By 59 Katie 59


Chapter One


Alex looked at her watch for about the tenth time as she wondered to herself what was taking her fiancée Cordell Walker so long to get there. It had been his idea for them to go out for a nice dinner and then after that they would go to his ranch and spend the rest of the evening doing whatever Alex wanted them to do. After a while she began to feel light headed so she sat down on the couch. After a few minutes when she began to feel better Alex went to get up from the couch but the room began to spin and before she knew what was happening Alex passed out. A short time later Trivette arrived and knocked on her door. Still dizzy Alex called out “It’s open Walker." Trivette entered Alex's condo to find her still lying on the floor. After helping her to the couch Trivette reached for the phone as he told her “I’ll call an ambulance for you." Alex replied “I’m fine Jimmy. I just got a little dizzy, that's all. I've been so busy at work lately trying to keep the Clouter conviction in tact that I haven't been taking care of myself. I'm sure now that it's over with my blood pressure will come back down and I'll stop getting dizzy."


“Okay Alex I won't call an ambulance right now but only on the condition that you call your doctor to make sure that there isn't anything seriously wrong with you. Do I have your word that you'll call your doctor first thing tomorrow?" Alex replied “Yes Jimmy I will call my doctor first thing tomorrow. Now not to change the subject but where is that partner of yours at?  We had a date for this evening."


            Trivette quickly stood up as he answered her “last I saw of Walker he was leaving C.D.'s. He asked me to stop by here on my way home and let you know that he wouldn't be able to make your date." Trivette then just as quickly headed to the door but Alex sensing that Trivette was trying to leave without telling her something that she should know stated "who was my fiancée with at C.D.'s? And don't bother to deny that Walker was with someone that he shouldn't have been with. I can tell from the way that you're acting he was with someone that you don't want me to know about. You're not leaving this condo until I hear a name."


            Trivette turned around to face Alex then answered her with regret in his voice “Merilee Summers. I'm sorry Alex but I think you should know that they left there together. Listen why don't you talk to my partner about it tomorrow? I'm sure that there's nothing to it. Alex I really do have to go now." Trivette then left the condo leaving Alex to think about the fact that her fiancée had blown her off to spend time with Merilee Summers, a woman that he once had an affair with.


            Alex called up C.D.'s and asked if what Trivette had said was true and C.D. told her that she should ask Cordell about it herself when she saw him tomorrow. Alex tried to get C.D. to say more but he would only tell her that he thought it best if she talked with Cordell about it. Now really concerned Alex called Walker at his ranch but the answering machine picked up. Starting to feel a sense of dread deep inside of herself Alex spent the rest of the evening trying to convince herself that she was getting all worked up for nothing. Alex tried calling Walker several more times but each time she called the answering machine picked up. Alex then gave up on getting in touch with Walker and decided that what she really needed more than anything else was a good night's sleep. That everything would be just fine in the morning and that her fiancée would have a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he stood her up to spend time with Miss Summers.


            The next morning Alex stopped in C.D.'s like she usually did on her way to work. C.D. was there and he asked her “honey did Cordell get in touch with you last night?" Alex replied “no he didn't. C.D. will you please tell me what is going on? It's not like Walker not to call me and let me know why he failed to show up for a date."


            “All I know is that Miss Summers came here looking for Cordell and when she found him she insisted that they go talk in my backroom. After they had their talk in the backroom Cordell asked Jimmy if he could let you know that he wasn't going to be able to make your date. Then Cordell and Miss Summers left together. Don't you worry none. I'm sure that Cordell will be along shortly and let you know what's going on. In the meantime how about I make you some breakfast?" C.D. answered Alex who sat herself down at the bar as she said that sounded good to her. A short time later Trivette entered C.D.'s and joined Alex at the bar. He too asked C.D. about Walker and C.D. told Trivette that most likely Cordell would be there soon.


            Merilee Summers came into C.D.'s followed by Walker. Spotting her fiancée Alex jumped up and went to him as she asked "where were you last night Walker?" Before he could answer a gloating Summers said “in Las Vegas with me. We got married last night."


            Alex looked at Walker and all but begged him “please Cordell it's not the least bit funny for you to go along with her when she tells me something like that. I mean I know it's not so but it's still a mean thing to do. You would never hurt me like that. Would you darling?" Walker didn't respond but Summers did by pulling out a wedding certificate and shoving it in Alex's face as she told her “here’s all the proof that you need to know that Cordell and I are now husband and wife. So that means Cahill you are to stay away from him. Got that?"


            Walker reached for Alex's hand as he suggested “let’s go into the backroom so that I can explain it to you." Alex stepped back from Walker as she asked him “are you her husband?" Walker reluctantly nodded yes. Alex took off her engagement ring and threw it at him as she stated “go to hell Cordell John Walker and take that bitch with you." Alex then spun around and left C.D.'s devastated. Trivette glared at Walker then headed to the door while saying “I’m going to see if Alex is going to be okay to go to work today." After Trivette left C.D. noticed that while Summers was looking very happy Walker wasn't so he questioned him “what on earth made you go off and get married? Do you have any idea what you've done to that lady? How could you hurt Alex like that?"


            Walker snapped "I know what I did C.D., believe me I know." Merilee then said “if you must know C.D. my Cordell and I got married because of our son. His name is Cordell Walker Summers but when I come back from my parents with him and we move into the ranch we'll change his name to Cordell Summers Walker."


            C.D. asked his old partner “how do you even know that the boy is yours Cordell? Shouldn't you have found out for sure that he was yours before you destroyed Alex's happiness?" Walker replied “he has my blood type C.D. and Merilee would never lie about him being my son. Merilee and I are married. I don't want to hear another word about it." C.D. muttered only half under his breath “I never thought I would see the day when you acted the fool Cordell." Walker responded “I did what was best for my son." C.D. just walked away from Walker in disgust while wondering how Walker could have married Summers without knowing for sure whether or not the child was in fact his.


            Outside Trivette caught up to Alex by the side of her car. He pulled her into a hug. After a few minutes Alex asked him “Why Jimmy? Why would Walker do that to me? And for it to have been her makes it so much worse. She'll never love him the way that I do. No one can." Trivette answered “I don't know why Walker did what he did. He never said a word to me about running off to Las Vegas because if he had I would have done my best to stop Walker from ruining his life and yours. I'm so sorry Alex. Are you going to be okay to go to work? Or would you like me to call you off?"


            “I’ll be okay, eventually. I'd better get to work. I'm late as it is. I have a meeting with Moody and he has a thing about being on time." Alex replied as she opened her car door. Trivette reminded her “Don’t forget you have to call your doctor and make an appointment."


“Yes mother I will." Alex said then started her car up and drove off. Trivette went back into C.D.'s where he confronted Walker about what he had done to Alex. Walker responded that he had done what he had to do. Merilee then said “my Cordell married me so that our son could have his last name and be raised by the two of us together. His blood type is the same as my Cordell's is. And if I hear another word from you about Cahill I will no longer consider you a friend of mine." Trivette just shook his head in disgust and left C.D.'s without another word.


Chapter Two


            Later on that day Trivette said to Walker as they sat down at their desks “I know that you don't care about Alex anymore but I do and I'm not going to stop being her friend just because you turned your back on her. So that means you can get started on the paperwork while I go to Alex's office to make sure that she called her doctor like she promised me she would. When I got to her condo yesterday I found her lying on the floor. She had just been dizzy and passed out cold before I entered her condo." Walker answered “What’s wrong with her?"


            “I don't know and neither does she. And besides what is it to you? You have a wife to worry about now.  Don't you?" Trivette told Walker who didn't respond so Trivette headed to Alex's office. Once he got there Trivette was told that he could go into Alex's private office so he did. After Trivette was seated Alex asked him “Did you know that Walker was seeing her behind my back?"


            “As far as I know he wasn't seeing her behind your back. Summers came into C.D.'s yesterday and after getting Walker into the backroom told him that she had given birth to his son Cordell Walker Summers. Or at least that was what I was told when I confronted Walker about what he had done to you." Trivette explained to Alex who then asked him “Walker didn't even tell you that he was taking a paternity test to prove that the child was his?"


            “I don't think that Walker took a paternity test. Walker just took her word that since the child had the same blood type as he did that the child was his." Trivette answered Alex then questioned her “Did you make a doctor's appointment for yourself?"


            “Yes I did, it's next week. Jimmy since I can't bear to look at Walker right now would you mind asking him if he could pack up my things that are at the ranch? I would like it if you were the one to bring them to me. I just can't go out to the ranch right now to collect them; it's just too painful for me. Also if it's not too much trouble would you mind telling Walker that he can keep Angel and that I'll make arrangements to move Cookie to a stable just as soon as I can?" Alex requested of Trivette who told her that he would talk to Walker about it later. Alex then said to him “I would like you, Gage or Sydney to be the Rangers that I deal with when arrests warrants are needed by the Texas Rangers Company B., is that okay?"


            “Alex maybe Walker will come to his senses and divorce her. I mean if the child turns out to be his he doesn't have to stay married to Summers to be his father. If that happens you and Walker might be able to get back together." Trivette tried to be upbeat but Alex stated “I do not want Cordell Walker back. I will always love him but there is no way that I want a man who would dismiss our love so easily just because another woman said that she had given birth to his child. If Walker had ever cared about me he would have told Summers to prove that he was the father. If he turned out to be the father then he would become a part of the child's life. Since Walker ran off to Las Vegas to get married without so much as a second thought about what that would do to me I can only conclude that deep down inside of himself Walker never loved me and was only going to marry me because we had known each other for so long. That and he wanted to be a father. Well he's now a father isn't he?"


            Trivette didn't know how to respond to that because he had been thinking the same thing so he left Alex's office and returned to Ranger headquarters where Gage and Sydney were sitting at her desk and whispering to each other while looking at Walker who was sitting at own his desk deep in thought. Seeing Trivette enter Ranger headquarters they got up from the desk and motioned for Trivette to join them in the hallway which he did. Trivette beat them to the punch by informing the younger Rangers “I think you two should know that Walker ran off to Las Vegas yesterday and married Merilee Summers. It seems that she gave birth to a son that she is saying is Walker's a few years back and just got around to telling him yesterday."


            Sydney sniped “She probably found out that Walker was going to marry Alex and decided to destroy Alex's happiness. What I don't get is why Walker would marry that woman. I mean you don't have to marry someone just because they gave birth to your child. Paternity test or no paternity test." Trivette replied “I agree but it's Walker's life to live, not ours. I was just talking with Alex and she can't bear to see Walker right now so she wants only the three of us to deal with her when we need arrest warrants. Also Alex wants me to make arrangements for Walker to pack up her things that she has out at the ranch and for me to bring them to her. Sydney maybe you could help me with that."


            “Just let me know when. What about her horses? Does Alex have a place to take them to?" Sydney answered Trivette who told her “Alex told me that Walker could keep Angel and that she would be moving Cookie to another stable. Now since the three of us are going to have to work with the both of them on a regular basis I suggest that for the near future we do our best to behave in a professional manner." The younger two Rangers agreed to the suggestion.


            Several weeks later Sydney went out to the ranch with Trivette to get Alex's things and helped him take them to her condo. After taking everything inside Trivette told Alex that he had to be going so Sydney asked Alex if she needed help unpacking and was stunned when Alex told her that it didn't make any sense for her to unpack the boxes when she would just have to repack them when she moved. Sydney asked her friend “Where are you moving to Alex?"


            “For the next six months I'm going to be in San Antonio, after that who knows." Alex replied causing Sydney to question her “Why San Antonio? And why just for six months?"


            “I’m assisting the federal prosecutor in a racketeering case that's expected to take at least that long. After the trial is over with I may just stay on there because there's nothing here for me to come back to." Alex responded. Sydney then told her “Alex, Trivette, C.D., Gage and I are your friends and we would be devastated if you never came back here. I know that Walker doing what he did has upset you and that right now you can't bear to be in the same town as him but in six months it might not be so upsetting to you. At least think about coming back to visit your friends. Won't you?"


            “I’ll think about it but I can't make you any promises. I have more than myself to consider right now. I also have to think about what's best for Walker and his newly found child, among other things." Alex replied so Sydney said “Walker needs to come to his senses and take a paternity test to see if the child is really his. But enough about them. I'm worried about you and I insist that you call me whenever you want a friendly voice to talk to. You can at least do that. Can't you?"


            “Yes Sydney I'll call you whenever I need a friendly voice to talk to. Anything else that you want me to do?" Alex ended with a question to which Sydney replied “Just hang in there Alex. Sometimes things work out better than we can ever hope for." The subject was then changed and the two women spend the next several hours relaxing together. After Sydney left Alex stacked the boxes into a corner of the living room but did it in such a manner that they toppled over causing them to lose their contents when they hit the floor. As she was putting the things back into their boxes Alex discovered that some of her negligees had been shredded with a sharp instrument. Alex threw the items in the trash knowing that Merilee Summers had destroyed the items because she was jealous of Alex even though she was the woman Walker had married. Alex returned to the living sat down on the couch then placed her hand on her abdomen as she said "we will come back here after my assignment is over with and tell your daddy about you. And I will make sure that he is a part of your life no matter what I have to do or who I upset. You deserve to have a father who knows about you."




Chapter Three


      Three months later a less than happy Merilee Summers jumped on Walker as soon as he entered the ranch house “where have you been all night Cordell? And don't you dare tell me that you were on a stupid stakeout or something just as idiotic. You're a married man now so that means you are to be here with your family each and every evening. Is that understood?" Walker just brushed by her and went to young Cordell's room to check on the child. After seeing that he was still asleep Walker headed to his bedroom where he found Merilee standing there so he told her “I’m taking a shower then I'm going back to work."


            “What do you mean that you're taking a shower then going back to work? I already told you that you had to come with me to the real estate office so that we could see what price we could get for that land down by the lake. I've laid your clothes out on your bed that I want you to wear to the meeting. So when you're done taking shower get dressed in them and meet me downstairs. We still have enough time to make our appointment if we hurry." Merilee tried to tell Walker what they were going to be doing but he said to her “I’m not selling any of my land and that's final."


            “Why won't you? How do you expect me to raise enough money to restart my career if you don't sell that land? You're my husband now and you're supposed to help me out when I need it. I'll bet if that witch Cahill had asked you to sell some land you would do it without a second thought. I have half a mind to call that bitch up and tell her to stop trying to come between us. What is she thinking, trying to take you away from your child? You know on second thought I'll just stop by her office later on today and tell Cahill off in person. Maybe that way she'll finally get the idea and leave you alone. And don't bother to tell me that the witch hasn't been trying to steal you away from me. I know from the way you've been treating me lately she is still hitting on you. And that you're still interested in her." Merilee berated Walker some more. Walker then snapped “not that it's any of your business but Alex relocated to San Antonio three months ago. And don't ever call her bitch or witch in front of me again. Her name is Miss Cahill or A.D.A. Cahill. Remember that."


            Merilee stepped back from Walker as she snarled “just keep one thing in mind Cordell and that is that I can take my son and leave you any time that I want to. So if you want to keep on being his father I suggest that you change your tune real quick and sell that land near the lake. If you don't have it sold within the next three months and I can't resume my career because I have no money I will have no choice but to think long and hard about whether or not I should stay married to you. So what is it going to be Cordell? Are you going to come to your senses and sell the land or take a chance on losing your son?" Walker didn't answer instead he went into the bathroom and took a shower.


            Still steaming Merilee went downstairs and called a lawyer up to make a same day appointment to see him. At the appointment the lawyer told Merilee that Walker didn't have to sell any of his land to support her career just because he was her husband. When Merilee asked if she could sell it on her own without Walker's consent the lawyer said that the only way she only could sell the land was if Walker was dead and his will left the land to her and not in trust for their son. Then he jokingly suggested that Merilee get her husband drunk and have him sign the papers allowing her to sell the land. Merilee told the lawyer that she thought it was a good idea and could he draw up the papers for her. The lawyer refused to do that but suggested that Merilee see another lawyer and have him draw up the papers without letting the other lawyer know that Walker was against selling the land.


            When Walker arrived home that evening Merilee was waiting there for him and told him “Cordell I'm sorry that I was a little too forceful this morning about resuming my career. I'm not about to take my son away from his father. And after thinking about it all day I've decided that maybe we should have another baby together so that Cordell won't be an only child. If I were to have a baby to look after I wouldn't miss touring so much. What do you think? Are you okay with us having another baby?" Walker answered “Merilee we are not going to have another baby to take your mind off of touring. I told you when we got married it was for my son's sake and that we would not share a bedroom. That hasn't changed and it's not going to. If you want to resume your career you can do so but my son will stay here with his father."


            In the next two months Merilee went to another lawyer and got the papers allowing her to sell Walker's land without his permission. Walker himself had gone to see a lawyer who told him that in order to protect his interests it would be best if there was a paternity test done. When Merilee asked Walker if he would cosign for a loan for her Walker answered that he would then told Merilee that he wanted a paternity test taken. Merilee tried her best to get Walker to drop the paternity test but Walker told her that it was in their son's best interest for it be done so seeing no way out of it Merilee said that they could have it done right after she could get everything together so that she could resume her career. Walker agreed to that.


            When Walker was cosigning for her loan Merilee managed to slip in the papers so that she could sell Walker's land without his permission. She was able to get away with it because Walker wasn't paying any attention to what he was signing. Shortly after that Walker and Trivette were given an undercover assignment that was expected to take them out of town for at least a month. No sooner had Walker and Trivette left town than Merilee listed the land near the lake for sell. However the real estate agent told Merilee that she doubted if anyone would buy just a part of the ranch and why not list the whole thing. Merilee decided that the real estate lady was right and told her to list the whole ranch for sale. After that was done Merilee made arrangements to go back out on tour then called up her parents in Ohio and told them that her son would be moving back there to be with his sister who had refused to move to Texas. Her parents told her that it wasn't right for them to have the child in Ohio when his father lived in Texas and that Merilee should just leave him with his father when she was on tour.


            The night before she was to resume her career Merilee packed up her son and took him to C.D.'s where she told C.D. “The ranch has been sold and I'm starting my tour tomorrow. Since Cordell isn't back yet I have to take my son with me to my first tour stop. Then when Cordell gets back from whatever he's doing he can start watching my son, like he should be doing instead of always running off to help someone." C.D. sputtered “What do you mean that the ranch has been sold? Cordell would never do anything like that. His Uncle Ray started it for him when Cordell was in Nam."

            “I sold it myself. Walker signed the papers allowing me to sell the ranch when he was cosigning for my loan. Cordell just wasn't aware of what he was signing though." Merilee answered C.D. who questioned her “why would you do that to Cordell? He married you and not Alex like you wanted him to do. Wasn't it enough for you that you took him away from Alex?"


            “It was at first but then I wanted my career back and in order to fund it I needed money and I got the money by selling Cordell's ranch. Really C.D. you're getting all upset for nothing. When Cordell comes back to town maybe the buyer will let him rent that tacky cabin that's on the ranch. As a matter of fact the lawyer for the buyer said that the buyer wanted to meet with Cordell just as soon as he could and I told him that I would have Cordell contact him when he returned to town. The number for the lawyer is on a piece of paper inside of this sealed envelope from the buyer. It's on a letter from the buyer's lawyer to Cordell along with the sealed deeds to the property which now belong to the buyer. And no I don't know who the buyer is because if I opened the envelope the deal was off and I would have to relist the ranch. So just sign this piece of paper saying that the envelope was still sealed when I gave it to you. Then take this sealed envelope so that I can be on my way."


            C.D. signed the paper and took the envelope then suggested to Merilee “how about I watch Cordell's son for him until he gets back to town?" Merilee answered “Okay." Then she left C.D.'s without a backwards glance. Several hours later Walker and Trivette entered C.D.'s to see young Cordell there. C.D. told Trivette to watch the child while he talked to Walker in his back room. Needless to say Walker was stunned when C.D. explained everything to him and said that he didn't want to meet with the buyer but C.D. unsealed the envelope and withdrew the letter that was written to Walker and handed it to him. After reading the letter Walker called the number for the buyer's lawyer and made the arrangements to go see the buyer at the cabin on the ranch in the morning. During the phone call the lawyer said that Walker's things were still in the ranch house and that he and his child was welcomed to stay there overnight.


            After the phone call ended C.D. asked “who bought your ranch Cordell? And can you get it back from them?" Walker answered “Gordon said that I really needed to talk with the buyer before we would talk about my rebuying the ranch."


            “Gordon? As in Gordon Cahill, Alex's father?" C.D. questioned Walker who nodded yes so C.D. then told Walker that he would come out to the ranch as soon as he could in the morning and watch young Cordell while his father met with the buyer. After Walker left the bar C.D. explained to Trivette what Merilee Summers had done.


Chapter Four


The next morning Gordon Cahill was let into the ranch house by Walker who asked him “who’s your client?" Gordon replied “I’m not going to tell you that. What I will do though is to tell you that my client is waiting at the cabin to speak with you. My client told me to stress to you that there was a possibility for you to rebuy the ranch if you went to the cabin to see my client. That if you failed to do so my client would have no choice but to have your things removed from my client's property. Any questions?"


            Walker then questioned Gordon about his daughter “have you heard from Alex? How is she doing? Can you let me know where she's at so that I can see if she's okay?" Gordon replied "you have some nerve asking me about my daughter when you all but destroyed her six months ago. Don't even try and pretend with me you that care about Alex when I know damn well that you don't. Hell you went and married another woman when you were engaged to my daughter. If you had given a damn about her you would have gone to Alex and explained about the boy and given her a chance to help you become a part of his life. My daughter would have done that and so much more for you because you were the love of her life, sad to say. But instead you threw my daughter's love for you away like she had meant nothing to you. And that told me all I needed to know about the way you felt about Alex. She never meant anything to you."


            “Gordon just give me Alex's phone number so that I can call her and explain why I did what I did six months ago. She needs to hear it from me." Walker said to Gordon Cahill who responded “against my better judgment I'll give Alex's phone number to you only after you meet with my client at the cabin. If you don't go the cabin I won't give you my daughter's phone number. It's as simple as that, no meeting, no phone number. I'll keep an ear out for your son while you're at the cabin." Walker answered that he would prefer to wait until C.D. got there to watch his son but Gordon said that his client gave him strict instructions that the meeting was to take place in the next half hour, otherwise the possibility of Walker rebuying the ranch would be rescinded. Walker called up C.D. and asked him to come out to the ranch so that he could watch young Cordell. C.D. said that he would be there in an hour or two so Walker agreed to let Gordon watch his son and headed to the cabin.


            Walker entered the cabin reading the note that had been left on the front door. The note instructed him to sit in the chair facing the front door. After Walker was seated he heard Alex's voice say to him “Don’t turn around until I tell you that you can cowboy." Without turning around Walker asked her “Alex are you okay?"


            Instead of answering his question Alex asked one of her own “Walker do you remember that weekend we went to the reservation about eight and a half months ago? You know the one where you left my makeup case by the front door of the ranch house instead of putting it into your truck?" Walker replied “I remember that weekend Alex. I will always remember it because that weekend I felt for the first time in my life what it was to be loved unconditionally."


            “I will always remember that weekend too but for different reasons. One being it was the first time that you told me and showed me how much you loved me without holding anything back. And two I will remember that weekend because you gave me the greatest gift of all. Please turn around and you'll see what I mean." Alex told Walker who got up from the chair and turned around to look into her eyes. Walker quickly went to Alex and pulled her into his arms while saying to her “I love you lady." Just then Walker felt something move against his stomach and he stepped back to look at Alex's protruding stomach between them. Walker placed his hand on Alex's abdomen which was still moving and kept it there until the movement stopped.


            Alex moved over to the couch and sat down on it with Walker joining her. Alex then said to him “I didn't find out that I was pregnant until after you ran off to Las Vegas. After finding out that I was pregnant, I called the ranch several times to speak with you but each time Merilee answered and yelled at me to stop calling her man. The chance to assist in prosecuting the case in San Antonio came up and I went to C.D.'s to see if you were there so that I could tell you about the pregnancy. But I saw you with the child through the window and you looked so happy to be his father I decided not to tell you then. I know now that was wrong of me and I should have found a way to let you know before I left town. But Cordell please understand that I just couldn't bear to hear from the man that I loved that he was happy being a father to a child that wasn't mine and very happy to be married to another woman. It would have too much for me to deal with then."


            Walker took Alex's hands in his before telling her “I am very happy to have a son but that's it. I still love you Alex and that will never change." Alex started crying causing Walker to pull her to him as much as he was able to considering her condition. After the tears slowed Alex said “God help me I still love you more than anything on the face of this earth but I can't and I won't cost you your son. But I also want my babies to know their father so we are going to have to figure out where we go from here."


            “Babies? Did you just say babies?" Walker managed to question Alex who answered “Yes babies. Two of them as a matter of fact, a boy and a girl. If it's okay with you I'd like to name the boy after your uncle Ray and your father. And while I've thought of several names for the girl I haven't settled on one yet."


            “What last name will they have?" Walker asked Alex who told him “Walker of course. You don't have to be married to give your baby the father's last name. Don't tell me that was why you ran off to Las Vegas and got married. Did you think that was the only way your son would have your last name?"


            “When Merilee told me about my son she also had some legal documents with her that said that the only way I could legally be a father to my son was if I were to marry the mother." Walker was explaining when Alex broke in to question his brains “and you just took her word for it? Why on earth didn't you ask me if that was so? And did you take her word for it because she was so hot in bed when you made your son that you wanted to engage in hot sex with her again? Don't you men ever think with your head? The big one that is."


            Walker mumbled “I’m not having sex with Merilee. We're married in name only. And I always think with my head." Alex retorted “and look where that's gotten you. You made two different women pregnant and you can only be married to one of them at a time. And I know that's not going to be me because if you so much as hint to Summers that you want me she'll take your son away from you so fast that your head will spin. Since I'm the odd woman out I'll only ask that you try to be a part of my babies' lives and that you'll help me expand this cabin so that we can live here. Uncle Ray would have wanted his grandchildren raised here on this ranch. I'll sign the ranch back over to you with the condition that you will never sell it out from under me and my children. That is if you still want to honor Uncle Ray and keep the ranch going. Which considering you put it up for sale in the first place I have my doubts about that. If you don't want to stay on here tell me now and I'll give you enough time to find another place to live and then after you've moved out I'll move into the ranch house with my babies. You know Cordell John Walker if you had just come to me and told me about your son I would have done my best to be a good stepmother to him. I could never be mean to any child of yours. Why didn't you just come to me and give our love a chance to go on? Why did you break my heart like that?"


            Walker had no answer for that because he had spent the last six months regretting what he had done to Alex when he had agreed to go to Las Vegas and marry Merilee Summers. Seeing that Walker wasn't saying anything Alex tried to stand up but couldn't so she asked him “Could you at least help me up from the couch?" After she was on her feet Alex told him " Let my father know what you intend to do. Right now I need to lie down because my lower back is really starting to kill me."


            “Here I'll help you lay down." Walker offered and Alex accepted the offer because she wasn't sure that she could make it to the bedroom on her own. Once Alex was lying on the bed Walker made sure that she was comfortable then asked her “Would you like me to massage your lower back for you? It might help with the pain."


            Alex replied “No thanks. It was a back massage that got me like this so I'll pass." Walker then teased “Yes it was and if I recall right you enjoyed every minute of it." Alex teased right back “As did you Cordell Walker."


            Walker leaned over kissed Alex on the top of her head then started to back away when Alex grabbed his arm and screamed. After she had stopped screaming Walker asked her “why did you claw my arm and scream like that?" Alex answered while trying to ignore the steadily building pain “because I'm in labor and it hurts. Believe me it hurts. Any other stupid questions cowboy?" Walker shook his head no then went into the living room and called for an ambulance. After that he called Gordon at the house and told him that Alex was in labor but that he Gordon should stay at the ranch house until C.D. got there. Gordon answered that he would and that Walker had better make sure that nothing went wrong otherwise he'd answer to Gordon. After hanging up the phone Walker gathered up some towels and went back into the bedroom with them. Seeing Alex in the middle of a contraction Walker thought he would encourage her by saying to her “you’re doing good. Just keep doing it like that and everything will be just fine." A very grouchy Alex muttered “so says the man who got to have all the fun and none of the pain. Men can be such jerks."


Chapter Five


     Trivette, Cooke and Gage went into the maternity waiting room where they found a nervous Gordon Cahill pacing. Trivette asked him “Gordon do you know what is going on? C.D. called Ranger headquarters and said something to me about Alex, the ranch and some babies. Then he told us that Alex was brought here by ambulance and that Walker wouldn't be in to work today."


            “Alex is the buyer for Walker's ranch. And she gave birth to Walker's twins at the cabin with his help." Gordon answered Trivette who exclaimed “Twins? Gordon why didn't you tell us that Alex was going to have a set of twins? We would never have let her leave town and be on her own if we had known."


            “Trivette after Walker married that woman my daughter discovered that she was pregnant. Alex called the ranch several times to try and tell that jerk about the pregnancy but each time she called there that woman told her to stop calling there and bothering her man. Alex then went to C.D.'s in the hopes of finding Walker there alone to tell him about the pregnancy but she saw Walker though a window sitting in a booth with his son. She told me later on that Walker looked so happy to be a father that she just couldn't take him away from his child. And according to my daughter that's what would have happened if Alex told Walker about her being pregnant. Alex said that if Summers knew she was pregnant to Walker that Summers would take Walker's son away from him. I told my daughter that in spite of everything Walker had a right to know about her pregnancy. Alex told me that she needed time to heal from the pain of seeing Walker so happy without her before she could tell him. By this point Alex had already taken the assignment in San Antonio because she just couldn't bear to be around Walker knowing that she was pregnant to him but could never be with him again. God help my daughter but she still loves that man and sad to say I think Alex will always love him."


            “I get why Alex couldn't bear to be around Walker but why couldn't she tell us about the babies? We all would have done anything that we could have to help her with the pregnancy." Sydney said to Gordon who replied “I know that and so does Alex but she insisted that she had to tell Walker about the babies before telling anyone else. Alex said that it would have been wrong for you to know about them and not Walker, their father. Trivette I only found out about my daughter being pregnant a short time ago."


            “Okay we can understand that but how did Alex end up buying the ranch when Summers tricked Walker into signing the papers that would let her sell it without his permission? None of this makes any sense to me." Trivette entered the conversation.


            “When the trial was winding down Alex won some money in a lottery. After that happened she asked me to be on the lookout for a small ranch on sale in the Dallas area because she wanted to raise her babies on a ranch. I contacted a real estate agent and it turned out to be the same one that was listing Walker's ranch. Alex asked me to be her lawyer in the transaction and then since she couldn't understand why he was selling his ranch had me arrange for Walker to meet the unkown to him buyer at that cabin. Alex wanted to meet with Walker to tell him about the babies and to see if he wanted to stay on at the ranch. If Walker didn't want to stay on at the ranch Alex would move into the ranch house with her babies after they were born. If Walker wanted to stay on at the ranch Alex wanted him to expand the cabin so that she and the babies could live there. Alex was willing to sign the ranch back over to Walker on the condition that he not try to sell it out from under her and her children." Gordon explained to them then asked “are you telling me that Summers tricked Walker into selling the ranch out from under him and their son?"


            “Apparently Summers found out that being married to Walker didn't lead her to a lifetime of happiness like she thought it would. Summers got bored with being a housewife and decided to resume being a singer. But she needed money to relaunch her career and the only way she could get some quick enough to suit her was to sell the ranch without Walker's consent. From what C.D. told us as soon as we left town on our undercover assignment Merilee listed the ranch for sale. Then she walks into C.D.'s yesterday and tells him that the ranch has been sold and handed him a sealed envelope to give to Walker. She also left young Cordell with C.D. to watch until Walker got there. That woman really takes the cake, she shows up with Walker's son right before Walker and Alex are to get married. Then Summers gets Walker to run off to Las Vegas in order to marry her then she decides that living on a ranch isn't good for her after all and goes on tour. Leaving Walker married to her and the woman he should be married to having to raise his babies without him." Trivette replied as Walker entered the waiting room.


            “I will help Alex raise our babies." Walker vowed then said to Gordon “Alex wants to see you in her room." After Gordon went to see his daughter Trivette said to Walker “Please tell me that the babies got their looks from their mother."


            “Our son Raymond John looks like the two of us and our daughter Angela Elizabeth looks like an angel, just like her mother." Walker answered his partner who asked him “Are their last names going to be Cahill or Walker?" Walker replied “Walker and you two should be able to see them in the nursery right now." Gage and Cooke took the hint and went to the nursery. Trivette stayed behind to say to his partner "Walker I swear to you that none of us knew that Alex was pregnant. If any of us had known about the babies we would have told you about them."


            “I know Trivette but right now I need to get my son and bring him to meet his baby brother and sister." Walker answered so Trivette asked him “Is there anything that you need me to help you with?"


            “I’m going to need two sets of baby things put in what used to be Merilee's room at the ranch house. It needs to be done by the time I bring my family home from the hospital." Walker told Trivette who said that he would get started on that right after he saw his little niece and nephew for the first time.


            After seeing the babies Trivette went into Alex's room and told her “You know for also being my partner's babies you have two very good looking babies." Alex started tearing up as she said “I’m sorry for not telling you guys about them but it just hurt too much to be in the same town as Walker." Trivette went and sat down besides the bed and picked up Alex's hand as he assured her "we understand why you did what you did Alex. Now I don't want you to worry about your babies' things being set up in your home. Walker assigned me to do it and I'll see that it's done right."


            “Thank you Jimmy. Where's Walker at by the way?" Alex said to Trivette who replied “He went to the ranch to get young Cordell to bring him here so that he could meet his baby brother and sister. And speaking of the ranch I'd better get started on the baby things. See you Alex."


            Walker entered Alex's hospital room with his son and said to the child “son I'd like you to meet Miss Alex, she's the mother of your baby brother and sister." Alex said to the boy “nice to meet you Cordell." After looking at his father who nodded encouragement Cordell answered “it’s nice to meet you Miss Alex. Are my father and I moving in with you and your babies in the city? Mommy said that we had to leave the ranch because Daddy sold it to someone. That we were going to move into the city. I don't want to live in a city. I want to stay at the ranch with my horse Starfire."


            “No honey you and your father aren't going to come live with me in the city. As a matter of fact you and your Daddy are going to keep on living at the ranch. How does that sound to you?" Alex answered young Cordell who said “my Daddy and I like living at the ranch but Mommy doesn't. She told me that whenever she comes back to town to visit us we could meet her at her hotel. What about you Miss Alex? Where are you and the babies going to live? Do you want to live on the ranch with my Daddy and me? It has horses and everything." Walker who answered his son “Miss Alex and the babies are going to be living with us at the ranch where they belong."


Chapter Six


            Alex was in the passenger seat of her new van which Walker was driving her and the twin’s home in. As they turned off of the State highway to go down the private lane to Walker's ranch Alex asked him “was Jimmy able to set up the babies' things okay at the cabin?" Walker answered “the things for our twins were set up at the ranch house. And I don't want to hear that you don't want to live there with me and my son. We've been over it already. I thought that you told me that you wouldn't hold the fact that Merilee is his mother against Cordell?"


            “I would never ever hold a child's parentage against him and you know that Cordell Walker. The reason that I don't want to live at the ranch house is you and you alone." Alex replied so Walker then questioned her “what do you mean by that Alex? Didn't you say that you wanted our babies to be raised by the both of us together? Why have you changed your mind?"


            A tear rolled down Alex's face as she answered “because the ranch is where I was supposed to live with you as your wife. It was the place where we were supposed to make our babies then raise them together as husband and wife. Now you expect me to live in your house with my babies along with your wife. I'm sorry Cordell even though I still love you that's just too much for you to ask of me."


            “You and my babies need to be where I can help you out with them. So you are going to be living at the ranch house with me." Walker stated in no uncertain terms. Alex just looked out of the van window.


            C.D., Gordon, Trivette and young Cordell were waiting on the front porch as Alex and Walker drove up. Walker assisted Alex out of the van then got their daughter out and handed her to Alex. Walker then got his son out of the van and they went onto the porch where the babies were fussed over for a few minutes then the group went into the house where the babies were taken upstairs and placed in their cribs in the nursery. Alex then turned to Walker and asked him “where can I lie down at?" Walker replied “the master bedroom, all of your things are now in there. Gordon had Sydney do that while you were in the hospital."


            As Alex was going into the master bedroom she heard her father say to Walker “I have that paperwork all filled out and all you need to do is to sign it." Alex stopped and asked “what paperwork?" Walker looked at his son who was standing there then said “we’ll talk about it later."


            “Fine. Did you think to put baby monitors in the nursery? And if you did that did you also think to put one where I'm sleeping at so that I can hear when they wake up? I have to be able to hear them in order to take care of them." Alex pointed out to Walker who told her “yes I did put a baby monitor in the bedroom but when they get up in the middle of the night I can take care of them without you having to get up each time."


            Alex got a slight smile on her face then said “I’d like to see you do that Cordell Walker." Trivette just barely managed to bite back his laughter so Walker asked him “what’s so funny?" Trivette answered “I’m not answering that one and I'd better be going." He quickly left followed by C.D. and Gordon headed for the steps as he said to Walker “your oldest son and I will be downstairs. Walker after you get my daughter settled in you need to come downstairs and sign those papers so that we can get the process started."


            After Alex was in the master bedroom she checked the monitor that was on the nightstand then said to Walker “at least you remembered to turn it on." Walker again tried to convince Alex that he could take care of the babies by himself so that she could rest but Alex informed him that she thought it was highly unlikely that he Walker could breastfeed their babies. Walker turned red then left the master bedroom. Alex then slipped into a t-shirt and got into bed to grab a few hours of rest while she could.


            Walker who had heard the infants fussing went into the nursery where he found Alex trying to breastfeed the both of them at the same time. Seeing that Alex was struggling with the babies Walker moved over and knelt besides the rocker that she was sitting in as he suggested “how about I help you out by holding Ray while you hold Angela?" Alex agreed to the suggestion and between the both of them they got the babies fed. After the newborns were fed, changed and back asleep they returned the babies to their cribs. In the hallway outside of the nursery Alex asked Walker “what papers were my father talking about?"


            “Divorce papers." Walker answered causing Alex to question him “What about custody of your son? Aren't you going to file for at least partial custody of him?"


            “Yes. Alex you need to know that I'm sorry that I didn't come to you and tell you about my son before I went to Las Vegas with Merilee." Walker replied so Alex told him “I’m not ready to talk about what you did to me then and I don't know if I ever will be Cordell. But right now what's important is that young Cord and our babies are here with the two of us and I'll do whatever I have to keep it that way. Everything else can wait until after we get things settled for their sakes. And that includes me dealing with what happened six months ago when you threw my love for you away."


            Walker nodded okay and followed Alex to the master bedroom door. Stopping at the door Alex asked him “are you planning on sleeping in here with me?" Walker replied as he opened the door "It's my bedroom too Alex."


            “Not so fast Walker. For starters you have a wife and I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't be pleased to find out that her husband intends to share a bed with me. Also I'm not the least bit interested in shacking up with you. Let me make this very clear to you Cordell Walker, I will not be your mistress." Alex informed Walker who told her “I would never ask you to be my mistress. I'm sleeping in here in for the babies' sake. If you don't hear them on the monitor I'll be able to wake you up then I'll help you with them."


            Alex didn't really believe his explanation but since a part of her wanted more than anything to be able to share a bed with Walker she told him “Okay for now since I can't do anything right now but once I can do something we are going to have to revisit this arrangement." Walker then questioned her “what’s wrong with you? Why can't you do anything right now? Should you be.. you know with the twins?"


            Understanding that Walker didn't realize that she had been talking about sex Alex decided to clue him in and did so by saying “I was talking about having sex. After a woman gives birth she can't engage in sex for at least six weeks, in some cases longer. Anything else you want to know?" Walker shook his head no then quickly headed to the bathroom where he took a cold shower. Alex crawled into bed and after checking to make sure that the sound on the monitor was all the way up went to sleep. After that night both Alex and Walker were content to keep things the way that they were. Neither one of them were ready to think about the future.