By Katie 59

Chapter One

Trivette entered the hospital room looked at the baby in his partner's arms and told him “Hey Walker, your daughter looks just like you, except her hairs a little shorter than yours but not by much." Walker glared at him while Alex choked back a laugh then she said “That’s our son, Gordon Cordell Walker and this little one is our daughter Elizabeth Alexandra Walker."

 “Who’s Gordon, is he a relative of yours Walker? He must be if you guys named your son after him first then gave him your first name as a middle name." Trivette questioned them. Walker answered “Gordon is Alex's father's name and Elizabeth was my mother's name."

“Oh I guess that means that Alex's father is dead, like your parents Walker. I mean he must be since she hardly ever talks about him." Trivette said to them and it was Alex who answered this time “No my father is very much alive, he just has nothing to do with me. He hasn't for years."

“Then why did you make my partner name his son after your father if you haven't seen him in years?” Trivette asked Alex who said “It was Uncle Ray's idea; I wanted to name him after Uncle Ray myself. Now if you don't mine I don't want to talk about my father anymore."

 Trying to lighten the mood Trivette joked “Hey Walker, Alex has been married to you too long, you're starting to rub off on her. You know not wanting to talk about things." Alex snapped “Trivette don't make fun of me."

“I’m sorry Alex; I didn't mean to upset you." Trivette said but Alex told him “No, I'm sorry. I know that you weren't making fun of me but my emotions have been getting the best of me lately."

“I guess so, being married to a stubborn know it all would cause anyone to get emotional." Trivette replied and Alex told him “You forgot to call him hard-headed."

Walker spoke up to say “Well he forgot to call you mule-headed so there." Trivette smiled and told him “Well she learned that from you too."

Alex then said “Jimmy, Walker and I want you to act like the babies' uncle if you wouldn't mind?” Trivette answered “You bet I will. What about C.D.?"

Walker said “Alex wants C.D. to become like a grandfather to them." C.D. who had just entered the room with two huge stuffed teddy bears said “I’m ahead of you on that Cordell. I bought them their first teddy bears. What do you think, will they like them?"

Walker looked at him said “Yes they will C.D., that is when they get bigger than the bears and aren't scared to death by them."

C.D. replied " Alex likes them, don't you sweetheart?” Alex told him " Yes I like them C.D., they are so adorable and the babies will like them too. Never mind what Walker says."

Walker said “Never mind what Walker says? I'm just the father after all."  Trivette teased him “Yes you are. Walker, are you jealous of all the attention that your wife and babies are getting?"

When Walker growled “Trivette." Jimmy and C.D. laughed. Walker then said to them “Now if you two don't mind my family needs to get some rest before I take them home tomorrow."

“Okay, we'll see you then." Trivette said and then he and C.D. left. Walker turned to Alex and asked her “Alex, do you want me to try and find your father? He should know that he's a grandfather."

“No, I don't because I don't consider him my father anymore. Walker, he just walked out the door after telling me to have a nice life and I never heard from him again." Alex answered Walker who questioned “Then how do you know he's still alive?”

“Because he's a high power defense attorney. If you get arrested for a crime and have enough money you hire Gordon Cahill and he'll get you off. He's gotten very rich and famous due to some of the cases that he won." Alex said.

 “What about when you went to college and law school, didn't he at least contact you when he paid your tuition?” Walker asked.

“No, because my father didn't spend one red cent of his money on my education. I didn't qualify for any grants because of him so I had to work full time during the school terms and sometimes I had to have a part time job on top of that just to cover my expenses. My father doesn't even know that I'm an A.D.A., nor does he care to. Now can you please drop it? “Alex said to her husband who nodded okay.

Chapter Two

They were finally home from the hospital and Walker said “Alex, why do they need so much stuff? I mean you're feeding them, so why all the bottles and pacifiers?” Alex told him “Yes I'm feeding them but there will be times that they will need a bottle too. As for the pacifiers, I don't want to get in the habit of using them too much but there will be times I'll need to use them. Now all the other stuff is needed unless you expect them to go around without clothes, not to mention diapers."

“I don't understand, if you're feeding them why will there be times they'll need bottles?” Walker again questioned his wife who replied “For several reasons, one of which is that I might not be able to produce enough milk for them and then there will be times when I'm out and I'll need to feed them with a bottle then. If I can those times I would like to use my own milk to feed them. Now if you don't mind, since they are sleeping I would like to take a nap."

“Well when will they wake up again?” Walker asked.

 “Soon honey and then you can help me with them but right now I'm putting them in their cribs and taking a nap." Alex answered her husband who said “Well when do you plan to be out with them? Aren't they a little young for you to be taking them out and about? "

“Walker, I am not planning on dragging them all over Texas for goodness sakes. I meant when they are older and I have to take them to the doctor's and the grocery store. Until their checkups if anyone wants to see them they can come here, okay? “Alex said as she picked up their daughter and headed to the steps.

Picking up their son and following her Walker asked “Why can't you just wait until I get home from work to do your grocery shopping? I don't think that infants should be taken to the store, they might catch something."

“Walker, we can finish this discussion another time, now please put our son in his crib." Alex told him. After placing his son in the crib Walker asked "How are you going to know when they are hungry or they need changed?”

Alex looked at her husband and told him "Cordell, we have a baby monitor in here and when they start to fuss I'll hear them, okay?”

“Okay, I'd better stop with the questions because you just called me Cordell which means that I'm getting on your nerves." Walker said to Alex who replied “Honey, I know you're worried about the babies, I'm worried too but we'll be all right and so will our babies. It's only natural to be a little nervous about how we're going to take care of them, they are so precious."

“Yes they are. Okay they're still sleeping so you go take a nap and I'll let you know when they're up." Walker said.

“Okay but I'll turn the monitor on too. And don't you dare wake them up." Alex told him and then headed to their bedroom.

Chapter Three

It was now six weeks later and Alex along with the babies were having their checkups. The babies were fine but Dr. Bates told Alex “Mrs. Walker, you're pretty much healed from giving birth but I think that it would be best if you waited two more weeks until you have sex again."

“Why Dr. Bates? Is there something wrong with me? ” Alex questioned. “No, you're fine but you need the extra two weeks just as a precaution. If you really want to you can resume relations with your husband but you might find it a little uncomfortable. If you wait another two weeks you shouldn't feel any discomfort." Dr. Bates explained.

Alex entered C.D.'s with the twins in the double stroller and asked him "C.D., have you heard from my husband? He was supposed to meet me here." C.D. answered “No, I haven't but wasn't he supposed to be testifying today in the Talbot trial?”

“Yes in a case that D.A. Clark is handling himself." Alex replied as she sat down in a booth. Coming over and joining her C.D. fussed over the babies and then asked “Alex, how about Jimmy and I watch the babies for you two tonight?”

“I’ll have to take a rain check on that." Alex told him. Not giving up C.D. said "Jimmy and I will take real good care of them. Alex, you and Cordell need some time alone to get to know each other again."

“Not tonight C.D., okay?” Alex answered. C.D. then asked her “Is there something wrong with you Alex? You're acting like you don't want to be alone with your husband."

"C.D., I'm fine but I just don't feel like going out tonight." Alex told him and C.D. left the booth to wait on some customers who were starting to get loud. Looking up Alex noticed that one of them was her father.

Just then Walker and Trivette came over and slid in the booth with her. “So Alex, do you want C.D. and I to watch the babies tonight? Walker said that you two were going out." Trivette asked.

“Not tonight Jimmy." Alex replied but Walker questioned his wife “Why not? It has been six weeks since the babies were born right? "

Turning a little red Alex said “Walker, I'll explain when we're home. I'm going to the ladies room and then can we go home? I'm really tired." Walker told her “Okay, I'll wait here with 'Uncle Jimmy'."

As Walker was waiting for Alex one of the customers that C.D. was trying to deal with yelled at him “I said that I want a whiskey and I want it now. Now are you going to serve me or not?” Walker started to the bar as C.D. told the customer “Sir you have had too much to drink, please leave.”

“No, I will not.” The customer answered as Walker asked “C.D., is there a problem here?”

“This fellow was just leaving.” C.D. answered but the man told Walker “I'll leave after I get my drink and you sir should mind your own business."

Walker said “My friend C.D. asked you to leave and I think that you should.” Turning to the men who were with the drunken man Walker told them “Take your friend somewhere to sleep it off.”

The other men nodded okay and took their friend's arm to leave but he shrugged them off and asked Walker “You were just told to mind your own business. Who are you anyway, the leader of the hicks?”

“No dad, he's your son-in-law Cordell Walker.” Alex told her father and then said to her husband “Can we please go?”

Walker turned towards Alex when Gordon said “Well if it isn't my little girl, all grown up. Don't tell me that you're married to the likes of him? Being my daughter you should have done a lot better for yourself. Please tell me that you don't have his children yet.” When Alex didn't answer her father added “Well there's hope for you yet. Divorce him and I'll find you a man good enough to be married to the daughter of Gordon Cahill.”

“No man could ever be a better husband to me than Walker is and I stopped being your daughter the day you walked out on my mother. Now like my husband just told you, leave.” Alex said to her father who shrugged his shoulders and answered “I have no daughter.” Then he left.

Trivette brought the crying babies over in the double stroller and said “Alex, I think they need fed or something.” Taking the stroller Alex asked “C.D., can we use your backroom? The babies need fed and changed.”

“Sure thing honey, you and Cordell just go right in.” C.D. answered. When they were in the backroom as he was helping Alex feed the babies Walker asked “Want to talk about your father?”

“Not now, maybe later. Walker, Dr. Bates said that I should wait at least two more weeks before being with you because if I didn't I would feel some discomfort. But if you really need to I'll go along with it." Walker replied “No, I can wait two more weeks until we're together again.  I'll just take a few more cold showers.”

“I wish that worked for women.” Alex remarked causing Walker to tease “Have you tried it? It works really well for me.”

“Yes but I got too cold, I was shivering the rest of the day. All I know is that in two weeks you're staying up all night and it won't be because of the babies.” Alex said. Kissing her on the cheek Walker told Alex  “I'm planning on that.”

Chapter Four

After they got home and put the babies in their bassinets Walker asked his wife “Do you want to talk about your father?” Alex replied “Not really but I guess that I should. As you can tell from this evening, he's a drunk. I guess he has been for years. Walker, I didn't even realize that my father was a drinker until I was sixteen and one night he came home drunk to tell my mother that he was leaving us. I remember it like it was yesterday, my mother telling my father to keep his voice down because she didn't want me to hear and my father yelling at her that it was time for me to grow up and learn that life wasn't easy. Then he yelled up the steps for me to come down and when I did he asked me 'Are you ready to grow up? Because if you're not too bad. Have a nice life.' Then he stumbled out the front door as my mother told me not to worry, that my father had a little too much to drink and would be back. Walker I think that my mother really believed that, that is until she got a notice that my father wanted a divorce. Shortly after that my mother found out that she had cancer and when I tried more than once to contact my father at his law firm I was told to stop calling there and that his lawyer would be in touch. It was then that I worked for the first time in my life. Before that you could say that I had been pampered but I grew up real quick because I had to."

Walker told her "I'm sorry Alex, no wonder you objected when Uncle Ray wanted you to name our son after your father. If you like we can call him by his middle name Cordell."

"No, it's all right besides I already think of our son as little Gordie. But back to my father, there's more. My mother died fairly quickly from her cancer and I again attempted to contact my father, this time I wrote him but I got the letter back stating that Gordon Cahill had no daughter. Seeing him tonight and realizing that nothing has changed because the booze will always mean more to him that me just upsets me is all."  Alex explained as the phone began to ring so Walker told her as he headed to the kitchen to answer it "I'll get the phone."

Walker was gone for awhile answering the phone and when he came back in Alex asked him "Is there something the matter?"

"That was Clark, he called to tell me the Talbot trial that I was supposed to testify in today has been delayed until next week because of new counsel for the defendant." Walker told his wife.

"Please don't tell me that it's my father?" Alex asked her husband who nodded yes so she said "Walker, while my father is a drunk he is also deadly in the courtroom and will do his best to tear Clark's case to shreds. His favorite tactic is going after the main witnesses against his clients while they're on the stand by questioning everything about them and their truthfulness. He will do his best to destroy your reputation and maybe Trivette's. I'm sorry to say."

"I'm not worried about my reputation. Alex you didn't make your father what he is, that was his choice. Is that part of the reason that you became an A.D.A.?" Walker told his wife who answered "Partly but I also wanted to make sure that criminals ended up where they belonged too. I had a friend when I was in high school, she was assaulted and the D.A. wouldn't even charge the guys who did it because he said it wasn't worth his time. That she didn't matter because she wasn't important enough. I decided that when I became a lawyer I would fight for the victims, not the criminals."

"You do a very good job of it Alex, you're the best A.D.A. that I ever met." Walker said.

"I'm a good lawyer but my father is far better than me in the courtroom." Alex replied but Walker told her "Don't put yourself down Alex, you are a very good lawyer because you have compassion for the victims and a need to see that justice is done. You'll see that I'm right when the babies are a year old and you return to the D.A.'s office."

"Honey, we can talk about when I'll return to the D.A.'s office some other time. Right now we need to get these babies ready for bed and get some sleep because they'll be waking me up again in four or five hours." Alex said to Walker who helped her get the babies ready for bed and then they went to bed themselves and got some sleep in before the babies woke them up again in five hours.

Chapter Five

Alex proved to be right about the tactics Gordon Cahill would engage in to get his client Talbot off. He went right after Walker on cross-examination and tried to call into question Walker's eye witness account of the defendant's actions. When that didn't work he got personal by asking "Ranger Walker, are you what some would consider a decent man?"

Walker answered "I've heard some people say that about me." Then Gordon asked him "Are you telling the truth here today or are you lying because you're mad because you think that my client is guilty and would do anything to nail him like commit perjury?"

"I swore to tell the truth and that's exactly what I'm doing." Walker replied. Gordon then pretended to go through his notes hoping to upset Walker, when he noticed that it didn't bother Walker Gordon tried another tactic by asking "Ranger Walker, are you married?" Walker looked to Clark wanting him to object but he didn't so Walker answered "Yes, I am."

Gordon then asked him "How long did you date your wife before you asked her to marry you?" Clark sat there without saying anything so Walker answered "We didn't date before we were married."

"You didn't date? Why not, were you seeing someone else at the time?" Gordon snidely asked Walker who replied "No, we didn't date and yes I was seeing someone else when I married my wife."

"Did your girlfriend know that you were planning to marry another woman?" Walker was questioned and he said "No she didn't."

Gordon then said "You call yourself a decent man and yet you have another woman on the side that your girlfriend doesn't know about and you end up marrying this other woman. You call that being decent?" Walker said "My private life has nothing to do with whether or not I saw your client commit a crime, now does it?"

Gordon told the judge "Your honor you must instruct Ranger Walker to answer the question."  The judge looked at Clark who was by now smirking and ruled "Ranger Walker since the D.A. hasn't objected to this line of questioning you must answer Cahill's question."

"I understand your honor, I will answer the question. Can you please repeat the question? I don't think I understood exactly what I was supposed to answer." Walker said and Gordon snapped at him "Do you think it's decent to marry one woman when you were seeing another?"

"Yes." Walker replied. Gordon then asked him "You think it was decent to cheat on your girlfriend?"

Walker said "No." Gordon then switched tactics again by asking "How long have you've been married?"

"Almost eight months." Was Walker's answer and Gordon questioned "Any children? Never mind you haven't been married long enough to have children, have you?"

Walker looked Gordon straight in the eyes and told him "Yes, as a matter of fact I'm the father of seven week old twins."

Stunned Gordon didn't say anything at first but then recovering he asked Walker "So you had to get married, did you?" Walker calmly replied "Some would see it that way, I don't."

"So you took advantage of a woman and when you got her pregnant you married her shotgun style?" Gordon said.

"I demanded that the mother of my children marry me so that the children would have my name and lucky for me she did." Walker said and Clark finally objected by saying "Your honor what is the point of this line of questioning, other than to humiliate Mrs. Walker?"

The judge ruled "Move on Cahill."

Gordon then said "I have no more questions of this witness." Walker left the stand and Trivette was then called to testify and when he was cross-examined Gordon asked him after also failing to shake his testimony "Do you consider Ranger Walker to be a decent man in light of the fact he's married only because he was forced to get married because he got a woman pregnant?"

Trivette smiled and said "Walker is a decent man and if anyone felt forced into the marriage it was his wife, at least at first. She once told me that because her father left her if she was ever lucky enough to have children that she would make sure that their father didn't leave them like her father left her."

Gordon said "Mrs. Walker feels like she has to stay in the marriage for the children's sake? How decent is that of Ranger Walker to force his wife to stay married to him?"

Trivette answered "Like I said, maybe a little at first but now you couldn't separate the two of them. His wife isn't staying in the marriage because she's forced to, she's staying in it because she wants to. The Walkers are very happy to be married to each other. It's a marriage based on love and respect for each other. Neither one of them regrets being married to the other one."

Gordon objected "Your honor the witness is speculating."

The judge said "You opened up that line of questioning."

Giving up Gordon said "No more questions." Trivette left the stand and Clark stood up and said "Your honor the prosecution rests."

Chapter Six

It was now a week later and Walker entered C.D.'s who said to him "I heard about the hung jury in the Talbot case you and Jimmie testified in last week. Don't worry Talbot will be convicted next time." Walker replied "I hope so C. D., has Alex called here?"

"Not that I know of why?" C. D. questioned Walker who answered "I was out in the field all day and I just wondered if she asked you to baby sit tonight."

C. D. started to answer when Gordon Cahill walked in with Talbot whom he had gotten a hung jury for and Talbot spotting Walker there said "Ranger Walker, shouldn't you be heading home to that wife of yours? I mean if she slept with you without being married to you lord knows who else that she'll sleep with when your back is turned. Once a tramp, always a tramp."

C. D. told Walker " Just ignore him Cordell."

Walker said to Talbot "The next word out of your mouth about my wife will result in you picking your teeth off the floor." Talbot turned to Gordon and asked him "Can't he be arrested for threatening me?"

C. D. told him "That wasn't a threat, it was a promise. Now if I was you I'd keep my mouth shut and leave."

But Talbot wouldn't give up and said "Hey Walker, how does it feel to know that I'm a free man in spite of your testimony?"

Walker answered "Not for long." Talbot laughed and said "My lawyer here will get me off completely next time, won't you Cahill?"

Gordon looked at Talbot and answered "I'm done being your lawyer."

"You're not done being my lawyer until I say you're done." Talbot threatened Gordon who answered him "I represented you through the trial which you hired me to do, the trial's over and so is our attorney-client relationship."

Turning his back on Talbot Gordon asked C.D. "Can I have a shot of whiskey?" Talbot then grabbed  Gordon by his shirt collar and said to him "You can crawl into your bottle after you tell me how you're getting me off at the next trial."

Walker said "Let him go Talbot." After looking at Walker Talbot released Gordon and as he left C. D.'s said "Watch your step Cahill, drunks have been known to fall down stairs and die."

When C.D. went to hand Gordon the whiskey Walker said to him as he put his hand over the shot of whiskey "Mr. Cahill perhaps you should take Talbot's threat seriously."  Shrugging Gordon answered him "Does it really matter if he kills me? I mean I have no one who cares about me anymore. I did at one time but I don't now."

Walker told him "Maybe if you told your daughter Alex how sorry you were for walking out on her mother and her she would care again." Gordon snapped at Walker "Yes I walked out on them but when I tried to get in touch with them again they didn't answer my letters. So don't tell me that my daughter will ever care for me again."

"Alex said that after her mother fell ill she called your firm several times and was told not to call there again. That after her mother died she wrote you and she got her letter back stating that Gordon Cahill didn't have a daughter." Walker told his father-in-law who replied "That's not what happened, I had my secretary write them and she told me that they never wrote back and that when she called there for me she was told never to call there again. My daughter didn't even bother to tell me that her mother, my wife had died."

"You can believe what you want to but I know this, Alex does not lie. She did try to contact you and was rebuffed so many times that she gave up trying. Ask yourself this Gordon, did your secretary have a reason to lie? Alex had no reason to lie about it." Walker said and then left C.D.'s.

C.D. put the whiskey away handed Gordon a cup of coffee and said to him "If I were you I would listen to Cordell about Talbot and Alex. Cordell doesn't lie either." Gordon answered "You seem to know my daughter Alex, tell me about her. What kind of person is she?"

C.D. then spent the next hour telling Gordon about his own daughter and when he was done Gordon told C.D. "I've really messed things up, haven't I?"

C. D. replied "It's not too late to fix them. The Alex that I know is a forgiving person. You should at least think about asking her to forgive you, you never know what might happen then."

Chapter Seven

            When Walker got home he looked for his wife in the living room and the dining room and not finding her called out as he headed to the steps "Alex, are you here?" Just then he heard her voice asking him "Hey good looking, want to do some cooking?"

Turning around Walker spotted Alex standing in the doorway of the guest bedroom wearing high heels, a robe and really red lipstick. As his eyes looked at his wife with pure lust Walker managed to say "What?" Smiling Alex neared him and said "Hello handsome, interested in having some fun?"

Walker then asked her as he looked her over from head to toe "Alex, do you have anything on under that robe?" Alex started to slip it off her shoulders then stopped and teased him "Why don't you take it off of me and find out cowboy."

Walker quickly removed the robe and began to hungrily kiss his wife and before she knew it the two of them were on the floor where Walker did a whole lot more than kiss her. When they were done Walker pulled away from her and said "I'm sorry Alex."

Puzzled as to why her husband was sorry Alex questioned him "You're sorry about what?"

"This, I mean we're on the floor in our hallway." Walker tried to explain and realizing what he was talking about Alex assured her husband "Honey, I couldn't wait any longer either. I wanted you as badly as you wanted me just now. It's okay Cordell."

"No it isn't, you're my wife and I shouldn't have been so rough with you. I mean I all but threw you on the floor and had my way with you." Walker told Alex who replied "While you were having your way with me darling I was having my way with you. Walker, you weren't too rough and as for the floor it isn't any harder than the ground was when we made love for the first time. I enjoyed it, a lot. However if it's still bothering you later I'll let you make it up to me in bed by letting me be on top. How does that sound?"

Walker answered "That sounds real good Mrs. Walker." Then he got up and after helping her up suggested "Honey, why don't you get dressed and I'll have C.D. and Trivette come out here to baby sit and we can go out to dinner?"

"Are you asking me out on a date Cowboy?" Alex teasingly asked her husband who replied "Sure am lady, now go get dressed." When Walker called C.D. he was only too happy to baby sit and said that Trivette would be glad to too. After telling them both at least three times how to take care of the babies Alex and Walker left on their date.

Chapter Eight

At the restaurant Walker and Alex were enjoying a quiet meal when Alex teasingly asked "So Cordell Walker, are you enjoying our first date?"

Walker teased back "Well I like it so far but if you give me a goodnight kiss later I'll say it was great." Alex laughed and told him "Okay you can have a goodnight kiss, I don't want my husband saying that I'm not a good date."

Walker then said "What about you, are you enjoying our first date?" Alex replied "So far but if you want good marks in the dating department I expect a whole lot more later than a goodnight kiss."

"Like what?" Walker kept up the teasing and Alex said "Like after you kiss me you lay back and let me do what I want with you. For starters I want to..."

"Alex, you do know we're in public right?" Walker asked as he saw the waiter approaching them so Alex told him "Okay, I'll behave for now. You are so shy about certain things."

"I might be shy about the talking but I'm not shy about the doing." Walker answered his wife who then said "Who's forgetting we're in public?"

The waiter placed their deserts on the table and the Walkers turned their conversation to general things. After desert Walker went to the men's room and as Alex was sitting at the table waiting for her husband she was approached by a man that she didn't know who asked her "So are you Walker's tramp of a wife or his girlfriend?"

Alex didn't answer him so he sat down at the table and told her "I asked you a question and I want an answer, so are you the tramp wife or the girlfriend?" Just then Gordon who had been eating in the back of the restaurant unnoticed by the Walkers said to the man "Leave her alone Talbot."

Talbot told him "Why don't you go crawl back into your bottle?" Gordon replied "I said leave her alone Talbot and if you know what's good for you, you will."

Talbot hauled off and punched out Gordon and as her father fell to the floor Alex got up and smacked Talbot in the face with her purse. Talbot turned to strike Alex but she kicked him in the shin and he was grabbing his shin Alex kneed him dropping him. Walker who by now had returned from the men's room grabbed Talbot threw him towards the door and then asked his wife "Alex, are you okay?"

"Yes but I think that my father has been hurt." Alex answered her husband who helped his father-in-law up and questioned him "Gordon, are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine. This was all my fault anyhow, I never should have cross examined you the way that I did on the stand knowing that you were married to my daughter. I'm sorry about that but I swear that I didn't know you two had babies." Gordon answered Walker and then said to his daughter "Alex, I know I have no right to ask you this but will you please give me a chance to explain some things to you? I'll understand if you say no."

"First things first, if we're going to have a talk about things you have to be sober and want to stay that way. I want my children to have a grandfather but I will not have a man who drinks involved with my children. If you're willing to do that then I'm willing to talk with you about things." Alex said to Gordon.

"I do regret the past and I want to be your father again and yes I know that I have a drinking problem, so if it's okay with you I would like to talk to you two tomorrow at your house. That is if it's okay with you Ranger Walker?" Gordon responded and Walker told him "It's okay with me, we'll see you tomorrow night then."

Gordon left the table as Alex explained what happened. Then she asked "Walker, do you think that I acted like a tramp? I mean we're married and yet here we are on our first date. Most people don't do things this way."

"Alex, you have never acted like a tramp, as for us already being married but out on our first date I don't regret a thing. Do you?" Walker said to his wife who told him "I don't regret a thing either, after all I'm married to the man that I love and we have two beautiful babies. The way we did things is just fine with me too."

Chapter Nine

Gordon came out to the ranch and started off by explaining to his daughter "Alex, I know that you think I walked out on you and your mother and never looked back. That's not true, several months later I regretted what I did and had my secretary write a letter to your mother and you. She said that you never answered me back. I then had her call there several times and she told me that your mother told her never to call there again. Now your husband has told me that you told him that you attempted to contact me by calling my office several times when your mother got cancer and was told never to call there again. That after your mother died you wrote me a letter and received it back stating that I had no daughter. I swear Alex that I didn't do that. I will however admit that I was having an affair with my secretary at the time which may have led her to lie to your mother and you and me."

"Even if you were cheating on Mom that is no excuse for not answering my phone calls. The ones I made to tell you that my mother, your wife was dying of cancer. No Dad if you had really wanted to come back you could have so don't blame this on your secretary. You made the choice to walk out and you could have made a choice to come back and see how we were doing but you didn't." Alex told her father.

"All I remember is that I got really drunk one night and walked out on your mother and you. I remember waking up in my secretary's bed the next morning not knowing how I got there or for that matter really caring how I got there. I know it was stupid of me to believe her when she told me that neither you or your mother wanted anything to do with me but I did not know that your mother had cancer. Alex if I had known I would have gotten her the best medical treatment possible. I do admit though I found it much easier to drink every night rather than face what I had done, walked out on your mother and you. I have no excuse for doing that, booze or no booze." Gordon said to his daughter.

"Fine Dad but the problem still remains that at that time the booze was more important to you than your family and I'm not so sure that anything has changed in that regards. If you hadn't come into C.D.'s that night you wouldn't have even known that I was married, would you?" Alex questioned him.

"No, I wouldn't have known you were married but I did know that you were a leading A.D.A. for Tarrant County. One day there was an article in the paper about how you managed to get a conviction with a pretty weak case. After reading the article I was so proud to have once been your father and at that moment I realized what I had done but the next moment I decided that I would feel better after just one drink, so I got drunk yet again. Alex, I won't lie to you or myself anymore, the booze was more important to me than my family or anything else. That's why I'm checking myself into a place that will help me with my alcoholism. I know that I have no right to ask you to forgive me when I haven't done anything to earn that forgiveness but I hope that after I get out of rehab you'll at least let me see those babies of yours." Gordon pleaded with his daughter.

"When are you going there?" Alex asked her father who answered her "As soon as I leave here. I'm going to need a ride there though, I took a cab here."

Walker spoke up then "I can ride you there Gordon."

"I would appreciate it. On the way there I can apologize for my behavior when I cross examined you in the Talbot case even after knowing you were married to my daughter. I will do anything to win my cases but it was wrong for me to do that to you and Alex. As for what I said to you at C.D.'s that night Alex, I will never be able to say that I'm sorry enough times to make up for it. I didn't mean it but I did say it and I wish that I could take it back." Gordon told Walker.

Alex then said "While we still have a long way to go you admitting that you have a drinking problem is a good start." Then after looking at Walker who nodded yes Alex added "Dad, I think that you should meet your grandchildren."

"I'd like that." Gordon replied and they went to the nursery where Alex showed him his grandchildren and they explained why the boy was named after Walker's Uncle Ray. After watching his grandchildren for a little bit Gordon left with Walker to go to the rehab center.

Chapter Ten

When Walker returned from dropping his father-in-law Alex was in the nursery watching the sleeping twins. After they went into their bedroom and made love Alex said to her husband "It doesn't matter how we got to this point.." Walker finished her sentence by saying "What matters is that we love each other."

Alex then told him "Hey, you cheated."

Puzzled Walker asked "What do you mean I cheated?" Alex smiled and said "You were supposed to make it up for me by letting me be on top."

"Oh, I forgot about that." Walker answered Alex.

"Well I didn't, now are you going to lay back and let me do what I want to you or not?" Alex teasingly questioned him but Walker got serious and said "I knew that I hurt you the other day. Alex, when I said something about being too rough with you why did you tell me that I wasn't when I was?"

"Walker, you weren't too rough with me. Honey you know that I don't lie to you. Walker, I promise that if you ever do anything in bed or out of it that hurts me I will let you know about it, probably as loud as I can. I won't lie just to protect your feelings because you won't lie to me to protect my feelings, would you?" Alex questioned him.

"No, I won't lie to you for any reason. You said that you wanted to be on top?" Walker asked as he rolled onto his back. Hesitating Alex questioned "Are you sure you want to do this? If you don't tell me and we'll do it the other way."

Walker smiled and said "The other way Alex? Honey we aren't going to limit the way we do things, are we?" Climbing up his body Alex said "No we most certainly aren't."

Alex began kissing his whole body by starting at his lips and working her way down. When she got a lot lower she said "Oh my god."

Walker moaned "What's wrong?" Alex looked up at Walker and asked as she began stroking him "Why didn't you tell me that you had a birthmark?"

"Alex, please can we talk about it later?  You're killing me." Walker told his wife who straddled him and said "Okay, now are you happy?" Walker nodded yes as they made love again.

When he came to his senses Walker asked "What was this about a birthmark?" Alex replied "You have a star-shaped one on your...you know what."

`           "I do?" Walker questioned his wife who said "I'm the only one who's told you about it?"

"Yes, no other woman has ever been interested in what I need like you are. Most of them were too busy wanting me to... you know. Alex, you're the only one who's ever made love to me." Walker replied.

Laying her head on his chest Alex answered "That's because no man has ever been able to make me feel the way that you do. You make love to me with your heart, body and soul."

"Just like you. Now how about we get some sleep? The babies will have us up before we know it." Walker said and the drifted off to sleep.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger. C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.