By Katie 59

Sunday morning Alex called up Erica to ask her what legal matter she wanted to talk about and was stunned when Erica said to her "The legal matter that I need to ask you about is this; can a man serving life in a federal prison sue for custody of his daughter?" Alex reluctantly answered "Yes he can and let me guess, Frank Winslow is suing you for visitation rights?"

Erica replied "No he's suing me for full custody of Destiny, not visitation. Alex I don't understand the law as good as you do but can he really do this or is he just causing me trouble?" Alex told her "Look Erica if you have the time can you stop by my office tomorrow morning about ten? I should be free then and without looking at the papers for the custody suit I can't tell you exactly what he's up to."

"Thank you, I'll be there Alex." Erica said.

After hanging up the phone Alex turned to Walker and told him what was going on "Walker believe it or not Frank Winslow has filed a suit against Erica for custody of Destiny." Walker asked "Can he really do that? He's in federal prison for the rest of his life so how could he possibly expect to get a judge to even allow him visitation?"

"I told Erica that I would look over the papers for her and see exactly what he was up to. Most likely he just filed for visitation and there's a good chance that a judge would grant it." Alex replied.

"You mean to tell me that a judge would order Erica to take her baby to visit it's father in prison whether or not that was good for the baby? This is a man who killed several girlfriends when they gave birth to daughters instead of sons like he wanted. Doesn't that matter?" Walker questioned his wife.

"Not in a custody matter, most family court judges won't even take that into consideration. Winslow is Destiny's father and that's all the judge is going to care about. Erica may very well be ordered to take Destiny to the federal prison to see Winslow." Alex said to Walker who told her "Well they should take into consideration the fact that he's in prison because he murdered three women among other things."

Alex told him "They should but I doubt if they do."

Erica was able to meet with Alex in her office at ten and handed her the legal papers. While Alex was reading them over Erica said "I won't have to take Destiny to see that snake in prison, will I?"

Alex set the papers down and told her "Erica, Winslow is suing for full custody of Destiny." Erica objected "How can he? He's in a federal prison for the rest of his life."

Alex answered "Yes he is in a federal prison for the rest of his life. Now in his custody suit Winslow wants to be granted full custody with his mother, Scarlett Rampone as primary child care provider. Basically he's asking that the judge give Destiny to his mother to raise and that you be allowed no visitation at all. Now Erica I don't know too much about family law but I can ask Miss Shuster if she can help you out with this."

"Can't I just ignore this suit? I don't have the money to pay a lawyer." Erica asked Alex who told her "Not unless you want to lose custody of Destiny. Erica if you're worried about how to pay Karen Shuster I can help you with the expenses. How about I call her and set up a meeting between the both of you? The sooner you get a lawyer the better."

"Please would you? I can't lose Destiny, I love her and J.W. so much." Erica said.

"I'll call you after I've talked to Karen Shuster." Alex told Erica and then showed her out. Alex then called up Karen Shuster and got her to agree to help Erica with the custody fight. Alex then called up Erica and told her that Karen Shuster would be able to meet with her that afternoon at four.

Chapter Two

Alex was cooking dinner when the doorbell rang and Erica was standing there with her children. Seeing that Alex had company Betty the nanny took over cooking dinner. After they were seated Alex asked Erica "How did it go?" Placing Destiny on the floor as J.W. headed upstairs Erica replied "Not good, Shuster agreed to represent me but she told me that since Frank Winslow was transferred to the federal prison in Oklahoma that at the very least he's going to be granted visitation. Shuster also told me that my leaving J.W. behind when I moved to New York because of Winslow would be brought up to show that I'm not a good mother. When I pointed out that Winslow had beaten me when I was carrying Destiny, Shuster said that the judge might not allowed it to be brought before the court. She also said that I'll need some character witnesses to testify for me."

"I'll be glad to testify to the fact that you are a good mother." Alex offered.

"That's what I told my attorney but she said that might not carry much weight with the judge since you're helping me with the attorney fees. Alex what am I going to do? He beat me when I was carrying Destiny and now he wants his mother to have my baby. A woman by the way that I have never met. I can't just hand my child over to a woman who raised a snake like Winslow." Erica said to Alex who told her "Hopefully you won't. Erica right now you are getting ahead of yourself, first there has to be a hearing to determine if Winslow is Destiny's father. Then there has to be a custody hearing and in the unlikely chance you lose that you can appeal. Appeals in a child custody case can take years and while they are going on the child remains with the parent that has it. Now when is the initial hearing to set the terms for the tests to determine paternity?"

"Next week but I know that Winslow is Destiny's father. Why bother with the tests to determine paternity?" Erica said.

"To give your attorney time to plan the custody fight most likely. I'm off next week do you want me to keep J.W. and Destiny here so that your father can attend the hearing with you?" Alex questioned Erica who agreed "Yes I do, my father does want to attend the hearing with me. Alex, are you sure it won't be too much for you?"

"It won't be too much for me, J. W. can play with Angela and Ray and Destiny is such a sweet baby." Alex assured her friend who replied "Too bad she has him for a father."

"Erica a word of advice, don't ever let anyone hear you call Winslow that in front of Destiny because it could possibly give the judge a reason to give custody to Winslow." Alex cautioned Erica.

"I know Miss Shuster told me that and I swear that I've never bad mouthed Winslow in front of Destiny. I'll let you know what time the hearing is. Thanks Alex." Erica told her then got her children and left the ranch.

Alex went into the kitchen and finished cooking dinner. When Walker came home he asked his wife "How did it go with Erica today?" Alex answered her husband "It seems that Winslow has been transferred to the federal prison in Oklahoma and that most likely now since he's close by Erica will have to take Destiny to see him in prison. Erica wanted me to be a character witness for her but since I'm helping her with the attorney fees that's not a good idea."

"I'll testify for her." Walker offered but Alex pointed out "The judge would most likely see your testimony the same way as mine since you're married to me. We need someone else testify that Erica is a good mother."

"What about Trivette? He has J.W. staying with Erica and her father for the summer since school's out." Walker suggested to Alex who replied "That's only because he wants to be free to bring his lady of the week home instead of going to a motel. I imagine having his son there when he's brings a lady home cramps his style, so to speak."

"How did you know about that?" Walker questioned his wife who told him "Walker until Jimmy married Erica he was well known for how shall I put it? Being quite the ladies' man."

"He still is but enough about Trivette's love live, how about we talk about ours?" Walker teased. "Later darling and knowing you there won't be much talking but there will be plenty of action, just the way I like it." Alex teased right back.

Chapter Three

Alex was watching Destiny and J.W. for Erica while she and her father attended the hearing to set the terms for the paternity tests. Destiny got up on her wobbly legs and Alex got out her digital recorder to record Destiny attempts at walking. Alex then made a little D.V.D. for Erica of it. Several hours Erica came to the ranch along with her father Eric Johnston and he told Alex "Mrs. Walker would you please try and talk some sense into my daughter?" Alex replied "Please it's Alex and what's wrong? Did something happen at the hearing?"

Erica answered "Yes something did, Judge Peterson ruled that I had to take Destiny to see Winslow and his mother Scarlett Rampone while he's in town getting the D.N.A. tests done to determine paternity. I will not expose my daughter to that man, or his mother. I know that I made a terrible mistake when I got involved with him but I will not allow Destiny to suffer because of it. I'm going to take J.W. and Destiny someplace where no one can find us."

Alex told her "Erica you can't do that." Erica however said "Want to bet? Watch me, I will protect my children."

"Erica if you take Destiny and J.W. and run away with them most likely the judge would grant Winslow custody of Destiny as soon as it was discovered that you were missing with your children. As for J.W., Trivette has custody of him which you gave him and if you take your son anywhere without Jimmy's permission you could be arrested for kidnapping. Then you would be a fugitive on the run with two small children. Erica what did Shuster tell Judge Peterson when he made that ruling?" Alex said to Erica who replied "That she would appeal it because Winslow presented a threat to Destiny's well-being because he didn't want a daughter to begin with, that he wanted a son. Shuster tried to bring up the fact that Winslow beat me when I was carrying Destiny but Peterson wouldn't allow her to."

"Okay was there a date set for the D.N.A. test?" Alex questioned.

"Yes Judge Peterson said that Winslow's tests would be done three weeks from today to allow time for him to hear the appeal about me having to take Destiny to see Winslow then." Erica answered.

"I know that this is hard Erica but you have to stay in town and let the courts deal with Winslow." Alex was telling Erica when she said "How do you know how hard it is? Do you have any idea what it's like to worry about someone trying to take your baby from you?"

"Yes, Sheila tried to get the tribal council to order Walker and I to turn over Sam to her and don't forget that she kidnapped him once. I know that your situation is a lot more difficult than mine was but you have to obey the law. Please Erica trust that the law will work for you." Alex stressed to her friend.

Eric told his daughter "Honey listen to Alex, she knows what she is talking about. She's a pretty good lawyer, haven't you told me that yourself?" Erica answered her father "Okay Dad but I can't lose my babies." Eric assured his daughter "You won't Erica, I promise."

"Erica when you were gone Destiny got up on her wobbly legs and tried to walk. She was so cute trying to walk that I made a D.V.D. of it, here it is." Alex said as she handed Erica a D.V.D. Taking the D.V.D. Erica thanked Alex and then got her children and left the ranch. When Walker got home Alex took him aside and said to him "Walker, Winslow is going to be coming to town in three weeks to get the D.N.A. tests done. I'm worried that he might try to escape then or do something else. I know that he doesn't really want Destiny."

"Winslow might have sued for custody just to upset Erica or he might have something else planned. We'll just have to wait and see." Walker answered his wife who told him "I hope that Judge Peterson doesn't allow visitation, it would upset Erica too much. I wish that I could really help her."

"You are by helping her with Shuster's fees. Alex everything will be okay, you'll see." Walker assured his wife while deciding that he would see exactly what kind of security would be in place when Winslow was in town getting the D.N.A. tests done.

Chapter Four

Trivette and Walker were at Ranger headquarters when Trivette brought up Erica's custody battle with Winslow by asking "Walker are you going to be testifying for Erica in her custody battle against Winslow?" Walker answered "If they let me I will but Alex pointed out that Judge Peterson wouldn't think too much about it because I'm married to Alex and she's helping Erica with paying Shuster to represent her."

"Erica once lied and named Alex as the other woman and Alex is helping pay Erica's legal fees?" Trivette questioned Walker who told him "Yes she is. I know that this may be news to you Trivette but Alex and Erica have settled their differences and are friends again. What about you Trivette?"

"What about me? Alex and I never stopped being friends." Trivette replied causing Walker to say "What about you testifying for Erica? I mean you have custody of J.W. yet he's spends most of his time with Erica and her father. You must think that she's a good mother if you let your son stay with her. Or are you doing it because you don't want J.W. cramping your style with the ladies you 'date'? If so I wonder what kind of father you really are."

"I don't think Erica is that good of a mother, after all she left J.W. behind when she followed Winslow back east. I am a very good father and I am letting my son see his mother and grandfather for the summer because it's in his best interest. I won't listen to you say otherwise Walker because you will never have to worry about what kind of mother that your children have, got that?" Trivette answered Walker who then asked him "Got that Trivette. But aren't you just using Erica and her father and their love for J.W. to have your son watched the entire summer for free?"

Trivette got mad and snapped "You have no idea what you are talking about Walker, J. W. wants to stay with them and once school is back in session he will be back home where he belongs."

"Thereby leaving you free to enjoy your summer without a young child bothering you. Did it ever occur to you Trivette that by the time summer ends J.W. may not want to return to his father's apartment? That he might just want to stay with Erica and her father; his grandfather and his little sister Destiny?" Walker questioned.

Trivette answered "You are really starting to sound like that wife of yours. J.W. will want to come back home to me because I'm his father. I know my son." Walker then told him "I would think about what you're doing Trivette before it's too late to make it right. Erica make a big mistake when she got involved with Winslow but that doesn't mean that she should lose Destiny to Winslow which would mean that his mother Scarlett Rampone would then be raising Destiny. You know what a good job that woman did with Winslow and his two half-brothers Curt and Shane Rampone. Winslow hates females and his half-brothers are lowlifes. Also what about J.W., don't you think it would upset him to lose his baby sister?"

"All right Walker, I'll really think about it before I decide whether or not to testify for Erica but if I change my mind and agree to help her out it won't be for her, it will be for J.W.'s sake. Now I don't want to hear anymore about my ex-wife or her problems." Trivette told Walker who then turned his attention to Ranger business.

Chapter Five

To make matters worse Judge Peterson ruled that not only was Winslow to see Destiny when he was in town to get the D.N.A. tests he also ruled that Winslow's mother be permitted to see the baby then. Erica was besides herself and it took a lot of convincing on Alex's and Eric Johnston's behalf to get Erica to go along with it. Erica finally agreed when her father was given permission by Judge Peterson to attend the meeting too. Walker himself called up Erica the night before the meeting was to take place and said "Erica, this is Walker I just called you to let you know that while Dallas P.D. is handling the security around Winslow that the Attorney General's office has requested that the Rangers stand by to help. So the plan is to have them stationed in the hallway outside of the lab where the tests are to be done. I would also like to have them stationed outside the room where you have to meet Winslow if I can."

"That's good, thank you Walker." Erica answered but Walker told her "Don't thank me yet, his attorney Jordan is filing an emergency appeal to have the Rangers removed from providing secondary security. The Attorney General thinks that he should be able to convince Peterson that the Rangers are needed outside the lab at the very least but he's not sure he can convince Peterson to allow them outside where you have to meet Winslow with Destiny. Jordan is complaining that would upset Winslow's mother who claims to have health problems, causing her to be in a wheelchair. That having your father be permitted in the room then was going to be stressful enough on Scarlett Rampone. That she didn't need to also worry about a Ranger deliberately hurting her son because you were once married to one. Erica if the Rangers aren't allowed outside the meeting room I will have some of them as close by as I can get them."

"When will you know what Peterson is going to allow the Rangers to do?" Erica questioned Walker who told her "Not before tomorrow morning but I've already assigned Cooper and Gage to be near the building where you're to meet Winslow. It's at eleven, right?"

"Yes I have to meet him at eleven. I'll just have to go take my daughter to see Winslow and hope that the law will work for me instead of against me. That my father being there is enough to make Winslow think twice about trying anything. Hopefully everything will go okay tomorrow." Erica told Walker and then hung up the phone.

Alex who was sitting beside her husband asked him "Do you think that Winslow will try anything?" Walker answered "Yes I do and that's why I assigned Gage and Cooper to be near that building at the same time the meeting is taking place between them."

            Alex breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank you Walker, I am worried that he will try something because Winslow wants nothing to do with Destiny. That this whole custody thing is just a way for him to escape."

"I feel the same way Alex but I'll do my best to stop Winslow if he tries anything tomorrow. I think that I'll find a reason to be in that building when Erica has to meet Winslow just to be on the safe side." Walker vowed.

However the next morning the plans were changed at the request of Winslow's attorney Jordan without anyone being notified beforehand and Erica was picked up by court order at seven a.m. and taken to meet Winslow in a different location. Having no-one to watch J.W. because her father wasn't there yet she took him along. Inside the meeting room Erica was searched by the lone police officer but Scarlett Rampone wasn't because she was in a wheelchair. There were no officers posted outside the door or nearby. Scarlett Rampone shot the lone officer with a stun gun.

Erica who was holding her daughter grabbed her son by the arm and tried to flee with her children but was stopped by Winslow who whacked her in the head with both of his cuffed hands causing her to fall to the floor. Erica laid there stunned as J.W. tried to kick Winslow but he knocked the child across the room. Erica tried to get up as Scarlett Rampone grabbed the keys to the handcuffs and shackles from the stunned officer and removed them from Winslow. Rampone then told her son "Frank honey, Curt and Shane have a car waiting for us, come on let's go." Rampone then snatched Destiny from a dazed Erica.

Noticing that Erica was trying to get up Winslow knocked her back down, kicked her in the jaw and then stomped on J.W.'s arm before leaving the room. A dazed Erica managed to call Alex who quickly put her husband on the phone but Erica passed out before she could tell Walker where she was at. Walker got a Amber alert put out on Destiny then called Trivette to inform him of what had happened.

The stunned police officer came to after awhile and called for backup then checked on Erica who still out of it and then J.W. who was crying for his Daddy because his arm really hurt him. The officer got Trivette's phone number from J.W. and called him. Trivette and Walker rushed to the location by which time Erica had come around and the ambulance had arrived to take J.W. to the hospital because the paramedic said he had a badly broken arm. Erica refused to be treated but Trivette got her to go in the ambulance with J.W. by assuring her that he and Walker wouldn't stop until they found Destiny and returned her to her mother. Trivette also got a hold of Eric and told him what had happened and that J.W. was on his way to the hospital. Eric said that he would go there to see that J.W. and Erica would be okay, for Trivette to please find Destiny. Trivette assured him that he would.

Chapter Six

When they were in Walker's truck Trivette asked him "What happened this morning? I thought that the meeting was going to be at eleven in a room near where Winslow was getting his D.N.A. test done? Why was everything changed?" Walker answered "I don't but maybe Alex can find out why the meeting place was changed at the last minute.  I'll also see if she can go to the hospital to see if Erica needs anything while we're searching for Destiny."

Later on Walker called his wife "Alex, how's J.W. doing?" Alex replied "His arm is badly broken, apparently Winslow kicked him across the room when he tried to help his mother and then stomped on his arm. As to why the meeting place was changed, Erica doesn't know but a police officer was sent to pick her up by court order at seven this morning and took her to meet Winslow. Erica said that she only took J.W. along because she had no-one to watch him because her father hadn't arrived at her house yet. I've tried calling Peterson to see why the meeting place was changed but he's not answering, needless to say. As for what happened, Erica was searched by the lone police officer in the room where the meeting was to take place but Scarlett Rampone who was in a wheelchair wasn't searched and she took out a stun gun and stunned the officer. When Erica tried to flee with her children Winslow hit her with his doubled fist. J. W. tried to kick Winslow but he knocked our godson across the room. Then Winslow's mother got the keys and undid her son's handcuffs and shackles. After Rampone took Destiny from Erica Winslow then backhanded her and also kicked her in the jaw. As he was leaving the room Winslow stomped on J.W.'s arm just to do it. Erica told me that Scarlett Rampone told her son that his half-brothers, Curt and Shane Rampone were waiting in a car for them."

"Okay, we'll get an A.P.B. out on their car. How is Erica doing?" Walker said to his wife who told him "Walker, I think that Erica has a concussion but she refuses to be treated for it because she's worried about J.W. When they are done here I want to bring them to the ranch if that's okay with you."

"That's a good idea and you can tell Eric that he's welcomed there too. I'll call you as soon as we find anything out." Walker replied and hung up, he then told Trivette what had happened and Trivette took out his cell phone and called Alex and asked her to put Erica on "Erica, it's me Jimmy. I promise you that Walker and I will find Destiny and bring her home to you but I want you to promise me that you'll let the doctors look at you. Listen Erica, J.W. is going to need you healthy, okay?"

Erica replied "Jimmy, I'm sorry about J.W. getting hurt but my father wasn't there yet and the police officer told me that if I refused to go with him that he was to take Destiny there without me. I swear that's the only reason I took J.W. with me. I didn't have anyone to watch him and I couldn't leave him home by himself."

"I know that Erica, the judge had no business doing something like that to you but right now you get yourself taken care of while they are seeing to J.W., then if the doctors say it's okay I want you to go to Walker's ranch. Walker said that it was okay if your father went there too, that way we don't have to worry about you while we're searching for Destiny. Erica we will find Destiny, you have my word." Trivette told his ex-wife.

"Okay Jimmy, I'll let a doctor look at me after I know that J.W. will be okay then we'll go home with Alex. Call me as soon as you find anything out." Erica said.

Chapter Seven

Walker and Trivette were informed by the police department that the Rampones' car had been found so they went to where it was at. In the meantime Walker had Sydney dealing with all the various agencies that were involved in the search for the child while Gage and Cooper were following up on any leads that were phoned in by the public. Trivette looked over the car and spotted what he thought was blood so he had the crime scene team called in to see if it was blood and if so what it came from. Not wanting to contaminate any evidence that might be found Walker and Trivette waited for them to show up. After the team carefully went over the inside of the car the lead technician popped the trunk and found Winslow's half-brother Shane in it bleeding. He had been shot and was still alive so they called for an ambulance. Trivette started to question him "Where is Destiny? Is she okay? Who shot you?"

Shane answered "I'm not telling you a thing Ranger."

Trivette then asked "They shot you, left you in a trunk to die and you won't help us catch them?" Shane replied "That's right because Frank's my brother and family is more important than anything else, that's what Ma always says." Trivette got mad and grabbed Shane by his throat telling him "You'd better start talking now. If Destiny is harmed in any way by your brother Frank Winslow you will be charged with that crime along with your brothers and mother. As it is you're going to be charged by the federal government with aiding and abetting the escape of a federal prisoner not to mention kidnapping and child endangerment. Tell us where they've taken her to and maybe you can cut yourself a deal."

Shane stood his ground "Not going to happen. I'm a dead man if I say anything so I'm not saying anything. I know my rights and you have to read them to me after I've been treated at a hospital. I'm a injured man and you can't question me before I receive treatment." Trivette started to grab Shane Rampone again when Walker intervened "Enough Ranger Trivette, this scumball isn't going to talk. How about we look over the car some more and see if they left anything behind? I mean the Rampones are kind of dumb so they probably left us the location of where Winslow was planning on taking Destiny to somewhere in this car."

Shane replied "I'm not dumb, I knew enough to eat the paper that had the address of where Frank's going to so you'll never find him." Walker smiled and told him "We will find Frank and put him back in jail where he belongs along with you, your mother and your other brother, Curt." Walker then motioned for the ambulance attendants to take Shane Rampone away.

Walker and Trivette got back into Walker's truck to follow the ambulance to the hospital and to see if they were going to be able to question Shane further. Once they got there they were informed that he was in surgery and that he would be fine and that the Rangers could question Shane as soon as he recovered from the surgery to remove the bullet. Walker told the staff that the Rangers would need the bullet if that was possible. While there Walker and Trivette decided to see if Erica and J.W. were still there. Trivette was informed that Erica and her father's Eric Johnston were in a surgery waiting room so he went to where they were at, Walker went to the cafe where his wife was at.

Going to the hospital cafe Walker found Alex who looked like she had been crying. Hurrying over to his wife Walker asked her "Honey, what's the matter? Is Erica and J.W. all right?" Alex answered "Erica will be fine but J.W. has a compound fracture of his arm and they had to take him into surgery to repair it. What about Destiny have you found her?"

"No we haven't but we did find Shane Rampone in the trunk of the car that was used for Winslow's escape and he had been shot. They've taken him to surgery and he's expected to make a full recovery but he's not saying anything." Walker explained to his wife who said "Let me call up Moody and see if I can question him as a representative of the D.A.'s office. Maybe I can get him to say something that will help you and Trivette find Destiny before it's too late."

"I see that you're thinking the same thing that I am, now that Winslow no longer needs Destiny as a means to escape that he might harm her if she gets on his nerves or something?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "Unfortunately, yes I do."

Alex then called up Moody and after explaining the situation to him he told her that she could give it a shot and that he hoped that it led to them finding Destiny.

Trivette asked his ex-wife "How's J.W. doing?" Erica answered "He has a compound  fracture of his arm and they have to take him into surgery to repair it. The doctor told me that J.W.'s going to be in cast for six weeks and that there's a possibility that the arm might not set right, if it doesn't that they would then have to re-break it and set it again. Jimmy I'm so sorry that our son got hurt because of me."

Trivette told her "Erica it's not your fault, it's Winslow's fault and when we find him I'm going to make him pay for hurting my son." Eric then asked "What about Destiny? Do you have any idea where she's at?"

"No but we found Winslow's half-brother Shane Rampone in the trunk of the car that was used for Winslow's escape, someone shot him. We think that Winslow did it but Shane refuses to talk to us. I don't want you two worrying about Destiny, Walker and I will find her. Listen call me after J.W.'s out of surgery to let me know how he's doing, will you?" Trivette said and Erica replied "I will Jimmy. You call me as soon as you find out anything about Destiny, good or bad because I can't take not knowing anything. I have to know whether my baby is..."

Trivette swallowed the lump in his throat and replied "I will." Then he left to find Walker who told him that Alex was going to interview Shane as soon as he was out of surgery.

Chapter Eight

Alex entered the room that Shane Rampone was in and introduced herself "I'm A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, I'm here to interview you about your role in the abduction of Destiny Johnston and the escape of Frank Winslow." Rampone sneered "I ain't saying nothing to you lady."

Alex sat down and told him "Why are you scared of him? Because if you are you have no reason to be, he's just thinks he's tough but he's really not." Rampone replied "Let me guess you think that I'm scared of him and need protection, well guess what I don't."

"No I don't think that you're scared of Winslow because he only picks on women and defenseless babies and you're not a baby, are you?" Alex questioned Shane who replied "Frank does not pick on defenseless women and babies. He picks on cops and Rangers, after all it took six of them to arrest him, didn't it?"

Alex laughed at him "Six of them? Please has little Frankie been lying to his family yet again? Or was Frankie too ashamed to admit that he was subdued by a woman, all by herself?"

Shane protested "You're lying about that, take it back right now. My brother is the toughest man that there is. He knocked out three of the Rangers before one of them snuck up behind him and hit him on the back of his head like a coward. But all Rangers are cowards, aren't they?"

Alex asked him "Shane, is it? Do you really believe that or do you want to hear the truth about Frankie? You seem to have some brains and you must know that your brother isn't quite the macho man that he makes himself out to be. Because if he was he wouldn't have needed to use his baby daughter to escape. If your brother was so manly as you seem to think he is Frank wouldn't have needed a gun to shoot you, he should have been able to take you out with his bare hands. But enough about you and what you believe about Winslow, I'll tell you what I know about him. First he wasn't even arrested by the Texas Rangers, the police dragged him away after I subdued him at my ranch by myself. If you want someday I can show you the video of it."

Shane yelled "You're lying, if you even thought about raising a hand to my brother he would have broken your arm off." Alex calmly replied "Please the only arm Winslow has done anything to was the arm of a six year old boy after the child was laying on the floor in pain. Why don't you just admit that Frank is just a coward who abuses pregnant women and defenseless babies? Your brother shot you, what do you think he'll do to Destiny if she gets on his nerves? She's part of your family too. Shane please help your niece Destiny before it's too late."

Shane teared up and then said "He didn't shoot me, my mother did because I..." Alex questioned "Because you what Shane?"

"I told Frank that since he had escaped that he should leave the baby somewhere like a hospital so that she would be okay. He plans to get back at the people who arrested him and then plans on getting rid of her after that. My mother told me to shut up and not argue with Frank but I told her that the baby shouldn't be harmed because she's just a little baby who's done nothing to no one. When I told them that I wanted no parts on her being hurt my mother shot me herself and Frank tossed me in the trunk to bleed to death. Curt was crying and begging my mother not to shoot him too and she said that she wouldn't as long as he kept his mouth shut about her son Frank." Shane explained to Alex.

"Shane we will put you in protective custody but we need to find Destiny before they harm her and since they shot you it's just a matter of time until they do hurt her, if they haven't already. Please you must know something." Alex pleaded with him and Shane answered "The plan was for them to go to the house where Ma raised us for a couple of days and then Frank said he was going to take out the Rangers who arrested him. That's all I know."

"Where's the house at?" Alex asked Shane who asked her "Did you really subdue him by yourself?"

"Yes I did, he had knocked Erica to the floor never mind that she was then carrying Destiny and then he came after me. I had my children upstairs and there was no way that I would let him hurt them, ever. I nailed Frank where it hurt after he took a swing at me then I cuffed and shackled him. I had to protect my babies." Alex replied.

Shane told her "My mother never protected Curt and me from anyone; not even him. But say anything about her baby boy Frankie and she would go nuts. She acted like he was some sort of a saint and that we were lowlife scum. We were her sons too. The house where we grew up at is in Fort Worth. Give me a pen and paper and I'll write the address down for you but Ma must never find out that I told you because she'll kill me herself." Shane wrote the address down and Alex told him "Thank you and if we find Destiny unharmed I'll see to it that they won't know you told but if you're lying about this there will be no place that you can hide from justice."

Alex went into the hallway and called up Walker and told him what Shane had told her. Walker decided that they would have someone keep an eye on the house and wait until it was dark to move in. Trivette wanted to call up Erica and tell her that Destiny would be home shortly but Walker pointed out that Shane could have been lying about things or that they could have changed their plans. Walker did agree that Trivette could tell Erica that they had a promising lead but that it might be awhile before they knew if it led them to her daughter Destiny.

Chapter Nine

Alex and Eric helped J.W. to sit on the couch in the living room and then Alex asked him "J.W. is there anything that I can get for you?" He answered "Aunt Alex, can we have spaghetti for dinner?"

"We sure can sweetheart, I'll get started on it as soon as I see what my triplets have been up to." Alex answered her godson as Angela and Ray entered the living room. Spotting the sling that J.W. was wearing Angela asked her friend "J.W. what happened to you?"

"A bad man hurt my Mommy and me then he took my baby sister." J.W. explained to Angela who assured him "My Daddy and your Daddy will get her back then they'll make the bad man sorry that he hurt you. Won't they Mommy?"

"Yes they will, now I want you older children to stay in here while I check on the triplets then I'll start dinner." Alex answered her daughter but Eric told her "Mrs. Walker, I mean Alex, why don't you check on the triplets while I make dinner? As Erica can tell you I'm a mean cook."

Eric said "My dad is a terrific cook and J.W. really loves the way his grandfather makes spaghetti. So how about the two of us check on the triplets while my dad cooks dinner?" Alex replied "Sounds good to me, anytime I can get a man to cook dinner for me I'm happy. If you can't find anything just yell and I'll find it for you." They went upstairs to find Betty trying to settle the triplets down, seeing Alex she said "They've been fussing to go outside but I don't want to take the chance of one of them running off when it's just me."

"We'll take them outside for awhile, you can take off now if you want to. Come on guys let's go." Alex told the triplets who headed to the steps but Alex firmly told them "Hold up you three, you know it's one at a time down the steps and it's Michaela's turn to go first." They got all three of them down the steps in a orderly manner and Erica asked "Alex, how do you get all three of them to listen at the same time? I have enough trouble with my son some days, you're a great mother."

"They don't always behave themselves but they are learning how to. Erica you are as good a mother as I am." Alex told her friend but Erica broke down in tears and asked "How can you say that Alex? My boy's arm is in a cast because the lowlife scum that I fell for broke his arm just to do it. Then he takes off with my baby girl. I'm a terrible mother, I don't know why Jimmy ever let me have J.W. for the summer."

"Erica you had no way of knowing what a complete jerk Winslow was when you got involved with him. I have no doubt that he was 'Prince Charming' until he had you trapped with no way out." Alex replied.

"I bet you never fell for a jerk like that." Erica pointed out but Alex told her "Yes I did, his name was Tony Seville and he seemed like my dream come true. That was until he got into drugs and abused me. Thank god I got away from him. Erica every woman can make the same kind of mistake in a man. Just remember, you got away from Frank. Plus Trivette is letting J.W. spend the summer with you so he must think that you're a good mother because he really loves his son."

"Alex after what happened with this Tony Seville how did you know that Walker wouldn't hurt you? I mean weren't you afraid that you would make the same mistake twice?" Erica questioned Alex who answered "With other men that I've dated but never with Walker. There was something in Walker's eyes that let me know that he would never abuse me, that I could always trust him not to hurt me."

"Being a good guy is one thing but what about the nights? Don't you want some real 'enjoyment' in your life then?" Erica asked her friend. Alex smiled and said "I do have some real 'enjoyment' then, believe me I do. All night long sometimes, Walker is so..."

"It was mostly okay with Jimmy but I felt that I was missing something. Haven't you ever felt that you were missing something with Walker?" Erica questioned Alex who blushed slightly and replied "Never."

"You are a very lucky woman Alex Walker." Erica told her. Alex just smiled some more. They took all the children outside to play for awhile except for J.W. who said that he wanted to help his grandfather cook dinner. Eric told his daughter to go ahead outside for awhile that J.W. would be fine with him.

Chapter Ten

Trivette headed to the house where Winslow was supposed to be as he appeared to be talking into his cell phone "I don't need to wait for you Walker, I can take care of lowlife scum like Winslow by myself." Trivette then kicked in the door as he yelled "Texas Ranger, hands up." Frank Winslow motioned for his half-brother Curt to hand him the baby then he told Trivette as he held Destiny close "I don't think so Ranger. I'm taking this baby and leaving and you can't stop me because I'll kill her if you try to stop me."

"Yeah right like you'd hurt your own baby." Trivette said stalling for time but Winslow yanked on the child's hair causing Destiny to cry. Then he asked Trivette "Want to bet? She's just another useless female, just like her mother. The only baby that will ever be mine is a boy child not something like this cry baby. No Ranger Trivette unless you want to tell your ex-wife Erica that you are responsible for the death of her daughter I suggest that you back away before I lose my temper and snap her neck just to do it." He then told his mother "Ma go get the car ready for me to leave in." Winslow's mother went outside but was grabbed by the police before she could start the car.

Curt questioned "What about me Frank? Do you want me to come with you too?" Winslow laughed at his half-brother and said "No I don't want you coming with me, you're as useless as that brother of yours."

Curt then said "I'm your brother too." Winslow replied "No you're not, you're too much of a wimp to be Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow's brother. Now you make sure that this stupid Ranger stays in here while I leave with my hostage."

Curt begged "Take me with you, I can keep the baby quiet better than Ma can. I'll take good care of the baby for as long as you want me to." But Winslow informed his half-brother "After we leave here I'm getting rid of things that I don't need and right now I don't need you Curt. So you're not going with me unless you want me to get rid of you later on, do you?"

"What about Ma? Are you going to get rid of her too?" Curt questioned his half-brother who answered "She's a female isn't she? Your mother gets it first because she never shuts up, then this baby as soon as I'm a free man."

Trivette said "You will never be a free man again Winslow. Now turn around so that I can handcuff you." Winslow replied "I don't think so Ranger, you're all by yourself. Curt take my gun and shoot him so that I can go."

Trivette told Curt "If you shoot me you will end up on death row. Listen Curt just walk away from here now and let Winslow and I settle this man-to-man. That is if Winslow is actually a man instead of 'Mommy's little baby' Are you a man Frankie? Because I really don't think so considering you're hiding behind a baby girl." Curt looked from Trivette to Winslow then back again before finally saying "I'm out of here."

Curt started to leave when Winslow shifted Destiny in his arms to pull out his own gun as he said to his brother "Get back here before I shoot you." Curt walked out of the house where he too was grabbed by the police. As Trivette grabbed for Destiny Winslow released his grip on her letting the baby fall towards the floor but Trivette managed to grab Destiny before she hit the floor. Winslow then pointed his gun at Trivette who was now holding the baby and told him "I think that I'll shoot her first then you. You really were a fool not to wait for backup."

Before Winslow knew what hit him Walker got him in a chokehold and said "Trivette's no fool and you Frank Winslow are under arrest." Winslow managed to break Walker's hold as he replied "I'm going to enjoy giving you a beating."

Trivette gave Destiny to Walker and said "This is my arrest Walker." Walker took Destiny and sat on the couch watching as Trivette subdued Winslow with a few well placed punches and a few extra kicks just for good measure. After Winslow was handcuffed and removed by the police Trivette called Erica to tell her "We have Destiny and she seems to be fine but to be on the safe side we're going to have a paramedic look her over. Then if they say it's okay we'll bring her to you at the Walkers'."

"Please hurry Jimmy, I miss her so much." Erica told her ex-husband who assured her that she would be seeing her baby in no time.

Chapter Eleven

Trivette and Walker entered the Walker house and Trivette gave Destiny to Erica while Walker headed upstairs to check on his family. Taking the baby Erica looked her daughter over as Eric said "Thank you for returning my grandbaby." Trivette replied "It was my job. By the way where's J.W.?"

Eric told his former son-in-law "Upstairs in the boy's room resting. We weren't sure what time you would get here and J.W.'s arm was really hurting him so I told him that it was okay if he laid down for awhile." Trivette questioned him "How bad is his arm? Is he in a lot of pain?"

"It was a compound fracture which meant that the bone had broken through his skin but he's young and that should help him heal okay. He was able to help me with dinner though." Eric replied causing Trivette to ask "Would that dinner have been spaghetti by any chance?"

"Why do you think he was in the kitchen with me when the Walker children were outside playing?  J.W. mainly watched me because I didn't want him causing any more damage to his arm. Trivette I wish that I had been able to get a hold of that jerk Winslow and give him a few shots for what he did to my daughter and my grandchildren." Eric answered.

"Don't worry, I took care of that." Trivette told Eric and then turning to Erica told her "How is Destiny? The paramedic said that she was okay." Wiping away a tear Erica answered him "She's fine, thanks to you and Walker. However my son isn't fine thanks to me falling for a lowlife scum. Jimmy will you ever allow me to have J.W. again?"

"Yes I will Erica. Listen what happened to you with Winslow has happened to a lot of other women and most of them don't or can't get out of the situation but you did. You are not responsible for Winslow hurting J.W., he is. Now tomorrow you're going to have to sign a statement about what happened and most likely they will want to talk to J.W. too since Winslow broke his arm. So how about I take you and your children to your home?" Trivette said.

"I do need a ride but don't you want J.W. going to your place for the rest of the summer?" Erica questioned Trivette who told her "Erica after our son is feeling better you and I are going to have to work out a better custody arrangement."

Eric who had been listening to the conversation asked "What do you mean by better custody arrangement?" Trivette replied "One in which the both of us are able to spend time with our son but not one where he's shuttled between homes."

"However you want to do the custody is fine with me because I'm grateful that you even allow me anywhere near our son after I left him behind to chase after Winslow. I'm so sorry about that, it was like I lost my senses then." Erica said to her ex-husband who told her "We'll work out the details later but right now how about I go get J.W. so that I can drive you home?"

Trivette went and got his son and as they were leaving Erica couldn't help but ask Alex "Never at night?" Alex smiled and said "Never at night or any other time."

"My friend you are so lucky, thanks." Erica replied then she left the Walkers. Walker then asked his wife "What did Erica mean when she asked you never at night? And why did you answer never at night or any other time?"

Alex replied "Later dear after our children are sleeping." Walker nodded okay. After their children were all sleeping Walker said "Okay I want to hear that explanation now." Alex told him "Erica said that while it was okay with her husband that she felt she was missing something. Then she said that while it was okay to have a good guy at night didn't I feel as though I was missing something then. I told her never at night or any other time for that matter."

Walker groaned "I should have known it was sex talk. Is that all you women talk about when you're together?" Alex replied "No, we also talk about how men will never ask for directions and how they will never ever read the instructions of something that they are trying to put together. What about you Walker? How often do you talk about sex with other men?"

Walker pulled his wife close and whispered in her ear "I never talk about sex with anyone other than you." Alex replied "You don't talk about sex with me either."

"No I don't but I do make love with you, interested?" Walker asked as he started to remove Alex's clothes. Removing Walker's clothes Alex answered "Yes I am, now get on with it." Walker got on with it. When they were done he questioned "You've never been disappointed in our lovemaking?"

"Never, what about you? Do I satisfy you in bed?" Alex asked Walker who pulled his wife close again and said "Yes, every single time. In fact how about we make love again?" This time it was Alex who didn't bother with words.

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