by Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex rolled over in bed and after looking at her sleeping husband for a minute decided to see if she could wake him up. Alex began running her hand over his chest but Walker moved it away still asleep and muttered “Not now, I'm trying to sleep."

Not giving up Alex began to kiss him on his chest while dropping her hand a lot lower causing Walker to moan what Alex thought was her name “Al...Al..., don’t stop. Al..."

This caused Alex to put more effort into waking him up and she began to kiss him all over causing Walker to finally wake up. After looking around for a minute a concerned Walker asked her “What’s the matter Alex? Are the babies keeping you up?"

Smiling she answered “No my handsome husband is."  A puzzled Walker questioned her “How am I keeping you up? I was sleeping until you woke me up."

“I’m sorry honey but you look so darn cute when you're sleeping that I can't help kissing you." Alex replied as Walker pulled her close and said “You think that I'm cute? By the way you were doing a little more than kissing me, weren't you?"

“I sure do think you're cute Cowboy in a very sexy sort of way, that is. Besides I thought that you liked it when I did that to you?” Alex said and Walker teased her “Why did you wake me up from my sleep? As if I didn't know the answer already."

“Well since we're both up, how about us making love?” Alex questioned her husband who asked her in return “Is that all you think about? Us making love? "

“About half the time." Alex replied.

“I know that I'm going to regret asking you this but what do you think about the other half of the time? Do you think about having to marry me because you're pregnant?” Walker questioned his wife who answered “No, I think about what the babies are going to look like." Then she added “Walker, I know that you weren't expecting to be married to me so if you still want out I'll understand."

Pulling her close Walker honestly replied “No I wasn't expecting to be married to you or anyone else ever but I don't regret that we are married. Alex, you need to understand that I'm not very good at telling people what they mean to me, you most of all. However I think that I do a pretty good job at showing you what you mean to me. Interested in a demonstration?"

“Well that was the reason I woke you up." Alex said as she began kissing her husband again. After they were done Alex teasingly asked him “So you didn't mind me waking you up for that, Cord?”

Walker quickly got out of bed and stated “I don't want you to ever call me that name again, understand?” Upset Alex nodded okay.

Realizing that he had just upset his wife after making love with her Walker got back into bed and told her “Alex, I didn't mean to upset you but I don't like to be called that. Nobody calls me that, if you don't like calling me Walker you can call me by my full name Cordell."

Alex asked him in a teasing voice “Does that mean I can't call you a mule-headed stubborn Cowboy when you make me mad?” Teasing right back Walker replied “As long as I can call you hard-headed when you make me mad."

“It’s a deal Cowboy." Alex said and they went to sleep. Later on when Alex felt the babies kicking she picked up Walker's hand and put it where the babies were kicking. After a minute Walker mumbled “Ellen that feels so good. Ellen, how I miss you."

Stunned Alex got out of bed and went downstairs to the guest bedroom.

Chapter Two

The next morning Walker rolled over expecting to find his wife there beside him and when she wasn't he went looking for her. Finding her in the downstairs bedroom Walker sat down on the bed besides her causing Alex to awaken so he asked her "Alex, what are you doing down here? Did I snore and wake you up or something?"

Avoiding looking at Walker Alex replied “I came down here because I didn't want to sleep in the same bed as you, not after last night."

Not understanding what could have upset Alex after they made love Walker questioned her “Alex, are your emotions acting up on you? I mean you woke me up to make love with you and I did just what you wanted me to. I thought that you enjoyed what we did last night? Now you're acting like I did something wrong when I didn't. So what are you so upset about that you would leave our bed in the middle of the night?"

Getting mad Alex told him “I just think that it's time we face the fact that we shouldn't be married to each other. If it wasn't for these babies you never would have given me a second thought would you? I mean not when you have your precious..." Walker broke in “Yes we did get married because of the fact that you're carrying my babies but I thought that you really wanted to be my wife in every sense of the word. If you didn't want to sleep with me you should have said something long before this. As for having my precious Merilee, I haven't been with her since we were married and I have no intention of ever being with her again because she doesn't do for me what you do for me."

“I told you before that I didn't want it to be just about sex between us and you said that it wouldn't be, yet that's all you want me for other than the fact I'm carrying your babies. I just know that as soon as they are born you'll come up with a reason to dump me and go back to..." Alex was saying when Walker again broke in “I just told you that I don't want Merilee Summers, why can't you get that through your head? Or are you just saying that because you really want out as soon as the babies are born so that you can go running back to Reed? If that's what you're planning on make no mistake about it, you aren't taking my children and going to live with Dalton Reed."

“I don't love or want to live with Dalton but we have to face the fact that this marriage isn't going to work out. That we're incompatible in more ways than one. We should figure out what to do about it for our babies' sakes, before they arrive." Alex replied upsetting Walker who said “We will stay married because I will not let my children grow up without both of their parents. If you want to spend the rest of our marriage down here by yourself be my guest because there is no way that I'm begging you to return to my bed. You made your choice, live with it."

Walker then left the bedroom slamming the door shut. Alex who was mad herself followed Walker out into the hallway where she yelled at him “I made the choice? You're the one who wants somebody else and no I'm not talking about Miss Summers and you know that. You're the one who doesn't want me in your bed. You want..." Walker spun around to say something but Alex turned white and passed out.

Chapter Three

When Alex came to she was in a hospital bed surrounded by medical machines, thinking that she had lost the babies Alex began to cry “No please my babies, I didn't mean to lose them. Walker will never forgive me." Dr. Bates who was in the room said to her “Relax Mrs. Walker you're still pregnant but you're not out of the woods yet. If you don't calm yourself down there is a chance that you could lose them because your blood pressure is elevated."

“Please don't let me lose them. Please Dr. Bates save my babies because if I lose them I will lose Walker, he'll leave me." Alex begged Dr. Bates who tried to assure her “Mrs. Walker your husband isn't going to leave you."

Getting more upset Alex began sobbing “Yes he will, he only wants me as his wife because I'm carrying his babies. If I lose them he won't want me anymore. He doesn't love me." Noticing that Alex's blood pressure was going up Dr. Bates told her “Look I'm going to allow your husband to come in here to be with you, okay?  You'll see that he isn't going to leave you." Alex nodded okay.

Walker was pacing the hallway when Dr. Bates came out of the room she had been treating Alex in and he questioned her “Are the babies okay? My wife, is she okay? “Dr. Bates answered “The babies are okay for now but I'm worried about Mrs. Walker. Her blood pressure is going up and she thinks that if she loses the babies she's going to lose you because you don't love her. Mr. Walker I want you to go in there and assure her that isn't so because if we don't get her blood pressure down she may lose the babies. Can you do that?"

“Yes I can Dr. Bates." Walker answered and was shown into the room where Alex was. Noticing him there Alex said “I’m sorry Walker."

Going over to her Walker said “Alex you have nothing to be sorry about, I should have been more understanding with you this morning. I know that being married to me is hard on you; I'm not the easiest man in the world to get along with. “When Alex looked away Walker turned her face back towards him and said “Alex please believe me when I tell you that I'm worried about you. I care about you and not just as the mother of my babies. Alex honey you have to calm down because if you don't you might lose the babies and neither one of us could live with that, could we? "

“No, I couldn't live with that because I love these babies so much that I can already picture them in my mind. I will calm myself down because I will not lose these babies." Alex vowed and then after a few minutes she added “By the way Walker you're right about being hard to live with but I guess I am too. Can you imagine how stubborn our children are going to be when they get older? "

Walker smiled and said "About as stubborn as the both as us, which means most likely we will be in for some interesting times with them but I wouldn't want it any other way." Then he kissed her hand and told her “Alex please try and get some rest, I'll be here when you wake up. I'm not leaving you."

“Okay." Alex replied and closed her eyes. Laying there with her eyes closed Alex decided that it didn't matter whether or not Walker wanted this Ellen because she wasn't going to lose her babies over it. After they were born healthy then she would worry about it and not before then.

Chapter Four

Several days later Alex was home from the hospital, brought there by C.D. because Walker was busy on a breaking case. After seeing that Alex was comfortable on the couch he asked her “Alex is there anything that I can get for you? How about I make you a nice lunch?"

Alex answered him “No, I'm fine C.D.  I'll fix something to eat later." Not giving up he asked her again “Are you sure honey? I'm a pretty good cook if I do say so myself."

Laughing Alex told him “So modest too. If you don't mind and have the time I would like a grilled cheese sandwich with potato chips, mustard and some mayo on it. Plus a glass of lemonade sounds good." Thinking she was teasing about the sandwich C.D. said “I’ll make you a grilled cheese sandwich but I don't think you need potato chips, mustard and mayo on it, not to mention the lemonade?”

Getting up from the couch Alex said “Fine, I'll just make it myself. Why did you ask me what I wanted if you didn't want to make it?”

“Hold on, sit back down there Alex. If that's what you want then that's what I'll make for you. A grilled cheese sandwich with potato chips, mustard and mayo coming right up with a nice tall glass of lemonade." C.D. told Alex and then went into the kitchen to make her the sandwich and pour her a glass of lemonade. After she was done eating C.D. cleaned up and then asked her “Is there anything else that I can do for you before I go?”

“No, I'll just lay here on the couch for awhile. Thanks for bringing me home from the hospital." Alex replied and C.D. left.

A couple of hours later Alex heard a knock on the door and before she could get up to answer it Dalton Reed walked in. As she struggled to sit up he said as he lent her a hand “How’s married life Cahill?”

Instead of answering his question Alex asked him “Dalton what are you doing here?” Dalton sat down on the chair and said “Cahill, I still want you. Divorce Walker and come live with me, I bought a ranch outside of Waco. I'll be a good father to the babies that you're carrying.”

“Dalton please leave before Walker gets back." Alex replied but Dalton told her “Alex your husband is still seeing Merilee, she told me so the last time I ran into her. Come on honey you know that I'll treat you right unlike Walker."

“Dalton for the last time leave." Alex answered Reed who still didn't leave but instead asked her “You’re going to stay in a marriage that's in name only because you're pregnant? I mean he gets to see Merilee Summers for sex and what do you get other than a jerk for a husband? "

Getting mad Alex snapped at him “Walker is not a jerk and the marriage is not in name only. Walker is my husband in every sense of the word. My husband is not seeing Merilee Summers for sex because he doesn't need to and as for what I get; I get the man that I love."

“Alex, can't you see that he only married you because he thinks those babies are his?” Dalton questioned Alex who asked him “What do you mean he thinks these babies are his? Dalton you know damn well that Walker is the father of these babies."

“How about I tell him that you've been lying to him and that they really are mine? Do you think that he'll stay married to you then?” Dalton asked Alex who said “Yes he will because Walker will know that you're lying. Dalton, I don't know how many times I'll have to tell you this before you get it through that head of yours, I love my husband. I will always love Walker and no matter what happens after these babies are born that isn't going to change. I will never love you or any other man besides Walker. For the last time goodbye Dalton.”

“Cahill I love you." Dalton said as Walker entered the living room and asked him “Reed what are you doing here?”

“Making Cahill understand that you've been seeing Merilee Summers. That she should tell you the truth, that I'm really the father of those babies she's carrying." Reed boldly told Walker who replied “I believe that my wife has already asked you to leave so I suggest that you do so while you can still walk."

Reed turned to Alex and said “Cahill tell him the truth, that I'm the father." Getting mad Walker grabbed him by the shirt collar while saying “The truth is that I'm the father and my wife isn't interested in you because she loves me, now goodbye."

Walker tossed Reed out and closed the door. When he came back into the living room Alex was standing by the couch clutching her side. Hurrying over to his wife Walker sat her down while saying “I’ll call Dr. Bates."

Grabbing his hand Alex told him as she placed in on her stomach “No, don't call her the babies are kicking me. Here can you feel that?” Kneeling before her with his hand still on Alex's stomach Walker with a look of awe on his face asked “That’s the babies? Which one is it or is it the both of them?”

Smiling Alex said “Honey I can't see inside myself and the way it feels I think it's both of them.” Looking at her Walker said “Did you just call me honey?”

“Yes. Walker I love you so much." Alex replied as her husband sat down besides her on the couch and questioned his wife “Does that mean you still want me as a husband?”

“Yes for as long as you want me as a wife." Alex said while laying her head on Walker’s shoulder as he told her “The rest of my life." Alex began crying so Walker asked her “Does it hurt when the babies kick?”

Realizing that he had no clue why she was crying Alex replied “Just a little but I was crying because I realized how close I came to losing them. I'm sorry about what happened the other day, I just got a little insecure I guess.” Pulling her into a hug Walker vowed “its okay Alex, you have a lot to deal with right now. I will do whatever you need me to do so that our babies are born healthy. Alex, you matter to me and if there's anything that I can do for you let me know."

Alex after looking at his face decided that Walker did at least care about her even if he didn't love her and that she loved him like no other. That she could live with it because of the babies and the fact that he was really good in bed.

Chapter Five 

Later on when it became bed time Walker asked his wife “Alex, do you want me to carry you upstairs or do you want to sleep down here?”

“Down here, Dr. Bates doesn't want me going up and down the stairs too much, until my next doctor's appointment. Then she'll let me know if I still have to be careful." Alex replied as she started to get up from the couch. Walker quickly moved to help her up. He then asked “Do you need me to help you with your shower?”

“I should be able to handle that but if you don't mind I'm going to need some of my clothes brought down here." Alex requested and after kissing her on the cheek Walker headed upstairs to get some of her clothes. When Alex was done taking her shower she noticed a pajama set on the vanity so she got dressed and went into the bedroom where Walker was putting some more of her clothes away. Turning back the covers Walker said “Here you get into bed while I take my shower."

Alex got into bed while Walker went back upstairs. Awhile later as she was thinking over almost losing the babies Walker entered the bedroom and got into bed with her. Alex said to him “You know that Dr. Bates said we couldn't do anything, right?”

Pulling her close Walker answered “Yes I know that Alex but we're married and married couples sleep together, why should we be different?” Not having an answer for that Alex rolled away from him and Walker asked her “Alex, what's the matter? You're acting like you don't want me around; did I do something that upset you again? If I did I didn't mean to."

Turning back around to face him Alex said “No, you didn't do anything to upset me. It's just hard to be in bed with you knowing that we can't... you know. I know how much you want to do that." Walker smiled and told her “Alex honey I know it's hard not being able to do that but we have to do what's best for our babies. And by the way you want to do that as much as I do. Now try to get some sleep."

“Yes I do because you're really really good at it. As for getting some sleep, my back is hurting me and that's keeping me awake." Alex said as she rolled away from him again. Walker got up from his side of the bed went over to her side of the bed where he knelt besides the bed and said to his wife. “Alex tell me where it hurts and I'll massage it for you, how does that sound?”

“It sounds good, are you sure you want to do that for me?” Alex questioned her husband who teased her “I’d do anything for the mother of my children. Now where does it hurt the most? “Walker asked as he slid his hands under her clothing and began massaging her lower back causing Alex to moan “Right there, that feels so good, please don't stop."

Walker massaged her back for Alex until she fell asleep. As he got back into bed with her Alex mumbled “I love you Cordell John Walker, I will forever." Walker thought to himself 'I'm never going to be able to figure my wife out, one minute it seems like she wants me gone and the next she's madly in love with me. I need to tell her someday just how much I love her too, even if she is driving me crazy.'

Chapter Six

At her next doctor's appointment Dr. Bates told Alex that she was doing much better, that the babies were just fine, she could go back to using the steps and that she could resume relations with her husband. Alex thanked her left her office and went to Ranger headquarters looking for her husband who was sitting at his desk lost in thought so she snuck up on him and put her hands over his eyes saying “Guess who?”

Removing her hands Walker said “My very pretty wife, come on let's go to C.D.'s to eat and you can tell me what Dr. Bates told you." Alex replied “Okay but you're buying. What were you thinking about? Is there anything bothering you?"

Picking his hat up Walker said “Nothing important and no nothing's bothering me." Trivette came into headquarters then and told Alex “Wow for a pregnant lady you sure are beautiful."

Alex laughed while Walker growled at him “Trivette stop hitting on my wife."  Trivette backed up and said “I wasn't hitting on your wife Walker; she has a glow about her that makes her so beautiful."

Alex kissed Trivette on the cheek and told him “Walker’s being a grouch, just ignore him when he's like that just like I do. Hey Trivette we're going to C.D.'s, would you like to join us? “Trivette replied “I don't think so, Walker's jealous enough as it is."

Now laughing Alex scoffed “Walker is not jealous, he has no reason to be. Now will you please join us? “Walker then teased “Alex, how do you know that I'm not jealous? Any man would be if another man said something like that to his wife who's as beautiful as you are. Trivette is right though, you do have a glow about you so Dr. Bates must have told you some good news."

“Very good news Walker. Jimmy come on let's go my stomach is getting ready to growl like my husband just did." Trivette replied “No, I really have some paperwork to do since that husband of yours makes me do most of it. You two go ahead to C.D.'s, after I get my paperwork done maybe I'll meet you there."

After they were seated Alex told her husband “Dr. Bates said that I'm doing much better that the babies are fine and I don't have to be so careful."  Walker said “What about our... private live? Can us... I mean... uhm... Alex."

Taking pity on him Alex replied “Yes we can make love if you really want to." Picking her hand up and caressing the back of it Walker answered “I want to if you want to."

“Oh yes I want to." Alex said. Walker smiled and asked “Can we leave now?”

“Leave, but we haven't eaten yet so why do you want to leave?” A puzzled Alex questioned her husband who said “My hunger isn't for food, it's for you. There's a motel right in the next block. Come on, you can eat after we're done."

Alex sat there unable to say anything because of how blatant Walker had just been about wanting to be with her. When she didn't answer Walker then asked “Or do you want to wait until tonight? That way we can make a night of it." Before she could answer Trivette slid in besides her and C.D. slid in besides Walker and asked them “Did we interrupt anything important?” 

Alex and Walker both shook their heads no at the same time. Trivette questioned “So how are those little Walkers doing?” Alex replied “Doing great, just like their father." Causing Trivette to groan “Oh god it must be true love for her to call him great."

Walker smiled and said “Yes it is and you wish it was you that had a woman as beautiful as my wife is." Trivette made a gagging motion and Walker glared at him as Alex laughed and told them “Behave children." The rest of the lunch was taken up with small talk and as they were getting ready to leave Walker and Trivette got a call so Alex said “I’ll see you at home Cowboy. Don't forget what you promised me."

Chapter Seven

Walker got home late that night and not finding Alex in the downstairs bedroom headed upstairs to his bedroom. Opening the door he found his wife asleep while sitting up in bed dressed in a very revealing nightgown. Walker went into the bathroom took a quick shower then got into bed with Alex where he debated whether or not he should wake her up. Alex began moving about and mumbling “No don't leave me. Please Walker I love you."

Taking Alex into his arms Walker soothed her as he rubbed her back “I’m here Alex, I'm not leaving you." Awakening Alex asked her husband “What time is it?”

“Around midnight. Want to talk about your dream? “Walker said and Alex shook her head no so Walker then began kissing her. Alex pulled him close and said “I take it that this means you want to be with me?”

“Sure do beautiful." Walker answered as he removed her nightgown. When they were done and lying in each other's arms Alex said “I was wondering what you thought about the nursery? I mean since both of them are going to be in there until they are one it's going to have to be done in neutral colors. Then when they go to their own rooms I can decorate a bedroom for our daughter and a bedroom for our son."

Sighing Walker questioned “Alex, while we were making love were you thinking about decorating the nursery?” Laughing Alex replied as she picked something up from her nightstand “No, I was thinking about that when I was waiting for you to get home. I had to do something to keep my mind off of you and what you promised me. Here look at these magazines; I circled some of the ideas in them for the nursery. They have some really cute things in them."

Taking the magazines Walker looked over at Alex and noticing that she was still naked said “Right now I have something more important to do than talk about the nursery." Getting upset Alex questioned her husband as she got out of bed “What could be more important to you than discussing plans for our babies' nursery?”

Tossing the magazines on the floor and getting out of bed himself Walker told her “Making love with my wife."  Instead of responding to what he had just said Alex told him “Walker we need to make plans on what the nursery is going to look like so that I can get started on it."

“Alex, we don't need to make plans because I'm going to take care of doing the nursery myself. Now will you please get back into bed?” Walker said.

Looking down his body and then back up to look her husband in the eyes Alex replied as she got into bed “Okay, but you'd better do a good job with the nursery." Getting into bed with her Walker teased “Kiss me good enough and I might."

Giving him a long deep kiss Alex pulled back and asked “Was that good enough? Or do you need some more kisses to ensure that you'll do a good job? “Walker smiled and said “More." Then they made love again.

Walker teased “How often are we going to be making love? Until we finally get it right?” Alex got upset and snapped “I’m sorry that I'm not up to your standards in bed. Perhaps you should have gotten someone pregnant who's better at it than I am, like..."

“Lady there is no one better at it than you." Walker said to Alex who started to cry while saying “You’re just saying that to make me feel better, I know that I'm not very good in bed."

“Alex I don't where you got such a crazy idea but believe me you are great when it comes to making love." Walker told her while turning a little red. Noticing that her husband was blushing Alex wiped her tears away and said “Well apparently only with you Cowboy. By the way did you know that you're really sexy looking when you blush?”

“I do not blush, now how about you get some sleep?” Walker asked as he pulled her close again.

Chapter Eight

It was now about a month and a half from Alex's due date and she was in Dr. Bates' office being examined. Dr. Bates said “Well Mrs. Walker, I think you're at that point." Not understanding what she meant Alex asked “What point?”

“Not having sex anymore until after the babies are born." Dr. Bates answered and Alex said “Oh that point. Are you sure about no more sex for me?” When Dr. Bates nodded her head yes Alex then asked her “Dr. Bates after the babies are born, how long do I have to wait until I can have sex again?"

“At least six weeks if it's an easy delivery, maybe longer if it's not." Dr. Bates replied and Alex blurted out “Six weeks?”

“Yes Mrs. Walker, if not longer. Now I'll start seeing you every two weeks until the babies are born." Dr. Bates said as she showed Alex the door.

Walker was waiting for Alex at C.D.'s when Merilee approached him and said “Walker, I need your help." Walker asked her “With what?”

“I think I'm being stalked, I've been receiving threatening letters. Walker, please help me by going on tour with me. That way you can catch my stalker." Merilee said.

“Merilee I can't do that." Walker answered unaware that Alex had entered C.D.'s.  Alex headed towards their booth only to stop when she saw her husband talking to Merilee. Alex instead went over and sat down at the bar. Trivette seeing this went to Walker and told him “Walker, your pregnant wife is sitting at the bar."

Looking over at the bar Walker saw Alex was sitting there so he got up and went to her asking “Alex why didn't you come sit in the booth with me?” Before she could answer Merilee came over and said “Thanks for agreeing to go on tour with me Cordell."

Then she left the bar as Alex got up from the barstool and snapped at her husband “Because you were busy with your old girlfriend." Then Alex headed to the door as Walker muttered to Trivette “Don’t ever get married."

Catching up to Alex by her car Walker questioned her “Alex, what's wrong? Did Dr. Bates say that there was something wrong with the babies? What about you, are you okay?” Noticing the really concerned look on his face Alex replied “Walker the babies are fine and I am too."

Alex was surprised when he breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank god, Alex if I lost you or our babies I couldn't handle it." Alex then assured him “Walker, you won't lose the babies, I promise. As for losing me I have no intention of ever leaving you because I love you so much but I'd better warn you that I still might be tempted to strangle you a time or two."

Walker hugged her and said “Alex I...uhm I..." Placing her finger on his lips Alex said “It’s okay Walker you don't have to tell me that you love me when you don't. I love you and that's all that matters to me. Now let's discuss you going on tour with Miss Summers."

“I’m not going on tour with her, I told her that I'd have the Captain assign someone else but I guess she didn't hear that part. Now come on let's get something to eat and go home because I have plans for us." Walker told his wife as he took her hand but Alex pulled it away and said “You might change your mind about going on tour with her because Dr. Bates said no more sex for me until at least six weeks after the babies are born."

Walker asked "That long, are you sure?” Alex answered him “Yes that's what she said but Walker...uhm...if you need me to take care of you...the other way...well I never did that."

“Never did what Alex?” Walker asked because he had no clue what she was talking about. Alex blurted out “Take care of someone with my mouth."

“Alex honey I would never expect you to do that for me, you're my wife. The lovemaking ban isn't going to make me change my mind and go on tour with Miss Summers because I should be home with my wife helping her get ready for our babies. I'll just put my energy into getting the nursery ready but you have to stay out of it until I'm done understand?” Walker asked Alex who said “Okay now let's go eat, I'm starving."

Inside C.D.'s Trivette joined them in the booth. Trivette asked "So what did your old girlfriend want with you Walker?” Walker glared at Trivette while Alex answered “For him to go on tour with her, Trivette since you're not busy maybe you can do it because Walker's going to have the captain assign someone else."

Trivette mused “Why, aren't you allowing your husband out of your sight? Don't you trust him Alex?” Alex smiled her sweetest smile and said “I trust my husband completely. Trivette the reasons I suggested it were one, Miss Summers may really need protecting and two, she does have some really pretty backup singers. Just think if there is a stalker and you arrest him all of them will think you're a hero. What pretty lady can resist a true hero? It was just a suggestion but if you don't want a bunch of pretty ladies thinking you're a hero it's fine by me."

Trivette said “Walker, I'll call the Captain myself and go on tour with Miss Summers." As Trivette walked away from the booth Walker said “Mrs. Walker that was some smooth talking. Trivette probably won't realize what you just did to him."

“Yeah well he shouldn't have said those things about me not trusting you because I do trust you as far as she's concerned. I know that you don't want Merilee anymore." Alex answered her husband who told her “I will never give you a reason not to trust me. You have my word on that."

Chapter Nine

When the Walkers got home Sam Coyote was waiting on the porch swing for them. After taking a look at his face Walker told Alex “You go ahead in and rest while Sam and I talk." Sam said “Washo, I've come because Uncle Ray's time is near and he wants his family there."

“Okay, Alex I'll be back as soon as I can." Walker said to his wife but Sam asked her “Mrs. Walker, are you up to a drive? Uncle Ray wants to see the two of you before he crosses the river."

“Yes I am, let's go Walker." Alex answered and headed back to Walker's truck but he objected “Alex you can't travel that far in your state."

“Walker, I promise you that I'll be fine and I want to be able to say goodbye to Uncle Ray. Please let me come with you." Alex pleaded with her husband while Sam pointed out “Washo Uncle Ray sent me to make sure that your wife comes with you."

Walker got into his truck without another word. When they got to the reservation they were greeted by White Eagle who told Walker “Firewalker has requested that his nephew and his wife see him as soon as they arrive." Then he turned to Alex and said “Mrs. Walker you must be respectful of our customs at a time like this."

Alex replied “I will be. May we see Uncle Ray now? “White Eagle led them to the clinic where Uncle Ray was telling the nurse who was trying to get him into a wheelchair “I will leave this world on my own two feet."

Alex went to him and said “Uncle Ray, would you like to go for a walk with me? I need an arm to lean on in my condition."

Ray answered “I’d be glad to, here take my arm." Alex took his arm and they left the clinic. When they got outside Ray said to Walker “Nephew the three of us are going to take a walk together."

“Uncle Ray, you're not up to walking that far and neither is my wife." Walker objected but Ray told him “I can still introduce a stick to your backside nephew." Walker nodded okay and they walked off to the creek where Ray told Alex “Sit on this log until I come back, okay?” Alex nodded okay and sat down. Walker and Ray walked a little ways away from Alex.

“Nephew, that lady loves you." Ray said to Walker who didn't answer him. Sighing Ray added “Cordell you have to let yourself love again. Alex is the woman who was meant for you. Let her love help you heal from the past." Walker still didn't say anything so Ray said “I will go talk to Alex, I know that she'll answer me unlike her mule-headed husband."

“I’ll come with you Uncle Ray." Walker finally spoke but Ray told him “No you won't. I want to speak with Alex in private. You go take a walk and come back in five minutes."

When Ray sat down besides Alex on the log he asked her “Well Mrs. Walker, do you still have the urge to strangle my nephew?”

“Not as often as I did when we were first married, just now and then. I will have to admit though that I probably drive him crazy at times." Alex answered. Ray added “Alex, I want you to promise me that you'll bring those babies here to learn their Firewalker heritage. I want them to become members of this tribe."

“I will be proud for my children to learn the heritage of their father, his father and their Uncle Ray. You have my word that these babies will become proud members of this tribe, just like their father is." Alex stated and Ray said “My nephew has a wise wife. Alex I you to promise me another thing."

“Anything." Alex responded as she took off her jacket and wrapped around his shoulders. Smiling his thanks Ray said “After I cross the river I want your word that you will make Washo tell you about me no matter how mad he gets when you ask him to. He needs to learn how to share his grief if he is to be able to show his love to you and his children. You are the woman who was meant for him."

“I will make him tell me about you, I promise you this." Alex said as Ray closed his eyes, after a minute when he didn't move Alex felt for a pulse and there wasn't one. Getting up from the log she went looking for Walker with tears in her eyes. As soon as he saw his wife Walker knew that his Uncle was dead.  Without any emotion on his face Walker said to her “Alex go to my house and stay there, understand?”

Sam who by now had joined Walker told him “Washo, I'll make sure she gets there okay. Then I'll send White Eagle here." Walker didn't answer so Alex headed to his house. Sam said to her “He doesn't mean to be so gruff but his Uncle meant a lot to him."

“Sam, its okay I know my husband by now. Please go back to him and help him, I'll be okay." Alex replied and Sam said “Are you sure?”

“Yes I am." Alex said and Sam left her to return to Walker who asked him “I thought that you were seeing my wife home?”

 “She said that she would be fine. Washo you have a very understanding wife." Sam said to Walker who ignored that remark and instead asked “Where’s White Eagle?” Sam sighed and told him “Still stubborn, stay here and I'll go find him."

Chapter Ten

After they were back home for several days and Walker headed to the barn yet again Alex decided to force the issue about his Uncle's death and followed her husband to the barn. Spotting his wife Walker asked “Alex, what are you doing in here? Go back to the house, I'll be in soon." Alex told him “No, we need to talk and we're going to whether or not you like it. Now do we talk out here or in our house?”

Walker got mad and told her “Leave me alone Alex, we have nothing to talk about.” Ignoring him Alex closed the barn doors sat down on a bale of hay and said “We’re talking here then. Walker, I want you to tell me about Uncle Ray and neither one of us are leaving this barn until you do so." Walker didn't say anything so Alex said “Walker please tell me about Uncle Ray so that I'll be able to tell our children about him. I want them to know about him."

“You are so stubborn, did you know that?” Walker asked as he sat down on the floor besides Alex who replied “Yes but I have to be with you for a husband."

Walker took a deep breath and said “Alex I'll tell you about Uncle Ray if only to get you to go back in the house and get some rest." Alex wrapped her arms around her husband as much as she was able to and told him “Okay."

Walker then spent the next hour telling Alex about Ray and by the time he was done he had tears in his eyes. Pulling him closer Alex said “I’m here honey." Walker then asked “For how long? Everyone else that I cared about is gone. You'll leave me too."

Wiping her own tears away Alex replied “I love you, yes I will die one day but I won't leave you. I promise." Walker laid his head on her legs and whispered “You’ll be taken away from me like Ellen was."

“Walker, who was Ellen?” Alex asked her husband who started to pull away when Alex tightened her arms and said “Please tell me about her now and I won't ever ask you again."

“Ellen was the woman that I loved like no other, because of her I knew what love was. We would take these long walks and she would call me 'Cord'. I was the happiest that I have ever been in my life. We had just become engaged to be married when we were gunned down. I survived but she didn't." Walker told Alex who said “I’m so sorry Walker."

Getting up and moving away Walker questioned “Why are you sorry? You never met her. If she hadn't died I would have married her and been very happy with her, not you."

Going over to him Alex said “I’m sorry that the woman you love was killed. I am sorry that you had to go through that. I understand that you will always love her and not me. I'm sorry that I was jealous of a ghost." When Walker didn't react Alex added while trying not to cry “I’ll be in the house if you need me."

About an hour later Walker entered the house and finding Alex on the couch asked her “What did you mean that you were jealous of a ghost? Did C.D. tell you about Ellen? "

“No he didn't. Do you remember when you found me in the downstairs bedroom after we had made love the night before and I then fought with you resulting in me ending up in the hospital?” Alex questioned Walker who nodded his head yes so she added “That night after you fell asleep I felt the babies moving and I placed your hand on my stomach and you said in your sleep 'Ellen, that feels so good. Ellen how I miss you.' I got so upset by that because I thought that you wanted another woman after being with me. I'm so sorry Walker."

Sitting down besides his wife Walker said “It’s okay." Wiping a tear away Alex answered “No. it's not. I almost lost our babies because I was jealous and I shouldn't have been. Not when you had to go through the woman that you love being killed in front of you."

Walker said “Alex I was in love with Ellen when she died and a part of me will always love her." Alex looked away for a minute then turned back to look him in the eyes and said “Do you want to name our daughter after her?”

“You would do that for me?” Walker questioned his wife who replied “Yes."

“You really do love me, don't you?” Walker asked Alex who answered “Yes I do and I understand now why you can't love me. I can live with that because I know that you are going to be a great father to our children."

“Alex, I never said that I didn't love you. I do love you but you have to know that Ellen will always have a piece of my heart. The rest belongs to you and our children." Walker said stunning Alex.

“You love me?  You're not just saying that?” Alex asked.

“No, I'm not just saying that and yes I love you but I'm not very good when it comes to saying it. I don't think that I'll ever be good at telling you how much I care for you." Walker answered as he hugged his wife who told him “I don't care if you ever tell me that you love me again. I know now that you do and besides you more than make up for not saying the words by the way you show me how you feel about me."

Taking her hand Walker pulled his wife up from their couch and said “Come on, you need your rest." As they headed up the steps Alex said “Well what are we naming our daughter?”

“Elizabeth Alexandra Walker, Elizabeth was my mother's name. Is that okay with you? “Walker asked Alex who replied “Yes."

Chapter Eleven

It was now a month later and Walker rolled over in bed to find his wife not there getting up he went in search of her and found her sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery. Going over to her Walker asked “Alex, what are you doing in here? Don't you like the way it looks? Because if you don't tell me and I'll change it."

“Honey, it looks great and I don't want to change a thing. I'm sitting in here because my back is hurting and I didn't want to wake you up. Oh Walker, our babies aren't going to have any grandparents. Your parents, my mother and your Uncle Ray aren't with us anymore. I just want our babies to know what it's like to have grandparents." Alex told him.

Kneeling down before Alex Walker questioned her “Alex, you've never told me, is your father still alive? You don't talk about him."

“He’s alive but he wants nothing to do with me. He walked out on my mother and me when I was sixteen and getting ready to graduate high school and I haven't heard from him since. So I doubt if he'll be interested in being a grandfather when he doesn't even know that I'm married." Alex told her husband who then tried to cheer her “Alex, you know that C.D. will appoint himself the grandfather if he hasn't already and then Trivette plans on being Uncle Jimmy."

“I know honey and we'll probably have to stop the two of them from going overboard with gifts." Alex was saying when she grabbed her stomach and moaned. Getting alarmed Walker asked “You’re not in labor, are you?”

“Maybe, how would I know? I've never done this before." Alex told him as she grabbed a hold of him arm and dug her nails in. When the pain passed her then told Walker “I think that you'd better call the hospital and make arrangements for us to go there."

Rubbing his arm Walker said “Why did you scratch my arm?” Getting a little testy Alex told him “Because it hurt, now will you please call the hospital? Or do I have to do that myself?"

“Well are you in labor or not?” Walker asked his wife who snapped “No, I'm just practicing; of course I'm in labor. God it hurts." When he didn't move Alex got up from the rocker and told her husband “Well since you can't call the hospital, can you at least give me the truck keys and I'll drive myself there?”

Coming to his senses Walker picked her up as he said “No, I'll drive you. It'll be okay." Alex didn't answer because she was in the middle of another contraction. Grabbing at his arm again Alex frantically said “Walker put me down, my water just broke and we can't drive all the distance with my water broken."

Putting his wife down Walker questioned “Alex, what are you saying?”

“That unless you get somebody else here real soon you are going to be delivering our children." Alex answered as she began to moan. Walker ran out of the nursery and called 911 to ask them to send an ambulance but hung up before he told them where he was and what he wanted them for. Then he went back into the nursery where Alex was sitting on the floor in pain with a panic stricken look on her face. Going over to her Walker said "Honey I've delivered babies before, I promise you that they will be all right. I've called the paramedics and they're on their way here. Now let's get you comfortable."

“Comfortable? Are you insane? This hurts let me tell you that buster." Alex all but yelled at him. Walker smiled and said “Well that white-water rafting trip was your idea, not mine."

Glaring at him Alex said “Well I hope you enjoyed it because I am never letting you touch me again ever, you hear me?”

“Yes dear." Walker answered while fighting back another smile which Alex noticed so she questioned him “What are you smiling about?”

“The fact that my very beautiful wife is giving birth to our babies and I'll be helping them into this world." Walker said. “Oh Cowboy I love you so much." Alex said to her husband who teased “Does that mean you'll let me touch you again?”

“Yes. Now help me because it feels like they are coming out now." Alex replied as she began to have contractions in earnest.

Two hours later the babies had been born and Alex asked him " Walker, where is that ambulance? Shouldn't it have been here by now? “Kissing her on the head he said “I’ll go check."

Going to the phone Walker called 911 again and asked them where the ambulance was but the operator told him that they had no record of him calling so Walker said that his wife had just given birth to twins and could they please send an ambulance to his house. The operator told him that they were swamped and that it might take awhile, that if the babies wanted to nurse let them. Walker went back into the nursery and said to Alex “It may be awhile for the ambulance, in the meantime if the babies want to you should let them nurse."

“Can you help me? I can't hold both of them at the same time." Alex said to Walker who picked their son up and helped Alex with nursing the babies. She looked at her husband and told him “I’ve never been happier."

“Neither have I. I love you." Walker answered.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger. C.B.S. and other entities do. This story is not meant as an infringement on their rights, it was written as a tribute to a good show.