By  Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex woke up in her husband's arms on the living couch; they had fallen asleep there after making love the night before. She soon realized that someone was knocking on the door and that she was as naked as her husband was. Alex shook Walker's shoulder and told him "Walker wake up, I hear someone knocking on the door."

Walker mumbled to her "Well get up and answer it then." Alex hurriedly got up and getting dressed told him "I think that I hear one of the children, you get it." Alex kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Grumbling Walker got up put his pants on and answered the door. Trivette was standing there getting ready to knock again. When he saw that Walker only had pants on and his hair was tousled Trivette winced and then said, "Walker, did I interrupt anything? If I did I'm sorry and I don't want you killing me because Erica isn't ready to be a widow yet."

"What do you want Trivette?" Walker asked somewhat grumpily as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Seriously Walker internal affairs has called a meeting for today about Sydney's shooting of Rappaport on Saturday." Trivette answered Walker who then questioned him "But I thought that had decided that it was a clear case of self defense?"

"They were leaning that way until the Rappaport's good friend Devlin carried on most of last night on T.V., so they decided to hold a hearing this afternoon at one. Sydney and Erica have to testify in front of the panel. Walker, they also said that they wanted Alex to appear too." Trivette informed Walker.

Alex was walking into the room and she asked Trivette "Who wants me to appear where?" Walker answered in a disgusted voice "Internal affairs is looking into Sydney's shooting of that animal."

"Well, it's not taking them too long to blame me is it?" Alex bitterly questioned. Trivette told then that he was sorry and left after assuring Alex that neither Sydney nor Erica had been hurt on Saturday when Michael Rappaport confronted them while looking to hurt Alex.

As they were eating breakfast Walker noticed Alex's withdrawn manner and said to his wife "Alex, you know that they are just trying to upset you. Don't let them get to you." Giving her husband a light kiss on the cheek Alex told him "It's hard not to but I won't give them the satisfaction. I have better things to think about like you and our children." Then she whispered in Walker's ear "I'll think about the things we did last night, that will make me very happy."

Turning red Walker admonished her "Alex!" She moved away from him smiling and then asked him "You ready to go to work Cowboy?"

Chapter Two

At the hearing Erica was the first to testify and she told the panel what had happened on Saturday at the Walker's ranch. Erica stated that she had gone into the barn ahead of Sydney and Michael Rappaport had grabbed her.  That she had kicked him somewhere forcing him to release her and that she started to run from the barn while calling for Sydney. That Sydney had then spotted Rappaport and had told him that he was under arrest for trespassing. Erica then told the panel that Michael Rappaport had pulled on gun on them and when Sydney yelled for him to drop it he refused saying as he was advancing on them that he was going to kill the both of them. Sydney had again told him to drop the gun but he fired it at them and then Sydney had shot and killed him in self-defense. When she was done testifying Devlin snidely asked her "Mrs. Trivette, are you telling the truth or are you covering up for Ranger Cooke and Ms. Cahill?"

Erica firmly answered him "I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth as I took an oath to do."

Sydney testified next and she told the panel that she had asked Erica to come horseback riding at the Walker ranch. That after the ride Erica had entered the barn first and that she then heard Erica yelling for help. That when she went to see what was the matter Michael Rappaport was in the barn. That she had told him that he was under arrest for trespassing and that he had then drawn a gun. Sydney testified that she had yelled at him several times to drop the gun but that he instead advanced on them saying that he was going to kill the both of them. That he had then fired at them and that was when she shot him. That she had only fired her weapon in self-defense of her's and Erica's lives.

Devlin questioned "Tell me Ranger Cooke, where was Ms. Cahill at when all of this was taking place?”

"Mrs. Walker was at her husband's reservation with him and their children." Sydney answered him.

"Let me got this straight, the Walkers were at a reservation and yet you and Ranger Trivette's wife were at their ranch horseback riding. Weren't you the ones who were in fact trespassing?” Devlin asked her.

"I have a horse that I keep at their ranch, Mrs. Walker said that I could come out and ride it anytime that I wanted too and that I was welcomed to bring a friend along whenever I wanted to. With them being at the reservation on Saturday I figured that it was a good time to do so. As for Erica, I asked her to join me because her husband and son were on a father-son outing." Sydney replied and was dismissed.

Chapter Three

Alex was the next witness to appear before the panel and Devlin started in on her right away "Well Ms. Cahill, it seems that you had your friend Ranger Cooke get rid of your former boyfriend for you."

"My name is Mrs. Walker and that scum was never my boyfriend as you well know." Alex answered calmly while seething inside. Devlin then questioned her "Tell me Mrs. Walker, is it? Where were you Saturday?”

"At my husband's reservation with him and our children." Alex answered.

"Isn't it a fact that you called up Michael Rappaport Friday night and arranged for him to meet you at the ranch on Saturday? And isn't it also a fact that you then had your very good friend Sydney Cooke kill him for you?” Devlin asked and Alex replied "No, I did not."

Devlin turned to the rest of the panel and told them "Members of this panel, I urge you to look at the facts. Michael Rappaport is dead at the hands of one of Ranger Walker's underlings. The same Ranger Walker I might add threatened to kill Michael Rappaport after his wife had an affair with the man and then cried rape. I submit that this was a preplanned murder of poor young Michael Rappaport who was an innocent man who just happened to have an affair with Mrs. Walker not knowing that she would then yell rape and get her husband and his fellow Rangers to kill him."

Alex asked for and was given permission to address the panel and she told them "Members of this panel, I never had an affair with Michael Rappaport or anyone else for that matter. I was knocked over the head by him one day as I was leaving my home. I was then held and raped by him for several days; there are medical reports to prove this. I did not call him and invite him out to my ranch on Friday night or any other night. On Friday night I was going to go to the reservation to meet my husband and our children there but my car wouldn't start up. Ranger Trivette offered to drive me there and I accepted. It turns out that he offered me a ride because he had heard rumors that Michael Rappaport had returned to town and was threatening to get me for once and for all. As for Ranger Cooke, she has my permission to come out to the ranch to ride her horse whenever she wants too and she's welcomed to bring a friend along. Sydney Cooke had a very deep respect for human life; she would not take one unless she had no other choice. Members of this panel I urge you to look at the fact that Ranger Cooke only fired in self defense to protect her's and Erica Trivette's lives. Thank you."

When Devlin started to say something the head of the panel rapped his gavel and said "Ranger Cooke, we find that you acted in self defense of not only your life but the life of Ranger Trivette's wife. Therefore it is the ruling of this panel that the shooting was justified, this matter is now closed." Alex and Walker left together.

When they left the hearing room the Walkers were besieged by the media waiting in the hallway, one of them shouted, "Tell us A.D.A. Cahill, what's your response to the Rappaport’s saying that they are filing a wrongful death suit against the Texas Rangers of Company B, and you and your husband?”

"I have no comment." Alex answered as they made their way to the elevator and when it opened a man stepped handed the Walkers some papers and told them "You've been served." One of the more aggressive members of the media asked, "Do you still have no comment, Ms. Cahill?”

"You heard Mrs. Walker, we have no comment." Walker growled at the throng who began to disburse. Walker and Alex then went into Alex's private office where she read over the legal papers pertaining to the lawsuit and got furious. Alex then said to her husband "Walker, there is going to be very nasty. The Rappaport’s are alleging that in addition to a conspiracy among the Texas Rangers of Company B to kill their son that you had also planned to kill my son. That you took me away when I was due to give birth so that he would die when I gave birth without a doctor to deliver him. They are alleging that you did this because you thought at the time he was a Rappaport and not your son. That you thought their son Michael was his father, making him their grandson. They are accusing you of child endangerment. They also claim that I talked you out of killing my 'love child' and to cover up your hatred for my son we called him Ray after your Uncle."

Walker said to Alex "What? Let me see those papers." She handed him the papers and after reading them over Walker got just as mad as his wife was.

"Walker, it's going to be okay. We'll get a lawyer to help us, any judge in their right mind will throw the case out." Alex assured her husband who pulled her into his arms and said, "Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to reassure you."

Smiling at him Alex answered "Well it's my turn now."

Chapter Four

About a week later they were just sitting down to eat dinner when the doorbell rang. Getting up from the table Alex said, "If that's another member of the media, I'm going to tell them exactly where to go in no uncertain terms." Getting up also Walker told his wife "Here you sit back down, I'll get it." Alex sat back down and Walker answered the door.

Several minutes later he entered with Alex's father Gordon Cahill, looking up to see her grandfather there Angela asked him "Grandpa, what are you dong here?”

Sitting down at the table Gordon answered his granddaughter "I came here to see my favorite granddaughter and my favorite grandson." Alex then asked him "Dad, what are you doing here?”

Angela said "Mommy, Grandpa said that he was here to see me and little Ray. We're his favorite grandchildren." They then ate dinner. Later on after the children were in bed Alex again asked her father "Dad, really what are you doing here?”

"I'm your attorney, remember? Now why didn't you call me about this wrongful death lawsuit and the child endangerment allegations?” Gordon asked his daughter who replied "We've been bothering you too much lately with our legal problems."

Sighing Gordon looked at Walker and asked him "Walker, was this your idea not to call me?” Walker answered his father-in-law "No Gordon, I've never been able to tell Alex what to do, she's as stubborn as a mule."

Looking at Alex Gordon then said "Alex you know that I will do anything to help you, to make up for the harm I caused you with my drinking when you were younger."

Alex told him "No Dad you don't owe me anything for when you were drinking. I forgave you a long time ago for that. Walker helped me see that the booze was controlling you. So you have nothing to feel guilty about."

"Be that as it may, I'm still you attorney and it's my job to defend you against this lawsuit. Now tomorrow we'll go over our plans to get this case dismissed, okay?” Gordon said to his daughter and then asked Walker "Well since I took a cab here, would you mind giving me a ride back to my hotel?”

Walker told him "You can stay here Gordon."

"I thank you for the offer but I have a meeting tomorrow with someone." Gordon informed Walker so he drove him to the hotel. When Walker got back home Alex was in their bedroom getting ready for bed so he also got ready for bed. Walker said to Alex "Honey, your father is a very good attorney. If he wants to help us let him."

"Okay." Alex answered her husband as she got into bed. Also getting into bed Walker was surprised when Alex giggled so he asked her "What's so funny?”

"I just let you tell me what to do." Alex replied.

"Good night my very obedient wife." Walker told her as he kissed her on the cheek. Alex snuggled closer and laying her head on Walker's chest told him "You wish Cowboy."

Chapter Five

The next evening Gordon came out to the ranch to discuss strategy " Now the first thing we'll do to address the child endangerment allegations is to have the doctor who delivered Ray testify to that fact." After exchanging looks with Walker Alex said "That's impossible Dad and please don't ask me why."

"Okay then we'll have your friends testify to how happy the two of you were to be expecting Ray. How you were looking forwards to his birth." Gordon said to them and they again exchanged looks. Getting frustrated Gordon questioned them "The two of you were happy to be expecting him, weren't you? Walker, I knew that you weren't happy it at first but you must have gotten got over it because you were the one who named him according to my daughter."

Walker answered his father-in-law "Alex was very happy about the baby but I wasn't. The fact of the matter is that until Ray was born I was a terrible father to my unborn child. I was also a terrible husband to Alex then, I did nothing to help her get ready for his birth."

"Walker, you know that's not true." Alex protested but Walker told her "Yes, It's true and you know that Alex."

"Son perhaps you'd better explain what you mean by that." Gordon suggested to Walker who explained "I did nothing to help my wife get ready for the birth of her baby, I didn't paint his room like I did for Angela or anything else for that matter. I thought that if he wasn't mine that I couldn't and shouldn't love him. I don't know how Alex put up with me then, I behaved so badly towards her that it's a wonder she didn't divorce me."

"Then what caused you to name him after your Uncle Ray without knowing for sure whether or not you had fathered him?” Gordon questioned his son-in-law.

            "I named him after my Uncle Ray because I've always wanted my first born son to have his name. After he was born and Alex was sleeping I really looked at him and all I could see was the son of the woman that I loved, not some animal's son. That was when I finally realized that Ray was truly my son no matter what. That he was my wife's son making him my son no matter how he had come into being." Walker told Gordon.

Alex said to her husband "Oh Walker, I love you so much."

"That doesn't solve our problem of getting the doctor who delivered him to testify to that fact." Gordon said to them and they again exchanged looks. Finally throwing his hands up Gordon said to them "How do you expect me to get this case dismissed without the doctor's testimony? I can and will easily get the wrongful death suit dismissed but without testimony from a doctor I won't be able to get around the child endangerment allegations so easily. Listen if it isn't thrown out the child endangerment allegations could cause the both of you problems that you don't need or want."

"Dad, please come for a ride with me?” Alex requested of her father who agreed. Walker stayed with the children.

Chapter Six

They rode out to the memorial bluff and dismounted. Walking up to the sign for the lost twins Alex placed her hand on it and said to her father "Walker had this made for our lost twins." Looking at the sign Gordon wanted to question his daughter but kept quiet to allow her time to gather her thoughts.

"Dad, please listen to me. You know that I don't believe in the spirits the way Walker does, but I do believe that they led us to Dr. Mike and her husband Sully. Dr. Mike delivered Ray at her homestead, unfortunately they live in Colorado Springs of the past." When her father started to say something Alex held her hand up and firmly told him "Please let me finish Dad. We were out walking with Trivette when a fog bank came upon us suddenly. When we exited it Walker, Angela and I were in front of a cabin. We entered it and I went into labor right after we met Dr. Mike. Sully showed up right after that and Dr. Mike had him make a litter which Walker and Sully carried me to the Sully homestead on. I gave birth to Ray in their guest bedroom. Now the reason that I believe the spirits led us there was because Sully and Dr. Mike's youngest son was the result of her having been held at a cabin and assaulted. Sully's complete acceptance and love for their youngest son helped Walker see the truth that was already in his heart, that Ray was his son no matter who had fathered him. That Walker already loved him as he loved Angela. Dad he was feeling so guilty about my having been hurt when he was off helping Merilee that he wasn't thinking straight at the time. It wasn't that he was terrible to me then it was more like he was determined not to care for the baby in case it turned out not to be his. Like he had to hold himself back from caring. Another thing Dad, Walker without saying anything to me beforehand stood up at the Sully's table and thanked Dr. Mike for her help in delivering our son Raymond John Walker. I knew at that moment that he had accepted him as his son because Walker had told me that he wanted his first born son named after his Uncle Ray and his father. I knew then that he loved our son as much as he loved Angela, no matter what the future might hold. I know that if the blood test results had been different it would not have changed Walker's love for Ray. He just needed to see that he did love Ray all along." Alex finished explaining and wiped a few tears away.

Gordon vowed to his daughter "I'll find a way to get this lawsuit dismissed." After they returned to the house Gordon again insisted on returning to the hotel so Walker drove him there.

Later as they were getting into bed Alex told her husband "I told him about Dr. Mike and Sully."

"I know, Sully did help me see that Ray was my son no matter what." Walker said and then pulling Alex to him began kissing her until the only thing that mattered was their love, which they expressed to each other for a while before falling asleep.

Chapter Seven

The next evening Gordon again came out to the ranch, Erica and Trivette were also there. Gordon asked Trivette to take a walk with him and as they were doing so Gordon asked Trivette "Did Dr. Mike really help deliver Ray or did Walker take Alex away so that the baby would die like the Rappaport’s are claiming?”

"No Walker didn't take Alex away so that the baby would die and yes Dr. Mike did help deliver Ray at her homestead. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't been there too. But as crazy as it sounds we were out walking when a fog bank swallowed us and we ended up in Colorado Springs of the past. Walker told me that the spirits guided him there to meet Sully and Dr. Mike so that he could accept the baby as his whether or not he had fathered it. Listen don't tell Walker that I told you this but Walker had a rough time of it when Alex was carrying Ray. Alex was very happy about the baby but Walker could only think about how Alex was hurt when he was off helping Merilee. Walker blamed himself for what happened to his wife then. He was so worried that the child wasn't his that he wouldn't allow himself to care. The guilt was really getting to him. I really think that Sully's acceptance of Dr. Mike's youngest son as his even though he hadn't fathered the child helped Walker to see that the baby was Alex's son and not some animal's son. I knew when he stood up and named the baby himself that he had realized that Ray was his son just like Angela was his daughter. Walker once told me when they were expecting Angela that if the baby was a boy he wanted his first born son named after his Uncle Ray and his father John. I also know that if the results of the blood test to prove paternity had been different it would not have changed the way Walker feels about Ray. Please don't ever tell Walker that I told you this because he is a very private man." Trivette told Gordon.

Gordon said to him "Well I'd better get back to the hotel and write up one hell of a legal brief to get this lawsuit dismissed." Gordon, Trivette and Erica left the ranch shortly thereafter.

After the children were sleeping and they were getting into bed Alex asked her husband who seemed lost in thought "Walker, are you okay?”

Walker questioned her "Alex, why do you put up with me?”

"For the same reason you put up with me, because I love you." Alex replied and turning off his lamp Walker said, "That I do."

Chapter Eight

When Gordon filed his brief with the court he was allowed to address the judge and he did so stating "May it please the court, I will briefly explain my filing which shows that this case should be dismissed. Your honor to allow this case to go forwards would be helping the Rappaport’s in their ongoing harassment of my clients the Walkers. Simply stated this suit is the latest in a series of actions by the Rappaport’s against the Walkers with no purpose other than to harass them. As for the Rangers of Company B, there was a ruling by the police review board that the shooting was justified because Ranger Cooke who was the only Ranger there that day was forced to shoot and kill Michael Rappaport in defense of her life and the life of Erica Trivette. The man had a gun and refused to drop it, in fact he advanced on them while saying that he was going to kill them then he shot at them. To prove this we have statements from several witnesses attesting to the fact that Michael Rappaport had returned to town with the sole purpose as he put it 'Once he got his hands on Mrs. Walker taking care of her for once and for all.' Michael Rappaport had intended to kill Mrs. Walker that day and when she wasn't there he tried to kill Mrs. Trivette and Ranger Cooke. Your honor my clients have been harassed by the Rappaport’s ever since their son kidnapped and assaulted Mrs. Walker for several days. It has to end now."

The judge took the brief and after looking it over rapped his gavel and "It is the opinion of this court that the Texas Rangers of Company B should not be held liable for the death of Michael Rappaport. It is also the opinion of this court that the death was justified because Michael Rappaport had gone to the Walker ranch with the sole purpose of committing a felony while brandishing a weapon. Since Ranger Cooke had permission to be there that day she was defending herself and Ranger Trivette's wife and is considered to have the same legal rights in this case as if she had been the property owner; to defend the property and anyone on it with deadly force if need be. I do agree that the Rappaport’s are attempting to use this case to further harass the Walkers. However there being no doctor on record as having delivered their minor child Raymond Walker troubles me. Also the fact that mother and child weren't seen by medical personal until several days later gives the appearance of child endangerment. Therefore I will hold an informal hearing in my chambers tomorrow morning to address the possible child endangerment issue. Mr. Cahill I want you and your clients the Walkers along with their children in my chambers tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. Court dismissed."

The Rangers were happy about the outcome but Gordon was concerned about the judge holding a hearing to address the child endangerment allegations. So he said to his son-in-law "Listen Walker, tomorrow morning the judge may very well decide that you placed your son in danger and he can even go so far as to place him in foster care. We need a way to prove that you didn't endanger him and without a doctor that's going to be hard to do."

Taking Alex's hand Walker replied, "I know that but I will make the judge understand that I would never have placed Alex or her unborn baby in danger even if I thought at the time that he wasn't mine. We'll see you tomorrow, let's go Alex." As they were leaving the courtroom Mrs. Rappaport said to them "Well tomorrow when the judge rightfully takes your son away you'll know how I feel and it couldn't happen to a more deserving couple." The Walkers ignored her and kept on going.

Later on that night as they were getting ready for bed Alex asked her husband "How are we going to make the judge see that we didn't endanger our son when we can't produce a doctor?”

"I'll just have to convince him of the truth, that our son was never in danger from me and never will be. I'll make him see that I love our son and always will. Trust me Alex, it's going to be okay." Walker told his wife.

"I do trust you with my life and our children's lifes, always have always will." Alex replied as she laid her head on Walker's chest as his arms encircled her.

Chapter Nine

They were in the judge's chamber awaiting his arrival when his legal aide came in and told them "The judge is running a little late. He instructed me to remind you that this is strictly an informal hearing to clear up any questions about possible child endangerment concerning Ray Walker. The judge just wants to be sure that the Rappaport’s allegations in this matter aren't true."

"Is there a phone that I can use? I need to make a phone call." Gordon asked and was taken to where he could make his phone call.

Angela asked her father "Daddy, what are we doing here?”

Walker answered her "We're going to talk to a judge honey." Just then the judge entered his chambers and said, "Good, I see that all the Walkers are here. If it's okay the children can wait in my outer office with my legal aide?” After the Walkers agreed Angela and Ray left his chambers. The judge then said "Now as I told my legal aide to remind you this is strictly an informal hearing to address the issue of possible child endangerment. Do you have anything to say on this matter Mr. Walker? We can of course wait for your attorney to get here."

"That's okay your honor. I wish to address this matter, all I can tell you is that I never endangered my wife or the unborn baby she was carrying. I would die before I would let that happen. Yes, I wasn't happy about the baby because I thought that he wasn't mine and that I shouldn't love the child like I did Angela. I was concerned about Alex's health when she was pregnant, I didn't want her suffering anymore. I felt as though she had been put though too much when she was hurt when I was off helping another woman. I just never let her know that I was worried about her and the baby in case it turned out not to be mine. After the baby was born I named him after my Uncle Ray because I realized that he was my first born son no matter who had fathered him. I at no time endangered my son or my wife." Walker told the judge.

"Mr. Walker you state that you were worried about the baby but without a doctor to attest to that I find it hard to believe." The judge answered him.

Dr. Bates who had been called by Gordon in the hopes she could help entered the judge's chambers and asked "Judge, if I may?” After the judge nodded okay Dr. Bates said "While Mrs. Walker was pregnant with Raymond Walker, Ranger Walker stopped by my office several times to check up on his wife's pregnancy. He was worried that the sexual assault Mrs. Walker had undergone would cause a miscarriage. Walker was also worried that the trouble Mrs. Walker had during their daughter's birth would cause problems for her again. I assured Ranger Walker that wasn't the case and he was relieved. He told me that he just wanted to make sure that everything would be okay, that he couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to his wife or the baby that she was carrying. Walker also asked that I not tell his wife about his visits. I didn't understand why he didn't want his wife to know that he had been checking up on her and the baby she was carrying but I agreed to do as he asked. I do believe that Ranger Walker in his own way was a concerned father when he wasn't even sure if he was a father. I made notes of these visits on Mrs. Walker's medical records which I have here with me today. I also have the medical records from the two doctors who examined Mrs. Walker and Raymond Walker after Ranger Walker brought them to the hospital. That in these two doctor's opinion the two of them received some kind of medical attention during the delivery and right after."

After looking over the records the judge said "Well it appears from all of these records that you behaved like a concerned father when you weren't even sure if you were one Mr. Walker, although in a different way than what most other men would have done. Therefore I am formally dismissing this case with the notation that it was an effort by the Rappaport’s to use the courts to further their harassment of you. Ranger Walker, you and your family are free to go."

They left the judges chambers after collecting their children and went out into the hallway where they met Gordon returning from making his phone call. Alex told him "Dad, the judge formally dismissed the case with the notation that the Rappaport’s were using the courts to further harass us."

Gordon hugged his daughter and then said, "That's great. Alex, I think that I should tell you that the reason I haven't been staying at the ranch was because I wasn't sure how you would react to the news that I recently got married. She's really a special lady and I hope that you'll meet her one day."

Smiling at her husband Alex told her father "I'm glad that you found someone to be happy with Dad. I think that Mom would have been okay with it too. How about you and the new Mrs. Cahill come out to the ranch for dinner? Is tonight okay?”

"Alex, are you sure about meeting her?” Gordon questioned Alex who replied, "Yes Dad, I'm very sure."

Chapter Ten

It was now time for Alex to meet her father's new wife and she was a nervous wreck. “Oh Walker, what if she doesn't like me? What if I don't like her? I want my Dad to be happy." Alex told her husband.

"Alex, please sit down you're making me nervous." Walker told her so Alex sat on the couch. When the doorbell Alex jumped up saying "I'll get it."

Taking her hand Walker said, "We'll get it." They went and answered the door together and Alex met her father's new wife for the first time. Nervously Gordon introduced his wife "Alex, I'd like you to meet my wife Madeline Stowe-Cahill."

Holding her hand out Alex replied, "Hi, I'm pleased to meet you. This is my husband Cordell Walker and our children Angela and Ray."

After the women shook hands Madeline told Alex "You have a lovely family." Alex thanked her and they went into the dining room and ate dinner. During dinner Gordon told them how he had met Madeline by bumping into her at an art gallery in Chicago. Madeline was a history professor and they had dated about six months before they had gotten married recently. It was obvious looking at the two of them that they were in love and very happy. When it was time for desert Madeline went into the kitchen with Alex to help her get it. She asked, "Alex, are you really okay with me being married to your father?”

"Yes, I'm okay with the marriage. I want my father to be happy and from what I can see you make him happier than he's been in a long time." Alex told Madeline who hugged Alex and told her "You forgiving your father for the way he was when he was drinking means a lot to him."

"Walker had a lot to do with that, he helped me see that the booze was controlling my father. Now how about we go feed our men their desert?” Alex said and they went into the dining room. As they were eating the desert Angela asked "Daddy, since Miss Madeline is married to Grandpa does that mean she'll be our Grandmother now?”

Walker looked at Alex who nodded yes and he answered his daughter "Yes, if she wants to be." Madeline told them "I would be honored to have two such lovely grandchildren."

As they were leaving Gordon hugged his daughter and told her "Thank you for being so understanding Alex. I want you to know that I haven't forgotten your mother." Hugging him back Alex replied "I know that Dad. I just want you to be happy and I know that Madeline makes you happy. Hopefully the next time you come to town it won't be because of our legal problems."

"How about in the spring? Madeline and I are going over to Italy to see the sights after Christmas." Gordon told his daughter who answered, "Okay."

Chapter Eleven

As they were getting ready for bed Alex told Walker "I'm glad that my father has found someone to be happy with. He told me that he hasn't forgotten my mother." Then noticing that her husband wasn't really listening to her Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "By the way, the moon is purple."

"What did you say about the moon?” A still distracted Walker asked.

"That the moon is purple, why?” Alex asked Walker who unwrapped her arms from around his neck and said "Alex, I need to tell you something."

"Okay darling." Alex replied but Walker hesitated and got dressed for bed before he said anything to her "Never mind you don't need to be bothered by me."

"Walker, you are never a bother to me, you know that. Now please tell me what's on your mind. I promise that I will listen to whatever you have to say." Alex assured her husband.

"It's about the way I behaved when you were pregnant with Ray." Walker answered and seeing her opening Alex questioned "What about it?”

"I'm sorry that I behaved that way, leaving you to take care of everything by yourself." Walker replied and Alex followed up by asking him "Okay Walker, why did you go talk to Dr. Bates about the pregnancy when you couldn't find a way to talk to me about it?”

"Because I was so worried that the attack on you would cause you to have a miscarriage. I couldn't talk to you about the baby because I felt so guilty about you being hurt when I was off helping Merilee. I should have been home with you instead." Walker told his wife who stunned him by saying "Exactly."

Walker asked "What?”

Taking his hand Alex explained, "Walker when I was pregnant I knew that you felt guilty about my having been raped when you were out of town helping Merilee. I also knew that you were worried that I would have a miscarriage. But I also knew that if I hung in there you would come to your senses and admit to your love for the baby that I was carrying, whether or not you were the father. Walker, don't you know by now that I will always wait for you to be ready? That I will never rush you into things that you aren't ready for?”

Removing his hand Walker questioned "But why do you wait for me to be ready? Why don't you demand that I come to my senses sooner, why Alex?”

Picking his hand back up Alex answered "I will wait for you to be ready because Cowboy I love you. I also wait for you to be ready because once you concentrate on the loving you are incredible. That alone is enough to make me wait forever for you."

"Alex, be serious." Walker protested but Alex pushed him onto his back and said, "Oh, I'm very serious right now. How about you concentrating on loving me right now Cowboy?”

Pulling her even closer and removing her clothing Walker said, "Mrs. Walker at times you are very bad. Did you know that?”

Alex replied, "Yes but my husband prefers me that way, doesn't he?"

"God yes." Walker answered and they made love. When they were done Walker said "Seriously Alex, I was worried about little Ray when you were carrying him. I just couldn't talk to you about it, why I'm not sure."

"I know that honey, one day when I was early for an appointment I saw you leave Dr. Bates' office. I knew then that you cared about the baby and would talk to me about it when you were ready." Alex said as she snuggled closer to her husband.

Wrapping his arms around her Walker said, "I've never loved anyone the way that I love you. You don't demand things of me that I'm not ready for. You let me be me, you've always have."

Alex replied, "That's because I love you just the way that you are, always have and always will. Goodnight my darling Cowboy." Walker then said to her "Alex, there is one last thing I want to tell you."

"What is it?" Alex questioned her husband who answered, "Well perhaps I better just show you. I'm much better with my actions than my words."

Smiling Alex said, "Well then show me what you want to tell me. I love it when you show me your love not to mention showing me something else." They made love again and drifted off to sleep in each other arms.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither this story nor I is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.