Finding the Truth

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker looked up from the paperwork he was doing to see Trivette's brother Simon standing there so Walker asked him “Did you get Trivette home from the hospital okay?" Simon replied as he sat down “Yeah I got him home okay but I've got to tell you Walker that something seems a little off about my younger brother James."

Walker questioned “What do you mean? When Alex and I visited him yesterday he seemed perfectly okay, as a matter of fact he said that J.W. could spend the weekend at the ranch so that he could get used to riding Thor." Simon answered “I know and when J.W. was telling his father all about you had given him Thor James told him that he wasn't going to spend the weekend at your ranch or any other weekend for that matter. That his son didn't need a colt of his own anyhow. When J.W. looked like he was getting upset James told him to stop acting like a baby. Walker I have never heard James talk like that to his son and when I called him on it he told me to go back to Washington D.C. and to mind my own business. That he didn't need me around to tell him what he was doing wrong with J.W. because J.W. is his son and not mine."

“Maybe Trivette is just going through a rough time right now and doesn't mean to take it on his son or you. Broken ribs are really painful and Trivette got two of them broken when he was shot. If you want me to I can have Alex talk with him and see if he's really okay." Walker offered but Simon turned him down “I’m probably over reacting, just forget that I said anything. Most likely James is in a lot of pain from his ribs and he'll be fine in no time at all. Anyhow Erica and her father told me that they would check in on James every couple of days to make sure that he's doing okay. I just stopped in to say goodbye because I have to get back to Washington D.C. before they fire me."

Walker got up shook Simon's hand as he said “I’ll check in on Trivette myself in a couple of days just to be sure he's doing okay." Simon replied “That would make me feel better and if you think that there's anything wrong with my little brother call me and I'll come back here to help him, whether or not he wants the help."

Walker agreed and Simon left his office. After thinking over what Simon had told him Walker called up Trivette “Trivette it's Walker, when do you want me to pick J.W. up?" Trivette answered “I don't want you picking my son up, he's at his mother's and he's going to stay there this weekend and every other weekend for that matter. Worry about your sons and not mine for a change, why don't you?" Before Walker could say anything else the phone was slammed down in his ear.

After a minute Walker picked the phone back up and called his wife “Alex, is everything okay?" Puzzled as to why her husband would call her in the middle of the day and ask her that Alex questioned him “Yes, everything is fine, why would you think otherwise? Is there something wrong with you that you haven't told me about yet?"

“No there's nothing wrong with me. I just wanted to make sure that you were eating the foods that Dr. Stine wanted you to eat." Walker answered his wife who said “Yes dear I am eating the foods that Dr. Stine wants me to eat to combat my being slightly anemic." Then changing the subject she asked “Are you picking J.W. up after work or do you want me to go and get him?"

“I just called Trivette to see what time I should pick J.W. up and he told me that his son was at his mother's for the weekend and that he was going to stay there." Walker told Alex.

“I’ll call Erica myself and see what's going on with our godson, see you later." Alex said then she too hung up the phone on Walker. Alex then called Erica “Erica, it's me Alex, do you want Walker to come to your house and pick  J.W. up on his way home from work?"

Erica answered “Can we make that another weekend? James wants J.W. to spend the weekend at my house with me and I think that it might be for the best to go along with Jimmy's wishes, at least for this weekend. After Jimmy is all okay I'm sure that he'll have no problem with our son spending the weekend at your ranch." Alex replied "Okay and speaking of J.W.'s father, what's going on with him?"

"He's just fine, bye now Alex." Erica answered and then hung up the phone so Alex called her husband back "Walker, Erica said that Jimmy wants J.W. to spend the weekend with her and that she thought it might be for the best to go along with Trivette's wishes this weekend. That maybe he could stay over another time after Jimmy was all better. When I asked if Trivette was okay Erica said that he was just fine and hung up on me."

"Okay, see you later." Walker told his wife.

Chapter Two

Walker arrived home to find Alex outside with all the children who were lined up by the corral fence watching the horses as they trotted around in the pasture. Walker just stood there for a few minutes watching his family then he quietly walked over to them. Walker came up behind Alex but before he could open his mouth she asked him "Walker can you hitch up the wagon? I promised the children that if they behaved themselves until you came home we would all for a ride. They were well behaved all day, they deserve a ride in the wagon as a reward." Walker responded "Alex it will be getting dark in a couple of hours. Can't it wait until tomorrow? We could make a day out of it then."

Alex turned around to look him in the eyes and asked again "Walker will you please hitch up the wagon for your children and your wife? We can't go tomorrow because the weatherman said it was going to rain all day long so we have to go this evening. Besides the children helped me make a picnic dinner to take with us. You'll love what's in it, I promise." Walker answered as he started to the barn "Okay, I'll go hitch up the wagon but your picnic dinner had better be worth all the work that you're making me do."

"Walker I promise you that the desert will be well worth it, it's your favorite." Alex teased her husband who stopped and raised his eyebrows at her but her oldest son Ray told her "Mommy you spoiled the surprise, now Daddy knows we're having brownies for desert." Walker laughed and then again headed to the barn where he hitched up the wagon. After the picnic dinner and some blankets were loaded in the wagon Alex got in the back with the triplets while Angela and Ray sat up front with their father. As they were leaving Betty came out of the house and Angela asked her "Miss Betty do you want to come with us? We can make room for you. It'll be fun."

"Some other time, you guys have fun now." Betty replied as she went to her cabin. Walker guided the wagon slowly around the ranch until they reached the small lake that was on his property where he and Alex unloaded the children. After securing the horses and the wagon Walker suggested that they take the children for a nature walk to tire them out which they did. When they came back from the walk Alex unpacked the picnic dinner and they ate it while watching the sun start to dip over the horizon. Walker and Alex happened to glance at each at the same time and got lost in each other eyes. The triplets got restless and headed to the lake causing Angela to yell at them "No triplets, you're not allowed by the lake. Mommy, Daddy the triplets are by the lake." Breaking their gaze Alex and Walker hurriedly got up from the blanket to get the triplets before they fell in the lake but Mikey was a little too fast and she fell in the water. Walker got her out right after her head went under and was checking her over when Mikey began crying "Mommy, me all wet."

Alex hurriedly bundled her daughter up in a blanket as she said "Come on guys it's time to head back home. Angela and Ray help Daddy pack up." Coop asked "What me do Mommy?" Alex told him "I want you and Sam to pick some flowers for the table, okay?" Walker teasingly objected "Alex shouldn't you have the girls do that? My boys can help me with the wagon, like my boys should." Alex teased right back "My boys like picking flowers for their mother, don't you guys?" Sam said "I pick nice flowers for Mommy." Coop added "Pretty flowers for our pretty Mommy."

Alex told her husband "My boys are going to be real heartbreakers when they get older, so gentlemanly and so very charming. I wonder where they got that from?" Walker replied "Not me. I'm just a plain old cowboy, certainly not a charmer or a gentleman. Must be your side of the family." Alex said "Yours too cowboy because you can be very, very charming at times and you can be the most gentle man that I know; when you want to be." Then changing the subject Alex told her youngest sons "Okay fellows how about picking a nice bunch of flowers for Mommy?"

Angela assured her father "Daddy, Ray and I will help you with the wagon while the little boys pick Mommy flowers, okay?" Walker replied "Okay Angel. Come on Ray help Angela fold the blankets."

Her scare forgotten Mikey asked "Can I help them pick flowers Mommy?" Alex set her daughter down as she told her "Of course you can sweetheart." The triplets went and picked some wildflowers under Alex's very watchful eyes while Walker let Angela and Ray think that they were helping him with the wagon. After everything was repacked and they were back on the wagon the Walkers headed home with their children.

After they had the children asleep the Walkers were in the living room relaxing when Alex asked her husband "Walker do you think I should check in on Jimmy tomorrow or give him a couple of days to settle in at home?" Walker answered "How about letting me go see Trivette in a couple of days? I need to take him some paperwork to sign so that he'll get paid while he's on medical leave. I'm sure that he'll be okay by then because it was probably the pain that he's in making him act like that. After a couple of days it should ease up and Trivette will be back to his old self." Alex nodded and they sat in silence for awhile until Alex noticed the time. Getting up from the couch Alex turned off the light as she held out her hand to Walker and said "How about we go to bed ourselves?"

Getting up Walker took his wife's hand then asked her "How tired are you by the way?" Laying a kiss on him Alex ran her hand over Walker's chest then told him "Why don't you follow me to the bedroom and find out dear? That is if you're not all tired out from taking care of the wagon." Walker kissed Alex back and then followed her to the bedroom where he found out that Alex wasn't the least bit tired to his pleasure and she realized that husband didn't know what the meaning of tired was to her enjoyment.

Chapter Three

It was now a couple of days later, Walker told Alex as they were eating breakfast "Alex I'm going to stop by Trivette's place on the way home from work. He needs to fill out some paperwork." Alex replied "Okay tell him to call me if he needs anything will you?"

Walker agreed and left for work where he called Swanson into his private office and after they were seated Walker told her "Ranger Swanson until Trivette returns to work I want you to take over the computer aspects of our cases. Any questions?" Swanson answered "Just one Captain Walker, whose computer do I use, Trivette's or mine? His computer has a lot more things on it than mine does. Things that I can use to investigate cases like Trivette does."

"Use Trivette's computer then." Walker replied and turned his attention to his paperwork dismissing Swanson but she questioned him "Do you know Trivette's password? Because I don't."

"Swanson can't you just use it without Trivette's password? It's just a regular old computer, isn't it?" Walker asked Swanson who told him "No I can't Walker because it's not just a regular old computer. Trivette has his computer set up so that you have to type in his password when it's booting up if you want it to come on." Seeing that Walker didn't really understand what she was talking about Swanson explained further "Captain Walker if you don't type in Ranger Trivette's password when the computer is turning on it will shut back down and you won't be able to use it at all. It's a security feature Trivette enabled on his computer because he has a lot of sensitive information stored on it. Do you want me to call Trivette for the password or do you want you to call him yourself?"

"You call him Swanson, that way you can see where Trivette's at on some of the cases he was working on before he was shot. Also while you're talking to Trivette get him to tell you how he does what he does on the computer. Because I've never understood what Trivette is saying when he talks about how he uses that computer of his." Walker answered Swanson who nodded and left Walker's private office. After Swanson left his office Walker called Ranger Trainee Brighton into his office and told her "Brighton as you know there's an opening in the Houston office, would you be interesting in transferring there and would you rather stay here until there's an opening in the San Antonio office?"

Brighton asked him "If I go to the Houston office would I be a Ranger trainee all over again? Because I was sent here by Captain Thorne of the San Antonio police department because he thought that I had what it took to be a Ranger. Captain Thorne thought that you were the best Ranger Captain to learn from and from what I've seen of the way you run things I agree. I would hate to disappoint him by having to undergo Ranger training all over again." Walker reached into his desk took out a Ranger badge and tossed it to Brighton as he told her "This will belong to you this afternoon when I present you with it in front of Company B. of the Texas Rangers." Then Walker added "Ranger Brighton you are a Ranger no matter where you choose to go. You can remain here until there's an opening in San Antonio, we can always use the extra help."

Taking the badge Brighton looked at then said "Thank you Captain Walker, I would like to go to the Houston office, which currently doesn't have a female Texas Ranger instead of waiting here until there's an opening in the San Antonio office." Walker replied "Very well Brighton, I'll call the Houston office and let them know that you'll be reporting for work there in a week." Brighton nodded and started to leave Walker's office when she stopped and handed him the badge back. Walker took it and put it back in his desk drawer.

After the other Rangers had returned from lunch Walker gathered them around and officially pinned the Texas Ranger badge to Brighton's shirt. Walker then told them that Ranger Brighton would be going to the Houston office so Sydney insisted that Brighton go out with her and Swanson for dinner and wouldn't take no for an answer. When Gage asked who was going to watch their son Matthew while Sydney was out with her fellow Rangers Sydney told him that he could watch their son. Gage then asked Walker "Hey how about Matthew and I come out to the ranch after work?"

Walker answered him "I'm stopping by Trivette's on the way home to get him to sign some paperwork and see how he's doing too." Swanson then told Walker "He must still be in a lot of pain because Trivette was pretty grouchy when I asked him what his computer password was so that I could use his computer."

Gage teased her "Just what do you call grouchy Swanson? Did Trivette forget to say goodbye when he hung up?" Swanson said "After he gave me the password Trivette told me that he was glad that my brother was dead and that I should have been the one to have been shot, not him. That's not like Trivette at all so he must still be in a lot of pain to have said that to me. He then hung up the phone before I could ask him about where he was on the cases."

Gage stood there not knowing what to say but Walker dismissed them by saying "Okay everyone back to work. Gage, I've decided that I'm going to see Trivette right now and since you're the senior Ranger you're in charge until I come back. And no that doesn't allow you to order Ranger Cooke to stay home this evening."

Gage muttered only half under his breath "I wasn't about to because I like breathing." Sydney told her husband "You've got that right buster." After a good laugh the Rangers returned to what they were working on and Walker left to see Trivette.

Chapter Four

Walker pulled up to Trivette's house and noticed that there several cars there that as far as he knew didn't belong to Trivette. As Walker was getting ready to ring the doorbell a stunning blonde came out of the front door and spotting Walker there said to him as she tried to put her arms around Walker's neck "Well hello handsome, interested in a little fun? I'm sure Jimmy won't mind us using his guest bedroom. Jimmy's busy right now with that redhead." Walker removed the woman's arms as he shook his head no then entered Trivette house only to find Trivette rather busy with a redhead. Noticing Walker standing there Trivette snapped at him as he moved the redhead aside "Don't you know how to knock Captain Walker? Where do you get off walking right into my house uninvited? Leave my house now, before I remove you myself."

Walker answered his old friend "I was getting ready to ring the doorbell when your other lady friend came out of the house leaving the door open so I came in. Trivette perhaps you should tell your lady friend here to leave so that we can talk." Trivette lurched up from the couch as he said to Walker "My friend is not going anywhere Captain Walker so tell me what you want to talk about and get it over with because I've got plans with these lovely ladies."

Thinking that Trivette was as drunk as his lady friends appeared to be Walker replied "I came here to see if you were okay and.." He was interrupted by Trivette telling him "We were just fine before you got here and once you leave we'll be just fine again. Now for the last time Captain Walker leave my house." This caused the redhead to start laughing hysterically. Walker said "Okay Trivette, I'll leave just as soon as you sign these papers that you need to."

Now slurring his words Trivette asked "What papers? Would those papers be the one so that I can quit the Rangers? Because if they are hand them over because I can't wait to sign them and get away from the likes of you." Walker answered "No these are the papers that you have to sign if you want to get paid while you're on medical leave from the Texas Rangers. Trivette tell your friends goodbye and I'll make you some coffee. After you've sobered up we can talk about what's wrong with you."

"There's nothing wrong with me Captain Walker other than you still being here. How about you leaving so me and the redhead can get busy?" Trivette asked Walker as the blonde lady re-entered the house. She went and stood next to Trivette then started running her hands all up and down his chest going lower each time. This caused the redhead to tell her "Hey wait a minute bimbo, I saw him at the bar first."

The blonde said "Yes but I want him first and I'm going to have him first. You can have that macho man over there while you're waiting your turn with Jimmy." The redhead replied "If you want him you're going to have to fight me for him." The blonde said "Fine by me." The woman then started pulling each other's hair. Walker stood there expecting Trivette to do something about the women fighting over him but Trivette sat down on the couch and said "All right, a cat fight and over me too. It's great, ain't it?" Then Trivette turned to Walker and asked him "Hey Captain Walker, which one do you want? Although since it's my house I get them both first and then you can make a pick. That is when they are done fighting over me, man I so love a cat fight."

By now disgusted by the scene Walker answered "Neither one." Then he got between the woman and after breaking them apart told them. "You two are leaving, I need to talk with my friend here." He took them both to the door and placed them outside then locked the door. Walker returned to the living room where a barely able to stand Trivette was saying "Man Walker, I don't feel good. Can you take me to the doctor? I think something is wrong with me."

Walker questioned "Exactly how much have you had to drink Trivette?" Trivette swayed some more as he said "Nothing I swear." Then Trivette passed out. When Walker grabbed a hold of his friend to keep him from hitting the floor Walker realized that there was no smell of booze on Trivette so he called an ambulance then he called Alex and told her what had happened and for her to call Erica to tell her that Trivette had been taken to the hospital. Alex agreed and called Erica to tell her what was going on. Erica told Alex to have Walker call her later if there was something the matter with Jimmy.

At the hospital Dr. J. Klemp was asking Walker about whether or not Trivette had recently had any sort of head injury. Walker told Dr. J. Klemp "Not as far as I know. What's wrong with him?"

Dr. J. Klemp replied "A lot of his symptoms point to a recent head trauma but it's not listed on the E.R. report for Ranger Trivette from the night he was shot. So we have to find out what else it could be. Do you remember anything else happening recently to Ranger Trivette? It could even be something that nobody thought much of at the time." Walker suggested "How about I call the Rangers that were there with Trivette the night he was shot and see if it's possible he hit his head and they just forgot to tell the paramedics that?" Dr. J. Klemp agreed and Walker called up Sydney and had her put Brighton on the phone.

"Brighton, this is Walker. By any chance did Trivette hit his head the night he was shot? I need to know even if it was something that seemed minor at the time." Brighton replied "As a matter of fact Ranger Trivette did hit his head that night. Right after Harlan told him that he was going up front to back you up Ranger Trivette ordered him to stay at his post but Harlan left it so Ranger Trivette started to follow him but slipped and fell on a piece of trash that was there. As Trivette was getting back to his feet those four men came running out of the side door. When Trivette was shot I was to focused on the fact that he had been shot to remember to tell the paramedics about him hitting his head. I'm sorry Captain Walker."

Walker assured her "I probably would have done the same thing myself Brighton. Listen tell Cooke to tell Gage that I might be in late tomorrow and that he's in charge until I get there." Brighton said "Okay I will. Captain Walker is there something the matter with Ranger Trivette?"

"Yes he's in the hospital, I'll let everyone know what's going on just as soon as I know anything." Walker told her then hung up and turned to Dr. J. Klemp and told him that Trivette had indeed hit his head that night.

"Okay I'll order a cat-scan to see if there is intracranial bleeding from Ranger Trivette hitting his head. If there is we should be able to take care of it in no time at all. I'll let you know after we get the test results back." Dr. J. Klemp said and started to the nurse's station to tell them what he wanted done but an alarm went off in Trivette's room so he hurried back to it leaving Walker standing in the hallway. Walker called up Alex and told her "Dr. J. Klemp was asking about recent head trauma and it turned out that Trivette had hit his head the night that he was shot. Dr. Klemp said that he was going to order a cat-scan done to see if there was internal bleeding in Trivette's head when an alarm went off in his room. Alex I'm going to stay here until they find out what it is."

Alex asked her husband "Do you want me to call Erica and tell her what's going on?" Walker replied "Would you?"  Alex called up Erica who told her to have Walker call her just as soon as the doctor told him what was the matter with James, no matter how late it was. Alex told Erica that she would and called Walker back to tell him that.

Chapter Five

Dr. J. Klemp came out of Trivette's room to tell Walker "We have to do emergency surgery right away on your friend. He has intracranial bleeding that is putting too much pressure on his brain. If we don't relieve that pressure Ranger Trivette may very well die. Now since you signed the papers when he was admitted to E.R. you can sign for him to have the surgery, since this is an emergency. If you don't want to take the responsibility for Ranger Trivette's health and sign the papers for the operation we would have to wait until Ranger Trivette's next of kin gets here to sign them. Captain Walker, I'm not sure that Ranger Trivette has that kind of time, his vital signs are all ready showing the effects of the pressure that his brain is under. Are you willing to take the responsibility and sign the papers for Ranger Trivette's operation? If not tell me now so that we can get his next of kin here to sign them."

Walker answered "Give me the papers and I'll sign them." Walker was led to the nurses' station where he signed the papers. After that was done Dr. J. Klemp told him "I'm going to have an operating room prepared for surgery, while I'm doing that Nurse Dobson here will explain to you what procedure we will be doing and the possible side effects." Dr. J. Klemp walked away and Nurse Dobson explained to Walker "The surgery that Ranger Trivette will be undergoing is a common procedure that is done all the time in this hospital. It consists of drilling a small hole into the patient's head to relieve the pressure from the intracranial bleeding. Then a cat scan is taken to find the source of the bleeding. After that's done the doctor will then try to stop the bleeding with a minor surgerical procedure that's successful in most cases. If the surgery is a success the side effects should be minor, mostly headaches for several days. Captain Walker since the procedures should take about five or six hours you might as well go home and get some rest."

Walker told her "I'm staying, when the surgery is over I want to know how he is doing." The nurse tried again to get Walker to leave by telling him "Look when he comes out of surgery your friend will be out of it and he won't be allowed visitors, so I suggest that you go home get yourself some rest then return here tomorrow morning. He should be more alert and up to having visitors then." Walker shook his head no that he wasn't leaving so Nurse Dobson walked away from him. Awhile later Nurse Valence [Who had been one of the nurses who took care of Trivette when he was in the hospital after having been shot.] was coming down the hallway when she spotted Walker there so she asked him " Captain Walker, isn't it? What are you doing here?"

Walker replied "Trivette's in surgery. He has some bleeding in his brain." Nurse Valence then said "I hope it's not from the time when he was shot because Ranger Trivette was complaining about his head hurting all the time he was in the hospital but Dr. Zane said that since there wasn't any sort of head trauma listed on the E.R. report that we should just give him a couple of pain pills and humor him when he complained about his head hurting. That a lot of patients complain about their head hurting them when they are in the hospital and that it usually meant nothing."

"There wasn't any report of a head trauma being listed that night because the Ranger who was with Trivette forgot about him slipping and falling causing Trivette to hit his head. At the time she was more worried about the fact that Trivette had been shot." Walker said to Nurse Valence who offered "I'm just now going on duty if you like I can find out how his surgery is going and let you know."

"I'd like that." Walker replied and Nurse Valence assured Walker that as soon as there was anything to know about Trivette she would tell Walker. About four hours later Nurse Valence came to where Walker was at and told him "Ranger Walker, your friend is going to be okay. Dr. J. Klemp was able to relieve the pressure on Ranger Trivette's brain and then was able to stop the bleeding. Ranger Trivette will be in recovery for a couple of more hours and then after that he will be moved to his room. Dr. J. Klemp says that if you like I can take you to see him before he's moved to his room. I must warn you though Ranger Trivette is still out of it and won't know that you're there." Walker answered "I would like to see him for a minute." Nurse Valence then led Walker to Trivette's side. After assuring himself that Trivette was going to be okay Walker left the room and went to the lobby where he called Erica "It's me Walker, Trivette had some bleeding in his head that was causing pressure to build up on his brain. Trivette was operated on and they relieved the pressure and stopped the bleeding."

Erica said "Thanks for calling me Walker. I'll tell J.W. about his father." After she hung up Walker called Simon in Washington D.C. but was unable to get a hold of Trivette's older brother. Walker then headed home to his family. After checking in on all of his children Walker went to his bedroom where he quietly undressed and slipped into bed with Alex who rolled over to ask her husband "How is Jimmy?" Pulling his wife into his arms Walker answered "Nurse Valence said that the surgery was successful. Trivette had some bleeding in his brain and Dr. J. Klemp operated on him to relieve the pressure and stop the bleeding. She said that I could visit him tomorrow, Alex why don't you come with me when I go see him? Trivette likes it when you fuss over him." Alex replied "Okay but we'll have to meet at the hospital because I need to go over some paperwork first thing in the morning." Walker nodded okay and they settled down to sleep.

Chapter Six

The next morning when Walker got to work he called Simon "Simon this is Walker, Trivette had to have an emergency operation last night." Understandably upset Simon questioned Walker "What do you mean James had an emergency operation last night? What happened to him?"

Walker replied "Apparently the night Trivette was shot he had fallen and hit his head but no one told the paramedics that. Anyhow as a result of the fall Trivette had some intracranial bleeding. When I brought him to the hospital the doctor operated to relieve the pressure on his brain from the bleeding and then stopped the bleeding. Dr. J. Klemp said that the surgery was successful and that Trivette will be his old self in no time at all."

A relieved Simon said "Thank god because I need to stay here. I have this lead that I'm following up on in a domestic terrorism case and I want to be here to stop them. If you're sure that my brother is going to be okay I'll stay here until we catch these guys then I'll take the first flight out there." Walker assured him "Trivette's just fine and in the unlikely case that anything should change I'll call you and let you know myself." Simon thanked Walker and hung up.

Alex and Walker entered Trivette's room to find Erica all ready there with her and Trivette's son J.W. so Alex asked them "How about Walker and I come back later?" Erica answered "That's okay, J.W. and I were just leaving. My dad is watching Destiny and he has to be at work pretty soon so I need to go home."

J.W. objected "But Mom, I want to spend more time with my dad." Alex then offered "If it's okay with you Erica J.W. can stay here awhile longer and I can drop him off at your place on my way home. I wrapped my paperwork up before Walker and I came here so I'm free for the rest of the day."

"Well J.W. I guess that means that you can spend more time with your father. I'll see you Jimmy." Erica said and left Trivette's room. Alex then teased "Well Trivette how are you doing? Do you get any real pretty nurses this time?" Trivette instead of answering Alex informed his son "J.W. when you leave here you are to go straight home and do your homework I don't want you going anywhere else, do you understand me?"

Alex tried teasing again "Relax Jimmy, I was planning on taking him straight home. Unless of course you think I should take him to see the circus or something." Trivette however replied "My son is to go straight home to his mother. If you want to take anyone to see the circus try taking your own children for a change and not my son." Puzzled by Trivette's attitude Walker entered the conversation by saying "Trivette, ease up will you?" Then he too tried teasing Trivette "Alex was going to bring you a potted plant but I told her that you'd rather she fussed over you instead. I know how you love it when a pretty lady fusses over you." Trivette snapped at his old partner "What I rather you two do is to leave. No one asked you to come here anyhow."

Unsure as to why Trivette was so angry at them Alex decided to try again and tease him out of it, first by kissing Trivette on the cheek which she did then Alex told him "There you just got a kiss from a pretty lady. Feeling any better?" Trivette replied as he wiped his cheek off "No I don't, now would you please leave while I visit with my son?"

"Okay Trivette Alex'll go and wait out in the hallway while you visit with J. W. and I'll go to Ranger headquarters. Will that make you happy?" Walker questioned Trivette who answered "I'd rather she leave all together."

J.W. then asked "Daddy why are you being so mean to my Aunt Alex and Uncle Walker?  Did they do something wrong?" Trivette answered his son "They are not your blood relatives so stop calling them that." Alex looked at Walker who shrugged his shoulders then told his wife "Come on Alex, we'll leave Trivette alone with his son." Then Walker said to J.W. "When you're ready to go home Aunt Alex will be waiting in the hallway to take you home son."

The Walkers went into the hallway where Alex asked her husband "Walker do you think we ought to ask Dr. J. Klemp about Trivette's behavior?" Walker said "Let's give Trivette a couple of days to recover. He'll be back to his old self in no time at all." Alex agreed "Okay, he has been through an awful lot recently. I'm sure that you're right about him returning to his old self in no time at all."

In the next couple of days whenever anybody other than the Walkers were visiting him Trivette was his usual self but when the Walkers were in his hospital room Trivette seemed to be angry about something. Gage, Cooke, Cooper and Swanson began to notice this and they decided to ask Dr. J. Klemp if this was a side effect from Trivette's surgery. When Dr. J. Klemp told them that it wasn't a side effect that for whatever reason Ranger Trivette was upset with the Walkers. The gang then decided that perhaps it would be best if they stayed out of whatever was going on between Trivette and the Walkers.

One evening Alex and Walker were coming down the hallway to visit Trivette when they heard laughter from his room so Alex said as she opened the door "Jimmy I'm so glad that you're feeling better." Trivette looked at her then said "Shouldn't you be home with those kids of yours instead of here bothering me?"

"I don't know what your problem is Trivette but you'd stop taking it out on my wife. Alex didn't do anything to deserve the way you're treating her." Walker said to Trivette as the others left his room as quickly as they could. Instead of answering what Walker had said to him Trivette buzzed the nurses' station. When Nurse Valence came in Trivette asked her "Is it possible to restrict who can visit me? Because if I can I want you to restrict my visitors to people who don't rub things in your face like these two do."

When she realized what Trivette was inferring Alex informed him "Don't bother restricting your visitors, neither Walker or I go where we're not welcomed. Let's go Walker." Without a word Walker followed Alex out the door. Back in Trivette's room Nurse Valence told him "I don't know your problem is with those two but you ought to know that Captain Walker probably saved your life by bringing you to the hospital himself and signing the papers so that you could be operated on. You owe that man your life."

Still grumpy Trivette turned to face the window as he said "No one asked Saint Walker to do it." Nurse Valence left the room closing the door behind her. Walker and Alex were in the hallway waiting to talk to her about Trivette so she told them "Please don't take what Ranger Trivette is saying personally. A lot of patients can get pretty grumpy when they are in the hospital."

Alex replied "We know that and we just want to make sure that he's okay."  Nurse Valence assured Alex "He's just fine." Alex nodded as Walker took her hand. After they were on the elevator Alex said "He's really mad at us for some reason, isn't he?" Walker answered "Yes but I don't know for what but I will find out. I won't have anyone treat you that way, no matter how mad they are."

Chapter Seven

Simon entered Trivette's hospital room and told him "Well James how are you? When are they releasing you?" Trivette questioned his older brother "Did Erica call you? Because I told her not to bother you because you were working on an important case."

Sitting down in a chair Simon replied "No as a matter of fact Walker called me to tell me that you had to have an emergency operation to relieve the pressure your brain was under from intracranial bleeding. After he assured me that you would be okay and that he would call me if anything changed I decided to stay in D.C. until we arrested those domestic terrorist. Speaking of Walker, how are things between the two of you? Everything going okay?"

Trivette snapped "Did they call you to complain about me being mean to them?" A puzzled Simon answered his brother "No as a matter of fact when I was talking to J.W. the other night he told me that you were being very mean to his Aunt Alex and Uncle Walker. Your son sounded really upset about it so I had him put his mother on the phone. Erica told me that for whatever reason you seemed mad at the Walkers. James I have to say this; if it wasn't for Walker getting you to the hospital the other night you would be dead and you should at least be thankful for that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you how to run your life but whatever you're mad at Walker about is it enough to throw away your friendship with him? Don't answer that one right now because you really need to think about what you're doing and why you're doing it."

With a wry smile Trivette told his brother "Simon for not telling me how to run my life I think you just did." Simon shrugged his shoulders as he replied "I'm your older brother, I get to boss you around. Now you never did answer the question, when are they releasing you?"

Trivette got up from the bed as he answered "In about an hour, is that okay with you?" Simon questioned "You have a ride home?" Reaching for his street clothes Trivette teased "If I don't have a ride home are you going to carry me there yourself? Just kidding Erica and her father are going to take me home. They should be here in a little bit." Simon nodded okay and Trivette went into the bathroom to get changed. After Erica arrived with her father Eric to take Trivette home Simon said to Trivette "Listen James I'll come by your place to see you later right now I have something that I need to do." Simon left the hospital and headed to Ranger headquarters where he found Walker looking perplexed as Swanson was trying to explain something to him about the computer system that Trivette used on his computer. Seeing Simon there Walker told Swanson to keep on doing what she was doing and led Simon into his private office.

After they were seated Simon got straight to the point "What's going on between you and my little brother?" Walker answered "You'll have to ask your brother that one. Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do."

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're stubborn?" Simon questioned Walker who answered "My wife. Simon if you want to know what is going on with Trivette you'll have to ask him. For whatever reason right now he's really mad about something."

"Well go talk to him and find out what it is. Your his friend, aren't you?" Simon told Walker who told him "When Trivette is ready to talk he knows where to find me." Simon pointed out "You two are long time friends, you've saved either others lives on more than one occasion. Are you two both going to turn you back on each other over what will probably turn out to be something silly?"

"Simon I know that you're trying to help here but until Trivette gets over whatever he's mad about and starts treating Alex decently things will remain the way that they are right now. If Trivette wants to be upset with me that's fine, I can handle it but he will not take it out on my wife. Trivette should remember that he and Alex were friends long before we got married. Alex did nothing to deserve the way he's been treating her." Walker informed Simon who realized that he wasn't going to get anywhere with Walker concerning his younger brother changed the subject "James is being released from the hospital today. Erica and her father are taking him home."

"I know Alex is watching Destiny for Erica. Listen Simon can you check on Trivette after he's settled in at home and let Alex know how he's doing? She's worried about him." Walker asked him. "Okay, I'll call her later this evening."

Simon went and checked on his younger brother who offered him the spare bedroom so Simon agreed to stay there for a couple of days. As he was making dinner for the two of them Simon asked "Hey when J. W. goes out to the Walker's ranch this weekend to ride his colt Thor can we go with him? It's so peaceful out there and the fresh air will do me a lot of good after my last case."

Trivette snapped "My son won't be going to the Walker's ranch to ride that damn colt this weekend or any other weekend for the matter. As far as I'm concerned the Walkers should stop flaunting their money. Just because they have more money than I do doesn't mean that they should rub my face in it." Before Simon could react to that statement Trivette rubbed his head where it had been shaved for the emergency operation and told his brother "Listen I'm just going to lay on the couch for awhile, call me when dinner is done." After Simon agreed Trivette went and lay down on the couch while Simon finished their dinner. After they had eaten dinner Simon went to the guest room and called Alex.

After being told that Trivette was home from the hospital and settling in okay Alex questioned Simon "Do you think Jimmy will be up to a visit tomorrow? Ray's been asking to see him." Simon answered "Maybe you ought to wait for awhile on that."

"He's still mad at us then? Don't bothering answering because from the way you answered he is. I just wished that I knew what Trivette is so mad about. He and Walker have been friends for so long. I would hate for anything to change that. Simon what do you think I should do about this? Should I demand that Trivette tell me what he's mad at Walker and me for?" Alex said.

After thinking it over Simon told her "All I know is that James thinks that you and your husband are flaunting your money and that bothers him." Alex objected "Wait a minute, that's my money not Walker's and I have never flaunted it."

"That's the impression that I get from James. He told that just because you two have money was no reason for you two to rub his face in it." Simon answered Alex who got upset and told him "Tell that brother of yours that Walker and I have never rubbed his face in anything, then you can tell him that I said goodbye." The phone was then hung up leaving Simon standing there as he said to himself 'This is going to be harder that I thought to get them talking to each other again. She's as stubborn as her husband is and I'm beginning to think that it's rubbed off on my younger brother.'

Chapter Eight

Even though she knew that Trivette was angry with her and her husband about them supposedly flaunting their money Alex decided to stop in and see how Trivette was doing. Alex had also decided that Trivette couldn't be upset about them flaunting their money because they, the Walkers had never done that and that something else must be really bothering him. Arriving at Trivette's place Alex told her oldest son Ray "Remember now that Uncle Jimmy is still recovering from being in the hospital. So no wrestling him, okay?" Ray nodded then asked "Is that why Uncle Jimmy hasn't been out to see us lately?" Alex nodded yes as they got out of the car and went to Trivette's door where Alex rang the doorbell which was answered by Simon.

"Hi Simon, is Trivette up to company yet? Ray wanted to stop by and see how he was doing." Alex said. Simon led them into the house as he replied "James is just fine and I'll bet that he'll be glad to see you Ray. Why don't you go ahead into the living room and see your Uncle Jimmy while your mother and I talk." Ray ran into the living while Simon turned to Alex who questioned him

"Is he still mad at us then?" After Simon nodded that Trivette was still mad at them Alex asked "Do you have any idea why Jimmy is so upset with us? I know that you said something about my flaunting my money but that can't be right because I've never flaunted it. Most of it went to charities and the rest of it we put in the college funds for our children. It has to be something else that's really bothering him."

"All I know is that when I questioned James about it he said that you and your husband flaunt your money and that it bothered him. He also said something about you rubbing his face in the fact that you two have more money than he does. If there is something else bothering him James hasn't said a word about it. Listen since you're here why don't you go and talk with him yourself while I take Ray down to the ice cream store." Simon finished up with a suggestion which Alex quickly agreed to.

After Simon left with Ray Alex went to talk to Trivette but he told her as he headed to his bedroom "I'm tired, I'm going to take a nap. Please leave." Alex stopped him by saying "Since when do you take naps James Trivette? Now I want to know why you think that I flaunt my money because I don't and you know that."

"I said that you and that husband of yours have been flaunting your money and you two most certainly have. Now if you'll excuse I really need to take a nap." Trivette said to Alex who snapped "The money is mine and mine alone, Walker never has spent a penny of it and he doesn't tell me what to spend it on. So if you have a problem with the way I spend my money I suggest that you be man enough to tell me that to my face instead of going behind my back and telling people that Walker and I are flaunting our money because we're not."

Getting mad himself Trivette bit back as he all but tossed Alex out the door "Okay, I'll tell it to your face. Stop throwing around the fact that you and Walker have more money than I do and stop rubbing my face in it. Now goodbye." The door was shut behind Alex who sat down on the top porch step in disbelief at Trivette's unrelenting anger. When Simon came back with Ray Alex told him "Your brother is taking a nap, when he wakes up can you tell him that we left? Come on Ray, we're leaving." Before Simon could answer Alex took Ray's hand and left Trivette's house.

Simon went into his brother's bedroom where he all but yelled at him "What is the matter with you? That woman who's been a friend of yours for years left here practically in tears over whatever you said to her. If you have a problem with either her or her husband at least be man enough to try and work it out with them. If not for yourself or your friendship with them then for your son's sake. J.W. is the Walker's godson, isn't he?" Trivette sighed as he turned away from the window where he had watched Alex drive away upset with him. Looking at his brother Trivette said "I'm not as mad at her as I am with Walker. The fact is that he..."

When Trivette trailed off Simon asked "The fact is that he what James?" Instead of answering Trivette changed the subject to the Mavericks latest playoff lost and how that he now had hope for the Texas Rangers team because the baseball season was just getting started.

When Walker got home he noticed that Alex seemed upset by something so he asked Ray "Ray were you good for Mommy today? How about the triplets?" Ray answered his father "They were okay but I was real good Daddy. Mommy took me to see Uncle Jimmy and his brother Mr. Simon took me to the ice cream store. Daddy when we got back from the store Mommy was sitting on the porch steps and she told Mr. Simon that Uncle Jimmy was taking a nap then we left."

            In a quiet moment after dinner Walker got the full story from Alex who was still pretty upset by the way she had been treated by Trivette. Walker decided that he was going to go right over to Trivette's place and confront him about the way he had been treating Alex. Alex asked him not to do that right now because maybe Jimmy still needed more time to get back to his old self, that she doubted if Jimmy had meant to talk to her like that. Walker agreed to give Trivette some more time to get over whatever he seemed so upset about.

Chapter Nine

When Alex answered her front door she was surprised to see Simon Trivette standing there with his nephew J.W. After J.W. went upstairs to play with Ray Alex questioned Simon "What are you two doing here? Not that I mind you visiting us but isn't Trivette still mad at us? Aren't you going to get him mad at you too by bringing J.W. over here when Trivette's forbidden it?"

Simon replied "My nephew said that he wanted to come over here to see Ray so I brought him. As for my brother getting upset at me he'll get over it. I'm his only brother, after all. Now Alex I have a favor to ask of you. I have to go somewhere, can you watch J.W. for awhile?" After Alex agreed to watch her godson Simon left. Awhile later the children came downstairs Ray and J.W. asked if they could go ride Thor but Alex told them that they would have to wait until Walker got home.

When Walker got home Alex explained that Simon had brought J.W. out to the ranch to play with Ray then had asked her to watch him because he had to go somewhere. Alex then asked Walker to take Ray and J.W. out to the barn to see Thor and Walker took them there. The boys then kept asking Walker if they could ride the colt so he agreed that they could but only around the corral and J.W. told Ray that he could take his turn first. After Ray had ridden the colt Walker put J.W on Thor and was leading him around the corral when Trivette came flying up in his car. J. W. said to his father "Hey Dad, I'm riding my colt."

Trivette told him "Get down off of that horse right now young man." J. W. objected "But Dad." Trivette said "I said now J.W., don't make me repeat myself. You have two seconds to get off of that damn horse." A stunned Ray asked as Walker helped his godson off of the colt "Uncle Jimmy why are you swearing at J.W? He wasn't being bad. You're not supposed to yell at him unless he's really really bad or doing something that could get him hurt. Mommy and Daddy don't yell at us kids unless we're about to hurt ourselves, that's why Daddy yelled at me when I tried to climb on Cloud all by myself."

Walker said "Ray, would you and J.W. please go into the house while Uncle Jimmy and I talk?" Ray nodded and the boys ran off to the house before Trivette could stop his son from going. Turning to Walker Trivette asked "Where do you get off telling my son what he can and can't do?"

Walker calmly answered "Because you and I need to settle this thing." Trivette snapped "What thing? You and that wife of yours throwing your money in my face, that thing?"

Controlling his temper Walker replied "Okay that's enough Trivette. Alex has never thrown the fact that she has money in yours or anyone else's face, got that?" Trivette snarled "Yeah right, that's why she gave you the money to buy Thor for J.W. when I don't have the kind of money to buy my son a colt of his own. How could the two of you do that to me? I thought we were friends?"

"Is that what you're upset about? My buying Thor? Because if it is you're way out of line to take it out on Alex. I didn't spend one single penny of hers on Thor." Walker told Trivette who scoffed "Yeah right, then where did you get the money? Let me guess you won the lottery and decided to spend in on a colt for my son. Never mind the fact that you have a son who just lost his own colt."

"When Angel foals it will be Ray's. As for Thor, I was out at the Swallow's End ranch following a lead in the Weasley case when the owner's daughter, Spring Sprockell was thrown from Thor and Sprinter Sprockell decided that he was going to shoot the colt for his daughter getting thrown off. So I told him that if shot the colt I would arrest him. Sprockell told me that he would just wait until I left and then shoot the colt so I told him that I would take the colt off of his hands. When he said that he still wanted to shoot the colt I told him that Alex would be more than glad to have her friend the humane officer stop by his ranch Sprockell agreed that I could take the colt off of his hands for a price he named." Walker explained to Trivette who started to let go of his anger but still had to ask "But why did you give him to J.W.? I was saving up to buy him a colt for his next birthday. Now what am I supposed to get him?"

Looking just a little bit sheepish Walker answered "I didn't mean to give Thor to your son but J.W. told me that Alex said that he should consider Thor his colt while he was riding him. J.W. then asked me if that meant if the colt was his all the time. Trivette, I just couldn't say no to him."

Trivette said "But you would have told Ray no." Walker then pointed "Yes because he's my son and J.W. is my nephew. Trivette answer me something, if Ray asked you for something that you could give him would you tell him no?"

"Okay, you made your point Walker but the next time J.W. asks you for something say no, got that? Now what's for dinner? I'm starving." Trivette asked Walker who replied "I've got that but you still have to talk with Alex. She was pretty hurt by the way you treated her."

Taking out his cell phone Trivette said "What's the number for your favorite pizza place? How many should I get by the way?" Walker teased "Still afraid of my wife, are you Trivette?" Trivette teased right back "Yes, I've seen that right hook of hers and she does have a mule-headed Texas Ranger for a husband who insisted that she learn karate, like the woman wasn't dangerous enough to begin with."

Walker took Trivette's cell phone and ordered the pizzas then he said that they should wait in the barn until the pizzas got there unless Trivette was brave enough to face Alex without a pizza in his hands. Trivette said that waiting in the barn for the pizza to get there sounded good to him. Walker suggested that he show Trivette some new martial arts moves that he had learned. Trivette groaned but followed Walker into the barn where Walker started showing him the new moves.

Chapter Ten

As Walker was showing Trivette the moves Trivette decided that he wanted to try one himself and wouldn't take no for an answer even though Walker pointed out that he was recovering from brain surgery but still Trivette insisted. Simon arrived and he heard Trivette say somewhat loudly "I give Walker, ease up." Hurrying into the barn Simon found Trivette lying on the floor with Walker standing over him so Simon came after Walker. Before he knew what hit him Simon too was laying on the floor besides his brother. Walker offered Trivette a hand to get up while Simon said "What is wrong with you Walker? James is recovering from surgery on his brain."

Trivette answered his brother "It was my idea, Walker was showing some moves when I insisted that I wanted to do one and well...Walker's Walker." Getting up from the floor Simon dusted himself off as he added "What is that supposed to mean? Walker's Walker? Just because he's a captain in the Texas Rangers is no reason for him to assault you. James, I'll get J.W. then we'll leave."

"Can't do that just yet Simon, the pizza isn't here yet." Trivette said to his brother who asked "What does pizza have to do with anything?" Walker entered the conversation by saying "Your brother is afraid to face Alex without a pizza in his hands, aren't you Trivette?"

"At least I don't hide behind my children, like you do." Trivette pointed out leaving Simon completely puzzled. Walker and Trivette headed out of the barn followed by Simon who questioned them "What is going on here? James I thought you were mad at the Walkers?"

Trivette answered his brother as a pizza delivery car started down the lane to the ranch "I got over it. Good the pizza is here, remember Walker I go into the house first with the pizza."

The front door opened as Alex was getting ready to go to the barn to check on Walker and Trivette, seeing Trivette standing there holding pizza Alex told him "I see that Walker has forgiven you but I don't." Then she went into the dining room where she started setting the table. In the hallway Trivette asked Walker to go into the dining room with him but Walker went upstairs to check on the children so Simon agreed to back his brother up.

When Trivette came into the dining room Alex glared at him until he said "I'm sorry Alex." Still upset Alex responded " That's nice." Trivette tried again "Look I thought you gave Walker the money to buy Thor for my son and I was wrong, I was also wrong to take my anger out on you about it."

"I thought that Walker asked you if it was all right if he gave Thor to J.W.? Are you telling me that he didn't? Because I told him to ask you first." Alex replied causing Trivette to shake his head no.

"Okay, I'll have a talk with Walker later about buying things for your son but for now why don't you call the children down for pizza?" Alex suggested to Trivette who did exactly that. After they were done eating the pizza and watching the children play outside Trivette questioned "So Walker exactly how much did you have to give Sprockell?"

"Five thousand, Trivette I had to do it." Walker answered and Trivette told Walker "That's a lot but my son is worth every penny."

"Yes he is so does that mean you want to pay me back?" Walker semi teased Trivette who replied "No, there's a reason you're his godfather but I'm the one who's buying him new saddle."

After the Trivette had left and their own children were in bed Alex asked Walker "You do know that you caused all of this trouble, don't you?" A puzzled Walker asked "How do you figure that?"

"Because you gave Thor to J.W. without asking Trivette first. Walker how would you have felt if Trivette had given Ray a colt without asking you first?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "Mad just like Trivette was, okay?"

"Okay but I still think that you need another lesson in relationships." Alex said as she turned down her covers on her side of the bed. Turning down the covers on his side of the bed Walker asked his wife "What are you talking about now? I know not to buy things for J.W. without asking Trivette first."

Removing her clothes Alex replied "I was talking about a lesson in physical relationships but if you don't want one that's fine by me." Walker stripped and got into bed where he had his lesson. When they were done Walker questioned "Still think I need another lesson?"

A little breathless Alex managed to reply "You don't but I sure do." Walker gave her a lesson among other things.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show.