Fallen Flame


Katie 59

Chapter One

            When Walker entered his dining room Alex was there with their children, smiling at him she said "Morning cowboy, I have to be at work really early. Can you drop Angela and Ray off at the Hope Center for me?” Sitting down at the table he asked her "I thought that Caroline was going to be watching them here, like she has been?”

      "She's away for awhile. Josie said that it would be no problem for them to be watched at the Hope Center. Besides I think that they should be around other children more. Is that okay with you ” Alex said to Walker.

      "That's fine, I'll drop them off there on my way to work.” Walker answered her.

      "Great, have you made a doctor's appointment yet?” Alex questioned her husband who replied "I'm going to stop at the doctor's office after lunch. Although I feel perfectly fine and I remember everything that I need to. I should just cancel it."

     "Please see the doctor for me and our children." Alex pleaded with him as she kissed him on the cheek.

      Walker only half joking said "Yes dear."

      "Okay, I'll call you later to see how it went.  Now you children be good for your father." Alex said as she kissed the children goodbye and left the ranch.

     Walker dropped the children off at the Hope Center and went to Ranger headquarters where Trivette was waiting for him. The first thing Trivette said was "hey man, I'm sorry about last night, Erica said that you should have killed me for just walking in on you like that."

    "Alex agreed with me that I should kill you for walking in like that too." Walker teased Trivette for just walking in on Alex and Walker while they were making out on their couch.

    Getting serious Trivette said "Walker, this Fed has been calling you. I told him that you would return to work today. He said that he would like to meet with you at your ranch at three. Here's his number, but he said to only call it if you wouldn't be at your ranch at three." Taking the phone number Walker said "well I guess that I'll be at my ranch today at three." Trivette and Walker then spent awhile going over the current cases. After lunch Walker went to see the Ranger doctor. After examining Walker, Dr. Halpern told Walker that he seemed to be fine. That his memory problem was caused by the bump on his head. Walker called up Alex and told her what Dr. Halpern had said to him. Then he told her that she would have to pick the children up after work because he had a meeting with a fed at the ranch.

Chapter Two

          At three there was a knock on the door and Walker answered it. There were two F.B.I. agents standing there. One of then said to him "Walker, I'm Special Agent Johnson and this is Special Agent Simms. Can we come inside and talk with you?” Walker led then into the living room and after they were seated he asked them "what do you want with me?”

      "We need to hide out a witness in the Quartermaine case and we were hoping that we could hide him out here. This witness requested you personally and told us that he only trusted you to protect him. It shouldn't be more than a week at most." Agent Johnson told Walker who questioned "do I know this witness?”

     "Yes, you do. He said that you saved his life once." Agent Johnson answered.

     "I have a wife and two small children, isn't there anywhere else that he can go?  You must have safe houses." Walker asked because he didn't want to endanger his family.

     "Ranger Walker, no one will think to look for him here. How about we bring him in and let him explain why he wants you to protect him?” Johnson asked Walker who reluctantly agreed.

     They brought the man in and Agent Johnson said to Walker "he goes by the name of Jackson now but you knew him as Dalton Reed. We figure his cover can be that of a old friend of yours. Since he has to stay in your house for security purposes, you can say that he's helping you out with the ranch."

      "I don't think that's such a good idea. Are you sure that there isn't any place else that he can go?” Walker questioned while he was really thinking that it wasn't a good idea to have a old flame of his wife staying at his ranch.

      "Walker, I trust you. Will you please hide me out here?  I swear that no one will think to look for me here." Dalton Reed pleaded with Walker who said "Okay." The Feds briefed them both and then left promising to pick Jackson back up as soon as they could. Walker turned to Reed-Jackson and told him "during the day, I'll leave a list of chores for you to do, okay?”

     "That's fine with me. I like to be busy." Jackson answered Walker as Angela came running into the house and jumped in her father's arms and said to him "Daddy, I won the race to the house.  Aren't you proud of me?”

     "I sure am sweetheart, now how about you go upstairs and put your dollies away?” Walker told his daughter. After she had gone upstairs Jackson said to Walker "She's real pretty."

     "Just like her mother, wait here a minute.” Walker said to Jackson but before he could leave the room Alex entered it and after handing Ray to Walker asked her husband "What's Dalton doing here?”

     Reed answered her before Walker could "Hi Alex, Walker's agreed to hide me out here for about a week. What are you doing here?”

     "Walker and I are married, these are our children. What kind of trouble are you in that you need Walker's protection?” Alex asked her old flame who answered "I'm not allowed to discuss it. I swear that it will only take a week. I didn't know that you were married to Walker when I asked him to hide me out here."

     "Well we are married. Reed, I'm telling you right now, if someone comes looking for you, you are leaving. I will not have my children placed in danger for anyone." Alex informed him and then took Ray from Walker and left the room and went upstairs. Walker looked at Reed-Jackson and said to him "I feel the same way." Then he too went upstairs.

Chapter Three

          At dinner Walker told his daughter "Angela, this is Mr. Jackson. he's going to be staying with us for a week."

      "Okay Daddy, will he be as much fun as Uncle Gage is?” Angela asked her father who smiled and answered her "Not quite Angel." Just then Ray began loudly crying so Alex picked him up from the port-a-crib and after feeling his head said to her husband "Honey, here feel his head. Does it feel warm to you?” Walker felt his son's head and said "You're right, it does feel warm. Alex, are you going to call the doctor?”

    "No, I think that he's teething. If he develops a persistent fever I will, but I think that he's going to be pretty cranky tonight." Alex answered Walker.

     After dinner Walker took Jackson to meet his ranch foreman Calvin Jones "Cal, this is Jackson, he's a friend of mine who's going to be staying in the house for about a week and helping me out during the day with some things that I haven't been able to get to."  Shaking Jackson's hand Cal said "Nice to meet you Jackson, during the day if you need anything let me know. I'll be around, see you Walker." Then Walker and Jackson returned to the house where Walker said to him "I really do have some minor things around the house that I haven't been able to get to. Would you mind doing some of them?  I'll understand if you don't want to."

     "Sounds good to me, I want to keep busy to keep my mind off of why I'm here. Just tell me what you need done and I'll do it." Jackson replied. Then he added "Agent Simms was saying that there was a chance of Quartermaine accepting a plea bargain so hopefully I won't be here for a week."

     "I hope so because the sooner you out of here the better for all concerned." Walker said and then as he was showing Reed-Jackson the guest bedroom Jackson asked him "So, how long have you and Cahill been married?”

     Walker said "Five years. Here's your room, if you need anything let me know." Then after Walker went upstairs Jackson called someone on his cell phone "Yeah, it's me. I'm out at Walker's ranch and he doesn't suspect a thing. By the way the kids are really cute especially the boy. I'll call you tomorrow and we can make plans then."  Then Jackson smirked as he turned down the covers on the bed.

Chapter Four

              Walker went upstairs to his bedroom where Alex was holding their son Ray. Walker asked "How is he?  He looks miserable, is he teething?”

     "Here feel his gum, he's getting a tooth." Alex answered her husband who felt their young son's gum and replied "I can feel it. Isn't he getting his first tooth sooner than Angela did?”

     Alex teased him "Yes, my smart little son is."

     Teasing right back Walker said "Oh, I see when Ray does something that you're proud of he's your son but when he cries half the night Ray's my son."

     "Of course dear." Alex answered Walker and then left the room to put Ray into his crib. After checking on Angela Alex returned to the bedroom and asked Walker "How long is he going to be here?  Why did you agree to protect him in our house?  I want him out of here."

     "Alex, it's only going to be a week and I didn't know that it was him they wanted protected here until they brought him in and he asked me to do it. I couldn't refuse then. Why does his being here bother you so much?” Walker asked her.

    "His being here doesn't really bother me but I am worried about someone coming after him and hurting one of the children. Can't they move him to a safe house or something?” Alex questioned.

     "Not as far as I know. Alex, don't worry. No harm is going to come to our children because he's here." Walker tried to assure his wife who turned off her lamp and said as she settled into bed "You're probably right, goodnight."

     "What, no goodnight kiss?” Walker asked.

     "Okay, you can have a goodnight kiss.” Alex answered as Walker pulled her to him. As things were heating up between the two of them Ray began crying at the top of his lungs. Getting up from the bed Alex told her husband "Since he'll probably be up most of the night with his teething, I'll just spend the night in his room. I don't have to be at work until two in the afternoon tomorrow. Walker, we can take this up tomorrow night, okay?”

     "You've got that right lady.” Walker answered as Alex left their bedroom.

Chapter Five

                The next morning Walker was putting breakfast on the table when Jackson entered the dining room. Walker handed him a list and said "Here's a list of the stuff that I need done, it's all inside stuff. That way you won't have to go outside." Taking the list and sitting down Jackson answered as he glanced over it "Good, I'll get to it after breakfast." Angela came into the dining room then and said to her father "Daddy, baby Ray's crying again. You should tell him to be a good baby and stop crying."

      A smiling Walker answered his daughter "Now, Angela you cried just as much when you were getting your first tooth."

     "No, I didn't daddy. I'm a very good girl, you tell me that all the time. You call me your little angel and angels are very good." Angela informed her father who said to his daughter "Angela, I think that you're going to be a lawyer just like your mother, you can already argue like her. Like mother, like daughter."

     About ten minutes later Alex came in with Ray and said to her husband "Great, you've made breakfast. I'm starving, I was up half the night with your son. "Removing Ray from Alex's arms Walker said to the baby "Son, you'd better learn this now. When you're good, you're mommy's son. When you're cranky, you're daddy's son." Alex admonished her husband by saying "Walker!"   Then she said " The D.A.'s office just called now. I don't have to go in today. The defense accepted the plea bargain deal that I recommended. I think that I'll just spend the day here with my children."

     Angela broke in to say "Mr. Jackson will be here too mommy."

     Walker looked at Alex and then Jackson, then he said "Yeah, him too.” After he was done eating Walker left for work. Jackson got up from the table then and said to Alex "Well, I'd better get started on this list that husband of yours left for me. See you around lunch time."

      After lunch Angela was playing in the living room with her dollies and Ray was napping when Jackson snidely said to Alex "Well Cahill, I see that your Walker finally came to his senses and married you. Or did you have to hold a gun to his head because of Angela?”

    Looking at him Alex replied in a frosty voice "That is none of your business, Mr. Jackson." Holding his hands up in a gesture of surrender Jackson said "I was just joking. I'll get back to work and leave you alone, okay?” When Alex didn't reply Jackson went into the guest bedroom and made a cell phone call.”  Yeah, it's me. Listen, we'll do it Monday around noon. I'll have them fighting by then and they'll be so distracted by fighting with each other we can easily take his son Ray then. I'll call you Sunday night but not before then and don't call me. Goodbye.” A smirking Jackson said to himself  'Cahill and Walker you are about to get what's coming to the both of you.'

Chapter Six

             At work Walker was a little distracted because he was thinking to himself that he never should have agreed to protecting his wife's old boyfriend Dalton at the ranch. Trivette picked up on it and his friend "Walker, what's with you?  Is everything okay?”

      Walker asked Trivette "Do you remember Alex's old bull riding boyfriend Dalton Reed?” Trivette replied "Yeah, I do. Why?”

     "Because the Feds are hiding him out at my ranch. Alex has the day off, too.” Walker said sounding a little bit jealous.

     "Man, you're jealous Walker. I never thought that I would see the day that you were jealous." Trivette laughed and then getting serious said to him "Walker, Alex married you. She would have married the second that you asked her if she could have. You have no reason to be jealous of him or anyone else. You know that, don't you?”

     "Trivette, I am not jealous. It's just that Alex is worried about the children. She's been having nightmares in which someone's tried to harm them. She's had them ever since the Rappaports sued us for custody of Ray and she lost the twins that she was carrying." Walker explained and then changed the subject by bringing up work "How far have Sydney and Gage gotten on the Hale case?” Trivette answered "The report is on my desk." As he brought it over and they attended to Ranger business.

       Later on that day Alex took her children to the bluff where Lucas was buried and Walker had placed the memorial sign for their lost twins. Jackson followed her at a distance and after she left he read the sign and said to himself  'Well Walker, when I'm done you'll be minus another child and you really deserve to lose him.'

     "When Walker returned home from work he snuck up on Alex who was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Grabbing his wife from behind and covering her eyes he asked Alex "Guess who?” Removing his hands and turning around in his arms she answered him by saying "My very own cowboy or else my husband is going to get mad." After kissing Alex on the cheek Walker asked her "Where are the children?”

    "Ray's sleeping and Angela is playing with her dolls in the living room." Alex answered unaware of the fact that Jackson was listening to them.

Chapter Seven

           That night as they were getting ready for bed Walker said to Alex "Don't you think that we should cancel the cookout we have planned for Sunday?”

      "Why?” Alex asked her husband who said "With him being here, it might be too much for you is all."

     "Honey, we've already invited our close friends, we can't cancel it now and it won't be too much for me." Alex answered as she got into bed. Walker then asked "Is Ray feeling better?”

     "Yes, he's feeling a lot better, his tooth will be though soon. I'll let you know when it's broken through." Alex said to Walker who changed the subject by saying "Good, I believe that we have some unfinished business from last night."

     "Oh Walker, I know that I said that I would but I'm so tired tonight.” She said and Walker sighed and got into his side of the bed. Also getting into her side of the bed Alex offered "If you really need me to do that I will."

     "No, it's okay. Good night Alex.” Walker answered as he turned off his lamp and rolled onto his side away from her.

       Later on that night Walker was awakened Alex by thrashing around in bed and crying out in her sleep "No, you can't have my son. Walker stop him. Please give my son back. Walker, help me." Pulling her to him Walker said "Alex, honey wake up."

      Waking up she said "Walker, it was so real. A man was pointing a gun at me as he took Ray. He said that he was taking our son because we didn't deserve a son."

      Pulling Alex even closer Walker said as he rubbed her back "Listen, no one is going to take our son. Maybe we ought to go see White Eagle about your dreams of our children being hurt."

      "If you think that seeing him will help, I'm willing to go. I have to stop having these types of dreams. But Walker right before I had the miscarriage and lost the twins I had the same sort of dreams." Alex answered her husband who said "Alex, I am so sorry about that, I still blame myself for the miscarriage."

     Looking into his eyes Alex said "I blame myself too. If I had stopped and thought for a second I wouldn't have fallen down the steps and lost our babies. Instead I should have yanked her out of the shower and tossed her down the steps. I should have trusted in your love. I've always known that you wouldn't betray me with another woman. I love you Cordell Walker."

      "I love you too Alexandra Walker." Walker told his wife who smiled and said as she removed her nightgown "Well, I'm not tired now. Do you want to do anything?”

    "Alex!"  Walker said as he pulled her to him and they made love.

Chapter Eight

                It was now Sunday afternoon and the Walkers were having the cookout for their friends Sydney, Gage, Trivette and Erica. As they were sitting at the table eating Angela asked her mother "Mommy, is baby Ray's tooth though yet?”

    "Yes, it is.” Alex answered her daughter. Walker who had gotten a little mad because Alex had promised to tell him when it happened questioned her "When did this happen?  Alex, I thought that you were supposed to tell me when his tooth broke through?” Unaware of why he was mad Alex answered "I'm sorry but you were at work when I noticed that it was through. I forgot, really Walker, it's no big deal."

    A even madder Walker asked in disbelief "My son's first tooth is no big deal?”

    "Walker, I said that I was sorry. What more do you want?” Alex asked puzzled by the way her husband was behaving in front of their friends. Angela sensing that her parents were about to fight asked her mother "Mommy, does Daddy have a nickname?  You know like baby Ray?”

     "Yes dear, your daddy's nickname is cowboy.” Alex answered her daughter who replied "Oh Mr. Jackson said that a real pretty lady used to call him cowboy."

     After glaring at his wife Walker got up and headed to the barn. Trivette who had followed him into the barn asked "Walker, where are you going?”

    Walker snapped back "For a ride. Why else would I be saddling my horse?” Trivette said "I'll come with you, okay?” Walker nodded okay and helped Trivette saddle a horse and they rode off. They stopped the horses near the memorial bluff and after looking at the sign for the lost twins Walker said to Trivette " I think that Dalton Reed is up to something, there are plenty of other places where he could have been protected. I also think that he knew Alex and I were married when he asked for my protection. I think that he wants her back. White Eagle recently had Sam Coyote call me up to tell me that a weasel had entered my home."

    "Okay, so what do you plan to do about it?” Trivette questioned his friend who answered "When we get back to the house, I want you to take Angela to the barn. Alex and I are going to have a fight over Dalton."

    A shocked Trivette objected "You have got to have a better plan than fighting with your wife over her old boyfriend. You have to know that she doesn't have any feelings for him." Walker assured him "Don't worry Trivette, I know exactly what I am doing."

    When they got back to the house the children were outside but Alex and Jackson were nowhere to be seen. Walker questioned "Where's Alex at when the children are outside?”  Sydney answered him "In the house with your old friend Jackson.” Just then Alex and Jackson came out of the house. Alex laughed and then Jackson put an arm around her shoulder. Seeing this Trivette took his son and asked Angela "How about you helping me out in the barn. "He headed to the barn quickly followed by his wife Erica. Sydney picked up a sleeping Ray and said as she went to the house "He's sleeping, I'll just lay him down for you." Gage stayed at the table eating like always as Walker growled at Alex "Why were you coming out of the house with another man's arm around you?  Our children are here, something that you seemed to have forgotten."

    Reed-Jackson said "Hey Walker, it's not what it looks like."

    Walker glared at him and answered "Jackson, I know exactly what the two of you are up to." Getting mad herself Alex snapped at her husband "That's enough Walker, I suggest that you go cool off somewhere and start using your brain for once."

     "Fine, I'll just go to headquarters. It's not like you'll miss me with your old flame here." Walker snapped back and then left. The cookout broke up pretty quickly after that. After the children were in bed Jackson asked Alex "Is Walker always like that ?”

    Shrugging her shoulders Alex answered "Walker's Walker. Goodnight." Several hours later Walker came in and after checking on the children grabbed a pillow and a blanket and went to sleep on the couch. Jackson who had cracked open his bedroom door when he heard Walker come in smiled and then closed the door pleased that his plan was working.

Chapter Nine

           The next morning Alex and Walker didn't speak with each other. Walker left the ranch after kissing his children goodbye. Alex left after Caroline arrived to watch the children. Alex had had a very vivid nightmare last night in which someone was again taking Ray from her at gunpoint which she hadn't told Walker about because she was still mad at him. Alex had however decided to take a long lunch and stop by the ranch then to check up on her children.

     When Walker got to work he pulled Trivette aside and said to him "I put a tracking device in Ray's diaper bag. Here's the monitor for it, I want you to let me know if it goes anywhere." Trivette said to him "Walker, isn't that being a little bit paranoid?  I mean come on, if he snatches Ray I highly doubt that Alex would then want him."

      "Will you just please do what I ask you to do?  Trivette, Alex is having nightmares about someone taking Ray at gunpoint and I'm not taking any chances. He still wants her back and he might think that if has Ray she'll go to him.” Walker explained to Trivette who took the tracking device and said "Okay, I'll do what you want but I think that you're way off base on this one." Walker said "I hope that you're right and I'm not Trivette." Then they got to work on Ranger business.

     At lunchtime Alex was getting out of her car at the ranch when Reed-Jackson left the house with a screaming Ray. Seeing Alex he pointed the gun at her and said "Back off Cahill." When she came closer he fired a shot over her head as he said "Sorry Cahill but Walker doesn't deserve a son."  Then he put Ray in a car, flung the diaper bag in as Alex screamed at him "Dalton, what have you done with Angela ” Ignoring her Dalton got in the car and took off. Hurrying into the house Alex called Walker on her cell phone as she saw a tied up Caroling in the dining room. "Walker, Dalton's taken Ray, and his diaper bag. He's planning on keeping our son." Turning to Trivette Walker said "Start tracking, he has Ray." Then Walker assured Alex as she was untying Caroline "I put a tracking device in Ray's diaper bag. Don't worry, we'll find him. How long ago did he leave?”

      "Just now, I came home to check on them and he was running out the door with Ray and when I went to stop him he fired a shot over my head and said that you didn't deserve a son. I'm in the house, Caroline was tied up in the dining room but I don't see Angela." A shaken Alex said to her husband as she searched downstairs for her daughter. Walker asked her "Where's Angela?  Is she okay?  Have you found her?”

      "I think that I hear her upstairs crying, hold on while I check." Alex said as she went upstairs and found Angela crying, locked in their bedroom.” Walker, she's fine. He locked her in our bedroom." Alex said to him as she hugged her daughter then said to her daughter "Honey, Daddy's on the phone."

     "Angela, sweetheart did he hurt you?” Walker asked his daughter who stopped crying and answered "No Daddy, he tied up Miss Caroline and made baby Ray cry.” Alex took the phone back and said to her husband "Find him Walker, we're fine."

      Thanks to the tracking device they located Dalton Reed and baby Ray fairly quickly. When cornered he waved the gun and threatened to shoot Ray "Back off Walker or you'll have another dead baby." Walker pleaded with him "Please don't hurt my son."

     "You don't deserve a son or a daughter for that matter. Or a wife as a matter of fact, you deserve to be alone just like I am." Dalton yelled at Walker. Just then Trivette shot Dalton in the hand that was waving the gun around. Walker quickly grabbed Ray while Sydney and Gage handcuffed Dalton. Looking at Walker Trivette said "Thank god for your Cherokee. Walker, take your son home to his mother, the paperwork can wait." Walker was only too glad to do that. He all but ran up the front walk as he yelled "Alex, I've got our son." A relieved Alex flew down the steps to take Ray as she said "Thank god. Angela, your Daddy is here with your brother." Angela ran down the steps to Walker and said to him "Daddy, bad man make baby Ray cry and shut me in your room. Did you arrest him?”

     "We sure did honey." Walker answered his daughter who said "That's good Daddy. I'm going to go play with my dollies now." Then she went back in the house as Walker pulled Alex to him and wiped her tears away. Alex said "I love you." Walker answered her "Me too." Then he added "We have some talking to do, don't we?”

      "Yes, we do but not today." Alex replied and her husband agreed.

Chapter Ten

            The next day the Walkers were watching the questioning of Dalton Reed through two way glass. Trivette was in the room but the questioning was done by Agent Simms who said to Dalton "I hope that you're happy Mr. Reed. The Quartermaine case is destroyed thanks to your kidnapping of Ray Walker. Because of what you did, a major drugpin goes free. Tell me, why did you do it?”

     A smiling Dalton looked at the glass that Alex and Walker were behind and answered "I'll only tell Alex Cahill the answer, no one else."

    As Alex went to enter the room Walker took her arm and said to his wife "Maybe you shouldn't go in there. He might try something." Removing Walker's hand Alex replied "I have to know why he did it."  Then she entered the room and asked "Dalton, why did you kidnap my son?  Walker was protecting you for God's sake."

    A still smiling Dalton answered "Because of you dear."

    "Me?” Alex asked him and he said "Yes, you Cahill."

    Getting mad she snapped at him "No more games Dalton I want an answer and I want it now."

    "Games Alex, that is what this was all about. You saying that you would wait for me. That you would give me year to finish the circuit when you were really waiting for him to stop being such a wimp and admit that he wanted you. What I find the funniest is that I only asked you to wait because I knew that you were in love with Walker. I also knew that he loved you but wasn't man enough to admit it. I asked you to wait for me out of spite and to see if you would really settle for me when you couldn't get him." When Alex got up to leave the room Dalton added "You know what the best part was?  It was the fact that I was going to give your son to the Rappaports to raise as their own."

     "You were really going to give my son to that animal's parents?” Alex asked Reed who said "Sure was, like I said a man like Walker doesn't deserve a son. Mainly because he let his wife get hurt, besides Ray could have easily been their grandson anyhow and the pay was right. Revenge on Walker for taking you from me, he's the one who should be all alone, not me.”

    Looking at him Alex said "Dalton Reed, you were once a decent man but now you're no better than that animal." Alex then left the room and went into the hallway where her husband was waiting. She walked right into his arms and Walker said as he hugged his wife "I love you Alex, always have." Hugging him back Alex replied "I know Cowboy."

 Chapter Eleven

          That night as they were getting ready for bed Alex said to her husband "On Sunday it wasn't what it looked like. He put his arm around my shoulder as we were coming down the steps, I wasn't happy about it."

    "Then why were you laughing?” Walker questioned Alex who answered "He had just told me a joke about a rodeo clown." Alex then put her nightgown on and got into bed while Walker put on a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt and also got into bed. After they laid there for awhile Alex asked him "Walker, you know that you didn't let me get hurt, don't you ?”

      "I guess." Was Walker's half hearted reply.

      "Walker, I made a choice that day, to leave our house without thinking. I should have stayed there and yanked her off of you by her hair and then tossed her out of our house onto her butt. If I had done that that day, I never would have been hurt. Please don't blame yourself for it, okay?” When her husband didn't react she added " Cordell please tell me what else is bothering you."    "Did you call Dalton cowboy too?” Walker blurted out.

     "No, I didn't Walker don't you remember that when I first met you I called you a crazy cowboy?  Honey to me you've always been my cowboy, at first it was as a crazy cowboy but then you became my one and only cowboy." Alex answered him.

     "Okay." Walker said and then turned on his side away from her. Getting up Alex went around to his side of the bed to look him in the eyes. When Walker avoided looking at her Alex got upset and left the room. Ten minutes later Walker got out of bed and followed her down into the living room. Getting up from the couch and nearing him she tried again "Walker, what is the matter?  Please tell me."

     "Alex that time years ago when we were protecting Dalton did you?  I mean you were coming out of his trailer that morning...oh never mind." Walker started to ask and then stopped. Smiling because she knew exactly what he couldn't bring himself to ask her Alex answered "After our rafting trip there has been only one man that I've been with, my crazy cowboy.”  Pulling her closer Walker asked Alex "So you still think that I'm crazy?”

     "Well you can still drive me crazy at night." A smiling Alex answered her husband who said with his own smile "How about I drive you crazy right here?  We never did finish what we started that night Trivette walked in on us, at least not on the couch."

    Slipping her hands under his shirt Alex purred "That's fine by me darling." Laying Alex down on the couch Walker proceeded to drive his wife crazy with desire. When they were done she asked him "Well, does that answer any questions that you might have?”  Walker answered "For now but you never know when I might get another one." Kissing her husband again Alex said "I will always be glad to answer your questions the way I just answered that one." Pulling her up from the couch Walker said "How about we go upstairs?  I have another question."

    Looking down his body and then back up Alex said "Yes, I can tell. Race you." Then they went upstairs and made love again.

                 I don't own Walker Texas Ranger and neither I or this story is meant to infringe on the owners' rights, it was written as a tribute to a very good show.