Just a Swinging   

By SASQUAW     Dec 26, 2012

           It's been a tiring and tenseful week for the Walkers. Both Alex and Walker have been trying to clear their workloads to allow a quiet first Christmas together as man and wife.

           Alex is walking towards Ranger headquarters as she spots her husband talking to a young lady in the hallway. The woman is rather young and she keeps touching her husband's arm in a flirtatious sort of way. Alex watches as her husband reaches out and gives the young lady a hug, then turns to enter his office.

           The young lady continues down the hallway and the assistant district attorney takes a deep breath.

          "What the heck was that all about, and who is that woman?”

           She enters the office and sees Walker and several other rangers laughing and slapping each other on the back. Walker looks up to see Alex enter, walking rather slow. He walks towards her.

         "Alex, hon---are you alright?”

         She forces a smile, "I'm fine, I see you're in a good mood. What was so funny?”

         The ranger's brow arches, "Nothing---the guys were just telling a joke, why?”

         She sighs and looks back towards the door.

       "Couldn't help but notice that---beautiful young lady that you were talking to, and then hugging--- who is she?”

       The ranger smiles, "That was Tina, didn't you recognize her?”

     “And, whoooo is Tina?”

       Walker studies his wife's face and the tone in her voice, "Hon, that was Tina Briscoe---the commander's daughter. She was just telling me that she had been accepted at Boston General.”

       Alex feels her face flushing.

     "That was Tina?   She's----grown up----and out!”

      Walker smiles, "Yep, she's not the same little tomboy that used to run in and out of her Father's office all day, she's blossomed into a pretty young lady-----and smart!”

      Alex takes a step backwards, shaking her head.

     "I did it again, didn't I?  Jumping to jealous conclusions!”

      Walker gently pulls her off to the side, and rubs her arm softly.

       "Hon, I'm trying to understand about these ’mood swings'--- but hon, you have nothing to worry about. You're stuck with me, I'm going to be with you till the end of time, like it or not?”

       Alex smiles, her tears threaten to fall.

       "Let's get out of here and go home, I have a surprise for you-----and our baby!”


       Alex is preparing tea for herself, coffee for her cowboy. She keeps looking towards the front door.

       "He said to give him 5 minutes, and then come out on the porch. What is he up to?”

      "ALEX, you can come out now.”

      She grabs the cups and walks out on the front porch. The nip of the December air makes her shiver.

       What is it that you wanted to show me?” She asks.

       The ranger is standing at the east end of the long porch; a green tarp is hanging behind him. He reaches behind him and yanks the tarp off.


         Her eyes go wide as she see a porch swing hanging down, her husband pushes it lightly.

        "Do you like it?”

        "Honey, I love it!”

         Walker takes the cups from her and motions for her to sit down.

         "Sit down hon; I even put some soft cushions down for you and a wrap to keep you warm."

         Alex swings back and forth, looking at her husband curiously.

        "So this was what you were doing last night after I went to bed and why you insisted on our coming to the back of the house and going through the laundry room!”

          He sits down beside her and kisses the side of her head.

         "Yep, guilty as charged. I was trying not to make any noise last night putting in the toggle bolts!”

          "Walker, are you sure it will hold both of us?”

          The ranger continues to tease her as he reaches over and touches her slightly protruding stomach.

         "Well, the instructions said it would hold 400 lbs., ----but----you might be pushing 'it', with all the weight you're gaining!”

          "Walker, do you really think I'm gaining that much weight?”

          "Hon, I'm teasing and 'no', I don't think you’re gaining all that much. I told you this morning to start eating more breakfast.”

          She turns to him, pushing her bottom lip out.

         "If I do that, the 'morning sickness' starts in---worse!”

          The ranger laughs, "I thought I was prepared for that, but I had forgotten about the 'mood swings', so that's what made me think of putting up a porch swing!”

          Alex laughs and kisses him lightly, "Yeah, right---I'll just bet that was the reason! What are you going to do when the morning sickness gets bad, put me in this swing and swing me back and forth?”

         Walker sips his coffee, "No, I wanted you to just sit back and look at that!”

          Alex smiles when she sees what he's pointing at.

          "Oh honey, the setting sun. How many times have we sat and watched the sun go down in the west?”

           He again kisses the side of her head and whispers.

           "More times than we've sat and watched it come ’up’ in the morning, since you don't like getting up early.”

           "Well, that's soon gonna change, won't it?”

            Walker reaches behind him and brings a small string that is attached to the other end of the porch.

            He watches the sun then hands the string to Alex.

            "Here hon, pull gently on the string as it continues to set, and you will swing back and forth also, in a nice and gentle swing. And, you will also control the sun as it sets, 'if' you're a believer!”

           She does as he instructs, she begins to smile.

           "Ohhh, I do believe. Walker, this will be so great for when our baby comes---and then 'he' or 'she' can pull the string and pretend they are controlling our sunset. How did you ever think of this?”

            The ranger scratches his beard.

            "Well, I saw it on a commercial several years ago, and I never forgot it. I guess even then, I knew I would meet the woman that I wanted to start a family with.”

             Alex starts to cry as they snuggle under the wrap and Alex continues to pull the string lightly till the sun has completely vanished over the horizon.

             They both whisper: Merry Christmas!!!