By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex left her Hope Center office to find Erica Johnston in the lobby waiting for her so Alex asked her "Hi Erica, what brings you by here? Erica answered " Alex have you got a minute? I want to talk with you about something."

Alex replied as she headed to her office "For you, yes. How about we go back into the office where we can talk in peace."

After they were seated Alex questioned "So what did you want to ask me about?" Erica answered "The triplet’s second birthday party, would you mind if I brought Destiny along too? My father will be out of town that night and I don't have anyone to watch her. I don't want to miss their party."

"Of course you can bring her too. Erica I thought that I had included Destiny on the invitation. I must have forgotten to put her name down with yours and J.W.'s but I was so busy when I made out the invitations it must have slipped my mind, I'm sorry for not including Destiny." Alex told her.

"You did put her name on the invitation but Jimmy said that Walker and you were probably being polite and only wanted J.W. there since he's your godchild. That Destiny wasn't really invited since she isn't anything to the two of you." Erica told Alex who said "Erica, Destiny is the child of a very good friend of mine, you. Walker and I care as much about her as we do her older brother J.W."

Erica responded "That's what I told Jimmie when he picked up J. W. for his father-son weekend but he was insistent that Destiny wasn't really included."

"I don't know why Trivette would begrudge Destiny being there too but make no mistake about it, we want her there. Please bring her Erica." Alex urged her friend who said "I will, I promise. Now that's settled, how are you doing Alex? What are you doing about that cyst? Are you still thinking about having it removed to be on the safe side?"

"Yes, Dr. Wheeler has agreed to remove it for me two days after the triplet’s second birthday party." Alex answered then asked "Enough about me, what about you? Have you started dating again?"

"I want to but I'm afraid that I'm going to make the same mistake twice by falling for a self-centered abusive jerk. I mean Frank was so nice in the beginning that I overlooked some of the signs and then when I opened my eyes I was already pregnant with Destiny and felt that I had to put up with the abuse because I left my family for him. How could I have been so stupid?" Erica replied causing Alex to try and assure her "You weren't stupid, what you were was a woman who believed in the man she was with. That's happened to a lot of women, so don't be so hard on yourself. As for falling for an abuser again; Erica that won't happen. You've grown a lot in the last year and a half. Just take it slow and try not rushing into things."

Erica told Alex "I know not to rush into things but I also want someone to share my life with. Don't get me wrong, I have two wonderful children that I adore and a decent job. I also have an ex-husband whom I'm getting along with pretty good but I still feel at times as though there's something missing. I guess that I wish I could have what you have with Walker. I don't want to wait forever to get it though." Alex laughed then said "Believe it or not Erica it took Walker and I years to get together."

"Jimmy told me that once but it seems so hard to believe because of how happy you are." Erica rebutted causing Alex to again laugh and say "I'm very happy now but that doesn't mean it's been a piece of cake because even though Walker is my life there were times I felt as though Walker didn't care for me and never would. It took that man forever to come to his senses and realize that I was the best thing that ever happened to him."

"The best thing that ever happened to him? You're that sure that your husband loves you more than anything?" Erica teased Alex who said "Sure am. Now enough about men, how is your job going?"

Erica answered "It's going pretty good, I really like it. I actually get to use my mind and my education to help people. What about your job? Jimmy told me that you were taking a leave of absence from the D.A.'s office to spend more time with your family."

"No, I haven't taken a leave of absence nor do I intend to, I have a break between cases right now. D.A. Moody said that he would give me fewer cases than he has been because I'm only supposed to be working part-time until all of the children are attending school. And speaking of children I think that I should be heading home to mine." Alex told her friend who said "I think that I should do the same thing."

Chapter Two

At Ranger headquarters Walker was in his private office when Mayor Dimsdale walked in and asked as he sat down "Well have you arrested anyone in the home invasion case yet? Or are you waiting for the evidence to fall in your lap like you always do?" Walker replied "No we haven't arrested anybody yet but we will get the people responsible."

"When? After they've killed again? What are you waiting for Walker? You must have some evidence against this Wheeler that the media has been reporting is your prime suspect so I suggest that you get off of your butt and make an arrest already before there's another deadly home invasion." Dimsdale somewhat rudely told Walker who somehow kept his temper as he answered "We don't have enough evidence for a conviction and I will not arrest anyone just to see them walk. We will make an arrest when there's enough evidence and not before then. Since there hasn't been a home invasion in over three weeks my guess is that this group is lying low and waiting until they think the heat is off and then strike again. This is why the Rangers are keeping a close eye on the places most likely to be targeted by the group. We will catch them in the act and have more than enough evidence to get a conviction."

Dimsdale then sneeringly told him "So it's true then, your wife was once Wheeler's lover? That you’re insisting on waiting for more evidence is just a cover for you not wanting to arrest a man who meant a lot to your wife once and probably still does. Don't bother answering that, we all know that until Cahill got you to marry her she played the field." Walker glared at him and replied "Mayor Dimsdale another word out of your mouth about my wife and I will forget that you're supposed to be an elected official and treat you like the braying jackass that you are by muzzling you."

Dimsdale then said "I knew that this would be your attitude Walker so I've instructed my police department to arrest Andrew Wheeler today for the crimes that he so obviously committed, something that you won't bring yourself to do because of reasons I've already stated." Walker replied "You don't have enough evidence for a conviction and if he's arrested now a lawyer will be able to get him off and we'll never be able to get him for those crimes. There's such a thing as double jeopardy, you know that law that states that once a jury gives a verdict of innocence you can't retry a person for the same crime again. You do know that, don't you Dimsdale?"

"For god's sake the murder weapon in the Nixon case was a scalpel from his own brother's office. That's more than enough evidence to get a conviction on him. There isn't going to be double jeopardy because he will be convicted. I've also had a talk with the governor and he's agreed that you and your Rangers are to be removed from this case, as a matter of fact he should be calling you shortly to tell you exactly that." Dimsdale told Walker then stood up headed to the door where he stopped and boasted "Oh by the way Walker when Wheeler's convicted I will make it a point to let everyone know that you couldn't or wouldn't arrest a murderer because of his past association with Mrs. Walker, good day."

No sooner had Dimsdale left Walker's office than the phone rang. Picking it up Walker discovered that the governor was on the other end "Walker, this is the governor, I'm calling to tell you that I've agreed to remove your Rangers from the home invasion case at the request of Mayor Dimsdale."

Walker answered "I know governor, Mayor Dimsdale just told me." The governor said "I only agreed because Dimsdale insisted that he was going to have his police department arrest the main suspect in the case and since you've told me that you don't have enough evidence yet for an arrest I don't want the Rangers getting dragged into it if this Wheeler walks."

"Hopefully he won't but since Dimsdale has already ordered him to be arrested today I think that he'll walk." Walker told the governor who then said "He said that he would hold off for awhile to give the local police department more time to gather evidence. I did point out to him that if my Rangers didn't have enough evidence to arrest Wheeler that was good enough for me but I guess Dimsdale thinks he knows better. However Captain Walker I do have to ask you this; does the fact that your wife was once very close with Wheeler have anything to do with your reluctance to arrest him? Because Dimsdale said that was why you hadn't arrested him, that there was more evidence than what you had told me about."

"My wife was never close to Wheeler, they had exactly one date years ago which meant nothing. The reason that we haven't arrested Wheeler yet is because we don't feel there is enough evidence for conviction. Yes the scalpel that was used during the murder Danny Nixon came from the medical office of Alphonso Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler's half-brother. When questioned about it Dr. Wheeler told us that some of his scalpels had been recently stolen and produced a police report to back the story up. However that police report was dated the date after Nixon's body was found. Dr. Wheeler also said that while his half-brother Andrew was annoying he was also in Dr. Wheeler's opinion too much of a wimp to have done something like that, that he fainted as the sight of blood." Walker explained.

"I'm sorry Walker but I had to ask that question concerning your wife just to clear the air, I know that you would never do something like that. Officially for now your Rangers are off the case at the request of Mayor Dimsdale but that doesn't mean you can't follow up on anything that you happen to run across while working other cases." The governor hinted to Walker who said "Okay."

Chapter Three

After Dimsdale left Walker went into the outer office and said "Rangers Trivette, Gage, Cooke, Swanson and Cooper I want you in my office now." They filed into Walker's office and after Walker closed the door he told them "The governor has agreed with Mayor Dimsdale request to remove the Texas Rangers from the investigation of the deadly home invasions and the murder of Danny Nixon. Any questions?"

Swanson questioned "Does this have anything to do with the fact that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker was once very close to our main suspect Andrew Wheeler? I mean she's his attorney, right?" Walker replied "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker is not Andrew Wheeler's attorney and she was never close to him but that is the excuse that Dimsdale used to get us removed from the case. The governor agreed to the request because he doesn't want the blame landing on the Rangers if Wheeler ends up walking. Mayor Dimsdale told me that his police department will be arresting Andrew Wheeler today."

Trivette objected "There isn't enough evidence yet for an arrest, if he goes on trial now he might walk and then there would be a killer running around."

"I pointed that out to his honor the mayor but Dimsdale didn't want to hear it. So we are officially off the case. Now I believe all of you have some other cases to work on." Walker told them and they left his office with the exception of Trivette who stayed behind and said "Hey Walker I told Erica that Destiny wasn't really invited to the triplets second birthday party. I mean Alex only included her name on the invitation to be polite, right?"

"If Alex put Destiny's name down it was because she too was invited. Trivette I know that Destiny isn't your child but she is your son's baby sister and from what I've heard J.W. say he likes her. So what's the real reason that you don't want Destiny there?" Walker answered Trivette who said "It's not Destiny, its Erica that I don't want there. I mean really Walker after what Erica did to Alex when she was involved with that jerk Winslow why would Alex ever speak to her again? Let alone resume their friendship? Shouldn't you tell Alex not to allow Erica and Destiny to attend the triplet’s second birthday party? You're their father, aren't you?"

"Trivette the friendship between Alex and Erica is their business, not mine and I've never been brave enough to tell Alex who she can and can't be friends with. However if you think that you're man enough to tell Alex who she should be friends with, go right ahead and I'll pick up the pieces of what's left of you. As for Destiny and Erica attending the party I don't mind, Alex wants them there and that's good enough for me.  Trivette why do you care if Erica is going to be there anyway? Are you planning on bringing your latest girlfriend?" Walker questioned Trivette who answered "Man you should see her Walker, she's beautiful."

"Trivette you can bring your girlfriend and Erica can bring her daughter. Aren't the two of you getting along better? I mean Erica now has primary custody of J.W., doesn't she?" Walker asked him.

"Yes she does but only because I felt it would be best for J.W. to stay with his mother while he's young. About my girlfriend, I think she's the one I've been waiting all my life for. Nancy understands me better than anyone I've ever met. I'm thinking about asking her to move in with me." Trivette replied.

"I thought that Stacey was the one? Then there was Shantal not to mention Miranda or was that Marissa? There was also I believe Carly, Susie and Tessa. I believe that you asked all of them to move in with you, didn't you Trivette?" Walker semi teased Trivette who teased back "Yes most of them but I know Nancy is different. She's interested in my work; most of the other women that I've dated could care less about what I do for a living."

"This Nancy is she a cop?" Walker asked Trivette who answered "No, she's in real estate. As a matter of fact she only handles the estates that sale for millions of dollars. You'll like her Walker."

As Alex was leaving the Hope Center she was stopped by Andrew Wheeler who asked her "Cahill, can I talk to you? I want us to be close again like we were years ago." Alex brushed by him and said "No, we can't talk and we were never close as you well know." Alex went to her van and started to open the door when several squad cars pulled up, followed by members of the media. Several police officers got out of the squad cars with the camera crews right behind them. One of the officers said to Wheeler "Andrew Wheeler you are under arrest, please put your hands behind your back."

   Wheeler pleaded "Cahill you're my attorney, do something. You have to help me out because of our past." Alex replied "I am not your attorney Mr. Wheeler and we had no past." She got into her van and drove away though the camera crews as Wheeler was put in the back seat of a squad car.

Chapter Four

When Walker got home he greeted his children and then went into the kitchen where he said to his wife "Alex Mayor Dimsdale got the governor to remove the Rangers from the home invasion case and Danny Nixon's murder case." Alex replied "Yes I know because Wheeler was arrested outside the Hope Center by the police department, all in front of several camera crews. Walker he begged me to help him out because of in his words 'our past'. I have no doubt that will be played on several local newscasts tonight."

"What did you say?" Walker questioned Alex who answered "That I wasn't his attorney and that we didn't have a past. What else would I have said?"

"Okay but you should know that the mayor told the governor that one of the reasons that the Rangers hadn't arrested Andrew Wheeler was because of his past association with you." Walker told his wife who said "Walker, we've been over this, there was never anything between us. I had exactly one date with that jerk and it was the worst date that I'd ever been on. Walker let me explain what happened back then, Wheeler kept asking me out on a date and I finally agreed to meet him for dinner, which by the way I ended up paying for because he claimed to have forgotten his wallet. Anyhow Wheeler asked me to go back to his place and when I turned him down he said that since I agreed to a date that meant I would have sex with him. That if I didn't have sex with him he would tell everyone what a tease I was, I told him to go right ahead. For the next several months every time Wheeler saw me he would whisper tease just loud enough for me to hear until I threatened to unman him. Shortly after that he left town."

Walker questioned "Alex, why didn't you tell me that you were being harassed? I would have helped you." Alex replied "I know you would have Walker but I had to be able to take care of it myself and I did. Now can we please forget about what he's saying about me?"

"Alex I just thought that you should know what people are saying about you." Walker said as he pulled Alex into a hug. Laying her head on her husband's chest Alex sighed and then questioned “What people? Besides Mayor Dimsdale that is."

“Ranger Swanson for one but I'm sure that there are others." Walker replied as he began to run his hands lightly up and down Alex's back. Giving Walker a quick kiss Alex stepped away as she said “Don’t heat me up until we can do something about it."

“Okay, how about I change the subject?" Walker asked.

“Me first, can you please tell Trivette that Erica and Destiny are going to be attending the triplets second birthday party whether or not he likes it? He told Erica that I only meant to invite J.W., not her and Destiny." Alex asked Walker who said “I’ve already had that talk with Trivette. He decided that I should tell you not to be friends with Erica and not to let her and Destiny attend the party for the triplets."

“What did you tell him?" Alex questioned.

“That I wasn't brave enough to tell you who you should and shouldn't be friends with. That if he thought he was man enough to tell you that to go right ahead and I would pick of the pieces of what was left of him when you got through with him. Why should I have told Trivette something different? “Walker answered his wife who asked “No, you shouldn't have told him something different. Why is Trivette so against Erica and Destiny being there anyhow?"

“He wants to bring his latest girlfriend Nancy. She's the one that Trivette says he's waited his whole life for. Trivette wants her to move in with him." Walker answered.

“So they can both be here, I'm sure that they can act civil towards each other. As for this Nancy being the love of his life Trivette has been saying that about just about every woman he's dated since he and Erica divorced. Although I do think that he is a little more serious about Nancy. She's the one who's handles very high-end real estate, right?" Alex said to Walker who replied "Yes she is but enough about Trivette and his love life. I want to talk about ours. How soon can we put the children to bed?"

“Not for several hours dear. That's why you shouldn't have started anything." Alex answered her husband who teased “Well how about after we have the children in bed we take a nice long hot shower together?"

Alex teased back “Just so long as we follow that up with a nice and long and very hot time in our bedroom." Walker winked and left the kitchen.

Chapter Five

Erica came to the ranch with Destiny and J.W. for the birthday party. Trivette brought Nancy to the triplet’s birthday party where he introduced her to the Walkers “Nancy, this is Alex and Walker and their children, Angela, Ray, Michaela, Cooper and Samuel. Alex, Walker, this is Nancy Danville."

“Hi, nice to meet you." Alex replied as Erica came into the living room with her children. Nancy asked Trivette “James what your ex-wife doing here?" Before he could answer Alex told her "Erica is here because she's a good friend of mine."

"Oh, okay, I was just surprised that she was here, my James never said anything about her being here is all. He just said that his son James would be here, nothing about those two." Nancy Danville told Alex who decided to let that go as to not cause a fight during her children's birthday party. Instead Alex asked "Erica would you mind helping me with serving the cake and ice cream?"

"I'd be glad to Alex." Erica replied as they headed to the kitchen where they got the cake and ice cream ready to serve. Alex asked her "Are you okay Erica?"

"I'm fine Alex, I know that Jimmy is getting pretty serious about her and I can't blame him, Nancy Danville seems to have a lot going for her. Believe it or not I do want Jimmy to be happy and if she makes him happy who am I to object." Erica answered as she picked up a tray and left the kitchen. Alex followed her with another tray.

After the ice cream had been served Nancy said "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, I know we've never met before but I can tell we are going to be great friends. James has told me so much about the both of you. For instance Mr. Walker he talks all the time about how much he admires and respects the way you run the Rangers. James has also told me about how you have one of the best conviction rates in the state Mrs. Walker. Maybe you can tell me more later about how you two are able to be so successful, you know more in detail. I would love to hear all about it."

Walker looked at Alex who answered for the both of them "Please its Alex and Walker. Thank you for your kind words but neither Walker or I believe in bringing our work home with us. When we're with our friends and family we prefer to forget about work."

Nancy didn't give up as she said "Oh I see you want to wait to talk to me until after James' ex-wife leaves with his son and her daughter. I wasn't thinking, of course you wouldn't want to talk about work in front of her given her past history." Alex replied "I wasn't waiting for anybody to leave to talk about work because I have no intention of talking about work tonight and neither does my husband. Erica is a very good friend of mine and I won't have anyone put her down in front of me, the past is over and done with. Now this is a birthday party for the triplets so I suggest that we have them unwrap their presents."

Walker got up as he said "Okay, Mikey you go first then Coop and then Sam." He handed them their presents and they unwrapped them. As Sam was unwrapping his presents Nancy gushed "I think that it's so decent of you two to adopt an Indian baby and let him share your twins' birthday party."

When Alex and Walker both glared at Nancy Trivette hurriedly told her "Sam isn't adopted, the twins are actually triplets." Nancy said "Well where did he get his looks from then? I mean neither one of his parents are anything other than Americans, are they?"

Alex said "My youngest son got his looks from his paternal grandfather and his paternal uncle, John and Ray Firewalker both of whom were full-blooded Cherokee and I couldn't be prouder."

There was an awkward silence until J.W. asked "Dad did Mommy tell you that Uncle Walker is going to teach me how to ride a horse?" Trivette answered "She sure did champ and I'll bet you'll ride like a cowboy in no time at all, just like your father."

Alex, Walker, Sydney and Gage bit back their laughter causing Trivette to defend himself "Hey Gage I can ride a horse better than you, after all you fell off of Angel."

"She threw me Trivette." Gage responded as Alex said "Okay you guys, I've been refereeing children all day, if you two need broken up it will be Walker doing it, got that?" They both made a point of nodding their heads as they answered "Yes Mommy."

Later on as she was leaving with Trivette Nancy Danville asked "Mrs. Walker, can we meet for lunch soon? I would like to hear all about the work that you and your husband do to catch and jail criminals."

Alex replied "Let me check my day-planner and get back to you." Nancy said "That sounds good; you tell my James when you're available to meet me for lunch." Alex just nodded and they left.

Later in their bedroom Alex said "I think that I'll be too busy to meet Miss Danville for lunch." Walker said "I know that her remark about Sam bothered you but what's the harm in meeting her for lunch? Maybe she was nervous and didn't realize what she was saying."

"Okay I'll give her a second chance but if she makes another crack about Erica I won't sit by and say nothing." Alex replied as she got into bed. Getting into bed himself Walker said "Alex I wasn't asking you to keep your opinion to yourself. Just meet her for lunch, okay?"

"Yes dear, now do I get a thank you?" Alex replied as she kissed Walker on his chest. Walker answered with actions instead of words but Alex didn't mind.

Chapter Six

Alex and Nancy met for lunch at La Mancha, as they were eating their desert Alex asked "How long have you and Jimmy been seeing each other?" Nancy replied "For about two months. I never thought that you could fall in love at first sight but that's what happened when I met James."

"That's sounds so romantic, tell me more." Alex hinted to Nancy who said "Well James was the Texas Ranger who interviewed me after one of the estates that I had recently sold to the Desmoines was the scene of a home invasion, the second one I believe. I was so upset to learn that the Desmoine estate had been targeted and then to find out that Stanford Desmoine had been killed during that home invasion. James could tell that I was devasted by the news. It turned out that the culprits had been able to get access to the grounds because the Desmoines hadn't gotten around to redoing the security systems and I blamed myself for not insisting that they change the security systems before they moved in."

Alex told her "You couldn't have known that there would be a home invasion and that they would kill Mr. Desmoine." Nancy said "That's what James told me but I still feel as though I'm responsible. They killed Stanford just to do it, from what his widow Edith told me they killed her husband and then told her that she was now a very rich widow. How can anyone be so cold-blooded? Edith loved him so much."

"You sound like you really got to know the Desmoines." Alex hinted to Nancy who answered "Yes I did but I knew Edith before she married Stanford, we grew up in the same trailer park just outside of Dallas. But enough about me, I really want to know all about your work. I think that it's very interesting that you're a leading A.D.A. who's married to the man many consider to be the toughest Texas Ranger ever."

Alex replied "There's not that much to it, Walker arrests them and I make sure that they end up in jail where they belong."

"You make it sound so simple, I'll bet that there's a lot more to it than what you're telling me. I'm dying to hear the secret ways the two of you have to figure out when someone is guilty and how you're then able to arrest that person and get a conviction. Or do the two of you decide that someone is guilty and end up being lucky when that someone is convicted?" Nancy said to Alex.

"Walker and I really don't like to discuss our work in detail; we both want to forget all about the criminals that we have to deal with when we're not at work." Alex told Nancy who then said "Okay I get the idea, you're not going to talk about work with me but that's okay because my James has told me so much about the two of you. For instance he told me that his ex-wife once named you as the other woman. Didn't that bother you? If it did how could you have forgiven her so easily?"

"Like I told you the other night Miss Danville, the past is over and done with. Erica is a friend of mine. I believe in giving people second changes." Alex answered Nancy who said "That's a good way to get burnt. I say once someone has shown their true colors you never forgive them. No matter how much they play the poor abused woman angle."

Alex who by now was getting a little mad said "Look Nancy, it's obvious that you think that Erica and I shouldn't be friends but I think that we should and that's not going to change."

"I thought that you and James go way back?" Nancy questioned.

"We do and while Jimmy is a very good friend of mine he does not tell me who I can and can't be friends with, no-one does not even my husband. Listen Nancy I know that Trivette is very serious about you and I would like us to get along for his sake if nothing else." Alex replied.

"James and I are very serious about each other, we're going to move in together and I would like to get along with you for his sake too but I can't be your friend if you insist on remaining friends with his ex-wife who hurt him so badly." Nancy informed Alex who said "Nancy, they have a child together. They will have to deal with each other until J.W. is all grown up and it's best that they do it in a friendly manner instead of battling each other."

"As soon as we move in together I'll have James fight for and get total custody of his son, so he won't have to deal with her ever again. The child doesn't need to be growing up with her for a mother, anyway. For god's sake she has a child that was born out of wedlock." Nancy answered Alex who stunned her by saying "Jimmy had total custody of his son, which Erica gave him but he willingly gave primary custody back to her so that J.W. could live with his mother and little sister Destiny. I think that the custody arrangement that they have now benefits the both of them and J. W. He gets to live with his mother and sister and Trivette can see his son any time he wants to."

"That's another thing, how can he tell anyone she's his baby sister when they have different last names? It's simply not done in proper society." Nancy said causing Alex to ask "Isn't living together considered improper by some?"

"We'll be living together only until I can arrange our wedding, so no it's not improper. Cheating on your husband and having a... you know what baby, that's improper." Nancy answered.

Alex looked at her watch and exclaimed "I didn't realize that it was so late, I'd better be going. I have a doctor's appointment." Alex then left.

At Dr. Wheeler's office Alex was stunned when Dr. Wheeler told her "Well I see that the no account brother of mine has been arrested and about time. I don't understand why he wasn't arrested by your husband's Rangers though. Didn't the autopsy report on Nixon's death say that my brother shoved one of my scalpels so far into that man's throat that it came out of the back of his neck? By the way why didn't your husband arrest him instead of the local police department?"

Alex replied "Dr. Wheeler I do not discuss my husband and his work." Alex formally answered Dr. Wheeler who said "I understand and I'm sorry that I said anything about it but I'm glad that my criminal brother is safely locked up where he can't hurt anyone. That little worm probably had someone else bound Nixon's hands behind his back with duct tape and then inject a air bubble into his heart before he shoved my scalpel down his throat."

"Dr. Wheeler, can we please talk about the reason that I'm here? How you're going to remove that cyst." Alex asked Dr. Wheeler who said "Okay, sorry about that. I'm going to have to give you a sedative that will knock you out while I remove the cyst. "

"Okay but I want Walker here." Alex replied and Dr. Wheeler agreed "I have no problem with that; we'll do it tomorrow at three."

Chapter Seven

After she left Wheeler's office Alex headed to Ranger headquarters where she asked if Walker was in, the receptionist told her that he wasn't but that she could wait in Walker's office until he returned. As Walker was getting off the elevator Detective Grear asked him "Captain Walker would it be possible to see what evidence you've collected against Andrew Wheeler?"

Walker replied "We have a copy of everything that we've gathered on the home invasion cases and the murder of Danny Nixon. If you would come to Ranger headquarters with me I'll get it for you." Grear said "Thanks for your co-operation. Walker I don't want you to think that we are stepping on your Rangers' toes but we were ordered to arrest Wheeler by the police chief."

Walker assured him as they entered Ranger headquarters "I know that Grear, his honor Mayor Dimsdale informed me that he was getting the Rangers removed from the case and the governor agreed to it."

They entered Walkers office to find Alex waiting there and Grear asked her "Ma'am are you here as Mr. Wheeler's attorney? Because if you are, you're in the wrong place." Alex replied "No Detective Grear I am not here as Andrew Wheeler's attorney. I was just here to see my husband but since you two appear to be discussing police work I'll wait in the outer office until you're done." Alex left Walker's private office as Grear said ''The police chief said that Mrs. Walker being Wheeler's attorney was one on the reasons why the governor agreed to removing your Rangers from the case. That and the fact Wheeler hadn't been arrested yet."

"Detective Grear my wife is not the defense attorney for Andrew Wheeler and the reason that the Rangers hadn't arrested Wheeler yet was because we felt that there wasn't enough evidence for a conviction and we didn't want him going free. Now here is everything that we have on Wheeler but I should tell you that something doesn't seem right to me. I think that while Wheeler was involved in the group that pulled those deadly home invasions he was a follower, not the mastermind. As for the Nixon case, the cause of death was an air bubble that was injected directly into his heart and I doubt if Andrew Wheeler knew how to do that. The cause of death hasn't been released to the public. Also one of Alphonso Wheeler's scalpels was shoved so deep into Nixon's throat that it protruded from the back of his neck." Walker explained.

"Did you question this Alphonso Wheeler about his scalpel? And what's his relationship to Andrew Wheeler?" Grear questioned Walker who answered "Yes we did and Dr. Wheeler reported that several of his scalpels had been stolen, the police report was filed the day after Nixon's body was found. Andrew Wheeler is the half-brother of Alphonso Wheeler, a respected breast cancer specialist."

"Walker I have to ask you this, did your wife have a relationship with Wheeler? The reason that I asked is because Mayor Dimsdale told the police chief that was why you hadn't arrested Wheeler." Grear asked Walker who snapped "Alex had one date with Wheeler years ago. They had no relationship and even if they did I wouldn't let it stand in the way of arresting a suspect when I felt that the Rangers had enough evidence for a conviction. I do my job no matter what."

"Okay Walker thanks." Grear replied and left Walker's private office with the evidence. Alex entered it and told her husband "While I was at Dr. Wheeler's office he told me that it was about time Andrew had been arrested for the murder of Danny Nixon. That in Dr. Wheeler's words and I'm quoting here 'That little worm probably had someone else bound Nixon's hands behind his back with duct tape and then inject a air bubble into his heart before he shoved my scalpel down his throat.' end quote."

"Alex are you sure you heard him right?"  Walker asked his wife who answered "Very sure. Walker what are we going to do? That information about the cause of death wasn't released to the public, so how does my doctor know about it? Walker what if he's somehow involved with this group that you've been looking for? I have an appointment with him tomorrow to remove my cyst."

"First things first Alex, you are going to keep that appointment and I'll be there with you. It could be that Andrew told Alphonso that or he guessed it but we need to find out how he knew the cause of death before we jump to conclusions about his being involved. I'll have Trivette do some research into both of the Wheeler's background, we'll go from there." Walker told Alex who said "About Trivette, did you know that his new girlfriend Nancy Danville was the real estate agent who sold the Desmoines their estate shortly before the home invasion occurred during which Stanford Desmoine was killed? That Nancy grew up in the same trailer park with Edith Desmoine who is now a very rich widow?"

"I knew about Miss Danville selling the estate to them but I didn't know that Nancy Danville and Edith Desmoine grew up together." Walker answered.

Chapter Eight

Walker and Alex went into the outer office where they found Trivette with Nancy Danville who spotted Walker and said to him "I just stopped in to see if there were any new leads in the home invasion case." Walker replied "I believe that Andrew Wheeler is currently under arrest for that."

"Yes he is but I was wondering if you had enough evidence for a conviction. My good friend Edith Desmoine wants to be sure that the killer of her husband Stanford doesn't go free." Nancy answered Walker who pointed out "Well Miss Danville as James here has undoubtedly told you the Texas Rangers have been removed from the case. If you want to know how things are going I suggest that you go talk to Detective Grear."

"But weren't you and your wife just discussing it in your office? After all the media is reporting that she's Andrew Wheeler's attorney." Nancy said causing Alex to snap "For the last time, I am not Mr. Wheeler's attorney and furthermore we were never close. I never want to hear anyone repeat that lie to my face again, has everyone here got that?"

Trivette replied "Alex, I don't think that you should be talking to Nancy like that, after all you did make Walker release Wheeler when we were trying to get a confession of out him. Then the next thing you know Danny Nixon turns up dead with one of Dr. Wheeler's scalpels shoved down his throat. Everyone here knows that."

"Okay Ranger Trivette you are right about that but that was the one and only time that I have represented Mr. Wheeler, he used his attorney call on me and I felt that I was obligated to get him released which I did. However as I made it very clear to Mr. Wheeler when he was arrested I am not his attorney, nor will I be so in the future. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get home to my children." Alex said and started to leave Ranger headquarters when Nancy asked her "Well if you're not Wheeler's attorney does that mean you're free to be my James' attorney when he fights for custody of his son?"

"No, I will never represent anyone in a custody fight." Alex replied and then left Ranger headquarters as Walker said "Ranger Swanson and Cooper I want the two of you to go in my office and wait for me. Ranger Trivette since your girlfriend is here you can leave now if you want to." Nancy and Trivette left.

Entering his office Walker sat down behind his desk and said "Rangers Cooper and Swanson I want the two of you to research all of the home invasion victims and where they bought their estates from and how long of a time period there was between the purchases and the hone invasions. Also check and see who the security companies for those estates were. I also want you to search and see if any of the victims had previous ties with the real estate agents. Plus I want all the information that you can get on Andrew and Alphonso Wheeler. If you two need help you can ask Rangers Cooke and Gage to help you, any questions?"

Swanson asked "May I ask why we're doing this Captain Walker? I mean weren't we taken off of the case?" Walker answered "Because Alphonso Wheeler told my wife during her doctor's appointment that Danny Nixon had died from an air bubble being injected into his heart, information that wasn't released to the public. Plus Edith Desmoine knew Nancy Danville before her marriage to Stanford Desmoine, they grew up together."

"Is Miss Danville why you don't want Ranger Trivette being involved in this research?" Swanson questioned Walker who told her "Ranger Swanson please just do what I ask you to do."

"Yes Captain Walker." Swanson replied and started to leave Walker's private office when he said "Cooper and Swanson I will inform Ranger Trivette when I feel the time is right."

As they were headed to his car Trivette said "Nancy I don't want to fight for custody of my son. In spite of our differences I do know that Erica loves J.W. and that he will be better off living with her than living with me when there are a lot of nights I don't get home on time. I don't need my son with a baby-sitter when he can be with his mother and little sister."

"James you have to get that child away from that woman, she has no morals what-so-ever. I mean she cheated on you and then had a little..." Nancy was saying when Trivette broke in "Destiny is not responsible for the manner in which she was born. Look honey if you want a child that bad after we get married we can have our own children, okay?"

"Okay James but I'm just worried about your son is all." Nancy replied as she hugged Trivette who said "I know you are honey, how about we go to my place?"

"I'm sorry James but I really do have a headache, why don't you go back inside and see if you can help your fellow Rangers?" Nancy told Trivette who kissed her and then went back to Ranger headquarters.

Chapter Nine

After the cyst had been removed from Alex's breast Dr. Wheeler went to leave the room when Walker asked him "Dr. Wheeler can I talk to you?" Dr. Wheeler answered "Mrs. Walker will be perfectly fine, a lot of women have had this procedure done with no ill effects. She should come around in an hour or so then after I make sure everything is okay you can take her home."

"That wasn't what I wanted to talk to you about, what I want to know is how did you know the cause of death for Danny Nixon?" Walker questioned Wheeler who replied "It was in the paper."

"No it wasn't. Now I'm going to ask you again and I want the truth this time; how did you know that Danny Nixon died from an air bubble being injected into his heart?" Walker demanded of Wheeler who instead of answering questioned "Who told you that I knew the manner in which Nixon died? I want to know who lied about me like that. Was it my lying brother? Is he trying to cut himself a deal at my expense?"

"The other day when you were examining my wife you told her that your brother was a worm and that someone else had probably duct taped Nixon's hands behind his back before they injected an air bubble into his heart." Walker said.

"She just said that to you to create a reasonable doubt to get my brother off. I mean she's his attorney, isn't she?" Wheeler asked Walker who answered "No she's not his attorney and you know that because you are paying your brother's attorney fees. Now the way I figure it is that either you know the person who killed Nixon or killed him yourself, now which is it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Wheeler tried bluffing his way out but Walker told him "Dr. Wheeler you're making this harder than it has to be, I don't really see you as the person who killed Nixon but with you knowing how he was killed when that information was never released to the public I could probably make a case against you. What with that bar fight you were in when you were a teenager which left a man dead."

Wheeler caved "Okay, okay you've made your point. Edith told me about a week ago when we were having dinner at LaMancha's. She asked me was it true that my brother was part of that home invasion ring that had killed her husband and I said that I thought so but that I didn't think he was the one who had killed Danny Nixon. I told her that while Andrew is an annoying pest he's a follower, not a leader and I didn't think he has the stomach to kill someone. That's when she told me that Nixon had had his hands duct taped behind her back just like her husband. Then Edith said that after her husband's hands were duct taped behind his back they had stabbed him to death. She then asked me why instead of stabbing Danny Nixon to death like her husband they had injected an air bubble into his heart. Also I should tell you that Edith and I grew up in the same trailer park just outside of town."

"What's your current relationship with Edith Desmoine?" Walker questioned Wheeler who answered "We're lovers, it started about two years ago after I removed a lump from her breast. We got to talking about how far we had come from that trailer park where we grew up together; her name was Edith Grendel back then. Well we met for lunch several times to talk over old times and one thing led to another and we became lovers. Edith told me that her husband was unable to have sex and since he had a heart condition he also couldn't take anything for it."

"Did you know Nancy Danville too?" Walker questioned Wheeler who answered "It was Nancy Dubois then and yes I knew her too. Nancy and Edith were best friends and they always talking about how they were going to escape that trailer park and become somebody. However Andrew knew Nancy a lot better than I did because they eloped when they were teenagers. A few years later when I ran into Nancy at a clinic that I was interning in she told me that she had dumped my brother and changed her name. The next thing you know she's the real estate agent for the very wealthy. I don't know how Edith cleaned herself up and managed to snag Stanford Desmoine because when I asked her that she answered that a lady doesn't kiss and tell."

"Dr. Wheeler are you willing to give a statement about what you've just told me? It could help your brother out if he's not Danny Nixon's killer." Walker asked.

"Yes, even though I think he's worthless little worm I don't want people knowing that a brother of mine is in jail. You know it's kind of funny how life works out. When we were growing up Andrew was the one who had more guts that I did but after Nancy dumped him he seem to lose his guts and became a whiny loser. I on the other hand got a college scholarship then one to medical school and now look where I'm at, a highly respected doctor." Dr. Wheeler replied.

"I'll see you at Ranger headquarters tomorrow at ten." Walker said. Dr. Wheeler nodded okay and left the room. An hour later Dr. Wheeler examined Alex and said that everything was okay that Walker could take her home which he did. Once he got there he called Ranger headquarters and asked to speak to Trivette "Trivette this is Walker, if you're free this evening I would like to talk with you at the ranch."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow? I have a date tonight with Nancy, we're going house hunting." Trivette asked Walker who replied "Okay but I think we should talk first thing in the morning before nine."

"Okay see you about eight then Walker." Trivette said and hung up the phone.

Chapter Ten

Trivette entered Walker's private office and said "Walker, Nancy and I found the perfect place last night. It's one of those new homes going up just outside of Dallas; as a matter of fact it's not too far from your ranch." Walker replied "About buying that house Trivette maybe you ought to hold off for awhile."

Trivette questioned "Why? Walker don't tell me that you're letting Alex's friendship with Erica affect the way you think about Nancy? Since when have you ever let anyone tell you what to think or who to like?"

"Never and you know that Trivette. However it has come to my attention that Nancy was once married to Andrew Wheeler and that she and Edith Desmoine grew up together in a trailer park, along with both of the Wheelers. She may somehow be involved in those home invasion cases." Walker answered causing Trivette to object "Walker you have no proof that Nancy was involved in anything, all you have is the word of a man who's in jail facing murder charges."

"Did you know that she had been married to Andrew Wheeler, the main suspect?" Walker asked Trivette who asked back "Did you know that you shouldn't take the word of a murderer and accuse someone of something they didn't do? Walker how can you even think that I would be so stupid as to get involved with that type of person? You know me better than that, or at least you should."

"Trivette I did not say that you were stupid. What I did was to ask you if you knew that Nancy had been married to Andrew Wheeler? Trivette all I'm saying is that we need to find out how the people who carried out those home invasion knew to target estates that hadn't had their security systems changed yet. Now we know that Nancy handled the sale of that estate to the Desmoines, do you know if any of the other ones were also handled by her?" Walker said.

"Come on Walker, would you even accuse anyone else other than Nancy of something like this?" A still upset Trivette questioned Walker who silently handed Trivette Swanson's and Cooper's report. Taking the report Trivette sat down in a chair and read it, after he was done Trivette said "Walker, I know that Nancy wasn't involved and I'll prove it."

"I hope that you're right for your sake Trivette but in the meantime will you at least consider the possibility that she may know more than she's letting on? Now before you say anything, I think that I'll have Cooper and Swanson start by bringing in her old friend Edith Desmoine for questioning. It turns out that Edith is having an affair with Dr. Wheeler and the affair started before her husband's death. Her husband was the one stabbed to death during the home invasion at their estate. The other two deaths during the home invasions were due to the two men having fatal heart attacks." Walker told Trivette who reluctantly nodded okay.

"I think that I'll see what Nancy has to say about all of this." Trivette told Walker who replied "Trivette for now I think that its best if you let Cooper and Swanson handle the investigation. If Nancy hasn't done anything they will uncover that fact."

"Okay for now but I won't stand by and do nothing if I think you're railroading her." Trivette said and headed to the door as Walker stood up and told him "Trivette you know me a lot better than that." Trivette paused at the door and asked "Do I Captain Walker?" Then he left Walker's private office.

Walker called up Detective Grear and said to him "Grear this is Walker, we've uncovered new information on those home invasions and I've decided to bring in Mrs. Desmoine for questioning. Would you like to sit in on it?"

"Yes I would because I think that it's very interesting that her husband was the only one who was stabbed to death, those other two men died from heart attacks. When are you bringing her in by the way? I would like to see what else you've learned." Grear replied.

"How's two sound? I'll have Cooper and Swanson brief you before the questioning starts." Walker said to Grear who suggested "Captain Walker, how about I be the one to question the widow Desmoine? That way she will think that I'm just reviewing everything and maybe she'll slip up. If you want Cooper and Swanson can be there to watch it."

"Okay but I think that I'll be there too, are you okay with that?" Walker asked Grear who answered "Fine by me, I'll stop by in a little bit to make the arrangements and find out what else you know."

Chapter Eleven

Grear said "Please take a seat Mrs. Desmoine." Edith sat down as she asked him "Can you tell me why you asked me to come in today? I understand that the man responsible for the murder of my poor Stanford and those other men have been arrested."

Grear replied "We have a man in custody but the reason that you're here is to help us tie up some loose ends. We just want to be sure that we have enough evidence to get a conviction. You are willing to help us get justice in the death of your husband and those other men, aren't you?"

"Of course I am. When that Danny Nixon stabbed my Stanford in the heart right in front of me I thought that I was going to be killed next, I was so scared. Then he told me that I was now a very rich widow, how can anyone be that cold?" Edith asked Grear who replied "Mrs. Desmoine I know how upsetting that was to you."

In the other room Cooper and Swanson both said at the same time "She's lying." Walker told them "I know, her statement said that she was blindfolded and in the other room. That after her husband was stabbed the killer came into the room where she was and told her that she was now a very rich widow. Cooper and Swanson go see if the lab has found any evidence that would put her in the room at the time her husband was stabbed and be quick about it." They hurried off as Walker turned his attention back to where Grear was interviewing Mrs. Desmoine.

Grear said "Mrs. Desmoine do you see or hear anything that you might have forgotten to mention to the Rangers, anything at all. I have their notes here but I need to know everything that you know." Mrs. Desmoine answered "What Rangers? I was never really interviewed by them. So how could they have given you notes?"

"You weren't interviewed by them, are you sure?" Grear questioned Mrs. Desmoine who replied "Well I guess that maybe you could call what they did an interview but if you ask me the both of them shouldn't be Rangers or even cops because all they did was hint that I might have had reason to get rid of my husband because of our age difference. They didn't even ask me if I was okay after undergoing such a terrible ordeal."

"Well perhaps that's why the mayor had them removed from the case, now can you tell me what happened that night?" Grear requested of Edith who asked "Do I have to? I don't want to talk about it again."

"I was under the impression that you wanted justice for your murdered husband and those other men. If you want that you have to tell me what happened. I know that it will be hard on you so take all the time that you need." Grear replied.

"Can I have a cup of coffee before I tell you what happened the night my life changed?" Mrs. Desmoine asked Grear who answered "Of course you can, you wait here and I’ll get you a cup of coffee and how about a donut too?"

"Can I have a danish instead?" She asked and Grear replied "Okay I'll be right back." Grear went and met with Walker who said "She's lying."

"I know, now the trick is getting her on tape repeating the lies. Any suggestions?" Grear asked Walker who said "Tell her that you record everything in case a defense attorney tries anything. Also Grear I have Swanson and Cooper at the lab seeing if there's any evidence that can place her in the room when her husband was stabbed to death leaving her a very rich woman. I told them to be quick about it but in the meantime maybe you could ask her if she had a lover? We have a statement from Dr. Wheeler saying that they are lovers. I also have Rangers Gage and Cooke talking to the house staff as we speak, it seemed like the butler knew more than what he told us when we interviewed him right after the murder."

"I think that I will ask her about a lover after she tells me her version of what happened that night. Walker if they come back with proof that she was in the room when her husband was killed how about you coming in and confronting her with the proof? With both of us here maybe she'll confess." Grear suggested to Walker who answered "I'm starting to like the way you work Grear, ever think about becoming a Ranger?"

Grear said "No way, I like it where I'm at."

Grear entered the room with a tray on which was several cups of coffee and some danishes. After they had some Grear said "Now Mrs. Desmoine, everything that's been said in here has been recorded and I'll just keep on doing that, it's standard procedure in case a defense attorney tries anything. Now where were we? Oh yes you were going to tell me about what happened that night. Start whenever you're ready."

Mrs. Desmoine then spent the next twenty minutes or so describing what had happened that night in great detail, even going so far as to give details about how her husband had pleaded in vain for his life. When she was done she asked "Can I go now? I have to sign the papers with the lawyers to settle my estate."

"Just one more question Mrs. Desmoine, do you now or did you have any lovers while you were married to Stanford Desmoine?" Grear questioned Edith Desmoine who snapped "No I did not, how dare you ask me a question like that?"

"He dared asked you a question like that because it was the reason you murdered your husband Mrs. Desmoine or should I say Edith Grendel?" Walker asked as he entered the room and sat down at the table.

"Now Edith Captain Walker is here because we have proof that you were in fact in the room when your husband was killed. We also have proof that you were having an affair that started before your husband was killed. Have anything to say about that?" Grear questioned Edith who answered "Oh all right I was having an affair with the butler, that doesn't mean that I killed my husband though."

"I'm sure that Doctor Wheeler will be surprised to learn that he wasn't your only lover. We have a statement from him attesting to that fact. Also when we pointed out to your butler, David Cole that he wasn't your only lover he told us that your husband was planning on divorcing you. That Stanford Desmoine had threatened several times to divorce you but that this time Stanford had his lawyer drawing up the divorce papers which would have left you without a thing because of the pre-nup that you signed." Walker pointed out.

"If I confess and tell you who else helped me will you cut me a deal?" Edith asked them and Grear answered "You will still have to go to prison."

"I know but the thought of being killed terrifies me. I can handle prison because it can't be worse than that trailer park I grew up in." Edith answered.

Walker shut his office door behind Trivette and told him "Edith Desmoine has confessed that she was the one who had her husband stabbed to death during a staged home invasion." Trivette replied "See I told you that Nancy had nothing to do with any of that."

Walker then said "According to her confession Edith Desmoine said that all three home invasions were planned with the hopes that her husband who had a heart condition would have a fatal heart attack during the one at their estate. That when he didn't have a heart attack she told Andrew Wheeler to stab him but he refused to. That it was actually Danny Nixon who stabbed her husband in the heart. That when Nixon attempted to blackmail her she got another member of the group to bound Danny Nixon's arms behind his back with duct tape and she then injected an air bubble into his heart. Edith was able to get one of Dr. Wheeler's scalpels from his office because she was in the habit of dropping in there to see her lover, Dr. Wheeler. It was her who shoved the scalpel into Nixon's throat; she did it so that the man who bound Nixon's arms behind his back would think twice about double-crossing her."

Trivette then broke in to say "Walker exactly why are you telling me this? I mean it's clear from what you've said that my Nancy was not involved." Walker picked up a report, handed to Trivette and said "Edith claims that Nancy Danville gave the security codes to her to so that the home invasions could occur. Trivette, no one else knew those codes for all three of the estates except for the woman who handled the sales of them, Nancy Danville. Edith also stated that it was Nancy Danville who put her in touch with Andrew Wheeler, Nancy's ex-husband. He agreed to get some men together to do the home invasions."

"Well she's lying and you know that Walker, unless..." Trivette said causing Walker to ask "Unless what Trivette?"

"Unless you don't want to know it because you're letting your personal feelings towards Nancy blind you to the facts." Trivette answered.

"Trivette just read the report, will you?' Walker asked Trivette who tossed in on Walker's desk and said "No." Then he left.

Walker got home pretty late that night to find Alex in the living room waiting up for him, she said "I have some dinner in the fridge for you, do you want me to heat it up for you? Or do you want me to leave you alone?"

"Trivette is pretty upset right now and he thinks that I'm letting my personal feelings for Nancy get in the way of justice." Walker said to Alex who told him "I know, Walker just give him some time. I think that Jimmy fell in love with her; it's going to take him awhile to see that you would never do anything like that. Right now he's blinded by love."

"Okay, would you mind just going to bed?" Walker asked Alex who kissed him on the cheek and said "Goodnight honey."

Grabbing her arm Walker told Alex "Hey lady I didn't mean by yourself, wait for me." Alex teased "Will it be worth my wait?" Walker picked up his wife and carried her up to bed.

                 I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story was meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.