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Chapter One


Alex looked at the way her husband was holding their infant son James while he was feeding the baby his bottle. Walker noticing his wife's eyes on him asked her "is there something wrong?" Alex retorted "why are you holding my son that way? You know that he has trouble swallowing his formula when he's held like that." Walker adjusted the way he was holding his son even though it seemed to him the baby was drinking his formula perfectly fine as he answered "it's been a long day and it slipped my mind. It won't happen again. Okay?"


            Alex even though she didn't mean what she was saying answered him "okay and I'm sorry that I jumped on you for the way you were holding Jimmy." Walker told her "it's okay lady. How about after we get them to sleep we head to bed ourselves?"


            “I’m still too tired to do that Cordell." Alex pointed out to her husband who quickly looked away from her to hide his disappointment. After he had the baby asleep Walker placed him into his crib then checked on the older two twins who were sleeping then left the nursery. After checking on his oldest son Cord who was asleep in his bed Walker headed to his bedroom. When Walker got into his bedroom he stripped then went into the bathroom where he took a cold shower while wondering why Alex was still too tired to be with him. After all the babies were now four months old and sleeping through the nights, at least most of the time and his wife did have a nanny to help her during the days when he was at work. [Walker knowing that his wife was worn out from the babies’ birth a year after the first set of twins had been born hadn't objected when his father in law had hired a day time nanny to help Alex out. Gordon had expected Walker to strenuously object and when he hadn't Gordon realized that Walker would do just about anything to make things easier for his wife who was Gordon’s only child. Gordon had then asked Walker if it would be okay if Nanny Jalice helped out for the first six months instead of the three that he had hired her for. Walker had answered that if need be Nanny Jalice could help Alex with the babies until they were a year old then they would see how things were.]


            Back in the nursery Alex muttered to herself “that’s at least the third time this week alone that I've had to remind Cordell to hold Little Jimmy properly when he's feeding him. You would think by now he would have remembered that. Unless of course Walker remembers how to hold my son and just doesn't care to do it right because he thinks Little Jimmy is slow from being born a blue baby. If Walker doesn't change the way he holds my baby boy I'll just take care of my son all by myself. My baby boy doesn't need a resentful father taking care of him anyhow." Alex placed baby Sydney into her crib then left the nursery with conflicting thoughts running through her head. Deep down inside of herself Alex knew that her husband loved their youngest son as much as he did their other children but there was also a part of her that believed that if Little Jimmy turned out to be developmentally delayed that Walker would in time hold it against him. On the way to the bedroom Alex thought over the fact that they hadn't had sex since the twins were born and decided that she would soon have to see to her husband's needs even if she still wasn't interested in him sexually.


            When Alex entered her bedroom Walker was returning from the bathroom and was using his towel to dry himself off. Alex seeing her husband standing there naked and wet from his shower decided that she might just as well see to Walker's sexual needs right then and get it over with. That way he wouldn't bother her again for a while and she could just worry about baby Jimmy. Alex then took a step towards her husband while starting to unbutton her blouse. Walker seeing this tossed the towel in the general direction of the bathroom as he asked her “are you still feeling tired lady?" Alex knowing what her true feelings were concerning resuming sexual relations with her husband never the less replied “a little but that doesn't matter right now. Right now I have a husband to see to."


            Walker not understanding that his wife had reservations about being with him pulled her into his arms. Halfway through Walker realized that Alex wasn't responding like she normally would and started to pull away from her but Alex locked her legs around his back and told him to keep going so Walker who at that point couldn't really stop himself kept going. When he was done Alex rolled onto her side away from him. Now knowing that his wife hadn't been interested in being with him but went along with it anyhow a very upset Walker got out of the bed and walked around it to Alex's side of the bed where knelt on the floor besides the bed so that he could look into his wife's eyes to confront her about what she had just done "don't you ever force yourself to be with me again. Alex why would you do that with me when you didn't want to? Is there something wrong with you that I don't know about?"


            A weary Alex responded “what’s wrong with me is that I'm so tired but my husband still has needs that I have to see to. I'm your wife and I'm supposed to have sex with you even when I don't feel like it. Because if I don't see to your needs I will be a failure as a wife, just like I am as a mother." Walker took his wife's hand as he remained kneeling on the floor besides the bed and told her “Alex you are not a failure as a mother, nor are you a failure as my wife. I know how tired out you've been since this second set of twins were born. My needs do not matter; you and our children are the only things that matter to me. Got that lady? Alex I'm sorry about what just happened and you have my word that it won't happen again. I can and will wait for you to be ready to be with me."


            “So you say now Cordell but what happens if I take too long to get over being tired? Will you go to someone else to have your needs met? And what about my failure as a mother? After all I'm the one who gave birth to a blue baby, not you. If little Jimmy ends up being slow it will be my fault and you know it because it can't possibly be your fault." Alex quietly answered Walker who realized that Alex was besides herself with worry over whether or not baby Jimmy would end up being slow. Walker then sat on the bed besides Alex and pulled her to him as he responded “Alex if our son ends up being slow that is not your fault and you know that. If that happens we will still love him as much as we do the other four and we will make sure that he has a happy life, just like his siblings. And no I would never go to anyone else to get my needs met because the only woman that I'll ever need or want is you lady. There is nothing on the face of this earth that will ever change that. But for right now how about you try and get some sleep? I'll take care of our youngest if they wake up."


            “All I want to do at this moment is to fall asleep in the arms of the man who is the father of my children and the man that I married. I need to forget about everything else if only just for one night. We can talk about things when you get home from work tomorrow. Call me if they wake up though. Okay?" Alex ended up with a question. Walker returned to his side of the bed then pulled his wife back into his arms where she laid her head on his chest as she told him “in spite of everything that's happened I still love you Walker. For some reason though I just can't show you my love right now and I don't know when I'll be able to." Walker tightened his arms around his wife then kissed Alex on the top of her head and told her “lady everything will be okay. Alexandra I will always love you."  Alex drifted off to sleep but it took Walker awhile longer because he knew that wife was in a troubled state of mind and that he might not be able to help her see that everything would be okay. Even though it went against everything that he believed in Walker decided that he would ask his father in law to see if he could help Alex overcome her fears about little Jimmy possibly being slow.


            The next morning as Walker was getting ready for work he questioned his wife “Alex do you want me to call someone to come out here for you? How about your father? Or someone from that stressed out mother's group?" Alex testily replied “why would you need to call someone out here for me? I told you last night that I was tired and if you would just stop bothering all the time about things maybe I would start feeling better about myself and get the rest that I need. Furthermore I can take care of my children without help from anyone if need be and that includes help from a group for stressed out mothers. I am not a stressed out mother."


            Walker answered “I know that Alex but I just want to make sure that you're okay. As for Gordon coming out here maybe he'd like to visit with his grandchildren." Alex then said “fine. I'll think about calling my father to see when he wants to come visit his grandchildren. Okay?" Walker nodded okay then left his bedroom.



Chapter Two


            When Walker left Captain Harland's private office at Ranger headquarters the next morning and went to his desk he was greeted by D.A. Moody who was sitting at his desk waiting for him. After getting up from Walker's chair Moody moved to another chair as he asked "Ranger Walker when will you allow your wife to return to work at the D.A.'s office?" Walker replied “that’s something that you will have to discuss with her."


            “I thought it would be best if I talked to you about it first because the last thing that I need is to offer your wife her old job back only to have you refuse to allow her to return to work. I've called her several times and she hasn't returned any of my phone calls and that has to be because you won't allow her to return to work at this time. Now Ranger Walker I know that your babies are still quite young but I really do need your A.D.A. Cahill back at her job. So how about I promise you that Alex will only be working one case at a time until your children are older. And that I will give her several weeks off between cases too. Now before you turn me down you should know that there is now a child care center located in the very same building as the D.A.'s office and that the A.D.A.'s can use it. However as the D.A. I can see to it that your oldest child can be taken care of there too. So what's your answer Ranger Walker?" Moody responded causing Walker to answer “if you want to know when or if A.D.A. Alex Cahill-Walker plans to return to work call Alex up and ask her yourself. I do not tell my wife what to do." Moody took the dismissal for what it was and left Ranger headquarters.


            Trivette came over to Walker's desk bringing some papers with him. As he showed Walker the papers Trivette said “I was able to trace ownership of the garage we raided during our chop shop bust last night to none other than our former informant Sweetness. By the way her legal name is Sugar Slice Brown and yes that's the name she was given by her parents, I checked. I also did some further checking and Miss Brown has three auto repair garages around these parts, one just outside of town and two more in town. Here you can see for yourself that none of her other garages have been linked to anything else thereby making her claim that it was a rogue employee acting on his own appear to have merit. That she had nothing to do with it." Walker looked over the papers as Trivette suggested "how about this? Gage is already undercover in one of the garages just outside of town. I believe it's the one her brother Sean Terrance is the manager of, at least according to the payroll records I uncovered. You can take the one run by Sweetness' cousin Joey Mahon and I'll go undercover in the one run by another cousin by the name of Alfred Alonso. Cooke will keep in touch with us since she's already Gage's contact while he's undercover."


            “We’ll need someone else to go in undercover." Walker was saying when Trivette broke in to ask “what do you mean that someone else will have to go in undercover?" Walker told his partner “Gage will stay undercover where he's at but there will be two cops, one each in the other two garages. Cooke will be all three of theirs contact. We'll be handling security for the P.B.R. tour when they're in town. Harland just told me that we were requested to oversee the security by someone from the P.B.R. tour and we have to go meet them at the arena. Cooke can get in touch with the captain of detectives for the Dallas P.D. and set things up."


            Trivette nodded okay then teased “does your wife know that you're going to be around bulls and might be tempted to ride one of them? Hey maybe I should call Alex up and tell her all about it just so I can hear her tell you that you're not allowed to ride bulls because you promised her that you would never ride one again after 'widow maker' almost made Alex a widow before she was able to hogtie you. How does that sound to you?" Walker said nothing so Trivette added “I was just teasing you about Alex. And speaking of Alex how is she? I haven't heard from her in a couple of months."


            “Why don't you and C.D. come out to the ranch this evening to see her? I'll even cook dinner for you." Was Walker's answer but Trivette quickly rebutted “That’s okay. C.D. and I will stop on the way there and pick up some pizza and wings. That way I won't have to take anything to settle my stomach later on. Some of us don't have a cast iron stomach." Walker nodded okay and they turned their attention to setting up the security at the arena for when the P.B.R. tour stopped there.


  After deciding that they should go to the arena and check things over for themselves Walker and Trivette went over to Cooke's desk to tell her that Gage was going stay undercover in one of Miss Brown's garage that was being run by her brother Sean Terrance while a police officer went undercover in the other two and that she would be the contact for all three of them. Cooke then told Walker and Trivette that she would set up a meeting with the captain of detectives and go from there. Sydney then asked what Walker and Trivette were going to be doing and Trivette answered that they were going to be overseeing security for when the P.B.R. tour was at the arena. As Walker returned to his desk Trivette then said to the two younger Rangers that he hoped Walker wouldn't give into temptation and ride a bull. Sydney responded “I hope not Trivette because the last thing Alex needs right now is for Walker to get hurt riding a bull. She has way too much on her mind as it is."


            “I thought she was doing better. I know how upset Alex was when the doctors told her that my namesake could be developmentally delayed but Walker hasn't said anything about Alex still being upset." Trivette replied causing Sydney to tell him “when I asked Alex if everything was okay the last time I went to the ranch she said that it was but I didn't believe her and told her that. Alex got really mad and more or less threw me out of the house. You know maybe I should stop by there soon to see my namesake and to see how Alex is really doing."


            “How about you and Gage meeting C.D. and I there this evening? Walker suggested that we go out to the ranch this evening and see Alex and the children. I even volunteered to stop on the way for some pizza and wings." Trivette informed Sydney who told him that she and Gage would meet them at the ranch around six.


            At the ranch house Gordon Cahill who had stopped by on his own to check on his daughter and her children asked her “so how is my favorite daughter doing?" Alex snapped “did Walker tell you that you had to come check up on me because I'm an unfit mother to his children?" Gordon carefully answered “no my son in law did not call me up and ask me to check up on you. Alex honey I came out here today to see my only daughter and all five of her children. That's not a crime, is it?"


            “Walker has four children, Cord, Angela, Ray and Sydney and they are all perfectly fine. Jimmy is only my baby." Alex stated on the verge of tears. Gordon got up from the chair where he had been sitting on went over to the couch where his daughter was sitting and pulled her into a hug as he asked her "what is this about baby Jimmy? Walker is his father too, isn't he?"


            “I’m not so sure about that dad. I mean Walker is saying all the right things but I feel as though if baby Jimmy does end up developmentally delayed Walker will hold it against him. Oh Dad what am I going to do? I love my husband but I can't have a man around my babies who will never love a son who's less than what his father thinks he should be. I won't have my baby subjected to rejection from his father. I just won't." Alex responded stunning her father who sat there trying to think of what to say to his daughter who to him wasn't thinking right. After a few minutes the babies began to fuss so Alex got up to tend to them because Nanny Jalice had taken the older set of twins with her to drop Cord off at his bus stop.


            As Gordon was feeding baby Jimmy his bottle he was holding the baby the same way Walker had been the previous evening so Alex told her father “hold my son right or don't hold him at all. You're just like Walker, trying to make my baby choke when you're feeding him his bottle. And don't even try denying it like Walker had the nerve to do just last night. Now straighten him up or put him down and leave my house and never come back. Got that?" Gordon straightened the way he was holding baby Jimmy while thinking to himself that his daughter was in need of some serious help and the sooner the better because there was no way either he or Walker had been trying to choke baby Jimmy.


            After the babies were settled back into their bassinets Gordon said to his daughter “how about you go and lay down? You look like you could use the rest. I'll watch the twins until Nanny Jalice gets back here." Alex got up as she answered “thanks Dad. I could really use some rest, I've been so tired lately and I can use all the sleep that I can get." Alex then left the living room. Gordon decided then he was going to spend the rest of the day at the ranch and that he was going to have a talk with his son in law because his daughter needed help as quickly as possible. That her mental state was not where it should be and that he Gordon would pay for whatever help that his daughter needed if Walker couldn't afford it.


Chapter Three


            When Walker and Trivette arrived at the arena they were directed to go to the visitor’s dressing room where they would find Derreck Pyatt who was the head of security. After they introduced themselves to Pyatt he told them “the reason that I wanted you two Rangers to meet me here was so that the fellow who's in charge of the P.B.R. side of this event could meet with the two of you because it would be less awkward that way, according to him. The staff thinks that I'm down here double checking the dressing rooms like I always do before a big event." Trivette questioned Pyatt “Why did he mean less awkward? We're here to oversee security. What's awkward about that?"


            Pyatt answered “he said that once the two of you met with him you'd understand. And no I don't have any idea of what he was talking about. If you ask me he was just trying to make himself feel important or doing something else just as idiotic. Now after you three have your meeting come up to my office and we'll go over the layout of the arena. Okay?" Walker nodded okay so Pyatt left. After he had gone Trivette said “so tell me partner how hard is it going to be for me to keep you from jumping on a bull?"


            Walker didn't answer that instead he started looking around the dressing room and spotted what appeared to be a hidden camera pointed towards the shower area. Trivette started over to where Walker had briefly paused but the door opened and Dalton Reed walked in. Reed then said to them “Walker and Trivette I'm glad that you could make it. Now about what I wanted to see you about, how can..."


            Walker interrupted him by saying “that’s enough Reed. Trivette and I are here to oversee security not talk about Cahill." Reed asked in a puzzled voice “what does Cahill have to do with anything?"


            Trivette replied “she has nothing to do with the reason that we're here and you know it Reed. So just stop with this stupid game that you want to play. Now since my partner and I are kind of busy right now we're going to Pyatt's office to discuss the security arrangements with him. You can either come with us or not." By that time Trivette had the door opened and motioned for Reed to go through it. Reed went with them to Pyatt's office because he wanted to find a way to talk with Walker and Trivette out of earshot of anyone else.


            After they spent the next several hours going over the best way to secure the arena with Pyatt and Reed the two Rangers were getting ready to leave when Trivette said to Reed "hey Dalton sorry about being all business before but it is my job and I was on the clock, so to speak. Now that business is out of the way how about we go to C.D.'s? He told me to tell you to make sure that you stopped in to see him as soon as you could." Dalton who still wanted to talk to the pair of Rangers about something that he didn't want anyone else to know about said to Trivette "how about you driving me there then? My truck is acting up, yet again. One of the roadies is going to take it to a garage to get it looked at for me."


            “My car is outside so if you want to we can go to C.D.'s right now. My shift is over with as of this minute." Trivette answered Reed who replied that sounded good to him and the three of them left the arena. As they neared Trivette's car he asked Walker “should I tell C.D. that we'll go to your ranch some other night?"


 “Tonight’s good and bring him with you." Walker answered and got into his truck. As they drove away from the arena Trivette told Dalton “Walker spotted a hidden camera in the visitor’s dressing room that appears to be pointed towards the shower area. We don't know if there were other hidden cameras and if the sound was being recorded too. So whatever you need to tell Walker you can tell him at his ranch. We'll stop on the way to get C.D., then I have to stop and get some pizza and wings. Okay?"


            “Okay. Does Alex know that I'll be there? It might be a little awkward for Walker to have his wife's old boyfriend at his ranch." Reed responded causing Trivette to say “I’m sure that Walker will tell her. And by the way you should know that Alex has given birth to Walker's children so there's no coming between them if that's what you're thinking of doing."


            “Trivette if there were no children involved I would try to get Cahill back in a heartbeat but I could never cost a child of Cahill's it's father, even if it is Walker who's the father. So their marriage is safe from me." Reed answered so Trivette changed the subject to sports.


            When Walker arrived home Gordon Cahill was on the front porch just standing there as his daughter Alex was yelling at him “why don't you just go ahead and leave? My children don't need a grandfather in their lives who thinks that their mother is insane." With young Cord staring at the pair Gordon answered in a calm voice “I never said that you were insane Alex. What I said was that you need to see someone about what's troubling you. Honey please listen to yourself when you talk about your husband and your youngest son. You know that Walker loves all of his children and that he isn't treating Baby Jimmy any differently than he does the others. And neither am I. If you're worried about not having enough money to go see someone I'll pay for it."


            Before Alex could say anything Cord pleaded “please listen to Grandpa Gordon Miss Alex. Daddy and Grandpa Gordon love my baby brother just as much as they love my other siblings. Please Miss Alex I don't want to lose you like I lost my mother. You're starting to act like she did right before she started to get mean to me. At first she would say mean things about Grandma and Poppy not loving her or me then she started blistering my backside. Miss Alex you aren't going to say more mean things to Daddy and Grandpa Gordon then blister my backside. Are you?" Alex looked at the child and realized that she had been saying mean things to both her husband and her father and that her stepson had overheard her. Pulling her stepson into her arms Alex told him “Cord I will never hurt you like that."


            Alex then addressed her father “Dad I think it might be possible that you may have a point about the way I've been treating you and my husband, maybe. However Walker would never allow you to pay for a therapist for me so I guess that means I'll just have to get better all by myself that is if I do need to get better. I don't know how it's possible for me to get over what you and Walker think are my negative feelings when I'm not sure that I'm having them. But if my behavior is so alarming to my oldest son to the point where he's worried about me becoming mean to him I'll have to at the very least consider talking to someone, sometime. Just to make sure that everything is okay." Walker came around the corner then and told them “Cord and Gordon please go into the house and look after the babies."  After they left the porch Walker said to his wife “Alex if you need to see a therapist I won't stand in the way of your seeing one. I know how worried you are about our youngest son and I'll help you in any way that I can. So that means if need be Gordon can pay for your therapist and I'll pay him back. Is that okay with you?"


            “Oh Walker thanks to Cord I'm beginning to think that I've been thinking things that aren't really happening lately. Deep down inside of myself I do know that you aren't treating Little Jimmy any differently than our other children but there's a part of me that's so worried about him that I'm letting it cloud my judgment. I do want to get over this feeling of mine that you'll turn your back on baby Jimmy if he turns out to be slow before I say something to either you or my father that I can't take back. Cordell there is a part of me that does know that I need some sort of help but there's also a part of me that worries that if I go to see a therapist I'm not worthy of being your wife. You would never go cry to someone when your life is too rough for you so why should it be okay for your wife to act like a crybaby? I couldn't take it if you ended up disappointed in me because I was crying to someone about my life. You've had a rougher life than I've had." A tearful Alex informed Walker who pulled her into his arms as he replied “I will never be disappointed in you Alex. You are not acting like a crybaby. What you are doing is admitting that you need help and that takes a lot of strength. I'm proud of you lady and if there's anyone who should feel unworthy it's me. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you."


            “How about for now I go see Sharon? She helped me after my encounters with LaRue and her rates are very reasonable and we should be able to afford them ourselves. If she says that I need to see anyone else I will. Then and only then will I allow my father to pay for help for me. However if my father does end up paying for help for me we'll then make arrangements to pay him back. We Walkers believe in paying our own way." Alex informed her husband who replied “Okay stubborn."

            Trying to ease her mood Alex teased “at least I'm not mule headed like a certain Texas Ranger that I know is." Walker kissed her on the cheek then said “so you say lady. Now how about we go into the house with our family?"


            “Sounds good to me husband and what would sound even better if you were to order us some pizza for dinner. I do believe that it's your night to take care of dinner." Alex answered Walker who informed her “Trivette and C.D. are coming out here for a visit and they're going to bring some pizza and wings. Sydney and Gage are coming too."


            As they were headed into the house Walker told his wife about what D.A. Moody had said to him and Alex replied “We can talk about Moody some other time. Okay?" Walker nodded okay.


Chapter Four


    When Cord heard the doorbell ring he ran and answered the door before his parents could get there. Opening the door he found Trivette and C.D standing there. Trivette was holding several boxes of pizza while a man who was behind the two of them was carrying some bags. Cord said to the man he consider to be a grandfather of his “Grandpa C.D. I've missed you. The babies have missed you too. Where have you been?"


            C.D. answered “I’ve missed you and the little ones too. Why don't you say hi to your Uncle Jimmy while I go see the little ones?" As C.D. went into the living room Cord turned to Trivette and questioned him “Uncle Jimmy is that pizza you're holding? And did you bring some wings with you?" A laughing Trivette replied “Yes to both questions young man. But we're going to have to wait for Cooke and Gage to get here before we can eat."


            “We can eat one of the pizzas and some of the wings before they get here. They'll never know." Cord suggested but Trivette rebutted “Cord that's not going to happen and you know it. But it was a nice try." Dalton hearing Trivette call the boy Cord asked him “Cord? As in?"

Cord answered “Cordell Walker. I'll tell them you're here Uncle Jimmy. They're busy with the babies." After Cord went into the living room Trivette explained “the babies are two sets of twins. The first set who's name are Angela and Ray are a year older than the second set of twins and they're named Sydney after Ranger Cooke and James after me, of course."


            By then Alex had come into the hallway and seeing her former boyfriend Dalton Reed standing there asked him "Dalton what are you doing here?" Reed replied “Walker asked Trivette to bring me out here; it has to do with something concerning the P.B.R. tour." Then being unable to stop himself he asked “the child that was just in the hallway, who's his father?"


            Alex knowing what her old boyfriend was really hinting at answered him “Cordell Summers Walker is my stepson, his mother was Merilee Summers and my husband is his father. But I consider him to be my oldest child. Since that's settled I'd better go see how my children are doing. Walker and C.D. aren't that good about keeping them out of things. Jimmy Walker said that after we ate you could go for a ride with him, along with Gage and Sydney."

“Okay Alex but for now these pizza are getting heavy so I'll put them on the dining room table then Reed and I will join Walker and you in the living room." Trivette replied.


            After they went into the living room Dalton looked at the two sets of twins then joked to his former girlfriend “Cahill when you told me that you wanted children you sure weren't kidding. You didn't waste any time once you were married. I mean look at you, you've only been married for what is it? Three or four years and yet you have four children. I could always picture you with one or two babies but not even in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought you would have four children." Alex informed her ex-boyfriend “I have five children, not four. I must admit though that I never pictured myself with that many but now that they're here I can't picture myself without any of them. But I always pictured Cordell Walker as my children's father."


Cord then said “Mo...I mean Miss Alex; the two sets of twins only make four children. Are you and Daddy going to have another baby?" Alex replied “I have five children and their names are Cordell, Angela, Ray, Sydney and James. And no your father and I aren't going to be having another baby. You five are enough for your father and I."


            “Okay. Uhm Miss Alex is it okay if I call you Mom sometimes? Just around the babies. I mean the older twins are starting to talk and if I keep calling you Miss Alex they might do it to. And they should be calling you Mommy since you're their Mommy. If you don't want me to call you Mom when the babies are around I can call you stepmom." Cord said to Alex who went to the child and pulled him into a hug as she answered “oh my young cowboy you can call me Stepmom or Mom, whichever you want to; whether or not the babies are around. I would be honored either way."


            Later on Dalton followed Alex into the kitchen to question her “If a D.N.A. test was done on young Cord who would it name as his father? Walker or me? Can you honestly tell me that there's no chance he's mine?" Alex responded “My oldest son is not your child. Dalton what the D.N.A. test would say was that Merilee Summers is Cord's biological mother, not me. Walker had a fling with Summers shortly before you and I dated. Summers never told Walker about his son until right before Walker and I were to be married. Walker became a father to his child then and I grew to love Cord as much as I do the twins, both sets. I know that you had to know about Cord but can you please drop the subject? He's my oldest son now and that's all there is to it."


“I had to ask Cahill. You can understand that given his age and the way he looks like the other four. And he could have no better mother than you. I really do wish you every happiness with Walker. There was always a part of me that knew Walker was the one for you." Reed said to Alex who replied “thank you for that Dalton. And I too wish you every happiness in the future when you find the woman who's right for you. But right now however you'd better join the others outside while I see to my babies." Alex went into the living room to see to her children while Dalton joined Walker and the three other Texas Rangers outside.


            Outside Walker and Trivette were listening to Gage tell them about what he had found in Dalton Reed's truck " Walker after that rodeo's guy truck was brought in Sean 'T' who's the manager of the garage told the crew that he would be seeing to Reed's truck as a personal favor to him since they go way back. One of the other men who was there smirkingly said “personal favor huh? The ship has come in." Sean 'T' got really mad at this guy and told the rest of us to go out into the lot and work on the vehicles that were out there. Awhile later this guy came out followed by Sean 'T' who was yelling at him that he was fired and to get off the lot. The guy took off in his car as fast as he could.  He looked more than a little scared to me. Sean 'T' then told us to go ahead back inside to work but to stay away from rodeo guy's truck. I was able to sneak a quick look under the truck and there looked to be bricks of some kind of drugs taped wherever someone found the room to tape them. So how do you think we should play this Walker?"


            Seeing Reed come out of his house Walker replied “for now just keep your eyes and ears open and make sure that you keep in touch with Sydney. As for that rodeo guy, that's him there. Trivette and I will see what he's been up to." The others nodded okay. When Reed neared them Trivette asked him “hey Reed if your truck is always being taken to a garage why don't you buy a new one?"


            “It is a new one, well sorta. My last two new trucks were stolen from the arenas where the P.B.R. tour was stopped at so I decided that I should buy myself a used one so that it wouldn't get stolen. One of the guys on the tour sold me a truck he had gotten from one of the sponsors. And why does that matter to you?" Reed answered Trivette who responded “it doesn't. I was just wondering is all. Now what did you want to see us about?"


            “I’m not sure but I think that someone associated with the P.B.R. tour is doing something illegal. I'm not sure what it is either; just that it may have something to do with money. For some reason at some of the tour stops we're making a bigger profit than we should be. Something is just wrong is all." Reed answered. Walker said to him “Trivette and I will look into it for you. If you have the time drop by Ranger headquarters tomorrow afternoon around three and we'll go from there."


            “I will..uhm Walker can I talk with you privately?" Reed asked Walker who looked at the other three Rangers who took the hint and they all took their leave, although Trivette said that he had to get C.D. from the house first. That when Reed was ready to leave he and C.D. would be waiting in the car.


            Reed held out his hand to Walker as he told him “Cahill is happy with you and I'm happy for her. I just wanted to tell you that." Walker shook Reed's hand but didn't reply to what Reed had just told him so Reed went and got into Trivette's car.


After they had left Walker returned to the house where he helped his wife with their children. When all five of them were sleeping Alex asked if they could sit on the front porch swing so Walker followed her there. Once they were seated Alex told him “Walker the morning after you, Trivette and C.D. showed up at my condo to give me a surprise birthday party I wrote to Dalton. In my letter to him I stated that it was you that I wanted and if need be I would wait the rest of my life for you. I never wrote to Dalton or spoke to him after that. I just wanted you to know that."


            “Okay. We did surprise you that night. I'll never forget seeing you open your front door with that green stuff on your face while wearing just a robe. The look on your face is one that I'll always remember." Walker replied. Alex then teased him “Both Jimmy and C.D.'s looks were pretty funny too but the best part of that night happened after they left. That birthday present you gave me then was so great."


            Turning a little red Walker wanting to change the subject suggested to her “How about we turn in? You look tired." Alex slid onto his lap as she answered him "I'm not feeling tired, for some reason right now I have a lot of energy. So how about I thank you for that present?" Walker thinking that Alex was just doing what she thought she should do as his wife tried to remove her from his lap but Alex resisted his efforts and told him "Cordell I love you and right now more than anything else I want to show you how much. Please let me make love to you. I need to be with you."


            Never being able to turn Alex down when it came to that Walker picked his wife up and carried her into the guest bedroom where Alex made love to him. When she was done a gasping Alex said to her husband “after we catch our breath how about we do that again? This time in our bedroom though. By the way it's your turn to make love to me." Walker complied.


            When they were done Walker asked her “are you really feeling better?" Alex knowing what he was really asking her honestly replied “I’m not there yet, at least emotionally. And it's going to take me some time until I get back to my old self. Finding out that our youngest is not developmentally delayed would be a big help but if he is I'll have to learn how to deal with it. So first thing in the morning I'm going to call Sharon and set up an appointment with her then I'll go from there. And before you get any ideas in your head, I did want to be with you. What happened the other night will never happen again. I promise." Walker nodded okay and pulled his wife even closer so that they could fall asleep in each other's arms.


Chapter Five


            Walker and Trivette both arrived at Ranger headquarters early the next morning to begin their investigation into Dalton Reed's claim that somebody was using the P.B.R. tour to do something illegal. Both of the Rangers thought it was very possible that drug smuggling, money laundering or both were taking place. The tour stop moved from city to city and it was very possible for someone if they wanted to smuggle drugs in some of the vehicles that went from city to city with the tour. Trivette decided to research the tax and payroll records for the P.B.R. tour while Walker got in touch with a former bull rider by the name of Val 'Clinger' Ratiloff who now worked as a roadie for the tour.


            Trivette came over to Walker's desk with the tax and payroll records and to also ask his partner what he had found out from Ratiloff “so what did your old buddy Ratiloff tell you Walker?" Walker answered "'Clinger' said that every time they make another stop on the tour that something happens to Reed's truck. Either it gets stolen or it has to be taken to a garage because something is wrong with it."


            “Could be it's being taken to a garage so that contraband is being removed from it with no one the wiser. But someone on the P.B.R. tour would have to be in on it along with someone at each of the garages. And these tax and payroll records are very interesting too. The tax records show a bigger profit on the not sold out stops than they do on the sold out stops. And the payroll records show a fair amount of turnover on the crew members but there are seven names that are listed as being on the payroll for each and every one of the stop. The other stops there are anywhere from six to ten new employees hired at each of the stops. It looks like there is some drug smuggling and money laundering going on but we're a long way from proving that." Trivette told Walker as he handed him some papers to look over.


            “Walker do you think that Reed is somehow involved in this?" Trivette asked Walker who answered “anything is possible. We'll know more after we talk to him at three. Why don't you suggest to him then that he wear a wire for us?"


            Trivette answered “Reed’s reaction to that one should tell us some of what we need to know. I'll call the tech guy and set it up while you look over these papers and see if you can see anything that I can't." Walker started reading through the papers as Trivette returned to his own desk. After making a few phones call Trivette came back over to Walker's desk where he informed him that Reed could be wired up whenever they wanted him to be.


A short time later D.A. Moody came into Ranger headquarters and asked to speak to Walker in private so Trivette returned to his own desk. Moody said to Walker “Ranger Walker I know that you told me the other day that you weren't stopping D.A. Cahill from returning to work and I have no choice but to believe you. However my office really does need her back so if you would please give her this note from me I would appreciate it. Also if you wouldn't mind can you please urge your wife to come back to work for me. Cahill can work as little as she wants to and as an added bonus a daycare center for members of the D.A.'s office is being opened on the fifth floor of the courthouse. That way Cahill can have her babies watched close by while she's at work. I can also arrange for your son Cord to be watched there too. What do you say Walker?"


            Walker placed the note in his pants pocket then told Moody “it’s still Alex's decision but I will tell her what you said." Moody nodded okay and left Ranger headquarters. Trivette who had been listening to the conversation said to Walker “maybe Alex should think about returning to work at the D.A.'s office. She does seem to be happier when she's working."


            “I know that Trivette" was Walker's answer so Trivette changed the subject to Reed and whether or not he was involved in whatever was going on. Both of them decided it was possible and they would treat Reed as though they believed he wasn't involved but that they would keep a close on him.


            Dalton Reed came into Ranger headquarters at 4:30 so Trivette asked him why he was late and Reed answered “I spent most of the day calling the garage about my truck. Just about every time I called they told me that it would be another hour until it got fixed. The last time I called they said it was ready and that I could pick it up. I got a ride to the garage to pick up my truck but the manager wasn't there and they made me wait until he got back to release my truck to me. Any other questions?"


            “As a matter of fact I do have one, what do you think about wearing a wire for us?" Trivette asked Reed who replied “Where at and for what reason? I mean whatever that garage is up to you already have that Ranger undercover there, you know the one that was at your house last night Walker. As for what's happening with the tour I no longer care? I have just about enough money saved up for a little spread of my own. Once this tour ends I'm going to retire. The next to last stop is just over the border and the final one is in Tempe Arizona. One way or the other in one month's time I'll be taking it easy on my own spread."


            “You got in touch with us." Trivette pointed out to Reed who responded “I only did that to see how the Walkers were getting along. I figured that once I called Ranger headquarters you two would be assigned to oversee the security for the arena. That way I'd be able to find out if Cahill was happy being married to him. If she wasn't happy being a married woman I was going to try and talk her into moving onto my spread with me. Now that I know Cahill has your children Walker and says she is happy being married to you I can forget about getting her back and move on with my life. I love her so much that I just had to give it one last shot. You two don't really need to come to the arena to see about security, everything will be okay. I've got it under control."


            “Reed we were assigned to oversee security at the arena and that's what we are going to do. We'll be at the arena no later than five. See you there." Trivette said as a disgusted Walker picked up his ringing phone while glaring at Reed who quickly left Ranger headquarters. It was Alex on the phone “honey it's me. I'm going to start seeing Sharon every two weeks in the evening. When you get home we need to work out your schedule so that you will be home with our children the evenings I go to see Sharon."


            “I’ll be home those evenings Alex. Moody gave me a note to give to you from him and he also said that there's going to be a child care center opened of the fifth floor of the courthouse, that way the babies will be watched close by if you decide to return to the D.A.'s office. By the way Trivette has already voted yes." Walker explained to his wife who retorted “Jimmy would vote yes because Moody replaced me with Brighton who's a little too full of himself and has been losing some of his cases because of that. As for Moody, he still owes me one hell of an apology for giving into political pressure and firing me before we were married. But enough about him, what time do you think you'll be home? Jalice wants to leave early. If you're going to be late I can see if my Dad or C.D. can help me out with the babies until you get here."


            “We have some leads to follow up on." Walker answered his wife who said that she would call her father and C.D. then hung up the phone. Trivette came over to Walker's desk then to tell him “we’d better tell Cooke that Gage's cover may have been blown." Trivette called Cooke who told him that Gage had just been fired by Sean 'T' and that the two undercover cops had also been fired by the managers of the garages they had been undercover in. Trivette explained this to Walker who took the phone from Trivette and told Cooke to have Gage meet them at the arena and that after she filed her report she was done for the day. Sydney told Walker that if it was okay with him she would go to the ranch to visit with Alex. Walker said that was okay.


Chapter Six


            Trivette met Gage at the employees' entrance to the arena. Gage said to his fellow Ranger “when Reed came to the shop to pick up his truck he was driven there by a roadie from the P.B.R. tour. Reed came into the garage with this roadie who said to Sean 'T' “Reed here who is retiring next month has a nice spread waiting for him." Reed quickly replied that was so and that he wasn't about to do anything to jeopardize his retirement. Reed then asked Sean 'T' did he know that there was a Texas Ranger undercover in the garage he was running for Sweetness’ while pointing to me. Sean 'T' looked right at me then said "you're fired Jimbo or should I say Ranger?" I gathered up my tools then went to Reed and told him thanks a lot. Reed told me that a man had to do whatever he needed to to not mess things up for himself. Then he loudly told me that I'd better run along to Ranger headquarters. Reed then lowered his voice and added that I'd better get there before Cahill lost her cool. Trivette when Reed whispered that to me it was like he was trying to warn me about something concerning Alex."


            “Gage if you saw that roadie again would you is able to point him out to Walker and I?" Trivette asked Gage who said “without a doubt, the roadie has a messed up right hand and there's a scar on the right side of his face that goes from his right eye down into his jaw. By the way where is Walker at?"


            “Walker is most likely down on the floor by the bulls with Ratiloff who Walker knows from his bull riding days." Trivette answered as they went in search of Walker. They ran into Reed who said to the younger Ranger “sorry about blowing your cover Gage but it was better than the alternative."


            “What was the alternative?" Trivette asked Reed who answered “someone that I love being hurt if I didn't go along with them. They told me that if I kept my mouth shut I could retire in peace but that if I didn't they would hurt my former girlfriend. Trivette the roadie that drove me to get my truck from the garage is in on it. I think he has been for a while."


            Gage then questioned Reed “what former girlfriend are you talking about? And what does Alex have to do with anything?" Reed's stricken expression was enough to let the two Rangers know that Alex was the one being threatened with harm. Trivette said to Reed “call Ranger Cooke at Walker's Ranch and tell her to stay there until Walker gets there because Alex might be in danger. After that if I were you I'd go to Ranger headquarters and wait for us to get back there. You're in as much danger as Alex is if not more."


            Reed answered “I’m going with you two. I dragged Walker into this and there's no way that I'm leaving here without knowing everything is okay. Cahill would kill me if I got her husband hurt."

            The three then went to the arena floor where Trivette asked about Walker and one of the bull handlers told him that Walker had just gone to the dock with his old friend 'Clinger' to check something out. Reed quickly said “Walker is in trouble. 'Clinger'  Ratiloff is the one who threatened to harm Cahill. He told me that he had a way to get to her whenever he wanted to."


The men then ran to the loading dock where Walker was doing his best to fight off four men while another man was yelling at them to hurry up and subdue Walker so that they could put him in one of the bull pens and make it look like Walker had been killed by a bull. Trivette and Gage quickly joined the fight. As the four men were being subdued Ratiloff tried to sneak away but Reed tackled him then dragged him over to where the four beaten men were sitting on the ground. Reed said to Walker “he threatened Cahill, that's why I tried to keep you away from the arena. Ratiloff showed me proof that he could get to Cahill at your ranch whenever he wanted to. She has all those kids out there too with no protection while you're at work. I couldn't let anything happen to Cahill or her children because of me."


            Walker glared at 'Clinger' who angrily told Walker “if I had to do it over again the only thing I would have done different is to have gone out to your ranch while you were at work and gotten rid of that interfering bitch Cahill. We had a good thing going until she refused to let you ride bulls anymore. If you had still been riding bulls you would have been the rider assigned 'bone breaker' not me and I wouldn't have gotten mauled by that damn bull. So you see Walker this is all your fault for letting that woman tell you what to do. After that I was no longer able to ride a bull but you told me that everything would be okay, that I would be able to find another job. Hell you even got me a loser of a job so that you wouldn't feel guilty about getting me hurt. I laid there in that hospital bed thinking where did you get off telling me that everything would be okay when I had just lost my reason to be around bulls. It was my life and you knew that when you turned your back on me after I quit that chicken shit job. And don't say you didn't turn your back on me either because I called your ranch asking to talk to you and your first wife assured me that she would give you my message for you to call me. After that whenever I called back she said that she was giving you my messages but that you didn't have anything more to do with bull riding and me too. However thanks to Sweetness and her friends I found a way to still be around bulls. Only I'm making a lot more money now."


            Walker grabbed 'Clinger' slammed him into the wall as he growled " If anyone even thinks about hurting my wife or children you will be the first person I take out."


            After Walker left Reed looked at Trivette and asked him “Walker’s first wife?" Trivette answered “Merilee Summers, she's dead now. When Walker found out about his son he married the boy's mother. Alex then had Walker's first set of twins and a year later she gave birth to the second set right after they were married. And don't be getting any ideas about trying to get Alex back. She's been through enough in the last several years. Alex and Walker are married now and nothing will ever change that. Got it?" Reed shook his head yes that he got it.


            Hours later Walker arrived home to find Sydney still there, she asked him what happened at the arena and Walker told her that Gage said for him to tell her that Gage would meet her at her place. Sydney quickly left the ranch causing Walker to ask his wife “is there something that I need to know about the two of them?"


 “Cordell you already know that they're a couple, what more do you need to know?" Alex asked her own question so Walker pulled out the note from Moody and handed it to Alex who read it then informed her husband “we need to talk about this after our children are asleep."


            After the children were asleep the Walkers were in their living in front of the fireplace relaxing when Alex said “Moody said that he was sorry for firing me before we got married. He also all but begged me to go back to work at the D.A.'s office. How would you feel about it?" Walker answered "I think you should go back to work at the D.A.'s office. You're the best A.D.A. they ever had."


“I’ll call Moody tomorrow morning then to tell him that I'm not returning to work until Sydney and James are at least six months old. Is that okay with you or do you think I should wait until after their first birthday?" Alex responded. Walker then told her "You lady are going back to your job in two months. Trivette is getting tired of Brighton blowing some of our busts."


            “Sounds good to me Cordell. So how about we turn in?" Alex said as she got up from the floor. Walker told her to go ahead that he would put out the fire then lock up. When Walker got to his bedroom Alex was standing by the bed wearing a sheer negligee. Seeing the look on her husband's face Alex teased “Hey cowboy how about helping me take this off?" Walker was more than willing to do that.