Cord: Con?


Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker called Alex on the phone and said to her "Honey, I'll be away for a week or two. I'll see you when I get back. Kiss the children for me. Goodbye." Then before Alex could say anything Walker hung up on her. Alex quickly called him back but he didn't answer his phone. After letting the phone ring until the answering machine picked up Alex gave up on Walker answering and called Trivette instead "Jimmy, do you know what is going on with my husband?"

"What are you talking about Alex?" Trivette asked her.

"Walker just called here and told me that he would be gone a week or two. That he would see me when he got back. Do you mind telling me what's going on?" Alex asked her friend and her husband's fellow Ranger James Trivette.

"I told him that he was foolish for even considering what that Fed was asking him to do. It's too risky even for Walker." Trivette said to Alex who became more upset and questioned him "what's too risky? Jimmy, I have to know, this is my husband we're talking about."

"This female Fed wanted him to go undercover in a federal prison in Oklahoma. Listen Alex let me see if I can catch Walker and talk some sense into him before he leaves. Alex, I thought that Walker was turning her down because of the risk, that's what he told me earlier. Walker must have changed his mind and decided to help her for whatever reason. I'll call you back later." Trivette said and hung up the phone.

Later on that evening the whole gang came out to the Walkers. As Sydney and Gage were showing off their baby boy Matthew Alexander Gage, Trivette took Alex aside and said to her "I'm sorry Alex but that Fed whisked him out of Dallas so fast that I wasn't able to catch Walker and talk some sense into him." Alex then asked "Trivette, where is my husband at?"

"At a federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma, it's a maximum security prison. Walker's there to get the goods on 'Groucho' Salvatore." Trivette reluctantly answered Alex who then asked him in disbelief  "my husband, the father of my children took a dangerous undercover mission in a federal prison out of state and couldn't be bothered to tell me about it before he left?"

"I'm sorry Alex but like I said before I thought that Walker wasn't doing this but something or someone changed his mind for him. Alex yesterday when I talked with Walker about this he promised me that he would talk to you about it before he did anything. I take it that he didn't talk to you beforehand?" Trivette asked her and a very stunned Alex shook her head no.

"Is there anything that I can do for you?" Trivette asked.

"No, but thanks for telling me what my husband couldn't be bothered to. Now, if you don't mind I would like to be alone with my children. I have to tell them that their Daddy is going to be away for awhile." Alex told Trivette who collected the others and left. Alex told her two older children that their daddy would be away for awhile because he was off helping someone that needed his help, that he loved them very much and missed them. When the children were all finally asleep Alex walked into her bedroom and got into bed where she had trouble sleeping because she felt that her husband had betrayed his family by taking a dangerous undercover mission in another state without at least discussing it with her first, after all she was only his wife.

Chapter Two

A week later Alex awoke from yet another dream with her heart in her throat. In each and every one of her dreams Walker after being beaten by other inmates was then tied down face first. Then Garrity was laughing at Walker and saying to him "you're about to get yours." That's where all of the dreams ended. After taking several deep breaths to calm herself down Alex then went into the bathroom to start her day. Going downstairs and into the kitchen she was surprised to find nanny Betty already there. Seeing Alex Betty said to her "Mrs. Walker, I hate to do this right now when you're going through a hard time but I have to go to Austin. My daughter needs me right now."

Alex asked her "How long will you be gone?"

"I'm moving there. My granddaughter’s pregnant and Roberta said that it's a risky pregnancy and wants me to help out by taking care of my granddaughter during the day because she's on complete bed rest. Then after the baby is born I'll stay on to take care of the baby. I'm sorry to leave you like this but my family needs me right now." Betty said to Alex who then asked her "I take it that you're leaving immediately?"

"Yes, I'm driving down there today and then when Roberta gets time she'll come back here for my things, she'll also have someone drive your car back." Betty explained.

"Betty, I gave that car to you so be sure and get it transferred into your name when you get a chance. As for your things, there's no hurry whenever Bobbie gets time to get them is fine with me." Alex assured her.

"Alex, I wouldn't leave for anybody but my family. I'll miss the children so much." Betty said to Alex who then told her "Betty, it's okay I understand that family comes first. I'll explain it to the children, they'll understand that your family needs you now."

"But what will you do for a nanny?" Betty questioned her.

"I'll be fine, the triplets don't need as much attention as they used to. I'll just hire someone to help out during the daytimes. Go Betty, we'll be fine." Alex said to her now former nanny who left.

            Picking the phone up Alex called Trivette and asked him "have you heard anything about my husband yet?"

"No, not yet but I wasn't really expecting to so soon. Joe Prine who as you know runs the local F.B.I. office said that he didn't know anything about it but would look into it for me and call me back when he heard something, he hasn't called me back yet. How are you doing Alex?" Trivette asked her and she said "well my husband is undercover in a federal prison in another state and my nanny just quit, other than those two things I'm just peachy."

"I'm sorry Alex but you hang in there. You know that Walker always comes out of these things just fine." Trivette said to her.

"I'll be okay just as long as I know that Garrity isn't in that prison with Walker." Alex told Trivette who asked her "why are you worried about Garrity being in the same prison as Walker? I don't think that this fed would intentionally put Walker in the same prison as Garrity who kidnapped you once."

"I don't know about that Trivette, I've been having nightmares about Garrity telling a beaten and bound Walker that he was about to get his. Never mind Jimmy, just forget that I called you." Alex said and hung up the phone.

 Chapter Three

            It was now two weeks later and Alex was besides herself with worry. Each and every day Angela and Ray asked their mother where their father was and all Alex could tell them was that he was helping someone who needed his help and that their father loved them very much and would be home as soon as he could. Each and every night Alex had nightmares which were becoming more disturbing to her because they were becoming more detailed. One night Alex had a different dream that was so vivid she could have sworn that she was actually with her husband and in the dream Alex told him "Walker, Garrity's here and he plans to hurt you. Please get out while you still can, while you're still a man."

Walker scoffed at her "Alex, I can handle the likes of Garrity."  She said to her husband "maybe but even you can be overtaken by too many men and that is what's going to happen if you keep that meeting in the laundry tomorrow."  Walker again dismissed her concern by saying "stop being silly.  I mean what can they really do to me?  Beat me up?  I've had a few bruises in my lifetime."

"Damn you Walker in each of every one my dreams after they've beaten you senseless they then remove your pants and tie you down face first. Garrity says that you're about to get yours Walker. Then I wake up as he reaches for his zipper, I'm sure that even you can figure out they intend to do to you next." Alex said to Walker as the dream ended.

Coming awake in his prison cell Walker kept his eyes closed and overheard the guard Carlow say to his cellmate Hunter "everything is set for tomorrow, Garrity already knows about it and I'll make sure that my fellow guards are kept busy elsewhere while buddy boy here is taught his much needed lesson." Hunter smiled and said "when we're done with him he'll be a girlie girl and a dead one at that." Carlow laughed and walked away. Walker evened out his breathing and focusing on Alex fell back asleep.

In her dream Walker told her "Alex, I'm in trouble get Joe Prine and Trivette out here to help me tomorrow."  Bolting awake Alex reached for her phone and called Trivette waking him up and said to him "Jimmy, it's me Alex. Listen, Walker is in a lot of trouble, you and Joe Prine have to go to that prison tomorrow and get him out."

"Alex he'll be all right, now try and get some sleep." Trivette said to Alex who replied "not if they if they gang up on him in the laundry tomorrow like Garrity has planned. For god's sake Trivette they are on to him and plan to hurt my husband the way some cons hurt other men in prison and you know the way I'm talking about. Trivette you and Joe Prine have to get Walker out tomorrow while there's still something left of him to get out."

"Alex, what are you talking about?  How can you know what Garrity is planning for your husband tomorrow when we don't even know if he's in the same prison as Walker." Trivette tried getting Alex to see how unbelievable she sounded so Alex explained the dreams that she had been having for the past three weeks. After she was done Trivette still unsure said "I'll try but I doubt If Prine is going to do anything based on your nightmares."

"Make him understand that if you don't get Walker out of there my nightmares will come true. Trivette you know that when I've had these dreams about Walker before they've been right. If I'm wrong which I doubt he will be embarrassed for awhile but if I'm right and nothing is done to help him Walker would be destroyed and you know that as well as I do. My children need their father, they just lost their nanny." Alex pleaded with Trivette who reluctantly agreed to wake Joe Prine up and get started on getting Walker out of the federal prison that he was in. Joe Prine didn't want to do anything based on Alex's dreams at first but when Trivette pointed out that if Alex was right and they didn't do anything he couldn't live with that. Joe Prine agreed to accompany Trivette to the prison because he knew that Trivette was going to go with or without him.

Chapter Four

At the prison Trivette and Prine were met with resistance from the warden who won't allow them to go unescorted in his prison and wanted to wait until the fed; Michelle Michaels who's idea Walker's uncover mission was showed up. Finally Joe Prine said to him "listen and listen good warden, you are hindering a federal investigation and if we aren't headed to the prison's laundry in five minutes you will face charges if anything happens to Captain Walker. We have reason to believe that his cover has been blown and that he's in grave danger because the cons plan to make him pay the way they would a rat and you know the way that I'm talking about. Do you want that on your record?"

Trivette then said to him "Warden, we understand that you're worried about our safety but we have to get to Walker, his life depends on it. Time is not on our side so get together as many guards that you can trust and have them ready to go in five minutes because we are going to the laundry with or without them."

The warden nodded okay and rounded up some guards who were going off duty, then he said to Trivette and Prine "I think that this is a bunch of malarkey and to prove it to you, I'm going along with you gentlemen.  None of my guards would turn a blind eye to what you're suggesting." So they all went to the laundry room where the guard Carlow was the lookout said "Warden you can't go in there right now, one of the cons is causing trouble and we're trying to control the situation. For your safety you should leave."

Looking at each other Trivette and Prine went to go into the room when Carlow pulled his weapon and said "I said that you couldn't go in there right now. It's too dangerous, leave this area now." Just then they heard a crash from inside the room and as Carlow was distracted by the noise Trivette and Prine entered the room where Garrity was yelling at the cons who were struggling to subdue Walker "Hunter get his feet, they're deadly." When Hunter wasn't able to get Walker's feet Garrity then said "you've lost your chance Hunter for seconds, the first man that gets Walker's feet is next in line."  Hearing this Walker kicked out at the men nearest while the Warden took Carlow's gun and fired a shot into the air saying to the prisoners "on your stomachs now." Garrity started toward the warden who shot him in the chest and again said "on your stomachs now." The cons dropped face first on the floor and order was quickly restored. Walker left the prison with Trivette and Prine who took him straight to the airport where he called up Alex.  "Alex, it's me I'm on my way home."

"I'll tell the children." Alex answered and then hung up the phone on her husband. Slowly replacing the phone Walker looked at Trivette who said "well in case you're interested your nanny quit because she moved to Austin to be with her daughter and granddaughter who need her right now. That means that Alex has been taking care of five children by herself because her idiot of a husband took a dangerous undercover mission in a federal prison in another state without bothering to tell her about it first. Where by the way he was almost killed among other things."

"Alex is mad, isn't she?" Walker asked Trivette who said "no, she's happy. Of course she's mad, what woman wouldn't be?"  Then Trivette walked away from him.

Chapter Five

Walker entered his house and was jumped on by Ray and Angela. After hugging the both of them Walker turned to Alex and teasingly asked her "how about a hug Mrs. Walker?"  When she glared at him Walker tried again "well then how about a kiss for your favorite cowboy?"

"I don't see him anywhere, he left town without bothering to tell me first." Alex snapped at her husband and headed upstairs to the nursery. Angela asked her father "Daddy, why was Mommy crying the other night?  When I asked her why she was crying Mommy said that she wasn't, that she had gotten something in here eye. Daddy, I think that Mommy was crying because she's been sad lately, ever since you went away."

"When was this Angela?"  Walker questioned his daughter who answered "a couple of nights ago. I had a bad dream and went into Mommy's room without knocking first because I was scared. Mommy was crying but said that she wasn't, why was Mommy so sad Daddy?  She knows that you always come home to us."

            Walker answered his daughter "yes, Mommy knows that I always come home to you guys but I made Mommy sad when I went away without telling her first."

"Everyday when we asked Mommy about you she said that you were helping someone who needed your help, that you loved us and would be back as soon as you could. Daddy, I think that Mommy misses Miss Betty too. Can you make her come back home?  The babies are a real handful right now, they crawl everywhere." Angela said to Walker.

"No honey, I can't do that. Miss Betty moved to be with her daughter and granddaughter who need her right now." Walker replied and Angela suggested to her father "maybe if you give Mommy some nice flowers she'll feel better."

"Tomorrow Angela, now have you and Ray been good while I was gone?" Walker asked them and they both nodded their heads yes. Later after putting the children to bed Walker went into his bedroom and said to Alex before she could say anything "I'm sorry, I was wrong in leaving the way that I did but Michelle Michaels asked me for my help and I agreed to go and it had to be done quickly. By the way thanks for getting Trivette and Prine there in time. How about I show you my thanks?"

Glaring at him Alex moved away from Walker and said "so yet another woman asked you for your help and you forgot about everything else including your family and you just left without a second thought?"

"Alex, it wasn't like you're making it sound." Walker objected and a irate Alex answered "it's exactly like it sounds, but I don't care to discuss it right now. Maybe we can talk about it after I get back or maybe not." Walker asked her "Alex, where are you going?  I just got back."

"Somewhere away from you, I've had it with your foolhardy behavior." Alex replied as she took her suitcase and began putting clothes in it. Just then there was a knock on the door and Walker opened it to find Angela standing there. Noticing the suitcase she asked "Mommy, you aren't leaving us after Daddy just got back, are you?"  Taking the clothes out of the suitcase and putting them on Alex's dresser Walker said "no honey, Mommy's not leaving us. Angela what are you doing up?"

" I just wanted to make sure that you didn't leave again Daddy." Angela replied and Walker assured his daughter "not anytime soon honey." Then he started to take her to her bedroom when he stopped and looking at Alex said "Honey, your mother and I love all of you children and neither one of us is going anywhere, I promise." He left the room and Alex took her suitcase and throwing it under the bed muttered to herself  'the hero returns, whoopee.'

Chapter Six

Walker went to the barn to check on the horses and give Alex some time to cool off. About an hour later he entered his bedroom to find Alex already in bed, quickly removing his clothes Walker crawled into bed with his wife and pulled her into his arms. When he attempted to kiss Alex she shoved him away saying to him "I'm not interested in what you have in mind." Reaching for her again Walker said "come on honey, I said that I was sorry and besides you know that you want me as much as I want you. We've been apart for three long weeks, we both want to make love with each other. Don't bother denying it."

"No, I don't want to make love with you. Now let me get some sleep because tomorrow I have to interview people to help me with the children during the daytime. I put it off until you returned, why I don't know." Alex said to Walker as she pushed him away.

"I'll stay home and help you with the children tomorrow, I'll watch them while you interview the women. Now how about that thanks?" Walker asked as he again attempted to pull Alex close to him. Shoving him away yet again Alex said "Walker, you have already been told that I'm not interested in making love with you or having sex for that matter.  Now for the last time let me go or are you planning on forcing yourself on me?"

"Force myself on you?  Please lady, I'll bet that your body is ready for me and that you really want me. You're just playing hard to get because you're still a little bit mad at me." Walker said as he lowered his hand to between her legs. When he realized that Alex was in fact not interested in having sex Walker withdrew his hand and mumbled "I'm sorry Alex." Then rolled onto his side away from her. After laying there stunned for a minute Alex got up and grabbing her pillow left their bedroom.

Walker got up and followed her downstairs to the guest bedroom, looking up from making the bed Alex asked him "what on earth do you want now?"

"Alex, I'm sorry for what I just did to you. Honey I really did think that you wanted me, forgive me?" Walker asked Alex who questioned him "why did you feel me up like that when I had already told you more than once that I wasn't interested in being with you?  Do you have any idea how that made me feel?  I'll tell you how it made me feel, like a hooker that's how."

Walker just stood there without saying anything so Alex tiredly said to her husband "will you just please go and let me get some sleep?  I haven't exactly been able to get much sleep these last three weeks. I've been worried sick about my husband, not that he seemed to care."

"Okay, I'll see you in the morning." Walker answered and went upstairs.

Chapter Seven

Alex woke up from a dream with her heart in her throat yet again, she just had another dream about her husband. This time Walker had been killed by the other inmates after being brutalized by them. Garrity looked at her and snidely asked "well Mrs. Walker now that you're a widow how about giving me some?  He doesn't need it anymore." Then he laughed as the other cons threw Walker's body into a unmarked grave.

Alex got up and went to the kitchen shaken by her nightmare. After slowly drinking a glass of water she stood there debating on whether or not to go check up on her husband because she realized that she hadn't even asked him if he was okay. She had just spent the last three weeks being worried sick about Walker. Alex turned off the light in the kitchen and headed to the stairs where she ran into Walker who asked her "Alex, what are you doing up?  Are you okay?"

Alex said "getting a drink of water, you?" Walker replied  "I was going to the gym to work out."

            Alex questioned him "at this time of night?"

"I can't sleep, when I close my eyes all I can see is the look on your face when I... uhm... molested you for a lack of a better word." Walker answered.

"Oh Walker you didn't really molest me, you would never do that. You've always done something like that when we were getting ready to make love, I over reacted." Alex told her husband. Alex then asked him "I never even asked, are you okay? They didn't hurt you did they?"

"No honey they didn't but if you hadn't gotten Trivette and Prine there in time they might have. It was taking everything that I have in me to hold those animals off, another couple of minutes and who knows what might have happened. Thank you Alex for sending help for me when I didn't deserve it for leaving the way that I did without telling you first." Walker said to Alex who answered him "Walker, don't say that you didn't deserve any help. Yes, I was very upset by the way you left but I would never want you to be hurt ever. I love you too much." Walker smiled and said "well I'd better get started on that workout. You try and get some sleep."

"I can't not without my two favorite pillows." Alex answered her husband who asked her "Honey, aren't you still mad at me?  I mean I all but you know."

"Walker, you didn't and I didn't mean to say that you made me feel like a hooker because you didn't. I'm just so tired from the lack of sleep that I lashed out at you. Walker, you have to understand that for three straight weeks in my dreams they were hurting you and I could do nothing to stop them. I was so upset by the dreams that I took it out on you. I'm sorry." Alex told him. Walker then said "Alex, if there is anyone who should be sorry, it's me. I knew that in leaving the way that I did that you would be worried about me until I got back. I promise not to do anything like that again and also the next time you tell me that you're not interested in being with me I'll accept it the first time, okay?"

"Okay, now can we kiss and make up?  We do have three weeks to make up for." Alex asked Walker who hesitated "are you sure Alex?  I don't want to pressure you into it. I can go and work off my excess energy in the gym."

"We can both go upstairs and work off our excess energy in our bedroom, then maybe I'll be able to get some sleep for a change." Alex said to Walker and then got her pillow from the guest bedroom. They went up to their bedroom and worked off their excess energy. When they were done Alex asked him "Walker, honey?  What does this Michelle Michaels look like? She's not beautiful, is she?"

Pulling Alex closer Walker answered "no honey, she's not. By the way, how tired are you?"  Smiling she said "well I might have some more energy if I need it."

"How about I help you get rid of it?" Walker asked as he began to kiss Alex who returned his kisses and then some.

Chapter Eight

The morning as the Walkers were feeding the triplets the doorbell rang and Alex unaware of the fact that she had baby food on her blouse and that her hair was a mess said to her husband "I'll get it, you stay with the children. They've missed you." Alex went and opened the door and there was a beautiful youthful looking redhead with green eyes standing there. The woman said to Alex "oh, you must be the maid.  Please tell Cord, my husband that his wife is here."

Alex blankly said "excuse me."

"Honey, I just told you to tell Cord that I was here, now go and do it."  The woman told Alex who asked her "who may I say is calling?"

"Tell him his wife, he'll know who I am." Alex was instructed by the woman.

"I would prefer to give him a name." Alex said and the woman sighed and said "fine you can tell Cord that his wife Michelle Michaels is here. I'm the wife who's conjugal visits he so enjoyed in prison, especially the kissing part of them. Now would you please do as you're told to blondie?"

"Sure I'll tell Mr. Walker that his wife is here just as soon as hell freezes over." Alex answered and Michaels told her "look sweetie, I'm here on official business. So I suggest that either you tell your employer that I'm here or get the hell out of my way because I am going to talk to him. Whether or not you like it." Michelle then shoved her way past Alex as Walker came out into the hallway asking "Alex, who was it?"

Before she could answer Michaels threw her arms around Walker's neck and said "Cord, it's me, your wife. Now come on and give me a kiss like the ones that you were giving me in prison." Removing her arms from around his neck Walker said "Michelle, I'd like you to meet my real wife Alex."

"Oh sorry, I thought that she was the maid given her appearance." Michelle smirkingly said and Alex ignored her and told Walker "I'll see to our children. Let me know when you're done because I have things that I need to do." As Alex went back into the dining room with the children Walker asked Michaels "what are you doing here?"

"I heard what almost happened to you in that prison and I stopped by to make sure that you were all right. I also wanted to see when you were going to file your report on the 'Groucho' Salvatore case." Michaels answered Walker who told her "I'm fine, thanks to my wife and I was planning on filing my report tomorrow but since you're here, why don't you wait in my living room until I'm ready to leave?  I'll just go into headquarters and file my report. If you follow me in you can have my report today. It'll only take me five minutes to get ready." Michaels agreed and Walker showed her into the living room then went upstairs to get ready.

            Alex entered the living room and Michaels said to her "I can see why Cord was so enthusiastic about the kissing part of his assignment, what with having to kiss a slob like you." Getting mad Alex snapped at her "first of all his name isn't Cord, it's Walker. As soon as you're done with your business I suggest that you leave before I throw you out on your butt, got that sweetie pie?"

Laughing Michaels replied "Honey, you don't have what it takes to mess with me, you're just a boring little housewife. Why else would your husband kiss me the way that he did if you were able to meet his needs?  You know that I'm the kind of woman that he wants and needs unlike you who's just the mother of children, at least that's what he told me when I visited with him in prison." Getting really mad Alex yelled at her "get your lying ass out of my house now."

Walker came into the living then and said "Alex, watch your mouth, the children can hear you for god's sake."

            "Sure thing Cord." Alex answered and then left the living room. Walker turned to Michaels and said "sorry about that. Alex has been under a lot of stress lately, our nanny quit and she's been taking care of the children by herself.  I'm ready to go just let me tell her first." Getting up Michaels answered "it's okay Cord, I'll be waiting outside."

Walker went into the dining room where he started to say something but was cut off by Alex "I'm taking a shower, you keep an eye on the children."

Walker replied "Alex, honey I have to go to the office and file my report for Michaels, we're leaving right now."  Alex pleaded with him "I need to get cleaned up before I start the interviews. Walker can't you wait until I'm done?  Is that too much to ask of you?"

"Michelle is waiting outside for me so that she can follow me to the office and get my report. I'll be back in no time at all." Walker said and then left.

Chapter Nine

After hurriedly cleaning the triplets up Alex placed them in the living room to crawl after making sure that the gate to the steps was secured. Then she wiped the baby food off of her blouse. Just then the doorbell rang and after glancing at the clock Alex moaned "she's really early." Angela asked "who's early?"

"The lady that I'm going to talk to about helping me out in the daytime with you children." Alex answered Angela "but Mommy, Ray and I want Miss Betty to come back home to us just like Daddy did." Her daughter objected.

"Angela, sweetheart I explained to you that Miss Betty had to go to Austin to take care of her granddaughter. I have to hire someone to help me out during the day, you know that." Alex told her daughter as she headed to the door to answer it. Opening the door Alex found Bobbie Hunt standing there "Bobby, are you here for your mother's things?  You didn't have to let me know first." Alex said to Bobbie who answered by asking "Mrs. Walker, can I talk to you for a minute?"  Alex nodded yes and they went into the living room where the triplets were crawling all about.  They sat down on the couch and Alex asked "so what did you want to talk about?"

"My mother. " Bobbie replied.

"What about your mother?" Alex questioned.

"Well my daughter's husband is from a wealthy family and they are insisting on a proper British nanny after the baby is born." Bobbie explained to Alex who was unsure of why she was being told that so she asked "Bobbie, what exactly are you trying to say? That you want me to keep the position of nanny opened until your grandchild is born and your mother's services are no longer needed?"

"Well actually Mrs. Walker, her services aren't needed right now and well I was wondering if you had already filled the position?"  Bobbie asked Alex.

"No I haven't, I've been too busy taking care of the children. But I was going to start interviewing women today. So where is your mother at now?" Alex said to Bobbie who replied "she's outside. Please Mrs. Walker give my mother another chance at being your nanny. She only left the way that she did because I demanded that she put my daughter first. I badgered her into leaving a job that she loved and I'm sorry about that."

            "But doesn't your daughter need your mother right now?" Alex questioned.

"My son-in-law's parents have hired around the clock care for my daughter. So as you see I had my mother quit her job for nothing. Mrs. Walker, my mother cares for your children about as much as she cares for my daughter. Can you take her back at least until you find someone else?"  Bobbie pleaded with Alex who said to her "relax Bobbie, tell your mother the children have been demanding that I get her back. They love her too because she's really the only grandparent that they'll know."

Getting up Bobbie said "I'll go tell her and thanks Mrs. Walker."

Betty came in with Bobbie and Angela said to her "Miss Betty, you're here. Ray and I missed you so much. Are you coming back home?" Smiling Betty said "that I am child and I missed all of you too. Now tell me all about what you and Ray have been up to while I was gone."

            Smiling herself Bobbie said "I don't think that I've ever seen my mother happier." Alex answered "it's mutual Bobbie. Now I have to call those other women and tell them the position is filled."  After making sure that her mother was settling back in okay Bobbie left.

Chapter Ten

After taking a quick shower Alex called up Walker to tell him about Betty's return as the nanny but the phone was answered by Michaels "Cord's office, oops I mean Captain Walker's office." After taking a deep breath Alex said "put Walker on the phone now."

"No but while I have you on the phone blondie, how about I tell you what a great kisser your husband is?  Not to mention being really good in bed even if it was in a prison's conjugal visitation room."  Michaels asked Alex who got mad and said "you're lying about that."

"Am I?  I know what his birthmark looks like and exactly where it's at. You know a star-shaped one right on his manhood which by the way is quite impressive as I know from seeing it up close and personal, if you get my drift." Michaels taunted Alex who lost her cool and yelled at her "Knock your crap off and put my husband on the phone you lying little tramp." Walker who had entered his office in time to overhear Alex calling Michaels a lying little tramp took the phone off of the speaker and said to his wife "What is the matter with you Alex?  Stop treating Michelle so badly, it was my idea for me to go undercover not her's. Will you stop behaving like a jealous housewife?"

Realizing that she had been set up Alex informed her husband "In case you're interested Betty has returned as the children's nanny. But since you no longer appear to want me or need me maybe I'll leave. That way you and your little friend can go back to doing what you two were doing in that prison's conjugal visitation room. You know your little friend that you said wasn't beautiful and that you enjoyed kissing."

"That's quite enough Alex. I know that these last three weeks have been very hard on you but Michelle doesn't deserve to be treated the way you've been treating her. She's done nothing wrong. If you don't get yourself together by the time I get home I'm taking you to see Sharon, understand?" Walker told her.

"You even think about doing something like that again and I'll divorce you. Have you got that Cordell John Walker?  Furthermore when you finally come to your senses and start thinking with your brain instead of something else you'll see what she's really up to. Then you will owe me one hell of a apology. Which by the way I may or may not accept, do you understand that?" Alex said and then slammed the phone down in his ear. Walker turned to Michaels and said to her" again, I'm sorry."

"It's okay Cord, it must be stressful taking care of that many children. I understand her over reacting to every little thing." Michaels told Walker and then putting her arms around his neck suggested "how about I buy you lunch?  Then maybe we can go to my hotel and pick up where we left off in prison, what do you think?"

Trivette entered Walker's office and noticing Michaels' arms around Walker's neck said to him "hey Walker, I thought that you were taking the day off?  Man go home to your wife and kids, they haven't seen you in three weeks."

"I'd better go home to my kids, my wife isn't doing too well at the moment." Walker said as he removed Michaels' arms from around his neck and left. Michaels said to Trivette "why did you come in here?  I almost had him headed to my hotel room."

"Lady, I don't know what kind of game it is that you are playing but you will lose. Walker will never cheat on Alex. So give it up because I won't stand by and watch while you try to hurt a very good friend of mine." Trivette told Michaels who laughed at him and said "Honey, I already have her husband thinking that she's being mean to me for no good reason and that she's going off her rocker. Plus I have her thinking that her husband and I have already hit the sheets. So you back off idiot. Although if you're that good of a friend maybe she'll cry on your shoulder. How does that sound?  You probably have the hots for her anyhow, why I have no idea." Michaels then left Walker's office.

Chapter Eleven

When Walker got home Caroline from the Hope Center was there helping Betty with the children. Walker asked Betty "where's Alex at?" Betty answered "she left right after Caroline got here."

"Did Alex say where she was going or why?" Walker questioned.

"She said that she had some business to take care of and that you would be home shortly to help out with the children." Betty answered Walker and Caroline said to him "well since you're here, I'll be on my way.  Betty I'm glad that you're back." Then she left.

Angela asked her father "Daddy where did Mommy go?  Is she coming back or did she leave us?"

"Of course Mommy is coming back and no she didn't leave us." Walker answered his daughter and then asked her "when mommy left did she take anything with her?"

"Just two of her suitcases, why Daddy?" Angela replied.

"No reason honey. How about you go and play with your dolls now?" Walker said and Angela went and played with her dolls. Walker then asked Betty "Alex didn't say anything about where she was going or how long she would be gone did she?"

"Alex just said that she had some business to take care of. Walker it won't be for long because Alex didn't make arrangements for Caroline to come here tomorrow and she would have if she expected to be gone overnight or longer. Alex always makes sure that the children are taken care of before she does anything. She'll be back tonight most likely, don't worry." Betty said to Walker who then asked her "did my wife have two of her suitcases with her when she left?"

"She had two suitcases with her when she left yes." Betty answered Walker who swore under his breath. Walker called Alex on her cell phone and left a message for her to call him back when she didn't answer it. Alex didn't call him back and Walker began to wonder if Alex had in fact left him because of the way that he had jumped on her about Michelle. He had even gone so far as threatening to take her to see Sharon whether Alex wanted to see her or not, something that he had promised never to do again. No wonder Alex had gotten mad at him he thought to himself. After helping Walker cook dinner for the children Betty left for her cabin at eight. Later when the children were in bed the phone rang and grabbing it Walker asked "Alex, is that you?  Where have you been all this time?  When are you coming home?"

"No, it's me Trivette. Listen Walker, I think that I should tell you that Michelle Michaels has the hots for you and is using this situation to get closer to you." Trivette told Walker who snapped at him "not you too, why do you and Alex both feel the need to bad mouth Michelle?"       

"Because your lady friend Michaels told me straight out that if I hadn't entered your office when I did earlier today that you two would have gone to her hotel room. I can guess what she had planned for the two of you to do there. So Walker what do you think that she had planned, working on the case or playing with the cowboy?  You know like I saw earlier today in your office." Trivette snapped back at Walker who asked him "what else did Michaels say?"

"Only that she had you convinced that Alex was being mean to her for no good reason and that you believed that Alex was going off her rocker from stress. Plus Michaels said that she had also convinced Alex that the two of you had hit the sheets in the prison's conjugal visitation room, isn't that enough?  That woman is like a dog in heat and she wants you." Trivette explained.

"Damn it with the way I jumped on Alex today about being mean to Michaels, she's probably left me. Why didn't I see what Michaels was really up to?"  Walker asked Trivette who said "well you really are clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. Walker, Alex would never leave you and you know that. She probably does have something to take care of, I mean a lot of things had to have piled up in three weeks. Alex'll be back in no time, she's still crazy about you for some unknown reason."

Later on when Walker was debating on whether or not to go looking for Alex the doorbell rang and he opened the door to find Michelle Michaels standing there. Throwing her arms around his neck she said "let's go upstairs Cord and try out your bed. The one in the prison's conjugal visitation room was so small that we weren't able to make love properly." Then she kissed him. Alex entered the house overhearing the last part and seeing Michaels kiss her husband. Slamming the door shut Alex said "hi honey I'm home, do you care?"

Chapter Twelve

Walker quickly removed himself from Michaels' arms and said to his wife "Alex, this isn't what it looks like." After glaring at him she answered "Cord, I suggest that you sit down on the steps and be quiet while I talk to your wife here." After seeing just how mad Alex was Walker went and sat down on the steps.

Alex turned to Michaels who was gloating and said to her "let's get a few things straight. First, Cordell John Walker is a married man which means that you keep your hands off of him. Second, he's the father of my children which means that even if he was interested in you which I doubt he is not free to do anything about it. Because I will never let the father of my children go without a fight. Third, you never shared a bed with him either here or anywhere else, and you never will. Fourth, I know that it wasn't an accident that Walker ended up in the same prison as Garrity and when I prove it you will lose your job. Got that dear?"

Not backing down one bit Michaels answered "I've already had your husband and I'll have him again. You know that I'm telling the truth because I know where his birthmark is and what it looks like. After all how could I tell you all about it if I hadn't seen it up close and personal?  He really is a man worth going to bed with because of the way that he's built, as I've already seen and experienced. Answer that one blondie, you can't can you?  So sweetie how about you backing off and leaving him to me because you can't keep a man that doesn't want to be kept."

            "You didn't have my husband as you put it because he would never betray our wedding vows. You are just another woman who will never know what it's like to be with him. I'm the only one who knows exactly how he's built and it will be that way for the rest of our lives. As for his birthmark, I have no doubt that it's listed on Walker's medical records and it wouldn't take too much for a fed to find that information out. You didn't see it up close and personal and you never will. So I suggest that you leave my house before I throw you out on your butt, understand?" Alex said and then went and opened the door. Michaels appealed to Walker "Cord, I know that you want me. Those kisses that we shared in the prison meant something to you, didn't they? You were all over me and so excited about being with me. I know that you felt something because I felt your body's reaction to my body."

Walker didn't answer her but looked at Alex instead who took Michaels by the arm and said "no, the kisses didn't mean a thing goodbye." Michaels twisted away from Alex and told her "I have a brown belt and I know how to use it. Cord won't stop me because he would never hit a lady."

Alex said "that's nice, I have some brown belts too not to mention a really nice black belt. Besides you're no lady and I have no problem with hitting you." Michaels then attempted to hit Alex but she avoided the blow and in return kicked Michaels in the head stunning her. Alex then grabbed Michaels and threw her out of the house and shut the door behind her. Getting up from the steps Walker told his wife "Alex, I did kiss her in prison but that was all that happened. I had to make them believe that she was my wife in order to pass the tapes on to her. I was not excited to see her."

"Walker I know that but it would have been nice if you had seen what she was up to just a little bit earlier. You know like before you jumped on me for being mean to her." Alex said.

"Sorry honey but you do know that I am clueless when it comes to other women hitting on me." Walker teased and then changed the subject by asking "Alex, why did you take a couple of suitcases with you when you left earlier?"  Puzzled by the question she answered "to take them to the Hope Center, I got some new ones and these were still good so I thought that someone there could use them. Why, did you think that I had packed up some of my clothes and left you?"

"I thought that maybe you had come to your senses and left me because of the way I jumped on you about her. Alex, I'm sorry for saying that I would take you to see Sharon." Walker said to his wife who put her arms around his neck and said "okay cowboy. But just so you know, I'm never coming to my senses when it comes to you. I will always be crazy about you."

Hugging Alex Walker said "lady, I'm crazy about you too. How about I prove it?"  Alex teased him "after you take a shower and get that cheap smelling perfume off of you I might let you prove it."  He started up the stairs and then stopped and asked "I don't suppose that you want to join me in the shower?  You know to save on water."

Joining him on the stairs she answered "yes, I'll join you in the shower but we will not be saving any water, in fact I think that we'll take a nice long shower together."

"You're on beautiful." Walker said as they went upstairs.

Chapter Thirteen

As they were heading to their bedroom one of the babies began to cry and Alex told Walker "you go ahead and get your shower, I'll take care of the baby." He questioned her "are you sure honey?  I can see to the baby, you've been taking care of them by yourself for the last three weeks."

"Yes, I'm sure darling. After your done with your shower wait for me in the bedroom, hopefully it won't take long. It'll be worth your wait just so long as that smell of cheap perfume is gone when I get there." Alex assured her husband. Kissing Alex on the cheek Walker went to take his shower while Alex tended the baby. It was Sam and it took over an hour because he was still a little restless at night and needed rocked sometimes. After putting the baby to sleep Alex was headed to her bedroom when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door she found a Dallas P.D. officer standing there who asked her "are you an Alex Walker?"

"Yes, I am why?" Alex asked him back. The officer then said "Ma'am, if you would please come with me?"

Alex questioned him "why do you want me to come with you officer?"  He answered "Millard ma'am, I need you to come to headquarters and answer some questions for me. It won't take too long."

            Alex said to him "you can ask me whatever questions you have to ask me right here.  I'm not going anywhere this time of night." Millard then pulled out his handcuffs and told Alex "you have to come with me right now."

"It is within my rights to refuse to go to police headquarters to answer your questions. Now I suggest that you tell me what you want to question me about or leave my house now." Alex informed Millard who snidely asked her "what are you, a attorney?"

Alex answered "yes, I am and my last job was a A.D.A. for Tarrant County. Now for the last time, what do you want to question me about?"  Just then Walker came down the stairs dressed in only a pair of shorts and asked "what's going on here Alex?"

"Officer Millard here was trying to get me to go to police headquarters to answer questions about what I don't know because he hasn't told me yet." Alex explained to Walker who told Millard in a no nonsense tone of voice "exactly what do you want to question her about?"

"I want to question her about luring a woman here earlier this evening and then attacking said woman without provocation in this very entryway. Who are you and what's it to you?" Millard answered Walker who told him "the name's Walker, Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B. It's my concern because this is my wife Alex Walker."

Alex then said "this woman who filed the complaint, her name wouldn't happen to be Michelle Michaels, would it?"

"Yes ma'am, her complaint states that you lured her here to talk to her and then attacked her about an hour ago in your entryway, the one we're standing in I believe. Ms. Michaels has a noticeable bruise on her head." Millard responded.

"I can clear this up very easily. This entryway has twenty-four hour video monitoring on it.  If you'll follow me I'll show you what actually happened." Alex told him and then showed him what the monitor had picked up. That Michaels had taken the first swing and that Alex had hit her in self defense and then thrown her out. Millard said to them "I'll write in my report that it appears to be a case of self defense. Sorry to have bothered you ma'am, Captain Walker. Goodnight." He then left.

After Millard left Walker pulled Alex close and asked her "well, is the smell gone?" Instead of answering him Alex went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Sitting down beside her on the couch Walker asked Alex "is there something bothering you?"

Alex looked at him and replied "yes, there are several things that are bothering me." Walker questioned "what things?"

"For starters, why did you threatened to take me to see Sharon against my will yet again? Why would you even consider doing something like that to me?  Do you have any idea how upsetting that was to me?"  Alex asked Walker who answered "because I thought that you needed to talk to Sharon about the stress that I had put you under during the last three weeks. I wasn't going to drag you there against your will however. Alex, you were taking care of our five children by yourself while worrying about your husband who had taken on a undercover mission in a federal prison out of state. That had to be very stressful on you."

Alex interrupted him "are you sure that it wasn't you wanted to believe Michaels lies about me?  And another thing, why did you believe her lies so quickly?  You are supposed to believe in me, aren't you?  Do you what that did to me when my husband jumped all over me because of another woman?"

"I'm sorry Alex about everything but like I said I really thought that you needed to talk with Sharon about what I had done and didn't want to admit that to me. It wasn't because of Michaels lies, it was because I was concerned about you and you've told me that Sharon's helped you in the past when I've upset you by my behavior." Walker explained and when Alex didn't respond he asked her "is there anything else bothering you?"

"Why did you let that woman call you Cord?  At the beginning of our relationship when I called you that once you very quickly said for me not to call you that again, but you didn't object to Michaels calling you that." Alex asked Walker quite upset and he answered "my undercover name was Jeremy Nathan Cordite, he's a real person and his nickname is Cord. That's why she was calling me Cord and after you saved my butt I didn't think to tell her to stop because she would be gone soon enough. Is there anything else?"

"Yes, why did you lie to me and tell me that Michaels wasn't beautiful?" Alex questioned him and he replied "she's not."

"Since when is a drop dead gorgeous and youthful looking redhead with green eyes not beautiful?"  Alex asked him in disbelief. Walker answered "Alex, I wasn't lying when I told you that she wasn't beautiful because to me she's not.  Not when I am married to the most beautiful woman that I have ever known, inside and out. My wife is the only beautiful woman on the face of this earth to me."

"Damn you cowboy, every time I want to strangle you, you say something that makes me love you even more. What am I going to do with you?"  Alex said to her husband who smiled and simply replied "make love."  Walker took her into his arms but Alex removed herself and went and closed the living room door so he asked "why did you close the door?"

Sitting back down on the couch besides her husband Alex answered "in case you've forgotten there's a video monitoring system in the entryway and it covers part of this room when the door is open. I want privacy for what I plan to do to you. How does that sound? Or do you want me to open the door so that you will be shown in all your glory and I'll have to fight even more women off."

"No, I want privacy for what I plan to do to you after you're done doing what you plan on doing to me. As for you fighting off other women, you are the only one that I want in my arms. Alex, I'm yours to do with what you will for the rest of my life." Walker said to Alex as he began to remove her clothes and she removed his shorts. When they were done Walker said "are you still interested in taking a shower with me?"

Getting up from where they were Alex said "yes."  Then they went upstairs.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger C.B.S. and other people do. Neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.