Family Ties (part 1)

By Michelle Byington

††† Alex had been having a horrible day.†† First, a case that she had been working on for months was dismissed on a technicality, the arresting officer had failed to read the suspect his rights.†† She was angry, at herself and at the officer.† The suspect, Justin Smith, had murdered his wife's best friend when she had found out he was having an affair.† She thought her day couldn't get any worse, but then she got the call.†

††† Her father had died from a heart attack.† She had never been very close

to her father, but they were beginning to repair their relationship.† "Why?"

she thought.† "Why now?† We were getting so close," her mind screamed.† She decided to go to C.D's and see the one person who could help her through anything.

* * *

††† When she arrived at C.D's, her heart felt like it had been ripped out

again.† Walker was sitting in a booth with a tall brunette woman.† The

woman's head was on Walker's shoulder.† Alex couldn't take anymore.† She

turned and ran out the door, but Walker caught up to her.

††† "Alex, wait!" he said.† "Let me explain."†

††† "What is there to explain, Walker?† We aren't dating.† I don't care who

you date.† I just didn't want to interrupt your romantic evening," she lied.

She turned her back to him and unlocked her car door.

††† He could see the tears in her eyes and the pain in her voice.† All he

wanted to do was take her in his arms and hold her. He wanted to tell her

that he loved her and that everything would be ok.††"But now isn't the time

for that,"† he thought.†

He grabbed her hand and turned her to face him.†"Alex, I know you are

hurting and I know what you are going through.† But there is something else

you have to take care of, " he said quietly.

††† "HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH? I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET!" she yelled. She looked behind him and saw the brunette woman walking towards them.†

††† "Alex, ummmm, there's someone I think you should meet," he said as the

woman walked up to them.

††† "Oh great," she thought, "another one of Walker's girlfriends.† I don't

think I can take anymore today."† But on the outside she just smiled through

her tears.

††† "Alex, I'm not who you think I am.†† My name is Lily Cahill, I'm your

half-sister.† Walker knows about dad because I told him," she said.

††† "What? There must be some mistake.† I don't have a sister," Alex said

with a confused look on her face.†

††† "I think I'll leave to two of you alone," Walker said, walking away.

††† "Alex, I know this must come as a shock to you.† I know Dad never told

you about me. I guess he was ashamed, he knew you wouldn't like it if he had told you that he had cheated on your mother.† But he told me all about you.†

He was very proud of you," she said with tears streaking down her face.†

††† Alex was too shocked to go back into C.Dís, so the two sisters went back

to Alex's place to talk.†

* * *

††† During the next few hours, Alex learned that Lily's mother was trying to

make it as a singer when she got pregnant.† She immediately called Gordon and he agreed to play a role in Lily's life.† He never told Alex or her mother

about Lily, but told Lily everything he knew about Alex.† He told her that if

anything happened to him he wanted her to go and meet her sister.†

††† At first, Alex was angry that her father never told her the truth.† But

once that passed, she realized that she could get used to having a sister to

talk to.† Plus they needed each other now more than ever.

* * *

††† Justin paced around his dark apartment.† He slammed his fist down on the

table. He had to get back at that ADA.†† She ruined his marriage, now he was

going to ruin her life.† "More like end her life," he laughed................

Family Ties (part 2)

By Michelle Byington

††† Alex sat down at her desk.† It was hard to believe all that had happened

this past week.† Her father had died and she found out she had a sister.† Her

father's death was hard on her, but with the help of Walker and Lily she was

coping.† She allowed her thoughts to drift back to the funeral.† She was so

upset, but Walker was by her side the entire time.†"Oh, Walker, what would I do without you?" she thought as she began to cry once again.

* * *

††† Lily was now staying at Alex's apartment while she looked for a place of

her own.† She didn't want to be a bother, but Alex insisted that she stay.†

C.D. had even given her a job.† She was so grateful for their support.† And

then there was Walker.† The handsome cowboy had stolen her heart in only a

few minutes.† She didn't understand why he wasn't taken or even why her own sister wasn't with him.† "Well, if Alex doesn't want him.† Then maybe she won't mind if I go out with him,"† Lily thought.†


††† After a long and hard day at work, Alex was finally home.† She decided

that she wanted to spend some time with her newfound sister instead of going† to CD's tonight.†

††† * * *

††† Alex and Lily had been talking for nearly 4 hours about their lives, each

asking questions and such.† Then Lily brought up a subject Alex rarely talked about:† Walker.†

††† "He seems like a really sweet guy and he is really respectable.† He seems

kind, too.† Plus you have to admit that he is handsome.††† I could fall for a

guy like that, what about you?† Why haven't you gone after him?"† Lily asked hoping her sister would say that there was nothing between her and Walker but friendship

††† "Well, ummm," Alex began.† Just then the doorbell rang.† "Perfect

timing," Alex thought as she got up to answer the door.†

††† "Flowers for a Miss Alexandra Cahill," the man said.†

††† Alex was shocked.† She rarely got flowers, even though she loved them.†

"Who are they from?" she wondered.† She was so busy pondering that question that she didn't see the man raise his arm to hit her.† 2 seconds later she was out cold.†

††† The man saw Lily sitting on the couch.† "It's her I want, not you.† If

you keep your mouth shut, I won't hurt her and I won't come back for you.† If you don't, well, let's just say that the two of you can be buried together," he said as he carried Alex out the door.......

Alex woke up in a small dark room.† It was more like a closet than a

room.† She tried to find an exit, but the door had been locked and there were

no windows.† She had never been claustrophobic, but with each minute that

passed she was getting more and more frightened.† She knew that Walker would find her, he always did.†† But she had to wonder, who is doing this?† And what does he want?† There was another question in the back of her mind:†

Would Walker make it in time?

*† *† *

Ranger Headquarters

††† "It was all my fault," Lily cried. "I should have stopped him from taking

her.† I didn't say anything.† I just sat there.† I was so afraid,"† she said

as Trivette handed her a tissue.

††† "It's going to be ok.† We'll find her," Jimmy said.

††† It was hard for Walker to concentrate on anything she was saying.† He was so worried about Alex.† He didn't know what he'd do without her.† He had never been good at expressing his feelings and sure they weren't

"technically" dating.† But that didn't stop him from loving her.† He was

pulled back to reality by the sound of Lily's crying.†

††† "Lily, stop crying.† You are the only one who can help us.† Do you

remember what he looked like?† Any other details that might help us?" Walker asked.†

††† Lily just stared at the floor.† She didn't know how to help.† "Think,

there's got to be something!† Think," she told herself.†

††† She remembered seeing his picture somewhere.† "The newspaper!" she


††† "HUH?" everyone asked at once.†

††† "Does anyone have last Monday's newspaper?" she asked.† "His picture was on the front page!!!"

††† Another Ranger began digging in his trash can.† "Got it!† It has some

ketchup on it, but the picture is fine," he said as he handed Walker the


††† Walker recognized Justin Smith right away.† He knew Justin would kill

Alex if he didn't find her soon.† "Get me the address of Smith's wife!"

Walker yelled to anyone who would listen.††

††† Trivette knew how Walker could be when Alex was in danger.† They all

cared about Alex, but he knew deep down that Walker loved her.† He didn't

understand why they weren't together.† He didn't know what Walker would do if† they didn't find Alex in time, actually he didn't know what any of them would do without her.†

†* * *

††† Alex had been trapped in the "closet" for what seemed like days, but she

knew it could only have been a few hours.† The next thing she knew, someone was pulling her out of the closet.† The man dragged her to the living room and threw her on the couch.† She tried to fight.† She had landed several good punches until he hit her over the head with his gun and she blacked out

* * *

††† "Well, well, well, if it isn't the great Alexandra Cahill.† I'm glad to

see you are finally awake.†† Don't worry, you won't be fully awake much

longer. See, you've already been given enough drugs to kill you.† But I made

sure that the drugs will take their effect slowly, so you WILL suffer,"

Justin said, with a devious grin on his face.†

††† "You WON'T get away with this!!!" she screamed.†

††† "Oh, I know that.† My life was over once you ruined my marriage, so I

thought I'd get a little revenge before I died.† This place is so far out in

the woods, they won't find you alive," he laughed.†

††† He grabbed her wrists and threw her back into the closet.† Then he raised

the gun with a smile.† The blackness was already closing in on her when Alex heard the gunshot.†

* * *

The Ranch:

††† Lily was crying again.† She couldn't believe that she had finally found

her sister, only to have her taken away again.†"Why?" she thought.†"Alex is

such a good person, she doesn't deserve this."†

††† Walker was deep in thought.† So far, they were having no luck finding

Justin's wife. "Where is she, and where could Smith be hiding Alex?" he asked himself. "I don't know what I'll do without Alex," he thought.† He was drawn out of his reverie by Lily's voice.

††† "Walker, thank you so much for letting me stay here.† I don't think I

could go back to Alex's apartment without her being there," she said, crying.

††† Walker walked over and gave her a hug. "I will find her, I promise," he

said, more to himself than to her.††

††† Lily looked into his eyes.† Then she reached up and kissed him


Family Ties (Part 4)

The Ranch:

††† "We can't do this," Walker said as he gently pushed Lily away.

††† "Is it Alex?† We are both worried about finding her.† I just thought,

well, I don't know what I thought now.† Look this can wait until after you

find her.† You will find her," she said as she began crying again.

††† "Yes, it is Alex, but it's not just that I'm worried.† It's, well, never

mind," he said.† "Lily, you are a wonderful woman, but I don't love you, I

love ..."† he broke off.†† He was in no mood to discuss his feelings for

Alex.† Walker didn't have to talk about his feelings, however, because he was interrupted by the phone.

††† "Hello," Walker said picking up the phone.

††† "Walker, we got the address of Smith's wife, Katie.† It seems she went

into hiding after her husband was arrested.† The address is 13920 Miller,

I'll meet you there," Trivette said.

* * *

††† Alex awoke to find a small amount of light entering the room.† She did

not have the strength to stand, so she crawled towards the light.† She

discovered that the door had not been shut all the way.† She whispered a

silent 'thanks' to heaven as she opened the door.† That's when she saw him

and screamed.

††† Justin's body was laying on the floor by the 'closet'.† Knowing that he

would not get out of going to prison, he had killed himself.

††† Nausea began to overtake Alex, but she managed to crawl to the far corner of the living room.† She sat there praying that Walker would be there soon.†

She knew she didn't have much time left.† She struggled to stay awake, but it

was no use.† A deep sleep had already began to set in.

* * *

†††† Walker and Trivette knocked on Katie Smith's door.† Walker was still

reeling from the events that took place at the ranch, so he decided it was

best to let Trivette do the talking.†

††† "Mrs. Smith, We are Texas Rangers and we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about your husband," Trivette said.

††† " Soon to be ex-husband.† Come on in," Katie said, leading the way to the

living room.†

††† They sat in silence for a moment.† Then Trivette, seeing that Walker was

not going to talk, began asking questions.

††† "Ma'am, your husband has kidnapped a good friend of ours, and we are

trying to find her.† Does your husband own any property other than the house in Dallas?"† Trivette asked.†

††† "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that.† It's just that..... Justin would

kill me and I have 2 kids to take care of," she said.

††† Now Walker decided to speak up, "Look, lady, I know you are scared.† But you aren't in any danger, we will give you police protection.† The woman he has kidnapped is very special to me, to all of us.† He WILL kill her if we don't find her soon."

††† Katie heard the emotion in his voice and it tugged at her heart. "OK, but

he can't know this came from me.† His dad owns a place out in the country,

it's very secluded.† He might take her there.† I'm sorry, but that's all I

can give you," she said, writing out directions to the cabin.

††† "Thanks for your help, ma'am," Walker said as he walked out the door.†

††† "Just find her, Ranger," she said, closing the door.†

††† "Trivette, I'll meet you at the cabin.† She's there, I can feel it!"

Walker said getting into the RAM.

††† Trivette called for back-up.† Then he headed for the cabin, wondering

what would happen if they didn't make it in time.

* * *

††† Walker arrived at the cabin first and decided he didn't have time to wait

for Trivette.† "Texas Ranger, open up!" he yelled.

††† There was no response, so Walker kicked the door in.† The first thing he

saw was Justin's dead body on the floor.† Then he saw Alex laying in the

corner and ran to her.

††† She barely had a pulse and he could tell she had been drugged.† He didn't

know how much longer she had to live.

††† "Alex, hold on, please," he begged.

††† It was at this moment that Trivette walked in.†† He looked around and saw

Walker cradling Alex.†† He also saw the tears running down Walker's cheeks, but he decided not to mention that.†

††† Walker saw him and said, "Call an ambulance, please hurry."

Family Ties (part 5)

††† Walker, Trivette, Lily, and CD sat in the waiting room of Methodist

Hospital.† It had been 2 hours since Alex had been rushed to the hospital and

there was still no word on her condition.†

††† Walker got up and began to pace nervously.† "Please, God, let her be ok,"

he prayed silently.†

††† His prayers were interrupted by the arrival of the doctor.† "Are you all

here for Miss. Cahill?" the doctor asked.

††† "How is she, doctor? Give it to us straight," CD said.

††† "Well, the next 48 hours should tell.† She had been given some very

strong drugs and she needs to get them out of her system.† We are amazed that she has made it this far.† If she continues to fight like she has been, she

should make it.† But I'm not making any guarantees." the doctor said coldly.

††† "Doc.† She'll make it, she is a fighter!" CD retorted.

††† "Can we see her?" Jimmy asked.

††† "Only one at a time," the doctor said.

††† They all agreed to let Walker go in first.† He felt so helpless seeing

her connected to all those machines.†"Alex, wake up, come back to us," he

said holding her hand.†

††† Walker felt a hand on his shoulder.† He turned around and saw Lily.

††† "Walker, you should go home and get some rest.† We will stay here," she


††† "Cordell, the girl's right.† Now get out of here or I'll hog-tie you and

take you home myself," CD threatened.

††† "Alright, alright.† You win, for now.† Good-bye Alex.† I'll be back soon" he said.

††† "Good-night," Lily said, hugging him.† Then she reached up and kissed him once again.

††† "Beeeeeep!!!"† Alex's machines went off.† She had flat lined.

Family Ties (part 6)

††† "Doctor, get in here, she's flat-lining!" yelled the nurse.

††† CD pulled Trivette and Lily out of the room, allowing the doctors to have

room to work.† Walker, however, stayed by Alex's side.

††† "Lily, hon, can we talk to you for a minute?" CD asked.

††† "I guess, but what about?" she asked.

†††"Well, darlin'," CD began.†"I think that if, I mean when, Alex makes it

though this you should back away from Cordell."

††† "Why?† Is it that other woman he was talking about?† I know he could love me,"

††† "The other woman is Alex," Trivette explained.

††† "What?† I didn't know!† Oh, my God!† If she doesn't make it, it will be

my fault!" Lily said as she began to cry.†

††† "Honey, don't talk like that.† That sister of yours is one tough cookie.†

She will make it," CD comforted her.†

Meanwhile in Alex's hospital room:

††† "We've finally got her stabilized, Ranger Walker.† The drugs are finally

beginning to leave her system.† We are optimistic, but we are still keeping

her under a close watch, " the doctor explained.

††† "Thanks, doctor," Walker said.

††† After the doctor left the room, Walker sat down in the chair next to

Alex's bed.†

††† "Alex, I know you can hear me.† You have to hold on and be strong.† We

are all worried about you.† I love you.† Please come back to me!" Walker

pleaded.† "I know I haven't always been good at expressing my feelings.† But

I promise that when you wake up, I will make it up to you.† Please God....."†

he cut off because the tears were beginning to flow again.†

††† * * *

††† Only one person was allowed to stay with Alex overnight.† Even though

Lily was family, they all decided it was best if Walker stayed.† Actually,

Walker decided and would not take no for an answer.††

* * *

††† Alex awoke the next morning to find Walker asleep in the chair next to

her bed.† "I'm very lucky to have you," she thought, with a smile.

†††† Shortly after she awoke, Lily, Trivette, and C.D. showed up.† Kicking

Walker's chair to wake him, C.D. said, "HEY, no sleeping on the job!"†

††† They all had a good laugh and everyone took their turns hugging Alex.†

Walker's hug lasted the longest because he wanted to make sure she was really there and that it wasn't a dream.†

††† Seeing that Alex was getting sleepy, Trivette said, "Well, I've got

paperwork to do.† I'll see you later counselor."

††† "I've got to be going to, Sugar, I'm glad you're still with us.† And if

you don't get out of here soon, don't worry.† I'll sneak ya in some real

food!" C.D. said.

††† Lily went to get some coffee, but Walker would not leave Alex's side.† He

could see that she was struggling to stay awake.†"It's ok, Alex.† Get some

sleep.† I'll be here when you wake up," he said.†

††† * * *

††† Alex was asleep by the time Lily got back with the coffee.† Walker and

Lily stood in silence for a few minutes in the doorway of Alex's room.† Then

Lily asked, "Do you want to talk about it?"

††† "About what?" Walker asked innocently.

††† "About what happened between us," Lily said.

††† "Lily, you are a nice woman, but I love Alex.† No one can compare to her.

She's the love of my life, she is my life.† I'm just not good at telling her

that, " he said.†

††† "I know, C.D. and Trivette told me.† I'm just hoping that you won't tell

Alex about me kissing you, " Lily said.

††† "Let's forget it ever happened," he said, silently wondering how Trivette

and C.D.† knew what had taken him forever to figure out.†

††† "Thanks, well, I have to go.†† I start my job today, so I'd better go.†

Tell Alex that I will be back later," Lily said.†

* * *

††† Alex had been pretending to be asleep and had heard their entire

conversation.† When Walker came back into the room, she yawned to let him

know she was awake.††

††† "Alex, I'm so glad you are awake, " he said, hugging her. "There's

something I want to talk to you about."

††† "Yes?" she said.

††† "Well, I've been thinking, and, well, what do you think about taking our

relationship to the next level?" he asked.

††† "Are you saying you want to 'date' me?" she said, holding in a giggle.

††† "Well, I guess.† Yeah, that's what I'm saying.† So, can we take our

friendship to the next step?" he asked, full of anticipation.

††† She couldn't hold it in any longer and bust out laughing.† "Of course,

what took you so long to ask?!" she exclaimed.†

††† They embraced for a long, passionate kiss.†

††† "By the way, I love you too, Cowboy," Alex whispered.


Thanks to all who helped: Ally, Sammi, Krista, Michelle, and anyone who gave me feedback.†

Disclaimer:† Walker, Texas Ranger and it's characters do not belong to me,

nor am I making any profit off this story (unless you count self-esteem).† It

is just fanfiction, written by a bored teenager.†