner walked over to a punching bag Trivette questioned Gage "I guess nobody told you that Walker is an expert at martial arts? That he can take care of three or four guys by himself?" Gage looked over at the way Walker was hitting and kicking the punching bag as he answered "my captain who got me into the Ranger Trainee program told me that Walker wasn't nearly the man that he used to be and that was why he now had a partner, namely you. He also told me that Walker was going to retire in another year or so because he couldn't handle things anymore and that if I played my cards right I could replace Walker as your partner. Trivette do you think I should tell Walker that I'm sorry for telling him I would pull my punches? He must have thought that I was some sort of idiot for telling him that and is probably going to hold that against me. I want to become a Ranger so badly, I don't need Walker giving me a bad report."

Trivette said "Gage I do believe that my partner just straightened you out on whether he not he could still do his job. No Walker is not retiring anytime soon and no he won't hold your ill-advised comments against you. The report both Walker and I will give Captain Harland about you will be based solely on whether or not you have what it takes to be a Texas Ranger. Why don't you go get a shower then meet me back at Ranger headquarters? By that time I will have finalized the details of your identity for your undercover assignment at Pleasure's Paradise. That is if you do okay on the job interview and get the job as the bouncer." Gage headed to the showers while Trivette went over to Walker and explained why Gage had acted the way that he had. Trivette then told Walker he would be going back to Ranger headquarters to work on Gage's cover. Walker answered that he would finish up his workout then rejoin them in Ranger headquarters.

That afternoon Alex came into Ranger headquarters looking for Walker but he wasn't there but the receptionist told her that Walker and Trivette were due back shortly and that Alex could wait at Walker's desk if she wanted to so Alex seated herself at Walker's desk. As she was sitting there Gage came in looking for Walker and Trivette but they weren't there. Gage seeing a pretty lady sitting at Walker's desk went to her and said "Can I help you with anything? Miss?"

Alex replied "I'm just waiting for Walker to get here." Gage told her "I think that they should be back here shortly. Are you sure that I can't help you with anything Miss? I'm Gage by the way."

"I'm A.D.A. Cahill-Walker." Alex responded causing Gage to say "wow the A.D.A.'s here sure are beautiful. So tell me Miss Cahill-Walker would you be by any chance interested in going out to dinner with a Ranger Trainee? We wouldn't even have to call it a date if you didn't want us to."

"Not interested." Alex bluntly told Gage who then said "can't fault a guy for trying when you're as pretty as you are. Are you sure you can't change your mind and give me a chance?"

 Alex shook her head no in disbelief and was getting ready to say a stronger rebuke to Gage when Walker and Trivette entered Ranger headquarters. Trivette went to his desk and motioned for Gage to join him there. Walker went to his desk and asked Alex "what brings you by here lady?" Alex said "I just dropped our children off at the daycare center. If you can't get there by six to pick them up you have to call my dad to go get them."

"If I can't get them by six I'll call your Dad to have him pick our children up." Walker assured his wife who then questioned her husband "would C.D. be interested in being an emergency pick up person for the twins? I mean if you get stuck at work and my father gets stuck in court we will need someone else who can get them from the daycare center. Can you ask him when you take our children to his place for dinner?"

"Alex, C.D. will be glad to help us out by getting the twins when we or your father can't. And how did you know that I was taking them there for dinner?" Walker responded. Alex smiled at her husband kissed him on the cheek then said "I know my husband's traits but you know what? In spite of some of them I think I'll keep him because he has several traits that I really enjoy, mostly at night." Alex then left Ranger headquarters leaving a slightly red Walker without a chance to answer her.

Gage who had watched the exchange between Walker and Alex asked Trivette "Is that A.D.A. friendly with all of the Rangers or just Walker?" Trivette answered "just Walker, he's her husband." This caused Gage to mutter "damn I might as well go back to my police department right now. I'm sure by now A.D.A. Cahill-Walker has told him that I hit on her. Is he the jealous sort? I mean will Walker have it in for me for my having hit on his wife?"

"No Walker isn't the jealous sort and no he won't have it in for you for that. As for you hitting on Alex, unless you were obnoxious about I doubt if she'll even tell her husband about. Alex is beautiful and she knows how to handle men hitting on her, just so long as they don't go over the line and become a pest. Hell Gage I hit on Alex a couple of times myself and she politely set me straight each time. Now we're good friends and I'm considered a uncle to their twins, John and Liza." Trivette explained to Gage who decided that he should tell Walker what he had done just so it would be out in the open. After Gage told Walker that he had hit on Alex Walker told him not to do it again and Gage assured him that he wouldn't. Trivette then directed the conversation to Gage's undercover assignment in Pleasure's Paradise.

Chapter Five

On Saturday afternoon Walker and Trivette were in the alley behind Ballen's jewelry shop looking at his dead body. Walker asked Swanson who was the Dallas police officer who had called them there "were there any witnesses?" Swanson replied "just the woman who called us, Katelynn Mannors. I placed Miss Mannors in the back seat of my cruiser and told her I would be taking her down to headquarters to answer questions but she refused stating that she would give her statement with her lawyer present or not at all. I called Captain Grear up and he told me that Miss Mannors could give her statement with her lawyer present at police headquarters. So in accordance with Captain Grear's orders I released her. My partner, Officer Bergman is inside checking for evidence. Officers Cooke and Marte are interviewing the other shop owners as we speak."

Trivette told Swanson "when they get back here have them wait out here for us. Walker and I are going inside to see if the security cameras caught anything." Swanson nodded okay so Walker and Trivette went inside where Officer Bergman said to them "Rangers there appears to have been some sort of struggle in that doorway leading to the front of the business. I decided that it was best if I didn't go out front. I haven't stepped a foot past this point." Walker told him "go back outside and see if the forensics team has arrived yet. If they have tell them after they are down gathering evidence in the alley they need to also look for evidence in here." After Bergman went back outside Trivette pointed out to Walker "look there's a monitor for the security cameras and it has four cameras hooked up to it. And from what I can see on this monitor they cover this backroom, the alley, the jewelry counters and the front door. If anything happened in here we should be able to see it." Walker nodded his agreement.

Trivette and Walker went back outside to wait for the forensics team to arrive and process the scene, they had processed the body so it was loaded into the coroner's wagon and taken away. The forensics split into two groups one of which went inside to process it while the other started going over the alley.  Cooke and Marte came back from interviewing the other shop owners. Cooke stated "Rangers the owner of the pawn shop next door allowed us to view his security cameras footage and the footage from the alley camera shows none other than Nielsen following a red-haired woman through the back door, shortly after that he comes running out followed by the man who's now dead. Nielsen then stops turns around and shoots the man who fell to the ground. The redhead then comes out and appears to fire a shot at Nielsen, we couldn't tell if she got him or not. Then she went to the pawn shop next door where she had the owner call 911. After that the camera shows her kneeling besides the deceased, she didn't move from his side until the paramedics got here. They pronounced him dead on scene." Trivette said "okay, Cooke and Marte have an A.P. B. put out on Nielsen, Walker and I will follow up on the redhead whose name is Katelynn Mannors, the owner of Pleasure Paradise. Swanson you and Bergman stay here and make sure that all of the evidence is handled by the book then get in touch with Captain Grear and let him know that the Texas Rangers will be taking over this case and that we will keep him in the loop." The four police officers nodded okay so Walker and Trivette got into Walker's truck.

On the way to Pleasure's Paradise they got a call from Gage in which he told them that a man was in the back room with Miss Mannors and they were having a very loud verbal altercation and that he thought the wires he had planted in there were recording it but he was getting worried that the fight might turn physical. Walker told him to go into Mannor's private office telling her that at her bouncer he was concerned about her safety. That he Gage was to do his best to keep Mannors from leaving there until they got there. A short time later Walker and Trivette arrived at Pleasure's Paradise where Gage told them "officers the man whom Miss Mannors said was Hoddy and was bothering her is cuffed to a urinal in the men's room at her request. Miss Mannors is in her private office and she told me to tell the law enforcement officers who came to arrest Hoddy that she was willing to tell everything she knew about Hoddy and his worm of a nephew, that is as long as she got the right deal."

Trivette looked at Walker who said "I guess that since we're doing this by the book we'll have to call D.A. Clark himself." Clark was called by Trivette and after he arrived on the scene Clark snapped at the Rangers "did you have to call me off of the golf course for this?" Walker answered "yes we did because Hoddy's nephew Nielsen killed a jewelry shop owner by the name of Ballen a short time ago. Miss Mannors who is in her private office appears to have been a witness to it. Trainee Ranger Gage here has been undercover at a bouncer and has gathered evidence against Miss Mannors and others involving drugs, and prostitution." Trivette added "Gage placed wiretaps and other electronic recording devices all in accordance with warrants that your office issued and as a result of that we have plenty of evidence against Miss Mannors and her partners, one of whom is Hoddy. Officers, Swanson, Marte, Cooke and Bergman are also involved in the Ballen murder investigation. Captain Grear has been notified that the Texas Rangers are now handling the case but that he will be kept in the loop."

Clark knowing that Walker and Trivette both held him responsible for Nielsen being out on the streets instead of still being in jail on assault replied "I'll have Nielsen up on first degree murder charges, as for Hoddy I have to see what evidence Miss Mannors can give me against Hoddy and what evidence there is against her. I'll let Captain Harland know what's going on in due time but for now I'll have some police officers escort Hoddy to headquarters. Make sure your statements are accurate and that you turn the evidence in properly. I don't want anyone walking because of sloppy paperwork." Clark then went into Miss Mannors private office followed by his secretary who had arrived on scene with him. Walker and Trivette assisted Gage in placing the recordings he had gathered into evidence pouches sealed them then dated and signed them. The three of them went to Ranger headquarters where they filled out their reports and turned in the evidence pouches.

Hours later Walker went home to find a note from Alex saying that she had taken the children to see her father and that they wouldn't be home for a while. Walker took the sandwich Alex had made for him along with a glass of tea and went and sat down on his front porch swing. No sooner than he had sat down did Ellen Garret show up. She hurried onto the porch telling him "I want you my Cordell. Please tell me that you want me too. We can have what we used to have. I didn't marry George so once you divorce Cahill we can get married again. What do you say my only love?"

Walker stood up to answer her but before he could say anything Yokum appeared holding a gun and seeing Ellen there he snarled at her "If I can't have you neither will he." Yokum fired at Ellen but Walker shoved her aside while drawing his own gun and firing it. Walker and Yokum both fell seemingly lifeless at the same time. Ellen dropped to her knees besides Walker as she pleaded "please Cordell don't leave me now. Not when we have our future ahead of us." Cal who had come running out of the barn at the sound of a gunshot called the police then Ranger headquarters.

Chapter Six

 Alex flew down the hospital corridor followed by her father who was seeing to her twins, John and Elizabeth. Alex stopped at the nurses’ station and asked the nurse who was there "what room is Ranger Walker in?" The nurse replied "501 but only relatives are allowed to visit him at this time." Alex quickly located the signs saying which rooms were where and seeing where 501 was located at headed to it followed by the nurse who had come out behind the counter as she objected "miss you can't go in there. You're not a relative." Alex without stopping retorted "I most certainly can go in there as Ranger Walker is my husband."

The nurse went back to her desk and picked up the phone to call security while muttering to Alex's retreating back "his wife is already in there with Ranger Walker so how can he be your husband honey?" Gordon arrived at the nurses’ station to overhear that last part so he reached over the counter and depressed the hang up button on the phone. The nurse looked at Gordon who told her "I assure you that my daughter Alex, whom you just talked to is indeed Ranger Walker's wife. These two are their children. If there is another woman in my son in law's room she is not his wife, no matter what she told the staff here. I'll be taking my grandchildren in to see their father if there are no medical objections from you." The nurse replied "Ranger Walker will be staying overnight as a precaution because of his skull being grazed by a bullet near where he had a previous head wound. He should be up for a short visit with his children. Anything else I have no comment on."

Inside of Walker's room Alex found Ellen all but crawling into bed with Cordell Walker, her husband. Alex cleared her throat and when they noticed her standing there she asked them "what's going on here?" Walker answered "what's it to you?"

Before Alex could answer him the door opened and the twins came running into the room where they tried to get onto the bed with Walker who told them "you two can't sit on my bed." Elizabeth asked him "why not Daddy?" John added "mommy lets us sit on your bed at home."

Walker turned to Ellen and questioned her "we have children? What are their names?" Ellen didn't answer him but Alex sure did by stating "these are my children, their names are John and Elizabeth Walker and you Cordell John Walker are their father. I'm going to ask you this just one more time, what is going on here?"

A shocked Walker replied "are you saying that I betrayed my wife Ellen and had some sort of affair with you? That these children are the result of that affair?" A very upset Alex said to him "it was not an affair and you know that unless of course you have amnesia again, which I find highly unlikely. Once was more than enough for me to deal with. Thank you very much."  Ellen entered the conversation then by saying "Cordell remembers the fight the two of us had before he took that undercover assignment where he met you and then after that all he remembers is when the two of us got married. Other than that, my Cordell doesn't remember anything about the last several years. He doesn't remember you or your children at all Cahill."

Alex snapped "how very nice for you. I'll bet you forget to mention to him that you were getting married to another man today and that Walker and I are now husband and wife." Walker objected "Ellen and I are married, not you and I. Whoever you are."

Gordon who came into the hospital room then and stated "her name is Alexandra Erin Cahill-Walker, my daughter and your lawfully wedded wife." Gordon then asked his daughter "do you want me to take the children into the hallway while you talk with your husband? Do you also want me to call security and have them escort her out?" Alex shook her head no as she replied "I can't do this again dad. I just can't. If they want each other so much that my husband can forget me for a second time they can have each other. I won't stand in their way. It just hurts me too much to fight for his love again when I shouldn't have to. I'm taking my children and going home. Say goodbye to your father children." The twins both kissed their father goodbye and went to their mother who was standing with door opened waiting for them.

Walker coldly told Alex "if they are my children Ellen and I will be a part of their lives whether or not you like it Miss Cahill. I may not remember the past several years but I do know that I would never have betrayed Ellen by having an affair with you behind her back. So how are they my children?" Alex rebutted "they are your children, the blood tests you insisted be done proved that. As for how they came into being I will not explain that in front of them, they are much too young to hear about those sort of things. As to them being a part of your life, I'll tell you what Cordell John Walker you promise me that you'll go see White Eagle at the reservation then we'll talk about you ever again seeing my children. And after you return from the reservation we'll also have a talk about who betrays whom and with who."

After saying that Alex left Walker's room in tears. While following his daughter out of the hospital room Gordon stopped at the doorway to tell Walker "my daughter has always loved you, you have been and always will be the only man for her. It doesn't seem to me that you feel the same way about Alex, never mind the fact that you promised me before you married my daughter that you did indeed love her and according to you Alex and you were destined to be together, forever. And if you think that I'll ever let Miss Garret be a part of my grandchildren's life you are sadly mistaken. When Miss Garret here realized that my grandchildren were your children and my daughter didn't hand them over to her like two sacks of groceries she then wanted nothing to do with them and I highly doubt if Miss Garret feels any differently now. She's just using this situation to her advantage, to get her hooks into you again." Walker snapped "that's enough about my wife."

"She's not your wife, my daughter is your wife but rest assured I will be taking care of that legality for my only child just as soon as I can." Gordon snapped back then left Walker's room. Walker turned to Ellen with a question in his eyes but Ellen quickly told him "I'll be glad to go to the reservation with you just as soon as they release you from here. I've never been there and I think it's time I got to know that part of your heritage. But for now I'd better let you get some rest." Ellen then left Walker's room before he could say anything.

About two hours later C.D. Parker came into Walker's hospital room to find him putting his clothes on. C.D. objected "what do you think you are doing Cordell? Get back in that bed right this minute." Walker replied "I'm leaving here."

C.D. then asked his old partner "and how do you plan on getting to your ranch when you're here and your truck is still at the ranch?" Walker answered "you can drive me there."

C.D. tried again to get Walker to stay in the hospital by questioning him "and what does your wife have to say about you just up and leaving here against the doctor's wishes? Don't you think you ought to think twice about upsetting your wife given her condition?" Walker replied "what wife?"

C.D. snapped "Alex of course. Who did you think I was talking about? Ellen?" Walker then asked his old friend "what's wrong with Alex?" As Walker put on his cowboy boots C.D. answered "Cordell you know she's pregnant, Jimmy couldn't help but tell me even though Alex wants to keep the news quiet until after she sees her maternity doctor. Now Cordell you know you shouldn't be upsetting Alex in her condition. You don't want anything to happen to the twins that she is carrying. Do You? From what you and Jimmy told me Alex almost lost the first set of twins before they were born when she was attacked by that Mac fellow in Houston."

"C.D. just drive me home will you?" Walker not really knowing what C.D. was talking about requested of C.D. who did indeed drive Walker home to the ranch house. On the way there C.D. started to talk about Alex almost losing the first set of twins but Walker looked out the truck window without paying any attention to what C.D. was saying so C.D. dropped the subject and stayed quiet the rest of the way to the ranch. As Walker went to get out of C.D.'s car C.D. told him "give Alex and those babies a kiss from me, will you?" Walker nodded okay and went into his house where he found a man coming down the stairs. The man said to him "the children are finally asleep in their beds. It only took me three bedtimes stories each for them to fall asleep. I'm getting a lot better at this uncle stuff, aren't I partner? Or my name isn't James Trivette, Texas Ranger. Right? Oh by the way Alex is laying down on the couch. She was pretty upset when her father brought her home from seeing you at the hospital with the children but she wouldn't tell me why, nor would Alex let her father tell me why she was so upset. All Alex would say was that she had been too hard on you. Her father insisted that she hadn't been hard enough. So tell me partner what's going on." Walker replied "good night Trivette."

 Trivette then told him "Captain Grear was here because Dallas P.D. is handling the investigation, he took the tapes from the security cameras that Alex had installed around here. Grear told me that it seemed to be a case of self-defense but it had to be handled by the book so he'll need your statement as soon as you can give it to him. Also Harland said for me to let you know that you'll be on paid leave for the next two weeks. Any questions?" Walker answered no so Trivette left the ranch house.

After Trivette left Walker locked up then went into the living room where he sat on a chair as he watched Alex resting on the couch with her eyes closed. After a few minutes Alex opened her eyes and told him "I'm not up to talking with you tonight Walker." Walker replied "I know. Why don't you go upstairs and get some rest?"

Alex sat up as she asked him "with or without you?" Walker didn't answer her so Alex stood up as she said to her husband "you really don't remember me or the children. Do you?"

"no I don't." Was Walker's answer. Alex then told him "look I'm sorry that I told you that I wouldn't let you see the children if you didn't agree to go to the reservation first. That was wrong of me but you do need to go see White Eagle before you make any choices about which wife you now want. You've always respected his opinion."

"Ellen wants to go there with me." Walker told Alex further upsetting her. Alex retorted "of course she does, never mind the fact that Ellen has never been interested in your Cherokee heritage. And the fact that you want to take her even though you've been told that I'm your wife now tells me all that I need to know. You have never gotten over Ellen and if you hadn't caught her having sex with another man in your bed you would still be married to her Cordell Walker. That after you two split up you only married me Walker because we had children together. You don't love me the way that I have always loved you. So go ahead and take her to the reservation with you. While you're doing that I'll have my father get started on the divorce you so obviously want from me. I won't fight you for sole custody of the twins even though my father thinks that I should, given what Ellen tried to do when she found out that my twins were also your twins."

"And what was that?" Walker asked Alex wanting to hear her version of what Gordon had already told him. Alex replied "ask her that one, not me. I won't put down the woman you think is your wife. As for me, it's late and I need to get some rest." Walker offered "I'll sleep on the couch so you don't have to share a bed with me."

"I'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom for now. There's no way I'm sleeping in our bed, with or without you when you don't remember me. If I get lucky and you remember me before you divorce me and want to share a bed with me then we'll talk about altering the sleeping arrangements. Walker even if you don't ever remember the children please don't ever let them know that. They don't need to be hurt by their father forgetting about them. And speaking of the children, if you check on the twins before you turn in try not to wake them up. Can you at least do that much for me?" Alex responded causing Walker to ask her "C.D. said Jimmy told him that you were expecting another set of twins. Are you pregnant with another set of twins?"

"Yes I am expecting again. No I don't know yet if it's twins again but everything inside me says that I'm expecting another set of twins. That's something else that we'll need to work out after you leave me for Ellen." Alex snapped at him then went into the downstairs bedroom slamming the door shut. Walker stood there for a few minutes then went upstairs and checked to make sure the twins were sleeping okay. They were so Walker went back downstairs and into his den where he sat there most of the night trying to remember Alex and their children but no memories of them came to him. There were memories of Ellen but they seemed disjointed to Walker as though he wasn't remembering something important that he needed to remember.

Chapter Seven

In the morning Walker hearing the sounds of young feet running around upstairs went into the downstairs bedroom to see if Alex was awake but she wasn't in bed so he went upstairs to see what the twins were doing. Walker found them in the hallway outside the master bedroom's door so he asked them "Is your mother awake?" Liza answered "we don't know yet Daddy. Mommy hasn't answered us and we're not allowed to go into your bedroom until you or Mommy says that we can." Without thinking Walker tried the doorknob and it turned so he opened the door. The twins quickly went into the master bedroom and jumped on the bed.

Walker said to them "don't jump on the bed." John told his father "Mommy always says that we can jump once or twice on the bed then we have to settle down and wait for her to get done in the bathroom. After that she takes us downstairs to eat breakfast. Can you take us instead Daddy? We're hungry." Walker answered "Come on guys, we'll let your mommy finish her bath in peace."

As they were leaving the bedroom the bathroom door opened and a robed Alex came out of it. Seeing Walker there she explained to him "I knocked first but you didn't answer so since my clothes are still in here I took my shower. Later on if I feel up to it I'll move my clothes to the guest bedroom." Walker responded "Okay, I'm taking them downstairs to eat. I'll get breakfast started. You take all the time you need to get dressed."

"They really love it when you make them scrambled eggs and toast with extra crispy bacon. Don't you guys?" Alex said giving Walker a hint on what to make the children to eat for breakfast. The twins took Walker's hands and practically tugged him down the steps. A while later Alex joined them in the dining room where she only ate buttered toast. Walker asked her "is that all you're going to eat?" Alex replied "I'm a little queasy right now. After my morning sickness settles down I'll eat some more." Then in an effort to change the subject she said "don't forget children Mr. Coyote and Miss Sharona will be here this afternoon to see you." The twins began to excitedly talk about Mr. Coyote and Miss Sharona coming to see them. After they had finished their breakfast Alex told Walker that she would do the dishes while he saw to the twins.

Walker was seated in the living room watching Liza play with her dolls when John came back into the living carrying a keepsake box. Walker asked him "what do you have there?" John replied "Mommy's box, it has my ring in it and Liza's bracelet. Can you open the box so that we can look at them Daddy? Mommy lets us look at them sometimes." Walker opened the box to discover the bracelet had been his Aunt Ruth's while the ring had been his own mother's engagement ring. Walker instead of showing them to the twins returned the items to the box then went into the kitchen where he demanded of Alex as he opened the box and took the ring and bracelet out of it " What are these doing in your keepsake box? Why doesn't Ellen have them?"

Alex stated "your Uncle Ray gave me the bracelet as payment for helping out your tribe and insisted that I keep it never mind the fact that I tried repeatedly to give it back to him when I found out it had been his wife's. Just as I tried to give it to you so that you could keep it for your daughter when you and Ellen were still married. As for the engagement ring, once the blood tests proved that you had indeed fathered John you asked me to keep it for him so that he could present it to the lady that he wanted to marry. As for why Ellen doesn't have the engagement ring; when you gave it to me for John you told me that Ellen wanted her engagement ring to match her wedding ring. Now that I've answered your questions can you please put them back into my keepsake box then put my keepsake box into the safe in your den until the future is settled? I have no secure place in the guest bedroom to keep it." Walker then asked "why are Sam and Sharona coming here?"

Alex replied "I'm friends with Sharona so Sam offered to bring her to see me when he brought you something that you wanted him to bring you. I have no idea what Sam is bringing you because when I asked you what it was you told me that it was a surprise for me and that I had to wait to know what it was. Speaking of Sam, when he and Sharona return to the reservation will you be going with them? If you are I'll have to take the twins to the child care center on Tuesday when I go to see Dr. Bates who is my maternity doctor." Walker told her "I'll let you know."

When Sam and Sharona arrived at the ranch Walker and the twins were outside on the porch while Alex was in the house looking over a legal brief. Sharona hopped out of Sam's truck as she told Walker "I'll go talk with Alex for a while then I'll bring her out for you to give her what's in the trailer. Is a half an hour enough time?" Sam answered as he went to the back of the horse trailer "that's just enough time Sharona."

Sam then said to the twins "So Raven and Sunrise are you two ready to help your Daddy with his surprise for Mommy?" Both of then assured Sam that they were ready to help their Daddy surprise their Mommy. Sam then unloaded a mostly white mare from the horse trailer and handed the reins to Walker as he told him "Washo you picked out a beauty for your mate. Alex is going to love her." Walker looked the horse over then while thinking to himself that Alex and the twins had to have been introduced to his Cherokee heritage, something that Ellen had previously shown no interest in. Walker then wondered to himself if Alex would know what he had originally intended when he presented her with the mare. Since the twins had tribal names Walker decided to go ahead with presenting the mare to the woman who claimed to be his wife.

When Sharona led Alex out of the house the twins ran onto the porch and told their mother that their Daddy wanted her to go to the corral but she was to keep her eyes closed. Sharona teased her "do you want me to blindfold you Alex then lead you there by the hand?" Alex replied "I'll keep my eyes closed while John and Liza lead me by the hands to the corral.  Right guys?" That's what they did and a few minutes after Alex was in place Walker told her "okay you can open your eyes now."

Alex opened her eyes to see Walker holding the reins of a mostly white mare. Walker then handed Alex the reins so she took them then said to him "oh my. She's a beauty. What's her name?" Walker not remembering the mare's name didn't answer Alex but Sam said "Washo picked Angel for you himself Alex because he said that his wife was an angel."

With tears in her eyes Alex responded "oh Washo you amaze me sometimes. Thank you. I know what it means for a man to give a woman a horse and I accept your gift as it was meant to be accepted. I will cherish this gift and what you did mean by it for the rest of my life no matter what the future holds." Then before she could stop herself Alex kissed Walker who lightly kissed her back then placed an arm around her shoulders. As Alex was admiring her horse a car drove up and Ellen got out of it. Alex stepped away from Walker and asked the twins to help her take Angel into the barn. Sharona sensing that the woman who had arrived had upset Alex somehow went to the barn with her while Sam stayed where he was at.

Ellen got to the point by saying "I cleared my schedule and we can get started on our way to the reservation as soon as you're ready to go." Sam asked "who is this that you're taking to the reservation Washo?"

"Must you call him Washo? His name is Cord and I'm Ellen Garret. Cord and I are going to the reservation because I should get to know that part of him." Ellen answered Sam who then questioned his friend "Ellen Garret? Your ex-wife? Why are you taking her to the reservation at this late date? She's never been interested in your Cherokee heritage before, so what's changed now?"

Ellen told Sam "everything has changed. Isn't that so my Cord?" At that moment the twins came running out of the barn followed by their mother and Sharona. Walker looked at his family then suggested to Sam "why don't you help Alex and Sharona take the twins into the house?" Sam seeing that Walker needed to speak with Ellen alone went over to Alex and the foursome went into the house.

When they were alone Ellen went to hug Walker but he backed away so she asked him "what's the matter my Cord?" Walker answered "I'm sorry but I won't be taking you to the reservation. I don't remember Alex or the twins but I will never turn my back on my family. I will stay with my mate and our children."

"Must you talk that way? Calling that woman your mate like you're living on a reservation or something. And I didn't ask that you turn your back on the twins. They can still be a part of your life if we want them to be a part of our lives. Once we get back together we can get joint custody of them. Cahill shouldn't have a problem with that, at least not like what she did when C.D. at my request asked her to give us the twins to raise. After she refused to do that of course I didn't want anything to do with them. They were going to be ours completely or not at all." Ellen objected to the way Walker was thinking. Walker then stated "there will be no joint custody of Raven and Sunrise. C.D. had no business asking Alex to give her children away. As for me calling Alex my mate, that is what she is to me. Forever."

"Who on earth are Raven and Sunrise? And what do they have to do with what we're talking about?" A puzzled Ellen asked Walker who answered her "Raven and Sunrise are my children's John and Liza's tribal names."

Realizing that Walker wasn't going to choose her even though he didn't remember Alex a stunned Ellen questioned him "what about our happiness Cord? Are you going to throw it away for a woman and two children that you don't remember and may never remember? Don't you think you ought to really think about me and what I mean to you instead of what you think they should mean to you? Doesn't the fact that I'm willing to learn about know... native part of you mean anything to you?"

Walker stated "I may not remember Alex or my children but I know that my future lies with them. Goodbye Ellen." Ellen decided that for now she should back off so she told him "if you ever change your mind Cord I'll be around."

After Ellen left the ranch Walker went into the house where he said to Sam "Alex and I along with John, Liza and Trivette will come to the reservation next weekend. Can you let White Eagle know?" Sam replied that he would and the subject was changed by Sam asking him "so Washo when are there going to be more little Firewalkers running around?"

"According to my mate sooner than you might think." Walker answered so Sam and Sharona congratulated the Walkers. Later on as they watched Sam and Sharona pull away in Sam's truck Walker said to Alex "Alex I will never leave you or the children for anyone or anything. You have my word on that." Alex replied "okay."

 When it was time to turn in Alex went into the guest bedroom and Walker went upstairs to the master bedroom where he found that he had trouble sleeping so he went back downstairs and slept on the couch. Alex found him there the next morning and suggested "Walker why don't I sleep upstairs in the master bedroom so that I can be up there if either one of the twins should need me in the middle of the night. You can sleep in the guest bedroom so you don't hurt your back sleeping on the couch night after night."

Walker asked her "I thought you said you wouldn't sleep in the master bedroom with or without me?" Alex replied "yes I did say that and it's going to be hard for me to do that but right now what my children need is more important to me than where I'm sleeping at. Most of my clothes are still in there because I wasn't up to moving them. And since you have less clothes than I do it would be easier for you to move your clothes down here."

"I'll move my clothes later when you have the twins outside playing. Alex I'm going to your doctor's appointment with you." Walker answered Alex who told him what time it was and Walker told her that he would drive her there. Alex went into the kitchen and got started on breakfast while Walker went upstairs to get his children ready for the day.

At the doctor's appointment it was confirmed that Alex was indeed pregnant with twins but that it was too soon to see what gender the babies were. Dr. Bates then informed the pair of what they should and shouldn't do to have a healthy set of twins. The last thing she told them was that they could still have sex as long as they felt like it. Walker blushed while Alex thought to herself how she'd love to be with her husband at night.

Friday evening Alex who had been returned by D.A. Clark to day court had to present a case that kept her in court past the time Walker had wanted to leave for the reservation. Since Alex's van was already at the ranch loaded up with some supplies the reservation's free clinic needed Walker suggested that Trivette go ahead and take the children to the reservation in Alex's van. Walker would then drive Alex to the reservation in his truck when she got home. Trivette drove the van away from the ranch.

A few minutes later Ellen pulled up to the ranch house and went into it without knocking. Walker was in his den looking at two notes in his handwriting that were addressed to Alex when Ellen found him in there. Seeing Ellen in his den Walker asked her as he replaced the notes in Alex's keepsake box "what are you doing here?" Ellen answered "I'm here because I need to talk with you without Cahill being around. I know her van just left so we can talk in peace without her bothering us. Cord, I love you and I want you back. Yes I know that I shouldn't have betrayed you with George like I did but at the time you were just too rough with me when we were together. I ended up sore just about every time. Now that you know how to be gentle in bed with a woman that's no longer a problem. I'll have to thank Cahill someday for teaching you how to be gentle with a woman during sex. So what do you say my Cord? Are you ready to admit that you still love me and want me back?"

Alex who had come into the house without them noticing her said "I didn't teach Walker anything about being gentle in bed. There was never any reason to, I can handle all of Cordell Walker. Thanks to my husband I know what heaven on earth feels like and that tells me all I need to know about him and me." Alex then addressed her husband " I'll be upstairs packing a few things, let me know when you're ready to go."

After Alex left the den Ellen tried again "please Cord you don't remember her. You remember only me so that means we have to get back together and now that George is gone there's nothing to stop us other than Cahill, that is." Walker pulled out his Aunt Ruth's bracelet and showed it to Ellen as he asked her "would you wear this?"

Ellen shook her head no as she answered "really Cord, must you show that thing to me and ask me if I would wear it? Why on earth would I want to wear something that tacky? It's almost as bad as that..." Ellen trailed off because she had been about to say Walker's mother's engagement ring. Walker placed the bracelet back inside of Alex's keepsake box locked it in the safe then told her "that bracelet which was my Aunt Ruth's, Alex will pass on to our daughter Liza when she's older just like I'll pass on my mother's engagement ring to our son John when he's older. I may not remember Alex but I do know that she accepts me the way that I am. She will never be ashamed of the fact that I'm half Cherokee and never will I be. But you Ellen have never even wanted to hear that I was part Cherokee and that's why I will always choose Alex over you."

Ellen finally realizing that she wasn't going to get her Cord back snapped at him "you'll hurt her in bed someday just like you did to me and I can't wait for that day to happen. Cahill will deserve it for trying to tell me that she found heaven in your arms. Goodbye Cord."

After Ellen left the house Walker went upstairs to the master bedroom where he asked "Alex have I ever hurt you while we know?" Alex knowing that Ellen had told Walker that was too rough in bed assured him "my cowboy you have never ever hurt me while we were making love. Every single time we made love I found heaven and I have always felt that you did the same."

Walker stepped closer to his wife as he said "Alex I want you to know that I didn't just choose you over Ellen because of our children. I chose you because you don't expect me to be something that I'm not." Alex in turn closed the gap between them as she replied "you're a little too stubborn to be other than what you're meant to be and so am I by the way. You and I will work things out for ourselves and our children, whether or not you ever remember me. I'm never letting you go Cordell."

Walker pulled Alex to him and kissed her soundly. Alex returned the kiss and they ended up in bed together. When they were done Alex kissed Walker on his chest as she said "I have missed making love with you so much." Walker teased her "I've missed seeing your beauty mark that's on your backside."

"Yeah well I missed seeing your birthmark." Alex retorted causing Walker to pull her into a hug as he suggested "lady you can see it as much as you like to just so long as I can return the favor. You know just like we've always done."

Alex sat up in bed and asked her husband "you remember that?" Walker sat up too as he replied "that and a few other things that you can ask me about on our way to the reservation." On the way to the reservation Alex asked him "are we going to be sharing a bed when we get to the reservation?" Walker avowed "we sure are lady of mine. I remember now that I love you Alex Cahill-Walker."

Late that night they arrived at Walker's house to find that Trivette was sleeping on the lower bed of a bunk bed while John was sleeping above him and Liza was asleep in the bottom bed of the other bunk bed. Alex quietly closed the bedroom door and they went to their own bedroom where Alex suggested "How about we make up for missing out recently?" Walker answered with his actions. When they were done Walker told her " Even if I hadn't remembered our past I would have still wanted to be here with you lady. I tried to fight it but I fell in love with you, all over again." Alex said to him "that is what happens when you find your soul mate and you are that to me Cordell. I love you my husband." They drifted off to sleep knowing that nothing was ever going to tear them apart because they were destined to spend their lives together.

The next morning Trivette who woken up early because he had been cramped sleeping in the bunk bed decided to go to the bedroom he was sure Alex was sleeping in by herself to see if it was okay if he got the coffee started. Trivette knocked lightly on the bedroom door and without waiting for an answer opened the door. Walker who had been wakened by the light knock on the door pulled up the covers on a still sleeping Alex. Trivette quickly apologized by saying "I'm sorry man, I didn't think you'd be in here with Alex." Walker asked him "what do you want?"

"Is it okay for me to get the coffee started? If it is just tell me things are at and I'll get started on it." Trivette answered his partner who told him "go ahead downstairs and I'll be there in a few minutes." When Walker joined him in the kitchen Trivette again tried to apologize "like I said Walker I'm sorry about just busting in on you but I was expecting Alex to be alone since you don't remember her." Walker replied "I remember my wife Alex and our children. Trivette never go into my bedroom again when my wife is in there sleeping." Trivette quickly nodded okay then just as quickly changed the subject. When Alex came into the kitchen a short time later Trivette kissed her on the cheek and told her how happy he was for her then he left the kitchen. Alex looked at Walker who explained that Trivette had come into their bedroom while she was still asleep. Alex said "we're getting a lock on that door and it's going to be locked whenever Jimmy is here with us. I don't want to be worried about him walking in on us when we're making love. At least the children know to knock then wait until we answer before coming in."

"I'll have Trivette help me install it later." Walker answered Alex who then said "I'll thank you for that later. But for now we'd better see to our children." Walker and Trivette installed the lock and when it came time to turn in Trivette said that he was sleeping on the couch. After getting John and Liza to sleep Walker and Alex went to their bedroom where Alex thanked her husband for installing a lock on their bedroom door.

When they returned from the reservation Walker met with Captain Grear and gave his statement. Grear told him that the security cameras had captured everything on tape and it was clearly a justified shooting. But that he had had to do everything by the book because the man who had been shot and killed was George Yokum had just been left at the altar by Walker's ex-wife Ellen. Walker was taken off of paid leave and resumed working with Trivette and trainee Gage who within a month's time became a Texas Ranger. Alex and Walker spent a lot of nights finding heaven in each other's arms.

Months later Alex gave birth to a set of triplets instead of the twins she had been expecting. Walker named the girl Angela Clancy Walker while Alex named the one boy Raymond Charles Walker. Walker then named the surprise third baby James Eagle Walker. A few months after they had the babies home Gordon, Trivette and C.D. took all of the children out for a few hours so that Alex and Walker could have some time together. After they were done reconnecting Alex sighed as she said "it was as good as I remembered it being." Walker teased "how about I see if I can kiss you all over?" Alex replied "sounds real good to me then I get to do that to you." Walker and Alex did exactly that.