Grand Jury

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex got out of bed and headed to the nursery to tend to the baby who had been crying but she saw that her husband was already there taking care of the baby. Standing in the doorway Alex silently watched as Walker rocked little Sam while he said to the child "You're so lucky to have the best mommy in the world." Moving further into the nursery Alex said as she picked up Michaela who was starting to fuss "So you think that I'm the best mommy in the world, do you?"

Walker answered "Yes I do but then again after last night I think you are the world's best at anything that you do. Alex you were something else last night."

Alex said "So were you Walker."  Just then Betty Stone who had ended up at the Walkers' after her apartment building had burnt to the ground and was lending a hand with the children until the Walkers could hire a nanny entered the room and said as she picked up Cooper "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, I would like to stay on as the nanny but I would also like a place of my own in the future."

"I can understand that." Alex replied and Walker then told Betty "I have a small cabin about a quarter of a mile from here. We can fix it up by the time the triplets start sleeping through the night and it would be yours as long as you're our nanny, interested?  The pay would stay the same but you should know that eventually Alex will be returning to the D.A.'s office and we want the babies to be watched here at the ranch."

"Yes that sounds good to me, a small place of my own but close enough so that I could be here in no time at all if need be." Betty answered Walker.

"Good then Alex and I will look it over and see what needs to be done to fix it up. If it's too much for me to do myself we'll hire a contractor to fix it up in no time." Walker said and then Betty left the nursery. Alex turned to Walker and asked him "Since we're hiring a contractor, who's paying for him?"

"I was hoping that it wouldn't cost too much." Walker replied and Alex questioned "If it costs a lot?"

Walker teasingly said "Well I guess that it's a good thing that I'm married to a lady that has some money and will lend me some."

"But I thought that you were opposed to me spending my father's money on your ranch?" Alex asked him.

"I am but I've been thinking about that and while I will always pay all the expenses concerning the ranching part of it I realized that you have already been helping me out with the expenses when it came to our home and our children. Alex since you are already paying Betty to be the nanny I will pay you back any expenses that are incurred in fixing up the cabin for her." Walker explained to his wife who said "I love you darling and I know how you can pay me back."

"Alex you are about the only woman that I know who would tell me that they loved me after I asked them to spend some money." Walker told his wife.

"Yes but you know how I love spending money on worth while things." Alex teased

"I wonder if they will sleep long enough for us to get some 'sleep' ourselves? And no that's not the way I will be paying you back." Walker said and Alex took his hand and told him "Let's find out. We can discuss how you can pay me back another time." They went to their bedroom and caught up on their 'sleep'.

Chapter Two

Walker got to headquarters a little late because of his catching up on sleep. Trivette followed Walker into his private office and asked him "So Walker how much longer are you going to be a married man?"

"Trivette, what are you talking about?" Walker shot back.

"I thought that Alex was going to divorce you because of Sheila's stealing of your youngest Sam?"  Trivette questioned Walker who replied "No, Alex would never divorce me. She's too crazy about me to do something like that."

Trivette teased "Just plain crazy is more like it, after all the woman puts up with you." Walker teased back "No Alex is perfectly sane, she married me didn't she?"

Still bantering Trivette said "That's debatable how sane that actually makes her." The door opened and D.A. Moody entered and said to Walker "Captain Walker, I'm afraid that I have some bad news for you."

"What bad news?" Walker asked Moody who answered "You know how my office after an investigation by the police department decided that Alex's shooting of Courtney Hargrove was self defense?" After Walker nodded yes Moody added "I just found out that there is a secret federal grand jury meeting in Austin to investigate it. There's a possibility of indictments."

"Why, when it was a clear case of self defense?  Alex had to shoot her, otherwise my wife or our babies or even Ray or all of them could have been killed by that lunatic. She was in our house waving a knife around." Walker protested.

"I know that Walker and my office agreed that it was self defense but the federal prosecutor in Austin is claiming that my office and the police department was biased towards Alex.  That because of that bias we overlooked evidence that could have indicated murder instead of self defense." Moody answered.

"Great, do either I or Alex have to go there?"  Walker asked Moody who responded "No they already have plans for someone to come here and depose Alex for the federal grand jury. Mrs. Walker won't have to go to Austin unless she's indicted and we won't know that until the panel releases it's findings to the public."

Walker then questioned "How long will that take?"

"It could be anywhere from a week to a month or never." Moody replied and then left Walker's office. Trivette told him "I'm sorry man."

"I know Trivette but I'm telling you right now that if Alex is indicted they can have my badge because I will not be part of a justice system that would prosecute a woman for protecting her family in her own home from a knife wielding insane woman. Trivette I could have lost my family that day if Alex hadn't done what she did." Walker answered and Trivette started to leave Walker's office when Walker called him back and said to him "Trivette I'm taking the day off, you can deal with things. I have to tell my wife about this before she hears it from someone else."

When Walker got home Alex said to her husband "Walker, I see that you've heard the news?"

"About the federal grand jury in Austin?  Moody told me." Walker answered and Alex said "No I was talking about the wrongful death lawsuit against us."

"Now why do I think that the federal prosecutor in Austin is in cahoots with whoever filled that wrongful death suit?" Walker questioned.

"Because the federal prosecutor is none other our former D.A. Clark, you remember him don't you?" Alex asked her husband who told her "After what happened to you when he had you arrested for a murder that you didn't commit he's lucky to still be breathing." Walker replied.

"Darling I love it when you're all protective of me but can we talk about this later?  I don't want Angela or Ray overhearing any of this." Alex asked Walker who agreed. She then asked him "Have you looked the cabin over yet to see what needs to be done to make it livable?"

"Not yet, I thought that maybe you would want to look it over with me after all we'll use your money to fix it and then I'll pay you back." Walker questioned his wife.

"Honey I don't need to look it over with you, whatever you decide is fine with me. As for paying me back you don't have to but knowing how stubborn you are about the money you probably will insist on it. But for now don't forget that you still have that debit card, you can just use it for whatever's needed, okay?" Alex asked.

"Okay, I'll go look at it now." Walker said and left the house.

Chapter Three

Later on that day when the triplets were napping Betty took Angela and Ray to the barn so that Alex and Walker could talk. Walker assured his wife "Don't worry about this Alex, there is no way that they can charge you. You did what you had to do that day to protect our children. Clark is just using this to pay you back for what happened last time."

"Walker while I think that Clark is a jerk, even he has to have something on me or thinks that he does." Alex replied.

Walker questioned her "What are you talking about Alex?"

"After what happened last time when Clark charged me with murdering Tony Seville and ended up looking like a vindictive incompetent fool, he has to have a valid reason to press forward with this. Clark must have something that we don't know about but he thinks will convict me because if he charges me with murder again and doesn't get a conviction this time his career is completely over." Alex explained.

Walker then said "But Alex you shot her in self defense, so how can he have anything on you?"

"Yes I did but we need to find out what Clark thinks his smoking gun is because I can't bear the thought of being arrested and put in jail again. What those three would have done to me if Alfre hadn't jumped in to help me, I still get the chills when I think about it." Alex answered and her husband pulled her close and tried to reassure her "Honey you won't be arrested. Any fool can see that you were defending yourself and our children in your home from a insane woman who was coming after you with a knife. Listen why don't you just ask for a copy of his evidence?  That way you will know what Clark thinks he has on you."

"I can't until after I'm charged because a secret grand jury is exactly that, secret." Alex explained to Walker who asked her puzzled "What do you mean?  You always have to give the defense attorneys access to the evidence before a trial."

"Yes but this is different, the normal rules don't apply to a secret grand jury. So unless I'm charged we may never know what evidence Clark has against me. Also when he deposes me he can ask me just about any question that he wants to and I have to answer them." Alex replied.

"You can have someone there with you can't you?" Walker asked his wife.

"My attorney if I had one which I don't but he wouldn't be allowed to say too much anyhow." Alex answered.

Walker then asked "So when is your deposition?"

"Tomorrow, Clark and Vera Hollis who's representing Courtney Hargrove's sister Cassandra Hargrove-Miller will both be deposing me tomorrow. Also Vera Hollis plans to depose you then too." Alex told him and Walker objected "Why me?"

"Because we are both named in the wrongful death suit as being liable for her death. They have two theories about why we are liable for her death. One, they are saying that you lured her out to the ranch with the promise that you would meet her here for sex and then had me kill her as part of a plan to get rid of Courtney Hargrove and get away with murder. I mean after all who would think a Texas Ranger would have his pregnant wife kill someone for him?  Their other theory is that I killed Courtney Hargrove because you were having a torrid affair with her and was leaving me for her." Alex answered him.

"Just great but at least I'll be here with you if Clark starts anything. Do we have anybody  that we can call to be here tomorrow as our attorney?" Walker asked.

"No I couldn't find one that I could trust on such a short notice but Phil Holland will be here representing Moody's office. Hopefully Clark will tip his hand tomorrow and we will find out what he thinks that he has on me." Alex said as Walker hugged her and then changed the subject by saying "I looked over the cabin and it doesn't need much done to it, just some painting and a few minor repairs so I won't need to use that debit card to buy anything. Trivette and Gage said that they would help me fix it up on Saturday and Sydney said that she wanted to visit with you and the children."

"Good then I'll cook all of them a nice dinner to thank them." Alex responded.

Chapter Four

The next day Clark, Vera Hollis and Phil Holland showed up for the depositions, after they were seated Alex stated "Now that we are all here I would like to know who's deposing whom and in what order."

Clark snidely said "Come now Cahill, don't play the innocent with me, we both know that you are guilty don't we?"

Alex answered "I was simply trying to find out the order in which the depositions were being held because we have infants triplets asleep upstairs that may awaken and both my husband and myself will have to tend to them not to mention our two year son who may require our attention too."

"That's just like you to use anyone that you can to get yourself out of trouble that you've gotten yourself into." Clark told Alex and Walker snapped at him "It's just like you Clark to use your position to try and hurt my wife for reasons that are obvious, your jealousy of her accomplishments. It has always bothered you that Alex has always been and will always be a much better prosecutor than you could ever hope to be."

Phil Holland interjected "Gentlemen and Ladies, I suggest that we put the past behind us and concentrate on why we are here, to get to the truth in this matter."

Vera Hollis then said "I agree. Now Mr. and Mrs. Walker if it's okay I would like to depose Mr. Walker separately from you Mrs. Walker. Is there another room that I can use to do that?"

Walker got up and said to her "We can go into the dining room." Vera Hollis followed him in and got straight to the point "Mr. Walker, did you recently or in the past have a sexual relationship with Courtney Hargrove?"

"No I didn't but that didn't stop her from telling people that we had one. She was obsessed with me years ago and hounded me to sleep with her but I didn't. I thought that she had forgotten about me until recently when Miss Hargrove started sending me nude pictures of herself with obscene suggestions written on the back of them like she had done years ago when she was hounding me. Anyhow on the morning of October 18th I drove down to Austin to confront her about the pictures. Alex and I had had a fight about my confronting Courtney in Austin. I was going to tell her to stop sending those picture because I wasn't nor would I ever be interested in her. About halfway to Austin I turned around and headed home because I realized that Alex was right when she told me that Courtney was never going to listen to reason. When I got home I heard a gunshot and ran into the house to find Alex coming down the steps with her gun in her hand. Alex told me that Miss Hargrove was upstairs in our bedroom and I went up to check on her but she was dead, I then called the police and reported it. I returned back downstairs where my wife told me that she was in early labor, Alex was then rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to our triplets a month early." Walker finished his explanation.

"Do you know why Courtney Hargrove would tell people that the two of you were having a very steamy affair and that you were leaving your wife because of it?  That your wife was either unable or unwilling to satisfy some of your sexual urges?"  Hollis questioned Walker who answered "No I don't know why Hargrove would tell such lies. Alex and I are happily married and we will remain that way for the rest of our lives. I never have and I never will cheat on my wife."

Hollis then asked him "Mr. Walker on May 14th of this year didn't you in fact meet Courtney Hargrove in a hotel room in Austin and have sex with her?"

"No on May 14th of this year I was in Chicago along with the rest of my family because Alex's father had been killed by a drunk driver, it's a matter of public record. We dealt with a Captain Hendrikson of Chicago P.D., we were there for five days and returned home in time for our daughter's fifth birthday." Walker answered and Vera Hollis then asked him "This can be verified?" After Walker nodded yes Vera Hollis then asked "What about September 5th of this year?  You were reported to have met Courtney in a hotel room in Austin for sex. The clerk said that she was met by a bearded man, his description fits you."

"Well it wasn't me. Alex was kidnapped that day. I had dropped our son Raymond off at the Hope House while Alex took our daughter Angela to her first day of kindergarten. Alex was then supposed to go to the Hope House and pick Ray up, she never made it because she was kidnapped by Garrity. I along with my fellow Rangers Trivette, Gage and Cooke went over Alex's van where it had been found in an empty parking lot halfway between Angela's school and the Hope House. You can contact the three of them and Josie Wells who called me at Ranger headquarters when Alex didn't pick Ray up. It took us a week before we were able to find my wife and at no time did I go to Austin or anywhere else, I stayed by my phone in case there was a ransom demand." Walker explained and Vera Hollis told him that she didn't have any more questions and they returned to the living room.

In the living room Vera Hollis said to Alex "Mrs. Walker in light of what your husband told me we may reconsider the wrongful death suit. I'll get back to you after I've verified a few things and discussed it with Courtney's sister Cassandra Hargrove- Miller whom I'm representing in this matter. We were led to believe that Courtney Hargrove's death was an act of premeditated murder and that D.A. Moody covered it up for the two of you. Now that doesn't appear to be the case since your husband seems to have alibis for the two times he was supposed to have met Courtney in Austin for sex." Then Vera Hollis added "Mrs. Walker why did you fatally shoot Courtney Hargrove that day?"

"She was in my bedroom with a knife shredding my clothes when she spotted me and came after me with the knife raised. I was so scared that if she stabbed me that she would then kill my sleeping son or harm my unborn babies. I got my gun out and shot her to protect my children. I didn't shoot her to kill her, I shot her to stop her from harming my babies. I regret that she is dead but I had to protect them." Alex answered and Vera Hollis who then left.

Clark then stated "Well Cahill you may be getting out of the wrongful death lawsuit but make no mistake about it I will see you jailed for the death of Courtney Hargrove."

Getting mad Walker said to Clark "Get the hell out of my house before I forget that you're supposed to be an officer of the court."

"No, not until I ask my questions. I'm here to get to the truth and that's exactly what I'm going to do, prove that Alex Cahill shot and killed Courtney Hargrove in cold blood. That it wasn't self defense as she then cried." Clark insisted.

Chapter Five

When they were getting ready to start of the deposition of Alex by federal prosecutor Clark, Alex she told him "I hope you don't mine but I will be recording my deposition." Clark objected by saying "I mind you recording anything."

Alex insisted "I'm within my rights to record your questions and my answers to insure that they are accurately presented to the grand jury in Austin. Now we don't want anybody to be able to question the veracity of my deposition down the line do we?"

Giving in because he really had no choice Clark agreed and Alex started the tape recorder as Clark questioned her "Ms. Cahill on the morning of October 18th of this year did you in fact tell your husband to go to Austin to confront Courtney Hargrove about what you thought were her lies about your husband?"

"My name is Alex Cahill-Walker and no I didn't tell my husband Cordell Walker to go to Austin to confront Courtney Hargrove, in fact I told him that I thought that it was unwise because Miss Hargrove wasn't interested in listening to reason. As a matter of fact Walker and I had a fight about him going there to confront her because I knew that she was obsessed with Walker to the point of being delusional about a sexual relationship between the two of them." Alex answered.

"So tell me what happened that morning that caused you to kill a woman in cold blood." Clark requested of Alex who replied "It wasn't in cold blood, it was self defense. After I dropped my daughter Angela off at school I returned home and put my sleeping son Ray into his bed I then went to my bedroom to lay down because my back was hurting me. When I got to my bedroom Courtney Hargrove was there with a knife shredding my things. When she saw me she raised her knife and came after me. Fearing for the safety of my sleeping son and the babies that I was carrying I pulled out my gun and shot her to stop her from hurting them." Alex explained.

"Did you tell her to stop, that if she didn't you would shoot her?" Clark asked Alex.

"No I didn't, it all happened too fast. I was terrified for my children's lives. She was coming at me with the knife raised and her eyes were that of someone who had lost touch with reality. All I could think that if I didn't stop her she would kill my babies and I couldn't let that happen." Alex answered and Clark snidely asked "Isn't it a fact that you really killed Courtney Hargrove because she had just taunted you with the fact that she and your husband were sleeping together?  Just like they had done in the past?"

"My husband was not having an affair with her nor did he have one with her in the past. Walker would never betray our wedding vows and in the past he never would have betrayed Ellen's memory by sleeping with Courtney Hargrove. The so-called affair was nothing more than a figment of Courtney's imagination." Alex stated.

"That wasn't your husband who met her in a hotel room in Austin on May 14th and September 5th of this year to have sex with her?  Not to mention all the times they met here to do the same thing. Miss Hargrove kept a list of the times and places where she met with your husband Cordell Walker. The description of the man from those two times in Austin fits your husband. As for the times that they met here I'm sure that after I interview the hotel clerks they will I.D. your husband as the man who met her for kinky sex too. So why don't you just admit that you killed Courtney Hargrove because of the affair that your husband was having with her?" Clark questioned Alex who answered him "No I won't admit to killing her because my husband was sleeping with her because he wasn't and I shot her to stop her from hurting or even killing my children; born and unborn. For your information on May 14th of this year we all were in Chicago, including Walker because my father had been killed by a drunk driver. On September 5th of this year I was kidnapped by Garrity for his brother Baker. Walker along with Texas Rangers Trivette, Gage and Cooke searched for me until they found me a week later. You can contact Captain Hendrikson of the Chicago P. D. whom we dealt with when we were there in May. As for September you can contact the Rangers that I mentioned plus Josie Wells from the Hope House who called Walker when I didn't pick Ray up that day. Also the local branch of the F.B.I. was involved in the case. Those times that she claimed to have met Walker it wasn't him, any man who remotely looked like him would have suited Hargrove's purpose, to make people think that they were having an affair when they weren't." Alex  calmly replied.

"Isn't it a fact that you shot her in cold blood that day because Courtney had just told you all about the sexual things she had been doing with your husband?  You know the things that she wrote about on the backs of the nude pictures of herself that she sent her lover?" Clark attempted to unsettled Alex.

"I shot Courtney Hargrove in self defense that day because she came after me with a raised knife. As for what she wrote on those pictures, I never saw them nor do I ever want to see them." Alex stated.

"Let me get this straight, a woman sends your husband nude pictures of herself with sexual suggestions written on the back of them and you've never demanded to see them?" Clark questioned Alex who replied "No I have never asked to see them because I know that Walker will never betray our wedding vows."

Getting mad because he was unable to shake Alex, Clark then said as he went through some notes "So does that mean because your husband is into bondage and other kinky stuff not to mention having oral sex performed on him, you do that for him?  That he didn't have to go to Courtney Hargrove to have those sexually perverted needs met?"

"Our love live is a very private matter that is between the two of us and is shall remain that way. You know that you can't ask me questions that violate the sanctity of marriage." Alex told Clark who then snapped at her "Answer the question or face contempt charges."

"No. By law you cannot demand that I talk about my husband if I do not want to." Alex replied. Gathering his things up Clark said "This isn't over Cahill. "Then he started to leave but stopped and asked her "Have you ever fired a gun at anyone before?"

"Yes in Judge Fullbright's chambers, a Madison Courtland was threatening to shoot my husband and I fired a bullet that went by her head." Alex answered.

Clark then asked her "Are you still claiming that you shot Courtney Hargrove in self defense when you fired at another woman and didn't hit her?"

"Yes because I was terrified for my babies, I couldn't let them be harmed. I was afraid that if she harmed me that she would then kill my babies, all of them. In the judge's chambers that day I wasn't terrified but on October 18th I was. I was defending my family from a woman who had lost touch with reality." Alex stated and Clark left.

Alex then made several copies of her deposition, giving one to Phil Holland and putting one in an envelope addressed to Clark in Austin then she took the original and placed it in Walker's safe. After witnessing that Phil Holland left with his copy.

Walker took Alex into his arms and tried to assure his wife by saying to her "Honey he was just blowing off steam. It will be okay now, I promise you."

Smiling at her husband a little sadly she said "No, Clark will do anything that he has to get me jailed even if it's only for contempt of court. He really hates me." Having no answer for that Walker just hugged her tighter.

Chapter Six

Later on that night after the children were all sleeping Walker asked Alex "That time you were in jail, I know that those women were going to beat you up but why does the thought of going to jail for contempt of court scare you so much?"

"I didn't tell you everything about what happened then." Alex replied and Walker then questioned his wife "What do you mean that you didn't tell me everything?"

"I didn't tell you what those women were going to do when Alfre jumped in to help me." Alex answered her husband who then said her somewhat puzzled "They were going to beat you up, I know that."

"No they were planning on assaulting me." Alex answered hoping that Walker would drop the subject but her didn't "Alex, I just told you that I knew that they were going to beat you up."

"And I just told you that they were going to assault me, do I really have to explain it to you?" Alex asked Walker who informed his wife "I wish you would because you've lost me."

"Fine they had a broom handle with them. I'm sure that you can figure out what they were going to do with it." Alex snapped at Walker.

"A broom handle, were they going to hit you with it?" Walker still questioned Alex who answered "No, they were going to assault me with it."

Finally getting the idea Walker said to Alex "You mean that they were going to...?"

"Yes, now do you understand why the thought of being in jail scares me so?" Alex asked her husband who pulled her close and said "I'm sorry Alex I didn't realize what you were trying to tell me. I will do everything in my power to prevent you from going through something like that ever again."

Alex pointed out "You can't."

"If they insist on knowing the details of what we do when we you know..., I'll tell them so they can't jail for contempt of court." Walker told Alex.

"No you won't. Walker, our love life is our business and it will remain that way. Honey if either one of us answers those kind of questions, how long do you think it will be before the answers are leaked?  What we have between the two of us is so much more than I ever thought possible and I will not allow it to become something that strangers talk about.  How we express our love for each other is our business and no one else's." Alex told Walker.

Sighing he answered "You're right and it probably won't take too long before the answers are leaked, hell Clark would probably do it himself when he fails to get an indictment against you. So what do we do?"

"Refuse to answer any questions that violate the privacy of our marriage. That's all we can really do. There are very few judges who would jail me for refusing to answer questions like that. Hopefully Clark can't find one who will go along with him." Alex replied.

"Okay maybe we should try to get some rest. "Walker suggested and they went to sleep. Later on that night Walker awoke to Alex having a nightmare. Pulling her into his arms Walker said in a soothing voice "Alex honey, you're okay. I got you, you're here safe with me."

Awakening Alex said to him "Oh god Walker it was so horrible. In my dream this time they assaulted me while Clark watched and laughed." Pulling her even tighter Walker said to his wife "You are not going to jail. Alex even if Clark manages to find a judge who will go along with him he has to hold a hearing first and at that hearing I'll make the judge understand why you won't answer questions concerning the privacy of our marriage."

"How do you plan to do that?" Alex questioned her husband who smiled and said "Simple, I'll tell the judge that I've forbidden you to talk about the private details of our marriage."

Alex teased "Like I listen to you."

"I'll convince the judge that you do when it comes to that. Alex, I promise you that you won't be jailed." Walker vowed and Alex snuggled closer to her husband and said "Okay."

Chapter Seven

Saturday morning Betty and the guys headed off to the cabin that was going to be fixed up so she could live in it after the triplets were sleeping through the night. As Alex and Sydney were talking in the living room while the triplets slept and Angela and Ray played the doorbell rang. Alex answered to find Ranger Hunt who was Betty's mother standing there. Alex greeted her "Hi Ranger Hunt, your mother just went with the guys so that she could tell them how she wants the cabin fixed up for her."

Hunt winced and then formally stated as she pulled out a warrant "Mrs. Walker, I have here a warrant for your arrest on contempt of court charges. I'm afraid that you will have to come with me right now." Then Hunt pulled out her handcuffs and started to handcuff Alex who asked her "May I see that warrant?  It's my legal right to do so."

Hunt handed the warrant to Alex who read it over and said to Sydney "This is based on Clark claiming that I refused to answer any of his questions which isn't true. I just refused to answer some of them as is my legal right to do so. Listen Sydney, do me a favor and get a hold of Walker, he'll know what to do. I have to go with Ranger Hunt now."

Hunt said "I'm sorry Mrs. Walker but according to this warrant I have to handcuff you and take you straight to Judge Halston's chambers for the hearing. We have to go now, so if you would please turn around so that I can handcuff you?"

Alex turned around and was handcuffed as Angela and Ray looked on. Hunt started to lead Alex away when Angela yelled "Leave my mommy alone you bad lady." Alex said to her daughter "Honey, it's okay Mommy is going to go with Ranger Hunt and tell the judge what he wants to know then Mommy will be back."

Hunt then said to Sydney who was trying to calm Angela down "Ranger Cooke, the hearing will take place as soon as we reach Judge Halston's chambers, I intend to drive to Austin within the speed limit and maybe a little under to be on the safe side. I'm sorry but I am just doing my job." Hunt handed Sydney the warrant and they went outside where she led Alex to her car and after placing her in the back seat slowly drove off.

Sydney called Walker and explained the situation to him. Once he got to the house Walker was going to take off after Hunt to stop her when Trivette told him "Walker if you try to stop Ranger Hunt from doing what she was ordered to do by a judge both you and your wife will be in jail. There is no way that I'm watching five children; not even for you."

Handing Walker the arrest warrant Sydney said "Walker, Alex said that this warrant was based on Clark saying that she refused to answer all of his questions, not some of them as was her legal right to do so. Alex said that you would know what to do about it."

Going into his den Walker removed the tape of Alex's deposition and told Betty Stone "I'm taking my children to Austin and you are going with me."

Betty protested " But my daughter was just doing her job."

"I know that. I'm going to show the judge what my wife was defending that day, her family. I'm going to play this tape and prove that Clark lied to the judge. After the hearing is over Alex and I will drive back here with the children and we'll give you plane fare back." Walker told Betty who then replied "Okay but is it all right if I visit with my daughter and granddaughter and then fly back on Sunday?"

Walker agreed and they loaded up Alex's van with all five children and headed to Austin themselves.

Chapter Eight

Alex stood in the judge's chambers still in handcuffs as Halston said to Clark who was there "Mr. Clark as soon as we go through the formalities Mrs. walker will be sent to the county jail as she should be for refusing to answer your questions. We cannot have people flaunting the law even if they are former prosecutors." The judge then turned his attention to Bobbie Hunt and asked her "Why are you still here? You've done your job, now leave." Hunt went to uncuff Alex when Halston snapped at her "Ranger Hunt, what do you think you are doing?"

Baffled she answered "Uncuffing Mrs. Walker sir."

"The cuffs stay on, leave my chamber now. Mrs. Walker needs to learn that she has to obey the law just like everybody else." Halston told Hunt who left.

Looking at Alex, Halston asked her "Do you have anything to say for yourself before I send you to jail for contempt of court?"

"Yes your honor, the arrest warrant that was issued by this court is based on a falsehood." Alex replied and Judge Halston then asked her "Oh and what is that falsehood?"

"The warrant is based on federal prosecutor Clark saying that I refused to answer all of his questions, that's not true. The only questions that I refused to answer were the ones that violated the privacy of my marriage." Alex stated.

Halston questioned her "Do you have proof of your allegations that prosecutor Clark misled this court?"

"Yes I taped my deposition." Alex was answering when Halston interrupted her and asked "Do you have it with you?"

"No, I was placed in handcuffs and removed from my home in front of my children before I could get the tape." Alex replied.

"A likely story. Really Mrs. Walker, do you expect this court to fall for that lie when the warrant that I issued stated that you were only to be brought here today if you again refused to answer the questions of federal prosecutor Clark?" Halston questioned.

"The arrest warrant that I saw after it was served on me by Ranger Hunt said no such thing, it stated that I was to be brought here to your chambers in handcuffs." Alex answered him and for the first time Clark spoke up "Judge Halston, I told you that Mrs. Walker would lie and scheme to get away with not answering any of my questions, didn't I?"

"Yes you did Clark and it appears that you were right about Mrs. Walker attempting to mislead this court." Halston said and Alex broke in to protest "I was not lying, Clark is in an attempt to use this court to harass me because of the past."

"Really Mrs. Walker, you are trying the court's patience. Enough already. You are to be remanded to the county jail until such a time as you come to your senses and answer all of the questions put to you by federal prosecutor Clark." Halston snapped at Alex who said to him "Let me get this straight, you are going to jail me based on his lies without giving me a chance to defend myself by presenting evidence to the contrary?"

"Mrs. Walker if you had evidence to the contrary you would have already presented it." Halston was saying when the door to his chambers opened and Walker came in with his children. Halston asked Walker "How dare you barge into my chambers? Who are you anyhow?"

"I dare barge into your chambers because of my children's mother being dragged from our house in handcuffs in front of my children." Walker stated and Clark told Halston "That's her husband Mr. Walker. I'm sure that he dragged his children into your chambers to make you look bad for rightfully jailing Mrs. Walker for contempt of court."

Halston then said to Walker "Mr. Walker this court cannot have you barging into my chambers whenever you feel like it." Walker then said "I'm sorry your honor but the arrest warrant that was served on my wife made it seem like she was going to be jailed without being able to defend herself."

"Mr. Walker, like I already told your wife my warrant doesn't say that. It stated that she would only be brought to my chambers if she still refused to answer prosecutor Clark's questions." Halston said.

Holding up the warrant that had been served on Alex Walker replied "That is not what this warrant states, it states that my wife was to be placed in handcuffs and driven straight to your chambers where she would be jailed for contempt of court."

Halston took the warrant and after reading it said "This isn't the warrant that I issued, never mind about that we'll settle it later. Right now Mr. and Mrs. Walker you have ten minutes to present a defense to the contempt of court charges. And get Ranger Hunt in here to remove these children before you do so."

Chapter Nine

After Bobbie Hunt entered the Judge's chambers to help her remove the Walker children Judge Halston had her remove Alex's handcuffs. After the children were out of the room Walker said to the judge "Alex Cahill-Walker taped her deposition, may I play it for the court?" Clark objected "Mrs. Walker didn't tape her deposition because there wasn't much of one due to her refusal to answer any questions."

"Your honor because of the past history between prosecutor Clark and Alex Cahill-Walker, he is using the death of Courtney Hargrove to get back at my wife. I have here the tape that was made of her deposition and witnessed by Phil Holland for D.A. Moody. When I play the tape you will see that the only questions that Mrs. Walker refused to answer were one that violated the privacy of our marriage. Alex refused to answer those questions because I have made it quite clear how I feel about maintaining the privacy of our marriage." Walker told Halston who allowed Walker to play the tape. When it was done Halston said "Mrs. Walker you are to answer the questions about your husband sexual urges or go to jail for contempt of court."

Looking at Judge Halston Alex firmly answered "No, I will not answer any questions that violate the privacy of my marriage."

Getting mad Walker told Halston "You cannot jail a woman for refusing to answer questions about her husband and how they relate in the privacy of their bedroom. It's an unwritten law."

Halston snapped back at them "I can and I will if that's the only way to get to the truth in this matter. Whether or not you had an affair with the deceased and your wife killed her in cold blood or self defense because the deceased was insane and imagined the affair and was stalking you."

"Who's truth? What really happened or what Clark said happened in order to use this court to help him pay back Alex Cahill-Walker for the time that he lost his job as Tarrant County D. A. because of his over eagerness to jail my wife for a  murder that she didn't commit?" Walker asked Judge Halston who sighed and then replied "Perhaps you ought to explain further Mr. Walker."

"Years ago after a hung jury in the Tillman case Alex Cahill told the media that there would be a retrial in the case without consulting Clark who was her boss at the time first. Several days later Tony Seville who was Tillman's attorney ended up dead in Miss Cahill's bed. Clark then quickly had Alex Cahill arrested and thrown into the general population of the county jail. After he made sure that bail was denied Alex Cahill was then beaten by other inmates. Seville's sister received a letter from him directing her to what he thought was just a tape of a drugged Alex Cahill being photographed with him in bed, it turned out to be a video tape of his murder by Tillman. After the tape was played in open court Clark lost his job as D. A. of Tarrant County. This is a matter of public record your honor." Walker told the judge.

"That may be so Mr. Walker but we still have to find out whether the shooting of Courtney Hargrove was an act of self defense or cold-blooded murder." Halston told Walker.

Getting mad Alex said to Halston. "I'm sure that federal prosecutor Clark has neglected to mention the fact that the two times Miss Hargrove claimed that Walker met her in Austin for sex he has alibis that can very easily be checked out. That was why Vera Hollis is dropping the wrongful death lawsuit because she realized the truth, that I was protecting my children that day. Your honor I shot Courtney Hargrove because I was terrified that she would harm my sleeping son or harm the babies that I was carrying then. She was in my bedroom with a knife shredding my clothes and came after me with the knife raised. As for the alleged affair, there wasn't one so therefore there is no reason for me to answer any question that violates the privacy of my marriage."

"Clark, does Mr. Walker have alibis for those two times?"  Halston questioned Clark who answered "Yes for those two times in Austin but I'm sure after we do more interviewing there will be times that he doesn't have alibis for."

"And the knife, did Courtney Hargrove have a knife that day?" Halston again questioned Clark who replied "There was a knife found by the body that didn't match any of theirs but I'm sure that they planted it. Your honor there are still all of those nude photos of herself that Courtney Hargrove sent to Mr. Walker with sexual suggestions on the back of them. That's motive enough for Alex Cahill to have killed the deceased in cold-blood after she saw them."

"Mrs. Walker, can you honestly telling this court that you have never seen those pictures?" Halston asked Alex who answered "No your honor, I have never seen those pictures."

Halston then questioned Alex in disbelief  "Why didn't you see them? Most woman would have demanded to see nude pictures sent to their husbands."

"Not me your honor because I know that my husband was not interested in anything that Courtney Hargrove sent him. Walker would never betray me for anyone, he is the most loyal and honest man that I have ever met. I trust him completely, I always have and I always will." Alex told the judge.

"Well Clark, no jury would convict a mother of five with the so-called evidence that you have. A woman has every right to protect herself and her children from a knife wielding woman in her own bedroom. As for your allegations of an affair, Mr. Walker appears to have alibis for the two times the deceased claimed that he met her in Austin. Therefore you can't prove an affair and because of that, what happens between the Walkers is none of this court's concern. That means that you also do not have a contempt of court case against Mrs. Walker.  Federal Prosecutor Clark this court does appreciate being used in an attempt to harm a woman because you dislike her due to your past history with her. You had better hope Clark that I can't trace that warrant that was served on Mrs. Walker back to you because if I can you will be the one in jail for contempt. Mr. and Mrs. Walker you are free to go." Halston ruled and as the Walkers were leaving he added "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, I will see that grand jury is dismissed because in my opinion Mrs. Walker did what any mother would have done that day, protect her children from an intruder, good day."

Taking Alex's hand Walker thanked the judge and they left his chambers and collected their children. Bobbie Hunt said to Walker "I'm sorry about this morning Captain Walker but I was ordered by Prosecutor Clark himself to go to Dallas and bring Mrs. Walker back here in handcuffs. When I objected he said that either I did it or I would be fired and someone else would then do it because Mrs. Walker was coming to Austin in handcuffs whether she liked it or not."

Alex answered "It's okay Ranger Hunt, we know that you were just doing what you had been ordered to do. Now Ms. Stone we'll see you tomorrow evening after you've had a nice visit with your daughter and granddaughter. There will be a ticket at the gate waiting for you."

Chapter Ten

After they arrived back home they took all the children out of the van and put the sleeping triplets in their cribs. When they were done the doorbell rang and Walker went downstairs with Angela to answer it. Trivette, Gage and Sydney were standing there and Trivette said to Walker "Well we finished the cabin for Betty. How did the hearing go?"

Alex who had come back downstairs with Ray said to them "Well as you can see I'm here and not in jail thanks to Walker. Judge Halston dismissed the contempt of court case and he is going to make sure that the matter is closed once and for all."

"What about Clark, will he be bothering you again?"  Trivette asked and Walker answered "Not if he has a brain in his head he won't. The warrant that was served on Alex wasn't the one that Judge Halston issued. Hopefully someone in Austin will see to it that he loses his job for using his position to try and hurt my wife."

Alex said in a effort to change the subject "Hey you guys, how about staying for dinner?  I was planning on making you a nice one to thank you for your help with the cabin. I'm sure that I can still whip up something good for you to eat."

Sydney answered for them "We appreciate the offer but we've decided that after the day that you had you some peace and quiet would do you a world of good right now. However next weekend you can invite us out here for a cookout. My horse needs ridden and I would like to see Gage fall off of Angel again."

Gage defended himself "Hey, how was I supposed to know that Angel would throw me." Walker laughed and said "Gage, Angel is the gentlest horse that I know, that's why I chose her for Alex. She didn't throw you, you fell off."

A smiling Alex then said "You're on for the cookout. Maybe next weekend we should have Gage ride Walker's latest horse Thunder."

Gage quickly replied "I don't think so."

Alex said to them while trying not to laugh too hard "Thank you guys and I'll see you on Saturday."

After they left Angela asked "Mommy why were you in handcuffs?  Did you do something bad?" Alex answered her daughter "No sweet heart I didn't do anything bad but the judge had been told that I did by a bad man. Ranger Hunt took me to see the judge so that I could explain it to him."

"Is that why Daddy took all of us there?  To tell the judge that you didn't do anything bad?" Angela questioned her mother who replied "Yes, your Daddy explained it to the judge and the judge let me go."

"What about the man who told the judge that you were bad when you weren't?  Did the judge tell him that it was bad to lie?" Angela asked.

"Yes honey before we left the judge told Mommy that he was sorry about what had happened and that he would see to it that the man who lied about Mommy would never do it again." Alex explained to Angela who then went and played with her dolls.

"Cowboy thanks once again for riding to my rescue. But I have a question, why did you bring the children?" Alex said to her husband.

"To show the judge what you were protecting that day, our family." Walker answered his wife and then gave her a quick kiss. Alex teasingly asked "How about I show you my thanks later?"

"Sounds good to me Mrs. Walker, tonight then." Walker replied and they turned their attention to the children. That night in their bedroom Alex spent an hour thanking Walker in the way that he loved the most. When they were done Alex asked him "Is that enough thanks Mr. Mom?"

"Alex." Walker objected and she said "I'm sorry, I upset you so I guess that I'll have to just you to make you feel better."

"What are you waiting for?"  Walker asked as he pulled her even closer and Alex said "Nothing darling."

          I do not own Walker Texas Ranger C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as a infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.