By Katie 59

Chapter One

D.A. Moody entered Alex's office and told her “A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I have some good news for you and some bad news."

“Okay I'll take the bad news first." Alex told her boss who replied “The bad news is that you're not going to be off all next week like you wanted to be, I'm sorry but it can't be helped. So Alex, do you want to hear the good news now?"

“Yes I do." Alex answered.

“As you know A.D.A. Holland was supposed to be my representative at the conference for state prosecutors and now that he can't make it you're going to replace him. Now the conference lasts a week and you'll need to be there for all of it. It starts first thing Monday morning so you'll have to leave for it on Sunday evening. It wraps up Friday evening so most likely you won't return home until Saturday afternoon. I know that you weren't expecting to go there but you're the only A.D.A. that I trust besides Phil Holland to represent me." Moody explained.

“I don't know if I can go, I'll have to find someone to watch the children in case Walker has to go somewhere." Alex objected but Moody told her “I’ve already spoken to Walker and he said that you being gone for a week won't be a problem at all. That if anything came up Trivette could handle it. So you see it's already been settled. I'll see you Alex and by the way, have fun there." Moody then left Alex's office before she could say anything else.

Alex went home and asked the nanny “Betty are you still going to see your family?" Betty answered “Yes I am for the whole week, that won't be a problem, will it? I was planning on leaving Sunday afternoon and returning Saturday morning."

Alex assured her “No that won't be a problem at all. I just wanted to make sure that you were still going, you deserve a break from Walker's stubborn offspring." Betty laughed “Well I'm going to see my daughter, her daughter and my great grandson, I'm not sure how much of a break that will be. Alex thanks for letting me have the time off to visit them."

Alex replied “I was glad to, now how have they been today? Are the triplets still ganging up on Ray?" Betty answered “A little but not as much as they used to although I did have to remind Ray to play with his smaller army men on the dining room table so that the triplets couldn't get a hold of them and swallow them accidentally. We don't need something like to happen. Also Angela forgot and left her crayons where Sam was able to get a hold of one but I got it off of him before he ate it or scribbled on the walls with it."

“You’ve got that right about the army men, the last thing we need is for one of the triplets to accidentally swallow one. I'll talk to Ray about his army men and to Angela about her crayons. Betty since it's Walker's turn to take care of dinner tonight if you want to you can take off right now." Alex suggested Betty said “I think that I'll do that, there's this movie that I've been wanting to watch and my friend Irma is free this evening. We'll have a ladies' night out. See you Alex."

Chapter Two

Walker came home and handed his wife a dozen of roses. Alex took them from him and as she put them into a vase asked him “What are these for darling? Is my husband trying to make amends for telling my boss that I could replace Phil at that conference of state prosecutors? You know my husband who should know by now not to tell my boss that it's okay for me to go to a conference for a week, whether or not I wanted to?" Walker kissed Alex on the cheek and told her “I bought those roses for my very lovely wife, the most beautiful woman that I have ever known. Not to make amends because there's no reason for me to do so."

“Yeah right cowboy. By the way you do remember that Betty is going to visit her family all next week?" Alex said. Walker questioned “I thought that was the week after next, you mean to tell me that it's not?"

Alex smiled and answered "No, it's next week and since my husband took it upon himself to tell D.A. Moody that my going away for a week would be okay I guess that means that Daddy is going to be taking care of all five children by himself next week. Have fun honey, the triplets by themselves will make sure that you have lots and lots of fun not to mention Ray and Angela will probably help too."

Walker said “Is it too late for Moody to get someone else?" Alex replied “Yes it is, maybe next time you'll think twice before you tell my boss that I'm free to go somewhere."

Walker then asked “I don't suppose Betty can change her plans?" Alex answered “No she can't and don't you dare ask her to. Walker please don't say anything to her because she needs some time away from the children." Walker held his hands up in surrender and said “Okay, I won't. What's for dinner by the way?"

“Whatever you cook because it's your night to take care of dinner." Alex told her husband who questioned her “I don't suppose that you would take care of dinner tonight? I'll take care of it some other night to pay you back, I promise."

“No, it's your turn to take care of dinner and you're going to do it." Alex firmly replied leading Walker to teasingly asked “I can't do anything to change your mind? How about a kiss? Would it change your mind about cooking dinner tonight?"

“No kissing me is not going to get you out of this one cowboy. So you might as well call up our favorite pizza place and get it over with." Alex replied and Walker picked up the phone and ordered pizza and wings for dinner.

After the children were all asleep Walker said to his wife “Moody came into my office and more or less told me that you were going to that conference and sort of asked if that would be a problem. Then he said that he hoped not because he didn't have anyone besides you that could go. I told him that I understood and that it wouldn't be a problem. Alex I can take care of our children by myself. I mean you do it all the time, don't you?"

Alex replied “Not for a whole week by myself, Betty's here to help me." Walker then asked "What about the time I went undercover in that federal prison in Oklahoma for three weeks? Weren't you taking care of them all by yourself then?"

“Yes but the triplets were younger and not able to get into things like they are now. It was much easier to take care of them then." Alex tried pointing out reality to her husband but he insisted “If you can take care of them by yourself for three weeks I can take care of them by myself for a week, it shouldn't be that hard. I'm a Texas Ranger and we're trained to handle difficult situations, so there."

“If you say so dear." Alex replied as she got a nightgown out to get dressed in. Walker questioned “Alex, are you still mad at me? If you're not how about kissing me to prove it?"

   Alex laughed “Okay but that always leads to other things." Walker pulled his wife close kissed her and said “I know and you like it a lot." Alex told him “No honey I love it a lot. Now how about we get to the other things that we do after we kiss?" Walker showed her his agreement.

Chapter Three

Sunday evening after Betty left Alex was getting ready for her trip when Walker asked her “Are you all packed? Do you need a ride to the airport?" Alex teased “Are you that anxious to become Mr. Mom?"

“Alex I am not going to become Mr. Mom. I just wanted to make sure that you had a ride there, that's all." Walker told his wife. Snapping her suitcase shut Alex said “No, I don't need a ride Jimmy is going to take me to the airport. Now before I leave we have to go over some things."

“What things?" Walker questioned.

“How to take care of our children for starters. Now.." That was as far as Alex got because her husband said “Alex I do not need you to tell me how to take care of our children, I've been helping you with them since each and everyone of them was born."

“I knew that you were going to say something like that so I wrote down some common sense things for you in case you have problems while I'm gone." Alex told Walker who told her “Alex, we've been over this already. I won't have any problems, they are my children too and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of them. Are you forgetting that I took care of Angela and Ray by myself when you were in the hospital after you gave birth to the triplets?"

“Yes but that was before there were five of them running around and that makes a lot of difference, believe me I know. Now I also wrote down all the phone numbers that you'll need in case anything happens, all the doctors' numbers, all the places we get delivery from and last but not least I wrote down the number for the mothers' help line in case my sweet little angels are more than you can handle." Alex half teased Walker who teased back "My little angels will never be more than I can handle, they are too well behaved for that and don't forget I can handle anything that's thrown at me."

Now laughing Alex said “I bet. Now just in case you need any help or advise and according to you, you won't I wrote everything that I could think of down in a notebook. Now I put that notebook in my bedside stand, promise me that if you need advise you'll read it okay?"

“Okay but when you come back you'll find it where you left it untouched because I won't need any advise." Walker vowed but Alex didn't believe him so she asked “How about we make a bet about that? If I'm right you'll do the dishes for a week."

“Okay but I won't be doing dishes for a week because you will have lost the bet and spend that week giving me a back massage each and every night, deal?" Walker said as he held out his hand. Shaking her husband's hand Alex replied “Deal but you'd better get gloves to do those dishes with because I don't want my husband touching me with dishpan hands."

“Lady I won't have dishpan hands and the way I touch you, you won't noticed if I did because you like the way that I touch you." Walker boasted to his wife who questioned " Yeah cowboy, is that so?"

Walker pulled Alex into a long deep kiss and then answered "Yes and you know it. Now you'd better go tell the children goodbye." Alex kissed her husband back and told him “I’m going to miss all of you so much."

Alex kissed all of her children and then said “Angela and Ray I want you guys to behave for Daddy, okay?" Angela replied “I will Mommy and I'll make sure that Mikey behaves but Ray has to make sure that Coop and Sam behaves."

Alex told her oldest daughter “Honey, Daddy will make sure that Mikey, Coop and Sam behave themselves. You and Ray don't have to do that. You two just have to worry about behaving yourselves for Daddy, okay?" Angela said “Okay Mommy but does Daddy know how to make the triplets behave themselves? They get into a lot of things, is Daddy going to be able to stop them from being bad?"

Alex smiled while Walker answered “Yes Angela Daddy does know how to make sure that the triplets behave themselves and Daddy also knows how to make them stay out of things."

When Trivette arrived to take Alex to the airport Walker went out to the porch with his wife and kissed her goodbye. As Alex was getting into Trivette's car she said to her husband “Walker promise me that the house will still be standing when I get back." Walker replied “Yes dear the house will still be standing when you get back."

Chapter Four

Alex was in the hotel lobby checking in when she heard a voice call out “Is that you Alex?" Turning around she spotted a man who looked somewhat familiar but she couldn't quite place him. The man then said to her “You are Alex Cahill, right?"

“Yes my name is Alex Cahill." Alex replied and the man introduced himself “I’m George Miller; remember we went to law school together?"

“Yes, so how have you been George? The last that I heard you were a professor at S.M.U., are you still there?" Alex answered him and George said “Yes I still am a law professor at S.M.U.; I'm here for a conference of state prosecutors. I have several lectures that I'll be giving on criminal law. What are you doing here Alex?"

“I’m attending the conference in place of my boss D.A. Moody." Alex replied as she signed in then she said to George “Well I'd better go to my room now." George asked "Can we meet later to talk over old times? I'll be in the lobby around eight."

“Okay, I'll see you then." Alex told him then went to her room. After unpacking Alex called up her husband who didn't answer right away so she left him a message saying that she had got there okay and would call him back later.

Walker was trying to cook dinner when he heard a crash and went into the living room where he found Michaela laying on the floor crying while Cooper and Sam were laughing. After checking and making sure that Mikey wasn't seriously hurt Walker asked Angela “Honey how did Michaela get hurt?"

Angela told her father “Sammy and Coop knocked her down." Walker looked at his two youngest sons and told them “Don’t you two knock your sister down again." The pair looked at their father and then crawled up on the couch. Cooper attempted to stand on the arm of the couch while Samuel tossed a throw cushion onto the floor.

Angela informed her father “Daddy they are being bad, aren't you going to stop them? Mommy would." Walker answered his eldest daughter “Yes I am Angela." Then he removed Cooper from the arm of the couch placed him on the floor and told him " Stay there Cooper." Walker then removed Sam from the couch replaced the cushion and told his son “No throwing things Samuel." Walker returned to the kitchen and finished cooking dinner. When he returned to the living room to get the children so that they could eat Walker discovered that all the cushions had been removed from the couch and that Mikey was standing on the end table while Cooper was again trying to stand on the arm of the couch and Sam was happily tearing up the newspaper.

Angela said “Daddy they were bad again." Walker replied “I know that Angela, why didn't you tell me what they were doing?"

Angela told him “I thought that you were going to come in and check on them like Mommy and Miss Betty do when they are cooking dinner. Mommy always says that you can't leave them alone for more than a minute unless you want the house trashed. What does that mean Daddy?"

“Nothing important, dinner is done. How about we go eat?" Walker said to the children but Ray asked “Is it as good as Mommy's?"

“Yes Ray it is." Walker replied but as Ray was eating he told his father “Daddy this isn't as good as Mommy's, I want pizza." Walker said “Not tonight, maybe Friday night if you guys behave yourselves."

Angela sighed and told Ray “I guess we won't be having pizza Friday night because the triplets will be so bad." Ray said to his younger siblings " You bad babies, behave I want pizza Friday. Daddy doesn't cook as good as Mommy does."

Alex met George in the lobby and they went into the hotel bar where George ordered a drink and asked her “What will you have to drink Cahill?" Alex replied “It’s Cahill-Walker, I'm married and a coffee sounds nice."

George questioned “What does your husband do? Is he a lawyer? What's his name?" Alex laughed and said “No he isn't a lawyer as a matter of fact Walker has told me more than once that he doesn't like lawyers at all. My husband is a Captain in the Texas Rangers and his name is Cordell Walker."

“If he doesn't like lawyers how did you two end up married to each other?" George asked Alex who answered “I’m the only lawyer that he does like. What about you George are you married?"

“Yes I am and her name is Helen Struthers, she goes by her maiden name because she's well known in the scientific community. We don't have any children, what about you?" George said.

“Walker and I have five children." Alex answered George who questioned her “You have five children and you still have a career?" Without waiting for an answer he then motioned for the waiter and asked Alex "Are you sure you don't want a drink?"

“Yes I'm sure I don't want a drink and as a matter of fact I'd better get back to my room and call my husband to see if he's doing okay with the children. This is the first time he's watched all five of them by himself." Alex told George and started to leave the table when George asked her “If you're free for dinner tomorrow would you mind eating with me? I don't know anyone here besides you."

“Okay." Alex replied and then went to her room where she called her husband up “Hi honey, how's everything going?" Walker teasingly asked his wife “Did you call to see if the house was still standing?"

“No, I know that it might take your stubborn children a couple of days to do that. I just called to see how you and the children were." Alex replied.

“We’re fine; I was just getting ready to put them to bed." Walker told his wife. “Okay I love you, give them a kiss for me." Alex said and hung up the phone.

Chapter Five

Walker got up early and went downstairs to set up the dinning room for breakfast but before he could finish doing that he heard Ray yelling something. Walker hurried upstairs and went into the boys room where he found Ray yelling “Stop it Sammy, you're bad." Walker asked “Ray why are you yelling at Sam?"

Ray answered his father “Because he's being bad Daddy." Walker explained to his oldest son “Ray you can't yell at Sam when he's being bad."

“Why not?" Ray questioned Walker who replied “Because Mommy and I don't yell at you children when you are bad and you children will not be yelling at each other, understand?"

“But Daddy Angela and I are real good, you don't need to yell at us but the babies are really bad so they need yelled at. Why did you pick such bad babies?" Ray asked.

“Raymond John Walker, the triplets are not bad babies and they do not need yelled at by you or anyone else. It's just that there are three of them and they can really get into things. They will grow out of it just like you and Angela did. Now you get dressed while I get Sam and Coop dressed and we'll go downstairs to eat breakfast." Walker told his oldest son as he started changing the two younger boys. After Walker had the three of them dressed and downstairs he secured the gates in the living room then headed back upstairs to get Michaela changed.

Angela was trying to change her baby sister but Walker told her “Honey you get yourself dressed, I'll take care of Michaela." Angela replied “Okay Daddy her diaper really stinks." Walker agreed and decided to give his youngest daughter a quick bath to clean the mess up which he did but when he tried to pour water on her hair to clean it Michaela starting crying. Hearing her sister crying Angela went into the bathroom and told her father “Mikey doesn't like water poured on her head at first. Mommy and Miss Betty use a wash cloth to wet Mikey's hair so that they can shampoo it then they can rinse if off with water." Angela then took a wash cloth and wetted Mikey's hair then she told her father “There Daddy you can now shampoo Mikey's hair. When you're done and need to wash it off you have to hold a washcloth over Mikey's eyes when you rinse her hair off. Mommy and Miss Betty always do that. You have to be nice when you do that unless you want Mikey to cry again."

Angela left the bathroom as Walker did what his oldest daughter told him to do. Walker finally had Michaela all dressed and took her downstairs. Entering the living room he noticed that Sam and Coop weren't there so he asked Ray and Angela who were there “Where Sam and Coop at?" Angela answered her father “In the kitchen."

Walker questioned " Ray did you let them out of the room?" Ray replied “No Daddy they climbed over the gates, that's why Mommy doesn't use them anymore." Walker removed the gates and went into the kitchen where Coop had managed to get the fridge open. Walker quickly shut it and placed Coop in his highchair then he did the same thing with Sam and Mikey. Walker then cooked breakfast and fed his children. When they were done eating Walker took the children into the living room and told them to behave while he cleaned the kitchen. As he was leaving the living room Angela asked “Daddy, aren't you going to close the door? Mommy and Miss Betty would." Walker closed the door without a word and went and cleaned up.

Alex had to sit through several lectures that were very boring because she already knew most of the stuff being presented. After they were over she went back to her room and called home but Walker didn't answer so she left a message telling him that she was going to eat dinner then she would call him back.

Alex and George were eating dinner when George said to her “So how long have you've been married?" Alex answered “Eight years, what about you?"

“About eighteen years, I think. You said something about having five children, what are their ages if you don't mind me asking?" George questioned Alex who replied “Our oldest is Angela, she's seven. Then there's Ray, he'll be four in the fall. Last but not least are the triplets, Samuel, Cooper and Michaela; they are going to be two in the fall."

“How do you have five relatively young children and still manage to have a career as an A.D.A.?" George asked Alex who smiled and answered “I returned to work when the triplets were one and I have a wonderful nanny and a great husband."

“Nanny? I didn't know that being an A.D.A. pays that well, does it?" George kept up the questioning. “It doesn't, my father died and left me some money enabling me to pay Betty the nanny." Alex changed the subject to when they had attended law school together and they talked about that for awhile. When they were done with dinner George suggested “Alex, how about we go see the sights right now?"

“Not tonight, tonight I just want to go back to my room and call home to see how my children are doing." Alex replied and George said “Okay maybe we can see the sights some other evening."

“Sounds good, I'll let you know when I can." Alex told George and left the table.

Chapter Seven

Walker's day went a whole lot better than his morning did. After he cleaned up from breakfast Walker took the children outside for awhile to play before it got too hot for them to be outside. The triplets tired themselves out and Walker was able to get them to take a nap after a light lunch. While the triplets were napping Walker got the stuff together to make pasta and salad for dinner. After the triplets woke up Walker placed them in their highchairs while he finished dinner. When they were done eating Walker took the triplets into the living room and after making sure that there wasn't anything they could get in to went into the kitchen and cleaned up after dinner.

After the heat of the day had passed Walker took the children back outside to play for awhile before bedtime. By this point Walker had decided that watching all five of his children was a piece of cake and that he had no idea why Alex had decided to leave him what amounted to an owner's manual for the children. Walker also decided that he was going to tell his wife that fact as soon as she got back home.

When he was getting the boys ready for bed Cooper took off out of the room and ran down the hallway naked causing Angela to say “Daddy, Cooper doesn't have any clothes on. Shouldn't you dress him?" Picking Cooper up Walker answered his daughter “Yes Angela, that's what I'm doing." Walker headed back to the boy's bedroom and finished dressing Cooper. Just then he heard Angela saying “No Sammy sit down."

Going to the hallway Walker saw Angela at the top of the stairs so he questioned his oldest daughter as he neared her “Angela why are you yelling for Sammy to sit down?" Pointing down the steps Angela replied “Because Sammy is trying to walk down the steps Daddy. He knows that when he wants to get down the steps he has to sit down and go from step to step on his butt."

“What?" Walker asked Angela who sighed and sat down on the top step and started down them, going from one step to the next by sliding from the step above to the one below on her backside. Angela got to where Sam was and tried to get him to sit down but Walker hurriedly grabbed his son and told his daughter “I’ve got him honey, why don't you go get ready for bed?"

“Are you going to read us our story tonight?" Angela asked her father who answered “Yes I am, as soon as you guys are ready for bed."

Angela headed up to her room and got ready for bed. Walker in the meantime had gotten all of the boys ready for bed and went into his daughter's bedroom to get Michaela ready for bed but Angela had already taken her baby sister's clothes off and told him “You just have to change Mikey's diaper Daddy." Walker changed the diaper and then dressed Mikey then they went into the boy’s room where he read them a story. After all of them were sleeping Walker went into his bedroom and got ready for bed himself.

Alex called “Hi, honey how are you and the children doing?" Walker answered his wife “We’re fine, I was just getting ready for bed."

“Walker, its only 9:30, are you feeling okay? Or are you going to bed so early because your sweet little angels tired you out?" Alex questioned her husband who replied “No my sweet little angels haven't tired me out. I was planning on reading for awhile in bed."

Alex teased “That reading you're doing, would it be that notebook I left you on how to take care of our children?" Walker answered “No it would not be because I know how to take care of my little angels. So how is the convention going?"

“Boring so far.  Walker I had dinner with George Miller, we went to law school together and he's here to give several lectures at this convention. He wants us to see the sights later on this week but I don't know if we should." Alex said.

“Why not? There's no harm in seeing the sights with someone you went to law school with. Go ahead and try to have some fun when you're there, I won't mind." Walker told his wife who agreed “Okay I just might do that. I think that I'm going to find something to watch on T.V. for awhile then go to bed myself. Although I always have trouble sleeping when you're not around."

“I know honey; we'll see you when you get back." Walker replied and hung up. Walker didn't have very much in the way of trouble with the children on Tuesday or Wednesday and thought that he had everything under control and couldn't wait to point out to his wife how well he had taken care of their children by himself for the five days she had been away.

Alex was having far less of a good time because she was really getting bored by the lectures and seminars and had begun to wonder exactly why Moody had sent her there in his place. Deciding that she needed a breath of fresh air Alex agreed to go see the sights with George Miller on Thursday evening.

Chapter Eight

Thursday morning Walker answered the door to find Trivette's ex-wife Erica Johnston standing there; she asked him “Can I come in?" Remembering his manners Walker let her in and after they were seated on the couch questioned her “Erica what brings you out here?" Erica replied "Alex asked me to stop by today to see if you needed anymore in the way of supplies."

“Supplies?" Walker asked Erica who enlightened him “Yes you know supplies like diapers, milk, eggs, bread, that sort of thing. I promised Alex that I would pick up those things if you needed them."

“We are running low on milk and diapers." Walker answered. “Okay, why don't you check the kitchen and see if there's anything else that you might need before Alex gets back. Write me a list and I'll get them for you." Erica suggested and Walker did that. Returning to the living room Walker handed Erica the list and told her “You don't have to pick these things up if you don't want to. I can take the children to the store and get them myself."

“Walker, you'd have to put the triplets in the same grocery cart unless you plan on having Angela and Ray each push a grocery cart with a triplet in it and I don't think that's something that you really want to do. Now I told Alex that she could pay me back when she got back. So if there's nothing else that you need I'd better get to the store because Destiny and J.W. are with my dad." Erica explained.

Walker said as he handed Erica some twenties “Here I have some money on me. Is this enough?" Taking the money Erica answered "Should be enough, if it's not I'll let you know." Erica left the ranch to get the supplies for Walker.

When she returned Erica started putting away the things she had gotten for Walker but he told her “You don't have to do that Erica, I know my way around a kitchen."

“I’m used to a man being clueless in the kitchen, like Jimmy. Well I'd better be going now." Erica headed for the door Walker stopped her and said “Erica thanks for going out of your way for us today."

“It wasn't out of my way; I was doing a favor for a friend." Erica replied and Walker told her “I’m glad that you and Alex are friends again."

“Me too, If you hear from Alex this evening can you tell her to give me a call? I would like to talk to her about a legal matter. Here's my home phone number and my cell phone number." Erica said as she wrote down the phone numbers. Taking them from her Walker said “I might not hear from Alex tonight because she was going sightseeing with a classmate from law school but as soon as I hear from her I'll tell her to call you."

Returning to the living room Walker found the triplets ganging up on Ray and after separating them he told the babies “Be nice to your brother." The triplets just smiled and started saying “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." They did that for about five minutes leading Angela to ask “Daddy, can't you stop them?"

Walker told his daughter “You and Ray would do the same thing when you guys were the triplet’s age." Angela insisted “No Daddy, I did not because I was a little angel. Isn't that what you called me when I was a baby?"

“Yes it was Angel but you did do the same things then that the triplets are doing now." Walker answered her. Angela just looked at her father in much the same manner Alex would look at him when she decided that he was crazy.

A couple of hours later Walker noticed that Angela had her crayons where the babies could get them and he told her “Angela put your crayons up where the triplets can't get a hold of them. I don't want them putting one in their mouth." Angela asked "Why not Daddy? Cooper was eating one before I took it off of him and he didn't get sick."

Walker got upset with Angela's attitude and told her “You were told to put up your crayons Angela and I want you to do it right now." Realizing that her father was mad but not knowing why Angela quickly put up her crayons.

Walker decided that he had better call someone to make sure that Cooper wasn't going to get sick or anything else from eating the crayon. He called up Erica and asked her “Erica if a toddler eats part of a crayon will he get sick?"

“Which one was eating a crayon?" Erica questioned Walker who told her “Cooper, should I take him to the hospital?"

“No as long as he's not choking on it and the crayon is non-toxic. He should be fine and it should pass through his system without a problem. Just make sure that the crayons are kept up where they can't get them because they really shouldn't be eating them but part of one shouldn't be harmful." Erica said to Walker who thanked her and hung up the phone. Turning to Angela who looked like she was ready to cry Walker asked her “What’s the matter honey?"

            “I’m sorry Daddy that I let Cooper eat a crayon. He won't have to go to the hospital because of me will he? Mommy will be mad at me like you are." Angela replied.

Walker picked his oldest daughter up and told her “Honey Cooper will be fine and Mommy is not going to be mad at you and neither am I. The triplets get into a lot of things right now and I was just worried that Cooper would get sick but Aunt Erica told me that he'll be okay."

“Okay Daddy, I just want to be a good big sister." Angela said to her father who assured her “You are Angela. Now what do you think we should have for dinner?"

Ray chimed in “Pizza Daddy." Walker replied “Tomorrow night Ray, tonight's Angela's turn to pick." Angela then said “Can we have cereal Daddy?"

“Cereal it is." Walker answered thinking that was about the easiest thing he could make for dinner. That was until he had his back turned on Sam and he knocked his bowl of cereal on the floor and Mikey decided to do the same thing leading Cooper to join in. Ray then asked his father “Daddy, can I throw my cereal on the floor too?"

“No you may not." Walker answered his oldest son who questioned “Why not? You let the babies do it, didn't you?"

“I did not let the babies do it. They threw their cereal on the floor because they are babies who do not know any better but you do know better Raymond John Walker." Walker told Ray in a no nonsense voice so Ray said “Okay Daddy but you should tell the babies about being bad." Walker just cleaned up the mess.

Chapter Nine

Alex and George were seeing the sights when he insisted that they take a break and go to a night club. Alex didn't think that was a good idea but let George talk her into it. After they were seated George asked her "How about a dance Cahill?"

Alex replied “No thanks." George persisted “Come on, what's the harm? Your husband doesn't have to know about you dancing with another man does he?"

Alex answered “He’s not going to know that I was dancing with another man because I'm not going to be dancing with another man." George who had downed his drink ordered another one and said “Okay if you change your mind let me know." Alex sat there as George downed several more drinks while ignoring her hints that they should resume their sightseeing. Finally Alex asked him “George do you want me to get you a cab to go back to the hotel in?"

"No, I don't Cahill. What's your hurry anyhow?" George who was by now well on his way to getting drunk questioned Alex who told him “Okay George I think that you've had too much to drink. I'll call a cab for you, stay here."

Alex went to the bartender and got him to call a cab to go back to the hotel in. While they were waiting for the cab George had at least two more drinks and when the cab came he refused to leave the nightclub until the bartender told him that he could either go with Alex in the cab or be taken downtown by the police to sober up, George choose the cab. While they were riding in the cab back to the hotel George asked “Hey Cahill why don't you come up to my room?"

“Mr. Miller, aren't you forgetting that you're a married man?" Alex questioned George who told her “My wife doesn't care if I fool around. What about that husband of yours, does he care? Because if he did there's no way he would let you come down here on your own and then go out with another man."

“Yes my husband does care what I do but he knows that I would never betray him and I can't believe that you are suggesting that we fool around. George let me make this clear, I am not interested in you that way or any other man for that matter." Alex said.

“Yeah right, you leave your husband and children behind to attend this conference by yourself and you try to tell me that you weren't looking for a little something on the side. Please Cahill tell that to someone who'll believe you." George scoffed as he attempted to move closer to her.

Alex replied as she shoved him away “My name is Cahill-Walker and I suggest that you remember that. We're going to the hotel and you're going back to your room by yourself and sleeping it off." Alex then told the cab driver “Please stop this cab, I'm going to get out and walk the rest of the way."

“Are you sure Ma'am?" The cab driver questioned Alex who answered “Yes, I'm sure. You take him to the hotel so that he can sleep it off. How much do I owe you?" The cab driver said “Twenty-five bucks."

Handing him two twenties Alex said “Keep the change." Then she got out of the cab and walked the block to the hotel wondering why some men thought they had the right to hit on her. Later she called up Walker and after finding out how he and the children were doing asked him “Why are some men such jerks?"

Walker answered his wife by asking “I take it that George hit on you while you were out sightseeing with him?" Alex said “Yes he did after he got good and drunk at a nightclub that he insisted we stop at. Why can't I just go sightseeing with a man without him making it sexual?" But before Walker could answer Alex told him “Never mind that I asked you that, we were friends for a long time without you wanting to make it sexual."

Walker said "Alex, when we were just friends I did want to make it sexual but I didn't want to lose your friendship so I didn't try anything but believe me I thought about you that way a lot when we were friends. You are a very beautiful woman."

“That doesn't give anyone the right to think he can hit on me." Alex replied.

“No it doesn't. So what did you do when he hit on you?" Walker questioned Alex who answered “Got out of the cab and walked back to the hotel. Before you say anything Walker, it was only a block."

“Okay I won't say anything. By the way Erica told me to tell you that she wanted to talk to you about a legal matter." Walker replied then gave Alex Erica's phone numbers. “I’ll call her either tomorrow or Saturday. I think that I'll take a shower and go to bed now." Alex told her husband.

“Did you have to tell me that you were going to take a shower when you're there and I'm here?" Walker teased his wife who teased back “Serves you right cowboy."

Chapter Ten

After he got done talking with his wife Walker thought that he heard the sound of running water so he went to check it out and found the bathroom sink starting to overflow because the faucets were on and the sink had been stopped up. Walker turned the water off and undid the stopper. Just then Ray came into the bathroom with a handful of his little army men and seeing his father there said “Daddy why did you take my water out?"

Walker questioned his son “Ray why did you turn the water on in the sink and leave the bathroom?" Ray answered "To get my little army mens because they want to play in the water and become navy mens."

Shaking his head Walker told Ray “Not tonight, it's past your bedtime." Ray protested “But Daddy I can't play with my little mens when you put Sam and Coop in the tub with me. Mommy and Miss Betty tell me that I can't let the baby boys play with the little mens. Please Daddy let me play with them."

“Okay Ray for a little while and then it's back to bed with you." Walker agreed and Ray played with his little men and got the floor soaking wet. When he was done playing Walker took Ray back to his bedroom changed his jammies and saw to it that Ray went to sleep. After mopping up the bathroom floor Walker went to his bedroom where he was unable to fall asleep because he was missing his wife and kept picturing her in the shower with him right besides her. To take his mind off of Alex Walker took out the notebook that she had left him on how to take care of the children but before he could read it Walker heard Angela calling for him.

Entering his daughter's bedroom Walker turned on the light and asked her “What’s the matter Angela?" Holding her hand over her nose Angela replied “Mikey’s diaper stinks, can you change it Daddy?" Going over and picking his youngest daughter up Walker changed her diaper then said as he laid Mikey back down in her crib. “Anything else Angela?"

Angela stunned him by asking “Yes Daddy, how did Mikey, Sammy and Coop get inside of Mommy's tummy to grow until they were done enough to come out? Why did they have to be in there to grow anyhow? Isn't there another place they could have grown in?" Walker stumbled through his answer “Angela... uhm.. honey, well you see. It's like this...Angela...uhm...honey you should ask your Mommy that when she gets back."

“Should I ask Mommy because she picked out where they grew at?" Angela asked Walker who said “Something like that. Now how about you going back to sleep?"

“Night Daddy." Angela told her father who kissed both of his daughters on their heads and left their room after making sure that they were sleeping.

Walker returned to his bedroom opened the notebook and the first thing that Alex had written down was 'Walker remove the chain lock from the door leading to the cellar steps and replace it with a hook and eye set near the top, like I have been asking you to do.' Walker puzzled over why that was the first thing his wife had written down as advice on how to take care of their children. Next Alex had written down that he should install a hook and eye set on the door leading to the kitchen after removing the chain lock that was on it so Walker then decided that Alex had written down things that she had been wanting him to do around the house and closed the notebook with reading any further. Walker also decided that he was going to get out the little table and chair sets that he had gotten for the triplets tomorrow and let them play with them. That it would hopefully keep them busy and allow Ray to play without the triplets ganging up on him in an effort to get at his army men. Walker didn't understand why Alex had packed them away and told him that the triplets could play with them once he removed the chain locks on the doors and replaced them with hook and eye sets near the tops of the doors. Alex had told him that the chain locks were too low and when he had asked why Alex said for him to just do what she asked him to do.

Chapter Eleven

Friday morning Alex ran into George Miller who acted like he had done nothing wrong when he had hit on her and he even went so far as to say to her “Cahill what's your problem? I get a little too friendly and you're acting like I'm a jerk or something. How was I to know that you weren't interested in taking things a little further? I mean you did agree to go sightseeing with me."

Alex answered him “My name is Alexandra Walker. I agreed to go sightseeing with someone that I went to law school with so I don't know where you got the idea that you could get drunk and hit on me. So you tell me Mr. Miller, what's your problem? Because I do not appreciate a man who thinks he has the right to hit on me. Because you don't have the right to hit on me, no one does."

George then said to her “If I had known you would behave like that I never would have gone out with you last night. I thought that you had thawed out from law school, guess not. I thought that you were interested in getting some on the side but it appears that I was wrong. However you must admit that your behavior would lead a lot of men to think the same thing about you." Now furious Alex replied “Just self-centered jerks. Goodbye."

Alex started to walk away from George when he told her “I’m in charge of who gets the A.D.A. of the year award Cahill and if you keep behaving like that it won't be you. So how about being a little nicer to me if you want that award?"

“Keep it." Alex told him and went to her room where after looking over the schedule for the event realized that the only thing left to attend was the award dinner for the A.D.A. of the year so she called up Moody and told him "D.A. Moody, this is Alex Cahill-Walker, I just called you to tell you that I'm leaving the conference early and heading home."

Moody protested “Alex you have to stay for the award dinner, it would be good for you." Alex answered her boss “I don't think so, George Miller just told me that he was in charge of who was going to get the award and since I wasn't playing nice with him it wouldn't be me."

“I’m sorry Alex. The reason that I had you take Phil's place was because I was told by the committee that you would be receiving the A.D.A. of the year award. I think that I'll have a talk with Mr. Miller about his behavior." Moody told Alex who replied “Don’t bother; jerks like him will always behave that way. I'll come in Monday morning and tell what I learned here, see you then."

In the evening after a nice quiet day of watching his children Walker realized that he needed something from the basement and went to get it. Sam and Cooper followed him and tried to get their father to take them down into the basement but Walker put them in the living room and told Angela “Honey Daddy has to get something out of the basement. You stay here with other children, okay?"

“Okay Daddy." Angela answered his father as the triplets got their chairs. Walker went down into the basement and couldn't find what he was looking for at first. After finally locating what he had been looking for Walker headed back upstairs but found that the chain lock was on the door and that he couldn't open it. Walker then called out “Angela honey come let Daddy out of the basement." Walker waited a few more minutes then said “Angela I want you to open this door now."

The chain lock was undone and Walker was surprised to find that Alex was standing there so he said to her "Alex you're home, where's Ray?" Alex questioned him “Why do you want to know where Ray is at?"

“To tell him about locking me in the basement." Walker replied as he went looking for his oldest son but Alex stopped him by saying “Ray didn't lock you into the basement, the triplets did."

“Alex they are too little to reach the chain lock and they don't know how to do them anyhow." Walker told his wife who smiled and pointed to the kitchen door where Sam and Cooper were on their play chairs locking the door while Michaela was standing right beside them as she appeared to be supervising them. Alex then asked her husband while holding back her laughter “Now do you know why I put their table and chair sets away until you got around to taking off the chain sets from the doors and replacing them with hook and eye sets near the top?"

Walker changed the subject by asking “Aren’t you home early?" Alex answered him by asking “Aren’t you changing the subject?" Walker kissed his wife until they both forgot what they had asked each other.

Later on when they were all relaxing in the living room except for Walker who was replacing the chain locks with hook and eyes sets on the doors Angela asked "Mommy did Daddy tell you that you were supposed to answer a question for me?" Alex told her daughter “No he didn't honey, what was the question?"        

“Why were Sammy, Mikey and Coop inside of you growing until they were done enough to come out? I mean Mommy why would you put them in there? Daddy said that I had to ask you because you picked out where they grew until they were reading to come out." Angela said to her mother who carefully replied “Well Angela, it goes something like this..."

Ray broke in to say "Angela even I know that bees put them there." Alex then said to her son "How do you know that Ray?"

Ray answered his mother “Daddy told me that when your horse was having a baby horse, he said that the birds took care of animals and the bees took care of people." Alex just shook her head and told her daughter “Angela ask me that question again in five years. Now how were you children for your father?"

Angela and Ray then spent the next twenty minutes telling their mother how good that they had been and everything single thing that they saw the triplets doing.

Chapter Twelve

Alex and Walker were in their bedroom getting ready for bed when Alex said to him “I can tell that you didn't read my notebook." Walker answered “Only the first page where you wrote down that you wanted me to change the locks on the doors. I stopped there because I decided that you had just written downs things that you wanted me to do around the house."

Alex got her notebook out of her bedside stand and handed it to her husband as she told him “Please just read the rest, okay?" Walker took the notebook from his wife and read it. There were only two more pages written down about how to take care of the children and those pages dealt with how to have the triplets come down the steps. They also stated how Michaela's hair was to be washed because she would cry if it wasn't done that way. After that Alex had written down all the phone numbers that Walker might need if anything happened, doctors, the poison control center in case the triplets got into something that they shouldn't have, places that delivered and the mother's help line. When Walker was done he said “I guess this means that I'll be doing the dishes for a week? That you won't be giving me massages?"

“No you won't be doing dishes for a week, Walker you did pretty good with them while I was away." Alex replied but Walker questioned “I did good with them? Alex the triplets locked me in the basement and they aren't even two yet. That's not doing a good job of watching my children to me."

“Honey, why did you think I took their play chairs and tables off of them until you replaced the locks? I'll tell you why, they locked Betty in the basement one day and I had to let her out. They had watched us lock the door that way and decided to do it themselves. Walker since they have older siblings they pick up things a lot faster, things that we don't even realize that they've picked up until they do them. Until I had to let Betty out of the basement we didn't even realize that they knew how to do that. I mean most children their age wouldn't be able to do that. Walker you are a great father." Alex assured him.

“You may not think so after Erica tells you that I had to call her because Cooper got a hold of one of Angela's crayons and ate a part of it. Then the triplets tossed their bowls of cereal on the floor Thursday night when I let Angela choose dinner and she picked cereal." Walker replied but Alex smiled and said “I know all of that. Your oldest daughter and son told me just about everything that happened this past week."

“I’ll bet that Ray left out the part where he overflowed the bathroom sink when he wanted his little army men to play in the water and become navy men?" Walker asked his wife who answered "You know he did but enough about this past week. Right now if you want a back massage I suggest that you take off your clothes and get into bed before I change my mind cowboy."

Quickly taking his clothes off Walker teased as he lay on the bed on his stomach. “Okay I don't have any clothes on, what are you waiting for?" Quickly removing her clothes Alex went to straddle her husband but he turned over and said “The massage can wait lady." Then he began to kiss Alex who happily kissed Walker back. When they were done Alex said “I ought to go away more often; that was great."

Pulling her close again Walker told her “Lady you are not gong away again any time soon, I had to take cold showers every night." Alex laughed and said “Honey I was doing the same thing but you know what?"

Walker questioned “What Alex?" His wife smiled and replied “This talk about taking cold showers made me a little chilly and I suggest that you warm me up." Walker just set about warming his wife and himself up.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show nothing more.