Facing The Past

By Katie 59

Chapter One

As they were getting ready for work Friday morning Alex asked her husband “How long are you going to be at the reservation with Trivette?" Walker answered "Just this weekend, why?"

“There’s a delegation from Vietnam that's in town for a week and somehow Mayor Dimsdale got D.A. Moody to agree that someone from his office would show them the sights. Moody asked me to do it since we live on a ranch; apparently one of them wants to see a ranch. I'm going to meet them tomorrow morning at the mayor's office and then go from there. You won't mind me showing them the ranch, will you?" Alex replied.

Kissing her on the cheek Walker said “No Alex I won't mind you showing them the ranch. Just make sure that you show them the ranch when I'm at the reservation this weekend and not any other time." Alex kissed Walker back and told him “I knew that would be your reaction so I told Moody that I'll show them our ranch on Saturday afternoon. Now you'd better get your stuff packed so that you can leave for the reservation right after work today."

“It’s packed, I just have to put my stuff in the truck and I'll do that when I leave for work. Now are you sure that you're going to be okay with the children this weekend? The triplets are really starting to be something with the way they get into things all the time and Ray can be a handful too. Your four children are stubborn about most things but my daughter Angela is an Angel because she takes after me. By the way who's going to be watching them while you're showing that delegation the sights? Isn't Betty off on weekends?" Walker questioned his wife who answered “Betty said that she'll help me with them this weekend and then take off all next week. I don't have any cases scheduled so I can be off next week myself. Now since you're leaving straight from work don't forget to call and let the children know that you got there okay. However dear I'll have you know that your four children get their behavior from their father and my daughter Angela is an angel just like her mother, so there."

“We’ll discuss that when I get back and by the way, call the children Alex? Don't you mean you want me to call you and let you know that nothing happened to me at work today?" Walker asked.

Walker if anything happens to you at work before you can take Trivette to the reservation I'll never hear the end of it so you had better not let anything happen to you, got that?" Alex replied leading Walker to ask “So you just want to make sure that I'm okay so that Trivette doesn't get his plans messed up?"

“Of course dear." Alex replied and then turning serious she added “Honey I can't live without you. The best thing that ever happened to me was when I finally got you to marry me. All those women that were after you and yet I'm the only one that you ever married. Walker it makes me feel so loved to know that I'm the only woman that ever called you her husband."

“You’re my one and only wife and I like it that way." Walker said as he again kissed Alex on the cheek. Alex pulled him closer and kissed Walker back causing him to say “Alex if you don't stop that neither one of us is going to leave our bedroom anytime soon and I think that I hear at least one of our children in the hallway."

Alex stepped back as she said “Okay but you had better remember where we were when you get home Sunday evening." Leaving the bedroom they found Ray in the hallway crying, going to her oldest son Alex asked “What’s the matter sweetheart?"

  Ray sobbed “I’m a big boy now and Daddy won't take me with him to the reservation. I want to go Mommy." Alex told her son “Ray honey, Daddy told you that only he and Uncle Jimmy were going this time. How about Daddy takes just you to the reservation real soon?"

“Will he Mommy?" Ray asked and Walker answered “I sure will son, how about two weeks from today?"

“Yes Daddy." Ray said as he quickly stopped crying and headed to his room yelling “Daddy’s taking me to the reservation all by myself." Alex looked at Walker and said “You know how many times we are going to have to tell him that it's not time for him to go yet?"

“I know maybe I'll take him next weekend instead." Walker replied as he went into his sons’ room to help them get dressed for the day.

Chapter Two

That evening at Walker's house on the reservation Trivette came into the living room to find Walker in the middle of what appeared to be a flashback so Trivette started to leave the room but stopped when he heard Walker utter "May, no May please don't cry. I'll take care of it for you." Walker 's eyes snapped open and seeing Trivette standing there he asked him “Why are you staring at me?"

“You seemed to be having a flashback but you said something about a May and for her not to cry and that you would take care of something for her. Walker who was this May to you?" Trivette said to Walker who instead of answering got up and left the house.

Several hours later when Walker returned Trivette questioned him “ Walker , are we really going to hike out to where White Eagle's at? Why can't we take your truck or ride a couple of horses for that matter? Exactly how far do we have to go to meet White Eagle by the way?"

“No we are not taking my truck or riding a couple of horses so that means, yes we are going to hike out to where White Eagle is. Trivette it's only about an hour's hike but White Eagle wants us there when the sun rises so we'd better get some sleep." Walker answered.

As they headed up the steps Trivette asked “I’ll bet you never had to see White Eagle because you were foolish enough to marry a criminal?" Walker didn't say anything so Trivette muttered “That was a dumb question, wasn't it? Everyone knows that Alex has been the only woman ever to get you down an aisle. That she's your one and only wife."

Walker stopped and told Trivette “I have no intention of telling you about Mei, good night Trivette." Walker went into his room as Trivette stood there wondering why Walker had just said that he wouldn't talk about this May whoever she was and why Walker hadn't agreed that he had only been married to Alex and no one else.

The next morning they met White Eagle who already had the sweat lodge ready to go. As they started to enter it White Eagle told them “I will not be here during the sweat, it is up to you Washo to help Trivette face his recent past and then he can help you face your distant past."

Walker objected “That is over and done with White Eagle and I will not face it again." White Eagle replied “I have spoken, in order to help Trivette with his pain he must be able to help you lay your past in a foreign land to rest, for once and for all."

Walker what's the big deal? I know that you were in the Special Forces in Vietnam . That you probably had to do some things that you didn't like doing. Listen I promise that I'll do most of the talking and all you have to do is to tell me that I'm not the complete fool that I feel like right now for letting Miss Danville use me like that." Trivette assured Walker who said nothing.

“Washo it is time for you to lay that part of your past to rest. If you do not lay it to rest it will destroy your future. The spirits have shown me this and you know the sprits are always right." White Eagle informed Walker who nodded okay.

About two hours later Trivette with Walker 's help had let out all of his anger and hurt for what had happened between him and Nancy Danville . Trivette then said to Walker “Hey Walker how about I tell you that did what you had to do in Vietnam and then we can leave this sweat lodge? I have to tell you that I'm really starting to get hot."

“We can't, Trivette you heard White Eagle. I have to tell you about what I did in Vietnam ." Walker answered Trivette who asked “Well can you make it quick? I'm dying from heat exhaustion here."

“While in Vietnam I married a woman by the name of Mei Ling , at least that's what I knew her as. She was Viet Gong and she was responsible for the deaths of all five of the men under my command. Is that quick enough for you Trivette?" Walker questioned and then left the sweat lodge leaving a very stunned Trivette behind.

Recovering his senses Trivette went to find Walker but White Eagle who was there told him "Go back to Washo's house, when he returns you must make him tell you everything because if he does not he will anger the spirits."

“Okay White Eagle, did you know that Walker had been married while in Vietnam ?" Trivette questioned the tribal elder who answered “No I just knew that the spirits said Washo had to lay that part of his past to a rest that if he doesn't Washo will regret it." White Eagle then walked away from Trivette who yelled “Hey how do I find my way back?"

White Eagle stopped and answered “Follow the creek north until you can see the village." White Eagle walked away as Trivette began to mutter how hot he was and how could they just leave him there. Realizing that no one was going to lead him back to Walker 's house Trivette did as he was told to do. Entering Walker 's house and seeing him there Trivette questioned  “ Walker are you ready to talk about it?"

“Not now, not ever." Was Walker 's answer so Trivette told him "White Eagle said that you had to otherwise the spirits would be angry with you and that you would regret it."

  Walker glared at Trivette who then said “Okay I won't say anything else but Alex does know about this woman, doesn't she?"

“No." Walker said and left the house leaving Trivette to mumble to himself  'Sometimes Walker is so stubborn that he ends up causing himself needless trouble.'

Chapter Three

Meanwhile Alex had met the Vietnamese delegation at Mayor Dimsdale 's office and after the introductions were completed the Mayor said “Now A.D.A. Cahill- Walker has agreed to show you her husband's ranch. I've arranged for a police escort for the bus that will be taking all of you there later today after we see the sights."

The head of the delegation Mr. Pran told him “It is my wife and daughter who want to see a ranch, the rest of us would prefer to see the sights downtown while they do that."

Alex offered “I can drive the two of them out to my ranch and show them around while Mayor Dimsdale shows the rest of you the sights, is that okay?" Mr. Pran replied “That would be most acceptable."

Mrs. Pran and Miss Pran if you would please come with me, we can get in my van and go to my ranch." Alex said. Mrs. Pran told her “Please you must call me Ling and my daughter Mei."

“Okay then you can call me Alex." Alex replied as Ling asked “Isn’t Alex a name for a male in your country?"

“It’s short for Alexandra. Most people call me Alex. Now when do you want us to meet you back here Mr. Pran ?" Alex questioned Pran who told her “Would five o'clock be okay?"

Mei Pran said “Perhaps Mrs. Walker does not want to show us her husband's ranch for that long." Alex noticing that Mr. Pran had gotten mad at his daughter said “There’s plenty to see at the ranch and that way I can spend some time with my children. I'm ready to leave whenever you are."

When they arrived at the ranch Alex told them as she headed to the house “If you don't mind I would like to check on my children first." Ling answered "I would like to meet your children, how many do you have?"

Alex replied “Walker and I have five children, three sons and two daughters."

Entering the house Alex said “Mei and Ling I would like you to meet Miss Stone ; she's like a grandmother to the children. These are my children, Angela, Raymond, Cooper, Michaela and Samuel. Children this is Miss Pran and her mother Mrs. Pran ."

“The one doesn't look like the others. Why is that?" Ling questioned as she looked at Sam but her daughter told her “Mother it is improper to ask that question, is it not?"

“It’s okay we get that a lot. Sam doesn't look like the others because he takes after his grandfather and his great uncle Ray who were full-blooded Cherokee. Walker is half Cherokee." Alex answered Ling who asked her “Who is this Walker ?"

Walker is my husband; Cordell Walker , he's a Captain in the Texas Rangers." Alex replied and Ling then asked “Where is your husband at? We would like to meet him before we leave town."

“He’s at the reservation this weekend; he won't be home until tomorrow night. Now how about I show you around some then we can get something to eat?" They went to the barn where Alex showed them the horses. When Ling noticed Walker 's saddle for 'Thunder' she asked " This Firewalker that this saddle belongs to, where is he?"

“He’s at the reservation. When Walker was in Vietnam his name was shortened by the military from Firewalker to Walker , why?" Alex asked because she was becoming concerned by the look on Ling's face. She was looking like she had seen a ghost.

“He can't be the same John Firewalker that I knew all those years ago. He has to be dead, I saw him die." Ling half whispered to herself. Now even more concerned Alex questioned her “How well did you know this John Firewalker all those years ago?"

Ling answered “Well enough to marry him even though he was the enemy. He can't be the same man because the Firewalker that I married died when his camp was bombed by my commander. All the men died, even the man that I loved and married."

Walker doesn't talk about what happened in Vietnam to me but I do know one thing, this man has to be someone else who went by the name of John Firewalker . Cordell Walker would have told me if he had been married before. Walker has only been married to me, I am very certain of that fact." Alex responded.

Mei said “I’m sorry but my mother has never forgotten what she went through when our countries were at war. She feels guilty about the deaths of those men but my father has pointed out that at the time they were the enemy but still the memories of that time causes distress for my mother. After my mother rests for a little while and is able to compose herself, can we see more of your ranch?"

“Okay, how about we go into the house and get something to eat then we can take a walking tour of the ranch with the children?" Alex asked and Mei agreed so they went into the house. After they had eaten they resume their tour of the ranch but Alex caught Ling staring at Ray several times so Alex questioned her “Ling is there something the matter? I can't help but notice that you seem to be staring at my oldest son Ray a lot. Almost as though you're seeing a ghost when you look at him."

Shaking her head Ling answered “Your sons all look so different from each other. As you said Sam looks like his grandfather and Cooper looks like you. But when I look at your son Ray I see my John Firewalker . Your Cordell Walker and my John Firewalker must be the same man."

 “I’ve always thought that Ray looks like my husband but there is no way that my Cordell Walker and your John Firewalker are one and the same. There must have been other men by the name of Firewalker who served in Vietnam ." Alex insisted.  Ling nodded okay but Alex could tell that she wasn't convinced. Alex herself began to wonder if Walker was indeed this Firewalker that Ling had married all those years ago and if that was the case why Walker hadn't told her about it. Then Alex began to wonder if that meant her marriage to Walker wasn't legal.

As they were getting into the van to drive back to Dallas Alex couldn't help but ask “How old are you Mei?" Her mother answered “Not that old, my husband is her father. I had no children with Firewalker; we were only married for a few weeks."

Chapter Four

Back at the reservation Trivette waited until evening and tried again to get Walker to talk to him about Mei Ling “Walker, I know that you always follow White Eagle's guidance so why aren't you following it this time?"

“What are you talking about Trivette?" Walker questioned his friend who answered “Come on Walker you know what I'm talking about. Your marriage to this Mei Ling. Listen whatever you tell me about it I promise not to breathe a word about it to Alex, you have my word."

Walker snapped “You’re not going to breathe a word about it to my wife because I'm not telling you a thing about it. It was over and done with a long time ago."

Trivette asked “Which wife is that, the current one or the old one?" Now mad Walker told him " That's enough Trivette, what Alex doesn't know won't hurt her. I see no reason to upset her by telling her about Mei Ling. Alex told me before I left the house on Friday morning that it made her feel so loved to know that she had been the only woman who could call me her husband and I'm not about to tell her otherwise and needlessly upset her."

“All I can say is that White Eagle told me that if you didn't lay your past to rest you would regret it and I have this feeling that he knows what he is talking about. Walker if you married this Mei Ling and didn't get a divorce are you even married to Alex?" Trivette said to Walker who told him “Yes because Mei Ling is dead. After my men were killed I hunted down those responsible. She died in a fire fight."

“Were you there?' Trivette questioned Walker who nodded yes then left the room. Trivette went to follow Walker but was stopped by Sam who was on the front porch getting ready to knock on the door. Sam asked “Where is Washo going? He looks like he has something on his mind."

“He does but I can't tell you what. Sam would you try and talk to him? White Eagle said that Walker had to lay his past to rest and he refuses to do that." Trivette urged Sam who answered “I’ll try but I don't think he'll talk to me, not in the state that he's in."

When Sam caught up to Walker he asked him “Are you okay Washo?" Walker questioned “Did Trivette send you? Because if he did you're wasting your time because like I told him the past is over and done with. I don't need to lay it rest because I did that years ago."

“Still stubborn. Okay if you don't want to talk about the past would you mind watching my son for a few hours? Sharona and I want to see a movie." Sam asked Walker who said “Trivette’s a good babysitter, ask him."

“Yes but my son's middle name is Cord, after you so you have to watch him." Sam replied. Walker nodded and as they headed back he told Sam “Trivette is going to help me watch him too."

Back at the house Walker told Trivette “We’ve agreed to watch Sam's son S.C. for him while he takes Sharona to the movies." Trivette grumbled “What’s this we? I didn't get a vote so why should I help?"

“Because if it weren't for you we wouldn't be here and Sam wouldn't have been able to drag us into babysitting. If I have to watch a toddler so do you Trivette. Besides what else were you going to do tonight?" Walker teased his partner who answered " Okay but if anything needs changed you are doing it."

Later on S.C. had somehow managed to get a hold several pieces of gum. When Walker tried to take the gum off the toddler, S.C. managed to smear several clumps of it in Walker 's beard. After Sam picked up his son Walker tried to remove it with Trivette's help but gave up when his beard starting coming off along with the gum.

Trivette laughed “ Walker , I told you to remove it right away before it set in but would you listen? Now about the only way you're going to get rid of this gum is to shave your beard off." Walker agreed “I guess you're right Trivette but I had better not hear a word from you about what I look like without it."

After Walker shaved off his beard Trivette said “Is that how you looked when you served in Vietnam ?" Walker glared at Trivette who raised his hands and said " Okay not another word but I hope you know what you're doing because I really have a bad feeling that your past is about to come back and haunt you, big time."

Chapter Five

Walker arrived home Sunday night after his family was asleep so he quietly slipped into bed with Alex trying not to wake her up but she stirred and asked him "Is Jimmy okay now?"

“Yes he is, go back to sleep lady." Walker answered hoping that Alex would go back to sleep but she sat up and turned her lamp on as she asked him “How about we stay up a little longer? Something came up this weekend that needs your attention." Then getting a good look at Walker 's face Alex questioned “ Walker why did you shave off your beard?"

Sam made us watch his son and S.C. got gum in it and when I tried to remove the gum some of the beard came with it so I shaved it off. I'll let it grow back but in the meantime I believe that my wife wants some attention from me?" Walker answered as he pulled Alex close but she stopped him by asking “Which wife would that be? Me or the Vietnamese one?"

Furious Walker replied “Trivette called you didn't he? I told him that the past was over and done with. He had no business telling you that I had been married while I served in Vietnam ."

Alex who now knew that Ling Pran had been married to Walker and that he had never told her about it said “No as a matter of fact Trivette didn't call me to tell me about your first wife. I met her Saturday morning; I showed Ling Pran and her daughter Mei Pran the ranch. When we were in the barn Ling Pran saw your saddle for thunder and told me how she had been briefly married to a man named John Firewalker . That our son Ray reminded her of her Firewalker. I told her that there was no way her Firewalker was my Walker but it appears that he is one and the same. Walker why didn't you tell me that you had been married when you were in Vietnam ?"

Walker answered "I don't talk about what happened in Vietnam and you know that Alex. It's none of your business." Alex got mad and snapped at Walker “I’ll have you know that my husband having another wife is very much my business. Walker , what am I saying is if you never divorced her we aren't even married? So I guess that means you aren't really my husband, are you? So I guess it isn't my business after all."

Alex you are my wife and nothing can change that. Honey I love you, forget about the past will you?" Walker said to Alex who questioned him “How can you lay there and tell me to forget about the past? When it turns out because of the past that you didn't bother to tell me about we aren't even married? That our children were born out of wedlock, all five of them?"

Alex I don't want to talk about it anymore, the past is over and done with." Walker tried again to get out of talking about it but Alex pointed out “ Walker we have to, if you never got a divorce from her we are not husband and wife. There are legal issues here, if we should want to stay married you have to divorce her and marry me. If you want to stay married to Ling we have to get an annulment. Although right now I'm not so sure about us staying together because you still don't believe in me enough to tell me about your past."

Alex it's not like that, I do believe in you but there are things that happened when I served in Vietnam that I can't and won't talk about with anyone, ever." Walker responded causing Alex to say “This is not just something that happened to you while you were in Vietnam ; this was you falling in love with a woman and marrying her. Walker you don't just give your love away so I know that you loved her very much. That's what is so upsetting to me, the fact that there was yet another woman you loved that you never told me about. But then again come to think about it you never have told me about your past loved ones until after I had already found out about them, have you?"

“I told you about Ellen." Walker answered his wife who told him “After C.D. did, and C.D. was the one who also told me about Aimee, not you. Cordell I do understand you not wanting to talk about Vietnam with me but you should have told me that you had been married before. I told you that I had been married before when we were just friends."

“I couldn't Alex. Look it really is getting late and I have work tomorrow so can we please get some sleep?" Walker asked his wife who asked him “You will tell me about what your plans concerning Ling and me are tomorrow won't you?"

Alex I want you as my wife, not her." Walker answered.

Alex looked at him for a minute then rolled onto her side away from Walker and closed her eyes but she didn't get much sleep. In the middle of the night Walker began to thrash about and then called out "No Mei no." He then bolted awake as Alex asked “Are you okay?"

            Laying back down Walker muttered “She had my men killed. Then she died." before Alex could ask what that meant Walker had fallen back asleep so Alex tried again to get some sleep herself but wasn't able to get much rest because she felt that by not telling her about Ling and their marriage Walker had betrayed her trust.

Chapter Six

Early the next morning when Walker woke up Alex wasn't in bed so he went looking for her and found her downstairs in the kitchen. Alex looked up as Walker entered the kitchen but then quickly looked away from him. Getting a cup of coffee Walker sat down at the table with Alex as he asked her “Alex, are you all right? You look terrible. Did you get any sleep at all?"

“I look terrible because I didn't get any sleep. I'm not all right but does it really matter to you now that you've found out your first wife is still alive?" Alex replied as she went to get up from the table. Walker reached out and grabbed Alex's arm to keep her from leaving the kitchen. When Alex stopped and looked at his hand on her arm Walker dropped it as he said “Alex please sit back down so that we can talk about this."

Reluctantly Alex sat back down as she told him “I’m sitting, start talking."

Walker placed his coffee cup down on the table and attempted to take Alex's hand but she resisted so he looked her in the eyes and explained “Alex, I love you more than anyone. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Mei Ling but I thought that she was dead. Yes we were married when I was in Vietnam but it only lasted a couple of weeks. After what happened during that time I thought it was best to forget that I had ever been married to her so I didn't tell you about it because it had no bearing on our relationship."

Walker why can't you ever trust me enough to tell me about your past? You know that I would never leave you no matter what you tell me about it. Yet you continue to hide things from me which I end up finding out about anyhow leaving me very upset with you. Then I start wondering if I should even bother fighting for your love because of the suffering that you've just caused me." Alex replied in a voice full of pain.

Alex I do trust you but what happened back then is something that's best left in the past. It has nothing to do with us." Walker said as he took Alex's hand but she ripped it away as she got up from the table and said “It has everything to do with us, because of it there is no us."

Getting up himself Walker tried again “Alex I know that you're upset with me right now but how can you say that there is no us? After everything that we've been through? Alex we have five children together, what happens to them if there is no us?"

“Don’t drag the children into this. Walker until you settle your past with her there will be no us. I want to be sure that you want me the way that I want you and right now I don't believe that you do." Alex told her husband who quietly asked “How can I prove to you that I want you the way you want me? Because I want you for the rest of my life. Alex you are my life, you must know that by now."

“No I don't know that so I want you to go see her and put the past between the two of you to rest. Then I want you to tell me what happened all those years ago in Vietnam . Then and only then will I believe that you love me and trust me. After that we'll deal with the legal matters." Alex answered.

“What legal matters? Alex you aren't asking me for a divorce, are you?" A stunned Walker questioned Alex who replied “ Walker I told you last night, if your marriage to Ling Pran was valid then our marriage may not be legal. That's what I mean by dealing with legal matters. No I'm not asking you for a divorce because I'm not sure that I am your wife right now. Why don't you find out if you're still married to her while you're dealing with your past? It's the very least you can do for me." Alex then laid a note on the table and left the kitchen.

Walker picked up the note addressed to him, opening it he found Alex had written down the hotel where the Vietnamese delegation was staying at and that Walker should contact Ling Pran to settle the past.

Walker entered Ranger headquarters and Trivette followed him into his private office where he closed the door behind them and stated “ Walker you're going to have to tell Alex about your first wife. With the way things happen in your life there's a good chance that Alex will find out about her. It's best that you tell Alex before she finds out from someone else."

“She knows Trivette, it turns out that my dead first wife was a member of that Vietnamese delegation and she saw the saddle for my horse Thunder. Mei Ling who is now Ling Pran told Alex all about the John Firewalker that she had married. She then told Alex how my son Ray looked just like her Firewalker. Alex figured out that I had been married before and never told her." Walker answered.

“Is Alex okay?" Trivette questioned Walker who replied “No she says that until I settle things with Ling there will be no us. I've never seen Alex this upset with me; I think that I just might lose her over this."

Walker Alex is right; until you settle things with Ling she can't be truly certain that it's her you want. So my best advice is for you to see your first wife as soon as you can and put the past to rest. At least think about it, will you?" Trivette urged Walker who said “I’m on my way to do that now. Handle things here for me will you?" Trivette agreed and left Walker 's office.

Chapter Seven

Walker went to where the hotel that the Vietnamese delegation was at and was directed to Mr. Pran . Walker introduced himself “My name is Cordell Walker and I would like to see Mei Ling if that is possible."

Mr. Pran answered "My wife Ling Pran would also like to see you, if you'll wait here she'll be here in a moment." Mr. Pran left the room then returned a moment later with his wife and daughter. He told his wife “Mei and I will be in the lobby if you need us." Then he left the hotel suite.

After a minute of silence Ling asked “Would you like something to drink?" Walker replied as he sat on a chair “What I would like to know is why you betrayed me all those years ago? You were my wife, yet you led the Viet Cong to my location resulting in the deaths of my men. Or was part of your plan to begin with? Get me to marry you and that way I wouldn't know that you were responsible for the deaths of my men? Did you ever care for me or was that another one of your lies?"

Ling said “Yes I cared for you John Firewalker ; I would not have married you if I hadn't loved you at the time. You have to understand that I was assigned by my commander to find out the location where you and your men were at and to report that back to him. You were the enemy and you were to be taken out no matter what the cost. I did my job well, a little too well because I fell in love with you. After we were married I begged my commander to spare you but he said that the only way you would be spared was for you to agree to betray the men under your command. I told my commander that you loved me enough to do that. He agreed that I could talk to you about it but he had your camp bombed. I did not know that he was going to do that. After I returned to my camp my commander told me that you had died along with your men in the bombing. Two days later our camp was attacked by your forces and I was wounded in the fire fight. Mr. Pran who was there saved my life and after the war ended we married."

“I never would have betrayed the men under my command for anyone." Walker told Ling who sadly replied “I know that but I told my commander that you would in the hopes that he would spare your life.”

“Where do we go from here? Are we still married?" Walker questioned.

John Firewalker I have a question for you, were you part of the group that attacked my camp?" Ling asked Walker who answered “Yes I was but I didn't expect you to be there, I thought that you had left the area."

“But once the fire fight started you saw me didn't you?" Ling again questioned Walker who said “Yes I did but by then it was too late to stop it. I was headed towards where you were to get you but then you were shot and I thought you were dead. Why didn't you let me know that you were only wounded? I would have brought you back here to Dallas with me."

“Because John Firewalker I would no more have spent the rest of my life in your country than you would have spent the rest of your life in my country. We fell in love during a war, it would not have lasted. I am very happy with Pran. We have a good life together. Do you not have a good life with your Alex?" Ling said.

 “Yes Alex and I have a good life but right now she pretty upset with me because she's not even sure our marriage is legal. Ling if my marriage to you was legal you and I need to get a divorce so that I can marry Alex." Walker told Ling who got up and left the room. Ling returned with what looked to be a legal document written in Vietnamese. She handed it to Walker as she told him “This is for you, it's a document stating that we were legally divorced. I got a divorce from you years ago; I did not anyone to know that I had been married to a American."

Taking the document Walker stood up to leave but stopped and questioned “When you had my wife show you the ranch did you already know that it was mine?"

Ling replied “I had hoped so, I saw an article in a newspaper and I thought it was you pictured in the article but the name said Cordell Walker so I had to come here to be sure. I knew when I saw that saddle with the name Firewalker on it that John Firewalker and Cordell Walker were one and the same. Now that I've seen you I can finally lay the past to rest."

Walker nodded and started to leave the room when Ling asked him “This Alex that you are married to, would you give up anything for her?"

Walker answered “I would give up everything including my life for her in an instant." Ling smiled and said “That is how I feel about Pran. Goodbye John Firewalker ." Walker left the hotel suite and returned to Ranger headquarters where Trivette was waiting for him.

“Everything okay Walker ? Are you and Alex married?" Trivette questioned Walker as he followed him into Walker 's private office. Walker answered “Trivette, Alex and I are married. I don't want to talk about the rest of it."

“I know that Walker but you should really think about talking about Mei Ling with Alex, she deserves that much." Trivette pointed out to Walker who said " I will Trivette but for now drop it."

Trivette nodded and left Walker 's office leaving Walker thinking about the past and wondering about the future.

Chapter Eight

When Walker arrived home that evening he was greeted by Angela who asked him “Daddy is Mommy going to have more babies?" Walker answered his oldest daughter “No honey, why would you think that?"

“Mommy looks like her back is hurting her, you know like when she had the three babies inside of her. Daddy when I asked Mommy what was the matter she told me that sometimes things hurt really bad. Daddy if Mommy isn't going to have anymore babies then what's hurting her?" Angela questioned her father who instead of answering his daughter's questions asked her “Were you children good for your mother today?"

“I was Daddy but Mommy had to take Mikey from the dining room table at least twice and then Sammie hit Coop who hit him back. Then Ray yelled at them to behave and Mommy sent him to his room. When I told Mommy that Ray was just trying to get the baby boys to behave she told me to go to my room too." Angela explained to her father.

Ray added “Daddy, Mommy was real mean to me. I didn't do anything bad. I just wanted Sammie and Coop to behave for Mommy but she yelled at me. I'm a good boy Daddy."

“I know son. Angela if your mother sent you two to your room what are you doing down here?" Walker asked them and Angela answered her father “Mommy said that we had learned our lessons and that we were allowed out of our rooms. Daddy is Mommy okay? She seems sad about something."

“Mommy will be fine honey." Walker answered his daughter as Alex entered the living room. She questioned him “How did it go?"

Alex we'll talk later." Walker replied causing Alex to bitterly ask him “When? Tonight or when your past hits me in the face yet again."

Alex not now, the children are right here." Walker pointed out to his wife who snapped at him “I know that, I've been watching them all day. I've decided that I'm going out for dinner by myself. You can watch your children for a change."

Alex I know that you're upset with me right now but you can't take it out on the children." Walker told his wife who coldly replied “I am not taking it out on the children. I never have and I never will and you know that Cordell John Walker . I told Angela and Ray to go to their room so that I could cool off after Ray yelled at his younger brothers and Angela told Mikey that the next time she was on the dining room table she would give her a swat. I will not allow my children to treat each other that way. Now you deal with them while I go get ready to go out." Alex then went upstairs leaving Walker with his oldest children.

“Okay, Angela and Ray you two will not treat your younger siblings that way again. Do you two understand that?" Walker asked his older children, Angela replied “Yes Daddy." While Ray asked him “What are siblings Daddy?"

“Siblings are your brothers and sisters. Speaking of siblings I think we should find out what the triplets are up to." Walker answered as they went into the hallway to discover Sammie and Coop running down the steps. Walker told them “No running on the steps you two." Right after he said that Mikey told him “Look Daddy." Then she got on the railing to ride it down the steps, Walker hurriedly removed her as he told his youngest daughter "No Mikey, don't do that."

  Mikey laughed "Fun Daddy, do again." Walker sternly said to her “You will not do that again Michaela Sydney Walker . Do you understand me?"

Ray said “Oh, oh Daddy said your full name Mikey that means you're in trouble." Alex who had just come back downstairs told him “Mikey is not in trouble, your father just wants to make sure that she doesn't get hurt because sliding down a railing is dangerous."

“But Mommy I used to do it when I was little and I never got hurt." Ray objected but his father asked him “Ray would you like to return to your room?"

“No Daddy." Ray answered as Alex said “I’ve decided that I'm not going out for dinner after all. What do you guys want to eat?"

“I’ll take care of it honey, why don't you take them out to see the horses in the pasture? Maybe being outside will settle them down." Walker offered. Alex accepted the offer and told him “Okay, there's some ground beef in the fridge that I've defrosted. Why don't you make some hamburgers and fries for dinner?"

“Okay, I'll call you when it's done." Walker said and they left the house. When dinner was done Walker called his family in to eat. After they had eaten Walker told the children to go into the living room that he wanted to talk to their mother. Alex waited until the children had left the dining room then she asked her husband “Are we husband and wife?"

“Yes we are, Ling divorced me after the war ended. Here she gave me a copy of it." Walker answered as he handed Alex the document that Ling had given him. Taking it Alex looked at it only to discover that it was written in Vietnamese. " Walker this is written in Vietnamese, isn't it?"

"Yes it is Alex. Look we'll find someone who knows Vietnamese to translate it for us. But for now why don't we spend some time with our children?" Walker said to Alex who answered " Okay but after they are sleeping you need to tell me exactly what happened between Ling and you while you were serving in Vietnam . I would also like an explanation of why you didn't tell me about it before we were married or even after we were married. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes I can do that for you Alex because you deserve to know what happened back then and why I didn't tell you about it. However right now I suggest that we go into the living room before your stubborn children do something that they shouldn't do." Walker said to his wife who replied "No Cowboy, we've had this talk before and it's your stubborn children."

Walker pulled Alex into his arms as he asked " Is that so lady?" Alex said " You know it."

"I don't know what I ever did to deserve you Alex. I love you more than I can ever say." Walker said as he pulled his wife closer, she told him "I know that you love me Cordell but sometimes you don't act like you do. Come on let's go see what your stubborn offspring are up to."

Chapter Nine

That night in their bedroom Walker semi teased Alex "Is there anyway that I can get out of telling you about Ling? How about if I kiss you? Will you let me off the hook then?" Not at all amused Alex replied " Walker I need to know about her and why you never said anything to me about Mei Ling . If you're going to behave that way at a time like this is there any point to us having a serious discussion in an effort to save our marriage?"

"I'm sorry, you're right. I need to tell you about Mei Ling and why I never told you. So here goes, I met Mei Ling at a U.S.O. club when I was on leave and we hit it off. The next time I was at the base Mei was there. We started talking to each other whenever I was on base. Eventually she agreed to go out on a date with me. Well on that date one thing led to another and we had sex. When I was done I realized that Mei had been a virgin. Alex she was laying there crying and telling me that now no one would ever want her because she had shamed herself by sleeping with me. That she might as well kill herself to spare her family the shame of having a disgraceful daughter. So I told her that we would get married as soon as we could. Mei wiped her tears away and told me that she loved me so much and couldn't wait until we were married. The base commander told me not to bother marry her because she was as good as a hooker since she had slept with me on our first date but I told the commander that I was in love with her and that as soon as I could I would send Mei Ling to live with my Uncle Ray on his ranch. The commander told me that I was a fool but he okayed the paperwork.

The next time I was on base we were married, after the ceremony Mei begged me to let her come back to my camp with me but I refused, that time. About two weeks later she talked me into it by telling me that she wanted to meet the men who would be keeping her husband safe while she was waiting for him in America . Needless to say I took her there to meet my men. Shortly after I returned from dropping her off at the base our camp was bombed. There was only one person besides us who knew where the camp was and that was my wife. All my men died in the bombing and I vowed to hunt down those responsible for their deaths, I did."

When Walker paused Alex asked him "Including Mei Ling?"

"I was sure that she had left the area but when we got to the Viet Gong base she was there. In the middle of the fire fight I saw her get shot and fall to the ground. I assumed that she was dead like the rest of them and just left her laying there. I was promoted to Captain for what I did that day. That was when I started going by Cordell Walker . I buried John Firewalker with Mei Ling ." Walker finished his explanation.

" Walker why didn't you tell me about Mei Ling ? Did you love her so much that it hurt to talk about it?" Alex asked her husband who answered " Alex I never loved Mei Ling . I didn't tell you that I had been married before because I didn't feel as though I had been married before. Alex when we got married, you were as much in love with me as I was with you. We both wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. With Mei I didn't love her, I married her because I felt that I had to because I had shamed her. Alex after my men were killed because of Mei I knew that the whole marriage thing had been nothing more than a way to find out where my camp was. Because of my sleeping with Mei Ling and then being foolish enough to marry her my men died. I thought that I had left all of that behind when I left Vietnam . Alex please understand this, my marriage to you is truly the only marriage that I've been in. Even though Mei and I were married it never felt like a marriage to me. You are the only woman that I have ever considered to be my wife. It will be that way for the rest of my life. I just hope that you still want me as your husband."

" Walker I love you, yes I want you as my husband for the rest of my life. I'm just going to ask you one more question and then after you answer it we can drop what happened in Vietnam . The question is; if Mei hadn't divorced you would you have wanted to get a divorce from her and marry me?" Alex asked.

Pulling her close Walker answered "Yes, I love you Alex enough to marry you all over again." Alex said "I forgive you way too easily Cowboy. But I did tell you that after you told me what happened I would believe that you love me and trust me and I do. So as far as I'm concerned the past is over and done with. Now can we get some rest?"

"Before or after we get undressed?" Walker questioned his wife who replied " Dressed, I'm a little tired tonight but I think that we can go to bed without clothes tomorrow night. That is if you want to?"

"I'll want to Mrs. Walker ." Walker answered and they got themselves ready for bed. Once in bed Alex snuggled close to Walker and told him "You're mine cowboy." Walker pulled her even closer as he said "Forever lady."

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