A gray dodge ram was setting behind a warehouse, Texas Rangers Cordell Walker and his partner James Trivette sat listening to the truck radio which was turned down low.  After a while Trivette reached over and turned the radio off.

“I was listening to that Trivette”  the red bearded Ranger said.

“Sorry man but I need to talk to you.”  He said as he squirmed in his seat “It’s kinda personal”

“What is it? Is there something wrong between you and Josie?”  Josie was Trivette’s wife of almost a year, he had met her at Alex’s HOPE center where she worked as Alex’s assistant.

“Well you”  he hesitated and squirmed again in the seat.  “It’s just that”  he hesitated again.                                      

Walker looked at the younger Ranger, “ Trivette what is wrong” he asked.

“Man she’s been keeping me up all the time.  She’s all over me, I can’t get any sleep.  The only sleep I get is on these stake outs.”

Josie was 8 1/2 months pregnant Walker laughed and said “And you want to know if she is acting normal?”

“Well yeah,  I mean is there anything wrong with her?”

“There is nothing wrong with her and yes she is acting perfectly normal.”  then Walker reached down and turned the radio on low again.

“Oh” Trivette said.  He settled back into the seat and before long he had dozed off.

Walker kept an eye on the back of the warehouse until their relief had arrived.

It was almost 1:00 a.m. when Walker arrived home.  He unlocked the front door went in quietly closed and relocked the door behind him.

He hung his keys in the rack near the stairs, which was where they were kept when they were not needed. 

Climbing the stairs he pulled his shirt from inside his jeans and unbuttoned it. It had been almost 2 weeks since he had gotten to spend more than 2 hours at home at once.

Before going to bed he went to check on his children.  Opening the bedroom door he sees three identical angels each sleeping in their own bed. Their hair was a red as his. He smiled as he stood there looking at them. Silently he shut the door. A few steps down the hall he opened another door and peeked in to see his two month old daughter. Her hair was as golden as his wife Alex’s and the baby girl was as beautiful as her mother too.  After standing there watching the baby sleep for a few moments he closed the door and headed to his room.

Quietly he entered, undressing as he entered. He put his clothes on a chair near the bed, he slid beneath the covers not wishing to disturb his lovely wife. She stirred for a moment and snuggled close to him, almost instinctively, but remained asleep.

He smiled it was good to be close to her. He wanted to wake her and make love to her but he knew he needed some rest so it would have to wait. He settled back and fell asleep before too long.

About 3:00 a.m. he felt a hand rubbing his beard. At first he pushed the hand away and with out opening his eyes he said “Alex, I trying to sleep Hon.”

A tiny voice said “Daddy I feel sick” he opened his eyes to see the youngest of his triplets standing beside him.

“A.J. son, what’s wrong?”

The three year old said “My froat hurts” hoarsely as he rubbed his neck.

“Alex, honey wake up.” he shook his love.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

By this time Walker was sitting on the side of the bed with his son on his lap. “It’s A.J. his throat hurts and he feels like he has a fever.”

“Again?”  she asked “It’s the third time this month” she then told her husband.

Walker had been working so much on the latest case that he had not been very involved with the kids lately. Walker sat the little one next to him on the bed and put on a pair of workout pants, which he kept near the bed. He then picked the small one up and carried him back to his room. Alex went to the medicine cabinet to get something to reduce the fever.

As the father laid his son in the bed back under the covers he hears a noise. Cord, the oldest began to cough and then he cried and grabbed his throat. 

He went to comfort his son, “Cord it’s okay.”

“Daddy” the boy said as he hugged his dads neck. Walker noticed that Cord also felt as if he were running a fever.                          Alex brought the medicine into the room. She saw her husband standing by A.J.’s bed holding Cord in his arms.

“Cord too?” she asked.

Walker just shook his head yes.

“Mommy” the last boy, Chuck said “I’m thirsty” she walked over and checked he also had a fever.

It took both of them to give the boys medicine. A.J. was the easiest he always took his medicine with out a fight but the other two were like Walker and did not like to take medication.  After giving the medicine they sat with the boys until they went back to sleep.

Finally they were quiet now they thought they could get some sleep too. They went towards their room but they heard a cry coming from the baby, Jessie’s room. 

Alex said “It’s time for her feeding, I’ll go warm up the bottle. Will you see if she needs her diaper changed?”

Diapers! Walker hated diapers but he knew arguing with Alex was futile, he never won. 

“Okay” he said “But hurry she sounds serious.”  By now the baby’s crying was much louder.

He changed her diaper and picked her up ever so gently.  The diaper changed had lessened her cries some but she was still fussing, letting him know she was hungry. He walked to the rocking chair and sat down and looked at the small infant in his arms. How the past few years had changed his life, even thought he still spend many nights working he had someone to greet him when he got home. “You are as beautiful as your mother” the cries began louder and he added “And as vocal as she is too.” he laughed.

Alex came to the rescue with the prepared bottle.

Walker said “I’ll feed her. You get some rest”.

“Are you sure” she asked.

“Yes, it’ll be my quality time with Jessie.” he said smiling, as he began feeding the baby girl.

“Thanks” Alex said smiling as she left the room. He fed the child as he told her stories about reservation life.

Once she was fed and burped she went to sleep. Quietly he laid her down and cover her up.

He then went back to his room. He slid under the covers and settled down to get a few extra minutes rest. He was asleep before he knew it.

An hour later he was awaken by a gentle kiss on the lips.  He opened his eyes to see his wife looking at him.

“Good morning Cowboy. Did Jessie give you a hard time?”

“No she went to sleep easily.”

“How about some quality time for me?”  she asked.

“For you my love of course” he growled as he rolled on top of her. As they kissed his tongue found it’s way into her mouth, exploring every part of it until their tongues came together in a seductive dance. Walkers heart beat quickened.

Every time they made love was as intoxicating as the first time. Alex shared his passion. The kisses became more and more urgent and their desires began to build deep within them.

Walker reached under the blankets to remove her underpants and realized she was not wearing any. This further increased his desire. By now his manhood was bulging inside of his shorts. Quickly the shorts were discarded, Alex’s anticipation grew as if it were the first time they had made love.

As his manhood entered her she let out a moan of pleasure. It had been a while since they had spend time together like this. The pace picked up fast, as the waves of love pulsed throughout the both of them the alarm clock began to ring.  Without missing a beat Walker turned the clock off. “Trivette can wait” he growled softly in this beauty’s ear. The passion continued to rage.

Once they reached a climax and his heart beat returned to normal he rolled to one side and said “I love you so much”  he kissed her.

“I love you too” she replied.

He was quiet for a moment then said “I’m sorry Alex.”

“Sorry for What?” she asked.

“For being so preoccupied with this latest case that I did not even know that the boys had been sick.”

“It was just a sore throat, no big deal”.

“Yes it is a big deal. They are my children too and I should be more involved.”

“Walker you are a good father, but at times your job can be demanding” she said “No one expects you to know everything”.

Suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Just a minute” Alex called out as she grabbed for her robe, put it on and opened the door.

Cord was standing there, he said “Mommy A.J. is crying”.

She went to see what was wrong. Quickly their father dressed and joined his wife in the little boys room.

“My Froat hurts real bad” he cried. He felt very warm to the touch.

Cord began coughing and held his throat.

“Daddy my throat hurts too” Chuck said.

A.J. was the only one of the boys that had trouble pronouncing words starting with the letter T.

Alex went to get the medicine for the fever.  All the boys took the medicine much easier than last night.

“I’ll call the doctor and get an appointment for them today.” Alex told her husband “You better get ready for work”.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to help?”

“Darling, Trivette needs your help catching those gunrunners, I can handle three small boys alone.”

He kissed her and said “If your sure.”

“Go” she said.

As he left for work he said  “Call me when you get the appointment.”

As he was driving to the office his partners voice came over the police radio “Walker come in.”

“Walker” he said as he picked up the mic.

“Man where are you?”

“On my way to the office. I got a late start this morning, what’s up?’

“The shipment is arriving in an hour, meet us at the warehouse.” Trivette said.

“Meet you there” he said.

Walker raced to meet the others. Once there he joined his team, Dallas Police, Sheriff’s Deputies, the DEA and FBI. Everything was in place, the teams rushed in once the illegal arms had arrived.

“POLICE, PUT YOUR HANDS UP”  The officers said.

Confusion followed, the arms dealers were ever which a way.  Walker saw two men running towards the back of the building.  He yelled “ I’ll get those two” as the others officers were busy with the others.

Following the men, the older Ranger cornered one of them near a stack of boxes.  His senses were alert to danger, but once the tall dark man charged at him his mind turned to defending himself.  He landed a strong blow to the mans face, sent the man staggering back.  Quickly the attacker recovered and hit Walker with an equally strong blow to the ribs.

Taken back by the force of the blow Walker was caught off guard as the second man hit him across the back with a heavy lead pipe.  Pain surged through the Rangers body as he fell to the floor.  Both dealers began kicking him in the ribs.  Stunted by the blow from the lead pipe Walker finally mustered enough strength to fend off the attackers kicks.

Rangers Gage and Sydney arrived like the Calvary.

Gage charged the taller man with a flying kick. The kick only seemed to annoy the big man as he turned and charged the younger Ranger.

Sydney took on the shorter man, the man thought since she was a woman he would have not problem defeating her.  She proved to be a worthy adversary.  She had almost subdued him when Walker had gotten back to his feet.  He helped land the blow that sent the man into unconsciousness.

Then he bent over in pain.

“Walker” Sydney said “Are you okay?”  she was not used to seeing Walker show pain.

“Yeah” he coughed “ just got the wind knocked out of me.”  His breathing was very labored.

Gage was at Walker’s side also “ Walker, you look awful.  Let’s get you out of here.”

Both young Rangers helped their supervisor back to where the other officers were, by now paramedics had also arrived.

James Trivette saw the two assisting his partner and friend.  “ What happened?” he asked.

“Two guys tried to use me for kicking practice.” Walker said trying to force a small laugh.

“Yeah, after they had used a lead pipe on him first” the female Ranger said.

“I’m all right” Walker protested but even as he spoke a sharp pain cut through his body like a knife.

As he went down Trivette yelled “ SOMEBODY GET A PARAMEDIC OVER HERE”

When Walker came to he was in the ambulance as it pulled into the hospital emergency drive.  The vehicle came to a quick halt everything went black for Walker as the medics began to move the gurney he was on.

“Ranger Walker” the nurse said  “Can you hear me?”

Walker opened his eyes and tried to focus.  After a few minutes he was able to determine that the nurse was talking to him.

“What happened?” he asked.

The doctor said “looks like you tangled with a bull.”

“No the bull would have been gentler” Walker said and laughed but that was a mistake.  His pain was very bad.

“From the X-rays it looks like you might be right.  You have three broken ribs and a bruised kidney.  I want you to stay here over night just for observations.”

He looked around his partner Trivette was standing near the foot of the bed. “Doc, I can’t stay.  I’m okay” Walker protested.

“You need to rest man.”  Trivette said.

“Trivette, the boys are sick and I can’t lay this on Alex right now.”  He turned to the doctor “Doc, if I promise to go home and rest will that be okay?”

“Well, this is against my better judgment but if you go home and rest, and promise not to go back to work until your family doctor releases you then I’ll let you go.”

Walker took a labored breathe as he sat up. “ I will” he said.

“The nurse will be in with your instructions and your discharge papers”  the doctor said as he left the room.

Walker put on his shirt slowly, suddenly he looked at the younger ranger and asked “Did anyone call Alex?”

“We tried but the line was busy and she didn’t answer her cell phone.”

“She doesn’t turn her cell phone on when she has the kids with her.  It scares Jessie when it rings.”  Walker explained.

“Just like her dad huh?”  Trivette added.

“Something like that.”  Walker said.  “She is supposed to call and leave me a message at the office about what time the boys doctor appointment is.”

The nurse came in with Walkers discharge instructions.  Jimmy left the room and went to get the truck.  He called the office while he waited.

The nurse wheeled the older Ranger to the unloading area.

Trivette parked the Ram and when to help his friend inside.  Once he was inside and settled Jimmy said “I’ll take you home, then later when Josie gets off work I’ll bring the truck back out to the ranch.”

“Will you find out if Alex called the office?”

“Already did, she left a message saying she had an 11:45 appointment.”

“Look Trivette could you just drop me off at the doctors and bring the Ram out to the ranch”  Walker said.

“You promised the doctor that you would go home and rest.”

“I also promised” he stopped as he moved position in the seat, “that I would go to my family doctor too.  I just didn’t say in what order I’d to it.”

“Man you are so stubborn” Trivette said knowing there was not use in arguing with him when Walker had his mind made up.

When the boys were born he and Alex decided to find a family doctor that they could all go to instead of having 3 or 4 different doctors to deal with.  They all transferred to Dr. Theodore Craig, a long time friend of C.D.’s.

In the doctors parking lot Walker and Jimmy wait for Alex.

As she pulls into the parking lot, Cord said “There’s Daddy’s truck” he pointed at it.

Alex looked ‘what’s he doing here?’ she thought, knowing he was supposed to be at work.  She pulled her vehicle next to the truck and immediately she knew something was wrong.  Jimmy was driving, Walker hated to let anyone else drive the ram.

As she parked she said, “ You boys stay here and be good okay?”

“Yes, mommy” they all said.

She quickly got out of the car and rushed to the passenger side of the vehicle, when her husband sat.  “Walker“ she said very concerned “what happened?”

“We had a bust this morning and I took a little beating.”  he replied like it was no big deal.

“Try three broken ribs and a bruised kidney”  Trivette said.

“Why aren’t you in the hospital?” she asked.

“Tell her why.” Trivette told the older ranger.

“The doctor said if I promised to go to my family doctor and go home and rest it would be okay.”

“Jimmy?” Alex said looking at Trivette.

“Well he did say that.” 

Walker gave a little smile.

Then Trivette continues “After Walker begged him.”

Walker gave his partner a stern look, “Blabber mouth” he said.

“Man I can’t lie to Alex”  Jimmy said.

“Well as long as you are here.”  As she got the kids out of the car Trivette helped Walker out of the truck.  When he saw the baby in the vehicle he asked “Jessie’s not sick too is she?”

“No it’s time for her 2 month check up so I figured why not get it done all at once.”  she answered.

Walker was moving very slow but he took Cord and Chuck by the hand to cross the parking lot.

Cord asked “Daddy are you hurt?”

“A little son” the father answered.

“I’ll help you then”  the little boy said.

Chuck chimed “Me too”.

A. J. had stayed with Alex as she took Jessie out of the car.

Inside Alex sat Jesse on a chair.  As Walker sat next to her the pain shot through his body like a knife.  He closed his eyes to control the pain.  Cord Asked “Daddy are you sleeping?”

Walker gave a little laugh and said “No Cord.”

Alex signed the kids in and explained Walker’s situation to the nurse. 

She said “The doctor will see him too.”

“Thanks” Alex said.  She went to sit next to her family, A.J. was standing with his head lying on Walkers lap.  When Alex sat down he went to sit on her lap, he was sort of a momma’s boy.

The other two boys played with some toys in the corner of the room.  Walker was very quiet he was concentration on controlling the pain racing through his body.

Once their doctors visit was done, Walker was off work for at least 2 weeks the boys had tonsillitis and bronchitis.  Jessie was in perfect health though.

At the ranch Alex fixed lunch while Walker rested, he was in the living room with the boys watching cartoons.  She stood at the door for a few minutes and said “If I took a picture of this I bet I could sell it to the highest bidder.  The great Ranger Cordell Walker watching cartoons.”  she laughed.

He was tired from the medication that the doctor gave him for pain so he didn’t even feel like making a remark back.

“Why don’t you boys go eat lunch?” Alex told them.

 “Walker why don’t you go upstairs and take a nap you look like you could use it”

Walker smiled and said “I think I will”  He started to stand up but found he needed help.  Knowing how hard it was for him to except help Alex quietly gave him an arm to lean on.

He went to their bedroom and gently laid across the bed.  Sleep found him very quickly, he restlessly slept for awhile and woke to Jessie crying.

Alex had tried to get to her before she woke him.

Walker went into the nursery, Alex saw him come in and said “Sorry, I tried to get to her before she woke you.”

“That’s okay” he said wincing in pain.

“Time for medicine?” she asked.

He shook his head ‘yes’  She knew he must be in pain because he never agreed to medicine that easily.

She said “Why don’t you go downstairs.  I’ll be down in a minute as soon as I change Jessie”

He turned slowly and walked carefully down the stairs.

As he entered the living room he saw the oldest of his sons, Cord, coloring on the floor.

“Are you feeling better Daddy?” he asked

“A little better Cord.” he said taking a short breath.  Then he asked “Where are your brothers?”

“In there” he answered pointing into the dining room.  The other two were sitting at the table playing with a puzzle.

He smiled and sat down in the recliner.

Alex had finished with the baby and was coming down the stairs.  As she reached the bottom a knock came on the door.

Chuck ran to answer the door but stopped suddenly, he remembered what his parents had told him ‘let the adults answer the door and phone’.  So he stood behind his mom as she opened the door.

“Grandpa C.D.” the three year old yelled.

The other two also ran to the older man.  They all three jumped into his arms.

“Oh boy, you three are getting to be quite a handful.” he said.

“We’re big boys” Chuck said.

“We has tomsillitis and bromkites” Cord tried to tell him about their condition.

“Is that so?” he said as he put the boys down.  He looked into the living room and said “Cordell, How do you feel?”

“I’ve been better C.D.” the Ranger answered.

“What brings you out here?”  Alex asked.     

“I thought you might could use some help.” he said  “What with Cordell and the boys being sick and all.”

“Thank you C.D.” Alex said.  She handed Jessie to her grandpa “I can sure use the help.”

C.D. stood the looking at the baby, then he looked at Alex “Honey, you know I’m not good with ones this little.”

“You can handle it” she called as she walked towards the kitchen.

He looked at Walker “I’m injured, I can’t help” the babies father said laughing.

C.D. sat on the couch,  after a few moments he began to relax with the infant in his arms.  He looked down at the baby and said “Cordell, she looks so much like Alex.”

“Yes, I know” Walker said.

Alex came out of the kitchen with a glass of water and two pills for her husband.  She handed both to him.  Immediately he took the medicine.

“C.D. do you think you could come out and stay with Walker and the kids tomorrow.  I have to go to the office tomorrow, there is a meeting I can’t miss.  I don’t really want to take the kids out.”

“Sure honey you know I will.  In fact I brought my suitcase”

“What about the bar?” Walker asked

“Mabel is going to keep and eye on it for me tonight”  he said.

As Jessie slept in C.D.’s arms Alex said “I’m going to go start dinner.”

She goes to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Everything was quiet suddenly Jessie started crying.  C.D. jumped.

Walker smiled and asked “What’d you do scare the poor thing?”  he held his arms out for the baby  “Come to Daddy sweetheart, mean old grandpa.” he said as the older man lowered the baby into his arms.

C.D. had a concerned look on his face.

Walker held the child close to his chest and said “C.D. you didn’t do anything.  Sometimes they have bad dreams.”  he patted the child lightly on the back to calm her.

Alex started for the room when she heard the baby cry.  As soon as she saw the Walker had the child she turned and when back into the kitchen.

After dinner C.D. played Candyland with the boys until they were tired.  The boys insisted that C.D. tuck them in.

Teeth were brushed, and prayers were said.  Then it was story time.

Finally he had them asleep and went downstairs to join the others. “All asleep” he said.

“Thanks C.D. Those boys sure love their Grandpa C.D.” Alex told him.

“That’s because he spoils them” Walker said.

“I do not” C.D. protested.

“How many stories did they get you to tell them tonight?”  Walker asked.

“Two” C.D. huffed.

“See you spoil them, they got to stay up 30 extra minutes tonight”

Alex laughed she knew Walker liked tormenting his old friend.

“They like my stories” C.D. said.

“That’s because they haven’t heard they a million times yet.”  Walker said.

“Smart ellic” C.D. retorted.

Walker began to laugh but stopped suddenly and began to cough.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked.

Once the coughing subsides he took a few labored breathes and said “Yes I’m okay.  Gotta be careful about laughing too much I guess.”  Then he said “I think I’ll call it a night.”

“Me too” his wife said “I’ve got an early day tomorrow”  She stood up and said “C.D. I’ll get you some blankets and a pillow.  Thank you again for staying”

She went out of the room and returned with his bedding  “Sorry you have to sleep on the couch though”  she said.

“The couch is fine honey, I’ve slept there before lots of times.”

They say their goodnights and start upstairs.  Walker started off slowly “I’ll be glad when I feel like excising, I’m stiff from just setting around.”

She smiled, she knew how much he hated being inactive.

The medicine the doctor had given him for pain must have finally kicked in because he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

When he woke at 6:00 the next morning Alex was already in the shower getting ready for work.

He sat up in bed and took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes to try to concur the pain in his ribs and back.

He heard some giggling outside the bedroom door.

From outside the door Cord said “Can we come in?”

“Yes” Walker said.

The door flung open and all three boys ran towards their father.  Walker braced himself for their usual running dive into the bed.  Suddenly they stopped, Chuck said “Member Daddy’s ribs are hurt”

Carefully they climbed into the bed and hugged their dad.  “Where’s Mommy?” they asked.

“Right here” Alex said as she came out of the bathroom in her robe.  She started to feel their heads.

Walker said “They still feel warm”

“Grandpa C.D. is sleep on the couch” Cord said.

“You didn’t bother him did you?” Alex asked.

Chuck said “No, but he makes funny noises when he is sleep.”  they all three made snoring noises.  Both parents laugh.

Walker sat on the side of the bed and said “Boys lets go downstairs and see if Grandpa is still asleep.”  He slowly got up kissed Alex and told her “So you can get dressed.”  The boys followed him out of the room.

“I’ll get Jessie before I come down” she said.

Down stairs the boys all stood around C.D. watching him sleep.  Walker sat in the recliner to rest for his trip downstairs.

In mid snore C.D. woke up.  He was startled at first “What huh huh” he muttered.  Then he said “Good morning boys”  they all hugged him.

“Let’s play Candyland” A.J. said.

“No games before breakfast” Alex said as she came downstairs with the infant in her arms.  “Good Morning C.D.”  she handed the baby to her husband.

“We want cereal” the boys said.

“Honey I’ll fix breakfast you better get something to eat and get to work.”  C.D. said.

Alex was glad to accept the offer.

She ate some toast and had some juice then kissed the boys and went to the living room.  Walker sat asleep in the chair holding Jessie close to his chest.  She smiled crossed the room and kissed his cheek, he stirred but did not wake up.

The day went relatively quiet.  The boys beat C.D. four straight times in Candyland.

Alex came home from work as soon as she could.  The meeting lasted longer than she thought it would and then she had a meeting with a judge about a case.  It was almost 4:30 when she finally got home.

C. D. had dinner ready.  Once everything calmed down for the night C.D. went back to town.  Being away from the bar one night was bad enough but two nights in a row was too much for him.

The night was quiet except the boys woke up several times.

The next couple of days went smooth, the boys were sluggish and Walker was still trying to regain his strength.

On the fourth day however Alex had her hands full.  The boys were feeling better and she was having a hard time keeping them inside.

Finally they were all quiet, the boys were playing in their room, Walker was lying on the couch and Jessie was in the playpen in the living room.

Alex decided to take the break and make a treat for later.  In the kitchen she decides to bake a cake.  She gets the flour container out and sits it on the counter then goes to the cupboard for a bowl.  She hears the front screen door open and close. “Those boys” she said to herself and hurried out to catch them. 

As she opened the door she sees her husband standing there looking out into the yard. 

He felt her presence and asked “Do you know how long it has been since I’ve had this much rest?”

She walked out onto the porch.  He turned to face her and leaned on the railing.  “I’ve got to get some exercise or I’ll go stir crazy.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “If you are a good boy, Nurse Alex will come up with an exercise program for you tonight after the kids are asleep.”

“Why not now” he asked then kissed her.

Suddenly they heard a thump then a “MOMMY” coming from the kitchen.

“That’s why” she said and ran to see what was happening. Walker followed her.

Upon entering the kitchen they see Cord and Chuck standing on a chair beside the counter, A.J. was standing on the floor covered in flour and the empty flour container was next to him. “ What in the world?”  Alex started to say.

Chuck said “ Mommy we were gonna bake you and Daddy a cake”

“And I guess your brother was the main ingredient”  Walker said.

Alex went to their now flour covered son and began to brush him off.

Walker said “I think you two” he pointed to the older brothers and continued “Had better go to the living room and have a seat.  I’ll be in there to talk to you in a minute.”

Both boys climbed off the chair and soberly walked into the living room.

Alex took A.J. to the bathroom and cleaned him up.  Walker went to the living room and gave a lecture to the other two then he made them clean up the mess they made.

Finally the day was over, Alex was tired.

Once the boys and Jessie were asleep she joined Walker who had already went to there room to lie down.

Alex sat heavily on the bed and said “Umph, they are finally asleep.”  she laid back.

“Well then does this mean Nurse Alex is too tired for the exercise program she promised?”  Walker asked half jokingly.

She rolled next to him and said “Nurse Alex is never too tired for her favorite patient.”  the kiss that followed was full of passion.  As the fires of desire began to build in them both, the phone rang.

“I can’t believe someone’s poor timing” Walker said.

Alex reached over him and picked up the receiver and handed it to him.

“Walker” he said.  He stopped and then continued “Trivette, this had better be important” he stopped, “Okay we’ll be there as soon as we can.”  he handed the phone back to Alex to hang up.  She gave him a questioning look.

“Josie is in labor, I’ll call and see if I can find someone to stay with the kids then we’ll meet them at the hospital. Trivette is a basket case.”

While Alex dressed Walker made a few phone calls.

Finally the baby sitter showed up.  A young very nervous Ranger Francis Gage stood nervously in the living room.  He was not real good with kids but Walker needed help so there he was.

Alex gave him last minute instructions, “and if Jessie wakes she probably will need a diaper change and a bottle.”

“Hopefully she won’t wake up till Sydney gets here” he said, Sydney was his female partner in the Rangers.

Walker slapped him on the back and said “Well Gage if she does wake up, your a Ranger remember we are prepared for anything.”

Gage gave him a funny look and said “Walker I think that’s the boy scouts.”

They laughed and left for the hospital.

Once they arrived at the hospital the found Jimmy pacing the floor in the waiting room.  When he saw them he hurried towards them “Alex I’m so glad you’re here.  Oh man Josie is in so much pain.”

“Relax, Jimmy she will be fine” Walker told him as he laid his hand on the younger mans shoulder.  Walker could remember how he felt the nights his children were born.

The nurse was getting Josie prepared.  “Mr. Trivette” she said from the door way  “Your wife is calling you.”

“Oh boy” he swallowed hard, “this is it.”

They rushed into the room.  The wait was long, C.D. had arrived shortly after Jimmy went into the delivery room with his wife. 

Alex called the ranch to makes sure everything was okay.  Sydney had arrived before Jessie woke up and had everything under control.

After three hours of waiting, Jimmy finally emerged from the room.

He had a bewildered look on his face.  His friends went to his side, “Jimmy is Josie okay?” Alex asked concerned over the look on his face.

“Yes” was his one word answer.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Walker asked.

“Yes” he answered again

“Yes what Son” C.D. asked.

“A boy and a girl” he said with a blank look on his face.

“TWINS” his friends all said together.

“Yes” Trivette finally found the ability to put more that two words together again. “The doctors said it’s the strangest thing all the sonograms showed one big baby,  they must have been aligned exactly through the whole pregnancy.  We never asked the sex of the baby because we wanted to be surprised.”

“You sure got surprised” Walker said.

Jimmy laughed a little and said “Yeah I guess we did.”

Alex went to call Gage and Sydney to tell them the news.  Once she returned they were all taken in to see Josie and the babies.

Josie saw her friend Alex and said “Alex, they are perfect.”

“Yes they are” she said as she looked the two small wonders that Josie held in her arms.  The nurse then took the babies and placed them in to two bassets.  Alex hugged her friend.

C.D. stood at the bassets and looked at the babies.  Jimmy walked up behind him and said “Well Grandpa C.D. what do you think of the latest editions to the family.”

C.D. couldn’t say anything he had a lump in his throat and a tear fell down his cheek.  He was so proud that Jimmy would consider him as the grandparent to his children too.

“Have you decided on names?”  Walker asked.

“Well we agreed if it was a boy Josie could pick the name and if it was a girl I would pick the name.  I guess we both get to use the names we picked.”

Josie smiled and said “Our son is going to be named James Simon after Jimmy and his brother.”

“And our daughter is going to be named Josie Alexandra, after my two best girls.”  Jimmy said with a wide grim.

The End

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