Hostages to Hatred.

By: Alphie:

            The gymnasium was filled with activity as everybody got ready for the KDOOA Black Belt Ceremony.  Ranger Cordell Walker was amazed at the turnout, so far this is the biggest ceremony to date.  Ten of his students were getting black belts and he couldn’t be much happier.

            He looked around the gym one more time and made his way to the stage.  As he did he could hear the crowd getting quieter.  By the time he made it to the mic stand everybody was seated and all their attention was on him.

            “Wow, I should wear this uniform more often.”  Walker joked about his karate uniform. “As you know we are here today to congratulate ten students who have achieved that goal of becoming a black belt.”  Walker said.  “But before we do the ceremony the KDOOA demo team would like to perform for you.”

            Walker stepped down from the stage as the demo team came on.  He stood there watching his students every move the music making it hard to hear their kias.  Turning to the sound booth he was about to motion to turn it down when he saw Rafael Mandarro walking in.  Rafael was a tuff leader of the Latin Kings in Dallas.

            He groaned when he noticed Rafael brought friends.  But what really started to worry him was that the gang members walking in were from other gangs in Dallas.  Most of the members making their way in appeared to be all younger then sixteen.

            Rafael started to make his way to the stage along with two other leaders.  Walker quickly got back on the stage stopping the music as he did.  The demo team stopped what they were doing and swiftly made their way off the stage.

            “Rafael, what do you want?”  Walker said pointing to the exit.  “Get out now!  We don’t need any trouble.”

            “You know what I want?”  Rafael smirked.  “I want you to close your stupid program!”  He started laughing causing the other members to laugh along with him. “Pig, you don’t under-stand do you?  You’re program has been taken people away from me.”

            Without warning Rafael pulled out a gun causing Walker’s heart to jump. 

Quickly he raised his hands knowing that there is nothing he could do.  He was off work and had no gun on him.  Rafael smirked while slowly pulling the trigger.  Seeing that Walker dived just in time for a bullet to wiz by his back.

            The whole gym seemed to wake up from the shock when the gun fired.  People began to run around as gang members harassed anybody they were close to.  Walker was almost up when gun fire erupted.  This time in a much larger crowd. Quickly Walker pushes himself up and scans the crowd.  He was looking the room over one more time when he spotted a small kid holding a gun.  The kid had the gun aimed right at Walker.

            “Listen, kid you don’t want to do this.”  Walker said.  He didn’t have time to move as the kid pulled the trigger sending searing hot pain through his right side.  Moaning in pain Walker fell heavily to the stage.

            Trivette looked at his watch and realized that he was ten minutes late to the KDOOA Black Belt Ceremony. Hopefully Walker won’t get really annoyed for that.  He stopped at a red light and turned up the music. As soon as he did the music was cut off as a news report flashed in.

            “This just in.”  The reporter said on the radio.  “There has yet been another school shooting this time in our own home town.  Jefferson High School in Dallas has reported that a KDOOA program and the audience has been taken hostage.  So far there are no fatalities but there are reports of shooting victims.  We will keep you posted on this story as more develops.”

            Before the news ended Trivette had made his way to the high school.  As he got there he noticed ten squad cars, the SWAT team, and two sharp shooters.  Trivette parked, got out, then went to a guy holding binoculars.

            “What’s going on?”  Trivette said studying a window.

            The officer shook his head.  “There are at least ten suspects and over thirty hostages.  Unfortunately one of them is Ranger Walker.”

            “What?”  Trivette grabbed the binoculars away and looked at the window.  He can barely make out Walker out on the stage floor. “This isn’t good.”

            “You can say that again.”  The officer said shaking his head again.

            In the gym Walker laid on the stage holding his side tightly.  The bullet basically tore a chunk out of his side causing blood to stain his karate top quickly.  He looked around and slowly started to get back up.  As he does the kid raised the gun and yelled at Walker to lay back down.  Walker did frustrated that he was being held hostage by a kid.

            “Rafael, please let me check on Mister Walker.”  Said Toni a black belt.

            Rafael shook his head.  “No, Walker here needs to learn his lesson.”

            Toni rubbed his hands through his hair. “Please, I need to check if he is all right.”

            Finally after what seemed like forever Rafael finally let Toni get to Walker.  Walker rolled his head over then winced when Toni touched his wound.

            “Is there anybody else hurt?”  Walker said through clenched teeth.

            Toni put pressure on Walker’s wound.  “Yeah, two other people are shot and one I think is dead.”  He looked around.  “The gang members aren’t letting up no matter how many times you beg.  And it seems as though they are getting more nervous and antize with all the officers outside.”  Toni took a deep breath. “It’s not looking to good Walker.”

            Walker rolled his head to the exits and notices that the gang members had barracked them in.  Slowly and this time with Toni’s help he tried to get up.  As he was on his elbows Rafael ran up on the stage yelling something in Spanish.

            He goes up to Walker and shoved the gun right in Walker’s face.  “I didn’t tell you to move!  Next time you even move your head I will shoot!”

            Walker put his head down.  “Let the other people go.  They didn’t do anything.”

            Rafael started laughing.  “What do you mean?  These people support your program!”

            In a few minutes the gang members had grouped the audience in five groups.  A gang member with a gun watched over each group.  Rafael sat in a chair with his gun pointed right at Walker’s head.  Walker winced as sharp pain went through his side as he did Rafael laughed.

            “Rafael, please let the people go.”  Pleaded Walker.  “If not them at least the ones who are injured.”

            “Pig, those people are already safe.”  Said the kid with the gun.  “Now, shut up.”

            Outside Trivette leaned against a police unit the cold wind nipping at his face.  Shivering he pulled his jacket tighter to his body.  He wanted so badly to go in there and help Walker but the Chief of Police told him to stay his grounds.  Trivette felt so helpless as he watched the action unfold in the gym.  He also wondered why Walker didn’t take the kid on.  Was he


            Finally after ten minutes of standing around he started to go to the gym entrance.  Immediately three officers came up to him pushing him back.

            “Sir, you can’t go in there!”  Protested the tallest officer.

            Trivette slammed his hat down.  “I need to be in there with Walker.”

            Another officer raised his hands.  “Sorry, sir but we can’t do that.”

            “For crying out loud somebody do something!”  Trivette yelled really

frustrated.  “My partner is in there!”

            Sobs filled the gym as minutes passed on.  Walker’s vision started to blur a sign that he was losing a lot of blood.  Toni had grown tired and tied a piece of cloth to Walker’s side.  It helped some but what Walker really needed to do was go to the hospital.

            A little girl started to wail causing one of the members to yell violently.

That motioned scared the girl and she started to cry uncontrollably. 

Walker lifted his head up and started to talk to the little girl. 

Immediately Rafael leaned in closer and placed the barrel right on Walker’s


            “Pig, I told you not to talk.”  Rafael motioned for the kid.  “Juan, watch this man.”

            When Juan was on the stage Rafael jumped down and went to the crying girl. Walker moaned as he heard Rafael yelling at the girl.  He looked to Juan and sighed. “How old are you kid?”  Walker asked.

            Juan pointed the gun at Walker.  “Shut up, pig!”

            Walker couldn’t believe he was a hostage to a bunch of teens.  He rubbed his face with his bloodied hand and turned to watch Rafael.  Rafael was still yelling at the girl but this time she  had stopped crying.

            “Juan, why do you really want to do this?”

            “I don’t know pig.”  Juan started to play with his gun causing Walker to get really nervous. “My brother is in charge.”

            “Look what your doing.”  Walker said a little louder.  “Every gang member here will go to prison.  And trust me prison isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.”  He sighed.  “If you don’t let these hostages go you will spend all your life in a prison.”

            “Ranger, if I let you go now will I be charged?”

            Walker weakly smiled.  “I’ll make sure you won’t.”

            Juan dropped his gun and stood up.  “Come on let’s get you out of here.”

            “Juan, what are you doing?”  Rafael said rushing to stage.

            “Letting this man go.”  Juan said grabbing his gun.  “And you can’t stop me.”

            Rafael stormed up the stage.  “Juan, this man destroyed our lives.”  He picked up a chair and folded it.  “Pig, you better shut up.”  He then went to Juan and grabbed his gun.  “You don’t deserve this Juan.”

            Reluctantly Juan stepped away from Walker and as he did Rafael raised the chair.

            “Listen, let everybody go!  The charges put against you might be lighter.”

            “Shut up!  Shut up!”  Rafael threw the chair at Walker who quickly blocked it with his arm.  Rafael cursed.  “Does anything stop you?”

            Walker grimaced.  “Rafael, please let these people go!”

            “No!”  Rafael searched around frantically and grabbed hold of the mic stand.  “Shut up now or I’ll hit you with this.”

            “Why don’t you just shoot me.”  Walker said noticing the gun still in Rafael’s hand.

            Rafael threw the mic stand and went to Walker.  He grabbed hold of Walker’s uniform lapel then, pulled him up violently, then told him to walk to the entrance.  Walker grimaced as pain went through his side.  He so didn’t want to walk but if he paused just slightly then Rafael would shove the gun in the small of Walker’s back.

            “Pig, open the door.”  Rafael ordered.  “When you step outside raise your hands in the air and don’t say anything.”

            “Your going to hate doing this.”  Walker hissed out as he pushed the bar on the exit door.  “These officers out there won’t take any pity on you.”

            “Just go outside.”

            Trivette got as close to the building as he could when he heard the leader was bringing a hostage out.  He watched as the side door opened and Walker stepped out his hands in the air.  Trivette’s heart sank as he realized that their was nothing they or he can do.  Walker really can’t do anything since he had his hands in the air and a gun to his head.

            Walker turned towards the officers and Trivette’s heart sank when he saw all the blood on his face.  His karate uniform was also dyed a bright red.  Trivette realized then that Walker might have a gunshot wound.

            “Listen, son release the gentleman so he can get medical attention.”  Said an officer with a bullhorn.

            “No, and if you guys try anything funny I will shoot the Ranger.”  Rafael whistled.  “Ese’s get out here now and find us a car!”

            Quickly ten gang members ran out all them with guns.  Trivette watched helplessly as Rafael herded Walker to a van then shoved him in.

            Trivette ran to his car, got in, and started to follow the van.  He chased after them for five minutes until he ran into an intersection.  The van made it but the three police units and Trivette didn’t.  Angrily Trivette slammed the steering wheel as he saw the van disappear.

            By the time they reached the gang’s hideout Walker was sore and fighting unconsciousness.  On the drive over to the run-down house three of the members hit Walker relentlessly with the butt of their weapons.

            The van door slid open as Rafael grabbed hold of Walker by the hair. 

Walker quickly stood up to relieve some of the pain.  Then three members including Rafael dragged him into the house down a flight of stairs then to a small room.

            “Hey, Gabby do you have any of those packages ties left?”  Rafael said.

            Gabby smiled.  “Sure do.”  He went to Walker, ripped off the karate top then forced his hand in front of him. “How tight do you want it to be?”

            Rafael shrugged.  “Tight enough so he won’t get loose.”

            “Sure thing.”  Gabby lynched the plastic cord so tight around Walker’s wrist that it almost cut the skin.  “How’s that?”

            “Perfect.”  Rafael turned around when another member presented a jukebox. 

“Normally we don’t listen to hard rock, but so you won’t listen in we picked a special choice of music for you.”  He pushed play and hard rock music bellowed out.  “This will be placed where you can’t get to it.  Have a nice night”  With that Rafael instructed two of his men to distract Walker by beating on him.  After a few minutes him and the other men left.

            Walker sat on the cold floor the music blaring all around.  The music alone caused his head to hurt even worse.  Why did they put the music on?

            Slowly he got to his feet and as he did he gasped.  The concrete underneath him was ice cold causing him to shiver.  He tried to push that aside as he walked around the dark room.  Second time around he found a mattress. 

Gradually he sat down and started to think of Alex.  She was worried about him he knew but Trivette will find him within the day.

            During the night his gunshot wound started to bleed again.  He started to yell for help as he tried to put pressure on his wound.  Suddenly light appeared as the door opened.  Walker turned away as the light began to hurt his eyes.  As he did he felt a jerk as he was thrown across the room.

            “Shut up pig!”  Said a kid while kicking Walker.

            Walker could barely hear the kid with the music blaring.  He didn’t hear the other two till they took hold of his arms.

            “Gag him and blindfold him!”  It was Rafael.  “Then we’ll see if this pig will go down!”

            After he was gagged and blindfolded Walker was made to kneel.  “All right, now Walker will you stop the program?”  Rafael asked.

            Shaking his head Walker prepared himself mentally for any pain.  Quickly he felt two punches in his stomach which caused his gunshot wound to scream.  Then he felt something hard hitting his face then the warm trickle of blood as it quickly ran down cheek.

            “Now, what do you say?”  Rafael said.  Walker didn’t even move.  “You pig, Juan hand me that plate.”

            Suddenly the aroma of food filled Walker’s nostrils causing his stomach to growl.  He hasn’t eaten anything besides lunch the day he was kidnapped. 

Even though Walker was hungry he tried to ignore the smell.

            “Smells good.”  Rafael said menacingly.  “Open your eyes punk!”

            Slowly Walker tried to get up but was forced down again as two more pairs of hands held his head.  He tried to jerk away at the grip but that just made the members laugh.  Something was tied very tightly around Walker’s right arm then he could feel as somebody tried to find a vein.

            Rafael laughed.  “This should make you talk.”

            Walker tried to talk but his voice only came out as a slurred mess from the rag.  Suddenly something pricked his arm then he could feel liquid being injected into his vein.  He started to worry about what they did to him. 

What was it they injected him with?

            “Well, you should start feeling really well in a few more seconds.”  Rafael jerked Walker’s rag down off his eyes.  “Enjoy.”

            They shoved Walker down violently as the whole room became a big blur. 

Without warning he was hit with a wave of nausea as his breathing became really shallow.  Soon he felt real jittery as he got unbelievable calm. 

They injected him with heroin he thought as the whole room began to spin.

            Walker didn’t know how long he laid there until finally the heroin began to wear off making his head feel really light.  He knew he threw up a couple of times and nearly threw up again when he had to swallow it cause of the rag. 

Grimacing he shifted his weight as his wound began to hurt.  One thing about the heroin it did take the edge off his painful injury.

            The door opened very slowly as Juan walked in with a bottle and what looked like gauze or a clean rag.  He went up to Walker and shook his head.

            “Sorry about that Walker.  I didn’t know Rafael would inject you with heroin.”  He took the lid off the bottle.  “This is going to hurt but your wound is getting infected.”

            Walker nodded then nearly screamed as hot, searing pain ran through his side.  He bit the rag in his mouth and clinched his fist till the pain finally subsided.  Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes to see Juan placing gauze on his gun wound.

            Juan took a deep breath.  “Told Rafael that if this wound doesn’t get treated you could die.  Even though Rafael has you hostage he doesn’t want you dead so here I am.”  He shook his head.  “Does your ribs hurt any?” 

Walker slowly nodded his head.  “How you feeling?”

            Just shrugging his shoulders Walker tried to say something but the gag was in his mouth.  Quickly Juan took the rag out of Walker’s mouth obviously getting disgusted at what he saw.

            Walker took a deep breath then had to roll over as he threw up.  Coughing he turned to Juan then wiped his mouth with his hands.

            “I feel really terrible.”  Walker shook his head trying to get the cobwebs out. “Juan,...”

            “What are you doing?  I told you just to clean up around here and his wound!”  Yelled Rafael as he walked into the room.  “Get out Juan!”

            Juan looked at Walker then ran out of the room as the members went up to Walker.  Two kids grabbed his head as two members took hold of his arms. 

Rafael tied the tourniquet around Walker’s arm and then slowly started to inject the heroin.

            Rafael smirked.  “Now, what do you say?  Stop the program?”

            Walker tried to fight off the effects of the heroin. “Never.”

            “I’ve had enough with you!”  Rafael snapped his fingers.  “Beat him!”

            The day was blistery as Trivette drove down the street trying to figure out where the van had gone to.  It has been a two days now since Walker was kidnapped.  Suddenly he braked as he spotted the van at an abounded house. 

Quickly he parked a couple of houses down and began his watch on the house.

            Walker’s body jerked as he came down from yet another hit of heroin.  He was surprised at how his body was starting to react to the illegal drug.  It almost now craved the next hit he might get.  His head still felt light headed but he felt really calm.

            The gang members had beat him pretty bad during the last interrogation. 

But with the heroin he didn’t feel hardly anything till now.  His whole body screamed from pain his wound especially began to burn.  Looking around he noticed that his right eye had swollen shut.  Grunting he laid on the cold cement shivering as his body began to get really cold.  He wished he could cover his ears to get rid of the loud music but he couldn’t.

            “Walker, you okay?”

            Quickly he looked up to see Juan standing beside him. “Not really.”  He shook his head trying to get his mind to function.  “Do you know how many times their going to do this to me?”

            Juan sighed.  “I heard Rafael talk about another time.”  He looked around and then knelt down beside Walker.  “I’m going to get help for you.”

            Walker tried to shake his head but got really nauseous.  “No, don’t risk your life to do that.  I’m going to be okay.”

            “No, your not.”  Juan swiftly got up as Rafael came into the room.

            Rafael laughed.  “Well, is he going down on the last hit?”

            “Yes, but it’s only been five hours since the last one.  Just wait another hour or so.  We don’t want him to overdose on it.  You know how that’s going to look?”

            “Juan, shut up!”  Rafael waved food in front of Walker then threw it out the room. “Your one tuff punk!  We’re thinking about moving you in the morning since we spy a few of your friends looking at as.”  He kicked Walker hard in the face.  “Just wait another two hours and you’ll be wishing you were dead.”

            The night of the second day was going on forever as Trivette and Gage sat in the car watching the house.  Trivette noticed that a few members were acting as they spotted something.  Getting worried he pulled away from the curb telling Gage to watch for anything suspicious as they drove by.

            Instantly Gage did spot something.  “Trivette, their going to move.”  He shook his head smiling.  “They have been smart so far but it looks like they aren’t going to move till tomorrow.”

            “Good.  Let’s get this place with more manpower.”

            In the morning Trivette pulled in front of the house then quickly got out. Swiftly he went to the front door and pounded on it with his foot.

            “Rangers!”  Quickly movement could be heard from inside.  “Open up!”  When nobody opened up he kicked in the door.  “Everybody freeze!”

            Quickly Syd along with six other officers ran into the house instantly rounding up the members they could see.  Gage began to do a sweep off the hall and began to go downstairs where music could be heard.  Soon as he made his way down the stairs he ran back up his eyes as big as saucers.

            “Trivette, found Walker!  Call 911!”

            When Trivette dialed 911 and told them what was going on he went downstairs where music still could be heard.  He followed Gage to a small room where a light was turned off.  He turned on the light and gasped at what he saw.

            Walker was laying on a mattress twitching and cradling his head.  For what Trivette can see Walker looked terrible.  Quickly he ran up to Walker and tried to touch his bruised upper body to lay him down but Walker jerked away from him.

            Syd ran into the room.  “We got a kid here that’s on our side.”  She moved away to show a young boy not even thirteen yet. “His name is Juan Mandarro.”

            Trivette started to study Walker as Gage began to talk to the boy.  What really worried him the most was the gunshot wound that was covered by gauze.

  But around the gauze Trivette could see that Walker’s skin was inflamed a sign that there was an infection.  Trivette tried to insure Walker but he just started to rock as his body still twitched.

            “Walker, what’s wrong?”  Trivette realized Walker was breathing really shallow. “Walker?”  He managed to get a look at Walker and gasped.  Walker’s eyes were constricted and blood shot. “Juan, do you know what happened here?”

            “Yes, I do sir.”  Juan moved over as a paramedic team walked into the room.

  “He was given three shots of heroin.  The last shot was a little more for the heavy addicts.”

            Trivette rubbed his face.  “Oh, man.”  He moved over for the paramedic team and watched as a man cut Walker’s hands apart. “How is he sir?”

            The paramedic shook his head.  “Right now he is as high as a kite.  We won’t know how he will be.”

Later That Night

            When Walker came down from another hit he noticed that he wasn’t in the room anymore.  Instead he noticed that he was in a hospital of some kind. 

He didn’t care though his body craved another hit causing his head to reel.  Slowly he tried to lift his right arm but realized it was strapped down.  He then tried his left arm but found that it too was strapped down.

            He moaned loudly as he looked around to see Alex sitting beside him asleep.

  He swallowed hard still trying to fight his urge.  His body jerked as the urge become so strong he wanted to do nothing but to get another hit.

            Alex woke up with a jerk.  “Walker, your awake.”

            Walker shook his head trying to get everything back to focus.  “What happened?”

            She rubbed his shoulder.  “Walker, you were kidnapped.  You’ve been very agitated from the heroin.”

            He tried to remember things but his mind was still fuzzy.  “What heroin?”

            “You were injected with three hits of heroin.  Hopefully they didn’t have a lasting effect on you.  How do you feel?”

            Walker wished he could raise his hands and when he couldn’t he got mad. 

“Why can’t I move my hands?”

            Alex took a deep breath.  “You were thrashing around.”  She rubbed his shoulder.  “Honey, listen you need to be strong Walker.”

            He swallowed hard then grimaced as pain ran through his body.  “Why does my body hurt so much?”  Suddenly everything came flashing back as his mind began to clear.  “Where’s Juan?  Did you get Rafael?”  His voice was getting raspy as he began to crave water.

            Trivette made his way to Walker’s bed.  “Walker, since your body is addicted to heroin they can’t give you anything for the pain.  Juan is doing fine he is in Gage’s care and Rafael...”  Trivette paused for a brief moment. 

“Rafael ran off when we stormed the building.  We don’t know where he is at right now.”

            Walker grimaced as pain shot up his side.  “I need something.”  His vision began to fade.  “Please, I need...”

            Trivette rubbed his face as Walker went back to sleep. “Alex, Doctor Miller said this may take awhile for him to go through the detox.  But when it does it’s going to be an uphill battle from there.”

            She rubbed Walker’s clammy hand.  “It’s so strange.  It’s like he’s a whole new person.”

            “I know but the next few days even weeks will be tough.  We have to be here for him.”

One Week Later

            Walker’s head throbbed when he woke up again from a deep sleep.  Moaning he rubbed his face then tried to shift his weight but the fire in his side told him otherwise.  Licking his lips he turned his head to see that Alex was asleep in a cot next to him.  He really loved her for being here when he really needed him.  For the last week or what he can remember of it she has not left his side.

            He looked at his right arm and traced the scars at the bend of his elbow.  Hopefully the scars would fade in time but for now it was a strong reminder of what happened to him.  He rubbed his face again wincing as his fingers ran across the stitches above his eye.   He wanted pain killers but he knew that was impossible with his body being addicted to heroin.  The doctor

warned him that if he took any strong pain killers for any length of time he might get addicted.

            Alex stretched as she opened her eyes. “Walker, how long have you been up?”

            “About an hour.”  He took a deep breath.  “Alex, have you heard anything about the AIDS test yet?”

            She sat up.  “Not really.  Listen, you had one taken when you came in and it came out negative.  But this second one will take longer since their looking for any blood transmitted diseases.”

            He laughed.  “You sound like a doctor now.”

            “Well, after the last week I know a lot more.  How you’re feeling?”

            “Tired.  I hurt all over.”  He smiled to lighten things up. “The basic stuff.”  He stopped smiling and looked down.  “Alex, I need to tell you something.”

            She went up next to him.  “What is it Walker?”

            He started to kneed his hands together.  “I was scared when they injected me the first time.  I didn’t know what it was.  I was blindfolded and didn’t know what was going on.”  He took a deep breath. “Alex, how was I acting?”


            “Alex, tell me the truth.  How was I through all of this?”

            She took a deep breath.  “You weren’t the same Walker.”  She took hold of his hand.  “Listen, I know it wasn’t you at all.  Don’t worry.”

            Doctor Miller walked in smiling.  “Walker, got the test results back their negative.”  He patted Walker’s shoulder. “You can go home in about two or three more days.”

            Walker grinned.  “Thanks doc.”  He gave Alex a hug.  “Can I go home today?”

            Alex slapped Walker playfully.  “Your back.”