Sequel to Recovery

Here is the final chapter. Enjoy!

By Vonnie (

Last Time:
Stepping into the darkened room, she hears, "Oh, Walker, I've missed you so much." Finds him in the crowd, his arms reaching out, love shining on his face, "Hi, sweetheart, I've missed you, too."

Alex closes her eyes as tears threaten, sinks back against the wall, her fist shoved into her mouth….

She turns on her heel, ready to dart out the door. "No, not again." She stops, half turns, "I love him." She starts back to where she had last seen Walker, "I love him and I do trust him." She dries her tears, tilts her head just a little and walks briskly into the room, looks around for Walker and sees him with his arms around a beautiful redhead. An 8 year old redhead!

When Walker turns around with the child clinging to his neck, her eyes widen, her mouth drops, and she stands there stunned.

"Alex! Honey, come here, I want you to meet a very good friend of mine." Reaches out to take Alex's hand and pulls her close into his side. "This is Lili." Then turns to face the little girl. His voice softens, "And Lili, this is my wife, Alex."

"Hi, I know you."

Finally finding her voice, "You do?"

"Yes, he talks about you all the time." She leans over and whispers into Alex's ear. "I think he loves you very much."

Alex smiles, "You think so?"

"Uh huh. He's neat, I love him, too."

She looks at Walker with eyes full of love, "Yeah, he is neat, isn't he."

"Cordell, bring that young lady over here, I've got something special for her."

Walker stands her on the floor, "Go on, honey, the birthday boy will be here soon." As she takes off toward C.D., Walker turns and pulls Alex into his arms, kissing her lightly on the lips. "I'll tell you all about it when we get home."

"Oh, Walker, she's darling." Turns in his arms, and looks into his eyes with her love bared for all to see. "I love you so much." She whispers as her lips lightly touch his.

Pulling her into an embrace, he murmurs softly into her ear, "Alex, when you look at me like that, I feel like I'm the only man on earth." Then kissing her lightly and sliding his arm around her, they move over to stand with C.D. in a group, waiting for the door to open.

"Hey, why are the light's out?"

"Happy Birthday, Jimmy!"

When the lights come on a stunned look and then a large grin follows as he sees the decorations, the banner and the large mass of smiling faces. Walker and Alex move up and pull him into a group hug, placing a kiss on each cheek before C.D. grabs him into a bear hug. Then everyone crowds around Trivette to give him a pat on the back or a handshake wishing him well.

Gifts are unwrapped and cake with ice cream is served and dancing begins as the party gets up a full head of steam. It's close to 2:00 a.m. when the last of the party participants leaves C.D.'s. Jimmy leaves with his girl, and when Walker and Alex volunteer to stay behind to help clean up, C.D. chases them out the door saying he has a cleaning crew coming in the morning to take care of it.

Walker starts with his explanation of Lili on the drive home. "Do you remember when Jimmy went back east to visit about a month before we got married? And my trip to Waco?

"Yes, I do remember that. But I was so busy with the wedding plans I don't remember to many of the details surrounding it."

"I was brought in on a very sensitive case concerning Big Bart Masters. I'm sure you've heard of him."

Alex shivers, "Oh, yes, I've heard of him. He's into about every kind of racketeering there is. From prostitution to drug trafficking to murder." Walker picks up her hand bringing it to his thigh.

"Well, he has another seedy side, too. Child pornography."

"Oh, God, Walker, not Lili?" Her question is full of pain for the little girl.

"I'm afraid so but with a very ugly difference. She's Masters' daughter. When we raided one of his 'houses' we found her hiding in a closet. She was petrified. It took a lot of pleading to even get close to her. But she finally let me pick her up, and with a lot of fast talking I got her to let a doctor look at her."

Alex could see the tears building in his eyes. "Oh, honey, it must have been horrible for you."

"If I'd have had that miserable excuse for humanity in my hands I think I could have killed him without thinking twice."

Alex tightens her hand around his, "You never caught him?"

"No, he managed to get away. But he tried to get to Lili twice while she was in the hospital. It seems she saw him kill a young boy one night, and he's afraid she'll talk."

"I can't imagine what that poor child has been through. But she seems to be all right now."

"On the outside. She still has nightmares and she still has a long way to go. We put her in a safe house with two female Rangers that were on the raid with us. She trusted them the most. When we were setting every thing up, she made us all promise not to tell anyone about her. Even as young as she was she felt so dirty she didn't want anyone to know what she was made to do."

Tears are flowing freely down Alex's face now and as Walker stops the truck in front of the house, he draws her into his arms, holding her close. Taking her hand he pulls her with him as he leaves the truck and arm in arm they walk up onto the porch, and into the house.

After getting into bed and settling under the blankets, he pulls her over into his arms and with her head on his shoulder, an arm across his chest and her leg pulled up across his thighs, he continues.

"I tried to get her to let me tell you, but she kept telling me she wanted to meet you first. I … told her all about you, wanting her to get a feel for you. She told me you sounded nice and was really anxious to meet you. But … we had to catch her father before we could take any chances on moving her."

Alex looks up into his eyes, "I take it you caught him?"

"Yeah, finally, about a week ago. We had a decoy set up as Lili and when he came for her, we got him. He'll spend the rest of his life in prison. Which may be a short life, the way con's treat child molesters."

"What happens to Lili now, hon?"

"We located an aunt on her mother's side, she was there at C.D.'s tonight. I think she'll be good for Lili. She has no children of her own so they really have a need for each other. And best of all I think Lili really likes her."

"I'm so glad, she needs someone to love her, to give her stability." Alex buries her face in his neck, "I'm so sorry, Walker, can you ever forgive me?"

He rolls her over on her back, "Alex, I thought … that was all settled." He kisses her chin, then her nose, then across to her ear, where he nibbles on her earlobe, while he unbuttons the shirt of his that she has on.

"It was … it is … Oh, Walker, I love you so much." Pushing the shirt open, his hand cups her breast, gently kneading as his thumb lightly brushes over the nipple, bring it to a hard sensitive peak before giving the same attention to the other one. His mouth works slowly back to hers, covering it in a sweet hungry kiss.

Walker's lips against hers are firm, yet gentle and undemanding. Unable to resist she opens her lips, giving entrance to his tongue. When she feels the tickle of his beard against her lips, her cheek, the sensation is as intoxicating as the deepening of his kiss. Her fingers are ever busy, playing over his chest, through the soft hair, brushing his nipples into taut nubs bringing a low rumble from his throat.

When his mouth leaves hers, she groans at the departure, but her body arches against him as his lips close over the already sensitive nipple drawing it deep into his mouth. Alex cries softly as the sensations spike through her body. As he suckles on first one then the other, his fingers move to the nest of curls covering her sweetest treasure. When his fingers brush over her hot moistness, a jolt of raw desire shudders through her, Alex bites her lip and cries out, "Walker, please … now," writhing her hips against his touch.

"Look at me," he whispers.

When she does, his eyes are dark and hot, burning with passion. He lifts her thigh over his, then slides his hand under her bottom and draws her toward him. She's moist and ready and his entry is smooth and deep. She closes her eyes savoring the sensation as he fills her.

"No, look at me," his voice raspy.

As she opens her eyes he begins to move and a moan escapes her lips at the intense pleasure it brings but her eyes stay locked to his. She hangs on to him, feeling him deep inside her. The slow deep stroking is building a hot steady fire that continues to grow. Wanting to touch him more intimately she drops her hand down to his belly, then lower to clutch at the coarse hair that brushes hers at each thrust. When she reaches down to touch him as he thrusts into her, she feels a shudder pass through him.

Feeling the rise of passion, his thrusts pick up speed and depth. As her orgasm grips her, she cries out and circles his neck with her arms, holding on tight as the spasms pulsate through her. She's just starting to regain her senses, when Walker plunges deep, holds, and she feels his release flowing into her.

His body trembles as the seizures slowly subside and he collapses against her feeling drained but extremely fulfilled. He rolls to her side pulling her into his arms, nuzzles his face into her hair, murmurs, "I love you," and kisses the top of her head.

He's almost asleep when he feels a very slight shaking of her body. It takes a second for him to shake off the fuzz of sleep, to realize that she's crying, very softly, but still crying. He murmurs softly, "Alex, what is it? Did I hurt you?"

A few sniffles then, "Oh, Cordell, you could never hurt me. Why I ever doubted you, I don't know, because I love you so much, I … guess it really scared me to think that I could lose you to someone else."

"Have the doubts vanished? Do you know, deep in your heart, that I could never leave you? You are my life, Alex, my whole life."

She turns and faces him, taking his face in her hands, "The doubts are completely gone, and as for trust, that's always been there, it just got a little obscured by emotions."

"It's over, now, honey."

She kisses him softly, "Just thinking about that one night we lost because of my stupidity, upsets me to no end. Darling, let's don't go to sleep angry at each other, ever again."

He brushes his thumb across her lips, "You can count on it … maybe what we had tonight will become the norm before falling asleep."

"With maybe a few … variations?" The smile on her face carry's a promise with it.

He touches her lips with a whisper soft kiss, murmurs, "As many variations … as you want."

She brings her body closer then, feeling her bare breasts brushing through the soft hair on his chest, belly to belly, hips gently rolling against his, stirring the glowing embers that's just been waiting, into a blazing fire. She whispers, "I love you," and begins touching him, caressing him all over, hands roving sensuously over his back, down to his bottom, back to his chest, dipping into his navel, feeling the ridges of his stomach. His body responds immediately to the erotic wanderings of her hand and fingers, and shuddering he begins to match her movements, but she stills his hands with, "no, my time," and begins working her way down his body, leaving a trail of fire, until she reaches his groin area. She touches him with her lips, her tongue then she makes love to him with her mouth. When his breathing becomes labored she increases the pressure of her lips. At the same time she strokes her hand down over his abdomen, down along the inside of his thigh, and between his legs, cupping the soft sac, kneading it gently. She stays with him as his hips start to move and also when he tangles his hands in her hair tugging gently. When he climaxes, she releases him and moves back up and straddles him, taking his still hard erection deep inside her. She rides him with frenzied movements bringing him to another climax with hers following just seconds later. Falling against his chest, she circles him with her arms holding him tight as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through her.

Walker holds her in a vice grip as both of their bodies begin to relax, returning to a calmer state. She rolls off of him and nestles spoon fashion against him and with a deep sigh, she closes her eyes as the warm sensations settle into her soul, leaving her in total contentment.

Walker tightens his arms around her, kisses her hair, and shuts his eyes, ready to join her in her dreams. The doubts are gone leaving their marriage stronger than ever.

The End

Author's Comment:

We all know that any relationship is not without it ups and downs. When two people love each other more than life itself, we believe that the downs will be tempered by the strong ups. The title of this is called What's a Man. But to me this is how Walker thinks about Alex.

What's a man without love?
What's his night without passion?
What's his morning without her smile?
What's his day without her in his mind?

Bring her love to my nights.
Bring her smile to my mornings.
Bring her mind to fill my days.
Just bring her back to me.

What's a man without his mate?
What's his life without her laughter?
What's his soul without her joy?
What's a man without his mate?


I can no more see Walker sexually abusing Alex anymore then I can see her staying with him if he did.