Lady W.

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex woke up in her husband's arms, still feeling the effects of their lovemaking last night Alex began to kiss Walker until he woke up and asked her "Aren't you tired Alex?"

Lowering her kisses she replied, "Not yet honey." Sitting up Walker pulled his wife into his arms and said to her "Alex, after last night, how can you even think about doing anything?"

Alex teasingly questioned him "What's the matter my darling, did I wear you out last night?”

"No, you know better than that." Walker answered and then began to return her kisses when they heard Ray crying for his mother who said "Darn." Then Alex went to take care of Ray while Walker got ready for his day.

When Walker got to work the Mayor was waiting in his office for him and asked "Walker, I need your help in safe-guarding Mrs. Wallingford. She's in town for a few days and her personal bodyguard had to take some time off. Can you protect her until he returns?  She'll need a bodyguard in her hotel suite twenty-four seven."

"Why me?” Walker questioned because he had become wary of women who asked for him to protect them. The Mayor answered "Mrs. Wallingford said that she was very impressed by the way you conducted yourself when you protected her husband in December. Her husband has also asked that you protect his wife. Walker, they both are very important people who have donated very generously to many charitable causes in town. It's just for three days, will you do it?”

After Walker reluctantly agreed the Mayor left and Walker called Alex "Alex, I have to protect Mrs. Wallingford for the next three days. I just called to let you know that I'll see you and the children in three days." Alex answered "Okay, we'll miss you honey."

"Me too." Walker replied and then hung up. Alex sat there remembering how Mrs. Wallingford had made it clear that she was very interested in bedding Walker. Alex hadn't told Walker about it because she trusted her husband completely.

The Walkers had only one brief conversation during those three days when Walker called his wife "Alex, how are you and our children doing?”

"We're doing good but we miss you, how are you doing?” Alex questioned back. Walker replied "Going a little stir crazy, I can't take much more of Patricia Sutcliffe-Wallingford."

Alex asked him "Why's that?”

"She thinks that I'm supposed to be at her beck and call. She even suggested that I...never mind." Walker stopped talking not wanting to upset his wife by telling her what Mrs. Wallingford was suggesting.

Alex said, "So, she's coming on to you, is she?”

"How did you know that?” Walker asked his wife who laughed and replied "Darling, we've been done this path before, besides dear sweet Mrs. Wallingford made it perfectly clear to me in December that she wanted you."

Puzzled Walker asked "For what?”

"The bedroom, what else Cowboy." Alex enlightened her clueless husband who questioned, "You are joking, right?”

"No, I'm not. Seriously Walker she wants you in her bed. Mrs. Wallingford told me that to my face." Alex answered her husband who said, "Well I don't want to be in her bed or anyone else's for that matter."

Alex teasingly asked "Not even my bed darling?” Walker then told her "Alex, only your bed. Seriously the reason that I called was that I want you to pick me up Friday morning, will you do that? You can drive my truck."

"You bet Cowboy then we can discuss what you owe me for keeping your bed warm." Alex teased Walker who replied "Alex behave, at least until I can get you into the privacy of our bedroom." Alex hung up and was a little concerned about Mrs. Wallingford's blatant sexual interest in her husband because the woman wasn't known to take no for an answer.

Chapter Two

Friday morning when Alex was riding the elevator to get her husband there were two other men in it and one of them said to the other "Hey Peirson I see that you're back to protect Mrs. Wallingford." Peirson laughed and then replied "Her highness had me take three days off so that she could get her hands on some Texas Ranger."

The other man then asked, "I wonder if she succeeded?” Peirson answered, "She always has before, this time will be no different."

After getting off the elevator Alex followed Peirson to Mrs. Wallingford's suite where she asked "Is there a Ranger Walker here?”

Mrs. Wallingford came out of a bedroom then and told Alex "Yes dear, your husband is in that bedroom recovering from having sex most of the night with me. I must say he has incredible stamina, what a stud. I know now why you married him, because who wouldn't want a man built like that and who could go all night long?”

Alex got mad and snapped at her "I suggest that you stop lying about my husband, he would never have slept with a tramp like you. Walker would never betray me that way, not in a million years."

Wallingford smirkingly replied, "The scratch marks that I left on his back last night prove otherwise. Tell him that if he ever wants to go all night again to call me." Wallingford left and Alex went into the bedroom where a groggy Walker dressed in boxers and a t-shirt was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head. Going to her husband Alex said "Walker honey you look terrible, do you want me to take you to see Dr. Beech?”

"I have a really bad headache, will you just take me home?” Walker asked Alex who handed him the rest of his clothing. On the ride home Alex told him how Angela and Ray were looking forward to going to the reservation later on that day. A little while later Walker began to feel better and said "I can't believe that I'm letting you drive my truck, the things that I do because I love you."

Alex questioned, "I take it that you're feeling better dear?” Walker replied "Much better and when we get to the ranch I'll prove it to you."

As they were entering their house Walker said to Alex "I believe that I owe you something for keeping my bed warm?” Removing his denim shirt and walking behind her husband Alex ran her hands under his t-shirt as she said "You better believe it Cowboy." Then Alex removed his t-shirt and was stunned to find several scratch marks on Walker's back in places where she had put a few of them during their lovemaking sessions in the past.

"Alex come here so that I can return the favor." Walker said as he turned around to face her. Noticing the look on Alex's face Walker asked her "What's the matter honey?”

Getting tears in her eyes Alex questioned him "Walker, what happened between you and her last night?”

"What do you mean, what happened between me and her last night?” Walker questioned back as he began to get an uneasy feeling.

"When I was riding the elevator up to Mrs. Wallingford's suite her regular bodyguard was in it with his friend and they joked about him being sent away so that she could get her hands on a certain Texas Ranger. When I got to the suite Mrs. Wallingford came out of the bedroom that you were in and told me that you were sleeping off the effects of having had sex with her all night. Mrs. Wallingford said that she now knew why I married you, because you were built and could go all night long. I called her a liar but she told me that the scratch marks that she left on your back last night would prove otherwise. Walker I know that she was lying, but why do you have scratch marks on your back?” Alex all but begged her husband to deny it but a stunned Walker went into the living room where he sat down on the couch. Following him in and getting really concerned when Walker didn't answer her Alex sat down besides him grabbed his arm and demanded, "Tell me that she lied to me Cordell."

"I can't." Walker answered shamefully. Alex then yelled at him "What do you mean that you can’t?”

"Last night I had what I thought were dreams of us together but her face kept slipping into them. I'm so sorry Alex I never meant for that to have happened." Walker replied as he realized that his marriage was most likely over.

Getting up and moving away from her husband Alex said in an ice-cold voice "You'd better go take a shower, you don't want those scratch marks getting infected, do you?” Also getting up Walker said "Alex I really thought that I was just dreaming last night. I swear that I never meant to hurt you, I love you."

"I'm going out. As for me going to the reservation, you can think of a reason to explain to our children why I'm not going with them." Alex said as she left the house. Walker caught up to his wife by her car and pleaded "Alex please don't drive away mad."

"Just leave me alone Walker. I need some time to think about what you did last night." Alex replied as she got into her car and then drove away.

Chapter Three

Walker took a very long shower and was standing in his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist trying to see where the scratch marks were because they were starting to sting a little bit. As he reached for the disinfectant Alex entered the bathroom and taking the disinfectant out of Walker's hand said to him "I shouldn't have driven away like that."

"Alex you had every right to drive away like that after what I did last night. I'm the one who's wrong because Mrs. Wallingford made it perfectly clear what she really wanted from me and I should have assigned Sydney to the case. Alex it didn't occur to me that something like what obviously happened last night would happen." Walker told her.

"Sometimes you are still way too trusting when it comes to predatory women and the lengths they will go to get what they want from you. Now turn around so that I can take care of your back for you." Alex told her husband then turned him around and applied the disinfectant. When Alex was done she suggested "Maybe you ought to go see Dr. Beech and see what you were drugged with last night because you looked hung-over or something a little while ago."

Going into the bedroom and getting dressed Walker replied, "Does it really matter if I was drugged?”

Alex questioned him. "What do you mean by that?”

"Even if I was drugged there is no excuse for me not knowing the difference between dreaming about making love with you and being in bed with another woman. I never should have allowed something like that to have happened no matter what state I was in." Walker explained to Alex who answered, "It makes a difference to me. Walker we need to know if you were drugged and if so, can the drug or drugs have a lasting impact on you?”

Walker stubbornly held his ground "What's wrong is wrong Alex. I betrayed our wedding vows. I can't use being drugged as an excuse."

"How sure are you that you did indeed betray our wedding vows? Walker, I want an honest answer." Alex asked Walker who replied, "Alex right now I'm not sure about anything."

"Okay, how about I drop you off at Dr. Beech's office and he can run tests on you for drugs in your system while I pick up Angela and Ray? Then we can go straight to the reservation after I pick you back up. I've already packed the truck. I did it yesterday so that we would have more time today, which we won't be using for what I had in mind." Alex said.

"You're coming to the reservation with us?” Walker questioned his wife who replied "On the condition that you get tested for drugs in your system, otherwise I won't go."

"I guess that makes sense, I'll go see Dr. Beech." Walker agreed relieved that Alex was still talking to him. So Alex dropped him off at Dr. Beech's office then went and got their children. When Alex picked him back up Walker told her "Dr. Beech said that all of the test results won't be back for a couple of days, to call him Sunday evening."

"Good, we'll just forget all about it until then." Alex said as she got into the passenger seat while Walker got behind the wheel.

Chapter Four

Sunday evening they returned home from the reservation after spending a relaxing weekend there, although Walker slept on the couch by his own choice. After taking the children into the house while Walker was unloading the truck Alex discovered a small package addressed to her. Opening it she found a DVD. that was labeled 'Ranger does lady w.'  Just then Angela entered the room and asked Alex "Mommy is that a new movie for us to watch later?”

"No sweetheart, it's something just for Daddy." Alex answered while vowing that her children wouldn't suffer because of Patricia Sutcliffe-Wallingford. After unloading the truck Walker called Dr. Beech "This is Walker, are the test results back yet?”

"Yes they are Walker and I must say that you're lucky to not have had a fatal heart attack with the amount of one of the drugs in particular that were in your system." Dr. Beech answered Walker who questioned, "Why what drug did you find?”

"A drug commonly used to treat E.D. in men, you have a massive amount of that in your system along with what is called the 'date rape' drug. Walker how did you get those drugs into your system to begin with?” Dr. Beech said to him.

Walker replied "It's a police matter and I need you to write a report about the drugs for me." Dr. Beech agreed "Okay you can stop in sometime tomorrow and pick it up." Walker then went into the living room where he saw Alex holding the DVD so he asked her "Alex, what have you got there?”

Without a word Alex handed it to him and after reading the title Walker said, "I guess we'll find out if I still deserve to be your husband after I watch this, won't we?” Still numb about the whole thing Alex replied "I guess." Then she left the room.

Later on after the children were sleeping a reluctant Walker watched the DVD. It showed him engaging in what appeared to be sexual activity with Mrs. Wallingford. Alex walked in near the end unaware of what her husband was watching and questioned him "What did Dr. Beech say about drugs in your system?”

"Dr. Beech said that he found the 'date rape' drug and a massive amount of a drug used to treat E.D. in my system. It doesn't really matter what he found in my system because I've destroyed our marriage." Walker replied as Alex's attention was commanded by the t.v. where she watched as Mrs. Wallingford looked into the camera and said, "Well I now know what Cahill sees in him, a man who's built and can go all night. Thanks for the sex Walker but you'd better get dressed before the wife gets here." Then she tossed boxer shorts and a t-shirt at an exhausted looking Walker who was barely able to get dressed right before the DVD ended.

Getting up Walker ejected the DVD and when he went to break it Alex told him "Don't bother, I'm sure that there are other ones. Good night." Alex headed upstairs devastated as Walker went into the downstairs bedroom to sleep.

Chapter Five

Later on that night Walker heard a noise in the living room and when he went to see what it was he was shocked to find Alex watching the DVD Walker questioned his wife "Alex, why are you watching that? Haven't I hurt you enough?"

Looking up Alex paused the DVD player and answered "There's something really wrong with this whole thing." Somewhat puzzled by why Alex would even want to watch him in bed with another woman Walker replied "I know that, I'm the one who's in bed with another woman." Going over to the DVD. player Walker then said to his wife as he went to eject the DVD." Come on Alex go to bed, you have a big trial starting tomorrow and you need your rest."

Resisting Walker's effort to turn off the DVD player Alex answered, "Not yet, like I just said something's not right with this whole thing and I intend to figure it out. Walker think about it, why go to all that trouble just to get you into bed with her? What was in it for her other than rubbing my face in the fact that you were in bed with her?”

Sitting down on the chair Walker answered "I don't know what was in it for her other than letting you know I was in bed with her. Alex I don't want you being hurt anymore than I've already hurt you." Then unable to stop himself from asking Walker blurted out "Alex, do you want a divorce?”

Alex replied "No I don't, why do you?” Walker told her with total honesty "No I don't want a divorce. I just think that you deserve a better husband than one like me who betrayed you in the worst way possible, by being in bed with another woman."

"Walker you were drugged, you didn't betray me." Alex said stunning her husband who asked her "How can you even think that I didn't betray you? You were just watching me in bed with another woman. What more proof do you need that I betrayed our wedding vows?”

"Yes you were in bed with another woman, one who had to drug you to get you in bed with her to begin with and..." Alex's voice trailed off as she realized something. Rewinding the DVD Alex went to the one scene where Walker appeared to be aroused. Alex asked him "Walker, look what do you see?”

Shocked he replied "You know what I see Alex, me aroused and in bed with another woman." Alex then informed him "That's not what I see Walker."

Walker questioned her "Look Alex it clearly shows me aroused, now can you drop it and go to bed?” Alex replied "But it doesn't dear."

Walker demanded "Alex what are you talking about?”

"That's an aroused male all right but it isn't you. See there's no birthmark and if that's you we would be able to see one." Alex answered as she walked over to the t.v. and pointed out where there should have been a birthmark. Then Alex turned to Walker and said to her husband "Walker after you were injected with the 'date rape' drug why do you think that you were injected with so much of the drug used to treat E.D.? I'll tell you why, because you weren't responding to Mrs. Wallingford's attempts at seducing you."

Walker stubbornly replied "I'm still wrong and you know that Alex." Going to leave the room Alex stopped and questioned him "Walker do you blame me for when I was raped?”

Walker interrupted by saying "No I've never blamed you for that, you were helpless." Alex then said to him "Then why do you blame yourself? You were as helpless that night as I was when I was raped. Just think about that before you throw away everything that we have out of a sense of guilt. When you're ready to deal with this come and talk to me. I'll be right here because I'm not going anywhere without you." Alex went upstairs.

Chapter Six

It was now several days later and Walker was still sleeping in the downstairs bedroom (they had told Angela and Ray that his back was hurting and that was why he was sleeping downstairs.) Finally after their children were asleep Alex entered that bedroom and Walker questioned her "Alex what are you doing in here? Is there something wrong with Angela or Ray?”

"No, they are okay, I'm the one who has something wrong with them. Walker I can't sleep in our bed anymore without you. Please come upstairs with me." Alex replied however Walker refused her "I'm sorry Alex but I can't share a bed with you."

"Why not?” Alex asked her husband who answered, "Because it would be wrong, I've been unfaithful to you."

Getting frustrated Alex questioned, "Did it ever occur to you that you may not have done anything with that tramp?” Walker responded, "Alex, I was in bed with Mrs. Wallingford, the DVD shows that quite clearly."

Throwing her hands up at her husband's stubbornness Alex said "Cordell John Walker, are you sure that's the only reason you won't return to our bedroom?”

Walker questioned back "What's that supposed to mean?”

"You seem pretty determined to avoid our bed perhaps because deep down inside you really do blame me for when that animal assaulted me." Alex told Walker who got mad and answered "Damn it Alex you know that's not true."

"The only thing that I know is that I have a husband who doesn't seem to want me anymore. A husband who refuses to share a bed with me." Alex said to Walker as she started to leave the room. Grabbing Alex, Walker pulled her close and asked "Does this feel like I don't want you anymore?”

Feeling his desire Alex shook her head no. Kissing Alex on her cheek Walker told her "Just give me some more time, Okay?”

Looking into her husband's eyes Alex replied "Okay but when you do return to our bedroom you had better be prepared to spend a lot of time at night keeping me warm."

"Alex stop flirting with me and go to bed, you need your rest honey." Walker told Alex who headed upstairs in a better mood.

Chapter Seven

Friday night Alex was still in court so Walker was watching Angela and Ray while trying to cook dinner, it was proving a little hard because Ray kept getting into things. After taking his son from the bottom of the kitchen sink for what seemed to be the hundred time to him Walker wondered aloud "How does your mother manage to all of this?” Angela replied "Mommy says that it's easy because she loves us." Walker smiled and said, "That she does honey."

When the doorbell rang a little later Walker answered it to find Trivette standing there, after letting his former partner in Walker asked him "Trivette, what are you doing here?”

"I'm in town for a few days and I was wondering if I could stay in your guest bedroom?” Trivette replied and after Walker agreed he tossed his luggage into the room prompting Angela to ask her father "Daddy since Uncle Jimmy is going to be sleeping in that room does that mean you'll be back in Mommy's room?”

Shocked Trivette looked at Walker who said "Long story. Here watch Ray while I finish making dinner, he's getting into everything." Walker handed Ray to Trivette and went back into the kitchen.

When Alex came home she happily greeted Trivette and then said to her husband as they sat down to eat "Thanks for cooking dinner, it smells great."

"No problem, how's the trial going?” Walker questioned Alex who replied, " Not good, I didn't have much evidence against him. Hopefully the jury will be see reason and convict him. The case went to the jury tonight, that's why I was in court so long."

Walker assured her "Alex you did the best that you could and a lot of other A.D.A.'s wouldn't even have been able to get that case this far." Angela then said to her mother "Mommy, Uncle Jimmy is going to be sleeping in the room that Daddy was sleeping in. Does that mean Daddy's back is better?” After looking at Walker who didn't say anything Alex instead asked "Were you two good for your father?” Both of them said they were.

After dinner Alex got a phone call that the jury was returning with a verdict so she headed back to court while Walker got Angela and Ray ready for bed. As he was doing that Trivette found the DVD that Walker had unwittingly made. Trivette confronted him about it "Hey Walker, what is the matter with you?”

"Trivette, what are you talking about?” Walker questioned Trivette who responded, "I just saw your little porn show. How could you do something like that to your wife? I thought that you loved Alex?”

Walker informed Trivette "Alex knows about it."

"Yeah right. How could you cheat on your wife and then make a DVD of it?” Trivette asked unaware that Alex had entered the house. She said, "Walker didn't cheat on me, he was drugged."

Wanting to change the subject Walker asked her "How did the verdict go?” Knowing what her husband was up to Alex answered "I only got a conviction on the least serious charge, they let him off on everything else. It's been a long day, I'm going to bed." As Alex headed upstairs Trivette asked Walker "What did Alex mean that you were drugged?”

"Stay out of it Trivette, it doesn't concern you." Walker replied and after locking up he too went upstairs.

Chapter Eight

When Alex came out of the bathroom dressed in her nightgown Walker was getting out some clothes for bed so Alex questioned him "I guess that this means you're going to be sleeping in here?” Walker replied as he got changed into a t-shirt and boxer shorts "Trivette's in the guest bedroom, I have to sleep in here. This changes nothing."

"Okay, I'll try not to touch you." Alex said to her husband in a tired and defeated voice as she got into bed. Walker neared the bed and said to her "Roll over onto your stomach and let me massage the kinks out of your back for you. Then you'll be able to sleep." Unable to resist her husband and craving his touch in any way that she could get it Alex rolled onto her stomach. Walker removed her nightgown then spent the next twenty minutes giving her a back massage. When he was done Walker got into his side of the bed and asked his wife "Alex, do you feel any better?”

Looking into Walker's eyes Alex replied, "I need to be with you and I know that you need to be with me. Please make love to me Cordell." Walker hesitated "I'll always want you Alex but I still feel guilty about what I allowed to happen in Mrs. Wallingford's suite that night. I still feel as though I betrayed you."

"Well I don't think so and if you don't kiss me right now you can go sleep on the couch. Walker I will not share a bed with you when you won't let me touch you. So what is it going to be Cowboy? Are you letting me touch you or are you going downstairs to sleep on the couch?” Alex asked Walker who replied, "Oh hell Alex, the couch is too hard to sleep on so I guess you can touch me."

Alex pulled him to her and gave him a heart-stopping kiss. Pulling back for a minute Walker told her "I love you lady."

"Then I suggest you prove it to me dear." Alex replied and Walker did exactly that. When they were done Alex drifted off to sleep in her husband's arms while Walker laid there thankful that Alex had faith in him, that she hadn't given up on him because Walker knew that most other women would have already made plans for a divorce. As Walker started to fall asleep images began to flash through his mind from that night in the hotel suite. Confusing images of his being stripped and put into bed then someone saying 'he's not responding, give him another shot. If that doesn't work.' Then the images faded and Walker got a pen and some paper from his nightstand went into the bathroom where he wrote down what he could remember of that night. Walker then returned to the bedroom where he got into bed with Alex who stirred and asked "Walker, are you all right?”

He teased "I'm feeling great, do you want me to show you how great I feel?” Crawling up her husband's body Alex answered, "After I'm done honey." They made love again.

Chapter Nine

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Alex questioned Trivette "So Jimmy, what are you plans? How are Erica and little Jimmy doing?” Trivette answered "Well Erica and little Jimmy are doing fine. As to our plans; we intend to return to Dallas as soon as I can find us a house. Do you know of any good ones for sale?”

"That's good, we've missed you. I'm sure that you'll be able to find one fairly quickly." Alex told Trivette then turned her attention to her husband "Walker, what are you plans for the day? I have some minor paperwork that I should do but I don't want to take Angela and Ray to the Hope center for just a couple of hours. Could you watch them here, is that okay?”

"That's okay, if anything comes up Sydney and Gage can take care of it. After you get back we can go for a family outing, we'll take the horses and ride out to the lake. We can even take Trivette along." Walker answered Alex who then said "You know what, the paperwork can wait. How about you and Trivette get the horses ready while I make a picnic lunch to take with us?”

"That sounds even better, come on Trivette." Walker said.

As they were getting the horses ready Trivette asked, "Walker, are you and Alex okay? Do you want me to get a hotel room?” Walker answered "Trivette, Alex and I are fine. She's unbelievable, I don't deserve her."

"If you think that she's so unbelievable why did you cheat on her?” Trivette questioned Walker who replied, "I'm not sure that I did and Alex thinks that I didn't. Trivette all I know is that I protected Mrs. Wallingford for three days and the last night that I was there she gave me a cup of tea to drink. After that I awoke the next morning with a bad headache and having had some strange dreams the night before. Anyway as she was leaving the hotel suite Mrs. Wallingford made a point of telling Alex that we had sex all night long and that there were scratch marks on my back from her as proof."

Trivette whistled and said, "No wonder you were sleeping in the guest bedroom. Walker, you're lucky to still be breathing."

"Trivette, I was drugged. Dr. Beech tested me and found the 'date rape' drug and a massive amount of a drug used to treat E.D. in men. After we got home from the reservation on Sunday evening that DVD was in a package addressed to Alex." Walker explained.

"Walker in one scene you' know what I mean. If you didn't cheat on Alex how is that possible?”  Trivette questioned him further.

"In that scene it's not me, I have a birthmark that should have been visible if that was me and it's not. I don't deny being in bed with Mrs. Wallingford but I don't know what really happened that night and I wished that I did. I want to know if Alex's faith in me is justified, I don't know whether or not I did anything with Mrs. Wallingford." Walker answered his old friend who said, "Let me help you Walker."

Walker agreed by telling Trivette everything that he could remember and when he was done Trivette asked "First what does she have to gain besides hurting Alex?”

Walker answered, "I can't think of an answer to that."

"It took a lot of planning for her to succeed, she needed at least one strong man to pose you if you weren't in those positions willingly and she needed a stand-in for you in that one scene. As for the drugs; most likely Mrs. Wallingford had a doctor's help. By the way, where exactly is your birthmark and what does it look like? I mean it can't be too visible, otherwise that one scene wouldn't be in that DVD." Trivette said.

Turning a little red Walker answered, "It's very small and... Trivette I didn't know that I had one until Alex told me that I had a star-shaped one."

Not being able to stop himself Trivette teased, "Only you Walker would have a star-shaped birthmark on your pride and joy." Turning even redder Walker exclaimed "Trivette!"

Chapter Ten

When they were returning from their outing Alex noticed that someone was sitting on their porch so she told Walker that she would go see who it was while he put the horses in the barn. As she neared the porch Alex saw that it was father Gordon Cahill sitting there so she asked him "Dad, what are you doing here?” Instead of answering the question outright Gordon instead questioned his daughter "Alex, are you okay? What about that husband of yours, what's he been up to?”

Before Alex could reply Angela ran up onto the porch and said "Grandpa you're here. Ray and I missed you."

"I missed the two of you too Angela. Where's that father of yours?” Gordon asked his granddaughter who answered, "In the barn putting the horses away." Gordon got up and without another word headed to the barn. Once inside not noticing that Trivette was there he confronted Walker  "You scum, how could you do that to my daughter?”

Walker asked "Do what?”

"Sleep with another woman, it'll destroy Alex when she finds out about it." Gordon answered Walker who told him "Alex already knows about it."

"If Alex already knew about it she would have called me to help her get a divorce from you. How could you hurt her that way? She has stood by you when most other women who have told you to take a hike a long time ago. This is how you repay her devotion to you, by jumping into bed with another woman?” Gordon questioned his son-in-law.

Entering the conversation Trivette asked, "Gordon, how do you know about it?” Gordon replied still upset replied "I know about his little sex romp because the opposing attorneys in the civil case that I'm working on showed me Cordell's dirty little DVD and told me that either I drop the suit or the DVD would be released."

"That's why Walker." Trivette said to Walker and then questioned Gordon Cahill "Gordon is there a lot of money involved in this case? More importantly is Mr. or Mrs. Wallingford, the oil billionaires involved in this in any way?”

"Several hundred millions if not more. It's a class action suit against both the Wallingfords and one off their companies alleging that they intentionally exposed a community to cancer causing chemicals after they knew of the health risks and covered it up instead of using other chemicals which didn't cause cancer but were more expensive.  "Cahill answered Trivette.

Walker then said to his father-in-law "Gordon, don't back down. Alex wouldn't and neither should you. Alex knows about the DVD."

Gordon questioned him "But what if they release the DVD out of spite?” Walker replied "On Sunday Alex received a copy of that DVD addressed to her, you don't get much more spiteful than that. Listen after the children are sleeping we can talk about this, okay?” Gordon agreed and they went into the house.

Chapter Eleven

After they had put Angela and Ray to bed the adults were in the living room discussing what to do about the Wallingfords and their blackmail attempt. Gordon said, "Walker, I think that I should back down. The publicity would be hurtful to Alex and I don't want her going through that." Alex replied "Dad believe me when I say this, if I was able to ignore what was printed about a little while ago I can ignore most anything."

Gordon questioned his daughter "What are you talking about?”

"Stanley Whitman wrote some lies about me and one of the local papers printed them like they were facts. When he ended up dead they then said in print that I was a black-widow spider and that Walker had killed him for me. Dad don't back down because you're worried about me, I'll survive. Your clients deserve no less than your very best effort, no matter what." Alex told him.

A puzzled Trivette asked before Gordon could "Who's Stanley Whitman?” Putting his arm around Alex, Walker answered "Alex's ex-husband. He and his partner were in the habit of blackmailing people when he came across Alex's picture in the paper and tried to blackmail her about their marriage. His partner in crime killed him for his troubles."

Gordon then asked "When were you married Alex?”

Alex replied "The summer between college and law school. It was a huge mistake." Trivette then questioned "If they were trying to blackmail Gordon into backing off, why send Alex a copy of the DVD?  Wouldn't it mess their plans up?”

"Not if Dad hadn't come to Dallas. As for mailing me that DVD, I have no doubt that Mrs. Wallingford did that on her own. She wanted me to know that she had succeeded into getting Walker in bed with her. After all I told her in December when she said that she wanted Walker that the only way she could get him was to drug him and even then he wouldn't do anything with the likes of her. That was why there was the 'date rape' drug and so much of the other drug in your system Walker. You weren't co-operating after she got you to drink the drugged tea so she had to keep injecting you with that other drug in the hopes that you would respond to her attempts at seduction. She put those scratch marks on your back when you were out of it, I'm sure of that." Alex said but Gordon pointed out "But Alex, that DVD seems to show your husband having sex with Mrs. Wallingford. The one scene in particular shows him... how should I say this, ready to go."

A blushing Alex answered "In that scene you're talking about, it's not my husband and please don't ask me how I know that. Just take my word for it." Even redder himself and wanting to change the subject Walker asked, "Can I get anyone some more coffee?”

"None for me, I have to get back to my hotel and get some sleep before I take a plane back to Chicago and tell the Wallingfords what they can do with their attempted blackmail." Gordon said and then gathered his things to leave. Alex walked her father to his car. Gordon asked her "Alex, are you sure about this? Do you really think that's what happened? If you're unsure about Walker's behavior and want a divorce I'll help you get one."

"No dad, I don't want a divorce and yes I'm very sure about this. I know my husband and he would never cheat on me." Alex answered her father who got in his car and left.

"None for me, I have an early day tomorrow." Trivette told Walker and went into the guest bedroom. After Alex came back into the house her and Walker went into the dining room where they drank some coffee. Walker said to her "Alex thanks for your love and support."

"Walker, I will always love you and support you but right now it's been a long day and all I want to do is to get some sleep. How about we call it a day?” Walker nodded okay and they went to bed.

Chapter Twelve

On Sunday Trivette went to Ranger headquarters and after the greetings were exchanged he asked Sydney and Gage "What can the two of you tell me about the Wallingford’s?” Gage answered " They are oil billionaires who donate a fair amount to local charities but none to either Walker's K.D.O.O.A. or Alex's Hope Center. The current Mrs. Wallingford is wife number three."

"How long has she been number three?” Trivette questioned and Sydney said "Several years, the rumor has it that she has men on the side, after all he's at least twenty years older than her. She's in her late thirties and he admits to being in his late fifties but wife number two says he's at least ten years older than that, if not twenty. Mr. Wallingford got most of his fortune from wife number one's family. Trivette, why the interest in them?”

"Do you think she would go after a married man?” Trivette asked and Sydney again answered "I wouldn't put it past her, as long as she's discreet I don't think he cares what she does. I heard rumors that he's no longer interested in that sort of thing but allows the affairs to keep her happy because he needs her for business purposes. Mrs. Wallingford made him richer than he was after he took over a oil company that she was C.E.O of."

"One final question, did either of you attend a charity event in December that the Wallingford's attended along with the Walkers?” Trivette asked. Sydney replied "The one where Mrs. Wallingford told Alex to her face that she wanted Walker and could get him, that one?” After Trivette nodded yes Sydney added "This happened in a crowded ladies room and Alex told her that she would have to drug Walker first and that even then Walker wouldn't do anything with her. I don't know how Alex kept from hauling off and slapping her across the face, I would have."

"Thanks, you've been a big help." Trivette told then and then went to the hotel where Mrs. Wallingford had stayed. All he was able to find out was that Mrs. Wallingford's private doctor had spent the last night of her stay in her suite.

Alex and Walker were sitting on their porch swing watching their children play when Walker asked, "Alex, how come you never told me that Mrs. Wallingford wanted me that way?”

             "Walker, it would take me several pages to list all of the women who had expressed a sexual interest in you to me. It didn't seem to bother most of them that we were married and besides the few times I told you, you dismissed it so I stopped telling you. I knew that you weren't interested in any of them that way and that's all that matters to me." Alex answered her husband who pulled her close.

"Although in the future if you so much as think about personally protecting another woman you will regret it, have you got that?” Alex told Walker who replied, "There is no way that I'm going to personally protect another woman ever again."

"Good keep it that way." Alex said and Walker answered, "Yes dear."

Later on that evening as Walker and Trivette were in the barn taking care of the horses Trivette told him "I didn't have much luck finding out what really happened to you in Mrs. Wallingford's suite. All I was able to find out was that her personal doctor was there that night and he's most likely the one who drugged you."

"That's okay Trivette, it doesn't really matter. Alex believes that I didn't do anything and I'll have to trust her judgment on it." Walker answered Trivette and then asked, "Are you coming back to the Texas Rangers? I'm in need of a right hand man, you know one who knows about computers and other gadgets."

Trivette teased, "Does the job come with a promotion, not to mention a pay raise?” Walker teased right back "A promotion to lieutenant along with a pay raise, does that sound good to you?”

"You sold me, when do I start?” Trivette said and Walker informed him "Tomorrow, I've already gotten approval from Commander Harland."

"What would you have done if I said no?” Trivette asked Walker who smiled and told him "Trivette, your wife e-mails my wife."

"So they set it up." Trivette figured it out.

"You know Trivette, you're lucky that your wife likes you." Walker said to him but Trivette pointed out "Walker, you're the lucky one, a lot of other men would be headed to divorce court."

Walker said, "Yes, I know just how lucky I am."

As they were entering the house Trivette asked, "So Walker can you tell me when Alex discovered that you had a birthmark?”

"Answer that question and I'm divorcing you Cowboy." Alex told Walker who said to Trivette "You heard the lady, there's no way that I'm ever answering that question for you." Walker turned his attention to Alex " Trivette is rejoining the Texas Rangers."

"I know, Erica already told me." Alex said and then laughing added, "We already had it all taken care of Jimmy."

"Thanks." Trivette said.

Later on as they were getting ready for bed Alex told her husband "I can't believe that you told Trivette I told you about your birthmark."

"Well he was questioning me when it sort of slipped out. Come on Alex, it's not like I told him how you discovered it.” Walker answered with a teasing look in his eyes.

Alex shot back " Cordell Walker, you had better not tell anyone that, ever." Pulling her into his arms Walker said, "Now why would I tell anyone exactly how my beautiful wife discovered my birthmark on our honeymoon in Paris?”

"I still can't believe that I tried that and how much I really like doing that to you." Alex replied. “Not half as much as me honey." Walker said and then turning serious "Alex, we may never know what, if anything happened that night."

"Walker like I told you before, if you were willing to do what she wanted you to do she won't have injected with so much of that drug. Now as far as I'm concerned, it's over and done with." Alex assured her husband as they got into bed.

Chapter Thirteen

It was now a week later and Trivette who had rejoined the Texas Rangers also found a house to buy. He was no longer staying at the Walkers and his wife Erica and their son little Jimmy had joined him. Gordon called Alex to tell her that it seemed like to him that Mrs. Wallingford was going to release the DVD because he, Gordon refused to give into her blackmail. Alex assured her father that she and Walker would be okay, not to back down.

Alex received a package special delivery, inside it was a DVD labeled 'Patty does Ranger': unedited. Alex put it up until after Walker returned home. At his wife's request Walker took Angela and Ray to the barn so that Alex could play the DVD. The opening had a woman's voice saying, "Mrs. Walker this may be hard for you to watch but I feel as though you have the right to know what really happened the night Mrs. Wallingford made the DVD that she sent you." Alex watched it and became both horrified and relieved. She was horrified because of the scenes where a drugged but struggling Walker was posed to look like he was having sex with Mrs. Wallingford. There were scenes of her husband being given even more injections in an attempt to make him respond to Mrs. Wallingford, which he didn't. In one scene Walker shoved Mrs. Wallingford off of him as he said, "You're not my wife, I only want my wife."  Then he passed out. Then Mrs. Wallingford yelling at a man "Since the drugs aren't working you will be standing in for him in the next scene and you had better be at attention doctor." The doctor was. Then Mrs. Wallingford had Walker turned onto his stomach and she scratched his back while taunting "Well Ranger Walker you may have refused me but once your wife sees these marks your marriage will be over. I'll have the last laugh on your wife who had the nerve to tell me that I would have to drug you first and that even then you won't do anything with me. The DVD that I'm sending her of this night, along with these scratch marks will end the Cahill-Walker marriage."

Alex was relieved because even though Walker had several more injection he never responded to Mrs. Wallingford and didn't betray their wedding vows. After the DVD was over Alex left it in the player and went to the barn where she told Walker "There's a DVD in the player that you need to watch. Go watch it please while I keep the children out here, okay?”

Puzzled by the request Walker nonetheless went into the house and watched the DVD and he got furious because he realized that Mrs. Wallingford had gone to such lengths to try and destroy his marriage out of pure spite. Walker was also thankful that Alex had not only stood by him, she had believed that he hadn't betrayed his wedding vows when he hadn't been that sure of himself. Walker decided that after Angela and Ray were in bed he was going to spend at least an hour or two thanking Alex in the way she loved the most.

When Walker entered the bedroom Alex was on the phone talking to her father "Yes Dad, I'm quite sure about the divorce. I'll call you tomorrow with the details." Alex spotted her husband and told her father "Bye Dad, I have to go." Then Alex hung up the phone and turned to Walker who questioned her "Alex, you know that I didn't do anything. Why do you want a divorce?”

Alex replied "Divorce, I never said anything about wanting a divorce."

"Then why were you just talking with your father on the phone about getting one? You told me the other night that you believed in me. So why have you changed your mind about me?” Walker asked his wife who answered "My darling cowboy, I was telling my father that I was sure of not getting a divorce. He has his doubts about you but I don't. I was also telling him to threaten to pursue federal racketeering and extortion charges against the Wallingfords if they persist in their blackmail scheme."

"Oh, I guess that I'd better go take a shower before I get myself in even hotter water than I am now." Walker said and headed to the bathroom but Alex stopped him by asking, "Walker after everything that we have been through, did you think I would really divorce you?”

"No, I know how you've always been there for me Alex. I know you never even once considered giving up on me." Walker said to his wife who shocked him by answering "Once, sort of."

"When was this?” Walker questioned.

"After Mr. O's trial and we were supposed to have a talk about our marriage but you backed away from it." Alex started to explain but Walker broke "You never said anything to me."

"That night after what you did to me in C.D.'s I went home to my apartment and started to take off my engagement ring when I had what could only have been a vision of us. You were holding our baby daughter and I was holding her twin bother. I decided that meant we would get married when we were meant to and that we would have children." Alex said to her husband.

   "So that's why you didn't strangle me the next day, I was afraid that you might because of how badly I had treated you at C.D.'s. I can't tell you how sorry I am for treating you that way then but it was because a part of me felt that I didn't deserve you. It was like I was shoving you away before you could leave me. Does that make any sense?” Walker finished his explanation and Alex said "I figured that out too. Now about your shower, I want to inspect your back to make sure that those scratch marks are gone."

"I was thinking that I could thank you for believing in me all night long, how does that sound?” Walker suggested to Alex who teased him "That sounds better but I have a request." Walker teased back "What's that?”

"I want to see your birthmark up close to see if it looks like a seven pointed star or a nine pointed star or a twelve..." Alex was saying when Walker interjected "Alex! "Then he added "Okay to the inspecting but I get to inspect you too. Mainly because you wouldn’t listen if I told you no, would you?” After Alex shook her head no they went into the bathroom.

Later as they were coming out of the bathroom Walker said "I'm sorry that you had a miscarriage and lost the twins that you had a vision about."

"You know, I've thought about that and I've decided that the babies we lost weren't the ones in my vision. In my vision, the girl had your coloring and the boy had mine and I've always felt that the twins that we lost looked just like Angela and Ray. I was thinking that if you agree I would stop taking my birth control pills and we could work on those twins. What do you think?” Alex said to her husband who answered "If it's okay with your doctor it's fine by me. But in the meantime, why don't we practice our baby making skills?” Not giving her a chance to answer Walker put Alex in the bed where he joined her.

            I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. This story is not meant as an infringement on their rights, it was written as a tribute to a good show.