“Dreams Of Times To Come

By Pam Gooderham

Walker rinsed the last of the soap from his body, stood with his back to the faucet and allowed the powerful needles of water to tingle his skin. He loved having a shower. Almost regretfully he turned off the spray, stepped out to grab a fresh, beigey-brown colored towel from the rail, and buried his face in it.
A female voice called out, "Walker?"
"Yeah Alex," Walker replied.
"Phone. Trivette for you."
Walker finished combing his hair and started to dry his back. He strode out into the bedroom to see Alex sitting on the bed, the phone in her hand. Walker wrapped the towel loosely round his waist taking the phone from her. He smiled and kissed her quickly before speaking to his partner. "Hey pard". Walker sat on the bed next to Alex as he listened to Trivette, "Good work, ...uh huh, ...yeah". As Alex mischievously started to run her fingers up the inside of his thigh he smacked the back of her hand scoldingly, a half smile crossing his face.
Alex adored that half smile. It was his 'playing hard to get but really enjoying every minute of it' smile, it also meant that Walker was happy. She loved this guy so much that once again she marveled, thanking God that life could really be this good.
"That's great Trivette, I'll be with you in about 30 minutes then we'll bring 'em in. Yeah thanks, I'll tell her." Walker depressed a button on the cordless phone disengaging the call, and threw the receiver behind him as he gathered Alex in his arms and lay back on the bed with her, a big smile over his face. "So you wanna start something huh?"
Alex emitted a high pitched "Ah!" as she was tumbled on her back easily by Walker then giggled. "Walker! I was only playing. It's not my fault you come out of the shower looking so sexy. We've both got to get to work".
Walker looked down at her, his smile replaced by a look of affection and he kissed her gently. "I love you".
Alex flung her arms around him, holding him tightly. "You know you're adorable don't you?" she whispered.
"Yes" he replied as seriously as he could while trying to keep a straight face.
She drew back to look at him and they both laughed, kissed each other again and continued to get ready.
As they left the ranch, now home for them both, they approached their cars. It was ridiculous for them to take two cars to the same office each morning but there was no other way round it, Alex needed hers and Walker needed his, and besides, neither of them knew until later what time they would be home in the evening. As they approached Alex's car first they stopped.
"See you later." Walker took his hat off wrapped his arms round her and lovingly kissed her.
"I know," he interrupted "I'll take care." It was their morning ritual.
"See that you do" she replied semi-forcefully.
Walker went to go, stopped, turned back and kissed her one more time. "That's for all the times I'm gonna have to keep my distance from you and be business like in the office." With that, he spun on his heel and marched off to the truck.
Alex stood looking after him shaking her head with a warm smile on her lips and proceeded to wrestle her briefcase into the car.

Walker headed to Ranger headquarters, looking back in his rear view mirror checking to see Alex's car pull out of the ranch. They had been married a year now. I never knew I could be so happy Walker thought to himself, makes me wonder why on earth I left it so long. He recalled the moment he has asked her. He didn't actually know to this day what had suddenly changed his mind about marriage, but as he looked at her in the office one day, arranging a yet another court order for them, it was if he suddenly came to his senses and he knew a life without Alex would be unthinkable. They had been due to go out that night to a restaurant, but he certainly didn't want to ask her there. He decided to see if he could come over a little earlier, so he had rung her extension at work:
"Hi Alex."
"Walker. I'm just about to go out the door is it a quick one?"
"I could do with speaking to you, would it be OK if I came round earlier before going out to dinner tonight?"
"Sure, what time?'
"Great, catch you later."
As Walker replaced the receiver he smiled in anticipation of Alex's reaction. Once he had made up his mind he was quite surprised how calm he felt about the whole thing.
"OK, what's with the grin?" Trivette sat on the corner of the desk eating an apple.
"Nuthing." Walker tried to act cool but he knew his partner knew him too well.
"Don't give me that, I hate it when you do that, you know I do". Trivette retrieved his hat from his desk.
Walker grinned and grabbed Trivette by the shoulder dragging him along, "Come on, we got work to do."
Trivette's voice could be heard as they disappeared out of the door, "You're just trying to change the subject, you can't kid a kidder......."

Walker arrived promptly and rang the bell. He had dressed uncharacteristically in a suit and tie, although he could have gotten away with something less formal at the restaurant. He did at least want Alex to see he was serious.
Her look at the door told him she had been taken by surprise at his attire, she smiled, "My my, Cordell, spiffy!"
He smiled at her remark, even when she joked she had way of making him feel like a million dollars; Walker hoped he had the same effect on her. Walking in behind her reinforced his feeling he was doing the right thing, he didn't feel obliged or trapped into marriage with her at all, in fact they hadn't even joked about it for ages. She offered him a drink which he declined, and a seat which he also declined. I need to keep my wits about me he thought.
Alex sat on the arm of the settee. "Which case did you want to talk to me about?" She inquired.
"Case?" Queried Walker puzzled.
"You said earlier you wanted to talk to me, I thought it was about a case?"
"Oh!" He shook his head. "No." Here goes thought Walker. He interlocked his fingers together and looked down at them for a second, noticing as he did so Alex's look change to one of concern, then taking a quick breath, he looked her straight in the eyes. "Alex. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Walker felt his breathing deepen.
Alex's eyes widened, but other than that she remained impassive for a few seconds as if double checking with her memory recall she had heard correctly the first time. Using his interlocked hands to help her self upright, she turned from him, a serious look crossing her face, and stood by the fireplace.
Walker felt a knot in the pit of his stomach, this wasn't quite the reaction he expected, could he have left it too late? He had never even stopped to consider what he'd do if she said no. Unsure of what to say he said nothing, leaving the moment for Alex to gather her thoughts. Finally when she still hadn't responded, he moved behind her and spoke quietly. "Took you a bit by surprise huh?" She nodded her head. As they stood in silence for a bit longer, Walker began to have severe misgivings about his actions, he tried to back track in the absence of knowing quite what to do, "If I..er ... have offended you or something...." his voice trailed off.
"OH NO." She had turned to him briefly touching his hands again then back to watch the fire, "no, it's not that..it's .. er." She just couldn't come out with it.
Walker grasped her shoulders lightly. She trembled at his touch, closing her eyes, leaning back to rest against him. He wrapped his arms around her, "What's wrong?" he whispered, kissing her ear after the question. Walker felt her rapid breathing through his body. He saw her head bow and felt sure she was about to answer in the negative.
"Walker," she paused slightly, "if you had any idea of how long I've waited for this moment. Wondering if you would ever ask me or whether it was just never to be, and, if so, would I eventually have the strength to move away instead of waiting?" She shook her head, "and now you have asked me, I suddenly wonder after all that.." she swallowed heavily, "..whether I have the ability to make you really happy."
"What!" Walker exclaimed incredulously. He turned her around to look at her. "Here was I was thinking that you were the one getting the bum steer! You're beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent... I still can't work out what you see in me."
"Really! Alex I'll do everything I can to make you happy. I'd be devastated if you turned me down."
"Turn you down? Walker, I... I love the way you walk, the way you talk, your smile, I love.. everything about you. It's just that I'm suddenly afraid... I'll disappoint you after all this time."
"Oh Alex, how on earth can you think that?" He smiled a huge smile at her, "does this mean you'll say yes?"
She returned his smile in measure, nodding, "Yes!"
As they looked in each others eyes, an immediate bond formed between them. It was inexplicable yet they both felt it, it was if they knew then and there they were soul partners for life and nothing anyone could do would change that. The surety of their decision was unquestionable. Neither of them could work out what to do now, the enormity of the moment still sinking in.
Alex broke the silence with a small laugh, "Why do I feel so nervous?"
"I don't know, but I sure feel the same, maybe we ought to have that drink now?" suggested Walker, but as she made a move to go he held her back. "No wait, let me hold on to you for a bit longer, I don't think I'm safe on my own yet!"
Alex laughed happily, she knew exactly what he meant so they hugged for a while longer.
Finally they let go, "I thought maybe we could go shopping for a ring," Walker suggested, "maybe even look at a few places before we go to the restaurant. I did have a quick look, but there's so many and I wasn't sure which size to get."
"You! Go shopping? Now I know you're serious," laughed Alex. Still unable to take the smiles off their faces, Walker followed her into the kitchen. As she reached in a cupboard for two glasses she glanced back at him shaking her head, "Boy is this ever a surprise!"
"Y'know Alex you kinda had me worried there for a minute."
Alex placed the two glasses on the counter top and looked over to him, a different look crossing her face.
Walker smiled, his head cocked to one side slightly, "What are you thinkin' lady?"
"A lady wouldn't be thinking what I'm thinking" she retorted with a gleam in her eye, giving him a come on with a raise of her eyebrows.
"Really?" Smiling in return Walker crossed the kitchen floor, and bending from the hips he kissed her without touching her with the rest of his body.
Alex kissed him passionately. "I'm not sure what your reaction's going to be, but I hope you want" she stressed a little emphasis on the 'want', "me as much as I want you right at this moment?"
Walker pulled her tight into his body, his hand in the curve in her lower back and she gasped as felt the hardness in his groin for her. Pressing his lips gently to explore hers, he kissed her cheek and continued round to her ear where he whispered, "I love you so much Alex, but if this is too fast for you it's OK, really."
Alex shook her head no, and started to take his hand to lead him to the bedroom.
Walker grasped the counter top with his left hand, shifted all his weight to his left leg and pulled her back with his free hand. With a coy half smile he ventured, "Alex, I promise you this is definitely the last time I'm gonna act responsibly tonight, but we have to clarify something here. You're not gonna change your mind about marrying me are you?"
"No way, so long as you're sure you're sure!" She replied, getting an inkling of where Walker was going with this.
"Oh I'm sure OK, but how do you feel about kids? I mean, y'know I didn't realize we were going to go this route tonight so," he searched for the words, "so..if a blessing were to come from our actions tonight would you be pleased about that? 'Cause if it's not in your plans now I would need to go down to the store."
She stroked his face, "You're a good man, Walker. You're right to think of the possible consequences in spite of the heat of the moment. Well, for me anyway, I'd be delighted, I wouldn't have any problems with it at all. What about you though?"
"I feel the same, and besides, we've known each other for years so I'm happy to name the day whenever you like."
Alex smiled again, "Well, it's got my vote, but we can sort that one later." She offered him her hand again which he took with relish, the flame rekindling in his eyes.
In typical womanly fashion Alex briefly congratulated herself for having tidied the bedroom earlier, even having turned off the overhead light, so as they entered they were met by a subdued warm glow from a small lamp near her dresser. By accident it couldn't have worked out better. However, even despite her desire, with the realization that their first sexual encounter was about to take place, Alex couldn't help but suddenly become nervous. She was almost in a dream like state as Walker undid his tie, took off his jacket, and placing it on a chair he turned back to her.
"You're so beautiful." Looking at her, Walker intuitively recognized she was nervous. Both their breathing rates had quickened with anticipation and he could well understand how all this must have knocked a normally very level headed Alex off her stride. At least he had an inkling of the proposal although he hadn't expected they would make love the same evening. "Danged if I don't feel a mite nervous," he smiled easily.
Alex was relieved. She took his hand gratefully as he guided her to sit on the edge of the bed and leaned over to kiss her as he reached a hand down to wrestle off his right boot and sock, then the left. Alex removed her shoes and stockings.
Kissing her again Walker took her hands and placed them on top of his open necked shirt, and correspondingly placed his hands on her blouse, where, undoing each button carefully, he finally guided the garment off her shoulders where it slid to the floor. As she loosened his shirt buttons down the front he undid the buttons on his shirt cuffs and helped her pull the shirt from his pants and away from his body. "Oh!" he laughed easily. He had forgotten his gun. She joined his good natured chuckle as he strode over to the dresser, removed the gun from it's holster and laid it down carefully. Undoing his belt he walked back, still smiling, then, placing his hands behind Alex he undid her lacy, cream bra and removed it, allowing it to drop to the floor. He kissed her neck and shoulders drawing her close to savor her bare chest against his while caressing her back with his hands. Her skin felt like silk to the touch and Walker's desire increased.
Alex was surprised by his touch as his hands were harden, knarled, rough looking in places yet she could only feel a sensuous trail over her body as his hands ran smoothly across her skin. I can't believe, thought Alex, I'm doing the one thing I have longed for with the man of my dreams. She looked at Walker. He was a complete paradox. Powerful yet gentle, confident but vulnerable, unrelinquishing and compassionate at the same time. His love making was no exception. She had expected him to be inexperienced and shy and yet he was gently leading her to each stage, going out of his way to quell her nerves and making sure she was comfortable with each one before proceeding. How did I ever get so lucky to have this man want me, she thought yet again?
Walker closed his eyes in pleasure as her breasts rubbed against his chest and he moved his groin seductively over the lower part her body. His head tipped back as their actions sent tiny ripples of pleasure through his torso, then to be heightened even further as Alex kissed the top of his neck. He moaned with pleasure as a deep longing pervaded his body. He responded with like, playfully biting her neck lightly then lifting her off her feet and setting her down carefully. As he went to put his hands to her back to release her skirt she had already pre-empted him, instead, he grasped at his zipper and slipped off both his pants and underpants, revealing himself to her. As she also stood naked before him she was as an engaging a figure as he could have ever imagined.
Alex's breathing quickened as her excitement grew and unable to help herself she closed the distance between them to slip her hands to the top of his legs, then running them up to caress his testicles.
His eyes closed, Walker took a deep inhale of air, taking some twenty or so seconds before he was able to exhale. He kissed her taking her head in both hands, his tongue probing and exploring her mouth. As Walker felt his knees weaken in pleasure he stood back and grabbing her hands, he led her round the side of the bed and deftly flicked back the covers revealing clean, inviting, pastel blue sheets. Scooting over he beckoned her to join him. She stood admiring him for a few seconds and with a throaty "mmmm", nestled in to his side to embrace him fully, kissing him while she wrapped her legs around his torso.
Walker's body was flamed with excitement. He explored her breasts with his tongue, her nipples standing erect and proud, longing for his every attention.
Alex had never known such a gentle yet sensuous lover. She felt his muscles ripple through his skin as he treated her to yet another avenue of sensation, his desire to please her overwhelming. Alex lost track of time in the giddiness of their actions until she finally couldn't stand it any longer. She HAD to have him. Allowing himself to be rolled on his back Alex straddled him, placing his erect, circumcised penis between her legs, and deftly positioning her body to control the entry, she slowly accepted him into the warmth inside her. They both groaned with sheer delight. Alex slid her hips up and down, starting very slowly but gaining momentum with each thrust. She playfully teased and taunted his control by the actions of her hips until her vagina rippled, signaling the onset of her ultimate pleasure.
Walker felt himself start to throb as he tried to control his own passion to match her ardor. When he sensed her begin to reach her orgasm he allowed himself to fully let go, and together they exploded with a stimulation and gratification neither of them had experienced to this degree before.
As they abated Walker pulled her to his chest, wrapping his arms and legs around her tightly, cocooning her in his protection, his eyes tightly closed in gratitude of her reciprocated love and the emotion they both shared. Neither spoke for sometime, nor did they want to lest the specialness of the moment be broken. Finally Walker's husky voice broke the stillness "I never want to let you go. I'm gonna keep you here like this forever."
Alex's voice broke as she spoke his name, "Walker." She choked back the tears kissing him where ever she could find to place her lips and he smiled contentedly accepting her out pouring of love with affection. Experience told him the emotion of her orgasm would continue longer than his, so he continued to kiss her and quietly whisper to her in an effort to prolong the moment for her as long as he could. Alex finally fell silent, only her breathing still to return to normal.
Walker felt himself becoming limp inside her. "May I get you a towel?" he asked courteously. She nodded so he unwrapped himself from her body, withdrew carefully and hopped out of bed to the ensuite bathroom. Returning he passed the towel to her and assisted her to place it underneath.
She smiled contentedly at him and thanked him for his thoughtfulness, looking with glee as he gave her a half smile in return. She always thought he looked his absolute cutest when he did that. She shivered slightly as her body cooled.
"Oh wait", Walker rubbed her shoulder and grabbed the covers from behind him and covered them both up, somehow managing to sweep her up in his arms as he did so. They lay in each others embrace, dozing occasionally for nearly an hour, completely at ease with each other, completely enjoying their combined nakedness and coziness under the bed clothes. It was the most perfect time either of them had ever experienced.
Alex suddenly and inexplicably became tearful with the emotion of what had happened and the joy she knew was to come by being his wife. Not wanting Walker to see she rolled away with her back facing him.
It was only a few seconds before Walker detected a small stifled sob. "Alex?" His voice was one of complete concern, "what is it?" Even she wasn't to sure why she was crying so she couldn't have ever expected him to know. He misunderstood. "Was I..giving enough?" he ventured anxiously.
"Oh Walker, you are the most giving, exciting, gentle lover I have ever known. I'm sorry, I'm just so over come I can't ever remember being this happy."
"Oh!" Walker sighed with relief and chuckled, "What am I going do with you?" He prompted her to turn round and they lay with their heads on the pillows looking at each other. "Your mascara will run" he warned jokingly, raising his eyebrows.
She laughed, swatting him with an arm which he instinctively blocked without conscious effort. "I've just had a thought, I'm never going win in a playful fight with you am I?"
"Nope!" Walker shook his head adamantly, "but Alex, I promise to let you win occasionally, how about that?"
She shook her head slowly returning his grin and reached out to embrace him again.
He accepted her with pleasure, pulling her tight to him and wrapping his legs round her body. Walker's look changed as he offered his lips to hers, his arm finding it's way to the back of her neck as he pulled her head closer to his. His breathing accelerated up a gear, as their tongues met wildly and his groin began to grow to match his want for her again. His penis seemed to become electrified with each caress of her body, with each suck on her breasts, with every touch he made over her skin. He straddled her using his elbows and knees to take his weight from her body and leave her free. They still kissed exploring each other and it made Walker even harder for her.
Despite his gentleness and care Alex couldn't help but sense the enormous underlying power that was present. Walker was one of the most lethal back belt martial artists there ever was, an expert in shooting and knife throwing. He knew every Marine and self defense technique there was to know and for the briefest second, she felt a fleeting moment of vulnerability at his hands.
Despite the intensity he had to take her, whether it was his sixth sense, or whether it was his Indian intuition Walker couldn't begin to explain as somehow he sensed her concealed apprehension. Instead of inserting himself he took a deep breath and forced himself to stop at the lips of her vagina. He looked deeply into her eyes and asked her permission before going further, "May I?"
Alex's eyes widened in sheer amazement. As they looked at each other directly he silently conveyed his intentions to her. Alex had no doubt whatsoever that if she should say no now he would withdraw and probably take himself straight to the shower. She was in utter awe of his control. This must be, she thought, the most single act of respect a man could possibly show a woman. Reaching up to hold either side of his head she kissed him with renewed passion.
Walker took this as a yes! Inserting himself and placing his hands under her he lifted her hips, ensuring his angle of thrust massaged her clitoris with each movement. As his ardor heightened Alex could not believe sex could be this special, her body gave out shock wave after shock wave of this special pleasure until as he climaxed again she felt she could hardly take more. The sweat glowed on his shoulders with his exertions, he was spent, and through necessity, reluctantly withdrew from her to roll exhaustedly on his back. He panted waiting for his heart rate to reduce before he could turn his attentions to her, but this time it was she who lovingly saw to his needs. She kissed him several times and wrapped the sheet over him to keep him warm as she snuggled beside him. "Walker I love you with all my heart." she confessed.
Walker closed his eyes in gratitude. This evening they had spent together was the most rewarding he had known. They snuggled contentedly together once more, Alex nestled protectively by his arms for nearly twenty minutes. Walker gave her a squeeze, "Alex?"
She looked up at him, changing her position as she wondered what he was going to say.
He hesitated momentarily, "Y'know, even as a boy I never really felt accepted. Oh I knew I was by my Mom and Dad and they loved me lots, but as a half breed I never fitted in with either side of their families. Uncle Ray, after he took me in, made me as much of a son as anyone could, but as soon as he was out of sight, it would start again with someone or other calling me names. I got used to it and I guess that's why I became more of a loner. But laying here with you in my arms tonight.." his voice broke slightly, "is the very first time I have ever felt I belonged anywhere. I belong with you Alex. You've made me truly complete for the first time in my life." He kissed her and caressed her face.
Alex was too emotional to speak. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on to him for all she was worth. He didn't object.
They lay again in contented silence until Walker's stomach emitted a low rumble. They both laughed.
"Y'know I am hungry, how about you?" Alex asked.
"Yeah, I could eat something, I'll go for a take out, what do you fancy?"
"No, don't go out. I couldn't bear you to leave now. Oh Walker, I've just had a thought, how are we going to tell C.D. and Trivette?" Alex's eyes were wide at the thought, breaking her out into a huge smile.
Grinning, Walker shook his head, "Oh boy is this goin' to be Kodak moment or what? I tell you what, how about I leave a message on Trivette's voice mail and we'll meet him for breakfast at C.D.'s tomorrow? Shall we do that?"
She nodded enthusiastically. "Can you imagine what they're going to be like? It's going to be great!" She paused slightly, "stay the night! Please? You can leave a bit earlier in the morning and go home to get changed and we'll meet up at C.D.'s."
"Well, I was hoping you'd ask me to stay, I sure don't feel like leaving. What can we rustle up to eat?"
"How about.." Alex thought for a second, "I've got some lasagna in the icebox and how about some salad with it?"
"Swell! I'll give you a hand."
Alex put her hand on his chest, "No, I'll do it."
Walker was flicking back the covers, "Start as we mean to go on, we'll do it together!" He put on his underpants and pants as Alex grabbed a robe and headed out to the kitchen. Some thirty minutes later as Walker finished laying the table Alex brought the plates out, and Walker opened a White Zinfandel, the only wine she had laying about. They had a toast. "To a good life together," they agreed.
"Walker? What was your biggest reservation about getting married?"
Walker set his fork down and looked serious for a minute. He was quite candid about his reply. "I had to be sure you were quite clear that I have to do what I have to do. I'm a Ranger. It's not nine to five and it isn't the safest job, but it's what I do. I had to be sure you could take that year after year. I know it's a strain sometimes but that's the way it is. You seem to have gotten used to it though, haven't you?"
Alex nodded sagely. "Hmm, I suppose I am ready for it after all this time. Don't have to like it completely, but I accept it completely. I couldn't see you doing any other job anyway that's for sure!"
"There you go." Walker agreed. "Other than that you know there'll be times when I have to go on my own, I guess it's in my blood but sometimes I just have to get out in the badlands and do my own thing, but you know about that as well." He shrugged. "What about your idiosyncrasies?"
She looked at him seriously "none of mine are as bad as yours." They both laughed. "Oh I don't know really. Probably more operational I suppose, division of labor, how will we manage if I have to work late etc."
"Oh that's the least of our problems, we'll work around most of that. I'm house trained after all - all that Marine training, but when do you want to get married Alex?" Walker inquired.
"Well, I don't want to wait too long."
"I'm not going to withdraw the offer, you can take as long as you want" he joked.
Alex grinned. "The one thing about you Cordell Walker is when you say you're going to do something you do it! So I'm not concerned at all. How about a Saturday in a month's time?"
Thinking for a moment, Walker was unable to find an objection, "Works for me. Big wedding, small wedding, church, registry office?" He took another mouthful of salad.
"Well, I have some family I would love to see me get married. Two aunts I'm close to and three friends from college I still keep in contact with, and an uncle and his family, and Dad of course."
Walker looked concerned, "Alex, I may have disappointing news on that. I called your father to ask his permission to marry you and he's really tied up on a major case. He told me he was unlikely to be able to get free for sometime as they've just started the trial. It's expected to go on for some months."
Alex was crest fallen, "Oh I knew he was on the Murdoch case and it's a major work load, I know that and can understand his position perfectly. I still feel disappointed though. If it was in Texas he could have probably made it, but not from New York." Walker squeezed her hand as she had another thought on the subject, "Do you think C.D. would give me away?"
"C.D. would be honored" Walker replied without hesitation. "I was going to ask both C.D. and Trivette to be my best men, but it would work out just fine this way."
"What did Dad say when you asked him, I bet he was surprised wasn't he?"
"Not as surprised as I guessed he was going to be, but he was genuinely pleased and quite emotional about welcoming me into the family. That was kinda nice actually."
Alex grasped Walker's hand tightly, "What about you and your side of the family?"
Walker pursed his lips briefly, "Well, I think Uncle Ray is too sick to leave the reservation, and as you're already gonna be there and C.D. and Trivette, that's about it for me."
Although she knew he was matter of fact about it and would hate to be pitied, Alex couldn't help but feel badly for him. She kissed his hand. "I've got a great idea. As soon as we can afterwards, why don't we have some sort of blessing on the reservation so Uncle Ray can see us and maybe Billy Gray Wolf and some of the others can attend?"
"That'd be great! There is a blessing ritual and it'd mean so much to Uncle Ray." Walker was really touched with the idea and taking her arm he pulled her close and kissed her, "Alex, thanks for being willing to do that."
"You realize that all the justice department will want to attend here don't you?"
Walker laughed, "yeah, I hate to think what they're gonna get up to as well."

They talked, made plans, cleared up and made it to bed to sleep wrapped in each others arms. The alarm woke them all too soon. Walker had a shower and was dressing as he glanced over to Alex's beaming face. He gave her his half smile, "What?"
"Nothing. I'm just happy at the thought that soon I'll get to watch you dress every morning."
"Alex." Walker replied coyly. "Maybe next time you go shopping you could pick me up a toothbrush? Yours looks real lonely in there!" He walked round to the side of her bed to say good-bye.
"It's overtaken the rice to go straight to the top of the shopping list, how's that? Aahh!" She yelped as he tickled her for being cheeky then melted into his arms as he embraced her.
"See you at C.D.'s." Striding over to the dresser he holstered his gun and winked on his way out.
Alex lay back as contented as she had ever felt in her life.

"I'm tellin' ya big dog these are the stocks to watch, you wanna ride all you can on them. Look! Look I've marked them out for you, you can study them when you've got a minute," Trivette placed the paper where C.D. wouldn't miss it.
C.D. stuck his head round the kitchen doorway, "You can make a Picasso outta it, I ain't takin' anymore share advice from you, Jimmy, no sirree, after that last lot I lost." C.D. grimaced at the thought.
Trivette was hurt, "One bad break and you never let me forget it." He went behind the bar and poured four OJ's from the carton, taking them over to the set table.
"Morning all!" Alex breezed in looking like a ray of sunshine.
Trivette looked up, and did a double take to stare at her, "What the heck is different about you this morning Alex?"
"Different, different, why should anything be different?" Alex giggled, she had made her mind up she was going to enjoy every darn second of this. "Morning C.D." she went over to plant a kiss on him as he laid two plates of breakfast on the table.
"Morning honey." C.D. returned the kiss absent-mindedly, casting her a glance as he went off for the other two plates and stopping in his tracks. "You're a breath of fresh air this morning."
"Why thank you C.D.".
C.D. brought the other two plates, "Where the heck is Cordell everything's ready on time".
Walker had just come in, "Don't start on me now C.D., I'm here" beamed Walker. "Morning everyone, great day huh?"
"Yeah" grumbled C.D. is his usual fashion, "let's sit down."
Walker nodded to Alex as Trivette started for the table.
Alex waved her arms for their attention as Walker reached her side "Just a minute you guys. You need to hear this."
Trivette was immediately curious, "What?"
Alex looked directly at them both savoring the moment. "Walker has asked me to marry him."
"And she said yes!" Chipped in Walker happily.
There was a moment of stunned disbelief from C.D. and Trivette until it dawned on them, and much to the amusement of Walker and Alex, there was a combined "Yeehaaa" from their two friends as C.D. and Trivette hugged each other for joy. They hugged, laughed, high fived each other then did a two step round the bar as Walker and Alex watched them in hysterics. Finally the four faced each other.
C.D. held his arms out to Walker, "I'm so happy for you both". The men embraced warmly as Alex and Trivette did the same, "Now I know what's different about you Alex, Trivette whispered in her ear, "I just can't tell you how pleased I am." He squeezed her tight.
They exchanged partners and as C.D. hugged Alex, Trivette and Walker eyed each other up smiling. "Well don't tell anyone in the office" Walker warned as he went to hug Trivette.
"You got it pard," laughed Trivette as they gave each other a quick hug, releasing each other as soon as possible.
Walker offered Trivette his hand, "Best man?"
Trivette's eyes widened, "Really?"
Trivette shook Walker's hand pumping it up and down, "I'll do a first rate job. I promise you."
"I know you will Trivette, but just having you by my side on the big day will be enough."
No question about it, Trivette was touched, and unusually lost for words.
"What about me?" C.D.'s impassioned plea was heard.
"Oh C.D., I need you," Alex's quick concern was apparent, "my father won't be able to make it, and if you don't give me away then I'm not getting married!"
"Oh honey! I'd be honored." C.D. preened himself at the thought.
"Yeah and don't worry, if you weren't gonna give her away you were both going to be my best men!" Walker added assuring C.D. he would have had a major role in the event.
They all sat down for breakfast. They bantered, laughed, made plans until finally they HAD to go. It was a great time.

As Walker and Trivette drove to the office Walker knew there was one hurdle still to be overcome as far as he and Alex were concerned. Let's cement this new relationship for a bit longer he thought and there'll come a time when I can deal with it. Unfortunately that time came sooner than he expected or would have liked, just a few days later.

He and Trivette were in the truck on their way to roust one of Trivette's snitches regarding stolen TV's, when call came in of a 211 a couple of blocks away. Trivette picked up the mike, "This is Trivette were on it."
Walker stepped on the gas, arriving at a seven eleven to see two armed men emerging from the store. Pulling up a safe distance away, they got out, Walker silently signaling for Trivette to take the long route behind the block of stores and come up on their blind side as Walker followed them down the main street. His gun drawn Walker stepped out on to the road and took aim. "Texas Rangers drop your weapons now," he commanded. The men took off with Walker in hot pursuit, but hopefully into Trivette's waiting arms. One guy did just that and was apprehended as competently as ever by Trivette, who cuffed him round a pole as he left to follow his partner chasing the second man.
Walker ran through a couple of back alleys cursing the suspect's stamina and on to a bit of waste ground, backing onto a business complex bordered by high wire. Gotcha Walker thought as he gained ground rapidly again, and as he drew his gun for the second time he wondered how the man was going to play it. Shoot out or come quietly? "Hold it, you can't get any further, be sensible and give it up now." Walker watched the man's every move carefully.
Breathing heavily the suspect knew he was cornered, he cursed to himself silently.
Walker inched closer, "drop the gun on the floor, you haven't got a chance, don't make me shoot you!"
Still searching for a way out like a trapped rat the man finally gave the gun up and dropped to his knees clutching his chest.
"You feeling OK?" Walker asked concerned.
The man didn't reply, but bent over seemingly in distress. Kicking the fallen Smith and Wesson out of harms way, Walker holstered his gun and grasped the man's shoulders, dropping on one knee to check on his condition. "If you need a medic we can get one easily" Walker advised. With that the man grabbed at Walker's right arm and threw him forward, still keeping hold of Walker's right wrist he kicked him in the face. As Walker fell back his left arm snagged on a metal pole leaving a two inch gash on the upper part. Walker hardly acknowledged it as he stayed down, twisting to the side and talking the man's legs from under him. Walker was immediately on his feet and rolling the still winded suspect over, he brought out his handcuffs and completed the arrest. Walker's voice could be heard as he dragged him back along the route, "You have the right to remain silent.."
Trivette pulled a face at him when they met up, and joshed, "Well I got mine nicely, no problems at all."
"Oh ha! Danged guys got me all messed up!" Walker complained, looking down at his dusty clothes.
Trivette laughed, "Oopps."
Walker half smiled back at him, and after boarding the man in the back of the truck to join his accomplice, Walker checked the gash on his arm. Nasty but not serious, he'd clean it up at the office later.
They arrived back at Ranger HQ leading their captives in to book them. Rounding a corner Alex approached with a smile when she saw them, but the look turned to one of apprehension as she noticed Walker's appearance. Walker wasn't going to stop but had no alternative as Alex grabbed the lower part of his injured arm as they past.
"Oh Walker," she exclaimed with great concern.
Walker tried to keep going, "It's nothing Alex."
A few others in the corridor turned as they heard the exchange, "Walker" Alex insisted, "you need to get it looked at."
Stopping in his tracks abruptly, Walker forcefully removed her arm glowering at her. "I said leave it." Walker's heart melted for her as he witnessed her crushed look and awkwardness. It had to be done, he just couldn't have her fussing in the office. While their relationship had been as before he would have accepted a little of it as one colleague's concern over another, but now that they were to be married, he couldn't have his wife fussing like this in the middle of the office. He would loose all credibility and she had to realize the uniqueness of their position working together. Imagine the wives of other Rangers fussing when they came in, it just wouldn't work. Walker turned from her and carried on, but not before noticing her eye's mist. More than anything he wanted to go back and hold her and apologize, but he steeled himself, casting a glance towards Trivette who skillfully avoided his gaze.
Walker felt wretched for the remainder of the afternoon, but mercifully never saw Alex again until almost everyone had gone home. The Ranger office was empty and quiet as Walker finally picked the first aid kit from his drawer, and sitting on the edge of his desk, he tore a larger hole in his shirt sleeve and looked at the wound for the first time. It was an irregular gash, it would need a bandage. Walker cleaned it up with some cotton wool and antiseptic liquid, and dried it off with a clean bit of lint. He pulled the wound together and attached some sterile strips across to keep it from gaping apart, then slapped a sterile piece of gauze on top. Picking up the bandage it fell from his hand and unwound as it sped across the floor to be stopped by a pair of feet. Walker's look followed the bandage to the feet then upwards as Alex stood before him somberly. With one hand still trying to attach the bandage to his arm, Walker rose from the desk to look at her with concern. "I'm sorry." His voice was one of complete sincerity. He paused to gauge her reaction.
Bending down to pick up the roll of bandage, Alex began to wind it back, eventually to stand in front of him. Her eye's were huge as she stared at him. "I understand why you did that." She sighed deeply.
Walker nodded, "Sure?"
Alex looked pensive, pursing her lips then nodding back. She frowned as she looked at his first aid efforts and raised her eyebrows at him to seek his permission.
He nodded again, "Please."
"Well how are you going to get this bandage round without taking your shirt off?" She inquired.
"Oh!" Walker laughed briefly, "Yeah." He undid the shirt and pulled his arm out and Alex quietly bound the arm up properly. Replacing the shirt Walker thanked her. They stood in silence for a few seconds.
"So," Walker prompted, "we're clear on this then?"
Alex agreed.
"Forgive me?" He asked.
"Yeah. Still, you can make it up to me!" She said, a knowing smile crossed her face.
Walker raised his eyebrows, "your place or mine?" he asked quickly.
"Mine's nearest!"
"Let's get out of here," he laughed.

And that little crisis was over. Alex never again fussed in the office, preferring instead to walk out if the temptation proved too overwhelming. But it turned out Walker had some lessons of his own to learn too. Often Alex in her position as DA would either have to quash or amended his schemes or give a flat out no to some of his requests. Eventually their working relationship was the envy of all who knew them and they learned to relax in the office. Privately the bond between them grew closer renewing their love and respect for each other. Some of their most cherished nights were spent on the swing seat on the porch at the ranch, arms round each other as they silently watched the stars, the scent of jasmine in the evening air intoxicating their mood. Walker could smell that jasmine every time he thought about their evenings together...

"Walker! Walker, wake up, we fell asleep!"
Was someone speaking to him? Groggily Walker looked around in some confusion. He looked in the direction of the voice as Alex's face came into focus. "What?"
Collecting the picnic items together Alex shot a look to him, "We both fell asleep, look at the time, I need to get back to my apartment, I've still got work to do before court tomorrow! It's been a rough week for us both, especially for you and Trivette trying to protect my star witness. It's not much wonder we fell asleep, this is the first chance we've had to relax!"
Walker sat up. It was all a dream? But it was so real! He looked at Alex suddenly realizing it had been a dream, and too his amazement a feeling of incredible disappointment welled up inside him as he realized he wasn't in the reality he wanted.
Alex gave him her most winning smile. "I need to get back now Walker, I have some work to do before court tomorrow, could you please take me back to my apartment?"
Walker took a long look at her and smiled back. "Oh, yeah. Sure." He helped her pack the picnic basket and with the basket and the blanket in one hand, he grabbed Alex's hand tightly with the other.
Alex looked at him puzzled holding up their interlocked hands. "What's with all this then?"
Walker dropped her hand and put his arm around her equally as tightly as they walked back to the truck. "Nothing in particular. I just like you a lot that's all," he said as calmly as possible.
Alex raised her eyebrows to herself. "Remind me to take you on a picnic again will you?" She giggled as she said it.
"Well," said Walker, "how about I pick you up and take you for dinner tomorrow night? I may need to come round slightly earlier though......."

of one chapter is indeed always the beginning of another.
(One of life's little truisms)