By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex answered the phone and it was her husband "Alex it's me I won't be home tonight." Alex asked him "Where are you going to be?"

Walker replied "At work where else?" Alex then told him "Just like our anniversary, so what else is new. Don't you dare forget that the twins first birthday is coming up soon, you can't miss that. Walker what are you going to get them so that I'll know what to get them."

"Alex, they are too little young to know what they are getting so you go ahead and get them whatever you want within reason. As for your father he had better remember that he promised not to spoil them rotten like he did you." Walker told his wife.

"I know that honey but I do want to get them something special. Besides I already stopped my dad from getting them something too expensive. I was pampered by my father not spoiled rotten and that was only until he walked out on my mother and me." Alex replied and Walker changed the subject by questioning his wife "Are you still planning on returning to the D.A.'s office?"

"Yes you know that I am starting next week. The twins are going to be a year old. That's when we decided that I would return to work. Now I've been interviewing women to take care of them while I'm at work and I've decided to hire Josie Wells. You'll like her Walker." Alex answered her husband who stunned her by saying "I've decided that you are not returning to work anytime soon, my babies need their mother at home watching them not leaving them with a stranger every day."

Alex snapped "You are my husband not my boss so you do not tell me what to do. I am returning to work whether or not you like it but it will be on a part time basis until the twins are going to school. As for me leaving them with a stranger well perhaps it is their father who's the stranger because he's never home anymore. Think about that Cordell Walker." Alex then slammed the phone down.

Walker came home the next evening handed Alex a bunch of wildflowers and told her "I don't mind you returning to work part-time, really." After putting the flowers in a vase Alex threw her arms around Walker's neck to kiss him when she smelled perfume so she asked him "Walker how did you get a woman's perfume on you when you were at work last night?" Putting his arms around her waist Walker replied "Because I was protecting a lady last night and today."

"What does she look like?" Alex questioned Walker who said to her "Like any other woman that I've protected. Are you jealous or something?"

"No, I know that you would never betray me but sometimes I just wished that you would let some of the other Rangers protect these women. Like Trivette for instance, he's single and he's a good Ranger." Alex replied. Walker then teased "Lady, how about I personally protect your body tonight?"

Alex teased back "Well I'd rather you do a little more with me than protect me." Walker picked her up and carried her to bed where they made love.

Chapter Two

It was now the night of the twins' first birthday party. C.D. and Gordon Cahill were there helping Alex get things ready when Josie Wells and Trivette arrived. Taking Trivette aside Alex asked him "Trivette, where's my husband?"

Trivette didn't answer her instead he tried to focus the conversation away from her husband and on the twins "Hey those babies are looking great. How do you work part time then take care of them the rest of the time and still look so pretty?" Not buying it Alex questioned him "Is my husband with a woman?"

"Yes but he's protecting her. Alex don't worry Walker would never cheat on you. He's just doing his job. Uhm, Alex Walker told me to tell you that he wouldn't be home until after midnight if he got home at all. I'm sorry." Trivette replied.

"Trivette my husband is not the only Ranger who can protect a woman. Walker and I will discuss his missing their first birthday party when he gets home, whenever that is. So if my husband is grouchy for awhile you'll know why. However this is the twins first birthday and I won't ruin it by carrying on about Walker not being here. So, let's go into the living room and get this party started." Alex said. Then she and Trivette went into the living room. Addressing everyone Alex told them "Let's show them their presents and then we'll have cake and ice cream."

C.D. questioned her "Alex honey maybe you should wait awhile to give Cordell time to get here?" Trivette then said "Walker's busy."

Alex looked at C.D. who said "Okay they have to open my presents first. They are going to love them." Alex helped the babies rip open C.D.'s presents to reveal two stuffed bears with vests and cowboy hats on and a little Texas Ranger's stars pinned to the vests. Gordon then insisted that his presents be opened next and they were revealed to be battery operated cars. Alex told him "Dad thanks but they can't possibly ride them yet."

"I know pumpkin but my grandchildren deserve the very best. Now the presents you made me send back put these to shame." Gordon told his daughter who replied "Dad, we've had this talk before; the twins do not need expensive things. I know that you want to be in their lives which you are but you don't have to buy them things to be their grandfather. Just loving them is all that they need right now. When they get older be there for them, okay?"

Gordon answered "Okay Alexandra Walker, I swear that you are the most stubborn person that I know." Trivette then teased "I don't know about that Gordon, I think that son-in-law of yours is pretty stubborn too."

"Speaking of son-in-law's, where is he?" Gordon questioned Trivette who answered "Something came up that he had to take care of. They open my presents next." Realizing that Trivette wanted the subject changed Gordon dropped it as Trivette's presents were revealed to be a little Dallas Cowboy uniform for Gordie and a Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader outfit for Liz. After the party was over and the others had left Gordon questioned his daughter "Alex, are you okay? Being married with children is harder than you think."

"I'm fine dad, I'll see you soon." Alex told her father who got the idea and left. Walker came home after midnight to see the birthday party decorations still up and all the presents in the living room. Going upstairs he checked on the twins then went to his bedroom where he quietly got undressed and slipped into bed with his wife.

Chapter Three

In the morning Walker woke up to the twins crying so he went to help Alex with them. As he was changing Gordon's diaper Walker questioned his wife "Why didn't you clean up after the party?" While changing Elizabeth's diaper Alex replied "Because I was too tired to clean up last night. I'll get to it in a little bit, why don't you start breakfast?"

"Why can't you cook breakfast?" Walker asked back and Alex snapped at him "Would it kill you to help me out a little bit around the house now that I've returned to work?"

"Okay, okay don't bite my head off." Walker snapped back and went downstairs where he cooked breakfast. Alex came into the dining room juggling both babies so Walker got up and took Gordon. As he was putting his son in his highchair Alex told him "They didn't open their presents from their Daddy yet. Do you want to give them their presents after we eat? "

"Okay." Walker answered.

"Walker, are you okay? Is there something the matter with you?" Alex questioned her husband who stunned her by saying "No, I'm just waiting for you to complain about me spending time with another woman, that's all. I know how jealous you've been lately with no good reason I might add."

Slamming her fork down Alex responded "I have not been jealous lately; what I have been is concerned about my husband always wanting to run to the aid of other women. You missed the twins' first birthday party last night because of yet another woman. You also missed our anniversary which upset me but I told myself that it was one of those things that couldn't be helped because of your job. However last night is a different story, you should have been home with your children. Trivette could have handled protecting a damsel in distress that is if she really was in danger which I doubt. Why won't you let him do that?"

Walker tried to explain "Yes I do know that Trivette can protect them, it's just that they ask me for my help and I can't turn them down. It's my job to see that they are safe when they come to the Texas Rangers for help."

"Yes, it's your job to see that they are safe but it's not your job to personally protect each and every one of them. Walker, honey I know that you want to make sure this woman are safe but some of them aren't in that much danger. Let the Captain "Alex was telling Walker when he asked "Like who?"

"Miss Rochelle, you know the one you were protecting when you missed our anniversary. She called me up and told me that she was just trying to get you in bed. You never did find any evidence of anyone stalking her did you?" Alex answered.

"Okay you are right about her but the others I had to protect." Walker said but Alex informed him "Not all of them. Walker, what I am trying to say is that you should limit who you decide to personally protect. I'm not asking you to stop doing it all together but I need you to be wiser about it because I really don't like it when some of these women let me know that there were just trying to get you in bed. As a matter of fact some of them tell me that they did get you into bed which I don't believe but it still bothers me. That you are spending time with them and not at home with your family. Gordon and Elizabeth have missed their father."

"What about their mother, has she missed their father?" Walker asked.

"Her most of all. Walker I love you and I know that you would never betray me but I would like to see a little more of you at night." Alex told her husband who answered "Okay I'll have the Captain assign Trivette the next time."

"You promise?" Alex asked Walker who answered "You have my word." After they ate breakfast Walker pitched in with cleaning up the house and then he gave the babies their presents. Elizabeth got a beautiful dream catcher and Gordon got a hand crafted bow and arrow set. Alex told her husband "Walker those are so beautiful."

"You don't mind what I gave them?" Walker asked her. "No honey, you know that I want them to know all about your heritage and your Uncle Ray." Alex answered.

"Uncle Ray had Sharona Wolf start making them shortly after we got married and he told her to send them to me with a note that I was to give them to the twins on their first birthday. Alex about last night, I have to tell you I was protecting Miss Rochelle again or at least I thought that I was until she tried to seduce me." Walker told Alex who answered "I know she let me know that earlier in the day but when I called you at Ranger headquarters you were already gone but I left a message for you about what she was up to. I guess that you didn't get it because you were with her last night."

"I got it but I thought that you were being jealous, sorry." Walker replied then kissed Alex before she could say anything. Walker kept on kissing his wife until she forgot about Miss Rochelle.

Chapter Four

It was now several weeks later and Alex was waiting for Walker to get home to tell him that she thought she might be pregnant again because she had been feeling queasy and her monthly was late. Alex had an appointment with Dr. Stine the next day for a general checkup and a pregnancy test. Alex decided to watch T.V. until her handsome husband got in. Walker finally got home about 11:30 and seeing his wife asleep on the couch gently shook her shoulder until she woke up and then he asked Alex "Did the twins get to sleep okay?"

Getting up from the couch Alex said "Yes they did, why didn't you call to tell me that you were going to be late? I wanted to tell you something." Pulling her into his arms Walker asked "What do you want to tell me?"

After smelling another woman's perfume Alex on him removed herself from Walker's arm and questioned "You were late because you were off protecting yet another woman weren't you? I thought that you promised me that you would let Trivette do it?"

Walker responded "Alex I know that I promised that I would let Trivette do it but she came to me and begged me to help her. I couldn't turn her down, she needed me." Alex got mad and said "What about when I need you? How come you never find the time to be here for me anymore? You do realize that you have a family now, don't you? That you can't single-handedly protect every woman in town that says she needs protecting? Can you even tell when they are lying about being in danger or are you using that as an excuse to be away from us because you resent being forced to get married because I got pregnant?"

Walker replied "Alex, I swear to you that Trivette will protect the next woman that needs a Ranger's protection and that I will make an effort to spend time with you and the children. I do know that it's not my job to protect every woman that asks me to protect her and yes I do know that I have a family now. Honey I do not resent getting married to you. Alex, you and the twins are the best thing that ever happened to me. Now what is it that you wanted to tell me?"

Alex looked at her husband who seemed to be so sincere about his pledge that she decided to give him another chance. Instead of telling him that she thought that she might be pregnant again Alex decided to wait until she was sure of it until she said anything to him. After her not saying anything Walker again asked "Alex, honey what is it that you wanted to tell me?"

Wrapping her arms around Walker's neck Alex said "I wanted to tell you how very much that I love you, that's all." Walker teased "How about I show you instead of telling you?"

"Okay, get on with it cowboy." Alex teased back and they made love right there. When they were done Alex questioned her husband "You won't be protecting anymore woman in the near future, right?"

"Alex, I just told you that. I have this beautiful wife who is going to be taking up all my spare time in the near future." Walker answered as he pulled her close again.

Chapter Five

In the morning Alex asked "Walker is there anyway that you can get home early? I have a doctor's appointment and Josie has to be somewhere at four." Walker answered "I'll try."

"Walker I need a yes or no answer. If you can't let me know and I'll take them to the doctor's with me but that's going to make it hard for Dr. Stine to examine me." Alex told Walker who replied "Alex, I can't give you a yes or no answer because I don't know what I'll be doing the rest of the day. Listen honey how about I call up C.D. to see if he could watch them for you? That way you won't have to drag them to the doctor's office with you."

"Okay but I think that I'll see if my father can help C.D. out because now that the twins are walking they can get into a lot more things." Alex said and that's what they did.

Alex went to see Dr. Stine who after doing a pregnancy test told her "Well Mrs. Walker you need to set up an appointment with Dr. Bates to see how far along you are."

"Okay Dr. Stine thank you." Alex said as she got dressed. Alex went back to her office where she made an appointment with Dr. Bates then she called up Ranger headquarters and asked to speak with her husband. The receptionist told her "Ranger Walker is unavailable right now would you like to leave a message?"

"Can you tell me when Ranger Walker will be available? This is his wife Alex; I need to talk to him about something important." Alex said to the receptionist who replied "I'm sorry but I don't know. Ranger Walker is overseeing security for Miss Summers. Do you want to leave a message for him to call you as soon as he can?"

"No, no message. I'll talk to my husband later tonight." Alex answered then hung up the phone and just sat there stunned. After collecting herself Alex was getting ready to leave her office when interim D.A. Paulson entered her office and asked her "Miss Cahill-Walker do you have a minute?"

"Yes I do D.A. Paulson, what can I do for you?" Alex replied. Paulson told her "I'm afraid that I have some bad news, Victor Larue has been released on a technicality. I understand that he kidnapped you along with several others at one time?"

"Yes he did but Rangers Trivette and Walker stopped him and rescued everyone." Alex replied.

"Well let's hope that it doesn't come to that this time. Since you're married to Ranger Walker now he'll be protecting you right?" Paulson questioned Alex who answered "Yes he will be. Thank you for telling me about LaRue. I'll call Walker and tell him what's going on." Paulson then left her office as Alex picked up the phone to call her husband. After getting the runaround Alex used her position as an A.D.A. and got dispatch to put her in touch with Walker. "Walker, its Alex. They let Victor LaRue out on a technicality."

"What idiot did that?" Walker asked.

"Some judge on an appeals court. Walker you will be heading home soon, right? I'm scared that he's going to come after me." Alex told her husband.

"Yes I will be home soon; if I can't be I'll see if Trivette will check in on you." Walker said upsetting Alex who told him "Walker you come home and leave your former lover Miss Summers to Trivette. If you can't put me first for once is our marriage worth even trying to save? Because right now I don't think so."

"That's enough of the jealousy Alex. How many times do I have to tell you that I won't betray you?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "I am not jealous because I trust you not to cheat on me. What I am is terrified that LaRue will come after me like he vowed to. Walker he almost raped me the last time. Please I'm begging you to come to my office and take me home, I'm scared and I need you."

"Alex, you are a strong woman who can take care of herself. Honey you go ahead home and I'll be there before you know it. I promise that LaRue won't hurt you." Walker assured her.

"I guess that you just took care of any doubts that I had concerning whether or not I should bother saving our marriage. You will never place what I need above women who say they need your help. Not even when I'm the one who's really in danger." Alex told her husband and then slammed down the phone in his ear.

Chapter Six

Around midnight Walker parked his truck in his driveway and headed into his house where he found it torn apart. Walker heard the babies crying at the top of their lungs so he quickly went upstairs where he found the babies in the nursery still screaming and from the way they looked they had been crying for awhile. After changing them he headed to his bedroom looking for his wife who wasn't there but the bedroom was a mess. Walker called the police and then Trivette. When Trivette answered Walker said "Trivette, LaRue has Alex. I need your help to find her."

Trivette asked him "Walker did you just get home?" Walker snapped "Yes Alex isn't here, the house is a mess and the twins were crying their lungs out. Trivette why didn't you check on Alex like I asked you to?"

"Walker don't you think that you ought to worry about finding your wife? Instead of blaming me when you're her husband not me? You knew that LaRue was out and yet you still helped Merilee out instead of going home to your wife like you should have. What the hell were you thinking?" Trivette snapped back at Walker.

Trivette then softened his tone and asked "Have you called the police yet?" Walker answered "Yes they are on their way here. I swear that if LaRue hurts my wife I'll kill him with my bare hands."

"Look I'm going to call C.D. and Josie and see if they'll watch the twins while we look for Alex. I'll be there in a little while." Trivette said and hung up while thinking to himself that Alex had already been hurt. A short while later Dallas P.D. arrived and Walker told them what had happened while trying to calm the twins down. One of the officers went into the barn where he found a naked and badly beaten Alex staked out, he quickly called in his female partner who covered Alex with a blanket while the male officer went outside and called for an ambulance.

Walker saw the male officer leave the barn as the female officer entered it so he headed to the barn but the male officer said to him "Mr. Walker you should wait out here until the ambulance gets here. My partner is taking care of your wife." Walker ignored him and went into the barn where he saw what had been done to his wife. Kneeling beside Alex Walker took her hand and said "Alex I'm here honey." The female officer asked him "Are you Mrs. Walker's husband?"

Walker nodded yes as Alex opened her eyes and seeing Walker besides her began screaming and pleading for him not to hurt her anymore so the female officer had her partner remove Walker with the help of Trivette who had just arrived.

Trivette told Walker "Listen I don't think that they are going to let you ride in the ambulance with Alex given what just happened to her so why don't you go back in the house and take care of the twins until Josie and C.D. can get here? I'll follow Alex to the hospital and make sure that she's going to be okay."

Walker answered "Alex isn't okay, that animal hurt her." Trivette told him "I know that Walker but your babies are in your house crying so go take care of them." Walker didn't say anything but he did go into the house and take care of the twins.

Chapter Seven

Walker was heading down the hospital corridor when he saw Dr. Bates heading to where he had been told Alex was so he asked her "Dr. Bates, what are you doing here?" Dr. Bates answered "I'll let you know if we can save the baby."

A stunned Walker then went into the waiting room where Trivette was and questioned him "Have they said anything to you about Alex?"

"No they just wanted to know how far along she was. I couldn't tell them the answer because I didn't know but I told them to contact Dr. Stine. Walker why didn't you tell me that you were going to be a Daddy again?" Trivette asked Walker who answered "I didn't know myself. Alex told me earlier today that she had something that she wanted to tell me but I thought it was going to be about me protecting Merilee again. Alex has a problem with me protecting other woman, she's jealous of them."

"That's another thing Walker, why didn't you let me take care of Merilee? Is it because you're still having an affair with her? Also I don't think that Alex is jealous so much as she wants her husband home with her sometimes. Most married women are like that, you know?" Trivette questioned.

"No I am not having an affair with Merilee or anyone else. She asked me for my help so I felt that I had to be the one to help her out." Walker was explaining when Trivette broke in "You are not the only Ranger that can protect these women you do know that don't you?"

"Yes I know that Trivette. That's what Alex has been telling me and that she wants me home more too. Listen thanks for following my wife to the hospital but since I'm here you can go now." Walker told Trivette who informed him "No I won't go. I want to know how Alex is. Walker the ambulance attendants told me that they had to sedate her because of how terrified she became when she realized that one of them was a man. Walker I hate to tell you this but they told me that Alex had numerous bruises on her abdomen like she had been punched and kicked there repeatedly. They also told me that when Alex was half out of it she was begging for him to stop hitting her there because he was hurting her baby. Walker why didn't you just go home to your wife tonight?"

Before Walker could answer Dr. Bates came out and told him "Mr. Walker, I'm afraid that your wife is having a miscarriage." Walker then asked "Can I see my wife? I want her to know that I'm here for her."

"I am afraid not Mr. Walker because Mrs. Walker is terrified of men right now and given the horrific attack that she just endured no wonder. Whoever assaulted her made sure that she would have a miscarriage by punching and kicking her in her abdomen repeatedly not to mention the other things he did to her. I'll let you know more later." Dr. Bates told him and then left.

Trivette said "I'm sorry man." Walker answered him "Why didn't I just go home with Alex like she wanted me to? Trivette Alex told me that she was scared of him and then she begged me to take her home but I told her that she was a strong woman that LaRue wouldn't hurt her. If I had just taken Alex home and let you deal with Merilee LaRue would not have been able to do this to my wife."

Trivette said "That is something that you should really think about because if my wife had asked me to take her home because she was worried about a man hurting her I would have not gone to the rescue of another woman. I would have taken my wife home and stayed there with her. However that's a talk you need to have with Alex if she ever talks to you again after tonight. Right now though I'm going to go back to your house and see if there are any leads on LaRue."

Back at the ranch as Trivette pulled up in his car he thought that he saw a man lurking near the house so he quietly walked up behind him and said "Texas Ranger freeze." The man slowly turned around and it was Victor LaRue who raised his closed hands above his head while asking "So how is Alexandra? She so enjoyed what I did to her. The way she pleaded with me not to hurt her baby was so touching but of course I had to make her lose Walker's brat because Alexandra is all mine."

Trivette snarled "On the ground now LaRue before I shoot you and tell everyone it was in self defense." LaRue laughed as he threw dirt in Trivette's eyes and grabbed his gun but he didn't get far because C.D. who had come outside when Trivette arrived shot LaRue and killed him.

After cleaning his eyes out Trivette said "C.D. that animal after assaulting Alex kicked and hit her in the abdomen until she had a miscarriage. What I don't understand is, how could Walker have gone off and helped Merilee when he knew that LaRue was out and a danger to his wife?"

"Because while Cordell is a married man he still thinks he has to save a woman from danger. Trivette when he was a twelve year boy and his parents were killed in front of him he tried to stop them from stabbing his mother after they had stabbed his father and he wasn't able to do so. I think deep down inside that's why he can't turn down these women when they plead for his help. It just doesn't occur to him that someone else could do it or that some of these women are lying about it because they want him. Cordell also thinks that Alex is able to take care of herself and that's true to a certain extent but not when it comes to animals like LaRue." C.D. explained to Trivette.

Chapter Eight

It was now several days later and Walker had yet to see his wife because Dr. Bates said that Alex couldn't deal with seeing him right now. Walker decided that he was going to take the twins to see their mother and that no-one was going to stop him. As he headed down the hospital corridor with the twins Walker spotted Gordon outside of Alex's room and asked him "Gordon can you watch the twins out here in the corridor while I see my wife?"

Gordon answered his son-in-law "I don't think that's such a good idea right now. Dr. Bates called me to tell me that Alex wanted to see me but that she still doesn't want to see you." Walker replied "Alex would not say that. I know that she's upset with me right now but she does want to see me. I'm her husband."

Walker then went into the room followed by Gordon with the twins in the double stroller. Walker looked at Alex and saw had badly beaten she had been and was sickened. He slowly neared the bed and said "Alex honey your father and I are here and we have the twins with us."

Alex looked at her father and told him "Dad bring my babies over here then make Walker leave because I have nothing to say to him." Walker refused to leave saying "Alex, I know that you're upset with me and rightfully so but LaRue will never hurt you again because C.D. shot and killed him at the ranch. I'm so sorry about him hurting you."

Alex spoke to her father again "Dad please make him leave, please." Noticing that Alex looked like she was about to panic Gordon suggested "Walker, why don't you wait outside while I talk with Alex and she can visit with the twins?"

Walker left the room and Gordon said "Honey what can I do for you? How can I help you?" Alex stunned him by asking "You can help me by getting me a divorce as soon as possible."

"Alex, are you sure about this? I don't think that you're thinking straight because of what just happened to you." Gordon said to his daughter who told him "I am thinking straight Dad. I begged Walker to come by my office that night and take me home because I was terrified that LaRue was going to do to me exactly what he did to me. Do you know what my so-called husband told me? That I was a strong woman to go on home and that he would have Trivette check on me later. My husband was too busy protecting his former lover to come home with me. I lost my baby because of Walker's indifference to me. Walker is as responsible for what happened to me as LaRue is. I want a divorce and I want one now."

"Alex what about the twins? Are you going to keep them away from their father because you no longer love him?" Gordon asked Alex.

"Dad, I want them to know their father and god help me I love him. I will always love Walker but I can't be married to a man who doesn't care about what I want or need. Please you have to help me." Alex pleaded with her father who answered his daughter "First things first Alex we'll get you a place to live with the twins, a trial separation as it were and if you still feel this way in a month's time we'll file the papers for the divorce. Do you want to tell your husband or do you want me to?"

"Will you go out and tell him so that he'll leave because I don't want to see his face." Alex replied and her father went into the corridor where Walker was pacing.

"Son I don't know how to tell you this but Alex blames you as much as LaRue for the assault on her." Gordon told Walker who said "I am as responsible as LaRue. Alex begged me take her home that night but I refused telling her that she was strong and that LaRue wouldn't hurt her. I don't blame her for being upset with me but I know that we can get through this together."

"Walker my daughter wants a divorce and she wants it now and frankly given the way you behaved that night I can see why. However I told her that we won't file the papers right now. She's going to get a place of her own and have a trial separation and if she still wants the divorce in a month's time we'll file the papers for the divorce. Alex told me that she does want the twins to know you but that she can't be with a man who doesn't care about what she wants and needs." Gordon said.

"I do care about what she wants and needs, I always have. I won't agree to this separation. I will not have my children raised by another man." Walker told Gordon who got mad and snapped at him "There is no other man nor will there ever be another man for my daughter because god help her she loves you and always will. Walker do you have any feelings for Alex what so ever? Because if you do you really have a bad way of showing them by demanding that she do things your way after what happened to her. My daughter was viciously attacked and lost the baby that she was carrying, something she feels that you could have prevented and I agree. Walker give Alex this month by herself and then hopefully before it's over you can convince her that you do care for her because I want my grandchildren growing up in a loving home not shuffled between parents. Can you at least do that for Alex's sake?"

Walker answered "Okay, I'll wait out here until she's done visiting with the twins. Tell her that if she wants I'll move out to a cabin I have about ten minutes from the house. Alex can live at the ranch so that the children's lives wouldn't be disrupted by moving. I promise that I won't go into the house uninvited."

"I'll tell her but she may not want to stay there because of what was done to her there." Gordon said and went back into his daughter's room where Alex after thinking it over put on a brave front and said that she would stay in the house. That she could live with Walker being ten minutes away in case the twins needed him. Then she swore to her father that she was never going to rely on Walker being there for her ever again.

Chapter Nine

Walker arranged for C.D. to come out to the ranch to help watch the twins. C.D. arrived and asked him "Cordell, how is Alex doing? When are they releasing her?"

Walker replied "Not good, her father said that they are releasing her tomorrow. Can you watch the twins down here while I pack my things? I've already cleaned the house up."

C.D. said "Walker you can't leave Alex in the state that she has to be in. She needs you now more than ever."

"Alex wants a divorce but her father talked her into a trial separation. She's going to stay here and I'm going to live in the cabin that I have about ten minutes from here." Walker explained to C.D. who questioned "Walker you know that Alex isn't thinking right, don't you? You do know that Alex loves you don't you?"

"Yes I do know that but Alex needs to be away from me for right now and I'm going along with her wishes. I am however going to put a buzzer in here that's linked to the cabin in case she needs my help with the twins or something. Trivette's coming by later to hook it up for me. Now I'm going to go pack my things, okay?" Walker said to C.D. who nodded that he would watch the twins downstairs.

Walker was loading his truck when a car came up the driveway and Alex and her father got out of it. Without looking at her husband Alex told her father "Dad can we please go into the house so that I can see my babies?"

Walker said "C.D.'s in there with the twins and I'll be on my way just as soon as Trivette installs the buzzer." Gordon asked him "What buzzer?"

"I'm having a buzzer installed between here and the cabin that I'm moving into in case Alex needs my help with Gordon and Elizabeth. All she has to do is press the button and I'll come running." Walker explained as Alex went into the house. Gordon headed into the house followed by Walker who stopped and rang the doorbell. Puzzled by why Walker rang the doorbell C.D. opened the door and asked him "Why did you ring the bell Cordell? This is your home, isn't it?"

Walker replied "Not anymore and I promised Alex that I wouldn't just walk in uninvited." Then Walker addressed his wife by saying "I've cleaned up the house and set up the twins' toddler beds in their rooms. Do you want me to do anything else while I'm waiting for Trivette to get here? If not tell me and I'll wait for Trivette outside."

Alex didn't look at her husband but she did answer him "Can you... they need to be fed and I don't feel like cooking."

Walker answered "I'll make them something to eat, you go ahead upstairs and lay down while I do that. C.D. and your father will help me with them, okay?" Alex nodded okay then went upstairs. As Walker was feeding the twins he heard her screaming and running upstairs Walker found her on the hallway floor. Going over to her Walker started to pick Alex up when she screamed again and began scratching him. Backing away Walker said in a calm voice "Alex, it's me Walker. You're okay, he's not here."

Coming around Alex opened her eyes and said "What are you doing up here?" Walker told her "I heard you screaming and I came up here to see if you were all right. Alex Dr. Bates gave me phone numbers of some women that might be able to help you. I put the list besides the phone in our...I mean your bedroom."

"Okay, did you feed my babies?" Alex questioned Walker who told her "Yes I did and I made the rest of us some food, are you up to eating?"

Alex started to get up from the floor when Walker reached out to help her but she flinched so Walker backed up and said "I'll see you downstairs then." Trivette arrived a little bit later and he installed the buzzer system for Walker.

After everyone left Walker started to leave when Alex said "Did you get their things out of the nursery?" Walker replied "Not all of it, why?"

Alex didn't answer so Walker said as he started upstairs "I'll put the rest of their things in their rooms you go lay down. After I'm done I'll lock up and go to the cabin." Alex followed him upstairs and when he went into the nursery he asked her "Can you come in here and show me what I should put in what room?"

Alex stopped at the doorway and began shaking, noticing this Walker questioned "Alex, what's the matter? Should I call someone for you?" As if she was talking about someone else Alex said "Victor LaRue assaulted Alexandra in here in front of her babies then he dragged her outside and beat her to make her lose her other baby." Alex then fainted.

Chapter Ten

When Alex came to she was laying in her bed and there was a woman there who asked her "How are we feeling Mrs. Walker?" Alex replied "Fine, who are you?"

"I'm Susan Brisbane, your husband called me and told me what had happened. He said that Dr. Bates recommended that you talk to me about the ordeal that you went though. Can you tell me what happened before you passed out?" Brisbane asked Alex who shook her head no and then told the therapist "I don't want to talk with you or anyone else about what happened please leave."

"Okay Mrs. Walker you have my number if you change your mind." Brisbane answered and then went out into the hallway where she told a waiting Walker "Mrs. Walker said that she didn't want to talk about it with anyone and asked me to leave which I am. But I don't think that you should attempt to share a bed with her just yet, she's not ready for that."

"Dr. Brisbane I plan to spend the night at a cabin about ten minutes from here, I've installed a buzzer in case she needs me." Walker told Brisbane who told him "Mr. Walker you can't leave your wife by herself after she's gone through what's she's gone through. She will need someone here in case she gets scared and I have no doubt that she will."

"Alex asked me to move out because she blamed me for what happened and I promised her that I would." Walker replied.

"You'll have to break your word to her because she can not be left alone in the state that she's in. Your wife is a very terrified woman right now and she needs her husband to protect her no matter what she tells you." Brisbane said.

"Okay, you've made your point. Thanks for coming out here." Walker said as he showed her the door. Closing it behind her Walker turned around to find Alex standing there so he told her "Alex, Dr. Brisbane said that I couldn't leave you here by yourself tonight so if it's okay with you I'll sleep on the couch."

"I thought you said that you would move out? It didn't take you long to break another promise to me did it?" An angry Alex questioned Walker who said "Look, I'll sleep on the porch if need be but you might need help with the twins or something."

"Couch, porch what difference does it make where you sleep because you couldn't be bothered to be here when I really needed you, could you?" Alex asked her husband. While he just stood there saying nothing Alex then said "Sleep wherever you want to, I don't care anymore as long as it's not with me because I will never let myself count on you to help me again. You've proven that you won't be there for me, not when some other woman tells you that she needs you." Alex then went back upstairs and slammed her bedroom door shut. Walker got a blanket and lay down on the couch.

The next night after Walker fed the twins and got them ready for bed Alex suggested "Maybe you should sleep in the guest bedroom in case Gordon or Elizabeth needs you during the night. I still don't feel very good and I had trouble lifting them up to change them. Josie had to change most of their diapers today."

"Okay I'll do that for now. When you're feeling better tell me and I'll go to the cabin at night." Walker replied. Two weeks later as Walker headed to the guest bedroom Alex told her husband "I'm feeling better now, can you move out tomorrow?"

"Yes." Walker answered as his wife went upstairs and locked her door as she had been doing for the past two weeks. Walker knew this because one night Alex was reliving her ordeal and when he attempted to go into the bedroom to calm her down he found that the door was locked so he stood in the hallway and waited until she had calmed down then he had gone back downstairs.

Chapter Eleven

Walker was sitting at his desk at Ranger headquarters when Trivette asked him "How is Alex doing? Does she still want a divorce?" Walker answered "About the same, she won't talk to anyone about what happened. As for the divorce she hasn't said anything else. Trivette she needs to get some help but when I suggested it again I thought that she was going to rip my head off. Maybe you could talk to her as a friend and suggest that she talk to someone because I'm worried about her."

"I'll call her, she's at home right?" Trivette said.

"No she insisted on returning to work today so she should be at her office." Walker told Trivette who picked up his phone and called Alex "Hey Alex this is Trivette, I was wondering if you could meet me at C.D.'s for lunch? He told me that he would like to see you but didn't want to impose on you at the ranch."

"Will Walker be there?" Alex questioned Trivette who answered "Not if you don't want him to be."

"Did he ask you to call me?" Alex asked and Trivette replied "Yes he did, Alex Walker is worried about you. C.D. and I are worried about you too. So can you meet me for lunch? I promise that if you don't want Walker there he won't be there."

"It's a public place, I guess that he can eat there just so long as he doesn't tell me to get help again because if he had bothered to help me when I needed him to I wouldn't need anyone's help now." Alex told Trivette.

"Okay how about around noon? C.D. will be happy to see you." Trivette said and started to hang up when Alex said "Make that about 12:30 because Josie is bringing the twins to my office at noon then we can meet you at C.D.'s. Tell Walker that if he wants to he can see his children then."

"Okay we'll see you then." Trivette told Alex and after hanging up the phone said to Walker " Alex told me to tell you that if you wanted to see your children to be at C.D.'s at 12:30. She also told me that she doesn't want you to tell her to get help again because in her words if you had bothered to help her when she needed help she won't need help right now. I think she still blames you."

"She's right, if I had bothered to help Alex when she asked me to she never would have been hurt and lost our baby. I swear Trivette that I didn't think LaRue would go after her. How could I have been so wrong?" Walker said.

"You're only human Walker, yes you did make a very bad choice that night but in the end it was LaRue who assaulted your wife and killed your baby. I think that if Alex talks to someone about this she will see that. She does love you Walker but right now Alex doesn't trust you to be there for her. It's going to take a lot for her to trust you again. Are you willing to prove yourself to Alex? Because if you're not she is right about you." Trivette told Walker.

"I will do whatever I have to do to make sure that Alex feels safe, if I have to be away from her and the twins right now I will be. I love her Trivette." Walker answered and Trivette told him "Right now love is not enough but it's a good start. I'll call up C.D. and tell him that Alex is bringing the twins to see him, why don't you go get me some coffee?"

Alex got to C.D.'s before Walker and Trivette did. C.D. was fussing over the babies when Alex went to the ladies room, on the way back a man asked her to dance with him but she said no and kept on going. The man grabbed her by the arm saying "Pretty lady, you're going to dance with me." Alex froze.

Walker entered C.D.'s and after quickly taking the scene in shoved the man away from Alex as Trivette took Alex and led her into C.D.'s backroom. After making sure that the man had left Walker went into C.D.'s backroom and asked "Alex, are you okay?

Without looking at Walker Alex answered "That's what he said to me at the ranch right before he dragged me into the nursery then he... I fought him with everything in me but it wasn't enough. He still killed my baby; I wanted my baby so much."

Walker said "I'm so sorry Alex." Alex through her tears said "Not nearly as sorry as I am. I never even got a chance to tell you about the baby before I lost it. Walker, why didn't you help me that night? Was it because Merilee was the one who asked for your help? Are you still in love with her? Or would you have gone to the aid of any woman that night? Leaving me to deal with a psychopath by myself who had already tried to rape me once. How could you have let me down like that? Is it because you don't love me?"

Walker answered "I thought that she really needed my help that's why I helped her, not because I still love her because I've never loved her. I didn't think that LaRue would go after you that night; I didn't think that you were in danger. I was wrong and it cost you our baby. I love you Alex and right now I know that you don't trust me but I'm willing to do what I have to in order for you to trust me again."

"Let me guess you didn't think that I needed your help because in your words I'm strong. Well guess what, I wasn't strong enough to stop him from assaulting me and then beating and kicking me until he killed my baby. I guess now that I'm helpless you might consider coming to my rescue. Will you?" Alex bitterly said then left the room before Walker could answer her.

Chapter Twelve

Walker went home that evening and as he rang the doorbell Josie answered it and told him "Alex is meeting with a woman upstairs, the twins are in the living room. Tell Alex that I'll see her tomorrow." Josie left as Walker went into the living room where Liz said as she held her arms up "Daddy." Walker picked her up and said "Yes, I'm your Daddy." Then he knelt down and picked Gordie up too and asked "What about you son, am I your Daddy?"

Gordie said "Dad Dad." Walker smiled and replied "Okay to you I'm Dad Dad but to your sister I'm Daddy." Then Walker sobered and said "To your mother I'm the man who let her get hurt." Walker then placed them back on the floor secured the gates and started dinner. Awhile later the woman came downstairs and said "Hi my name is Sharon and I'll be here talking with Alex some evenings. Are you Mr. Walker?"

"Yes I am, what is Alex talking to you about?" Walker question Sharon who answered "I'm sorry Mr. Walker but I'm not allowed to reveal what my patients tell me in therapy."

"Okay but if you think that I need to do anything to help her recover please let me know. I'd do anything to help her." Walker said.

"About all you can do right now Mr. Walker is be understanding and not give up on her. Alex will need your love and support more than ever." Sharon answered him and then left the house. Awhile later Alex came down and seeing that Walker was there asked him "How did you get in here? Did you let yourself in?"

"No Josie let me in. Alex Liz called me Daddy and Gordie called me Dad Dad. Isn't that something?" Walker told his wife who answered "You're their dad, what else would they call you?"

"I guess you're right. Alex, it's been a month do you still want a divorce?" Walker couldn't stop himself from asking. Alex looked at him and then looked at the twins who were trying to climb up on him and answered "No because I will not let them lose their father but that doesn't mean that I want you back in my bedroom."

"Okay I'll go to the cabin after they go to sleep for the night. Don't forget that if they need me for anything you buzz me and I'll come running." Walker told his wife.

Around midnight Walker awoke to the buzzer going off and flew to the house. When he got there he found a shaking Alex upstairs in the hallway saying "I thought that I saw him but how can I see him if he's dead? He's dead right? I'm losing my mind."

Walker reached for his wife and when she didn't flinch he carefully took her into his arms and said "No you're not losing your mind and yes he is dead. He can't ever hurt you again. Here come on let's get you back in bed." Walker started to lead her to the bedroom when Alex told him "No downstairs I have to tell you what happened."

"Alex I know what happened, I didn't come home like I should have and he hurt you and killed your baby." Walker said as he took her downstairs. Once in the living room Alex said "That night after he raped me he told me that you didn't love me like he did because if you had you would have stopped him. Then he started kicking me in my stomach saying that he was going to kill your brat and that once it was dead he and I could be together. Walker I fought back as hard as I could but he overpowered me. He kept taunting me with the fact that you weren't there for me I told him that you would make him pay but he... He dragged me out to the barn and knocked me out. When I came too he told me that he was going to go into the house and kill the twins. I think that I passed out then because I already knew that I was going to lose the baby that I was carrying and I couldn't bear the thought that the twins were going to die because you weren't home." Alex broke down in tears as Walker patted his wife on the back.

"Alex I know that this is all my fault but I swear to you that if I had thought for just one minute he would come after you I would have taken you home that night. I know that you may never trust me again with good reason but I swear that I will do my best to never let you get hurt again. I love you." Walker vowed to Alex as he wiped her tears away.

After awhile Alex started to get sleepy so Walker asked her "Alex why don't you go to bed?" Alex got up and headed to the stairs but stopped and said "I'm afraid would you mind staying here tonight?"

"I have a bag in my truck I'll just go get it and sleep on the couch, okay?" Walker questioned Alex who told him "Since we're not getting a divorce maybe you should move back into the guest bedroom. Gordon and Elizabeth need their father. That is if you want to stay married to me, do you Walker?"

"Yes I do Alex." Walker answered. Walker moved back in but he and Alex didn't resume their marriage but they were both there for the twins.

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