Double Jeopardy
By Vonnie (
& Teresa

Walker is sitting at his desk working on the never-ending paperwork, when he hears his name called. Looking up, he sees Captain Price standing in his office doorway, motioning him to join him in his office. 'Oh …oh, now what?' he wonders. He glances over at Trivette, who just shrugs his shoulders, then stands and strides over to the Captain's office.

Stepping inside, "Shut the door, Walker." He does then turns to face the Captain.

"Sit down. Would you like some coffee?"

"No, sir, I'm fine." 'I'm being buttered up for something, and it's probably something I won't like.'

"Walker, I've … ah … got something I want you to watch, and I want you to wait till it's over before you say anything, okay?"

He nods as the older Ranger slides a video into the VCR on top of the small TV sitting in the corner of the room. When the film starts it's, evidently, of a lady lawyer cross examining a witness in a courtroom. As he watches he notices that she is very thorough in her cross-examination, although Walker thought she had a smart mouth, outside of that she seems to be very good at her job. When the screen goes dark, he turns to look at Captain Price.

"Well, Walker, what did you think?"

"As a lawyer, she's very thorough, knows exactly what's she's doing. She does have a problem with her mouth. I would think she'd turn off the witnesses instead of getting them to cooperate. She needs a little more … finesse, I guess you could say."

"She needs to be more like Alex, is that what you're saying?"

Walker smiles and says, "I guess I do use her as a comparison, but yes, she should learn how to use tact to have the witnesses want to open up to her."

"Alex, would be a good one to compare her to. But I want you to look at one more take, okay?"

Walker watches silently, mostly of the same thing although it looks like a different courtroom, with the same lady lawyer but a different witness. When the screen goes dark, he looks up at the Captain, "Same thing in this one, too."

"Well, there was a difference in this one, the lawyer in the second video was your wife, Alex."

Looking stunned, he stands as the door opens and Alex walks in. Walker shifts his eyes from Alex to the Captain with a puzzled look on his face. "Alex … what's going on?"
Alex shuts the door then moves over to stand at Walker's side. She has a small smile of greeting on her face, knowing without a doubt that Walker is not going to like this.

"Alex, glad you could make it. Please sit down, both of you." He looks from Alex then back to Walker, not liking the look on his face at all. "Walker, all I ask is that you keep an open mind."

Walker pulls his eyes away from his wife, looking hard at the Captain, "An open mind about what?"

Looking at Alex, he says, "You've already been brought up to date about everything, right?" She nods and he continues, "I'm going to step outside and let you explain it to him, then. I know … he won't hit you." He smiles at her and quietly stands, and with Walker staring intently at Alex, he leaves the room. Moving clear across the room to stand beside Trivette's desk.

"Darling, you saw the film, right." He nods and she moves her chair closer to his. Taking a file from her briefcase, she pulls an 8 X 10 glossy out and shows it to him. "This is a picture of Teresa Jannings, the lawyer you saw in the film and this is…" The second picture she pulls out needs no identification. It's Alex.

Holding the two pictures side by side, he sucks in his breath. The face shots of the two women is startling. The only difference he can see is the color of their eyes and hair. Where Alex is blonde with blue eyes, this Teresa's eyes are a pale green with dark rich brown hair. He throws the pictures on the desk, stands and moves to the other side of the room. "No!" he says softly.

"Honey, I haven't told you everything, yet." She stands and moves over in front of him, and taking his hands in hers, she feels a slight trembling.

"I know enough and the answer is no." He pulls her into his arms with a deep dread filling his heart. "They want you to take her place, don't they?" He murmurs into her ear.

She hears the ache in his tone, "Yes," she says softly. "But I'll be well protected, and you'll never be far away."

* * *

Across the room, Captain Price is watching the exchange between the two, he's unable to hear, but their body language is very clear. He can see the worry on Walker's face, he also knows the deep love he has for this woman. "Trivette," he says softly, "I don't think I've ever seen a love as deep as they have for each other." Both are watching the two people in the small room.

"I know. But as deep as that love is, so is their respect for each other. He'll let her do this, but be prepared for war, if he even thinks she's in danger." He smiles as he sees Walker take Alex into his arms.

"I can't say, I'd try to stop him. But we'll have the most sophisticated technology at our disposal. She'll be wired but not wired. Teresa Jannings has a hearing problem in her left ear so she wears a very tiny, almost invisible hearing aid. On Alex it will be the microphone. It's virtually undetectable. And there will be several cars at strategic points, and stakeouts in nearby buildings." He relaxes slightly when he sees the two in his office sit back down in the chairs, evidently she's gotten him to listen.

"How soon do we have to put this plan into effect?"

"Everyone has to be in place in Houston, in about two weeks. Teresa Jannings will be picked up in two days … if Walker is agreeable."

* * *

"Alex, I don't like this, I don't like it at all."

She places her hand against his cheek, "I know, but this is important. And I wouldn't do it if it wasn't the only way and … you weren't going to be nearby."

He takes her hand, brings it to his lips, and then looks into her eyes. "If, at any time, I think your life is in danger, I'm yanking you out."

"I'd expect you to. But you have to give me a chance to do what they want me to do. You've got to trust me enough to let me do this right." Seeing the pained look on his face, she leans over and kisses him softly.

"When and where does this all take place?"

"In Houston, in a little over a week. They'll bring in Teresa Jannings in a couple of days so I can watch her, try to emulate her actions, her mannerisms. And I want you there with me. Okay?"

He nods, stands, gives her a weak smile and says, "I guess we should tell the Captain that I've surrendered." Pulling her into his arms he kisses her deeply then steps back and opens the door.

* * *
Double Jeopardy Chapter 2
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Two days later, Walker is standing in a small room looking in a two-way mirror at Teresa Jannings. A beautiful woman in her own right, but her actions takes away from that beauty. She's tough acting, with a sultry voice and quick with her opinions. She says what she thinks regardless of the people around her. Very frank and open.

"God, Alex. Are you going to be able to behave like her?"

She moves into his arms, smiles and says, "Come watch me in one week, then ask me that." Over the course of the next week, she gets her nails done, and goes on a shopping spree with the city's money after going through Teresa's luggage. But her hair won't be done until just before leaving for Houston.

Walker opens the door and walks into the conference room, where he is told Alex will meet him. But when the door on the opposite wall opens, a policeman takes the cuffs off of Melissa Jannings then closes the door after her. He stands there staring at her wondering why she is here.

She looks at him with suspicion, slowly circling around him, but eyeing him with obvious interest. She slowly smiles and in a seductive voice, murmurs, "Well, who are you, cowboy." She walks up to stand beside him at the table and stares at him. "Are you a lawman?" Not waiting for an answer, she reaches out to squeeze his biceps then backs away, "Not bad, not bad at all. You … ah …fill out those jeans … real nice, too." She circles around him again, then suddenly stops, staring openly at his crotch, "Maybe one of these days … you'll show me what you have … behind that zipper." She moves up to stand in front of him, eyes locked to his. Before he can react she reaches down and lays her hand against his fly then moves quickly away. "Oh … very … nice. Wonder what it's like at full attention."

Suddenly, Walker reaches out to grab her, and bringing her close, he kisses her tenderly. "Not bad, wife, not bad at all."

Alex moves away from him, "How did you know it was me. I though I had you fooled completely."

He pulls her back against him, whispering for her ears only, "You did … until you touched me." He watches her eyes as they slowly register what he is saying. "Only you have that power, lady, only you."

She smiles, and in a low murmur, "Are we being watched?"

"I don't … think so."

"Good." She wraps her arms around his neck, and pressing herself against him, she touches her lips to his, kissing him passionately.

* * *

Alex arrives at Teresa's hotel in a cab. Her first test, fooling the doorman and the desk clerk. Taking a deep breath, she picks up her purse and briefcase and gets out of the cab and, in the true manner of Teresa, enters the front door of the hotel. By the time she makes it to her room (or Teresa's room) Alex is shaking like a leaf. She locks the door and leans back against it.

Looking around the room, she decides that Teresa has pretty good taste in decorating. A little loud in colors but overall, not to bad. She drops her briefcase and purse into a chair and takes a tour around the suite. The living room and the kitchen are down in white with the most outlandish pictures on the walls. Going to the kitchen she opens the cabinets, pulls out the drawers then checks out the refrigerator which is well stocked, guess she likes to cook. Pushing open the door to the bedroom, she stops, blinks her eyes, hardly able to take in what she sees. "I don't believe this," she murmurs. The bedroom houses a very large round bed. On the right wall a door is open showing a large walk-in closet. There's a small roll top desk in one corner and an upholstered chaise lounge in another, with a floor lamp on one side and a small table on the other with an open book lying on it. The entire room is done in shades of black.

"Oh, my." She slowly walks around the room looking things over. She goes to the closet, moves a few of the items hanging just to get an idea of where Teresa's taste runs, then begins pulling open the drawers along one wall. Finding the lingerie, she locates the nightwear but she's not sure she want's to wear it, it's all sheer and lacy, and very sexy.

She picks out the one least suggestive, which is still more erotic then she likes, and tosses it onto the bed. Taking her jacket off, and draping it over the back of a chair, she kicks her shoes off and opens the door that, she hopes, leads to the bathroom.

"Oh, yes, now I could really get use to this." Besides a large tub along one wall, and a shower stall next to it, there are double sinks, the commode, and … a Jacuzzi in one corner, a very large Jacuzzi. Alex immediately, turns on the water, adjusts the temperature and begins disrobing. Looking around the room, she sees a bathrobe hanging on the back of the door. Dropping the last of her clothes on the floor she slips on the robe, and goes back out into the kitchen to see what she can find to eat. With so much to choose from, she finally settles on crackers and cheese and a large glass of orange juice. Taking her snack, she reenters the bathroom. Setting her plate of goodies on the side of the Jacuzzi, she unties the robe and lets it drop to the floor. Sticking her toe into the water, testing the temperature, she sighs and slips into the warm swirling water. Settling down to the bottom, she leans back against the side and closes her eyes.

Her mind as well as her body relaxes as the aches and the tension slowly seeps away as the water lulls her into a dreamy state. Suddenly her eyes snap open, 'What was that?' She sits up, on the alert now; 'maybe it's my imagination!' She's just about ready to believe it's the air conditioner coming on, when she hears the noise again. Panic claws at her, as she reaches for the robe, when the realization hits her that she doesn't have any idea how many people (especially men) may have the key to Teresa's home.

In a shaky voice she calls out, "Who's there?" She opens her mouth to scream when a dark shape looms up in the darkened doorway.

Double Jeopardy Chapter Three
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

"Ahh … Cordell Walker! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Her body visibly relaxes when she recognizes her husband as the intruder, then stiffens again as she asks, "What are you doing in here?" Then as a shocking thought enters her head, "Oh … God … do they have monitors in all the rooms?" She grabs for the robe again.

"No, Alex, they only have bugs in the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom."

"Oh, great. Now I'm going to have to watch what I say, aren't I? Even when I'm alone?"

"Well, maybe to some extent, yes." He sits down on the edge of the Jacuzzi, trailing his fingers through the water, edging ever closer to the soft mounds just barely covered by the swirling water.

"Why in the bedroom? Why … so they can get a cheap thrill listening to me undress?"

"Alex, you know better than that. But we need one in there in case you have visitors and that is definitely one place we need to monitor what goes on. Just remember that this is the only room without a listening device, so please stay out of here when you have visitors. Where ever you are, make sure you have your hearing aid, okay?"

"Why … not a bug in here, too?"

"Because, … running water will drown out any conversation."

Looking into his face, she can see the agony he's going through, just by her being here at all. She smiles softly at him, "I'm sorry, hon. I guess I'm still a little jumpy. I do understand, I'll … just make sure I undress in here." Her eyes are drawn to the hand that he is dangling in the water and is slowly, teasingly moving toward her. "Do you … have to go back … right away?"

His eyes darken as they move from her form underwater to meet hers that seem to be silently begging him to stay, "Not … right away. They'll let me know if someone … comes to your door." When his hand dips under the water to softly brush across her breasts, her breath catches, then grabbing his hand, she holds it under the water against her breasts. "Where…" he clears his throat and starts over, "Where's your … hearing aid?" He follows to where her eyes glance, sees the hearing aid, and then as a safety measure, throws her robe on top of it.

"Have you got … time … to join me?" she whispers softly. Her eyes brighten as she watches him remove his clothes then slide into the warm water, pulling her into his arms. "Oh, God, Walker," she moans, "we should get … one of these." She quiets as his mouth finds hers, drinking in her taste as his hands continue the gentle caressing of her breasts.

The swirling water seems to enhance the touching and the tasting as it surges in and around them. Walker's hand moves down over her soft skin, made ever softer by the water, gliding over her belly, down along her thigh to her knee. Then as his hand makes the return journey it moves to the inside of her thigh with whisper soft touches. When his touch encounters the warm center of her, she groans into his mouth, and arches her hips up as his fingers explore the creases and folds before finally slipping into her. Her body trembles and she screams from the shock of the pure pleasure that courses through her. He swallows the scream and holds her tighter, letting her recover before bringing her up to straddle his lap. He lifts her up as she guides him inside her, bringing her down slowly, until he is fully imbedded. She lies against him, feeling totally complete, now that he is joined with her.

They both jump … as the phone on the side of the Jacuzzi rings…

It rings three times, before they have enough sense about them to think. "Walker, tell them … to wait."

"Not them. Pager on my belt…"

"Oh, God, who…"

"You better answer it, it might be…"

Her breathing's still fast and uneven as she picks up the phone, bringing it to her ear as she sits on Walker's … lap?



"Yes." She looks at Walker and presses her finger to his lips.

"I didn't know you were back in town, why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't know I had to check back in with you. I told you when I'd be back, didn't I?" Walker leans forward and brushes his tongue over her nipple. "Ahhh…"

"What's wrong, Teresa?"

"Nothing's … wrong." She manages to say. But Walker's blood is flowing hot and he's having a hard time not moving within her. Tucking the phone into the side of her neck, "Don't …please," she murmurs as he sucks her nipple deep into his mouth. She sucks in her breath as sensations of pleasure begin pooling in her groin.

"Teresa … if I didn't know better I'd say you had a man there with you….do you?"

Bringing the phone to her mouth, "What? … I … really don't think it's any of your business … who I have here with me." Taking a deep breath, she tries to push Walker back but without much success. Feeling a climax building, she knows she has to get off the phone. "But as a matter of fact … ah … I'm busy, call me back in about an hour." She hangs up the phone as Walker begins rocking his hips. As Alex moves with him, he moans, increasing the tempo of his arching hips until a final surge. He explodes into her just as her climax breaks free and they hold each other tight as the spasms go on and on. He finally lifts Alex up and brings her into his side, still holding her tight.

Caressing her back with his hand, "I think I'd better dress and get out of here before your … caller decides to come by in person."

She brushes her hand through the golden red hair on his chest and murmurs, "Knowing that we couldn't be together like this, almost made me back out on this assignment. But I know they've been trying to get this guy for a long time, so I guess this will have to do until we get back home, huh." Placing a kiss on his cheek then letting him go, he stands and grabs a towel.

"Oh, I don't know. We found this time, didn't we? Who knows where we can improvise?" He winks at her then dresses, sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi to slip his socks and boots on. He turns places his hands on her shoulders and pulls her up for one last sweet kiss, whispering, "Be careful, hon, I love you," before he stands and walks out of the bathroom.

She stares after him for several minutes, waiting to hear the front door close but when she doesn't she gets out of the tub, grabs her robe and hurries out into the living room. He's gone. Well, he always was a silent one. Not wanting to be caught with just a robe on, she returns to the bedroom and remembering the listening device, she gets her clothes and reenters the bathroom to dress.

Double Jeopardy Chapter IV
By Vonnie (
& Teresa

Alex is sitting at the small desk in the bedroom going over the papers that were in Teresa's briefcase, when she hears the doorbell. Showtime! She stands up, take a deep breath and walks into the living room, putting herself in the 'Teresa Jannings' mode. When she looks through the peephole she sees the man who has hired Teresa as his personal lawyer, Angelo Scarponi.

The drug lord of Texas. He's the kingpin for the drug cartel in Texas. Somehow the drugs come in to Houston and he sees that they are distributed to all the main cities in Texas. If the flow coming into Houston can be stopped it will choke off a large portion of drugs supplied to the rest of Texas. The consensus is that they are being shipped in, but no matter how many ships are searched, or how often, nothing is ever found. Hence, the reason Alex has gone undercover, to see if she can find out how the shipments are coming in.

She takes a deep breath, and opens the door. "Come in Mr. Scarponi, I've been expecting you."

He doesn't walk in, it's more like he glides in, his walk is so smooth. But he isn't by himself, his son Antonio, Tony, is right behind him. Alex hadn't seen him through the peephole. The old man moves to the center of the room then turns to look at her. "Is … your friend gone."

"I'm alone, Mr. Scarponi, does that satisfy you?" She turns and watches as Tony goes into her bedroom, returning a few minutes later.

"She's alone, Papa."

"Antonio, isn't it? I didn't know you were in Texas. The last I heard you were in Italy … visiting … relatives, I believe it was." She turns on her charm, knowing that Tony could be a good source of information. He's a very striking man, tall, well-built, with coal black hair and eyes just as black.

"Yes, I just got back two days ago. Papa thinks it's about time I took an interest in his business. I like the United States, especially Texas. There are some very beautiful … places here, I'm finding out." He looks at Alex with more than a passing interest. The smile he flashes at her, tells her she'll have to be careful of him, he may not take no for an answer. And he doesn't look like he'll be an easy one coerce information from.

She turns back to Angelo who has taken a seat on the couch and is watching the exchange between his son and his lawyer. He likes that, maybe they'll have a lawyer in the family. "Who was the man that was here, Teresa?"

"Since when do I have to tell you about my … friends? You're my client, not my father. Besides, how do you know anyone was here?"


"The Jacuzzi still has some water in it, the floor is wet and man's footprint is fairly fresh on the tile floor. There are no men's clothes in the apartment, but I could smell an after shave but not well enough to know what it is."

Reacting quickly, "So … I had a man in here. I'm over twenty-one. If I want a man, I sure as hell don't need your permission."

"Calm down, Teresa, take it easy. You know my kind of business, I can't take any chances that you'll let something slip to a … lover."

"Mr. Scarponi, if you don't trust me any better than that, maybe you'd better find another lawyer. Otherwise, my private life is just that. Private!" Hoping she hasn't gone to far, she waits…

"I trust you, Teresa, no problem there. Have your … private life. As long as it doesn't interfere with my business, I have no problem with it." He stands and without looking at his son, he starts for the door, "I'll see you at Bertroli's for lunch, we'll talk, okay? Make it at 1:00." Toni opens the door, lets his father walk out, and then turning to Alex with a very seductive smile, he murmurs, "Was he good?"

"Damn good." She answers as Tony pulls the door shut. When the door clicks shut, she rushes over and looks out the peephole. They're gone. She locks the door then turns, leans back against it then slides down to the floor, and begins shaking violently. After a few minutes, she makes herself take a deep breath, then a deeper one and she continues this until the shakes have stopped and she's breathing evenly again.

Standing, she shuts the lights out and goes into the bedroom. Knowing that the stakeouts heard every word and knew that Walker had joined her in the Jacuzzi, she doesn't bother undressing in the bathroom, she drops her clothes where she takes them off, and crawls into bed, naked.

* * *

The group in the next apartment consists of Walker, Trivette, Gage and Sydney. They listen without comment as Alex plays her part as Teresa Jannings. When a mention is made about the man's footprint in the bathroom, Walker mutters softly, "Damn" but nothing else. If any one of them is thinking about his visit to Alex, no one mentions it. He didn't think they would, they were his friends. As the conversation between Alex and the Scarponi's continue Walker hears comments from Sydney, "Quick thinking." And Gage, "She's good." And he agrees with them, she is good. But he doesn't like the trend the conversation is taking with the talk about her 'sex life' and he's thankful for the secret door they had installed through the walk-in closet. Alex knew enough self-defense skills to protect herself but he didn't want things to go that far. When the Scarponi's leave and he hears Alex's comment "Damn good," he had to smile. But then the door shuts and the sounds they hear aren't making sense. "Walker, what's happening to her?" He listens closely, using his mind's eye to visualize what she's doing from the sounds he hears.

Softly he describes what he hears, "She's slid down the door, sitting on the floor ... she breathing hard, shaking." Come on, baby, pull yourself together, come on, hon. "She's taking deep breaths, trying to get herself calmed down." That's it, hon, you can do it. "She all right, now. She's in the bedroom." He watches his friends remove their headsets and relax back in their seats, giving her privacy. He listens long enough to realize that she has undressed and gotten into bed …without a gown.

* * *

Alex wakes the next morning feeling restful and very much at peace. Her husband had spent the night with her, she was sure of it. She doesn't remember him getting into bed or him leaving but she knows he was there by the way she slept. She can still feel his warmth against the sheets, his smell on the pillow, and his body against hers. She's not sure how he's getting in and out of the apartment, she doesn't really care, because as long as she has these moments with him, she'll be able to get through the rest a lot easier.

Dressed in one of Teresa's more conservative outfits, she walks into her office in downtown Houston, not to far from Old Spanish Trail. Not sure how long this assignment would take they figured she'd better at least make an appearance. Going by the diagram they had shown her she speaks when spoken to, but goes directly to her office without stopping to talk to anyone. Pausing before she opens her office door she turns to look at her receptionist. "You're new, aren't you?"

"Yes, ma'am. I just started yesterday. I'm a temporary while Megan is on vacation." Sydney keeps her face straight, trying to look a little intimidated by the formidable boss lady.

Alex nods at her, with no expression of recognition, and enters her office. She spends the morning checking through Teresa's computer and her file cabinet. Not finding anything, she sits down at the desk, shakes her head and looks around to see if she is missing something. Hearing a light tap on the door, "Yes."

"I was told you would probably want some coffee." Sydney is smiling, aware that no one can see her.

"Yes, I would, please bring some."

When Sydney returns with the coffee. "I can't stay, I just wanted you to know, we will always be close. Walker rode the elevator up with you, did you know that?"

Alex smiles, "Yes, I couldn't acknowledge him, but I felt him. Tell him … tell him … Never mind, he knows. Thanks, Syd. You'd better go now, don't want to arouse anyone's suspicion, now do we?"

"No, we don't." She turns to leave, then quickly turns back. "Oh, I'm suppose to tell you, we have a secret way into your apartment, that's why Walker is able to come and go at will. In case you were wondering."

"Well, I was, but not to much." As Syd turns to leave, Alex stands and touches her arm. "Syd … thank you … for giving us time alone."

"Alex … this assignment will be rough enough without you going through husband withdrawal, too." Syd gives Alex one of her cocked grins, turns, and leaves the room.

At 1 p.m. Alex walks into Bertroli's, and is ushered back to where Angelo Scarponi is sitting. Sliding in across from him, "Mr. Scarponi."

"Ah, Teresa. How is your love life?"

Alex stands, "Probably better than yours, Mr. Scarponi. Look, if the only reason for this meeting is to discuss my 'love life', then you've wasted your time as well as mine. Good day." She turns to leave, and bumps into Tony who has come up behind her.

"Wait, Teresa. I apologize. You always were touchy. Come, sit down, I have business to talk over with you." When Alex turns around, "Please?"

Tony moves up behind her, and whispers in her ear. "I think he means it. I'll make sure he steers clear of your … 'love life', okay?"

Reluctantly giving in, she sits back down. Tony sits down next to her, forcing her to move over. "All right, Mr. Scarponi, what business do want to discuss?"

"First we will eat … then we will discuss business." He waves over a waiter and their orders are placed.

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter V
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Sitting in the back of the restaurant, dressed like a business man, black suit, white shirt, string tie, briefcase lying open with papers scattered on the table, Walker looks like everyone else, a businessman having lunch. He watches the exchange of words at the table across the room as unobtrusively as possible. When the words get loud, he tries not to show any more interest then the rest of patrons in the room.

* * *

All through dinner, then the business that the old man wanted taken care of, she has to put up with innuendo's and whispers of sexual comments from Tony, plus his wandering hand below the table. She didn't get to eat much with keeping her hand below the table to thwart his advances. Finally, when his hand slides up under her skirt, she grabs his finger, bending it back severely, bringing a sharp cry from him.

"Tony, what's the matter son?" Glancing back and forth between the two of them. When Tony brings his hand above the table, his finger is clearly causing him agony. "Tony, what's wrong?"

"Mr. Scarponi, you need to teach you son some manners. I don't appreciate being pawed while I'm trying to eat." Staring hard at Tony, then facing his father, "If you're done talking business, I'd like to leave, especially if you want me to take care of what you want done."

"Yes, that needs to be done as soon as possible. Take this with you and do what has to be done." Sliding a large vanilla envelope across the table toward her.

She pick up the envelope along with her purse and stares hard at Tony, and after receiving a glare from his father, Tony stands, letting Alex out. She walks out of the restaurant without looking back. She had seen Walker, and knew he was probably ready to tear into Tony with a vengeance.

In the fifteen minutes from the time that Alex leaves and when Walker stands and walks out, Tony received a thorough lashing from his father on how to act like a gentleman. Mauling Teresa was not how to win her favors. Walker is smiling as he leaves, knowing the embarrassment that Tony is feeling, is calming him down … a little.

* * *

Leaving Bertroli's, Alex catches a cab and goes straight back to her (Teresa's) office. Passing Sydney working at her desk, Alex gives her a slight nod before pushing the door open into her office.

Sitting down, she opens the vanilla envelope, and pulls several papers out, spreading them out on the desktop. The top few papers contain information on one of his higher-up henchmen, in jail awaiting trail, which she was supposedly, going to defend. The next set of papers set her heart to racing as she scans over them. Laying them down, she backs away from the desk, and begins taking deep breaths, trying to swallow the fear that is building inside of her.

It takes several minutes for her to calm down enough to resume reading the papers. She is to join the Scarponi's aboard the ship on pier 87 when it docks on Friday at 10: p.m. Why? Reading further, it seems that several of his suppliers will be aboard this ship for a meeting to renegotiate the division of the profits. She is to bring the old contracts with her to this meeting. I don't like this. How is Walker going to get anyone even close to that ship? Oh … boy. I'm … sure he'll think of something because I've got to go. This may be my best chance to find out how they're bringing the drugs in. She takes a deep breath, Walker! I need you! I need your assurance. She stands and begins pacing around the room. Stopping to look out the window at the beautiful skyline of Houston, she finally returns to her desk and begins writing. When she finishes she buzzes for her receptionist.

A light tap on the door causes her to look up, to see Sydney enter the room. Shutting the door behind her, she sees the worried look on Alex's face. "What is it, Alex? Are you all right?"

"Sydney, I can't go into details now, take this to Walker, it explains everything. I … need to see him, but I don't know when I can. I'll be gone tonight through tomorrow night." She hands an envelope to Sydney, "It's all explained in there. Please go now, I'm expecting Tony and I don't want him to focus too hard on you. Okay?" Sydney nods and quickly leaves the office. Five minutes later Tony arrives.

* * *

As Alex stands behind her desk looking at Tony, "I'm not sure I should have agreed to going to this party aboard your father's yacht. I don't relish the idea of fighting you off all evening."

"I've apologized for my earlier … transgressions, and I promise I'll be the perfect gentleman. I won't do anything that you … don't want." The smile on his face looks sincere enough but it could also have sexual overtones behind it. It was hard to tell with a man like Tony. His idea of a perfect gentleman may be entirely different than hers.

"Well, we'll soon find out, won't it? Why don't you pick me up at my hotel in an hour, give me a chance to freshen up and change clothes."

"You can freshen up on the boat, you've still got clothes there from the last time you visited. So my father tells me, anyway." He holds his arm out, "Shall we?" Alex moves slowly around the desk and takes his arm.

"Remember Tony, behave yourself or you'll spend the evening alone." How are you going to get around this, Walker? Oh, God, I want you there, but I know you can't be.

* * *

When Sydney gives Walker the letter from Alex, he opens it and quickly reads it. "Damn, I don't like this. Did she say anything else, Syd?"

"Just that she wanted to see you, but wouldn't be able to because she would be gone tonight through tomorrow." Looking at him she sees the worry in his face. "Does she say where she's going?"

"Yes, she'll be staying on Scarponi's yacht tonight, then tomorrow she has the preliminary hearing of Thomas Olivera, one of Scarponi's sergeants. She'll be in court most of the day, then she goes back to the yacht. At ten on Friday night, they want her at a meeting on board a ship at pier …87. I guess his suppliers are not too happy with the way the profits are split up. They're supposed to renegotiate the contracts."

"Man, that right there could be trouble, partner. Anytime crime bosses start arguing about money, there is always trouble." Trivette sees the concern on his face, "If it will help, I could probably get on the yacht as a waiter or something. One of us should be there anyway."

"That's good Trivette, but I'll be there, too. Maybe not just as open as you are, but I'll be there." He turns and looks at Gage, "Do you think you could get a job down at pier 87? Then when the ship docks it shouldn't be to hard for you to get aboard."

"I can do that. Wouldn't be the first time I worked the docks. I'll get on that ship, Walker, count on it."

"Thanks Gage. Trivette … you better get started. If you can, let her know I'll be around somewhere. Okay?" Trivette nods and Walker says, "Be careful, partner. I don't want to have to break in a new man." Trivette smiles at the jest, but knows his partner truly worries about him.

"What about me, Walker? What do you want me to do?"

"Sydney, I need you to stay on at Teresa's office. Alex will come back there before she goes to court tomorrow. She may have information for you." She agrees, then as everyone leaves to get established in their roles, Walker says a silent prayer for the safety of all concerned.

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter VI
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

After boarding the yacht, Tony shows Alex to her cabin, then surprisingly, leaves without making any overtures toward her. Quickly locking the door, she drops her purse and briefcase on a chair and makes a quick tour of the rooms. Just a bedroom and bath, and checking the closet, she finds that Tony was right, Teresa did have clothes on board. She takes a quick shower and dresses in a soft silk pale yellow shift, not formal but definitely not a house dress either. Checking herself in the mirror she decides to leave the cabin instead of waiting for Tony to come looking for her. Knowing that Scarponi will want to talk about the upcoming trial tomorrow, she carries her briefcase with her when she goes to the main room. Spying Tony and his father sitting at a table next to the bar, she walks across and joins them.

"Hello, Teresa. You look nice. Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, Tony, I'll just have a tonic and water, thank you." Looking toward the bar, she almost swallows her tongue when she sees Jimmy behind the bar, mixing drinks. Making a quick recovery, she looks at Mr. Scarponi, "I figured you'd want to talk about the trial tomorrow, so I brought my file." She opens her briefcase, ready to take a folder out when…

"No, Teresa, no business tonight. I trust you will do your best concerning Mr. Olivera. Now, the guests are starting to arrive. Why don't you and Tony greet them as they board."

The next few minutes are busy as she and Tony greet the couples arriving for the elaborate party that Mr. Scarponi is well known for throwing. When Tony asks her to dance, she agrees for no other reason then not to draw attention to herself. He pulls her close, dancing cheek to cheek, and no amount of pushing him back helps, because she ends closer than ever. Taking the chance of trying to distract him, she begins talking about the ship due to dock tomorrow evening. With his lips next to her ear, he answers her with whispers. She knows she is playing with fire but if she can get the information she needs than this undercover gig would be over and she could get back to her husband.

When the dance ends, Tony swings her right into another one. When he pulls her close, she feels the hardness of him as he holds her tight, and knows after this dance she's got to do something to pop his bubble because there is not no way this can go any farther. Whether he's distracted by his rising emotions or maybe he just doesn't care, but when she asks about the security on the ship, the cockiness of his answer that the stupid cops would never find anything, he let slip one word, anchor, which makes no sense to her. Whatever it means, she doesn't know, but feels like it could definitely be the answer.

Making the excuse that her feet hurt, she pulls away from him and goes to his father's table, sinking into her chair in relief to be away from Tony. But he follows her to the table, then just sits and stares at her, like a child pouting because he didn't get his way. Through out the evening, Tony keeps pestering her to dance with him. With the drinks he's putting away, Alex is hoping she won't find herself alone with him, because he is turning into a belligerent drunk. Close to midnight, when Tony has disappeared she tells Mr. Scarponi good night and heads for her cabin.

* * *

Walker is dressed like a deck hand, in case he is spotted, but for the most part, he is staying in the shadows, keeping an eye on Alex. It's all he can do to keep himself from rushing out on the dance floor, pull Alex out of Tony's arms, and beat the holy crap out of him. The second dance he notices that Alex is whispering to Tony, probably trying to pry some information out of him, but he also notices the state of arousal that Tony is in and fears that Alex is going to have her hands full. Just don't go off with him anywhere, baby. Stay in a crowd. He relaxes when she returns to the table and spends the rest of the evening there. Until she leaves and goes outside on the deck. He's at the opposite end of the room from where she goes out, so ducking out he works his way around the main salon to where Alex is.

* * *

As she moves out on the deserted deck, she stands at the rail for a breath of fresh air, before going to her cabin. As she looks at the bright lights of Houston, she suddenly feels arms slide around her waist. Turning quickly, she finds herself in the steel grip of Tony's arms, and his mouth is moving over her neck, across her ear and finally takes her mouth in a rough whiskey smelling kiss. She begins struggling but he's holding her too tight to use any self-defense moves. "Tony … stop it," she blurts out when he releases her mouth, "Get away from me. Your drunk."

"Not to drunk … to finish … this." His hands are pulling at her clothes, rubbing against her breasts, then he begins to pull her dress up, when suddenly his hands fall away and he slowly sinks to the floor.

Stunned, she looks up to see Walker lowering Tony to the deck with a choke hold. "Come on, Alex," he grabs her hand and pulls her with him as he takes off into the dark. "Are you all right?" he whispers.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank God, you were here. How did you get on board? I saw Jimmy, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him."

"Did you find out anything?" He asks as he keeps trying to open doors as he moves down the hallway.

"I've got one word but it doesn't make any sense, maybe at the meeting tomorrow night I can learn more." Noticing that he keeps trying to open doors, "What are you looking for?"

"An empty room." When he turns to look at her, she sees the anger in his eyes from seeing what Tony was doing to her but she also sees his need to reclaim her, to cleanse her of Tony's smell.

"My room … is down the other way." As the words leave her mouth, a knob turns and he pushes the door open into a very small storage room and pulls her inside.

Before she can think, he has the door shut, and is pushing her up against it. His mouth finds hers and as his tongue plunges deep inside, his hands begin sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders. As it slips down he unfastens her strapless bra and tosses it aside. He continues pushing her dress down letting it fall to the floor. She can't think, moaning she whispers, "Oh, God, Walker … we can't…"

He covers her mouth with his, letting his hands roam freely over her body. They slid down her neck, to her breasts, touching, squeezing, feeling her breasts swell in his hands, gives more urgency to his movements as his hands continue downward.

Every touch has her burning hotter, she tries to slow him down, murmuring into his mouth, "Please … wait," then his fingers find the spot between her legs that's already wet with wanting him, and her plea changes to one of need as she pushes herself up against him. She moans as he strokes her more deeply. "Oh, God, Walker…"

He works frantically to free himself of his pants then pushes her panties down. When her knees threaten to give way, she grabs onto his shoulders. Then she feels his hands spreading her legs, lifting her and she brings her legs up around his hips.. Whispering frantically, "I … need…" as he thrusts into her, filling her completely as she tries to catch her breath.

He moans and whispers roughly, "Alex … I can't … wait!" He withdraws then surges forward, withdraws then plunges deeper.

"Don't wait … don't wait," she cries, he swallows the words into his mouth as it covers hers. Suddenly Alex erupts into a powerful climax. She's still in the throes of it when he plunges one more time, before exploding into her. His body stiffens, his breathing stops, then he slowly releases the air in soft gasps as his laboring lungs resume a slower pace.

For a long time, neither move, then he slowly lowers her to stand on the floor. Her arms still cling to his neck, her head against his chest. "Walker, that was…" then remembering the hearing aid she pulls away from him, her face turning red, "Walker, they heard … they heard everything."

She pushes him away, pulling at her clothes but he catches her hands, stilling them. "No, Alex, listen … they didn't … it's not working." She stops her fussing and looking into his eyes, collapses against him.

"Thank God." She kisses his chin, then tentatively her fingers move to her ear where the mike is safely nestled. "Are you sure they didn't…? How do you shut it off?"

Double Jeopardy Chapter VII
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Tony is found lying on the deck by two deck hands who then, notify Mr. Scarponi. Walking out on the deck to see for himself, he leans over to check on him, and quickly jerks himself away from the crumpled mass of his son, "Whew, he smells like a brewery, take him to his cabin, let him sleep it off." Mumbling under his breath, "When is he ever going to become a man."

* * *

Walker pulls his pants up then helps Alex to dress, before explaining, "No one is monitoring the equipment. Besides we're to far away for it to work. At this distance all it does it put out a beacon so we can keep track of where you are."

"That's nice to know, but I…"

"Shh … someone's coming." With an ear to the door, he listens until the footsteps recede in the distance. Whispering, "I need to get you back to your room." Seeing her nod, he slowly opens the door and peeks out. "Your room is on the other end of the ship?" She nods again and he pulls the door open, lets her out, shuts it, then slipping an arm around her waist, they quickly move down the corridor.

"The door on the end is to my cabin." Once he sees which one is hers, he steps back into a dark recess pulling her into his arms. "Do you have to leave?"

"Alex, I can't stay. If someone came to your cabin…"

"No one would come … except Tony, and he's out for the night." She touches her lips to his gently, quickly.

"Honey, it's really not safe for…"

"Please stay, I need you … please?" She kisses him again, a little deeper.

"We just did…" He feels an awakening, desire is building.

"That … just … took the edge … off." Her arms tighten around his neck, pulling him close. "You … really want to … stay, don't you?" She feels the hardness growing, pressing against her. "Just for a little while?"

She’s doing a number on him, his desire is burning hotter by the minute. "Just for a little while, okay?"

Before he can change his mind, she pulls him up to the door, takes her key from her purse, unlocks the door and slipping inside, she quickly relocks it. When she turns around, she finds Walker moving about the room, familiarizing himself to where everything is. I want to take a quick shower, I'll be right back. And she was, that had to have been the fastest she's ever showered. When she comes out of the bathroom, Walker is sitting in a chair looking through the papers she had lying on the table. She has on one of Teresa's very sexy nightgowns, a sheer lacy black that doesn't leave too much to the imagination.

Feeling her presence, he glances up. His heart momentarily stops and his breathing becomes ragged, and without realizing it, he finds himself standing. With a soft whisper, "God, Alex, you're beautiful."

She glides into his open arms, wrapping hers around his neck. Murmuring softly, "Now, aren't you glad you stayed?"

Not bothering to answer, he lowers his head, kissing her once, twice, three times, before teasing her open mouth with the tip of his tongue. "I hate to take it off, you look so beautiful."

Her voice trembling, "You have to … unwrap the package … to sample the … delicacies." Her lips move over his sensuously, as he slowly works the little bit of lace up, then breaking contact, slips it over her head.

He touches her then, cups her bare breasts in his hands, kneading them, taunts her nipples with short, quick strokes. She feels her breasts swell into his hands. Her hands clench tightly at the nape of his neck, her breathing becoming uneven.


"Shh …Oh, honey. Does that … feel good?"

Her head falls back, her eyes close. "Mmmm."

Backing up a step, he lowers himself back down onto the chair and draws her between his open legs. Before she realizes what he's going to do, he brings her breast to his mouth. She cries out at the wetness, cries out again when he begins to suck. While he pushes up her flesh with his hand, his whole mouth works her nipple. The tugging sensation is going straight to her groin, making her lean in closer. He releases the first breast, covering the nipple with his thumb, then turns his attention to its mate.

She sinks her hands into his hair. The pleasure he gives her is so intense it hurt, but rather than pull back, she holds him closer.

"You're so..." he whispers against her hot flesh.

"Let's go to bed … please?"

Yes, the bed, but he couldn't stop. "Just a little more," he murmurs, his mouth drawing the nipple in deeper.

She starts to protest, but as he runs his hands up and down her sides, coaxing her closer, his touch setting a fire that's ready to consume her.

Then Alex doesn't want him to stop, heart pounding, she loops her hands loosely over his shoulders and arches her back. Following her cue, he captures her breast again with his mouth at the same time that his hands slip between her legs. Within minutes they have her begging for release, but she didn't want the release to be one-sided. Sinking to her knees she works on his belt, unfastening it, she looks up at him as she unsnaps his jeans, then eases his zipper down.

He shifts to help her lower his jeans, "Alex," his voice raspy. Tugging at his briefs, she drops her eyes to the hard flesh she has just released. He's beautiful, she thought. He's hard, huge, and velvety. Her thumbs caress him for an instant, then, unable to resist, she leans forward and takes him into her mouth, tasting him, her lips enveloping him, sucking him, taking him deep. His hands reach down, tightening in her hair, and unable to help himself, he begins to push between her lips again and again, until he realizes he can't hold back much longer. "Ahhhh," he groans and pulls her up fast, straddling his legs, impaling her before she can react.

She gasps, feeling the fire inside her, then catching her breath, she forces herself to slow down. Walker does the same, and the result is a sweet, simmering rocking against one another.

Desire rises slowly but steady, the reward, their explosive climaxes. They sit, panting, with damp foreheads together, still trembling as the spasms begin to ease, Alex whispers, "Let's go to … bed, for the main course … now."

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter VIII
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Moving over to the bed, they slide between the sheets, with Walker pulling her into his arms, her head on his shoulder. "Alex, this preliminary hearing tomorrow, how do you plan on working that?"

"He will stand trial, there's just no way to avoid that, he was caught red-handed. But I'll do enough to make Mr. Scarponi think I'm trying to get the charges lessened or even dropped. Really, though, I don't think anyone could get Olivera off." She begins working her fingers through the soft hair on his chest.

"I'd hate to think of him back out on the streets." He tilts her head, kissing her softly. "I'll be glad when I get my wife back. My blonde hair, blue eyed wife." He hands gently begin to caress her breasts, still swollen from their last encounter. Her nipples still pebble hard, straining against his hand.

Her breathing becomes faster, "You don't … like me this way?" Arching into his hands, letting her hand move teasingly down his side, to his thigh, then deliberately skirting around his arousal, back up to his hard stomach.

His breathing also increases, becoming hoarse, "When I look at you now … I feel like I'm with another women, until you touch me." He kisses her urgently, plunging his tongue into her mouth, twining around hers.

Fighting to catch her breath, she mumbles, "As long as your body … knows it's me."

"Oh … it definitely knows it's you, just with a different wrapping." His hands slide down, over her quivering stomach, to comb through the tight curls guarding her sweet essence of that which his fingers are seeking.

As his fingers bypass the pulsing heat of her, to brush over her inner thigh, she groans and grabs his arm, pulling it up until his hand is cupping her mound, then presses her fingers over his, pushing them into her. She lurches up, as his fingers begin stroking her, lightly at first, but when his mouth finds hers again, his tongue thrusts into the sweet cavity in much the same way as his fingers are stroking her below. His fingers plunge deeper, move faster, her body moving against his fingers, until finally she climaxes, spasms undulating through her in never-ending waves.

Poised over her, he waits until she opens her passion-glazed eyes, then plunges deep. For the space of a minute he lays still over her, cherishing the feel of her heat surrounding him, her muscles clenching spasmodically around him as she shudders in the throes of her climax. Then, compelled by sheer need, Walker begins to move within her. As he thrusts in and out of her, he grinds himself against her, causing Alex to experience a series of multiple orgasms leaving her mindless and gasping for air.

He continues to move harder and faster into her until his own release comes. The climax rips through him viciously, causing him to shudder long and violently against her, his low groans of ecstasy joining with her own whimpers of delight. He collapses over her, his breathing harsh and labored, and his heart hammering furiously against hers.

After several long minutes, he rolls to her side, pulling her snugly up against him. Murmuring softly against her hair, "How was … the main course?"

"Delicious … absolutely delicious," mumbling against his neck. "Delicious," her voice fading softly as she slips away in slumber.

* * *

Feeling a cooler air wash across her as the sheet is lifted, she thinks of her husband, which brings a smile to her lips. Her husband, still new enough that their need for each other is unquenchable. Wondering if that will ever change … maybe … in a million years.

The feel of fingers across her breast makes her skin shrink from the touch, at the same time she hears a voice utter, "Oh, you are so beautiful."

Her eyes fly open as she grabs for the sheet pulling it up to her chin, scooting up and away from him. "Tony! I might have known." Eyeing him with distaste, "Get out of here or I'll scream so loud, your father will be here in minutes." Seeing a glimpse of fear in his eyes, that quickly turn to hate, "You know what he'll do to you if he finds you in here. So get out, NOW!"

He backs away from the bed, "I wasn't going to hurt you, I just wanted to see you. About last night, did I pass out before or after we…?"

"There wasn't a 'we', so you figure it out. Now get out of here."

"One of these days, my father won't be in a position to stop me," he says as he walks toward the door.

"Is that a threat?"

"No, a promise," the smile he flashes her is pure evil.

Alex shivers at his look. Then when the door closes she quickly runs over and locks it. Then as an added precaution, grabs a chair and shoves it up under the doorknob.

She takes a deep breath, trying to slow down her heartbeat, then grabs her robe and sinks into a chair. She doesn't remember when Walker left her room, but she definitely remembers him being with her. Standing she picks her clothes up from the floor where she, or Walker, had dropped them the night before. Making sure that none of Walker's things were left behind, although it was a little late to worry about that, she goes into the bathroom, takes a quick shower in case Tony tries to return, then dresses, picks up her briefcase and purse and leaves the room.

When she walks into the main room, she finds both Scarponi's seated at a table having breakfast. She sets her briefcase down on a chair with her purse, then moves to the bar where Jimmy hands her a plate and she moves down the counter, choosing what she wants for her morning meal. She smiles softly at Jimmy letting him know that she's fine and that his presence gives her peace of mind.

As she sits down to eat, "I need to call a cab and get to my office so I can prepare for Olivera's hearing."

Mr. Scarponi smiles at her, "I've already call to have one here by 8:00 so relax, and eat. Teresa I know you can't get Thomas Olivera off, that would take a miracle. Just do the best you can."

"I always do my best, Mr. Scarponi."

* * *

When Alex gets to her office, she stops in front of her receptionists desk, "Would you bring in some coffee, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

When Sydney taps on her door and pushes it open, Alex is standing looking out the window. "Are you all right Alex?"

She turns around quickly, and looks at Sydney, as if shaken from a trance. "Wha … Oh … Yes, I'm fine. Just caught me day dreaming I guess."

"Your coffee?"

"Thank you, Sydney." She picks up the cup and takes a small sip, "Have you … ah … seen Walker, this morning?"

"Not since yesterday. I thought he was on the Mr. Scarponi's yacht? He told me to come in this morning in case you had some information."

"He … was there last night, but I haven't seen him this morning." She glances at her watch, "I've got to get to court. I understand Gage is working on the dock?" Sydney nods, and she continues, "If you can get a message to him, tell him to check out the anchor."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"I don't know, Sydney, that's just a word that came up. Just tell him to check it out, okay." She grabs her briefcase and purse, "I'm outta here. I probably won't be back here, I'm suppose to go straight back to the yacht after court then to the pier at 10:00."

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter IX
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Alex does her best by Thomas Olivera, but she knows that no one could get him off, so no pretending was needed. As she listens to the prosecutor bring out witness after witness, she worries that their lives might be in danger but when she sees the video of Olivera with the 'smoking gun' so to speak, any threat to the witnesses would be useless. Half way through the morning, after questioning a witness, in the 'Teresa Jannings' demeanor, she turns to take her seat at the defense table and in glancing up, spots Walker sitting in the back of the courtroom by the door. As her eyes light up she quickly drops her gaze because she also sees Tony sitting several rows in front of him. She gives him a scathing look and sits down.

At noon when the court recesses for lunch, she puts the papers in her briefcase then turns to leave only to find Tony standing there waiting for her.

"Teresa … come on, I'll take you to lunch." Either he's really hard headed or he enjoys aggravating her, which she suspects is the latter.

"Go away, Tony. I'm not going any where with you." She brushes past him, and noticing that Walker is gone, she straightens her back and pushes open the doors of the court room and moves into the women's restroom, hoping to emphasize what she told him. Staying as long as she dared, she finally walks out, thankful that Tony is nowhere in sight. Getting on the elevator, she rides it down to the basement, intending to eat in the courthouse cafeteria.

Moving down the corridor to the cafeteria, she hears a soft whisper, "Alex." Stopping and looking around she sees absolutely nothing. But another step brings the same soft whisper, "Alex." With a quickening of her heartbeat, and a tingle up her spine, she knows it's Walker, but where is he? Finally noticing a darkened alcove she moves hesitantly toward it. Suddenly an arm reaches out, pulling her back into the darkness.

"Walker, what…" she smiles as he pulls her up close, kissing her gently, she murmurs, "Is this another 'up against the door' quickie?"

"I wish … but no, there isn't time. Listen, I want you to put your papers inside this briefcase," he lifts one hand showing her the mentioned item, "and be sure to take it to the ship. There is a camera hidden in it, it's activated when you flip the catches. Just make sure the case is lying flat with the hinges facing the center of the table. The wide-angle lens will pick up who ever is sitting around the table. Don't get smart with it, trying to position it, just do what you would normally do, okay?" She nods, and he stresses the point of not drawing attention to the case. "If they tell you to set it on the floor, just do it. Don't take any chances."

"All right, honey, I promise. What's this for?"

"To get pictures of the suppliers. That will help in closing them down. But it's not worth you getting hurt, okay?" He kisses her softly again, "I want you around to become the mother of my children. When this is over, I think we need to concentrate on that, don't you think?"

She brushes her lips across his and whispers, "I been concentrating on that since the day we said 'I do', can't you tell." She giggles, then while he holds the special briefcase open, she switches the papers from her case to the one he's holding, noticing that they are identical.

One more kiss then she pulls away and finishes her journey to the cafeteria, her step a little lighter.

* * *

Alex had been right about the hearing, Thomas Olivera was bound over for trial, with the time to be set at a later date. She sits quietly for a minute then slowly puts her papers into her briefcase, stands and taking a deep breath, she turns expecting to find Tony waiting for her. He isn't. A surreptitious glance around the room leaves her disappointed that Walker isn't there. She leaves the courtroom, calls for a cab and walks outside to wait for it. But as she walks out of the courthouse, she sees Mr. Scarponi's car at the curb. Her shoulders sag, and a foreboding fills her as the thought of Tony being in the car fills her thoughts.

When she nears the car, the door opens and Mr. Scarponi leans out and smiles at her. "Come, Teresa, get in, you look tired. When we get to the boat, you will have time to rest before we meet the ship tonight."

She stands there staring at him, knowing that with Tony aboard the yacht, her getting any rest is debatable.

"Teresa, please." Then possibly knowing why she is hesitant, "Tony won't be around till we go to meet the suppliers, later. I've … given him a job to take care of. So … please?"

Alex gets into the limousine then, and enjoys the ride back to dock where a small boat takes them out to the yacht. After dining with Mr. Scarponi, she goes to her cabin. Wondering if Walker will join her, hoping that he will join her. Finally, believing that he won't come because of it still being light, no darkness to hide him, she takes off everything but her bra and panties, puts on the bathrobe and after shoving a chair under the doorknob, she lays down on the bed for a much needed nap.

She wakes to the sound of someone knocking on the cabin door. Groggily, she sits up, rubbing her eyes, then hearing the sound again, she moves toward the door. "Yes?"

"Teresa, we'll be leaving in an hour, freshen up and be ready."

"Yes, okay, I'll be ready, Mr. Scarponi." She returns to bed, sitting on the edge. Walker … had he been with her? She looks around but there is no sign that he had been there. Except for the way she feels. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. He couldn't have gotten in, she had made sure of that. By keeping Tony out, she had kept her husband out, too. Looking at the door, she smiles, feels a slight tremor run through her as she realizes that the chair is still leaning against the door but it is not under the knob like she had put it. Was he really here? Whispering softly, "Oh, Walker, why didn't you wake me? Why didn't you take me?" Feeling stickiness between her legs, she touches herself, but was he here? Or, was it just a dream? With no time to think about it she enters the bathroom and takes a shower. Pushing the door open, the room is full of steam, she steps out, grabs a towel begins to dry off. She moves to the sink to brush her teeth and put on her make-up, and taking a corner of the towel to wipe the mist from the mirror, she gasps as she sees the words 'I love you' that had been drawn on the glass. She's still staring at it when a knock on the door brings her back to the job at hand.

"Teresa, are you coming?"

"Yes, I'll be right there." She wipes the words off the mirror, then quickly dresses. Grabbing her briefcase and purse, she leaves the room heading for the main salon. When she sees Mr. Scarponi, he's waving her to hurry, then she's on the small boat heading for the shore.

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter X
By Vonnie (

& Teresa C.

On shore they are transferred to Mr. Scarponi's limousine and the closer they get to the ship on pier 87, the bigger the knot gets in her stomach. On leaving the yacht a premonition comes over her, that she can't shake. But, it's too late now, everything is moving forward.

Suddenly the limo stops, and she turns her head to look out of the window that Mr. Scarponi had lowered. "Are they all here?"

A man stands next to the car, "Yes, sir. All six."

"Good. Is Tony here, yet?"

"Yes, sir. He went aboard about ten minutes ago."

"Well, I guess we should get aboard then." He turns to look at Alex, "Come, Teresa, let's get this over with."

When the door beside her is opened, she slides out, then joins Mr. Scarponi on the other side of the car, and they walk towards the gangplank to board the ship. Alex, feeling tense, takes several deep breaths, knowing she needs to keep her wits about her if she is to pull this off. Hearing that Tony is aboard means that she'll have him to contend with also.

Once aboard ship, a man guides them to a room where there are six men sitting around a table. When they enter the room, Mr. Scarponi introduces her to everyone but does not mention their names. He motions her to a chair, seats her, then sits down in the chair beside her. She opens her briefcase, takes a folder out then closes it, leaving it lying on the table in front of her, with the hinged side toward the center of the table.

She speaks when she's spoken to, but doesn't offer opinions or suggestions. She listens as the niceties are dispensed with and then the voices become louder as each of the six makes his bid for a bigger split of the profits. Alex's head is throbbing by the time an agreement is reached. Then she is taken to a small room to make copies of the contract for everyone to sign. After the signing, someone suggests a toast, voices are raised as glasses clink and when the men start laughing and joking, slapping each other on the back, she picks up her briefcase and backs away from the group. That's when she feels an arm around her waist, and as she starts to scream, a hand covers her mouth, and she is pulled out of the room without anyone being the wiser.

Half-carried and half-dragged down a corridor, she knows without a doubt that it's Tony. Suddenly he stops, opens a door and shoves her inside. As she lands in a heap on the floor, she looks up at Tony and seeing the wicked grin on his face she knows she's in trouble. "Make yourself comfortable, Teresa, I'll be back … very soon." He turns to leave, hesitates, and then turns back to her, "I'm not drunk, and as I told you, my father will be of no help. And, oh, yes, if you feel the need to scream, I should warn you, that no one would hear you. This old tin can has pretty thick walls." Then he steps out, slamming the door shut and hearing a clang, she knows she's locked in.

Alex finally pulls her self together and stands, looking around the room, a small room with just a metal cot in one corner and a sink, shower and commode on one end. A cell, this is a cell, the ships brig. She tentatively touches the hearing aid, still firmly nestled, wondering if they can pick up the beacon signals through all the steel on this ship. To keep her sanity she has to believe they can. She uses her fingernail and begins tapping on the tiny bit of plastic in her ear.

* * *

Walker stands back in the shadows watching the ship. He knows Gage is on board, and hopefully he is able to keep an eye on Alex. Hearing an engine start, he turns to see Scarponi's limo moving up to the gangplank. He sees several people come down the ramp, but the area is so dark, he's unable to tell if Alex is in the group. The limo pulls out and the rest of the group walks over to get inside a van sitting off to the side, then it to leaves.

He stands staring at the ship for several minutes, 'I've got to make sure Alex is off the ship before I leave' then as silent as a whisper he quickly runs up the gangplank looking for Gage. Finally locating him, Walker asks, "Did Alex leave the ship?"

"I don't think so. I never could get close enough to the meeting to know what happened, but I did see Scarponi and his men walk off the ship but Alex wasn't with them. Neither was Tony."

"Damn." His worst fears have come true. Tony has Alex. "We've got to find her … and fast." They begin searching every room they come to, but the ship is so large, she could be anywhere. Walker's panic is mounting. Swearing under his breath, If he touches her … he's dead!

* * *

Alex sits huddled in the corner on the bed, waiting for Tony to come back, and she knows that he will come back. She has spurned his advances to many times and none too gently for him not to take revenge. When she hears the door being unlocked she quickly moves off the bed to stand in the center of the room waiting.

The door opens and Tony stands there with a gun in his hand. "Come on, let's go."

"Where are you taking me?" He moves into the room and grabbing her arm, pulls her after him out of the room.

"You'll find out soon enough. I won't hurt you if you don't fight me. Now come on."

The silence on the ship is eerie, wondering where everyone is, maybe they've already left, and maybe the ship is already moving out to sea. She swallows hard and follows Tony down the corridor, then up some stairs. The next door he opens leads out onto the top deck, we're stilled docked, then she realizes he is taking her off the ship.

Tony drags her down the gangplank and across the dock to a car. Opening the door, he gets the rope lying on the floor and ties her hands together behind her back, then shoves her in the front seat, fastening the seat belt around her. He shut the door and going around to the driver's side, he gets in and starts the engine, leaving the pier.

Maybe they'll be able to pick up the beacon now. Oh … God, Walker, where are you!

* *

Double Jeopardy Chapter XI-Retribution
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

Walker and Gage had been searching about 30 minutes when he feels the vibration of his cell phone against his side. He grabs his phone and dials the number showing, "What is it Syd?"

"Have you found her?"

"No, check with Trivette and see if she's returned to the yacht."

"I already have. He said Scarponi returned about 10 minutes ago, but Alex wasn't with them."

"Sydney do you have the tracking device with you?"

"Yes, but not the sound equipment."

"Turn it on, see if by some chance, you can pick up her signal through all of this steel."

"Okay." Then, "It's on … Walker … I've got a signal, but … it's not coming from the ship."

"What … where's it coming from?" He turns, and with Gage following they head topside.

"A car. Going north."

"Okay, we're coming out. Keep tracking her." They climb the steps, shove open the door and race for the gangplank. Sydney had the van running with the side door open, and when Walker and Gage jump through the door, Sydney steps on the gas, racing after the blip on the screen.

"Where are they going?" Gage hollers.

"I don't know, Gage. Wait a minute … they're heading for Teresa's apartment." Oh, God, it's stopped. "Step on it, Sydney, the blip has stopped moving."

* * *

When Tony stops the car in front of her hotel, he leans over her, kissing her hard on the lips. Caught off guard, Alex begins twisting her head around, trying to move him off. He laughs, slides his hand down over the front of her, lingering on her breast, then pulls a knife out and cuts the ropes on her hands. With her hands free, she promptly swings around to slap him. But he's expecting it and catches her hand before it connects. Then drops it down on the bulge in his pants. "This is what you've got coming, sweetheart, plus a lot more." He slips the gun in his pocket, "Behave yourself, you draw attention to us, and I'll use this. And I don't think you want to see an innocent person hurt, do you?" He leaves the car, and quickly moves around to her door, opens it, then as he reaches across her to unfasten the seat belt, she feels the barrel of the gun pressing into her ribs.

When they enter the lobby of the hotel, Tony has his arm around her waist holding her in tight to his side. She glances around, hoping to see Walker or one of the others, but the lobby is empty, not a person is in sight, not even the desk clerk. The ride up in the elevator is without incident, as is the walk down the hall to the door of Teresa's apartment. He pulls a key from his pocket and unlocks the door, moves inside with her, then relocks it. He turns to find her lunging at him, but he swings his arm out, his fist catching the side of her face, knocking her to the floor.

Dazed, she shakes her head, feeling him pick her up, she plays possum till she is thrown on the bed, then she comes up clawing and kicking.

Her fingernails catch him just below the eye, leaving deep red furrows clear down to his chin. He yells and jerks back saving himself a hard kick to the groin. Her attack continues, coming off the bed after him. He shields his face from her fingernails and then dropping his head he just barrels into her grabbing her around the waist, his momentum carrying them back onto the bed. He straddles her, his hands clamped around her wrists, holding her hands down on the bed beside her head. Both are breathing hard, eyes locked. Alex watches him, trying to anticipate his next action, Tony trying to catch his breath, trying to figure out how to immobilize her. His eyes lower from hers, down over her chest, where her blouse has pulled open showing her lacy white bra covering creamy breasts, heaving from her hard breathing. Her eyes change to panic as she feels him harden against her. She arches her hips up, trying to dislodge him, but he's too heavy.

But his situation isn't much better. He can't do anything without his hands and if he lets go of hers, he's in for another battle. Finally his eyes sparkle with an idea. Holding both of her wrists in one hand, he pulls his belt off with the other. Looping it around her wrists, he ties it the head of the bed.

"God, Teresa, you sure are a little spitfire." Brushing his hands over her breasts, cupping them, "but I like spitfires. I think I'm going to enjoy this." He slides his bottom back on her legs, and begins rubbing his erection over her. "Can you feel that?" He laughs, "You're really going to feel that, first hand, baby. But, we play a little first, got to get you ready, but … maybe … you're ready now." He yanks her blouse out of her skirt, pushing it aside.

"You're dead, Tony." Alex's voice is so cold, so calm and hard, it sends a shiver down his back.

He stiffens at her words, then relaxing, he laughs, "You mean my father? I told him we were getting married. He was all for it. Said a lawyer in the family would be good."

In words cold as ice, "No, not your father … my husband."

His body jerks, his hands still. "Husband? You don't have a husband."

Her eyes bore into his and he hesitates, but only for a minute. "That's a good one." Then his hands continue to pull at her clothes. When he bares her breasts, he moans, "God, so beautiful." He leans down to take a nipple in his mouth, but her frantic twisting and rolling keeps him from succeeding.

Getting angry, he yells, "To hell with the preliminaries," and his hands move to unbutton his pants, and then to pull the zipper down … "time to put that fire in you to good use." His hands start tugging his pants down.

A crash, then a scream, "NO" that makes Tony's blood run cold. He thinks he hears a murmur, "My husband" as a force of steel hits him and carries him off the bed. Stunned, he looks up from the floor, to see a man leaning over Teresa, covering her. He stands and dives at the man only to be met with a boot in his midsection. He gasps for air; the man has turned around and is facing him now. A stocky man, with a red beard, and with the eyes of a mad man drilling into him. He trembles, for the first time in his life he is scared. Terrified. He stands, shaking so hard he feels his teeth clacking together. "Please … don't … kill me!"

"I'm not going to kill you." Walker moves closer, "just make you wish you were dead." He feints with a right jab, then swings his leg out, connecting with Tony's leg, dropping him to the floor. "I've … wanted to do this," a feint with a foot this time, only to smash a hard right to Tony's jaw, with a left following, "since the first time" a spinning back kick that sends him into the living room, "you touched her." Tony gets up on his knees, shakes his head, and then rises to stand on wobbly legs trying to back away from this madman, only to bump into the wall. Walker throws another right, then a left, sending Tony back down to the floor. "You and your arrogant manners with your filthy touch."

Tony slowly stands, whimpering, tears running down his face, "Please, for Gods sake, please stop." But Walker keeps coming after him. Tony stares at his eyes, which are still just as angry, still just as menacing. "Oh, God" he cries, as a stain begins to cover the front of his pants, and down his leg. "Oh, God," he cries again. Tony drops to his knees, his head buried in his hands.

Walker stops, staring at the pathetic heap on the floor, then turns to find Gage and Sydney, standing with Alex. As he moves toward them, "Get him out of here." He reaches out, taking Alex into his arms, feeling her tremble, he whispers, "Are you all right." Brushing his hand over the bruise forming on the side of her face.

"Yes, nothing a hot shower and a little time, won't take care of." She buries her face in his neck. "Let's go home. Can we go home?"

They are just leaving Teresa's apartment when Trivette comes barreling into the room. Seeing Walker's arm around Alex and the bruise on her face, he figures that she had had a pretty rough time. He had seen Tony being led away, limping, mumbling incoherently and with wet pants, so evidently Walker hadn't been too rough on him, although he figured Tony would have to be scooped up with a shovel. "Man, I got here as soon as I could." He reaches out and tenderly touches the bruised cheek, "Hey, Lady … you doing all right?"

She lifts her eyes to his soft brown ones, and murmurs, "I'm fine, Jimmy, just tired."

"Tony do this?" Gently touching, and when she nods, "How about I go pound on that little worm some more. He isn't stretched out on the ground, yet. Although he's awful close to crawling."

She gives him a soft smile, "No, I think Walker scared him bad enough." Then she remembers the briefcase, and turns in Walker's arms. "The briefcase, it's in Tony's car."

"We'll get it, Tony's car, too." Turning to Trivette, "You should probably call and get someone out to the ship before it can leave. Gage was telling me on the way here that they were just starting to unload the drugs when we left. This will be the perfect time to catch them. Now, it's all in the Port Authority's hands, we're done. As soon as we can get debriefed we're going home."

"I left word with the coast guard to watch Scarponi's yacht, so he doesn't run out on the fun. I would say that Scarponi is going to be incapacitated for a long time, and Tony for a lot longer. They got him for murder."

Alex looks up then, "Olivera?!"

"Yep, Angelo Scarponi didn't want to take a chance on him getting cozy with the cops, so he sent Tony to take care of it. Kid isn't too bright. They had camera's all over that place."

"Good, I hope he never sees the outside ever again." Alex says vehemently, before leaning back in her husband's arms.

* * *

Double Jeopardy Chapter XII
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

It takes several hours for the debriefing and turning over all the evidence they had gathered, before they are allowed to leave. It's close to three in the morning when they board a private plane for home.

Walker glances around the darkened interior of the small jet, finding Trivette with his seat reclined, snoring softly, as are Gage and Sydney. He had deliberately chosen the seats in the back of the plane, away from their friends, figuring they would be talking, and he wanted Alex to rest. He turns his head slightly, kissing Alex on the temple, then snuggling closer, he lays his head against hers and shuts his eyes, too. But he can't sleep. He knows Alex is awake, even though her eyes are closed, by the tension in her body.

He murmurs in her ear, "Can't sleep?"

Her mouth against his neck, "I … think I'm still to wound up."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

He feels her smile against his skin, "What … would you suggest?"

"Well, this plane doesn't have a Jacuzzi. And I don't see a door. But since we are covered with this lap blanket, we could just … maybe … feel?" Letting his hands roam freely under the small cover.

"Darling, you're bad, really bad." Her hands working his shirt buttons and then slipping inside to nestle in the hair on his chest.

"I know … I'm … bad." His lips cover hers, as he slides his hands to his favorite places. She moans softly and he muffles it in his mouth.

The only sound from the rear of the plane is the heavy breathing. But everyone else is asleep, the sound of the engine hum, lulls everyone into a deep sleep. Except maybe for one, his eyes are shut but there is a slight smile on his dark face. But then, maybe he's just having a nice dream.

Walker feels a nudge on his shoulder and sleepily opens his eyes, taking a few seconds to bring them into focus, then looks up into Trivette's face. "We're on the ground, partner. Better wake up your better half."

A groggy, "Thanks, Trivette." He brushes his lips across hers, "Honey, we've landed." She groans and stretches, "I think … you can let go of my hand now."

She raises her head up, looks into his eyes, and she murmurs sleepily, "Why, it feels good where it is."

"You're right. It does." His idle hand resumes the caressing of her breast. "But, we need to go. We can finish this at home."

"Mmm … Home. Can't wait." Before pushing the blanket off, she shifts her clothes around until she's covered then reaches over and begins to button his shirt.

"Can't let you go out half-dressed." She touches her lips to his lightly then stands, "Come on, let go home."

* * *

The next morning, Walker is sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, and listening to the news about the raid on the ship, which resulted in the largest cocaine bust in several years. The announcer cited the bust came from information received from an unidentified source, who revealed that the cocaine was hidden in the specially designed anchors of the ship. At the same time, he went on, the South American government raided several of the big drug cartels in their country, destroying numerous warehouses that were used to house the drugs. Due to the fires, the exact amount of drugs that were destroyed is unknown.

He sit his cup down, thankful the South American authorities cooperated with Texas Rangers in following through with the raid. In all probability, the drugs won't stop coming across the border but it will slow them down, until another mobster rises to the top.

He senses her before she touches him, feels her presence strongly, when she comes up behind him, sliding her arms around his neck then touching her lips softly to the top of his head, his hair still damp from his shower. "Good morning, sleepy head."

"Hmmm … Good morning, Cowboy." She murmurs softly as she turns around, dropping her bottom into his lap, her arms still around his neck. "You haven't been up that long, have you?"

"No, not really." Finding her wearing only her bathrobe, he slides his arms around her waist, one arm sliding inside the robe. "Just heard on the news, about the raid in South America. And of course, the arrest of the Scarponi's plus all the cocaine taken out of circulation."

She presses his head to her breast, "So I guess our little bit of play acting in Houston paid off, huh?"

His tongue slips down her cleavage, his voice mumbled, "Yes, it's over. Thank God." He lifts his head, looking into her eyes, "You all right … about … what happened down there? Really … all right?"

"I think so. I … didn't do any tossing and thrashing around with a nightmare last night, did I?"

He smiles and lowers his head to her breast again, letting his tongue resume its pleasant task. "Well, you were … thrashing around last night … but I don't think it was from a … nightmare."

"Didn't think so." She moans as he parts her robe baring her breasts to his gaze, his tongue, his hands. She tosses her head back, giving him easier access.

"So nice." He teases one nipple with his tongue while his fingers gently massage the other. Jolts of pleasure shoot down to pool in center.

"Oh, God … Walker … you make me shameless. Wanting … you … anywhere … everywhere."

"I want … you like that." His voice husky as he sucks her nipple deep into his mouth, letting his tongue lick it, his teeth to gently nip it, eliciting soft groans from her as she brings her hips into play on his lap.

Her hands begin roving around his chest, being none to gentle as she finds his nipple, rubbing it with the heel of her hand, than pulling on them as she writhes on his lap. When she feels his hand leave her breast, she groans in protest, which she quickly swallows as his hand drops between her thighs, moving up to the most center of her. Touching, leaving, touching again. His fingers slip inside her, pushing deep, building a fire that's quickly rising right up her body, her nerves are screaming, her breathing harsh and rapid. She touches the waistband of his jeans, tugs them open, and quickly draws the tab of the zipper down. She presses her hand inside, circles his erection, and gripping it tightly she eases it out of his pants. She caresses him, her hand trembling as passion builds, she strokes him matching the strokes of his fingers into her.

He utters, "Alex," and his fingers stop. "I hear … a car."

"No, don't stop … don't stop." His fingers resume their movement and with his thumb rubbing the nub of her center, he brings her to a climax, just as his breaks free. He feels her stiffen as her body is racked with shuddering spasms. He draws her tight against him as his jerking body finally begins to calm. Breathing hard, "What … did you say … about … a car?"

"I thought … I heard a car … coming up the drive." She sits up on his lap looking into his face.

"I hope … you're wrong." Then she hears the slamming of a car door. "Oh, God!" She jumps up, grabs his hand pulling him with her. "Hurry, we need to change."

They make it to the top of the stairs as a knock is delivered to the door.

Walker strips and puts on a clean pair of briefs and jeans that she tosses to him. When he hears another bang on the door, he grabs his shirt off the back of a chair and slips it on as he hurries down the stairs, mumbling, "Trivette, I'm gonna kill you!"

Double Jeopardy Chapter XIII
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

With a stern look on his face and his partner's name on his mind, he turns the knob and yanks the door open, "Triv…" He's stunned, a little embarrassed, he stammers, " Ah … Good morning … ah … Captain."

"Good morning, Walker. I know this is unusual but I got the run down from Trivette this morning and since this … undercover … was my idea, and hearing that it had gotten a little rough for Alex, I wanted to see for myself that she was all right."

"Oh … she's showering, should be down in a few minutes." He continues to stare, feeling like a little boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Well … are you going to make me stand out here all day?"

"Oh … I'm sorry, Captain … please come in." After he enters, "Would you like some coffee, got a fresh pot made," and he leads the way to the kitchen.

When Alex comes downstairs, wearing faded jeans and one of his loose white shirts, not seeing anyone in the living room, "Darling, was that Trivette at the door? I hope you gave him a piece of your mind……" Her voice drops off and a tinge of red begins to creep up her neck when she sees Captain Price seated at the table.

"Cap…" She clears her throat and tries again, "Captain Price … what a … surprise!"

He stands, "Hello, Alex … Yes, I guess this is a surprise." With a knowing smile, he continues, "I don't think I've ever been here before. I apologize if I've come at a bad time."

"Oh … no. We were … we kinda slept in, what with getting home so late last night. … I hope nothing is wrong … no one is … in trouble," she glances quickly at her husband then back to the Captain.

"No, nothing's wrong … and no one is in trouble. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. I understand that it got kinda rough for you there for awhile."

"Oh … I'm fine." She touches the bruise on her cheek, "and this will be gone in no time."

"I'm sorry that happened. It could have been a lot worse from what I heard." He moves up in front of Alex, take her hands in his, "I really am sorry, I thought we had every contingent covered."

"I know, but sometimes the other players in the game, don't follow the rules. But … I'm fine." Looking over the Captain's shoulder at Walker, "and since no one is in trouble … well … I guess all's well that end's well."

"I guess that's one way to look at it." Seeing her eyes soften as they concentrate on Walker, "Well, now that I've satisfied my conscience that you're all right, I'll be going." He turns and starts for the front door. Stepping outside, he turns to face the couple, "You two aren't planning on coming in today, are you? Because there's no need."

Following him out on the porch, "Well, yes we thought we'd come in for a little while this afternoon. Alex has an appointment to get rid of her 'black' hair, and then she wants to go through some papers she found in Teresa's desk. Maybe they'll help to figure out just what her ties were to Scarponi. And … maybe why she was in Dallas."

"Oh … okay, I guess I'll see you two later, then." He turns and walks to his car. As they watch the car disappear down the drive, Walker slides his arm around Alex's waist.

A murmur, "Darling … do you think he knew?"

"Yes, Alex, I'm very certain he knew."

"I'm not talking about the beating you gave Tony."

"Neither am I." He turns her around in his arms, "but he knew about that, too.

* * *

After Alex looses her black hair, he drops her off at her office then he walks on down to Ranger Headquarters, to check out any messages and maybe do a little paper work while waiting on his bride. When he pushes open the door, he sees Trivette, sitting in front of his computer, punching away at the keyboard.

Trivette looks up when he hears the door swing open, "Walker, what are you doing in here? I didn't think I'd see you till tomorrow at the earliest. … How's Alex doing?"

"She's all right. She came in today to look through some papers she found in Teresa's desk. Said she wanted to take a closer look at them."

"What's going to happen to Teresa? Technically, she hasn't broken any laws. Has anyone found out what she's doing in Dallas?"

"If she testifies against the Scarponi's she'll be put in a witness protection program. If she doesn't … well I don't know." Just then, he hears the familiar clicking of high heals on the wood floor, and looks up to see his wife, his blonde hair blue eyes wife, coming toward him with a hand full of papers. He stands and moves toward her, smiles softly and pulls her into his arms, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Hi. What have you got, honey?"

"I think I know why Teresa is here in Dallas."

"What did you find out?"

"Teresa has a six year old daughter, named Nikki. She has hearing problems, and Teresa brought her up here to see a hearing specialist."

"Why in the world didn't she say something?" Trivette asks.

"Probably didn't want her involved with any of this."

Walker shakes his head, "Who has been taking care of her while Teresa's been … detained."

"Evidently she has an aunt here and that's where her daughter is."

"I think we need to do something about this, Alex,"

"I was hoping you would say that. I've made arrangement to have her daughter brought here to see her mother. But not down stairs, in the conference room up here."

* * *

"I don't know why you've brought me up here, but I'm not changing my mind. If I testify against the Scarponi's, you can kiss my life goodbye. So … you might as well take me back downstairs. Or better yet, turn me loose, you have no valid reason to hold me and you know it."

"Teresa, the only reason we're holding you is to keep you safe. You know what the cartel will do if they ever find you."

"Yeah, thanks to you," she mumbles.

Alex opens the door to the conference room, letting Teresa go in first. "Please be seated, I'll be right back.

Teresa sits down in a chair, looking around the room, wishing her life had taken a path in this direction. But … it's too late to think about that now. When the door opens, she turns, expecting to see the Assistant DA, but the sight before her eyes brings a smile to her face, and a soft whisper, "Nikki," from her lips.

When the child turns and sees her mother, she smiles and flies into Teresa's arms, saying, "Mama … Mama."

Teresa hugs her daughter, and Alex sees a strong bond of love between them. Teresa's eyes fill with tears as he looks at Alex. Holding Nikki on her lap, "How did you find her. She isn't any part of this. You had no right…"

"She's your daughter and you love her very much, that makes her a part of this whether you like it or not. If we found out you had a daughter, don't you think other people could find out, too?"

Tears flow freely down Teresa's face, turning from Alex, she buries her face in Nikki's hair, sobbing quietly. Finally she looks up, "All right, you win. But not in front of Nikki."

Alex moves over and kneels in front of Teresa, touches Nikki's arm, and when she looks at Alex, "Would you like to go see that nice man that brought you here?"

"Uh huh. He was nice, his friend was nice, too."

"Yes, they're both very nice." Alex hits the intercom button, and says, "Walker, can you come in, please?"

When he pushes open the door, "Mama, this is Ranger Walker, I got to ride in his truck."

"Hello, Teresa. Is it all right if Nikki comes with me, I think I can find a Coke or Pepsi for her." He holds his hand out and Nikki takes it, "We'll be right outside." When they leave the room, Teresa looks after them worriedly.

"That's my husband. She couldn't be in safer hands. He adores children."

Teresa dries her eyes and looks at Alex. "I … heard what he did to Tony. That conceited ass got exactly what he deserves." She looks up at Alex, and answers the question before it's asked. "And no, Tony is not Nikki's father. He's dead, he died in a military accident right after she was born. …Do … you have any children?"

Alex smiles, "No, but we're working on it. We've been married less than a year and our lives have been pretty hectic."

"Don't put it off. Nikki is the best thing that ever happened to me … What happens to me after I testify?"

"You'll be put in a witness protection program. We'll set you up anywhere you want to go. And I understand your aunt is your only relative? She can go with you if that's what the two of you decide." Teresa nods and takes a deep sigh, as if a load has been lifted from her shoulders.

* * *

Double Jeopardy Epilogue
By Vonnie (
& Teresa C.

In Houston:
Six months later, the Scarponi trial is over, with the older Scarponi receiving a large sentence that will probably guarantee him never being free again. Tony's sentence, which included a murder charge, is long enough that should he outlive the years given he will be a very old man.

In Dallas:
After returning to Dallas after the trial, Teresa and her daughter spend their last day and night in Dallas at the Walker ranch.

Walker is sitting with Alex in the swing when Teresa comes out after putting Nikki to bed. She sits down on the top step, leaning against a post. "I'm not sure why you doing this, but I want to thank you anyway. It's so beautiful out here … and peaceful. After the noise of the city, this feels like heaven."

"We thought you'd like to unwind before starting your new life. And I've always found this the most relaxing place in Texas." She snuggles back into Walker's arms.

"I can believe it. I don't know why you'd ever want to leave." She draws her knees up, wraps her arms around them and stares out into the dark.

"Oh, sometimes we don't want to. What am I saying, most of the times we don't want to, right, honey?"

"Umm … but you know what they say about a good thing?"

"Teresa, I know this is hard, starting over, being dumped in a strange city, with a new name, a new background, but you do have your daughter and your aunt, so it isn't like you'll be alone."

"I know, Alex. And I'm glad to get out of that … situation … in Houston. When I graduated law school, I thought I could do it all. And I did … till Tommy died. Then Nikki started having trouble, and there was just never enough money." The tears started then, "Oh, damn!"

Alex moves over and sits down beside her, drawing Teresa into her arms. Alex murmurs, "That's all right, everyone needs a good cry sometimes." Alex eyes begin to mist up, "Teresa, I know you can't tell me where you're going, but promise me, if you ever need to talk, will you call me? Just say … oh … just say 'Twin' and I'll know it's you, okay?"

Teresa clings to her, "Alex, I … hate to go, I … feel like I really am leaving a sister."

"Me, too."

* * *

In the early morning hours, Walker and Alex stand on the porch, wishing Teresa good luck in her new life. Nikki gives hugs to both then runs to join her aunt in the van that's waiting to take them on their first leg of the journey.

Teresa watches as Nikki climbs into the van, then turns back to face Alex and Walker. "She's really excited. I … guess it's contagious … I'm starting to feel excited, too."

She throws her arms around Walker's neck, and they embrace, Teresa murmurs, "Deja vu?"

Walker's face turns red, "Teresa, you take care and have a good life."

Teresa gives him a wink and turns to Alex, whispering softly, "Have you told him yet?"

Alex shakes her head and puts her arms around her, hugging her tight, "I will … later." They release each other and Teresa walks to the van, waves at Alex, and hollers, "I'll call you in about nine months?!"

Walker stands there with his arm around Alex and his mouth hanging open. "Alex … what … she … what did she mean?"

She turns in his arms to face him, her arms circle his neck, her hands clasping behind his neck, she touches her lips lightly to his, and murmurs softly, "Honey … it looks like our family is … past the planning stage, we're in production." She touches his lips again.

"You mean … we're … how … when?" He stammers.

"Well, sweetheart, you definitely know how, now to the when … I'm not sure." She kisses him again, "It might have been in the Jacuzzi," another kiss, "but it could have been against the door, too. Or the night in the cabin?" She pulls his head down this time she turns the light peck into a very passionate kiss that was curling his toes up.

"Oh … God … baby … I love you." He whispers as he scoops her up in his arms, pulls the door open, steps inside and kicks the door shut with his foot and starts up the stairs.

"Oops … wait." She leans over and locks the door. "Don't … want any … more surprises."

"No surprises!"

The End