Bobbi Hunt was introduced in the episode “99th Ranger” and also appeared in “A father’s image”.

Her daughter’s name was Angela…I have changed it to Amelia (less confusion) J





December 26, 2001

Bobbi Hunt was nervous, had been since receiving notice a few days ago that she was officially assigned to be Cordell Walker’s partner until at least the 15th of January, maybe longer.

Going into his office Walker saw the woman sitting at his desk and said, “Hi Bobbi, I’m glad you agreed.”

Giving him an incredulous look she replied, “Did you really expect me to say no? I’m the envy of everyone I work with.”

“Because you get to work with a slave driver?”

In exasperation she asked, “Are you ever going to let me live that down?”

Laughing he said, “Probably not.”

“Okay, I have to ask, why me? There are a lot of more experienced Rangers than I am.”

“Honestly…I’ve kept up with your career since the Salvatore Matacio case and I can’t help noticing that while your record is outstanding you seem to get stuck doing undercover work a lot more often than normal.”

“The hazards of being a female.”

“That’s bull and you know it, if you notice there are four desks in here, you know Trivette and you know me, the other two belong to Syd and Gage; all four of us have worked undercover numerous times; the thing is I also trust her out in the field and I don’t think you get that same respect.”

“Are you telling me if you were going into a situation where you knew it was dangerous you wouldn’t be worried about a female having your back?”

“Bobbi…you saved my life once already…I trust you to do it again if necessary.”

Before she could say anything else the door opened and a tall blond haired man walked in followed by a small dark haired woman; they had been teasing each other but stopped when they spotted her.

Walker said, “Sydney, Gage meet Bobbi Hunt; she’s going to be working with me while Trivette is out.”

They all shook hands and he said, “I need to go grab a search warrant, I’ll let the three of you get acquainted.” He turned and walked out before any of them could see the look on his face, he had a feeling things were about to get interesting.

After Walker was gone Bobbi moved to Jimmy’s desk saying, “I’m sure you have questions, so ask.”

Taking her up on it Gage asked, “How do you know Walker?”

“He did my field evaluation and I worked undercover for him on a case.”

“Salvatore Matacio.”

Looking at the other woman with respect Bobbi replied, “That’s correct.”

Rolling his eyes Gage said, “Pay no attention to Syd; she’s a freaking Walker encyclopedia; I bet she can tell you what he had for breakfast this morning.”

Winking at Bobbi she replied, “My guess would be Alex.”

Both women smiled in triumph as he turned various colors as he nearly choked on his coffee. Shaking his finger he muttered, “That was uncalled for.”

“You started it.”

Bobbi ignored their playful banter as she noticed the picture of Trivette with his arms wrapped around a very pregnant woman, the look on his face filled with love.

“That’s his wife Erica; she gave birth on the 17th to twin boys.”

“Last time I worked with them he was very much a playboy.”

“Check out the picture on Walker’s desk.”

Exasperated she said, “Sydney, I’ve already seen it, whatever you’re thinking…I agreed to this because I learned a lot from Walker when I worked with him before and I know there’s a lot more he can teach me, matter of fact I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with him.”

“It’s Syd and I had to be sure, Alex is one of my best friends.”

“I’ve met Alex more than once; I always knew they had an understanding.”

“He’d give his life for her and she for him.”

In the truck with Walker a while later she asked, “How long have Syd and Gage been together?”

Distractedly he answered, “They’ve been partners for a little over four years.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Fidgeting in his seat he responded, “They aren’t in a relationship.”

She laughed saying, “Whether they admit it or not they are definitely a couple; maybe I should make a play for Gage and speed up the process a little.”

“Not a good idea, Syd could tear you apart.”

“It sounds like you and I are going to be doing a lot more sparring.”

Giving her a brief incredulous look he began smiling before saying, “Meet me at Thunder Karate tomorrow morning at 5:30; I have my own key.”

“You’re on! Wait did you say Thunder Karate?”

“Yes, why?”

“Amelia is taking lessons there.”

Laughing he said, “I’ve known Trent for years, since he was a kid.”

“Small world.”

The search warrant he had obtained was put to use and the drugs they found were used to obtain arrest warrants, the suspects did not surrender peacefully and the fight was on, finally it was over and looking over at her he noticed her shirt was pretty much gone, quickly he removed his own shirt and handed it to her saying, “I don’t think you want to give these guys a peep show.”

Pulling it on she buttoned it as she said, “Good thing Syd isn’t here now; I’m sure I’d be getting death glares at you being bare-chested while I have your shirt on.”

“I always have a bag in the truck; it’s not the first time I’ve needed a spare on short notice.”

They turned the suspects over to DPD for transport and both of them were holding back laughter at the looks they were getting; he grabbed his clean shirt saying, “We’ll swing by your place so you can change and pack a bag.”

“Do you remember where I live?”


When they arrived she said, “Come on in and say hello to Amelia.”

“Okay.” He followed her inside and didn’t even notice the car that passed the house at that moment nor had he been aware of it following them earlier.

Circling the block the car stopped and the occupant took several pictures with his camera as he muttered, “Well, well…looks like Mr. Perfect is getting a little on the side, that little incident earlier must have got him going, wonder if his wife has a clue about this.”

Ten minutes have passed and the car is gone when Bobbi and Walker exit her house with a very excited Amelia right beside them. “You really mean it Ranger Walker? You’ll help me with my martial arts?”

“Sure I will; I’m going to be helping your Mom as well.”

“Oh wow, this is so cool.”


Alex met him at the door and after a slow sweet kiss she asked, “How was your day?”

“Interesting; I have a new temporary partner until Trivette gets back to work.”

“Anyone I know?”

“As a matter of fact yes, it’s Bobbi Hunt.” Laughing he said, “She’s already got a taste of what working with me is going to be like…we finally got a search warrant for that warehouse and we found drugs…we got arrest warrants and managed to get into quite a skirmish. I ended up having to take her to her house to change clothes because she managed to get a huge rip in her shirt.”

“Jimmy always said working with you meant his wardrobe suffered.”

“Maybe so…I did get to see her daughter again and we talked while Bobbi changed clothes; she’s taking lessons with Trent and having a hard time keeping up…I volunteered to help her.”

“You miss working with kids don’t you?”

“You know me too well.”

“Darling if you want to get back into teaching I don’t mind.”

Holding her close he said, “Maybe I’ll start back when Angela is ready to learn.”

Teasingly she asked, “What if she doesn’t want to learn?”

“Then I’ll wait until my nephews are ready.”

Searching his eyes she asked, “You won’t be upset if she doesn’t want to do martial arts?”

“Hon, whatever she decides she wants to do will be fine with me…as long as it’s legal.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Their lips met just as Gordon entered the living room; he cleared his throat and bit back a laugh at their chagrined expressions. “Do I need to take a drive so you lovebirds can be alone?”


December 27, 2001

He pulled up in front of Thunder Karate at 5:15 and wasn’t surprised at all when his headlights hit Bobbi leaning against the hood of her car. Climbing out of the truck he asked, “Have you been waiting long?”

“Five minutes or so.”

Which means closer to fifteen.

She punched his arm saying, “So I’m anxious to get you in the ring, sue me.”

When Trent came in a little after 6 he watched for a couple of minutes before saying, “Not bad.” They both jumped and he laughed; he stared at the woman for a minute then said, “You’re Amelia’s mother, Bobbi right?”


Walker shot Bobbi a wink before he said, “Perfect timing, I’ve been trying to teach her a move…maybe she’d grasp it better if she saw me demonstrate it on you.”

Thirty minutes later they were all exhausted and laughing together. Walker said, “We better hit the showers if we’re going to have time for breakfast before work.”

“Yes sir, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Once she had left the ring Trent said, “You seem very comfortable with her.”

“We’ve worked together before; I showed her a lot of moves when I worked with her before and she asked me to teach her more.”

“So…Same time tomorrow?”

“You’re on.”

A while later he followed Bobbi into a small restaurant that she swore had an amazing breakfast, the place was packed and she said, “Must not be our day.”

Spotting a familiar face sitting at a booth by herself he replied, “Yes it is.” He placed his hand at her back and guided her over to the booth.

The woman looked up and smiled saying, “Hello Cordell, you and your friend have a seat.”

“Thanks Kathy.” He motioned for Bobbi to slide in then sat down beside her saying, “Kathy O’Roarke meet my partner Bobbi Hunt.”

“Did you finally drive James away?”

“Smart aleck…Erica just had twins so he’s out with his family.”

The two women shook hands and they all settled in to eat.

A couple of hours after they started patrol Walker said, “Care to tell me what’s on your mind.”

“She’s only the second person I’ve ever met that’s called you Cordell.”

Giving a loud sigh he said, “Kathy is DEA and we’ve worked together a few times; we even had to pose as man and wife for one of the assignments; she’s one of those people who calls everyone be their given name…I guarantee that if you meet her again she’ll have found out your name and she’ll call you Roberta.”

“Man and wife?”


Seeing her look of disbelief he asked, “What?”

“Alex went along with that?” She saw him squirm in his seat and as the truth dawned on her she began laughing, “You didn’t tell her!”

“Not until the case was over.”

“Wimp.” She laughed even harder at the glare he gave her.

Everything seemed extra quiet and he asked, “Want to go to the range?”

“You’re on; I have a chance to beat you there.”

“Yeah, right!”

When they began there were several other officers firing, but as word spread about the woman who was giving Walker a run for his money…the others gathered around to watch.

At the conclusion of the competition she received many congratulations; she had scored the second highest score ever…just a couple of points behind him.

Once they were back on patrol she studied him curiously before saying, “I’m giving up on trying to figure you out.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know as well as I do that the news of what happened back there will be all over the department by the time our shift is done.”

Giving her his best innocent smile he replied, “I know.”


Alex carried the mail into the house and started to go through it; she frowned when she saw the envelope with her name on it, but no other information, obviously someone had personally put it in the mailbox.

Entering the kitchen Gordon saw her puzzled look and asked, “Everything okay?”

“Only one way to find out.” She opened the envelope and pulled out the pictures; she went through them then unfolded the typed note which simply said, “Are they starting again or did they never stop?” She looked at the pictures again and shaking her head she said, “Someone is trying to cause trouble; can you watch Angela for a while?”

“Of course I can.”

She drove straight to his office and found Sydney and Gage going through paperwork on a case, she asked, “Could you call Walker in, it’s important.”

It didn’t take long for him to arrive with Bobbi and he was surprised to see Alex; he greeted her with a hug and kiss asking, “What brings you by?”

In answer she spread the photos across his desk saying, “These were in our mailbox.”

All of them looked and Gage said what they were all thinking, “Someone is not happy about you working with Bobbi.”

There were pictures of him shirtless from the day before, his truck parked in front of her house, them entering and exiting Thunder Karate, and at breakfast this morning.

Alex showed them the note and Bobbi looked at Walker with a horrified face saying, “Oh my God, someone is trying to make it look like you and I are having an affair.”

In a very dangerous tone of voice he replied, “It does look that way.”

Going to his side Alex hugged him tight saying, “Darling, I know it’s not true; what we have to figure out is who did this and why.”

Syd said quietly, “I have a crazy idea.”

Walker replied, “Let’s hear it.”

“I heard the talk a while back about you needing a temporary partner and a lot of guys were betting on who you would pick; what if you choosing Bobbi made someone mad enough to try to ruin your marriage and both of your careers?”

He wanted to deny the possibility immediately but the longer he thought about it the more sense it made. With a deep sigh of resignation he asked, “So how are we going to catch him?”

“You and Bobbi continue as normal, Gage and I will take turns lurking around to see if we can spot your stalker.”

“Let’s bring Trent in on this as well, not a word to anyone else; we don’t know who we can trust.”

Gage said, “Got it boss, Syd and I will go see Trent to work out the details; we’ll get up with you later.”

Once they left Bobbi said, “I’ll go wait in the truck.”

Alex and Walker stared at each other in silence for a minute before she kissed him as she said, “Whoever this person is obviously doesn’t realize that I trust you implicitly; I’m just worried about what this would do to your reputation and more importantly to Bobbi’s.”

“She has a hard enough time as it is…if people start saying she and I are having an affair…it could ruin her career for good; maybe I should back off from helping her daughter…and her…with the martial arts stuff.”

“You can’t do that; you have to pretend that everything is normal and hope the person doing this makes a mistake.”

“I know you’re right, but I don’t have to like it.” He gave her a lingering kiss then said, “Luckily my wife is not the jealous type.”

Laughing she said, “You better get back to work.” She was halfway out the door before she looked at him with a grin asking, “Just how did Kathy get involved in this mess?”

The door closed and he shook his head as he thought, “All of these pictures trying to make it look like I’m sleeping with Bobbi and the only thing she fixates on is the fact I’m sitting across from Kathy at breakfast.” He understood though, there was a time in the past when the DEA agent had made it very clear she was interested and Alex had been extremely jealous until he’d made it very clear to both of them where his loyalties were.

Bobbi watched him closely as he approached and when he climbed in she said, “I’ll let Amelia know that you won’t be able to help her after…”

“Hold it right there! If you have some crazy notion that I want to terminate our partnership you better think again; I will see Amelia after work and you and I will still be meeting at Trent’s in the morning.”

“Walker, it’s not worth risking your marriage.”

“Alex is the one insisting that we catch the person responsible; I promise that she is not the least bit worried I would do anything to risk my marriage, she knows better.”

Realizing he was totally serious she said, “Okay slave driver, let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

They responded to a couple of minor incidents that DPD had well in hand and as they drove back to the office he said, “Go on home and I’ll be over soon as I check the status of our surveillance team and get changed.”

“All right.”

Entering the office he found Syd waiting for him and she said, “I just heard about the range war, she almost had you.”

Flashing her a typical half smile he replied, “Almost.”

Growing serious she said, “Trent’s going to follow you half way then Gage is going to take the rest of the trip; they’re both wearing cheesy disguises, but since they decided on bikes…”

As it worked out it was Bobbi’s mother that made their case when during her normal walk around the neighborhood she spotted an unfamiliar car and after writing the plate number down she kept an eye on it until it finally left…right after Walker did.

Bobbi called someone she trusted to keep his mouth shut and stared in disbelief at the name she was given; she dialed Walker’s number and when Alex answered she said, “I know who it is; tell Walker to call me when he gets in.”

About thirty minutes later her phone rang and upon hearing his voice she said, “Norm Bradford.”

“Damn, I had a run-in with him a few years ago, but I thought it was forgotten.”

“I’ve had more than one confrontation with him; he definitely doesn’t think women belong in the Rangers.”

“Let me think about this one tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning.”

When he got off the phone Alex wrapped her arms around him asking, “Are you okay?” She knew he wasn’t when he pulled away from her and walked out onto the porch; following him she gently pushed him down onto the swing and sat beside him saying, “Talk to me.”

Grasping her hand he said, “He’s a loose cannon that should have been dealt with a few years ago but I let myself get talked into giving him another chance; I really thought he had his act together but Bobbi said he’s been giving her grief for years.”

“What do you think is going to happen to him?” When he didn’t answer she moved so she could see his eyes and the look she saw in them…”You really think he’s that dangerous?”

“Yeah I do, he hates me, he hates Bobbi…now we’re together and I think it pushed him over the edge.”

“Promise me you’ll be careful.”


A few minutes later he said, “I better get the horses fed and take a shower.”

“You do that and I’ll work on dinner.”


They shared a sweet kiss then went their separate ways.

When they crawled in bed that night she sighed saying, “I’ll be so glad when this is over; I really, really hate cold showers.”

It took a minute for her words to sink in then he chuckled saying, “Feel free to distract me…if you think you can.”

“There’s nothing I like more than a good challenge.”

Much later he whispered, “You won, as usual.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She woke up alone and pulling on her robe she went downstairs and joined him on the porch swing; she rested her head against his shoulder and as his arm went around her to pull her tightly against him she said, “You know this isn’t your fault; if you’d had him fired before…this just would have happened that much sooner.”

“At least then it would have been just me…now it’s Bobbi…but more importantly you; he’s going to be furious that you didn’t react to his pictures the way he wanted you to.”

“This isn’t going to end well is it?”


December 28, 2001

He met Bobbi at the designated time and there was none of the playful banter from the day before as he unlocked the door and they walked inside; he had barely closed the door behind him when something slammed into his chest and he felt himself falling.

Fighting his way back to consciousness he realized he was in a hospital bed and as he tried to turn his head the pain exploded and he gasped.

Alex heard it and taking his hand she said, “Don’t try to move darling.”

“No kidding; why am I in the hospital, I had a vest on.”

“Since you mentioned it…care to fill me in on that part.”

“Trent got an alarm from Thunder Karate, he called Bobbi to let her know our guy was inside, she flagged me down before I arrived and we both put on vests; I didn’t expect him to shoot as soon as we walked in though.”

“You realize if you hadn’t been wearing it we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“I know…so explain why I’m here.”

“You hit your head when you fell; you’ve been out for a couple of hours.”

From the doorway a voice said, “The good news is that your scans came back okay and other than having one Hell of a headache you’ll be fine.”

Recognizing the voice Walker said, “Hey doc; maybe I need to start wearing a football helmet.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“Since I know you won’t stay here I’ll start your dismissal paperwork.” He closed the door behind him when he left.

Alex smoothed Walker’s hair back from his forehead saying, “Before you ask…Bradford is dead.”

“Bobbi killed him?”

“No, he shot both of you then killed himself…he had a note on him…apparently he thought your reputation was undeserved, that he was better than you…he also blamed you for bringing Bobbi into the Rangers…I won’t go into the things he said about her or what he implied about her getting the job…then he really went off about you choosing her to work with you, the two people he hated the most…”

“Let me guess the rest of it…something along the lines of knowing that killing us would be the end of his career anyway so he might as well end his life.”

“You got it.”

“What about Bobbi, is she…

“She’s fine.” Releasing his hand she walked to the door and opened it saying, “Come on in, he’s not going to rest until he sees you.”

Bobbi walked into this field of vision saying, “I’d offer to show you the bruise but I’m kind of thinking it would be awkward for both of us.”

“Probably so.”

“Well, we’re both officially off until January 1st…Captain’s orders…I’m going to go home and rest, maybe I’ll be ready for the madness of being your partner by then.”

Snorting out a laugh he replied, “We’ll see.”

Once Bobbi left he closed his eyes for a minute but realizing Alex was staring at him he asked, “Something on your mind?

“Tomorrow we are getting you a cell phone whether you like it or not, if you even attempt to get rid of it I swear I will glue it to your ear.”

Knowing why she was upset he didn’t even try to argue. “Yes ma’am.”

Giving him a suspicious look she asked, “Just like that?”

“It’s time I quit being so stubborn…I have a wife that worries about me.”

Leaning over she kissed him as she responded, “She also loves you.”

“She has to in order to put up with a stubborn mule-headed cowboy…even one that’s been in love with her since the first time he saw her.”

With a half laugh, half sob she exclaimed, “Why do you always pick the worst possible times to get romantic?”

“I’ll make it up to you later.”

Before they left the hospital Alex made sure he took a couple of the painkillers he’d been prescribed and after getting home she helped him undress and got him in bed saying, “Go to sleep.”

“Join me?”

“I would, but I have to take Daddy to the airport; Betty is going to come stay until I get back.”

“Okay, I love you.”

Leaning over she kissed him saying, “I love you too.” She smiled when she realized he was already out.

After she got home she checked on him and seeing how peacefully he was sleeping she went back downstairs and picked up the newspaper.

He found her sound asleep in the recliner when hunger drove him to the kitchen; carefully he removed the paper from her grip and covered her with the blanket from the back of the couch.

Wonderful smells woke her up and she quietly made her way to the kitchen; the sight that greeted her eyes was one she would never get tired of…he had a serious case of bed head and was only wearing a pair of faded jeans.

“You can quit ogling me anytime.”

Walking the rest of the way into the kitchen she slipped her arms around him saying, “Never going to happen Cowboy.”

As her hands began to move he said in a strangled voice, “Alex…”

Pressing a kiss to the back of his neck she reluctantly stepped back as she said, “Okay, food first, but then you’re all mine.”

With a wicked grin she couldn’t see he responded, “Well…your Dad is gone, maybe we’ll see how much our daughter can sleep through.”