This takes place after the series ended in 2001.

In order to make my timelines work I have changed Angela’s birthday to January 15th.

Most of the characters will be easily recognized and as you’ll see I have given a reason for the disappearance of Trent and Carlos and have Trent returning to Dallas.

Angus has been mentioned before and is a character of my own creation, I have now added his wife Betty, they are neighbors of Walker and have known him for many years.

I know I’ve crammed a lot into this one, but the next few stories are chronological and information contained here may be referenced. J




January 22, 2001

Walker’s eyes followed every move as his daughter was passed from one person to the other, it was her first day home after a week in the hospital and most of his friends were there; Jimmy and Erica, Sydney and Gage, Josie, Angus and Betty, plus several others. He knew that Gordon would be arriving once he wrapped up his current case in New York and he had been in contact with Trent and Carlos inviting them to come meet the newest addition.

He had missed the two of them since they had left Dallas a few years prior, but they had received an offer in California that they felt couldn’t be refused and while Trent had remained there Carlos had married, moved across country to Virginia and was now working with Jimmy’s brother Simon for the FBI.

Shifting his attention to his wife he studied her carefully and could tell she was nearing the limits of her strength; the emergency C-section she had endured was still very prevalent in his mind and he shuddered as he thought about the short period of time he’d been terrified he was going to lose both her and Angela.

Going to her side he knelt down and whispered, “Are you ready for me to clear everyone out?”

Looking up at him she stroked her hand down the side of his face saying, “Let them visit some more, but I think I’m ready to go up and rest.”

Standing up he said, “I’m going to put Alex to bed, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

For a minute all eyes focused on the two adults instead of the baby and they watched as he helped her up, placed his arm around her waist and escorted her up the stairs.

Once they were out of sight all eyes swung to Jimmy and it was Sydney who asked, “Has he said anything to you about how they are really doing? I know it was because of the whole Lavocat mess that Alex went into early labor and almost lost the baby.”

“Sorry guys, but the only thing he told me after he came back from the fight was that the maniac would never hurt anyone else because he was definitely dead this time. I haven’t seen or spoke to him since then because he’s spent every second with Alex and the baby.”

Unaware they were the topic of conversation downstairs he tucked her into bed saying, “I know you’re exhausted, get some sleep.”


“What is it honey?”

“Sooner or later we have to talk about it.”

Knowing exactly what she meant he replied, “I know, but not right now.” He kissed her before heading back to his guests.

She watched him go and silently fumed at her mule-headed cowboy of a husband; things had been said in the hospital before she collapsed, things that needed to be cleared up but every time she tried he shut her down.

Pasting the smile back on his face he walked back into the room where his friends continued to pass Angela around and realizing the walls seemed to be closing in he said, “You guys take care of my little angel, I’m going to run out and feed the horses.”

Betty saw through the mask and catching her husband’s eye she looked out then back at him; he nodded his understanding and went after his neighbor.

Walker looked up when Angus entered the barn and asked, “Did your wife send you after me?”

“That she did Cordell, do you want to talk about what’s bothering you?”

His first inclination was to say no, but with a heavy sigh he responded, “When Jimmy got hurt…Alex said some things…I have a strong suspicion she’s going to ask me to leave the Rangers.”

Momentarily stunned he replied, “What are you going to do if she does?”

Leaning up against Ranger’s stall he ran his hand through his hair and answered, “I wish I knew; I keep putting her off, but eventually she’s going to demand I listen.”

Stepping forward he placed his hand on Walker’s shoulder and quietly said, “There’s a lot more to think about than just you now; but at the same time Alex knew who and what you were when she married you, maybe she just panicked.”


“You have to talk to her son; the more you let this fester the harder it’s going to be.”

Straightening up he looked the older man in the eye, “Thanks Angus.”

“Go on back to your family; I’ll feed these nags for you.”

Walking back inside he claimed his daughter as he said, “I appreciate everyone being here, but it’s about time for this little one to start demanding dinner so I’m going to take her on up to Alex; thanks for being here to welcome all of us home.”

They all stood up and said their good-byes until he was the only left; he stepped over and locked the door then made his way upstairs. Realizing she was asleep he sat down in the rocking chair with Angela and simply looked from his wife to the baby in his arms; they were the most important things in his life; if keeping them in his life meant giving up his badge…well so be it!

A few minutes later Alex woke up when Angela began to fuss and she traded spots with her husband so she could feed their daughter.

Watching the baby nurse still gave him goose bumps and once again the love he felt for the two of them nearly overwhelmed him. Taking a deep breath he said, “If you want me to quit the Rangers, I will.”

Looking over at him she could see the sincerity in his eyes and gently shook her head, “I don’t want you to.” Seeing the stunned look appear in his eyes she added, “I’m sorry for what happened in the hospital, I admit I got scared, but being a Ranger is who you are, the man I fell in love with so long ago and that will never change.”

“There’s still the possibility that the next bust will go bad.”

“Oh honey, I know that! There’s a chance that someone else I put in prison will come after me like Karl Storm did, but we can’t let fear dictate the way we live our lives.”

“Have I mentioned yet today how much I love you Mrs. Walker?”

“I love you too.”

He waited until Angela had been fed and burped then carried her to the nursery and after turning the baby monitor on he returned to the bedroom and changed into a pair of sweats before crawling in bed.

Standing up she said, “I’m going to take a shower.” She didn’t even ask if he wanted to join her because ever since Dr, Bates had stopped them from making love two months ago they had been struggling to keep their hands off each other and even though she had offered to take care of him he was adamant that it was both of them or neither.

A quick glance at the clock told him there was plenty of time for a nap before he needed to make dinner; he was determined to do as much as he could while Alex got her strength back.

The telephone rang and he grabbed it saying, “Hello.”

“Sorry to bother you Cordell, but Betty forgot to tell you that she left a big dish of her famous stew in your refrigerator.”

“Perfect timing, I was just thinking about dinner, make sure you thank her for us.”

“I’ll do that if you need anything let us know.”

Just as he hung up Alex came out of the bathroom drying her hair and asked, “Who was that?”

“Oh that was Angus, calling to let me know know that Betty made dinner for us.” He motioned her over and taking the towel from her he said, “Sit down and let me do that.”

“You’re spoiling me.”

“I can stop.”

“Don’t you dare.

They both laughed and after he dried her hair she handed him a comb saying, “Knock yourself out Cowboy.”

By the time he was finished she was practically asleep and he said, “On your stomach honey, I’ll give you a back rub.”

Rolling over she got comfortable and it took only a couple of minutes of massaging before she was sound asleep once again.

He closed his eyes as well knowing that Angela would be waking them up very shortly to be fed again.

For the next few days they had complete privacy and simply spent the time bonding with their daughter, they were both sleep deprived but happy in their new role as parents.

Alex was pleasantly surprised to discover that Walker was very much a hands on father and didn’t expect her to do all the work; he was now an expert at changing diapers, giving her a bottle of expressed milk, burping, bathing, and dressing. “Just when I think I have you figured out you throw me another curve.”

With a puzzled look he asked, “What do you mean?”

“I figured I would be the one doing the majority of the care giving.”

“Surprised you, didn’t I?”

Going to his side she pulled him into a long sweet kiss before saying, “Yes you did; I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Looking over at the clock he said, “We better start getting ready, your Dad’s plane will be here before we know it.”

“I can’t wait for him to see her.”

When they arrived at the airport he showed his badge and the three of them proceeded to the gate where Gordon’s plane would arrive; he held onto Angela and smiled as his wife paced the immediate area. Finally he took her hand saying, “Let’s trade, you sit down and hold the baby and I’ll pace for a while…otherwise you’re going to be so exhausted when we get home you’ll go straight to sleep.”

Giving him a sheepish look she sat down beside him saying, “I know you’re right, but this is a big deal for her,” Sadly she added, “My Dad is the only grandparent she has.”

“Hon, your Dad may be the only blood grandparent, but you know she’ll have White Eagle and I have a feeling that Angus and Betty are going to want to spend a lot of time with her as well.”

“I’m kind of surprised that you haven’t taken her to the reservation yet.”

“When its time we’ll take her.”

Looking at him she was about to ask what he meant then shook her head because she knew better, he would just give her one of those Walker smiles and tell her he’d know when to go…sometimes the “Cherokee intuition” as Jimmy called it still bewildered her.

Easily reading her thoughts he kissed her cheek then laughed before saying, “You’re learning.”

She was about to respond but noticed that the plane was pulling up to the gate; she was immediately back on her feet as she waited for her Dad.

Walker didn’t stand until he actually saw Gordon, then he carried Angela to his wife’s side and the three of them greeted him together.

Hugs, kisses and handshakes were exchanged before Gordon carefully took the baby from Walker’s arms and stared down at her; there were tears in his eyes when he looked back up and he said, “My God Alexandra, it’s like looking at you thirty-six years ago, she is absolutely adorable.”

“Dad! I think you’re slightly biased.”

Pulling his wife into his arms Walker responded, “No he’s not honey; she does look just like you…and when she grows up she’ll be as beautiful as her mother and hopefully as smart.”

“So if I’m giving her my looks and brains…what are you planning to contribute Cowboy?”

Winking at her he replied, “Maybe she’ll be as stubborn and mule-headed as her Daddy.”

Gordon guffawed while his daughter tried to think of something to say in response; he looked down at the little girl in his arms and thought, “You know I had my doubts at one time about your Mom and Dad, they seemed so different, but the love they share…that’s a rare thing and you’re going to grow up surrounded by it…you’ll be just fine.”

The next few days flew by and the night before Gordon was scheduled to leave they had a huge cookout and invited all their friends.

Sydney and Gage were among the first to arrive and both of them laughed as Gage was teased yet again about blowing up the tuxedos before the wedding.

Jimmy and Erica arrived and he hobbled up saying, “Gordon, this is my fiancée Erica…Erica this is Gordon, he’s Alex’s father.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you young lady; about time this scalawag decided to settle down.”

“The pleasure is mine sir.”

“Oh come now, none of this sir stuff, you’re practically family, call me Gordon.”

“Thank you.”

Looking at Jimmy he arched an eyebrow asking, “Do I even want to know what happened to you James?”

Rolling his eyes he replied, “Someone decided to blow up my car with me in it.”

Shaking his head Gordon replied, “What is it with you and cars? Wasn’t getting hit by them enough for you anymore?”

Alex heard the question as she came up to them and couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on Jimmy’s face. “Dad, behave, he catches enough flak from my husband.”

A little while later Walker got a huge grin on his face and started for the door as he said, “Sounds like one more for dinner.”

A few seconds later the others heard what had caught his attention, the sound of a motorcycle and Alex joined her husband at the door to await the arrival of their friend Trent Malloy.

Parking his motorcycle he looked up at the couple standing on the porch and walking up to them he asked, “Is this a bad time?”

Walker and Alex both gave him a hug and she responded, “Not at all, there are a few people here you’ll recognize and the rest are all friends.”

When they went inside Alex claimed Angela and handed her to Trent. He looked down at her and quietly said, “Gorgeous, just like her mother.” He handed her back and turned to his mentor asking, “Can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

Giving his wife and daughter a kiss he said, “We can go out to the barn.”

Sensing there was something major on the younger man’s mind he waited patiently for him to speak up.

“I’m sorry I didn’t make the wedding, I was overseas in Hong Kong and unable to get away.”

“We understood.”

Taking a deep breath he said, “I’ve already talked to my Mom and to Tommy, I’m moving back to Dallas.”

“Going to start teaching Martial Arts again?”

“Yeah, Tommy wants to go to college.”

“Trent, this is me you’re talking to, I’ve known you since you were a kid; stop beating around the bush and tell me what’s going on.”

After a minute he gave a wry grin before replying, “I fell in love…with my employer’s wife and she told me she felt the same way.”

“Did you sleep with her?”

“No! I told her I’d wait for her to get a divorce and I kept on waiting until I finally realized it was never going to happen, I think she got some sort of perverse thrill out of keeping me dangling, but the final straw came when I caught her in bed with someone else.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be; I hadn’t been happy with the job ever since Carlos left; he told me I was wasting my time just like I did when I had a crush on…”

“You can say it, it’s not like I didn’t know.”

“You knew I had a thing for Alex?”

Giving a huge sigh he replied, “I knew, but Alex and I were committed to each other and I trusted you enough to respect that, you never gave me cause to regret trusting you either, especially when we had to rescue her from the Trammels.”

“I remember.”

Placing his arm around his friend’s shoulders he said, “I’m glad you’re coming home, let’s go inside and you can say hi to Trivette and meet his fiancée.”

The rest of the night passed quickly and after everyone was gone Gordon said, “Hard to believe that this time tomorrow I’ll be back in New York.”

“Don’t remind me Dad; I wish you could stay longer.”

“So do I, but I’m due in court in two days.”

They hugged each other before he said, “I’m off to bed, see you in the morning.”

The next day they dropped him off at the airport and Walker surprised her by going to Dr. Bates’ office. “What are we doing here?”

“I made an appointment for you and Angela; I need to make sure you’re both up to a trip to the reservation.”

“I take it we’ve been summoned.”

Laughing he replied, “Something like that.”

After receiving the all clear they went home and packed what they needed before heading out; she noticed that the closer they got to the reservation the more excited her husband became.

She saw Sam and Billy waiting for them when they pulled in and they opened her door as they fought with each other to get a peek at Angela.

Shaking his head Walker said, “You two are going to end up scaring her to death, you’ll both get your chance to hold her.”

Climbing out of the truck he found himself face to face with White Eagle and tossing a glance at his friends he said, “After she meets White Eagle.”

Alex was a little worried because Angela had been getting fussy but when the old Indian picked her up she immediately quieted.

“She is beautiful Washo; you and Alex have done well with this little one.” He held her up and chanted for a couple of minutes before handing her to Billy. He motioned everyone to follow him and when they walked around the corner he pointed saying, “I had this cradleboard made especially for her.”

Walker stood back and allowed Alex to examine it before asking, “What do you think hon?”

“It’s amazing; I’ve never seen anything like it.”

White Eagle said, “It was created with help from the spirits; your daughter is very special as you will learn as she gets older.”

Without being told Billy placed her inside and after making a couple of adjustments he said, “Perfect.”

Putting his arm around his wife Walker smiled and said, “Angela seems very content in there, thank you for the gift.”

 “Washo, the day you finally married Alex I believed your life could not get any better, now I know I was mistaken.”

Angela made an odd sound and they all looked down at her, seeing nothing wrong they looked back up and discovered White eagle was gone.

Shaking her head Alex said, “I will never get used to that.”

Sam took the baby and holding her against his chest he quietly said, “I’ve seen him do it for years and I still don’t understand it.”

They all laughed and after Walker placed the cradleboard into the truck they went inside and talked until dark; after three days he reluctantly said, “We’re going to have to leave, much as I hate the idea, it’s time for me to go back to work.”

Driving through the night he pulled up at the ranch and woke his wife saying, “Honey, we’re home, take Angela on in and go to sleep, I’ll join you after I unload everything.”

Sleepily she responded, “Okay Darling, I’ll be waiting.” She picked up the baby and started inside.

Staring after them he smiled; he knew Alex would be out again as soon as her head hit the pillow; he carried everything inside and quietly walked upstairs, he peeked in at his daughter first and made sure the baby monitor was turned on before making his way to the bedroom. He’d been right, she was asleep and after changing he slid into bed beside her; sliding his arms around her he felt her turn into him as she got comfortable.

Hugging her tight he made plans for what he planned to do once they got up later, he had one more day alone with the two most important people in his life, then it would be back to business as usual.


 For those who do not know what a cradleboard is…take a second to look it up and read the history behind them. J