By Katie 59

Chapter One

Trivette looked over at Swanson who was watching something on her computer as though she couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen if her life depended on it so he questioned her “Swanson what is so interesting on your computer? You're acting like you've never looked at a computer screen before." Swanson didn't answer him so Trivette tried again “Ranger Swanson, do you mind telling me what you are looking at on your computer? Is it related to the case that you're supposed to working on?" After a few more minutes Swanson looked up from the screen and asked "What did you say Trivette?"

Trivette walked over to Swanson's desk as he answered her “I said, what you find so interesting on your computer? Whatever it is it must be very interesting because I had to ask you twice." Swanson replied as she pointed to the screen “I was searching the internet for information on Lincoln Le Xavier and I found his home page. I went there and it said that if you clicked on a certain link you would be directed to his fund raising site but I ended up here. It looks to be a site where couples make their own adult films for a lack of a better way to put it and they get them posted here. What I don't get is why Le Xavier would have a link on his home page to a web site like this when he claims that he's a devout Christian and only uses the internet to raise money for good causes? That he's not using his web site to con people out of their money along with other illegal activities, like we suspect that he's doing. It makes no sense for that link to be here because posting these sort of videos is against the law, isn't it? Not to mention a lot of people think that sex tapes are degrading to women."

After looking the screen over Trivette answered the younger Ranger “I don't know why this link is on Le Xavier's web site Swanson but you can worry about that tomorrow. Don't you have a date with somebody or something like that?" Swanson said "Okay, I get the hint just let me shut off my computer first."

Trivette waived her aside saying “I’ll shut it down after I've looked over this web site a little longer, you go and have a nice time with Shawn Timothy." Swanson as she got up from her desk asked Trivette “Okay, now how did you know that Shawn and I have been dating? Because we never told anyone about it besides Kayla who of course told my mother, her grandmother."

Trivette grinned as he replied “That’s an easy one Swanson, every single time you mentioned Timothy's name lately you get a goofy smile on your face, just like the one you have on it now." Swanson said “I do not have a goofy smile on my face and I'll see you tomorrow Trivette." She left Ranger headquarters as Trivette started searching through some of the links on the secondary web site and found one that said Paris: Grande Hotel Versailles, Honeymoon Suite '2000'. Trivette clicked on the link but a pop up came on that said in order to see the clips there was a fee of $25 for each clip so Trivette made a note on the link then shut down Swanson's computer.

Aboard a cruise ship Alex turned to her husband Cordell Walker and informed him “We are never ever going on a cruise again, do you hear me Cordell Walker? What were you thinking about when you planned our family vacation aboard a cruise ship anyhow?" Walker answered “Yes dear, I hear you and I do agree with you about a cruise ship not being the best place for a family vacation. Next time we'll go to an amusement park, you know like Disney World."

  “I’m sorry for snapping at you. Walker you had no way of knowing that Ray would get sea sick and that Angela would pout most of this cruise and not to mention the things that the triplets were able to get into and so quickly too." Alex told Walker who pulled her into a hug as he said “Or that the reservations would get messed up and we would get a suite that had two bedrooms in it instead of three like I had asked for."

“It hasn't been much fun sharing a bed with our daughters when I was expecting to share one with my husband, but then again you have to share a bed with your three sons. How's that going? I've found you sleeping on that small lumpy couch this morning." Alex replied. Rubbing the small of his back Walker said “That was because your three sons are bed hogs and took up so much room last night that I ended up on the floor several times so I gave up trying to sleep in bed and tried to get some sleep on the couch."

“Honey, just as soon as we are back home tomorrow and in our bedroom I'll take care of your aching back for you. I can't have the father of my children having a sore back, mainly because he won't be much good to me then." Alex teased her husband who teased his wife right back “Alex you know that as soon as we are back in our bedroom you're going to be wanting to make up for not being able to share a bed with me on this cruise. And being the good guy that I am I'll let you do whatever you want to me. That is just as soon as all of our children are sound asleep in their own rooms and not a minute before then."

Alex kissed Walker on the cheek as she answered him "You can have a turn too cowboy but for now let's behave ourselves."

Chapter Two

Trivette was at his house getting ready for a date with Millie Vargo when she called him up and told him that she had forgotten that she had already made plans. Trivette then asked if they could try another time but Millie told him that wasn't a good idea. After hanging up the phone Trivette decided that he would go to the Lincoln Le Xavier web site to see if he could find out anything else out about Le Xavier. After finding nothing interesting on the home page Trivette went to the link that Swanson had found earlier in the day at Ranger headquarters and tried to see if he could find out who owned the site but was told by a pop-up that he had to enter payment information if he wished to see the clips. Thinking that he might be able to link that web site with Le Xavier's Trivette used a pre-paid credit card so that the purchase couldn't be traced back to a Texas Ranger. After the credit card was approved another pop-up came up with a list instructing Trivette that he could make his choice of one of four clips that he could down load to his computer and that he could first see a brief snippet of each one of them in order to make his choice. Trivette watched the first three snippets and was starting to think that the clips were made without the people in them aware of that they were being filmed. The last one came up and Trivette saw a blond with her back to the screen looking at a bed where a man with a beard was sound asleep. The image was rather fuzzy but the font below it said 'Blonde wakes up the bearded man' then below that was the instruction that if this is your choice click on this image to pick it and it would it clear up and then be able to be downloaded. Trivette decided that if these were people who had been filmed without their consent he should see if there was any way to contact these people and ask them if they knew about the clips. That maybe he should pick this one and see if he could get clear enough pictures of the people involved from the clip. That if he was able to do that he would then put the pictures through a computer face matching data base to hopefully find out who they were. So Trivette clicked on the last one and started downloading it to his external hard drive. After it had downloaded Trivette then copied it to a D.V.D. and decided to watch just the first few minutes of it to see if he could get a clearer image of the couple in the clip.

After he had put it in his D.V.D. player Trivette settled on the couch to watch it. The blonde lady removed her robe as she approached the bed where the sleeping man was and said to him “I’m going to thank you for last night cowboy. I just hope I can do this right." A stunned Trivette realized that the blonde was Alex and quickly stopped the D.V.D. player while thinking to himself 'How do I tell them about this? I have to tell them but Alex is going to be so upset about it. What if this was done to all the other people on that web site?' After thinking about it some more Trivette decided that he was going to the ranch just as soon as the Walkers were home from their cruise and get Walker outside where he could tell him about it without anyone else overhearing what they were talking about and let Walker decide what to do about it.

The next morning at Ranger headquarters Trivette pulled Swanson aside and ordered her to stay off of Le Xavier's web site until after Walker got back and told her himself what he wanted her to do with the Le Xavier investigation. Swanson was puzzled by the order but went along with it.

When the Walkers arrived home Trivette was waiting on their front porch so Alex questioned him “Trivette what is so important that you couldn't wait to talk with Walker tomorrow at work?" Trivette replied “Walker I need to see you in the barn, it's something that you really, really need to know about." Walker looked at his wife who told him “Go ahead to the barn with Trivette, I'll take our children inside but you are helping me unpack the van later."

Trivette opened up his lap top as he started explaining "Walker when Swanson was visiting Le Xavier's home page she found a link to an adult film web site so I went to it and found some clips that were titled Paris: Grande Hotel Versailles Honeymoon Suite '2000'. That's the same hotel you and Alex honeymooned at so I paid a fee and was then shown snippets of four clips to choose from. Well I watched them and the one I choose said 'Blonde wakes up bearded man'. Walker I swear that I only watched the first ten seconds or so, I didn't see that much."

Walker questioned him “Trivette what do I care if you watched the first ten seconds of an adult clip that you paid for? I wouldn't do it but I'm not you." After taking a deep breath Trivette handed Walker his lap top and told him "No but you need to know that you and Alex were secretly filmed during your honeymoon in Paris. The clip that I picked is...well it's you and Alex during your honeymoon one morning. Walker I swear that I was only watching it to see if I could find a way to identify these people. I thought maybe we could contact these people and let them know what was going on and that it might lead to our being able to get Le Xavier. Once I realized that it was you and Alex I stopped the D.V.D., I'll go outside now."

Trivette left the barn and Walker watched the clip becoming very upset because the clip was of that morning in Paris when Alex had awaken him by doing something that she had told him that she would never ever do. After watching the clip Walker closed Trivette's laptop and going outside asked him “Did you tell anyone else about this?"

“No I didn't, but Walker what if you and Alex weren't the only ones this was done to? Don't you think the other people have a right to know that they were secretly video taped while in bed?" Trivette answered Walker who didn't say anything so Trivette added as he removed the D.V.D. and handed it to Walker “I put it on this D.V.D., no one has seen it and I'm not planning on showing it to anyone. I told Swanson to stay off of Le Xavier's web site until you returned to work and told her what to do. I'll see you at work tomorrow."

Walker took the D.V.D. and watched as Trivette drove off then he went into his house where he put it in a cabinet in his den and locked the door to the room. Walker then helped Alex settle the children down. Later on after the children were all in bed Alex suggested “How about we turn in ourselves cowboy?" Walker answered “You have to watch a D.V.D. that Trivette just gave me and then we have to talk Alex."

Chapter Three

Alex sat down on the couch as she asked her husband “Walker, why do you want me to watch a D.V.D.? Why don't we just head up to bed like we had planned? You know so I can get started on taking care of your aching back for you?" Walker answered his wife “Alex, the D.V.D. has a clip on it that Trivette found on an adult film web site after Swanson found a link to the web site on Le Xavier's home page. After you watch it we can talk about it."

Shocked Alex questioned her husband “Are you telling me that you want me to watch porn and then talk with you about it? What's gotten into you? If you have a problem with our love life I suggest that you come straight out and tell me what you think that I'm doing wrong in bed because there is no way that I'm watching porn. Certainly not for you or anybody else for that matter. How can you even suggest such a thing to me?" Alex started to get up from the couch but Walker stopped her by saying “Alex you really need to watch it, please sit back down."

“No I will not sit back down and watch porn Cordell Walker. What is wrong with you?" Alex replied and was leaving the room when Walker said “You have to watch it because you're featured in it."

Alex stopped at the doorway then slowly turned around and asked him “Are you accusing me of starring in a porn film? Because if you are you had better rethink your accusation and do it right this second." Moving over to his wife Walker answered her as he put his arm around her shoulder  “Alex, I am not accusing you of starring in a porn film but you are in that one and so am I."

“Walker, exactly what are you saying?" Alex asked as they moved back into the living room. Sitting down on the couch Walker replied “On our honeymoon in Paris we were secretly taped, that's the clip that I want you to watch."

“How much of our honeymoon is on the internet?" A shaken Alex questioned Walker who said "I don't know but this clip which is titled 'blonde wakes up bearded man' it's... well it's from that morning when... you uhm woke me up... while... uhm discovering my birthmark."

“What are we going to do? Walker how many people know about this? I must look like some sort of tramp in that clip, doing something like that. After all only loose women do something like that. What was I thinking when I did that?" Alex asked while hanging her head in shame. Walker raised Alex's head back up as he told her “Alex you are not a loose woman and as for what you were thinking I imagine it was showing me how much you loved me. Honey I don't know how many people have seen that clip but Trivette told me that if we were secretly taped others may have been." When Alex didn't respond Walker added "Alex, honey what you did that morning showed me that you loved me more than I ever thought possible."

Alex moved away from her husband as she asked him “I did something to you that my mother told me no lady should ever do, something that only hookers did for their low life clients. Walker, how was that me showing you how much I loved you?" Walker moved closer to Alex and told her "Alex when we were dating you told me that were two things that you would never do with me, one have sex while on your period and two never ever do that sort of thing with me. I had no problem either one but when you woke me up that morning by doing that to me I thought that you had wanted to show me how much you loved me. Alex if that wasn't what you were trying to do why did you do it?"

“I did it because I wanted you to know that I was ready to make love with you unconditionally because you had just spent the night showing me what making love was all about. You made sure that I was satisfied over and over again without worrying about your own pleasure and I just wanted to return the favor. Besides one of my friends told me that if I wanted to keep a husband I had to do that to him at least once so he wouldn't keep asking me to do that. But after I did that to you, I wanted it to become a semi-regular part of our love life because even though it went against everything that my mother had taught me. I enjoyed doing that to you. I guess that does make me some sort of a tramp." Alex explained to Walker who was almost as red as she was but he told her “It makes you a woman who is in love with her husband. Lady I have done the same thing to you so I guess that makes me a tramp too."

“Walker get serious, a man can't be a tramp. Men like having that done to them, it's normal for them. It's not normal for a woman to want to do that on a regular basis, semi or otherwise." Alex objected causing her husband to say "Alex what we do together in the privacy of our bedroom is show each other how much we love each other, nothing else. By the way most men don't do that to their wives but I like doing that to you and I plan to keep on doing it. I didn't marry a normal woman; I married the woman that I loved Alexandra Erin Cahill. Now do you want to watch that clip or not?"

Alex answered “No I don't, we both know what happened that morning. Can we just forget about that D.V.D. until tomorrow?" Walker agreed and removed the D.V.D. from the player then put it back in the cabinet in his den and locked the door. As they were headed upstairs Walker teased "You do know that you almost killed me that morning, don't you?"

“Was I that bad the first time I did that to you?" Alex asked in all seriousness not realizing that Walker had been teasing her so he said "I thought I was going to heaven when I woke up to you doing that but when you stopped and asked me about my birthmark I really thought I was going to die from...well you stopping at that point. Alex, you were incredible that morning."

“I thought you had been enjoying it but when I stopped to ask you about your birthmark, well the look on your face was a mixture of supreme pleasure mixed with complete agony, at the time I didn't know why but I do now. I half thought that you were going to have a heart attack or something." Alex answered Walker.

“It sure felt like I was but enough about Paris, how about you take care of my aching back like you promised me that you would?" Walker told Alex who opened their bedroom door without answering him.

Chapter Four

Once inside their bedroom Walker stripped off his clothes as his wife did the same. When they were both in bed Walker pulled Alex close as he suggested “Hey lady how about we just skip you making my aching back feel better for awhile? Why don't you just take care of what's really hurting me right now?" Walker then tried to move Alex's head down his body but she resisted. Alex then questioned her husband as she moved away from him and sat up in bed “Are you asking me to do to you what I did to you that morning in Paris?"

Walker nodded yes and tried to pull his wife back down as he said “Come on honey, what are you waiting for? I'll return the favor, I promise." Alex quickly got out of bed causing Walker to also get up as he asked her “Alex, what's the matter? I thought that you wanted us to make love tonight."

After putting her robe on Alex tied it then replied “Yes I wanted us to make love together, not me take care of you while you laid back and enjoyed yourself. I can't just do something like that and you know that Cordell." Walker questioned her “Why can't you Alex? You've done it before; remember Paris?"

“Walker do you want me to do that to you because you watched that clip that Trivette found of us on the internet and it turned you on? That you're only interested in your pleasure tonight and not mine? Because you have never ever told me to do that to you before, it's always been both of us doing it without either one of us asking the other one to do it. I never took you for a man who would get turned on by an adult film and then expect me to take care of his wayward desires. But I guess that I was wrong about you." Alex told him then left the room and headed downstairs. Walker took a cold shower put on a pair of shorts then headed downstairs himself.

“Alex, are you in your office?" Walker asked after looking in the living room and not finding his wife there. She replied "I'm in my office, come in we need to talk." Walker entered her office saying “I’m sorry Alex; I shouldn't have demanded that you take care of me like that. If you want to we can talk about this."

Alex sighed before she answered “What I want to do is to watch that clip because I need to know how much it shows of what I did that morning." Walker moved to the doorway as he replied “Okay, I'll go get it for you then I'll go wait in the living room while you watch it."

Pointing to her computer Alex said “I got it out of your den and I put it in my computer's media player, if you want to you can stay here while I watch it. I mean you were there that morning too." Walker questioned her “How did you unlock the door to my den?"

Holding up her set of keys Alex informed her husband “I’ve had the keys to your den ever since you showed up at my door with a birthday cake and I answered it with cold cream on my face. Remember the next morning you borrowed my car while you went and looked at trucks, even though you got the same exact one again? When you came back to my apartment that evening to return my car you gave me a set of keys to your ranch and I gave you a set to my apartment, it was on the set you gave me."

“But I thought you didn't have the key to my den because you've never went in there, not even after we were married." Walker said to Alex who told him " Honey I knew that it was your place to be alone and I respected that. I knew that sometimes you needed to deal with your memories of the people that you have lost by yourself and that you preferred to do it in there."

“Alex, you should know that I have a picture of Ellen in there." Walker was saying when Alex told him “I figured out that you had at the very least kept a picture of Ellen honey and its okay. You were in love with her when she was killed and she still has a piece of your heart and I wouldn't want it any other way." Walker unable to say anything simply leaned over and kissed Alex on her cheek then left the room.

Walker looked up as Alex entered the living room but before he could say anything Alex said “I understand why you did what you did in our bedroom earlier and I shouldn't have jumped on you about it. I now know what you were feeling then, Cordell I'm sorry."

“It was wrong of me to treat you that way Alex and It won't happen again, you have my word." Walker insisted but Alex stunned him by telling him “But I really want it to happen again honey. What I'm trying to say is that after watching that clip I want and need to recreate that morning in Paris, right here and right now. It turned me on just as much as it did you and we should do something about it, together. Just so long as you do what you did in Paris that morning."

Walker pulled her to him and as they dropped to the floor he vowed “You bet I will Mrs. Walker, just so long as you don't bring up my birthmark in the middle of it." Alex seldom at a lost for words replied “I already brought up your birthmark and I intend to settle it back down; as it were. Now let me do exactly that." Walker nodded then Alex kept her word and he kept his. When they were done Alex stated “We have to find a way to get the people who did this because I will not let anyone get away with invading our privacy like that. I don't want something like that on the internet for anyone to see. What we share should always remain between the two of us."

“I agree with you Alex, but for now we'd better head up to bed before we fall asleep here." Walker answered then handed his wife her robe which she slipped on as he put his shorts back on. They headed upstairs to their bedroom and went to sleep.

Chapter Five

Walker asked his wife as they were entering her private office “Do you have any ideas about how to get Le Xavier? I mean the minute you tell someone about the web site the media will pick up on it." Alex replied “I know that and I'm not planning on telling anyone just yet. I was thinking that for now we could research Le Xavier's background to find out where he comes from. I mean he has to have a past; no one appears out of thin air like he seems to have done. Why don't you go to Ranger headquarters and see what they've been up to while we were on vacation? We can discuss this later." Walker just nodded okay and was leaving when Alex told him “Not to change the subject but I have a meeting with Attorney General Gleason for five so I might be a little late getting home this evening, what about you?"

“I’ll try to make it home on time, see you later." Walker answered then left Alex's office. Kayla came in and they sorted through the things that had piled up while Alex had been on her vacation. After that was done Kayla asked her “Alex, do you mind if I leave early? I want to get a good seat for Le Xavier's lecture on campus."

Alex questioned her assistant "Are you sure that you want to spend your evening listening to someone give you a lecture?" In response Kayla gushed "Oh yes I do, he's the greatest. I mean he's so smart, he knows just how to help us."

“I didn't know that you were a fan of his. Kayla if you don't mind me asking, what does your Grandmother and Aunt Nicky think about him?" Alex asked Kayla because she was acting like a teenager with a first crush. A look of anger came over Kayla's eyes as she replied “My grandmother doesn't tell me what to do and as for my Aunt Nicky she should worry more about that cop that she's dating. But then again, he's all wrong for her anyway so maybe she should just drop him like the loser that he is."

   “Why do you think Timothy is a loser? Has he done anything?" Alex asked Kayla who answered “He said that he thought that Le Xavier was some sort of perverted con man and now he has Aunt Nicky and my Grandmother saying the same thing. For all I know you'll be saying the same thing next too."

  Alex held up her hands as she said “Whoa Kayla I am not the enemy. I've been on vacation for the last several weeks so I have no opinion about the man, one way or the other. And for your information I do not let other people tell me what to think about someone and neither should you. Now how about we go get something to eat for lunch then come back here and finish up the paperwork so that you can leave early?"

            Kayla shook her head no then told Alex “I’m not that hungry, can we just finish the paperwork so that I can leave?" Alex refused by saying “You may not be hungry young lady but I am. I'm going to the corner deli; do you want me to bring you anything back?" Kayla said “No, I don't."

When Alex returned to her private office she found a man sitting at her desk on her computer while a star struck Kayla was just sitting there looking on adoringly. Alex cleared her throat causing the man to stand up as he told her “I hope you don't mind but Kayla said that I could check my e-mail on your computer."

“And you are?" Alex questioned because for some reason he repulsed her. “I’m sorry; my name is Lincoln Le Xavier. I'm sure you have heard of me?" As she shook her head no Alex could have sworn that Le Xavier looked familiar to her but she answered him without letting that on “I’ve been out of town recently, now if you would excuse me Kayla and I have work we need to do."

After he left her office Alex had Kayla go see if her law clerk had some legal briefs ready for her to sign. As soon as she heard the outer office door close Alex quickly checked her computer to see what Le Xavier had been up to and found out that he had been trying to access the files that she had on her computer. Alex transferred those files to her laptop then redid her password on the files folder then deleted them and entered phony ones in case Le Xavier tried to access her files again.

After Kayla returned and told her that the briefs weren't ready Alex told her that she could leave for the day. Kayla left as Alex thought about where she knew Le Xavier from and was stunned when she realized that he had been the persistent porter in the Grande Hotel Versailles in Paris. Alex called up her husband and asked him “Walker do you remember that porter in Paris?"

“Alex, why would I remember a porter in Paris?" Walker questioned his wife who answered “Surely you remember the one who tried several times to get into our room and seemed upset that we were in no hurry to leave it?"

“You mean the one who was hitting on you?" Walker asked back but Alex informed “Actually he was hitting on you but that's beside the point. The main thing is that the porter is Le Xavier and what's worse he has Kayla thinking he's the greatest thing ever. After we get home tonight we're going to have to figure out a way to get him because he really is running a cult."

“What do you mean he was hitting on me? I'm not gay." Walker objected so Alex replied “I know you're not but right now I have a meeting to attend. We can talk later." After he hung up the phone Walker went into his outer office where he found Officer Timothy sitting there so he asked him “Officer Timothy is there something that I can do for you?"

Timothy replied “No, I was just waiting for Nicky to come back. We have a date tonight." Walker nodded okay and Trivette said to him “Why don't we go into your office and discuss what we're going to do next in the Le Xavier case."

As they were walking away Timothy told them “You need to do something about him, he has Kayla thinking he's some sort of God when he's really a perverted con man." Walker questioned him “Why do you think that Le Xavier is a perverted con man? Has he hit on Kayla or done something to her?"

“No he didn't hit on Kayla; he likes men if you know what I mean. But when I tried to tell Kayla that maybe there was something perverted about Le Xavier and that he was also a con man she told me that he wasn't a pervert and hadn't tried anything with her or any of the girls. That he wasn't a con man either. After that she stopped talking with Nicky and her grandmother because Le Xavier told her that we were all against her." Timothy explained to them so Trivette asked “Officer Timothy, exactly how do you know that Le Xavier is in your words perverted?"

Timothy instead of answering them went into Walker's office, after they had followed him in he closed the door then said to them “This must go no further than your office but he hit on me in a men's room on Kayla's campus. I was in the men's room using a urinal when he stepped to the one next to me and said and I quote 'That's a nice looking package that you have there. Interested in following me to a stall?' end quote. After I threatened to deck him he left."

Walker asked “What does a package have to do with anything?" Timothy looked at Trivette who replied “Walker ask Alex that question later, will you? Officer Timothy why don't you go and wait for Swanson in the outer office?" After Timothy left Walker's private office Walker told Trivette “Alex called and told me that Le Xavier was a porter at that hotel in Paris where Alex and I honeymooned. That's probably how he was able to tape us and others in that hotel in '2000."

“Good that gives me a starting point; I'll let you know what I find out. We really need to find out more about him now that the link to an adult web site disappeared from his web site like it had never been there." Trivette said then he too left Walker's private office.

Chapter Six

After Trivette left Walker's private office Cooper entered it and asked him “Captain Walker is it true that there is an ongoing investigation of Le Xavier?" Walker answered him “Yes there is Cooper. Why do you ask?"

Cooper walked over to the door locked it then said "Captain Walker what I'm about to tell you must remain between the two of us. Do I have your word that you won't tell anyone?" After Walker nodded yes Cooper told him “When I met Lincoln Le Xavier he was going by the name of Lance Javon Hoffman. Walker I met him during a case down in Sage, he was working as a porter in a hotel that had been robbed. Well after that we ran into each other a few times and we became very good friends. About two months after we had met Lance came to my place in the middle of the night and told me that he had lost his job at the hotel because the manager had found out that he was gay so I let him move in with me. Things were going great; he seemed to be the brother that I never had. I soon applied for the Texas Rangers at Lance's urging. Captain Walker after I was notified that I would becoming a Texas Ranger I left work early and hurried home to tell Lance all about it but when I got there I was stunned to find him in my bed with a teenaged boy. After I threw him out I discovered that he had cleaned out my bank account."

“Did you report it?" Walker asked Cooper who shook his head no as he said “I should have but I didn't because Lance left me a note in which he said that if I told anyone about what he had done he would let everyone know that I was gay and ruin my life. It isn't true but one night I had too much to drink and...well I must have passed out because I awoke to him kissing me. As soon as I felt him kissing me I sobered up and told him that I wasn't like that and he said that he hadn't meant to upset me. It turned out that night was a set up and Lance took a picture of him kissing me. Captain Walker you have to understand that if anyone saw that picture my career would be over. I would lose my job as a Texas Ranger and no police department would hire me because of it. I know that it doesn't matter to you that I made such a mistake in choosing what I thought was a friend but it would matter to a lot of other people. What I'm saying is that in order to have a career no one must know about that picture. That's why I didn't tell anyone about Lance looting my bank account because I want to make my ancestor Hayes Cooper proud of me by being a Texas Ranger like he was."

Walker replied “Cooper, it was your call to make back then but we are investigating Le Xavier and we need the name of the hotel he was a porter at in Sage. I'll keep your name out of it, you have my word. “When Cooper appeared hesitant Walker added “Cooper we found a link on Le Xavier's home page to an adult web site. The link has since been removed but some of the clips were from a hotel in Paris where Le Xavier was a porter. Some of these people were secretly filmed in bed and the videos then posted on the internet. If we can tie him to them we can get him on disturbing porn which is a crime."

Cooper told his boss “The name of the hotel in Sage is the Texas Sagebush. Also the young man that I found Lance with that day is Eric Constance the step-son of our current Attorney General, Jefferson Lee White. Walker after I tossed Lance out I tried to get Eric to go back home to his family but he said that he was in love with Lance. Since Eric Constance was underage and listed as a run away I took him to the station and then contacted his step-father who came and took Eric home."

Walker wrote the name of the hotel down then said “Tell Trivette to come in here, will you?" Cooper nodded okay and left. Trivette entered the office and asked “What’s up?"

“Le Xavier worked at the Texas Sagebush Hotel in Sage, where Cooper is from. Le Xavier worked there as a porter and was going by the name of Lance Javon Hoffman. Cooper knows and don't bother asking me how he knows that Le Xavier was involved with Eric Constance the step-son of our current Attorney General Jefferson Lee White." Walker told Trivette who said “Okay I'll search that name too." After Trivette left Walker pondered the fact that Le Xavier may have taped him and Alex more than once in a hotel room. Walker then wondered if their stay in the Sagebush Hotel had been posted on the internet too.

Alex was meeting with Attorney General White who got right to the point “A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, I understand that the Texas Rangers are investigating Le Xavier?" Alex replied “Yes they are, is there a reason that you're asking me that?"

“I was asking because I want Le Xavier to face justice but I want my step-son, Eric Constance kept out of it." White answered Alex who in turn asked him “What does your step-son have to do with this?"

“Because Eric is gay and he thinks that Le Xavier is the love of his life, little does he know that Le Xavier has threatened to tell everyone that my step-son is gay. If that were to come out it would ruin me." White said.

“We found a link on Le Xavier's home page to an adult web site with clips that people could download for a fee. The link has since been removed but I have to tell you that some of the people in the clips were secretly taped. Le Xavier worked as a porter for Grande Hotel Versailles in Paris in '2000. There are clips posted on that site from that hotel then. If we can tie him to the videos we can get him on porn charges. I take it that even though your office has more resources you would like the Texas Rangers to be the ones to take him down?" Alex ended with a question for Attorney General White who answered “Yes I do and I'll give the Rangers whatever help they need, off the record."

“I’ll have Walker get in touch with you." Alex told him then took her leave.

Chapter Seven

Alex entered Ranger headquarters and asked Jenna Renee the receptionist “Is Walker busy?" Jenna replied “No, just go right in." Alex went into her husband's private office and finding him deep in thought questioned him “Is there something wrong Walker?"

Looking up Walker answered his wife “I hate to tell you this but we may have been secretly taped while in a hotel's room bed twice." Alex said “What are you talking about?"

“Le Xavier went by the name of Lance Javon Hoffman and worked as a porter in the Texas Sagebush hotel in Sage when we stayed overnight there for that softball game." Walker replied causing Alex to say “This just keeps getting better, doesn't it? We can worry about that later; right now I need to tell you about my meeting with Attorney General White. During the meeting with White he told me that Le Xavier is involved with his step-son Eric Constance. White wants you to get in touch with him because even though his office has more resources than yours does he doesn't want his office to be the one to bring down Le Xavier. Apparently Le Xavier has told him, White that if he's arrested by the Attorney General's office he will let everyone know that Eric is gay thereby ruining White's career. And as much as I hate to say it given the current political environment he's right, it would ruin his political career."

“I know and my source has the same problem, he became involved with Le Xavier when he was going by the name of Hoffman. As a matter of fact the person in question had their bank account cleaned out by Hoffman and didn't report it because he was blackmailed into not reporting it." Walker was explaining to Alex when she broke in to ask “Cooper’s your source, isn't he? Just how friendly was Cooper with Le Xavier?"

Walker replied “Alex, Cooper told me that he met Lance Hoffman at the Sagebrush Hotel in Sage and that he let Hoffman move in with him. Apparently Cooper thought Hoffman would be the brother that he never had, up until he found him in bed with a teen age Eric Constance. Cooper then threw him out and Hoffman cleaned out his bank account which Cooper didn't report. However Officer Timothy who's currently dating Swanson told me that Le Xavier hit on him in a men's room on Kayla's campus. He told me that Le Xavier told him something about having a nice package; whatever that meant and then asked Timothy if he wanted to follow him to a stall. After Timothy threatened to deck him Le Xavier left the men's room." Walker was explaining to Alex when she said to him “Walker please don't tell me that you don't know what Le Xavier meant when he said something about a nice package. I mean how can you not know what that means?"

“Alex, you're making it sound like something sexual." Walker objected so his wife enlightened him “My dearest Cordell when a man in a men's room tells another man that he has a nice package he is referring to the god given equipment that makes a man a man. Do you now understand what I'm talking about?"

Shocked Walker managed to ask “You mean to tell me that when I was in the men's room last week and the new lab assistant Tweller said that I had a really nice package he was talking about... my... well you know what I mean? I thought he was talking about the one that I had for you and had set on top of the urinal while I did what I had to do." Doing her best to refrain from laughing Alex replied "I'm afraid so my darling cowboy and by the way I really enjoyed you giving me both packages that night. But enough about that, I'm heading home now. While don't you give White a call like he wants you to do?" Still shocked Walker said “Okay but from now on I'm using the stall whenever I'm in the men's room." Alex kissed him on the cheek and left his office.

Walker called up Attorney General White and got straight to the point “Attorney General White, this is Captain Walker. I think that my office may be able to get Le Xavier on distributing porn, some of which involves people who were secretly taped while in hotel room's bed. However it might take awhile to build a case against him with my resources."

“I’m aware of that Captain Walker but my office can't appear to be involved in this, not unless I want to kiss my career goodbye." White answered Walker who told him “I am aware of the reason for that Attorney General and I have to ask you this, is your step-son aware of the fact that Le Xavier is in the habit of hitting on men in men's rooms? If not you might want to have your step-son get himself tested."

“I tried to tell Eric that Le Xavier was cheating on him but he won't listen to me. But I did mange to insist on him getting himself tested every six months and as of last year he's clean but Eric has yet to get himself tested this year. If only I could get Eric to see for himself what sort of snake Le Xavier is but unless he saw Le Xavier cheating on him in front of his own eyes Eric wouldn't believe it. It's a shame too because Eric is really in love with Le Xavier. While I disagree with Eric about men loving men I do understand that Eric can't change the way he is. I am the only family that Eric has had since his mother's death and I can't walk away from him over his life style. Walker, I think that Eric knows a lot more about Le Xavier's operation but won't say anything because of his feelings for that con man." White said to Walker who told him “Listen I'm going to get Interpol involved in this because one of the places where people were secretly taped while in bed was a hotel in Paris, the Grande Hotel Versailles. I'll let you know if anything comes of it."

“Thank you Captain Walker and if you need to tell me anything please have A.D.A. Cahill-Walker contact my office, that way no one will know what's going on." White told Walker who agreed then hung up the phone.

Chapter Eight

Walker was in his bedroom waiting for his wife to get done with her shower when the phone rang and he answered it to find out that it was Ranger Swanson calling for his wife “Captain Walker is there anyway that I can talk with Mrs. Walker? I wouldn't call this late at night but it's important." Walker replied “She’s taking a shower; she should be done in a couple of minutes. Do you want me to have Alex call you back?"

“Can I stay on the phone until she's done? It's really important that I talk to her. It involves my niece Kayla." Swanson requested of Walker who said “Okay, I'll go get her for you." Walker went into the bathroom opened the shower door and told his wife " Swanson's on the phone, she says that she needs to talk with you about something important and that it involves Kayla." Alex grabbed a towel wrapped it around herself then went into the bedroom where she picked up the phone.

“Thank god you're there Mrs. Walker. Do you know what time Kayla left your office today? She hasn't arrived home yet and there's a hostage situation on her campus. The police have the building surrounded but they don't know how many people are being held hostage. Please just tell me that Kayla left work early and was going to the mall with her friends or something like that." Swanson practically pleaded with Alex who replied “I’m sorry Ranger Swanson but Kayla left work early so that she could get a good seat to see Le Xavier during his lecture on campus. Listen I'll have Walker see if he can find out what's going on then have him call you back."

Alex hung up the phone and explained the situation to her husband who got dressed as he told her “I’ll head over there myself, I'll call you later." As he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek Alex told him “You be careful out there."

When Walker arrived on the college campus he found Ranger Cooper and Joe Prine who headed the local F.B.I. field office there. Walker asked them “How many hostages, how many hostage takers?" Prine answered him "One hostage taker and as far as we can tell there are five female hostages. The hostage taker is none other than Le Xavier himself. Also there are two known fatalities, Eric Constance the step-son of the Attorney General and an unknown male in his early twenties. Le Xavier says that if his demands aren't meant he will start shooting hostages at midnight, starting with one by the name of Kayla Swanson."

Walker questioned him “What happened? Why would Le Xavier or Hoffman or whatever his name is shoot Eric Constance then take hostages?" Prine replied “As near as we can tell Eric Constance and Le Xavier go way back and they had some sort of falling out. According to the male witnesses who were allowed to leave Le Xavier was conducting his lecture when Constance barged in shouting that it was over and that Hoffman was going to get what was coming to him. At first Le Xavier tried to shut up Constance but when Constance said that he knew where all of Hoffman's secrets were buried and that he was going to release them. That he would also let everyone know that Le Xavier and Hoffman were one and the same Le Xavier drew his gun and shot Constance. Le Xavier then told all the males to leave the room when one of them said no Le Xavier calmly walked up to him and shot him in the forehead, the rest of the males then left the room with some females who scrambled out the door before Le Xavier locked it."

“Has he said anything else?" Walker asked Prine who answered “Just that he wanted some food brought in by Ranger Cooper here. Why he asked for Cooper by name I do not know."

“Cooper, you don't have to do this. I can take the food to him." Walker offered but Cooper refused “No Captain Walker, he wants me to take the food in to them and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

“Okay, it's your call Cooper but you could be shot as soon as you enter that room." Walker pointed out. “Ranger Cooper, do you know Le Xavier? I mean why else would he ask for you by name?" Prine questioned Cooper who answered “I knew him back in Sage when he was going by the name of Hoffman."

Prine asked “Just how well did you know him then? Do you know if he's gay? Was he involved with Eric Constance then? Is Eric gay?" Walker broke in “Joe, what does that have to do with anything? Cooper has agreed to take the food in so we need to come up with a plan to end this hostage situation peacefully." Prine nodded okay and dropped the subject.

Cooper opened the door slowly and said “Mr. Le Xavier the food is here." Le Xavier eyed the cart with the food on it and said as he noticed the cloth covering the bottom of it “Do you really think that I'm stupid enough not to know that you have someone hidden under that cloth." Before Cooper could answer he fired several shots into the cart. After that was done Le Xavier whipped up the cloth as he asked "Well Coopie, which one of your fellow Rangers did I just kill?"

“There wasn't anyone hidden in the bottom of the cart, you just wasted some of your bullets.” Cooper told Le Xavier who shrugged and pulled out another clip from under his robe “I have plenty more on me. Now how about you say your prayers Ranger Cooper? You're about to meet your famous ancestor Hayes Cooper."

Le Xavier raised his gun walked over to Cooper and pointed it at his head. Just then Walker dropped down from a ceiling duct grabbed Le Xavier in a choke hold and quickly put him to sleep as the ladies ran out of the room. Walker waited until he came around then started to read him his rights but Le Xavier said as he put his locket into his mouth “I’m not going to jail."

Walker removed the locket from Le Xavier's mouth and as he cuffed him asked “Why not?" Le Xavier bit down on something in his mouth then said “Because I knew that it was a matter of time until my past caught up with me so I was prepared to die my way before my A.I.D.'s became public. By the way after I die all the videos on my other web site will be free to the public, including the ones from that Paris hotel you honeymooned in. There are also some of Eric Constance doing things that his step-father will never be able to live down and those will be released upon my death too." Le Xavier started foaming at the mouth then had convulsions before he died from a quick acting poison.

Chapter Nine

Hours later Walker knocked on Attorney General's White door, after about ten minutes it was opened by White himself who asked Walker “I take it that you being here at this hour isn't good news?" Walker replied “No, we'd better go inside."

After they were seated in the parlor White questioned Walker “So what brings a Captain in the Texas Rangers to my house in the middle of the night? Does it involve Eric? I've been worried sick about him all evening; please tell me that he's okay." Walker answered him “Mr. White, your step-son Eric Constance was shot and killed by Le Xavier earlier this evening. Eric confronted Le Xavier whom he also knew as Hoffman while Le Xavier was giving lecture on campus. When Eric threatened to reveal all of Le Xavier's secrets he shot and killed your step-son. Le Xavier then took several females hostage, in the process killing a young man who refused to leave the young women behind. We were able to end the hostage situation a short time later. However after he was subdued Le Xavier said that all the videos on his web site would be made public for free. He also said ones that have Eric Constance in them doing things that his step-father would never be able to live down would also be released. Le Xavier died from a quick acting poison pill that he had in his locket which he put into his mouth, once he bit into it he died within a matter of minutes. Le Xavier as he was dying said that it was just a matter of time until his A.I.D.'s became public knowledge."

White gathered himself then said to Walker “Thank you for coming out here to tell me yourself about Eric. I was afraid that something was wrong with Eric because I found him earlier this evening in his bedroom crying. When I asked him what was wrong Eric told me that he had been the world's biggest fool but that was going to change. When I asked him what he meant by that Eric hugged me then told me that I had been a better father to him than what he had deserved and that he was going to make sure that I didn't suffer because of his being a fool when it came to Hoffman. Eric told me that I would be receiving an e-mail from him that would explain what steps he had taken to protect me, he then left the house. I was just going to read his e-mail, would you mind being there while I read it? I just can't face my son's final words by myself. I'll understand if you say no."

“I’ll stay." Walker answered and White pulled up the e-mail from his step-son.


           As you know by now I confronted Le Xavier about everything.

        First I just want to let you know that he was the only one who

        knew that I was gay. I never told anyone else ever and it will stay

        that way. As for Lance Javon Hoffman better known as Le Xavier

        I was the one who was running his web sites for him and before I

        left the house I shut all of them down including the ones where

        he secretly taped people in bed while he was a porter at several

        hotels, here and abroad. I also froze his off-shore bank accounts

        and alerted the federal authorities to their locations. About those

        clips that had been downloaded, I put a undectable trojan in them

        causing the clips to degrade and become unwatchable after being

        viewed several times.

             I won't come home tonight Dad so please call Heather Guarde,

        she's my best friend and has been covering for me. Heather will

        tell everyone that we had been going steady since high school.

        I'm sorry that I couldn't be the man that you always wanted me

        to be but even with the way you felt about gay people I never

        once doubted that you loved me. You should also know that I am

        H.I.V. positive which I could have only gotten from Le Xavier, he

        was the only person that I have ever been with. I ignored the signs

        of him cheating on me but the test results made it clear that I

        was being a fool for love. Good bye dad, I love you.

                                                                      Your son


Walker quietly left White's house as he gave into his tears. When Walker got home he found Alex still awake so he told her “It’s over, I'll explain everything tomorrow." Alex kissed her husband on the cheek and went up to bed as Walker went into his den to think things through. After about ten minutes Walker got out the D.V.D. to watch and was relieved when it was mostly unwatchable. Walker then threw it in the trash and headed up to his bedroom.

Chapter Ten

The next morning Walker rolled over in bed to find Alex already awake so he explained to her “Eric Constance is dead, he confronted Le Xavier about things and Le Xavier shot and killed him. Le Xavier then took the females who were there to listen to him hostage killing a young man who refused to leave the women behind when Le Xavier ordered the men to leave the room. Le Xavier then demanded that Cooper bring him food in. After Cooper had done that I was able to get the drop on Le Xavier ending the hostage situation. Le Xavier then managed to ingest a poison pill which ended his life. As he was dying Le Xavier said that all the adult clips on his web sites would be made free to the public. I went to Attorney General's White house to tell him of his step-son's death and White asked me to stay while he read Eric's last e-mail. In the e-mail Eric said that he had inserted a trojan into the clips and they would become unwatchable after several viewings. Eric also froze all of Le Xavier's off shore bank accounts and alerted the federal authorities to them. After you went to bed last night I put the D.V.D. in and it was mostly unwatchable."

“Okay honey. Since we still have a little more time before we have to get up how about we get some more sleep?" Alex suggested to Walker but he said “Alex we need to find out if we were also taped in that hotel room in Sage. There's a possibility that ended up on that web site too."

“Walker, if you'll recall we didn't exactly spend that much time in the bed in our hotel room in Sage. I mean all we really did was sleep in it, with the lights out so even if there was a hidden camera in that room it didn't see a thing." Alex said to her husband who questioned her “But didn't we conceive Angela in that hotel room? I mean you've always told me that was when she was conceived."

Alex got a dreamy smile on her face as she answered her husband “It was more like we conceived her in the bathtub or was that the shower? You really did hit a couple of grand slams that night." Walker got a goofy grin on his face as he said to his wife “That’s right you always did like the water, didn't you?"

Getting up from the bed Alex said “I’m going to take a bath now, care to join me?" Getting up also Walker answered " How about a shower instead?"

“How about both? Surely you can still hit a grand slam or two, can't you?" Alex questioned Walker who set about answering her question very thoroughly.

When Walker got to work Trivette asked him “Do you want me to see if there's a possibility that Le Xavier taped you and Alex in Sage then posted it on his web site?" Walker replied “No I don't, as far as I'm concerned Le Xavier is dead and this case is over and done with."

Trivette nodded as he picked up some files “I was thinking that maybe we ought to pair Sydney with Cooper on the Drummond case." Walker said “That way Gage can work the Fontaine case with Swanson. Are there any more cases that need our attention?" 

“How about we take the Valley case ourselves? I've been wanting to do some field work." Trivette suggested to Walker who agreed because he to wanted to do some field work.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.